Get More Leads INTO your B2B Business So You Don’t Go OUT of Business

Clickfunnels™ B2B Business – Get More Leads so you wont lose Business

Clickfunnels™ B2B Business

Clickfunnels™ B2B Business: James P Friel understands the struggle of B2B entrepreneurs when it comes to lead generation. However, when he was introduced to ClickFunnels, he was able to transform his new marketing company and get more leads for his B2B business.

Clickfunnels™ B2B Business: My first Marketing Agency

– I had been in a corporate world for a long time and had ya know really senior level positions where I had all these people on my team who were doing all these things for me right? I didn’t need to design websites myself anymore cause I had a team of designers. And I didn’t need to build anything cause I had a team of people that did that. And then I left and I started my first consulting firm which was a marketing agency.

I found myself right back at like square one. Where if I needed to get something done I either had to go out and hire people or I needed to figure out how to do it myself. And I just found that there were so many people out there who just did super awful work. And the people that were really really good were expensive and unavailable and here I was trying to figure out how to sell different things online. And you know I couldn’t lean on the tools and skill and stuff that I had used before.

And at the same time I couldn’t hire people that you know could get the job done so I was sort of like what do I do? Somebody had said to me well have you heard of ClickFunnels? and I was like no, I haven’t heard of ClickFunnels and so they said go check it out, it’s like insanely easy to use and I have in the back of my mind like okay if I need to get in there and I need to start coding stuff again I’ll do it, I’m gonna do whatever it takes because I don’t wanna hire all these people to do it the wrong way. And I opened up a ClickFunnels account and got in there and I was man this is incredible, like for me it was incredibly intuitive. And I saw how the whole thing could come together and I created a page that looked exactly like the way I saw it in my mind.

I was like, man this is really powerful. And then I guess the rest is history, I just was like well, now I don’t need to worry about web developers. I don’t need to worry about this, I can just crank out these pages as fast as I want to and I can get them to look exactly the way that I want which really was my end goal. So I didn’t have to have a big clumsy team, I didn’t have to use technology that I didn’t understand, and I didn’t have to have a website or sales funnel that looked exactly like everybody else’s, so I could stand out in the market. And have it like it was a real representation of me. Having something that’s duplicatable and can become systemized is extremely important to me.

What I’m doing right now in my own business, is that I have ClickFunnels set up to help me capture more leads, right? And we take those leads and we get them to fill out a form that says hey I’m really interested in what you’re doing, and I want to get on the phone with somebody. It’s dramatically accelerated our ability to get leads, and then turn those leads into sales. It’s crazy because I have one of the simplest funnels on the planet.

Clickfunnels™ B2B Business

Clickfunnels™ B2B Business: 400-500 hundred leads a month!

And for the past at least 18 months it’s consistently produced 400-500 hundred leads a month. And about 10% to 15% of those people almost immediately fill out a form that says hey I wanna get on the phone and I want to find out about this program and how I potentially become a client. They already know that this is gonna be a sales conversation there’s no, what is this about, right? It’s like everything is clear and so I’m only getting on the phone and all the people on my team are only dealing with people who are qualified, right?

We can screen those people out who may not be a good fit. And even if it doesn’t lead to a sale today guess what, they’re still in my follow up sequences, and I’ve had people come back like six months later and they’re just like, alright now I’m ready. Awesome you’re getting a platform that makes it way easier, faster, and cheaper to build everything that you need to grow your business. But you’re also becoming part of this whole community that’s there to support you and celebrate your wins and celebrate your successes. There’s no, I never get any negative vibe from the community.

It’s really remarkable, it’s just all positivity and like people post in there Hey I just built my first funnel and I got my first hundred leads or whatever, and people will applaud for that just as much as someone who says, hey I just made seven figures in a month. Everybody is extremely supportive and for me it’s been one of the key things that’s helped me unlock my creative potential as an entrepreneur. That’s one of the reasons I love ClickFunnels. (pages flipping)


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Clickfunnels™ Online Business – The Entrepreneur Struggle

How To Create A Squeeze Page that will get you a MONSTER Email List

Funnels Squeeze Page – Squeeze Page will get you a MONSTER Email

Funnels Squeeze Page

Funnels Squeeze Page: In this Squeeze Page tutorial, Russell Brunson will show you how to build a landing page that converts visitors into buyers. He will also show you how to use these tactics to build a highly profitable email list. Funnels Squeeze Page

Funnels Squeeze Page

– [Russell] Hey this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Squeeze Page Funnel Secrets. Now I wanna quickly show you how to use simple squeeze page funnels to build an email list of potential buyers and then at the end of this video I’m actually going to give you my top converting squeeze pages for free. But before I do that, I want to explain to you what a squeeze page funnel is, how it works, how it can work for your business to grow a list of subscribers and potential buyers and help grow your company dramatically.

So with that said, let’s jump right in. So, what is a squeeze page funnel? Well, a squeeze page funnel is one of the most simple funnels we have. It’s basically just two simple pages. Page number one is what we call a squeeze page. This is where we’re asking somebody for their email address in exchange for something. Might be a lead magnet, might be an ethical bribe, might be some more information. And then on the next page we thank them for their email address, and then we give them that thing that we promised them on the squeeze page. It’s very simple and very easy, and it’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to build a huge email list of subscribers.

Now I’m gonna show you guys a couple of squeeze page templates so you get an idea, cause you’ve probably seen these a lot out there in the marketplace. You may not have even known what it was. So this is what a squeeze page may look like. Someone is offering you a free guide or free report in exchange for your email address. Okay, here’s another one. This is very simple and very easy. Same thing, a free report, they opt in, and then you give them the email address. You can offer a free book, a free video, a free white paper, anything you can think of you can offer it for free, they give you the email address, on the next page you thank them and then you actually give them the thing that you promised them. It’s very simple, it’s a very easy way to start building a following of people.

Okay, so the question I get from a lot of people is, like, where do squeeze pages come from? What is this- who invented this? Why is this a thing? And for you to really understand that I wanna go back in time about 10 or 15 years back to when the internet first came around. Now if you are like me, been doing this for a long time, you probably remember when you would visit websites and all of a sudden something really annoying would happen.

Funnels Squeeze Page

Do you remember this? You go to a website and all of a sudden you see BOOM a huge pop-up, right? And pop-ups were amazing for marketers for business owners, because what would happen that, someone would come to your website this pop-up would come up and it would say, ‘hey give me your email address in exchange for a free report’ or for a free coupon or things like that. And what happened is that marketers, business owners started growing huge email lists of 10s and then 100s of thousands of people and they’d make so much money emailing those lists of subscribers, different products, and different things they were selling.

The problem was it was really annoying for the end customer, and so Google started building in ad-blockers in all of their things, same did Internet Explorer. And soon, pop-ups became a thing of the past. And people started freaking out, because they’re building these huge email lists and then all of a sudden, that went away literally overnight. And they thought, ‘what are we gonna do? How should we do this?’ And luckily for all of us, there are some very smart marketers out there who started trying to figure out new ways to do this and one of the things they invented is a concept called a ‘squeeze page’. Which is basically taking this pop-up and instead of going to websites, this thing pops up, the pop-up becomes the main page you actually drive people to. Now, this is one of the original squeeze pages.

This was David DeAngelo’s Back when I first got started over a decade ago, this was like, the most famous squeeze page out there. It was very simple and very easy. If you look at it, it said ‘You’re about to learn secrets that most men will never know about women’ Inside, you’re gonna learn the kiss test. How to find out if she’s ready to be kissed. And then a bunch of different things, right? And so you’d come to this page And instead of driving to the page, having this be the pop-up, this was the actual page. I remember when he first started doing this, other people started doing it. Everyone thought they were crazy, like why would you do that?

Why would you hide the thing you’re actually trying to sell from people by having this squeeze page? But they started doing the testing what they found is that they would send people here, say they send 100 people to this page, let’s say they get 30 or 40% of people to buy, now you may think that means 60% of people never actually saw the thing that you’re trying to give them, but what happens after you get their email address, you have the ability to follow-up with them. And they say on average, it takes somebody seven times seeing what you’re trying to sell before they’re willing to buy from you. And so if you’re just driving all your people to a website, hoping they’re gonna buy, you’re gonna lose a lot of that potential revenue because you have no ability to follow-up with those people. So, instead you send them to a squeeze page.

Funnels Squeeze Page

Now, here on this squeeze page, what he was promising people is that, if you give me your email address, I’m gonna tell you the Kiss Test, okay? So someone would come here and they put their name, their email address in, then they go to page right here where it’d say, ‘here’s the kiss test’ and it would explain this is how to know if a woman is ready to be kissed. And would kind of explain really quick and in the bottom it said ‘click here to go download my e-book’ and then he’d actually sell his book called ‘Double Your Dating’ And that’s what the squeeze page was.

Offer them an ethical bribe, a lead magnet. For him it was the kiss test, then the next page he gives them the kiss test, thanks them for giving the email address, and then from here they will push them into whatever product or service they actually wanna sell on the backside of it. Okay, now they were able to build an email list of 100s of thousands of men and build a huge company by using simple squeeze pages like this Okay, alright, so here’s how it works.

Step number one, you have to create some kind of lead magnet, something you can give somebody in exchange for their email address. And step number two, you just trade it for their email address. It’s very simple process that works super well, in face it’s almost too simple and easy. Here’s an example of some squeeze pages that, some of my favorite ones I’ve seen in the past. This one Frank Kern did. This is one that Neil Patel did at Kiss Metrics giving away some white papers.

This is one where Brendon Burchard gives away his productivity guide. This is one where someone gives away a free video, which actually ends up being the sales video for the product they’re trying to sell. So, these are basic squeeze page examples. There’s tons of different ways to do them. But that’s kind of what they traditionally look like, okay? So my question for you is how would you use a squeeze page funnel inside of your business, okay? Well, one way is to get their email address, so you can follow-up with your customers.

Funnels Squeeze Page

Okay, I told you before it takes someone an average of seven times hearing your message before they’re gonna be ready to actually purchase something from you. So, by giving them something for free in exchange for the email address, now you can follow-up with them and have multiple times to try to sell them product or service you really wanna sell. Okay, number two, you can start getting new leads and start building a relationship with them, so you can sell them other products and services in the future. Another thing is you can build an audience of people for an upcoming product you’re gonna be launching in the future. Okay, now, we use squeeze pages and all sorts of aspects of our business and something you should be using as well. Now, here’s the example of one of my squeeze pages.

This is a product I put together called The Funnel Hacker Cookbook. And I have a free PDF of this, it has my top 22 sales funnels. I send people here, they click on the button, it pops up, it asks for their email address, and the next page, I give them the download link to the email, to the cookbook, and then I also here offer them a physical copy they can buy if they want upgrade and get a physical copy of the cookbook. Okay, it’s a very simple squeeze page funnel that’s built me lists of 10s of thousands of people in the last few months alone. Okay, so my question for you is- what do you have that you could give away? AKA, what kind of lead magnet could you create in your company to start generating your potential dream buyers? Okay, you could create some kind of free report or whitepaper.

You can make a free video, you could give away coupons, you could access something amazing and a whole bunch of other things. Just think about what is it that your dream clients would want, go and create that thing and then you put it behind a squeeze page funnel. Okay, now he’s some of the best practices of a squeeze page. This is an example, very simple, very powerful squeeze page for one of my friends, Brian Moran. And on a squeeze page, a couple things.

Number one, we wanna keep it simple. I don’t wanna overwhelm them, I’m not trying to over-complicate it, just very simple, like, this is what I’m gonna give you in exchange for your email address. Number two, I like having tons of curiosity. The more curiosity someone has in that thing you’re gonna give them, the more likely they are to give you their actual email address, okay. And the next step you gotta tell them what to do, so notice it says ‘download this thing right now’ then it says, it tells them what to, enter your email address down below to get this thing. So, you’re actually telling them exactly what to do. Cause that’s page number one. Page number two best practices, you give them the thing that they ask for.

Funnels Squeeze Page

Funnels Squeeze Page

For some reason, people sometimes don’t do this, they try to hide it down the road. If you do that, people aren’t going to trust you and they’re not gonna buy from you in the future, okay? So, you actually give them the thing that they ask for and if you want to, you can send them off into your next funnel. Okay, so, Brian, this funnel gives them the manifesto that they ask for and then sends them off into the next funnel, where he actually sells one of his training courses, okay? So, that’s some of the best practices behind how squeeze page funnels work.

So, what do you need for this funnel? First thing you need is, you’re gonna take this funnel, you’re gonna edit it, right? You need some kind of logo if you’re gonna be doing this one, you need your headline, your copy, the words that are gonna go on the page, maybe a picture of your lead magnet, and that’s about it. That’s how simple it is to build out a actual squeeze page funnel. Okay, now back in the past, if you wanna build one of these things, this is what you’d have to do. You’d have to hire a designer to design the pages you have to hire a webmaster to create them and code them and put them together.

Programmer to set up the auto-responders and the programming.  An analytics person to make sure it’s all working and it was expensive, took a lot of time, k? And the good news for you is that there’s a better way, the better way is you can use our simple share funnels, and down those videos knows there’s a whole bunch of amazing squeeze page funnels that I have been using over the last decade of my life to convert amazingly well, that I’m just gonna give you for free. You look down below and see ’em, here’s a whole bunch of them, you can see exactly what they look like.

Pick which one you like, you click on a button and it’s gonna take you to what we call a share funnel page. Now, on this page it’s gonna show you behind the scenes where all the pages and the share funnel look like. And then if you have an account to click funnels, it’ll just give you this funnel for free. It’ll literally push the thing tied to your account and you can go and start editing the pages. Or if you don’t have a click funnels account yet, we’ll actually give you your free 14-day trial. You can sign up and I’ll push this entire squeeze page funnel into your account.

Funnels Squeeze Page

You can go there, you can edit it, make it, add your lead magnet, add your logos, add your headline, and here’s your copy. And that quick, you can have your own squeeze page funnel up and ready to start generating leads inside of your company, okay? So, step number one in this process is scroll down below and pick which template you like the most. There’s a ton of them down there, find the one that looks like best, that fits your brand, the thing you like the most. That’s step number one. Step number two, you just customize it. Let me make you a, let me show you really quickly how simple it is to customize this funnel inside of quick funnels.

Okay, so right now I’m on the exact same page that you’re on, and so I look down here, I find all these different templates. Which one of these is my favorite, I then just pick whichever one I like the most. I click on, select this funnel button. And it’s gonna copy that entire funnel over inside my Click Funnels account. All the pages, all the everything will be copied over here and so I can start editing immediately. After it’s copied, I click on the View Funnel button. And that fast, the entire funnel’s copied into my account. Now, on the lefthand side here, you’ll notice these are all different pages I showed you inside this funnel. And so I’d go through, I’d edit each of these pages.

Right now, I’m gonna edit just one, show you how easy it is. I click right here on ‘edit page’. And it’s gonna take me inside the Click Funnel’s editor. And from here, I come here, I can just go where I can start clicking on things on changing them. Hey! How are you doing? (laughs) I come right here, I can change out the logo, I can change out the images, say I want to change out the product shot from the book. Something different, I click on ‘images’, I find my ‘images’, I can upload my own if I want. I’ll click on the camera here and BOOM that fast, this entire page is edited to look exactly the way I want it to. If I don’t like something, I can drag and drop. I can move things around.

There’s a bunch of things I can add. But Click Funnels is so simple that anybody can do it. You don’t have to be technical. You just have to be able to drag and drop. You can make these funnels, this page look exactly the way you want. When you’re done, you click on the ‘save’ button right here. Then you click on ‘preview’ and you can see exactly what your funnel looks like. That fast, your entire funnel is up and live. If you don’t like something, you can drag it, you can move it around. And just keep on having fun until it’s exactly the way you want. And you exit, and you are done. So that’s step number two, customize it. Now again, all these templates are very simple and easy to customize.

Funnels Squeeze Page

In fact, this was one template and I customize it three different ways, for three different businesses, but if you notice it’s the exact same template. I just changed the headline, changed the images, changed the color scheme, and that fast I can make this funnel match my brand. And that way, it looks exactly the way I want it to look. I can do that in just minutes here inside of Click Funnels. Now, the third step, after you’ve done it, now you go out and launch it. Now I wanna show you a really quick video for one of my friends, Garrett J White, who uses click funnels for all of his companies. I want you to hear his own words, how much Click Funnels has simplified the process for him and all four of his companies. – [Garrett] Hello, My name is

Garrett J White, the master coach mentor and founder of Wake Up Warrior Academy. And I will tell you this right now, we have tested with platforms, we have tested everything. I have attempted for the past six years to use every available software tool I could find that made it simpler for me to share my message. And it started with word press and it went plugins then optimize press, and then we went to kajabi. And then we went to lead pages. And these are all wonderful, know the owners of these guys, they’re fantastic. The software tools are amazing. When Click Funnels came out, I was like ‘dude, I cannot handle another software tool, I don’t give a shit, we’re just gonna manage our stuff between Lead Pages and Kajabi.’ And then my friend said, ‘just test it. Just try it out.’ And I went to Click

Funnels and no bullshit, like, every software increment of the last five years has been a, not a quantum shift in what you can do with the tool to get your message out to the marketplace. They’ve been incremental, so like, there’s been a move from Kajabi to Lead Pages or from Optimized Press to Kajabi. And they were these segmented steps that had slight improvements that made it easier. Click Funnels, though, came out of nowhere. They took the marketplace by storm. Just like Apple did when they first launched the iPhone. It was not a linear move anymore, it was a quantum move in improvement that opened up a gap to allow people just like you watching this, people just like you and me, who are not technically savvy, we weren’t born in the Matrix and we didn’t have a chip implanted in our heads. We’re not engineers or computer science majors. And we don’t understand that stuff inherently.

Funnels Squeeze Page

ClickFunnels™ gave you, you my friend, an opportunity to cut and decrease the time of stress, and anxiety, and suffering behind a keyboard. Trust me, the days you wanna just pound vodka and throw your Mac out the window, because you can’t figure shit out. Click Funnels has brought it to a place that it is a quantum leap, an opportunity which allows you, just like the iPhone, to not only look smarter, but to feel smarter.

And ultimately to only deal with the stuff that matters, which is getting your message about your product and your program and service out to the marketplace. – How many of you guys think that Click Funnels is the most amazing customs for planet earth? – Yeah! (clapping) – [Garrett] If you’re spending all the time, that’s suicide watch and having to check yourself into a hospital. And honestly, trying to deal with everything else that’s come out before it. So, I’m not only fully endorsed Click Funnels, it’s the only software tool that we use. When it comes to our funnels online, across all four of my businesses, we’re not going anywhere else. Love Russell, love this event. This event married up to that software tool. You are a dumbass if you don’t come. And that’s okay, there’s plenty of dumbasses on the plant, just don’t let it be you. –

Funnels Squeeze Page: [Russell] So, what you need to do right now is if you already have a ClickFunnels™ account, scroll down below, and figure out which one of these squeeze page funnels you wanna use. Click on the button, pick your template, customize it, and you launch it. That’s how simple and how easy it is. Now, if you don’t have a ClickFunnels™ account yet don’t worry, same step. Go down, click on the button down below, select the funnel. You’ll be taken to a share funnel page. Go and create your free 14-day trial and then that funnel will be pushed inside your ClickFunnels™ account and you can customize it, edit it, and launch it, and you’ll be able to rock and roll with your very first squeeze page funnel. With that said, thank you guys so much for watching this video. Scroll down below to see all of my highest converted squeeze page funnels and templates and you get a free copy of them right now. Funnels Squeeze Page

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Funnels Squeeze Page - Squeeze Page will get you a MONSTER Email
Funnels Squeeze Page - Squeeze Page will get you a MONSTER Email 1

In this Squeeze Page tutorial, Russell Brunson will show you how to build a landing page that converts visitors into buyers. He will also show you how to use these tactics to build a highly profitable email list. Subscribe: Have you ever used a flint stick to start a campfire? Outdated and hard to…

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