FHTV 100th Ep  Breaking Records And Changing The Game With Kaeline Poulin!

ClickFunnels™ Changing Game – Breaking Records with Kaeline Poulin

ClickFunnels™ Changing Game

ClickFunnels™ Changing Game: It’s the 100th episode of Funnel Hacker TV and Kaeline Poulin is on and totally changing the game! But First, Dave and Myles visit the blue turf at Boise State University to dole out a Guinness Book Of World Records plaque to head football coach, Bryan Harsin, and Athletic Director, Curt Apsey, for breaking the record for largest bubble soccer game played. ClickFunnels™ Changing Game

ClickFunnels™ Changing Game

Our smiles and are about ready to head out and we’re heading down to Boise State. Miles. Can you tell me what we’re gonna be doing a voice today? We are presenting the Guinness World Record plaque for the largest bubble soccer game. It is my distinct pleasure to Russell Dave and Todd the executive management team quick bow, right? Going to have Coach arson.

They’re going to have the ad for Boise State and I have a bunch of media there. So right now we’re trying to compile this adding up numbers and everything so we cut it close like we always do what’s up. Let’s go. These are the plaques that actually presented here boom ClickFunnels™ Guinness World Record. Hi miles game on buddy. Are you nervous game time? Did you have the plaques? Oh, yeah, that would be an important thing. Okay. Hey, we’re proof for the parking. We’re all good. Here. We are Boise State stadium on the blue to big old stadium when you’re now and blow it. All right. Hopefully we don’t screw this up only got one shot at it.

This is the new age in place around. My name’s Dave Woodward and the chief Revenue officer. So we set the world record here on the blue want to thank coach arson for allowing us to use this field and most importantly the autopsy for Boise State all they do for the community. Congratulation. Thank you so much. Thank you very much. We appreciate this and click funnels and for Boise State. This is a great award in honor and we love to see records being broken. We’re going to continue to thank you very much.

Capture this is like the weirdest webinar day I’ve ever experienced here in our office is like quiet. It’s really really weird, but literally within hours and 15 minutes things taken off. So let’s kind of figure out what’s going on quiet. Calm before the storm was happening. So webinar coming the webinars coming webinar. I’ve never seen this happen before it’s like muscles diving had to work as PowerPoints or anything else. It’s like weird feeling I’m done. I retired officially came down charge being attractive character for the phone clicks quiet. It is in here James busting out trying to make sure this thing actually works.

ClickFunnels™ Changing Game

So Ron is busy bat-line signals up. It’s got going on ready. We’re all set getting ready. Getting ready glasses are on pumping out miles just taken away like crazy like a bread crush it over here. This is just like I’ve never seen an office this quiet before a huge webinar. This is really really really bizarre. John sitting here making sure everything’s working ready to go here in an hour. So close registrations. Forgot my goals 8,000 in an hour gotta get their hearts were talking about literally the evolution of the attractive character and groundbreaking craziness is happening literally less than like 45 minutes.

Well, so we’re just talking about how there’s a common belief in like the business community that if you if you are the face of the business like Russell’s the face of ClickFunnels™ right leg and if you’re that person Person, then you’re always going to be inextricably linked to the business and you’re never gonna be able to pull yourself out and you’re always going to have to be attractive characters like like it’s like so cool, but then you get stuck and then this guy creates the ultimate way of doing this. Okay. So this is the deal like I get all the time like we, you know, try to carry stuff is worth one. So your business some day and works for for a lifestyle Brands person. Am I? Okay. So like four years ago, we launched the ClickFunnels™.

I thought about that. Like, how do I sell clip from some day if we wanted you know, if I’m going to but if we wanted to if Russell is ClickFunnels™, then it’s not going to sell. So this was the thought and I know how weird executed I just knew like I couldn’t be the track to care to all the time. I had to be the initial momentum and growth but then how do you like makes that he bringing other attractive characters?

Like what’s the next level of that? It’s what’s crazy is last three and a half years when training tons of people our community to do the perfect weapon are to do my webinar pitch. They all their own stories now they were own thing. And so this is the first time we’ve done with Kaylin basically took my offer but her doing the webinar with her own style or storage. Everything but just use my offer and she’s doing the webinar today.

ClickFunnels™ Changing Game

And so when she does it she’s gonna crush it and I’ll have Russell has a presentation Kayla said presentation as two people are selling ClickFunnels™ and pinched bench. We have a third person and fourth and fifth and then 12 and it was cool about it sounds 12 tracks of characters. I’m one of many and if I want to select a step away my presentation still stands on so I’m one of the whole bunch of Success student’s so the magic is that you are the attractive character initially, but long-term your clients are you’re attractive characters. So amazing. It’s that’s the secret then you’ve got a whole Foundation of them.

And that’s the magic your job, right? You actually serve them and change their lives. They become attractive characters not eat for those who really want to get deep into marketing doctor in here. So if you notice my language patterns of last eight months or so no longer had just talked about like Brandon came to my success stories. I talked about successors of the success stories. I talked about Brian Kantor have a great business, but what’s even more important is the fact that over 1.3 million women lose weight. So the successors of your success stories become third level of the attractive character. I talked about Pamela weibull. She’s awesome. What’s really amazing is the doctors life. She saved the third tier.

That’s the next level of where this whole Magic mrs. Going drop that Mike kaboosh. Start doing the demo. It’s like perfect because it’s like, you know, it’s not so slow. It makes it look like it’s alive. Oh that’s good. Got to have the dog panelists are go to more and turn off their ability to raise their hands. They’ll drive you crazy. All right, we’re watching Kaylee Coos. Whoever now everyone’s in here. We had happened on the big screen right here. She’s killed. We’re all watching. Anyway, Kaelyn’s way better fit first then me and I’m officially retiring. She’s now in charge of ClickFunnels™ in it’s amazing.

ClickFunnels™ Changing Game

ClickFunnels™ Changing Game

Anyway so much fun watching this. All right just wrapped up the first one of hopefully many to come. What do you think? She killed it what I’m seeing some of the over Hunter Cain webinar besides me like why have I but that was that’s very very rare very rare and she freaking blew past it. So this would be least half a million dollars before the end of The Campaign which is crazy unbelievable for elastic. That was amazing. Oh way to go Kalin. That was awesome. All right. So we’ve got a brand new box coming in today.

We love anytime we get these boxes and especially when they’re from us actually a so I want to show you some of the new things that are going out from our two comic I’ve coached out to offer to comma club members to company X check this out. Big old box open that bad boy up. What do you see the two comma Club x a special gift and thank you from Russell Brunson and the 2 comma Club coaches. So then you open this bad boy up and what? A lot o plomo binder check out the size of this bad boy my own that’s a lot of newsletters years where the content super super tight for this thing open up this thing and what do we have our very first newsletter?

ClickFunnels™ Changing Game: Welcome to the to come back up X newsletter Plateau plomo. Boom. Check that out. His shoe number Uno. So this is going to be one of the main things you want to make sure all of our to comical ex-members get they start receiving things on a regular basis from us. This helps us increase our six strategies, but more important fights the massive content to help them get what we want more than anything else. That’s 500 people from a to come of X Program walking across the stage next year receiving the 2 comma Club program black and hopefully some of those hitting the X. ClickFunnels™ Changing Game

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Physical Product Sales Funnel ClickFunnels™ – Best Tips

In this post, we will show you step by step benefits and reasons why and how to create a ClickFunnels™ Physical Product Funnel or a Physical Products Sales Funnel using ClickFunnels™.

Physical Product Sales Funnel ClickFunnels™

This post is all about how to create a physical product Funnel with ClickFunnels™. Physical products are very difficult to build funnels for especially if you are a new Funnel hacker. You know it’s easy to get everything wrong if your funnel isn’t set up correctly.

Ok so in this post I’m going to outline a few things that are really important for any ClickFunnels™ Physical Product Funnel and make that funnel more likely to convert. The beauty of sales funnels is it’s just so simple to sell anything. Selling physical products is just a different story to selling informational products. Nearly everybody is trying to sell information products and and so people mentally have blocks towards selling physical products, especially dealing with things like shipping costs and trust factors and competing with bigger brands like Amazon and that kind of thing. But each of these mental blocks can be removed one by one so let’s just have a look at the big benefits and why is it important for you to jump on and try and sell physical products with funnels.

Benefits of Physical Product Sales Funnel ClickFunnels™

Think about it: firstly with physical products it’s much more transparent – what you’re going to get. People are not buying into some kind of life-changing transformation. Rather than that, they’re buying something that they can see that’s tangible, they know what they’re getting. Secondly you can also create Regular recurring sales with physical products. That isn’t necessarily the same when you’re dealing with information products. Another thing is that physical products can’t be easily copied so you can’t just come along and copy somebody else’s physical product and sell it as your own in the same way that you can do with informational products.

 ClickFunnels™ Physical Product Funnel

Approach to Creating Physical Product Sales Funnel ClickFunnels™

So let’s think about how you can approach creating a physical product funnel. Now the first thing I want to make clear is that your funnel doesn’t have to be perfect ok? Especially if you’re new to funnel hacking. Now sometimes the more raw funnels actually convert better. Ok now you can make a few mistakes and still have a well converting Funnel. Right now one aspect of any funnel is conversions. Ok so you need to get conversions if you are getting traffic to your website it needs to turn into sales for you. Ok but a lot of Funnel hackers don’t really have any kind of system in place to make sure that their conversions happen. Ok you can have lots of different types of traffic you can have Facebook ads you can have Google ads you can have organic traffic you can have Instagram traffic Pinterest traffic but if your funnel is not converting you won’t be making any money. So beyond getting traffic in, you need to make sure that your funnel will convert. So what we’re going to look at here is how to make your followers convert.

How To Get Physical Product Sales Funnel To Convert

So essentially what you’re trying to do is get your visitors to hand over their money ok and there are simple steps you can take to encourage those visitors to give you their money in exchange for these physical products.

Alright so the first thing is photos and videos – these are really important. When you’re selling physical products people want to be able to see what they’re buying. If they can see it on a video it’s better than seeing it on an image. If they can see it on the image it it’s better than just reading a description. Ok so you can take videos yourself or you can get free YouTube videos that you can use for this and at the same time you can still use written content to target keywords to boost up your copy that can get people excited. But at the beginning you definitely want to have photos & videos. Think about maybe having a video sales letter, have some real photos and break up your blog post, break up your your funnel or your your sales pitch with videos and images and you can easily add them in ClickFunnels™ just using the editor.

Headlines For Physical Product Sales Funnel ClickFunnels™

The next thing I’m going to talk about is your headlines. Ok you need to have really compelling headlines. You need to catch people’s attention. When people look at a page on the internet the first thing that probably catches the attention is the image. After that, they look at the headline – if that headline doesn’t grab their attention, they’re probably not going to read anymore of the text. So the image needs to be striking or the video, but then the headline is really important. So if you think about good email subject Lines, if you think about good landing pages out there on the web, there are loads of examples of really good headlines – ok there’s different angles you can take towards developing better headlines. An example is to emphasize the problem that your customers have. Another thing you can do is emphasize some kind of numbers or claims that people find interesting. Another thing you can do is describe something that evokes curiosity like some kind of amazing Discovery.

Copy For Physical Product Sales Funnel ClickFunnels™

Right now there are plenty of different ways you can approach copy but keep the following things in mind on your sales funnel page. Shorter copy is better than longer copy but obviously if you’re using shorter copy then every word has to be important. Second thing is copy that addresses the reader tends to work better so if you’re talking about bland Concepts that nobody is interested in then you can bore your reader’s very quickly. The next thing you can think about is to try to gain the Curiosity of your readers. So if you talk about things that you’re going to reveal later in the page, it keeps people interested – so this is like using hooks. You can also look at your competition. If you look at a really experienced copywriters page you can get some good clues as to how to write a sales page effectively. Definitely consider using Funnel scripts from ClickFunnels™ as that is an awesome program that can help you write copy easily.

Testimonials For Physical Product Sales Funnel ClickFunnels™

The next thing you need to remember to have on your page is testimonials. These days there are a lot of people competing for traffic and sales online. If you can find examples of people giving testimonials for your product that you can use on your page it will help you sell more. Think about people that have bought the products from you in the past. Look through Facebook groups for people who have given reviews of products that you are selling. Look through reviews of other affiliates that are selling the same things.

Evidence For Physical Product Sales Funnel ClickFunnels™

The next thing you can do to really help your customers decide is provide them with evidence of the benefits of your product. Explainer videos and how to guides which combine visual descriptions with easy-to-follow notes on the benefits of your product make it easy for your customers to want to buy the product. Think about creating a tutorial video which shows your product being used in a real world context. Think about creating before and after photos or videos. Think about creating videos which position your product vs one of the competitors products and explain why your product is better.

Trust in Physical Product Sales Funnel ClickFunnels™

One of the most important things about selling physical products is creating an atmosphere of trust. You need to include all the basic Trust signals in your funnel such as refund policies address, phone number and support links. These kind of things definitely inspire trust in your potential customers because they can recognise your confidence in your product by your willingness to offer a refund. During your sales pitch for your product you can emphasize the guaranteed refund policy.

As I mentioned before it’s difficult for people to create funnels that sell physical products. Make sure that you include the various factors that we have discussed here in this post when you are creating your physical product funnel.

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ClickFunnels™ Physical Product Funnel Including OTS and Sales Copy #Funnel Fridays

ClickFunnels™ Physical Product Funnel For Sales Including OTS and Sales Copy #Funnel Fridays

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How Kaelin Found Her Voice And Became A Weight Loss Expert!

How Kaelin Found Her Voice And Became A Weight Loss Expert!

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In her grief, she developed a food addiction and her life started spiraling out of control. She gained a ton of weight and ended up being 180 pounds at 5’2”.

She realized she needed to get control back. She committed herself to lose the weight and get healthy.

It took her a long time to do the research and figure out what worked. But once she figured it out she became obsessed with working out and eating healthy.

But she realized it wasn’t the fitness itself that motivated her. She remembers what it’s like for women who don’t know where to start or what to do on their journey to lose weight and take back their life.

Today, she is on a mission to help women lose weight and love themselves again.

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How Kaelin Found Her Voice And Became A Weight Loss Expert!

How Kaelin Found Her Voice And Became A Weight Loss Expert!

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