ClickFunnels™ Sales Copy – 1 Thing Every Female Entrepreneur Must Master

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The #1 Thing Every Female Entrepreneur Must Master…  Funnel Friday’s Episode #51 –

ClickFunnels™ Sales Copy

ClickFunnels™ Sales Copy: In this episode we’ll go all Sigmund Freud as we analyze a psychologist who helps female entrepreneurs get their minds right so they can balance work, family, and self esteem. This UK Firecracker needs Russell and Jim to help her ignite her high-ticket funnel that, although it’s already making sales, needs a psycho sales power boost. Tune in LIVE to watch as the Funnel Fridays team does more funnel hacking magic in 20 minutes than most people do all week! ClickFunnels™ Sales Copy

ClickFunnels™ Sales Copy

And we are live. What’s up? Jim cat? What’s up? It’s not a cat. It’s a unicorn unicorn jib. Stylish. I am to even left the price tag on there. See I’m all I’m all hip-hop a tea with my thing. Yeah, very tag. It was awesome. There you go. Do those laser vision or 3D Vision or something. Like it’s just awesomeness. That’s all you need. That’s all you need to know. It’s just awesome. Pierre awesome is awesome sauce.

That is amazing. I love it. Oh actually well, I got something today if you guys are all seen the most recent vendors movie. Which one the most recent one that the one with the fist in the spirit survives only Fades away Russell survived Fades away. I think it’s very cool. I got a new patch for my hat. Say happy can read it.

That’s my new that’s my new patch for today become with the hat or did you know people send me stuff dude, but as always we give you the warning ahead of time, it’s some point we will probably offend you throughout this show not Russell, but me Jim will definitely find you. I’m gonna try my best to clean up that mess afterwards you go.

We’re gonna see Matt’s in a little while excited to be here today with you. I’m excited to we’ve got some cool stuff to go through. So we’ve also got some neat Neato Bandido stuff with a funnel Scripps has been improving lately even more or which is hard to believe but Apparently it’s happening. It’s awesome. Okay, George fight about whose funnel working with today and then we’ll talk about what we’re going to be doing.

Okay. Do you want to show it on your screen? And you want me to show it on mine? Yeah. I can show my screen here. Okay. Well the basically what we’re going to be talking about and this is pretty cool. This is one of our final scripts and ClickFunnels™ customers. And basically, it’s super cool. What she does is she actually helps female entrepreneurs to overcome stress and just the the thing specifically that are keeping them from being able to succeed as entrepreneurs.

ClickFunnels™ Sales Copy

You know that I stressed out sometimes too. Yeah, I this is aimed at she’s a psychologist and got degrees and stuff and you know, unlike me that they just let me out of college and said don’t come back. She apparently is like super smart. And so what Katie’s got is a course that she’s offering as well as she’s got a webinar that she’s using as part of her funnel. So what we wanted to talk about today was just you know, knee-jerk reaction to What you see Russell and then talk about how we could use funnel scripts to To as the Brits would say tart it up so that before yeah, that’s a British phrase man tarted up. That means make it look make it look fancy make it look better. If I told my kids that they would die hard it up. There you go. No tart tart not heart.

Okay T. Not a d that sounds better than okay. So you have one of these Patches by the you might want to get that close little did I know so this is the sales letter version for selling a product. We correct pricing down here is one select prices are going to go for 97 pounds. How much is that us? You know like twice as much. All right, so g a thousand bucks and this is the webinar version right here a g a g a g yo meat is it called?

Are you my new channel? Any? Oh, I can’t because I’m a young guy. You can’t say it though, but I’m allowed to hear. Okay, just okay. So this is the two bottles we’re going to do a couple things. I’m gonna get the timer started here so we can start this party officially, but I think the game plan is I’m going to start working on some of the stuff and then Jim’s going to show off something exciting and new in fact, we start with clocks and begin the party but so just you guys know earlier. Jim was showing me all the new Final trip.

So I guess I’ll see you in if ownership still alive the new UI looks insanely good looks amazing and Jimmy’s tell me he was like, yeah, I was going through all the scripts and it was like a little kid going through your cleaning out your closet and you find all these like toys. I I forgot I had that toy and it’s always amazing final steps. I didn’t even know about two weeks ago about today’s like them in there for a long time.

And so we want to use some of those for some cool things. So I just ruined your stories are so excited. Yeah. So anyway, As going to show you guys some cool stuff, but then Russell just did it so it’s cool. So, but anyway, let me show you real quick while he’s working on that. This is the circle not the the framework of this phone can redo tomorrow we’re going so I will show up there you guys so here’s here is the new UI for final scripts and this is final scripts version 3.0 and we actually have 51 downloadable or 51 online scripts six downloadable scripts now we started with 19 online and to to of the downloadable ones and it’s just organized. We got it really organized. Well into like this is these are all the experts secret scripts. We got it all organized into sub dashboards and whatnot and makes it a lot easier for you to use it another cool thing that we have actually is a save function.

ClickFunnels™ Sales Copy

So now you can save/load and even share your funnel scripts projects, which is pretty amazing you do it right there from Cloud so little strips. Yes share like share funnel scripts. So let’s say you’re promoting as an affiliate or you’ve got people in your Niche that you’re that are also in final scripts. You can literally fill out funnel scripts save the project and then share the link to that project so they can load it into their final scripts use it as is or modify it so you can do that with all the funnel scripts now, that’s pretty cool.

So this is actually the same page and I was working on one for for Katie and this is one of the scripts that I rediscovered was the Timeless classic headline scripts. These are these are scripts that just have stood the test of time for over like a hundred years and they’re still awesome.

So what I thought we’d do is just come up with some cool headlines for her as always with funnel scripts. If you have never used a script before we have a bunch of example projects and some of them some we only just have one or two. You just load one. Then you want to look and see how we answer them but these are super easy. This is just asking you questions.

Anybody can answer you who’s your target audience? What’s your main topic? What’s the big thing? They really want and whose their enemy. So I mean this is take it like three minutes to fill this out. That’s a not to interrupt here. But we got green card balancing that he needs a funnel in the comments who needs what Grant we’re gonna fuck you man.

He needs us to do a final form. You want to be on next on Fridays? I think I think that would be wonderful we fight. Yeah, that would be cool. So let’s just go through a couple of these and the cool thing that we can do. I’m gonna clear out my little clip in here for but the cool thing like with ever all final scripts is you can add these things to your clip bin. So like most people struggle to come up with one good headline now, I’m handing you a hundred so you can do amazing testing and whatnot. Especially with click Fung’s funnels. It’s super easy to do.

ClickFunnels™ Sales Copy

So, here’s one a little mistake that cost a female entrepreneur three thousand dollars a year. Oh. Thousands of female entrepreneurs have this Priceless gift but never Discover it now that sounds good for Katie’s thing. Don’t you think I like that? He said that’s the only size the headline right? Now. Look at this. I can do it super quick. Watch. This guy’s I can just click the copy button Kabam take it over in here and cut pow and I’ve sent it over to Russ. Did you see how fast my God Kabam?

Let’s see. Oh for female entrepreneurs who dare to be rich. That’s a good one to copy paste onto I need them both. So you look at that that see this is why you know, most people honestly here kids. We want around. I’m going to stop sharing my screen just for a second explain to you most people when they create a headline, they’re so happy that they got the one headline done there. Like I’m done it’s over. I got a headline.

Finished the thing that most people don’t understand is that testing headlines is where a huge amount of your profits going to come from me personally. I’ve made as much as a 500% increase in sales just by changing one headline. So you need to test your headlines. It’s a but most people don’t so what final scripts let you do is come up with a ton of different headlines so that you can test and in this particular case. They’re all based on proven headlines that have been like proven to work like over like the centuries man.

So anyway, I just I bring that up now back to the show back to the show. That’s good point because I’m same way like also trying to get one headline takes amazing and then like, I don’t know we should be you don’t want to write another one another one and honestly like when our trafficking son Drive traffic they want like a hundred headlines for me and Mike.

So now in fact, I literally gave him all along the final script. That’s like, how about this you guys write a hundred of them?  And tell me which one works the best. It’s really cool. And one of them goes in and uses funnel scripts ins like Russell. I worked on this for a week. I got a hundred. Can I have a raise in Russells? Like yeah, man. That’s a great. It’s a shame for you not to make good money when these female entrepreneurs do it so easily that’s another good one. It doesn’t really good headline especially for Mike and then have a kind of case studies underneath it. Yeah.

I mean it’s on this isn’t a normal hip I was which wizard is that you’re you know, this is this is the this is the this is the Timeless classic headline Scripts. This is mint before. Yeah, okay text alert. Oh nevermind are stupid. Sorry, honey, the sweetest sound these female entrepreneurs here online is the sales ding of their shopping cart. the secret to making a huge impact That’s pretty cool.

ClickFunnels™ Sales Copy

Okay. So anyway you want any more of these. Are you are you going to do about the other success stories that the He had the last week said like a minute ago. Which one was that? So now these other daydream about success like these other entrepreneurs on like that. I don’t know. And Jim while we’re in some downtown, we’ve got some questions where these headlines coming from. They sound great. Oh, well, these headlines are coming from funnel scripts and funnel scripts is the amazing online software that makes it push-button simple for you to be able to create headlines bullets entire sales letters even webinars just by filling out a form answering a few questions.

No experience required we explain because I don’t like a lot of people understand like, oh Jim’s made some headlines like we explained it like, okay. So here’s basically how funnel scripts works. I’m going to send you this headline real quick. So before I forget basically this is what funnel scripts does what I have done over the years and Russell help me but Movin doing this now for three years and to me, I think we’d agree that pretty much. This is my baby. Now, we worked on it together to begin with but basically what we do, With funnel scripts is it asks you a series of questions that you can answer that? It’s does not require a whole lot of thought but it will make you think the thoughts you should think as far as your customers.

Then I have literally in all of these synthesized in some cases tens of thousands of different examples literally and boiled them down to templates that work and work no matter whether you sell physical products Services digital products, and then we take your answers and we put them through seriously a form of artificial intelligence that merges your stuff with these templates and spits out exactly what you need.

So in some cases that simpler than others, but that’s basically what funnel scripts does we take it out of your head match it up with the Them out the ages when it comes to sales copy and then give it to you in copy and paste format that you literally can edit it and you’ve got your first you got your first draft one other cool thing that we’ve done in the new version if you see all these headlines, you’re like man, I don’t know which one or just it’s weird to see them online. Watch this.

I click get results. I come over here. Click D OC X click to get results. I can download all of these headlines in a word file right through my browser now so I can take this I can print it off. I can mark it up. I can share this with my team. I mean look at this. We you just most people are sitting there struggling to come up with one headline with the click of a mouse you filled out a form in five minutes, and I’ve given you five and a half pages of some of the best headlines ever written in the history of people buying stuff from people looking like three hours writing your headline.

ClickFunnels™ Sales Copy

Yeah yard Carlton like the less literally write your headline here using it’s correct. So that’s what funnel scripts is. And we you know, this is just one of the scripts let’s look at another one because some of the other stuff that people can do I walk you through it. So we did the Timeless classic ones. Another thing you can do the we have the sales opener question scripts which again, this is one that I told Russell. I was like dang man. I forgot I did this one.

But what this does one of the fastest ways are easiest ways to hear hang on one second. So one of the easiest things that you can do to start a to start an ad to start a post to start off a sales letter landing page or a webinar is to ask people a question and to ask them a question is going to grab their attention, but it’s also going to segment your audience and I’ve heard some people who know about sales copy whole say stuff like oh you should never ask a question because somebody could answer no well, let me tell. Something there chucklehead whoever answers no ain’t gonna buy from you anyway, so you might as well segment and right up front with the with the poster with the ads they don’t click your and it don’t cost you no money.

So, you know this prevailing wisdom Step at it, but I digress the point is the fastest fastest way. You can create a headliner to write an ad is to ask a question. And so this is where the sales opener question script comes from. So let’s look at this. So our target audience here is a female entrepreneur. We’re just going to fill this out.

Okay it mean that’s dude. What’s your who’s your target audience? Okay, what’s something they want more? They want more Sales Online. What’s something else they want? They want more impact on their auditory on your audience. Okay, what the negative thing? They want to avoid? They want to avoid making mistakes. And online business.

Okay, what something else they want to do? Okay, they want to avoid feeling foolish. Okay. Boom. How long did that take to fill out like 60 seconds? Okay, and I’m not a woman. I don’t you know, I still I still filled it out because I kind of understand what people want. But you know you ask an in your audience imagine you were talking to an audience and you said you know, you tired of making mistakes and online business. Yeah, but look at this. This is one of the things I said where we have some artificial intelligence here all these places where you have blue text.

You can literally rewrite these bullets, you know, are you worried about making mistakes and online business? Yeah. I mean it anywhere you so you can just keep whacking this until it reads the way you want. You know, let’s see. Do you want more Sales Online? Yes. Are you looking for more online sales? Do you need to Mark make more sales want to make more sales than you ever imagined want to make more sales and every other female entrepreneur that might not be happy. But um, you know want to make one line. Then your competitors. Yeah, are you a female entrepreneur who wants to make more sales?

ClickFunnels™ Sales Copy

So it’s we got all these questions here. And if you don’t like them like, you know, you tired of making mistakes. You don’t want to make mistakes or maybe they want to avoid wasting money. Okay on online ads are wasting money on ads that don’t work. Well, all we have to do is come up here. Whack this button. It’ll change everything.

All right is wasting money on ads that don’t work making you lose sleep. Yeah, you bet so so you can that’s an ad I mean that could literally be an ad. I’ve seen some of the most effective traffic generation ads I’ve ever seen on Facebook have been and question.

With black lettering on a white text background just taking up 20% of the of the graphic because of their because of their Rule and that question right there. Somebody sees that they’re like, yep. I’m tired of it. Let me click it and see what that’s all about. And if you’re not tired of it, they won’t click and it don’t cost you no money. Did you bring a lot of people tell them what you think of ideas for Facebook live and think of ideas for Instagram post ideas.

So if you look at just your again, like right there I can you Facebook live. Like are you female engineer hoping to make more Sales Online? Hey, I’m a female expert. Ooh, I like I’ve always struggled bubble. Boom Facebook live or Instagram swipe up at or whatever right? And then you show you let me show you something else. That’s pretty cool. All right, we’ll open this one and the cool thing about these now we can save these online. Can you fill out to two things real quick Russell? You know, who’s our target audience female entrepreneur?

They what are they interested in if I could spell entrepreneur? What are they interested in making more money making more money? Okay. Watch this you want unlimited ideas for Facebook live. Boom Oh, by the way, what I’m showing is the Seinfeld email topic ideas script but 11 great money-making tips for female entrepreneurs bam three questions everything and I’m here to tell you three questions.

Every female entrepreneur should ask about making more money. What are to making more money Trends? You see coming in the near future. Dude, you got ideas coming out making sure that I see coming very near future. Yeah.You make this an easier  Jim. I don’t know only if I came to your house and filled it out while you made my favorite lunch, which is Sushi.

ClickFunnels™ Sales Copy

ClickFunnels™ Sales Copy

And I don’t know too many Sushi chefs, but look at this. Here you go. Go sit in your hot tub with this and certain. Oh, that’s just what I do. I print stuff off and I head out to the hot tub with a highlighter and a pen. But look at this man six pages of freaking ideas. You could create content about and all you had to do was fill into things.

I mean come on now and here’s the other thing I save this and I’m like, whoo so I can save this. I’ll just put female ideas. Don’t take that out of context, but now I can come back over here and let’s say you know, I’m going I’m in my saved projects and stuff and I’m like man I need another idea. So oh look, there’s my female ideas think notice all the little cool little Graphics are on the side is kind of cool. So anyway, I can load that right and I say, you know what? I’m targeting female entrepreneurs, but this time I want to talk about book publishing.

Okay, I’ll whack that button and look they’re all completely different. Everything’s different. You’ve got like a hundred new ideas and stuff. So, I mean that’s really the power of funnels and we’re I’m just barely scratching the surface of what this does for you now, but with between the save feature the training that we do every month mean dude, we do a live training every single month people tell me that they I should just say the training is what you’re paying for and from those groups is free or some people say thanks for the free training don’t care come for the training come for the scripts, but come on. It’s time to get started with this people. ClickFunnels™ Sales Copy

Look at my Facebook the live page. Literally. I took headline number one just send me foam have uh, number two gyms that me boom and then down here and let him go three and those that took three highlights and final scripts. I mean this page converts it. Hi 60% I got plug-in Julie Susie’s Navy stories here. That’s this have like kind of pre setup. But that page was a template and click funnels was free. I click the button replaces final scripture words. And now I’ve got a thing that will make me insane amounts of money.

I don’t know what else we can do Jim. How do you make this easier people are asking where to get it or do you get from where do you put all scripts? If you don’t have it yet? Holy crap. You’ve got a final and you can watch an amazing training posted by Russell Brunson and yours truly that will not only teach you some really cool things about sales copy, but also do a demo of funnel scripts or if you’re ready if you’ve been on the fence if you’ve been thinking about funnel scripts over the last I don’t know three years now, you can go to funnel /go and sign up today.

ClickFunnels™ Sales Copy

I’m after Russell hardcore to raise the price of funnel scripts like every time a day. When are we going to raise prices film scripts? When are we going to raise the price of own scripts like mmmm. So Bryce was already. So that’s true. We doubled the price. So Whitey Ford it forces you to double the price again. It’s coming because I mean this is we’ve got 51 online scripts we’ve got Three years of training in there for you. We’ve got six downloadable scripts.

You can create an entire perfect webinar based on Russell’s Secrets book and then where he improved the blueprint of the perfect webinar, you can literally download a piece of software fill out a form and have it pop out your amazing perfect webinar all the slides all the promo materials all the stack everything for you.

It’s amazing. In fact, if you have expert Secrets, did you know that all the main scripts that we have an expert secrets are also in funnel scripts. You can create your curiosity hook your ass campaign your Epiphany bridge and short Epiphany Bridge the masterclass the opportunity switch headline the perfect webinar the big domino in the who-what statements gripped. It is like Russell.

I’ve it’s like I suck the book out of Russell’s head jammed it into my head and we had a baby together right there on the internet. We did have a baby is so cute. So anyway that answers the question of where do you go get punishment? So we’re thinking sorry. Sure. ClickFunnels™ Sales Copy

Did you know that least of the traffic Secrets event last week and I do about every single traffic constant known to man on these little beetles. I know dude, I gotta watch the replay of that. I should have been there but I couldn’t require strip someday to go into final scripts which would be exciting. So Dude, I’m all over that. But can I just share something with everybody? Can I share one thing Russell?

Can I can I share something? Yes. Okay. Let me tell you everybody’s got their wallet. Everybody’s got a credit card in there. Everybody has the ability to come up with a little bit of money that we’re looking for for funnel script versus what you get or you can go out this weekend and you can literally Set Fire to the money in your wallet by buying something stupid. Like I don’t know Chick-fil-A and renting movies and all the other stuff or you can literally take that same money invested in a year of final scripts and change your frickin life forever. The choice is up to you. Are you going to take that money and do something to help your children? Are you just going to set that money on fire and have nothing to show for it when Monday rolls around except tears of regret to you.

ClickFunnels™ Sales Copy

I love it. Well, that was a lot of fun. Okay, I build something posted this year. First time watching on Fridays basically build this funnel and then after it’s done we go to final We put the replay at this video and to share funneling for this and for every other episode left in the room today. This is episode 51 Nays are 51 share funnels and we’ve pre-built they’re over there for you something that is like a beautiful it Russell as like we literally like four episodes ago did a whole thing on a filly marketing we both entire funnel then we put it in there. So there’s tons of gifts you guys over funnel Friday. I make it even better Russell.

Can I make it even better please. Do I am sending you the links to the share going to share funnel scripts? Dude, I have shared them and I am sending them to you right now. So if you have a funnel scripts account, you will be able to load those projects in and use them.

There you go. Why not? Well seen you don’t deliver today. Hope you guys had fun on the show Jim amazing time. As always. Thank you for showing off all the new fun stuff for you guys who are stuck with I said landing pages of this your stuff. Like I don’t race for ads or Instagram and Facebook lives or whatever. You just saw exactly easy. Just go up by five thousand things in 5 seconds. So final scripts dot-coms where you get out stuff and photo fries are comes we can get this year funnel as well as all it has done in the past and watch back episodes of fun with Jim and I and if you want us to do one of your products on the show and also from submitted their right they have this.

ClickFunnels™ Sales Copy: Yeah, then if you’re if you’re a member of final scripts, you just go into the funnel scripts and scroll down to the bottom on the left and you can see the link and you two could possibly be featured on a future episode of fun. Fridays. Awesome. They say I appreciate you think you’re making out with us today on YouTube. Instagram Facebook Instagram and Facebook. We lost our Periscope phone, so Twitter doesn’t get to see this anymore, but find that phone will bring it back to Paris go to anyway. Appreciate you guys. Thank you Jim. It’s everybody’s hanging out and we’ll talk to you as all again soon. Bye guys. ClickFunnels™ Sales Copy


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