Russell Brunson Net Worth

Russell Brunson Net Worth

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Russell Brunson Net Worth

Russell Brunson Net Worth

Russell Brunson is a famous internet marketer who founded ClickFunnels™ with his partner Todd Dickerson.His net worth is reported as over 37 million dollars. ClickFunnels™ began over the last 10 years and since then has gained over 70,000 active users and has sold well and excess of 100 million dollars.

Russell Brunson has been instrumental in bringing internet marketing to the masses. When ClickFunnels™ began there was only about 30000 people worldwide that were doing internet marketing. Through the popularity of Russell Brunson’s books, videos, webinars, courses and live events, Russell has grown the number of people dedicated to internet marketing single handedly. He has contributed a lot of money and efforts towards charitable organisations such as operation underground Railroad.

Brief History – Russell Brunson Net Worth

Russell Brunson was born in Utah and as a child he became fascinated with sales and marketing and he spent a lot of time analyzing junk mail, radio commercials and sales techniques of direct sales experts. Russell was as successful wrestler and he achieved very high levels in the sport. He attended Boise State University where he met his wife and they have five children together.

Overall Picture Russell Brunson Net Worth

Russell Brunson net worth is reported as 37 million dollars. His company ClickFunnels™ is a software-as-a-service company and has an estimated value upwards of $500,000,000. Brunson is followed by millions of entrepreneurs around the world and he has sold over 200,000 copies of his marketing books. He has been featured in national TV shows and has collaborated with some of the most successful business people in the world.

Start Of His Career – Russell Brunson Net Worth

Early in his career Russell created a product to sell potato guns. After realizing that his cost per click was going up for his advertising, he started adding upsell pages to his offer to boost the average order value and the concept of ClickFunnels™ was born. Within a year of leaving university, he had made his first million dollars selling products.

Dotcom Secrets – Russell Brunson Net Worth

Aside from Russell Brunson’s work on ClickFunnels, he has written books including “DotCom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online“. In this book, Russell shares the secrets that he’s learned about driving online sales from helping 10000s of entrepreneurs sell millions of dollars of products, and services. It is NOT just another “how to” book on Internet Marketing. It is NOT about getting more traffic to your website – yet these secrets will help you to get exponentially MORE traffic than you’ve ever experienced before. It is NOT about increasing your conversion – yet these secrets will increase your conversion MORE than any headline tweak or split test ever could. In Russell Brunson’s experience, after working with hundreds of thousands of businesses he realized that low traffic or conversions are symptoms of a much greater problem that’s a little harder to see (that’s the bad news), but a lot easier to fix (that’s the good news). Inside this book will find the actual playbook we created after running thou- sands of tests and perfecting what works online. You now have access to all of the processes, funnels and scripts that we used to scale companies online. DotComSecrets will give you the marketing funnels and the sales scripts you need to be able to turn on a flood of new leads into your business. DotComSecrets was created to help entrepreneurs around the world to start, promote and grow their companies online.

Expert Secrets – Russell Brunson Net Worth

Russell also wrote “Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Creating a Mass Movement of People Who Will Pay for Your Advice“. In this book, Russell shares how he’s sold close to $400 million by building a mass movement of entrepreneurs who paid to hear his message. It doesn’t matter what message, product, or service you are selling online, if you don’t build a mass movement of people who will pay to hear your mes- sage, it’s unlikely you will achieve success. Find your voice and give you the confidence to become a leader… Build a mass movement of people whose lives you can affect… Make this calling a career, where people will pay you for your advice… Your message has the ability to change someone’s life. The impact that the right message can have on someone at the right time in their life is immeasurable. It could help to save marriages, repair families, change someone’s health, grow a company or more… But only if you know how to get it into the hands of the people whose lives you have been called to change. Expert Secrets will put your message into the hands of people who need it. Expert Secrets was created to help entrepreneurs around the world to start, promote and grow their companies online.

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Sticky Cookies For ClickFunnels™

Right now focus look you know these sticky cookies they stick with yet these people stick with you and when we sell something or you sell something else something click post you get Commission for that it’s one of the things we liked the most about click falls in the affiliate program is what you promote one thing you get cookie so whatever that next as long as that person buy something else you get another Commission so once my house is talked about Julie Brian great Greg yes tons people tell us of our affiliates make money when we click funnels with home headquarters here to promote something so that’s why we want to make sure we have a special announcement coming down about two weeks of a new promotion but we thought the best way to guys excited about that for every single one of these books that you ain’t get for money so anytime you promote expert secrets between Friday Saturday and Sunday April 27th through the 29th you’re gonna get 20 bucks now a couple things to that rules number one you cannot buy a top of yourself and get paid 20 bucks so you can’t use your own affiliate late to do that number two you cannot buy a whole bunch of copies to give away to somebody else we’re not gonna pay you 20 bucks to basically warehouse these books so just keep them your affiliate Lee when they buy from your affiliate link you get 20 bucks so that’s $20 for every single book into giveaway that’s the whole idea behind this and it’s only lasting April 27 to 28 – 29 prior to Sunday this coming weekend

Affiliate for Expert Secrets

So a couple things over make sure you guys understand is how funnels actually work and why’d you talk so much about the importance of funds but before I do that I want to make sure as an affiliate or anyone else who’s looking at it did you understand some of the cool things that are inside of experts secrets yep if you take a look here at the basically the title here at all table of contents some of the main things you’re gonna find is creating a massive movement the three markets promote the new opportunity get epiphany bridge the epiphany bridge script well show you something over here I’ll take down the side as moms get ready for the laptop create a mass movement so what Russell did is he went through a study I got let’s take to really create a mass movement whether it was a political campaign whether it was a religious campaign what what it was he went from study gluing thousands of thousands of years okay there are three different things that are necessary for creating a mass movement the first thing is a charismatic leader attractive character yeah religious standpoint think of the Savior Jesus Christ a massive opportunity there if you take them with bit as far as the cost what is your culture we talk a lot about that inside of clip-ons you have to have a cause about that understand that cause is most importantly is the new opportunity and this year is the vehicle of change I cannot express you guys understand anything the things we just like that you need to make sure you get a copy of experts secrets more importantly the reason we’re doing this today on Wednesday is to give you a couple of days to kind of reread experts secrets

Health Wealth Relationships

Come up with some of the things you want to talk to you the people here to be promoting this to one of the big things we see right now is there were really only three different markets that person can spend any time promoting it they’re gonna see health wealth wealth and relationships but from those three markets everything else spawns off of them and so what you can find is each of three primary markets but again here well that might be finance might be investing migrant real estate sales right now might be crypto there’s a ton of different things and then from there what are the sub niches of that so realize no matter what marketplace you’re in and more in particular as far as who your crafting emails or Facebook posts or Instagram posts when you’re promoting this realizes that these the three markets and people are active explain that to them the other thing is the importance of the new opportunity I don’t know my enough time to go through the details of this highly recommended you guys read this enzyme expert secrets take the next couple days read about the new opportunity and realize there’s two different things when we talk about opportunities what is the opportunity switching the others opportunity stack when you’re working with anybody as far as you only haven’t got to and one opportunity switch and again Russell is an amazing job in the book described exactly what that is why that’s overworked but what Zakia’s critical that we you’ll see here two quick ones we talked about expert secrets all of a sudden the other city companies are making other types of products that are all opportunity stacking some of my favorite things though is the effective rate I won’t have time to go through this

Page 115 of expert secrets

Page 115 of expert secrets is absolute 50 bridge script this year if you’re ever doing a testimonial if you’re ever doing anything at all as far as trying to find a way of connecting with people there’s nothing better than the 8 different principles to the affinity bridge script it’s on page 115 of experts secrets so go check that out but while you’re doing that before you do that actually we’re gonna go through and explain to you what does the ask what’s actually in the expert secrets book on so frequently it’s a $7.95 domestic 1995 international and it’s free so you’re gonna get paid 20 bucks for Lily telling people to go get me free book all they have to do is pay for the shipping so let that said they’re gonna land on this page here find your message that’s 5 and change the world that’s the sub headline to expert secrets soon as they entering their information here they’ve been ready to go ahead and enter the crack guard so that’s actually getting users the problem but you’re gonna get the word bomb for the black box that’s gonna be one of the first in DC so the order bug where the black box you’re gonna begin decals tickets to webinars all these duties within the black box that’s the first word bucket then you have the other word above which is the story forward secrets and that’s through kind of this perfect go to the next page in the funnel if we can get that then the next one is the audio version of experts secret so you don’t like to read or anything like that you can listen to it on tape you can listen to it over and over if you’re driving the car you’re not just gonna get a cut word the audio of expert secrets you’re going to get six free courses six other free courses

Hot to one hundred people who paid a hundred thousand dollars

I mean I don’t know if you fine tell me that’s not valued right you guys understand this you always hear us talking about funnel hacking this is the funnel we just rebuilt so we rebuild this and launch in about two weeks ago in commemoration of the one-year anniversary expert secrets one of the things we’ve learned recently and what Russell does a ton of time it’s cuz sometimes I’m talking about it’s the importance of a good hook so you’ll hear is talking about hook stories and offers the hook here is to understand why work basically charging forty seven dollars but it’s actually free and what you’re gonna see is in every single one of our jaws it’s me when they pay when they get all these dumb things for free so take for example one of the main things when we talk about hooks is so here are all the other six courses here to get for free hook here one of the main things are going to get is Russell joined a hunter care group where he little pain a hundred thousand dollars to join and while he was there they asked him to present some different things that would be important and valuable to the other people made a hundred thousand dollars and so what happened was there is actually a secret recorded guy in the back recorded it but he wasn’t supposed to Russell got access to it has the rights for it and he’s literally is giving that away free in other words be playing a hundred thousand dollars to get this book and so you get a copy the bootleg copy of the video of what Russell’s hot to one hundred people who paid a hundred thousand dollars.

1.2 million dollar room

There’s 12 people in there’s about 1.2 million dollar room where basically you get that access all for free when you get the when you get the recording are the audio book the next thing that is another thing everything was how he used growth hacking in sales funnels to go from zero to hundred two hundred million and three year without taking on any outside capital again this was a presentation that was given to a group where people paid a thousand dollars taxes be in the room even here that that in itself is about three hundred thousand dollar video because there was over threat of people sitting in the room each paying a thousand dollars to be in that room you’re getting all this stuff for free when you get a copy of the audio book in addition to that he goes through how to create a mass movement people who will pay you for your advice there’s two five other videos that he goes through where people live and paid for content to have here Russell speak on this the whole idea here is the hook and one of the things I’m really recommend you guys study is hook stories and offers especially just going out thinking about your own affiliate promotion what’s your hook what was so important the hook here a hundred thousand hundred thousand dollars cash that was paid over one point two million dollars in the room to your people your what Russell’s going to talk about all that was free so from that we didn’t go to the next OTO which is the expert evolution system I think that’s actually here on the next page so as Dave mentioned you’re gonna get all that banging.

40% Commission coming to you

Dave mentioned any value there’s the same the class when people paid a hundred thousand dollars but then it gets even better so you’re gonna go to the experts evolution system where you’re going to get experts in evolution just one point away in the 24 hour expert have a lot of fun in the jump manual story and that’s actually the rats before even going to listen to that so listen to the video I have enough time to kind of go through all the way up in funnel hack this first of all go get your own copy of expert secrets so go to expert secrets comm page seven dollars 95 cents get the copy so you have it most important to go through the whole funnel pay attention to what’s taking place understand the hooks the story’s the offers and then one of these we just added which is a revenue thing is we now have a thank you webinar so it’s on the thank you page but we’re actually taking people into the funnel builder secrets where they now have access to purchase this new product it’s a brand new product we just released and it’s super super Tahlia most of all you get paid forty percent commission on the same what’s that it’s 1919 it’s 1997 is the price so you’re gonna get seven or ninety-eight dollars with 80 cents 40% Commission coming to you again in addition to basically being paid 20 bucks for giving the book away for free so this funnel basically has over 800 bucks in value to you it’s pending exactly what people into buying silver again

Browse the affiliate Avengers Facebook page

You can’t use your own feeling to buy the book but go-to expert secrets calm and get a copy for yourself you can’t have you can’t be warehousing these things but use your own affiliate link and send it out you can send out for your Facebook post you can send it up through YouTube you can send out that email you can send through Instagram I highly recommend guys go get a copy in the next couple days and do it Facebook live my son Christian for 15 years old 60 year old basically went through a couple of days at each day this homework is to go ahead and read and then he’ll Facebook fine without what you learned do the same thing and it put your affiliate link at the bottom of your face Facebook live and will send you 20 bucks for everybody goes and gets a free copy of the book so happy birthday an expert secrets one-year anniversary over a hundred twenty-five thousand copies sold but the gifts are actually being given to you 20 bucks for every single book that you give away Friday Saturday and Sunday April 27th through the 29th can’t wait to see how many books we give away and most importantly how many $20 bills we start sending to all of our affiliates and everyone else anything else no that’s it guys remember promote sticky cookies there’s so many stories browse the affiliate Avengers Facebook page look at those stories and find motivation of that go get your copy share the clutter sticky cookies work you want to make sure you get there see you guys see ya

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Swipe the Affiliate Secrets of our #1 Earning Affiliate – 3 days only!

Funnel Hacker Radio 174 With Phil Singleton – SEO Benefits of Being a Podcast Guest

ClickFunnels™ Podcast Guest – SEO Benefits of Being a Podcast Guest

ClickFunnels™ Podcast Guest

ClickFunnels™ Podcast Guest: Why Dave Chose to Interview Phil Singleton: Phil Singleton has owned and operated a digital marketing agency since 2005. Now he has more business than he knows what to do with. He reveals why in this episode. He is an award-winning author but nothing has given him as much credibility as being a ClickFunnels™ Podcast Guest. He explains the SEO benefits of Podcast guesting, the things you need to do, the things you should not do and what you can do to get on more podcasts and get referred by the host to other podcasts. ClickFunnels™ Podcast Guest.

ClickFunnels™ Podcast Guest

ClickFunnels™ Podcast Guest: Welcome to funnel hacker Radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results. Here’s your host Dave Woodward. Welcome back to Total hacker radio. I’m your host Dave would work today you guys are in for a special treat because you have the opportunity of diving into a topic that we’ve we’ve kind of kind of hidden hot around town as far as quick bottles goes and that’s SEO, but I wanted to bring on an expert in the SEO space again Phil Singleton, welcome to the show. ClickFunnels™ Podcast Guest

Hey and so got to be an iced latte. So fellas a web designers SEO expert it’s been award-winning author, but really for the last decade or so, he’s been building his own operatives on digital marketing agency out of Kansas City, but last year, he wrote a book co-authored with John jantsch.

Basically, if you’re familiar Johnny said whole idea behind the duct tape marketing world is built a huge business and that area establish himself. An expert in that and you were able to actually co-author a book titled SEO for growth The Ultimate Guide for marketers web designers entrepreneurs.

So I want to explore this whole topic as far as SEO. Obviously, you’ve got the ton of credibility were able to pull something off of John which is a pretty fantastic excited for that. But if you don’t mind still what I’d really like to dive into is this whole concept of SEO for podcasting is that right for just jump right into that.

Yeah, because really changed my business this year. I mean, I’ve been doing this we’re talking time in the green room before the show how excited I’ve been about about podcasting in the benefits this going to bring into my business is really kind of changed the way we’re even delivering our services and products to our digital marketing customers.

ClickFunnels™ Podcast Guest

And when I think of the benefits of SEO for podcasting, I’m really in some sense thinking about guesting to some degree now, there are definitely some benefits to having your own podcast and hosting it and once you kind of hear me talk through this a little bit you’ll realize I’m kicking myself for starting my own podcast now and not not 40 or 50. I’ve been on about 40 or 50 shows right now and I’m gonna oxime jump into that right now.

I’ve been on 40 or 50 shows. I’ve been able to access and this is again through a guesting programmer. I’m the guest on somebody else’s podcast and we do that through Outreach and then we step back and do this. We’ve got a strategy behind it. But if you think of the 40 plus is probably closer to 50 shows that I’ve been on this year. I’ve been able to access other people’s audiences. They trust you they listen to you but they’re also podcast consumers.

So if I would have had my own podcast like I do now at the end of the show, I’m able to drive people to that to that podcast. I could probably have my own base of a thousands of listeners just by leveraging the people that had survived had a huge missed opportunity of not having my own podcast early on but what’s drawn me into podcasting for us, you know, we reason I start on the first place was I really was trying to find a way to see if that I could get an organically earned backlink on a high Authority.

Okay. So what I looked at is it when you look at the way these podcasts are done now most established podcast have show notes on their shows. Right?

And the show notes are almost a lot of times they include the full transcript so they can be long-form blog post which tend to rank higher in search engines as it is but a lot of cases they’re also about you the guest which is phenomenal right? Because if you think about one of the ways that that a lot of SEO companies today try and get try and build up their off page or work on off page SEO. A lot of it has to do with or a main tactic right now. Anyway is backlink building by way of contribution or guest blog posts, right?

ClickFunnels™ Podcast Guest

It’s a very difficult process. It’s become very spammy. It’s very scrutinized. You have to spend a lot of time developing really good content. Now a thousand words two thousand words and then pitching out to other two websites to try and get these posts like post it up very difficult process.

And there’s not a whole lot of benefit a lot of times within those posts because a lot of times your gain for doing it is to try and earn one single backlink buried in the content and maybe you get an author bio at the end. Maybe not if you’re writing on behalf of somebody else but it’s a very difficult process to go through all this but if you think about the process of trying to get pitched on somebody else’s establish show all of a sudden the entire interviews like about you right A lot of times its title is in it a lot of times your name your URLs in it right very easy to get earned backlinks with in the show notes because you’re actually going to bring kind of your best advice and so in that case what ends up happening early on in the year is I said, you know, I’m going to try this because what really what really woke me up to podcasting after three years of you know, John chance is my co-author and he he started podcasting in 2005.

So this is a guy that’s been into it for a long time now in his own words. He’s like, well, it was really big when I first came out 2005 and social media came. Out kind of died down the last three or four years has become really popular again, but he still been talking about it a lot and the last two or three years. Obviously, it’s just kind of it’s on fire.

But at this year at one of the duct tape marketing Summits, he spoke about and really said he thought one of the main reasons it’s helped him launched his duct tape marketing Empire, which is a brand its books.

It’s sort of as its courses. It’s all sorts. There’s a hundred twenty of us that are in his duct tape certified Network that I’m a part of but he attributes the a lot of the success of the brand to podcasting the access Notch stuff and when he spoke about this at the last Summit here last year. I was like, wow that really hit me between the eyes now, they’re gonna start looking into this and I did I start looking at you know, what I think starting my own podcast seems like too much work. Is there another way for me to benefit and get exposure on podcast without having to put that much work into it because that’s a big part of what my business is responding a little bit of time trying to get many many wins out of it. And then I looked into this aspect or this this tactic of Guested on other people’s podcast and I did it once or twice and the first time it went it published on somebody else’s site.

ClickFunnels™ Podcast Guest

I was just absolutely stunned by the number of benefits that I got from it. Okay. I spent very little time.I didn’t have to really prepare all that much. I think it on somebody’s show obviously going to listen to it. If you have not if you’re already a listener, you’re going to listen to it and spend a little bit of time preparing and then all of a sudden after like 40 minutes of conversation on this show.

ClickFunnels™ Podcast Guest

I got to get access to this person’s audience. They wrote up a long-form blog post. I got multiple organic backlinks back to my website, they drove traffic to it. They put me in their email. They both of my social media, right and all of a sudden. I’ve got all these things at once and I was like, holy cow. I’ve been doing this for 12 years and they’re basically I’m on for free and if I went into somebody and said, will you please do these six or seven things for me? They would probably want to charge you thousands of dollars. That kind of exposure but here when you’re pitched as a guest expert and you’ve got a good enough angle to get on somebody you get all these tons and tons of benefits some for very little effort.

So once I saw that I was like, okay totally changed my business plan truly change the way I’m going to start doing in marketing myself and they started getting on this routine of getting strategic about. Okay. I’m going to I’m going to actually hire somebody to start booking shows for me. I’m going to get a show notes up. I’m gonna make sure we got multiple angles on it. I’m going to make sure that I refine my pitch and I’ve got the certain things I can get on there and make sure that I’m bringing value to the audience that I’m I’m guessing on each time and I’ve been able to get a phenomenal amount of traffic and organic SEO on it and I taken it many steps further is one of the things I’ve actually done is At the end of every show we’ve been asking people to review me as a guest on their show.

So one of the benefits that I’ve got for my own business is I’ve picked up over 40 new Google reviews fascinating.

So just that if you break out each one of these things alone the backlink that you get the social media exposure that you get the traffic that you get may be from an email the fact that you’re able to each one of these is worth the time and effort of the 20 the 20 or 40 minutes you’re spending into it, but I’ve gotten like multiple wins out of doing this and this is I think one of the most I said, I’ve been doing this for 12 years. I’ve never seen any content marketing or any SEO tacit this delivered this much value and benefit for this kind of effort that we put into it.


ClickFunnels™ Podcast Guest

ClickFunnels™ Podcast Guest

So, I’ve got a tactic that I’m going to share with you a little bit later in the show about how we go actually from starting with a blogging content calendar rolling that into a An e-book turning that into a Kindle then using that Kindle as a way to launch yourself into a guest in campaign, but it’s a phenomenal way for somebody to go from zero and all of a sudden start leveraging other people’s audiences to start drawing and traffic and really ultimately think for me is to try and you know build up that SEO Equity because that really works also in you start ranking for all sorts of things.

If you if you’ve got a strategy behind each one of these shows that you get get to be on my audience is very familiar with open Loops. So you just opened up this Loop here and they’re all going crazy. I’m sure go wait a second. I don’t want to wait till the end to have him dive into that. So let’s just dive into that that content marketing tactic right now. So what exactly how did they do that?

That’s fascinated far as the whole idea as far as a blog post or Kendall to a podcast opportunity. What’s the strategy behind that? So it’s essentially a four step process that they’re doing. Again. This is one of these things I just kind of stumbled on this year and I was like, this has become so powerful for my own business and is opened up so many things we were talking before the show. I’ve got so much. Coming in right now that we don’t have enough to kind of process.

Even our own, you know, website and digital marketing leads right now. So it’s but so that’s a good problem to have though. It’s a good problem to have you know, it’s, you know, careful what you wish for type of it because in my side, I’m the biggest pain point I have or the my biggest failure as a business is a I’ve grown over the years quite a bit, but I still run it like a solopreneur and my whole mission next year is to like really treat like my back office like it’s unreal agency now and stop trying to run this thing.

ClickFunnels™ Podcast Guest

Like I was in 2005 because I miss him leaving a lot of money on the table, but let’s get back to that dump the tactic. So what we’re doing for my own business and for our clients right now is everything to me comes back to your website, obviously and setting that up as a marketing platform for all your content and the referral source for everything. So your audience already gets this and everybody’s probably doing this already but one of the things that’s really important I think to any digital marketing strategy right now is to is to be consistently blogging right? So when we block we want to make sure that we blog with a purpose And not just do these one-off blog posts whenever we work with new clients.

What we’re trying to do is build a almost like a calendar or what I would call blog Series. So we’re doing 10 and 15 blog posts at once and we’re structuring in a way that’s a table of content so that each chapter. So to speak is an individual post and goes out as a standalone blog post, but at the end of 10 or 15 weeks we stitch these together and we got a nice ebook.

That’s a call-to-action carrot for our funnel or for our website or email. It’s right. Then what we do is we try and spin that up into a Kindle pretty easy because you’ve already got the e-book format or to go. It’s a little bit different and then we put our clients up on Amazon really super shiny for them because all of a sudden we’re help building their personal branding and Authority, right and they love it because they’re up there. You also get a very you get an author page up on Amazon were able to feed up your multiple blog feeds on it. So you get awesome awesome super high Authority links by hacking your way into Amazon onto an author page and getting your blog. Post basically fed up through a feed upon your author page.

That’s a great hack right there. Just that in a by itself is a great way to do this, but building Authority building personal branding for us. It’s great. But it’s also again for our clients a super shiny thing that makes me really happy because now you’re part of their journey into building their Authority in this kind of stuff then what we do is is we take this the neck and we’re already doing this before I figured out how great podcast and the guesting was we were already kind of going down this path because our whole thing these days is trying to build people’s Authority and separate them and try to make their websites then the expert in their Niche. So this becomes kind of stuff things that I’m your audience is already very familiar with but then it’s taking these Kindle and ebooks.

ClickFunnels™ Podcast Guest

These ebooks are named in the Kindles and then creating a guesting campaign based on the book because again, we talked earlier about trying to get on these shows and the benefits you get by being able to leverage other people’s audiences getting these backlinks and for me really one of the my favorite things about getting my clients book as guess on other people’s pain, Guess is they’re kind of doing the homework for me when there are when they’re my client, right?

Because we basically set up the campaign. We hook them up. We do a nice like one sheet and set them out. Then they’re doing guesting, you know, once a week on their own and now here they are basically building their own authority.

They’re doing the some other good chunk of the work and they’re earning their own backlinks in this kind of stuff back in so that’s essentially kind of how our process works. But it really it’s funny because it all comes back to just strategic blogging and you when you’re gonna do like a Blog series you want to make sure that again you’re trying to get multiple wins off of it. So the end goal might be an e-book and then a guest in campaign, but we also want to stay and make sure that you know, you’re you’re blogging about things that are trending and topical and that you’re baking your keywords in there so that when all the stuff comes back to you you have a chance to rank for those words you’re trying to rank on and that’s I think we’re a holistic almost kind of an SEO type of a mindset comes into play because a lot of people when they do any type of digital marketing these days is so much is so one-dimensional I think even People do just launched podcast.

Everything’s kind of about just that one thing. But if you take something as simple as a blog post and try and tie it together into all these things you can get like 10 x instead of 1 x out of it and that’s why I’m so excited this year and why we’ve kind of lost our own cop podcast booking platform is because it all kind of comes back again to the website and content marketing you do this. You can really get huge gains for not a whole lot of time.

Funnels SEO Benefits

I love it. Well, I again part of that becomes just blah blah blah blah blah to me because I hate the writing of blog posts. I appreciate so much people like you can say, okay, we’re going to take this whole thing over and went to chug this down to 10 to 15 different blog posts. And again, I’m I love people like you feel who could do that kind of stuff. I guess. I worked so much on the fly at times where I’ve just I want to go at this topic and then this topic and this topic and that’s why it’s easier for me as a I enjoy hosted a podcast because I love bringing people on like you have this kind of skill set to be able to explain to our users and our listeners how they can take Kind of skill sets and actually I think the main thing and to topic you’re gonna see a lot from us click funnels and that’s this whole concept of multi-dimensional this whole MD multi dimensional aspect is so critical in today’s world.

I realized this specifically last April when we rolled out Russell’s expert Secrets book and we do this whole product launched everything else for us fill this fascinating that a lot of our, you know, quote unquote dream 100 clients were very email-based and I was looking for influencers in Facebook because we’re doing primarily a huge Facebook book launch a virtual Facebook book launch and it was fascinated that a lot of people who we’ve known for years were not very multi-dimensional. They didn’t have a following on Facebook. They didn’t have a fallen Instagram or YouTube, but they were all in one area and I think that’s the one thing if I look back at 2017 that I’ve learned the most is this whole key idea that you just mentioned that’s idea of being multi-dimensional.

You’ve got to be out in multiple areas. I love the idea as far as writing blog posts taking those plot but blog post and put them into a pot. Asking or to a book that you can then get booked on so you can then talk about that as the podcast as you mentioned earlier this year is going to be one of our first that we’re actually doing as a video. So we’re going to take this content as a video put it on YouTube in our funnel hacker dot TV channel.

ClickFunnels™ Podcast Guest

The audio will be stripped. You’ll be put onto iTunes and Stitcher and all those other things within will have a transcript of this that’ll be used for the ClickFunnels™ blog and so we’ll have the transcript on there. And so we’re trying to do a lot of that same type things far as multi-dimensional stuff that you were referring to we also then are looking at again.

You’re one of the very first we’re trying this with so I hope I do it right looks like it the idea here is we’re thinking that basically as you take a look at a lot of the different platforms, whether it’s Instagram Facebook YouTube Twitter, all of them have their own unique formats for different pictures and sizing and so we’re creating different images for each of those formats.

Where in the past I just did one image for a podcast cover. Now, we’re getting up doing four Images based on those platforms. So again, it’s the whole idea here is you’ve got to reach people wherever they At and cast his huge net and then bring them in to you based on whatever dementia they might be in and they continue to communicate with them on a regular basis. So I really appreciate your your idea as far as reaching out multi-dimensional if these people I love it. I mean, that’s a great. I mean that’s just kind of a theme I think people are working on definitely work on next year. But if you think about the blog approach, I mean you could great one blog post and if you don’t have this multi-dimensional approach, you can’t Stitch 10 random blog posts together unless you’ve had that strategy in that mindset, right you’re in the mindset now because you know that you want to try and extract as much value and provided many cans.

And so you’re you’re thinking about it more than you guys are doing this already, but you can really take this down and get because for me it’s all about how many times can you do it one time and really because people talk about like repurposing content. That’s great, but you can’t repurpose it for the sake of repurposing it you got to repurpose it for the sake of generating return on investment that takes a little bit of thought and strategy just to be thinking about all the time so that you’re getting multiple value out of this while I’m out of that piece of it. I love that you guys are focused on it and doing it and I’m Living proof that it works because again, our whole thing is yeah.

ClickFunnels™ Podcast Guest

I really think it’s like if I just bring this back to a good website and a good blogging strategy. I’ve just created a digital marketing which we have a digital marketing service that doesn’t take a whole lot of work but a drinks tremendous value to the client higher ticket stuff, which we don’t have to spend a lot of time on but brings enough value for us to charge a premium on and also it’s very shiny to where people are like, wow these guys look at all the stuff they’re doing for us what we are because we’re being smart about it.

Right and who cares if it doesn’t cost us that much money we can charge a lot. So be it that’s what business is all about. Right and that’s kind of how it that’s kind of how we’re set up. So a couple things that you’ve been mixing here at kind of come to mind. What is for those you guys are listening. If you’re if you have a digital marketing agency what fills just described is something I would highly recommend that you add to your business and that is creating a podcasting type of guests.

Basically the whole thing as far as take it from the blog but teach your clients how to do that you become so much. More valuable to your clients because now you’re basically helping them get out there and I think the other thing Phil I’ve as you were talking I was down with a jld and Pat Flynn and Amy Porterfield down at podcasters Paradise Paul Colligan and gotta sneak back in August or so and as fascinating as first time, I’ve actually ever attended a podcasting seminar or event and I’m so used to thinking podcasts as business business business and my mind was totally blown. I mean they had like an Emmy Award for all the different types of podcasts. It went on for hours and hours and hours one night, but it was interesting for me to see that no matter what your industry or Niche has their most likely is a podcast out there about it.

And so I don’t think I don’t know exactly what your clients are in as far as digital marketing space, but I’m thinking of a lot of our funnel hackers and a lot of them are out there that they might be in the pet grooming. Well, there’s podcast about pet grooming. I had jolt common recently and we did a separate podcast All About bit. And he’s holding.

Funnels SEO Benefits

Yeah, right. And so I mean, yeah, it’s just kind of crazy to think no matter what your Niche is. You’ll find that one of the best ways of really establish yourself as an expert is to become a guest on someone else’s podcast and I love again the SEO tactics that you’re using as far as the benefits of podcasting as a guest and I hadn’t really thought that much about it. I’m looking at it more from a hosting standpoint as far as just doing the opposite and that is what types of assets.

Can I give to someone like you to publish on your page about your interview? And so if there’s such a win-win here, I’m just fascinated to see how you as a guest are using SEO because I hadn’t thought that much about it as a hook. I’ll give you another one. I you guys already do this touch. You know, I’m up on your podcast. I see the you actually you do Supply the transcripts some don’t because of the cost that’s involved and where I see that for myself has been a huge opportunity because I ask the guests that I’ve been the host that I’ve been on I said look, If you’re not going to transcribe the show notes, we let me do it. I will transcribe them and I’ll put them on my side as a long form post and I’ll give you a link Back From My Sight.

Wow, that great idea. Oh my gives me a free blog post. It gives them a backlink back. It gives a chance to kind of re promote. The thing couple weeks later sound do it beforehand. I do it after it’s been out and it ranks if you go if you actually do a search for the SEO benefits of podcasting, I think my my repurpose transcript from somebody else’s show ranks, like number one or two now and I’ve even right it’s be talk and it’s awesome. It generates a lot of traffic people. It’s a hotter topic and we’ve been doing this. All right now go to a 20 or 30 minute, you know interviews 30 bucks and it’s these are like 5,000 and 8,000 word, you know transcript.

It’s long form post and II, you know, you’ll go see if you look at my Casey web designer not calm you’ll see that I’ve treated more like a website actually put some quotes in it. I did the the h two titles in it, so I didn’t just slap it up there like a transcript.

ClickFunnels™ Podcast Guest

I want Google to treat it like a Blog I’ve actually added schema markup which is you know, this way you can go in there and I get so it’s actually a real blog post and in Google’s eyes and it ranks man they do and this is a kind of stuff again where minutes and somebody else did the worked, you know transcribes it I got a great blog post on it so you can see why I’m so excited about like guesting it’s like I found this like thing that’s so easy to do and gives you so many things because if you go out and hire a backlink builder, they’ll go do it by domain Authority by Moz is a third-party metric to see the strength of a website. I think your guys your websites like up over 70 so very valuable backlink, and if you look at how people sell these Outreach Services just they price it on backlinks, you know, you go to like a domain 70 website.

They want five hundred eight hundred dollars just to be able to place your learn, you know, earn a link back in it meanwhile to get placed as a guest on somebody show you get much more than just that one single backlink for a lot lower cost me a lot of these podcasts book. Services I guess like we do we do one for 600 650 a month for shows.

It’s like a hundred and fifty again, you know to get booked on some of these things. So it takes a lot of Outreach to do it and this kind of thing and you can’t get on the top caliber shows. But but if you work on all these types of things you can get the backlinks get the exposure, you know, maybe get a free blog post out of the not doing it all these things for a hundred or two hundred dollars versus just that one dimensional backlink that you might have to pay five or six times for it. So for me, I’m just like this is the coolest thing that’s ever happened to me for the last 12 years. I’m just like totally in on it and it’s not going anywhere. There’s just like thousands and thousands of podcasts and the majority of them aren’t like yours.

You have no problem getting guests. The majority of them are going to be the ones that are starting out there establish 40 or 50. A lot of these guys are looking for guests. They’re looking for angles that if you’re going to try and do this weekly, which I think is gonna get the most value for you as a host. And as a Content marketer, you need to consistently be doing this.

ClickFunnels™ Podcast Guest

It takes a little time and effort to get guess so they’re out there. I mean these mid-tier shows. They’re like you spent a niche Niche focus in certain areas. They’ve got if they’re really into it. They’ve got to be looking for guests. So there’s there’s a supply and demand thing right now and there’s there’s just not a lot of people going out there and actively trying to get themselves pitched on show so it’s wide open. I love it. It’s been itching. I’m actually starting to see a lot of people using their credibility the shows they were on as it as seen in so instead of as seen on CNBC, it’s SE non final hacker radio sto fire as seen on, you know, it’s just fascinating to me see how different people are utilizing the credibility that exists through a podcast.

Will you bring up a good point because we do the same thing in our process. I went every time that I’m on the show. I’m able to kind of crawl up the caliber because because I’ll get it reviewed from somebody else and they’ll say I was a great guest and then I’ve been able to get on better and better shows and I’ve been entrepreneurs sure. I’m on your show, which is a great show. I’m gonna be on Chris duckers you Premiere show He’s got a big audience that kind of stuff.

So I’ve been on and I wouldn’t have started like that in the beginning but since I’ve been able to kind of stair step up in terms of caliber and have other people say I was a great guest it enables you to get up on the bigger and better shows as you do it, but it’s a longer-term strategy. You don’t just jump out and this is the one thing we have when people are trying to do it. You’re not in it to hit a home run if you know podcast guesting is a it’s like a Town Hall strategy, right?

ClickFunnels™ Podcast Guest

Because I don’t care people have 50 people are a hundred people. That’s a lot of people that if you think about giving a presentation in a physical room somewhere that’s a room full of people and you got to think of it like this way. It’s almost kind of a virtual Town Hall grassroot story able to go out in your office and reach somebody a captive audience weakly, like I do it at least and it’s really just a phenomenal thing that just keeps on giving so that’s awesome. But this would be one of our last episodes for the year 2017.

So as you guys listen to this you maybe listen to us in 2018, but I highly recommend that you take Phil strategies here and become a guest on Also show but more importantly make sure you have a strategy on exactly how you’re going to use that content and for links and again as you’ll see here as I do all the end of every show basically right now, we’ll be asking Phil. So, you know, if people want to find out more about you, where do they go? So Phil where people go to find out more about you head over to KC web That’s kind of where I said, I’m gonna have my podcast and you guys are going to be launching your lid of the year. I’m not lives gonna be up quite yet. I’ve got about ten shows.

I might hit that deadline, but please check that out because that’s kind of where my story started check out SEO for growth. That’s the book. I wrote with John jantsch. It’s done really? Well. It’s my third best seller but it’s by far sold the most books that we’ve ever done. I’m probably because John jantsch is a co-author on it. I think it’s really good stuff. But if you go there was also we’ve got some great downloads on there for free. We got a book by Larry Kim from word stream.

ClickFunnels™ Podcast Guest

That’s a free download. We’ve got one from used Tuvok of yoast SEO, which is he’s kind of a big guy that’s out there and then we’ve got one called local SEO, which is a freebie that I wrote previously and check out. Cast Booker’ and we’ve got the service that there’s a lot of them out there but we do this service more with an SEO focus into it so that you get multiple benefits on it and not just trying to get onto the show just for the sake of the show but to try and what work it into an overall content marketing plan. So check out podcast Booker’

I’m gonna give you one other tip that I’m going to say to sure go check out because you mentioned some painful point about so I think a lot of people have this I mentioned how blogging so important to stuff but people hate to write a lot of times. That’s me I hate so so I got a link that I’m going to send you that’s got ten great Outsource blog writers the services that I think are I mean basically 99% of our clients are having somebody else write the blog post after we structure them. I use one called the content company.

All they do is write for agencies. So awesome to be able to send them a list. Please go write that then we just edit it and then it works because I already used to kind of doing this. So I’ll send if you really into this and you’re thinking well, geez, I’m not gonna write 10 blog post. It seems far out there. It’s really not that Our come up with a little bit of a strategy do some keyword research on what you’re going to write about a how-to book or whatever dish it off to some Riders which I’ll send you a link to the ones that I use and I list of ten other ones you can choose by yourself.

ClickFunnels™ Podcast Guest

And then that’s it man. You’re on your way. It’s not doesn’t take a whole lot of work to get this thing going and it’s the quickest route to Great SEO rankings and to leverage and to build your own personal influence and Authority if anybody was trying to get that or boost up or just trying to drive more traffic to your website and you don’t even need an Outreach really you can do some of the stuff on your own. I think it helps to have a third party to it, but great way a great low cost way to really build up traffic and deliver a big bang for the buck. All right. We’ll put that in the show notes. If you are send the link over and you guys can go to the show notes again. is basically a Blog are not blog there, and that’s where our show notes are. So we’ll have that there as far as for the lack of videos well feel. Thank you so much for your time. Thanks, man. He’s a man. Thanks for listening puddle hacker Radio podcast. If you’d like to be notified anytime, we release a new episode.

ClickFunnels™ Podcast Guest: Subscribe over at funnel hacker in addition to that. We’d love to send you a free gift. You can find that free gift at funnel hacker forward slash free trial one. Last thing is we love giving away cars. So if you like access to a free dream car, all you have to do is go to funnel hacker forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details. Thanks again for listening. ClickFunnels™ Podcast Guest

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Funnel Hacker Radio 174 With Phil Singleton – SEO Benefits of Being a Podcast Guest

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ClickFunnels™ Dominate Sales

ClickFunnels™ Dominate Sales: Ryan Lee and Brad Gibb have become the #1 Financial Consultants for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs WITHOUT having to leave the comfort of their home offices. With the help of ClickFunnels™ and a successful online marketing funnel, they have learned how to upsell, cross-sell, and promote their services far beyond their backyard. ClickFunnels™ Dominate Sales

ClickFunnels™ Dominate Sales

Welcome to funnel hacker Radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results.

Here’s your host Dave Woodward everybody. Welcome back to funnel hacker radio. I’m your host Dave Woodward and you guys are in for an amazing experience today. I have the opportunity of introducing you to the number one Financial strategist worldwide who are dealing with entrepreneurs and business owners.

And the coolest part is the basically are doing this virtually so forget the whole mahogany office type of stuff but are doing literally tens of millions of dollars basically by running everything virtually utilizing click files and some amazing things. This is going to be one of those funnels you guys are gonna love hearing about because it’s not the typical information marketing push.

These are again business-to-business business consumer hardcore high-end type of funnel, so hold on real tight. Let me introduce you guys to Brad Rhine.

Sup, guys? Hey, Dave works out to be here. I’m real excited. This is one of those things that so again, this is a palace well Solutions. So tell us a little bit about how you guys got started in us. So we’ve been in the financial services business in one form or another for a long time.

ClickFunnels™ Dominate Sales

My background is I got a lot of degrees and thought that meant something at the time and and went the route to Investment Banking and and came to the realization that that wasn’t the way I wanted to serve clients and it wasn’t the way I wanted to live the whole downtown New York hustle bustle work your way up the ladder and all of that where I knew I had a it was more about the message. It was more about what we wanted to help our clients achieve than it was about the track to get in and be able to do that the way it’s designed, you know in our in our financial system today. So so that’s trying to get out of that and figure out how to communicate a message in a very busy noisy environment.

Damn it, man. Honestly, my path is very similar as well. You know, I did what everyone does right I go to school landed in the corporate world realize this is not what I want. So I better go back to school when got an advanced degree in further realize that every every promotion every degree. I got a lost a little bit of my soul and I needed to get out and so that’s how Brad and I met we met working our way out of traditional Financial strategies of investing in the stock market crossing your fingers and hoping that it all works out and along the path. I really discovered that I love helping people Achieve Financial Freedom. And so that’s really left the corporate world Brad and I partnered up and we’ve been rocking ever since and and as Ryan I made that transition we went from employee to business owner and and to investor and one of the big epiphanies we had is we went through that was 99% of financial advice isn’t designed for us.

Right. It’s it’s designed for the entrepreneur the employee who’s going to work in their job and save and be diligent about you know, the 40-year type path where once we jumped from that and realize we had a lot more control and Had kind of more or less a money-printing machine in this this thing of ClickFunnels™ in the internet. We realized there’s wasn’t advice or wasn’t a bucket for for entrepreneurs. So that’s what we created and that that’s that’s who we serve that’s that’s the advice in the answers that we bring awesome.

ClickFunnels™ Dominate Sales

So for full disclosure here. Basically, they are member of our Inner Circle to come come owners as well. Now we gotta get making some money digital man, which Italy well see we do all of our stuff with clients, right? So now we don’t we don’t run a lot of digital products and we’re going to basically talk to you about is about how the fact they actually are two comma Club winners and we have a lot of people who actually just using ClickFunnels™ as Legion which you guys are doing to actually generate multi to figure 2 comma Club type of results.

So couples to tell Russell that so we can get our I were will do this as we go down the podcast an easy one. So a couple things again any time we talk financial and legal stuff this disclaimer basically saying obviously this is not Financial advice all that kind of stuff, but from a marketing standpoint want to kind of dive I didn’t do it. The other thing is from disclosure standpoint personally.

I am working with them. So just for whatever legal things that is. So on this come back to bite me tends to seem somehow someone always throw something out there. So with all that said I want to kind of dive in guys and tell us there’s two different roads.

We want to talk about here on the podcast one is you guys are are actually helping other financial advisors follow a similar path that you guys are doing, which is amazing because in the financial advisor space most people say there’s no way just do it all the all the crazy litigation and laws and all the stuff you guys have to fall as far as you can’t disclose those you can’t talk about returns.

ClickFunnels™ Dominate Sales

You can’t do this. And so a lot of people say there’s no way you could do this online and get you guys are doing it. And so I want to talk about how you guys are one helping your current clients and how you’re generating clients, basically through a webinar funnel to a application type of appointment thing and then number two.

How did you then our turn around and taking what you’ve already built and utilizing that to help others.

Metal clatters. Okay. So for the clients man our core philosophy of what we do here at Alice wealth is we want you Dave and all of the clients that we work with to be in control, right? We’re so used to going to a financial advisor and and crossing our fingers and hoping that it all works out.

That’s not what we do at Atlas wealth are our primary objective is to put our clients in the driver’s seat where they know exactly what they have. They know exactly how they use it and then they can create the life that they want with the business plan that we set up.

So all of that in mind one of our main focuses is as education, right the more, you know, the more empowered you are and so we use ClickFunnels™ to deliver electronically information around look if you want what everyone else has do whatever everyone else is doing but if you want the exact opposite something completely different it requires you doing, you know the exact opposites and so we teach people how to do that and we use ClickFunnels™ to deliver information and content to our clients really before they ever become our clients to kind of open up the space in the chasm for them to realize that there is no financial planning for entrepreneurs. There is no financial planning for business owners.

ClickFunnels™ Dominate Sales

Here’s the solution to that rights and here’s how Put you in the driver’s seat. So how what are you doing to deliver that what so kind of describe what your funnel is? What do you how does your funnel work for getting clients in your door? Yeah. I’m so honestly man. We follow a very typical marketing strategy. We have front-end marketing that’s just little Snippets of content and pieces of information that pushed them to the patented tried-and-true perfect webinar right where we teach them the three secrets we teach them, you know the problem and the solution and then the then the perfect webinar then gives them an opportunity to go down to pass they can buy education and get a bunch of videos hosted on ClickFunnels™.

They can take that education and go do whatever they want with it, right or they can come work directly with us that which then takes them to an application page where we get some information and then we step in and we help them build their financial plan understanding where they are where they want to go and how to bridge the gap. So on the front and what are some of the snippet type of stuff that you’re doing to get people to land on your perfect webinar registration page. Yeah. So one of the barriers to entry especially in the financial space is that idea of trust, right? There’s a lot of financial advisors out there that believe that the only way to get a client to trust you to shake their hand sit in the same room with them build. All the traditional ways of doing that but as we’re working virtually one-on-one with a client we needed a different way to build that trust. So a lot of our trip wire offers if you will or that initial things are are just three pieces of education.

So whether it’s a two-minute clip on Facebook or a quick landing page with maybe a three video series that goes through describing a main point that we want to make that way. They see us they interact with us and they get to taste a little bit of what we’re doing before they come and jump on a one on one call with us. So it’s really our our front-end stuff is meant to build a lot of that trust get our ideas out. Let them kind of try them on before their meeting with one us one on one and then that one on one meeting is a lot more productive. So it’s a lot of the trust thing is built through video then do video education. So that’s a lot of our we want to push them and have them watch a video to interact with us that way first.

Yep. So we have a couple membership site so they can get into where some of its free and then and then some of the more advanced stuff is pay But that there’s there’s kind of those couple options super cool. So they go basically from Facebook ads which are really hard for most financial planners to do just do to the all the legal stuff that you guys can and cannot say but you’re creating basically a you find a way of basically attracting the clients in that door soon as they come in. They either get some free information or they then register for additional information through a webinar.

ClickFunnels™ Dominate Sales

And then on your webinar. What do you guys covered on your webinar?  Because you’re not selling anything. So how you drive into an application of your webinar? Yeah. So honestly for us that’s kind of what we said. It’s the complete opposite. So we want them to understand that when they work with us. It’s not Market advice. It’s not options trading. It’s not you know asset allocation. It’s the complete opposite. So once they understand if that we’re not traditional advisors, we then I’m gonna interrupt you real quick, right? Because I think one thing is obviously an expert speakers.

We talk a lot about whole prolific index and the hard part for most financial advisors. They find themselves stuck right in the middle. Yeah, like everybody else out there and they have a real Time trying to find out how do I separate myself from everybody else? But I think what you just said right is real key. And that is you want to make sure that they understand that they’re not dealing with the typical financial advisor and it’s not stock advice. It’s not asset allocation. It’s not what you do with your 401k or things of that sort.

We’re not talking to everybody out. There were really focused on trying to work with entrepreneurs and business owners. So we make that very clear and even if even if you’re still an employee, we call me intrapreneurs right people that are creating from the inside of a company. It’s it’s that mindset of a person that we want if if somebody wants what everybody else is doing but a little bit better. Well, there’s plenty of advisors it can go do that and we sort of say that and drawing that line and creating a difference that polarizing effect just like you’re saying is has been has been huge for us. So this goes back to again new opportunity versus an improvement offer.

Yeah throwing rocks at your enemies ride. So we call personal finance advisors goldfish advisors and we have a whole story behind that. So if you’re a goldfish advisor, you know you fit this category and you’re getting goldfish advise if this is what you’re getting so what if you want goldfish of ice Oh that drought where I were completely on the other end of the spectrum or the shark type of approach the dolphin right eating all these little the Goldfish. They’re out there. So, you know basically have people come through webinar and the end of the webinar. They are signing up for an application.

ClickFunnels™ Dominate Sales

Yes. All right. Yep, so they can the wanted to pass right? Well, let them just consume more information if they want to just watch them binge watch a bunch of videos, which honestly a lot of people do you know because what we’re sharing is not mainstream when people first, you know start to pull on that thread they want to pull it all the way out right and see what comes at the very back. So a lot of people just get the education and go through 20 videos and at the end of that 20 videos, then they’ll reach out to us.

So if they want to get more education and the education that we give them our main tag line without atlases actionable education, so we give them strategies to wear. Hey if this works for you and you don’t want to work with us go take it to your goldfish advisor, or if you have someone that’s not goldfish go take it to your advisor and do it your way. Right? But if you want to work with us, then it’s an application where they tell us all about them. Right who they are what they want what they’re currently doing what’s working?

Not and then we come to the table on and on that very first meeting once they’ve told us what they want with a game plan and we say look if I were you I would do this. This is exactly how to approach it. Boom. Boom. Boom. Here’s what we do which I think is fantastic.

So I went to the process went through the application I think for me going through the application from one from a consumer but then also from a marketing mind and the back and thinking the application was brilliant because it basically starts as the consumers you’re going through it. You’re basically either qualifying yourself or disqualifying you from your services talk and then also its kind of selling yourself on why you should work with me which is even a better thing. So by the time Ryan you and I was actually got on the call by that time it was like, well they have this is exactly where you’re at and where you need to go and you want to go.

Yeah, and so it cut down the typical two to three appointments and most financial planners go through before they can actually get to yes. Yeah, and I thought was just super super cool. Well we learned this from you guys because I remember when we applied for the Inner Circle. It was a whole process of me.

ClickFunnels™ Dominate Sales

Trying to convince you why I was a good thing. I’m holding my credit card in hoping that you said okay, you’re in and win like I was I was begging to give you money and that’s that’s the positioning we can create with I said position ourselves as the authorities and giving the education and delivering it in a way that is different and unique and that we can control and does all that it and then the application is worded and and done to lead them to that to wear if it’s resonating and each step they take it’s almost them convincing themselves even more but by the time they get to us, it’s a it’s are you ready or not? And if you’re not you have a couple questions or why are you on the phone then kind of thing and we’re off We’re Off to the Races. So for us it’s cut out that the typical headache and time spent prospecting.

I mean that Prospect you can sell it. Yeah because you guys really have to sell my that point there are already in. Yeah, and here’s the hardest thing about the financial services industry, right? It’s all selling, right and it’s all hey you’re getting this over here. I’m going to give you that plus 1 right? Yeah, so it’s all this.

Back and forth up and down type of thing and the children Improvement offer the challenge of most financial advisors because they don’t control the marketing right? There are always in a position of scarcity and they can’t look a client in the eye and say look this is exactly what I do if you want it awesome. If not, don’t worry. There’s ten other people standing behind you.

So you’re either in or out right and so with click funnels and learning the power of marketing you get a whole slew of people lined up and it allows you to financial advisor to stand in your power and give the exact solution that you trust and are confident 100% and not very your offer based on trying to get the one and only client that’s in front of you with that moments that make sense. Yeah, it makes complete sense and I think again we’re talking right now, obviously more on the on the financial services, but it really applies to anybody Professional Services.

ClickFunnels™ Dominate Sales

And for that matter anybody who wants to have to stop selling it’s so funny Russell. I have talked so many times about this both of us hate selling per se but we love marketing. Yeah, and basically the we always look as far as I would love someone basically come begging to work with me. It’s totally changed the tables versus my start please please.

Please I’m begging you that you said that because that honestly when I when I first left College, I had all my degrees. I went interviewed with a financial advisor Financial advisement industry, New York Life, right but it was all about, you know riding on a list your 10 neighbors. Don’t stop them and that just made me want to puke in my mouth. So I didn’t go that route. Right but now I’m in the same spot and it’s the whole thing. Did I love what I do? And I love marketing.

I will never sell anyone right? I love marketing and if you resonate with my message, then you come and almost self opt into it, right and because I can reach anyone across all 50 states.

I’ve got that luxury, but if I’m a local advisor only working with people that are going to come into my office. I don’t have the luxury to choose. Yeah. I have to try to be a chameleon in and reflect back to you. What you want right?

We’re here I get to say this is what I do. I don’t do all that other stuff if you want that stuff go get that. But if you want this then then come to me and because I can project that across the entire country.

Now. I’m at a competitive Advantage when it comes and I can stay in as I can just mark it and not have to sell. Yeah. I love that. I know. The great thing for me as I was looking at your funnel and everything else is it’s I mean you guys are like the least pushy Insurance Securities investment advisors I’ve ever seen in my life. And first time I met her was like how look guys we make it any money because you never ever ask for the sale.

ClickFunnels™ Dominate Sales

ClickFunnels™ Dominate Sales

But at the same time it’s been fasting for me as I take a look at I mean, right you just made mention of it as far as even as they’re going through the funnel basically they get done and they either apply or else they going to consume kind of bread you’re talking about stars all this other content. They can go work with somebody else. But the fact is he provided all that content. They’re like, well, who else would I even why would I go to anybody else these guys obviously know and again it from a power than positioning standpoint to put you really at the top making it that much easier for you guys when they come on well and we were the game in financial services is how many letters can I get after my name and how much how many conferences and and now we just put our videos out there and say this is what we teach this is what we do. These are the results we get.

And I don’t even put my credentials or any of that stuff anymore and it just doesn’t compute with everybody else in the industry because that’s the game is another certification or another training or another conference where we just record another video or show another testimonial and that’s what drives and because that’s that’s really David the end of the day. That’s all you care about is what do you stand for? And who else have you got results for you? Don’t care where I went to college you don’t care about any of that stuff but I care about is me. Yeah, and what am I going to do for you to fix your situation in the best of evidence of that is why did it for this guy? Who was like you and I did it for that guy and I’m like you write so well, here’s one of our two that we learned. I’ll never forget this one. We Secrets, right? I mean Russell had every strategy broken down into a cartoon like a little picture, right?

And for the first time I read a book it was like I totally get it right I can send a picture and have the constant next was so we went to our business and we took every principle that we teach and we made it, you know, we Did into a little drawing and we named it or titled it in instead. That’s that what allows us to come up with things like goldfish advice and we have all these ideas like or form four pillars all the things we teach within our company, but it’s look if you resonate with these messages right that are diagrammed and laid out of the sequence and fashion.

Then we’re the guys for you. If not, then go, you know cross your fingers. Hope it works out in the market well and again talk about new opportunity, right because we’ve named all this and so I’ve never heard of that before. Yeah. Well, that’s because we’re the only ones that do it and and and I mean and it sounds cheesy and fluffy but it is the truth because we’ve mixed it with our experience in our own unique way of doing everything.

ClickFunnels™ Dominate Sales

We’ve really made this our practice not no one else does it even though we you can see the elements inside of it and it back to the attractive character we’ve wrapped ourselves in our experience in our lives and our goals and our outcomes all into this and then created our unique process for it. And now we really don’t feel like we’re competing with anybody where we stand on. I want and you it’s a really powerful place to be and it wasn’t we got into this.

We thought it was going to be a simple as throwing up a web page which ClickFunnels™ makes it incredibly easy because we had gone through the whole thing hiring web developers and being frustrated and waiting and all the local pages and all this stuff that we live through.

So we went through all that but then we got in we didn’t realize how deep the rabbit-hole went in understanding marketing understand positioning and understanding branding and understanding all those other pieces and that’s that’s what sucked us into the Vortex of ClickFunnels™ is it’s not just a software service. I mean you guys wear shirts that say, it’s a cult it really it really is because it’s so much more than just a software you’re getting the software at an incredible value all by itself, but then all of the additional education and insight and teaching and connections that are made that’s how you feel your funnel. It’s the marketing that says, yeah, I make the funnel Works once you feel it. Yeah, I think so. The fun thing for me is I’ve seen I mean your follow-up funnels are huge.

As far as you continually reaching out these people on a regular basis, they’re getting your content and it’s being dripped to them in a way that actually just makes sense.

And eventually it’s just a matter. It’s we joke around about it all the time as far as ClickFunnels™. It’s not a matter of if it’s on that of when business owners and entrepreneurs who are serious about their financial future.

ClickFunnels™ Dominate Sales

They’re in the same situation with you guys. It’s not a matter of if it’s just a matter of when you’re eventually going to come well and that’s the other thing that we taught. You know, we help other financial advisors go through and that’s been a big Power for us is the big challenges. Will what do I do once somebody’s our client? How do I stay in touch with them and add value? Because the again the traditional model is hey Dave come in for an annual review so I can sell you something. That’s right.

But now we get to constantly very often and very automated and easy way to add value add value add value and as I’m giving you more value you like the money conversation is is not fun. Like there’s three things. You don’t talk about at the dinner table right religion politics and money.

And so it’s hard to tell your friends about your financial advisor, but for us because we’re giving you all this great content. Regular basis it’s easier for you to forward it somebody else and so once we had an automated system to be able to do that, it made referrals and word of mouth and all that stuff shoot through the roof because now I can just do a webinar for all of my clients at the same time rather than one-on-one bring everybody in right now. I can take that and chop it up and send it out in ten emails to 10,000 people all at one time.

And so it’s made that whole process now, we’ve switched it we call it value selling. So we’re really focused on we can deliver value value value value value and then it’ll come back either in you doing more business because we’re giving you the value improving that ahead of time or you’re bringing your friend. It makes it easy for you to do that rather than the other model of hey get in your car and come to my office right process and we all know it’s awkward and I’ll finally ask you the end. It’s that’s why we don’t push and ask for the sale because we just opened massively over delivering value and it comes back super cool. So tell me let’s talk now about how you’re providing value and services to Other financial planners.

So first before we do that, I want to a lot of people going on. They want to see this webinars have they? Where do they go to see the webinar? We’re just talk about this. You’ve got literally 2,000 3,000 people downloading this episode every single month entrepreneurs business owners where they go to see it. So to go through the funnel is if you were going to be a client and go through our financial service process go to atlas.

Well forward slash Playbook is what we ought we call a process the entrepreneurs Playbook so it’s because there’s no other plan out there specifically designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. That’s that’s kind of what we’ve called it. So if you go there they’ll be an intro video and then our opt-in and then we’ll go to diagonal just deal go down or fun on you’ll go through it. ClickFunnels™ Dominate Sales

Funnels 7 Figure Business

So you’ll see some of that if you’re a financial advisor, we turn this on and off because it just sort of depends on how much time we have and how many people were working with. So before we go there what you want to go back on. So again, for those of you guys who are looking at this as far as you know one to funnel hack a financial advisor some of the Professional Services again Outlets. Well for / Playbook.

And pay attention basically to not only the opt-in but all the follow funnels they have and the additional videos and the content and the way that they’re building trust and see how you can actually use that in your own business, whatever business you might be in because both you guys do an amazing job of really separating yourself from everybody else, especially through building that kind of trust and then pay attention as they’re as you go through the webinar.

Look at on the back end how the application process works because we have a lot of people who say well gosh, the only way you can use a webinars if you’re selling high-end product and yet we’re finding more and more people actually using the webinar these days for a legion and a lot of people using click file. So that matter for a legion know we always joke as far as who needs ClickFunnels™. Well anybody who wants to either make money or generate a lead, I mean basically how it works if that’s your business then it works great and you guys have done an awesome job as far as really helping generate leads through a webinar funnel that’s going to an application. So I highly recommend you kind of check it out again Atlas. Well forward slash play. And take a look and see what they’re doing there. So now let’s jump into the financial planners on how you’re helping them.

So we this is kind of a just a thing that came about this year and it was a really last-minute thing for us, but it turned out to be really empowering to see how amazing ClickFunnels™ actually is a tool so over the last maybe 12 18 months. We’ve had a lot of financial advisors ask us what we’re doing and how we’re doing it, right? I mean, why are you meeting with people on a computer? And how are you doing the type of business that you’re doing? When I’m in your bare feet and board shorts just to make that which again is again totally new opportunity for a lot of these financial advisors.

ClickFunnels™ Dominate Sales

So you got a new opportunity for the consumer or the business owner and you have a completely new opportunity for financial planner who’s always dreamed of that type of a life. ClickFunnels™ Dominate Sales

But as we were joking earlier, basically anytime a financial advisor says, they’re living that type of life it means because they’re broke and they are making their money and their parents based in their parents basement. So with that with that, I mean, we would always just push people off and give them just enough information to say hey, you’re we don’t go I don’t talk to me right now, right? Oh, we obviously, you know reaffirmed to Models and secrets and expert Secrets, but we went to a conference in the June of this year and after this conference, I mean one of the themes of this conference was Every Man a leader and we decided you know, what we’re going to step up with a lead the financial space and so we with you no lie.

Where you conference where you going? Yeah big plug for Garrett white. We just Russell were just out of Garrett’s Warrior con amazing event. But anyways, yeah, that’s where we work. We extended our vacation or not a vacation. We extended our conference by one day and we mapped out. Okay, how would we teach financial advisors?

We created a membership funnel on ClickFunnels™ really super easy, right? And we taught them the secrets of becoming a marker right? It’s not it’s not how much you know is how well you can communicate a message and differentiate differentiate differentiate yourself in position yourself as we taught them basically expert secrets. That’s really what we taught him. And at the end the coolest part about it was I mean all these financial advisors including us we struggle with web design. We’re good at Financial advice, but we’re not very good at creating websites.

Funnels 7 Figure Business

So we literally exported our funnels right exported our service our best. During finals with in what we called just different ways to generate traffic gave gave these to gave these phones to financial advisors and within weeks they had a business and we’re producing leaves. It was fantastic.

It was amazing and that’s really for us. I mean to be able to create a course deliver a course and give people websites that function and work that they could take our logos off and put their logos on was phenomenal and and then to have a template because it’s it’s not the issue that we didn’t have the knowledge before to create content and videos and position ourselves. It it came down to it.

We’re almost too analytical right? We’re almost too smart for her own good and and having a like a template to follow right? And once we gave these advisors a template they said oh I can record that video and I can put myself in there and and a cascaded through and we had a couple of are the people we took through it had full blown, you know, 30 40 video membership sites within a matter of only a couple of weeks because they knew exactly now what to wake up and what to do and they could they could go through the process crazy. ClickFunnels™ Dominate Sales

So are you guys charging for that? We did charge that As what we charge for them. We’ve now shut it off because that it more people want to join a we’re back folks not science, but we’ll turn it back on eventually, but I think the power of it is just anyone in any service based business how powerful ClickFunnels™ is a tool. I mean when we got going with ClickFunnels™, we struggled with websites we struggle with online delivery and and the firms in the agencies that we had been a part of in the past had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on sophisticated web sites for their clients and we were able to jump in with click funnels and do it simple easy and cost-effective.

I love it. Nice thing is your Void and ton of the regulatory type of stuff and if you’re wondering that yes, it is possible to do everything. We’re talking about regardless of your securities license isn’t levels and all that stuff. It’s it’s it’s possible for anybody to do and we had clients all across the Spectrum in that so yeah, it’s definitely possible very cool. And again, we’re talking about exporting websites and funnels. Basically it nice thing inside of ClickFunnels™. It’s a little share funnel. It’s literally click of a button and share the funnel. ClickFunnels™ Dominate Sales

ClickFunnels™ Dominate Sales

So I think the part that’s neat for me is you guys have taken a business where you had a ton of success and are now basically able to almost kind of cookie cutter that for others it goes back to Ryan what you made mention of as far as it’s that leader and we see this happen all the time as far as you can only grow so much and you get capped out as far as how much you can learn how many degrees you can get how many letters you have behind your name? And then the only way you can really grow is by contribution. ClickFunnels™ Dominate Sales

Yeah, and that contribution comes to leadership. It comes by helping others achieve the same success that you guys are having. And so I think it’s just amazing. So as we get close to wrapping things up, is there a website for those people who wanted to see that where they could see the yeah.

Go to go to Alice for Ford slash toolkit. We called it the advisors toolkit, right? You can go there. It’ll be they’ll probably be a message saying, you know apply and then we’ll get back to you. It’s not currently we’re not currently taking anybody through it, but you could at least see kind of what we were offering and how we put it together. The structured so we’ll leave that kind of initial page up there. Also, they could go do that. Well guys, thank you so much any other parting words before we wrap things up man anyone who’s not using ClickFunnels™ start a business and it’s amazing. I mean what you mentioned a man it’s all about the marketing and a business without marketing is not a business.

ClickFunnels™ Dominate Sales

I love it. Well what that guys again? Thank you so much. It’s fun. We’re actually doing a podcast face to face the usually these are on Skype recorded. So hopefully the audio came out. Okay, but again, thank you guys so much for all you guys do love love the business model that you guys have on both sides as far as the consumer business owners you’re working with and then also your leadership and helping others. Thanks having us on thanks.

Thanks for listen to funnel hacker Radio podcast. If you’d like to be notified anytime, we release a new episode just subscribe over at funnel hacker

ClickFunnels™ Dominate Sales: In addition to that. We’d love to send you a free gift. You can find that free gift at funnel hacker forward slash free trial one.Last thing is we love giving away cars.  So if you like access to a free dream car, all you have to do is go to funnel hacker forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details. Thanks again for listening. ClickFunnels™ Dominate Sales

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