The Entrepreneur Struggle…Can You Relate?!

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Clickfunnels™ Online Business: Starting your own business

– Alright everyone (laughsloudly) let’s get this speed dating party started. (Bell rings). – Hi I’m Gary – Veronica. – So what do you do? – I run a nursery, for plants, you? – I’m starting my own business. – Hmm, starting your own business, yeah my ex really liked video games too. – Oh no, I’m really starting a business, for real. – Mmm, for reals, in your parents basement. –

Yes, but it’s not how it sounds. – I think it’s exactly how it sounds. – (laughs awkwardly) You’re surprisingly mean for someone who babysits plants. – Ooh, and you’re surprisingly unemployed for someone that looks like the adult version of Tommy from Rugrats. – What does that mean? (bell rings) – Hi – Hey – I’m Courtney, I run a therapy practice. – I’m an entrepreneur myself.

Entrepreneur huh? Know that’s the very word my clients used when they’re between jobs. – I’m not between jobs, my job’s actually doing just fine. – A lot of people say fine when they really mean bad. – How’s everything going? – Fine. – Okay great (Laughs loudly) (Bell rings) – Mom? – Hi sweetie – What are you doing here? – I needed to tell you that there is a job opening at Taco Bell. – I have a job.

Clickfunnels™ Online Business

Clickfunnels™ Online Business: Automate your business with sales funnel.

You do? Since when? – Six months ago, I have two employees and we work in your garage. – I thought that was your band. – I don’t have a band. – That’s the spirit. – Now here’s the application for Taco Bell, it’s entry level but we all start somewhere. (bell rings) chu chu – Hi, I couldn’t help but overhear your last date (laughs). – Oh, I promise I’m not like a loser who lives in my parents. –

Oh no no no no, I totally get it, I’m running a business out of my dorm. – Oh, that’s great. – And it is exploding, I use ClickFunnels™ so my website basically does my selling for me. – What is ClickFunnels? – Oh it’s this website that’s so easy to use, you can literally make your own funnel in less than twenty minutes, I just did a free trial and it was amazing, they have so many free templates.

That’s honestly the best thing I’ve heard all day, would you want to go on a date sometime, like for real. – I actually can’t get over the fact that you look like an adult version of Tommy from Rugrats. – I wish that was the first time I heard that tonight. ( Bell rings)

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