How To Succeed At Network Marketing With An MLM Sales Funnel

ClickFunnels™ Network Marketing

ClickFunnels™ Network Marketing: A question we hear all the time is “How can I get network marketing to work using sales funnels?” The truth is, a lot of the principles of knowing how to make money with network marketing online, are the same principles we use across all types of business.  ClickFunnels™ Network Marketing

ClickFunnels™ Network Marketing

– For the special question today, from our favorite network marketers, is how do I use funnels to get network marketing to work? There’s a lot of different ways I could answer this, but for some reason people think that their business is different. Always think is like “Oh cool, so I read the Dotcom Secrets book, “but it hasn’t worked for my business. “Alright Expert Secrets hasn’t worked for my business.”

I don’t care what business you’re in, business is business is all the same, the difference between network marketing, really is like your competing, you’re selling the exact same product as 1,000 other people, right? So the first step, is like Expert Secrets 101, how you create an offer right? ‘Cause if I’m competing with 1,000 or 10,000 or 100,000 or a million other distributors, I need to create an offer that’s sexy, that’s unique right? Business is all about making better offers.

So how do I create an offer that’s actually gonna sell my product better than everybody else’s? And some network marketing companies have problems with this so this is one that if you’re able to crank up the sexiness of your offer do it. Some companies don’t allow it, so you gotta be kind of careful with that. But if everybody else is offering this, how do I offer something different?

Those who don’t know my background, I spend a couple years, dabbling in the network marketing industry, and there’s a time when one company was giving away a Ferrari, and I was like, “That’d be really cool to win an Ferrari.” So I decided to win a Ferrari. So how do I do that? Step number one, I looked at me and 100,000 other distributors all selling the exact same products, I said okay, “I have to make a better offer.” So I took what everybody was selling, I said, “Okay everyone is selling this, “how do I make this better?” I was like, “Cool.”

ClickFunnels™ Network Marketing

“Well if you join me, “I’m gonna give you what everybody else is gonna give you, “I’m also gonna give you this and I’m gonna give you this “and I’m gonna give you this, I’m gonna give you this.” I created a package that’s special just for people who signed up with me, to push them over the edge. There’s a lot of people who’re like, “Ah these people on the fence, “they’re not gonna sign up with anybody.” I got them to join me, because I made a better offer. So that’s number one.

And then I won a Ferrari, so that was awesome. That’s step number one. Number two, Is a lot of new marketing companies aren’t going to allow you to just directly sell online. It’s a thing a lot of them have. So what we do, is we go back to the fundamentals, to the basics. And it comes back really to Expert Secrets okay? And we see this all the time to recently a very well known company, I was friends, I am friends with the owners, just went under. And it was interesting that a lot of people lost their businesses over night right?

But the people who didn’t were the people who followed this process. ‘Cause they realize that like if you just send all your people to the company, the company owns all these people. The most valuable asset in any business, is the people. So you gotta be in the business of you first. So all I do is I create a very simple linning page, and it’s gonna be like, in fact, depending on what I’m doing, usually I make two different lining pages.

The big thing about market networkers, that’s different that tradition businesses, there’s two target markets, Two target markets. So first target market is the who person who actually wants to consume the product. So a lot of networking, products are for health? So there’s like the product consumers, and then there’s the business opportunity seekers.

ClickFunnels™ Network Marketing

ClickFunnels™ Network Marketing

What’s interesting is that a lot of times, people join a company because they’re obsessed with product. Other times people join the opportunity cause they’re obsessed with the actual opportunity. And it’s rare that people love both initially. Usually one or the other drives them right? So for me, I build a different lining page and a different funnelfor each one. So I’d have something here like Hey if you want to discover houseable equipment “part time job and win this sweet pink, what is it? What is the pink Cadillac.

Then often here and I’ll tell you how alright? So now I’m going to get people who’re like, “They quit your job and got a pink Cadillac? “That’s awesome.” So they’re gonna opt in because they wanna find out more about the business opportunity right? Or I could be like for people who don’t want to buy the product, They think, “What’s this product? “This product helps people with whatever.” So you could be like, “Hey discover, “the rare salts, “that instantly within 30 minutes of taking them “will put your body into ketosis, “so you can loose weight faster” They’re like, “What are these weird salts?” And they’d opt in here, and now they’re about the product right? So they opt in here about the product. So then they’re joining my email list.

So both these things are joining my list. Now I build a list of people, who they like me, I’m gonna take them here I’m going to show them videos while I tell them stories, I’m going to build relationships, about the product or about the thing. And then basically somewhere along the line, I invite them to take my special offer. So back here again, if it’s like, “Hey here’s how I won my Cadillac and lost bunch of weight.” They opt in, next page like, “Cool I did it by joining this company, “it’s awesome. “This is how it works if you want to be part of it.

ClickFunnels™ Network Marketing

“You can join my team and I’m going to make you “a special offer if you join today. “You’re gonna get, “you’re gonna join but I’m also going to let you be “part of my private Facebook group. “I’ll be willing to coach you, “I’ll do three way calls with you, “I’ll do blah blah blah” Whatever it is your offer is and they sign up. And they come over to Facebook, and I drive Facebook ads, to my opt in page I’d be like, “But Facebook doesn’t let you drive people “into your in to your business opportunity right?” Well let me drive people to my company website, yeah of course they don’t you drive into your funnel. ‘Kay Facebook’s not going to let you shut you down because you’re showing a free video about how you won a pink Cadillac.

That’s what Facebook wants stuff like that. Facebook’s not gonna shut you down when you say like, “Here’s rare ancient salt that helps you put your body “into ketosis.” ‘Cause Facebook wants this stuff, they opt in and manage the video, and then the email sequence you email them over here. So a lot of this stuff that Facebook and other platforms allow you to do happen off the platform. But the key to this, and all business in case you were actually wondering, is the funnel. So that’s it just going back, setting up a funnel, building a relationship with the list as it comes to you. So Dotcom Secrets is the book about how you create the funnels.

Funnel structure funnel strategy right? So you build the funnels, and then it’s like how do I build a relationship with all these people coming through the funnel So that when I tell them they should buy this thing, they actually buy it. That’s what Expert Secrets is about is, building relationships, telling stories, positioning yourself in the right way, so when you do all make him a special offer, they go crazy and they give you money. We’ve got tons of network marketers in Click Funnels, who are killing it. And we’re basically building really simple funnels, to build, to build lists on one or two things.

ClickFunnels™ Network Marketing: Number one is they’re building a list of people who potentially are gonna buy the product, building a list of the people who are just in the business opportunity. They’re speaking these two different lists differently, but they’re making pretty much the same offer in the back. That is how I would do it again, if I was to go and try and win another Ferrari. Setup a network marketing company. There you go. Thank you so much for watching, every single week we publish new secrets just like this one. Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss any of them, and I will see you on the next video. ClickFunnels™ Network Marketing


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