How to Create A Bridge Page Will Increase Your Sales | Funnel Fridays Ep 61

How to Create A Bridge Page Will Increase Your Sales | Funnel Fridays Ep 61

We are back for another episode of Funnel Fridays! In the episode, Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards are using ClickFunnels and Funnel Scripts to show you how to build the perfect bridge page. Plus, we are celebrating Funnel Scripts surpassing 8 figures! Subscribe:


One of the best things you can do on your bridge page is to do a demonstration. Russell and Jim have both found that it increases your sales. You can demonstrate just about any product or service and in today’s episode, we are demonstrating the power of this tool with Russell’s Network Marketing Secrets book.


This video is another great example of why bridge pages help you make more money. In this video we use it to sell products as an affiliate on ClickBank:

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we’re live are we live actually is in
face yeah yeah relax dude yeah it’s just
us sending up to go live but it says on
the thing we’re live please say it’s
working all right I think we’re live
what’s up Jim what’s up hey you make
yourself into something today what just
happened why are we celebrating
something amazing well I mean normally I
don’t need a reason to celebrate with a
bottle of bubbly and a blow-up unicorn
but we did have something exciting
happen yesterday at 4:12 a.m. in the
morning and no dirty minded people it
wasn’t that it was awakened 4:12 I got a
message on boxer at 4:12 a.m. which is
kind of creepy which is 2 a.m. your time
so you were just going to bed so we
yesterday Russell and I hit the 10
million dollar mark for funnel scripts
what dude you’re not going to open that
near your computer are you a lot of
drinks I don’t know how this works
oh my fake water champagne do not hold
that near the computer there’s not a
cork on this so does the same impact to
try it busy a can of pop whatever shake
it up rogue and open these things
together close there’s only about a
hundred grand worth of electronic
equipment in that office go ahead all
ok nervous so how many guards camp ok so
we’re also pretty focused past 10
million dollars this weekend sales yay
all right I’m ready exploded hey I don’t
like fizzy water if I’m gonna drink
anyway alright this is hell this is like
mine oh my god is the worst yeah
congratulations everybody
congratulations and thank you to
everybody it was a team effort
absolutely a team effort every
supportive photo scripture last few
years it’s good now I want to talk about
something that I’m mocking didn’t know
but yes may notice how clean shaven and
beautiful gym looks today
so when did this whole bet sir I can’t
write what
always like 14 months ago on a funnel
Friday jig hey dude I know you’re trying
to get the 10 million dollar award and I
was like yeah he said well hey you gonna
not shaving that beard till you get
there huh and I was like yeah yeah
that’s great yeah we can do it and in
the spirit of funnel Friday’s yeah and
then and then I’m like I’m gonna have to
grow a cat on my face which he did yeah
I’ll see ya I looked over to the
Facebook live yesterday are you cutting
it yep
all right here it is you guys to see
what happened yesterday after after we
passed the 10 million dollar more about
to witness the trimming of the 10
million dollar beer so here’s the story
about a year ago Russell Brunson said to
me hey man you’re gonna not cut that
beard until you hit the 10 million
dollar mark with funnel scripts and in
the moment he asked me this on funnel
foam Fridays I was like yeah man I sure
will do it and then after I said it I
was like dang I’m not going to be able
to shave this Muskrat first a while so
I’ve been busting butt to get it over
the 10 million dollar mark we got it
over the 10 million dollar mark so are
you going to trim this thing because I’m
tired of having this big hobo beard on
my face and so here we go
I could get a second job shearing sheep
my wife’s laughing at me to turn it you
know you missed the spot huh oh man so
glad we captured this before ever there
you go there you go so there you go so I
was listening there’s a couple lessons
that help everybody learn from this
experiment so number one is lucky wise
and then let themselves off the hook
Jim was like all right I’m gonna set
something that’s gonna annoy me every
single baby itchy and long curly until I
hit the goal and then he went out there
it’s like I got it this cool so that’s
number one like if you guys are all
comfortable cuz you’re hitting your
goals like make something uncomfortable
like to finish up in pain so you have to
go and do it number two and he’s noticed
we didn’t like launch fun little strips
and then just like sit back last four
years waiting for people to buy it it
has been an intense labor of love
Jim’s consistently been increase in the
value adding more scripts adding more
things doing more things do more
training always increasing the value so
the price of final script seems cheaper
and cheaper and cheaper cheaper and then
we consistently talk about it right how
many final Friday’s is this episode like
would we outright a lot dear like we can
consistently talking about it week in
and week out and week in and week out I
think a lot of people they put the thing
up with oh I’m gonna be rich and then I
just sit in there wait and then it never
happens so they’re like you like learn
can I add one more thing to the lesson
yes you you got to have a vision for
what you’re doing and that vision is
gonna help to sustain you when other
people either don’t have the vision or
other people can’t catch the vision or
you’re the only one that believes that
it’s going to work I’m not saying that’s
what the situation was but you got to
have a vision and the stronger the
vision the bigger the vision the the
more you can do and without a vision and
there’s somewhere in the Bible it says
without a vision the people perish and
there you go so so thank you Russell and
team because it
it would not have happened without you
I’m grateful V man this has been your
vision from day one we first nested like
this is gonna be huge and then you’re
the one that put in the effort the work
you need to do is so beautiful P may
have an amazing partner and it’s just
fun to celebrate with yet we’ve got some
bubbly water whoo there you go and my
fake so on top of the top of celebrate
and say with you guys we also wanted to
have some fun because today we are we
are in the process admission a recording
this all right there we go we’re gonna
do a fun photo Friday stay and we’ve got
a new script we’re demoing I believe got
some other cool stuff and I’m pumped for
so you want to kind of talk about what
the plan is for today sure so one of the
things that we’ve been talking about and
it’s really resonating with people are
bridge pages and we did a training over
in the Avengers group where if you’re
not in the Avengers group you should be
in the Avengers group because there’s
some amazing stuff going on over there
and if you youtube search click levels
avengers it should pop up their
affiliate stranger absolutely and so
talking about bridge pages there are all
kinds of different ways you can use
bridge pages and we were showing how to
use funnel scripts to create bridge
pages and one of the things we told
people was you can do a demo and I’ve
always kind of taken things for granted
about doing a demo because I’ve done
thousands of demos over the years and
then something interesting happened this
is like gonna be a combination epiphany
Bridge story so if anything happened was
in the in the help desk
we got a question somebody had joined
funnel scripts and had bought Russell’s
network marketing secrets book and they
asked me will she do by the way
everybody she had this book and I’ll
tell you why so they were asking you
know which funnel scripts should they
use for which the funnels that Russell
talks about in there and I was able to
answer it pretty quickly but then I said
Russell’s got a network marketing
secrets book I haven’t read this book
can I get a copy of the book sure Jim
you can have a copy of the book they
sent me copy of the book and on page 39
I read something that changed my life
forever it’s actually on page 40 but it
starts on page 39
and it’s Russell talking about the demo
doing a demonstration in this case of
whatever product the network marketing
companies sell and I was like yeah that
makes sense
oh my god what’s this one thing in here
that he teaches the formula and this one
thing right here eliminate the
I might my forehead was literally
getting flat and I think my beard got
three inches longer cuz I was pulling on
going oh my gosh oh my god oh my god
this is it this was the missing thing
and so I tried it out with with a couple
different demos and you know I’ve always
gotten really good results but then when
I did this was like boom through the
roof people were responding I would you
know the the it was like doubling the
response I was getting and I said
there’s something here and I need to do
this consistently and the best way to do
this is to create a script so that’s
what we did we created a script we
unveiled it this week on the funnel
scripts training for everybody and I
sensed on Tuesday when we unveiled it I
have overhauled the script again to make
it even cooler and so what I thought
we’d do is Russell real quick explained
everybody what a bridge pages and what
the purpose is of a bridge page why you
would use it and then we’ll explain why
this is so important and so helpful
because these are one of the coolest
tools and most misunderstood tools in
the internet world so there are times
and places when you want to sell
something over here and maybe you don’t
own this website so you aren’t affiliate
for this thing or it’s a network
marketing opportunities to the company
corporate website or something in like
you have no control over this this page
and so the only thing you have
controlling is the pretty frame that
somebody enters into this page width to
go back back here is something that we
call a bridge page a bridge page and so
bridge makes you drive traffic because
like a lot of times if you drive traffic
directly to this page the hits and this
bounces off because the patient convert
there’s a thousand fillies offering the
same page or there can be a million
different different reasons why just
driving traffic directly here doesn’t
work something hammer has never wanting
to let you do that directly if your
affiliate like and so the bridge page is
basically it’s it’s the thing in between
between your traffic and the thing
you’re trying to sell so for example
this and walking up on the street
and I see somebody I could just let’s
say Sam you know that put network
marking see curses from network marking
book right so let’s say I’m a network
marketing company I am selling this
fancy-pants bubbly water right I can
walk up to like somebody on the street
like here’s the order for him to buy the
water and right wait what is that it’s
the order for my son you want bubbly
water is really good like the lighter
than buying is not very good right
that’s the equivalent of sending
somebody directly bridge pays me kind of
like hey I got to tell you story this is
why as far as May this is what I like
about it slice off like you tell your
own story
you’re doing a product demo he’s got
citation I’ll just see how good and this
is amazing you do your product demo is
that you like the stuff cool go over
here to go buy it and then you push
somebody from there what to do the thing
over here so bridge page traditionally
is me or whoever doing some kind of demo
we call it in the network marketing
secrets book I call the Billy Mays demo
because he has never Billy Mays he was
like the OxiClean dude he was probably
the greatest pitchman of all time passed
away a couple years ago and I keep down
after he died I write him and his
pictures I watched like literally every
infomercial I can find of his and like
Billy Mays scripts based on like here’s
all the things Billy didn’t every single
it was infomercial mini it is all
they’re always like a little micro
infomercial Ike that the 30 seconds
two-minute infomercials and so that’s
what the script space sounds like
demoing the product bridge the gap
between where that and then the thing
you’re actually going to sell that makes
sense yeah that’s awesome as far as the
structure for a bridge page typically
though with the the bridge page is as
simple as a headline a video and a link
that’s it that and the more you add
actually the the less it will convert
and the cool thing with bridge pages is
you can use them for affiliate offers
you can use them for your own offers
when you’re literally just bridging page
with people from from one mindset over
to where you ultimately want to make
make them go
it’s the thing that pre frames them and
explains what’s going on so they
understand what’s happening so one of
the most effective things you can do for
a bridge page is a demonstration a
demonstration of a product the
demonstration of a physical product of a
piece of software some of the most
profitable things I have ever done in my
life online have been simple bridge page
demonstrations of other people’s
hey guys Jim Owens here found this
really cool tool for you that’s going to
help you do X Y & Z let me show you how
it works
hey you just do this this this and this
and it’s gonna it does this all you
gotta do is just exactly what I showed
you and hey if you buy through my link
I’ll give you this in this so click the
link down below and then send me an
email with your receipt and I’ll give
you the bonus yes so simple so the thing
is that people think Oh events you know
I’m not selling a piece of software Jim
that’s right so what I want to do is
show you guys the I’m going to show you
the script and then we’re going to make
a bridge page demonstrating Russell’s
book and we’re gonna make the bridge
page inside of funnel scripts and what
we’re gonna make the script we’re going
to use the script inside of home scripts
and Russell’s going to make the actual
bridge page inside of clickfunnels and
it’s going to take like less than 10
so like we did on YouTube before we go
back and forth our screen zooms right so
what what I would suggest we do on zoom
is let me demo want you you set up set
up a basic bridge page show them yeah
just get it ready with a headline where
we’ll put in the video and then a call
to action the call to action is going to
be get your free book guess real quick
I’ll do bridge page but all Fridays
right 60-something episodes and no one
else does it
I did it after you did it I keep taking
it tied to building the software so
everybody does that mm-hmm so that’s
okay so I’m just gonna pick just use a
blank page where we have a button page
do you have a blank page template blank
page templates I hate using templates
but that’s just me all right okay like
the bridge pages this is like literally
a 30 second project if you spend more
than that you fell down so simple do you
have mine for me at all you know me just
a um I will have a headline for you in
just a minute but I want to show them
how the script works real quick and
won’t take long video it’s a video and
call to action that’s it so I’m
basically ready I’m just gonna delete
everything else okay I make this bug
bigger cuz I like big buttons big like
big buttons and I will not lie we are
wrapping when a button walks in with a
big button in your with big text in your
face you get clicked okay the longest
part of this template is deleting all
the other stuff boom all right cool so
now when I what I need you to do is to
stop sharing your screen so I can share
my screen back to you
okay cool so what I’m going to show you
guys here real quick is the new I call
it the demo script and this follows the
the format that Russell teaches that he
got from the Billy Mays thing and it
basically demo the product you show them
how it’s faster and easier you eliminate
the alternatives intro the price get
urgency and scarcity do the risk
reversal all the time and they’re using
your call to action so what I did was I
took me like 10 minutes to type this up
and so what’s that and and we have a
couple of cool examples in here we have
one for funnel scripts which is software
we have one that we did on Tuesday and
the live training for a camera bag
really was cool
so this one that I want to show you
could do it with just a book so what’s
the name of the product service you’re
demonstrating network marketing secrets
what is it what’s the biggest benefit
the biggest pain this eliminates what’s
the big payoff what’s the alternative
most people think of when they try to do
this then what are all the things that
you want to show about the product so
step by step what do you want to show in
this case I listed off each page where
it had something cool and then what’s
all the stuff they don’t need to do
anymore so this is eliminating the
alternatives then what’s the price
what’s an alternative way to express the
price how fast can they see results why
should they grab it now what’s your risk
reversal and what’s call to action so
now it actually puts it all the pieces
together with your hook intro faster and
easier demo eliminate the alternatives
intro price urgency scarcity risk
reversal and then I downloaded the
script as a word document and I got all
high tech and printed it off okay and
then I printed it off and I literally as
you’re gonna see here in a minute okay
rather me I held my phone I held my
phone in my right hand quite clumsily as
though I had some sort of a palsy and
then I held the I held this printed off
in my other hand and I read it as you
will see I tried to do it with the least
amount of panache as possible and so I
actually recorded it and I’m gonna send
you Russell in the face book I’m gonna
send you the link to the video so you
can pop it in there and people can watch
it but I mean the sound sucks it’s done
like you know somebody would do it if
they were just giving it a half an
effort you can see that this thing takes
it can take anything and create a really
really really cool demo and the cool
thing is is that you don’t have to sit
around and wait you don’t have to
struggle to not
get all the right pieces in there you
don’t have to pay somebody hundreds or
thousands of dollars to write you a
script and you don’t and the biggest
thing is you don’t have to waste two
three four or five hours trying to
figure it out and you don’t have to wait
a couple weeks for some lady to get it
back to you you just do this on your
phone I did this on my phone like
literally right before we got um you
were in st. Ursula five seconds ago yeah
and the only reason I didn’t do it live
was because I it was I couldn’t transfer
it from my phone fast enough
all right is live swatches when I get
the audio to work cuz you got a when you
share your screen make he run share your
screen real quick yeah and then when you
go to share your screen before you do it
there will be a little box that you can
click that says share computer audio
look at that zoom do that and that
should play all right you refresh the
page to share your audio please it’s all
the Zoom audio device are you kidding me
oh sorry no that me works okay me
refresh this page
sorry French for our technical
difficulties get them using you want me
to you want me to play it from my side
back to you Jim let me say I’m seeing
links of the the page then you can okay
alright it’s back to you I’m gonna
unshare off’ i this so you can start be
sheriff eyeing it on sheriff alright and
I know hey one one thing before and I’ll
show you this one thing if you’re
looking for the perfect headline in the
in this where it has the hook what if
you could easily find the right people
to join your MLM team without suffering
rejection from family and friends your
headline is how to easily find the right
people to join your MLM team without
suffering rejection from family and
that’s your headline for the for the
page okay
meet I’ll put it plug into the page okay
you know I mean okay you’ll have to fix
the stuff and put a how-to on it but
yeah there you go
do you want me to wait till you do that
give you 15 seconds no hat okay okay but
I mean the the thing is while I was
doing this guys I mean I wanted to do
this not as not perfectly so you could
see even not doing it perfectly it’s
passable it’s doable especially if you
were to I mean here’s the other thing a
bridge page the more it looks like it’s
a real person teaching something the
better you’ll do in the past when I’ve
done stuff where it’s like you know the
phones ring and then the kid opens the
door and in other stuff those typically
will do better than the ones that look
super polished and they’re they’re best
lit and other things like that there’s a
time and a place for that for a bridge
page like this where you’re just demoing
something and showing people how to get
a result you know just make keeping it
real keeps it real and you’ll get better
results so that’s one thing I did want
to show you guys and that that just just
taken that hook right there and turn
them into your headline that’s like
okay thank you refresh that is ready to
rock and roll okay the bridge page
didn’t do sweet how to easily find the
right people to join your MLM team
without suffering injection from family
and friends dude that’s that’s mint whoo
we can okay see we see your dental
scripts will on screen
oh you’re not seeing it okay let me stop
sharing that’s weird because I was
seeing it but oh okay that’s all right
I’m not buying stalking zoom anytime
soon okay so are you seeing it now okay
play wise not playing
maybe it’s go directly for YouTube page
and just watch okay well here it is on
the YouTube page
ready hey guys Jim Evans here with a
brand new book I want to tell you all
about what if you could easily find the
right people to join your MLM team
without suffering from rejection from
family and friends
well now you can introducing network
marketing secrets and network marketing
secrets is a revolutionary new book that
makes it easy and fast to find the right
people who are super interested in what
you’re selling and they’re actually
going to raise their hands and ask you
to sign them up and this is so much
faster and easier than having to badger
your friends and family until you’ve
alienated basically everybody you know
and everybody they know as well so let
me show you why network marketing
secrets is so amazing first of all on
page 18 Russel explains to you the lost
funnel and the lost funnel is basically
the way that you can leverage somebody
else’s expertise in order to get people
to sign up even if you don’t know that
much about the MLM that you are with
right now so the cool thing is you don’t
need to worry about basically talking to
people that aren’t interested in what
you’re selling and you don’t have to be
a total expert yet to be able to do it
the second thing that this does for you
over on page 20 is it shows you how you
can be a big-time recruiter even if you
barely understand what your company is
selling so the cool thing that means it
does not going to take you months and
weeks and years to build up to this you
can leverage this to get results super
super fast the other thing that teaches
you over on page 26 is how you can
differentiate between the people who are
interested in buying your product versus
the people who are interested in your
opportunity and how you can
automatically recruit both which means
you don’t have to
struggle with either recruiting or
product sales you can do both and do
really really well with it also over
here on page 60 they’re gonna show you
how to take the proven home part on them
so excited I can barely hang on to my
they’re going to show you how to take
the proven home party formula and apply
it online so that you can use the power
of group sales but you don’t have to go
anywhere that means no more
heading over to hotels it means no more
trying to get people to agree to meet
with you in your homes you don’t have to
worry about traveling anywhere you just
make sales and then also on page 66 this
must this may be the greatest thing ever
they’re gonna show you how to duplicate
this entire process in your own MLM
business so that you not only can do it
but then you can take these proven
things that they’re gonna teach you to
do in this book and you’re going to be
able to help your team do those as well
so it creates a giant organization of
sales which means you never have to
worry about how your people are going to
be able to duplicate your success now
the great thing about this if that
wasn’t the only thing that was amazing
is this book is absolutely free all you
have to do is just cover a small
shipping charge and the shipping charge
is less than the cost of a trip to
Starbucks so you want to grab this now
because this book holds the key to you
joining the elite ranks of your
company’s top leadership and being a
rising star in whatever organization
you’re in because it doesn’t matter what
your selling physical products services
doesn’t matter this book is going to
help you do it and by the way I think
they’re crazy for this but if you don’t
like the book you don’t even have to
send it back and they’ll refund the
shipping so go ahead act now claim your
FREE copy while supplies last I’ll see
you guys soon
okay demo2 book right and it’s I mean I
just down
and it wasn’t the it wasn’t the greatest
demo in the world but but that was
without even practicing it that was
without practicing
that’s what withholding the thing
imagine if I’d have put the phone on a
tripod or had somebody else with steady
hands hold it if I had to practice the
script two or three times which would
have taken a total of 12 minutes to
practice it three times and then just
delivered it amped up my my excitement
level and all of a sudden you’re doing
demo after demo after demo and you’re
hitting all the right buttons and it’s I
mean you guys can tell us in the
comments down below whether you thought
that was any good or not for a first try
with absolutely no rehearsal whatsoever
but I’m telling you this script can
change your life and using bridge pages
is a way for you to use clickfunnels
to build a business so freaking fast and
without even doing it with your own
products I mean if I was gonna do this I
would I would I would do this that’s
exactly what I would do I would take and
I would do demos of Russell’s books then
I would do demos of all the different
cool features inside of clickfunnels and
after every single one of those videos I
would direct everybody to sign up for
the 14-day trial for clickfunnels and
then I would go out onto social media
and I would look for where people were
asking questions that clickfunnels could
be the solution for them and I would
start answering questions by either
answering him right there or I would I
would direct them to the videos that you
had showing people how to you know how
to use click phones to solve their
problems it’s it’s just it’s the
simplest way to be able to use
clickfunnels and to use final scripts to
be able to create things that will turn
into money quickly so tell a little
secret that mr. Steven Larson did
because he did this process right after
he stopped working clickfunnels he went
home and then he’s like okay he booked
like a squeeze page in people’s email
addresses was like get access to all the
tools I used to build my business and he
had like 90 different tools like click
funnels and Google dog
and all the stuff right and and like
half me at affiliate links for he made a
demo video for each one like here’s how
I use this here’s how I use Trello your
site and just a get all these things and
some rocks in you could make an email
every day of like here’s next week next
to a next to and he makes Commission’s
off of myself other people’s stuff and
just that’s what he did literally just
demo all the stuff he uses friends
business and made ton of money so for
any of you guys in any market you’re in
like let’s say you’re in the stock
trading market like what are the tools
you use to trade stocks going like most
probably I set up in Philly program go
and crate them all demos on all of them
boom that can be your whole your hope is
anyway yep this is like if T keeps on
giving the strategy the script and this
bridge base concepts so simple so easy
exactly and think about it will all the
different things that you’ve ever bought
that were from a demonstration
everything from a Ginsu knife – I bought
a $1500 shrink wrapper off of a 45
second video that showed lift the thing
up throw it in slam it down it comes out
shrink wrap person yep I’ll take it
I mean it’s think about that and I think
it’s it’s one of those simple things
that absolutely can change your life and
think about your own products how if you
did demos for different different groups
and different solutions that just doing
demos for your own stuff and creating
bridge pages to your own stuff people
arise that all 60 whatever episodes of
funnel Friday’s is literally you know
moving demoing photo scripts and me
demoing click funnels and we just passed
a $10,000,000 yesterday so does it work
I don’t I don’t know I don’t know my so
that’s that’s that’s amazing if you guys
don’t have click funnels yet you need to
go to click funnels comm and sign up for
how can they get click funnels Russell
you always ask me how to get funnel
scripts oh yeah first I’ve just be
living under a rock it’s the thing ever
talk about every single day for
literally almost five years fact our
five year birthday is next month with a
huge birthday announcements gonna be
happening craziness is ensuing they’re
all gonna freak out but for last five
years talk about every single a because
it is the tool that has freed more
entrepreneurs abl on this planet I think
today we are at 90 3806 active
entrepreneurs who are built-in funnels
live our platform so far you guys have
built 5.4 million funnels you have
processed 3.8 nine billion dollars and
you have generated 925 million contacts
inside a platform there’s our live stat
board so yeah there’s Counting
who’s like so it’s not matter if you’re
gonna use click phones this when so you
can do it in the future or you do it
today because there’s no like honestly
if you think about it there’s this old
ancient Chinese proverb that said the
best time to plant a tree was 20 years
ago but the second best time is right
now so the best time you Cleveland was
actually about five years ago the second
best time there’s right now so go to
click balls like op get your count right
now now Jim if they have a click photos
hand already but they’re copy sucks and
other phones converting what do you need
to do well you know you really need to
get funnel scripts because funnel
scripts is going to help you to create
all the copy you need for your bridge
pages for your headlines for your emails
for your webinars for your master
classes for your follow-up sequences for
promoting your webinars for anything you
want to do with a funnel we’ve got a
script for that and if we don’t have a
script for that there’s one on my board
but I guarantee you now with over 60
online scripts and six or seven
downloadable Wizards and all the recipes
and the blueprints and the and the we
just did our 40th straight month of live
coaching in in funnel scripts this past
Tuesday 40 straight months of new
training every single month teaching
people about copywriting and how to use
them to build their funnels you need to
head over to funnel scripts calm you
have a couple options one you can watch
an amazing training that Russell and I
just did a couple months ago and they
will teach you three secrets three key
secrets to copywriting as well as give
you cool demos of funnel scripts and if
you’ve been on the fence about funnel
scripts you need to head on over to
funnel scripts calm /go and you can just
sign up awesome
Congrats on everything I I have to go
right now and go fish right
my book which is not fun but I’ve really
enjoyed the last 45 minutes saying now
if you look up the new haircut on the
beard and so excited just you guys know
Jim for the last like two weeks every
day I’m getting a message just like the
screenshot how closer to get closer
closer closer and it’s super exciting
Patti may have tried all the work you
put into this product this program and
hopefully it inspires people to keep
reaching for the same goals as well
beauty being on stage actually getting
one of the big ol fat diamond rings and
a big all huge just like this big the
10x award is the same so gonna go right
there I have a spot for it already
that’s amazing
excited so we’ve an amazing partner and
just a great friend especially you know
last fire for five years and just
grateful for you and all you do for our
community thank you
and I’m right back at you so I
appreciate you very much and it was
definitely it’s been a team effort
definitely and and I will tell everybody
you are the best partner I’ve ever had
so thank you that’s awesome all right
well everybody appreciate you saying
thank you Jim make Karen for watching
and if you have any questions comments
plumb postman links down below I’m sure
will answer them and we’re go back and
get wasted on my bubbly watering on
alcohol we just you so fix everybody
we’ll talk to you again soon bye bye

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