ClickFunnels™ Selling Secret – Using An Auto Webinar Sales Funnel

How To Sell A Product Online Using An Auto Webinar Sales Funnel

ClickFunnels™ Selling Secret

ClickFunnels™ Selling Secret: Russell Brunson takes you through what you need to create a successful automated webinar sales funnel. Not only will he show you how to use them but he gives you what you need to run amazing online events and sell your product to the masses. ClickFunnels™ Selling Secret

ClickFunnels™ Selling Secret

hey this is russell brunson and welcome to auto webinar funnel secrets now i want to quickly show you how to use automated webinar funnels to run online events and sell your products to the masses and then at the end this presentation i’m actually give you my top converting auto webinar funnels for free but before i do that when i walk you through what an automated webinar funnel is how it works and how it can work for your specific business now

first step I want to kind of map out what this actually looks like if you’re in my office here I’m sitting in front of a whiteboard now map out the sales process so this is what an automated webinar funnel looks like it’s very simple the first page here is you get people to actually register for the event and then on the second page you have confirmation page we thank them for registering because I’m excited about what it is that’s happening on the web

class and then from there you push them over to the actual webinar broadcast page this is where the webinar is happening now sometimes automated webinars are called evergreen webinars as well because this is the video presentations already been created that someone gets to come and watch on demand in case they come they watch it here on demand they watch the webinar training and then at the end of it you can then create the last page which is called the webinar replay page and this is where you send people who may have missed the webinar they may

register had to leave early you can then take from the webinar page well you can watch the presentation one last time and then one other piece here I’ll talk about a little bit more detail are these indoctrination pages these are pages that you said emails to to get people excited about the presentation or if they miss the presentation to get them to go back and actually watch it and these indoctrination pages are very powerful increase sales and get people to actually show up and watch the presentation so that’s kind of what the structure of an ottoman automated

ClickFunnels™ Selling Secret

webinar funnel looks like now if I was to take this kind of blueprint here and plug in pages this is what it may look like here’s my registration page my confirmation page here’s the broadcast room there’s my replay room and here’s some of my indoctrination pages down below okay all right so where did automated webinars come from or like I said we also call it an evergreen webinars where did this concept come from well in the past the weight a lot of times

we tried to build our brands and sell our products in our services is that we would go and speak a lot of events in fact this is a picture in the add a live event one way that I used to always sell my products my services I would go I travel around the world I find a big seminar I this I get you know one hundred five hundred thousand ten thousand people in the room I would teach them I’ve talked to him in the end I would sell my products and my services and we’re really good except for the fact I didn’t travel away for my family and wait for my home and all sorts of things then

from there we start transitioning to what we call webinars which is basically a web seminar right and so what we do is we go and instead of going traveling into someplace around the world and having all these people travel to it as well we would do it from the comfort of our homes the attendees can listen from home I can listen I can do the presentation home and that became an actual webinar so what does an automated webinar well it’s taking webinar presentation that’s working the works live may work at a seminar they work live online in webinar be actually

ClickFunnels™ Selling Secret

automated so you’re not doing it live all the time this has really become the future of marketing over the last few years it’s creating the presentation once put into an automated webinar funnel and then letting it just convert and close sales for you 24 hours a day seven days a week like clockwork okay and that’s the magical what an automated webinar actually it’s okay so here are some examples of some automated webinar landing pages this is one that I’m

Kaylen Poland it aka the lady boss helping to pro click funnels this is another one we did four and click funnels this one proning one of our software companies called funnel scripts and so like you can use automated webinar funnels to sell all sorts of things from coaching to consulting just I’ve seen people use itself supplements business business coaching weight loss coaching they pretty much everything you can think of people can sell and have sold through

online webinars okay so here’s how it works step number one you have to get people to register for the actual webinar event okay so you have a landing page may look something like this September 2 then you take me to a page after they give you their email address then you thank them for registering for the actual web class so that’s page number two here you take them for registering then step number three then is you’re actually taking the page

where they actually watched the streaming evergreen webinar okay that’s the third page in the funnel and the last pages for people who left early or they or they don’t make you for this page for some reason you have email sequences that push them back to a replay page and this is the fourth page in the funnel is the actual replay page you share after the event where you’re also streaming this presentation so that’s kind of how it works is very simple easy funnel they work super super effectively okay now there’s one other piece here and this funnel haven’t talked

ClickFunnels™ Selling Secret

ClickFunnels™ Selling Secret

about yet and that’s this right here the indoctrination pages and the doctrine ation pages are pages that are emailed to people athlete’s register to get them to actually show up or if they left early to get them to come watch a replay and get some exciting pree frames it so even more likely to actually show up and more likely to actually buy ok so here’s an example one of my indoctrination pages but I have videos there getting people excited about what’s gonna

actually be happening during the live training and so that’s kind of what a knock donation page may look like they’re not everybody who does webinar funnels uses indoctrination pages it’s not essential but it is an amplifier it amplifies everything from getting people to show up give you people to purchase and so I like using whatever I can that’s what the indoctrination pages are here inside of this funnel okay so what kind of products or services would work well for

an automated webinar well automated webinars do great at selling courses the great selling products create some software I’ve seen people use it to sell supplements to sell services like pretty much anything that you can sell you can sell through some type of an automated webinar ok so here’s some best practices to understand the first thing is the registration page how do you make this pay so the most people come here I wanna make sure that our as many of those people come they actually register for the web class ok and so a couple things number one I like them to

know who this is for so I might say on the page something like his is for entrepreneurs or for people who are trying to some extra way something like that ok number two I have a curiosity based headline the more curious they are the more likely they are to register and the more likely they are to actually show up okay so curiosity is the key to getting a webinar registration page to actually convert case where curiosity is the key you guys if a page isn’t converting for you and you come back and figure out how to make this how do I increase the curiosity on this page okay all right

ClickFunnels™ Selling Secret

page number two now in this process is the Thank You page but make you page is a little bit different on this page first thing I do is I thank them for registering the second thing I do is not curiosity okay curiosity is the registration page the second page I focus on getting them excited the more excited they are this step more likely they are to make sure that gets on the countly make sure they show up make sure they don’t leave this page the more excitement they have the more likely they are to actually show up and then the last thing you can do and I don’t do

this as often on automated webinars as I do on live webinars but you can also make them a self-liquidating offer which means you sell them some products or some service right here on the Thank You page and a lot of times that will actually cover the ad costs of of the of all the ads that you know any money you spent to get people to actually register for the webinar that’s what we call the self liquidating offer makes the ad costs free a lot times okay and that’s not required it’s more of an advanced thing that’s one idea I wanted to give those of you guys who are looking

for ways to increase your automated webinar funnels okay so that’s pace number two now the third page now is the actual broadcaster where you’re broadcasting and you’re pushing out your your your presentation okay so here’s where you stream the Evan or the Evergreen webinar into a broadcast room and then page number four is absolutely events over then you set up a replay page where you can post limited replay the event for evil come and

watch and this is a maximize sales from any webinar event that you are doing okay now in the past if you want to create an automated webinar funnel like that what you would have to do is you have to hire a designer and a webmaster and programmers analytics people it would cost you ton of money and take a ton of time to build just a simple funnel like to want to showed you in the past the good news is for you because you’re here today you don’t

ClickFunnels™ Selling Secret

have to worry about having a huge team people do this you can do it all by yourself because instead of doing this way what we have instead is you can start using click funnels to build out entire automated webinar funnel almost instantly in fact down below this video we have what we call share funnels this means with our top designers and programmers pre-built funnels for you funnels that convert phones that already worked and all I gotta do is go down below pick which funnel you like them will select that funnel and then what is gonna happen if you already have a

click photos account will take that entire photo and will push it into your click funnels account it’s not exciting now if you don’t have a click thumbs account that’s ok click on the button down well pick which one looks the coolest you select that funnel and what I’ll do take you to the next page right here this is called a share funnel page we’re actually share with you well give you this funnel for free all you here’s our kind of free 14-day trial the click funnels and then after you create your trial we’ll give you this fun little show up inside your account and you can go there you

can customize it edit it and that way you’ve got your you got your funnel up and ready to start editing and strapping fun with ok so that’s how the sheriff funnel pages work so the first step in this process is look down below and find out which one these templates down below do you like the most okay now I’m gonna show you in a second how you can customize them the first step is pick the template you like the most and then go and select it and then the

second thing you do is you actually log in to click funnels and you edit that template now I’m gonna login really quick right now and show you how simple and easy it is to edit a page here inside of click funnels okay so right now I’m on the exact same page you’re at so what I’m gonna do is I’m a scroll down and find out which one these templates are like the most this example I think this one I click on select this funnel what’s happened now is that entire phones me

ClickFunnels™ Selling Secret

built inside of my ClickFunnels™ account all the pages all the images everything’s gonna be built inside my click phones account so I can start using it immediately after that’s done I click on the view funnel button and there it is the entire funnel is now inside my account on the left hand side here see these are all different pages that I showed you be neat inside this funnel and so you’re gonna go through in just edit each of those pages plug in your branding plug into your words and it’s done now I’m not gonna do that right now with you but I want to show you how easy it is on

this first page and click on the Edit Page button phal taking inside the ClickFunnels™ editor and now let me slide this funnel I basically come in here I can start having some fun so I click on the text I want I change it this is so much fun I click on images if I want I can grab them I can drag them and drop it move them around wherever I want to be at if I there’s the video here I click on video I put in my own video if I don’t like a logo for some example or for some reason I can change it with my logo click right here and I can you upload my own logo or Grabel it’s already here and boom

the logos in there or if I don’t like I can delete it altogether but that fashion is I can edit this template exactly the way I want to look for my brandy and then click Save and then click preview and that fast my entire funnel is live online ready to start sending traffic to now if there’s something I don’t like I can come back here and I can go back and keep editing it moving things around tweaking until it’s exactly the way I want it and it matches my branding and I look at my feel when I’m done click the exit button and I’m ready to go to the next page alright is that amazing now

after you’ve done that now after you’ve picked the funnel you’ve got to customize it and one thing will you notice look at these three pages they’re right here all three these pages look completely different yet they’re all based on the exact same template right I changed the colors I changed the images and they look completely different okay so it doesn’t matter what your branding looks like you can take these templates and tweak it to MIT to match your exact branding for your company okay so step two is you customize it and step three is you go out there and you launch it this is where we start driving traffic start making sales and it’s super super exciting okay and really quick I wanna

ClickFunnels™ Selling Secret

share with you a video for my friend right here his name’s Garrett J white about why he uses click funnels to build on all the funnels for his company as opposed to doing all the other things people have tried to do in the past hello my name is Gary J white the master coach mentor and founder of wake up warrior Academy and I will tell you this right now we have tested with platforms we have tested everything I have attempted for the past six years to use every

available software tool I could find that made it simpler for me to share my message and it started with WordPress and then it went plugins and then optimized press and then we went to kajabi and then we went to leadpages and these are all wonderful know the owners of these guys fantastic the software tools were amazing when ClickFunnels™ came out I was like dude I cannot handle another software tool I don’t give a shit we’re just gonna manage our stuff

between leadpages and kajabi and then my friends have just tested just try it out and I went to click funnels and no bullshit like every software incremental over the last five years has been a not a quantum shift in what you can do with the tool to get your message out to the marketplace they’ve been incremental so like there’s been a move from kajabi to leadpages or from optimized press to kajabi and they were these segmented steps that had slight improvements that made it easier click funnels though came out of nowhere they took the marketplace by storm just like Apple did when they first launched the I thought it was it was not a linear move anymore it was a quantum move

an improvement that’ll open up a gap to allow people just like you watching this people just like you and me who are not technically savvy we weren’t burning the matrix and we didn’t have a chip implanted in our heads we are not engineers or computer science majors and we don’t understand that stuff inherently ClickFunnels™ gave you you might friend an opportunity to cut and decrease the time of stress and anxiety and suffering behind a keyboard trust me the days you want to just pound vodka and throw your Mac out the window because you can’t figure shit out

ClickFunnels™ Selling Secret

ClickFunnels™ has brought it to a place that it is a quantum leap an opportunity which allows you just like the iPhone to not only look smarter but to feel smarter and ultimately to only deal with the stuff that matters which is getting your message about your product and your program service out to the marketplace I spend all the time in suicide watch and having to check yourself into a hospital and honestly trying to deal with everything else that’s come out before it so I’m not only fully endorsed ClickFunnels™ it’s the only software tool that we use when it comes to our funnels online

across all four of my businesses we’re not going anywhere else love Russell love this event this event married up to that software tool you are a dumbass if you don’t come and that’s okay there’s plenty of dumbasses on the planet just don’t let it be you okay now if you already have a click photos account all you got to do once again a scroll down below pick which one of these templates you like the most pick the template customize it and then launch it now if you don’t have a Thon’s account yet do not worry the same step is is true for you as well look down below for which

ClickFunnels™ Selling Secret: Williams automated webinar follows you want select the funnel it will take you the share of funnel page go and get your free 14-day trial and instantly will take that entire share phone you want if you want to or even feel free to take as many as you want click the button you’ll push them into your new click funnels trial and then you’ll have this funnel for free all you need right now is is scroll down below and pick which one of these funnels you want click on the button and get your free click funnels account thank you so much for using click phones I cannot wait for you launch your very first automated webinar funnel you ClickFunnels™ Selling Secret


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