How To Triple Your Exposure… 2CCX Mastermind Cruise Part 2 | FHTV Ep 118

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise – How To Triple Your Exposure

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise: The Two Comma Club X cruise was not only incredibly fun but also dropped so much value! In this episode of Funnel Hacker TV Behind the Scenes we are giving you our favorite highlights from Myron Golden’s wealth mindsets talk, Stephen Larson on business problem solving, and so many others! ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

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(ship horn blaring) (driving beat rock music) – Those are the people you take advice from. – What is the next step? (waves crashing, birds cawing) – So what I want you to do, I want you to stand up, I want you to put your hands together for Miss Julie Stoian right there, everybody! (crowd cheering and clapping) – So I wanna talk about two really big problems that entrepreneurs have.

The first is perfectionism. And the one over here is when we try to cut too many corners because we’re in that desperate situation where we’re tryin’ to make money, and we’re tryin’ to get things done fast. It’s like growth hacking gone bad, right? We start creating really crappy foundations for our business. And over here is perfection. This is like obsession. This is when nothing gets launched, or you’re constantly throwing things away. So products with shortcuts are crappy products.

Perfect product is it important?: ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

Products with a perfectionistic owner don’t ever see the light of day. There are two truths that you have to hold in tension. The first is that you should take action as fast as possible with a minimum viable product, and you should not worry about it being perfect. What is on this other zone? This is the other tension, this is the other truth. Over-delivery, excellence, all that kinda stuff. When you can do both well, because they seem like at first they’re in competition with each other, right? Minimum viable product doesn’t have to be perfect, but I thought we were supposed to over-deliver and be awesome and create a new opportunity.

It can’t be improvement, it has to be amazing, right? These two things are both true. They hold in tension, and when you can stay comfortable in that tension, you will be far more productive than if you start to fall outside of that. (steel drum island music) – We just flew over that, and it’s a full rainbow now, it literally just got better. – [Sam] And then what happened? – And then a cop showed up. – [Sam] Luckily they didn’t see anything, right? – Lucky they didn’t see anything yet. We think we’re okay. – [Sam] They’re right there. – Just be cool. We don’t look like filmmakers, I think. – My name’s Miles, and I’m a filmerographer. What’s your name? – I’m Dan. I’m Dan Usher. I don’t wear sunscreen. I love filming cool stuff. (Miles laughing) I fly drones through rainbows and stuff. Invade personal privacy quite a bit. Sam– – [Miles] Okay. – [Dan] What is up? – Uh, yeah. My name’s Sam. I help him with all of the criminal activity that we do when it comes to filmmaking.

2018 Year in Review Video

: ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

(upbeat poppy rock music) – [Russell] Today we are in St. Thomas. – It’s gonna be amazing. There’s some really cool things we’re gonna learn about the island, which I have no idea about, ’cause I’ve never been here before, so I’m super-stoked to be here. They said some of the trees kill you, so I’m hoping we survive. (upbeat poppy rock music) – We’re here to get one shot of Russell speaking a line for the 2018 Year in Review video.

The only problem is we’re going into this. – [Sam] Oh, that’s rain. That’s a lotta rain. I point at it, and then if we cut to this. – [Russell] Okay, above or back? – [Sam] Uh, above. – [Russell] K. – Which motivated us to do lots of crazy stuff, like kayaking in a storm. If you haven’t yet, click above to subscribe. – Boom! – Subscribe! – [Man] Whoa! – So that was rad. It was actually pretty cool, man. – That was a good shoulder workout for me. (upbeat poppy rock music) – Twice I pinched Colette, and she thought it was a shark, so that was the best part. (multiple people laughing) –  There’s crabs all over. There’s hermit crabs crawling around. – [Man] Really? – We’re about to start the hermit crab race, so I want you guys to find a fast crab. You’re looking for one with mental toughness and good people skills. –

The real reason why people are not successful: ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

[Announcer] Start your engines! (crowd roaring) (engines revving) – And three, two, one, let’s go! – [Man] C’mon, Monster! – [Man] Let’s go, Darrell! (engines roaring) – [Kels] C’mon, Bageera! – Bageera! That’s a great name, Kels. – [Announcer] Here he comes, (engines roaring) here he comes, here he come, and it gets ‘im! – [Man] The outer circle. The first one to get to the outer circle first wins. (engines roaring) – [Announcer] Here’s the checkered flag! –

Yeah! (laughing and cheering) – Woo! I won! That’s my boy, that’s my boy! (upbeat poppy rock music) – We came here, we kayaked, then we hiked, took pictures by the blowhole, drenched us all, we got soakin’ wet, it was a lot of fun. And now we’re back. I think we’re gonna find somethin’ to eat, and then we’re back on the boat. So that’s the game plan now. (upbeat poppy rock music) (waves crashing) – Let’s put our hands together for Mr. Stephen Larsen! (cheering and clapping) – Thank you, man. K. Questions invite revelation.

And a lot of the time, the reason why people are not successful in this, is they have no idea what they’re trying to solve. If you don’t know the problem you’re trying to go solve, I’m gonna consume everything. I’m gonna read everything, I’m gonna take in every guru, I’m gonna go through every single course, even though Russell gave us this amazing framework. I’m like, look pathway, this square, square, there’s literally these checkboxes. I’m still gonna go consume all of it. Go on every single Facebook Live.

Focus on real problem master your mindset: ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

Stop learning everything. Don’t learn, I do not learn generally, like in a general sphere anymore. You have got to know the immediate problem you’re tryin’ to solve in front of you. This is cool, ’cause it gives you clarity and emotional license to drop off all the other garbage and noise that runs inside of our heads. Nothing else matters. Any other spur of the moment that looks attractive kind of opportunity that pops in my way. No, no, no, no. Because I don’t know how to solve that yet.

Let me get distracted by another course, another thing, another thing, another thing. It’s not that they’re not helpful. It’s that for you to actually make money, it is likely not the answer. It is what is the next step, right? And then, what’s the next step? And you’re never going to see all of them. Ever! I never do! I have an idea of what I wanna build this year, and some of it just scares the crap out of me, ’cause I’m like, whoo, okay, I’m really pumped about it, I know where I’m going to go. In between, there’s a lot of unknowns.

Entrepreneur Mindset: ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

Welcome to entrepreneurship. Okay? Ambiguity land. All right? And so, all I do is focus on, like, the three steps, that, all right, I kinda know the three things I needa do. Great! That means I know everything I need to know. K, I have everything I need to know. And I just take that one step. Crap! How do I place that? Book, book, book. Book, book, book. Book, book, book, hunt, hunt, hunt, hunt, hunt. Next step. And that’s how you do that. Okay, I really appreciate you guys, and hopefully that was helpful. (cheering and clapping) – So, Russell got his books this morning. He had a huge stack of them. And he went out on a speed boat and hid them personally. Nobody knows where they are. And now we’re sailing out as the Two Comma Club, the Two Comma Club pirates to find these special books and secrets hidden along the Bahamas. We don’t know where they are, but it’s our mission to find them. (horn blowing) (chimes) (hollering) (eerie vocal music and chimes) (horn blowing) – Hey! We’ve been here! We’ve been here the entire time. – Oh. Damn. (laughs) – All right, the cruise ship just landed in Nassau.

We just jumped off, we’re finding the taxi right now to head over to Atlantis, where we are gonna get some videos, have some fun, and hopefully swim with some sharks. (upbeat poppy rock music) – [Man] What are you up to right now? – We’re about to go down a water slide that shoots you through a shark tank. An actual shark tank. Totally awesome. – So entrepreneurs suck at vacations, typically. So that’s why we act like we’re vacationing while we’re making videos the whole time! So people think we’re relaxing. We are producing. Memories fade. Videos last forever.

Difference of Clickfunnel and Lead Pages? : ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

Unless YouTube shuts you down. That sucks. – Is this the spot, Dan? – It works. It’s just a bit intense. I hope you don’t lose the laptop. – All right, check this out. So he’s got his phone with the lines right there on the phone. (laughs) – Feed into the funnel, and it increases how much money you make, and how you get more emails. – Hey Russell. I got this. – You just– Oh, thank you. – Over the years, we’ve gotten a ton of great feedback from you guys, which is why we’ve worked hard this year to deliver over 290 updates. Desktop notifications. I dunno where to go! (old fashioned TV show theme music) –

So you’re an entrepreneur and you don’t use ClickFunnels™? – I’ve never even heard of ClickFunnels™. Is that like Lead Pages? (laughing maniacally) – My first big financial aha was this. It is easier to make a lot of money in a short period of time, than it is to make a little money over a long period of time. That was my first financial breakthrough. Any track stars in here? Where my track stars? That ran track in high school, anybody? What is your name, sir? – [Brennan] Brennan! – Brendan? – [Brennan] Brennan. – Brennan, Brennan. You ran track, what did you run? – Triple jump, and– – Triple jump. – Four-by-one.

Okay, so I had polio as an infant. I’ve had a metal brace on my leg my whole life. I did not run track, okay? So let’s say Brennan and I, we get in a race, we’re gonna do a mile race. Can you run a mile? – [Brennan] Yes. – Okay. So we’re gonna do a mile. But how many of y’all would agree that it wouldn’t be fair to go the same distance, yes? (crowd murmurs) Okay. So… Brennan, you said you can run a mile, right? – [Brennan] Yup. – K, he’s gonna run a mile. I’m gonna go two miles. Oh crap, I’m so dyslexic.

Leverage Your Ability: ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

Did I say it backwards? (crowd laughing) I said it backwards. Anyway, but I’m stuck with it because I’m a man of my word. So how many y’all know Brennan’s gonna win? Yes? (crowd murmuring) Brennan’s gonna win, right? Everybody say unless. – [Crowd] Unless. – Unless Brennan’s running and Myron’s on a bicycle. Because I said he’s gonna run a mile, I said I’m gonna go two miles.

Now watch this. I can go farther, faster, and use less energy because you can always make up and leverage what you lack in ability. And so many people go through life trying to improve abilities that they don’t have instead of looking for leverage to compensate for the things they don’t have. See, what most people won’t do is they won’t stop running hard long enough to find leverage that can get them to where they desire to go that much faster. So it’s easier to make a lot of money in a short period of time than it is to make a little money over a long period of time.

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

Start To Look For Leverage: ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

But you have to stop running and start looking for leverage. So that’s some wealth mindset stuff that hopefully’ll help somebody. (cheering and clapping) – [Interviewer] What are you about to do? – Oh, we’re about to do this funnel right here. Never done this before. We got the four of us boys ready to go. – [Interviewer] And conditions are a little windy, huh? – It’s a bit windy out here – A little windy! – We’ll have a good time. We’re gonna have a good time. (upbeat horn music) (wind blowing) – Ahh! – Wow! One funnel away! (easy listening jazz music) (record scratches to stop) (squeaking)

– You guys thought we were gonna learn traffic today. We’re actually not, we’re gonna like dance and such. And, forward. And back. And side, close, side. And back, right, forward, left, side, close, side. You guys gettin’ it? – [Crowd] Yeah! – K. Give ’em a hand. (crowd clapping) It’s looking good, looking good. Hey, we’re on vacation, right? (crowd cheering and clapping) I’m gonna write a headline on the spot.

The Magic of Funnel Hacker TV: ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

The magic trifecta that Russell Brunson uses to triple his content production by only working once. Anyone know that? – [Crowd] Yes. – K. The what, why, and how trifecta. K? Funnel hacking. Right? Funnel hacking. Watching what Russell does, seeing the funnels that he builds, buying and what are the upsells, how does he do it, what’s happening? That’s the what. What’s coming out, right, what’s being released, what’s being produced? That said he also produces a how. And you’ll see that on FunnelHacker TV. You’ll see him vlog, and you’ll watch how he’s producing the what. And then, you tune into his podcast, and in his podcast, you’ll notice it’s different in his podcast.

The FunnelHacker TV is very surface level how. Oh look, here’s what Dave’s doin’, here’s what Russell’s doin’, here’s what Julie’s doin’ today, here’s what Russell, here’s what John’s doin’, and all these things, and here’s all the teams interacting, and it’s, I’m traveling over here, and, this is the how and how I produce what ends up getting delivered to the world, right? But his podcast is where you get a one-on-one in Russell’s brain why. Why he’s doing it. Why he’s doing it the way he’s doing it, what he’s thinking about, to produce. You know, like why he’s going through the how to produce the what. But what if you could double your followers, engagement, and depth of understanding you and connecting with you by producing a how type thing? You can do whatever you want.

Facebook Live better than Vblog: ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

You can do a Facebook Live, whatever makes sense to you. Doesn’t have to be a vlog. Maybe you wanna do a vlog, right? And then how, and then why aren’t you also doing a why, you know? A why. So this trifecta right here. You’re already doing the what, and you’re already doing the stuff. Just record it. Be vulnerable. Be open, and record yourself doing the thing that you’re gonna sell, and then talk to people as to why you’re doing the thing that you’re gonna sell. And you’re already doin’ it anyway, you might as well just have someone hold the camera, or whatever, and talk to them a bit more. And now you’ve tripled the exposure people have to you, without doing anything more. Is that cool? – [Crowd] Yeah! (clapping and cheering) – [Host] Awesome, you guys, let’s give it up for Mr. John Parks right here! (clapping and cheering) ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

– Hey, I heard Two Comma Club guys are doing karaoke tonight. So let’s go inside to hear how that sounds like. ♪ And I found it there in your heart ♪ ♪ To fall, and it turns out he was ♪ ♪ Longer ♪ ♪ Now he’s a superstar ♪ ♪ Slamming on his guitar ♪ ♪ At first, I know, it starts inside of me ♪ – Owww! (crowd cheering and clapping) Boom! – There are war ships. There are tall ships. And there are small ships. But the best ships are the friendships like we’ve made here this week with each and every one of you. Salut, thank you. (heartfelt upbeat instrumental music) – [Russell] You know, a year ago, when we first started talking about this, we kinda had this vision, like wouldn’t that be cool if we did a cruise? And I was honestly, ’cause the introvert in me was like nervous about it. But now, twelve months later, having it happen, and having the experience that everybody, I wouldn’t change it for anything. We had such a good time.

The Best Business Partnerships: ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

And I think everybody grew a ton while being here on the boat. (pins clatter) – [Man] No way! – [Russell] And I think the biggest and the best business partnerships and deals happen in a situation like this where you can get past the formal, like, hi, how you doin’, and like actually find out who people are, and what they care about, and how you can serve them, and how they can serve you, and it just changes the game completely from a business partnership and friendship standpoint. You’re able to put your guard down and relax, and really connect, because you’re sharing these amazing new experiences together. I hope that you can put this in your calendar for next year, make it a goal to be on the Two Comma Club cruise because this is an experience that will completely change your business, and it’ll probably change your life as well. (heartfelt upbeat instrumental music) – Two Commas forever, baby! (crowd cheering)

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Epiphany Bridge Marketing with Tony Robbins & Russell Brunson (Part 3)

Epiphany Bridge – Tony Robbins And Russell Brunson (Part 3)

We are back for our final episode of the Epiphany Bridge – Tony Robbins And Russell Brunson! In this interview, the guys are talking all about how to sell anything online. Knowing how to sell is pivotal for any business and Russell shares one of his biggest sales tactics that will make selling so much easier for YOU! Subscribe:


Tony Robbins and Russell Brunson agree that when it comes to selling online, you want to appeal to your customer’s emotions. The guys go into how you use this selling strategy as well as how this tactic can apply to any business whether you have an online business or a brick and mortar business.

All of the business tips and marketing strategies in each one of these videos can be found in Russell Brunson’s book, Expert Secrets. If you want to take your business to the next level, we highly recommend getting this book (and it’s FREE). Just follow the link in this description.


Missed out on the first two parts of our Tony Robbins and Russell Brunson series? Check it out here:

In this playlist, Russell Brunson answers the questions YOU want to know. Things like getting free traffic, facebook ads, and time management. Check it out here:

– Hey this is Russell again, I want to welcome you back to part three of my interview with Tony Robins. I hope you’ve watched part one and part two. If you haven’t yet, go back to the beginning of this playlist and watch those first. Help you get all the context of the interview and now we are transitioning into the third part of the interview. Which is, for me, my favorite part. It is understanding the mastery and mastering a concept called the Epiphany Bridge. What is the Epiphany Bridge? It is the way you tell stories to get customers, to get people, to get prospects to come and become leads, become costumers to buy your products and your services. And these concepts they work in all types of businesses. In fact, during the interview, Tony asked me, well how does this work for a real business? Not a infomart, you know information business or an internet business, but a real business. And I shared a story about one of my friends whose a chiropractor. I don’t want to ruin that part of the story, you’re gonna love it. But, how he used these epiphany bridge stories to grow his practice here locally in town as well.

Epiphany Bridge Marketing with Tony Robbins & Russell Brunson (Part 3)

And so, there’s a whole bunch of cool things you can learn about storytelling, story selling, how to give people the transformations they need when their buying your products and your services. You’re gonna love this. It’s my favorite part of the whole thing, so let’s jump right in now to part three of the interview with my friend Tony Robins. – Tell us about the Epiphany Bridge and how you can use that concept to sell just about anything, without actually selling anything. – Actually, got a little white board for you to show this. I did my homework, prepared for today, so this is funny, most people if they’re trying to sell you something, they come to you and they try to pitch you logically on the thing, like why they believe in their thing. So I drew this out one day, and this has been huge for me and for everyone that goes through my coaching stuff. Is this thing called the Epiphany Bridge. What happens is like, this is us, right here, right? And we’re living our normal life, I could use this example, before I met you, before I started going to your things, life was good, I thought everything was perfect. And then I was introduced to you and I had this epiphany where it was like life is good, but I’m seeing things in black and white, now things are colorful.

Epiphany Bridge Marketing with Tony Robbins & Russell Brunson (Part 3)

For me, it was huge. So I went on this journey where I went on this big Epiphany Bridge and what happens is we come over here to this side of the bridge. What happens over here is we start studying, we start learning, we start geeking out. And so, I went to all your events, read all your books multiple times, your courses. For you, I’m in the Tony world, right? I understand your language patterns. And then I go to my wife and I’m so excited to tell her I learned all this stuff, and the first thing that we all do is we jump over here, and this says techno babble, we jump and we start trying to logically convince the people around us. Like, oh yeah, you could learn this thing, and we spew out this techno babble and they freak out. They’re like, “ugh” and they run away right? What we have to do, if we want to sell something to somebody, we have to come back to this thing. We have to remember what was the emotional experience that we had that gave us that big epiphany. If you understand an emotional experience, then that’s how you sell someone. I come back and I tell a story, when I tell that story, my goal is to get people to have the same epiphany that I had, if they have that same epiphany then I don’t have to sell them anything. They have that epiphany, they go “wow that’s true” and they’ll go sell themselves logically all day long.

Epiphany Bridge Marketing with Tony Robbins & Russell Brunson (Part 3)

I just have to come back here, remember the experience I had, and become really good at telling it. In the book, it’s not just like telling a story, I walk through like the process and the scripts, and how to control their state, and this is a huge thing I learned from you, ’cause how many people tell a story and one person tells a story and something happened, and you’re like “okay cool”, you try to explain it three or four times and finally you say, oh man, I guess you had to be there, if you were there you would’ve experienced it. The biggest thing I’ve always seen people struggle with they try to get into business, they try to sell their advice, and things like that, is they get into this used car salesman mode of trying to learn how to close people, and I’m like “no, it’s not closing” What was it that got you fired up, if you can remember that moment, and you get really good at telling that story then they’ll feel that and they’ll get fired up too, and that’s the key. And so we understand that and this book is all about that. – As you know leadership is all about transferring emotion because logic does not get us to take action, there’s not enough juice in the logic right? When will we have enough logic to justify an emotional decision?

Epiphany Bridge Marketing with Tony Robbins & Russell Brunson (Part 3)

What do think is the biggest misconception about marketing today, and what do people, if they only did one thing to change their marketing for the better, what would it be? – I think the biggest misconception is that people and this comes down to everything I learned from you, People are so tied to their significance that when they try to sell themselves their business that they try to posture themselves all the time and posturing deflects people, even though it makes you feel, I don’t know what it is, the more vulnerable you get, the better it is. We have our high end coaching programs for less, how do you sell that Russell? I’m like “I show a ten minute video of me telling my story of my wife and we’re trying to have twins, cried three or four times in it, and I tell that story, I’m super vulnerable, and people connect with me and then they follow me. It’s about connection and being vulnerable is that’s what get people to draw into you, it’s not significance or stature, its vulnerability, and that’s what gets people in. And that works for any business, I had a friend who’s a chiropractor, I was trying to help him, and it was funny, ’cause he was trying to sell like all the other chiropractors talked about their fees and all this stuff, and how the adjustment and alignment and all this technical stuff and I kept asking him, finally one day, I was like “why are you a chiropractor”, and he told me this amazing story about his wife got in a car wreck and he was in dental school at the time, and she got injured really really bad and took her to a medical doctor, a couple places and nothing helped.

Epiphany Bridge Marketing with Tony Robbins & Russell Brunson (Part 3)

Finally he took her to a chiropractor, and he adjusts her and literally changed her life and he loved it so much he dropped out of dental school, and then he went and became a chiropractor, now he loves it. And so we got a video of him telling that story, that emotional, I got chills just telling it again told that story, put it on Facebook, and his practice was struggling, as he was trying to be a salesperson, blew up overnight as he started sharing his story and becoming vulnerable with people. That’s the future market, it used to be slick sales letters, good copy, all that kind of stuff, that’s what worked before today, as people are watching your video, they’re Googling your name, and Facebooking you, doing everything, if you’re not vulnerable at all times, and being yourself all the time it’s too easy to not know and it’s all about just that connection, that’s marketing today, and that’s where it’s going. – That’s what I love about you brother, you’re the real thing, it’s so rare unfortunately, ’cause you know the more you try to prove you’re the best and try to convince people and try to be significant, the more they want to prove they’re more significant than you. You’ve never done that, I love that you share openly everything, your failures, successes, but the level of succession generated is second to none, I really want people to get your book, so what’s your offer for them so they can go pick that up? – I pre-bought a whole bunch of copies of this during our launch, so I’ve already paid for the book, so I ship them to Boise, and now they’re in a warehouse in Boise, and we’ve gotta ship them to you, so I think in the US it’s $7.95 international I think it’s $14.95 but we’ll ship it out to you and basically, I want people to read this, I tell everyone, I believe this book will change your life but more importantly, it’s gonna give you the tools you need to help change other people’s lives, and that’s the gift I have for everybody. I hope you guys read this book and you love it, and I want to thank you for letting me share this with your audience, I just appreciate you, you’ve changed my life, my wife’s life and half our staff, you know, everyone here, so grateful for you.

Epiphany Bridge Marketing with Tony Robbins & Russell Brunson (Part 3)

Hey this is Russell again, and thank you so much for watching the third and final segment of my interview with Tony Robbins, how cool is that? If you missed any of the other ones, go back in the playlist and watch video one, video two, video three, to get the entire picture of everything you need. Now, on top of that, I want to be able to keep giving you amazing business building advice just like this. So what you need to do right now, number one, you need to subscribe to my channel, we’re always dropping amazing videos show what to do and how to do it, and if you’re missing these things how am I supposed to help you and serve you? It doesn’t cost you any money this is all free, and we’re giving it to you to help grow your company and grow your businesses. Number one subscribe to our channel, turn on notificaitons, that way, on your phone it gonna pop up when we drop new videos, you’ll get emails, you’ll get notifications, if you don’t turn on notifications, you’re not going to know when new stuff is coming out. I’m killing myself over here creating the best content possible to give you and to serve you. So make sure you are subscribed, turn on notifications, and then the last thing is if you want a copy of the Expert Secrets book, this is what Tony and I were talking about the whole time, there will be links somewhere on the screen, click on the link, get a copy of the book, it’s free, you just cover shipping and handling, and in here you’re going to understand how to build an expert business, okay? And so, that’s kind of it you guys, thank you so much for subscribing, that said after you’re done, after you’ve turned on notifications, you subscribe, go check out some other videos, have some fun, leave some comments, we love to hear from you, thanks again for listening, and we’ll talk to you soon.


Epiphany Bridge

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This was all about Epiphany Bridge Marketing with Tony Robbins & Russell Brunson (Part 3)

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story with Jp Sears at Dry Bar Comedy Club | FHTV Ep 110

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story – With Jp Sears at Dry Bar Comedy Club

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story: We get asked all the time about ClickFunnels™’ startup story. So, we decided to make a night out of it at the Dry Bar Comedy club and invited the ultra-spiritual JP Sears to come and roast Russell Brunson. It was an amazing night and YOU will get to hear first-hand what makes this entrepreneur tick and the inspiration behind ClickFunnels™. ClickFunnels™ Startup Story

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story

– [Andrew] Did you feel like a loser  getting married at 22 and still counting on your dad for money? Did you feel like you were marrying a loser? – I’m inviting you to a very special really, really cool event with someone I have huge respect for. His name is Andrew Warner at a place called the Dry Bar Comedy club in Provo, Utah. – [Dave] We’ve got a large team coming down, and we have Click Funnels startup stories.

We’re heading on our way right now. Heading over to meet JP at D gate. So, JP’s hiding because he’s so popular he has to literally hide behind corners and what’s up? – David.  – [Russell] Yeah, thanks for coming. – Yeah, for sure. – I’m so excited. – Yeah, me too. And Dave has just been amazing and weird – Weird, yeah. – [Andrew] Good to see you. – Good to see you too. – Andrew. You need two guys following you around with cameras?

Yeah, they always follow us everywhere. – I feel at home when I’m hanging with you guys ’cause you guys are obviously children dressed up in adult bodies. So playful and I’m just like, I’m not the only one. I love it.  – We’ve got about three hours until the live show starts. And so we will throw stuff up there real quick, then we’ll go see the venue because I stress out until I see the venue. Whenever I speak at an event, I have to go and step on the stage the night before or else I’m sick in my stomach, so we’re gonna check it out.

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story

We picked Dry Bar Comedy Club because Mormons can’t drink and this is like the dry bar, and so we thought it’d be kinda funny and people always ask us our story. You always hear the highlight of our story but I thought it’d be fun. Andrew’s a really good interviewer and he’ll go deep into the ups and the downs, and so we thought we’d just tell the whole story. –

We’re here, this is the entourage. – Oh, we walk into the Dry Bar Comedy Club! This is amazing. I’ve always seen pictures of this online that’s why we picked it but I hadn’t seen inside. Alright, we just got to Dry Bar Comedy Club and check it out, this is like, the coolest location I have ever seen. – So this is office goals right here. We are here, Tom Brothers, slash Bid Angels, slash the Dry Bar Comedy Club. –

The ambiance of this room is so cool. I saw pictures online and looked cool, this is like, a million times cooler.It’s like tighter and more, like, hanging out together. – We were to get stick figures, or something like that, or little kinda cut out poster things, and Miles actually came up with this idea. I don’t know were Miles is. Miles said, let’s go oversized. – So this, Russel hates pictures of himself.

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story

He absolutely hates it. I don’t think he knew about this. But he always hates his chin so I kinda fixed it a little bit in Photoshop so he’s good. I’m just kidding. – We only have like 30-40 minutes left and as you can tell, there’s a whole bunch of stuff that’s gotta get done, so, hopefully, we’re gonna pull this thing off.

We’ve got tech issues, we’ve got to have press release passes printed and all that kinda stuff, so, we’re getting those printed. – I’m a little nervous, I’m not gonna lie. I hope people will show up, that’s my biggest fear. The venue holds about two hundred, or so, seats. We sold 250. If they don’t come, that’s gonna be horrible, if too many come, that’s gonna be horrible too. – Keith Yackey here, I’m actually the MC tonight, and I don’t feel any pressure at all because I just get to have fun and introduce my friends.

And it’s going to be a blast. – So you need me to do something for those 5 minutes is what you’re saying? – Yup. – Thanks for telling me now. Okay, now I’m stressed.  Man, I just held up your head for a picture. – Well, right on, I’m JP. – Oh, I know you are. – Alright, the party is starting to get started, people are coming in, starting to fill up the venue. Starting in like, 30 minutes or so. – What’s up everybody? Are you guys excited? We have an amazing night planned for you.

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story

Without further ado, will you help me bring up the most spiritual man in the world, according to himself. Guys, give it up for JP Sears! – Sincerely, I am delighted to be here with you, and just for bringing me in one more time, I wanna thank Leadpages, thank you guys. Few weeks ago, Russell called me up and said, JP, would you be willing to come to this event and, you know, just make fun of me for a little while and talk about me? And I said, like, that doesn’t even sound narcissistic.

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story

So I called up Infusionsoft and said, hey, do you guys need me on the 20th? Thank you guys for having fun with me, I appreciate y’all. In every industry, there’s somebody that comes along that really disrupts the industry, that really changes it and that really does something amazing for that industry. And, as we all know, that person, is Russell Brunson.

Give it up, guys! – Alright, thanks for coming, guys, this is so cool. I wanna introduce the person who’s gonna be doing the interview tonight. It’s someone I’m really excited to have here. Let’s put our hands together for Mr. Andrew Warner. – I wanna make it meaningful for you. I talked a lot of you as you were coming in here. You wanna know how they got here, what worked for ClickFunnels™, what would work for us.

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story

So that’s my goal here, to spend the time understanding, by interviewing you about how you did it.  – So, what we learned tonight was that Russell went to an amusement park when he was just a little kid. And his favorite food was a funnel cake. – Click funnels started as a food truck. – So they started with funnel cakes, and then it morphed on into funnels, it was great. –

I was a little embarrassed for him, that they would have to lie about it for so long and not tell anyone and that’s the origin story. – It was really weird to walk in and see Russell sipping on Patron tequila. – Nobody saw it coming and it’s like… – Nobody revealed to us that he was a hypnotist. I looked around, it was like, half the audience had their pants down, it was insane, it was insane.

Such a good event. – The most awkward part was when Russell started to cry. – Why is he crying? – Curled up in a fetus position on stage, in front of 260 people for a half hour. That blew my mind. – Yeah, so, everything else was good minus the lies. – Alright, let’s start with the very first business. What’s this one? This is called Sublimenet. How many of you remember Sublimenet out there? – I don’t know, I wanted to sell software, so I was like, what kinda name my company, so I figured out, exciting software .

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story

So I went by but it wasn’t for sale. And so I buy and Colette was working at the time and she came home and I was so excited, we have our first website, we’re gonna be rich! And I told her the name, I was like,, and she looked at me with this look like, are we selling underwear or what is, and I’m like, no, it’s software.

And then she’s like, I’m not gonna tell my mom that you bought that, you have to think of another name. And I was like, crap! And that was the next best name I came with, Sublimenet, like the band, Sublime. – And I was gonna ask you what it was, but it was lots of different things. Every screenshot on there is a whole other business under the same name.

What are the businesses, do you remember? – There’s website hosting, there’s affiliate sites, there were, I remember, the first thing I have ever sold, it was an affiliate product, I made 20 bucks on it, in my PayPal account. I remember that night, I do remember I celebrated, went out to dinner and had a PayPal credit card and then we bought dinner with 20 bucks.

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story

And then the guy refunded like the next day. So sad. – And then you started something I never heard about but, this is the call center. The call center got to how many employees, a hundred? – We had about 60 full time sales people, 20 full time coaches, about 20 people doing the marketing sales, about 100 people the whole company in. – A hundred people. What happened, why did that close down? – Oh man, a lot of things, a lot of bad mistakes.

A lot of first time growing company stuff. Again, we just woke up one day and felt like we’re in this huge office, huge overhead and about that time it was about like ’90, ’99, something like that and there was, the merchant account, me, most of the people doing the market at the time, we all use the same merchant account and they got hit by Visa, Mastercard and they freaked out, they shut down.

I think, four or five hundred merchant accounts overnight. And we had nine different merch accounts with that company, all of them got shut down instantly. And, I remember, ’cause everything was fine, we’re going through the day, it was like 1 o’clock in the afternoon on a Friday they came in like, hey the cards won’t process. And finally, someone on the phone they said, oh yeah, you got shut down along with everybody, along with all the other scammers, and then she hung up on me.

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story

And I was like, I don’t know what to do right now. I’ve got a hundred plus people and payroll’s not small and we didn’t have a ton of cash in the bank. It was just like, it was more of a cash flow business. I remember Avatar just came out so everyone was going to the movie Avatar and I remember sitting there during the longest movie of all time.  And I don’t remember anything, other than like, the sick feeling in my stomach and I was texting everyone, trying to see, like, if anyone knew what to do, and everyone we knew was like, we got shut down too, everyone got shut down.

We came back, the next day I called everyone up and we were trying to figure how to save this and Brent and John and everyone, we came back to my house, and I was like, okay, what ideas have we got. And we sat there for the next five or six hours trying to figure stuff out and then we went to work and I wish I could say everything turned around, but 2 or 3 years of us firing 30 people, firing 20 people, closing things down, moving down offices, just shrinking for a long long time.

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story

The peak of it was, I got an email from my dad who was helping with the books at the time, he said, hey I got really bad news for you I looked through the books and it turns out your assistant who was supposed to be doing payroll taxes haven’t paid payroll in over a year. It’s like, you owe IRS over a 170,000 dollars and if you don’t pay this , you’re probably gonna go to jail. And I was like, Gosh. Every penny I earned up to that point was gone.

Everything was done, we lost everything and I was just like, I don’t know how to fight this battle but if I don’t fight it, like, I go to jail apparently and I remember, that’s a really crappy feeling. And I remember going back then, I laid in bed and I was just like, I wish that I had a boss that could fire me ’cause I don’t know what to do or how to do it and that was definitely the low spot for me. – And you stuck with him? I’ve talked to a few of your people because they’re so good. Why do you work for Russell?

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story

What is it that let’s you be second to Russell who’s getting all the attention?And I’ve got some answers and would you mind coming up here and- Back then when it wasn’t going so well, give me an example of something that he did that let you know this is a guy who’s going to figure it out eventually and I could possibly go down, watch him go to jail, but I believe that it’s going to go up? –

Well, at the time when things are crashing the income stopped and I asked if I could talk to him and sat down and pretty much told him, I can’t keep doing this. I can’t keep watching you every month pull in the money you’ve saved for your family to try to keep jobs for other people. I said, “I’ll leave if that helps you.” The fact that he stuck with people and some people call it faith or belief.

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story

He has this inherent belief that he can truly change people’s lives. That’s it. – [Friend 2] Even when he wasn’t fully in control of his own. It was the fact that we were bootstrapped. We didn’t have money to just throw out there. We had to make sure that we were earning enough money to cover our ads, right? And Russell had all the trust in the world in me.

I don’t know why he did, but he did. And he’s just like, “Spend money and just try to make it self-liquidated.” And I’m like, “Okay,” right? So we just had to spend money and hope that we got enough back to keep spending money. – And self-liquidate means by an ad today and make sure that we make money from that ad right away, and then software. – [John] Yeah. – And then softwares going to pay over time.

That’s our legacy. that’s our thing. What’s your ad budget now? – We spend about half a million a month. – Half a million a month? – Yeah. Yeah. Don’t tell the accountants. – And you’re a partner too. – Yeah. – Wow. Congratulations. – Thank you. – [Dave] It’s always now. – [Andrew] It’s always now. – [Dave] It’s always now. – [Andrew] It’s always now. It’s never gonna be the next funnel.

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story

It’s never gonna be the next product launch. “I’m going to do whatever we can right now, and the next one, and the next one. That’s it.” – Absolutely. – That’s who you are. – That’s how it works. – And now you’re a partner in the business? – Yes. – 83 million dollars so far this year.

You’ve got a piece of that? – Yes. Do I? – Yeah. – [Dave] Just checking. – [Andrew] How’d you support yourself while this was not working? – I didn’t. My beautiful wife did. She had two jobs at the time to support me while I was wrestling and doing these things and she was the one that made it possible to be able to gamble and risk and try crazy things.

Everyone, this is Colette, my beautiful wife. [Audience applause] – What did you see in him back then that let you say, “I’m gonna work extra hard and pay for what he’s not doing?” -What did I see in him? It was actually his energy, his spirit was always positive and we had the same goals. – [Andrew] That’s the thing I noticed too. The positivity.

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story

How did you cut up your credit cards? What was that day like? – Hard.  Yeah, hard because those of you don’t know- that know that I’m a little bit older than Russell and so I’ve always had this independency to go do and buy and do these things.

And then all of a sudden I’m like, “Oh, step back sista.  “Gotta take care of this young man so we can get to where we’re at.”  Anyway, but now… yeah. – Now things are good. – Now things are amazing.  – [Andrew] I stopped asking about religion but I get this sense that you believe that- is any of this, does it feel divinely inspired to you?

Be honest. – I believe that that God gives us talents and gifts and abilities and then watches what we do with it. And if we do good, he increases our capacity to more. We definitely, especially inside the office we talk about this a lot. We definitely feel what we do is a spiritual mission. Like it’s- – [Andrew] You do? – Hundred percent. Yeah, I don’t- I don’t think that it’s just like we’re lucky. I think the way that the people have come.

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story

The partnerships like how it was created is super inspired. – [Andrew] You know what? A lot of us are selling things that are software, PDF, guide, this, that. It’s really hard to find the bigger mission in it. You’re finding the bigger mission in funnels. What is that bigger mission? Really, how do you connect with it?

Because you’re right. If you can find that bigger meaning, then the work becomes more meaningful and the people you’re working with become- It’s more exciting to work with and more meaningful to do it. How’d you find it in funnels? What is the meaning? – [Russell] So right now, as of today I think we had 68 thousand members in Click Funnels, which is like the big number we all brag about but for me it’s like that’s 68 thousand entrepreneurs.

Each one has a gift, right?And so I think about- one member I’ll mention his name. It’s Chris Wark. He runs and Chris was someone who came down with cancer, and given the death sentence and instead of going through chemotherapy decided, “I’m gonna see if I can heal myself.” And he did.

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story

Cleared himself of cancer and then instead of just like, “Cool” and go back into work he was like, “Man, I need to help other people.” So he started a blog, started doing some things. And now he’s got this thing where he’s helped thousands and thousands of people naturally cure themselves of cancer. And that’s one of our 68 thousand people, right? –

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story: That’s the thing that keeps me going. – [Andrew] I really appreciate you being open, being willing to let me take this answer. You said, “I understand what Andrew’s trying to do. He’s trying to figure this out. I’m gonna let him run with it and let him make the magic happen.” And I think we’ve made a lot of magic happen. Thanks so much for having me here. – Yeah, man. It was amazing. – Thank you. Thank you all for coming. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone of you. ClickFunnels™ Startup Story


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Top Rules For Avoiding Business Failure (My Biggest Mistake)

ClickFunnels™ Business Mistake – Top Rules For Avoiding Business Failure

ClickFunnels™ Business Mistake

ClickFunnels™ Business Mistake: We all make mistakes in our business (I know I have made plenty) but I want to give you the entrepreneur advice that saved me from bankruptcy (TWICE). In this video, I’m going to share with you my best advice on avoiding business failure, mistakes that kill online business and the best entrepreneur tips for success! ClickFunnels™ Business Mistake

ClickFunnels™ Business Mistake

Hey, this is Russell Brunson. For all you guys who are just tuning in, right now we are doing a show. We’re answering your number one questions about growing companies, building funnels, driving traffic, making money and a whole bunch of other fun stuff. Today’s question is about business failure.

What are your ‘Top Rules’ for avoiding business failure and what was your biggest mistake? I got so many big mistakes I could share. But the top rules for avoiding business failure, I would say, if you look at a business, for some reason, I don’t know if it’s just me but, I think most people that get into business, they think it’s like this weird thing, right? We go to business school, and we go to all these things. I remember taking business classes and they taught me all sorts of weird stuff that didn’t make any sense to me, right. ClickFunnels™ Business Mistake

Like, supply chain management and, just, anyway I can’t even remember most of my schooling, if I’m completely honest, yet I built a huge company because most of those things don’t actually matter. You start thinking about like, what actually matters in business? The number one thing, and most people aren’t going to tell you this.

ClickFunnels™ Business Mistake

The number one thing really is relationships. I wish that in my business class, they would’ve had a class that just said this “Russell this is the deal, people do business with people they like, so you should become someone, first off, that people like and, second off, find other people and be really really nice to them, ‘kay?” And this is tough sometimes ’cause a lot of times, you’ll get into business, you’ll be working with people and you have somebody who will treat you so bad and you look at them and you wanna do, what I wanna do sometimes and just like, pound their face and destroy them ’cause you’re so angry. ClickFunnels™ Business Mistake

What you have to understand is that, no matter how somebody treats you in a business relationship you always have to keep, no matter what happens, you have to keep a good relationship. I’m gonna share a story, I’m not gonna share names because I don’t want to do that but, there was somebody when we were first launching ClickFunnels™ who was a close friend and a partner.

We’d done a bunch of partnership projects in the past and when ClickFunnels™ came, we were about to launch it, he actually stepped back and came back to me like, the day before we launched it, “hey sorry, I decided, instead of being a partner with you and helping you sell this,

ClickFunnels™ Business Mistake

I’m actually gonna be a competitor of yours and I’m really really sorry.” And I remember being so frustrated and angry and upset and I wanted to just like, fly to his home and like, you know, rip his arms off and whatever.

I don’t know, I was not happy at all. And instead I was like, you know what, I need to maintain this relationship ’cause I have no idea what could happen in the future, he’s been a good friend up to this point and maybe, you know, whatever, I’m just gonna bite my tongue and so I just wrote back, said “no worries, totally understand and good luck in the future and hopefully we’ll work on something later.” ClickFunnels™ Business Mistake

I just stepped back, and I’m so grateful I did because about a month and a half later, he came, said “you know what? That thing fell through and I apologize, I should have thought through this and I was just being short-sighted, I got excited about the opportunity, whatever.” He said “will you forgive me?” and I was like “yeah, totally cool”, he’s like “sweet” and he came back and for about two years he was our number one affiliate, inside of ClickFunnels™. And I’m so grateful I didn’t burn that relationship. So, have relationships and, no matter what happens. I dropped my red one, but I need it because we’re about to build a fire.

ClickFunnels™ Business Mistake

Do not, there’s my log, and there’s the fire. Sorry, I wish I was better at drawing. But do not burn the relationships, keep them alive, no matter what because you never know when that person could be useful to you and when you could be useful to them as well. So that’s the top rules, understanding that the relationship is the key. Number two, focus on your list.

Build your list, build your list, build your list. I remember when I got started 15 years ago, for those who’ve been around that long, you may remember, in fact, my first mentors name was Mark Joyner and Mark is amazing. I remember he would always tell me, like, “Russell, you gotta build a list.” Then I was like “why?” And he’s like, “you gotta focus on building a list, that’s the key to making money online.”,  so I started building my list and first I had, you know, a hundred people join my list and then a thousand and then five thousand, it was growing really slowly.  then, about that time is when AdSense came out, this is 15 years ago.

If some of you guys remember AdSense, it was like, you could make these garbage websites, throw up these little Google ads on it and Google would rank these sites really really high and if someone clicked on it, you’d get paid. I had friends making half a million dollars a month by just making garbage sites and I’m like, this looks way easier. ClickFunnels™ Business Mistake

ClickFunnels™ Business Mistake

I don’t have to do anything, I just gotta make garbage and I get paid. And Mark was like “no, focus.” He’s like “that’s gonna go away,” he’s like “they always do,” like, “just focus on building your list, focus on building your list, focus on building your list.” I’m like, “but there’s so much money right there.” He’s like “no, focus.” And so I focused on building my list and I’m so grateful I did. One of my friends told me that, the metric and this metric doesn’t hold true all the time, but for the worst case scenario, you should average… $1… per… month, per name on an email address on your list, ‘kay?

For example, when I had 500 people on my email list, I was averaging about $500 a month. When I had a thousand people on my list, I was averaging a thousand a month. When I got to 10,000 on my list, 10,000 a month. I got to 100,000, I was averaging 100,000 a month. And a million, a million a month. Like, it synced pretty close. Now the better you are at this, at building relationships with your list, the more that’ll go up. Some people I know make five, six, seven, eight, ten dollars per month, per name on the email address list.

It can go up and down but that’s like, the worst case scenario, right? So I was focusing on building this list, I got to 500, then a thousand, then 10,000 and then about that time is when AdSense crashed. Friends I had making a half a million dollars a month went out of business overnight and they were done. Luckily for me, I had this list, I had this asset and I was able to keep emailing this list and keep growing it, right? And this list got bigger and bigger. ClickFunnels™ Business Mistake

ClickFunnels™ Business Mistake

Twice my business, I almost went bankrupt. Two times. And I say almost because both times, I should have been bankrupt by any, like, I did some stupid things, we made some bad mistakes, the market shifted, all sorts of reasons and excuses but looking at a paper, I should’ve went bankrupt both times and both times I didn’t because of my list.

My list came through, saved my butt when like, everything was crashing around and I had no more money. Everything was falling around, I was like, “how do I keep the doors open?” I was like, “I need to make a really good offer for my list” and I thought about what could I create for them? And I created an offer, I emailed my list out and money came back in. So focusing on the list is number two. And then number three… Is… no… shiny… objects.

Which kinda ties back into this list right here. Go back to the fundamentals, kay? There’s always new stuff popping up. I remember when Amazon first hit a couple years ago, it was like “oh everything’s on Amazon.” And people went to Amazon, it was awesome, then guess what happened?

ClickFunnels™ Business Mistake

ClickFunnels™ Business Mistake

Amazon started slapping you and kicking you out. And then, it was like “oh E-commerce here,” and then “oh Adsense” and like people have been jumping, as like as I’ve been doing this game for 15 plus years, people have been jumping everywhere.

The only thing that’s been consistent, through the ups and the downs, are the fundamentals. What are the fundamentals? If you read the Dotcom Secrets book, these are the fundamentals. Here is how you build a funnel, here’s how you attract customers into your funnel, here’s how you communicate with those funnels, with those people, here’s how you do, like, this is the fundamentals of how you build and grow a company, kay? So focus on the fundamentals, don’t get distracted by the new shiny object, focus on the fundamentals.

ClickFunnels™ Business Mistake

What kind of product am I creating? How am I selling that product? How am I getting people to show up? That’s all fundamentals. If you look at, like, if I simplify this down, to like the easiest thing possible, this is all business is, right? Number one, creating a product or an offer, so here’s like, here’s the thing I’m selling and make sure it’s awesome.

Then, I gotta figure out some way to actually sell that product, so what’s the sales message? And then I gotta figure out how to get people, over here, to come and see the sales message. Get people, come see the sales message and then I make them a really good offer and they give me money, that’s the fundamentals of business. Kay? That is a funnel. And so, those are the fundamentals, like, if I was you guys, I would focus on nothing but the fundamentals of how do I build a funnel?

ClickFunnels™ Business Mistake

How do I grow my list? Like, how do I do this, over and over and over again? Because things are gonna shift. Mark Zuckerberg someday, as nice as he is right now, tomorrow he’s gonna kick a bunch of us out, right? Same things gonna happen on YouTube, on Facebook, on Instagram, like, the platforms are gonna change but the fundamentals don’t.

ClickFunnels™ Business Mistake: So focus on the fundamentals and that is the biggest thing to make sure you don’t have failures and so you can avoid all the big mistakes that me, and a lot of the people I’ve been watching, over the last decade and a half, have had, when they’ve tried to play this game. Thank you so much for watching, every single week we publish new secrets just like this, so make sure you subscribe, so you don’t miss any of them and I will see you on the next video. ClickFunnels™ Business Mistake


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How To Sell Anything To Anyone Using The Brunson Stack

ClickFunnels™ Brunson Stack – How To Sell Anything To Anyone

ClickFunnels™ Brunson Stack

ClickFunnels™ Brunson Stack: How do you sell anything to anyone? By creating an irresistible offer that no one wants pass up! But how do you apply that to selling online? In this video, I am teaching you the art of crafting an offer which you can apply to everything from your business to your personal life. ClickFunnels™ Brunson Stack

ClickFunnels™ Brunson Stack

– [Russell] Hey everyone! I’m officially back from Kenya, and it feels so good to be home. (laughs) So nice. Got home, and we’re going through all this stuff, and envelopes, and packages, and junk, and everything, and I got a card from somebody in the mail. It said, hey Russell, I want you on my podcast. It only takes seven minutes. Let me know if you’re in.

And I read that, and I gave it to my wife. I was like, what do you think about this? She’s like, I don’t know. It sounds good. I said, do you notice in this card, he was basically telling me the benefit to him, like, hey, I really want you on my podcast. Like, that’s the benefit for him. You gave me one benefit. It was that it would only take seven minutes of my time, but he didn’t talk about what was in it for me. And I wanted everyone to understand this. When you’re asking people for anything–

This is, you’re trying to sell something, whatever it is you’re trying to do, you always have to create an offer. I don’t know if I’ve talked about this on the podcast before, but when I was first getting started, There was an acronym? I don’t know. Called W, I, I, F, M. What’s, in, it, for, me. And so whenever I’m pitching somebody on something, I’m not telling them what’s in it for me. I’m telling them what’s in it for them. I want the customer thinking, or the person saying, what’s in it for me? So if I was gonna pitch Russell on a podcast, I wouldn’t say, hey, this only takes seven minutes.

It’s gonna be amazing to have you on my podcast. ‘Cause, all that you’re really doing is pitching, like, the benefits of yourself as having me on your podcast. You gotta have something out. What’s the offer I’m creating Russell, for him to take the time out of his day to be on my podcast? This is true if you’re asking to be on a podcast, an interview, asking a girl on a date, asking a boy on a date, I don’t know. Nowadays that happens, I guess, you know. Asking somebody for money, ’cause it’s always about what’s-in-it-for-them. Like what, W-I-I-F-M, thinking about it from their perspective.

ClickFunnels™ Brunson Stack

What’s in it for me, what’s in it for me? Like, what is it that is in it for them? I’d just say something like, hey Russell, I run a podcast, right now I’ve got x amount of down listeners. My people are entrepreneurs that are obsessed with this thing. I don’t know who you are, but I wanna get deeper, so they can understand who you are better. Do you, if you decide to do this podcast, these are things I’m gonna do: help promote it, make sure that the time you spend isn’t a waste.

Number one, the first thing I’m gonna do, and I start creating an offer, right? Now, the first thing I’m gonna do, podcast will only take seven minutes. So, it’s not gonna take a ton of your time. So, it’d be really, really fast. Number two, after it’s done, I’m gonna spend up to, you know, $2,000 promoting this on Facebook to make sure that everybody hears the podcast, gets to listen to you.

Number three is my entire customer list. You know maybe it’s not huge right now but I’m gonna go and I’m gonna do a big promotion for anybody who listens to the podcast to get a free copy of your book. In fact, I would love to buy a 100 copies of your book I can just give away to my listeners. Four, now I know you are a big believer in OUR, it’s the charity you believe in. What I’ll also do is, in the podcast episode I’m gonna tell everyone to go to so they can watch the documentary you created, so you can spread that mission. And number five, I’ll promote that to my entire email list so that they can understand about it.

That way you only spend seven minutes of your time. What’s gonna happen is, you’re gonna sell a bunch of books, you’re going to get the message about OUR out there to the world, blah blah blah blah blah, right? So now it’s like, holy cow, look at the benefit for me. Look at all these things he’s gonna do for me in exchange for my seven minutes of my time. That would have gotten me to take the card to my office. Instead I looked at it and I kind of smiled and I put it into the trash.

And so, hopefully the person who sent this listens to it because it’s a good idea for them. But for all of you guys, I want you thinking about that. When you’re asking somebody for something, and it doesn’t matter how small it seems to you. Like seven minutes might seem like a small thing for you, but for me seven minutes is never seven minutes either. You know, there’s gonna be 10, 15 minutes of prep time, I have to stop whatever I’m doing to do this thing. So that means it’s almost 15, 20, maybe 30 minutes of swing time for me to do a seven minute interview, right? If I was to sell that it would be 5000 bucks or more. So it’s like, hey, I gotta go make at least $5000 worth of value for Russell for him to take this time out to go and do the thing, right? So start thinking about every single time you’re asking somebody for anything it’s just coming back realizing I need to make an offer, I need to make an irresistible offer.

ClickFunnels™ Brunson Stack

ClickFunnels™ Brunson Stack

Even though it seems like seven minutes is not that big of a deal, it’s huge for Russell. Or it’s huge for whoever you’re promoting or you’re pitching on whatever the thing is that you wanna do. It’s the same skill if you ask an affiliate, if you’re asking your an interview, if you’re asking a customer. We need to become better at creating irresistible offers, okay? I’m gonna preach that over and over and over and over and over again. In fact, we’re working on a challenge where we’re gonna be working with you guys to get your first 1000 bucks, or get you to your first million, whatever the next, the next one from aways that you’re looking for for your business.

The majority of what that thing is gonna be is teaching us how to create a irresistible offer. And so you’ve really gotta start thinking about every single aspect of your life. If I was gonna ask a girl out today, I’m not gonna come out and be like, hey do you want to go on a date with me? I’m gonna say, I’ve gotta create an irresistible offer for her. I’m gonna say, hey, I don’t know if you know, but there’s this really cool band that’s coming to town. They’re one of my favorite bands in the world.

What we’ll do is before we go to the concert we’ll go get sushi, ’cause that’s my– be like, what’s your favorite food? Sushi? Cool, we’re gonna go get sushi, and we’re gonna go to the concert. After the concert, a bunch of us are hiking up this mountain and we’re gonna watch the sunset or the sunrise, or something. It’s gonna be amazing, so whatever, right?  So I’m gonna create a really good offer, ’cause then it’s like, then the person we’re asking on a date’s not saying okay, do I want to spend the night with this person or not?

They’re saying, holy cow, if I spend the night with this person look at the benefits that come back to me. What’s in it for me? That’s what your prospect is always saying, no matter what the offer is. No matter what the pitch is. No matter if you are pitching a date, pitching a promotion, pitching an interview, pitching a sell, whatever it is they’re always thinking what’s in it for me? So you have to make that so irresistible. How do you create, how do you make a stack slide?

Like go back to Expert Secrets, study the stack slide section. Making a stack slide for everything. Literally everything, your entire goal is just make the thing that you are asking them so much more valuable than the thing you’re trying to get in return, okay. If it’s money, if it’s time, if it’s whatever. Make the thing you’re offering them so much more valuable than what you’re asking in return that they have to say yes.

ClickFunnels™ Brunson Stack: If you want more videos like this, that’re gonna show you the actual step by step, the how to, please subscribe to the channel, turn on notifications. I’m gonna keep on dropping gold and dropping bombs for you guys because it is your time. The opportunities are here and I want you guys to grab your piece of the opportunities that are here in the backside of 2018. ClickFunnels™ Brunson Stack

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ClickFunnels™ Make Sales – How To Create One that Actually Makes Money

How To Sell A Product Online And Sell  Anything To Anyone Using This One Tactic

ClickFunnels™ Irresistible Offer – How To Sell A Product Online To Anyone

ClickFunnels™ Irresistible Offer

ClickFunnels™ Irresistible Offer: In this video I will not only teach you how to sell a product online I will show you how to sell ANYTHING to anybody by creating an irresistible offer that no one will pass up. Because if you are watching this, you want to know how you can make money online and you want to change your life and your business for the better. ClickFunnels™ Irresistible Offer

ClickFunnels™ Irresistible Offer

– [Russell] What’s up everybody, this is Russell again, and I have a little bit of a rant, and I hope you guys are okay with that because it’s something that I keep trying to get people to understand and they keep not understanding. So, no offense to anybody ’cause I probably said it, a lot of places, and maybe they need to hear it.

So I’m telling you guys right now, right here, so you will hear it and you will understand. So a lot of people come into my world, into the funnel world and they’re like I’m selling stuff on Amazon or Shopify, I’m selling physical products. And so I was grabbing some examples of physical products. Maybe you’re selling supplements, or you’re selling jars, or you’re selling buttons, or selling markers, like, whatever it is you’re selling, and they’re going through this stuff and you’re like funnels are really, really cool. So, how’s it’s gonna work? And I tell you, I’m like go read this book Expert Secrets.

For anybody who thought Expert Secrets was only about selling information products, you missed the whole point of the book. Please stop, go find your copy of the book, start at the very beginning, and this time look at it from a, through a lens of whatever it is that you are selling. If you’re selling physical products, info products, something that’s network marketing, whatever it is you’re selling, this book is the blueprint for that. If you’re saying well this doesn’t work for you because in my business I don’t do this. Instead start thinking and going, how can I use this in my business?

That should be the thing going through your mind is, how can I use this for my business?, Not, oh, I can’t use this for my business. People are saying, well Russell, my business is different. No, it’s not different, you’re just not doing it right. Start thinking how do I actually implement this into my business? For example, a lot of people are like, Russell this works for you, because you have a software company. Every other software company that I’m competing against does not do this.

ClickFunnels™ Irresistible Offer

If I were to release this four years ago and told people to read this, they’d be like, well this doesn’t work for SAAS, I’m not selling information products. It’s like, no! Like, you’re not seeing me actually do this to sell SAAS, to sell software as a service. It works for that it works for supplements this works for everything. So I wanna kind walk you through just some really quick like two minute breakdown how this concept works with physical products. So again the comment yesterday I thought was like Russell there’s no face to my company so this isn’t gonna work. My first thing would be you need to have a face to your company.

There’s a reason why there’s a face at ClickFunnels™ ’cause people can connect with a human being. If there’s not a face, not a person you become a commodity and the people are gonna go off price, go off of what feature they got, this feature versus this feature. If you have a face, a personality, people will bond with you and they will follow you to the end of the world. That’s number one. Number two. This whole book is about how to create offers.

Figure out what you’re marketing and actually creating an actual offer. In fact the same concept is how I became a great affiliate. So I’m gonna do this. So let’s say if you’re selling physical products. Let’s say for example Organifi. So Organifi, this is my buddy Drew’s supplement. It’s a really good supplement. I take it every single day. There’s a picture of Drew on the back for those who are watching the video.  Drew’s funnel, and I love these guys, their funnel is not the best funnel in the world. The copywriting is not that good. The sales are not that good but what do they have? They’ve got a personality, a brand, a person, a human that people trust, they like, they know, and they follow him through this movement which is why they’ve done so well with Organifi.

Now if I was gonna go sell Organifi as an affiliate first I look at saying okay they’re selling a product here. How can I make this an offer? So I’d say okay, if I want to be your affiliate I’m gonna take this product, I’m gonna create an offer around it. So okay, if I wanna sell to become the number one affiliate which I could very easily and all of you guys could do this. You pick any product new. Say okay, someone who’s buying this what else do they need to be successful? Oh they have Organifi.

ClickFunnels™ Irresistible Offer

What if they need to know how to eat or drink for that? So I’m gonna make a book or a video course teaching the 30 day juice reset. They got a green drink, they got a juice reset diet, what else do they need? When they’re juicing they’re trying to sleep better nights. Maybe this is like the sleeping system, like the greens sleeping system. Or maybe it like they want some more recipes, so I would go and try to make a whole bunch of recipes and ways to turn these green drinks into really healthy foods and I don’t know, whatever you do.

But I’m gonna create a whole bunch of things. I put a bunch of things together and I make an offer with a total value of blank. And then I would go back to all people buying Organifi, hey you can buy Organifi and get it for I don’t know a hundred bucks they sell it here, or you can get the same offer here, I’m gonna give you Organifi plus this, plus this, plus this, and like I make an actual offer. I’m gonna go out there and destroy every other affiliate including them selling their own product.

There have been affiliates, times I’ve gone and promoted somebody’s product and actually sold more of the product than the actual product owner. I did that by turning their product into an offer, and make it irresistible. Now take it to the next level, so I just create an offer and now it’s like now it’s creating a brand, a person, a movement behind this. Dave Asprey did it so good with Bulletproof. Where his whole, he had his story now of him, he was overweight, he lost a bunch of weight, he was hiking the, I can’t remember the whole story, hiking the Himalaya Mountains and these guys gave him some yak butter tea.

He drank yak butter tea. He felt good, his brain was lit on fire. He writes he needs to put butter in his coffee, and Dave started this movement where people are putting butter in the coffee. It’s this weird thing he did. Same thing, I’d be like, this. Here’s my product, here’s an offer I’ve created goes with it, and what’s the movement? What are people tapping into besides just that? Who am I, what’s my story? I need to share the story.

Why did I create this? What was the reason? What was the purpose? Look at Drew. Drew had a whole story about why he created Organifi. What was the reason? What was the story behind it? For you guys, if you want to transition from selling physical products, or network marketing product or eCommerce or if you’re an affiliate selling other people’s products. It doesn’t matter what it is. The system, the process is the same. It’s taking that thing and turning it from a commodity into an offer. Number two then is who am I actually selling this to? Trying to sell it to everybody’s gonna be hard. When you start creating offers, it’s really fun. This is why goes through, going through the 2 Comma Club X program right now.

ClickFunnels™ Irresistible Offer

ClickFunnels™ Irresistible Offer

We’re talking about picking your market and creating your offer to match it, ’cause this right here is a cup that anybody who drinks coffee could do, the problem is it’s a commodity that the price drives down. But in choosing the right market, the price actually goes up on this. If this is the coffee cup for biohackers, coffee cup for entrepreneurs who want to drink Bulletproof coffee on the go, suddenly this becomes super more valuable. Pick the right market to actually go after.

Now the price went up. Now that the price went up, now I know the submarket that I’m in. Now I create an offer that relates exactly to that market. Suddenly this $8 cup becomes worth $60 or $100 or more. Then you get a whole bunch of people doing that together who are all part of that, they all took the same offer, they’re all part of the same market that you have created and then I can go and tell my story.

Whey did I create this? What was the reason, what was the purpose behind it? People buy into that storyline, and then from there it creates a movement. Then I get a whole bunch of people buying this and my offer and they know my story, they know who I am and then guess what happens? In a month from now, six months from now, a year from now, when I decide, hey this is really good now I want to create my next product. Now you have the following in place.

Now you have the people in place that actually care ’cause they’re connected to you and your story and your mission and your movement. Now, when my second product line comes out I can sell exactly what it is they want and then boom, this is when you start incrementally, not incrementally, it starts growing very very rapidly, your company. That’s why I always tell people take any physical product brand, wrap the Expert Secrets model around it, and you will 100X your company overnight. It’s like giving it a shot of adrenalin. That’s it! That’s the magic.

ClickFunnels™ Irresistible Offer: That’s the big secret is shifting that thought in your head from oh this doesn’t work for my business to how can I make this work for my business? If you want more videos like this, that’re gonna show you the actual step-by-step, the how-to, please subscribe to the channel, turn on notifications, I’m gonna keep on dropping gold, dropping bombs for you guys, because it is your time. The opportunities are here. I want you guys to grab your piece of the opportunities that are here and in the backside of 2018. ClickFunnels™ Irresistible Offer


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