Clickfunnels™ Selling To Masses – 3 Steps To Selling Anything To Anyone

3 Steps To Selling Anything To Anyone With Tai Lopez And Russell Brunson | Part 4

Clickfunnels™ Selling To Masses

Clickfunnels™ Selling To Masses: Welcome to our fourth video in our five-part series with Tai Lopez and Russell Brunson! In this video, we have some solid gold marketing advice that will enable you to sell anything to anyone. This sales training is perfect for the introverted entrepreneur selling online or for the entrepreneur selling from stage.

Clickfunnels™ Selling To Masses – With Tai Lopez and Russell Bronson

– Hey everyone, this is Russell Bronson again. Welcome back to video number four out of five of my interview with Tai Lopez. I’m not sure if you’ve been watching this, but I counted on my fingers how many times we caught Tai picking his nose during the interview, it was super awkward. I’m just kidding, I don’t know how we caught that screen capture, but it’s pretty good.

So, right now, before we go into this part of the interview, I’m wanna make sure you area subscribing, because I do not want you to miss the exciting conclusion, it’s coming out very, very soon. Part five of the interview, this is part four. Part five’s coming soon, so make sure you subscribe so you do not miss it. During this part of the interview, we’re gonna talk about selling.

And I know a lot of people get really nervous when we talk about selling, and how do I do it. And some people who are good at selling, they’re good at selling one-on-one, face-to-face, right? But for people like me who are super introverted, I don’t feel comfortable going to somebody and asking them for money. It feels so awkward and so weird and I hate it. So I had to learn how to sell the one to many, to the masses, doing it through webinars and teleseminars and through funnels and things like that.

And we’re gonna talk about how that actually works, because, that way, you can make money sitting behind your phone, sitting at your computer desk, without ever actually talking to a human, ever. Which, for introverts like me, is really, really nice. So, that’s what we’re gonna be talking about during this step of the interview. Jump right in and I will see you guys at the end of the video to talk about what’s going to be happening on the exciting conclusion of this amazing interview.

– Let’s jump to the most advanced technique, – Advanced. – number five. – Alright, okay. So with this one, you asked me when we were eating dinner over here, you said, how big’s your sales team? So my sales team is one person, that we use to build our team, and it’s me, I’m the only salesperson. So I didn’t build a whole sales team with thousands of sales people like a lot of big software companies do. So I had to figure out how do I sell to the masses, where it’s just me, speaking to a whole bunch of people, closing a hundred or a thousand or five thousand people at a time.

Selling one-on-one’s different, right. ‘Cause I’m selling one-on-one I have a chance to talk to you and you have a concern, I respond, we go back and forth. And so there’s a lot of good sales people that sell one-on-one. But to sell the masses, I have to be able to hit all the big problems at once, and be able to try to resolve everyone’s concern without actually resolving anyone’s concerns individually. And so, it’s a big part of this whole book I teach, but, this is the advanced strategy I want you to understand, is that, to be able to sell to the masses, to be able to convert ten or a hundred or a thousand people all at once, you have to become very, very good at understanding what people’s false beliefs are. So people have these false beliefs that keep them from buying.

Clickfunnels™ Selling To Masses – Break people’s false beliefs

There’s a reason why people aren’t gonna pick up the book and read, there’s some false belief like I’m not an expert, I don’t believe they’re– they all have something, right? There’s a reason why people aren’t signing up for MentorBox, they’re not going to an event, or whatever that thing is. They have these false beliefs that hold them back, right? And so, our job as marketers, is we have to figure out what’s the false belief that they have, and typically what happens is that most of us have that same false belief some time in our life. So what we have to do, we have to remember what was the, what happened in my life, why did I not believe that anymore? There’s a reason why I don’t do that anymore, what’s the reason, what’s the story behind it.

And we have to go back in time to remember okay, I don’t believe that anymore because of this thing, and then, when I’m speaking masses, I tell stories in a way to help break people’s false beliefs. So, for example, probably the easiest one to map this out, and I’m not into network marketing, but, it’s a really good example of this, right. So let’s say I wanted to sign up, let’s say I’m in a room and I’ve got 50 people and I want them to sign up for a network marketing program. So I’m thinking, what is the false belief most these people probably have? Like the false belief is that, if I join this company, all my friends and my family are going to leave me, right? That’s a belief that a lot of people have, okay.

So I think like, well why do that have that belief, why do they believe that if they join the company they’re gonna lose their friends and family? And I’m like, okay, well, it’s probably because one time in the past one of two things happened. Number one is that they got into a company, they got all excited they started calling their friends and their family, and they had a horrible experience, and all the people hated them. Or, number two, is they were on the receiving end of that, and they got a call from their brother, pitching them, and wouldn’t leave them alone.

And it’s because of that they’re like, if I get involved in this company I’m gonna have these people that just hate me, right? I was talking to someone that’s big in network marketing, one of the guys in our community, and, he told me the whole story– ’cause I asked him, I’m like, so that’s your audience’s false belief, why don’t you believe that? And he’s like, well I did believe that, for a long time. I was like he had the same false beliefs, so tell me why that’s no longer true. And he said well, I joined a program, I had a really bad experience, and lost my friends and all these people would stop returning my calls, so I left.

Clickfunnels™ Selling To Masses

And a little while later, I had a friend, and he told me that you could generate leads online, of people that actually were interested. He’s like I put up the ads, and they raised their hand, and then they would fill out a form, then I would call them. And he said everyone I called was excited to hear from me, because they just asked me to call them, and then they sign up. He was like, I didn’t talk to a single friend or family member, ever. And so it’s like, that’s your story. Tell that story to this audience and this false belief that they’re holding onto with all their might, all of a sudden your story will shatter that false belief and then they’ll buy. –

Clickfunnels™ Selling To Masses – Figure out what are the false beliefs of the audience

Yeah. – And so for me, when we started with Clickfunnels, and I was trying to figure out how do I sell to the masses, I had to figure out what are the false beliefs of my audience. And I figured out those false beliefs, and then we put them in a presentation. – What was the main false belief? – There’s always three false beliefs that people have. The first one is false belief about the thing that you’re trying to get them into, so for me it’s funnels. So like, they’re like oh, I could use Shopify, or I could get Amazon, or I can–

That’s their false belief that they can do it a better way or some other way. So I had to break that false belief. The second false belief people always have is their internal ability to do it. Like, that’s cool, but I dunno if I, I’m not techie, and I can’t do that. So you got to break the internal belief. And then there’s always the, the third belief’s an external belief. Which, in my business, is like well, so, in my first one I convince them they need a funnel, number two is I convince them they can do it, ’cause it’s really simple, I show them Clickfunnels, like, oh, I’m an idiot, I can do it. And the third one they always freak out is well, if I don’t have a funnel I don’t know how to get people to show up. So I show ’em traffic, go oh here’s how you get traffic, and they’re like, oh my gosh. Now all their false beliefs are gone, they have to give me money, they have to sign up. And that’s like the big secret to mass selling.

That’s, the whole concept of this book is that. Like how do I sell to the masses, like how do you do it. And it’s understanding your audience’s false beliefs about the thing you’re trying to sell them, their internal ability to do the thing you’re trying to sell them, and then the external fear they have that could be like, that they could blame on, like I can’t do it because my wife won’t let me, or because I don’t have traffic, or whatever that external thing is. – And you think that’s the same in anything you’ve sold? – Everything I’ve done. – I had Wolf of Wall Street here. – Okay. – Jordan Belfort. And he kind of has a similar framework of you’ve got to number one, convince ’em that you are to be trusted, as a human.

Number two, he said you have to convince them that the company that you work for is to be trusted. And the third thing, you have to convince them that your product’s to be trusted. That’s kind of like what you’re saying. Number one, you had to convince them that ClickFunnels™ has things that Amazon and Shopify don’t have. Number two, you had to convince them that they could trust you that it would be simple, almost they had to trust themselves. And then the third one was the external one. You had to, that they had to learn to trust you, that they could get customers. – So let’s talk about LadyBoss.

Clickfunnels™ Selling To Masses – Telling Story is one of successful marketing strategy

LadyBoss is some of our best success stories. They were doing webinars, they were doing Facebook lives, I wish I could share their numbers, they are doing insane numbers. – Making more than a hundred dollars a year? – Yeah. – A little better. Good, success story number one. – So they’re external is like, okay, I had to convince you that you need to follow our weight loss plan, right? This is why, I come back to her, and it’s like, why do you believe this is the right product? There’s a reason why you started this company, like, tell that story. And then, it’s like you tried other things before you came into this, like, tell the story about all the stuff you tried and why this worked. And it knocks down that false belief, and it’s like now, you didn’t lose weight the very first time you tried, what were your fears, what kept you from doing it personally, and how did you break that? Tell that story.

So you tell that story and all of a sudden the next one falls down. And it’s like, now what are the external things you were blaming it on, like I can’t do it because of why? Tell that story of why you don’t believe that anymore, and those things fall down, they have to follow you. If they don’t, then they’re lying to themselves. – Yeah. – And that’s– – So the advanced technique is really, in some ways, you gotta be a master of psychology. It’s not really marketing. Marketing is, you could take the M from marketing and it’s Mass Psychology. You know, that M stands for the mass. And the marketing is just a superfluous word. It’s really mass psychology, and one of the things you’re saying is, people follow stuff when they trust it. – Welcome back, I hope you enjoyed episode number four out of five of the interview series. We’re almost done, you guys.

I hope you’ve been enjoying this, but I need to make sure, right now, you do not miss the exciting conclusion. During the conclusion, I’m going to be talking about how we use Amazon and funnels together, and a bunch of other really cool things that probably you’ve never thought about before, but once you understand them, could change everything for you. So, what I need you to do right now, there’s a little button down below, says subscribe. Click on the subscribe button, that way you will get the notification when the next video comes out. And it’s coming out very, very soon, I think you’re gonna love it. With that said, thank you so much for listening and I’ll see you guys on the final conclusion, the exciting conclusion, it’s happening very soon, on part five of five of the interview with Tai Lopez.


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