Beamers, Benz, and Bentleys! Welcome To Two Comma Club X | FHTV Ep. 99

ClickFunnels™ Comma Club X – Beamers, Benz, and Bentleys!

ClickFunnels™ Comma Club X

ClickFunnels™ Comma Club X: We cover A LOT of ground in episode 99 as Todd comes to Boise to dole out gifts, Russell preps for Mother Funnel, the gang hits up San Diego for 2CCX and more. As Russell preps for Mother Funnel and the Spawn of Mother Funnel we see that not only does Russell present barefoot, but sometimes he needs a little rehearsal to really nail his speeches especially without a teleprompter ClickFunnels™ Comma Club X

ClickFunnels™ Comma Club X

– You know what, I’m just gonna burn it! (viewers yelling) – [Russell] Oh my gosh! – Look at the cute, cuddly unicorn. – [Russell] Oh my gosh. (Jim growls, viewers laugh) (pounding music) – What’s up, this is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to Funnel Hacker TV. Today, I’m here with Todd Dickerson– – Hey! – and Dave Woodword, and we’re actually heading to the new ClickFunnel’s office. Make sure to click down below, subscribe, follow, comment, turn on your notifications, we’re gonna have some fun. (calm, anticipatory guitar music) –

Alright, after eight hours in a plane, 30 minutes in an Uber, and I don’t know how much other driving time, I finally made it to Boise! (upbeat music) ♪ Drop it. ♪ – Alright, we are, what is this? – We’re gonna give the other office a present. We’re gonna give them socks and mouse pads. – [Russel] Socks and meec pads. This is Santa Clause Todd. (angelic music) – Dropping off presents. (upbeat urban music) ♪ Come on, put in the work, work, work. ♪ ♪ Come on, put in the work, work, work. ♪ (arrow dings) – Just got a secret message from one of our keynote speakers from next year Funnel Hacking Live Event.

I’m not gonna tell you exactly who they are, but if you can tell from their voice, here’s a little hint. – Yeah, Russell, let’s get that Click Funnels! And make this event happen! (laughing) Yeah, Russell, let’s get that click funnel! (energetic music) ♪ Yeah. ♪ – All those good, awesome folks who signed up for the 2 Comma Club X Program will be joining us. Those who are able to make it, they’re joining us in San Diego for two full days of training for our top coaches. (bright whistle-like music) – The funnel fridays is going on, check this out. –

You know what, I’m just going to burn it! (viewers yelling) – [Russell] Oh my gosh! – Look at the cute cuddly unicorn. – [Russell] Oh my gosh. He’s so happy. (Jim growls, viewers laugh) (Jim growls) – Ellie will die for that. Please let me give that to my daughter for Christmas or her birthday. – Do a search for “feisty pets.” (bright whistle-like music) – We have the opportunity of going out to San Diego, and we’re going to start our first round of 2 Comma Club X.

ClickFunnels™ Comma Club X

This is going to be a fun, exciting experience. And it’s really one of my favorite programs that we’ve ever launched because it really gets people from zero to six figures, and from six figures to seven figures, and from seven figures to eight figures. We just are gonna be rolling out a new piece here and that’s gonna be our One Comma Club, and that’s just going to be just killer as well. So we’re gonna get people that first thousand dollars. Once they make that first money, then it becomes real to them and from there it’s just onward and upward. Heading to the beach! (energetic pop music) – Alright, so we’re here in San Diego. –

We’ve got all of our 2 Comma Club coaches here presenting amazing content and amazing systems that they used to help coach Russell and our whole team. – If you build out your tracking, ’cause that’s always a big question, tracking. If you build out your tracking, like I’m gonna show you in the system, then you’re pretty much just turn-key. Don’t even worry about tracking ever again because this will just have it all encapsulated into one, it’ll be really cool. (staff talking) (upbeat dance music) – Today, everybody is pretty much gone from the office. There’s literally nobody back here because the rest of the crew is in San Diego at the 2 Comma X Coaching Program, and I’m stuck here working, meh. So, what we’re working on here is Mother Funnel, which has been, we call it Mother Funnel.

First it was Super Funnel and then it kept going and going and it got so big, we decided to one day call it Mother Funnel. So Mother Funnel is almost done and then we had this stupid idea in the middle of Mother Funnel to have Mother Funnel get pregnant and we are creating what we now call, “The Spawn of Mother Funnel.” So this is what Mother Funnel looks like, which was like a six month project. And then the Spawn of Mother Funnel is born from it. It looks kind of like this and like this, and anyway, it’s been a lot of work. So Jake and Nick were here all night last night. I don’t even know, until… How long were you actually here until? (arrow dings) – 2:00-2:30. – 2:30. –

ClickFunnels™ Comma Club X

[Russell] 2:30? – We stayed up ’til 12:30, we were about to pass out, and then I kicked on The Greatest Showman and- (laughing) – [Russell] We’re back. – A lot of singing, a lot of weirdness. – So now they did all the hard work and I have to go be the dancing cheerleader on stage talking about different types of funnels. You guys want to see what’s happening? I’ll take you through here, look at how dead it is in here. Alright, so take you back here into the event room and this is what’s happening. (arrow dings) The Spawn of Mother Funnel videos, you excited for these? – Yup.

– Yes I am. Alright, so what’s happening is I’m gonna be showing different types of funnels. So lead funnels, and then sales funnels, and end funnels. Here’s my mini script I kinda wrote out for each one. Blah blah blah, I’ve got to ad-lib it ’cause Brandon won’t get me a teleprompter. So this is what’s going to be happening. So you want to use click funnels to sell your products and your services? Well, the good news is you’re in the right spot. Our members have used simple lead funnels like the ones I’m about to show you to generate over half of a billion leads inside their

ClickFunnels™ account. (bright music) So, you want to use ClickFunnels™ to sell… So, you want to use ClickFunnels™ to sell your products, your services? Well, the good news is… What is the good news? Now, there are basically three types.. Two down, one to go. We’re obviously filming and apparently, you guys may or may not know, I started to try to lose weight again ’cause I’ve gotten fat since funnel hacking live. I have my little fit pal tracking all my macro, micros, all that kind of stuff. And then somebody today dropped off donuts. What!? Well these aren’t any donuts, these are fit donuts. They actually have in macros. I gotta figure out if I can eat any of these, or how many I can eat. Here’s the official lunch for today. We’ve got a my fit donut and a huge salad. I’m down three pounds from yesterday.

ClickFunnels™ Comma Club X

ClickFunnels™ Comma ClubX

So maybe three pounds a day for the next three days. That’d be awesome. (happy piano music) – [Todd] Alright, so here’s registration. Registration actually started last night, and what happened was, when they moved our tables, someone stole our tablecloth. We actually had these cool Two Comma Club X tablecloths and someone ripped them off. Not a good thing. (high energy music) – Yo, this has been fun. So we’ve been talking about this and dreaming about this and finally. Literally, we signed a contract for this space in December, not knowing if anybody would show up. And you did and we appreciate that. Thank you so much for coming! Let’s bring to the stage Mrs. Julie Stoian. (audience clapping) Let’s give it up for Jon Parks. (audience clapping) Let’s put our hands together for– Steven

Larsen Everybody put your hands together for– James Friel (energetic music) – [Dave] So, where are we headed off to, Myles? Right now, we’re headed to Prestige. It’s a exotic car rental place. Gonna go do some filming for our Dream 100, and Dream 100 letter we’re sending out. Maybe you’ll get one, you’ll see. Then after that, we’re gonna go see Billy Gene Marketing. Billy Gene, he is marketing, or so he says. (laughs) – [Dave] So he says. (anticipatory piano music) – Alright, so Myles has one job. (laughs) Just kiddin’ ya, we’re here in downtown San Diego. I said we wanna go, ’cause we have that Dream 100 letter comin’ up. I said,

“We gotta go find some cars we can take pictures of and drive and all that kinda stuff and he goes, “Alright, I’m on it.” So we’re here at Prestige Auto. – Here we go. Lemme show you, “What is Prestige,” you might be asking yourself. We’re here. – [Dave] What? Do you see a lotta cars in there? – [Myles] I don’t see a freakin’ one. – [Dave] Huh, let’s see. – [Myles] Oh my God. – [Dave] Oh, there’s a good sign. Prestige rentals, luxury cars, yachts, rentals. How ya feel about this, Myles? – So embarrassed, I can’t wait ’til this airs. (Dave laughs) Aw, son of a gun. – So now we gotta go find some cars. (sustained orchestral chord) – So it’s back-story time, Kevin. –

ClickFunnels™ Comma ClubX

Sweet, I love back-story time! Let’s hear it, Dave. – For those of you guys who don’t know, Kevin Anson is the guy, basically, who’s doing a lot of our video editing. (symphonic dance-music) (arrow dings) (music stops, Kevin clicks teeth) – So Russell and I are out here and Todd are basically shooting cameras wherever we’re goin’. But we’re having lunch here with Tyler and Tyler goes, “Hey, I know Kevin!” – Kevin and I grew up together. Little elementary school, here in San Diego, all the way up to Rancho Bernardo High School. – So what dirt do you have on Kevin? – None, nothing. – Nothing? – I have no dirt. No dirt other than he’s got a cool course coming out. I know that much. –

So Kevin, basically, was one of those behind the scenes guys in high school. So you can just kind of allude to whatever that might mean. He was behind the scenes. (symphonic dance-music) – [Dave] We’re here at Billy Gene is Marketing headquarters Inc.’s headquarters. – So what do we got? – [Dave] (gasps) Welcome! Dave Woodward and Myles Clifford. Oh, check out Myles. Seriously, where is that picture from? – [Myles] That was my wedding. – [Dave] You’re wedding. –

Yeah, I think actually, that’s my Facebook profile picture, me and my wife. That was a lot of weight ago, I gotta get back there. A goal. – [Dave] That’s the goal? (laughs) – You guys are live here in San Diego, in our headquarters. This is where the magic happens, this is where we create all of our crazy-ass videos and just all the crazy things that we do inside our office. This is it, I’ll give you guys a full tour. You see the sign. THat’s how you know you’re in the right place.

Why do we have my big-ass head here on the sign? Guys, marketing number one: Be remembered. So every time someone drives and sees my big-ass head, that’s how you do it, it’s branding, it’s free branding. It’s on the sign, too, so… (Dave laughs) So this is kind of the main area. This is where we have all of our morning huddle-ups. And then also, this basketball is everything. So people will shoot for cash, like if you do something tight and you make a shot, you could win a hundred bucks. Or win nothing, or bet against me and I’ll win money. (music drowns out chatter) We have five people, full-time, who do nothing, but create content.

ClickFunnels™ Comma ClubX

Make videos, short videos, long videos, story-tell. (music drowns out chatter) This is the customer support/marketing team. (music drowns out chatter) Now this wheel, this is actually… I think every office should have it ’cause it just makes it exciting. So we do wheel spins and when anyone does something tight, or like that was a great a move, or they’re super supportive to one of our members. Come in here, this is the sales pit, or the sales turf, I should call it. – [Dave] I love it, the sales turf. – And my favorite, upstairs. (music drowns out talking) This is the Xbox lounge. So this room serves no purpose outside for me to play Xbox and to have fun. So I do about 90 percent of our teaching up here. (music drowns out talking) (arrow dings) (music drowns out talking) And then we just painted this one green.

So when I do need to film something in outer space, I can do that. Yeah, so that’s the office, that’s the BGIM headquarters. (settling urban music) – [Dave] Alright, Myles, so where are we off to today? – We’re going to a sports car company in La Joya. This is actually gonna be a real car lot. I’ve made sure this time, at least. I think, I don’t know, I have no idea. (resonant urban music) Down here taking pictures for our Dream 100 letter of all these amazing cars. Look at these, look at this, look at this.

What is your dream car? Ya know, we actually just met with someone yesterday and he would come down here. Like five years ago, he’d come, he’d look at the car just to get motivation to work towards, something to work towards. And I mean being around this type of stuff, yeah, totally, I totally see it. These are amazing vehicles. – So if you’re ever lacking motivation, come down to La Joya and this is just a crazy, crazy place. Unbelievable cars. Check some of these things out. (resonant urban music) A few of us flew home early, couple different reasons.

ClickFunnels™ Comma Club X: One is I hate to stay the extra night. Myles came along with me and when Myles was sittin’ there, we thought, “Well, hey, Steven and Corbin might as well come too!” Steven, what’s going on in your life? Oh, you know, wife’s probably giving birth. Literally, any moment. – [Dave] Crazy! – I’m waitin’ on the kid now. – [Dave] So we went through Vegas, Corbin goes through Oakland, and is here at the exact same time, even though he left a half-hour later. Alright, this episode is ending. Good night, Kevin. – Good night, guys. (upbeat synth music) ClickFunnels™ Comma Club X

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Funnels Sales Break – Russell’s journey to 3 million dollars in 90 minutes

Don’t Let The Big Fish Slip Through Your Hands! | FHTV Ep. 98

ClickFunnels™ Big Fish – Don’t Let The Big Fish Slip Through Your Hands

ClickFunnels™ Big Fish

ClickFunnels™ Big Fish: In today’s action-packed episode Russell Brunson goes ICO and introduces his very own bitcoin, the Russ Brun coin. Russell and the Click Funnels team also play a game of Uber Eats Roulette and check out some videos submitted by adults and babies alike as they search for someone to become the next spokesperson, or spokesbaby, for Click Funnels.  ClickFunnels™ Big Fish

ClickFunnels™ Big Fish

(upbeat music) – [Man On Side] One, two, – Little of this, little of that– (screams) – [Man Behind Camera] Okay, we gotta rodeo, goin, here– (laughs) – Hoy! – Oh oh oh! (screams) (more excited screaming) – No way! (climaxing music) (explosion sound effect) – I have my own Bitcoin! – [Dave] What? – A real Russell coin. – [Dave] A Russell coin? – It’s literally called the Russell coin. (laughs) Dude, that is the coolest thing ever! Mark Hemsley, you are the man. He sends these to me from China. – [Dave] And how many are there? – Exactly 100, only 100 in the entire world. Said congratulations on going ICU. (laughs) So it says (mumbles) metals, Russ Brun digital, decentralized peer-to-peer, RB, the Russ Brun coin (laughs) – [Dave] Russ Brun! –

Mark, you are the man, that is the coolest thing ever. (upbeat music) (mouse click sound) (upbeat music) ♪ Let the light in ♪ ♪ Let it flow through my mind ♪ ♪ New beginnings ♪ ♪ It’s about time ♪ – Alright, so we’ve got these amazing designers designing all these funnels for the spawn of Mother Funnel, which is part of Mother Funnel, which is amazing and they already designed the product launch funnel. Have you seen these, guys? Some of these? They are insanely good. – [Dave] Is this the one? – Yeah this is one of the ones. You come here, you’re opting for product launch and there’s a survey that comes up and then here’s your video, so product launch styles.

It’s video order four and then videos on the side here. – [Dave] Oh wow – Ah, it’s beautiful. So this is, anyways, we have 15 people all design different product launch funnels where we give away for free to all ClickFunnels™ members. Then they did, next was two set order forms which turned out amazing. The one that I picked is my winner winner chicken dinner is this one, which is, same guy won it both times. We give a $500 bounty to whoever wins each time. – [Dave] Looks like we need to hire this guy. – So, look at that one! – [Dave] Dude, that’s cool. –

ClickFunnels™ Big Fish

You come down, it’s got two set right there, it’s beautiful. – [Man In Background] That’s really nice. – Anyways, so that’s awesome. And then we come to the squeeze pages, they’re all super artsy-fartsy, like technically, yes this is a squeeze page and like… but… – [Dave] Will not convert. – I’m sure some people wanna use that, but the hardcore DR guys like me, the direct response guys who want stuff like this. Like a big flashing blue arrow pointing to an opt-in box. These are the ones that do this weird thing called convert. Anyway. – [James] So you’re gonna do a second round with the squeeze pages? –

Yeah, I was like, do some vintage ones over here. Do vintage and add some of your art flair into it but the structure of the vintage is what makes it work. This is, there’s a reason why I had him in there. – Do you, do you think if you added on top of the prize a Russ Brun coin as like a cherry on top, people might actually be a little bit more motivated? – Now you’ll pay attention. – 100%. – I don’t know, I’d fight for one of those. – I think people should compete for the Russ Brun coins now. (chuckles) – The bounty now is one Rus Brun coin. (upbeat music) (explosion sound) – [Dave] So, Julie, what’s going on right now? – I am going to get my lunch. – [Dave] Let’s see, Holly what do have right now? – I have Dave’s lunch. – [Dave] Oh, yes! So, what does that mean? –

That’s totally unfair. – What’s that mean? – I don’t know where all the restaurants are so how am I supposed to win. – [Dave] What’s that mean. – It means that Dave won. – It means I won. I won, that what it, do you wanna say it one more time? – Dave won. – [Dave] Thank you. – Another day of Uber Roulette. – [Dave] Uber Roulette Winner! – Julie? – Oh, see I was like 30 seconds– – [Holly] Oh! Thirty seconds after. – [Dave] Julie what’s that? – This is my lunch. It doesn’t even have my, it doesn’t have my name on it though. – [Dave] Uh-ho! I lost. – [Dave] So sorry. – But no, who ultimately lost? – [Dave] Who’s the ultimate loser? – James again. (chuckling) – Yeah, me. That’s right. – Again? (Upbeat music) –

ClickFunnels™ Big Fish

K, so we asked the world, all of our fans to submit videos and this is one of them that we’ve got. – To submit videos to be the next Clickfunnel spokesman or spokeswoman, so– – [Man With Glasses] or spokesbaby. – Or spokesbaby, apparently, so here’s the first one that came in. – Hey! You’ve heard of the New Years baby, well I’m the Clickfunnel’s baby. I bet you didn’t even know I existed. Well, I do! Let me just put a comb in this hair and I’ll get right back with ya. There, that’s better. (laughing) – [Dave] Oh man! – Oh, hi, I heard you might be coming by. So, your business needs more, um, business, huh? (laughing) No worries, I was in the same place with my lemonade stand. –

[John] She’s not the baddest… That’s why I got ClickFunnels™. Here, look, first you got your 14-day free trial. – [Russell] That’s awesome. – [Baby] Inside your free ClickFunnels™ account there are dozens of funnels proven to turn website visitors into customers. 14 days, go get it. Hurry, before I try to sell you some lemonade. (laughs) – [Dave] That is so cute. – Russell Brunsen, thank you. Had you not spend 10 years of your life putting this together, I would’ve wasted another 10. I had nothing, I lost everything, and when I came across this book my entire life changed. – Hey, what’s up (mumbles) Your brother from another mother. (laughing) (laughter drowns out man on computer) –

ClickFunnels™ Big Fish

ClickFunnels™ Big Fish

Alright, well, there you go. – [Man With Glasses] There you go. – [Dave] Alright, first round. – [Man In Background] We’re trying. Please send more, please – Please send more videos, hurry! (upbeat drumming music) – [Dave] So, Brandon wants to know what’s new. (laughs) Let me see, I can show you what’s new over here. What is this? – That’s like high level, like first column – Get behind it so I can read it. – [Dave] Isn’t that awesome. – And it’s– (laughs) – [Dave] That’s what new in the house right now. – I’m the boss of the house! – [Dave] We should have you guys sign them now, I think is the thing. We should come in and have you guys like, sign the frame. – Actually, I’m pretty sure that normal records do that, don’t they? – Yeah. – Don’t they sign ’em? – Mm hmm. – Yeah, we need to do that. –

This is crazy. – [Dave] Alright, so we’re gonna do a fun little new tradition, check this out! We have Kaelin and Brandon here, signing their official plaque. Check out that crazy thing! – [Brandon] Comic-con X. – This is the X. – [Dave] Comic-con X are a figure club. – Here we go. – Whooosh. I’m so nervous I’m gonna mess it up. – [Dave] Don’t screw up, do not screw up your signature. – She has so much better handwriting than I do. – [Dave] Kaelin, the lady boss in the house. –

Ta-da! – [Dave] Check that out! – Alright, B, your turn. – [Dave] So right now– – This is a big deal, this is an honor. – [Dave] This is a huge, you’re the first one. – This is a big deal. – I know, it’s amazing we’re starting a new tradition. – [Dave] … you’re the very first one. – This is awesome. – Bam! – [Dave] Boom! – [Kaelin] Bam! – [Brandon] That’s a cool bam right there. Brandon CEO Poulin, or Scribble CEO Scribble. – You saw it here first. – [Dave] That’s right, the first one. – Hashtag, do what Russell says. You guys gotta come get one, sign your own. – [Dave] Brandon the CEO Poulin, or as Kaelin would say Scribble CEO Scribble. –

ClickFunnels™ Big Fish

Yes. – [Dave] But that’s beautiful. Kaelin, the lady boss Poulin. (hype music) – Alright, so we’re here with Brandon and Kaelin and we’re getting ready to basically have them become the face of ClickFunnels™, or one of the faces. And so we’re going through basically talk about the stories and everything else they’ve used, and how they connected with Russell years and years ago and most importantly, what they can actually do now. So, we’re in the process right now of creating a new webinar that’s gonna be all on the front end and basically it’ll be Kaelin talking about it. (intense music) – What’s up everybody! (intense music) – I got Russell a present and it got here, it just happened to get here while I’m actually in town. I ordered this like a month ago, so you ready? – [Dave] Sweet. – I’m ready. –

What is it. – Oh man. (screaming) – [Dave] No way! Check this out. – They’re funnel socks – [Dave] Are you kidding me? K, I want a pair, I need them today. – Aw, that is the coolest thing ever! – [Woman] Do you need a pair for you today? – [Dave] Dude, yes I do, oh my gosh. – [Russell] Oh my gosh, socks. – [Dave] Dude, these are the best! – Do they not look awesome? – I think I’m such sock nerd, lately, like everything’s cool socks. – I know, I know! – [Woman] They’re cool huh? – [Dave] What’s that shirt say? – Oh, uh, – [Sock Guy] Oh my gosh. (laughter) – [Russell] What! Where did you get that shirt? – Look at the shirt John wore today. – [Woman] …He made them for us. – [Russell] Hey girl. – [Sock Guy] That’s like old-school Russell, right there. That’s funny. (laughing) (harmonica music) – So we’re out here in the middle of Star Valley Ranch or Star Valley Wyoming. (laughs) Literally having the time of my life.

Learning how to fly fish with some of the most amazing guys out here. (chatter) (laughter) (adventurous music) – A’ight, so Randy’s given us a little back story here as far as exactly how to make this thing- Oh we got some albinos in there. Check this out. – Yeah, we’ve got seven different type of trout. So anyways, you just give it a little cast out there. Cast this baby out and then kinda strip it in a little bit. And boom. It’s gotta little fish on there. – [Dave] Sheesh. – [Randy] Jump up, there we go. – [Dave] First one, ooh! – [Randy] Get him on there. (loud water rushing) – Yes, I actually caught this one. Check this bad boy out.

ClickFunnels™ Big Fish

No Randy didn’t have to hold this fish for me, I had to grab my camera. – Hold it, hold it, it’s like a small child Dave. Hold it, okay we gotta rodeo going here, lets see if he can hold it. K, Dave, Dave. – I gotta get a good photo! (laughs) – [Randy] K, Dave. Hold it, easy. He’s fine. (laughing) – [Randy] K, now hold it out. There you go, there you go coach. – That’s legit. – [Randy] That is legit coach. – Look at that bad boy. – [Randy] Look at that. – Now see if I kissed it, if I kissed that one he would actually bite me, man. – [Randy] Look at his throat. That’s a ClickFunnels™ throat. That right there is a cutbow. It’s a mix between a cutthroat and a rainbow. –

A cutbow, baby. – [Randy] Cutbow, let’s get him back in and take good care of ’em. – Alright. – [Randy] Nice and easy Dave. (water streaming) – What happened? Did you get him right in here, in the stream? Oh, son of a gun. Oh boy, he’s a, oh Nelly, I’m not kidding, this fish is huge. It’s huge, dude. – [Man On The Side] Yeah. – This is a big, this is a big papa right here. – [Dave] Oh my gosh! – Look at this fish. – [Randy] Yeah I do! – This fish is like 100 pounds. – [Randy]

Alright, don’t grab the line. – [Country Man] What do you got, 100 pounder? – Come on, come on. – [Dave] He’s swimming away from ya. (cheering) – [Country Man] He got it! – [Man On Side] Holy cow! – [Dave] Dude check this bad boy out, oh my gosh! – [Randy] Look at this, big old fricken– – [Country Man] Was it a fowl? – [Randy] Well, I had him in on and then he got around the rock and we re-got him. He got stuck right around the rock. That’s like a fricken ham, like a whole lotta ham sandwich right here. – [Dave] Oh my gosh! Wow! – [Country Man] You gonna measure him? – I mean look at the size of that fish. Look at that kid, unbelievable. – [Dave] Dude, that’s crazy – [Man In

ClickFunnels™ Big Fish: Background] Yeah, I’m gonna get out the measuring tape. – Hoy! – Oh! Oh! (exclaiming) (laughing) – [Crowd] Oh, you caught him. – Dude, he’s a freakin’ fighter. – Here you go, here you go – Look at the size of that slob. What do we go got coach? 21 inches? – 21 incher. – [Crowd] Wow! – [Dave] 21! Little of this, little of that. (screaming) (slow motion screaming) – [Randy] Get him, Dave. – I got you, I got you. – [Cameraman] I gotta say he is a fighter, dude. He is a fighter. – [Dave] Look at that – [Cameraman] Alright Dave, hold him out. K, ready, one, two, three, oh my gosh. – [Randy] He’s like seven, eight pounds. – That’s crazy. – [Cameraman] Here get a good one of me with portrait. – [Dave] Swim, baby. – C’mon, let’s go, let’s go, lie him in the water. (upbeat music) ClickFunnels™ Big Fish

ClickFunnels™ Comma Club – Sneak peak into the two event


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???? How Bort Shook up the Inner Circle ???? | FHTV Ep 97

ClickFunnels™ Inner Circle – How Bort Shook up the Inner Circle

ClickFunnels™ Inner Circle

ClickFunnels™ Inner Circle: In today’s episode watch as the Russell Brunson and the Click Funnels team hilariously introduce the newest member of the inner circle: BORT. Who is Bort you ask? Well, he’s the only doll you’ll meet to ever demand excellence from you! Watch as the hijinks ensue! Join our community. ClickFunnels™ Inner Circle

ClickFunnels™ Inner Circle

(bright strumming music) – Well, Bart unfortunately drove his Vette into the office today without it being powered correctly. So Bort has decided — – He’s going to take matters into his own hands and he’s going to add the appropriate license plate holder. – There we go. Way to go Bort. (rattling, laughing) Bort for the win. (pounding music) – Well good morning, guess what today is? – Uhh. – Today, we’re headin’ down to Burley, Idaho and you have to say Burley with an accent or else it’s not worth saying. – [Man] Burley, Idaho. – To go speak at a government thingermado about entrepreneurs. So we’re gonna show the government here in Idaho how crazy all of us entrepreneurs are. It’s gonna be a lot of fun. (bold music strum) Guess who gets to be my special guest today? – Yay. – Oww, oww. – Yay, so where we going? –

To Burley, my hometown. – It’s like government officials from all over Idaho I think that are going to be there. So I gotta come tell then about entrepreneurship. – My goal’s – [Mrs. Brunson] Could be fun. to get all of them to quit their job and become entrepreneurs. – [Mrs. Brunson] Could be fun. – Think I can do it? – (laughs) No. – So Collette’s driving because we got a two, three hour drive and I gotta work on my slides. Always procrastinating till the last possible second. (upbeat happy music) – [Russell] We’re in Burley. You so excited? – I have food in my mouth people. (laughing) We’re in Burley. – [Man] Burley, Idaho. – I’m in the hallway and I’m trying to get my slides done.

And my wife and mother-in-law, what’s up? – My Mom. – Oh hey. – It’s the mom. (laughing) Alright, so we’re racing. We’ve got 13 percent battery life and we’ve got four minutes copying presentation to hard drive. Is it gonna make it? (upbeat music) – [Introducer] Russell Brunson. (clapping) – Thank you Doug. (crowd laughing) Well I’m excited to be here with you guys today. This is a little different audience than I normally speak to, but I’m really excited about it. (upbeat music) Alright, so we spoke to, how many people do you think were there? Seventy? – Ohh you know. –

ClickFunnels™ Inner Circle

They were all like government, they were mostly government, right? – [Mrs. Brunson] Yes. – So we blew their minds with some entrepreneurial rain and fire. You think it was alright? – Yeah. (laughs) – It was a quiet crowd. (laughs) – And we’re like “What do you guys think about this?” And they’re like, “Yeah.” (laughs) – [Mrs. Brunson] Maybe a hand raised. – They liked it though, I think. They liked the ener– – They were scared to show their emotions, but they clapped a little bit. It was fun. – It’s crazy cause entrepreneurs are scared of being vulnerable but real people are even more scared of it. You know what I mean? I can see it in their eyes when I’m saying that they’re like “huh”. Anyway, now we’re gonna go eat some authentic Burley– – Stevo’s. – [Russell] What is Stevo’s? – It’s a good space. (upbeat music) – [Russell] We arrived at Stevo’s. Oh, famous fries.

Are they really famous? Are they like Burley famous or like Idaho famous or like America famous? – I think it’s Burley famous. (laughs) – [Russell] Looks awesome. – Ohh. – [Russell] What’d you guys get? – It’s got some spice. Don’t tell Carrie. (laughs) I’m just kidding. I’ve worked for this burger. – [Russell] Looks good. Oh, yeah. – Stevo’s. So they’re known for their french fries. I guess the owner is a potato farmer. – Yeah. – This is my mom. – Oh, hello. (laughs) (upbeat music) (record scratching) – [Russell] Big Bart, I wanna introduce you to Little Bart. – Hey! About time I get to see this guy. Handsome fella, isn’t he? (laughs) Wow. He’s even bigger than I thought.

This guy’s grown. (laughs) That is so freakin’ cool. Oh my gosh. – [Russell] It’s the best. Mini Bart is about to do his first workout with the pink weight. (laughs) – Come on. Those biceps are (music drowns out speaker). (grunts) Keep the tension. – Alright, we are also bringing the mini Bart doll to inner circle today. So we actually call him Bort cause Bart created a workout program called “The Big and Ripped Transformation”. B.A.R.T., big and ripped.

ClickFunnels™ Inner Circle

ClickFunnels™ Inner Circle

And I was like, “I don’t really wanna get big, “I just wanna get ripped.” And James Friel, James P. Friel was like, “Well we should call it Big or Ripped then, “or B.O.R.T.” And then it became a thing and now this is actually Bort and he’s Bart, so this is Bort, the big or ripped transformation. Oh yeah. (relaxed music) Alright, we’re hiding mini Bart back here until his official introduction to the inner circle. We’re bringing him out here in a second (laughs). This is gonna be so awesome. Alright, I wanted to record this intro because we have a new member of the inner circle here that (laughs) I thought I could do it with a straight face. (sharp inhale) I’m really excited to introduce all of you guys to this person. (laughs) So a lot of you guys know my friend Bart Miller here –

Oh, great. – [Russell] I’m not sure if you guys have seen this picture of Bart before on Facebook, but this is Bart when he’s all classed out. Doesn’t that look good? (audience cheers and applause) So James wanted to get me a present for my birthday so he got me my own mini Bart doll. (audience laughs and claps) – [Man] That’s so classic. – [Russell] Look at how well he matched the shirt, the tie, (laughs loudly) (audience laughs) So throughout the next two days if you guys could all Instagram with mini Bart and hang out with him and make him feel at home that would make (laughs loudly) So I’m gonna have him sit back here by Melanie. (heavy bass music) (laughs) – [Man]

Our first Two Comma Club winner, Grant Cardone, as a ClickFunnels™ Million Dollar Affiliate. Lights are just glaring off this thing like crazy. Million Dollar Affiliate. He’s been paid out over a million bucks inside of ClickFunnels™ Affiliate Program. We have another, 14 other, Two Comma Club Winners. This office is getting jam, jam packed full. The craziness here, let me just show you, if you haven’t already seen this, we try to let you guys know about this all the time, this wall, this whole hallway, Two Comma Club Winners. Maxed out. Totally filled. So what’d we have to do? We had to go find another place to start putting these things. So now we actually have them in the kitchen.

This wall here is filling up, we got 14 more coming in here. Oh, what’s that over there you say? Let me just show you. Here’s one of our first ones. And yes, that’s Brandon and Kaelin, Lady Boss. That means they’ve done over 10 million. Ten. I’ll drop the camera but ten, ten million, inside of a funnel. That’s the kind of stuff we’re talking about. Results actually happen. No one’s building millionaires faster than Russell Brunson and ClickFunnels™ so make sure you get your funnel up and running as soon as you possible can. – I don’t remember the exact numbers but it was nearly 11 hundred affiliates and it was a batch of 350 thousand dollars. For one week of commissions. So that’s a chunk. –

ClickFunnels™ Inner Circle

You mean we actually do pay out affiliate commissions every single Tuesday. Commissions, they just start flying out of this office. 350K, 1,100 affiliates. Are you one of them? Go get one. Go get yourself some money. (bright strumming music) Bart unfortunately drove his Vette into the office today without it being powered correctly. So Bort has decided– – He’s going to take matters into his own hands and he’s going to add the appropriate license plate holder to Bart’s Corvette. – Absolutely. – Bort for the win. (tape fast forwarding) – So, let’s check this out. What’s he got on the back of this thing? He’s got some lame, plastic, plastic-y little Look at this thing. I mean, really?

We’re just gonna have to see if I can break this off. Okay Bort, help me unscrew these things Bort. (sighs) You got it. Flex those arms, flex those arms. Yeah! (grunts) (bright instrumental music) – Strava, powered by ClickFunnels™. Ready to go Bort? – Here we go. – Perfect. Let’s get the other one on first. – Can I see that screwdriver for a second? (grunts) – Nice job Bort. – Thank you. – So I think, Bort, we should literally throw this in the garbage can. What do you think? – I agree. – There’s no reason to keep this plastic– – This is a piece of trash compared to what we just put on this car. (upbeat music) (laughs) – That was the best. – I demand excellence from you. (laughs) –

A job well done. – So as you guys know, Russell is a wrestler, right? A lot of wrestling going on in this room. And every now and then, because people know that he’s a wrestler, they want to challenge him. So some people in our inner circle, pan to Jaime and Nathan Cross. So Nathan was a wrestler in college? – Mm-hmm. – College wrestler. Like Russell.

ClickFunnels™ Inner Circle: Jaime has been like the Don King of — (laughs) Totally, like promoting this match. She’s like, “You gotta come out here.” She’s like, “Nathan’s gonna totally take you down. “Nathan’s gonna beat you.” Alexa play “Eye of the Tiger”. – I’m sorry, I won’t be able to play “Eye of the Tiger” because YouTube will be all up in my business for copyright reasons. Let me play you this fake Rocky song instead. (upbeat music) – [Man] Bort hurry, hurry, you’re gonna be late. – We gotta go. (upbeat music) ClickFunnels™ Inner Circle


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Physical Product Sales Funnel ClickFunnels™ – Best Tips

In this post, we will show you step by step benefits and reasons why and how to create a ClickFunnels™ Physical Product Funnel or a Physical Products Sales Funnel using ClickFunnels™.

Physical Product Sales Funnel ClickFunnels™

This post is all about how to create a physical product Funnel with ClickFunnels™. Physical products are very difficult to build funnels for especially if you are a new Funnel hacker. You know it’s easy to get everything wrong if your funnel isn’t set up correctly.

Ok so in this post I’m going to outline a few things that are really important for any ClickFunnels™ Physical Product Funnel and make that funnel more likely to convert. The beauty of sales funnels is it’s just so simple to sell anything. Selling physical products is just a different story to selling informational products. Nearly everybody is trying to sell information products and and so people mentally have blocks towards selling physical products, especially dealing with things like shipping costs and trust factors and competing with bigger brands like Amazon and that kind of thing. But each of these mental blocks can be removed one by one so let’s just have a look at the big benefits and why is it important for you to jump on and try and sell physical products with funnels.

Benefits of Physical Product Sales Funnel ClickFunnels™

Think about it: firstly with physical products it’s much more transparent – what you’re going to get. People are not buying into some kind of life-changing transformation. Rather than that, they’re buying something that they can see that’s tangible, they know what they’re getting. Secondly you can also create Regular recurring sales with physical products. That isn’t necessarily the same when you’re dealing with information products. Another thing is that physical products can’t be easily copied so you can’t just come along and copy somebody else’s physical product and sell it as your own in the same way that you can do with informational products.

 ClickFunnels™ Physical Product Funnel

Approach to Creating Physical Product Sales Funnel ClickFunnels™

So let’s think about how you can approach creating a physical product funnel. Now the first thing I want to make clear is that your funnel doesn’t have to be perfect ok? Especially if you’re new to funnel hacking. Now sometimes the more raw funnels actually convert better. Ok now you can make a few mistakes and still have a well converting Funnel. Right now one aspect of any funnel is conversions. Ok so you need to get conversions if you are getting traffic to your website it needs to turn into sales for you. Ok but a lot of Funnel hackers don’t really have any kind of system in place to make sure that their conversions happen. Ok you can have lots of different types of traffic you can have Facebook ads you can have Google ads you can have organic traffic you can have Instagram traffic Pinterest traffic but if your funnel is not converting you won’t be making any money. So beyond getting traffic in, you need to make sure that your funnel will convert. So what we’re going to look at here is how to make your followers convert.

How To Get Physical Product Sales Funnel To Convert

So essentially what you’re trying to do is get your visitors to hand over their money ok and there are simple steps you can take to encourage those visitors to give you their money in exchange for these physical products.

Alright so the first thing is photos and videos – these are really important. When you’re selling physical products people want to be able to see what they’re buying. If they can see it on a video it’s better than seeing it on an image. If they can see it on the image it it’s better than just reading a description. Ok so you can take videos yourself or you can get free YouTube videos that you can use for this and at the same time you can still use written content to target keywords to boost up your copy that can get people excited. But at the beginning you definitely want to have photos & videos. Think about maybe having a video sales letter, have some real photos and break up your blog post, break up your your funnel or your your sales pitch with videos and images and you can easily add them in ClickFunnels™ just using the editor.

Headlines For Physical Product Sales Funnel ClickFunnels™

The next thing I’m going to talk about is your headlines. Ok you need to have really compelling headlines. You need to catch people’s attention. When people look at a page on the internet the first thing that probably catches the attention is the image. After that, they look at the headline – if that headline doesn’t grab their attention, they’re probably not going to read anymore of the text. So the image needs to be striking or the video, but then the headline is really important. So if you think about good email subject Lines, if you think about good landing pages out there on the web, there are loads of examples of really good headlines – ok there’s different angles you can take towards developing better headlines. An example is to emphasize the problem that your customers have. Another thing you can do is emphasize some kind of numbers or claims that people find interesting. Another thing you can do is describe something that evokes curiosity like some kind of amazing Discovery.

Copy For Physical Product Sales Funnel ClickFunnels™

Right now there are plenty of different ways you can approach copy but keep the following things in mind on your sales funnel page. Shorter copy is better than longer copy but obviously if you’re using shorter copy then every word has to be important. Second thing is copy that addresses the reader tends to work better so if you’re talking about bland Concepts that nobody is interested in then you can bore your reader’s very quickly. The next thing you can think about is to try to gain the Curiosity of your readers. So if you talk about things that you’re going to reveal later in the page, it keeps people interested – so this is like using hooks. You can also look at your competition. If you look at a really experienced copywriters page you can get some good clues as to how to write a sales page effectively. Definitely consider using Funnel scripts from ClickFunnels™ as that is an awesome program that can help you write copy easily.

Testimonials For Physical Product Sales Funnel ClickFunnels™

The next thing you need to remember to have on your page is testimonials. These days there are a lot of people competing for traffic and sales online. If you can find examples of people giving testimonials for your product that you can use on your page it will help you sell more. Think about people that have bought the products from you in the past. Look through Facebook groups for people who have given reviews of products that you are selling. Look through reviews of other affiliates that are selling the same things.

Evidence For Physical Product Sales Funnel ClickFunnels™

The next thing you can do to really help your customers decide is provide them with evidence of the benefits of your product. Explainer videos and how to guides which combine visual descriptions with easy-to-follow notes on the benefits of your product make it easy for your customers to want to buy the product. Think about creating a tutorial video which shows your product being used in a real world context. Think about creating before and after photos or videos. Think about creating videos which position your product vs one of the competitors products and explain why your product is better.

Trust in Physical Product Sales Funnel ClickFunnels™

One of the most important things about selling physical products is creating an atmosphere of trust. You need to include all the basic Trust signals in your funnel such as refund policies address, phone number and support links. These kind of things definitely inspire trust in your potential customers because they can recognise your confidence in your product by your willingness to offer a refund. During your sales pitch for your product you can emphasize the guaranteed refund policy.

As I mentioned before it’s difficult for people to create funnels that sell physical products. Make sure that you include the various factors that we have discussed here in this post when you are creating your physical product funnel.

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ClickFunnels™ Physical Product Funnel Including OTS and Sales Copy #Funnel Fridays

ClickFunnels™ Physical Product Funnel For Sales Including OTS and Sales Copy #Funnel Fridays

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