Epiphany Bridge Marketing with Tony Robbins & Russell Brunson (Part 3)

Epiphany Bridge – Tony Robbins And Russell Brunson (Part 3)

We are back for our final episode of the Epiphany Bridge – Tony Robbins And Russell Brunson! In this interview, the guys are talking all about how to sell anything online. Knowing how to sell is pivotal for any business and Russell shares one of his biggest sales tactics that will make selling so much easier for YOU! Subscribe: http://bit.ly/fnlhckr

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Tony Robbins and Russell Brunson agree that when it comes to selling online, you want to appeal to your customer’s emotions. The guys go into how you use this selling strategy as well as how this tactic can apply to any business whether you have an online business or a brick and mortar business.

All of the business tips and marketing strategies in each one of these videos can be found in Russell Brunson’s book, Expert Secrets. If you want to take your business to the next level, we highly recommend getting this book (and it’s FREE). Just follow the link in this description.


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– Hey this is Russell again, I want to welcome you back to part three of my interview with Tony Robins. I hope you’ve watched part one and part two. If you haven’t yet, go back to the beginning of this playlist and watch those first. Help you get all the context of the interview and now we are transitioning into the third part of the interview. Which is, for me, my favorite part. It is understanding the mastery and mastering a concept called the Epiphany Bridge. What is the Epiphany Bridge? It is the way you tell stories to get customers, to get people, to get prospects to come and become leads, become costumers to buy your products and your services. And these concepts they work in all types of businesses. In fact, during the interview, Tony asked me, well how does this work for a real business? Not a infomart, you know information business or an internet business, but a real business. And I shared a story about one of my friends whose a chiropractor. I don’t want to ruin that part of the story, you’re gonna love it. But, how he used these epiphany bridge stories to grow his practice here locally in town as well.

Epiphany Bridge Marketing with Tony Robbins & Russell Brunson (Part 3)

And so, there’s a whole bunch of cool things you can learn about storytelling, story selling, how to give people the transformations they need when their buying your products and your services. You’re gonna love this. It’s my favorite part of the whole thing, so let’s jump right in now to part three of the interview with my friend Tony Robins. – Tell us about the Epiphany Bridge and how you can use that concept to sell just about anything, without actually selling anything. – Actually, got a little white board for you to show this. I did my homework, prepared for today, so this is funny, most people if they’re trying to sell you something, they come to you and they try to pitch you logically on the thing, like why they believe in their thing. So I drew this out one day, and this has been huge for me and for everyone that goes through my coaching stuff. Is this thing called the Epiphany Bridge. What happens is like, this is us, right here, right? And we’re living our normal life, I could use this example, before I met you, before I started going to your things, life was good, I thought everything was perfect. And then I was introduced to you and I had this epiphany where it was like life is good, but I’m seeing things in black and white, now things are colorful.

Epiphany Bridge Marketing with Tony Robbins & Russell Brunson (Part 3)

For me, it was huge. So I went on this journey where I went on this big Epiphany Bridge and what happens is we come over here to this side of the bridge. What happens over here is we start studying, we start learning, we start geeking out. And so, I went to all your events, read all your books multiple times, your courses. For you, I’m in the Tony world, right? I understand your language patterns. And then I go to my wife and I’m so excited to tell her I learned all this stuff, and the first thing that we all do is we jump over here, and this says techno babble, we jump and we start trying to logically convince the people around us. Like, oh yeah, you could learn this thing, and we spew out this techno babble and they freak out. They’re like, “ugh” and they run away right? What we have to do, if we want to sell something to somebody, we have to come back to this thing. We have to remember what was the emotional experience that we had that gave us that big epiphany. If you understand an emotional experience, then that’s how you sell someone. I come back and I tell a story, when I tell that story, my goal is to get people to have the same epiphany that I had, if they have that same epiphany then I don’t have to sell them anything. They have that epiphany, they go “wow that’s true” and they’ll go sell themselves logically all day long.

Epiphany Bridge Marketing with Tony Robbins & Russell Brunson (Part 3)

I just have to come back here, remember the experience I had, and become really good at telling it. In the book, it’s not just like telling a story, I walk through like the process and the scripts, and how to control their state, and this is a huge thing I learned from you, ’cause how many people tell a story and one person tells a story and something happened, and you’re like “okay cool”, you try to explain it three or four times and finally you say, oh man, I guess you had to be there, if you were there you would’ve experienced it. The biggest thing I’ve always seen people struggle with they try to get into business, they try to sell their advice, and things like that, is they get into this used car salesman mode of trying to learn how to close people, and I’m like “no, it’s not closing” What was it that got you fired up, if you can remember that moment, and you get really good at telling that story then they’ll feel that and they’ll get fired up too, and that’s the key. And so we understand that and this book is all about that. – As you know leadership is all about transferring emotion because logic does not get us to take action, there’s not enough juice in the logic right? When will we have enough logic to justify an emotional decision?

Epiphany Bridge Marketing with Tony Robbins & Russell Brunson (Part 3)

What do think is the biggest misconception about marketing today, and what do people, if they only did one thing to change their marketing for the better, what would it be? – I think the biggest misconception is that people and this comes down to everything I learned from you, People are so tied to their significance that when they try to sell themselves their business that they try to posture themselves all the time and posturing deflects people, even though it makes you feel, I don’t know what it is, the more vulnerable you get, the better it is. We have our high end coaching programs for less, how do you sell that Russell? I’m like “I show a ten minute video of me telling my story of my wife and we’re trying to have twins, cried three or four times in it, and I tell that story, I’m super vulnerable, and people connect with me and then they follow me. It’s about connection and being vulnerable is that’s what get people to draw into you, it’s not significance or stature, its vulnerability, and that’s what gets people in. And that works for any business, I had a friend who’s a chiropractor, I was trying to help him, and it was funny, ’cause he was trying to sell like all the other chiropractors talked about their fees and all this stuff, and how the adjustment and alignment and all this technical stuff and I kept asking him, finally one day, I was like “why are you a chiropractor”, and he told me this amazing story about his wife got in a car wreck and he was in dental school at the time, and she got injured really really bad and took her to a medical doctor, a couple places and nothing helped.

Epiphany Bridge Marketing with Tony Robbins & Russell Brunson (Part 3)

Finally he took her to a chiropractor, and he adjusts her and literally changed her life and he loved it so much he dropped out of dental school, and then he went and became a chiropractor, now he loves it. And so we got a video of him telling that story, that emotional, I got chills just telling it again told that story, put it on Facebook, and his practice was struggling, as he was trying to be a salesperson, blew up overnight as he started sharing his story and becoming vulnerable with people. That’s the future market, it used to be slick sales letters, good copy, all that kind of stuff, that’s what worked before today, as people are watching your video, they’re Googling your name, and Facebooking you, doing everything, if you’re not vulnerable at all times, and being yourself all the time it’s too easy to not know and it’s all about just that connection, that’s marketing today, and that’s where it’s going. – That’s what I love about you brother, you’re the real thing, it’s so rare unfortunately, ’cause you know the more you try to prove you’re the best and try to convince people and try to be significant, the more they want to prove they’re more significant than you. You’ve never done that, I love that you share openly everything, your failures, successes, but the level of succession generated is second to none, I really want people to get your book, so what’s your offer for them so they can go pick that up? – I pre-bought a whole bunch of copies of this during our launch, so I’ve already paid for the book, so I ship them to Boise, and now they’re in a warehouse in Boise, and we’ve gotta ship them to you, so I think in the US it’s $7.95 international I think it’s $14.95 but we’ll ship it out to you and basically, I want people to read this, I tell everyone, I believe this book will change your life but more importantly, it’s gonna give you the tools you need to help change other people’s lives, and that’s the gift I have for everybody. I hope you guys read this book and you love it, and I want to thank you for letting me share this with your audience, I just appreciate you, you’ve changed my life, my wife’s life and half our staff, you know, everyone here, so grateful for you.

Epiphany Bridge Marketing with Tony Robbins & Russell Brunson (Part 3)

Hey this is Russell again, and thank you so much for watching the third and final segment of my interview with Tony Robbins, how cool is that? If you missed any of the other ones, go back in the playlist and watch video one, video two, video three, to get the entire picture of everything you need. Now, on top of that, I want to be able to keep giving you amazing business building advice just like this. So what you need to do right now, number one, you need to subscribe to my channel, we’re always dropping amazing videos show what to do and how to do it, and if you’re missing these things how am I supposed to help you and serve you? It doesn’t cost you any money this is all free, and we’re giving it to you to help grow your company and grow your businesses. Number one subscribe to our channel, turn on notificaitons, that way, on your phone it gonna pop up when we drop new videos, you’ll get emails, you’ll get notifications, if you don’t turn on notifications, you’re not going to know when new stuff is coming out. I’m killing myself over here creating the best content possible to give you and to serve you. So make sure you are subscribed, turn on notifications, and then the last thing is if you want a copy of the Expert Secrets book, this is what Tony and I were talking about the whole time, there will be links somewhere on the screen, click on the link, get a copy of the book, it’s free, you just cover shipping and handling, and in here you’re going to understand how to build an expert business, okay? And so, that’s kind of it you guys, thank you so much for subscribing, that said after you’re done, after you’ve turned on notifications, you subscribe, go check out some other videos, have some fun, leave some comments, we love to hear from you, thanks again for listening, and we’ll talk to you soon.


Epiphany Bridge

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This was all about Epiphany Bridge Marketing with Tony Robbins & Russell Brunson (Part 3)

Tony Robbins and Russell Brunson How To 10x Your Success in Any Business (Part 2)

ClickFunnels™ Business Success – 10x Your Business Success (Part 2)

ClickFunnels™ Business Success

ClickFunnels™ Business Success: Welcome to the second video in our series with Tony Robbins and Russell Brunson. In this episode, we talk about how to position yourself as an expert so you can 10X your business. This business strategy happens to be what both Tony and Russell have done to be successful and they explain how you can apply it to any business. ClickFunnels™ Business Success

Different Types of Business: ClickFunnels™ Business Success

– Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson again, and I wanna welcome you back to part number two of my interview with the man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Tony Robbins. If you haven’t watched the first part of the interview yet, go back up in the playlist and watch that one first, because you don’t wanna not watch that before you get to part number two. ClickFunnels™ Business Success

Now in the part number two, I’m excited for you because in here, we start diving deeper into the different types of businesses, and I go through two types of businesses I call ’em two expert businesses. One of ’em is where you become an expert selling your own products, like I was a potato gun expert, Tony Robbins is the personal development expert right?

So there’s that type of business, but the other side of it, which a lot of people don’t know about, is let’s say you already have a business, you’re selling physical products on Amazon or ecommerce things or you have a gym or maybe you are a chiropractor, or dentist, or financial planner like, if you have an existing business, you could also apply the expert strategies, that Tony and I are gonna talk about next, into your business. Now on top of that, you’re gonna learn a whole bunch of other things, like how do you create a tribe of people, what’re the three commonalities in every single tribe? ClickFunnels™ Business Success

Expert Secrets Book: ClickFunnels™ Business Success

Every mass movement that’s even been started from the beginning of time ’til now, what is a new opportunity, how do you create one, and a whole bunch of other amazing things, that you are gonna love, so with that said, let’s jump into part two of the interview with Tony Robbins. – You know in your book you talk about the two types of kind of expert businesses.

You know, the people who don’t wanna be an expert also, but just wanna grow their company, you know, how would this work for them as well? So many you can give us those differentiations so people have an understanding how to look at this. – Yeah definitely, so the first kind of expert business is one I think people are familiar with, is, I look at you like you are the king of this, right?

Like doing books and seminars and like positioning yourself as an expert, and that’s like a big piece of this, which is really really cool and I think anybody who’s got any kind of talent or specialized knowledge or something they’re passionate about can do that kind of business. And you can make great money, you can serve people.

Understand Business Principles: ClickFunnels™ Business Success

But I know there’s a lot of people that come in my world they’re like, well, Russell, I don’t wanna do that, like I own a software company or supplement company or I’m a chiropractor or whatever those things might be, and it’s interesting like when I launched our software company, ClickFunnels™, like, it’s just a, it’s a boring software company, and we’re competing against other boring software companies. And but I was able to take all these principles we teach in here and kind of attach like a person to a software company. ClickFunnels™ Business Success

And we took it from no members to, right now, actually today, we passed 40,000 active members inside of ClickFunnels™.I think one of the fastest-growing non-VC backed startups in the world, and it’s because these principles like you take it, and it takes any kind of business and lights it on fire, in fact, I’ve got a friend who’s a financial planner and he’s, there’s how many financial planners, in Boise, Idaho, where I’m at, there’s, you know, a thousand of ’em here. But people come and they actually, they will fly over like 30 states to get to him, they’ll pay him 10 times more, and he does the exact same thing, because he’s positioned himself as this expert.

And we understand that it’s like man, like you can charge more, you’re no longer a commodity, people will come to you, you can serve people the higher level, like so many cool things come when you understand how to wrap these principles into any type of business, it doesn’t just have to be an expert business. -And I think, positioning as an expert you know, one of the things I love about what you do is you make sure the person is an expert. (laughter) So tell me, what’s the pattern that you started discovering, you talked about this in the book, that you know, every mass movement really starts with, I think it was three patterns, if I remember correctly. Yeah, it’s cool ’cause when I was creatin’ this book, and I’m just like you, like I learned this from you, I model everyone right? ClickFunnels™ Business Success

Look At The Best Business Experts: ClickFunnels™ Business Success

So I’m like okay, I’m building a software company, who do I model, who are the best out there? And I was looking at everything. Initially started the business, I look at like Apple and Steve Jobs and like, what did he do? And then I started looking at like Tesla, and Elon Musk and the I started taking a step back and I looked at politics and like, what are the people that are winning doing, versus the people that are losing, then I went and took another step back and I started studying everything from like.

The really negative like cult and how did they work and then religion, and everything in between and it was cool, as I was going deep into study, and I know you’ve done this before, you’re going through stuff and all of a sudden like, I started seeing this weird pattern. And I was in a point of immersion where I was like, for three or four weeks just geekin’ out, and it was cool as soon as I identified the pattern then I started looking at our company I was like, okay, we’re doing parts of this, or maybe one or two things, but now that I know it, how can we amplify and what are the things we can do to make it better, and so we started doing all of those pieces and then we tested them and then we’d see what would happen, and so the book’s kind of cool ’cause it gives you. ClickFunnels™ Business Success

Business Strategy: ClickFunnels™ Business Success

And I’ll show you in a second, it shows you the strategy, here’s the three things that’ll happen, then it shows, here’s the practical application that we did inside ClickFunnels™, we did these four things, and that’s what got us from, you know, 20,000 members to 30,000 within like a three month period of time, what’re those things, and so I’ll show you guys, in my books, I’m a big doodler. ‘Cause that’s how my brain works.

But like there’s tons of sketches, like this is a sketch from this so, this right here, this is the three things every mass movement from the beginning of time, all it’s had now kinda goin’ through real quickly, number one is all of ’em have some type of charismatic leader, and that’s a big thing ’cause it’s hard to connect to just a brand. Longer term you can do that, but initially, especially like, it’s a person you connect with that gets you to wanna follow.  The number two thing in the pattern is all of ’em had like a future-based cause, that they were taking people towards. ClickFunnels™ Business Success

And one of the coolest ways I found, I talk about this, I went through all the US elections from the one that just happened all the way back to like George Bush, or excuse me all the way back to George Washington and what’s interesting is I was able to find most of the campaign slogans on both the sides like Republican or Democrat, it didn’t matter who won, what party or whatever, but the ones that won, all the candidates had like a very future-based cause. Think about Trump was, let’s make American great again. And all the people that lost had a very present-based cause like Hillary had, I think hers, the two or three slogans of kind of hers like, I’m with her, and very present-based things.

ClickFunnels™ Business Success

Expert Secrets: ClickFunnels™ Business Success

Even back when Obama won, Obama’s all about change, and Bush wasn’t and then like, it’s interesting and so, I started realizing that and so inside of our big mass movement we were trying to create, I realized like, we need a future-based cause, like what is that, so we created one and then we figure out how to amplify it and we show all the examples of how we’ve done that, and that gets people to want to come with you. And then the third thing, and this is probably the least understood but I think the most important is every mass movement, they, the leader offered their people a new opportunity.

Which is, they didn’t come and try to just help people become better, but they were like look, this is a new opportunity I wanted to– – How would you define, so a lot of people don’t make that, I don’t sound simple, but how do you define a new opportunity if your mind? ClickFunnels™ Business Success:

Yeah, so there– – So many people take something that currently exists, and they convert it into seemingly a new opportunity, I’m just curious, what’s your definition? – So for me I look at like, whatever customer we’re trying to serve, right, they’re coming to us and they want a result, so they have, this is the result I wanna get over here.

And usually, we’re not the first person they came to. Like usually, they’ve been trying to get this result for a while. And they’re in some vehicle, and I like visualize it as a vehicle, they’re in a car, they’re in a vehicle, they’re driving to get to that result, and so, what most people do in business success is they come and they sell what I call improvement offers, so they’ll come and like, oh that vehicle you’re in, well, it’s like, let me step back, so an example, let’s say you’re into weightloss, let’s say you wanna lose weight, so the vehicle you might be in, let’s say it’s the Atkins diet, or it could be whatever diet right?

Think of a New Opportunity: ClickFunnels™ Business Success

And that’s the vehicle, and they’re in that thing. And so an improvement offer’s coming back and what most people do is like hey, you’re in this thing, I’m gonna make that experience better for you, we’re gonna, whatever, they try to make it better. But the hard thing is that, someone knows what that experience is like, they’re in this vehicle, trying to get their result, and if they’re not happy like, they’re not happy, and it’s no matter how hard we try to make that process better, it’s gonna be, you’re always gonna have tons of friction.

Whereas if I come and say look, –  Compare you to them even if you’re different. – Yeah exactly, so if I come and I can create an actual new opportunity and say look, get out of the vehicle you’re in gettin’ that result, come over to this vehicle, it’s completely different it’s a new opportunity, this is what’s gonna take you over here, that’s how it cause issue changes. ClickFunnels™ Business Success

One of my favorites, it’s a friend you and I both have, Dave Asprey, he came in with his movement, he’s like look, you’re gonna eat high fat, put butter in your coffee, all sorts of things, and people are like what in the world? – Haven’t you ever heard of that description before? You told him he was nuts! (laughter) He’s gonna end up so genius. – Oh so brilliant, and everyone’s jumpin’ from their vehicles comin’ to here ’cause like, I don’t know what they’re doin’, but that sounds way better and they come over and he’s built a huge mass movement, huge company, supplement company, retail stores, everything based on this new opportunity he provided people and it was brilliant as you know.

Hey this is Russell again, thank you so much for watching part two of my interview with Tony Robbins, how crazy is it that Tony interviewed me? Like, uh, still can’t even imagine and believe that this is like my life, so exciting.So, with that said, video number three is dropping a couple days from now.I do not want you to miss it so, this is what you have to do, number one, subscribe to my channel, that way, you get notified when all the videos come through but number two, you have to click on the bell, get notifications, if you aren’t getting notifications, you’re not gonna know when this video comes out, ‘kay, so subscribe to the channel, turn on your notifications.

Expert Secret Book: ClickFunnels™ Business Success

That’s what you need to do right now, and that way you’ll get video number three when it drops, and you’re gonna want video number three ’cause video number three, we talk about my favorite part of the Expert Secrets book, which is the concept of epiphany bridge stories.

Like if nothing else, everything you’re gonna learn in these interviews and in this book, that is the most important part is the epiphany bridge stories, you’re gonna be learning about during the third part of this interview. And with that said, if you don’t have your copy of Expert Secrets book, like what’re you waiting for?

ClickFunnels™ Business Success: They’re free, you literally just pay for the shipping and handling, I send it to you for free. So somewhere on this screen there’ll be a link to it, click on it, get your book, and then make sure you are ready for video number three because this is the best part of the entire interview with Tony and me go into epiphany bridge stories, but do not miss it, with that said, I will see you guys in a couple days on the third and final video in this series. ClickFunnels™ Business Success


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Tony Robbins And Russell Brunson Talk About How To Start An Online Business (Part 1)

Funnels Business Success – How To Start An Online Business (Part 1)

Funnels Business Success

Funnels Business Success: Welcome entrepreneurs to our series with Tony Robbins and Russell Brunson where we explain the ins and outs of how to start an online business successfully. It’s all based around the principles in Russell’s book called “Expert Secrets” which outlines what you need to do to make money online. Funnels Business Success

– Hey everyone, my name is Russell Brunson and in a few seconds from now I’m gonna actually show you an interview recently I did with my friend Tony Robbins and I talking about how to start a business online. But before we get into the interview, in case we haven’t met yet, I just wanted to introduce myself.

My name’s Russell Brunson, I started a software company a few years ago called ClickFunnels.com, you may have heard of it. This year they did over $100 million in sales, which is kinda crazy. But this interview with Tony was all about you and how can you start a business online. And what a lot of people don’t even know is that when I got started initially, the first thing I sold, I talk about it with Tony, was a DVD teaching people how to make potato guns, yes. Potato guns like this.

Funnels Business Success

And so that’s how I got started, selling things like this. So for you, it doesn’t matter what you’re selling. If you have a product, an idea, a service, something, this interview’s gonna help you understand how to actually sell your products and services online, which is exciting. Now this is the first of a three-part video series.

Each part is gonna walk through part of this interview with Tony. In the first part you’re gonna learn about how I got started and how you can get started as well. You’re gonna hear stories about people like Brandon and Kaelin Poulin who were just like you initially, didn’t have a business, but they were excited, and now they’ve launched this huge company, they sell products internationally all around the world and you’re gonna hear some of those stories during this interview, so. I’m excited for you, I hope you love this, you’re gonna learn all the tools and techniques you need to start your own business online and how I’ve done it, and you’re gonna have Tony actually interview me about the whole process, which is a ton of fun, so. With that said, let’s roll the video and check out the first part of the interview.

Funnels Business Success

– I’ve known Russell for about, I think about 15 years, 14, 15 years now. I’ve got to know him really well over the last decade or so and what I love about Russell is, you know, so many people are looking for ways to maximize the business or to find a way to produce a secondary income and most of the stuff that you see online is disappointing would be the nicest word I could give for it. (laughing)

There’s just so many scams, there’s so much B.S., and what I love about Russell and the reason I wanted to introduce you two briefly today is he has a new book out called Expert Secrets. The subtitle is “Help you find your message, “build a tribe, and change the world.” You just hold that up so we can all see that. (laughs) – There it is. (laughs) – And, and it, it just, what I love about Russell is just, he’s the real thing.

Why don’t you share with my audience a little bit here about how you got started in this business and a little bit of your approach to and how it differs from so many other people out there. – Yeah, so. (laughs) I actually got started in this business, man, it’s been, feels like yesterday but it’s been, you know, 10, 15 years now. And it’s funny ’cause I, I was the same way a lot of people were, I didn’t know a lot about business, I was tryin’ different things and learning from different mentors, and, and one of the very first things I ever created, in fact I sent you the first one I made, actually, was a potato gun.

Funnels Business Success

And we’re making those for fun, and we had so much fun makin’ potato guns and shooting ’em and having just like, the time of our life, and then one day, I, they did like, I wonder if anyone else besides me is interested in information about potato guns? And there was nobody out selling any plans or DVDs or anything, and so I thought, there’s my first opportunity, I’m gonna become a potato gun expert.

And we went and made a potato gun DVD, my friend and I recorded it, put it online and started selling it. And it never made me rich, but it was the first thing I sold online which started makin’, you know, 20 or 30 dollars a day and it was like, the coolest thing in the world.

And, and to see people like, take what you knew and actually do something with it. And that’s, for me it’s how it began. And, and then obviously my, I didn’t want my rest of my life to be known as a potato gun expert, (laughing) as much fun as that, that is, and I’m still into that business, or into that hobby, but. That’s how it kinda began and then I started branching out. And, and it. The kinda my next obsession, I started finding other people that were really good and I was like, “Man, these.” Like, one of my friends, I don’t know if you know Howard Berg now, world’s faster reader, we partnered with him and I was like, “You’re the world’s fastest, let’s like, “let’s create informations, like, selling what you do.”

Funnels Business Success

And he, and we did projects together selling his information to other people’s and, and I started getting obsessed with like, helping other people to like, take what they knew and what they were good at and put it out there and, and sell it. And, and then out of the most recent years, obviously we’ve been teachin’ a lot of people doin’ that, we’ve got software that helps people with it, but that’s kinda the, kinda the backstory. – Well you, you, you know, you’ve grown so massively, you’ve got ’em, you’ve serviced every service, almost a million business-owners over the last 10 years?

Yeah, we’ve been over that now, yeah. – That’s amazing. And then you created ClickFunnels™, we’ll talk about it as well but, tell me about how do you differentiate yourself from so many people online? Everybody on the line jumps online, everybody’s got some hook that they’re tryin’ to use to sell somebody something. You know, you’ve really differentiated yourself, I’ve found over the years. What, what do you think has separated you from the others? – I think a lot of people get into business initially ’cause they wanna make money, which is a good thing, that’s what usually start, like spurs entrepreneurship, but.

Funnels Business Success

For me, what I found, I talk about this actually in the very first section of the book to kind of give people context, because then ultimately people feel guilty about that as well. But I know for me like, I was, I was learning, I was growing, and like, there came a point in my life where like no matter how much I kept learning, like, eventually you kinda stop, like it’s hard to keep progressing? Just by learning itself. And I had some big wins, I had successes, and it was like, I love celebrating ’em.

And then the first time I started, like, helping other people and it’s like, “Hey, I’m gonna, like, the stuff I’ve learned, “let me help you with it.” And, and I’d, I’d help people and they’d see their success and I, I’m sure you’re the same way, like, when you see someone else have success, it is a million times cooler than your own success. And like, for me I got addicted to that, I’m like, “Okay, “that was awesome, like, “who else can help and how else can I help?”

And, and my whole focus shifted from like, you know, how do I start a business, make money, to like, these people have messages, they’ve got things that they can, that they know that they can change other people’s lives, and I might not be the world’s fastest reader, I might not be someone who’s good at personal development or finance or any of those things, I might not be the best at it, but if I can, like, my, my gifts, my tools, if I can help them to get their message out, man, like how many more people can we, can we impact, and so that’s why I love working with entrepreneurs because it’s like, one entrepreneur can change hundreds or thousands or tens of thousands of people’s lives and it’s just, it’s so much fun. –

Funnels Business Success

What’s been one of the biggest campaigns that you’ve run to give people a sense of what the economic opportunity is, and then I wanna follow up and get in to a little bit about the different types of, you know, expert businesses, but. Tell us a story of one of, what’s been one of the big surprises? I know the potato gun’s where you started, but what were the big hits you’ve got, what kind of return did you get, just to give people a sense of what’s possible and I’m, and I remember you telling me how crazy you were over several of these stories, and give me one. – So many cool ones.

So I’ll share one of, one of my favorite, they’re, they’re a younger couple, they are I think 22, 23, they just got married. Brandon and Kaelin, in fact, when you spoke at our event, she was the one that had the Prada purse that you kinda teased. – Oh, yes, I remember that, yes. (laughing) – So she’s like, the coolest couple, the newlywed couple. And the first time they met me, they messaged me and they’re like, “We’re completely broke, “we have nothing, some day we’re gonna be a success story.” I was like, “All right, cool.” And then a year later they came to our event and they came up to me and they’re like

funnels business success

“Hey right now we’re doin’,” I think it was 80 grand a month right now, helping women to, to, to transform their bodies through weight loss. And I was like, “That’s cool.” And then they started going deeper and deeper into this. And one of my favorite things is they did a Facebook Live two months ago, following kind of the process we teach in this book. Funnels Business Success

Funnels Business Success

They did the Facebook Live and it went live and, two things, number one, that Facebook Live they did, they sold over a million dollars worth of products, 22, 23 year old couple. But number two, right now they’re adding 500 women a day are coming into their programs, and they’re taking these women’s lives and radically transforming ’em.

And the case studies are just insane, so for me it’s like, the money’s cool ’cause us entrepreneurs want to know that but like, 500 women a day, every single day, are coming like clockwork into their programs. And they are having this huge impact on people’s health that, it’s just, it’s, it’s like the coolest thing in the world to watch and to see. – Well my, the crazy thing is so many people have beautiful ideas. I knew early in my career, my biggest thing was I had these skills, these abilities and talents, certain things, you know, god gives you and certain things you develop along the way.

And, but I realized my ideas were gonna die on my lips unless I learned how to market, you know? That I was not gonna change millions of people’s lives unless I could figure out how to do that as well. And, you know, mine was so much trial-and-error and there was no internet, per se, that’s how ancient I am. – Hey, this is Russell again, hope you enjoyed the first of the three-part interview with Tony Robbins. And I want you to know, part number two is coming out any day now. When it goes live it’s gonna be here, in this channel, so I need you to do a couple things, ’cause I don’t want you to miss it. Funnels Business Success

Funnels Business Success

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And the third thing we’ve been talking about this Expert Secrets book, if you want a copy there’s gonna be a link somewhere on the screen. We can go get a free copy of it, just covers shipping and handling, we’ll ship it out to you, that way you can read along and learn all the stuff that Tony and I are discussing in this interview, which is a lot of fun and, with that said, thank you so much for watching part one of three of my interview with Tony Robbins. In part two, I’ll give you a little teaser right now, we’re gonna start going deep into the two different types of expert businesses and how you apply both of ’em and so, make sure you get on that video, make sure you get on notifications so you don’t miss that video, thanks again, I’ll see you on the next interview. Funnels Business Success


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