How to Create A Bridge Page Will Increase Your Sales | Funnel Fridays Ep 61

ClickFunnels™ Bridge Page – Secrets How To Increase Your Sales

ClickFunnels™ Bridge Page

ClickFunnels™ Bridge Page: We are back for another episode of Funnel Fridays! In the episode, Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards are using ClickFunnels and Funnel Scripts to show you how to build the perfect bridge page. Plus, we are celebrating Funnel Scripts surpassing 8 figures!

ClickFunnels™ Bridge Page: Why we celebrate something Amazing!

We’re live are we live actually is in face yeah yeah relax dude yeah it’s just us sending up to go live but it says on the thing we’re live please say it’s working all right I think we’re live what’s up Jim what’s up hey you make yourself into something today what just happened why are we celebrating something amazing well I mean normally I don’t need a reason to celebrate with a bottle of bubbly and a blow-up unicorn but we did have something exciting happen yesterday at 4:12 a.m. in the morning.

No dirty minded people it wasn’t that it was awakened 4:12 I got a message on boxer at 4:12 a.m. which is kind of creepy which is 2 a.m. your time so you were just going to bed so we yesterday Russell and I hit the 10 million dollar mark for funnel scripts what dude you’re not going to open that near your computer are you a lot of drinks I don’t know how this works oh my fake water champagne do not hold that near the computer there’s not a cork on this so does the same impact to try it busy a can of pop whatever shake it up rogue and open these things together close there’s only about a hundred grand worth of electronic equipment in that office go ahead all right ok nervous

So how many guards camp ok so we’re also pretty focused past 10 million dollars this weekend sales yay all right I’m ready exploded hey I don’t like fizzy water if I’m gonna drink anyway alright this is hell this is like mine oh my god is the worst yeah congratulations everybody congratulations and thank you to everybody it was a team effort absolutely a team effort every supportive photo scripture last few years it’s good now I want to talk about something that I’m mocking didn’t know but yes may notice how clean shaven and beautiful gym looks today so when did this whole bet sir I can’t write what always like 14 months ago on a funnel Friday jig hey dude.

I know you’re trying to get the 10 million dollar award and I was like yeah he said well hey you gonna not shaving that beard till you get there huh and I was like yeah yeah that’s great yeah we can do it and in the spirit of funnel Friday’s yeah and then and then I’m like I’m gonna have to grow a cat on my face which he did yeah I’ll see ya I looked over to the Facebook live yesterday are you cutting it yep all right.

Here it is you guys to see what happened yesterday after after we passed the 10 million dollar more about to witness the trimming of the 10 million dollar beer so here’s the story about a year ago Russell Brunson said to me hey man you’re gonna not cut that beard until you hit the 10 million dollar mark with funnel scripts and in the moment he asked me this on funnel foam Fridays I was like yeah man I sure will do it and then after I said it I was like dang I’m not going to be able to shave this Muskrat first a while.

ClickFunnels™ Bridge Page: How to get over the 10 million dollar mark?

So I’ve been busting butt to get it over the 10 million dollar mark we got it over the 10 million dollar mark so are you going to trim this thing because I’m tired of having this big hobo beard on my face and so here we go [Music] [Music] I could get a second job shearing sheep my wife’s laughing at me to turn it you know you missed the spot huh oh man so glad we captured this before ever there you go there you go so there you go so I was listening there’s a couple lessons that help everybody learn from this experiment so number one is lucky wise.

Then let themselves off the hook Jim was like all right I’m gonna set something that’s gonna annoy me every single baby itchy and long curly until I hit the goal and then he went out there it’s like I got it this cool so that’s number one like if you guys are all comfortable cuz you’re hitting your goals like make something uncomfortable like to finish up in pain so you have to go and do it number two and he’s noticed we didn’t like launch fun little strips and

Just like sit back last four years waiting for people to buy it it has been an intense labor of love Jim’s consistently been increase in the value adding more scripts adding more things doing more things do more training always increasing the value so the price of final script seems cheaper and cheaper and cheaper cheaper and then we consistently talk about it right how many final Friday’s is this episode like would we outright a lot dear like we can consistently talking about it week in and week out.

Week in and week out I think a lot of people they put the thing up with oh I’m gonna be rich and then I just sit in there wait and then it never happens so they’re like you like learn can I add one more thing to the lesson yes you you got to have a vision for what you’re doing and that vision is gonna help to sustain you when other people either don’t have the vision or other people can’t catch the vision or you’re the only one that believes that it’s going to work.

I’m not saying that’s what the situation was but you got to have a vision and the stronger the vision the bigger the vision the the more you can do and without a vision and there’s somewhere in the Bible it says without a vision the people perish and there you go so so thank you Russell and team because it it would not have happened without you I’m grateful V man this has been your vision from day one we first nested like this is gonna be huge.

ClickFunnels™ Bridge Page: Put in all your effort to make it work

Then you’re the one that put in the effort the work you need to do is so beautiful P may have an amazing partner and it’s just fun to celebrate with yet we’ve got some bubbly water whoo there you go and my fake so on top of the top of celebrate and say with you guys we also wanted to have some fun because today we are we are in the process admission a recording this all right there we go we’re gonna do a fun photo Friday stay and we’ve got a new script we’re demoing I believe got some other cool stuff.

I’m pumped for so you want to kind of talk about what the plan is for today sure so one of the things that we’ve been talking about and it’s really resonating with people are bridge pages and we did a training over in the Avengers group where if you’re not in the Avengers group you should be in the Avengers group because there’s some amazing stuff going on over there and if you youtube search click levels avengers it should pop up their affiliate stranger absolutely and so talking about bridge pages there are all kinds of different ways you can use bridge pages and we were showing how to use funnel scripts to create bridge pages.

One of the things we told people was you can do a demo and I’ve always kind of taken things for granted about doing a demo because I’ve done thousands of demos over the years and then something interesting happened this is like gonna be a combination epiphany Bridge story so if anything happened was in the in the help desk we got a question somebody had joined funnel scripts and had bought Russell’s network marketing secrets book and they asked me will she do by the way everybody she had this book.

I’ll tell you why so they were asking you know which funnel scripts should they use for which the funnels that Russell talks about in there and I was able to answer it pretty quickly but then I said Russell’s got a network marketing secrets book I haven’t read this book can I get a copy of the book sure Jim you can have a copy of the book they sent me copy of the book and on page 39 I read something that changed my life forever it’s actually on page 40 but it starts on page 39 and it’s Russell talking about the demo doing a demonstration in this case of whatever product the network marketing companies sell.

ClickFunnels™ Bridge Page: How I double the response.

I was like yeah that makes sense oh my god what’s this one thing in here that he teaches the formula and this one thing right here eliminate the alternatives I might my forehead was literally getting flat and I think my beard got three inches longer cuz I was pulling on going oh my gosh oh my god oh my god this is it this was the missing thing and so I tried it out with with a couple different demos and you know I’ve always gotten really good results but then when I did this was like boom through the roof people were responding I would you know the the it was like doubling the response I was getting.

I said there’s something here and I need to do this consistently and the best way to do this is to create a script so that’s what we did we created a script we unveiled it this week on the funnel scripts training for everybody and I sensed on Tuesday when we unveiled it I have overhauled the script again to make it even cooler and so what I thought we’d do is Russell real quick explained everybody what a bridge pages and what the purpose is of a bridge page why you would use it.

Then we’ll explain why this is so important and so helpful because these are one of the coolest tools and most misunderstood tools in the internet world so there are times and places when you want to sell something over here and maybe you don’t own this website so you aren’t affiliate for this thing or it’s a network marketing opportunities to the company corporate website or something in like you have no control over this this page and so the only thing you have controlling is the pretty frame that somebody enters into this page width to go back back here is something that we call a bridge page a bridge page and so bridge makes you drive traffic because like a lot of times if you drive traffic directly to this page the hits and

This bounces off because the patient convert well there’s a thousand fillies offering the same page or there can be a million different different reasons why just driving traffic directly here doesn’t work something hammer has never wanting to let you do that directly if your affiliate like and so the bridge page is basically it’s it’s the thing in between between your traffic and the thing you’re trying to sell so for example this and walking up on the street and

I see somebody I could just let’s say Sam you know that put network marking see curses from network marking book right so let’s say I’m a network marketing company I am selling this fancy-pants bubbly water right I can walk up to like somebody on the street like here’s the order for him to buy the water and right wait what is that it’s the order for my son you want bubbly water is really good like the lighter than buying is not very good right that’s the equivalent of sending somebody directly bridge pays me kind of like

ClickFunnels™ Bridge Page: The Billy Mays demo.

Hey I got to tell you story this is why as far as May this is what I like about it slice off like you tell your own story you’re doing a product demo he’s got citation I’ll just see how good and this is amazing you do your product demo is that you like the stuff cool go over here to go buy it and then you push somebody from there what to do the thing over here so bridge page traditionally is me or whoever doing some kind of demo we call it in the network marketing secrets book I call the Billy Mays demo because he has never Billy Mays

He was like the OxiClean dude he was probably the greatest pitchman of all time passed away a couple years ago and I keep down after he died I write him and his pictures I watched like literally every infomercial I can find of his and like Billy Mays scripts based on like here’s all the things Billy didn’t every single it was infomercial mini it is all they’re always like a little micro infomercial Ike that the 30 seconds two-minute infomercials and so that’s what the script space sounds like demoing the product bridge the gap between where that and then the thing you’re actually going to sell that makes sense yeah that’s awesome as far as the structure for a bridge page typically though with

the the bridge page is as simple as a headline a video and a link that’s it that and the more you add actually the the less it will convert and the cool thing with bridge pages is you can use them for affiliate offers you can use them for your own offers when you’re literally just bridging page with people from from one mindset over to where you ultimately want to make make them go it’s the thing that pre frames them and explains what’s going on so they understand what’s happening so one of the most effective things you can do for a bridge page is a demonstration a demonstration of a product the demonstration of a physical product of a piece of software some of the most profitable things I have ever done in my life online have been simple bridge page demonstrations of other people’s software hey guys Jim Owens here found this really cool tool for you that’s going to help you do X Y & Z let me show you how it works hey you just do this this this and this and it’s gonna it does this all you gotta do is just exactly

what I showed you and hey if you buy through my link I’ll give you this in this so click the link down below and then send me an email with your receipt and I’ll give you the bonus yes so simple so the thing is that people think Oh events you know I’m not selling a piece of software Jim that’s right so what I want to do is show you guys the

ClickFunnels™ Bridge Page: Guide on how to setup Bridge Page.

I’m going to show you the script and then we’re going to make a bridge page demonstrating Russell’s book and we’re gonna make the bridge page inside of funnel scripts and what we’re gonna make the script we’re going to use the script inside of home scripts and Russell’s going to make the actual bridge page inside of clickfunnels and it’s going to take like less than 10 minutes so like we did on YouTube before we go back and forth our screen zooms right so what what I would suggest we do on zoom is let me demo want you you set up set up a basic bridge page show them yeah just get it ready with a headline where we’ll put in the video and

then a call to action the call to action is going to be get your free book guess real quick I’ll do bridge page but all Fridays [Applause] right 60-something episodes and no one else does it I did it after you did it I keep taking it tied to building the software so everybody does that mm-hmm so that’s okay so I’m just gonna pick just use a blank page where we have a button page do you have a blank page template blank page templates I hate using templates but that’s just me all right okay like the bridge pages this is like literally a 30 second project if you spend more than that you fell down so simple do you have mine for me at all you know me just a um I will have a headline for you in just a minute but I want to show them how the script works real quick and won’t take long video it’s a video and call to action that’s it so I’m basically ready

I’m just gonna delete everything else okay I make this bug bigger cuz I like big buttons big like big buttons and I will not lie we are wrapping when a button walks in with a big button in your with big text in your face you get clicked okay the longest part of this template is deleting all the other stuff boom all right cool so now when I what I need you to do is to stop sharing your screen so I can share my screen back to you okay cool so what I’m going to show you guys here real quick is the new I call it the demo script and this follows the the format that Russell teaches that he got from the Billy Mays thing and it basically demo the product you show them how it’s faster.

easier you eliminate the alternatives intro the price get urgency and scarcity do the risk reversal all the time and they’re using your call to action so what I did was I took me like 10 minutes to type this up and so what’s that and and we have a couple of cool examples in here we have one for funnel scripts which is software we have one that we did on Tuesday and the live training for a camera bag really was cool so this one that I want to show you could do it with just a book so what’s the name of the product service you’re demonstrating network marketing secrets

what is it what’s the biggest benefit the biggest pain this eliminates what’s the big payoff what’s the alternative most people think of when they try to do this then what are all the things that you want to show about the product so step by step what do you want to show in this case I listed off each page where it had something cool and then what’s all the stuff they don’t need to do anymore so this is eliminating the alternatives then what’s the price what’s an alternative way to express the price how fast can they see results why should they grab it now what’s your risk reversal and what’s call to action so now it actually puts it all the pieces together with your hook intro faster and easier demo eliminate the alternatives intro price urgency scarcity risk reversal and

ClickFunnels™ Bridge Page: No time is wasted.

I downloaded the script as a word document and I got all high tech and printed it off okay and then I printed it off and I literally as you’re gonna see here in a minute okay rather me I held my phone I held my phone in my right hand quite clumsily as though I had some sort of a palsy and then I held the I held this printed off in my other hand and I read it as you will see I tried to do it with the least amount of panache as possible and so I actually recorded it.

I’m gonna send you Russell in the face book I’m gonna send you the link to the video so you can pop it in there and people can watch it but I mean the sound sucks it’s done like you know somebody would do it if they were just giving it a half an effort you can see that this thing takes it can take anything and create a really really really cool demo and the cool thing is is that you don’t have to sit around and wait you don’t have to struggle to not get all the right pieces in there you don’t have to pay somebody hundreds or thousands of dollars to write you a script and you don’t and

The biggest thing is you don’t have to waste two three four or five hours trying to figure it out and you don’t have to wait a couple weeks for some lady to get it back to you you just do this on your phone I did this on my phone like literally right before we got um you were in st. Ursula five seconds ago yeah and the only reason I didn’t do it live was because I it was I couldn’t transfer it from my phone fast enough all right is live swatches when I get the audio to work cuz you got a when you share your screen make he run share your screen real quick yeah and then when you go to share your screen before you do it there will be a little box that you can click that says share computer.

Audio look at that zoom do that and that should play all right you refresh the page to share your audio please it’s all the Zoom audio device are you kidding me oh sorry no that me works okay me refresh this page sorry French for our technical difficulties get them using you want me to you want me to play it from my side back to you Jim let me say I’m seeing links of the the page then you can okay alright it’s back to you I’m gonna unshare off’ i this so you can start be sheriff eyeing it on sheriff alright and I know hey one one thing before.

I’ll show you this one thing if you’re looking for the perfect headline in the in this where it has the hook what if you could easily find the right people to join your MLM team without suffering rejection from family and friends your headline is how to easily find the right people to join your MLM team without suffering rejection from family and friends that’s your headline for the for the page okay meet I’ll put it plug into the page okay you know I mean okay you’ll have to fix the stuff and put a how-to on it but yeah there you go do you want me to wait till you do that give you 15 seconds no hat okay okay.

ClickFunnels™ Bridge Page: No time is wasted.

I mean the the thing is while I was doing this guys I mean I wanted to do this not as not perfectly so you could see even not doing it perfectly it’s passable it’s doable especially if you were to I mean here’s the other thing a bridge page the more it looks like it’s a real person teaching something the better you’ll do in the past when I’ve done stuff where it’s like you know the phones ring and then the kid opens the door and in other stuff those typically will do better than the ones that look super polished and they’re they’re best lit and other things like that there’s a time and

A place for that for a bridge page like this where you’re just demoing something and showing people how to get a result you know just make keeping it real keeps it real and you’ll get better results so that’s one thing I did want to show you guys and that that just just taken that hook right there and turn them into your headline that’s like cheating okay thank you refresh that is ready to rock and roll okay the bridge page didn’t do sweet how to easily find the right

People to join your MLM team without suffering injection from family and friends dude that’s that’s mint whoo we can okay see we see your dental scripts will on screen oh you’re not seeing it okay let me stop sharing that’s weird because I was seeing it but oh okay that’s all right I’m not buying stalking zoom anytime soon okay so are you seeing it now okay play wise not playing maybe it’s go directly for YouTube page and just watch okay well here it is on the YouTube page ready hey guys Jim Evans here with a brand new book I want to tell you all about what if you could easily find the right people to join your MLM team without suffering from rejection from family and friends well

Now you can introducing network marketing secrets and network marketing secrets is a revolutionary new book that makes it easy and fast to find the right people who are super interested in what you’re selling and they’re actually going to raise their hands and ask you to sign them up and this is so much faster and easier than having to badger your friends and family until you’ve alienated basically everybody you know and everybody they know as well so let

ClickFunnels™ Bridge Page: Network Marketing Secrets is so Amazing.

Me show you why network marketing secrets is so amazing first of all on page 18 Russel explains to you the lost funnel and the lost funnel is basically the way that you can leverage somebody else’s expertise in order to get people to sign up even if you don’t know that much about the MLM that you are with right now so the cool thing is you don’t need to worry about basically talking to people that aren’t interested in what you’re selling and you don’t

Have to be a total expert yet to be able to do it the second thing that this does for you over on page 20 is it shows you how you can be a big-time recruiter even if you barely understand what your company is selling so the cool thing that means it does not going to take you months and weeks and years to build up to this you can leverage this to get results super super fast the other thing that teaches you over on page 26 is how you can differentiate between the people who are interested in buying your product versus the people who are interested in your opportunity and how you can automatically recruit both which means you don’t have to struggle with either recruiting or product sales you can do both and do really really well with it also over here on page 60 they’re gonna

Show you how to take the proven home part on them so excited I can barely hang on to my phone they’re going to show you how to take the proven home party formula and apply it online so that you can use the power of group sales but you don’t have to go anywhere that means no more heading over to hotels it means no more trying to get people to agree to meet with you in your homes you don’t have to worry about traveling anywhere you just make sales and then also on page 66 this must this may be the greatest thing ever they’re gonna show you how to duplicate this entire process in your own MLM business so that you not only can do it but then you can take these proven things that they’re gonna teach you to do in this book and you’re going to be able to help your team do those as well so it creates a giant organization of sales which means you never have to worry about how your people are going to be able to duplicate your success

Now the great thing about this if that wasn’t the only thing that was amazing is this book is absolutely free all you have to do is just cover a small shipping charge and the shipping charge is less than the cost of a trip to Starbucks so you want to grab this now because this book holds the key to you joining the elite ranks of your company’s top leadership and being a rising star in whatever organization you’re in because it doesn’t matter what your selling physical products services doesn’t matter this book is going to help you do it .

ClickFunnels™ Bridge Page - Secrets How To Increase Your Sales 1

ClickFunnels™ Bridge Page: Get your FREE copy while supplies last.

By the way I think they’re crazy for this but if you don’t like the book you don’t even have to send it back and they’ll refund the shipping so go ahead act now claim your FREE copy while supplies last I’ll see you guys soon okay demo2 book right and it’s I mean I just down and it wasn’t the it wasn’t the greatest demo in the world but but that was without even practicing it that was without practicing that’s what withholding the thing imagine if I’d have put the phone on a tripod or had somebody else with steady hands hold it if I had to practice the script two or three times

which would have taken a total of 12 minutes to practice it three times and then just delivered it amped up my my excitement level and all of a sudden you’re doing demo after demo after demo and you’re hitting all the right buttons and it’s I mean you guys can tell us in the comments down below whether you thought that was any good or not for a first try with absolutely no rehearsal whatsoever but I’m telling you this script can change your life and using bridge pages is a way for you to use clickfunnels to build a business so freaking fast and without even doing it with your own products I mean if I was gonna do this I would I would I would do this that’s exactly what I would do I would take and I would do demos of Russell’s books then I would do demos of all the different cool features inside of clickfunnels and after every single one of those videos

I would direct everybody to sign up for the 14-day trial for clickfunnels and then I would go out onto social media and I would look for where people were asking questions that clickfunnels could be the solution for them and I would start answering questions by either answering him right there or I would I would direct them to the videos that you had showing people how to you know how to use click phones to solve their problems it’s it’s just it’s the simplest way to be able to use clickfunnels and to use final scripts to be able to create things that will turn into money quickly so tell a little secret that mr. Steven Larson did because he did this process right after he stopped working clickfunnels he went home and then he’s like okay he booked like a squeeze page in people’s email addresses was like get access to all the tools I used to build my business and he had like 90 different tools like click funnels and Google dog and all the stuff right and and like half me at affiliate links for he made a demo video for each one like here’s how I use this.

Here’s how I use Trello your site and just a get all these things and some rocks in you could make an email every day of like here’s next week next to a next to and he makes Commission’s off of myself other people’s stuff and just that’s what he did literally just demo all the stuff he uses friends business and made ton of money so for any of you guys in any market you’re in like let’s say you’re in the stock trading market like what are the tools you use to trade stocks going like most probably I set up in Philly program go.

ClickFunnels™ Bridge Page: Create them all the demos, it really helps.

Crate them all demos on all of them boom that can be your whole your hope is anyway yep this is like if T keeps on giving the strategy the script and this bridge base concepts so simple so easy exactly and think about it will all the different things that you’ve ever bought that were from a demonstration everything from a Ginsu knife – I bought a $1500 shrink wrapper off of a 45 second video that showed lift the thing up throw it in slam it down it comes out shrink wrap person yep I’ll take it I mean it’s think about that and I think it’s it’s one of those simple things that absolutely can change your life and think about your own products how if you did demos for different different groups and different solutions that just doing demos for your own stuff and

Creating bridge pages to your own stuff people arise that all 60 whatever episodes of funnel Friday’s is literally you know moving demoing photo scripts and me demoing click funnels and we just passed a $10,000,000 yesterday so does it work I don’t I don’t know I don’t know my so that’s that’s that’s amazing if you guys don’t have click funnels yet you need to go to click funnels comm and sign up for how can they get click funnels Russell you always ask me how to get funnel scripts

Oh yeah first I’ve just be living under a rock it’s the thing ever talk about every single day for literally almost five years fact our five year birthday is next month with a huge birthday announcements gonna be happening craziness is ensuing they’re all gonna freak out but for last five years talk about every single a because it is the tool that has freed more entrepreneurs abl on this planet I think today we are at 90 3806 active entrepreneurs who are built-in funnels live our platform so far you guys have built 5.4 million funnels you have processed 3.8 nine billion dollars and you have generated 925 million contacts inside a platform there’s our live stat board so yeah there’s Counting who’s like so it’s not matter if you’re gonna use click phones this when so you can do it in the future or you do it today.

There’s no like honestly if you think about it there’s this old ancient Chinese proverb that said the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago but the second best time is right now so the best time you Cleveland was actually about five years ago the second best time there’s right now so go to click balls like op get your count right now now Jim if they have a click photos hand already but they’re copy sucks and other phones converting what do you need to do well you know you really need to get funnel scripts because funnel scripts is going to help you to create all the copy you need for your bridge pages for your headlines for your emails for your webinars for your master classes for your follow-up sequences for promoting your webinars for anything you want to do with a funnel we’ve got a script for that.

ClickFunnels™ Bridge Page: Three Key Secrets To Copywriting.

If we don’t have a script for that there’s one on my board but I guarantee you now with over 60 online scripts and six or seven downloadable Wizards and all the recipes and the blueprints and the and the we just did our 40th straight month of live coaching in in funnel scripts this past Tuesday 40 straight months of new training every single month teaching people about copywriting and how to use them to build their funnels you need to head over to funnel scripts calm you have a couple options one you can watch an amazing training that Russell and I just did a couple months ago and they will teach you three secrets three key secrets to copywriting as well as give you cool demos of funnel scripts and if you’ve been on the fence.

About funnel scripts you need to head on over to funnel scripts calm /go and you can just sign up awesome Congrats on everything I I have to go right now and go fish right my book which is not fun but I’ve really enjoyed the last 45 minutes saying now if you look up the new haircut on the beard and so excited just you guys know Jim for the last like two weeks every day I’m getting a message just like the screenshot how closer to get closer closer closer and it’s super exciting Patti may have tried all the work you put into this product this program and hopefully it inspires people to keep reaching for the same goals as well beauty being on stage actually getting one of the big ol fat diamond rings.

A big all huge just like this big the 10x award is the same so gonna go right there I have a spot for it already that’s amazing excited so we’ve an amazing partner and just a great friend especially you know last fire for five years and just grateful for you and all you do for our community thank you and I’m right back at you so I appreciate you very much and it was definitely it’s been a team effort definitely and and I will tell everybody you are the best partner I’ve ever had so thank you that’s awesome all right well everybody appreciate you saying thank you Jim make Karen for watching and if you have any questions comments plumb postman links down below I’m sure will answer them and we’re go back and get wasted on my bubbly watering on alcohol we just you so fix everybody we’ll talk to you again soon bye bye everybody.


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Clickfunnels™ Sale Strategy: How do you create a sales funnel that actually makes money? We get this question a lot at ClickFunnels and in this video, Russell Brunson will show you his sales funnel strategy. Plus, he has put together a live training perfect for beginners.

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Hey this is Russell Brunson and welcome back to my YouTube channel. I’m so excited to have you here today. Today’s video will be talking about a secret funnel strategy that’s literally taking new business owners from startup phase to Two Comma Club winners in a very short period of time and that’s what we’ll be talking about, but before we get into the training, I really quick want to make sure that you are subscribed to my channel.

If you’re not yet, click on the subscribe button and also click on that little bell, that way you’re notified when new videos are coming out. With that said, I want to share with you guys this funnel strategy. If you know anything about me, my name’s Russell. I own a company called ClickFunnels and I am obsessed with sales funnels. But what is a sales funnel? A sales funnel is a simple, easy way to sell stuff online.

When you start figuring out how to use it, it makes selling stuff online so easy. This is the big secret funnel strategy. What we do is we use a concept called funnel hacking. What that means, you can go and you can find people online who are making thousands or millions of dollars online and let’s say they have a sales funnel and say page one looks like this and maybe on page one they have a headline and they ask for your email address and the submit button. Then from there, they take you to page number two where they’re selling something.

Clickfunnels™ Sale Strategy: Funnel Hacking using upsell

Maybe there’s a video up top and maybe there’s some headlines down here and then there’s a big order button and then from there you’re taken to a page that has an upsell, we’ll call this upsell and there’s a video with an upsell with a page and then from there it takes you to a member’s area with a whole bunch of cool stuff. You guys have seen this before. If you’ve ever bought anything online, you’ve gone through a sales funnel, but a lot of times we look at a sales funnel, we buy the thing, we’re like, oh that’s really, really cool, but what I want you to do is I want you to slow down next time you buy something and look at the process.

We call this funnel hacking. Look at what happened with page one and page two and page three and page four. These funnels are not just made by happen chance. There’s people like me who are obsessed, who geek out on this all day every single day and every single piece is like art. When you start looking at that you say, okay, what did this company do? Let’s say there’s a company online who’s selling supplements and they’re doing really, really well. They’re selling things and you look at the sales process.

Clickfunnels™ Sale Strategy

Let’s say they’re selling this and on the home page there’s a bottle of this, but they have the upsell they’re selling more bottles and over here they’re selling something different. If you’re selling a supplement, you can look at that as a business model. I look at funnels as models. I like to funnel hack someone, I buy their product, I look at what it looks like, and then from there you can map out your business model. Say, okay, when I built my funnel I know that I’m going to need a page like that as well. They’re selling, let’s say it’s a keto supplement or they’re selling a supplement for dogs or whatever it might be. I look at that and say, okay, how do I change it? I’m not going to copy anything, but I’m gonna model it.

I’m gonna model the look and the feel and the layout. I look at that and say, okay, what’s my headline gonna be and I’m gonna ask for an email address as well and if I’m here I’m gonna look at the second page. Obviously, they have their sales video, but I’m gonna put my sales video there and then I’m gonna have my copy. I’m not gonna copy anything, but I’m gonna model the layout of things, so I model the layout. Then I look at the upsell and I model the layout of that as well and I model every single piece of the process.

Clickfunnels™ Sale Strategy: Don’t waste time on business plan

I think a lot of times people who are trying to start a business online, they struggle because they’re trying to be creative and trying to figure out a business model and a business plan. People submit to me all the time, here’s my business plan, Russell, it’s like 500 pages and I’m like, but do you even know what you’re selling and how you’re selling it? The hardest thing about making money online is figuring out what you’re selling and how you’re selling it and the best way to figure out how to sell it is to look at somebody else who’s selling something similar. Look at their sales funnel, funnel hack it.

Look at it, map out what it looks like, and then now you know what you need to build. This is your business model. I always tell people if they want to submit a business model to me, this is what I want to see. What is gonna be on your landing page, what’s gonna be your sales page, what’s on the upsell, what’s on the downsell, what does that look like, and then you go back and you create it, and that’s what funnel hacking is. That’s what the whole secret funnel strategy is that I wanted to share with you that’s getting people from startup phase to Two Comma Club winners practically overnight.

I’m gonna be doing a live training this week. In fact, here’s a page for it right here that you can go and you can subscribe to and when you go to this training, I’m gonna go deep into this. I’m gonna show you examples of my supplement funnel. I had a supplement funnel that was doing horrible and I found someone who had a successful one, I modeled it, and it blew up literally overnight. I’m gonna show you guys what that funnel looks like, I’m gonna show you other companies and how they do it and it’s really fun and this training’s gonna be huge for you, so what I want you to do now is down in the description there will be a link to go to

Register for this web class that’s coming up. I’m gonna go deep into this, I’m gonna show you not only how to find funnels you can model and you can funnel hack, I’m gonna show you how to build out a funnel in literally less than 10 minutes. I’ll even build one live and I’m gonna show you guys how to get traffic into the funnels. It’s gonna be a ton of fun. I want to make sure you are there. With that said, thanks so much. Click on the link down below to go register for the web class and I will see you guys on it. Hope you love it and I cannot wait to share with you guys the whole secret behind this funnel strategy. Thanks so much and I’ll see you on the webclass.


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ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary – How To Make $100 A Day Online

ClickFunnels Exposed – The Secret Russell Brunson Doesn’t Want You To Know

Clickfunnels™ Real Founder – Russell Brunson Secret Exposed

Clickfunnels™ Real Founder

Clickfunnels™ Real Founder: Attention Funnel Hacker Family: It’s time to set the record straight because you deserve to know the truth! We sat down with the original founder of ClickFunnels™ (SPOILER: it’s not Russell Brunson), to get the real scoop on what it is like to work at ClickFunnels™. In this exclusive interview with Myles Clifford the Third, we were privy to the true inception of ClickFunnels™ and it was eye opening to say the least!

Clickfunnels™ Real Founder: Work very little, Get paid very lot

– Okay, well I’m nervous. Which camera do I look at? Oh, I stare at you? This is even better. Yep. (mellow piano music) I’m not being weird, you’re being weird. What would I say to someone who wants to work here? That’s a great question. Just don’t expect to work hard. Expect to have a lot of fun, expect to get paid very well, for the minimal amount of work you’re gonna do.

That’s my life motto: work very little, get paid very lot. Russell and I came up with ClickFunnels. It’s actually really funny. We were at his mom’s house and we were down in her basement and we were trying to figure out, what can we do to make money? He tried that potato gun thing, and he tried other stuff, and I said, “I have this great idea. “What if we created this drag-and-drop software “that’s going to allow you to build web pages “and funnels quickly and easily, to be able to “get your product, whether you’re selling a physical “or a digital product.

“What if we created something that would allow us “to sell it like that.” (fingers snapping) No coders, no graphic designers, none of that was really needed. He didn’t like the idea, but I ended up creating the whole software anyway in probably 35 minutes. He ended up taking that, giving it to Todd, and Todd, I guess, kind of took over my part of the company and I had to work my way back in. Right now, I’m a zero percent partner with 100% of the say. When I first started working here, it was.

Clickfunnels™ Real Founder

“We’re just going to go 100 miles an hour all day long, in at 7:00, leave at 6:00.” And I said, “No way!” So I really started implementing the 10:00 to 2:00 regime, and really trying to get us to work a lot less, more lackadaisical. We’ve taken a few polls, and each time it comes back that I am the number one employee. But I think we do a pretty good job letting everybody know they’re important even if they’re not. We’re a 100 million dollar company, which is okay.

Those guys think it’s great, but I think it’s just decent. I plan on taking us past the 500 million dollar mark, for really becoming the face of ClickFunnels™. When you’re humble, you’re funny and sexy, it’s really easy to get a group of people behind you that’ll pay for your advice. It’s only downhill from here, which means you’re going faster. Most people say it’s uphill, but I believe in going down, inertia, momentum, plus I don’t want to walk uphill. So, I hope that answers your question. – Business parner? Dude, he’s barely an intern. (chuckling) Did he tell you that?


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ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise – How To Triple Your Exposure

Shred The Weight Off Your Sales Funnel! | Funnel Fridays Ep 58

Shred The Weight Off Your Sales Funnel! | Funnel Fridays Ep 58

Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards are back for another episode of Fridays! Today the guys are revamping and simplifying a weight loss sales funnel. This Funnel Scripts and ClickFunnels tutorial is sure to help you if you are selling weight loss products or coaching.



Looking for ways to make 100 dollars a day online? Check out this video with Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards:

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Death Of A Website – ClickFunnels™ Changed Everything

ClickFunnels™ Changed Everything- Death Of A Website

ClickFunnels™ Changed Everything

ClickFunnels™ Changed Everything: The Death Of A Website has become a cause for celebration. ClickFunnels™ has changed the way businesses make sales online. Unfortunately websites don’t make sales very well any more. You need an online Sales Funnel and ClickFunnels™ can help you set one up.

ClickFunnels™ Changed Everything: So your website is dead! Now what?

So your website is dead! Great. The Death Of A Website is not the end of the world. You ,may think that your website’s not dead but it might as well be if it never makes you any money. You could probably do better. You could be making much more money. If your website is a confusing series of pages, then help is at hand.

ClickFunnels™ helps you create a series of online steps that guides the customer through the sale. When real business owners compare their website to a funnel, there is almost no comparison. Think about the funnel test carried out recently. Business owners sent potential customers to the website and the funnel. The ClickFunnels™ funnel won the competition by getting more leads and making more money. It can work for a dentist, blogger, speaker, gym owner, business consultant and it can work for you. The ClickFunnels™ secrets you need to grow your business are just around the corner. Business owners who choose the Death Of A Website and swap to ClickFunnels™ have made much more money. Just multiply your earnings.

One of the problems with websites is that they aren’t designed to make money. They might be pretty, but if they are confusing, they can fail because they don’t help the customer make the sale.

The new website alternative that your competitors may not have is ClickFunnels™ and it’s about time for you to try out ClickFunnels™. Unlike websites, ClickFunnels™ funnels are actually designed around proven sales tactics.

ClickFunnels™ Changed Everything: Help your business make sales.

Funnels actually help your potential customers to make a purchase in the same way you could do that in person by turning them from browsers visitors into committed purchasers, so let’s get this Death Of A Website. If you want more leads and more sales and more money, then this is for you. Everybody wants to have a great salesman working for them 24/7 and not asking for any pay. This is what your funnel can be!

 “Death Of A Website – ClickFunnels™ Changed Everything” is locked Death Of A Website – ClickFunnels™ Changed Everything

Russell Brunson was trying to improve his sales online and that’s why he created ClickFunnels™ – he’s putting on a class about how you can use it. Learn how to use ClickFunnels™ and improve your sales. There’ll also be three funnels included for free for your business. If you join this web class, you can learn secrets to grow your business using funnels. It doesn’t matter what profession you’re in, this can work for you!

Test out ClickFunnels™ after the course. You’ll can have a 14-day free trial to test your three funnels and then you can do your own funnel test. If ClickFunnels™ doesn’t improve your sales, keep your old website without paying anything extra. Find success on ClickFunnels™ and the Death Of A Website.


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ClickFunnels™ Convert Sales – Get Sales No Matter How Bad It Is

What Is ClickFunnels™? AND How You Can Use It To Make Money Online

ClickFunnels™ Make Money Online – What Is Sales Funnels?

ClickFunnels™ Make Money Online

ClickFunnels™ Make Money Online: What is Click Funnels? How do you use it? And more importantly, what can it do for you? Click funnels was created by Russell Brunson in order to help you make money online through sales funnels. It’s an easy to use software that enables you to create beautiful pages that will help your customers engage with your product. ClickFunnels™ Make Money Online

ClickFunnels™ Make Money Online

You’ve landed on this video because you were searching for information about Click Funnels. – It’s an incredible platform. – Created by Russell Brunson. – [Man] Click Funnels is a software – That enables you to build up whole sales funnels online. –

How does it actually work?Funnels is basically a step by step thing to get a person from A to B. – [Man] This is a way to make more money off each person that you pay ads for. – It’s truly just a business in a box. – [Woman] When I joined, I was kinda blown away. –

ClickFunnels™ Make Money Online

ClickFunnels™ Make Money Online

You get to use it for anything you can think of, – [Man] regardless of the industry that you are in. – [Man] Super easy to edit, it’s literally click and drag stuff. – [Man] Super easy. – [Man] Straight forward. – [Man] Quality platform. – [Woman] Absolutely phenomenal. Versatile – [Man] It’s just a drag and drop builder. – [Man] It’s everything you need in one place. –

ClickFunnels™ Make Money Online: It’s a must.  If you are an entrepreneur or somebody who’s trying to make money online – ClickFunnels™ is the best option for you. – [Man] You need Click Funnels if you’re running paid ads. – Everything will start to work in your favor. – Anybody who has any desire to sell anything, to anyone, for any reason, anywhere, should be using this platform. ClickFunnels™ Make Money Online

New To ClickFunnels™ But Want To Grow Your Business?

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ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Secrets – How To Create A Mastermind Group


Get People To Pay You To Become Your Customer – Tripwire Sales Funnel

Funnels Tripwire Secrets – Get People To Pay You To Become Your Customer

Funnels Tripwire Secrets

Funnels Tripwire Secrets: Russell Brunson takes you through the secrets behind the tripwire funnel and how you can use this digital marketing tactic to get people to PAY YOU to be customers. Russell highlights the best practices of this two-step sales technique and provides you with his top converting tripwire funnels for FREE!

Funnels Tripwire Secrets: How to use Tripwire Funnels

– Hey, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Tripwire Funnel Secrets. Now, during this presentation, I’m going to show you how to use simple Tripwire Funnels to get people to actually pay you to become a customer. And then at the end of this presentation, I’ll actually give you my top converting Tripwire Funnels for free. But first, I want to explain to you what a Tripwire Funnel is, how it works, and how it can work for your specific business.

Now, the first step here I want to show you kind of the layout of what a Tripwire Funnel looks like. It looks kind of like this. This is kind of a wireframe of what it looks like. The first page is what we call Two Step Sales Page. What that means is, usually with the Tripwire product, as you’ll see here in a moment, is usually a lower ticket product. Something that’s not very expensive, so it doesn’t need a lot of explaining to be able to sell it.

So, here on this page we have either video or some text or something to explain what the offer is. And then the order form is right there. And it’s a two step order form, where Step One we ask where to ship the product and then Step Number Two is then we ask for their credit card. After someone buys them, we take them to the second page, which is called an ‘OTO’ page, or a One Time Offer. Here we make them a special offer.

They’re able to click a button, do a 1-click upsell, so they don’t have to re-put in their credit card they just click a button, it’ll bill their card again and then they are taken to a thank you page or Offer Wall Page where you thank them for their order you give them access to it and then you can push them to other funnels other products or services if you have them, as well. So, that’s kind of the layout of what the page looks like. If you plug in an actual template it may look something kind of like this. So, that’s what a basic two-step Tripwire Funnel looks like.

how a Tripwire Funnel works: Where did Tripwire Funnels come from?

Now, the question a lot of people ask me is ‘Where did Tripwire Funnels come from?’ ‘What does that mean?’ ‘Where did that word even come from? It sounds so weird?’ And the term was kind of coined by one of my friends his name is Perry Belcher. And Perry runs a lot of really successful companies and a little while ago I was actually having a discussion with him and he talked to me and he said, “Russell, I figured out a new way where I can actually get people to pay me to become my customers.” And I was like, that sounds amazing.

How do you do that? And he said, “Well, if you think back in the past, there’s a company called Columbia House I think most people have been, you know, have lived at least twenty years on this Earth remember Columbia House. They used to have these offers where you get eight CDs or twelve cassettes for a penny. And this was a Tripwire offer where the offer is so good, so irresistible, the people have to buy it. And then, afterwards they’re more likely to become customers if you give them a good experience.

With Columbia House, you’d buy this and afterwards they start billing you thirty dollars a month, or whatever, for a CD of the month. And so that’s kind of how it worked back in the day. Now, Perry had a company at the time that was selling a survival membership site. And as they tried to sell access to the survival membership site, they did okay but nothing great until they created a Tripwire Funnel. And this was the very first Tripwire Funnel that I was aware. And what they did is they started making these really cool credit card knives. It was the knife that looked like a credit card that you could hide in your wallet and you could pull it out and you could fold it up and turn it into an actual knife. And so they started selling this card for free they just charged people shipping and handling. Right?

So, you come here, you pay like, I can’t remember, $2.95 or $3.95 shipping and handling to buy the product, okay? And again, this is is the Tripwire offer. It’s such a good offer you have to buy it. And then after you buy it, then the next page is you have the upsell where you sell the thing you’re actually trying to sell. Okay? So, with Perry, they were trying to sell access to the membership site and so after you ask them to buy a credit card the upsell said ‘Hey, I’ll give you another cool knife if you join my membership site.’ And I think they charge $10 a month to have access to the membership site. And so they’ll click the button and then they automatically are billed the second thing.

Funnels Tripwire Secrets: How a Tripwire Funnel works?

Okay? And so, the power behind a Tripwire is you create an offer that’s so good on the first step and usually that step is where they are actually putting their credit card in and that’s the hardest most difficult decision you make an offer that’s a complete no brainer they put in their credit card, they buy that thing and then the next page, which is usually a more difficult sell or more expensive product or something like that, but they don’t have to go and retype in their credit card and remake a big commitment, they just have to click yes and it’ll bill their credit card.And that’s how you can sell the things on the backend.

So, that’s kind of how a Tripwire Funnel works. And I’ll show you some more examples here as we go through it. So, here’s how it works. Step number 1, you have to create an irresistible Tripwire offer and I’ll show you a couple of ideas here in a second. But an offer that is so good that it is a no brainer where someone says ‘I’m gonna go find my wallet, grab my credit card because I need to have this thing.’ Okay.

Then after someone’s bought that, then the next step you upgrade them with the core offer the main thing you do wanna actually sell. Okay, so the example I was selling $197 training course my Tripwire here was the free book, they just cover the shipping and handling and then the upsell was $197 training course. And then the thank you page, thank them for buying and give them access to whatever they bought. Okay? So, that’s basically how a Tripwire Funnel works. It’s very simple and very easy. Here’s a couple examples on the left hand side. It says paying June, he did a free book offer similar to mine.

On the right hand side is a company called FiberFix we helped do a Tripwire Funnel for and theirs wasn’t a free plus shipping but it was a severely discounted price on their core product, FiberFix. Same kind of thing, you get somebody in there to say yes on the no brainer offer and then the upsell becomes a lot easier to get. Okay? So, what do you have inside of your company that you can use as a Tripwire Funnel? Okay? There’s a whole bunch of different things a lot of people use books and they use product samples. You have supplements you can use samples or supplements.

You can use CDs you can use DVDs you can do USB drives, you could do white papers. There’s a whole bunch of different things you can do. Just think about inside of your company what’s something you could sell that’s such a no brainer that someone’s gonna buy it. And then, you know, if someone buys that, they’re more likely to buy the next thing. Perry Belcher, the guy I told you about earlier, he actually used to own a suit company where he sold custom suits that were 2, 3, 4, 5 thousand dollars or more and it was hardest to go and sell custom suits so he thought, okay, someone who is buying this suit, what else would they want?

He said, well, people that wear suits, they also wear cuff links. So, he made these really good, these really cool cuff links, had them for low ticket and those became the Tripwire and everybody bought the cuff links and they up-sold them the custom suits. Okay? So, you just kind of have to reverse engineer your company. What is something your dream customer would actually want and then you create that as the Tripwire product you’re gonna sell through a Tripwire Funnel. Okay? Alright. So, here’s some of the best practices of the Tripwire Funnel. First page, you need to make them a low ticket Tripwire offer.

Funnels Tripwire Secrets: Hardest part about online marketing

Something that is so irresistible. And it doesn’t have to be free but a lot of times we do make them free and we charge shipping. Or, you can make them, you know, a paid product with free shipping. Or it can just be an irresistible offer that’s so good that people have to buy it. Right? A lot of times, in fact, most times you don’t typically make money on this offer, but what’s happening is you’re getting somebody to go and find their wallet and pull their credit card out which is the hardest part about online marketing. And they’ve done that, they bought it.

That’s kind of the first step. If you look at the two-step order form here on the page Step number 1, they put in their shipping address. Then in Step 2, it asks for their credit card information and this two-step shipping process is something that we kind of customized here inside of ClickFunnels™ makes it so easy to do. You click a button and you got a two-step order form that fast. Okay? So, that’s kind of the best practices on the first page. And then again, the last goal here is to get their credit card.

Then after you get their credit card, then you take them to step number 2, which is where you actually make them a special offer for the main thing you wanted to sell. Okay? So, in this example, I really wanted someone to buy this $197 training course but it’s much more difficult to sell that. I’d have to do, who knows, a forty-five minute presentation to sell the $197 course, but instead I did the free book and then the up-sell’s like he got the book, I have this special offer for you where you can get this course that’s normally $2000, you can get it for just one payment at $197. So, I gave them a really good offer on this page, okay? So, I make them a special offer, and the power behind this is what we call one-click upsell. As soon as someone clicks on that button, it automatically bills their credit card.

They don’t have to go retype it in. They just have to say, you know what, yes, I do want that, they click on that button, bills their credit card and it take them to the next page inside the funnel. Then the third page is just the thank you page. You thank them for buying. If it’s something that is digitally bought, you give them access to it. If not, you can tell them what to expect, when it’s gonna come out and those type of things. And that’s how those pages work. Okay? Again, you give them access to the program.

Funnels Tripwire Secrets:  No need to hire web master

Now, in the past, if you wanted to create a Tripwire Funnel, it was difficult, it was really expensive, it took a lot of time and energy and money you have to have designers and webmasters and programmers and analytics people and it was just really really difficult but the good news is because you’re here today on the ClickFunnels™ website, you don’t have to go and hire designers and webmasters and programmers and spend the next two or three months building one. Instead, you can do it really simply and really easy here inside of ClickFunnels™. In fact, if you look down below this video, we’ve already pre-created a whole bunch of amazing looking Tripwire funnels for you.

So, all you gotta do is scroll down below find out which one of these ones looks the best you like the design, the layout, the style you select that funnel, and then you go to the page right there, where it will show you every single page what it looks like and if you want that you click a button and we’ll put it in for free inside your ClickFunnels™ account. And if you don’t have a ClickFunnels™ account yet don’t worry, we’ll give you your free 14-day trial and then after you create your 14-day trial it’ll push that funnel inside the account and you can go in and customize it and have a lot of fun with your funnel. Okay? So, here’s the first step.

Scroll down below, and find which one of these templates looks the best to you. There’s a whole bunch of them down there below, pick which one you like the best, and that’s step number one. Step number two then, is you log into ClickFunnels™ and you’re actually gonna edit that funnel. Let me show you how simple and easy that is. Okay, so now I’m on the same page as you are. And when I scroll down below, I can pick any of these templates, there’s tons of them that are amazing so I’m just gonna pick randomly, anyone I want. I will pick this one right here.

Click on that. It’ll log me into my ClickFunnels™ account and it’ll start copying this entire funnel over. So, I can watch as it’s being processed here. Then I click on view funnel. Here we are now and you can see all the pages. So, there’s page one, page two, page three and everything we showed you guys before is right here. Now, I’m not gonna go edit all the pages, for right now I’m just gonna edit the Home Page, to show you how simple and easy it is. I click on the edit page button.

Takes me inside the ClickFunnels™ Editor. Now here in the Editor, I can click on anything and I can just start editing the words. So, I can say, ‘Here is my awesome product.’ Right? I can come up here if I want I can take this picture I can churn it out, and I can plug a different picture in. If I got my pictures updated, I can change out the logo I can throw my logo in here. Or if I want, I can delete the logo if I don’t like it at all. Or I can grab things, I can move them around.

Funnels Tripwire Secrets

Funnels Tripwire Secrets: The evolution of sales funnels

But everything in click funnel is super simple and easy to use. Literally, I can just drag and drop, move things around. I can make this funnel look the way that I want. After it’s done, I click on save. I can go and click on preview, and that fast this page looks exactly the way I customized it. If I don’t like it, I come back to ClickFunnels™, make sure I move things around until it looks exactly that I want my funnel to look. So, like I said, that step, you can go and customize the funnel.

And one thing, if you notice, these three pages here in front of you, all three of these pages are based on the exact same template. Okay? Right? I’m able to customize the fit, the look and feel of my own brand. I change the colors, the images, the copy, the text on the pages, to make it look and feel exactly how you want them to look for your specific business. And after you’ve customized it, then the last step is you go out there and you launch.

Let the world know about this new funnel you’ve created. And I want to show you guys a really quick video from my friend here, his name is Garret J. White. And I want you to hear in his own words, why he started using ClickFunnels™ and the success he’s had over all the other options that are out there on the market place. – [Garret J. White] Hello, my name is Garret J. White, the master coach mentor and founder of Wake Up Warrior Academy. And I will tell you this right now:

We have tested with platforms, we have tested everything. I have attempted for the past six years, to use every available software tool I could find that made it simpler for me to share my message. And it started with WordPress, and then it went Plugins, and then OptomizePress, and then we went to Kajabi, and then we went to Leadpages and these are all wonderful. I know the owners of these guys they are fantastic software tools, they’re amazing.

When ClickFunnels™ came out, I was like dude, I cannot handle another software tool. I don’t give a shit, we’re just gonna manage our stuff between Leadpages and Kajabi. And then my friend said, just test it. Just try it out. And I went to ClickFunnels™, and no bullshit, like, every software increment over the last five years has been a, not a quantum shift, in what you can do with the tool to get your message out to the marketplace.

They’ve been incremental. So, like, there’s been a move from Kajabi to Leadpages or from OptimizePress to Kajabi and they were these segmented steps that had slight improvements that made it easier. ClickFunnels™, though, came out of nowhere. They took the marketplace by storm. Just like Apple did when they first launched the iPhone.It was, it was not a linear move anymore, it was a quantum move in improvement that’ll open up a gap to allow people just like you watching this, people just like you and me, who are not technically savvy, we weren’t born in the Matrix, and we didn’t have a chip implanted in our heads we’re not engineers or computer science majors and we don’t understand that stuff inherently.

Funnels Tripwire Secrets: Build your first Tripwire Funnel today

ClickFunnels™ gave you, you my friend, an opportunity to cut and decrease the time of stress and anxiety and suffering behind a keyboard, trust me, the days you wanna just pound vodka and throw your Mac out the window because you can’t figure shit out. ClickFunnels™, has brought it to a place that it is a quantum leap, an opportunity which allows you just like the iPhone, to not only look smarter, but to feel smarter and ultimately to only deal with the stuff that matters, which is getting your message about your product and your program and service out to the marketplace. – [Video Moderator]

How many you guys think ClickFunnels™ has the most amazing touches for [Inaudible]? – [Garret J. White] Spending all this time with suicide watch and have to check yourself into a hospital and honestly trying to deal with everything else that’s come out before it. So, I’m not only fully endorsing ClickFunnels™, it’s the only software tool that we use. When it comes our Funnels online across all four of my businesses, we’re not going anywhere else.

Love Russel, love this event, this event mayored up to that software tool. You are a dumbass if you don’t come and that’s okay there are plenty of dumbasses on the planet just don’t let it be you. (dramatic music) – [Russel] Okay, are you guys excited? So, I want to explain, if you already have a ClickFunnels™ account, all you’re gonna do is scroll down below, figure out which one of these templates you like the most, pick the template, go on an customize it, and then you launch it.

And that’s all you gotta do. Now, if you don’t have a ClickFunnels™ account yet, do not worry, when you click on the link down below after you pick which funnel you want, it’ll take you to their Share Funnel page right here, on the Share Funnel Page, all you gotta do is create your free 14-day trial, after you do that, it’ll copy the entire funnel into your account and you can go in there you can customize it and launch it, and a lot of you guys will start generating leads and actually start making money before the 14-day trial is even up, because ClickFunnels™ has made it so simple and so easy. So, all you gotta do right now, again, is scroll down below, pick which funnel you want, if you already got a ClickFunnels™ account and you get it for free. If you don’t have one yet, get your free 14-day trial and start building your first Tripwire Funnel today.


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How to Create a Sales Funnel Without A Website

ClickFunnels™ Create Sales-Just how much better are sales funnels

ClickFunnels™ Create Sales

ClickFunnels™ Create Sales: Just how much better are sales funnels? In today’s video, I’m going to show you how to create a sales funnel without a website so you can maximize your sales. Because, traditional websites block, obstruct, and confuse your customers. And, if a customer is confused they will always say no! ClickFunnels™ Create Sales

ClickFunnels™ Create Sales

Hey, for those who are just tuning in, my name is Russell Brunson and today I’m gonna be answering a whole bunch of different questions on marketing and sales and growing your company and funnels and traffic and making money and a whole bunch of stuff in between. But today’s question is one of my favorites. In fact, it might cause a little bit of a rant. The question is, websites versus funnels. And the questions says, so maybe I’m crazy, but I don’t see a difference between a website and a sales funnel. Why do I need a sales funnel? Oh, thank you for asking that question. I’m gonna try to doodle this kinda fast so you guys don’t miss any of it. So this is a traditional website, okay? You come right here, you got your website, I’m sure you guys have seen this a billion times. Website. And on top you’ve got your logo and there’s like a navigation menu, there’s a secondary menu, then right here if they click on any of these it drops down a sub-menu with like 20 different options. You click here there’s like 20 more options. Then there’s like a section here and a section here and a section here and a section here and then, every section they click takes them somewhere else.

And then it takes ’em to the secondary page and the third page and they, on page like 92 there’s like a place where we ask for money, right? I’ll make it green. This is where we finally ask for money. That’s a traditional website. What does that look like to you? Let’s you go and you give Mr. Zuckerberg some money on Facebook, he drives a whole bunch of people here. It’s literally like, let’s say you have a store, and in front of the store you had a whole bunch of people blocking people from coming into the front door, you’re like, ah, ah, but wait, hold on, do you wanna know about us? Wait, you wanna contact us? Wait, do you want my about page? Wait, do you wanna see my product page? What do you wanna see, and you’re like blocking them with all of these links. They’re coming here to get to the link right here, let’s say this is like the money link where they’re gonna give you money because of this page right here. But they gotta pass one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20, there’s like 20 or 30 things they have to navigate around to get to the spot where you actually want, where they ask you do something to do give you money or to become a lead or whatever it is.

ClickFunnels™ Create Sales

That is your traditional website. They drive me nuts, though, right? There’s either that or the other variation. If you’re looking at these in the real world one of ’em is like, here’s your storefront, and you’ve got like armed guards out front blocking people from coming through the door. So there’s your website, that’s what a lot of you guys are doing if you got a tradiational website. You’re like, don’t come in, please, I want to confuse you. The number one rule of direct response marketing is a confused mind will always say no. So you are blocking them and confusing them, they’re like, ah, I don’t know what to do, and they just leave. Or the second option is you do more like a traditional e-commerce store or Amazon. And you don’t have these guys blocking ’em, but you’re like, welcome to my store, and they walk in there’s a billion things and they walk in they’re like, I don’t know what to do. Or they walk, have you guys ever walked in the library? I wanna learn how to tie my shoe.

You walk in the library and there’s like eight levels like 800 books, you’re just like, um, I don’t know what to do, and you walk out. I’m sure the answer’s somewhere in there, I just don’t know what it is. That’s what most people are doing with a website. They’re blocking everything. So now take that, let’s shift that to a funnel. So what is a funnel?Here is a funnel. So a funnel is like imagine this person, here’s the dude right here coming to your world, he comes into your store. Instead of blocking him or ignoring him, you meet him at the front door and you’re like, hey, what’s your name? They’re like, oh, my name is Russell. Oh Russell, great to meet you. I want to make sure you have the

ClickFunnels™ Create Sales

best experience possible so step number one, what are you actually looking for? I’m like, oh, I’m going on a camping trip this weekend. Cool, so what do you want? I’m like, I’m actually looking for a tent. He’s like, oh, you want a tent, okay. And the guy grabs me over here and takes me over to the tents. He’s like, here is the tent section, Russell. I’m like, oh, sweet, the tent is awesome. Thank you so much for the tent. And they’re like, what else do you need on this trip you’re going on? I’m like, well, I’m gonna go backpacking with my kids. Well, do you have a backpack? No. Oh, well, you should get a backpack. And the dude walks me over here and I get a backpack. And he takes me through a customized sales process specifically for me.

That’s what a funnel is. When I drive somebody from Facebook and they come to a page, page number one is a very simple like usually there’s one thing, right? A confused mind always says no, so maybe I’m saying, hey, welcome to my landing page. In fact, if you go to right now you’ll notice it’s like, hey, a lot of people use ClickFunnels™. Tell me kind of business you’re in and I’ll tell you exactly what type of funnel you need. And so I have this like survey here. They tell me exactly what kind of funnel they have. Based on that I have 10 different pages I take them to. Just like if this dude, if I walked in and I was like, hey, I run a retail location, how do I use

funnels? He wouldn’t walk me over to some other weird section, he’d take me exactly where it is. So on page one of funnels it’s very simple. I ask who they are, what they want. I take ’em specifically to a page that gets ’em exactly what they want. And then from there, I take ’em to the next page and I’m able to walk them through a very simple sales process where they only see one thing at a time, I take ’em through this process, and what happens is two things. Number one, this customer that you just paid for to get to your website or to your funnel, because he now has a customized experience, he ends up being really happy, like a lot happier, right? He’s like, wow, these guys treated me really, really well. They didn’t just like slam me into a brick wall and hope I could figure my way out. They didn’t block me and confuse me.

ClickFunnels™ Create Sales

ClickFunnels™ Create Sales

They took me through a very systematic sales process so I understood exactly what I was doing. So your customer becomes really happy. The second thing is, you, as the shop owner, you can come down here, you become more happy because guess what happens? They end up paying you more money. So what happens is the customer has a better experience, you as the owner of the funnel makes more money so you have a better experience. Both people win. My definition of business is when both people leave fee knowing that they got a better deal. And that’s what a funnel is. If you hate your customers, you should definitely keep using a website. Keep blocking them.

ClickFunnels™ Create Sales: Confusing them to make sure they don’t know what to do. Or, if you want to like change their lives, then build a funnel and take them a systematic sales process to get ’em exactly what they want, to have the best experience possible, and you make the most money possible from every single person. There you go. That’s the difference between a website and a funnel. I hope you guys liked that rant (laughs).Thank you so much for watching. Every single week we publish new secrets just like this, so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss any of ’em. And I will see you on the next video. ClickFunnels™ Create Sales


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Growth Hacking with ClickFunnels™

Growth Hacking

In this post, I am going to discuss Growth Hacking. I’ll be looking at this from the point of view of someone who has successfully run a Marketing Funnel for both local businesses and online courses. To begin with I’ll be discussing a software called ClickFunnels™. I will consider “what is ClickFunnels™” to begin with and go through how someone can set up a Conversion Funnel. You may have been asking “What is a sales funnel?” – I will go into that including covering all the Sales Funnel Stages and I will cover some of the best parts about ClickFunnels™ such as Actionetics ClickFunnels™ and the ClickFunnels™ Marketplace also various applications such as the BookFunnel – plus will finish up with something interesting about the Russell Brunson Net Worth – he’s the founder of ClickFunnels™ – he may seem like your friendly guy next door, but don’t be fooled – this guy is one of the top marketers in the world and he’s giving you the chance to learn how to do that.


Growth Hacking

Marketing Funnel

What is ClickFunnels™?

Conversion Funnel

What is a sales funnel?

Sales Funnel Stages

Actionetics ClickFunnels™

ClickFunnels™ Marketplace

Russell Brunson Net Worth

Growth Hacking

So what exactly is growth hacking? The term was coined back in 2010 when people started to realise that they didn’t just need marketers. In fact, with the huge shift towards a startup culture, companies either grew quickly or died. Some of the most famous original growth hackers helped massive successes get off the ground. When they were looking for replacements as they left their jobs, they found it hard to get them. Advertising for marketers didn’t cut it – they needed a different description – enter the “growth hacker” – someone completely focused on growth, no matter what tools or innovations they needed. Growth hacking has since taken on a job description of it’s own and these days, one of the most important job titles in the internet industry is that of a growth hacker. Modern techniques for growth hacking have changed considerably and continue to evolve. The reality is that growth hacking has existed for a long time under different guises, think “McDonalds placing a store at every highway crossroads in the 50’s” – that is a while back. Modern internet marketing still uses the same principles but the platform has changed considerably. Look at these 8 steps to implement growth hacking: 1. Make sure your product is what people want. 2. You don’t target everyone – just your core audience. 3. Figure out your method of aquisition (is it viral – get referrals, sticky – create a really awesome customer experience or paid – spend $5 to aquire a customer worth $50). 4. Activate your leads – there’s no point having high conversion rates without happy customers spreading the good news. 5. Retain your customers – repeat customers are more likely to purchase. 6. Pay attention to your revenue – warm up your customers and test different strategies to maximise revenue. 7. Get more referrals – pay close attention to whether your customers would refer you to a friend. 8. Improve your product on a continual basis – never stop innovating and improving – it’ll help your retention.
Along these lines, you can see how growth hacking is a core competency of any new internet product or service trying to make some waves.

Growth Hacking

Marketing Funnel

Some major innovations have come out of the evolution of this growth hacking phenomenon. One of the major shifts has been this front-of-mind awareness the role of the “marketing funnel” in businesses, not just internet businesses but any business. In the past, the concept of marketing funnels was something marketing agencies were aware of. In the last few years however, funnels are everywhere – kids are using them, adults are using them, businesses are going wild for them. It’s mostly down to one particular software innovation, but i’ll get to that in a bit. Let’s just separate out the “Marketing Funnel” concept. OK – so what is marketing? Marketing amounts to effectively and efficiently bringing your goods and services to market. A market is a place where people buy and sell. A large proportion of the internet is dedicated to buying and selling. The internet is effectively the biggest, quickest and most efficient market in history. If any of you remember those economics classes from school where your professor was talking about the concept of a “perfect market”, this is it. Back when i was in school, this was more of an abstract concept – we were encouraged to imagine a perfect market. Now, the internet comes pretty close. You can compare prices in real time and basically get the best price in an instant. A definition from the Financial Times lexicon: “A market in which buyers and sellers have complete information about a particular product and it is easy to compare prices of products because they are the same as each other etc.” – Yeah we are getting close to that
The second part of this topic is the “Funnel” – so what is that? Think about the shape of a funnel. It starts wide at the top and narrows at the base. Within marketing, the funnel starts with a wide net at the top – you are marketing to a large amount of people, then reducing that to leads (people who express an interest), then reducing that to hot leads (people who are likely to purchase), then reducing that to customers (people who have at least bought one thing), then reducing that to your best and repeat customers and eventually to your raving fans who buy everything you have for sale and rave about you continuously to everyone they know. So overall the concept of a marketing funnel, is to have a process in place that allows you to maximize the opportunity for profit at every step of this marketing behaviour. Think about casting the widest net possible while spending the least amount of money. Then think about maximizing the chance of getting the attention of your leads. Then think about maximizing the chance of those leads taking action. Then think about identifying which of those leads are most likely to purchase and then maximizing the initial purchase of those leads. Then think about maximizing the chance of those initial customers buying more from you, becoming more happy with your product & service, then maximizing the chance of them becoming raving fans. So this is essentially what a marketing funnel is – it is a marketing infrastructure geared towards maximizing the impact of your marketing activities. Now, traditionally this type of marketing infrastructure has been complicated to implement and understand. Mostly, this was left to so-called “marketing geniuses” who constantly looked at the numbers, had the confidence to split-test and trial different tweaks and turns in the marketing activities. This could have been a very long process taking place over months and years, with expensive implementations and measurement and God knows, there must have been some catastrophic blunders and losses, besides some huge successes. In the last few years however, one particular guy and his team have capitalized on the power and technology of the internet and the virtually “perfect market” that exists there. Not only that, they have set it as their mission to educate and empower anyone as to how to implement a “marketing funnel” in their business. This is Russell Brunson and ClickFunnels™ and I am going to explain a bit more about this next.

Marketing Funnel

What is ClickFunnels™?

ClickFunnels™ contains various elements, but primarily consists of three elements. These are, in no particular order: the software, the education and the community. Let me dive into these a bit. Firstly lets have a look at the education. Behind ClickFunnels™ is probably one of the most charismatic guys you will encounter. Russell Brunson is undoubtedly the leader of the ClickFunnels™ tribe and if you have encountered ClickFunnels™ at any stage you will most certainly have encountered Russell. Russell had passions for a few things, namely wrestling and marketing. When he was younger, he became obsessed with marketing coupons and ads in magazines, phoning up for free giveaways and writing in to the ads to claim all their free offers. Little by little, even as a young guy, he was skilling up on the principles underneath marketing funnels – how these big companies were casting their nets and how they were upselling their products and services. In some ways, it reminds me of the story of Warren Buffett walking around his neighbourhood as a young child collecting pepsi and coke cans to bring them home and count up to see who was more popular. Either way, when you encounter Russell, it’s sometimes hard to take onboard all the stuff he is teaching. The reason is that a lot of the time, he is also selling stuff. After all, his business is largely about selling, so it makes sense that he will be selling you stuff while he is educating you. In fact, a large part of his teaching revolves around selling by teaching. All that being said, if you can wade through Russell’s “attractive character” (his concept not mine), you will find an almost unending series of educational videos explaining any aspect of selling through marketing funnels. At some stage, I want to organise all the training videos I have by Russell, but it’s fairly safe to say that there are videos explaining how you approach every step in your marketing funnel, from casting your net, running your ads, converting your traffic into leads, converting your leads into customers, converting your customers into raving fans, retaining your raving fans and more. Most of this training revolves around using his software (ClickFunnels™) to achieve these goals, but nonetheless, there is a huge amount of education presented within ClickFunnels™ and surrounding it. As i said already, it’s difficult sometimes to know whether RB is educating you or selling you and I find that a bit of a drawback. If you can do a bit of homework and organise this training without getting too hyped up about joining the 2 comma club (people who’ve made a million or more in their funnel), there is a lot to be learned about the different parts of the “marketing funnel”.
The second part of ClickFunnels™ is the software. Overall it’s really user-friendly and really nice to use. The interface for managing your funnels is slick and easy to navigate. There is some getting used to the drag and drop page builder, but overall it’s excellent, arguably better than any other page builder out there. You can toggle between mobile and desktop view, you can add in buttons, videos, sections, even choose from a range of “conversion colours” for different elements. The email setup with the basic package, is fairly basic but if you are on the full package and get access to Actionetics, that’s a whole different ballgame – I’ll get into that a bit later. There are also a range of pre-made funnels that you can implement in a few clicks for various objectives. I’m not going into too much detail here – you can find explainers of all that stuff elsewhere or just sign up and test on a 2 week trial. I want to stay with the main point – it almost gets lost in all the hype – what is ClickFunnels™ for and does it work? So essentially, the software gives you all the things necessary to make slick websites easily and an autoresponder you can use to fire out emails for people who opt in to your campaigns. It also hooks up with loads of other software so you can text people, send instant messages. It also allows you to split test pages and measure your conversion rates at different stages of the funnel, which after all is what a marketing funnel is supposed to be about. I think a lot of people forget that. Sure you can use ClickFunnels™ as a website builder and marketing program, but at the end of the day a marketing funnel is supposed to be about “Maximising impact” at each stage of the funnel. How can you do that? Well that is supposed to be what ClickFunnels™ does – it is supposed to help you measure your conversion rate at the different steps of the funnel so that you can maximise your profits. It does a pretty good job, in that you can easily see the percentages of people that convert to the next step of the funnel. Then you can split test changes to those steps in your funnel and try to improve conversion rates. OK finally you have the ClickFunnels™ community – the “funnel hackers” – at the time of writing, there are over 170,000 people in the ClickFunnels™ facebook group and there is a huge amount of activity there on a regular basis. You can get advice about any aspect of any funnels in any niche. It’s pretty awesome and inspiring – you can get advice as a newbie straight from a 2 comma club winner or better from someone who has made 8 figures in a single funnel, an 8 figure club award winner.

Check out this linkWhat is ClickFunnels™?

Conversion Funnel

“Conversion funnel” is a phrase used to describe the journey a customer goes on from advertisement or search result all the way through to purchasing in an ecommerce site. So you can use ClickFunnels™ to set up your conversion funnel and measure the “conversion” rate at every stage in your funnel. The ClickFunnels™ educational process surrounding your conversion funnel actually helps you implement growth hacking – let’s have a look:
1. Make sure your product is what people want: Use survey funnels – built into ClickFunnels™
2. You don’t target everyone – just your core audience – build your tribe as per expert secrets
3. Figure out your method of acquisition – squeeze pages are fundamental part of funnels
4. Activate your leads- use actionetics to gain valuable feedback on autopilot
5. Retain your customers – develop your value ladder as per dotcom secrets.
6. Pay attention to your revenue – again following attractive character secrets & value ladder to upsell.
7. Get more referrals – use backpack to generate referrals for commission.
8. Improve your product on a continual basis – very easy to tweak and test pages and courses in ClickFunnels™.

Check out this linkConversion Funnel

What is a sales funnel?

If you’ve ever put oil in a car then you know what a funnel is. A funnel has a wide opening at the top and as oil runs down it (sticking with our car analogy) the opening becomes smaller and smaller until the oil reaches the engine, which is the ultimate goal. A funnel is a way to guide something which is usually unwieldy and uncooperative, like liquid.

If you are building a product then your task is to guide people towards a particular goal (signup, checkout, etc.). The problem is that people are unpredictable and full of free-will. If you are going to get people to do what you wish, en masse, then you must employ a funnel.

What is a sales funnel?

Blog on Growth Hacking: Check out this video.

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Sales Funnel Stages

The first step in the funnel is visitors: Getting anyone to visit your website. They are visitors at this stage because they don’t belong to you yet. They haven’t opted in. They aren’t members because that would mean they have a relationship with you. Now they are strangers that are on your site, or visitors. There are three ways to get people visiting your website. Pull them in, Push them in, or bring them in with a product.
After a visitor land, beginners think they’ve done their job as a growth hacker. Not the case. Next they need to be activated. Activation happens when they’ve taken action that creates a relationship with you: Join an email list / Create an account / Make a purchase. Or a few of these combined. They have then converted from visitor to member or become “activated” by joining you.
It’s difficult to activate a visitor but even more difficult to convert a member to a user, where a user is someone who uses your product / service on a regular basis. This is called retaining users and they are the ultimate goal of a growth hacker.

Sales Funnel Stages

Actionetics ClickFunnels™

Within the top tier version of ClickFunnels™, you get an awesome CRM called actionetics.
Actionetics is the ClickFunnels™ automation platform that allows you to keep in touch with members via email and SMS via Twilio. There is a huge number of features within actionetics such as tags and action funnels and social scoring so that you can assign different values and tags to different members of your list so that you can communicate more effectively depending on what stage of the funnel they are at or what type of customer they are. See this video for the rundown of actionetics:
There are also a lot of awesome new features included in Actionetics MD (multi-dimensional) and you can check these out here:

Actionetics ClickFunnels™


The support is great

Check out this linkBookFunnel

ClickFunnels™ Marketplace

You can make money by building and selling funnels on the ClickFunnels™ marketplace. Or you can simply go and download funnels directly from there into your account. These funnels are either free or paid, and typically the paid funnels come with better assets, cool graphics, patterns, designs and so much value that they’re a screaming deal.If you’re planning on listing your “Winning-Funnel” on the Marketplace, it’s important to take note of what goes into a “Winning-Listing” on the CookBook Marketplace.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s currently the best format to sell your template to other ClickFunnels™ users…

Get an Attention Grabbing Headline!
Build a Long Form PDF to SELL your template
Provide statistics if your funnel is truly market-tested! (Conversion Data, Sales Data)
List screenshots of your pages so that potential buyers know exactly what they’re investing into.
Record a video on the installation and usage of your funnel, be sure to include the benefits of using this pre-built template rather than going and doing all of the work for yourself. (Sell using a VSL on your Listing!)

ClickFunnels™ Marketplace

Russell Brunson Net Worth

Russell Brunson is best known as the founder of ClickFunnel. One of the fastest growing software companies in the world, they have helped countless individuals since their launch in 2014. As of 2018, the business is worth over $360 million.
In addition to his work on ClickFunnels™, he has authored several books including DotCom Secrets: How to Get 100 New Customers in 100 Days Online and Expert Secrets. In fact, he had just released his fourth title, Network Marketing Secrets in February 2018.
Considering his accomplishments, one has to wonder—how rich is he? How much has he banked from ClickFunnels™ over the years? His books? According to various sites, Russel Brunson’s 2018 net worth stands at approximately $37 million.

Russell Brunson Net Worth

Conclusion: Growth Hacking

Let me say – I’m a full member of ClickFunnels™ and i love the software. The support is second to none and overall, it’s just an awesome community to be in. There is so much more than just the software – as i mentioned the education and the community are 2 central pillars to the value in ClickFunnels™. If you want to become a growth hacker, ClickFunnels™ will help you shortcut a lot of the hard work needed and will also bring you some of the best tools available in the world today for growth hacking. Join the ClickFunnels™ community today and become one of the many success stories. Unless of course you don’t want to be part of the fastest growing community of successful online entrepreneurs in the world. In that case, stay away ???? Of course if you want to be ultra-spiritual:

Sales Funnel Not Making Money?  This is Why…

ClickFunnels™ Sales Killer – This is Why sales funnel not making money

ClickFunnels™ Sales Killer: So, you have a great product, but your sales funnel is not producing the revenue you expected? Luckily, in this last episode of our Marketing 101 series, we are teaching you how to write sales copy that will convert visitors into buyers. We also show you a hack to get your copywriting done fast! ClickFunnels™ Sales Killer

ClickFunnels™ Sales Killer

(thuds) – All right, welcome back, now we are moving on to the last step in your initial funnel education. And this is one of the most important, yet one that people understand the least. And it makes me laugh because, if you look at traditional selling a product or a service, like people know this, it’s how do you sell the product or service, right? We call this online, inside of our phones, we call it copywriting. It’s the words on the page, the headlines, the words in the video, the words on the webinar, like all those things, it’s the words.

And it’s funny because in traditional business, let’s say you are starting a vacuum company, going door-to-door selling vacuums, right? If you come to the door and you knock on the door, and you’re like, hey, I got a vacuum, it’s 800 bucks. Nobody’s gonna give you money for that, right? Yet for some reason, in our funnels, that’s what we do. We have a picture of the thing, and we have the price, and an order button, and that is not how things are sold, right? If you want to make a lot of money selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door, you hire a really good salesperson to go in and sell the product, right? And good salespeople can make a lot of money.

And so, inside of our funnels, right, we have this value ladder we’re taking people through. We have the value at each step. We have the offer at each step, but the last piece is we have to sell those things. We have to actually sell them. Just because you have a picture of a vacuum cleaner with an order button, nobody’s gonna buy it, unless you actually sell that thing. And that’s when the disconnects for some reason, people know offline, but they forget when they come online.

ClickFunnels™ Sales Killer

A couple things I recommend, number one is if you haven’t read the book Expert Secrets, the reason why I wrote this book was because a lot of people, after they read the DotCom Secrets book, they understood, like, funnel structure. Like, okay, here’s page one and page two, and here’s the right order and those kind of things. And I watched as the Click Funnels community started building amazing funnels, but so many people would drive traffic into those funnels, and they never made any money. And they come back to me like, Russell, why is this not working?


ClickFunnels™ Sales Killer

You said funnels are the greatest things in the world. And I look at their pages, and literally it’s like, glanny pages, the picture of an e-Cover with an opt-in box I’m like, what’s that? They’re like, when they give me the email, they get that. I’m like, you, like, I wouldn’t know that. Like, how’d they do? Or they have, again, they’d have their product, with a picture of their product and a $300 order button. It’s like, you need to sell the products.

And so, the reason why I wrote this book was to help people understand how do you sell things, how do you position your offer, how do you make an irresistible offer, like, what are the words and the phrases, and how do you tell the stories in a way to sell your product? And so, I recommend getting this book, if nothing else, to understand, like, how to put all the words on the pages the right way. Okay? Inside this Expert Secrets book, some people think this is only, it’s only for, if you wanna be selling information products, but the concepts in here are true for whatever it is your selling.

ClickFunnels™ Sales Killer

Understanding how to tell a story in a way that sells your product or your service. The best salespeople, online and offline, are people that are really good at telling stories. And this book walks you through how we tell stories, the story structure, all those kind of things. So if you read this, it’ll help you understand how to actually present your product in the right way without having to learn all the techy, copywriting stuff that’s, honesty, it’s really hard, it’s kind of confusing, and to be completely honest, it’s kind of boring.

The Expert Secrets book will make this exciting and live for you, show you how to tell your story in a way that gets people excited about buying your vacuum cleaner, or your coaching, or your consulting, or your supplements, or whatever it is that you are selling. So that’d be number one. Get this book and study the sections on how to tell your stories. Number two, Jim Edwards is one of our partners here at Click Funnels. He went through the DotCom Seekers book and took all the sales scripts in here. He went through the Expert Secrets book and took all the sales scripts and storytelling scripts inside of here, and we created a separate company and created a software program called Funnel Scripts.

What Funnel Scripts is is a really cool tool, where you’re like, hey, I need a headline for my page. You may not know what to do or like what to put in, so you answer four or five questions, you click a button, and it’s going to pop out, like, 150 of the best headlines in the world, wrapped around your product, and your service. If you’re like, I need a video, but I don’t know what to do, you fill a couple of pieces, you click a button, and boom, it gives you an entire video script.

ClickFunnels™ Sales Killer

It does all of the scripts and the copywriting for all your pages are done in there. And, it has helped so many people save so much time and have so much success. It is an external product here, you don’t have to have it to be successful, but I recommend looking through it and getting a copy ’cause it’ll make your job so much easier. I’ve seen people, who in the past, would spend four or five weeks trying to write all the copy in their funnels. Get that process done in like an hour, hour and a half sometimes.

And it’s very simple, and it’s very easy. So that is a shortcut that’ll dramatically speed up your success. But the copy is probably the most important part of the funnels. And you’re selling everywhere, you start at the ad, right? Someone sees the ad, they’re like, “What’s the copy on that, what are the words, “what are things that get people to click on the ad?” Then they come to the first page of the funnel. What are the words that get them to want this offer, so you can provide value to ’em? Then they opt-in or whatever, they go to the next page, it’s like, hey, what are the words that make them want this offer, so they get value, so they want the next thing from you, and that’s the last piece.

So, it’s so vitally important, I want you guys to understand, copywriting is the key to make these funnels tick. It sort of lights them on fire, it gets people to take action when they come into your process. And, you know, we have a philosophy, a motto, whatever you want to call it, here inside of ClickFunnels™, we talk about it with our customers all of the time, you probably here me talk about it, but it’s the concept of you’re just one funnel away, right? And, the key to making that funnel hit is this, it’s all the pieces we just went through.

ClickFunnels™ Sales Killer: It’s understanding the value ladder, creating offers, having the copy. Like, all those pieces, those are the keys. And one funnel, again, you hit one funnel, and it’ll change everything for you. And so, I want you guys to understand that. With that said, I hope you enjoyed this training and congratulations, we’ll give you your badge now and now it’s time to get your funnels profitable and making you some money. ClickFunnels™ Sales Killer


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