How To Triple Your Exposure… 2CCX Mastermind Cruise Part 2 | FHTV Ep 118

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise – How To Triple Your Exposure

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise: The Two Comma Club X cruise was not only incredibly fun but also dropped so much value! In this episode of Funnel Hacker TV Behind the Scenes we are giving you our favorite highlights from Myron Golden’s wealth mindsets talk, Stephen Larson on business problem solving, and so many others! ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

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(ship horn blaring) (driving beat rock music) – Those are the people you take advice from. – What is the next step? (waves crashing, birds cawing) – So what I want you to do, I want you to stand up, I want you to put your hands together for Miss Julie Stoian right there, everybody! (crowd cheering and clapping) – So I wanna talk about two really big problems that entrepreneurs have.

The first is perfectionism. And the one over here is when we try to cut too many corners because we’re in that desperate situation where we’re tryin’ to make money, and we’re tryin’ to get things done fast. It’s like growth hacking gone bad, right? We start creating really crappy foundations for our business. And over here is perfection. This is like obsession. This is when nothing gets launched, or you’re constantly throwing things away. So products with shortcuts are crappy products.

Perfect product is it important?: ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

Products with a perfectionistic owner don’t ever see the light of day. There are two truths that you have to hold in tension. The first is that you should take action as fast as possible with a minimum viable product, and you should not worry about it being perfect. What is on this other zone? This is the other tension, this is the other truth. Over-delivery, excellence, all that kinda stuff. When you can do both well, because they seem like at first they’re in competition with each other, right? Minimum viable product doesn’t have to be perfect, but I thought we were supposed to over-deliver and be awesome and create a new opportunity.

It can’t be improvement, it has to be amazing, right? These two things are both true. They hold in tension, and when you can stay comfortable in that tension, you will be far more productive than if you start to fall outside of that. (steel drum island music) – We just flew over that, and it’s a full rainbow now, it literally just got better. – [Sam] And then what happened? – And then a cop showed up. – [Sam] Luckily they didn’t see anything, right? – Lucky they didn’t see anything yet. We think we’re okay. – [Sam] They’re right there. – Just be cool. We don’t look like filmmakers, I think. – My name’s Miles, and I’m a filmerographer. What’s your name? – I’m Dan. I’m Dan Usher. I don’t wear sunscreen. I love filming cool stuff. (Miles laughing) I fly drones through rainbows and stuff. Invade personal privacy quite a bit. Sam– – [Miles] Okay. – [Dan] What is up? – Uh, yeah. My name’s Sam. I help him with all of the criminal activity that we do when it comes to filmmaking.

2018 Year in Review Video

: ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

(upbeat poppy rock music) – [Russell] Today we are in St. Thomas. – It’s gonna be amazing. There’s some really cool things we’re gonna learn about the island, which I have no idea about, ’cause I’ve never been here before, so I’m super-stoked to be here. They said some of the trees kill you, so I’m hoping we survive. (upbeat poppy rock music) – We’re here to get one shot of Russell speaking a line for the 2018 Year in Review video.

The only problem is we’re going into this. – [Sam] Oh, that’s rain. That’s a lotta rain. I point at it, and then if we cut to this. – [Russell] Okay, above or back? – [Sam] Uh, above. – [Russell] K. – Which motivated us to do lots of crazy stuff, like kayaking in a storm. If you haven’t yet, click above to subscribe. – Boom! – Subscribe! – [Man] Whoa! – So that was rad. It was actually pretty cool, man. – That was a good shoulder workout for me. (upbeat poppy rock music) – Twice I pinched Colette, and she thought it was a shark, so that was the best part. (multiple people laughing) –  There’s crabs all over. There’s hermit crabs crawling around. – [Man] Really? – We’re about to start the hermit crab race, so I want you guys to find a fast crab. You’re looking for one with mental toughness and good people skills. –

The real reason why people are not successful: ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

[Announcer] Start your engines! (crowd roaring) (engines revving) – And three, two, one, let’s go! – [Man] C’mon, Monster! – [Man] Let’s go, Darrell! (engines roaring) – [Kels] C’mon, Bageera! – Bageera! That’s a great name, Kels. – [Announcer] Here he comes, (engines roaring) here he comes, here he come, and it gets ‘im! – [Man] The outer circle. The first one to get to the outer circle first wins. (engines roaring) – [Announcer] Here’s the checkered flag! –

Yeah! (laughing and cheering) – Woo! I won! That’s my boy, that’s my boy! (upbeat poppy rock music) – We came here, we kayaked, then we hiked, took pictures by the blowhole, drenched us all, we got soakin’ wet, it was a lot of fun. And now we’re back. I think we’re gonna find somethin’ to eat, and then we’re back on the boat. So that’s the game plan now. (upbeat poppy rock music) (waves crashing) – Let’s put our hands together for Mr. Stephen Larsen! (cheering and clapping) – Thank you, man. K. Questions invite revelation.

And a lot of the time, the reason why people are not successful in this, is they have no idea what they’re trying to solve. If you don’t know the problem you’re trying to go solve, I’m gonna consume everything. I’m gonna read everything, I’m gonna take in every guru, I’m gonna go through every single course, even though Russell gave us this amazing framework. I’m like, look pathway, this square, square, there’s literally these checkboxes. I’m still gonna go consume all of it. Go on every single Facebook Live.

Focus on real problem master your mindset: ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

Stop learning everything. Don’t learn, I do not learn generally, like in a general sphere anymore. You have got to know the immediate problem you’re tryin’ to solve in front of you. This is cool, ’cause it gives you clarity and emotional license to drop off all the other garbage and noise that runs inside of our heads. Nothing else matters. Any other spur of the moment that looks attractive kind of opportunity that pops in my way. No, no, no, no. Because I don’t know how to solve that yet.

Let me get distracted by another course, another thing, another thing, another thing. It’s not that they’re not helpful. It’s that for you to actually make money, it is likely not the answer. It is what is the next step, right? And then, what’s the next step? And you’re never going to see all of them. Ever! I never do! I have an idea of what I wanna build this year, and some of it just scares the crap out of me, ’cause I’m like, whoo, okay, I’m really pumped about it, I know where I’m going to go. In between, there’s a lot of unknowns.

Entrepreneur Mindset: ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

Welcome to entrepreneurship. Okay? Ambiguity land. All right? And so, all I do is focus on, like, the three steps, that, all right, I kinda know the three things I needa do. Great! That means I know everything I need to know. K, I have everything I need to know. And I just take that one step. Crap! How do I place that? Book, book, book. Book, book, book. Book, book, book, hunt, hunt, hunt, hunt, hunt. Next step. And that’s how you do that. Okay, I really appreciate you guys, and hopefully that was helpful. (cheering and clapping) – So, Russell got his books this morning. He had a huge stack of them. And he went out on a speed boat and hid them personally. Nobody knows where they are. And now we’re sailing out as the Two Comma Club, the Two Comma Club pirates to find these special books and secrets hidden along the Bahamas. We don’t know where they are, but it’s our mission to find them. (horn blowing) (chimes) (hollering) (eerie vocal music and chimes) (horn blowing) – Hey! We’ve been here! We’ve been here the entire time. – Oh. Damn. (laughs) – All right, the cruise ship just landed in Nassau.

We just jumped off, we’re finding the taxi right now to head over to Atlantis, where we are gonna get some videos, have some fun, and hopefully swim with some sharks. (upbeat poppy rock music) – [Man] What are you up to right now? – We’re about to go down a water slide that shoots you through a shark tank. An actual shark tank. Totally awesome. – So entrepreneurs suck at vacations, typically. So that’s why we act like we’re vacationing while we’re making videos the whole time! So people think we’re relaxing. We are producing. Memories fade. Videos last forever.

Difference of Clickfunnel and Lead Pages? : ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

Unless YouTube shuts you down. That sucks. – Is this the spot, Dan? – It works. It’s just a bit intense. I hope you don’t lose the laptop. – All right, check this out. So he’s got his phone with the lines right there on the phone. (laughs) – Feed into the funnel, and it increases how much money you make, and how you get more emails. – Hey Russell. I got this. – You just– Oh, thank you. – Over the years, we’ve gotten a ton of great feedback from you guys, which is why we’ve worked hard this year to deliver over 290 updates. Desktop notifications. I dunno where to go! (old fashioned TV show theme music) –

So you’re an entrepreneur and you don’t use ClickFunnels™? – I’ve never even heard of ClickFunnels™. Is that like Lead Pages? (laughing maniacally) – My first big financial aha was this. It is easier to make a lot of money in a short period of time, than it is to make a little money over a long period of time. That was my first financial breakthrough. Any track stars in here? Where my track stars? That ran track in high school, anybody? What is your name, sir? – [Brennan] Brennan! – Brendan? – [Brennan] Brennan. – Brennan, Brennan. You ran track, what did you run? – Triple jump, and– – Triple jump. – Four-by-one.

Okay, so I had polio as an infant. I’ve had a metal brace on my leg my whole life. I did not run track, okay? So let’s say Brennan and I, we get in a race, we’re gonna do a mile race. Can you run a mile? – [Brennan] Yes. – Okay. So we’re gonna do a mile. But how many of y’all would agree that it wouldn’t be fair to go the same distance, yes? (crowd murmurs) Okay. So… Brennan, you said you can run a mile, right? – [Brennan] Yup. – K, he’s gonna run a mile. I’m gonna go two miles. Oh crap, I’m so dyslexic.

Leverage Your Ability: ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

Did I say it backwards? (crowd laughing) I said it backwards. Anyway, but I’m stuck with it because I’m a man of my word. So how many y’all know Brennan’s gonna win? Yes? (crowd murmuring) Brennan’s gonna win, right? Everybody say unless. – [Crowd] Unless. – Unless Brennan’s running and Myron’s on a bicycle. Because I said he’s gonna run a mile, I said I’m gonna go two miles.

Now watch this. I can go farther, faster, and use less energy because you can always make up and leverage what you lack in ability. And so many people go through life trying to improve abilities that they don’t have instead of looking for leverage to compensate for the things they don’t have. See, what most people won’t do is they won’t stop running hard long enough to find leverage that can get them to where they desire to go that much faster. So it’s easier to make a lot of money in a short period of time than it is to make a little money over a long period of time.

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

Start To Look For Leverage: ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

But you have to stop running and start looking for leverage. So that’s some wealth mindset stuff that hopefully’ll help somebody. (cheering and clapping) – [Interviewer] What are you about to do? – Oh, we’re about to do this funnel right here. Never done this before. We got the four of us boys ready to go. – [Interviewer] And conditions are a little windy, huh? – It’s a bit windy out here – A little windy! – We’ll have a good time. We’re gonna have a good time. (upbeat horn music) (wind blowing) – Ahh! – Wow! One funnel away! (easy listening jazz music) (record scratches to stop) (squeaking)

– You guys thought we were gonna learn traffic today. We’re actually not, we’re gonna like dance and such. And, forward. And back. And side, close, side. And back, right, forward, left, side, close, side. You guys gettin’ it? – [Crowd] Yeah! – K. Give ’em a hand. (crowd clapping) It’s looking good, looking good. Hey, we’re on vacation, right? (crowd cheering and clapping) I’m gonna write a headline on the spot.

The Magic of Funnel Hacker TV: ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

The magic trifecta that Russell Brunson uses to triple his content production by only working once. Anyone know that? – [Crowd] Yes. – K. The what, why, and how trifecta. K? Funnel hacking. Right? Funnel hacking. Watching what Russell does, seeing the funnels that he builds, buying and what are the upsells, how does he do it, what’s happening? That’s the what. What’s coming out, right, what’s being released, what’s being produced? That said he also produces a how. And you’ll see that on FunnelHacker TV. You’ll see him vlog, and you’ll watch how he’s producing the what. And then, you tune into his podcast, and in his podcast, you’ll notice it’s different in his podcast.

The FunnelHacker TV is very surface level how. Oh look, here’s what Dave’s doin’, here’s what Russell’s doin’, here’s what Julie’s doin’ today, here’s what Russell, here’s what John’s doin’, and all these things, and here’s all the teams interacting, and it’s, I’m traveling over here, and, this is the how and how I produce what ends up getting delivered to the world, right? But his podcast is where you get a one-on-one in Russell’s brain why. Why he’s doing it. Why he’s doing it the way he’s doing it, what he’s thinking about, to produce. You know, like why he’s going through the how to produce the what. But what if you could double your followers, engagement, and depth of understanding you and connecting with you by producing a how type thing? You can do whatever you want.

Facebook Live better than Vblog: ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

You can do a Facebook Live, whatever makes sense to you. Doesn’t have to be a vlog. Maybe you wanna do a vlog, right? And then how, and then why aren’t you also doing a why, you know? A why. So this trifecta right here. You’re already doing the what, and you’re already doing the stuff. Just record it. Be vulnerable. Be open, and record yourself doing the thing that you’re gonna sell, and then talk to people as to why you’re doing the thing that you’re gonna sell. And you’re already doin’ it anyway, you might as well just have someone hold the camera, or whatever, and talk to them a bit more. And now you’ve tripled the exposure people have to you, without doing anything more. Is that cool? – [Crowd] Yeah! (clapping and cheering) – [Host] Awesome, you guys, let’s give it up for Mr. John Parks right here! (clapping and cheering) ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

– Hey, I heard Two Comma Club guys are doing karaoke tonight. So let’s go inside to hear how that sounds like. ♪ And I found it there in your heart ♪ ♪ To fall, and it turns out he was ♪ ♪ Longer ♪ ♪ Now he’s a superstar ♪ ♪ Slamming on his guitar ♪ ♪ At first, I know, it starts inside of me ♪ – Owww! (crowd cheering and clapping) Boom! – There are war ships. There are tall ships. And there are small ships. But the best ships are the friendships like we’ve made here this week with each and every one of you. Salut, thank you. (heartfelt upbeat instrumental music) – [Russell] You know, a year ago, when we first started talking about this, we kinda had this vision, like wouldn’t that be cool if we did a cruise? And I was honestly, ’cause the introvert in me was like nervous about it. But now, twelve months later, having it happen, and having the experience that everybody, I wouldn’t change it for anything. We had such a good time.

The Best Business Partnerships: ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

And I think everybody grew a ton while being here on the boat. (pins clatter) – [Man] No way! – [Russell] And I think the biggest and the best business partnerships and deals happen in a situation like this where you can get past the formal, like, hi, how you doin’, and like actually find out who people are, and what they care about, and how you can serve them, and how they can serve you, and it just changes the game completely from a business partnership and friendship standpoint. You’re able to put your guard down and relax, and really connect, because you’re sharing these amazing new experiences together. I hope that you can put this in your calendar for next year, make it a goal to be on the Two Comma Club cruise because this is an experience that will completely change your business, and it’ll probably change your life as well. (heartfelt upbeat instrumental music) – Two Commas forever, baby! (crowd cheering)

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Inside Look At The 2CCX Cruise And Mastermind Part 1 FHTV Ep 117

Funnels Mastermind Cruise – Inside Look

Funnels Mastermind Cruise

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise: Feeling some FOMO for missing the 2 Comma Club X cruise? Not to worry, because in this episode of Funnel Hacker TV Behind the Scenes we are giving you our favorite highlights. You won’t want to miss Russell Brunson talking about why we procrastinate or James P. Friel on how to set goals and achieve them. Funnels Mastermind Cruise

Funnel Hacker TV: Funnels Mastermind Cruise

(ship’s horn blasts) (upbeat music) – Yes! (laser gun blasts) (glasses clink) – Identity shapes behavior. (waves splashing) (seagulls caw) – Who’s ready for a week of networking and schmoozing while Caribbean cruising? Where profitable business is done while on vacation, and having fun. Woo! Two Comma Club cruises, let’s get ready to rock that boat! Woo-hoo! (upbeat music) – Hey, my name is Joanie, I just flew in from Seattle. – From Italy – I’m from Slovakia. –

From New Jersey. – We getting ready to go to the cruise, ah! – [PA] I’d like to take this opportunity and welcome you onboard the beautiful Norwegian Bliss. (pump-up electronic music) (boat foghorn) – Alright we’re officially at sea and we’re having our first official meeting here. We’ve got everybody gathered around about to tell them what’s happening to tell them what to plan on, and then I think we’re eating dinner cause I’m starving, hoping, hoping there’s time after this. Alright, let me get ready. (cheering) (whistling) –

The trip’s gonna be fun. I think a lot of people asked are we gonna be in meetings all day, or are we gonna be goofing off? The answer’s however you want it to be. Don’t stress out about it. If you sleep in, don’t be like, aww I’m late for the meeting. It’s okay, we’re on a cruise. (laughter) – Ahoy there, maties! (laughter) – [All] Ahoy! – Are you guys ready to have fun? (cheering) After this next is – [All] Everything! (cheering) (whistling) – Goodbye, bad weather! – Goodbye, civilization! – Goodbye, house chores! – Goodbye, work! – Goodbye, cooking! (cheering) – [Man With Captain’s Hat] We want people to be comfortable and relaxed and have that mindset of prosperity, inspiration, and profit. And I’m not awake yet. – I wanna go ahead and bring to stage Mister James P. Friel.

Right there, guys. (cheering) (clapping) – Is the very first thing you need to do is adopt and identity. What is the identity of somebody who has the habit that you already want to have? For me, it was being a drummer. And I was like, well, if I’m a drummer, I gotta practice like a drummer, right? If I had just said I’m not a drummer, I’m gonna do a completely different set of things. Identity shapes behavior.

Setting Goals: Funnels Mastermind Cruise

And behavior shapes outcomes. So, the first type of goal is called a result goal. That means this is the end thing that I’m trying to accomplish. Right, it could be, I want a million-dollar funnel. The second goal: process goals. So, the process goal is that the thing that I’m doing on a regular basis the thing that I do every single day What are the chances of me achieving and accomplishing the result goal if I never do the process goal? Zero.

This is why we don’t achieve our goals. – You’re saying work on a habit ’til it becomes a habit, right? – [James] Yeah. – But then if I don’t see the results from it, what happens, I think probably to, I know some of us in here, we’ve talked, you move on to the next thing. – [James] Yeah. – You move on to the next thing, you move on to the next thing, and then you’re spinning your wheels. – Yeah, no, it’s amazing question. It’s aligning your expectations with what you think is reasonable and then consistently doing small, simple things to get there and not uprooting the plant before it has the chance to start sprouting. Thank you guys so much for your attention. I appreciate it. (cheering) (clapping) – Killer. Accountability, process, identity, habits.

Ties it all together. (shouts) – [All] Whoa! – Thank you! – We are at teppanyaki, and the food has been absolutely amazing. (spatulas making beats) They make beats with their spatulas. (spatulas making beats) They make jokes all night. – “♪ Rollin’ Rollin’ down the river!” – [Man] It’s basically a fun family event for a little while. – In the hat! (clapping) (beat begins) – [Automated Voice] Ten Nine (shouting in slow motion) Eight Seven Six Five Four Three Two One Game over. (maniacal laughter) – So, we’re trying to get viral footage of laser tag, and they’re not letting the camera guys in, so Blake snuck in the back door and slipped in, and we’re watching the big monitors of the game, and we just saw Blake running around filming all these little kids.

Funnels Mastermind Cruise


Setting Goals: Funnels Mastermind Cruise

He doesn’t know we’re not even in that session. (laughter) Which is pretty awesome. – I was by myself. [Man] We were watching you the whole time. (electronic music) – Guess where we are? We are actually, I have no idea where we are. Tortilla. Tortuga. We’re on the Two Comma Club X Cruise, and you should be here. Why aren’t you here? Look at this place. (electronic music continues) – You. Should. Be. Here! (music picks up) – [Man] Goin’ to the baths at Tortola. Apparently, it’s this secluded place, and, because the group is big enough, they can charter a private ship for us, so a little boat, so look where we’re going. – You got me looking green? – [Cameraman] You look like the Hulk. (laughter) (upbeat electronic music) – So, I feel good.

Bruce Banner’s back: Funnels Mastermind Cruise

The green has gone down. Bruce Banner’s back. I’m good. (music continues) – [Cameraman] So, what’s it like being around all the funnel hackers out here? – We actually get to connect and meet people in a relaxed setting, so we actually get to make some great connections. – [Man] It’s always more fun traveling to destinations and seeing awesome sights around the world while still meeting new people and doing business.

We’re under the palm trees, we’re laying on the white sand beaches, we’re snorkeling with each other, you know, we’re walking through caves. The environment is providing such an atmosphere of relaxation. – [Man] That’s part of what being a funnel hacker is. You know? Being able to give yourself the freedom to go travel and to work remotely. (bell dings) (intense music) (shouting in slow motion) – What?? (shouting in slow motion) (tiger roars) – One! Two! Three! (bell dings) (cheering) – Funnels Mastermind Cruise

Yes! Yes! Yes! Ten people! Oh my gosh, get me out. First ride. (festive music) – Amazing talent. I’m trying to practice kicking my leg up that high, but right now my leg’s now this high. – We just watched the vanna show. We had second row seats. It was pretty fun. He loves those kinda things, so it was really good, but now I’m all butterflies, like how do you follow a dance act like, let’s talk about business? Ahh. – Okay, so we’re gonna do a shot that’s really important for an ad, so I need you guys’ help. (laughter) It’s gonna be slightly awkward for me.

Build a Business: Funnels Mastermind Cruise

It’s gonna be really awkward for me. Slightly awkward for this guy too. I’m gonna hold the book. He’s gonna put his arms around me, so you get the shot. I need you guys to What do you want me to do? To reach like you’re trying to grab the book. I don’t know his vision, but I promise it’ll be amazing afterwards. (laughter) (cheering) (camera shutter snaps) (cheering) Can I get it? (laughs) Oh, wow. You guys are entrepreneurs.

The goal is not to go and build a business. It’s to build a team, and all of us entrepreneurs we have this big vision of what we want to create, right? How many of you guys have a vision of what you wannna do? What you wanna create? Okay? So, we have these big, huge visions over here, right? And then we’re like, alright, I’m gonna go execute on this vision, and you start running, boom, they start running toward the vision, right? Second, we have it, boom, we’re off to the race and start going towards our vision, we’re going towards our vision, going towards our vision, and all of a sudden, as we’re going through, there’s all these things that start coming up, right?

Like, there’s this and this and this and this and this, and every single time I would get hit with one of these hurdles, I would stop, and I would say, how in the world do I program? Okay, I don’t know, so I’m gonna go change my major in university to programming, and I’ll spend the next six years of my life learning programing so I can build Ziprander. That’s how my mind was.

Business Problem: Funnels Mastermind Cruise

That’s how most of our minds are, like, how do I do this? I have to figure it out! I’m gonna switch my major and learn it, right? And all of the sudden you go on this detour where you’re trying to figure out how in the world to do that thing, and this detour takes you on this path over here to a world that we call procrastination. The question how will lead you to procrastination.

The question of who will be here the fastest. Who already knows how to do that. Okay? You figure out the who, who already knows the how, that changes everything.

But it’s the who, not the how. And so, on our journey, the biggest problem that we have as entrepreneurs, if you’re struggling at any point in this thing, it’s because you’re going down this path and you’re like, I don’t know how to do it, I don’t know how to do it, and you get stuck in this path of procrastination.

Well, it’s super late, and like half of us are asleep, so I appreciate you guys hanging out for a minute, so that was actually really cool. I’ll see you guys in the morning. It’ll be super fun. I’m excited (laughs) (cheering) (clapping) – [Narrator] On the next episode of Funnel Hacker TV. (upbeat music) – [Cameraman] Oh, no. That’s a lot of rain. – Two, one, let’s go! – I won! – The dirt and the sweat – And now you’ve tripled the exposure people have to you – No, no, no – We’re here on St. Thomas. It said some of the trees kill you, so I’m hoping we survive.

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The One Big Takeaway From My Secret Mastermind And Dream 100 Con | FHTV Ep 111

ClickFunnels™ Secret Mastermind – Marketing Strategies To Get Audience

ClickFunnels™ Secret Mastermind

ClickFunnels™ Secret Mastermind: In this week’s episode, Russell Brunson dives a little deeper to talk about why putting out so many “hooks” is one of the key marketing strategies for your business. Set in the backdrop of Russell’s Mastermind and the Dream 100 con, Russell explains why testing your headlines allows you to see what is capturing attention in your audience. ClickFunnels™ Secret Mastermind

ClickFunnels™ Secret Mastermind

(smooth guitar music) – [Russell] Good morning everybody, this is Russell Brunson. Today I’m streaming from a little cabin in the middle of nowhere. These last few days I’ve been on a top secret retreat with a whole bunch of amazing business owners, and it’s been cool, it’s been interesting.

I’m about to jump on a helicopter with this guy. – Let’s go baby! – [Russell] Are you flyin’ it? – I’m flyin’. (laughs) – [Russell] Are you flyin’? – Yeah, I’m flyin’. – [Russell] How many of these do you own at this point? – Helicopters? – [Russell] Yeah. – I want a helicopter. (laughing) – I’m slackin’ Russell. – Oh man. – [Russell] It’s interesting what you learn about yourself because I know I’m introverted by nature and I just assume that at this point in my life that I’m not.

Especially around a group of people that are in my same world. I’m like, “Oh, this is gonna be so much fun.” I don’t know, it was tough for me a lot of times. Introverted Russell kept popping out and it was knowing that about myself, I was like, “Why do I feel so awkward “in so many situations that don’t make sense?” So for any of you guys who feel that sometimes and you don’t understand.

ClickFunnels™ Secret Mastermind

You’re like, “Why do I feel awkward here? “Why do I not feel comfortable?” It still happens, even to me, even among my peer group where it’s just tough sometimes. But we proudly got through it and made some great relationships which was cool. (upbeat guitar music) We went fly fishing and then we went hiking, then we went and shot guns.

Yesterday we went to go fly fishing. It’s funny, we go down there and they get me all set up and teach me how to do the casting, which that part is kind of cool, you try to figure it out. It was interesting because I’m noticing that there’s this hook, I’ll get my pole and throw it in, then pull it out, throw it in, pull it out, throw it out, pull. And doing this over and over and over I was looking at it and I was like, “This is so much like business, right?” You guys have heard me talk about the whole hook story offer framework which is like the foundation of everything we’re teaching nowadays.

You have to create an irresistible offer then you’ve gotta have a story that amplifies the value of that offer, and then you have to have a hook that stops ’em and grabs ’em right? In our world now everyone’s so busy through social media. There’s a million things happening every second. How do you grab someone? If our hook doesn’t convince the fish that it’s a worm or a bug or whatever, they’re not gonna come and bite the line, right? I think a lot of times some of us are trying this business, putting out your first thing and nobody bites.

ClickFunnels™ Secret Mastermind

Then you’re like, “The thing doesn’t work, “it isn’t working.” It’s like, “No, your hook didn’t work, right?” You gotta keep throwing hook in after hook after hook after hook. Half of what I do in this business is figuring out hooks to grab people. Every email I send is a hook.  Every Facebook live is a hook.

Trying all these different hooks to see which things people respond to. But it’s interesting because even to me, tons of my hooks fail, and tons of the different messages I put out there do not resonate with people, they don’t do anything with them. It’s really fascinating. The good news is nobody knows when I fail because nobody sees them because we don’t put much advertising dollars behind it ’cause the first hook didn’t catch any fish, right? The same thing for you.

You’ve gotta cast out all these different messages and headlines and hooks and things until you find something that somebody grabs onto. (peaceful orchestral music) Hey Brendon, where are we en route right now? – We are jumping in helicopters and we’re going to a lake. – Secretly. – A secret lake in Jackson Hole for some kayaking. We’re helicoptering in, kayaking around, and then getting these guys on airplanes. – So this is an Illuminati meeting and he is the head of the, no just kidding. (laughing) I think it’s Walker. Who’s the head of this organization anyway?

They literally brought the helicopter directly to the place we’re staying at. (lively rock music) – Alright, we’re here. We’re off to jump on those kayaks right there and they’re taking us into the river before we actually fly home in a few minutes. So that’s what’s happening. – You know something I’m just thankful for my father gave me a love of nature when I was young. So if you’re parents out there get your kids outside. (dramatic rock music) – Alright, good morning morning.

ClickFunnels™ Secret Mastermind

So I went to bed last night, sent all those images we were doodling on my bed over here, sent all these awesome things to Vlad and woke up this morning and guess what’s done? Boom, three types of traffic.  Pretty awesome. So now we got all the presentations I need for the event today with Dana Derricks. I’m giving a new presentation I’ve never done before that is actually the framework for the new Traffic Secrets book. I have a two hour time slot so for two hours I’m gonna be teaching the framework for my book, and I’m gonna see what hits and what doesn’t. So excited to try it out and hopefully it resonates with people.

So we’ll see. (laughing) Alright, wish me luck, I’m gonna go over my slides. – [Narrator] Dream 100 Con getting going! (upbeat pop music) – Mr. Russell Brunson! (crowd cheering) (crowd clapping) – Oh, well thank you guys so much. I am excited to be here, this is so much fun. I feel like I’m with a whole bunch of my family and friends. This event’s called Dream 100 Con, it’s about Dream 100, which is like the foundation of Traffic Secrets. This is the perfect audience and opportunity for me on a small scale to test out my material.

The third type of traffic, and this is the best and the most important, is the traffic that you own. My entire goal of our business, if you look at everything we’re doing from a traffic generation standpoint, is to convert traffic I can control, traffic that I earn into traffic that I actually own. ‘Cause if you own the traffic, that’s the secret sauce right?

ClickFunnels™ Secret Mastermind

ClickFunnels™ Secret Mastermind

And to feel what works, what doesn’t work, cut things out, move things around, and then I’m gonna start writing the book. But notice what I’m doing right, I’m throwing hooks out on the side of the thing, just throwing hook, hook, hook, trying to see what things people resonate with, what things people are gravitating towards. Jay Abraham taught me this initially.

So look, if you’re trying to find two adventure partners, Dream 100, first you gotta figure out is where does your product, your service, fit in the timeline of your dream customer, and you gotta figure out what are all the services they need before they come to you and what are all the services they need after they come to you. (lively rock music) (clapping) So for you, I want you just thinking about that. If you’re writing your webinar page, you’re doing your thing, and you haven’t been throwing out hooks, you’re just guessing.

You’re gonna write the first version of your book and you’re gonna get it back and it may suck. It may be awesome, you may have landed the first time, but you gotta go out on the road and test your material, and you should do it through all these different means. Do it through podcast interviews. Test out your framework. Test out your concepts and see what lands and what doesn’t. And then do the same thing on Facebook live, do it on your own page, do it on other people’s page.

ClickFunnels™ Secret Mastermind: You’re just testing out material the whole time so you can find out what lands and what doesn’t land. Hope it helps, guys. Time to start throwing some hooks and if you do that you’re gonna have a lot of fun. Alright, I gotta bounce, I gotta get everything packed up and get outta here so they don’t leave me, ’cause if I miss the helicopter flying me back to the airport, then I am screwed. So alright, thanks everybody. Appreciate you all, thanks for listening and we’ll talk to you soon. ClickFunnels™ Secret Mastermind


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How To Create A Mastermind Group: My Step By Step Blueprint | FHTV Ep. 109

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Secrets – How To Create A Mastermind Group

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Secrets

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Secrets: One of the ways success is measured is by the people that surround you. In today’s video, I will be showing you how to create a Mastermind Group. These gatherings help entrepreneurs to share ideas, enable mentorship, but mostly it allows your tribe to come together. ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Secrets

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Secrets

All the most successful groups of people throughout time have had a mastermind group. Think about king Arthur and the knights of the round table. You think about my group of people. The funnel hackers, like the illuminati. That’s actually probably a bad example, but all of us have a (mumbles) group of people where we get together and we share ideas, thoughts, passions to be able to get something even more successful than where we are today.

If you think about it, they always say that you are the average of your five closest friends in terms of how much money you make, how successful you are the things the vision, everything you’re doing is all based on the people you’re surrounding yourself with. And the right mastermind group can elevate you to the next level. (intense music)

So why should you have mastermind group? If you do have one, how do you actually run it? Well with my mastermind group, the way it works, we get together twice a year and it gives the chance to hold each other accountable. Every time before the next meeting happens, everybody’s so excited to get stuff done they promised they’d do last time ’cause they don’t wanna disappoint the rest of the group.

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Secrets

Number two, it gives you foresight and vision what to do next. It’s kinda like Wayne Gretzky. He said that the reason why he was so good is not because he knew how to find the goal, it’s ’cause he knew where the puck was going, because he knew where it was going, he was able to get there before everybody else, and the same thing true in the mastermind group.

You figure out the vision where you’re all going collectively, and you get there before everybody else. Other amazing benefits are you get some amazing collaborations. Your best partners are typically inside of your mastermind groups. One of my favorite things is it’s actually the best way to learn. It’s way better than our traditional education system.

Here I’m learning from people who are in the weeds doing it every single day as opposed to people that read theory about it in a book. And now I wanna tell you about how I created mine so that you get some insights to how you can create yours as well. (intense music) First things you gotta think about as you’re deciding to do your mastermind is what’s the topic? Every mastermind is themed around a topic.

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Secrets

Some around business building, some around fitness, some around financial planning. Whatever your market it, you gotta find that group of people to be interested. The second phase is then figuring out who are the right people in the room. Who could actually complement each other? Who’s ideas, if they were shared, would actually help the group grow together as opposed to competing and kinda tearing the group down, and really figuring out what’s your space in this ecosystem?

Why is your mastermind different or unique from anybody else’s? Why would some come all the way to you, to Boise, Idaho, or wherever you live, to be a part of your mastermind group? What is it that makes your special? Mine’s called the inner circle and what makes ours special is we’re the only mastermind group that specialized in sales funnels and using sales funnels to grow your companies.

That niche inside of all business buildings is what makes ours unique and makes ours different. You gotta figure out for yourself what makes yours different and that’s what’s gonna get the right people to come to you and be attracted into your group. Another example, my friend Stu, he’s got a huge mastermind group teaching people how to run membership sites.

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Secrets

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Secrets

Another one is Rhonda Swan. She lives all the way out in Bali, and she helps people to do branding, but also it’s a niche inside that where people actually wanna travel as well. So they’re traveling to Bali, they’re talking about travel, so it’s taking the people who want branding, people who want travel, and that cross section is what makes her mastermind magic.

It doesn’t matter what market you’re in, as long as you pick a market and find people inside that market who are interested in your topic, and bring those people together and collectively you all grow together. (intense music) All right, now one of the most important things when you’re building your mastermind is how you get the groups. The first thing is you have to run people through an application.

If you let everybody in, you have no idea what kind of crazy people can get into your room and destroy the whole group from the inside out. – All I’m– – Shh! – They’re gonna get– – Shh! – I– – Shh! – I’m just– – Shh! Knock, knock. – Who’s there? – Shh! – So we always have to have an application processes to get somebody in, to make sure the right fit for the group you’re trying to build.

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Secrets

Number two is when somebody’s in there, you have to be protective of your family, of the group you are building. Multiple times I’ve had to kick people out because they weren’t willing to share or they were takers and not serving the group as a whole. You have to be willing and okay with actually kicking people out and giving them their money back. And number three is you have to cap how many people are inside of the group.

As it started to grow, I decided I was gonna cap it off at 100 people. Which was the smartest thing I did. Two things happened. Number one, is it kept people in. People didn’t leave because the group was finite, and they didn’t want to lose their spot. We call it inner circle for life. If they leave, they can never come back in. once somebody is in, they’re in, and the second thing is that as soon as the spots are filled up, and no matter what happens, we do not sell more than our 100 spots.

At that point, the group is locked out and that way it keeps the family atmosphere because everybody keeps re-upping year in and year out, that family gets tighter and tighter, and everybody collectively as a whole, all their companies, all their businesses all grow together, and you see a bigger impact amongst the people you’re serving when you cap it and keep everybody within, as opposed to having a mastermind where new people are coming in and out every single week, every single month, and every single year.

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Secrets

So after you got your group and people are signed up for it and you’re gonna do it, then the next question is where do you do it? Do you do it virtually, do you do it online, or do you actually go somewhere to a physical location? I’m a big believer that there’s some magic that happens when people are together in a room that you kinda miss when you’re just online. So I’m a big believer in getting people into the room.

There’s two kind of places you can go. Some people like me, who’d like to stay close to home can do it in their hometown, or the other idea, which a lot of people do as well, is find a destination location. Go somewhere where people wanna go on vacation anyway, do the mastermind group, and then have a extended vacation right either before or after the mastermind as well.

Which is a good way to get people to want to go there, because not only are they going for your meeting, they’re going for their vacation as well. When people come in the room the very first time, we try not to just allow them to sit anywhere, ’cause they do that, they go sit by their friends and by the different relationships they already have, and when you’re super comfortable, it’s hard to be vulnerable, so what we do is we actually set the room and we move around the seats so you’re not sitting next to the people you’re super comfortable with, you sit next to people who are new so you can get to know them.

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Secrets

You can talk about them, and it’s the easiest way to start opening yourself up. And each time you come back in, all the seats are mixed up again. So you’re never sitting two days in a row next to the same person, and that way you get different perspectives and different insights than you would by hanging out with the same friends you know every single time.

(calming music) When they first come through the door, one of the things we give them besides the swag that we have them put on, is a notebook, and it’s always a new notebook, it’s completely blank from the very beginning, and the reason why we did that is after the first two or three years of giving out notebooks, we had one of our members, his name’s Jamie Amus, he came on stage and he held up three or four of his notebooks he had and he said, I’ve been in the mastermind group now for two years.

I’ve been through four meetings, and he said, every one of these notebooks I fill full of notes when I’m sitting in the room. He said, as I’ve gone home, every one of these has made me at least an extra million dollars. He says there’s four million dollars of value right here in this hand, and he said I’m back excited to start filling up book number five. And ever since then, we’ve always had a brand new clean, clear notebook for everyone as soon as they come to the door, because their next million idea is about to be put into that thing, and if they get it, they can take it home and they can execute on it.

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Secrets

(intense music) First it started really, really small, and I didn’t really know what I was doing, and if I’m completely honest, at first it was kind of boring. But what I wanted to talk about tonight is kind of a broad overview of the whole internet marketing business. And then I realized one of the secrets. Is if you run a mastermind group the way you run school, the way you run college, what happens is everybody falls asleep.

(grunting) And so we decided, okay we have to keep the energy up really, really high if we’re gonna have a successful experience, and people are gonna get the most out of it possible. So they come in the door, immediately they always get swag. When they come into the room, we have to have an ambiance, and a feel that feels a little bit different, ’cause we want this to be a marketing raid where people are learning, they’re enjoying it, but they’re not gonna fall asleep, so that’s why we’re consistently pumping oxygen into the room to make sure everybody stays awake.

That’s not actually true, we don’t do that, but that’d be awesome. (laughing) Between every single break, people don’t sit, everybody stands up and they walk and they move. Momentum will move you forward, momentum keeps your brain working and functioning at the highest level. If I’m gonna keep your energy high for two days, it can’t be like school. It has to be a different, unique experience. It has to be more like a club than your homeroom. Then the second layer is sound.

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Secrets

If it’s super quiet, it keeps the energy low. We gotta keep the energy high. Again, just like you’re in a dance club. So we have a DJ, next you have to have a whiteboard. Not any kind of whiteboard. It’s gotta be a big whiteboard with big markers so as you’re doodling fast, people can see everything from the very back of the room.

There’s nothing worse than mic runners and everybody’s waiting, it slows the energy down. So we have the mics that you can actually throw across the room. Keep the energy high, so the second someone’s got a question, you can address it, they can ask the question, throw it back. We keep the motion and keep the momentum moving forward the whole time.

Then we have all of the energy drinks. These are essential, ’cause most entrepreneurs have ADD, and we’re not used to sitting in a classroom behind a desk. In fact, most of us struggled or we failed out of school. When we’re siting in a desk, it kinda stresses us out, so we allow people to stand up to move. We let them drink energy drinks, ’cause we want nobody dozing off, feeling tired.

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Secrets

We wanna keep the energy level high the entire time. We also have energy gum. The stuff came from the military. If you chew that, then you will never fall asleep. The next step, we always bring food in. The food is very paleo. Lots of meats, lots of vegetables to make sure that nobody slows down both mentally or physically as we’re going throughout the day. (intense music) I’m gonna walk you through how we run our day here.

When the meeting first begins, I usually get up at the very beginning and kinda go through some of the ground rules and how the whole game’s gonna be played, because a lot of times there’s new people coming in so I explain how it’s gonna work and kinda set the tone for the day.

Welcome to inner circle, everybody. (cheering) So excited to have you guys here today. Immediately after that, then I transition into the biggest takeaways that I’ve gotten since the last six months I’ve been here. As a facilitator, I wanna make sure that I’m always bringing the best, the newest, the coolest stuff to share with them. The stuff they wouldn’t see anywhere else.

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Secrets

They’re not gonna see it in a product course or online anywhere else. Just the stuff that we’re seeing behind the scenes, and I just open up the curtains. I give them everything that we’re doing. So see exactly what we’re doing so they can then take those things and implement them back in their business.

To be the first isn’t the key, but it’s understanding how to actually design and execute on a category, and when you do that, and you become the category king, then it’s almost impossible to beat you, right? Then we break down and we have each person gets a chance to get up on stage and talk about their business.

So the way it begins is I grab the mic box and I scream their name at the top of the lungs, everybody stand up and give them a huge round of applause so we can set the tone and the energy right. We then have their song start playing as they walk up on stage. Together for Mr. James P (mumbles) (applause) Yeah. They’re given 30 times of time to go on and present to the audience.

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Secrets

The first 10 to 15 minutes, they have a chance to share their story, and to give anything that they’ve got, that they’ve learned inside their business, any of the big takeaways, the big ah-ha’s, the things that are working the best for them. They just give those to the group, and one of the biggest rules is you always provide value first before you ever ask for value back in exchange. So after they provide as much value as they can to the group, then the last 15 minutes they transition, and this is where they can ask the group for help.

Here’s the things they’re working on, thing they’re stuck, things they’re not sure about, things that they’re thinking about doing, they want feedback from the group before they actually do that. But we don’t hold things back. We tell them exactly what, not what they wanna hear but what they need to hear. We give them actual proof of validation of hey we tried this in my business and it didn’t work. ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Secrets

We saw it over her and it didn’t work. Instead you should be doing this. Sometimes it’s brutal, sometimes peoples’ dreams, and visions, and plans we kinda destroy them, but afterwards we build them back up and give them the foundation they need to actually move forward, so that way when they go back home and they start running, they’re running the right direction.

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Secrets

There’s nothing worse than running and doing everything right but you’re running in the wrong direction. We course correct, we get them on the right path, and make sure they’re running towards the right target. When they do that, they get to where they’re trying to get to a lot faster, and that’s the goal of the mastermind.

After you get off stage, then I grab the mic and I yell back, all right everyone stand up and you’re gonna walk and talk and share with the rest of the group the biggest takeaway you got from that person’s presentation. And everyone has a chance to then grab a new partner, walk around the room, and share the biggest ah-ha that they got from that person’s presentation.

One of the amazing byproducts of the mastermind that you don’t plan on when you show up that happens every single time is that you think you’re gonna get the most value when you’re on stage, but typically what happens is while you’re paying attention to serving that person, that’s when you get the biggest ah-ha’s for your own personal business.

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Secrets

So as you’re listening with those ears, listening for the ah-ha’s coming back down to you, and you grab those things, and as you’re walking, talking, you share them with the partner next to you, ’cause when you share them, it solidifies them, it cements them into your mind and it actually gives you something you can use when you go back home. As we walk around the room, we walk and talk, we keep the energy high while we’re switching up and getting the next person prepared for their chance to be on stage. When it’s all over, the last thing we do at the end of day number two is I allow every single person in the room to share the biggest takeaway they got. ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Secrets

The biggest problems you have when it comes to something like this, is you got a notepad full of thousands of different ideas. Which one are you gonna actually execute on? I have everyone spend a few minutes and look at everything and see what’s the biggest takeaway. If you were to take just one idea, one thought, one impression from the last two days, what would be the thing you’d implement that’d have the biggest impact on your life and on your business?

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Secrets

Then we let everyone go around the room and share their biggest takeaway. What’s interesting is that all of us sat in the same room, all of us heard the same presentations, all of us saw and experienced the same thing, but every single person’s biggest takeaway is different. A lot of times they got a different takeaway that I didn’t even hear when I heard that exact same presentation.

It’s amazing ’cause I hear that, I’m like, oh my gosh I totally missed that, and I’m able to get the biggest ah-ha’s from each person in the group, and a lot of times I end up rearranging my takeaways and my order of priorities because of that, and that’s the best way to kind of end the mastermind group because it gives you a chance to get a different perspective on what was the most impactful from the entire experience, and then after the mastermind is over each night, and throughout the weekend afterwards, we have what we call the aftermind.

Which is where everyone gets together, they network, and they keep the party happening, they keep the energy, they keep networking even into the night to help build the relationships even stronger, to help them to understand each other, help each other more, and we keep that happening all throughout the night during the aftermind.

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Secrets

(intense music) They say that entrepreneurship is the most lonely job in the world, and it is. You’re sitting there on your computer with your mind, and a lot of the times, the people around you don’t know what you’re going through, they don’t understand what you’re going through. Even if it’s your wife, your family.

They love you, but they don’t understand it. I’ve watched over the last five or six years I’ve been running this inner circle, people who didn’t have anything came into this program and watched as they grew from the seed of an idea inside their mind to companies that do millions of dollars a year in sales, and it’s been interesting to see as this group, they went from being colleagues and acquaintances, to friends, to now family. And we look at it from the outside, it may seem kinda simple. It’s not a super complicated process, but what happens inside of these walls, it changes peoples’ lives.

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Secrets

When someone is there with you during your down times, when they experience the pain of your sacrifice, they celebrate the wins with you 10 times more than anybody else, and that’s the power of having a family mastermind group like this.

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Secrets: So if you don’t have a mastermind group yet, go and find one, find your tribe. Find your group of people you can connect with, you can grow with, you can serve together. If for some reason there’s not a mastermind group in whatever marker you’re in, then now you have my permission, you have the tools now to go and start your own. So that means get your energy drinks, get your disco lights, get your swag, get your notebooks, get your tribe, your people together, and change the lives of the people you’re gonna serve.  ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Secrets


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