Building a Lead Generation Sales Funnel For Realtors Funnel Friday’s Episode #62

Clickfunnels™ Leads Machine – Build Lead Generation Funnel for Realtors

Clickfunnels™ Leads Machine

Clickfunnels™ Leads Machine: On today’s episode of Funnel Fridays, Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards are showing you how to generate an unlimited amount of Real Estate Leads by creating a high converting real estate sales funnel.

Clickfunnels™ Leads Machine: Sales Funnel for Real Estate Agent.

Over here is my ID all right I think we might be live on Facebook we are we are what’s up Jim doesn’t know man what’s up I’m a garden gnome today but it’s the perfect it’s the perfect complement to my blow-up unicorn so I’m wearing my garden gnome hat in case of you because some smarty but Jim’s wearing a dunce cap today whoa easy scooter and we don’t play with those wimpy garden gnomes this is a man’s garden gnome you see him he’s holding.

The machine gun and he says ‘set hello to my love Frank that’s a man’s garden that is that is pretty impressive it would be other garden gnomes are lame so give a name like a Gnomeo or Juliet er no you know me Oh Juliet yeah I know who that is but no I don’t have that name Jim burn em Jim look out come Alka Gnomeo Pacino Oh Al Pacino meeee Al Pacino Oh Al Pacino that is that is amazing hello to my little friend [Music] okay all right well this is you bitch before we started two weeks in a row you guys two weeks in a row photo Friday’s weird episode 60 then a lot of these but this is the most consistently been in a little while and what’s the most important thing that’s happening.

And clickfunnels today ice cream cake for Jim that’s right yeah last week we celebrate Jim what’s that our wasn’t Jim’s it was ours definitely a team effort our success of funnel funnel funnel scripts Russell project together it’s funnel scripts Russell right here there it is we’re davon I’m I was racing this morning you had or my wife said now town I’m heading somewhere it’s been a crazy morning or just get started so it’s all good all my business hat okay.

So here’s what we’re doing today this is something that people ask a lot about actually get we have a lot of real estate agents that use click funnels and funnel scripts to get leads and so we have somebody that asked basically they he’s a real estate agent in Philly do you want me to show my screen I’ll show what he’s got okay so he’s got a he’s a real estate agent in Philadelphia Philly born and raised uh most of my days that’s right um so I’m trying to not do the rest of the song um so basically he’s got this and there’s some good parts in it but there’s some things that aren’t good.

Clickfunnels™ Leads Machine: How to start your lead generation machine.

He’s trying to develop leads by offering the complete Philly home buying guide but the immediate thing that pops out to me is this is what it is not what it does so we want to read yeah there’s no benefit um and then he’s got I think he’s got too much stuff on here to try and get somebody to sign up for something because there’s just too much going on so in my opinion we need to take this down to just a straight-up lead generation page hmm somebody just came out with a book about that recently I don’t know who many examples.

By the way I already talked about if you leave for seven bucks you get one hundred and six example lead funnels for I wasn’t here for free but up here for seven bucks nothing in your funnel that’s a little more than that like that that math is amazing and but I actually have read that book all the way through already and it is freaking amazing and you should have charged ninety seven bucks for it at a minimum you really should have charged ninety seven bucks for that.

I mean that with all sincerity mainly so I could have made more Commission when I sell it as an affiliate but hey what are you gonna do um but no seriously for seven bucks it’s a it’s a no-brainer and I will give a little tease that there are some hmm some funnel scripts gonna come out of that book before the end of the year well not before the end of the year but definitely before the next funnel hacking lot are you gonna make the kiss test script comma seven bucks yeah I mean oh it’s big going through and Creed I’ve already got the scripts.

Stuff figured out what I’m gonna do dude that’s amazing so just you don’t do anything I’m like I’m gonna make some scripts that way Russell can’t get rid of me okay so I just sent you a link to the dudes thing and my thought was this that really this thing should be if this guy’s trying to get people to sign up he’s trying to get people to see him as an expert and in my opinion and I’m cleaning off my whiteboard over here because it’s the end of the week and everything’s dirty.

Clickfunnels™ Leads Machine: Adding product features create a big difference.

My thought is that we should Oh lookie lookie what you took this to a whole nother level that’s right so in my opinion man I just ruined it by having a crappy crap marker um but I think he needs basically a hook he needs a video which I think in you Tommy I think he needs a five-minute perfect webinar and then he needs a call-to-action and then he needs a Bronson box down here for what’s in this and then he could put some testimonials and that should be the page I love it in my opinion and your what well it’s funny you should mention that.

I have I took thirty minutes this morning before we got on here and actually made an entire five minute perfect webinar script and I even recorded it and uploaded it to you tube so that you’ll be able to slam that bad boy in there so I’m gonna I’m gonna send you the link to youtube I’m starting a 15 minute countdown clock right now so we’re officially got okay right so the first thing he needs is a headline and so in my opinion we can sorry yeah that’s save that for later that’s the coup de Grasse

And it’s four minutes long so so the the big thing is we need a really cool hook for the top so I’m using the the killer headline scripts inside of funnel scripts and I filled it out and so I mean I’m just looking at the headlines and stuff while you’re getting this done but you know at last how to find the perfect house in Philly without making a mistake that’s not bad what else we got new slue anew solution to find the perfect house in Philly see you said how about

This I’ll show you how to get your dream house at an amazing price in just 60 minutes that’s not bad see so we talking quick the difference a feature and benefits people understand that because before is existing page had a feature you just gave us a benefit you wanna talk about that so if people understand why it’s important so basically.

Clickfunnels™ Leads Machine: Talk about what it does not what it is.

What what matters is that this is a huge mistake that people make is that when they’re when they’re talking about anything they talk about what it is instead of what it does and so nobody cares what it is they only care about what it does and typically what it does revolves around satisfying a desire or solving a problem and so if we talk I mean what when someone buys a house they’re they’re not or looking for real estate and not looking for a real estate agent they’re looking for somebody to help them find their dream home in an amazing price.

So that’s part of what it is now one of the other things that you can do especially in you know if you read Daum secrets Russell talks about traffic temperature but a lot of times if you’re not sure what the traffic temperature is you can use the one-two punch headline which is how to benefit without negative so there’s a bunch of these like you know how to find the perfect house in Philly without making a mistake.

How to find the perfect constant Philly without getting ripped off how to you know again you you can hit them with a one-two a lot of times people will just do a negative or just do a positive which can be a problem so I’m gonna say you know at last or how about how about we just do how to get your dream house at an amazing price in 60 minutes without making a mistake and I don’t like that um breaking news I’ll show to you how to find the perfect house in Philly with the Philly first time buyer training that’s not bad.

Then you can use modifiers like this is for first-time buyers [Music] I’ll actually look at see how you can easily find the perfect house in Philly you like that or no guys looking but color okay how about oh how to find how to get your dream house in Philly at an amazing price I like that okay so we’re gonna go with that and this is called color picker floors you know it’s a free google chrome plug-in you can pick a color on a page and then you come down here you can match it and the button matches the little text right there woo what’s the dude’s name again that’s good-looking.

Clickfunnels™ Leads Machine: How to setup real estate webinar.

Jessica but we got to work with what we got there you go all right so I’m I’m sending you this about how to find your dream house in Philly an amazing price fast and then I would use a sub-headline on that like you know amazing training reveals how in less than 60 minutes as a subhead is the is it’s a five amperes webinar right so we’re plugging here right but we’re getting people to sign up for that’s the Train you know how about just amazing training

Reveals how is it free training yeah amazing free reveals how how every first-time buyer in Philly you think you a Philadelphia I would say Philadelphia on this one or Philadelphia third spell on cue whenever was watching me yeah [Music] summer Phillies way easier okay amazing free training reveals how every first-time buyer in Philadelphia can buy their dream house now we’re kind of repeating that that aren’t we um let’s see he’s got any benefits here we can ripoff how about just can buy with confidence in today’s market do that goodbye with confidence in today’s market.

Yeah a little bit before goes live live but you feel just looking good okay so as far as the as far as the Brunson bullets and stuff me personally I would since we use the we use the 5-minute perfect webinar can we switch can we switch it back over to me for just a second so I can just show okay so we used the the 5-minute perfect webinar and I filled this out again it took me about 30 minutes and then what that spits out is well I’ll show you come down here after you’ve filled it out click get results and I actually use the two to four minute one and we spit that out as a webinar to 4-minute and a one-minute perfect webinar one to two ninety minute so if I this is too long for you that’s right so what.

I would do is just use the seek use the secrets okay as the for the bullets so I’m gonna give you these the first secret is why location is only one-third of the equation and you want me to send you these so you can make it here huh yeah fine copy paste that be okay so I’m gonna stop sharing that but okay so I’m gonna send you the first one you’re. Gonna have to modify it a little bit I think really good I want to do what if we did a five minute perfect webinar workshop in Boise we hire one to bring him to hire we invite a bunch of people who are copywriters Velarde copywriters we train them and then give them all of my products.

Clickfunnels™ Leads Machine: Setup a webinar for each products.

Make them each write a perfect webinar for all my products and your karajan’s and everybody’s as the payment for the training we either they’re like 500 perfect webinars I can go record his ads yes Dave just rehab I I think that’s an amazing idea yes Jami I think that’s an amazing idea you guys had malls out there right cuz I got to figure out a way to entice my wife to want to come to Boise with me let’s fire some stuff we’ll hide it in a fake like podunk Idaho mall and I go yeah go to this one all the cool stuff there and then chill cuz they have malls do the Reich Village is nice

Please amazing yeah like I had a Freddy beard boy he says I live does the tractor pick you up the airport and actually have a drive like a thing like no my wife doesn’t unless they have a casino my wife does not travel she can gamble here yeah something about parking my wife at a gas station with a hundred bucks for scratchers just does not lead to a happy marriage I’m just telling you me give you some icons and then I’m gonna give you one last one let me share my screen do some cool stuff over here do you see what I’m doing now I just sent you the fourth one.

I don’t have time I don’t have time stamps on I’m sorry these icons are free inside of the funnel clicks look at you you think at this point I don’t know how I would do a money sign for the mortgage one yeah I’m stink oh yeah okay I go you go to search I’ve been Oh like real estate money just money I would just do money okay let’s see what real estate money there you go use the little yeah that’ll work go ahead well no this is why I’m not allowed to do design get those negotiations I’m gonna go she a ssin picture in here search nego th are usually better spelling before ooh and she real or cartoony cartoon.

Since the other ones are cartoon stick on theme or bread gyms you know today I’m gonna be finished with the first draft of traffic seekers book we completely finished today okay trans lows not even important file never say I got a sneak get much of the content so they’re as bad as I think it’s gonna be all right no it’s gonna be amazing I’m out it’s already got me thinking about scripts already got me yeah it’s already got me thinking about stuff.

There’s a couple things in that like dang I’m really excited for it it’s uh it’s been a labor of love so you see everyone who’s listening has context so the seekers book was fifty eight thousand words expert secrets was sixty thousand right now we are at 87 thousand words so it’s the third bigger than any of my other books and we’re stuck yeah probably to be about 90 thousand words which is crazy I have some reasons not throwing that picture there but okay.

Clickfunnels™ Leads Machine

Clickfunnels™ Leads Machine: Play around with testimonial testing.

Anyway search its to navigate that almost makes me think of a compass or something yeah like this compass come on is this a boating web site all right something’s messed up I’m gonna make all of our developers watched me fail alive so they know to fix this thing that’s not working apparently all right okay you know what I’m talking about though I wonder if I save it what shows up it’s just like a weird air or two minutes 41 seconds okay she’s gonna just sleep little things in there I would almost kill down here though yeah I would too I mean the only other thing.

I would have would be like I said is play around with testing testimonials and stuff but you know one of the things that I would do again just because this is all about Philadelphia would be to have like a background picture of something that really showed that this was Philadelphia learn how to buy [Music] so Tresor real quick well let me do one thing I may plug in the video so this is the video you made right it’s real demo here soon as our timer beeps.

I’m gonna save this as one of the examples inside of funnel script so when you go into funnel scripts you’ll be able to load this script in the 5-minute perfect webinar and play with it so I would encourage real estate agents you know all you got to do is change Philly to wherever you are and there you go let me show you guys a quick click films trick so right now the backgrounds Y so you put like a Philly picture back there she click on settings.

It says what do you want the background image to be you click on there and then like here’s different backgrounds ideally be something I could fill ease let me see if I can search and find a Philly I would put in Philadelphia Philly H I L you snakes you I can’t spell it yeah you it embarrassed me twice on the show no I didn’t alright if you find a background ideally define a blurred back is that a bridge wait definitely nice looks like I feel like Camden right across the street from Philly I guess.

The Philly bridge right uh-huh I would think it is throw that in there and that’s all symbolic for like that’s all symbolic for building a bridge between where you are now and where you want to be through our amazing real estate services hey look if you put background image first substance blurry it’s not a good one but you know so I get kills some stuffs there’s ninja tricks number one which change the background color from white to black that way.

Clickfunnels™ Leads Machine: How to setup webinar content.

At least it fades towards the bottom to black instead thing number two is I need something to make this text pop so I’m gonna turn this text white which is an easy way to do that oh wow sorry make it white so pops again and or the other little ninja trick thing you can do did you take this whole section of this little this row click here in the background I can change the background color and I just make this thing like a little bit darker popsicle pops like that there’s little ninja.

Clickfunnels trickeries for those who do it and I’m gonna move all of this I’m gonna add a new section to move all of this row move all this into the next section so let me I don’t get a build as often as I like to all the all the other guys in the office in the building I had to be a CEO they do all the fun stuff so yes yes it’s so much better than any other thing anyway you can see how it works but there you go that page looking pretty sweet gem save it I’m gonna

Preview this puppy and see what it looks like in West Philadelphia born and raised in cities last week so what so what you got to do is unshare you know stop sharing your screen okay and then when you go to share your screen again check the box before you confirm sharing it look for box that says share audio yourself yeah and then share it and then share the screen now when you play it it should play and it doesn’t refresh maybe it’s a it played earlier.

What didn’t want it to curse word well that the most important part of the home-buying process especially for first-time homebuyers here in Philly is not location location location so what is the most important part of buying your first home here in the Greater Philadelphia area it’s finding the right balance of three key factors negotiation location and financing hi I’m Steve bazooka knee and I am Philly’s local real estate expert who has helped over a hundred.

Twenty-five local families with their real estate goals so right I’m gonna share with you three secrets about finding the right balance of these three key factors location negotiation and financing and how you can often find an even more desirable area if you focus on more than just the locations you think you can afford so the first secret is location is only one third of the equation the idea here is that many if not most first-time buyers here in Philly.

Clickfunnels™ Leads Machine: Add the benefits of the products.

Only look where they think they can afford to live not where they dream about living this is important because if you only look where you think you can afford to live you’ll miss out on the hidden gems with better upside potential to increase in value over the coming years not to mention better schools shopping amenities and more the second secret is there’s more than ago she ation than just offering a lower price the main thing to understand.

Here is that you’d be surprised what an agent with intimate knowledge of the local market can do to negotiate to get you into a neighborhood you might otherwise only dream about this means if you ever great negotiator working for you opens up a lot more potential neighborhoods houses and opportunities even if you’re on a tight budget the third secret is not all mortgages are created equal the financing you choose is just as important if not more important than the home you choose now.

This is key to understand because your baby will only offer you the financing they have available and you can miss out on special programs you don’t know about they can massively increase your buying power help you a closing cost lower your down payment and more ensure the right financing can often sell the difference between getting your dream home.

Forcing you to settle for less now I know what you’re thinking it’s only the wealthy families with big down payment they get the really nice home well the tricky thing is that most people run off they find a home they fall in love with it they offer full price and then they go take any mortgage they can find because they’re scared of losing out on the house that’s a huge mistake and so I’ve created this really first-time buyer training so you can use this knowledge to quickly become extremely knowledgeable about our local market in Philly you’ll be better educated than some real estate agents.

The Philly real estate market really is different many areas claim to be different but Philly truly is different with our unique neighborhoods history culture architecture and more in this online class is specifically designed to help first-time buyers just like you here in the local filling market and so what this is gonna do is reveal to you how to navigate the world of Philly real estate so you end up with the best house in your dream neighborhood with a down payment monthly payment make sure you and your bank account smile when you click the link you can register for free today I honest I don’t know how much longer we keep this really first-time buyer training available and the price will probably go up because we want to keep our services personalized.

Clickfunnels™ Leads Machine: Add action or register button on sales funnel.

Give every family the attention they deserve so click the link get it today while it’s still available for free we’re always here to help and I can’t tell you all the amazing results we’ve gotten for first-time buyers in Philly just like you who are struggling with buying their first house here in the unique market of Philadelphia we also have customized home by representation services that don’t cost you a dime to utilize but today I’m talking about the Philly first-time buyer train which is amazing I can’t wait to see on the inside click the link register now.

Have a great day whew go in bed I know nothing about Philly but it sounds like I do so I mean all of that stuff in in 15 minutes you know you put all that stuff together imagine if we imagine if we took our time one day it took an hour but we put together that script with funnel scripts with the five minute perfect webinar came up with the headline killer headline script um you know I just.

It’s pretty amazing I’m always excited when we do this it’s all I love being under the gun to see what we can come up with he’s good oh boy I guess loving got a ton of value out of this let me save this and then jump out of screen share mode there’s a button awesome Jimmy monitors over here very cool thanks you now is what fun hope you guys all enjoyed the show today like this and by the way showing this we always share it most of the share funnel on Fridays calm so later say this funnel will be there if you want to take it and use it for your stuff as well he’s got to go to final.

Friday’s calm also on Friday if you want to look at your funnel you can register there I believe still right I think so or within there’s you can register within the within funnel scripts there’s a there’s a link yeah going from scripts and post it and if you don’t photo scripts yeah where they go I can’t remember well if you don’t have FOMO scripts right now then you’re wrong because full scripts is the premier way to get your copy down without hiring expensive copywriter.

If you head on over to funnel scripts comm you’ll be able to see an amazing training that Russell and I did not too long ago we’re gonna teach you three copy writing secrets plus do really cool demo of a whole bunch of different scripts on funnel scripts and how you can use them to instantly create content for way less than what a professional copywriter is going to charge you and you can get it way quicker so you don’t have to sit around.

Wait for a week or two for them to finally get around to do your job and if you’ve been on the fence about copy writing and getting funnel scripts but you know about phone scripts and ready to get going go to formal scripts can /go you can sign up immediately and within five minutes you’ll be in there whipping out amazing sales copy to the envy of your friends

Thanks max fun two weeks in a row we’ll see if we keep the street going or not you guys know next week awesome thanks man I appreciate you thanks and thank you today on this to Graham or Facebook or YouTube every watch this go down below and tell us let us know appreciate you guys hanging out and we’ll talk to youse all get sued by everybody.


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Using the ClickFunnels™ and Funnel Scripts, the guys show how the right script can help you put your product in front of the right audience, even high ticket items.


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How To Make $100 A Day Online With ClickFunnels™ Funnel Fridays Episode #50

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary – How To Make $100 A Day Online

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary: One of the questions I get asked all the time is How Can I make 100 Dollars Online Even If I Have Little Or No Money. Well, that is exactly what we answer in today’s Live Stream. We don’t only tell you what to do but we show you exactly what we would do if we were just starting out and needed to make at least 100$ a day in the next 30 days! ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

Hopefully we’ll have an Instagram and YouTube but on Facebook, this is broken. Hey, where’d Jim go? I can’t do final phrase that Jim wait, maybe if I get out my Batman light I shine in the sky I can get him up here the battle signals being shown. I’m here Russell. We’ve got G and we saw on Facebook yet, but we got Instagram. I’m here to save us all. Oh man Haji much. I wanted a say is a special special day.

Today’s our 50th episode of funnel Fridays. I didn’t even have a voice to this is amazing. It just came to me all of a sudden. It’s not a really good. It really did. Thank you. I love the glasses on top of it like that just adds to the everything this of it. Yeah. Well, I do what I can but I have to be able to see me on Facebook it on Facebook. So Facebook, you’ve missed it. We found the bat signal and mr. Jim came and today is our 50th Anniversary 50th Anniversary. Congratulations our 50th.

Show weakness or 50 consecutive weeks. Well, not really something I heard from my friend Meyer and golden. He said most people aren’t willing to be bad at something long enough to become good at it and Jim I think we’ve been bad at this long enough for finding getting good at it 50. I’m good at being bad. Oh, yeah. So consistency my friends. We first started the show.

I was telling all my inner circle is like it’s insane. I was like indirectly we don’t really sell stuff directly by my indirectly how much money comes from the something everyone should start a weekly show and I told everybody that you guess how many are still doing it now two years later. None of them. None of them just us. So there you go consistency for you do something long enough.

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

You become good at all, right. So if I’m Batman, does that make you Robin today? No, OK man. Ok, you can beat Thor really clean up after you buy got a Thor so I got every superhero mug in my house and my wife got tired because the entire house is full superhero mugs. And then I saw the day before mug to order it to the office because she’ll kill me if I have bring this superhero mug, but now I got a nice. All right so I can be for today then if you’re Superman, okay. I love you Robin. Okay, I’m Robin.

All right your Thor Those voices in Kuwait that I got two hands the golden locks, but you’re okay. So what are we doing today? Russell muscles get so today we are going to build some photos and kind of like, I think I’ll tell about what happens to me as you just yesterday. We launched 30 I did it’s like it’s like coveting the hard copy of that book. It’s insane. Yeah. It’s uh, we have them here to the other room. So X milky grab the the hard down the 30 days, but sorry the hard down 30 is book.

So that funnel I guess say it’s going insane the stats and numbers on it are probably one of the best funnels we’ve ever done ever, which is crazy. I’m really excited about so those who have been participating in it. It’s going to be insane 30 with 32 comecon members basically map out a third a blooping like they lose everything today. What would they do in day 1 Day 2 Day 3 and they they map out the whole thing and it is rebuild their business rebuild their business from ground up.

Do you? Joe Kumar I do is he had a jail yet? I don’t think so. Anyway, he had this Ridgeline to 15 years ago. I bought the court the book from back in the day and now 15 years later. We’re bringing it back from the dead. So this is what the book looks like. It’s not hidden the real the book. This is this was the the sample print the final one will be this fat though. It’s 550 Pages. Oh goodness and the open it up and it’s got everybody’s 30 day plan. Like here’s trade. Well, it’s like, what would I do day? Number one? I would do this.

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

He’s like day number one. I do this then day number two. I would do this the day number three and he goes through all three days what he would do to go from Zero to Hero if all he had left was a cliff own camp and then you got the next person the next person in any way hard bound to be amazing. So, So that’s 30 days right now. It’s more like went live yesterday. It’s been selling like crazy. We have tons of Affiliates.

That would be Philly contest. We’re paying out a hundred percent commission. So the upsell basically is a hundred dollars to join the one funnel a challenge where me and Steven Larson and Julie are going to be yelling at you and pushing you in forcing you to your funnel done. This could be awesome. It’s a hundred bucks and then you get the hardbound book and and we’re paying Phillips hundred percent commission. So I get paid nothing on it. We’re students who want to serve people.

So that means there’s a huge opportunity for everyone listening to be an affiliate and make a crap ton of money by saving your friends and giving them the ability to change the world. So that’s what I got. Nice. So what we’re going to do is show you how using the power of ClickFunnels™ and final scripts. You can create what is in amounts to your affiliate Bridge page that you can use to create your own unique offer to go along with this offer as an affiliate so that you can just not be another me to offer but create your own value add value to it and combine it with the value that Russell just described to you and it’s just going to be this giant value Lollapalooza and it’s going to be amazing.

So Russell one other thing that we want to tell people is by doing this one of the cool things is that they’re going to be able to cannibalize excuse me model pack some of the copy that you’ve already done. So this actually couldn’t be any simpler what we’re going to show them how they can do is awesome. And actually this is the first sales letter. I’ve ridden in a long time. I wrote most of the cells that are Karen tagged him a lot with me in the shoes of the upsells or stuff like that but homepage. Every proud of it.

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

So just just saying all right start a countdown clock. So we have 20 minutes to build this puppy out. You want to tell what then what you’re talking about cannibalization like awful page. They can see the 38 page. Okay. So what most people think about and we talked about this in final scripts, but most people think that if you have to create an email, if you have to create a sales page, if you have to create ads you have to create teasers all this different stuff that each one of those is a separate thing that has to be created individually when we talk about cannibalizing copy or hacking copy.

Basically Russell’s already done all the heavy lifting and unless he loses his mind in the next 24 hours. He doesn’t care if you hack his copy that he already wrote because you’re going to use it to sell his product. So any headlines you need any bullets you need any anything you need other than your own Spin and your own bonus are already done for you. You can just model what Russell’s already doing.

We are hard work, right? Okay, gently. Yeah, we killed ourselves on this page as converting insanely. Well, so, you know, it works to right so your job as an affiliate is to get people over to this page as fast as you can in a way that has them set up to want to sign up. That’s the whole point of doing an affiliate Bridge page. So in my mind, I don’t know if you want to draw this out to just kind of show people.

Yeah, what what you think what you think you would want to do, but if you were an affiliate promoting this page Russell, what do you envision your page your Bridge page would look like just keeping it as simple as possible cabinet open up paint brush here, and I’ll do delay here kind of get bigger the Gamma sighs haha makes big real quick and bigger fire bigger fi. That not work.

I’m wasting my time trying to be a fighting this let’s go just draw it small if I modify it. Oh crap. All right, never mind. We’re doing this for size bordering narrow and deep. So if I was going to do some of this so here over here is the 30 days page that you are promoting, right? If you don’t have an affiliate link, it’s very easy to get one. All you do is go to 30 and the very top here. There’s a button says Affiliates you click on this button right here and then you can join our Fleet program already per video here that made from the Philippines.

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

But if you’re already a ClickFunnels™ affiliate, you can go into your regular click tunnels affiliate account and grab your link there. Yes, very true. Very freely than the link is there. All right. So then we have to do basically like Jim said we’ve already done all the hard work the copy steps here. She looking this in okay now if I’m always thinking about when I’m going to fill it like what’s the offer? So we already know that I create a really good offer, but now you’re competing against any other foot you want to do so, how can you think how can you make this offer even better at what? Can you do on top of it? So you come back? And you build a bridge page.

There’s a couple ways you bridge Pages you opt in and then Bridge page or just straight Bridge page on this one. Honestly, I would just do Straight Bridge page. I know that that’s I know that you talked about you want to build the list and stuff. But it just in this one. It just feels like to me. I don’t know you can do it either way, but my thought was just to do straight up just Bridge right to it. Okay, cool. So here’s the Facebook ad over here.

Right and then you’re driving from Facebook ad over to your Bridge page. So your Bridge page is basically it’s like it’s really something I’m basically trying to figure out like or tell them what it is. I here’s the hook, right? So I’ve already told you that the hook is like what if you were suddenly lose everything so for you I’d be looking at Kate. How does this work tie back into my world in my life.

And so some of you guys are spot where Ike this is your reality. Like I just did lose everything on completely bankrupt. I’m broke, whatever and so maybe it’s you say like, I’m going to be a reporter. I’m going to go on this journey with you and say Sighs there’s this things like I would like you said you can have to stuff so they take Russell’s headline and bring it over here and beg you suddenly lose everything dot dot dot what would you do? Right. So your model my headline, I would I would model the headline.

I’d steal that headline and just put the top of the friggin page and then I have a video of here talking about like originally bad gaps the call us a bridge page because you’re Bridging the Gap, right? Right just like hey Russell grunts you may have heard of me four-year-olds big think I’ll click funnels this really cool. In fact recently was number 76 on the Inc 500. Sorry. I just happen to have a scene in my desk for click funnels.

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

He’s helping people build all these funnels. Where’s the Just camera here. Okay, so we can tell people that now I think so. Yeah. Okay. It’s the new stands for which that is six drinks 70-something. Anywho so like there’s their killed it and tons to make money when side funnels and I’ve always wanted to buy always struggled. So I went got these 30-day plans is awesome. I like to have like step by step with you for 30 days.

They give the whole thing away for free. And so what I want you to do is I want you go sign up for it to get for free through my special secret link and when you get signed up, but the cool thing is on the next page after you sign up. They have this special offer where you pay a hundred bucks. And when you do is you get to be part of this challenge called the one funnel a challenge plus you get this book and how much other things it’s amazing.

So what I’m gonna make a special offers if you join the one funnel a challenge to my link, I’m going to give you not only we get all the stuff Russell promised you so here’s need to make little stack slide. You’re also going to get boom the what value can you add? I’m gonna do Secret Facebook group for me and all people sent to me you’re gonna go together and we’re gonna hold each other accountable or do daily.

So the challenge make sure we do it number two. I’m gonna go final hack 20 calls funnels and overbought number three. I’m going to use gonna make a special offer why some should buy from you versus everybody else and then you got a link to send them over to your feeling to go sign up for the program and that’s it. That’s it in a nutshell.

Yeah. So so I would create a super simple one just lets I actually I sent you the link I used if I’ll show it here one of the one of the scripts that you can use to create your video as always is the who what why how script and so literally what I did and I made this one of the presets one of the examples now in in file scripts, I’ve worked on this this morning took me about 20 minutes to do this, but basically it’s For the 30 Summit and basically it’s you know, what are you offering to sign up there?

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

Basically, you’re getting free Summit access may I didn’t even get into the $100 thing on the back end of it. But I mean I got to tell you I was actually Sam. I Am I showing the right screen or you’re not seeing that behavior some screen? It’s not showing the right one, I guess. You see how I got my little dream building thing going of somebody else’s big fat Super Bowl ring for the 55 million dollar Club. Yeah. I already got a 2 comma Club.

I want the 10 million won. Yeah. So basically what I did was back to this we’re using the who what why how script I filled it out not for my product, but for Russell’s product and it’s actually said here is a preset for so final scripts users can just load it all in whack the button and then what I did was It’s not a physical. So I used used the digital product offer one and I went through and I kind of edited it. So this was my first draft and then I recorded it and actually just sent Russell the YouTube link of the recording than I did this morning for it.

So rather than me reading until you twice once he gets the page kind of done he can throw that in there and you can throw it in the page and you can see it but I mean everything else. Yes, we use the power of funnel scripts for this but the cool thing is that Oui. Anyway, um, I want to get back over to you. Oh the cool thing is that Russell already did all the heavy lifting. That’s the big thing. I want to get across here.

Is that the all the sales copies already done. All you got to do is just figure out what you’re going to do to sweeten the deal and then tell the people to go click over on the link. That’s one of the reasons why I was saying that we ought to do do it just as not not even doing it to make them opt-in because that’s like the simplest lowest-common-denominator thing. I mean this what we’re showing you here literally you could have done in 20 minutes 30 minutes. You could be run in traffic. I’m gonna do it in 11 minutes into seconds.

There you go. So I’ll be quiet now. That’s what we got. No, I’m good. Booms, I took took a template off the shelf. I’m throwing up here. Suddenly lose everything that may throw in this guy right here. The goofy-looking guy that who’s that dude? Make this white so I literally just basically model the headline because hey it probably already worked probably what think I want to stress. Jim said like I’m okay you guys do this because you’re probably my product you like major own product and copy my headline.

Oh I missed ya and I’ve had people do that before and it tends to make you feel badly towards that person makes you want to cancel their affiliate account forever. Yeah. All right. I’m throwing in Jim’s video we made right here. So there’s this video copy. I love where you paused it. There. He is. Yeah, I think I saw him in a really cool Batman mask. I couldn’t be any looks too nerdy sweet this and delete this block right here. Now. I’m going to talk about what my special art. Do you make a special offer in your video Jim?

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

Yeah, I did actually and what I said was that I would give them I would give them what I would do in 30 days because pretty days today for free. I’m gonna give you my 30-day blueprint. three Yeah, they’re right here bait. I give you my crap. Today’s proposal weird stuff. All right, 30 big parade. Yeah. He has calling my throne here to up the offer even more to make the thing as sexy as possible will cell phone number number, you know, I mean, depending on what what you were trying to get done you could do you could offer them a 30-minute consultation you’ll jump on a zoom call with them and talk to them about their own offer and funnel and stuff.

And if you had some sort of a back-end offer that you could make for coaching or something. I mean, I don’t know it was funny about that.  So this is back back in the day Jim. We’re back with AdSense was like the thing. Oh, yeah, so I have friend who he there’s all these people that he’s absent software would basically you’d take a hundred bucks 40 bucks in this like you were traffic equalizer and all these ones that are they go out there and they were like scrape the internet and throw a bunch of crap. The made you ton of money.

Yep, and so he would do it. Like everyone’s buying software note for how to do it. So he then went made a bunch of training videos just like this and said hey by traffic geyser through my affiliate link and I’ll give you all my training videos showing how to do it. And so people would go RI by the software getting laid by once they want all the videos. They re buy it they come back and he gave them all the videos. They like they like fill out a uniform to get the videos fill the form and then you call me on the phone.

He some coaching for like 10 grand and Coach them through how to do it. And he made this whole huge business just giving away the training videos as an affiliate for the offer and then selling coaching to teach people how to do the offer on the back end and he crushed it with it. So and you know people watching this you could do that exact same thing with funnel scripts you could do it with ClickFunnels™.

You can do it with any software. And nobody would really care as long as you weren’t confusing people about who owned what and whether you were Affiliated or not. Guys, look I think it looks cool. I mean that yeah 30 Days Bridge page at a time. Okay, so I’m going to check. Oh actually I know one thing to do. I’m gonna come here and if you click on the button here, which is cool image after image. The demo image the demo where you something one, here’s a cool little secret thing for you guys.

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

When you have if you have your heat maps on your stuff people click on images like crazy. Yeah. And so what I do a lot of times is like we have our buttons here that do something right. So the button will continue to my affiliate link. I’ll make the images do the same thing too. If it’s like a pop up on the image click a button opens a pop-up because people are like they’re clicking on all sorts of weird crap, so might as well like make it beautiful. Let’s see.

This is kind of cool. Do I need to get them how many contacts I need to tell Mike Step 1 going to the free thing? Yeah, and then step step one goes on up here Step 2, and I would have it pop in a new window and step two would be I’m send me what I said in the video was forward me your forward me your confirmation email when you sign up and I’ll and then I’ll get you my case study. So in effect, what I’m doing is I only want to get the emails of the people who actually sign up I don’t care about the people who are going to who are going to sign up with my thing and then not sign up with your thing.

Does that make sense? Yep to Jim at They early writer still no word. So you could set up you could set up an email. I mean you could set up a Gmail account with an autoresponder. If you wanted to that would just basically be like, you know, 30 Jim offer at because it’s just for that. As I look it looks good. And if you really wanted to be lazy you could. You could have your bonus Beyond an autoresponder and ninety percent of the people are just going to be totally honest and they’re just going to forward the thing to you and you don’t even have to have your team do it.

The autoresponder will do it. So on the buttons and stuff. You know, that should say continue to step 1. Shouldn’t Step 1 sign up here that continues to sign up for 30 calm right now. Yeah, don’t like a little. Emm yeah, that’s cool. All right, that’s just got to pay to watch your video. Sure. Okay. Let’s see if Jim sold you guys are not. Hey guys do my words here, and I’ve got a free training for you called 30 your 30-day marketing plan for unlimited success that’s going to help you.

Specifically with how to build or rebuild your business based on what dozens of people have done to create million dollar businesses. If you’ve been struggling with the fact that you’re starting with no less no traffic. No product. No website. Then you need to attend this free Summit because among other things it reveals how to follow what these top Achievers would do if they lost everything and they had to start over again from scratch.

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

So you can literally build a rebuild your business based on what these million-dollar 2 comma Club Award winners would do if they had to rebuild from zero just click the button below to get all the details it’s free to sign up and you’ll get your own unique access codes to watch all the different interviews where they lay everything out for you step by step day by day. There’s no catch. I’m telling you about this because I want to help my buddy Russell help as many people as possible for free succeed with your own marketing funnels, especially if you’re starting from scratch At all you need to do is just register with your email address.

There’s no credit card required. You should sign up right now because it’s a limited time offer to be able to watch these amazing step-by-step interviews for free and as a special bonus for signing up through this link. I’m going to share with you my step-by-step 30 day plan for what I would do if I had to start over again from scratch with nothing but a computer internet connection and an idea in my head. I’ll give you free access to that. ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

When you sign up using the button below. Once you sign up for free just forward me your confirmation email to the email address below listed below on the bottom of this page and my team will get you the information out on how to access the bonus. So just to recap you’re going to get access to this free son at the 30 days got calm your 30 day marketing plan for unlimited success that will help you build or rebuild your business based on what million-dollar 2 comma Club Award winners would do if they had to rebuild From zero, which means you can finally stop struggling with the fact that you’re starting with no list.

No traffic. No product. No website. So just click the button sign up and I’ll see you on the inside. Boom. There’s final scripts at its peak. You filled it out and then you read it. Yeah. I mean now why modified it some but that you know was yeah. That’s basically what I did you guys that was like the easiest funnel ever and this thing isn’t super profitable for everybody. So it’s Smokin cool. I need you to share that with me so I can just use it. I’m just gonna put my Philly at Lincoln then I’m done bro. Finished. Great job man. Good job heat.

You can do this. I’m gonna take this image here. I’m going to make it the tweaked what I got a minute left. I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna tweak it social image is now that button. Oh, yeah. I think my Batman voice is crossing over with my Clint Eastwood voice. I’m not sure. Jim Edwards save save all right check that out. So I’m gonna wish are from a so everyone who this is your first time final prize means our final Friday’ ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

Funnels Make Money Online

You get this plus all other 49 episodes. This is our 50th episode those who are who are first timers there and then also for almost every almost every finally build we give the sheriff on the link. So later today, if you go to funnel and this episode will be the sheriff on the link. So I’m going to give her a now and Nick will post in there and then you just click on this and now you’ve got your own chair funnel for this contest and you start throwing your friends your family run adds to it and change the world and switch out the video instead of promising everybody my bonus. Yes, definitely sort of video.

So and there we go. Great job buddy that I mean that that really this I know in the cool intro video that you all made. You know, sometimes we do it and sometimes we don’t but we did it today man. That thing looks good looks really good and it’s like easy like I think a lot of times we think we have to like go through pain to make money as I suppose. You don’t you just have to like make a landing page make a bridge page between this thing and thing you’re selling your we’ve got a Phillies because we’re paying a hundred percent commission.

We I mean from a lot of lights low my face. So like in the last in less than 24 hours this funnels produced over a quarter million bucks. And most of that is going back towards Affiliates. Like we’re proud were well over six figure an affiliate Commissions in the less and less than 24 hours. So it’s an opportunity for you guys. Like you you jump on this like some of the guys this will pay for your car payment your rent your house payment your mortgage like you can you can do some cool stuff with this and the cool thing about is it even if people are not in the internet marketing like have your friends have people you love people that think that what you do is weird like

Why – why are you doing is interacting like will go sign up for the single watch the things like me get I guarantee you that like listening into these 30 day blueprint to like reading them is going to get whoever you love inspired by what you do and then you can make money off them sign up for the contest to so I think this is like one of the best friends in the world to get people into people you love and give people your spouse’s get your kids get them all involved as well. It can be it can be a lot of fun even a ton of money doing it so dude, I’m in for the book. ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

I mean, I just tell you right now, I’m can’t wait till the book comes. Yeah. The books is insane. I can’t wait forever to get this stuff is it’s funny. I told a story yesterday on Facebook live, but Jim probably remembers a few people remember this by 15 years ago. There was this kid named Joe Kumar who had an idea similar as seems like he asks how much people like to get their day started? What would you do and they sold the e-book for a hundred bucks 97 bucks. I remember this. I got that when I was like broke as can be I bought it.

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

I printed out like that. It’s right here. I’ll show you this. This is me putting it out 15 years ago. I couldn’t afford to print out the entire things like 600 pages. So I printed eight pages to a page. I literally took this with me on a family trip. I wife and I read every single page you still see my like my circles my highlights like a hundred seventy easy nads for $10. Just go to daily classified staff. Remember that. This is like the third any plans back in the day, like easy stuff like that. I was like, I read all these I read all that and get 60 of them.

And I remember the biggest thing for me is like is everybody in a different plan. But everyone’s plans were similar and member Steen thing after thing. I was like, oh my gosh, like everyone’s got their tweaks their angles. But like the model is the same for everybody right side create a really cool product figure. I sell that product get traffic to that product and then just like look everyone sings. I read all 60 of them and at the end of I was like I know what to do and I had my first idea and I want to create my first product after this which was called zip brander.

That’s Brandon. That was my very first thing and I created after that after going through all these plans and so like like six months ago. I’ve seen there one day and my thoughts I was like, how do I make this simpler for people who use the ClickFunnels™ because the software is not hard right? Click films a simple funnel scripture simple, but it’s like they have to have a foundation in a strategy of like how to actually use these things as like we should bring back from the dead the 30-day concept like that.

That’s what got me to finally see the see the pattern and see the model and so that’s that’s what it’s all idea came from. So my goal is make this make everything is doing Simple make it so you can see the vision you understand what’s happening and it should be easy for you. So that’s right. So it’s the to to the one-two punch of ClickFunnels™ final scripts. The thumbs are back. I was watching thing yesterday. I saw your wallet the caught on fire the the funnel Friday or phone talker TV had the one of your wild caught on fire.

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary: Yeah, we’ll have that thing around I do but you don’t get to see two tricks in one show my young man, but no we need Come back next time. That’s awesome. All right, man. Well, thanks for building today I get time. Thank you everyone and hopefully this helps you guys to sell some more 30 days cover your mortgage or rent and have some fun with it. And yeah, happy 50th. Happy 50th Anniversary kid. Bye everybody. I see you guys. Bye everybody. ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary


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Police Marketing Misconduct – Funnel Fridays Ep 49

Clickfunnels™ Police Marketing – Help a former SWAT operator to market

Clickfunnels™ Police Marketing

Clickfunnels™ Police Marketing: In this episode, we help a former SWAT operator get his message out! His podcast and program seek to help other police officers, sheriff’s deputies, and cops live better lives, reconnect with their families and avoid burnout. Don’t miss a minute as we pimp out this funnel and give it the makeover it deserves.

Clickfunnels™ Police Marketing: Break out all the magics

Facebook what’s up I to the G to the elemental PE and what’s up Jim how’s it go man what’s up everybody how’s it going so good I slept last night I feel amazing how about you I feel amazing too in fact I have a wonderful message I want to share with the world are you ready it’s believe in yourself okay that is a very important message and very timely for today for all you guys who aren’t believing yourself as of yet so there you go well there you go and the great thing is is that since it’s a holiday weekend I’ve decided that we’re gonna break out all the magics so are you ready Russell we’re gonna make some amazing things but I have to put the magic in my fingers ready what here we go we’ll do that again.

I said what and then it clicked off your screen I won’t you ever see that that’s too late that’s a one and done it’s a one and done I might bring the magic out when I show you what we’ve done with funnel scripts to help with today’s topic but no we don’t I mean you have to pay attention to the magic you have to sit up and pay attention I love it as a soundtrack now um anyway that’s new Russell all kinds of great things are going on here I know you didn’t weigh more than I am now I feel lazy over in the side huh anyway I’m kind of upset because you called this a holiday weekend so you guys know what the holiday is it’s Labor Day.

So in Excel abrade working everybody gets work off it makes no logical sense to me I want to say bah humbug of Ebenezer Scrooge I think we shall be laboring twice as much on Labor Day not none well it’s actually that’s a misnomer because it was originally started to celebrate the Labour Party that was the party of the workers so this is actually a holiday to celebrate the workers the people doing the hard work oh you want to see something cool though check this out okay somebody sent me this right watch the magic.

Are you ready I’m gonna pet the unicorn I didn’t push a button or anything about is Ellie we’ll see if she would love this no check this out okay she’s like here see oh good just by petting the unicorn the unicorn like those so I want everybody at home to react accordingly okay yeah oh man okay well now that Jim showed off all your his cool stuff guns Michael theme request protein chips 2.0 I actually hung out last weekend with Tom Bill Abu who owns quests or owned it before so look like a billion dollars and so he said these chips are amazing so I bought some fell again.

Clickfunnels™ Police Marketing: A big event coming

Oh all right that’s all I got not nearly schools gyms magic stuff nothing exciting that you want to let us know is there any kind of a big event coming up that people need to be reminded about to get their tickets and stuff for oh yeah there’s a huge event called funnel hacking live and I think our mp3 players and slash battle books-a-million we’ve grabbed those like you have a separate I wanna show you guys what is but the first two thousand tickets to get that.

And we’re almost that much that I’ll show you guys so like you go crazy I would say the thousand G’s just for this alone let alone the tickets and the party and the magic and everything else that happened at this year’s fhl are you gonna do a presentation in unicorn I do actually I am I am considering that there will be a special outfit worn yes so we shall see since I only get like you know I got to make every minute count amazing alright now he’s got the stuff.

So those days you don’t know the first two thousand take it soul which i think what i go hundred or so left before we pass that mark get number one this preload mp3 player with rock it fell out again mm let’s per here I’m patty years 14 15 16 715 16 17 18 all the presentations are on here except for the ones that we interaction we’re not allowed to like 20 robbins he says you can’t share stuff but everybody else’s who is on here so you listen to all the years presentations in your in your email you can immerse yourself as you were preparing for the phone hacking live the number two tim Castleman goes.

Takes notes he’s a whole team of note takers that come to all our events and they hate notes and these are all the notes from the last four years I think Tony’s notes are in here too Wow then we contraction about not having his notes in here hahaha so I know what he talked about learn so what I would recommend doing is everyone order this stuff right now put blood listen to your ears every night as you follow along in the workbook and you will have aha after aha after a hot literally four years of stuff will be smushed in front of your brain and then he showed you mine

Clickfunnels™ Police Marketing: Prepare for world domination plans

You’ll be prepared to take over the world for whatever world domination plans you have so hey I think it’s freaking amazing but I wanted it’s that’s what we made it I mean that’s awesome so alright that’s oh my gosh we searched our building some funnels sure yeah let’s do it yeah I’m queuing up the timer what is the game plan tell us about what we are building.

Today Jim okay so basically what we have is an opt-in funnel the well funnel that starts with an opt-in for Garret bake who is a ClickFunnels™ customer a funnel scripts customer a funnel hacking live customer and actually he’s good dude I met him at funnel hacking live 18 good dude working helping police officers and first responders to be able to balance home and work life and manage stress and reconnect with their families and not lose connection with their family as many of them do because they get so stressed out at work that their personal life starts falling apart.

So he is a retired police officer and his mission now is to help these individuals either active or retired to basically live a better life and to find life balance and to reconnect with their families and stuff so he’s got a really I believe important message to get out there and my son-in-law as a police officer I have a lot of friends that are police officers and first responders and so I thought that this was a very worthy thing for us to try and help him do but as with all

Things a lot of times we are too close to our own message to be able to see what’s important and after looking at his funnel he needs our help Russell he needs our help funnel nerd glasses oh excuse me blue blocker it’s the block the blue light therefore my eyes will work longer and for more time nice somebody pitched me on him I had to buy it now

I have all right so uh do we have a funnel running off of what we starting from scratch no I said I’ve got it in there you want me to send it to you in the Facebook yeah so make sure to get the wrong one [Music] she always knowing my stuff’s coming through to you boy you are you are you are you are you are you in and then so that first pay that first link I sent you is his is his opt-in page and then this second link is when you actually opt-in okay so the one thing I will say and I’ll just say to him for whatever reason I tried to opt-in a couple times to get the book and I didn’t get it so

I think he’s got a little mechanical issue going on there at least for Gmail um but we won’t worry about that right now okay maybe share my screen she has to see what we are looking at okay all right we already burned two and three minutes what I know we got a pick up the pace all right we’re getting better every single week makes easier okay so that’s his confirmation page okay so really what he’s trying to do is just get you into his funnel get you onto his podcast and get you so he can start following up so basically um if we look at that if we look at the funnel now you know it the biggest thing that I’m seeing missing here is that he’s talking all features and it’s all feature no benefit and

Clickfunnels™ Police Marketing: Proven system in South Downs

He assuming that these people know who he is and and what’s going on it’s it’s almost like he expects these people have walked in on a conversation because the you know how to leverage the tact that she learns as a police officer without burning your personal life to the ground that really isn’t saying a whole lot unless you’re already plugged into his system download your free tactical guide that’s backed by proven system in South Downs and then transform

Their lives again tactical light is he going to show me how to do dynamic entry into a house is he gonna it just it doesn’t follow so anyway and and if you watch his video it’s the same thing it’s it’s too vague that’s not benefit driven and as you know on a on an opt-in funnel especially people are opting in to get a benefit they’re getting opting in to get a payoff so Russell what are your immediate thoughts when you look at this I actually like the look in the feel of it overall yeah it’s kind of like it’s not like that’s that like actually you like the one this is the funnel we just did our community Chris calm flush black book it’s really simple but it’s like really at like 80 some percent often right on this

Thing remember 70 percent it’s like crazy high but it’s just like there’s the thing that are lusting after is this you know I mean yeah here’s a like this is like get the tactical guy like I don’t know I don’t know the tech guide even means you I mean right exactly and it’s hard to lust after and maybe the video explains more I sure watch it real quick I’m not in the video yeah it doesn’t it sort of does but it really doesn’t typically like traditional I found his video on registration pages lowers conversion rate by a lot sometimes it increases sales rate on the second page but typically traditional

Most every test we’ve ever done like having a video on the page like on a landing page you the web and registration page or whatever like it lowers conversion like I said sometimes the increased conversion on the second thing you’re selling but like look at this as simple just like ooh I want the baby and in the youth and what you just said there I want that thingy what we’re trying to go for here especially since you’re just asking for an email we’re trying to get that knee-jerk reaction of okay I’m in I want I want that I want that result what you’re really selling as a result so like that

Clickfunnels™ Police Marketing: 99 Marketing Secrets

99 marketing secrets that will change a business and change your life it’s like crap if there’s 99 of them there’s got to be one of them in there that’ll work for me yeah it’s good so I would change this too so how to leverage the tactics you learn as a police officer about burning your personal life to the ground well you know it’s funny Russell I did some pre work with this amazing tool called phone scripts would it be okay with you if I shared what I was doing I would hope that you would know beginning all right so you see this right do you see the million dollar content

Headline scripts version 2.00 yeah okay well interestingly enough all the things we’re about to share with you have already been saved as presets here in funnel scripts so that as we’re going through if you’d like to access these exact project files you’re able to access them right here in the three scripts that we’ll be using that are part of the many of the 50 scripts on follow scripts but enough about me let’s talk about this so basically what I did was I did

Since this is content I figured we’d go with the content headline scripts and with the you know we’re just going through what are our what are what’s our topic reconnect with your family who’s our target audience what’s our area of concern what’s an action they need to take big payoff an enemy they face we click build and interestingly enough when I was doing this um I realized that for this particular one I found about eight that I really really liked and I was able to save them all to the clip bin and so I can download them and we could take a look but what I ultimately did was combine a couple of them together so how to reconnect with your family successful police officers and first

Responders secrets revealed how to reconnect your family and balance personal and professional life best ways to reconnect with your family now and what I ultimately came up with was how to reconnect with your family avoid burnout and find the perfect balance of personal and professional life and then the sub-headline is successful police

Officers and first responders secrets revealed so I don’t know if you like that or not but that seemed to be better than what he had yeah docked in the spirit of Aloha okay are you cool with that your family of Woodburn I’m finding to be balance of personal fresh life yeah like that okay so I will send that to you as copies funnel to my account so I don’t jack it up I did wouldn’t you love to have Jim Edwards do your headlines for you and then send them to you.

Clickfunnels™ Police Marketing

Clickfunnels™ Police Marketing: The wonderful thing of Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger well the wonderful thing is you don’t even have to wait that long you can fill out the funnel scripts forms whack the button and presto instantly into your hands comes exactly what you need you don’t have to wait for me to connect with you on facebook isn’t that amazing Russell that is amazing you as funny what we’re launching we’re in the middle right now of launching the funnel rolodex which is like a Rolodex of service providers

And so like copywriters logo design aloha I guarantee you I will bet I will bet money right now there will be people inside the funnel rolodex who all they do for projects is I will felt the headline wizard for you for 50 bucks [Laughter] with my copy so you might not use concepts like wait have it Michael just feel that like well do you like will filled out for me and I guarantee funnel scripts you should be applying go to funnel roll likes to call me like I’ll be a funnel

Scripts expert will fill out the forms for people there you go but they have to have an account yes that’d be good yet um so anyway that was that was the thing I think that could be a headline sub-headline type situation there I copied this funnel my account and I’m trying to like log in if some reason it’s just going slow okay so then the next thing that he’s gonna need and I and I agree with you my experience with getting people to opt-in and stuff is that a lot of times you you will get a situation where your here we go you will get a situation where the video is not going to convert as

Well and if you’re just going after straight conversions you want to go after that knee-jerk reaction however I did want to I did I did want to show what I did with the who what why how script which you know in my opinion is the perfect script for this particular situation because it’s something that’s done for free you know it’s who you are what you got why they want it and how they get it and so actually filled this thing filled it out and it’s again in there as a as a preset but and I actually ended up redoing I revamp the entire who what why how script and just really cleaned it up and

Made it smoother so let me read you this script that he could use okay hi I’m Gary bake founder of warrior Guardian I’ve got a free book for you called to the tactical guide to becoming an elite performer on patrol and at home I like that one um that’s going to help you specifically with how to find the perfect balance between your professional and personal lives if you’ve been struggling with losing the bond with your family because of all the pressure you face it

Working on patrol then you need this book because among other things it reveals how to transform your life and become an elite operator at home and on the job so you can find the perfect balance between your professional and personal lives just fill out the form on side of the page let me know your email address and I’ll send the tactical guide to becoming an elite performing on patrol in at home out to you instantly be an email there’s no catch I’m doing this because I want to share this with as many police officers and first responders as I can to help as many families as I can so again all you need to do is just put in your email address and I’ll send it out instantly and you could just stop it

Clickfunnels™ Police Marketing: A lot of amazing e-cover designers.

Right there I mean that would be fine you just copy that one up for that as texts of the video I think that was really good just it’s gone yeah I can do that so I will copy that and I’ll just edit out the parts that you don’t want it real quick just so you guys know I’m over here oh I’m trying to find like an e cover I’m just ripping one off cuz this is like you have to hire somebody in the new photo role that there’s a whole bunch of amazing Ecover designers but you know

It’s like everything I do there’s always an e cover yeah the reason how people do that anymore like yeah actually cuz back in the day Jim back from any side create a first came out Jim’s mmm right that was the thing like everyone did eat covers nowadays some reason like it’s like ad in fact I literally did a training video yesterday for two comma Club X about hiring people to do he covers for because there’s something about it increases the the tangible nosov it and

Like the percent while you well it also gives people especially with a digital product you have to give them some sort of a visual representation of what the heck they’re getting otherwise they have to create a picture in their own mind of what they’re getting which is too much like work it’s a lot of work so yeah I do it all the time man yeah like got a I’ve got a picture every single thing in my stack yeah did you look cool but but you know the thing is in all seriousness we live in it’s a visual medium why would you not have a pictorial representation of what they’re getting

Oh they might think I’m shipping them something well if they’re that dumb they’re not really going to be a great customer especially when you’re telling them it’s a digital download guide so it’s their first test of whether they can be a real customer or not you’re not allowed to be my customer because yeah ok this well you know funny enough Russell thinking that I know that you really are a big fan of bullets so I didn’t know if you’d need some bullets to go with this or not but just in case I went and used the Brunson bullet script inside of funnel scripts to make grunts and

Bullets for this as well oh you think you might want some bullets or are you good with what you got as long as you got loaded up let’s do it okay so let me show you basically we just come in and use Russell’s Brunson bullet script and we’re calling do we want to call these secrets or what do you think these would be like well we should call it secret because I only know secrets how about tactical tip I like that the tactical tips yeah if I could spell it it he’d be

Clickfunnels™ Police Marketing: Tactical tips that actually helps.

Even better is this is this fought hard to read it was just me it’s cool like it’s the thing it’s cool for the headline but I think it’s hard to read for body copy honestly that’s kind of feeling similar what’s like a normal fire or no aerial my that’s not bad that one you just did there’s not bad we have reached the extent of my my design prowess though so you know font yeah I know what a font is um okay so I actually have twelve different bullets I know you’re not gonna

Use them all do you want me to read you a few and you can choose from them or you want me to just use my best judgment and send them to you let’s read them okay so tactical tip number one helps you maintain harmony with your family and loved ones number two get you more peace of mind and tranquility in your life number three makes it easy to leave the stress of the job behind when you take off the badge each night which I really like that one gives

You specific steps and tools to become truly elite in your personal and professional lives avoid the burnout that affects too many of our fellow officers the real secret for person peace and harmony on the home front how to find and maintain that balance we all want in our lives effortlessly keep the stress of your professional life from invading the peace of your family life quickly deal with stress and keep it from affecting your relationships escape the trap of bringing home or bringing work home with you and ruining your family time discover the best ways to build and

Maintain deep connections with your family and brother officers stop worrying about how to deal with the stress of work and home life now I know all of those are awesome but how many which one you want which you guys favorites we have the audience vote which one’s your favorite she’s in like one two three four huh I got 12 Rico’s again I don’t know we did a we did that headline contest here in the office this week they everyone wrote everyone

Wrote in fact used to winning it you know to I haven’t heard the stats hit today you waiting okay everyone wrote it and Josh is number one in a headline right now was just yes he Josh did he use final scripts I’ll pay him 100 bucks to say he did did anybody we should we should test rate final scripture verses everybody’s opinion that actually cool okay that’s gonna be our next test um yeah that 100 bucks just get it from Russell and I’ll catch him up you want me to

Clickfunnels™ Police Marketing: Phone Hacking Live 19th

Send you the first four yeah no all right I mean some of those are better than the first four but I’ll just send you the first four there we go here at watch and he says this is gold so watch it that’s cool that’s cool um so well Russell’s doing that I just want to let you know that all of this sales copy was brought to you courtesy of funnel scripts so easy you just fill out a form whack the button and you’re good to go whack that but whack that button if it feels good

Whack it again if you’re wearing a unicorn hat whacking until the magic happens you haven’t shown your little thing yet you can’t say that witch thing a little like thou shalt not be offended thing I was looking for that I can’t find it I think somebody took it and leave the picture of and I like that I’m gonna get a patch made that says that thou shalt not be offended that’s good I’m right that damn I’m gonna hand those out it on phone-hacking live 19th ouch ow not be offended before you before Jim starts presenting everyone you need – I hate sign this for her thou shalt not all right I

Look I’m gonna do it man I’m gonna give you one Oh check it he’s part of the warrior movement – right yeah it’s got on his tactical boots all right cool things let me talk about what I did and why I did it okay sometimes funnel clicks does this weird stuff for me there we go that’s better oh and I’m just saying I just want to point out Russell if you look over here what I just did huh right here Oh thumbs are back I tried to go afterwards didn’t want to hide this that’s the

Magic of funnel scripts cool okay next time okay sorry I’m gonna show you again so I’m tired of people initially with simple I don’t they can submit that a whole presentation like five years ago called the evolution of squeeze page and one of the key things I learned from we talked about sometimes a landing page it’s like a deer coming like creeping through trying to get to the water and they hear like a stick break they freaked out their run away and so I try to make it as simple as possible anything that could distract like videos a lot of times are distracting and it’s nice too much

Stuffs distracting so I’m kind of like you come here and you’re like ooh and then like arrows push you down so it’s like trying to be very simple be their name I would a less fields the better I love that mmm-hmm this is like something that I’m gonna delete cuz I’m one of those guys who like precious days live on video anyway I think that never mind I’m are gonna say it I wouldn’t put that in less than legal person forced me to so I took that out now it’s like simples like

Clickfunnels™ Police Marketing: How testimonials can help business.

Movie they just want my email life is super simple I know if I could really pimped out version whatever your guide is or get a kid should be holding it or something like Oh keep going it’s like that so that’s like very like oh it’s simple you got them just like everything’s there’s nothing it’s like jumping out freaking it out right and then if you want to go further then it’s like you have like the impulse person will come in just like do the thing there’s like the skeptic who’s like what is what’s the hook what like why they make me do this they have all the the skeptical stuff so then I’d have

Down below stuff that I sold and further if I needed it and some testimonials yeah you have testimonials things like that and I probably put a button here that just like pops you back up to the top and I would change that I changed that call-to-action button but I wouldn’t call it the get your free tactical that I’d now cuz tactical is not it’s not a tactical guide it’s a it’s a life-changing guide it’s something else but it’s you know claim your free guide now I think would be

Better than you know your free tactical guide because it’s not it’s not a tactical guide I know what he’s trying to do to bridge you know the tactical mindset with the leadership and and Guardian mindset and all that stuff but I personally think that’s a mistake because name for the I do what it is I’m not a hundred percent sure what the name of the guide is so that’s why I made up a cool name what do we call again it was named ADA it’s in their tactical guide to

Becoming an elite performer on patrol and at home it’s a free we performer the lead performance guide oh yeah claim your free elite performance guide now actually a benefit yeah Forman preformance that’s how they say I still run is the name of it’s the tactical guide to becoming elite but I don’t I don’t that’s too general you know what I mean it’s like yeah it’s that’s too general in my opinion the book are there but not you I’m talking to him sorry I know what

Facebook but the title of his thing is the tactical guide to becoming elite I think that that is too general elite at what is the thing so I need some work sorry I love doing this like it and you know I always go back to that and I’ll give credit where credit’s due but like corey rudl he was the one that every all of his calls to actions all said claim you remember that it’s been a long time so those are the core Corey’s like The Godfather of our world yeah that’s the way in a in a

Car accident back but he was you if you track back most of your marketing lineage it goes back to Corey yeah he’s the man and his purple binder I still think I have my I kept like is a souvenir yes scroll to the top alright the other thing I like to do it’s this is looking amazing by the way I just want to say it’s got to be those glasses oh well you know it’s blocking Bluett I can see what better it’s hard to read text typically especially long-form text on black I don’t mind like

And I I like like dark with white text but like long-form reading is hard on your eyes typically that’s why I made this part like on a white background so it’s more text if you know a source of most my sales letters but if if you happened to go to funnel hacking like we have sections where there’s like I thought let me re sighs anyway I go off sections where I’ve got like small pecs I’m popping on a headline when there’s long text I always go back to why cuz

It’s hard to read like my eyes yeah I was to default backs like the most important parts on why you background anyway just FYI but yeah I think overall looks really cool I would go hire someone who’s awesome in fact the dude I would hire all you guys been hired now but I love this guy Sean Lowry he’s awesome he cover designs gugak Sean Cal Sean Mallory cover just tell him he has to do my projects before any of you guys as much stuff for me graphics I convert calm I’m a gay man hopefully a funnel market or the funnel roll next to him yes he just he covers are so cool

Anyway there’s a there’s a hint for a stud that I hire all the time you could hire to do he covers for you anyway there you go so dude sweet cover there but yeah I think I’m pretty awesome only other thing I would I would change and went on time for but that the pre head is not doesn’t have a benefit in any that I mean I would pretty much just either take that out or change it to you know a you know I don’t like that it’s too general you know what I mean ya know like attention cops who want to change your life for the better attention cops tired of stress and anxiety tension cops that

Want a deeper family relationship [Music] like that yeah something like that is better so sweet you did a great job man Thanks so did you your headlines and bullets are fan-freakin’-tastic yeah I love it well thank you so much it’s just the unicorn magic oh all right Kenny one more thing before we bounce sure hey I’m gonna take two minutes of his time when watch this video together to get washed yet this is why I’m gonna take a check you’ve watched this you have your tickets are gone life yeah right here we go when we’re when we’re growing up we learn a lot of things.

Clickfunnels™ Police Marketing: Funnel Hacking Live

About life from life they’re just not true six days a week one day of a week one week of every six months I wish I had someone to educate me at college now I know some of you are feeling that indecision that uncertainty well today today is a day that you changed the world [Music] all the money invested for all the time oh I’m at the same place but here’s what’s interesting when you make a decision when you become something else it’s much easier the next time

Cuz we are crazy agree we do believe intelligent I know but you’re thinking through me having to do to a duty to make sure is made forget it awesome it reminds them of their journey where they’re at and they keep moving forward [Music] [Music] [Music] lately teaching them to be givers oh man [Music] dude I’m pumped and I get to speak this time again yay it’s gonna be awesome so if you’re crazy I have your ticket I go to Hawking the first two

Thousand tickets are gone this gift this option go fullscreen go fullscreen oh sorry we go back to my little pitch if you don’t I’m gonna if you go to live come and get your I said way better last time the first two thousand tickets to get this and they’re almost gone after that then you just get the tickets but this is the first four years of my 90 live on mp3 player you can listen to it is all the notes in first four years you can study along so you show up you will be immersed and ready to take over the world so anyway I’m excited for it because what Russell’s really trying to say is that he’s

Going to give you the opportunity to plug into the last four years of education that have changed thousands of lives around the world you’re gonna literally be able to plug that into your brain and absorb all of it before you come to photo hacking live next year so that you can compress what others have you can almost 5 years to do you could compress literally into six months or less and be ready to make an impact on that event with networking with

Learning and with the roundtables you can’t afford not to be there and with this amazing gift that Russell’s giving you he is actually giving you the shortcut to achieve amazing results so get yours today there’s a limited supply left that was yeah you take it anyway but watch that video and then have your spouse watch the video with them cuz lattes gonna come with my wife so then let me your husband or whatever show it to the end egg I need some of that kool-aid like whatever they just drink there I want some of that really really bad and then get your butt to Nashville

Tennessee it’s gonna be insane this year will be it keeps getting better every year but can I back up what you just said there yeah cuz I’ve been in this game now for 21 years and my wife has been to so many events with me and funnel hacking live is the old and I’ve she been to a lot she’s been to some big events some some big seminars around the world and you know some some events and other things this is the only one that she has ever sat in on

Every single session and taking notes and so we do funnel hacking live as a team I’ve only ever missed one it was the first one and I regret it for the rest of my life but luckily I’m able to get those recordings and I’m able to get those notes so I’m able to catch up on any of the ones I might have missed and you can too if you go claim your tickets now I love it thanks man I appreciate you thanks for hanging out with us today if your wallets in the back episodes go to photo Friday’s campeón the list ever you notified when the new show starts each week and that’s it except they should appreciate you bye guys everybody

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Physical Product Sales Funnel ClickFunnels™ – Best Tips

In this post, we will show you step by step benefits and reasons why and how to create a ClickFunnels™ Physical Product Funnel or a Physical Products Sales Funnel using ClickFunnels™.

Physical Product Sales Funnel ClickFunnels™

This post is all about how to create a physical product Funnel with ClickFunnels™. Physical products are very difficult to build funnels for especially if you are a new Funnel hacker. You know it’s easy to get everything wrong if your funnel isn’t set up correctly.

Ok so in this post I’m going to outline a few things that are really important for any ClickFunnels™ Physical Product Funnel and make that funnel more likely to convert. The beauty of sales funnels is it’s just so simple to sell anything. Selling physical products is just a different story to selling informational products. Nearly everybody is trying to sell information products and and so people mentally have blocks towards selling physical products, especially dealing with things like shipping costs and trust factors and competing with bigger brands like Amazon and that kind of thing. But each of these mental blocks can be removed one by one so let’s just have a look at the big benefits and why is it important for you to jump on and try and sell physical products with funnels.

Benefits of Physical Product Sales Funnel ClickFunnels™

Think about it: firstly with physical products it’s much more transparent – what you’re going to get. People are not buying into some kind of life-changing transformation. Rather than that, they’re buying something that they can see that’s tangible, they know what they’re getting. Secondly you can also create Regular recurring sales with physical products. That isn’t necessarily the same when you’re dealing with information products. Another thing is that physical products can’t be easily copied so you can’t just come along and copy somebody else’s physical product and sell it as your own in the same way that you can do with informational products.

 ClickFunnels™ Physical Product Funnel

Approach to Creating Physical Product Sales Funnel ClickFunnels™

So let’s think about how you can approach creating a physical product funnel. Now the first thing I want to make clear is that your funnel doesn’t have to be perfect ok? Especially if you’re new to funnel hacking. Now sometimes the more raw funnels actually convert better. Ok now you can make a few mistakes and still have a well converting Funnel. Right now one aspect of any funnel is conversions. Ok so you need to get conversions if you are getting traffic to your website it needs to turn into sales for you. Ok but a lot of Funnel hackers don’t really have any kind of system in place to make sure that their conversions happen. Ok you can have lots of different types of traffic you can have Facebook ads you can have Google ads you can have organic traffic you can have Instagram traffic Pinterest traffic but if your funnel is not converting you won’t be making any money. So beyond getting traffic in, you need to make sure that your funnel will convert. So what we’re going to look at here is how to make your followers convert.

How To Get Physical Product Sales Funnel To Convert

So essentially what you’re trying to do is get your visitors to hand over their money ok and there are simple steps you can take to encourage those visitors to give you their money in exchange for these physical products.

Alright so the first thing is photos and videos – these are really important. When you’re selling physical products people want to be able to see what they’re buying. If they can see it on a video it’s better than seeing it on an image. If they can see it on the image it it’s better than just reading a description. Ok so you can take videos yourself or you can get free YouTube videos that you can use for this and at the same time you can still use written content to target keywords to boost up your copy that can get people excited. But at the beginning you definitely want to have photos & videos. Think about maybe having a video sales letter, have some real photos and break up your blog post, break up your your funnel or your your sales pitch with videos and images and you can easily add them in ClickFunnels™ just using the editor.

Headlines For Physical Product Sales Funnel ClickFunnels™

The next thing I’m going to talk about is your headlines. Ok you need to have really compelling headlines. You need to catch people’s attention. When people look at a page on the internet the first thing that probably catches the attention is the image. After that, they look at the headline – if that headline doesn’t grab their attention, they’re probably not going to read anymore of the text. So the image needs to be striking or the video, but then the headline is really important. So if you think about good email subject Lines, if you think about good landing pages out there on the web, there are loads of examples of really good headlines – ok there’s different angles you can take towards developing better headlines. An example is to emphasize the problem that your customers have. Another thing you can do is emphasize some kind of numbers or claims that people find interesting. Another thing you can do is describe something that evokes curiosity like some kind of amazing Discovery.

Copy For Physical Product Sales Funnel ClickFunnels™

Right now there are plenty of different ways you can approach copy but keep the following things in mind on your sales funnel page. Shorter copy is better than longer copy but obviously if you’re using shorter copy then every word has to be important. Second thing is copy that addresses the reader tends to work better so if you’re talking about bland Concepts that nobody is interested in then you can bore your reader’s very quickly. The next thing you can think about is to try to gain the Curiosity of your readers. So if you talk about things that you’re going to reveal later in the page, it keeps people interested – so this is like using hooks. You can also look at your competition. If you look at a really experienced copywriters page you can get some good clues as to how to write a sales page effectively. Definitely consider using Funnel scripts from ClickFunnels™ as that is an awesome program that can help you write copy easily.

Testimonials For Physical Product Sales Funnel ClickFunnels™

The next thing you need to remember to have on your page is testimonials. These days there are a lot of people competing for traffic and sales online. If you can find examples of people giving testimonials for your product that you can use on your page it will help you sell more. Think about people that have bought the products from you in the past. Look through Facebook groups for people who have given reviews of products that you are selling. Look through reviews of other affiliates that are selling the same things.

Evidence For Physical Product Sales Funnel ClickFunnels™

The next thing you can do to really help your customers decide is provide them with evidence of the benefits of your product. Explainer videos and how to guides which combine visual descriptions with easy-to-follow notes on the benefits of your product make it easy for your customers to want to buy the product. Think about creating a tutorial video which shows your product being used in a real world context. Think about creating before and after photos or videos. Think about creating videos which position your product vs one of the competitors products and explain why your product is better.

Trust in Physical Product Sales Funnel ClickFunnels™

One of the most important things about selling physical products is creating an atmosphere of trust. You need to include all the basic Trust signals in your funnel such as refund policies address, phone number and support links. These kind of things definitely inspire trust in your potential customers because they can recognise your confidence in your product by your willingness to offer a refund. During your sales pitch for your product you can emphasize the guaranteed refund policy.

As I mentioned before it’s difficult for people to create funnels that sell physical products. Make sure that you include the various factors that we have discussed here in this post when you are creating your physical product funnel.

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ClickFunnels™ Physical Product Funnel Including OTS and Sales Copy #Funnel Fridays

ClickFunnels™ Physical Product Funnel For Sales Including OTS and Sales Copy #Funnel Fridays

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Funnel Friday’s Episode #38

Funnel Friday’s Episode #38

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what’s up Facebook over life hey guys wilai there – how’s it go chip happy new year I’m wearing my lucky hat and hopefully we won’t lay an egg on this one but I’m pretty room that’s the sweet happy woods that is the first time how you born if you the spender is just a repeat that this is this is one of my classic Jim funnel Friday hat this is bringing it back to our roots this is like the first one I ever wore on a fun Fridays I believe was that’s this hat this was it I am like this is like a piece of funnel Friday’s history lore it’s pretty awesome very cool we’re a few minutes late starting today but but we’re excited we’re gonna be talk about the funnel we’re gonna be working on today yeah I was just gonna say it’s my fault that we’re late because I I laid an egg they say today what we’re gonna be doing we’re gonna be talking we’re actually gonna be looking at somebody’s funnel this is not one of those help my funnel sucks things this is more you know what should my funnel do and they need some help with their their headline and their their sub headline but it’s pretty cool I thought was a really cool example and the reason for that and I guess I should you want me to show it up on the screen yeah the reason why and we posed over here um the the reason why we thought it was cool was was because um everybody’s always like oh you’re always showing and make money stuff and blah blah and so this couldn’t be anything further from the truth this is a duty teaches plumbers and and roofers and electricians how to get more business so and so basically what what their market is is mom and pops mom and pop service businesses that have always dreamed owning their own business but they don’t know anything about marketing and they don’t know really how to run a business people who have basically been doing a trade but but then they say you know what I’m tired of doing a trade for somebody else so I’m gonna go do a trade for myself and then they get smacked in the face with the reality of hey I need to know how to market and all that other stuff so that’s what these guys help them with because they’ve been they’ve been doing it for years and years on their own so that’s that’s what we’re gonna be talking about today and rather than I thought and here let me stop sharing so I can actually I’m also in there click photos account too so I don’t know if I should I like whoa should I clone this so that I don’t mess up a live phone what I probably should huh yeah you should clean it cuz I know they’re working on it but the the big thing is just instead of spending 30 minutes just paying in a way you know okay do this put this here and there and everything else I think once we give them kind of a headline and sub-headline let’s let’s use your groovy whiteboard one kind of structure the thing for them and and let them get a million dollar lesson from the world’s greatest funnel hacker pro man Russell having fun alright okay so I’m trying the countdown clock Arthur oh goodness has officially started and all right there and then I just clone the funnel so this one I’m gonna rename this so they don’t think that like I’m messing their funnel up I’ll call this one funnel Friday’s virgin funnel Friday’s so feel free to use or not use any of our ideas because they may be horrible or they may be amazing excuse me you’re supposed to say feel free to test our ideas against your own because testing is how you tell what works best that’s actually a truism well blame it on the cough syrup yeah I mean I’m bet I had a fever of 104 for almost a week oh and then all I’ve left is this coffin so I’d rather have a cough that a fever any day of the week so I’m feeling good Wow all right so do you know much how they explain kind of how their business model works right now or is it just it says this is going to be getting everybody into a membership the first level is a membership which I don’t necessarily not saying it’s good or bad but that’s what they’re playing is to try and get everybody in a membership me personally I try and get them in with some kind of a product and then pitch them on the pitch amount of membership and pitch them on one on one and all that stuff but that’s just me okay what their plan is to get them into a a membership right off I will say that would please keep at least one lung down the thing that I would just save just from looking at this on the front end is that they need to have multiple landing pages for this one for plumbers one for electricians one for roofers because if you just a roofer doesn’t consider themselves a home service pro they consider themselves a roofer same thing with a plumber electrician those trades they think of themselves in that trade so that’s the number one thing I would say and so when I’m coming up you might just focus on plumbers and just because I really think that’s that they need to have multiple landing pages as my whole point what is what are your thoughts on that I I agree because what other markets they go after you said there’s plumbers plumbers electricians roofers you know bum sure painters and anybody that comes out to your house in a work van wearing work boots and does work at your house let me show a concept bike because we have the same thing in our world is like people come in there’s different types people use click photos like we have entrepreneurs use that small business owners online digital marketers marketing agency so by that so we kind of the same thing like this is an example of a page we use which this is probably the highest often rate of any page I’ve ever done we come here and say here’s the big the big hook but it’s like what’s your role in the company and so then I know it’s like hey this is a solo entrepreneur or their small business owner or their unknown so kind of like it’s set segments it’s I don’t see something similar here if it’s like great coin it’s like okay who are you and then the segment and then from there we have very specific like cool your club or not can talk to you as a plumber or cool you’re over here so I love that man you running you’re running ads you could just skip that skip the first step and take them straight to that landing page so if you’re if you know you run an ad to plumbers you just take them straight to the plumber page so in our office so we’ve got James P furrow who’s been helping us like systemize our whole everything and the ocean is this project flow diagram for how we do our funnels but biggest thing we found out was like a lot of times the funnel ideas in my head and nobody else knows what we’re doing and so then yes it causes frustration so we started new thing we’re literally I have a bass signal which I wear two Ironman shirts de sus kind of word but I got superhero schizophrenia but we push the bat-signal you’re looking at the wrong camera because of their Facebook camera here which camera like three cameras on the state looking at me Russell I can’t see it there you go oh that makes it hard cuz Millie’s over here alright there’s the bass signal so he signed the bass signal then I got a bass signal pin that’s even cooler and then we actually I’ve walked my entire team a picture of the bass signal and then a link to it as um room never comes in zoom room and and then I mapped the whole thing right here and everyone’s got and we record that through zoom and then what’s cool about is that afterwards we have the whole recording of me talking about funnily ideas let’s try everything that way in like three weeks from now we’re fishing the final people like what’s that thing that Russell said or like we have it forever so um that’s smart we do that if you really want to get people’s attention you can hit them in the eye with a laser pointer I mean that’s like the ultimate eye salutes Mike a funnel structure here we’ve got these guys million dollar service pro it’s like you were saying Jim is the beginning is having on the thing through um on the thing through google video here do you want to make your video window a little bit bigger so people can see it oh yeah that is pretty small PC now wait or just use the whole screen there you go guys no turn to the right now you’re in the middle one that dirt where every point point to the right no keep pointing move your finger that one that’s right what that’s the one so confusing alright what’s up guys we’re gonna do this is to these ones gonna be that traffic comes like organically right we talk about traffic control or traffic you don’t seekers book so traffic I don’t control my I don’t always people coming from I’m gonna have a page prior that’s gonna basically be this thing where they self-identify I’m I’m of this I’m of this I’m of this I’m of this and it’s cleaners off to these to these pages that are specific for the market of their in now when I’m going to Facebook and I’m buying ads whatever if this is the plumber the plumber one right and this is the electric electrical unless electricians attrition fëanor Ainur etc so then drive facebook ads traffic I do control I would drive directly to like that niche one like I want to go night target plumbers and put them through this pre page because they’ve already know they’re plumbers right gosh so that’s ten idea so we’re probably four for today just because of the time it probably just doing this page right just the plumber page okay but they get there and then I can suit the offer was they were there working on it but basically it’s a it’s it’s a membership where they teach people about marketing and business and and getting more customers okay they literally they have a like one thing says a webinar one link the goal-setting challenge there’s a bunch of different things here which is also kind of confused like usually you want on a page is that everything’s like one right focus one focal point so the question I have for them which is like what’s the focal point for the plumbers like what’s the thing and I would say and pick one thing so either have a lead gen have a lead magnet have a webinar have a have a book have something that you’re selling but it’s one thing not here’s five different choices because if people have five different choices you choose to go away and just drink a beer yeah or root beer for Mormons so there you go all right okay so with that said where should we start out in this one well I’m gonna start working on well I guess what we need to do is is assume that they’re just pitch in their their membership their membership so what I’m doing and I don’t you want me to show my screen yeah what I’m doing is working on a headline using funnel scripts so this looks more like something that’s pitching a webinar or I feed me a trial like a vet I mean I think my personal opinion is that the best thing you can do with some consultative sale like that where you’re trying to get somebody into continuity is to is to use a webinar funnel mean to refer to me I don’t know what your thoughts are but as the webinar fan I probably agree since I talked with chef in two webinars because I think it’s the best way of self especially when there’s education involved right just reposition this then as like as like cool I would I would do it as a webinar funnel myself I mean and the big thing you know so who’s our niche audience plumber they want to get more customers and want to build their business the name title what you wanted to buy as million dollar service pro what’s the thing that holds the solution they want coaching program but since we’re well I started writing it for the cooking program but I’ve I’m gonna write this pushing them towards the webinar well yeah so webinar because that’s what the whole thing about great stuff that was the headline you had a beach if you can beat that one if you roll you’re in can beat great stuff and control he’s wearing my chicken I pictured you know or just like a stock picture I can’t tell I don’t know if that’s him or not that was him but it looks like it has superimposed picture and then they there’s other people who are oh that’s him is that him that the view atop can’t tell the same person or not it could be so I’m just maybe I’m getting let me ask you this so the two big wants that these people have is basically you want to build up your service business and really want to increase your income right okay and probably a pain they want to avoid in this area is is getting tied up in marketing or these are spending 12 hours it’s like the free customers right they don’t they don’t want like do the marketing and spending a ton of time and money kind as a sales person like a roadblock that they would see is holding them back from their goal would be even if you’ve never operated your own business before that’s him I think that’s the same day down there and then on top would you go to the post office see if you saw his picture okay go into the book of faces Facebook stalking him now yeah Edward plenty calm so we’re probably gonna zoom if we’re making this at the point that somebody gets to this page they probably you think they’re gonna be warm or cold traffic I think they’re gonna be at least warm enough for the Reich they’re a plumber will know that our plumber will know they’re uh you know I mean so I’d say warm not hot probably warm okay all right I like going and finding like pages or pictures that are like unique that’s kind of cool actually like some of the pictures on his page seem too professional which looks nice but I doesn’t typically convert as much as like my monitor which makes us mad his designer strike we spend so much time designing what do you think about something like you know new watch this video to learn how we can automatically help you increase your income fast the increased income is it with me I’m thinking like attention all plumbers watch this video to learn how we can I mean that would promise if we find the right headline we could actually adapt each play each page just by using attention attention painters attention plumbers attention electricians just a thought no I like that luck I’m I’m going to I’ll add this to the clip in and keep on clicking and see if we come up with something else tell me one week you know show you how to build your plumbing business so I was working – I don’t know this this Christmas break and my literally was in funnel strike for hours just typing stuff out and get ideas so not only do I and only one of the cofounders of farm scripts I’m also a hyperactive user of it thank you did your dad like tell you all about how headlines and stuff work hey you know I learned from Jimmy I was about hot warm and cold traffic dad that did my book [Music] how about this one knew what every plumber needs to know about and increase your income fast what if it’s like even more specific like increase cuz they want more clients right so it’s like how to get extra 20 clients a week or a month or a 30 you know I mean like oh yeah I like that that I like that I’ll grab that one will modify it but I like that I actually really like that how to get an extra really wants to big result thing one is getting to get an extra 10 to 20 clients a month yeah yeah I like that actually a lot mm-hmm so all we do is go back up to the top change that out in funnel scripts hit the build button and come back down whack the button and then holy crap now Wow now you can get an extra 10 to 20 clients a month with million-dollar service pro guaranteed oh that’s getting close Oh stead I like that Oh ground down too images ooh how about this webinar gives you the simplest way to get an extra 10 to 20 clients a month oh I like that that’s really good yeah I adapted it but yeah we can I like that a lot actually I don’t know if we want to keep the well now we can keep the guaranteed in there now whether they can keep the guaranteed in there and not I don’t know but we can use charity guaranteed or your money back I really like that by the way new what do you think I couldn’t discover on the front of that so new to comb wish all they are I could just do this kind of stuff so what do you think you like that one new attention pump or attention plumbers new this webinar gives you the simplest way to get an extra 10 to 20 clients a month guaranteed you like that one I mean I like that’s a good one to start dude I love it simplest way do you think it needs a subhead how about how to increase your income as little as one week yeah it makes it makes seven days when we gir I like how to increase your income in the next seven days I like that okay I’m actually suffice page a ton cuz that is them right yes okay that’s it listen I’m gonna send this three on the Facebook the Facebook thing I like both of them but I think the bottom one is more personable yeah I said it said before that was really cool actually are you gonna what else are you gonna need from me my image is disappeared [Music] yeah you look super friend they wanna hang out with you here yeah want me to do some Brunton bullets oh for the for the webinar yes okay I still heard that hasn’t caught on I’ve never table besides mere you ever say that and Stephen buddy sir it’s like you know be nice I think he doesn’t really care I did you said you Facebook me over those I did I even have all the capitalization correct and hopefully the spelling [Music] attention plumbers now the one thing and this would be something they would need to test and I don’t know the answer but in this case I would test the word customer versus clients in other words once I found a headline that was working if I said clients I would have another version of the headline that said customers because these people may not think of them as clients they may think of them as customers and and maybe that’s being overly analytical but I could see that one word making a difference that’s interesting the other thing I say okay they just as like verbage stuff I even like webinar is like a big word for most people I try to change that web right it was things like that fit that people understand better or worse fonts are kind of weird on the same phone without that I I think you’re right and for those of you that are wondering that see my screen now right now I’m using the Brunson bullet script on funnel scripts which helps you to make awesome bullets to go in the either to up or for up a format that Russell favors in ClickFunnels™ for behind Brunson both go to funnel Friday’s calm scroll down to watch the episode but okay it’s like I’m sure they made this orange button that you just took Amazon’s button and they call it the Belcher button and it’s next like five years every called the Belcher button I just want something named after me so it can all to start calling it the Brunson box it would really make me happy yeah well I’m trying to make you happy Russell did you argue Big Daddy – I’m trying to think you know like coming up with some bullets and stuff for this and if you’re doing something that you need mine if I’m filling in time or you want me to shut up just say hey Jim won’t you be quiet I’m busy right now I’m just trying to think what would be the if I was a service pro and that’s why it’s so cool to be able to use for my business because I’m trying to guess what a service pro would want but basically they want to get more clients fast they want more phone calls they want to systematically have new customers seek you out and they want more confidence in your ability to attract new customers and it helps you avoid having to sell to spend all your time selling instead of practicing your trade whew I just answered my own quiet I just answered my own thing you got it cool well I’m not gonna fill out all of these cuz only need four now pick one of the five or I’ll pick four the five helps you get more clients get you more phone cuz makes it easy systematically have any customers seek you out gives you confidence protection because avoid I’m just a nice I thought I’ll download those as a handy text file then I can just edit them quickly rose alright so I am building out a structure for the broad Princeton box TM are you they are registered at TN one’s cooler we think it’s I think it’s the TM its trademarked yeah I got a law degree from a strip mall where I know people have gotten pH DS so I mean I’m qualified to give you that advice was trying to make Russell laugh now because it’s like laugh laugh cough cough cough cough laugh laugh cough cough cough I said dying alright do you need anything else you need the bullets I got the book I just sent the bullets over to you I had them as tips from the webinar and weird happening here what the if some weird floating road here that I put in but I don’t know how to get rid of it now is runny like one of my Steven or something to be like this is where I think yes where’s your bat where’s your bat signal like that there’s nothing there’s the same loading row that it’s not there weird that’s never happened maybe it won’t be there when you uh when you publish it oh all right well well strike is out there you are on a Mac what do you say now you guys always say to me you are on a PC so what we bought for Christmas we got or Santa Claus got for the kids good catch one of those what’s it called the UM I don’t know yeah oculus rift virtual reality things oh sweet which is really cool but you it only works off like a PC so we had to get a PC so I have a PC in my house now and I remember now why I don’t like pcs I got one of those for my PlayStation 4 and it’s pretty awesome the oculus rift or the well it’s the PlayStation virtual reality thing but yeah it’s really cool I got we bought fruit ninja yesterday we played family for didn’t like three hours her songs wow I bet that was cool so cool all right can’t quickly trying to do this actually like that promise a lot that’s that’s if I was somebody who was just busting bud and it was like me and my wife that were operating the business or just me by myself trying to unstop people’s plumbing problems while answering my cell phone and wondering how I was going to be able to build my business that that to me would be like yes I will watch this ignore me oh yeah this is what this is the ID go back to old-school Joe polish Neptune from hacking his stuff back in the day oh yeah oh you mean that stuff might still work would you say people are still people old school stuff actually works still yes it does it basically works great um I had something today asked me about Ike how’d you cook all these ideas I’m like dude I didn’t make up any of this stuff this is all stuff I learned from these dead dudes who are geniuses we’re just applying it to like our work the funny thing is what we’re talking about as far as the headlines and stuff little book here called scientific advertising such a good book the time it’s short – it’s not like it’ll take you forever to read it anyway I just people are people and people by the way people have bought and it comes down to people buy based on an emotional reaction and then they justify later with logic that’s always been that way that is a big secret and you get that and it’s like so it’s not the new shiny object it’s just learning how to communicate a people yep and the other reasons people mean the five main reasons people buy especially online make money save money save time avoid effort escape pain that’s all you got to do those are the frames that you use well what do I know I’m just some weird old redneck in the swamps of Virginia wearing a chicken hat don’t listen to me the unicorn fetish my daughter has the same fetish so it’s kind of weird I’ve so much unicorn stuff in my house now well you tell her to give the Uncle Jim a call and I’ll tell her where to find the best unicorn stuff she did get the from Santa Claus at the dapping unicorn that you had on last week which was insanely cool and she wears every day so that’s sweet so thank you for the hook-up on that one I do what I can you know and I think we shifted the show to 30 minutes we’re gonna 20 minute bill down we had 30 again so I totally messed this up so we’ve spent more time than we were actually planning on doing okay that’s alright because it’s looking pretty sweet this this actually I’m pretty excited about this this this could be the front end of a million dollar business right here just just from here represent ISIL if you can figure out like how to sell the thing that get new million dollars not that hard you know it’s just like figuring out like the right way to sell them you feel that out it’s like oh and they just dump new customers in and yeah the funny thing is that the easiest project you’ll ever do actually is the first one once the first one that works because then when it gets hard is when okay well I got to do this again instead of how can I make more money from this one it’s like oh oh this one’s working up to this point let’s do it again let’s do it again you got like 20 spliced written and then you’re just like cursing your life it’s like oh I have a great car I never drive a beautiful house and only see my office chair you know how long kind of for you you went through the same cycle I’ve gone through so it’s like if so folks in the business you forget us stuff and you went through a big transformation where you got back to the real world like what was the tipping point for you that got you back into that um a whole bunch of thing I mean it wasn’t one particular thing it was like a whole bunch of stuff and and then you know like almost dying from heart failure and my son-in-law getting blown up in Iraq having grandkids um a bunch of stuff all for fries on the store I’ve heard before it’s fascinating be really cool have you think it’s like the perspective part that most of us forget about after we start getting into this you know yeah well I mean the biggest thing is well I only have a minute and 14 seconds would you say that that if you the number one thing I would while you’re doing this I would tell everybody is everybody sets their goals the wrong way there’s a great time of year to talk about it everybody I want to make a million dollars that’s not a goal that’s an outcome your goal should be to take the actions every day that you know are going to produce that outcome so instead of staring at your goal and then looking at your computer and going oh how do what do I do if you want to make a million bucks you’re you list out the actions you’re going to take get your funnel set up test your funnel test your headline test all your stuff then drive traffic wash rinse repeat that’s how you’re actually gonna make this happen well if that was a good time filler or not but that I was reminding myself of that every every January it’s like lay out all these big goals I don’t want to double what I did last year but then it always has to come back to what am I gonna do on a daily basis to make that happen well yeah what transitions yet to make personally to be able to yep create that I love it all right how’s this look um I really think it’s freaking cool dude yeah and all they have to do now is just use the perfect webinar wizard that’s also part of final scripts to create this need to do it nice nicely done very cool we’ll take this hat off hopefully I see like again that we did this for plumbing we talk about strategy but like this this is how every funnel works right like we go through the same process of a site okay y-coordinate out what’s the plan the site now create the page and go through page by page and there what’s the copy for the pages and um that’s the that’s the process it’s not magic is this funny as we believe as we built out our new system for building out funnels quickly it’s the same processes whiteboarding it structure the pages design a page for the copy on the page is create a really good offer likes just saved the same thing we keep showing every single eek over and over over so you guys have been watching funnel Friday’s this is absolute thirty-eight I think yep thirty-eight so if you go to funnel we’ve been doing this for over a year now there’s tons of them in here go find one and you start watching these things because I saw someone yes I fell about it coming off harm in our Facebook group who basically says something about like oh this is so hard because you know ClickFunnels™ is so hard and like this big huge thing about like I’m a traffic three days and my phone’s not live yet I wrote I was like I wish you could see what life was like um you know three years ago before ClickFunnels™ like we spent eight full time dudes on my team spent three months and about 20 or 30 grand in cash you get one funnel live and like now it’s like your first funnel your 3ds in your and you’re frustrated like okay just go to funnel and start watch those things while you’re building you’re like every time for sharing little hints and tricks and tips you don’t see us doing the process over and over and over again it’s build the page go to funnel scripts get the copy for the page and like that’s the process and if you swatch it 37 times in a row you’ll be like oh my gosh this is so easy the pattern it’s not a difficult it’s just you just do it by that thing that I don’t upset three or four that light you shove up your nose that wakes you up if they buy one of those they can watch all 38 episodes in a row and be like a funnel Pro instantly I would recommend it your results may vary we have a challenge of fun Friday’s binge binge athough never go watch all the episodes yeah okay so think about it and not become a millionaire for the next 12 months a year thinking about this weekend when you’re binge watching the crown on Netflix you know what I should be binge watching Jim and Russell on funnel Friday’s because then instead of making Netflix rich I could make myself rich so it’s really it’s your choice that could be t-shirt binge watch it into the making yes I love it you know now Game of Thrones on the other hand glad binge watching Game of Thrones but I mean I seen Game of Thrones you sicko plenty of time for photo play that’s right awesome oh this was this was great man this is the the first one of the year I am dead serious when I say these people who by the way are smart they’re clients of both click funnels and funnel scripts on if they if they use what we did here and really think that through and use that that this could be the whole beginning for them I’m serious when I say I mean it’s not I’m not not just window dressing that’s that’s how you do it guys that’s what it looks like yeah and test test test test test which is a this over and over again ClickFunnels™ makes it so easy to test your copy and to dial it in super super quick and people don’t test enough and the tool is amazing oh cool awesome alright guys when I got it Barnes County transcripts account in the year can now begin for you all your goals all your wildest dreams now become true what’s been fine dynamite when when Pedro runs for president he’s like vote for me and all your dreams will come true there you go anyway before I die I’m gonna bounce off thanks Jimmy I appreciate you think seven hanging out with us today bye guys have fun bill this weekend everybody see guys bye [Music]

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Funnel Friday’s Episode #38

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Funnel Friday’s Episode #32

Funnel Friday’s Episode #32

yeah and my would like hey what’s going on I do message back to creative yeah I mean it’s been a while since we’ve done this so I’m going to go old-school you know have a handle or something man a man three brother what how does it really do that that’s kind of cool your mask he’s gotta make a foot pedal or something right no no I have it super Abbott’s super glued to my chin you said our plate for weeks what we haven’t renewed for a Friday when can I take this off exactly and you know think about taking a shower in this thing sounds good attention from the neighbors your neighbors see you in the shower anyway all right all right so what Friday’s then Ray’s been a while it’s been a while Jim’s on vacations everywhere you can hang out with this head excuse me I was on vacation for one week you’ve been the one that’s been gone oh well I apologize to everybody but now we’re here for the next round of vacation starting here before next week so I want to mention the elf in the room that yes I don’t know but me Steven and Jamie Smith over here all wearing a matching t-shirt we called each other and actually from the offices so this pencil backs from manager then we’ll get get back to funnel building I think that would be a delight all right so we first launching ClickFunnels™ right we need our own t-shirt and so try making t-shirt and Todd is like we should make a t-shirt that has like HTML code that says click font so that’s why stuff little bracket e things someone designed this well right looks like it’s like an Atari shirt or something so so we didn’t use the design but in Todd took the design printed two of them I think maybe three I know Todd had one and then Jimmy had one and that might be the only two in existence but every single event they went to you for cliff bones that was warm and everyone’s like their shirt is the coolest I was like oh it’s so anyway yeah so pretty near the office so Jim I can get you one set out to tall one I would love to have one let me call and then out were actually the whole text is venti in town this week working on the onboarding process and there’ll be a chance for everybody actually win one of these puppies for free just by playing the ClickFunnels™ game which is coming soon – uh is that an html5 shirt I mean I’m only want the latest HTML so so they said be cool for a couple reasons one its redness valentine number two we’re still gonna be fun wearing some photo scripts and the way that put Jamie Superboy’s in the office put him on the hot seat and we’re so a suicide yesterday finally University and CF Pro Tools to merge together to one superpower and so James is coming with every building lost like five ten minutes and add in all his magic ninja crap so double magic dust so that we can do make this funnel even cooler so that’s the plan sweet that sounds good Aussie flag all right so Jimmy had a good idea what we should build – you want to talk about that again say remember you tell me about as you need stuff set up it’s done no he can okay so we had somebody on the help desk ask a question and it was I want to do a coaching funnel that leads to a case study video and to an application for a strategy session so how would that be set up and what funnel script should I use and all that good stuff coaching funnel right sorry case study – a coaching funnel they opt-in and it takes in – I’m assuming they opt-in and there’s a case study and then after they watched case study there’s an application for a strategy session that was what I took it to me what if we okay so what if we do that and then to do a cool Jamie Smurf let me get a paid application there’s a coupon code we can get it for a dollar instead of like hundred dollars yeah okay alright never seen this before this is like revolutionary okay well let me just so and just for grins I mean just I know that this person’s topic is LinkedIn publishing I don’t know if we want to do it for that or we’ll just do it for whatever like fried butter at home you know being a fried but they’re expert or you know some serious topic as opposed to like LinkedIn I mean who even thinks about LinkedIn I was good all right so I’m game with whatever you gotta write a copy so you tell me which one you want to run right for okay well I think we’ll do a LinkedIn thing oh wow six hundred sixty seven thousand six hundred two dollars and fifty six cent is that my Kim let me change the link really quick sorry all right so as you see I’ve got a couple of screens open these are all so info mobility there’s like three screens you need to have open all game console one is funnel quits click follow every color stop it we’re doing university with here’s all Jamie’s scripts are here there’s also the other software here that goes the Marisa fight the image generator I’m going to use that today as well it’s all from University then you got final scripts are you loving our page eyes need the dashboard these are all notice we have a read we have a revamped dashboard whoo please nice alright okay so that’s the game plan so I’m starting with funnels you’d be drawn out just for everybody of the three pages that we’re gonna make yeah so much iPad refers to look sir yeah so Wow yeah 30 minutes I’m starting now to get you ready for that hey here we go go if I’m not ready I’ll disconnect suddenly okay so we’re gonna paint this thing out first this is paintbrush well I guess it’s the Mac version I almost call but alright so we are gonna do landing and these little the pencils this way cooler take pencil I and without a straighter my curiosity based headline to get them to opt in for free case study being right so yep case study something they will put an email address you know and then they will submit that’s a Smith in from there do they go to a page like this so amounts when everyone microphone watch that’s what I would get ejected is that it hasn’t apply is that you should apply for coaching but Kochi costs both in the coupon code here it only drops down to one dollar to apply or something okay and then from there they come over here and you sell them a fried butter for Liebman so are they gonna get the are they gonna get the case study through email then we’re just immediately gonna take them from that opt-in to the offer for OB the case so the video we can’t talk about a case saving and it makes the offer okay alright cool of my thought so okay so what that means hey hey easy there quick draw um ooh bad luck so we need a headline for the front page but we’re going to need a headline for the the page or here a study page and then we’re gonna need I’m thinking what do you think like the who what why how script underneath that are here yeah it’s got a headline here we got a headline here we’re gonna who what why how I think so yeah and then we’re gonna need the CTA um we’ll use the CTA script to okay and then right here so then in blue we’ve got Jamie doing coupon codes coupon code Oh kinda and then Russell’s in black so and I don’t think we have in thirty minutes that we can make her complete offer there on that last creator what would you put on that last page just like thanks for applying okay and yeah there’s no script for that it’s called the thanks for applying script put in your name button thank you for playing there you guys it’s the same for everyone all the hard stuff here’s the legend of who’s doing what boom and we’ve already wasted ah pretty minute forget it started alright when you sell your product though so I got so product sales funnel call this butter coaching know it we’re doing LinkedIn not fried butter coaching okay so this problem have a squeeze page and then I’m not gonna sell space-time around order for that’s other people okay so I’m killing sales page I will turn set order form age into a sales page I’m gonna kill order confirmation page and another Thank You page so simple funnel if you look at how right here we did one two three one two three knows where sink now I got in the framework to start building on alright by the way Jim this is some cool no knows about we’re working on a secret project here called the funnel hacker cookbook and then who wants to see in my life show this part so obviously this is so this is not done thing but the five Kubik has an online version like this and you can you can pick like which industry you’re in invite this is fun we should use like a chime generate lead you try this and it shows you the actual funnel for your industry for your goal and then I pick it and then instead of hike right now I’m gonna go through pick a different template for every single page which is kind of paying the but you know how the template that goes across all the pages so anyway so what we’re literally gonna be building a six hundred fully done temper on those templates August 15 4050 here boys with a bunch of designers maybe so then what we need to do is take the main stuff from that and I can use those to supplement the funnel scripts blueprints so that we can tie specific funnel scripts to specific parts of those funnels and and just so there goes of you who can see my screen at home I just want to point out and then I’ll get back to work but we have totally revamped the funnel scripts blueprints so now we have 15 of them in here instead of seven and we have a whole training around the blueprints so that you can go through and pick and see with all the new funnels the funnel scripts that we’ve added all the different ones based on where you are and you’re creating your funnel you can grab the appropriate scripts and we added up a bunch of them down here with the new stuff so it’s pretty cool people are digging it awesome so but back to the funnel that we’re building now that we only have 24 minutes for a video on youtube I can use someone ripped my video and made a video about it yes hello from fun logics I was gonna use biology iPhoto awesome video anyway and this is gonna be the next page yeah but Peters empty youth yeah okay we we just have a line to be huge Jim so makes us page not like naked is funny I stood by awesome SLC I actually own an awesome sauce alright I have my demon fell on this page I’m working on a big boy easy I almost done what are you doing um what I’m doing is I’m filling out all the stuff before to create the headlines that we’re going to use and actually I’ll be able to pick two of them but so I’m putting in this is the killer headline wizard our killer headline script rather not it’s not one of the downloadable Wizards but basically I’m just putting in all the stuff so our niche audience is a business professional LinkedIn publishing LinkedIn marketing and I’m just putting in all the stuff about that and let’s say 15 minutes is when you can get the results and then we’re gonna I’m gonna have all sorts of wonderful headlines for you and let’s see how to get more business from LinkedIn without wasting money on LinkedIn ads how to make more money with LinkedIn as little as 15 minutes even if you’ve never published on LinkedIn before I like that new case that o prefix new case study how to mate you like that one or no okay so you want me to copy that and send it to you yeah okay it’s almost too easy Jim I paid a lot for copywriter write me something half as good I should have never shared this with you and just made myself available hey Russell let me write some copy for you hmm hey answer these questions and then I’ll get back with you in two or three days once I’ve had a chance to do this um since every copy writer since fellowship scheme oh let’s see okay so that’s the headline the heaven I just sent you is for the main page there and so now while you’re working on that we’re gonna need a headline for that well do we need a different headline for the page for the next page thinking about this I’m gonna need a different headline view well well it might be something though that we’re trying to transition them over into wanting to hire this person oh you know what let’s use one of the expert one so oh here you go here’s the one for the next page top LinkedIn publishing expert reveals insider secrets to get more business from LinkedIn without wasting money on LinkedIn ads cool is that cool she gives like better a bad one that’s nice but not for the first page for the second page over AC wait once they won’t for page – yeah I like page so I said that’s bubble scripts are using yeah that’s comp that is funnel scripts I’ll take out this the third LinkedIn so it’s gonna be top LinkedIn publishing expert reveals insider secrets to get more business from LinkedIn without wasting money on ads is that cool yes yeah so I just sent that to you hey you go to pass thank you but you know hey dude I still have to do the who what why house correct let’s do this so we’re gonna adapt the who what why how script it to UM filling out the form yeah why do I can do okay checks out hey so this is this is me awesome so I’m not put a video on this page but I want them to see what the deals gonna look like it so said here’s the YouTube video I’m gonna put on the page so I take a screenshot so I use drop ler or do I use face cloud out it doesn’t matter you use whatever so it’s your boo thang yeah and then here’s a picture I just took of the thing okay so I’m going to save save image as okay okay then I come back here to funnel University now if I’m the university is a bunch of cool software programs one of them is called video image generator I launched this application this is what I use officer day okay here I click on this upload image take my case study picture I just took and I want to be go play button in the middle of the scene you play I can apply the blur to the background picture so we kind of blur because they can’t see it they’re gonna watch the video next page then that’s awesome and then I can make a smaller better and I said I like it sends Amazon it uploads it to my Amazon s3 account and there’s the link copy link come back here there’s your image now I’m gonna make this like a two-column now yeah yeah and then on this side they’ll see this cool image it’ll tell you click it it’ll be like there’s we can do is attach the submit action to its it turns that unionized recipe read if they try and click it be cool was that Shana because you got a glue they didn’t finish Douglas should add oh did you know Kannada brother it was from your last calculate button it’s broken would get yeah yeah yeah cuz the borderless thing yeah good thing it was a border don’t like that ordered a black border yeah anyway okay a little faster kids say night there’s the case study you will get if you opt in Smith a here no shriek headlines dang it I’ve also space I’m doing way too much time on it but if your periscope is probably a watch on Facebook or YouTube down that go sir see how come I can’t it’s not this narrow row I want the room bigger the new editor he can’t do that right if this section wider yeah because you’re just always like oh I couldn’t make it a full page section no Brady who that’s like big font and big words big everything three cases Travon 15 is in ansan page mark a high page boy is done JB sir sweat back he’s like three seconds no I just do simple do your skinny you do two step I just you won’t need all the shipping address and all that stuff for a tramp okay I don’t know you could it’s part of the application that you step imagine just lead everything so if I’m completely honest because that’s how I roll okay three in the week everything alright we’re back okay so I got a quick question for you I did the who what why how script and I can I actually use the lady’s name who sent in the the ticket and so my question is when we get to this page the next page and I’ve got this script you’ve got that video now are we gonna pin this script to the end of that video or or house or this is going to be written or how are we gonna do this I’m just curious I see imperfect world mission appended to the video but all right some of the coffee also underneath it okay I’m a big believer in having multiple modalities I think it’d be good to have okay so so then my question is do you want me to kind of rewrite this on the fly right here as we’re doing this or just send it to you or what you want me to do I’m gonna read this out to you and I’ll just rewrite it on the fly yes okay so I’m just gonna read this hi my name is Tracy NUS founder of Tracy a news calm I’ve got a free coaching session for you called LinkedIn business breakthrough strategy session that’s going to help you specifically with how to get more business get more visits from LinkedIn no matter what you sell and we’ll go with option one so if you’ve been struggling with wasting time or money doing the wrong thing to market on LinkedIn then you need this free coaching session because among other things it will help you with how to get 10 new clients this month so you can get more business no matter what you sell let’s go with that and again I mean I’m just winging this for her thing so just fill out the form below or you’re gonna have it below right yeah just fill out the form let me know your general address and will and I’ll send you your free coaching session application right away hey for Sonoma hundred bucks doesn’t keep on a gift for LA without a special ok here we go yeah normally the session costs normally the session costs $100 but with this coupon code which you enter below mm-hmm you enter below you can have it for $1 how I do that Jim apparently nobody saw my screams lost like ten minutes so I’m gonna think of screenshots that gives you can see how the following you software the interesting works pregnant why are you typing that so I’m gonna base wonder I’ll put an image of the thing here with the video on it come back here – I seen him do this – you see how I did it I seem so slow come on okay well I like this so here’s the pitch of the video I’m gonna spin up so I think a screenshot of it with anything like droplet or cloud app or gene in picture of it and then save the third look at the picture save it to my desktop and then I come back you’re following University I go to the app right here which is called video image application click right here and then I upload the image this will appear and then here I can pick like put a play button on it you can apply it blur to make it was blurry in the background like clean every want I can change the crop wise it fills the whole image just kind of cool you can do other stuff here moving what play button to be activate I want it here or here or here and then I like it automatically uploads at your Amazon s3 count I can grab this here I come back in here and I can put in so what we did is on this page did obscene thing over my video it’s always just like huh anyway I’ll show you guys I can’t save this page for some reason and I got like two minutes leggings to Jamie so I put image here and boom I got school image there that that’s Ozzie button on it oh so awesome anyway that’s that is okay so video and then down here and then I’m gonna have some headline it’s just something I think get your instinct keep on code no you keep uncle go inside to work for Danny what does it all work thank you guys just having it what would it I can’t read lips I’m trying to tell me something I can’t relive okay that’s awesome click phone’s spiriting technical difficulties at the moment live I sort of you know it’s happened when you do live no matter what you do live you can do it 10 times perfectly in practice and you should go live it’s gonna break yeah these things still play the editor while we’re all playing you are on the code yes that’s how it works I think so and actually so so they’re actually going to fill out the form right there on the page right we’re not going to a different page we’re not going to a different place okay you does before use code don’t explain why the coupon code works or they actually gets code I just assumed the day you run this to do now nine minutes they say so this bit of it we’re going outside funding to you so guess what I got so far so feel free to do whatever the next time mr. Mickey ponds work all right D visa run then run the show okay so promo codes work in this way you grab basically you’re creating two products your regular price product and then your coupon price product or your promo price product and then you grab the script from funnel you never see the screen so we go in here to funnel University CF pro tools add-on section and then you will find towards the top should be C F promo code so if we click on that there’s a video inside here that explains exactly how to modify the code with your product ID so your main product ID and your coupon Product ID so you jump in you basically copy all of this code right here that’s on the page first watch the video then copy all the code grab this code and then in that code you’re gonna just basically edit this product ID the top one you’re an added the promo product ID and you’ve been whatever code you want well so it could be you know free forever you know wonderful sauce $1 case-study ClickFunnels™ rocks you know whatever you want you put that code Jimmy’s head is a big unicorn yes unicorns are awesome and you that’s case sensitive boys yes yes and then you copy that code and you drop it into your do we have the page up as okay cool so um then so we’re gonna copy this code okay we need to copy this code we’re gonna go we got this one here to start order for him okay awesome then we’re going to go to settings tracking code footer code and then we’re gonna paste that in there and we know we have the last thing we need to do and these things so what do we want to code to be Jim Oscar and dislike the note said always put this in an uppercase because the code is expecting to be an uppercase it doesn’t matter how the user puts it in but you put it in up here in uppercase and we’ll put it in awesome so we got that so we’re gonna go in next and we’re gonna actually you need to create the products so let’s really go okay so we want to go in to our funnel that we’re creating sun’s out guns out we’re gonna go in we’re here it’s our butter coaching so we’re gonna go into our funnel cause we got the duty-free products all right nothing better coaching it’s locked in coaching it’s not okay we did okay this is what it is so we’re gonna go into our order form in the funnel step and create our products so we’re going to add a product and we’re just going to do this real quick basically going to create two products one is the regular price product and one is the promo price product okay here we go so we’re just going to call this you know hundred dollar coaching session awesome and what I recommend is calling them both the same you do that that way somebody actually feels like though the whole point of the promo code in this case is to make somebody feel special like they’ve got something special we’re just gonna attach this buddy like they’ve got something special yeah they did they put in a code and they saved some money off and but they can see the difference they can see this is legitimately selling for $100 and because they got a special code then they get special access that gets people to increase your conversion rate with that and then we don’t need I’m gonna just drop out the email options here five minutes 37 seconds he’s he get in there we go he’s got this easy see okay awesome so no he says oh it didn’t like my amount for some reasons okay awesome and now we’re gonna go in we’re gonna add another product and this one’s going to be our one dollar product so we could just name this you know we’ll name this one $1 coaching session we’re gonna call that special because everybody wants to know that it’s special and we’re gonna strike we’re gonna put in one dollar one time so we’re all set don’t worry about the emails right now can you do this in pesos I think you can actually we can yeah just make sure you put both products and pesos don’t mix thank you together you gotta go all pesos or no base so so then we got our products and the next thing we need to do is grab our product ID so we can do that by over our Edit link actually includes the product needs so we’re gonna copy that link address I’m not open a new browser tab and I’m just gonna paste this in and then right after click phone’s calm slash Falls slap oh that’s the wrong your copy doesn’t work like my copy copy link address there we go paste it why is it not it’s not grabbing my link let’s do the weirdness read this down the status bar Wow why is it so long this is different we get a little bit different interface than normally this is gonna go here we go it’s products this what comes after product so it’s products / 95 3 1 3 2 there we go so we need that we’re gonna go back into our code here that’s our regular price Braco in a tracking code protocol knows what products yeah exactly this is how flip funnels knows oh I copied the whole thing I don’t need the whole thing I just need this Product ID let’s see so we got copies oh boy okay so everybody who says boy they make it look so easy yes we do make it look easy this is okay so this one is 95 3 1 3 3 so 9 5 3 1 3 3 copy that in wrong it’s gonna go to some porno product somebody’s got a funnel for good ok no Stephen we would have made it if that oh you know what oh you use it to stab there’s a disc you’ll see where you we’re gonna do bread we’re doing a regular order form okay let’s run kill the two-step we’re gonna put in an email address you get different code for a two-step different codes are two steps but we already put in the regular code so we’re gonna do order select and we need we need text code we need to set the black because we can’t see it on the page and product color black so we can see it on the picture okay cool so we’re set and then we’ve got to throw in an email address these inputs and here’s our input we’re gonna drag this just above yes gonna put this in as an email field okay to email Gmail Z quit picking on your credit card form first time on on Fridays and we put it on the heat we’re gonna drag this down okay and then we’re a credit card form credit card form scroll it down okay good and now we need a button we’re not gonna make this super beautiful with that but it’s gonna work or going to what’s our what’s our call to action Jim I this crap registered okay that’s cool got that and so and I can’t stand and not have this have margin it we got to put a little margin in other words do different margin for middle science work it’s always on B hat it if he doesn’t make it either okay call this my my order form better hurry up 14 second okay what do we got what else we got big let’s let’s let’s preview shall we Jim who is your paragraph I’ve sent it to you like eight years ago Oh new copies paragraph right here that’s a preview we’re done for the people buying your coupon code awesome but wait you won’t show on this page just type out on there your code is awesome you didn’t ice what okay oh yes please okay so this is to recap free LinkedIn marketing case study sorry okay and I like the Jimmy said new earlier or exclusive something that adds to that that cap punch of that pre headline I think is awesome right the new coolest thing ever attended sometimes it’s spellcheck do we show you one more thing and then because it’s a fake video here it should I mean yes well the thing that kills us but yeah to move use yeah I okay now we got the spring conferred is that’s pretty fast okay so let’s let’s break down what just happened in the last 30 minutes no she busted out an amazing headlight here inside a shoe what sponsorship see in June what is it fall scripts is an amazing collection of both online and downloadable software Wizards that work on both PC and Mac to help you do anything you need to create sales copy for your funnel including headlines bullet email follow-up sequences and introducing some amazing new auntie em worse book some amazing new scripts straight out of Russell’s new best-selling book expert secrets with more to come in the coming couple of months yeah oh that’s amazing headline would take Jim did it in eight seconds right here is the image we got from funneling universities image uploader software which is free for all Pharma University members already go yeah and then the rest is click funnels then the Petersons opt-in which take big number two we send we got the next amazing headline which is all in red from gin and thumb scripts we got the actual case study video then we got who what why how script modified wow yeah you took like the last paragraph or something but yeah you took a part of it and then what I would do it would truth be told is play whatever your video is and then I would record the who what why how script on the end of the video as your pitch since you’re giving it to them for a buck it’s not like you need an eight-hour explanation right so that’s the purpose of the who what why how script which is straight out of Russell’s book calm secrets published a couple years ago but still just as valuable today as it was back then yeah never knew what my half script now it’s like here I would obviously stylize the crap out of this but there it is there and then refresh it here so the case study video then they hear like oh I have skippers pitches them on the thing and then it’s like oh crap it’s not about channel pan or dogs wait a minute there’s a QR code it’s all some say company I type in awesome and then the price changes so after they did after they do this they should be taken to a I think on the next page is where the actual application form would be yes yeah so give me a dolla and then you fill out the application form yeah so from a strategy standpoint thing when people are fascinated when snake charge medication I’ll show you for free and it has hard to do with like like your lead flowing like charge of application and not is like how you want control your lead flow so if you have no leads don’t charge an application like let people come apply for free you have too many at least to handle estar charging if I know it Frank Kern he’s have a call center and he would he’d had people calling for him said free applications then he started himself to put alcoholic ations they only talk people who would I get a pin thousand dollars talk to me so I thought that’s how you like gauge your weeds like slow down by increasing the application price and then go back and forth and that’s how you can like and the lead flow to pay for you you and couple salespeople whole bunch baby cells people however things like that so that’s awesome and people who want beer don’t be like me and you don’t want to talk to anybody just don’t put up the application yeah there’s that talk about an invisible funnel yes so for the discount code folks inside from a university so you’re gonna copy all that cooked first thing you’re gonna do is you’re gonna watch the video the video is gonna tell you exactly how to do it it’s super simple stuff like that that walks through and shows you exactly how to do it and then this was the CF CF promo code so you’re gonna copy that code down below and then paste that into your order form page and then you need to modify you’re gonna have two products your regular price product which is your $100 product in this case and then your promo prod is your promo price which is our 1 dollar product in this case you’re going to grab those two product IDs from your products tab you’re going to simply just paste those product IDs in the right in the code and then you’re gonna paste you’re gonna type in whatever promo code you want to use in this case we used awesome it could be whatever you want it to be and save your page that’s it as long as you’ve got a product selector element on your page it will automatically swap that out with the promo code field below it so that somebody can type in their promo code and and see those products switch on the page sweet so to get this suite of tools we use today Friday calm and since our auto-playing that’s talking not positive trait that’s sweet as in SW eet or as in the fridge sweet as in collection boats both sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet it’s right here click photos right here you get photo strips right here you can get funnel University and there you got all the magic tools and you don’t see all the backup so the gym it is amazing helmets a lot of them there’s some good ones and that’s amazing good absolute ed I guess I don’t mean to pick locks this one to you oh yeah for G’s waiting you or the crazy one photography and Friday night at the Edwards house does get exciting let me tell you a sexual sense I got a trailer to last kind was 31 well what a lost episode fun as always and I kinda think I had chance to do so yet so thank you yeah thank you it was fun people been asking I know everyone’s mad at me today when you do fun Fridays your fries aren’t the same without the weather you have time to breathe man cuz like you have like you have like eight masterminds next week and then you’re flying to Timbuktu and then you’re giving this event in that event and then you’re I know it’s kind of like there’s my calendar it’s completely because wait what was it like 11 events in one month or something yeah the next like 40 days like 11 they attend oh I need to retire but I’m so much fun when I’ll be there in four weeks and we’re gonna be filming a whole bunch of stuff for final scripts out there James governor Boise we can do real special fun on Friday than not a Friday on Tuesday will be funnelled Friday Tuesday episode final tips Tuesday go register the domain quick before somebody else gets it and we could only use tips funnels Tuesday you know yeah cool and and i-22 pole contest with you see if I can beat yes I mean my main goal oh how many up to back when I was in shape or now yeah all that matters is now honey how many L make you do right now 20 in a row without stopping yeah I think I gave you there by then cool you feel fun fresh from my wrestling room in actually let me tell you what’s not gonna happen we’re not going to do let’s wrestle Jim I’m old and little bones this is why I’m into guns I am NOT gonna have somebody wrestling me I’m not gonna do you know I’m not gonna show you my ground game or any of that stuff I don’t do that so just letting you know he’s back and he just okay yeah just just forewarned is forearmed that’s how old people get hurt when they start to wrassling anyway will be awesome so well thanks man for being on your bigs through the show get it was awesome you just had a great time thank you and we’ll get back summers up close to over all the back to normal publishing schedule once again here in the near future profits awesome well this was fun and I hope you guys enjoyed it awesome make sure Mickey Jamie’s a Steven Jamie great job all right guys

Russell’s Real Reason Why – Funnel Fridays – Episode 30

Russell’s Real Reason Why – Funnel Fridays – Episode 30

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This is an invisible funnel where you take the class and only pay if you get results.

Jim takes a look at the copy in the funnel and see’s how things can be improved using Funnel Scripts to do it.

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SPECIAL-World’s Fastest Reader (Howard Berg!) – Funnel Friday’s – Episode #28

SPECIAL-World’s Fastest Reader (Howard Berg!) – Funnel Friday’s – Episode #28

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