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What is ClickFunnels™ Platinum and FunnelFlix?

Clickfunnels™ Platinum FunnelFlix

Clickfunnels™ Platinum FunnelFlix: So many of you have been asking, just what is Funnel Flix? And what is ClickFunnels™ Platinum? I’m here today to explain just what that is so you as funnel hackers can get excited because I am excited for the future of ClickFunnels!

Clickfunnels™ Platinum FunnelFlix: What is Funnel Flix?

So, what is FunnelFlix? This is a new feature we’ve added to ClickFunnels™ to help change your business and I hope it’ll change your life as well. So let me explain exactly what it is. In the past, we’ve found that the people who have the most success in ClickFunnels, they’re not the people who just sign up for an account and start using this, people who sign up for an account, but they understand the strategy behind funnel building. They understand, like

what does a funnel look like? What does a funnel look like for my specific business? What are the videos and the copy I need to put on the pages? Like how do I actually drive traffic. And then, how do I get out of my own head? Some people get stuck with like, you know, the mind games that happen as an entrepreneur. And so, what I’ve found is people have the most success are the ones who are going and looking for more answers. They were going to coaching programs.

They’re buying courses and all sorts of things. And those are the people who have the most success. And I thought man, there’s so many of our members who would have success but they don’t have access to all those other resources. And so, a little while ago we sat down and said what if we could brainstorm a way to get access to all these amazing training and programs and courses and give them to our ClickFunnels™ members for free. And at first it didn’t seem like it was gonna be possible.

In fact, some of the people you’ll see, their courses down below, people like Tony Robbins and Jay Abraham and other people, I was like, I wanna license these courses from you and those things obviously aren’t cheap when it’s the products and services they sell every single day on their own websites. And so we sat back and we figured out a way to do it and if you look down below you’ll see the courses you’ll get immediate access to, as soon as you become a ClickFunnels™ Platinum member. So what is the ClickFunnels™ Platinum member.

Well as you know there’s two different tiers inside of ClickFunnels™ right now. People pay $97 a month to get access to ClickFunnels™ and we have a $297 which gives you access to a whole bunch more things. You get unlimited Funnels to your account. You get user accounts. You get a whole bunch of amazing things on the ClickFunnels™ side and we thought how about this, anybody who’s a ClickFunnels™ Platinum member, who’s upgraded their account, what if we gave them access to almost all these trainings down below for free.

Clickfunnels™ Platinum FunnelFlix

Clickfunnels™ Platinum FunnelFlix: What is ClickFunnels™ Platinum?

And at first it like didn’t make sense, but we figured out a way in the numbers to make it work and so, because of that, we’ve been able to create this amazing upgrade for you. Now what’s interesting is you look down below you’ll see a whole bunch of different training courses down below. Courses that I have sold in the past for anywhere from $500 to $1,000. You’ll see live events I did that people paid $10,000 to be in the room. They’re down below. Special trainings that only happen for inner circle members who pay $25,000 to $50,000 or more in this members area, as well. So inside of FunnelFlix, you’re literally gaining access to things other people have had to paid tens of thousands of dollars for, you get for free when you’re a ClickFunnels™ Platinum member.

There’s a whole bunch of other amazing things as well. So I don’t have time to go into all of it. All you gotta do now is go click on the videos down below and go watch some of the trailers for the courses and as you’re watching them, think about like what’s the course that you’re looking for. What’s the missing piece in your business. I promise you that every business question you have, is answered inside of FunnelFlix. Okay, if you’re stuck like I can’t get motivated. How do I get more motivation so I can actually succeed. Okay, I guarantee you, inside Tony Robbins course he’s gonna teach you exactly how to get the motivation, the mindset you need to be successful.

Like, I got the mindset but my Funnels are horrible. Go through the Funnel building trainings. There’s multiple different trainings on Funnel building inside of there. Maybe you have a funnel but it’s not converting. Okay, go through the trainings teaching you how to sell, how to speak, how to do videos. Those trainings will help you there. If you have funnels that work but you can’t get traffic, go through all the traffic trainings. Okay, there’s courses in there that will help you to get your business to next level and we’re always adding new stuff in there as well.

But the only way to get access to all of this stuff, You can’t pay for it, in fact, if you gave me money right now I wouldn’t even take it. There’s most of these courses are not for sale anywhere, unless you license them from somebody else, but if you want access to all of them for free, all you gotta do is upgrade to our ClickFunnels™ Platinum level right now. Not only is there training courses, there’s also documentaries to help inspire you, get you excited about your role as an entrepreneur. There’s, again, courses on everything you need, every question you have on your businesses, the answer’s here inside FunnelFlix.

All you gotta do is take that leap of faith. The one last thing I have to say is, you know, maybe you’re looking at this like, well Russell, I don’t need that course or that course. That’s okay, but there’s probably someone on your team who does. Maybe there’s someone on your team who you want to learn how to drive traffic. Let them log into your ClickFunnels™ account. Come into the FunnelFlix and watch the training on traffic. Maybe you have a copyrighter who’s trying to learn how to write better copy. Send them to the copy creating training, okay. You have access to all these things inside your ClickFunnels™ account, right now when you go to upgrade now and upgrade your account.


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