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The One Big Takeaway From My Secret Mastermind And Dream 100 Con | FHTV Ep 111

ClickFunnels™ Secret Mastermind

ClickFunnels™ Secret Mastermind: In this week’s episode, Russell Brunson dives a little deeper to talk about why putting out so many “hooks” is one of the key marketing strategies for your business. Set in the backdrop of Russell’s Mastermind and the Dream 100 con, Russell explains why testing your headlines allows you to see what is capturing attention in your audience. ClickFunnels™ Secret Mastermind

ClickFunnels™ Secret Mastermind

(smooth guitar music) – [Russell] Good morning everybody, this is Russell Brunson. Today I’m streaming from a little cabin in the middle of nowhere. These last few days I’ve been on a top secret retreat with a whole bunch of amazing business owners, and it’s been cool, it’s been interesting.

I’m about to jump on a helicopter with this guy. – Let’s go baby! – [Russell] Are you flyin’ it? – I’m flyin’. (laughs) – [Russell] Are you flyin’? – Yeah, I’m flyin’. – [Russell] How many of these do you own at this point? – Helicopters? – [Russell] Yeah. – I want a helicopter. (laughing) – I’m slackin’ Russell. – Oh man. – [Russell] It’s interesting what you learn about yourself because I know I’m introverted by nature and I just assume that at this point in my life that I’m not.

Especially around a group of people that are in my same world. I’m like, “Oh, this is gonna be so much fun.” I don’t know, it was tough for me a lot of times. Introverted Russell kept popping out and it was knowing that about myself, I was like, “Why do I feel so awkward “in so many situations that don’t make sense?” So for any of you guys who feel that sometimes and you don’t understand.

ClickFunnels™ Secret Mastermind

You’re like, “Why do I feel awkward here? “Why do I not feel comfortable?” It still happens, even to me, even among my peer group where it’s just tough sometimes. But we proudly got through it and made some great relationships which was cool. (upbeat guitar music) We went fly fishing and then we went hiking, then we went and shot guns.

Yesterday we went to go fly fishing. It’s funny, we go down there and they get me all set up and teach me how to do the casting, which that part is kind of cool, you try to figure it out. It was interesting because I’m noticing that there’s this hook, I’ll get my pole and throw it in, then pull it out, throw it in, pull it out, throw it out, pull. And doing this over and over and over I was looking at it and I was like, “This is so much like business, right?” You guys have heard me talk about the whole hook story offer framework which is like the foundation of everything we’re teaching nowadays.

You have to create an irresistible offer then you’ve gotta have a story that amplifies the value of that offer, and then you have to have a hook that stops ’em and grabs ’em right? In our world now everyone’s so busy through social media. There’s a million things happening every second. How do you grab someone? If our hook doesn’t convince the fish that it’s a worm or a bug or whatever, they’re not gonna come and bite the line, right? I think a lot of times some of us are trying this business, putting out your first thing and nobody bites.

ClickFunnels™ Secret Mastermind

Then you’re like, “The thing doesn’t work, “it isn’t working.” It’s like, “No, your hook didn’t work, right?” You gotta keep throwing hook in after hook after hook after hook. Half of what I do in this business is figuring out hooks to grab people. Every email I send is a hook.  Every Facebook live is a hook.

Trying all these different hooks to see which things people respond to. But it’s interesting because even to me, tons of my hooks fail, and tons of the different messages I put out there do not resonate with people, they don’t do anything with them. It’s really fascinating. The good news is nobody knows when I fail because nobody sees them because we don’t put much advertising dollars behind it ’cause the first hook didn’t catch any fish, right? The same thing for you.

You’ve gotta cast out all these different messages and headlines and hooks and things until you find something that somebody grabs onto. (peaceful orchestral music) Hey Brendon, where are we en route right now? – We are jumping in helicopters and we’re going to a lake. – Secretly. – A secret lake in Jackson Hole for some kayaking. We’re helicoptering in, kayaking around, and then getting these guys on airplanes. – So this is an Illuminati meeting and he is the head of the, no just kidding. (laughing) I think it’s Walker. Who’s the head of this organization anyway?

They literally brought the helicopter directly to the place we’re staying at. (lively rock music) – Alright, we’re here. We’re off to jump on those kayaks right there and they’re taking us into the river before we actually fly home in a few minutes. So that’s what’s happening. – You know something I’m just thankful for my father gave me a love of nature when I was young. So if you’re parents out there get your kids outside. (dramatic rock music) – Alright, good morning morning.

ClickFunnels™ Secret Mastermind

So I went to bed last night, sent all those images we were doodling on my bed over here, sent all these awesome things to Vlad and woke up this morning and guess what’s done? Boom, three types of traffic.  Pretty awesome. So now we got all the presentations I need for the event today with Dana Derricks. I’m giving a new presentation I’ve never done before that is actually the framework for the new Traffic Secrets book. I have a two hour time slot so for two hours I’m gonna be teaching the framework for my book, and I’m gonna see what hits and what doesn’t. So excited to try it out and hopefully it resonates with people.

So we’ll see. (laughing) Alright, wish me luck, I’m gonna go over my slides. – [Narrator] Dream 100 Con getting going! (upbeat pop music) – Mr. Russell Brunson! (crowd cheering) (crowd clapping) – Oh, well thank you guys so much. I am excited to be here, this is so much fun. I feel like I’m with a whole bunch of my family and friends. This event’s called Dream 100 Con, it’s about Dream 100, which is like the foundation of Traffic Secrets. This is the perfect audience and opportunity for me on a small scale to test out my material.

The third type of traffic, and this is the best and the most important, is the traffic that you own. My entire goal of our business, if you look at everything we’re doing from a traffic generation standpoint, is to convert traffic I can control, traffic that I earn into traffic that I actually own. ‘Cause if you own the traffic, that’s the secret sauce right?

ClickFunnels™ Secret Mastermind

ClickFunnels™ Secret Mastermind

And to feel what works, what doesn’t work, cut things out, move things around, and then I’m gonna start writing the book. But notice what I’m doing right, I’m throwing hooks out on the side of the thing, just throwing hook, hook, hook, trying to see what things people resonate with, what things people are gravitating towards. Jay Abraham taught me this initially.

So look, if you’re trying to find two adventure partners, Dream 100, first you gotta figure out is where does your product, your service, fit in the timeline of your dream customer, and you gotta figure out what are all the services they need before they come to you and what are all the services they need after they come to you. (lively rock music) (clapping) So for you, I want you just thinking about that. If you’re writing your webinar page, you’re doing your thing, and you haven’t been throwing out hooks, you’re just guessing.

You’re gonna write the first version of your book and you’re gonna get it back and it may suck. It may be awesome, you may have landed the first time, but you gotta go out on the road and test your material, and you should do it through all these different means. Do it through podcast interviews. Test out your framework. Test out your concepts and see what lands and what doesn’t. And then do the same thing on Facebook live, do it on your own page, do it on other people’s page.

ClickFunnels™ Secret Mastermind: You’re just testing out material the whole time so you can find out what lands and what doesn’t land. Hope it helps, guys. Time to start throwing some hooks and if you do that you’re gonna have a lot of fun. Alright, I gotta bounce, I gotta get everything packed up and get outta here so they don’t leave me, ’cause if I miss the helicopter flying me back to the airport, then I am screwed. So alright, thanks everybody. Appreciate you all, thanks for listening and we’ll talk to you soon. ClickFunnels™ Secret Mastermind


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