Rule Of 97 (What Side Are You On?) – Sean Briscombe – FHR #221

ClickFunnels™ Rule Of 97

ClickFunnels™ Rule Of 97: Why Dave Decided to talk to Sean: Sean Briscombe learned as an Olympic diver for the US team the importance of modeling. As a “Dellionaire” he saw fortunes created and lost in a short period of time. He now uses his skills to help others understand the rule of 97 and the importance it plays in helping them fund their passions. ClickFunnels™ Rule Of 97

ClickFunnels™ Rule Of 97

Welcome to funnel hacker Radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results. Here’s your host Dave Woodward everybody.

Welcome back to find a hacker radio. This is gonna be a fun episode. I have the opportunity bringing on a dear friend of mine Sean brisk. I’m Sean. Welcome to the show.  Thank you so much Dave. I really appreciate the opportunity here John.

The fun thing about you is you approached me at the funnel hacking live with this crazy situation where you just seen as raised over a million dollars from operation for operation Underground Railroad. We did this documentary and you’re sitting there going, you know, Dave there’s over 3,000 people here a lot of them successful people over a hundred people watch cross the stage each and over a hundred basically received a to comical plaque meaning they sold over a million dollars in a funnel.

We have 15 of them who sold over 10 million dollars and funnel. There’s a ton of Revenue that’s being generated out of this group. And again, I In there as we were talking about this with the idea as far as you know, if you figured you had 3,000 people there and if the average just highs and lows just make it simple math here was $100,000 from a business on the highs and lows here. You know, you’re looking at what’s a three billion dollars or some crazy situation.

ClickFunnels™ Fund Your Passion

I mean, it’s just insane amount of money that’s being generated and yet at the same time, one of the things you made mention of is, you know, Dave a lot of people these entrepreneurs are paying a lot in taxes and they don’t need to and I was like, I’m fascinated by that because I am of the opinion I would like to pay as little of my share of taxes as I possibly can. I don’t mind paying my fair share just want it to be small, but I think the key to it here is what are some of the things I mean again, you’ve had the opportunity of A little background on Shawn. I mean I’ll let you tell your own background and I know your stories are your better telling it. So tell people is far some of your background Stars your kids your situation.

And yeah, I do it the next minute and a half to two minutes here. So I want to die so soon.Yeah, so when I went up to you and again, thank you for letting me interrupt your dinner. I literally walked up to you and and made myself comfortable right next to you while you’re chomping away and I felt I still feel bad for the so thank you for letting me be your space, but got a chance to meet your wife and your kids and you know, you’ve got a great family. And so that kind of got me talking about my family and my wife and and foster care and adoption and what they’re doing with operation Underground Railroad, and it was just so exciting for me to be part of this community. You know, I was just so excited to be in the mix and funnel hacking live and to see these entrepreneurs and what they’re capable of doing and then all of a sudden it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Oh my gosh. I wonder how much tax money. Is going out the door that we could be giving and handing over to these people and you know, naturally I was talking to my wife during funnel had during that week. I brought my whole family. I made it a family vacation took the family to Disney and had a blast but you know, I was talking to my wife about just how awesome it was how they were over 200, you know members of ClickFunnels™ have walked across the stage.

ClickFunnels™ Rule Of 97

I’m a I’m a part of wake up Warrior Garrett Jai White’s program and you know love him to death and love what Warriors all about and got to see a lot of my warrior Brothers walk across the stage and Garrett got a 10x award and we were all excited about that. And you know, I’m sitting there he came up to me and he hugged me and he’s like, how are you doing what’s going on? And while I’m talking to him, you know, Brandon and Kaylin Poland walk up and so I’m just like in awe. It’s like I’ve gone to Mecca, you know, but I’m just like talk to my wife about it and she goes No, I bet there are a lot of entrepreneurs that would want to know how they could kind of divert a lot of the tax dollars that they’re spending into other charitable causes kind of like what we’re doing and I thought man, why is she always right?

So that’s kind of what prompted me to come and plop myself down next to you and start talking about it. I you know, like I told you when I was there my wife and I we’ve been married since o9 and prior to that. Let me take a step back prior to that. I was a diver I trained for the Olympic team and I was at eight years old started training with the college coach at Stanford University and just for whatever reason I excelled at this sport love the sport.

And so when I was 14, I was shipped off away from home to go train with the Olympic team with Greg Louganis and the whole Olympic team down in Mission Viejo, California, and you know got to travel the world loved it, but what I what I learned through That whole life that whole life of being an athlete at that level was had a model people. You know, I remember modeling Greg Louganis actually watching him do a dive and then running up on the diving board and trying to copy exactly what he was doing.

And so that’s kind of how I grew up was just modeling these athletes and I got to be one of the best in the world by doing that by just modeling people which is funny because that’s kind of what Russell keeps preaching and talking is, you know, don’t try to reinvent the wheel here copy or model what works and apply it to your life and apply it to what you’re doing. So it’s just an odd interesting fact that kind of fits hand in glove.

ClickFunnels™ Rule Of 97

ClickFunnels™ Rule Of 97

So after my diving career after Atlanta in 96 had an awesome career travel around the world competed for the US and the national team after Atlanta I decided I wanted to make a bunch of money, right? So I jumped into business and I was living in Austin Texas training with the the Olympic coach. University of Texas here and so naturally the next thing to do was to go work for Dell computer.

So I jumped into Dell computer started working as a sales manager made a bunch of money there. They were you know throwing stock options at us like crazy and the stock was splitting every year and so that’s kind of how we built our wealth was through stock and got tired of working and just really burned out. I was exhausted. We were working 70 hours a week and had no time for fun. We’re making good money, but no time to really enjoy life. And so I decided to retire at the ripe old age of 29 and sold everyone everyone else does too. I mean everyone retires at 29.

Yeah, but it was you know, what was funny is in Austin Texas at the time that was the thing to do if you were a delyan are quote unquote Delian are that’s just what you did and so it was this, you know, what wasn’t even that I wanted to really quit or retire. It was just what everybody did which is kind of interesting how we just follow people.

That regard so retired had fun traveled around went water skiing all the time. And at the end of the summer. I got a phone call from a friend of mine and she was like, you know, Hey, listen, I’m starting this. I’m working with this startup company. This mall is company called a company and at the time dot coms were just exploding they were they were startup companies everywhere in Austin, Texas.

So I jumped in and started helping them and within a year we had created this really cool site. It was a shopping mall kind of one of the very first Universal shopping cart Technologies online, you know at the time Amazon was just selling books and Priceline was in the travel space and but nobody had kind of put them all together. So that was kind of our Niche we put them all together. And what was unique was you could throw everything in your shopping cart and check-out one time and what we did was we took the money and we threw it in an escrow account.

ClickFunnels™ Fund Your Passion

And we would pay out those anchor stores 30 days later. So we were able to float this cash for 30 days earning interest on all that money. And of course that caught the attention of a lot of venture capital firms in Austin time, and we were we were gobbled up. We had a liquidity event. They bought us out and we were sitting there with a big pile of cash and as you know, 29 30 year old entrepreneurs thinking that we own the world that we were masters of our universe we decided to go all in with the next company and so we we pushed it all into the center of the table and we decided that we were going to you know, 10x our returns and we started a second company second company was a great idea.

Unfortunately horrible timing. That’s when bubble burst and you know rather than doing the smart thing as entrepreneurs and business owners and and taking our chips off the table and shutting the company down we decided to forego Salaries and pay our employees only to let him go six or eight months later, you know what every employee, you know, every entrepreneur goes through at some point.

Anyway, so learned a lot, you know made a bunch of money and then burned it all the ground and you know started talking to some friends of mine Adele who they had also invested in dot-coms, but they didn’t lose any money and so I got really interested in what they were doing and I just started following them around and learning as much as I could from them. I had friends that were in the diving World previous that were now hedge fund managers and it seeing tons of success in the hedge fund world and just was really well connected because of my diving because of those days in diving so fast forward to you know, after bubble burst and the next big thing is real estate.

So I decide I’m going to jump into real estate and of course over the next few years real estate starts gaining in value and everything looks good until In eight hits and then we have the real estate bubble popping again. We lost everything and so I noticed these Cycles happening where there were these build and burn cycles and I got really interested in how my friends who were really doing. Well how they didn’t lose the money but everybody else did and simultaneously my wife and I Ellen we got married in 2009 and you know because of my diving career because my coaching days I always wanted to be a dad.

ClickFunnels™ Rule Of 97

I always thought I’d be a just an awesome dad because I was a really good coach as a diving coach. And so we got married and we got pregnant right away and the whole family was all excited and three months later. We ended up having a miscarriage and we lost our child and it really sent us both kind of into a tailspin where we got severely depressed. We didn’t know how to function and my business went under, you know, just a horrible pit, but out of that pit out of that. Pain something really interesting happened.

We met some friends through my wife’s best friend from high school. We were introduced to them and really cool couple they had kids of their own and they were going through foster care licensing. They were going to get their license to actually take on more kids, even though they had their own kids and we started talking to him about the process and they said, you know, you never know.

Maybe this is what God’s calling you to do. Maybe you should try and get your foster care license and to you know, help some of these kids and so we reluctantly kind of started that process and typically the process is about 30 days. You know, you got to get a background check and FBI background check you got to do a financial check.

You’ve got to have your home inspected and the whole process takes about 30 days. Well, it took us about a year because we were so afraid of what we were getting into we just you know is one of those things Dave where you literally get you almost Have to make a commitment first to doing something just to get enough courage to take the first step and and out of that process. Then you start to get more clear and and become more certain on on your direction and where you’re going because we had no idea what we were getting into.

You know, it was literally we were feeling horrible time. We were still kind of nursing our own wounds and yet we wanted to grow this family had no idea what we were getting into when we just took the, you know leap of faith and did it but out of that what happened was as soon as we got licensed we got these two little girls Chiquita and Sarah and they were the two youngest siblings of a group of six kids and two adults.

ClickFunnels™ Rule Of 97

They had been living in a one-bedroom apartment complex and Mom and Dad were hooked on drugs there was you know right now today there are twenty-eight hundred kids in Central Texas in Austin that are in the foster care system. And most of that is driven by drug use, you know meth Is kind of the drug of choice here for some reason so their parents were hooked on meth that CPS took all of the kids and took them to a group home and there weren’t enough beds in the group home for the two youngest ones. So we got the phone call and that changed everything for us. We instantly knew this is what we were meant to do.

And so we focused and committed that we were going to become foster parents for the long term. We were going to be adopting kids. And since that time we have fostered seven girls all girls for some reason. I think you know God’s playing a trick on me or something but wonderful girls and we’ve adopted to in that process and that’s kind of where my wife and I spend all of our time and energy and effort and money is on these kids.

And so we started, you know, we started Our Own Foundation we call it’s the kind foundation and it’s focused on supporting and Providing resources to foster parents and and foster kids that are struggling and to help kids there.

You know, there are a lot of kids in the foster care system at least here in Texas that are what we call aging out of the system. They’re turning 18 and what happens to kids when they turn 18 in foster care is the government literally kicks him to the curb. They become homeless at that point.

And so there’s a huge void to help kids and and not save them but get them educated with enough skill sets and in shift their mindset to where they can really believe that their that they matter that they have value. They can actually give back and contribute to society.

ClickFunnels™ Rule Of 97

You know, these kids have been through so much trauma that it makes it really difficult as a parent especially to to help these kids and With them where they’re at because you know my daughter. Can you I know one of the most things do your extremely passionate about obviously is going to be foster kids. Hmm. And I know as we were talking earlier it was this whole idea as far as utilizing tax dollars or opportunities that exist out there to really fund your passions and those things whether it was Operation Underground Railroad, which obviously ClickFunnels™ does.

We also do World teacher aide and there’s different things that we have interest in for you obviously the most you want to be a dad and that connection would be in a dad and being involved with foster kids is what your passion is that now is then lead you into a situation to where professionally you’re going about trying to find different ways of helping others with financial resources to utilize tax codes and things to then turn around and actually fund the whatever their passion projects. Is that correct?

Yes. Oh I’ve been in you Financial services for 17 years now as Financial educator and coach and consultant show clients various strategies and you know being a foster parent and wanting being so passionate about these kids and wanting to help them out. It really forced us. We had a big problem. We were like, okay, how do we fund this?

You know, it’s one thing to be passionate about something. It’s another thing to be able to create the resources that you need to actually pull it off, you know, and it’s interesting because I love the again. I love the ClickFunnels™ community because the mission and purpose of ClickFunnels™ is so clear. It’s to to create a business that matters so that you can put a dent in the world so that you can really make an impact in some way.

ClickFunnels™ Rule Of 97

And so we became passionate about not just how do we make the money to do this?But how do we keep the money? How do we grow the money and how do we direct the money in a more private more chair? The way so that we can fund our foundation and obviously this isn’t a tax this disclaimer.

This has nothing but I know legal advice tax advice Financial advice at all. But at the same time, I think you’re as you made mention as far as the click most Community. There’s a lot of people who are in your same situation sure who are building a business to then fun some other things. So yeah, what is it that you guys are then doing? The answer is a charitable remainder trust. Is it? I mean what what are you doing?

What are in the next three or four minutes your get share some ideas. What are some tips and things that they could do in either restructuring their entity or doing things that they could then take a look at I’m going to use these tax dollars legally sure to then fun.

Whatever my passion is. Yeah, so it’s interesting again. You know, I’m not a CPA. I’m not a tax attorney. I use a team of people to take care of that for me into structure all this for me, but you know what what I discovered along the way was that there is a trust in Foundation structure that is Dap You know, there’s there’s a really strange anomaly in real quickly. I’ll go through it. It’s this this rule is called the rule of 97. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of this have you ever heard of the role in 97 another Rule of 72 but 97.

Okay, 97 really 97. It goes like this in eighteen ninety seven, ninety seven percent of American citizens were employers. They owned businesses. They were butchers Bakers Farmers shopkeepers, whatever and and they created their own wealth only three percent of citizens at the time were employees.

They worked as apprentices or helpers make sense. Well in 1913 when the tax code was written it was written specifically for employers. There were two systems that they produced one was for the employer for the one that was creating the wealth. The other was for the employee the the worker and the employee got the system called the 1040 tax system.

ClickFunnels™ Rule Of 97

The employer got the tax system called the B1 tax system just two different tax systems. It’s that simple well a hundred years later in 1997. Those numbers flip-flopped and only 3% of Americans were employers owned a business were entrepreneurs are investors 97% of us were employees. We worked for other people and so that shifted the nature of Taxation in our country and we lost a lot of these rules and principles that are true for business owners and entrepreneurs for example that you know, it’s not the taxes a bad thing. The tax actually goes to help Society, right? We goes to building roads and bridges and hospitals and education and all this good stuff, but you hit the nail right on the head.

What is your fair share? What is your fair share of tax and how many of us especially as business owners and entrepreneurs don’t realize that we’re paying way more than our fair share and that we actually have the opportunity to direct those tax dollars into what we’re passionate about. Yes. You want to pay some tax. Yes, you want to fund your fair share, but the rest of the money you get to direct and in your through the tax system through the tax code, you can direct it into whatever it is that you’re passionate about your charitable causes.

And so that’s what I’ve been teaching for the last cash. It’s been a long time now, but literally just just showing people what my wife and I have done ourselves and showing people how they can do the same thing is just through their business creating a business that matters something that if your if your goal is really to give back in a more meaningful way. Let’s go ahead and set it up like that now so you can actually do what you’re wanting to do. I love that. Can you give Couple of examples of people have done it and what type of numbers yeah. So I just it’s funny you mention that I just got off the phone with some clients of mine Nicole and Jason Brunner they live in Mississippi and they’re in their 20s get this this she’s 27.

He’s 29. They graduated from Ole Miss in Oxford, Mississippi. All right, when they graduated Jason started a an AC company and their first year in business, they made $79,000 and they thought they had the World by the tail they were like super ecstatic right out of the gate. They’re making almost 80 grand what they realized real quickly was the 80,000 came in but 80,000 went right out the door. They didn’t really save it. They didn’t have anything left over. Well the next year they made 150 same story a hundred and fifty in a hundred and fifty out. It was gone fast forward four years later today.

ClickFunnels™ Rule Of 97

They’re pulling in one point. A million dollars in their business. Wow, their tax bill is four hundred thousand dollars this year. Now Jason and Nicole happened to be foster parents to they just took on a little girl. She’s 10 years old saddest story in the world. They rescued her from a house where she was literally tied up and left in the closet.

So, you know, that’s the mindset of these people they want to help these kids and yet they’re having to write these huge quarterly tax checks and it’s bleeding them dry and they know that there’s so much good they could be doing with those dollars if they were able to redirect it. So real simply we just set him up with the trusts and Foundation structure. They’re able to keep those tax dollars and direct them into their private foundation and help more kids in the in the Mississippi in Oxford, Mississippi area.

That’s also without that how much would they paid in taxes? Just bought 400 Grand this year and who knows what next year as their business grows. You know, how much are they able to put into their? In this situation a hundred percent of that. Wow, so I know Jax has raised its all the Jacks. They that 40,000 they would have paid they actually are able to put into Foundation.

Correct? Correct? So Sean because tell me real quick. I mean the cool thing is I’m sure you got a million of these types of stories. Yes. What is a financial plan? I want to people always ask me is well, how would I how can I use ClickFunnels™ if I’m a financial planner, but would you I know you’re just starting your final what yeah, just some ideas whatsoever.

ClickFunnels™ Rule Of 97

You know, it’s funny at funnel hacking live. All the warrior brothers were sitting there talking in their bunch of you know, couple of guys had just walked across the stage and I was jealous. You know, I’m like man I should have been me and then I was talking to one of the brothers and he’s like, well show me your funnel and I showed him my final he’s like, it looks good and he’s like, I’m like, how do I help more people? And he’s like, how do you help more people? You build a funnel?

That’s how you help more people and I’m like, what are you talking about? And he’s like you build a funnel. because if you don’t have a place where people can go and land and see and do what good are you going to be? How are you going to lead them?

You know when Warrior we talk a lot about leading people that you first have to be able to lead yourself before you can lead your family before you can lead your community and that you first have to live by the principles before you can lead them.

And so it’s live it, you know, learn it live it and then lead it and so in order for us to lead anything we first have to live this stuff. So I’m living this stuff right now the way to lead people build what you do with your funnel.

So my name is spot welds literally is I’m thinking how many entrepreneurs and business owners can we can we show this stuff to to help them to fund the stuff that they’re wanting to do, you know again, it’s not we’re not talking about tax avoidance. We’re not talking about not I’m gonna build up on us, but you on the spot here, what’s your funnel going to be?

ClickFunnels™ Rule Of 97

So so the funnel real simply my mind is a training video to kind of show people this stuff peel back the curtain if you Open the kimono and then just simply start the conversation.

So you’re going you know, how are how are you going to get him? What’s the attraction? It’s a one it’s a webinar funnel. Technically. It’s a webinar funnel. So you hit the landing page. You have a choice you can watch the training or you can get in touch with me right away and to get in touch with me you go through an application process.

It’s that simple. It’s a webinar application funnel. Yeah. Well, you’re gonna have to keep me posted on how this goes because I’m really curious cause I know you’re just starting on this one. But yes, I’m gonna hold your feet to the fire want to see where you’re at their next. I would love that. You know, I think this is a topic of conversation that is that is often.

It’s just not addressed enough, you know, it’s why are we in the business that were in you know you if you’re I asked you this that night and I’ll ask it again. Y’all put you on the spot here. You’ve obviously seen some success. Obviously you’re doing really well. You got a beautiful family you’re in shape business is rocking and rolling. Why are you in the game now?

What’s it for for me? For people like you and everyone else who listens this and for me, honestly, nothing excites me more Sean than shaking hands of people come across that stage.

ClickFunnels™ Rule Of 97

Nothing does. I mean it’s exciting there is no I mean, it’s I get the opportunity. I work miles here in the office who sees the two comma Club applications coming in once they hit that million dollar level. It’s me. It’s the story and I’ve got the opportunity of really getting a lot of these people individually personally quite well and every single person has a story and the cool thing is it’s that store that drives them. It’s y-yeah.

And I think that’s what drives me right now is I mean, could I stop working? I probably never will my wife is excuse me. I will work until I die. It’s just because for me it’s not work. It’s nothing excites me more than seeing the exist success of others I talk to Garrett about this a ton and same type of thing.

Yeah. So, it’s Johnny we get close to wrapping things up here sure if people want to reach out to you. What’s the easiest way? Probably easiest way is to hit my click funnel. You know, it’s it well dot shaumbra and you can you can learn a little bit about me. I’ve got a video on there from funnel hacking live that I recorded and just real quick my story you can jump into the training if you want to or we can get in touch. I you know to a custom domain I do I know I need to I was thinking about you know, what is Sean brisk

We gotta guess the first thing is we’re to change. So Sean is spelled s EA n in and brisket misspelled BR is co MBE so well thought Shawn brisk if they want to reach out. Can they reach out to you about Facebook?

ClickFunnels™ Rule Of 97

Absolutely. I’m on Facebook. I’m on Instagram be happy to connect with anybody. I’m you know, I’m making it my mission in 2018 to get the word out there and help as many entrepreneurs to do this as possible because I think that, you know entrepreneurs, you know, you guys said it best at funnel hacking live entrepreneurs are the only ones on the planet that have the ability.

And the means to really make a dent in the universe to really make an impact to change the world and I believe right now we’re seeing that pendulum swing back that 90s the role of 97. We’re seeing that pendulum swing back the other way. There’s this rise of Entrepreneurship right now unlike anything we’ve seen since the turn of the century and because of that it’s going to change the nature of everything how we operate in business how we give back to society how we you know view the world.

ClickFunnels™ Rule Of 97: So well John, thank you so much for your time. I appreciate it again. Reach out to Shawn at on Facebook or wealth dot Sean brisk. Thanks Sean. Perfect you bad day. Thank you don’t want things that means a ton to me is the personal reviews that you guys leave on iTunes. You wouldn’t mind going out great the show. Let me know how I’m doing just go to iTunes click on the episode and rate it leave a comment. I read all the comments. I appreciate all the stars and everything everyone already left for me again. I really appreciate it and it’s my way of Not how I’m doing, so if you don’t mind, I really appreciate it and I again, thank you so much for all you guys do. Have a great day. ClickFunnels™ Rule Of 97

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Rule Of 97 (What Side Are You On?) – Sean Briscombe – FHR #221

Rule Of 97 (What Side Are You On?) – Sean Briscombe – FHR #221

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