Funnel Friday's Episode #56

Funnel Friday's Episode #56

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Funnel Friday's Episode #55

A High Ticket Sales Funnel Fit For A King – Funnel Friday’s Episode #55

A High Ticket Sales Funnel Fit For A King

So Jim, how you doing? Hey, what’s going on? Happy Birthday Russell why thank you very much. I appreciate it in honor of your birthday. I set up a special happy birthday Russell Shrine, and it wouldn’t be happy birthday Russell without me singing Happy Birthday. Are you ready? Oh, man. I’m ready.

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday CEO and founder of clickfunnels.

High Ticket Sales Funnel to you.


You cut my Mike.

What are we kind of got?

Oh man.

High Ticket Sales FunnelHow To Close High-End Clients With My High Ticket Sales Funnel

Well, they expand for that appreciate that thanks forever. We’re starting photo Friday is like eight hours late because it is my birthday today. I slept in putting my kids and a bunch of other fun things got these cool Thug Life glasses from Dana Derek. So that was another awesome.

Oh, yeah.

This is the closest thing. I had to a party hat.

It’s pretty cool. And my wife said we had one of those crazy musical candle things candle topper. She said you want to fire that up. I said, I usually don’t do flame and fireworks around my computer dear, but thanks for thanks for thinking of us. It’s a great idea. I left the beard hangs out over the it’s amazing.

Very cool.

All right, what’s been a while since we’ve done this a lot of things been happening? We’ve been busy and traveling.

12 cruises: High Ticket Sales Funnel

You’ve been like 12 cruises since last time I saw you anyway, but I can live which was insane for everyone who’s there Jim?

Out dressed like a huge blow-up unicorn which I heard there was a picture float on the you and I hugging.

Oh, yes seen that picture. I love this game is like my leg floated up in the back. It’s pretty awesome man.

Well if I could see that picture, that’d be awesome.

We’ll get it for you. I’m sure I’m sure I’ll see you soon enough cool. Yeah, and I just want to say that I thought that this year’s final hacking live and I said it this is that was the best marketing event. I have ever been to in my life a real. I mean it was awesome. It was really awesome. If you weren’t there you were wrong and if you haven’t signed up for next year already you are wrong and you need to just get squared away and get your priorities, right? So, it’s your tickets.

That’s right. Get your tickets at funnel hacking High Ticket Sales Funnel.

For sure. I know we are sold out like more than thousand like letters tickets are sold out. So like yeah will be sold out this year were even earlier than last year because they’re in the same venue. It’s like it’s not getting bigger.

It’s just a supply and demand so this demand has gone up and supplies gone down. So my only regret is I didn’t get to take one of those cruises get on that little boat and sit next to your picture as it rolled around. I didn’t even I totally missed out of that kind of bummed out. I would be really funny that looks like a gear little boats and they hooked like signs of my face on it still get selfies. Next year’s kind of embarrassing but there you go. No, it was cool.

The whole thing was cool.

Everybody did a great job. I mean that was that was first class from just every angle. It was awesome.

Thanks, man. It was fun.

Well today. High Ticket Sales Funnel

I’m actually finding my kids here in like three hours were flying out and have some fun with them. But before they went out we jump on and build some funnels and do some cool stuff. So what I what the game plan is for today, So today we have cold email Kings, which is actually pretty interesting.

And what they do is they help people Prospect with basically selling cold emails.

And so they’re having some issues just with Just having some issues so they wondered what we could do to help them.

So this is the page those who want to see what what we’re looking at. Yeah right here.

I’m a sort of twenty minute countdown timer.


So the problem is the probably that guy is is not selling or something. Well or just it’s not selling as well as they would like and so yes, it is selling but it’s not selling as well as they would like for it to do.

Okay. So look at that. I recognize them usually the vsl wizard from Phone scripts on that. Is that what this is very cool part of it. Yeah.


So the prospect teach entrepreneurs kind of speed read this real quick to see exactly if I understand what this whole thing is cold you looking and he’s get leads for as little as zero dollars.

Ooh. Yeah.

So I think I mean there’s some there’s a few formatting things I thought.

You’re more of an expert on that than I am a geek out on formatting part my I think my biggest in jumping off.

Looks like it’s a $697 program. Is that right? Yeah.

High Ticket Sales Funnel – A part of it is just it’s like to be completely honest is like and I look at like price points of the big thing like of how long the copies to be like, I mean if I’m selling like a free plus shipping book and you my food with shipping sales letters like 10 times longer than this one is free book, right? Like I’m selling it more. This is a almost $1,000 offer and there’s a four minute video. So I think I was switching the vsl wizard to like the perfect webinar wizard because you’re going to need more to sell something to higher ticket price typically for most cases. That’s kind of one thing. I would probably look as a shifting even even the scripts was you kind of agree with that Jim. I will kill you need to give them more information the big thing that stuck out at me to on this was and the pricing on there’s a little weird because it’s like hey one-time price 697 but a to pay of six 47 a month, which I thought was kind of weird.

Yeah a little confusing there, but I thought that thing was the offer was kind of Muddy for a High Ticket Sales Funnel.

Yeah, I agree 21 you’re going down to you know, how people do you look at the thing you look at the headline you look at the vsl. You scan just like you’re doing right there. And then you’re looking for the what do you get and the one you get second there is kind of nanak. It’s like half pregnant with bonuses and other stuff. Yeah. It’s like I see the bonuses but what’s the actual offer? Like I don’t see the rest of it, right?

Leads For Zero: High Ticket Sales Funnel

I also like to like, I mean the big thing that you heard me I was reading through the thing that popped out to me the most was get leads for little zero dollars. I also the only because like, you’re right people come up here and they read the headline and then like am I going to make it look at this they scroll down to look at the offer and like sexy and then come back up and they’ll actually watch your not watch it. Right? I have something like a might be something like, you know how to get leads for little $0, the unlimited leads below zero dollars both something like that.

Well, and then yeah the upper section make this pop a lot.

When I wrote one thing that nigger that popped out at me that he has an email sequence that he shared a pan out. He gets a people directly contact.

Jeff has an actual cool and so it sounded like kind of a cool hook with I mean as far as you know, if you were going to do a hook at the top get the exact email sequence I use to cold cold email Jeff Bezos and ultimately partner with him.

I didn’t see that part. Yeah, that would I would lead with that for sure the hook the hook and a good story that I really interested in actually hearing now. Yeah, that’s and it’s buried I mean it is buried at Liberty to see it. Even after you’ve said I still haven’t seen it. Yeah.

So that me, I meet him and actually partner with that sexy because I know you’ve been working in your secret laboratory. I just heard today on something to help out with offers.

That’s right. What do we have Jim? I have a new script that I had finished today for a High Ticket Sales Funnel.

We’ll roll it out here in the next week or two because we’re working on some other cool stuff, but I actually have a script to help you to create your offer stack and to make it it is super compelling even if you have no experience creating offers.

So would you like to see it? Yeah, I want to see it. Okay so green.

I’m not sure that was the best Preamble that I could have ever done, but you know Not bad.

It’s another day. It’s tough play for you.

It actually is I’ve been up since 3:30.

If you want to the absolute truth. I’ve been up since 3:30 working on what I’m about to show you. Are you serious?

I worked like 12 hours yesterday and got up at 3:30 today so I could have it done.

You’re right the east coast East Coast. Yeah, that’s like right I was going to bed last night. So we were up at the same time just doing different Saiga the Yannick and I used to do that.

He’d be like he’d be going to bed when I was getting up.

Yeah, like two states away filthy minded people take it easy.

OFA Challenge: High Ticket Sales Funnel

So basically what I did was I went through and what this is going to do and I’ll show you I’ll show you how we do it for one because we’re going to build the we’re going to build the offer in six parts because typically especially like in the OFA Challenge and I noticed with a lot of stuff you do. Basically your offer has three parts and then three bonuses you can have more you can have last but that seems to be a good mix for High Ticket Sales Funnel

So there’s three parts. She offered in three bonuses to sweeten the pot so we create each one of these the same way. So I’ll talk about each one and then I’ll just show you the split the baby out. You don’t have to hear about the labor pains. It’s more if it’s fun making the baby and get the baby laying in between stuff.

So basically you can Implement into your overall.

This is a cold email King offer and the cool thing is that in the script and that’s one a lot of people.

Put my mic off like they just say, oh, here’s what you get and each part of your offer.

And you talk about this partier optimally has to have a hook and a story to go with it and the hook as far as Parts your offer.

Listen to them that would come down to the title of that particular part of the offer way that software that you know, whatever it is. So the first High Ticket Sales Funnel that I didn’t hear was the cold email Kings foundation training out, he doesn’t even call it that but that’s a lot sexier.

What is it? It’s basically an in-depth training.

What’s the monetary value as 5,000 997 and then this is where we’re going to tell a story using basically a bullet formula.

So, what’s the first what is this first offer peace actually do for them. So this makes it easy for you to get started fast with cold email marketing.

What’s the benefit of this feature above? So what’s the benefit of that? This makes it so you can experience success in your first cold email campaign and then what are the feature and benefit above mean to them in their life or business? So this means you’ll finally be able to stop wasting money on traffic schemes that don’t work and develop lead lead sales or results.

So you’re going to go through and do that for each part of your offer. But this is a lot easier just to come through and answer these questions. So what I’d like to do and I will tell you it took me exactly 22 minutes to go through knowing nothing about his business and just reading his sales letter to be able to come up with what I’m about to read you now, hopefully you’ll like it because if you don’t like it And magically going to lose my internet connection and I’ll talk to you next time.

There’s a cool thing. I’m just going to magically just visualize this on his page, but I’m going to read it to you guys. Okay, so cold email Kings offer cold email Kings foundation training 599 750 997 value. This in-depth training course is a shortcut and wherever this was a reminder where we have the blue stuff.

You can blink you can click that and it will rewrite it for you until it.

However, you want a High Ticket Sales Funnel to that’s cool.

However, you still a reads the way you want it. So this in-depth training course gives you the keys to get started fast with cold email marketing. So you’re able to experience success on your first cold email marketing campaign and stop wasting money on traffic scheme to the don’t work to develop leads sales or results. In fact, let me do this. I’m going to download this as We can download this as a word doc. So you can kind of see it’ll be easier for me to read to.

High Ticket Sales Funnel: All right, so the next one is Okay, one-on-one coaching calls 997 value this one on one coaching helps you to shortcut your way to success with cold email prospecting which lets you get immediate feedback and support from an expert and stop wasting time sending emails into a black hole cold email marketing secret blueprint file this proven Temple connection is the secret to launch cold email sequences and virtually any Niche so you can get in front of the right people who can buy from you or partner with you and start Landing the big fish clients. You’ve always dreamt of bonus number one. How do you use cold email to break into any Fortune 500 company 1997 value this masterclass makes it simple for you to get in the door as many Fortune 500 companies. You can reach the right people with your message and have a huge impact on your business and your income bonus. Number two the Jeff Bezos sequence 1497 value. I think that actually has a higher value this equal which makes it a snap to get in front of The Gatekeepers and get the ball rolling with the right people and partner with top business owners. Like I did with Jeff Bezos on Amazon, but it’s Three insiders guide to quick and easy cold email marketing this collection of top secret email sequences is the shortcut for you to get discounts find mentors contact any publication and get interviewed by virtually anyone persuade anyone to let you interview them and more which lets you get your foot in the door with anyone anywhere anytime for virtually any purpose and get exposure impact and influence and money you deserve in your business total value 27 238. But today you’re getting all of this from a 697 so it could use a little bit of a massage but based on what he’s got.

Going on here. And when we’re coming down here where we’re going to be seeing the summation of the offer.

I think that he could see an immediate bump just by using that output maybe with a little bit of a a little bit of tweaking.

What do you think? Oh, I think it’s so good even like in the word version like the designs, right? Like if I was to build that a page that would look almost identical to that. You know, I mean with the headline the way you structured in the word doc as well.

That’s like insanely cool dude, and the cool thing is again, you know couple of the connector types were a little bit Awkward but I got to do is just from here to here and you’ll find out that the flow is really this is actually the offer section the offer part that’s going to be in the hook story offer.

We’re going to be going out next week. So this is this is one little thing. I thought we should have it separate so that if people wanted to be able to use this could this is all coming apart on another state that we’re alone is huge because most people I mean, it’s interesting. I’ve watched our community in the last four or five years.

Building: High Ticket Sales Funnel

Everyone’s involving like first people sucks building funnels now, it’s like people get a building finals, but then they bad cop and if you get better copy and I always kind of things I think one of the biggest holes in our Marketplace for sure people are not going to making offers. I think what you just showed like first off it explains the awful but probably helps you think through the offers. Well as you’re creating of like how do you actually make something that is amazing and they explain it because that sounds like you have an awesome. Offer like this right here. It sounds like you guys got amazing offer. But like it’s like hidden behind like a whole bunch of languages. It’s not sex Kristen. Yeah.


Yeah, that’s exactly what I had to do this. I would actually move that just Jeff Bennett has sequins up to the top like the second I would take it out of being a journalist and I would make it the second primary offer.


Yeah, the Jeff Bezos and I will substitute I change that one out for the one-on-one coaching calls, which is more of a bonus type thing pleased to meet ya.

I think the other thing for his whole campaign if you switch the offer like that and he bumped he Sue shit from you the vsl wizard The Perfect webinar wizard, which gives you more chance to sell more. I bet those two things would be where knock it over and now I keep the the offer script uses did gives him the right language in for how to explain all the stuff to write and then what he could not we could also do the 5 minute per webinar.

To create ads and social media and other places that he could use to drive traffic to the full perfect webinar on the page.

Yes. Yes.

Well with the 20 minutes of us this out.

This looks good keeps on giving my it’s amazing ding.

That’s awesome.

Crap, I didn’t know what to do. So I drive put all those offers and just page here for him.

I don’t know if he’s I mean, I don’t know who’s going to be on it.

If you want to you can put that in to a page.

Okay, just shoot me over the copy.

Text them.

All right, I’m jumping in there. I’m going to build out.

See, it’s really less funnel building and more like CEO in for last little while to remember how this whole thing works.

Do you like it? High Ticket Sales Funnel

Not as much as funnel building? It was funny to be for FICA. I’ve had like three days to work on a project and just being clickfunnels and it was amazing.

I was like, this is like so much fun.

truth be told I’ve been doing a lot of that myself a lot of Team stuff and managing and everything and yesterday when I decided I was going to work on this I literally spent 18 hours and at least At least 20 for the last 36 hours just working on these funnels scripts and it’s the time just goes by. Yeah, it’s fun. I love it.

It’s like I got back from for fun. I can live my goal of my plan was to watch all the Marvel movies before Captain Marvel last night and only watch to and I start thinking about offers and I built I don’t decide the training for the to call Uncle Baxter’s on lead fun with him $160 examples. I was just like that’s all I did for like three days was so much fun.

And people think we’re weird, but that’s okay.


Hey Josh under your watch while I’m loading up this this this page.

Look what time it is.

Is that a click funnels huge watch?

That’s a click. It’s the men’s version 2 in case you were wondering. Oh my big manly wrist.

How does someone get one of those huge manly wristwatches?

You have to spend a year in the to CCX coaching program as I did as a founding member of the to CCX coaching program and we were just talking about what will be the reward for second year and I think it’s going to be some light up platform shoes, which I’m really excited about we can only hope unicorn power stenciled on the side in whatever the can’t remember the font that clickfunnels logos in but that font I will wear those shoes with a speedo on the to CCX crews in January.

So book your tickets. Now lining across on the deck of the ship heat is unsold everybody.

That’ll be awesome to be wearing my unicorn thing so, it’ll be all right. I did you Facebook me the my birthday is like 8 million messages in Facebook is blowing up at school everyone for saying happy birthday. If I don’t responding back directly just can’t keep up with you know.

Day two minutes Casey almost like you’ve done two minutes here.

Does it go to what offer box you know, like where you summarize everything?

I am gonna make it sexy because had two minutes we’re using click frog like I’m using inferior product that makes that difficult like a low-key Pages.

Hey keep making jokes like that has no for serious get it keep key. Yeah.

Alright nevermind show my grandson’s that the comic book fun hiking lot and they were like Grandpa.

How come you’re not in there is no unicorn man in the Marvel Universe my darlings dude, I whisk it was amazing.

I told him I disappeared and then and then in the movie and they thought that was cool.

Did you that was really cool actually, so C&C it do you watch Captain Marvel? Yeah, by the way.

Um, we’re going this weekend.

High Ticket Sales Funnel – It was really good.

You look good. I’m kind of biased though because like, you know, but it was amazing. I thought it was cool that they may become.


I think that’s true the comic book though.

I’m pretty sure I’m pretty sure he has true to comic book.

I think we got it. Maybe I’m thinking of he’s the guy that says she’s man she’s an Yeah, his name is not anything it.

He says she’s a need to turn him doing that was coming out has come.

Yeah, that would look funny.

I know my other son ate my little 8 year olds like yeah, you gotta watch that. That’s in the previous like we will buddy. Don’t worry.

21 seconds copy and paste is over. I got the the framework now just copy and paste my computer is slow.

Copy and paste faster. High Ticket Sales Funnel

What are your thoughts about the summary of the offer inside of a box or even when you see people doing it with a box that’s like dotted red wine or something like that or you mean kind of like where Oh, my teammate is build funnels all day long line of work.

I’ll give this like that you mean yes.

Johnson Boxes: High Ticket Sales Funnel

Oh, yeah. I actually love it. You like that. I’m old school though. I like Johnson boxes. We call these Johnson boxes back in the day more that Jim nobody else remembers that I say in my office or like what are you talking about? I’m like what?

I’m going to start putting the pictures we got away from that.

That’s interesting.

I remember the last time I did that was in funnel University offering three years ago. I did captions on all the images. I haven’t done since that. I don’t know why because But it works great. So we stopped as we do some class something that I’m testing with that again. Well, yeah that looks good the first part of it down there. I keep at it keep copying clone and copying quarantine at all these different things in there. Then very bottom have total value up.

If you format just can you do that real quick to show us how you would format like total value and then your price today or whatever.

value 700 and make that like red or something because it’s not going to be that’s going to be a big green dress.

Like I don’t want to pay that.

oops puppies around we will give you that one email that you were able to use tool and that client. It was worth $50,000.

If all I did was because you’re not in today only if you act now if you buy your class will include a scam that’s how you met the ShamWow did one time for real. I was at this party it was it was a Richard Branson thing to want to meet Dean gracias got a bidding war over the plane on what I was trying to show off to his I want to meet him.

And anyway, I’m walking around like before the dinner meeting everybody. And also I walk up this dude. He’s like six six.

I look at him. I like your the ShamWow dude. He’s Yeah, and then he walks away like he was like so annoyed that I was like come on dude. That’s just take it easy bits and everything went.

Yes. It was and I met somebody he met his old girlfriend at the second tedx event.

She was like, yeah, that was my old boyfriend and he got arrested what happened somewhat a lady of the night bit his nose or something crazy like that and he got arrested or something crazy.

Wait, they get the idea. High Ticket Sales Funnel

120 no 150 Bono keep eating and then you have a big old.

I did inside his me.

Big old button.

It’s not blue and make it match.

I like the bigger the button the better.

Yes, you make small balls away from us or click on a button make it big. So don’t miss it. If you want to double your profits use cause we’re building out a whole like split testing team here clickfunnels. Now, I know a lot of these things like the big buttons the theory I have but we’re going to start split testing every single thing and start publishing lot more of the results like we did back. We did the hunter a split test book even publish stuff like that and like three or four years to come back and we’re going to start hardcore publishing for everybody in our community all of our split testing stuff and then next year’s thought. I could live Todd wants the whole presentation showing off all the split tests and what he found out it’s gonna be amazing. So, You know, it’s funny how we can actually look back on things. No. No, I was looking at a script where I had filled something out about clickfunnels and it said we have it’s always changing.

All right. High Ticket Sales Funnel

Well, thanks for playing today. I was fun. We get back into the rhythm of this and he started doing every Friday. So those are the first time every Friday. We will set for lofty Fridays. When you follow Friday’s they’re all are kind of funnel You can see February episode number 52 or five.

Wow, five minutes, 55 weeks over a year worth of fun wacky my videos.

We always felt like we build out a from Friday. So we build out a funnel and then we give the sheriff only because like 55 share share funneling the photo bust the back episodes getting back and watch a movie cover all sorts of topics from selling physical products info products webinars other things and there’s a soul stealer.


So very cool man. I appreciate you. Thanks so much and I’m gonna go head out for my the rest of my birthday party for the rest of today.

Thank you very much, Dave.

Takes me setting up the slide for your house.

It’s amazing.

Hey, the offers good looked amazing for those who want to get it when it’s ready and they don’t have fun description. What should they do Jim?

Well, the first thing you need to do is go to conscript a calm and watch the amazing presentation by Russell Brunson and yours truly where not only do we explain three secrets about copper and it most people don’t realize but we give an in-depth demonstration of total scripts for what you mean time is Pete is the demo you see they’re only is a fraction of the number of scripts. We have a couple trips. Now we are able to help you create an entire master classes entire perfect webinar five minutes perfectly spaced on Jamie crosses million-dollar example, we can help you write emails sequences female subject lines headlines for hot warm and cold traffic all your Facebook ads and much much more and more stuff coming up including in the hook story offer wizard as well as excuse me. Hook story after script as well as the offer script that you just saw will be releasing in the next week.

It’s amazing. It’s the best deal in sales copy and we need to raise the price Russell and I’m gonna start leaning on you to do that actually the true thing. So I not told you any chance to meet Julie had a meeting this week about Jim not final scripts and I’m about to make a proposal to Jim which it does actually dramatically increase the price. So it will be happening sooner than you all believe. So if you’ve been like sitting on the fence, it’s time to stop sitting it’s time to go to file Get your account today. High Ticket Sales Funnel

Yeah, when Russell says it happens like almost immediately.

Something’s going to happen quick as he doesn’t work. He makes a decision he takes action. So go sign up if you’ve been waiting an amazing. All right, make sure they say appreciate you guys all see you guys all next Friday.

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Facebook what’s up I to the G to the elemental PE and what’s up Jim how’s it go man what’s up everybody how’s it going so good I slept last night I feel amazing how about you I feel amazing too in fact I have a wonderful message I want to share with the world are you ready it’s believe in yourself okay that is a very important message and very timely for today for all you guys who aren’t believing yourself as of yet so there you go well there you go and the great thing is is that since it’s a holiday weekend I’ve decided that we’re gonna break out all the magics so are you ready Russell we’re gonna make some amazing things but I have to put the magic in my fingers ready what here we go we’ll do that again I said what and then it clicked off your screen I won’t you ever see that that’s too late that’s a one and done it’s a one and done I might bring the magic out when I show you what we’ve done with funnel scripts to help with today’s topic but no we don’t I mean you have to pay attention to the magic you have to sit up and pay attention I love it as a soundtrack now um anyway that’s new Russell all kinds of great things are going on here I know you didn’t weigh more than I am now I feel lazy over in the side huh anyway I’m kind of upset because you called this a holiday weekend so you guys know what the holiday is it’s Labor Day and so in Excel abrade working everybody gets work off it makes no logical sense to me I want to say bah humbug of Ebenezer Scrooge I think we shall be laboring twice as much on Labor Day not none well it’s actually that’s a misnomer because it was originally started to celebrate the Labour Party that was the party of the workers so this is actually a holiday to celebrate the workers the people doing the hard work oh you want to see something cool though check this out okay somebody sent me this right watch the magic are you ready I’m gonna pet the unicorn I didn’t push a button or anything about is Ellie we’ll see if she would love this no check this out okay she’s like here see oh good just by petting the unicorn the unicorn like those so I want everybody at home to react accordingly okay yeah oh man okay well now that Jim showed off all your his cool stuff guns Michael theme request protein chips 2.0 I actually hung out last weekend with Tom Bill Abu who owns quests or owned it before so look like a billion dollars and so he said these chips are amazing so I bought some fell again oh all right that’s all I got not nearly schools gyms magic stuff nothing exciting that you want to let us know is there any kind of a big event coming up that people need to be reminded about to get their tickets and stuff for oh yeah there’s a huge event called funnel hacking live and I think our mp3 players and slash battle books-a-million we’ve grabbed those like you have a separate I wanna show you guys what is but the first two thousand tickets to get that and we’re almost that much that I’ll show you guys so like you go crazy I would say the thousand G’s just for this alone let alone the tickets and the party and the magic and everything else that happened at this year’s fhl are you gonna do a presentation in unicorn I do actually I am I am considering that there will be a special outfit worn yes so we shall see since I only get like you know I got to make every minute count amazing alright now he’s got the stuff so those days you don’t know the first two thousand take it soul which i think what i go hundred or so left before we pass that mark get number one this preload mp3 player with rock it fell out again mm let’s per here I’m patty years 14 15 16 715 16 17 18 all the presentations are on here except for the ones that we interaction we’re not allowed to like 20 robbins he says you can’t share stuff but everybody else’s who is on here so you listen to all the years presentations in your in your email you can immerse yourself as you were preparing for the phone hacking live the number two tim Castleman goes and takes notes he’s a whole team of note takers that come to all our events and they hate notes and these are all the notes from the last four years I think Tony’s notes are in here too Wow then we contraction about not having his notes in here hahaha so I know what he talked about learn so what I would recommend doing is everyone order this stuff right now put blood listen to your ears every night as you follow along in the workbook and you will have aha after aha after a hot literally four years of stuff will be smushed in front of your brain and then he showed you mine you’ll be prepared to take over the world for whatever world domination plans you have so hey I think it’s freaking amazing but I wanted it’s that’s what we made it I mean that’s awesome so alright that’s oh my gosh we searched our building some funnels sure yeah let’s do it yeah I’m queuing up the timer what is the game plan tell us about what we are building today Jim okay so basically what we have is an opt-in funnel the well funnel that starts with an opt-in for Garret bake who is a clickfunnels customer a funnel scripts customer a funnel hacking live customer and actually he’s good dude I met him at funnel hacking live 18 good dude working helping police officers and first responders to be able to balance home and work life and manage stress and reconnect with their families and not lose connection with their family as many of them do because they get so stressed out at work that their personal life starts falling apart so he is a retired police officer and his mission now is to help these individuals either active or retired to basically live a better life and to find life balance and to reconnect with their families and stuff so he’s got a really I believe important message to get out there and my son-in-law as a police officer I have a lot of friends that are police officers and first responders and so I thought that this was a very worthy thing for us to try and help him do but as with all things a lot of times we are too close to our own message to be able to see what’s important and after looking at his funnel he needs our help Russell he needs our help funnel nerd glasses oh excuse me blue blocker it’s the block the blue light therefore my eyes will work longer and for more time nice somebody pitched me on him I had to buy it now I have all right so uh do we have a funnel running off of what we starting from scratch no I said I’ve got it in there you want me to send it to you in the Facebook yeah so make sure to get the wrong one [Music] she always knowing my stuff’s coming through to you boy you are you are you are you are you are you in and then so that first pay that first link I sent you is his is his opt-in page and then this second link is when you actually opt-in okay so the one thing I will say and I’ll just say to him for whatever reason I tried to opt-in a couple times to get the book and I didn’t get it so I think he’s got a little mechanical issue going on there at least for Gmail um but we won’t worry about that right now okay maybe share my screen she has to see what we are looking at okay all right we already burned two and three minutes what I know we got a pick up the pace all right we’re getting better every single week makes easier okay so that’s his confirmation page okay so really what he’s trying to do is just get you into his funnel get you onto his podcast and get you so he can start following up so basically um if we look at that if we look at the funnel now you know it the biggest thing that I’m seeing missing here is that he’s talking all features and it’s all feature no benefit and he assuming that these people know who he is and and what’s going on it’s it’s almost like he expects these people have walked in on a conversation because the you know how to leverage the tact that she learns as a police officer without burning your personal life to the ground that really isn’t saying a whole lot unless you’re already plugged into his system download your free tactical guide that’s backed by proven system in South Downs and then transform their lives again tactical light is he going to show me how to do dynamic entry into a house is he gonna it just it doesn’t follow so anyway and and if you watch his video it’s the same thing it’s it’s too vague that’s not benefit driven and as you know on a on an opt-in funnel especially people are opting in to get a benefit they’re getting opting in to get a payoff so Russell what are your immediate thoughts when you look at this I actually like the look in the feel of it overall yeah it’s kind of like it’s not like that’s that like actually you like the one this is the funnel we just did our community Chris calm flush black book it’s really simple but it’s like really at like 80 some percent often right on this thing remember 70 percent it’s like crazy high but it’s just like there’s the thing that are lusting after is this you know I mean yeah here’s a like this is like get the tactical guy like I don’t know I don’t know the tech guide even means you I mean right exactly and it’s hard to lust after and maybe the video explains more I sure watch it real quick I’m not in the video yeah it doesn’t it sort of does but it really doesn’t typically like traditional I found his video on registration pages lowers conversion rate by a lot sometimes it increases sales rate on the second page but typically traditional most every test we’ve ever done like having a video on the page like on a landing page you the web and registration page or whatever like it lowers conversion like I said sometimes the increased conversion on the second thing you’re selling but like look at this as simple just like ooh I want the baby and in the youth and what you just said there I want that thingy what we’re trying to go for here especially since you’re just asking for an email we’re trying to get that knee-jerk reaction of okay I’m in I want I want that I want that result what you’re really selling as a result so like that 99 marketing secrets that will change a business and change your life it’s like crap if there’s 99 of them there’s got to be one of them in there that’ll work for me yeah it’s good so I would change this too so how to leverage the tactics you learn as a police officer about burning your personal life to the ground well you know it’s funny Russell I did some pre work with this amazing tool called phone scripts would it be okay with you if I shared what I was doing I would hope that you would know beginning all right so you see this right do you see the million dollar content headline scripts version 2.00 yeah okay well interestingly enough all the things we’re about to share with you have already been saved as presets here in funnel scripts so that as we’re going through if you’d like to access these exact project files you’re able to access them right here in the three scripts that we’ll be using that are part of the many of the 50 scripts on follow scripts but enough about me let’s talk about this so basically what I did was I did since this is content I figured we’d go with the content headline scripts and with the you know we’re just going through what are our what are what’s our topic reconnect with your family who’s our target audience what’s our area of concern what’s an action they need to take big payoff an enemy they face we click build and interestingly enough when I was doing this um I realized that for this particular one I found about eight that I really really liked and I was able to save them all to the clip bin and so I can download them and we could take a look but what I ultimately did was combine a couple of them together so how to reconnect with your family successful police officers and first responders secrets revealed how to reconnect your family and balance personal and professional life best ways to reconnect with your family now and what I ultimately came up with was how to reconnect with your family avoid burnout and find the perfect balance of personal and professional life and then the sub-headline is successful police officers and first responders secrets revealed so I don’t know if you like that or not but that seemed to be better than what he had yeah docked in the spirit of Aloha okay are you cool with that your family of Woodburn I’m finding to be balance of personal fresh life yeah like that okay so I will send that to you as copies funnel to my account so I don’t jack it up I did wouldn’t you love to have Jim Edwards do your headlines for you and then send them to you and facebook Messenger well the wonderful thing is you don’t even have to wait that long you can fill out the funnel scripts forms whack the button and presto instantly into your hands comes exactly what you need you don’t have to wait for me to connect with you on facebook isn’t that amazing Russell that is amazing you as funny what we’re launching we’re in the middle right now of launching the funnel rolodex which is like a Rolodex of service providers and so like copywriters logo design aloha I guarantee you I will bet I will bet money right now there will be people inside the funnel rolodex who all they do for projects is I will felt the headline wizard for you for 50 bucks [Laughter] with my copy so you might not use concepts like wait have it Michael just feel that like well do you like will filled out for me and I guarantee funnel scripts you should be applying go to funnel roll likes to call me like I’ll be a funnel scripts expert will fill out the forms for people there you go but they have to have an account yes that’d be good yet um so anyway that was that was the thing I think that could be a headline sub-headline type situation there I copied this funnel my account and I’m trying to like log in if some reason it’s just going slow okay so then the next thing that he’s gonna need and I and I agree with you my experience with getting people to opt-in and stuff is that a lot of times you you will get a situation where your here we go you will get a situation where the video is not going to convert as well and if you’re just going after straight conversions you want to go after that knee-jerk reaction however I did want to I did I did want to show what I did with the who what why how script which you know in my opinion is the perfect script for this particular situation because it’s something that’s done for free you know it’s who you are what you got why they want it and how they get it and so actually filled this thing filled it out and it’s again in there as a as a preset but and I actually ended up redoing I revamp the entire who what why how script and just really cleaned it up and made it smoother so let me read you this script that he could use okay hi I’m Gary bake founder of warrior Guardian I’ve got a free book for you called to the tactical guide to becoming an elite performer on patrol and at home I like that one um that’s going to help you specifically with how to find the perfect balance between your professional and personal lives if you’ve been struggling with losing the bond with your family because of all the pressure you face it working on patrol then you need this book because among other things it reveals how to transform your life and become an elite operator at home and on the job so you can find the perfect balance between your professional and personal lives just fill out the form on side of the page let me know your email address and I’ll send the tactical guide to becoming an elite performing on patrol in at home out to you instantly be an email there’s no catch I’m doing this because I want to share this with as many police officers and first responders as I can to help as many families as I can so again all you need to do is just put in your email address and I’ll send it out instantly and you could just stop it right there I mean that would be fine you just copy that one up for that as texts of the video I think that was really good just it’s gone yeah I can do that so I will copy that and I’ll just edit out the parts that you don’t want it real quick just so you guys know I’m over here oh I’m trying to find like an e cover I’m just ripping one off cuz this is like you have to hire somebody in the new photo role that there’s a whole bunch of amazing Ecover designers but you know it’s like everything I do there’s always an e cover yeah the reason how people do that anymore like yeah actually cuz back in the day Jim back from any side create a first came out Jim’s mmm right that was the thing like everyone did eat covers nowadays some reason like it’s like ad in fact I literally did a training video yesterday for two comma Club X about hiring people to do he covers for because there’s something about it increases the the tangible nosov it and like the percent while you well it also gives people especially with a digital product you have to give them some sort of a visual representation of what the heck they’re getting otherwise they have to create a picture in their own mind of what they’re getting which is too much like work it’s a lot of work so yeah I do it all the time man yeah like got a I’ve got a picture every single thing in my stack yeah did you look cool but but you know the thing is in all seriousness we live in it’s a visual medium why would you not have a pictorial representation of what they’re getting oh they might think I’m shipping them something well if they’re that dumb they’re not really going to be a great customer especially when you’re telling them it’s a digital download guide so it’s their first test of whether they can be a real customer or not you’re not allowed to be my customer because yeah ok this well you know funny enough Russell thinking that I know that you really are a big fan of bullets so I didn’t know if you’d need some bullets to go with this or not but just in case I went and used the Brunson bullet script inside of funnel scripts to make grunts and bullets for this as well oh you think you might want some bullets or are you good with what you got as long as you got loaded up let’s do it okay so let me show you basically we just come in and use Russell’s Brunson bullet script and we’re calling do we want to call these secrets or what do you think these would be like well we should call it secret because I only know secrets how about tactical tip I like that the tactical tips yeah if I could spell it it he’d be even better is this is this fought hard to read it was just me it’s cool like it’s the thing it’s cool for the headline but I think it’s hard to read for body copy honestly that’s kind of feeling similar what’s like a normal fire or no aerial my that’s not bad that one you just did there’s not bad we have reached the extent of my my design prowess though so you know font yeah I know what a font is um okay so I actually have twelve different bullets I know you’re not gonna use them all do you want me to read you a few and you can choose from them or you want me to just use my best judgment and send them to you let’s read them okay so tactical tip number one helps you maintain harmony with your family and loved ones number two get you more peace of mind and tranquility in your life number three makes it easy to leave the stress of the job behind when you take off the badge each night which I really like that one gives you specific steps and tools to become truly elite in your personal and professional lives avoid the burnout that affects too many of our fellow officers the real secret for person peace and harmony on the home front how to find and maintain that balance we all want in our lives effortlessly keep the stress of your professional life from invading the peace of your family life quickly deal with stress and keep it from affecting your relationships escape the trap of bringing home or bringing work home with you and ruining your family time discover the best ways to build and maintain deep connections with your family and brother officers stop worrying about how to deal with the stress of work and home life now I know all of those are awesome but how many which one you want which you guys favorites we have the audience vote which one’s your favorite she’s in like one two three four huh I got 12 Rico’s again I don’t know we did a we did that headline contest here in the office this week they everyone wrote everyone wrote in fact used to winning it you know to I haven’t heard the stats hit today you waiting okay everyone wrote it and Josh is number one in a headline right now was just yes he Josh did he use final scripts I’ll pay him 100 bucks to say he did did anybody we should we should test rate final scripture verses everybody’s opinion that actually cool okay that’s gonna be our next test um yeah that 100 bucks just get it from Russell and I’ll catch him up you want me to send you the first four yeah no all right I mean some of those are better than the first four but I’ll just send you the first four there we go here at watch and he says this is gold so watch it that’s cool that’s cool um so well Russell’s doing that I just want to let you know that all of this sales copy was brought to you courtesy of funnel scripts so easy you just fill out a form whack the button and you’re good to go whack that but whack that button if it feels good whack it again if you’re wearing a unicorn hat whacking until the magic happens you haven’t shown your little thing yet you can’t say that witch thing a little like thou shalt not be offended thing I was looking for that I can’t find it I think somebody took it and leave the picture of and I like that I’m gonna get a patch made that says that thou shalt not be offended that’s good I’m right that damn I’m gonna hand those out it on phone-hacking live 19th ouch ow not be offended before you before Jim starts presenting everyone you need – I hate sign this for her thou shalt not all right I look I’m gonna do it man I’m gonna give you one Oh check it he’s part of the warrior movement – right yeah it’s got on his tactical boots all right cool things let me talk about what I did and why I did it okay sometimes funnel clicks does this weird stuff for me there we go that’s better oh and I’m just saying I just want to point out Russell if you look over here what I just did huh right here Oh thumbs are back I tried to go afterwards didn’t want to hide this that’s the magic of funnel scripts cool okay next time okay sorry I’m gonna show you again so I’m tired of people initially with simple I don’t they can submit that a whole presentation like five years ago called the evolution of squeeze page and one of the key things I learned from we talked about sometimes a landing page it’s like a deer coming like creeping through trying to get to the water and they hear like a stick break they freaked out their run away and so I try to make it as simple as possible anything that could distract like videos a lot of times are distracting and it’s nice too much stuffs distracting so I’m kind of like you come here and you’re like ooh and then like arrows push you down so it’s like trying to be very simple be their name I would a less fields the better I love that mmm-hmm this is like something that I’m gonna delete cuz I’m one of those guys who like precious days live on video anyway I think that never mind I’m are gonna say it I wouldn’t put that in less than legal person forced me to so I took that out now it’s like simples like movie they just want my email life is super simple I know if I could really pimped out version whatever your guide is or get a kid should be holding it or something like Oh keep going it’s like that so that’s like very like oh it’s simple you got them just like everything’s there’s nothing it’s like jumping out freaking it out right and then if you want to go further then it’s like you have like the impulse person will come in just like do the thing there’s like the skeptic who’s like what is what’s the hook what like why they make me do this they have all the the skeptical stuff so then I’d have down below stuff that I sold and further if I needed it and some testimonials yeah you have testimonials things like that and I probably put a button here that just like pops you back up to the top and I would change that I changed that call-to-action button but I wouldn’t call it the get your free tactical that I’d now cuz tactical is not it’s not a tactical guide it’s a it’s a life-changing guide it’s something else but it’s you know claim your free guide now I think would be better than you know your free tactical guide because it’s not it’s not a tactical guide I know what he’s trying to do to bridge you know the tactical mindset with the leadership and and Guardian mindset and all that stuff but I personally think that’s a mistake because name for the I do what it is I’m not a hundred percent sure what the name of the guide is so that’s why I made up a cool name what do we call again it was named ADA it’s in their tactical guide to becoming an elite performer on patrol and at home it’s a free we performer the lead performance guide oh yeah claim your free elite performance guide now actually a benefit yeah Forman preformance that’s how they say I still run is the name of it’s the tactical guide to becoming elite but I don’t I don’t that’s too general you know what I mean it’s like yeah it’s that’s too general in my opinion the book are there but not you I’m talking to him sorry I know what Facebook but the title of his thing is the tactical guide to becoming elite I think that that is too general elite at what is the thing so I need some work sorry I love doing this like it and you know I always go back to that and I’ll give credit where credit’s due but like corey rudl he was the one that every all of his calls to actions all said claim you remember that it’s been a long time so those are the core Corey’s like The Godfather of our world yeah that’s the way in a in a car accident back but he was you if you track back most of your marketing lineage it goes back to Corey yeah he’s the man and his purple binder I still think I have my I kept like is a souvenir yes scroll to the top alright the other thing I like to do it’s this is looking amazing by the way I just want to say it’s got to be those glasses oh well you know it’s blocking Bluett I can see what better it’s hard to read text typically especially long-form text on black I don’t mind like and I I like like dark with white text but like long-form reading is hard on your eyes typically that’s why I made this part like on a white background so it’s more text if you know a source of most my sales letters but if if you happened to go to funnel hacking like we have sections where there’s like I thought let me re sighs anyway I go off sections where I’ve got like small pecs I’m popping on a headline when there’s long text I always go back to why cuz it’s hard to read like my eyes yeah I was to default backs like the most important parts on why you background anyway just FYI but yeah I think overall looks really cool I would go hire someone who’s awesome in fact the dude I would hire all you guys been hired now but I love this guy Sean Lowry he’s awesome he cover designs gugak Sean Cal Sean Mallory cover just tell him he has to do my projects before any of you guys as much stuff for me graphics I convert calm I’m a gay man hopefully a funnel market or the funnel roll next to him yes he just he covers are so cool anyway there’s a there’s a hint for a stud that I hire all the time you could hire to do he covers for you anyway there you go so dude sweet cover there but yeah I think I’m pretty awesome only other thing I would I would change and went on time for but that the pre head is not doesn’t have a benefit in any that I mean I would pretty much just either take that out or change it to you know a you know I don’t like that it’s too general you know what I mean ya know like attention cops who want to change your life for the better attention cops tired of stress and anxiety tension cops that want a deeper family relationship [Music] like that yeah something like that is better so sweet you did a great job man Thanks so did you your headlines and bullets are fan-freakin’-tastic yeah I love it well thank you so much it’s just the unicorn magic oh all right Kenny one more thing before we bounce sure hey I’m gonna take two minutes of his time when watch this video together to get washed yet this is why I’m gonna take a check you’ve watched this you have your tickets are gone life yeah right here we go when we’re when we’re growing up we learn a lot of things about life from life they’re just not true six days a week one day of a week one week of every six months I wish I had someone to educate me at college now I know some of you are feeling that indecision that uncertainty well today today is a day that you changed the world [Music] all the money invested for all the time oh I’m at the same place but here’s what’s interesting when you make a decision when you become something else it’s much easier the next time cuz we are crazy agree we do believe intelligent I know but you’re thinking through me having to do to a duty to make sure is made forget it awesome it reminds them of their journey where they’re at and they keep moving forward [Music] [Music] [Music] lately teaching them to be givers oh man [Music] dude I’m pumped and I get to speak this time again yay it’s gonna be awesome so if you’re crazy I have your ticket I go to Hawking the first two thousand tickets are gone this gift this option go fullscreen go fullscreen oh sorry we go back to my little pitch if you don’t I’m gonna if you go to live come and get your I said way better last time the first two thousand tickets to get this and they’re almost gone after that then you just get the tickets but this is the first four years of my 90 live on mp3 player you can listen to it is all the notes in first four years you can study along so you show up you will be immersed and ready to take over the world so anyway I’m excited for it because what Russell’s really trying to say is that he’s going to give you the opportunity to plug into the last four years of education that have changed thousands of lives around the world you’re gonna literally be able to plug that into your brain and absorb all of it before you come to photo hacking live next year so that you can compress what others have you can almost 5 years to do you could compress literally into six months or less and be ready to make an impact on that event with networking with learning and with the roundtables you can’t afford not to be there and with this amazing gift that Russell’s giving you he is actually giving you the shortcut to achieve amazing results so get yours today there’s a limited supply left that was yeah you take it anyway but watch that video and then have your spouse watch the video with them cuz lattes gonna come with my wife so then let me your husband or whatever show it to the end egg I need some of that kool-aid like whatever they just drink there I want some of that really really bad and then get your butt to Nashville Tennessee it’s gonna be insane this year will be it keeps getting better every year but can I back up what you just said there yeah cuz I’ve been in this game now for 21 years and my wife has been to so many events with me and funnel hacking live is the old and I’ve she been to a lot she’s been to some big events some some big seminars around the world and you know some some events and other things this is the only one that she has ever sat in on every single session and taking notes and so we do funnel hacking live as a team I’ve only ever missed one it was the first one and I regret it for the rest of my life but luckily I’m able to get those recordings and I’m able to get those notes so I’m able to catch up on any of the ones I might have missed and you can too if you go claim your tickets now I love it thanks man I appreciate you thanks for hanging out with us today if your wallets in the back episodes go to photo Friday’s campeón the list ever you notified when the new show starts each week and that’s it except they should appreciate you bye guys everybody

New To ClickFunnels But Want To Grow Your Business?

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Funnel Fridays Episode #45

Funnel Fridays Episode #45


New To ClickFunnels But Want To Grow Your Business?

Want To Join ClickFunnels?

Want To Take ClickFunnels To The Next Level?

Want To Promote ClickFunnels & Earn?

Funnel Fridays Episode 44

Funnel Fridays Episode 44

Today’s episode of Funnel Fridays is “Pimp My Funnel”!

This ClickFunnels and Funnel Scripts user is helping people in severe pain from tennis elbow, but his sales are causing discomfort. Russell and Jim are gonna pimp his funnel to see if they can bring relief!

the Facebook and and what’s up Google I think we live everywhere what’s up my fizzle look at that what’s happening playas who was that who was the guy that owns new guns it was Brandon Fisher do you member yeah oh my gosh I remember I remember Snoop Dogg Jost in the middle so Jim why you dress up like a pimp with your baby no I got on my PIM hat I got on my pimp cape I got my pimp stick because today is all about pimp my funnel because we got somebody who’s got some pain and they need to get their punter their final pimped so we’re gonna pip some copy we’re gonna pimp some questions we just gonna be big pimping baby this watch kind of like a pimpin watch it’s like oh I can contribute to it it’s like the size of my head almost that looks like it should have its own steam engine in it so these are like my favorite watches and I bought a whole bunch from the other day and I think we’re trying to get clickfunnels one as gears in it can you tell the time with that I’m not sure where where’s the time it’s much as it doesn’t really matter so it’s got like just this is 12 o’clock all the time yeah well there you go so we’re back two weeks in a row two weeks in a row this is going hardcore I love it two weeks in a row fo sho Oh show um all right I wish Brandon he’s at best um Snoop Dogg jokes ever he’s gonna find him real quick but one of them was uh I might mess it up should I try not yeah it was like what what a snoot jog washed his clothes in li otcha Oh what is being a mess I’m like what a Snoop Dogg doing it or what a stupid I’d say when he goes out in the rain or something and it’s gonna drizzle I don’t know somebody that there you go there’s my there’s my version of jokes yeah I’m working we’re good man we’re good we’re good what’s happened damp in my funnel all right so basically today we have somebody who is helping people with tennis elbow and the interesting thing though yeah tennis elbow but the the thing and and the magic was hidden at the end of his submission when he sent it in when he was like oh by the way the people who suffer from this aren’t just people who play tennis and so that to me was the thing that that caught my attention the most because people would call it tennis elbow if they play tennis but if you play golf do you call it tennis elbow if you’re a construction worker if you’re somebody who’s like a fisherman do you call it tennis elbow no you call it elbow pain fool so why would you want to only go after elbow pain sink think about it so anyway that was it was like the last thing you know that that there’s the magic oh and I hurt my elbow in wrestling one time and the trainer called a tennis elbow I was like what I’m a wrestler like we eat tennis players for lunch anyway yeah you’re all ride it up and stuff and got all that crazy testosterone going and roseola tunas wait I’m a good boy I don’t think we call it tennis elbow coach so I was reaching around this guy in practice and I hurt my elbow what do you think is that a repetitive motion injury all right let’s change the subject yeah flash your warning side we can’t even talk about this right now Jim what are you talking about we just started the pimps I guess we should just assume that yes okay so here’s the thing that I thought we could do instead of like we normally do where we would just redo this guy’s funnelin and it’s cool to show is funneling everything because I had some ideas about how we could about how we could redo it you got the four wondering this is it right which I mean those pictures don’t really say a thousand words but what I was also thinking about was Tom maybe talking about how we could structure this so he could easily take the funnel and duplicate it and repurpose it and pimp it in some other niches as well you know I’m saying so he can he can he can have his funnel out there working for him on the high street the low street back alleys you know all over tato that’s right so in all seriousness though talking about how we could do that and then I had a thought that one of the best ways to do that would be to start with a question because that’s one thing a lot of people don’t really ever realize is that some of the most effective headlines you can ever use our questions and so it also got me thinking okay so let’s make some questions and I started writing these questions and then I I heard five thousand funnel script subscribers screaming all at once a disturbance in the force there is that Jim we’re good people going Yoda this is amazing you didn’t give us a script for asking questions and I said to myself well my goodness is like five o’clock in the morning could I between now and when we do funnel Friday’s could I create an entire script to ask questions in sales copy that are designed to get yeses from the right audience and I what’s up to the challenge Russell we able to do it I was able to do it and I want to demonstrate it on scripts it’s not listed in there yet but it will be but I mean it’s done but so my thought originally on this this thing was you know as dorky as it might seem the question that needs to be asked at the top of this thing is do you suffer from tennis elbow are you tired of greasy bombs leaving you smelling like a locker room all the are you afraid the only cure is dangerous surgery those are all right you know time where does this count less a short-timer I don’t know we’re just talking you know as guys do they’re dressed up like pimps and somebody’s wearing something about nudity on there you know best we can hey Jim I just wanted to show you my a figurine cases they’ll try to get yours I’m still trying to get mine but I’m not trying I’m in the active pursuit of it thanks Pursuit of Happyness sorry I just found those one fall out he lied this is the new eight figure ring when you do ten million dollars inside of a funnel you just found it he’s like yeah I just left a 3,000 dollar ring laying around you know just somewhere gold so this is like it’s all gold those are all diamonds these are like eight eight and I can’t think we spent on these things huh so make a good funnel anyway right can you imagine the pimp thing I’ll be able to do with that with this cape and that ring you got like all them across your hand Oh show me way I don’t actually wear it I just have it on my desk all right i’ma show the time or as you’re going since questions are amazing and I all right so what do you want me to what do you want me to show so I mean the the biggest thing with this is that when somebody’s in pain and and I just want to clarify one thing real quick and you’ll hear this when people are giving copywriting advice and they’re telling you all these things and and you need to be really careful when somebody tells you something about copywriting or anything in general they’re like dealing in absolutes because I know you have heard this before people would tell you oh you never start sales copy with a question because people could say no so what people say no the loans aren’t gonna buy a front G of tennis they’ll know and they should leave great you know where you should be asking that question you should be asking that question in your ad where you’re not paying by the click you’re getting a whole lot of people to say no and it don’t cost you any money so do you suffer from tennis elbow do you have chronic elbow pain no cool beat it get out of the way I got somebody else I need it for easy yeah so so anyway that’s that’s that’s I just want to dispel that little myth so the other thing about when you use questions in sales copy the other thing when you use questions in sales copy is you need to think like yin and yang now I know I’m wearing the wrong you know stuff I should be dressed up like a kung fu master talking about yin and yang you know but the thing is when when you answer when you ask a question and copy it’s still okay to answer the question for you for them you know do you suffer from chronic elbow pain stop the pain now you you can it’s it’s like a question response question response and it forces them to start thinking in their own head in these terms so that was something else I want to throw out there as well so I don’t know if you want me to send you that stuff um yeah you are the other questions done and everything oh yeah yeah and then I’ll show you guys the wizard but the other thing excuse me the script because it’s a it’s online it’s not a downloadable one but the other thing is thinking in terms of do you suffer from tennis elbow versus do you suffer from chronic elbow pain if we’re going after tennis players you call it tennis elbow if we call it if we’re going after anyone else we want to call it chronic elbow pain right we do that like is a how would you have questions to ask they go through that if anything duty this is serving I mean I can show you I can show you the thing that I came I can show you the script yeah let’s see it okay dieudonné said okay so I’m gonna send you these the stuff I already told you though yeah real quick so you can play with it and then I’ll show you guys a script thanks for giving us direct communications Mark Zuckerberg you’re awesome Zuckerberg the man he is the man have you ever met him no have you Piku to talk to me you see me coming and be like security so anyway here’s I’m calling it sails opener questions scripts create targeted questions you can use too in any piece of sales copy no video demo yet we’re making that now um use this to create questions you can use to open any piece of sales copy with a giant yes from your prospects use these questions for headlines sub headlines email subject lines social media openers tweets Instagram post Pinterest the first words out of your mouth on video and much much more so basically I got some things loaded in here including the one from today on tennis elbow but we’re just asking five questions super simple here’s your target niche remember so in this case we say a tennis player but we can change that over to like you know wrestler or fisherman seriously you’d have to be like hard as nails if you did man I mean it would be like the Mike Tyson of the n-c-double-a what’s the number one good thing they want more of they want more pain free movement they also want more relief from elbow pain and what’s the number one negative thing they want to avoid they want to avoid chronic tennis elbow and they want to avoid crippling elbow pain so I mean it’s pretty straightforward to fill that out so in this case so I’ve got a I’ve got it set up so that it’s divided into some main groups because some of the most classic questions are you know you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired are you sick and tired of chronic elbow pain or chronic tennis elbow but the cool thing is I got all the little real OD stuff in here so that you can keep clicking it so are you finished with chronic tennis elbow you fed up with chronic tennis elbow are you done with chronic tennis elbow are you finished with crippling elbow pain are you done with are you sick and tired of crippling elbow pain let’s add that one I like that are you sick and tired of crippling elbow pain if they’re not gonna say yes we got an issue so that versus actually meant that was a test Russell that wasn’t the actual headline pack that may look awesome on the page already I know you did sorry um but that was like a test that indicated test not hey Dave they found the real Joe can I tell you the real joke now that I messed up earlier I’d love to hear it okay so sue so why does Snoop Dogg carry an umbrella yes why for the drills Jack I’m sorry snoop if you’re listening I just anyway alright sorry bro so yeah so the other thing is I actually listen your show to be great that’d be pretty cool oops in the comments he’s like yeah I’m listening yeah you remember what happened a 2-pack right just reminding you that is the white guy from POC right there’s an odd I’m at Tupac attacks but you pot is way too ring are you trying to create an East Coast West Coast thing or a Midwest East Coast Midwest you don’t be baiting don’t be baiting on on Tupac and not to put now whatever isn’t I’m glad you can’t see me right now Snoop Dogg anyway the other thing so we got a whole bunch of different ones you know is blank driving you insane is chronic tell tennis elbow making you lose sleep is chronic elbow pain causing you pain is it it’s chronic elbow pain destroying your future ruining your life making you nuts costing you sleep making you lose sleep is chronic tennis elbow killing your results as a tennis player do you want more pain free movement do you want more relief from elbow pain so I mean I think makes I’ve hundreds of variations of questions that you can ask any we’re ready for relief from elbow pain now are you a tennis player who needs more pain free movement are you a tennis player searching for more relief from elbow pain or relief from elbow pain so anyway um that’s what it does prana problems with chronic tennis out the problems with crippling elbow pain and the neat thing is that these can be tested so fast and just as an aside these are using these are some of the easiest Facebook ads that you can write because you just ask a question and boom people are either paying attention or they’re not it’s a question with a call-to-action hey do you need to write a mate here we go I need to write amazing sales copy checkout funnel scripts need to write great sales copy at the click of a button sound impossible it’s not checkout funnel scripts so that’s the big thing is just asking a question it’s kind of like the question that a pimp would ask hey buddy looking for a good time that’s what they ask how would you know that I watch movies you don’t watch never wished for more pain free movement just I think we’re definitely getting been into PG territory yeah we should flash that offensive sign thing hey just to let people know I totally stole this image from Google Images don’t actually do that like if you’re gonna use it go buy it I just don’t have time to buy right now I’m not actually the stop sign yeah at least oh look you know how to search on Google Images for stuff that has usage rights right go back to Google Images real quick and I’ll show you if you go up under tools and there’s some these buttons before and go under yeah choose labeled for reuse what I could use these well okay let me let me let me answer that question I’m not an attorney nor do I dress like one in on the web however I feel comfortable using them but you would need to consult the appropriate legal or other professional if you have any doubts that’s cool so anyway that’s lawyer pimp gym totes we can use this but you know what that’s about as smart as consulting Saul from speaking season three of Saul you see that I guess all I have not seen that I’m waiting until I can power watch like four years in a weekend three years of that it’s so like anyway my favorite line from that is is from Breaking Bad and he’s like you think you need to hire me to hire criminal lawyer he’s like I don’t like no no no we need a criminal there’s is one of my favorite in isn’t it time you stopped dealing with crippling elbow pain I like that one too you got to choose one dude that was the point hey okay did you send it to me that I send you what oh I’m certain we’re questions in here we can question the crap on this page for all I care well and that’s the other thing you can use questions as sub headlines as well but that I mean honest to god the way that he can redo this funnel and go after each of these individual markets is by just changing the question headline at the top and pretty much anywhere throughout that he is mentioning the target audience then it just be as easy as a search and replace so wherever he has tennis player he would change that to fishermen or bowler or wrestler without a list or or a wrestler a wrestler wrestler who but I mean I hope this is making sense I’m trying to give people a tool that they can use and coming up with all this big huge list of questions I’ll be honest with you I made this for me I was like dang I’m gonna use this so and I’m actually big believer I use questions and most of my coffee my beginning as well she mean I know that makeup done seekers book when I shared my doc on Suze Excel later started with let me ask you a question if you ever want to work from home work or fire your boss yes yes yeah I love questions it’s big as an inch I do you love questions Russell because questions set up the answer and the answer is my product okay this looks like its label for reuse I’m using it copy image address there you go the hitch demo image boom oh do you suffer from chronic elbow pain medical graphics da de is gonna show me a picture that’s labeled for usage rights well there’s some serious serious credibility right there because it’s like an MD picture street-cred but I mean right there it just he’s the the question that you ask at the beginning is going to be the filter that resets the entire funnel as far as people that are reading it I mean I’d just be copying that funnel and changing the headline switching out the switching out the target audience wherever he said like I said wherever it says tennis player that’s fishermen or what-have-you and then you need the only other thing you’re gonna need are some supporting images like before and after a tennis player that looks like he’s had his elbow whacked by Tonya Harding’s ex-husband or somebody and then somebody at the end of the copy playing tennis like they’re freaking John McEnroe you know what I mean so I mean that that would be the other thing would be pictures of before and after you want to show the pain at the beginning in a context that they can understand right that makes sense it’s like oh there’s a tennis player and he really hurts and to take it even further you could do this with a funnel where you only talked to male tennis players and showed pictures of male tennis players and you showed and you had one that was going after female tennis players and you showed pictures of just female tennis players does that make sense all right later and because clickfunnels is so amazing it makes it point-and-click simple to clone a funnel and make those changes mean you’re talking about five or 10 minutes worth of work to totally customize a funnel for a different target audience especially with this wouldn’t you Russell yeah you do a survey on the front of it it’s like hey come in which doesn’t sounds most like you you attend wrestlers okay yo and then you taking two different page based on the back are you a are you a lady are you a man are you offended by me asking you that question why don’t some of you fainted by that because my pronoun is they get stuff it’s amazing I get it from where all good things come from Russell the Internet the interwebs speaking in language kind of cool and creepy at the same time I would love to hear about that okay so sometimes I get all excited and I go on ebay on my phone and I’ll spend way too many hours trying to find random weird stuff so yeah this week on Sunday night I bought where’d he go it ran away awesome of the old Matt fury psycho-cybernetics newsletters which he no longer publishes I was like that’s kind of cool so bottom dude it’s so funny I was thinking about him on Monday I am not even lying to you I was thinking all about Matt fear on Monday actually went and found him on Facebook I think he rejected me or unfriended me something for some reason but yeah years ago I pissed him off but um Matt’s actually really cool dude I mean but that what made you think of that I cuz back in the day when I used to use eBay back in the day and I always find that Furion farmer burns and Dan Kennedy and J so all my safe searches for my ten years ago we’re all like those things searches found psycho cybernetics oh I bought it and I get this letter with it that was like hey Russell I saw you bought some ran a store I know who you are and he was like I’m gonna send you a gift so he also sent me check this out this is the Crossman success series tape set what oh my gosh the mic in a briefcase and it’s like cassette tapes of this millionaire success dude in the mail that came with it okay oh my I was pretty cool super cool but it gets even crazier those eight-track on the back on the top it might be okay then the next thing that was crazy is so then I was like searching Napoleon Hill because like nobody talks down to Poland Hill anymore so I’m buying a bunch of his old stuff like there’s this old Napoleon here like handwritten versions of thinking or rich like $500,000 for sale I keep watching they’re never gonna buy my mic someday someone’s gonna buy that that’s cool anyway book I didn’t know here bro called how to raise your own salary which is crazy I didn’t know that so I bought it right so it’s like it’s like 500 bucks or something cuz it’s like a really really rare one he had so I bought it and then the dude sends me a letter and sighs like here unless I buy my book I also knew who you are and and I love this episode your podcast anyway I’m buying stuff on eBay now and all you buy buy stuff from anyway it’s crazy it’s kind of cuts better than I’m saying hey Russell thanks for buying my thing I know who you are and now I have your home address oh my gosh I need changed on eBay that’s why you have a P o box I guess there’s the office I’m safe three minutes of my fun ability time but you gotta take that thing off the top you got to choose one it can’t be vs. oh we got to choose go with there just a straight tennis I’ll buy one to start we’ll go after tennis players okay and I would go I would I would even just go old-school with this you know attention tennis players do you suffer from tennis elbow I mean I literally have the attention tennis players in the small type up there on the left that’s like 1994 stuff metaphors good year for direct response people don’t even know it’s you like that yeah gratify it probably yeah attention to this players do you suffer from cancer if so I mean I know that there are people who could it really be that simple yes it could now would you want to test that yeah I mean would you want to try other questions like is tennis elbow ruining your life which by the way the new script in funnel scripts writes all those questions for you so Russell would they be able to set up automated tests through clickfunnels to be able to tell which one actually was the best I’m pretty sure you can close with one click of the mouse so the neat thing you can do is just fill out this form once whack that button whack it until it feels right and then just start picking out headlines and loading them into your little clip bin here to your little hearts content and then you have all of them available to download and then you can test them inside of clickfunnels and it’s pretty amazing so most people have the problem of not being able to figure out one headline is it okay in final scripts if we give you dozens and dozens of headlines and questions that you can use so you can test and find the one that makes you the most money is that okay if we over deliver or are you sorry I sorta drop that in there sorry okay that’s looking pretty good Oh was he paying attention oh well Bing I would have been working faster I actually hate this and go back to way ahead before it could be my quick finals I can just drag and drop my way back to amazingness that’s right alright well this way to get completely done but a couple of things number one I think that we people from amazingness about questions and your new question script when did your question should we be live inside of this funnel scripts you keep talking about uh I would say it’ll be up there it’ll be in there by next week very cool but if people are excited about it I mean are the people that are watching anybody in social in them social medias on the line saying anything good about it or they just like me is they’re out there like if I just have this question thing now I would finally go to phone scripts calm force I suppose that for homeless Christian and that’s a really great question Russell and if they did say that I could actually see my way clear to maybe listing it in their today but I want to ask you guys a question again look in your wallet and see the money that you have in there and think to yourself would I rather take that money and spend it on an amazing tool like funnel scripts or would I rather spend that money on a copywriter and just set that money on fire money on fire do you actually want to head over to funnel scripts right now and get access to now over 40 different online scripts to help you with everything from writing complete email sequences headlines these amazing sales opener questions complete sales letters or do you want to cheat your children out of their future because you struggle to write sales copy and I think you know the choice you know the right choice don’t you yes you do head on over to funnel scripts comm just sign up you guys do the math on that so 40 scripts times 10 dollars a year you basically ten dollars per year per script well that doesn’t even include the amazing downloadable wizards that will create entire perfect webinar sequences for you many people have said access to that one wizard is worth the entire subscription just for the year dang dang the devil ang weasel all right well the funnel is begun is not finished there’s got some good-looking copy in here I’m gonna save it out for those who this is your first set of photo Friday photo Friday calm I’ll actually just share fun week whatever we built each week so it’ll be there and we’re right fight in this monthly she has a new on a Friday site intro video all the exciting is coming up so we have a really cool video makes Jim look like he’s an actual pimp which is awesome I would drink some gin and juice to that you said I know every word of that song yes in high school I was a Snoop Dog dr. Dre fan and my old headphones I had the CD it was spinning in the theme and my parents and when I was listening to they shouldn’t know there’s a big like marijuana leaf on the front that CD it’s really embarrassing now as like the clean-cut Mormon kid to admit that but that was the best CD of the nineties you rebel you’re such a rebel cause I don’t get any of the marijuana leaf was I was like why is it big palm tree leaf on this thing okay I got to tell you a story you will think this is really funny this shows innocence okay so when I was in college I had my ear pierced I had three earrings in this year and so I came home with my ear pierced and my mom said oh I’ve got some extra earrings that Miss shocked me I’ve got some extra earrings that I lost the other one for and I’ve got this one that I got in Mexico it says really really pretty it’s got like maple leaves it’s it’s Jade in silver she brings me out this pot leaf of earring it’s like it’s telling me it’s a maple leaf and I’m like mom do you know what that is it’s a pot leaf she said oh I can’t give you that to give me that everybody this story is not quite as good but it’s almost as good so my grandma Jensen who is amazing so she was the most frugal person I ever met so shoe buy everything and her source like desert industries or savers whatever so one day we were at the beach with Grandma Jensen and she had on these awesome sunglasses and on the side of sunglasses a big ol Playboy bunny like dude that bunny issue they have two cute little bunny I like there you go anyway it’s cool itself your grandma sounds awesome Oh viewers you’re gonna miss out on my props I wait till next week I I think you might have a hemorrhage if you don’t know so Dave brother sweets this is from Billie Jean’s as Billy Russell Brunson is marketing is it so pretty loaded yeah so this is from Billie Jean and check this out this is a money cannons you ready for this [Music] you gotta clean this mess up now my god that is that I am so jealous I don’t even gotta use the cool way I can use ooh now when when we go on the cruise in January you have to load that up with like all ones but put one 100 in there and tell every band then do it from the stage and just watch the scrum dude that would be just and do it at a karaoke party after people been drinking and say there’s a hundred in here he’s watching go for it oh my gosh there’s the money can’t the cash cannon that’s pretty cool I should have a very beginning this shot even though so they brought that back from San Diego to me thank you you need to get some of those made and then when somebody gets into people would be more excited about having that branded with clickfunnels and getting that when they get there they’re two comma Club award and having it filled with like fifty dollars they would go crazy or over that it’s actually cheaper than the awards especially the two combo club extra words these things do you like your three thousand dollar ring I was like I wish that how much yeah um yeah it all seems an Instagram world and Facebook world when you make ten feet eight figures ten beers to be a billion right eight figures decided limit of a clip bones account you get the big ol Superbowl ring yeah anywhere or you could give away those cash cannons with 50 bucks in them at the next funnel hacking live to everybody who makes it into like the six-figure Club so everybody hits a hundred thousand they get a fit they get one of those with 50 bucks in it can you imagine how crazy people would be going during rush – yeah that would be insane out of three but all right that’s on the idea list for next year’s oh my god which by the way is an ass kind of see the dates are on for locking you can’t buy tickets yet but you can schedule in your calendar so you don’t forget nice by the way Brandi and Kalyn they sold out their event in one day so my goal is to cell phone’ Writing Lab one day so when we do open this for everyone you better get your dollars lined up and ready because it’s gonna be opening and closing fast anyway very nice all right well Jim that was amazing I appreciate you I’m excited it we already get next week yeah again you tell me I have it down it’s the Nexus last week of school for my kids so I think so anyway last day of school Stephen first June first we eat all right well today was fun great job guys thank you everybody appreciate y’all the watchers at home hope you guys enjoyed it so to learn something now you can cure your car chronic tennis elbow if you’re on cliff Thrones County a go cliff falls calm and focused on scripts calm and that’s it for today okay I just have one last thing to share I see you later I can’t figure out in my mouth to end this one the mouse is disappearing I need to take off my pimp robes are we off yet you’re literally still live cuz the mouse is not working on my computer oh here it disappears excuse me while I take this off I don’t know how to turn this off now how do we I think yeah there’s the mouse okay now it’s working and we’re stopping hi everybody

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Funnel Friday’s Episode #43

Funnel Friday’s Episode #43

or still every life you – whoa look at the money monkeying around with your copy no pun intended dude that that’s huge it is I got a big head and big hands that’s amazing my big mug look at this when you’re thirsty in the morning by golly you need some coffee and just to give you a perspective there we go milk how much that takes a half a gallon of coffee this is urologist approved man I mean those are days you supposed to drink hey hey none but anyway yeah there you go we’re good amazing well welcome everybody to photo Friday’s we’re excited to have you guys here we got Facebook Instagram and you – yay Jim Edwards this huge monkey head hey I don’t talk smack about you well I’m pump man II spent a little loss as if on Fridays you can I travel in the world welcome back thank you and you yourself as well can I take this off yet or do I have to wear it for the whole thing you can take it off will allow you if I pass out and fall out though and we’re in trouble hey but speaking of monkeying around what are we doing today on funnel Friday’s well today we’re going to be helping the GPS boss to cell with GPS stuff what are you guys you want to tell us about the product this is this is what a you got for us okay do you want me to show it on my screen or do you um yes I’ll be awesome okay so basically what the GPS GPS boss does it’s a company down in Australia so down under and they sell a GPS product that helps you to locate your vehicle but it has some advantages over other systems like LoJack and and some other things like that well in their use cases of how you’d actually use this product Jim well if somebody steals your car if you’re feeling kind of spiffy you might be able to go in front them which would be really like a stupid thing to do or if you have a teenage kid that is perhaps I don’t know at the kegger all night or across town and you can want to find them or perhaps if you are married to someone who is cheating on you instead of going to mari Povich and having some sort of a lie detector you can have a Throwdown in the parking lot of the cheesy motel where you find your car at 3:00 a.m. in the morning so there are all sorts of social and other benefits to this product like part of the benefits like hey if this happens to get the cheating spouse and you catch them but you stream it on Facebook alive then we’ll give you a product for free afterwards or reimburse you I would actually pay for that oh I would – absolutely yeah I think that’s a great idea if you catch your spouse cheating in the act and you shoot Facebook live as an ad for us we will give you your monthly feedback you know I’m kind of shocked I don’t know what you’ve been doing for the last month but when I said that you know we need to find a new angle I say you know we could do the cheating spouse angle but then this is Russell’s show and he’s not really going to be into that and we’ll just do the watch your teenage kids thing and now you’re all over that like you know so I feel bad now I just hope it’s someday I can be on one of those shows like Jerry Springer more you know what else she in fact I know Jason Moffat I know the name yeah he was on Jerry Springer I know so one day I watched a vesl and the very end of use Tom’s life story he’s like this was me and pass and I she cuts this clip of Jerry Springer showed he runs out the big ol like beer and he’s like and he was on the actual shown as part of a vesl it was the greatest thing ever saw my life anyway holy yeah I just I think you might want to put the brakes on that little life goal because nothing good ever comes from being on one of those shows man they get you with the DNA the paternity test the psycho ex-girlfriend I mean there’s nothing good comes from those shows do they show part of the makeover I mean no wedding yes prior to makeover yeah that’s when you end up with your spouse telling you they’re in love with a farm animal it just does nothing good comes from that I’m just telling you if you get a call from one of those shows do not respond and by the way everyone who’s watching home Jim does have his hat on warning you guys about defensively offensive things so we’re prepared there it is that’s right yes yes there’s our all right come with a warning warning I will more than likely offend you at some point so you’ve been warned all right with that said read back to the show so today I’m photo Friday’s we are gonna be rebuilding this thing from the ground up to make it amazing right yes or at least functional least functional okay so I’m over here I messed up I’m gonna switch to screen sharing mode I think Mike remember ready to do this and so while you’re doing that just to let everybody know basically what we’re gonna do is we’re going to reposition this thing after to go after a much more specific market because somebody is just scared that their car is going to get stolen I mean I’m sort of scared mine’s gonna get stolen but I don’t worry about it too much but I do worry about I have to I had at one time two teenage daughters who like to come home late and I would have loved to have been able to roll up on somewhere and know exactly where the car was and either take the car which would have been hilarious take the car and then they’d have to call me and say someone stole the car or just to roll up and pull them out of the party in front of their little friends you do a good times for all all right right I’ve started the eight timer so we got 20 minutes to build this entire funnel to make over again start this thing and time is going alright now tell us I’m gonna start building out the funnel I think by looking at this is one page fun what you see right now yeah we’re just the VSL style yeah just a via I think a VSO with a good headline a good VSL and some bullets and a call to action would be the a great start for this so through the power of funnel scripts I’ll show you so of course the first thing you’re going to want to do is go over here and use the killer headlines version 2.1 and I actually was playing around with this this morning because I’ve been drinking out of that big old coffee mug since 2:30 a.m. and I’m buzz jacked up as a five-year-old snorting a Pixy stick at midnight on Halloween and so I’m going through this thing today so we haven’t done this in a while I’ve been you know saving up for the last month so basically we’re going after her parents of a teenage driver and this is a GPS tracker and know where your kid is GPS boss state-of-the-art keep them safe know where your car is in an emergency can do it without hacking up your car’s electrical system do it in five minutes so we whack the build button and let’s look at some stuff here all right whack that but I’ve come up with a new thing whack that button until it feels right keep whacking that butt until it feels right I think we can say that on live TV I just did it um so let’s see here you answer 14 13 you answer let’s see let’s look down here how to keep your teenage drivers safe without hacking up your car’s electrical system how to know where your car and child are in an emergency how to know where your child on an emergency in less than five minutes how to keep your teenage drivers safe even if you think a GPS tracker is out of your price range not bad you’re not reacting to any of these um we do that we the audience reacts so you want to do like two of them and then will people be like hey or beasts we get some some audience interaction um I’m going to see so let’s see here breaking new state-of-the-art GPS boss helps keep your teenage driver safe guaranteed as that’s number one yeah that’s number one voting in one or two number one was that one right there uh-huh and I like the one even if you think do you how to know where your car and child are in an emergency even if you think a GPS tracker is out of your price range okay that’s number two or B 2 2 or B yeah okay so number 1 was the first one what yeah I’m closely same again yeah oh god I’m putting it up here um breaking news state-of-the-art GPS loss helps you keep a teenage driver safe guaranteed or how to know where your car and child are in an emergency even if you think a GPS trackers out of your price range okay so breaking news is number one GPS tracking your price ladies over 2 1 or 2 what you guys got three votes for number two 2 2 2 2 2 i okay i we see YouTube folks YouTube tells me what – all right well I’d like to you better too so I got Scott Strauss and I’m gonna make one little change I’m going to put how to instantly know where your car and child are in an emergency oonh if you think a GPS tracker is out of your price range I like that instantly in there better alright so I’m gonna send this over through you through that special communication tool that our buddy Mark Zuckerburg makes available only at the expense of our personal data privacy and a little sliver of our soul so we’re so worth it all set I would give my price for less than that all right so now we’re gonna need some bullets right oh yeah okay so in the past we’ve only used the brunson bullet script because it’s so much quicker and easier but today I decided to use the FBM bullet script the feature benefit meaning bullet script which makes amazing bullets following the sales bullet formula that cannot be beaten so I filled this out ahead of time it took me about 10 minutes or an inch of coffee out of my giant coffee cup I tried measuring my progress that’s because link does matter um and then he goes there with it that what extra step we didn’t need well it’s kind of like feature benefit meaning most people willing to do feature and benefit but I always take it the next step with meaning Russell you know me I’m always willing to give that little bit extra so let me just show you took me about 10 minutes to fill this out right and so I’m gonna come down here and whack the button cuz it feels good it means days without a town he just got back but yeah a Dave hey Jim I owe you call wherever you’re at so let me read you off some of these amazing bullets that the that the funnel scripts made that we’ll be able to put in a Brunson box are you ready okay I’m gonna read these off to you real quick because they are pretty awesome instant installation of the GPS tracker which helps you get the benefits of knowing where your car is in just a few minutes which means you can keep your kids safe immediately no hard wiring which lets you move the unit from car to car and that means you save money by not having to purchase multiple trackers discrete profile no bigger than a large wallet so you’ll be able to hide the tracker anywhere which means you can track your vehicles without anyone knowing if you so choose track from your computer or your phone which helps you know where your courage instantly which means you have peace of mind 24/7 five-year battery life which helps you set at it and forget it Thank You Ron Popeil and that means I never have to worry what yeah it’s actually trademarked but is it really a five-year battery life which helps you set it and forget it and that means you never have to worry about the unit not functioning because you forgot to change the batteries so what do you think of those those are good bullets right all right made courtesy of funnel scripts so what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna whack the little shopping cart icon cuz that’s almost as much fun as whacking the button I’m gonna add those to my clip bin then I’m going to download all of these amazing bullets I’m going to open them up in my text editor and then I’m going to copy then I’m gonna send them to my good buddy Russell Brunson through my Mark Zuckerberg communication device so now we have our bullets we’ve done our head now what’s the big thing we still need Russell we need an amazing um and and just let me tell you something I’m just gonna take a second here I’m gonna tell you guys something now you could create a video sales letter on your own you could hire somebody to create a video sales for you let me tell you that’s like taking your wallet out and do you see the money in here you see this money and then all of a sudden you say you know what I’m just gonna burn it all why would you do that when you can use funnel scripts to create an amazing video sales letter if you think about it people let me show you what you’re gonna do burn the wallet baby yeah whoa whoa whoa easy kids we’re here to talk about funnels not my awesomeness that was to I don’t even know what to I can’t even keep building cuz I was so but I was even expecting it okay well like what he done or can you guys show twice it might make um a little something later in the show you don’t know well crap that was amazing alright okay so here we are with the VSL wizard which of course is included with your phenol script subscription okay so what I did was and again this took me about ten minutes this morning about an inch 3/4 of an inch of coffee and I went through and I just filled it out and I and I basically pulled everything off of his page so I just recycled this copy or applied it to our audience of kids there are parents that are keeping track of their kids and then I whacked the build button because that’s what we do and I was able to create a really cool PowerPoint video sales letter so it gave it to me in the raw format and then I probably took me about five minutes to go through and edit it real quick and then I’m gonna admit that I cheated all right I said is that a GPS hooked to your cheating well no what I did no I didn’t go to the parking lot of Motel six and meet Suzy floozy what I did was I sent it over to my daughter cuz I needed to go work out and so my daughter does all my graphics and stuff for me so she then took it and I had her add some pictures and stuff to it and do a little thing so so anyway these guys may actually have spokesmodel no these all came from like pixabay and some other things so we went ahead and put a little background on it and edited you know put some pictures in on each slide so that probably took her about mmm I’d say 30 minutes cuz she doesn’t have a big old coffee cup and so then right before we jumped on here I took two minutes and I actually recorded it would you like me to would you like me to record it would you like me to just read through it real quick or do you want to show your screen what’s up no you keep up yeah reader time student boring stuff yours awesome okay so I’m gonna I’m just gonna cuz I’m showing this screen any pictures of their GPS okay yeah there’s a picture that’s the that’s the GPS that’s the one I said we could brand with like host natura or something like that or little their little dirt it catch little dirty Johnny in the act or whatever so um alright so I’ll just record this I mean I’m not recording it but I’ll read it real quick this is this is the exact text that the VSO wizard came out with and then I edited on it for like five minutes so attention parents of teenage drivers the following is a message for every parent of a teenage driver who needs to keep track of where their kids take the car but can’t be with them 24 hours a day hi my name is Richard Mason and here’s the truth you need to know about vehicle GPS tracking in fact here’s the biggest problem you face right now so the fact that expensive tracking solutions like LoJack only work if you call the police which means if you use other solutions you have to involve the cops if you want to know where your child and vehicle are which doesn’t make sense if you just want to know where your car is and that your kid is safe and worst of all most parents of teenage drivers can’t get past the idea that putting a GPS tracker on your car is expensive and hard to do but luckily for you there’s now a solution to your problem so if you’re a parent of a teenage driver who really needs to keep track of where your kids take the car but can’t be with them 24 hours a day here’s the solution you’ve been looking for introducing GPS boss DPS boss helps you keep your kids safe because you see that your car is where it’s supposed to be all the time know exactly where your car is 24 hours a day 7 days a week whether it’s home at school at work or at the after-hours party across town track your car discreetly without anyone knowing if that’s what you choose to do install it yourself in less than a minute no professional electronic or mechanical help needed move from one vehicle to another in seconds and much much more and best of all you’ll start seeing results with GPS boss instantly and it costs less than a dollar a day so again if you’re a parent who wants to make sure their teenage driver is safe understand this there’s nothing more important to keeping your child free from harm when they’re on the road you don’t ever want to be in a situation where you can’t locate your child or your car in an emergency this new technology makes it super simple to have the peace of mind you need when your teenager is in your car away from home act now before it’s too late get onboard with GPS boss now claim the peace of mind you and your family deserve with gps boss right now so one bad right it’s freaking amazing nice I had a full time copyrighted that have been like at least a five thousand dollar sale screw but you know what I think over exaggerating the ass Barbour paid my prayers I hire it wouldn’t be cheap I can tell you that so I actually recorded this right before we jumped on so through the power of the sucker phone I am sending you the link so that you can put that bad boy over into the video sales letter and my tasks are complete unless you need me to make you text for a button which I can do that I did do one button and I would love if you wanna prove up my mind was giving you the GPS loss now so if you guys I’m better than that I’m totally unused it okay well we actually we got a couple minutes so let’s we’ll hop over to the call to action scripts on phone scripts let’s see here here we go call to action script you’re doing that I want to show these guys something cool Cuvier cells 20 minutes I don’t even need that anymore check this out like it’s pretty freakin sweet and clean and looks I hate that you that chrome store autoplay from us now attention parents of teenage drivers the following is a message for every parent of a teenage driver who needs to keep track of where their kids take the car but can’t be with them 24 hours a day hi my name’s Richard Mason and here’s the trick Richard that is an amazing voice or g’day mate one thing like I want to stress people sometimes some people try makeup funnels like super light like this right here looking this was like boom back down there’s a green and the red and the yellow and it it’s like so flashing flare either like I don’t find those things work I’m just like I’m a big fan like simplicity some people who focus on the copyright like oh there’s the words actually want to read so anyway I’m just throwing that out simplicity sells and one thing I hate is red headlines but every test we’ve ever done the red headline works oh wait but wait somebody said that red headlines don’t work anymore oh stop it I came up with a couple of you can try or not but yes I’m ready to keep track of where my kids are I’m ready to keep track where my kids are with GPS boss today that’s a little long send me the GPS boss GPS tracker instantly who access our deficit Landry or that want to get send me the I make it copy and paste simple just like Flynn all scripts all you have to do is just copy and paste the best oh speaking of it minor circled the dude who is the voice for the prices ride is in an inner circle now no it’s the coolest thing ever we should have him coming down something he was like he was in there he’s like hey guys this F way sound samurai was like hey come on down it’s the new chrysler-plymouth they were never in his Ike anyway it was amazing so Stefan what’s his product gonna be gameshow announcer secret sir he actually runs a credit repair software SAS platform business opportunity so cool hey wait they’re killing it that’s pretty sweet yeah all right Baba’s asking what the video strip was created with hey Jim someone’s asking you where Bob is asking what was the video script created with that was created with the VSL wizard which is one of six downloadable wizards available from funnel scripts along with over 40 online wizards to help you do everything from creating video sales letters full-length sales letter short sales letters email email follow-up sequences headlines bullets and more so get over deliver there’s so many in there that I literally have to do a search for what’s in there now because there’s so much stuff and it’s all awesome and I use it myself all the time and that’s that is the truth ie I’m the number one power user of funnel scripts um not only did I create the kool-aid I drink it – that’s right cuz it tastes so good alright the perfect mug I do I’m gonna give a shout out to Christopher boss though he’s the one that sent me this mug oh yeah he’s really exercising dream 100 yes yeah I’m still waiting for what he’s setting me up for cuz I don’t know what the hell he’s gonna try and tag me how hey can you come to my house and like help me pay off my mortgage it’s like well you know it’s they’ve done this reciprocity things so much sure I’ll come and help you pay off your mortgage love this what’s the bug say you guys either I like big mugs and I will not lie and I cannot lie s’okay oh you guys haven’t seen this oh this is awesome check this out look at the cute cuddly unicorn he’s so happy and it comes in an end when I’m away from home and it looks really crazy I can keep this little one in my pocket and he’ll and he just makes me feel so good I got the puzzle in the little one Ellie will die for that like I please let me give that to my daughter for Christmas her birthday it’s it’s do a search for feisty pets and she still does she still like the the poo emoji lamp that I got her she loves to emoji and now she’s like hardcore unicorn if they start blending unicorn poo that’s like the next thing and I know if you knew this was Santa Claus may have got her the the unicorn was called damn teacher yes that’s also thanks to you as well so Santa Claus well we do what we can here at unicorn central I have it on the correct finger it’s not on the wrong finger hey really quick in the last I’m 23 seconds I’ll show you guys something very cool if you’ve read hundreds split test you know this is happening an order button above the VSL actually does increase conversions and sales even though it’s weird so if you love money do it if you don’t the no and speaking loving money oh please no I don’t want to it’s Russell has to show us what he’s done two one boom alright you check this puppy out yeah I think it’s pretty sweet dude I can’t believe we got it done that well that’s time here we go now easily know where your child a car and emergency even GPS trackers are out of your price range press play okay I just thought of something that we’re gonna have to start testing some kind of an overlay thing with the video overlay this okay this is we’re gonna have to come up with a script for this but it’s gonna have to be like you know press play to protect your try press play like all these different calls to actions just to get the freaking press play we got to do it and then figure out how we can do an overlay on the video with through clickfunnels yeah that would be amazing who could overlay because I know right now what we would do is go back to YouTube it updating all the the image with called featured image card which is a huge pain in djibouti right click funnels overlay value all the way to an african nation to do this all right so here’s headlight button up above video button down below picture bullet points button call-to-action picture price I have a I have a test this yet but I have a theory that bigger things are the higher they convert so I made huge freaking fields and buttons and years though I think it’s not pretty good I would actually run this as like if I was running traffic I would run traffic this thing I would run a test to this absolutely yeah absolutely I mean not not even joking around like it’s halfway done this this is I want to a be test this versus this and just see which one makes more money yeah I’m gonna put my cash on the table if we run a be test what’s his name again Richard Richard Richard if you ready eight points like mine this vs this I’m gonna put all of these wait a minute all of these ten dollars for the test and then Jim’s gonna light him on fire that’s right Oh actually can try some real quick this is so nerdy and so exciting okay you see this on the wrapper guys videos Alanna gonna take this out of screen sharing mode so you guys can see me do it oh I’m so excited I’ve done this once in my life with $1 bills okay here we go ready was that your bachelor party I’m warmin we are my bachelor party we literary rented Simpsons season two and watched it while we ate pizza anyway that’s what we do it for bachelor parties here we go [Laughter] that’s awesome hey are you your true twice who me when I was just gonna tell everybody you know we make it look easy but it’s not us that make it easy it’s the fact that you can use click funnels and funnel scripts to make it easy we demonstrated creating an amazing set of lines bullets an entire video sales letter presentation and even a call to action in 20 minutes and I want to tell you you could go hire somebody to do this for you which of course means you would have to take the money that’s in your wallet and you’re taking a chance of just taking that money and lighting it on fire and it’s gone you get no results but with funnel scripts you get the tool that helps you to create everything we just did plus a whole lot more including full-length sales letters entire webinars classes you can sell it is the greatest value for content and copywriting creation on the web if you don’t belong to funnel scripts you hate money in fact you hate money so much you’re taking money out of your child’s education and you’re setting fire to that you are taking money out of your retirement and setting fire to that you are taking money out of your wife’s purse or your husband’s wallet and you’re setting fire to that it stop it sign up for funnel scripts right now and start making money I’m Jim Edwards I got nothing that was amazing thank you Jim for Friday’s – it was amazing thank you everybody at Facebook Instagram YouTube we love you guys appreciate you guys if you’re a farmer scripts yet you are literally certifiably insane – can’t using clickfunnels it’s about the same thing so go get set up thanks Jim for a fun day you man and we’ll see you guys all next week on photo Fridays and if you wanna watch this episode or any past episodes now the right 43:43 episodes in you want to see the replays and each replay comes with a share funneling wood built on the on the show go to photo Fridays dot-com absolutely bye everybody everybody thank you

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Funnel Fridays – Episode# 40

Funnel Fridays – Episode# 40

here what’s the Facebook what’s up Google what’s up gin I do man I’m good I couldn’t help but be good today because we’ve got a new funnel Friday’s mascot are you ready no it’s not a purple stick it’s a done done done and this let me tell you this unicorn is pissed you talk about Envy this one is mad at this one they were fighting earlier who was the blur copyrighting which one one well nobody’s deflated yet so it’s it’s a draw had to keep him separated get out of there anyway I want awardee Jim you’re a little choppy today and this scares me because I don’t he saw we did all the promotion for photo hacking live away use I interviewed Kahlan and Natalie and now there’s on bad internet and her her video is choppy and that night this is no joke this is the craziest story ever so that night there’s a group of people who believe in shapeshifters who saw that video and then they went through and they went frame by frame 968 frames and they did a facebook live going frame by frame about how natalie was a shapeshifter all this proof and evidence and they have 2500 people watched this Facebook live for a two and a half hours Prentiss show how Natalie was a shake shake at bad internet connection and all these people are going like not so crazy believing it and then like they it was just it was crazy so people saw these years you know so let me ask you let me ask you a question and this is really just a confirmation of the things we were saying to each other before the show started um there are some real weirdos in the world so if you want to think we we definitely have to talk I mean and this is but I’ve been called worse so I’m cool either way I’m cool alright so today Russell all right so we’re excited we’re actually gonna use today for selfish time we are gonna make funnel Friday’s a facelift which is nice so a couple thing I’m gonna redesign the funnel I’ll show you is what the plan is we’re gonna make a really cool and what Jim’s gonna write the script be set aside of final scripts today we made tweak it a little bit then we’re gonna make a really cool animated like intro video like a show so I can live journal where 40 episodes in and then I’m gonna build a funnel where people can actually subscribe so we can like notify you when it’s gonna start because that’s what we should have done from day one we didn’t I like how you put that we’re gonna do a facelift of it I didn’t know we’d put a face on it to begin with we just kind of started doing it and it just kind of happened and it was like oh that was kind of fun let’s do another one let’s just archive the page below the other page you know oh that’s a great idea and by the way bTW I keep telling everyone major circle my all you start your own final Friday show live a good time it’s a lot of fun you hate on gym every day or every week but the other thing is like it’s been wildly profitable exercise and you guys should all have your own show where you actually consume your product a lot of people they sell stuff but they don’t actually use their own product or are drinking their own kool-aid so our philosophy was like let’s show everyone that we actually drink our own kool-aid oh we use what they sell no that was really choppy I do you think you’re so liquor would you have like a liquor fun illegal marijuana funnel I’m just trying to get straight on the rules Russell that’s it that’s all I don’t even know how to respond but yes I don’t follow okay great that’s it I do what you tell me okay that’s game last minute twenty minutes it’s a rock and roll and then I’m gonna be finishing out we’re gonna make this video you guys will see it by next week we said all the next week you’re gone by two weeks from now wait well the next party I don’t know don’t you have to go somewhere I think I think this is like two weeks three weeks three weeks anyway the next show you guys will see the new updated one that we’re working on today along with the new like video intro etc etc so I’m gonna work on the the funnel pay stuff you’re working on the script so I poured out what I’m gonna plan on doing sure okay let me start the countdown clock so uh wait a second wait a second whoa what you’re whoa whoa just to get straight are we so what we need is a script to be able to UM basically just as the intro for the show right just what did who we are what it is and what why they should sign up photo Friday’s okay yeah remember we first had it I thought was Friday funnels like it’s been wrong first like five episodes yeah because some and somebody heard we were gonna do and then went and bought the domain just to be a ding-dong and then they’re not redirecting traffic right that’s okay okay Karla Gracie oh yeah car purrs come back you Friday funnels all right oh okay all right so what my plan is is right now if you go to photo Fry’s actually I’ll pull up here on the screen so you guys can see it if you go to photo Friday’s comm you’ll see the magic of all that is happening over there phrase these are playing this video that were already doing because it’s already got a posit second it’s coming so this is actually episode 40 if you’re on funnel fries come some guys are there right now watch this are we gonna get them to sign up are we asking the sonim yeah I’m like oh yes I’ll do that I’m like how do you know that you never like head away from people we broke every marking ruled on benattia it’s still wildly profitable so here’s cuddle Fridays so what I’m doin still having just a page where again if you scroll down here this is the live episode and then we scroll down no they get her job learn how to be the camera woman now Stephen Skye she’s ready so you go through that she’s doing great every episode we ever done you can see all the crazy masks that Jim has ever purchased for this show he’s taking one for the team he’s puttin thousands of dollars invested in masks be uncomfortable hanging on to that Unicorn – I’ll just have you know plants vs. zombies the episode – that one was awesome okay well I’ll bring that one back way the Soul Stealer in episode 5 you should this is good crap you guys should be watching yeah damn that was good to get a holy dynamite on episode 16 I forgot about that one we did the cosmetic teeth golly oh we didn’t confuse us off killers that was really rude of us you baby can’t delete it now anyway so all the back archives are here if you haven’t watched it so go back from Friday’s like this should be like while you’re building funnels just watch these the background cuz we’re dropping bombs all the time so anyways that’s kind of game plan so what I want to do is have a page where people will come and they will watch this amazing trailer video of Jim and Russel and we got cool b-roll so what we’re gonna do is to have this script I’m gonna read my part jewelry his part and then Brandon’s gonna plug in all his beer all of like us doing cool things Jim on stage just Legos and all the coolness we have you still here okay then they all have this thing just thinking thrown a roll I didn’t interrupt yeah have you opted in we’ll probably do email or there may be something new this coming live a fun wacky live but I can’t tell you guys about yet but there’s this really cool thing called adopted bub what what is that Russell I can’t use that can use that in conjunction with the Bronson box we should we could I think um we’re trying to like trademarks trademarks Updike what something you mentioned last 30 days right so right yeah we’ll probably I’d trade market but it’s called it a an optin bump I can’t tell you what it is I might throw those in there for the live one then it’ll be a page over here I’m gonna see the live the live video do you like having the page wages now or all the back are cry stuffs there or is there a better way we could do it I think it’s fine you don’t like it I mean I’d move funnel scripts well I like funnel scripts being in the middle so that’s good okay never sell here I think I ought to make this like step so it’s like step one get cliff funneled step two get funneled scripts and egg this is we stock lettuce in the script like there’s like if you get the two tools like to the art and science right-click fronds like here’s the science of building a funnel and it’s photo strips is the art of like what makes it all sell in the middle all right okay so this could be like well come up I’ll come up with the I got the first version we can add stuff to it because I’ve already got the first version of the script done using the who what why how script on funnel scripts so y’all didn’t see me do that but I was like being done before Russell he’s going too fast all right okay so that’s the game plan is something is very simple this way we get people opting in when they come from a Fridays then we can mess in the back sections of shows which is like marketing 101 we sent down ex officio because don’t know cuz we were busy we were busy alright say about a cobbler shoes repairman’s kids are all shoeless and the cobbler son is refused whatever right if you want a hot date I’m committed any way I’m just gonna leave that alone okay sure as my head the rest of it I’m like I don’t got anything I’ll tell you later and then you’ll kill me I did a good job not sharing that live son thank you thank you okay so I’m gonna build a separate just with it hey I just want to remind you if you don’t like this script I pulled it you know I pulled the template for it straight out of Russell’s book on secrets so if you don’t like it um lame I complain he not my fault not very nice all right little Friday’s facelift I just like this logo I’m really proud of it I think it’s not awesome where are you gonna have are you gonna have the login thingy above below or the side or where you gonna the login me sorry the opt-in are you gonna have an opt-in form yeah probably to the side yeah okay so we’re gonna haven’t filled out a form or just click the button opt-in so click the button because we’ll have a pop up lever okay yeah all right are we gonna let him have access to all of the old training yeah right up front stall house episodes as well okay but aren’t those all gonna be listed on the page or are you gonna have that on a separate page on the next page yeah first page they won’t get it’s off they opt-in and they’ll get the suite forget the amazingness that we call from a Fridays I want to push your pitches to never picked up totally I do duck dynasty’s out like we could be in I found out I see I cancelled because we have a huge duck dynasty page oh he doesn’t be his video guy 20,000 views the first like hour and everyone in there was posting we wish duck dynasty would come back I was like Oh got canceled that sucks [Music] alright yeah there’s some network that would take us somewhere I would defer all right I’m waiting for you to come out with you know clickfunnels TV I know you got all that stuff but you could have your own shit oh dude you get on roku have clickfunnels TV and then have everybody who wants to like really kiss up to you pay you money to have their show on your channel on roku is that a grant cardone did something like that come on that’s a great idea but as your partner in song scripts I expect my own feature show during primetime they charge to me free show I want my arrow road yeah I’m not gonna see Google Images or stuff like this but I do sometimes so probably edit this part out but what’s like a free arrow site it was a free stock sigh I can’t find her I use that a lot as I said yeah you’re looking for oh sorry that’s why I use a lot because I’m actually allowed to all right I can’t find her zero down we um you know we could do I still think we need to do the help my funnel sucks or pit my phone and stuff like that yeah I think we’re the things we could we could offers incentive you know sign up right now and you could be featured oh that’s a good idea actually it’s really good it which we had them at multiple times no I know I know it happened be cool if we could do it live sometime like get somebody on and actually like have them with us instead of we get heckler well we’re live but he kind of fun actually you mean we could mentor them and help them actually their self-esteem people are awesome they ship as boxes of stuff so maybe we say like in the script like ship a shoebox a product we may go on free sale if they said you have masks and send me the product then maybe we’ll film it guys like can’t be use though there’s the down arrow it’s kind of cool totally useless but it’s kind of cool I guess runny nose it’s driving me nuts so today slowed me down I’m sorry yes I got a blue arrow pull my wand down here for you in a second oh wait did it hey now I gotta take did I tell you about the person that got on me for using the word wack really this is true this is true people saying you know hey and then whack the button I was scolded by this person that told me that that was a sexual reference and that she didn’t appreciate it see I have this weird thing where like maybe it’s just like my young virgin ears like I don’t understand miss that stuff like if you get it it’s almost like like if you took it that way then it’s almost like it’s on you you’re sick Oh get your mind out of the gutter yeah I was thinking whack-a-mole like whenever he said that yeah that’s what my brain when she was whack-a-mole yeah that’s what I was thinking honestly and I’ve got a pretty sick mind so I mean I’m I was thinking that was the whole whack Amole hit with a hammer you know Spanx I could only supposed to get but that would be good so um but just start whacking the button that’s it that that was that was the whole thing so okay to whack this button let’s press the but holy is that offensive to anybody you think well it cuts down on your response time so um let me read you what I got so far hey Russell drone city good numbers here where the founders have fun on Fridays we’ve got free training for you called fun on Fridays it’s going to help you specifically with how to create funnels fast along with the sales copy video sales letters and so much more so if you’ve been struggling with not knowing what to do to build your own funnels then you need this free training because it’s a month yeah because among other things it reveals how to use click funnels and phone scripts to build your own funnels so you can create funnels fast just click the button to sign up and we’ll immediately give you access to all the past episodes will also notify you every time there’s a new episode plus with eyebright you could be featured in an upcoming episode of funnel Friday’s there’s no catch we’re doing this because we want to share this with as many fellow hackers as we can’t sign up today that was way better than I was gonna be I was actually really nervous to do a script like this that’s awesome that was really good and I actually made that with the who what why not script I edit it a little bit once I printed it out but that that was pretty much it just plays in my head I always think they’re like know something to make a custom from scratch where you just proved me wrong that is awesome I’m like in this blue arrow I found and then the red button to match the red on Fridays I was think I’m really good designer but then we have really good designers work for us and then like I’ll do something and then they’ll take it and then they do their thing and I realize I’m not backing of a designer at rehearse it yeah that’s a story of my life um I’m with you lady here because I was awesome all the best of it well also notify him every times new so that’s when he’s not right now you could be featured well I’m not coming out so to final Friday’s there’s no catch that’s good wasn’t it sound of today I mean I think that’s gonna do it it’s really good right today borders where the families have fun Fridays mmm it seemed to one person do it the other one be in the background I’m Gia I’m rusty I got my rusty for this one give my Wes TD musty or Westie so uh when I was growing up my name was rut or my parents they called me rusty and I’m sorry and I couldn’t say my R so I was Westie Woodson and was funny in my old office they made me this and so as Westie once in and then just found it the other day in a warehouse so I’m down when I so funny off a Westie what we know you know it’s funny your your your parents in your name and all that stuff I remember I remember this like it was yesterday I was in fourth grade and I was getting dressed for school and I was doing something to piss my mom off of course and she said look you need to be a big boy now from now on you’re not gonna be Jimmy you’re gonna be Jim we’re gonna call you Jim cuz that’s a big boy name and I said yeah yeah yeah yeah that’s what we’re gonna do well then 45 years later she still call me Jimmy I’m like mom you told me we were in San Francisco and you said Jim Jim Jimmy is a name for somebody who sells insurance or is slow now I’m I’m sorry but that’s just way it goes and if your name is Jimmy get a big boy name and my name is Jim so I can say whatever I want he’s offended every Jimmy but yeah because you got the name it’s like I can do a lot words it was like that one sign so the one dude like converts to was the Judaism so he can fight for the jokes and Jerry’s all offended like you know thank you cuz the jokes anyway sounds like so I did my job oh I bet you’re gonna say to me how about a hood line hey Jim do you have that I can use for this thing oh my goodness for real please I like one thing I’m a designer happy I cured I’m a designer today like really ugly you’d make one second I have an example from funnel hack of course it’ll be the one that I don’t have a funnel hacker example front because I was gonna wow you it’s like here you go funnel exact number one key word is what quick funnels or sorry what our main keyword just phone hacking little hacky photo Friday writing copy righty-o Friday I guess I should show my screen so that y’all aren’t just like looking at my nose while I’m doing this so I’m using another one of the really cool funnel scripts I’m gonna get it I’m gonna get talked to after this one – hey Jim you’re playing a little fast and loose there on funnel Friday’s I’m just you know I’m just a little okay sorry all you when they tell you that it hasn’t get ahold of you who you I want people to know whatever first not more I’m more worried about Melanie being hey Jim I know it was different when Stephen was running the camera but I just really yes ma’am sorry go call me ma’am I’ll teach you like that okay yes yeah how do you like it oh it’s a well where I’m from it just terminal respect it’s very much a term of respect good save good save and will they want to make photos faster I’m doing a crappy job on this on this page like I hate it right now it was really good and then it got really ugly and now I don’t know how to like fix it again dang it what I do to make this not awesome not ugly oh I mean you can always give yourself an extra ten minutes so you don’t feel like you’re cramming for that final senior year that you know the morning of just tough house my kids are in school and Mike ones dude awesome at twins one struggling and like I hate school so bad I just wanna bake it doesn’t matter doesn’t matter but I’m like I guess it does matter it’s just really weird thing you know I don’t know how to deal with it any advice dad your grandpa Jim um well the way I’ve always explained it to him and it usually makes sense as look you’re learning how to think that’s why you go to school right now you’re learning how to think so you’ll be able to do whatever you want to do later better and they’ve all oh okay so that’s this is stupid but it’s teaching me how to think okay your dad told his kids so they’re making more money than their teachers and they could drop out and that is his son in college did that and drop to hell and there’s kids in high school now or I think that rules for them now to which it probably doesn’t anyway so my kids that I says they make more than keep they can quit and now down trying to figure out ways to do it I’m like you’re in fifth grade you need to stop yeah well yeah I mean how about just who else wants to make more money with funnels yeah who else you like that or no I’ll add it to the clip bin and I’ll keep whacking the button I’ll keep whacking it until I get satisfaction my face right now I’m probably as red as my spirit faster that’s a good one too hey you know that’s probably a good headline sub-headline who else wants to make more money with funnels and then in parentheses what every funnel hacker needs know about huh I like that yes No Oh grab a period shake it’s in the headlight quick yeah okay in other words yeah that’s fine Jim I was demo and if I was demoing a script for somebody this morning and we filled it out in like strength I said what do you think and he said well God that would have been really good if I’d have taken my time and goat it in like 15 minutes Wow okay so take out the at last part and stop it just who I sent it to you but who else wants to make more money with funnels and then I would take out the at last in the now and just do the how to make funnels faster ah that scared I was not prepared for this you cool with that I’m cool back as a copy-pasting as we speak take out the at last part what do you do yeah take that last part but I’ll even now yes we’re in the now in the now smaller and make it right here call okay we can do this much in 20 minutes matter you can do the whole day imagine what you could do like if you didn’t have people watching cameras over your shoulder yeah I stress it out try eight while you build worrying about the word you’re using trying to be entertaining and thought-provoking at the same time and try not to let Jim offend you at the same time whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa I’m not offensive I’m just misunderstood how do you think you have to be Arab big arrows of big buttons I think of the future maybe maybe not is he compensating for something from small buttons and small arrows well with clickfunnels you can immediately adjust the size of your button Eero just with a simple slider we think about holidays word that actually looks cool I like that that’s very cool yeah I’m like it now now I’m proud of this thing a little bit I got somewhat weakened to do but but I’m gonna tell you guys tell the back but that’s not even a big bug a little button you barely out seen my but I was gifted with a huge huge I’ll do there yes I’m pregnant and y’all were just yelling at me earlier saying I’ve gone too far you know now that we’re talking about body let me get where we going where we go to bond out you Tex got my wanna peek out from behind all right we’re close I’m gonna stop before goes too late all right who else wants to make more with funnels everybody’s all about making funnels faster now another video okay so this should be live before our next episode so I’m gonna we’re gonna over produce this video because that’s what I do it would change that just what you just said there real quick you said whatever funnel hacker needs to know about making funnels faster that was better than how to make funnels faster no that’s a gerund by the way what a gerund Jared did you tell I learned that from your buddy Stephen Howard Berg oh really yeah I’ve talked to him nice nicely done okay I’ll be quiet Stan sure all right as I was in I’d say that’s the plan so hopefully he’s come back to see it but photo Friday’s is going hard and strong we have some fun stuff coming up I said the new the new funnel we’ll be live by next time do the show you soon intro Jim wants to get creative on some really fun show things so it abuse with that pick up more people’s funnel so this stuffs happening I hope you guys enjoy the show if you liked it please on Facebook Instagram Twitter reddit what else because people share things that I don’t even know sure they kept interested they can Instagram it bend the crap out of it Instagram it Instagram live its story it what are there nowadays what the kids doing fine Italy Viner is fine dead I think vines dead what are the kids doing I have no idea why 2.0 is coming we can find it with a new body comes out it’ll be awesome yeah anyway they ship for today for those you don’t have funnel scripts yet because they’re insane worse they get it well you know everybody needs to head on over to funnel scripts calm where we can help you to instantly get all of your sales copy email follow-up sequences and more done with just the whack of a button it’s so easy to just fill out a form whack a button copy and paste and you’re good to go we’ve added so many over the last year and a half the two years since we’ve we’re coming up on our two year anniversary actually um that we now have over 40 online scripts to help you with your sales copy and promotion needs as well as six fully downloadable Wizards to help you do amazing things like create everything from entire video sales letters to the perfect webinar with all the promotion and other materials for it based on Russell’s latest developments from the experts secrets book Goethe Dawson all the expert seekers book all doc I’m sue for those who like econ people you have Amazon scripts those podcast you got podcast interview scripts like pretty acing any word that needs to be written ever in your business there’s a script for that and more cuz we’re probably not hiring script they think selling something it’s in there and it keeps on growing so it’s amazing and you need to click funnels yet you’re insane that’s how business is done today’s funnels um also far like II live we are will start to countdown clocks like forty forty six days so a fucking live so come and hang out as you guys if you’re there tickets are sold out so if you didn’t your tickets yet sorry I said like eight billion emails and Facebook messengers and ads and I don’t know what else I could do we literally gym yesterday we shut it down I would say it conservatively probably forty to fifty people who were calling angry that shut the site down I was like I don’t know what else I could have done like I was on your part does not necessitate an emergency on our part it’s not like they haven’t known for 12 months that it’s been coming last week I was like doubling the ticket price then I was like what we sold out so we don’t double take a price their bad like well I was gonna wait till you double then buy like what why don’t you just buy it when it was anyway there you go so it’s gonna be a fun party to be amazing I can’t wait I’ll be there Jim’s gonna be there you know in costume and character yeah if you count what I’m wearing now as Jim’s in costume and in character yeah I mean it’s kind of my grumpy old guy in a too-tight t-shirt and you know a hat sure I’ll be in costume yeah but booth easy be do pull-ups could be awesome I’m have a booth I’ve already thought about what my sign is gonna be for the booth it’s gonna be the four steps fill out the form whack the button copy and paste good to go that’s gonna be my whole presentation funnel scripts and then I’ll just stand there looking grumpy holding this now look happy well I’m gonna hold this wand and that’s how everybody’s gonna know it’s me guys if you didn’t know who he was holding the blow-up unicorn hey hey bye from me oh man there you go you’re here first well thanks to you appreciate that have an awesome time on your trip hey no you guys all back here in a couple weeks on photo Fridays and uh yeah it feels so I got great job everybody say she appreciate man bye everybody

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Funnel Fridays – Episode# 40

Funnel Fridays – Episode# 40

Funnel Friday’s – Episode #39

Funnel Friday’s – Episode #39

we live yeah we’re live what what does that help it is that helmet no it’s a bobblehead I’m sure those of you pay attention at home this is vault boy from fallout or fallout oh goodness it’s out I’m bobblehead Batman that man is that you so sin is a gift to look like me it looks kinda like John Lee Dumas they just took John demons head I gotcha Bob let’s use like that you the one on the right the one you’re holding your right hand looks like Tracy Childers what I’m gonna go cry for a little bit they look like you did well that bad Biggs who ever market for a Friday visit hustle mode is officially on we’re gonna build an entire funnel for all you guys here in 20 minutes we used to go an hour show that we talked 30 30 min later 20 minutes to build instead of 40 which is the same or 30 anyway it’s gonna be fine how do you feel they Jim I’m a little intimidated but since you keep dropping my time but okay yes I’m fantastic thank you very much for asking you know we’re back there oh yeah this is my newest unicorn and it’s cool and I did I show you the one last time to know yeah I got the wand so that instead of going dude wait what the one yeah one makes it happen baby if those practices ever know so yes when you away for clickfunnels do anything you just go it goes faster it’s parent leave you have a wand it goes even faster so we could even okay it’s the only way we’re gonna do this in 20 minutes it’s gonna be amazing okay so this is the game plan so our buddies Garrett Pierce Bradley our partners in software funnels car why you guys are members it’s no longer it’s not open right now but all the members keep in the build software one of the questions about Jim has like well it takes like a billion dollars to build software right and there I know you guys will make three make an MVP by the prod and get that and launch it and people I go like what’s that cost like fifty grand like no like you can do fighting a couple thousand bucks so they did a test like we’re gonna build a workout app slash app not like it apps like your app on your phone like an app like application so so this anyway software program some software for under $2,000 and no one thought they could do it and they were 1911 dollars and fifty 11.11 cents which is awesome so that I can you a final photo Friday’s like well I can do 20 minutes of the fun right we’re gonna create something out so that’s that’s the game plan um sounds good it’s gonna be fun so basically you some some recap in the workshop with the countdown clock revolution app all search news article in New York Times titles one minute of all exercises made but if man benefits 45 minutes of modern exertion so had the article and then basically they found I can workout 10 minutes a day you can improve your stuff it can help lower stress anxiety plus we have a bunch of cool copy with the plug-in but it’s an app that does that because I’m still myself or I didn’t pro um one time payment 37 bucks okay 3700 plus if they’ve got bones they got a 10 min workout ebook meal guide you know guide so basically I’m gonna sum this whole thing up you eat grass clippings a minute you run like a tiger is trying to catch you and kill you we can just do the man diet eat grass clippings and run like hell from large animals for at least a minute a day Keita said interesting side fact there’s nothing about the John Park has all of our Facebook everything so John is also like he’s he’s a horticulturist major but he was someone they were talking about grassy so the human body eat grass your body can’t digest it so spits it out he’s like the only only why there are cows on planet earth is cuz cows I have two stomachs a parent I my video is wrong but there’s too so Kalki grass the first stomach like does something to the grab the grab the grab the grass and poop is it into the second stomach and that would actually digest it and turns it into cow meat then we kill cows we eat eating cows were actually eating grass and so God put cows on earth so we can eat grass apparently and let me just that bill no russell brunson i just have to say that right now that was the most of both whatever that i’ve ever heard in my life thank you and this is a guy who’s living in Idaho because he knew I eat a lot of cows so he’s seven vegetarian sometimes I go vegetarian depends on the week of the day and then you just like them alright let’s get started with the show Fridays folks who are out here for the first time we’re gonna build a funnel next one is so sweet let’s do it it’s me share my screen share during this process I will be using a magic tool called cliff panels to build said funnel and you’ll be using a magic tool called funnel scripts you also said funnel okay so some bullets and some sort of a video sales letter I think so I think we should do a Brunson box I do yeah okay dump you get headlines video sales letter Brunson box and then like images of all the cool crafts in the app of the bonuses etcetera etc etc okay okay alright so I’m gonna show my screen and then I’m just gonna make comments as we go through straight sales funnel old-school so basically I’m just gonna get in the Keller headline scripts and I’m gonna start but what helps if I log in the moon software right I’m playing with my wand right now to speed things up okay so who’s our niche audience for this just anyone who wants to lose weight so Vegas more targeted with men or women or just as all people let’s see okay well we’ll just call overweight person okay your ovaries as straight as you can do min wait I’m actually gonna do so I’m a big fan of trying to keep I like having funnels that are long but as short as possible if that makes sense so like if I can have a sales letter and then in order for I don’t have like a sales letter at the order form on the same page just because I found that a piece of conversions most the time so I’m just I deleted the actual and this funnel they opt-in page I believe in the sales page I’m just gonna just gonna just gonna just filled the whole sales page on the actual order form because that’s how I like to roll don’t ask me why but yes why cuz it like black blossom he tested increase conversions have to click the Add to Cart button and open the form so I’m gonna do I think that would be wonderful hey I just did I’m just in a total aside I’m so proud of this we just launched a new funnel earlier this week dude I had a 60% take rate on the OTO are you kidding me nope was a was a 200 dollar product and 147 our OTO we had a 60% take rate on the OTO had 20 percent conversion rate on the initial offer what was the episode offer um it was well it was software and then it was another piece of software that’s insanely cool cuz my I was bragging excited 24 percent take-up rate on my forty seven dollar so now you just made me look like I’m not that cool so that’s what I was just excited I mean I’m not saying I was just telling you I was like anybody would think that was cool you would think it was cool I mean they’d be cool you got a hundred million dollars you go is fine I know but Elka’s down up 60% up so that is I wanted to see that afterwards so I can phone add paint kennedy you’re selling little chichi that’s he said don’t you think I mean idea convert about yourself so the audience really watching wait and no yeah that my own body fat speaking of I met you you’ve melted a ton of body fat fat yeah well contest was really embarrassing embarrassing as I’m famous for bike being the best in the world pull-ups that was embarrassing there’s always fun riding we’re like it was so this she has Jim Kim my house and he’s like we should do pull-ups for our workout today I’m where my goat so I thought was like Oh 20 pull-ups or 30 it was how many did it be it wouldn’t be in like hundreds a hundred it was 100 pull-ups to 200 push-ups 200 dips 300 sit-ups and a couple other things it was pretty horrible I’m not gonna lie what’s always fun Nonaka devastation you could be oh dude we need a pull-up bar on stage that’s an awesome idea and then there’ll be somebody else somebody weighs like 90 pounds are kicked out the bar buds my audience really wants me yeah we’re good for hours they want to throw a new fast it’s people like they wanna they wanna get in shape but they don’t want to get in shape like right like Fitness people right yeah they want to look and looking with the effort of looking good yeah that’s everybody wants to have anything what the nobody wants to write a book it wasn’t real ones do you have work now but no one wants to work out Randy books hard are you talking about you’ve written a bunch of them very successfully yeah it’s okay so you can do this in as low as thirty minutes a week these people from the stuff I was reading through they were working out three how many how many I’m a three three times a week ten minutes of time there’s I think so 30 minutes a week all right so I’m gonna start throwing some headlines out at you [Music] that little thing is honestly an app I thought was a soccer girl forever abby’s I’ll show you how to melt body fat automatically in 30 minutes a week revolutionary 10 minute workout every sounds better in 30 30 minutes sounds long 10 minutes sounds like 10 minutes isn’t it alright I can change that very easily 10 minutes 3 times a week yeah some segments just heavens a day tennis every other day every other day I like that you never hear that every other day yeah it was like it’s kind of today you can lose weight yeah if you stick your head in an oven mm-hmm there was a guy who had I can’t remember was there’s an offer called the every other day diet which I was thought was like super smart yeah you know why cuz every other day you’re not eating anything I know actually I do internet fasting so I eaten yet today normally I’m fine but for some reason today I’m starving so that reveals the exact steps to lose weight in 10 minutes every other day what’s new to melt body fat fast see how easily you can melt body for ah see how easily you can melt body fat in just 10 minutes every other day how about that that’s we good you like that nothing body fat alright my Christmas ID fever for a week and I lost 15 pounds it was like the greatest diet of my life face told you the best night ever one of them was when I got an ulcer how much did you lose doing that like 30 pounds did it hurt though sore so yeah it sucked yes there’s a rabid badger in my stomach I’m hungry mmm not really I like that actually see how easily you can melt body fat in just 10 minutes every other day no now I can’t say no exercise but how about the one minute workout revolution ooh wait a minute we’re good I didn’t happen yeah then it workout revolution well that’s the article little thing that workout revolution but that’s still a really good Idol here’s the headline what happened like science says all right okay so decide ever the new scientific breakthrough discover the new scientific breakthrough 10-minute workout revolution suffice to discover that work ALS actually works better there’s something like that I was stuck working out for hours until I discovered the revolutionary app that automatically helped me lose weight in just 10 minutes a day that would actually be a good like start to the thing alright so I got to move on to the to the video sales letter if we’re gonna do this there’s someone I feel sales letter though because I believe you always pull points because real sales letter that’s my thoughts let’s just rock the yourselves let it wilt rid of you it’s fine so we still don’t have a headline yeah you see now you can lose weight with the 10-minute workout revolution oh I’m still going through stuff do you like that one yes I do love psychology so if that was you it was not you how about scientific scientific breakthrough oh it is this article now you can lose weight totally legit with the 10 minute workout revolution like that yes no now you can wait with the 10 minute workout revolution guaranteed course guaranteed all right so I’ll shoot you this how much you’ve already got it okay let’s shoot it it’s Melanie wearing the Thor costume nobody should have the hammer yes sweet scientific breakthrough now you can lose weight with the 10-minute workout revolution guarantee I like that I like it it’s a good it’s a good starter control headline okay so now we need some bullets right yes Brunson bullets yeah of course well no my bullets for the princess yes yeah you don’t have to own the whole day you know where you write English anymore rewrite run so we’re getting on to sneakers each one of these three through lose weight in just 10 day every other guy got him moogly every other day it’s you more fat loss with 90% less exercise yes and other workouts we’ve been going hard on us we’re testing you lately and you would read read headlines even though there I could leave really ugly almost always win well a noted internet guru once said that read headlines don’t convert and a whole generation of internet marketers bought into that line of thinking Russell you are flying in the face of conventional wisdom no was it you the people told me told me it’s that just kidding Michael it was not me I’m not gonna tell you who it was is make it easy to track your workout high grass down to a critical minute minute the miracle minute that’s cool very cool actually that’s like so cool some policemen use before those dude owe me money for this one how would you charge ahead um I won’t do it people ask me every day if I’ll help them write their copy and I turn them all down just not gonna do it I got too much Xbox to play for Christmas I tell you Santa Claus Bravo’s VR on oculus rift things things that are pretty snazzy Groot ninja now and it feels like the from actually fly it’s it really it was really cool it’s worth it plus you’re wondering like should I get one yes at this I’m gonna clone it but I’m gonna flip it this direction boom this guy over here alright so I’ve got four you want four bullets how many bullet you’re gonna want orally perfect for what I need okay so I’m just I’ve got four of them that I made I’m just gonna skip the rest and the way you skip the rest for those of you watching at home is the brunson roll that script will actually help you make 12 scripts but our 12 bullets but we only need four so I just put in a little dash in each one of those and then it gives them to me so I’m gonna download these um and each one of these bullets is a breakthrough so it’s a breakthrough you know like some of them to be timestamps some other to be tip you know just tip but these are breakthroughs so breakthrough number one your Marinis off to you real quick okay and then I’ll send them to you breakthrough number one helps you lose weight in just 10 minutes every other day breakthrough number two gets you more fat loss with 90% less exercise and other workouts break out breakthrough number three makes it easy to track your workout progress down to the miracle minute good and gives you the real easy button to lose weight and burn fat in a fraction of the time that cool thing how much 5 minutes and 46 seconds we’re flying people it’s 20 minutes dude I really I really want to try and do their video sales letter okay so this is the digital revolution right I’m like ten minute revolution right I’m using for those of you who are paying attention at home using the VSL wizard that’s part of fennels frontal scripts is weight loss should be weight loss our fat burning fat burning one yeah I don’t want fate loss revolution so this is this is the county of the this one the downloadable ones right this is one of the downloadable do you have now we have now there are six there are forty there are over 40 online scripts and six downloadable Wizards and funnel scripts so crazy it’s funny first launched this and it people are like we didn’t continue supported like and you already told me like we’re gonna keep adding scripts every su month I don’t think people actually believed you and now those people who got in early it’s just like it’s like like like yeah it’s like the gift that keeps on givin we actually we just sorry um we just added a new one this past week the live event invitation scripts that is amazing I don’t know about that one what’s up yeah basically it’s um it it creates if you need it like you’re doing a hackathon you’re doing alive they’re doing anything live either in person or online it creates everything creates your opt-in copy for your funnel it creates all your emails it creates your Facebook notification it creates all your tweets creates everything you need people are going nuts over it that’s insane okay so our ideal prospect overweight person who wants to lose weight wants to burn fat fast it really needs to shed pounds can’t stand the thought working out and hours a week you gotta work out like 10 hours a week and it’s fun that’s just different you ten hours a week yeah hey was that two hours a day that’s like when I work out six days a week do your pull-ups I’m emerged I mean one one day is like my building day it’s a lot of stretching and yoga and stuff okay all right see this section here here to miss 40 seconds I do on your side I take it Melanie’s been building funnels inside of clickfunnels now she logs in the edit stuff by herself nice I’m gonna become I become more more useless over here every single day it’s pretty amazing can’t go that way okay so they sent me a bunch of screenshots of the app so many years I’m kind of putting in something explain the benefits of each thing what I’m actually gonna do though is we found this out recently there’s a click for this bug guys I’m crazy sometimes Rose period two eggs and come back in so if any of my tech team is watching this please fix that bug Jamie Smith please fix that one little bug okay so come back here so one thing we found interesting on p.m. cells is fishing uh no Chios we found is we have liked the video selling the theme and then like that’s that’s passed like hopefully video sells it and then we have the Add to Cart button underneath it and that they don’t buy then like there’s those two like our impulse fire fire sale si man boom and then there’s a little eerie light watching face it’s an under that then we have like the full sales letter all the content I show all the cool stuff stuff stuff those new bodies they get seen in this the order form again under the unity twice so who think I’m most through some funnels all there’s the order form bump yes no links are above it I like red in the video and then again down the bottom so anyway that’s one had here we’re 52 seconds huh I’m not gonna make it but I’m gonna come close I know if that icon is it’s going to scroll down to order form down here which I name this section order form but ten seconds huh scroll to scroll to and the time is up okay I’m sure I offer like I’m pretty close I’m like I’m like paid wouldn’t bend it away y’all show mine off while you’re doing yours and then isn’t it okay so the video script the gym is riding we’ll go plug into this video right here your scientific breakthrough night news wave 10 minute evolution guarantee here’s kind of stuff I’m gonna get inside the app and then they’ll be an ad card right here clicks that here that here there’s the order form and then here this is for the logical people that I need more selling so it’s like here’s a lot of stuff aside the app you can get this you’re gonna get this and you get this I said we’re out of time they’re always gonna plugging these other images here for the cool things that the app can actually do and then I probably have a section here at the bottom that would kind of restate the sell recap the offer do like a funnel stack looks like a showed is that I’m sure I’m gonna pull one as well just finishing it up and plot an example of this in action we just leave it I’m so busy right now is earlier Jim we just redid the extra seekers book look funnel and went from a twenty twenty six dollar average car value here in our $66 average car value so if you’re like funnel hiking – lock the new updates cuz they’re awesome let me show you how I make out what I was this is one upsells Hey and I lost waste as this video now I want to read it anyway so like the concept here’s the video sales letter and then here’s a stack if you haven’t to prove my bernard ike here’s the stack of what people gets like i’m inserting stacks on everything which is working super good choose the video me pitching it and here’s a stack of theirs and they get when they invest boom that making upgrade order there’s a countdown clock or no thanks then below it looks like for the scroller for the leap peeling what logical explanation here now set the long-form sales letter to actually sell them on what it is feels like cuz you’re gonna get it was in it usually cool stuff they get and then re stack again and then have that that there yes no so that’s how maturely i got that that offer twice here once for those who here’s video like boom i’m in i can buy it and those who write i need more info then they can come down and read the whole thing do the same thing on the other upsell pages loose consistency we find the split tested work we replicated across everything so here’s the other hey here’s the audiobook upsets ourselves cell here same thing got that the anyway and then down here it’s like for those who need more logically to be long to talk sold them about the whole cells that are explaining everything that’s actually in it so you can see the value and then we got the call to action sack slide boom and then call actually good so anyway hopefully it kind of make sense what I was trying to do over here on the on the Evan all right Jim how would you on your side I’m pretty good I wish I knew what’s the name of the person what’s the name of the spokesperson for this thing you think he’s going to be the spokesperson because it’s probably not gonna be Garrett or Scott let’s make up something out that they have a person okay these do be middle and just take it out then we’ll just take it out Oh guys take out the whole bring up here’s okay so excuse my screen yeah okay so I’m just gonna I made this with the VSL wizard I’m gonna edit it as I realize okay but every white person bounce we can’t stand the thought of working out ten hours a week here’s the truth you need to know about fat panic in fact here’s the it’s the belief that you must exercise four hours of the time to lose weight that’s not the end of the prom and actually it’s worse why because if you believe you have to work out all the time you’ll never find the time which means you’ll never start to exercise and you’ll never lose weight and worst of all most overweight people can’t get past the idea that losing weight means a ton of working out sweat and pain but luckily for you there’s now solution to your problem so if you’re an overweight person who really needs to shed pounds I can’t stand the thought of working out ten hours a week here’s the solution you’ve been looking looking for introducing ten minute revolution info ten minute revolution helps you work out for only ten minutes every other day no more get as much or more done in 10 minutes and others doing over an hour prepare an amazing fat prepare amazing fat burning meals in ten minutes or less burn belly fat without doing a single set up look amazing in your clothes and much much more and this is where I was being a smartass and best of all you can start seeing results with ten minute revolution app in one 10 minute session and it cost less than the cost of and everything Pizza I had to throw into everything pizzas um so again if you’re an overweight person who wants to burn fat fast understand this if you don’t start now you’ll never lose weight if you try to do it the traditional way tons of workouts five days a week you’ll fail like 90% of others use technology and tools to help you lose weight instead of trying to gut it out and giving up act now before it’s too late get on board with the ten minute revolution app and info from him and a revolution now order today boom saying that you were eight seven minutes I still don’t know how you were able like it perplexes me as someone who writes copy that you you built software that’s do you plug it on and have copied that good on the first draft like I don’t anyway you know you know what I’m perplexed why this is why Russell right here the wand the wand and the blow-up unicorn doll so that’s how that is how now let me ask this in all seriousness I did that in like what eight minutes okay imagine if I had taken like 15 minutes and not felt like I had the tiger chasing me for a minute so I could lose my weight on the caveman diet that thing would actually read super smooth and and I can’t massage that we put a couple your stories like as a foundation it’s there it’s there like that’s it that’s better than if I was I know copyright it’s about a paint by two or three grand to a copywriter just to get like a first draft done but a bit as good as that like that’s awesome what’s that it’s the same yeah so so I mean that’s that’s we’re not scared Scott they’re gonna want that I’m sure oh yeah well my paypal email is yeah they’re in your inner circle not mine yeah awesome at Louis build funnels all right copy in think about warm think about what we just did we got a kill headline we got the bullet we got the the first draft of a video sales letter you actually got the stuff up on the screen and we did that in twenty some odd minutes and yet why is it taking some people 60 days to not get their funnel up because they’re using WordPress and their brain to write copy stalking etiquette grains and word WordPress music little funnel scripts we’ve tried to make this social supply on the Ross we can do Jim anything else we can do to make this more simple for people come to their house and do it for him which ain’t happenin it would happen but it’d be a lot more money than funnel scripts you could hire you could hire me to do it but it would it would be a lot I literally I’m had someone called me asked me for a quote yesterday for a one for one for one day cost 150 grand like that’s literally right now so that would be the the alternative is that how much I’m also 250 Wow I know well I was like if like I was like what would it take to stop what we’re doing for an entire day like the obvious the cost of that is at least that it so I was like there’s no way anyway so there you well that was fun I mean that was actually a really cool thing to do to oh and by the way it wasn’t a make money table eating yeah this stuff is just make many stuff and supplements no now it’s gonna be just make myself supplement trust for their apps thinking but if we do is like Oh where’s Berg of course but not when I’m selling way different dude I was so tired of hearing that that on this latest funnel script that we did the live invitation script I to show people that it would work for a dance okay I made this script with filling it out forth from the homecoming dance from Back to the Future and it reads amazing and everybody it just would work for that dance you guys like we can make we get some like the saddest thing in the world through the process yeah but I mean everybody was was just can I read you this real quick it won’t take long but I want to read you this okay you got do you you have like one minute for you I got two okay so this is this is what the live event invitation script so the event is the achayan under the sea’ tagline is be there or be square date November 12 1955 time 8:00 p.m. at this school homecoming dance you’ll be able to dance at night away under the sea you can dance to the latest music party with your friends and even dress up in your fancy party cloth cardi clothes and heck you may even fall in love in fact here’s just a sample of what you can expect at the school homecoming dance hear the amazing new band Marvin berry and the starlighter’s admission for you and a date is only $10 Calvin Klein get groovy on the guitar with Johnny be good enjoy an amazing theme dance that even includes Jones’s Locker don’t be the only Wallflower sitting at home this Saturday night and much much more don’t miss a school homecoming dance where you can hang out with all the cool cats at Hill Valley High School register now boomin drop the mic nothing easy so we got it I mean with the example that we have danced for a hackathon for a mastermind and for a webinar and then even did it live with somebody totally cold out of the audience and this dude was begging me to send him the project file for it did you do it yeah cuz he’s a funnel scripts customer yeah yeah was that cool or what I mean it’s like the totally off-the-wall exams you know and I didn’t do a natural male enhancement product either so so for the last few people who are insane enough to not have funnel scripts in their repertoire of tools to go files and change the world and where do they get final scripts and why should they get it down well you need to go to funnel scripts calm when you can watch an amazing training by myself and Russell where we’ll explain not only some breakthrough secrets that come down to a creating copy but also demonstrate an amazing breakthrough tool that shows you how to get your copy done including your webinars your emails and even entire sales letters and done in ten minutes or less without hiring a professional copywriter and if you’re just plain ready to go by you can go to funnel scripts calm /go do it today impending price raise simply if you leave that but we actually literally raised the price we almost doubled the price last time yeah and are you’re marking or about our two-year mark yeah so it’s coming again you better be care yeah the next time we raise the price that I can tell you right now the total price is going to be up around 700 bucks so that’s what that’s what the total price will be moving forward when we when we when we implement once I make it on to the board at at at HQ funnels h q h q CF q and next you really I’m making pork up on the queue on the wall and maybe write that be cool anyway thank you Jim every time hopefully on Fridays if you’ve missed this episode or any other episodes you want talking about going to farm frontage comm check that all past episodes for most every fun we have share funnels if we didn’t do funnels all right nobody’s gonna be I’m horrible film person I’ll be Thor anyway so I can’t yes thank you Jim thanks everybody will see you guys all again next week so try and find a stop brought you have a few County a hammer

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