Clickfunnels™ Leads Machine – Build Lead Generation Funnel for Realtors

Building a Lead Generation Sales Funnel For Realtors Funnel Friday’s Episode #62

Clickfunnels™ Leads Machine

Clickfunnels™ Leads Machine: On today’s episode of Funnel Fridays, Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards are showing you how to generate an unlimited amount of Real Estate Leads by creating a high converting real estate sales funnel.

Clickfunnels™ Leads Machine: Sales Funnel for Real Estate Agent.

Over here is my ID all right I think we might be live on Facebook we are we are what’s up Jim doesn’t know man what’s up I’m a garden gnome today but it’s the perfect it’s the perfect complement to my blow-up unicorn so I’m wearing my garden gnome hat in case of you because some smarty but Jim’s wearing a dunce cap today whoa easy scooter and we don’t play with those wimpy garden gnomes this is a man’s garden gnome you see him he’s holding.

The machine gun and he says ‘set hello to my love Frank that’s a man’s garden that is that is pretty impressive it would be other garden gnomes are lame so give a name like a Gnomeo or Juliet er no you know me Oh Juliet yeah I know who that is but no I don’t have that name Jim burn em Jim look out come Alka Gnomeo Pacino Oh Al Pacino meeee Al Pacino Oh Al Pacino that is that is amazing hello to my little friend [Music] okay all right well this is you bitch before we started two weeks in a row you guys two weeks in a row photo Friday’s weird episode 60 then a lot of these but this is the most consistently been in a little while and what’s the most important thing that’s happening.

And ClickFunnels™ today ice cream cake for Jim that’s right yeah last week we celebrate Jim what’s that our wasn’t Jim’s it was ours definitely a team effort our success of funnel funnel funnel scripts Russell project together it’s funnel scripts Russell right here there it is we’re davon I’m I was racing this morning you had or my wife said now town I’m heading somewhere it’s been a crazy morning or just get started so it’s all good all my business hat okay.

So here’s what we’re doing today this is something that people ask a lot about actually get we have a lot of real estate agents that use click funnels and funnel scripts to get leads and so we have somebody that asked basically they he’s a real estate agent in Philly do you want me to show my screen I’ll show what he’s got okay so he’s got a he’s a real estate agent in Philadelphia Philly born and raised uh most of my days that’s right um so I’m trying to not do the rest of the song um so basically he’s got this and there’s some good parts in it but there’s some things that aren’t good.

Clickfunnels™ Leads Machine: How to start your lead generation machine.

He’s trying to develop leads by offering the complete Philly home buying guide but the immediate thing that pops out to me is this is what it is not what it does so we want to read yeah there’s no benefit um and then he’s got I think he’s got too much stuff on here to try and get somebody to sign up for something because there’s just too much going on so in my opinion we need to take this down to just a straight-up lead generation page hmm somebody just came out with a book about that recently I don’t know who many examples.

By the way I already talked about if you leave for seven bucks you get one hundred and six example lead funnels for I wasn’t here for free but up here for seven bucks nothing in your funnel that’s a little more than that like that that math is amazing and but I actually have read that book all the way through already and it is freaking amazing and you should have charged ninety seven bucks for it at a minimum you really should have charged ninety seven bucks for that.

I mean that with all sincerity mainly so I could have made more Commission when I sell it as an affiliate but hey what are you gonna do um but no seriously for seven bucks it’s a it’s a no-brainer and I will give a little tease that there are some hmm some funnel scripts gonna come out of that book before the end of the year well not before the end of the year but definitely before the next funnel hacking lot are you gonna make the kiss test script comma seven bucks yeah I mean oh it’s big going through and Creed I’ve already got the scripts.

Stuff figured out what I’m gonna do dude that’s amazing so just you don’t do anything I’m like I’m gonna make some scripts that way Russell can’t get rid of me okay so I just sent you a link to the dudes thing and my thought was this that really this thing should be if this guy’s trying to get people to sign up he’s trying to get people to see him as an expert and in my opinion and I’m cleaning off my whiteboard over here because it’s the end of the week and everything’s dirty.

Clickfunnels™ Leads Machine: Adding product features create a big difference.

My thought is that we should Oh lookie lookie what you took this to a whole nother level that’s right so in my opinion man I just ruined it by having a crappy crap marker um but I think he needs basically a hook he needs a video which I think in you Tommy I think he needs a five-minute perfect webinar and then he needs a call-to-action and then he needs a Bronson box down here for what’s in this and then he could put some testimonials and that should be the page I love it in my opinion and your what well it’s funny you should mention that.

I have I took thirty minutes this morning before we got on here and actually made an entire five minute perfect webinar script and I even recorded it and uploaded it to you tube so that you’ll be able to slam that bad boy in there so I’m gonna I’m gonna send you the link to youtube I’m starting a 15 minute countdown clock right now so we’re officially got okay right so the first thing he needs is a headline and so in my opinion we can sorry yeah that’s save that for later that’s the coup de Grasse

And it’s four minutes long so so the the big thing is we need a really cool hook for the top so I’m using the the killer headline scripts inside of funnel scripts and I filled it out and so I mean I’m just looking at the headlines and stuff while you’re getting this done but you know at last how to find the perfect house in Philly without making a mistake that’s not bad what else we got new slue anew solution to find the perfect house in Philly see you said how about

This I’ll show you how to get your dream house at an amazing price in just 60 minutes that’s not bad see so we talking quick the difference a feature and benefits people understand that because before is existing page had a feature you just gave us a benefit you wanna talk about that so if people understand why it’s important so basically.

Clickfunnels™ Leads Machine: Talk about what it does not what it is.

What what matters is that this is a huge mistake that people make is that when they’re when they’re talking about anything they talk about what it is instead of what it does and so nobody cares what it is they only care about what it does and typically what it does revolves around satisfying a desire or solving a problem and so if we talk I mean what when someone buys a house they’re they’re not or looking for real estate and not looking for a real estate agent they’re looking for somebody to help them find their dream home in an amazing price.

So that’s part of what it is now one of the other things that you can do especially in you know if you read Daum secrets Russell talks about traffic temperature but a lot of times if you’re not sure what the traffic temperature is you can use the one-two punch headline which is how to benefit without negative so there’s a bunch of these like you know how to find the perfect house in Philly without making a mistake.

How to find the perfect constant Philly without getting ripped off how to you know again you you can hit them with a one-two a lot of times people will just do a negative or just do a positive which can be a problem so I’m gonna say you know at last or how about how about we just do how to get your dream house at an amazing price in 60 minutes without making a mistake and I don’t like that um breaking news I’ll show to you how to find the perfect house in Philly with the Philly first time buyer training that’s not bad.

Then you can use modifiers like this is for first-time buyers [Music] I’ll actually look at see how you can easily find the perfect house in Philly you like that or no guys looking but color okay how about oh how to find how to get your dream house in Philly at an amazing price I like that okay so we’re gonna go with that and this is called color picker floors you know it’s a free google chrome plug-in you can pick a color on a page and then you come down here you can match it and the button matches the little text right there woo what’s the dude’s name again that’s good-looking.

Clickfunnels™ Leads Machine: How to setup real estate webinar.

Jessica but we got to work with what we got there you go all right so I’m I’m sending you this about how to find your dream house in Philly an amazing price fast and then I would use a sub-headline on that like you know amazing training reveals how in less than 60 minutes as a subhead is the is it’s a five amperes webinar right so we’re plugging here right but we’re getting people to sign up for that’s the Train you know how about just amazing training

Reveals how is it free training yeah amazing free reveals how how every first-time buyer in Philly you think you a Philadelphia I would say Philadelphia on this one or Philadelphia third spell on cue whenever was watching me yeah [Music] summer Phillies way easier okay amazing free training reveals how every first-time buyer in Philadelphia can buy their dream house now we’re kind of repeating that that aren’t we um let’s see he’s got any benefits here we can ripoff how about just can buy with confidence in today’s market do that goodbye with confidence in today’s market.

Yeah a little bit before goes live live but you feel just looking good okay so as far as the as far as the Brunson bullets and stuff me personally I would since we use the we use the 5-minute perfect webinar can we switch can we switch it back over to me for just a second so I can just show okay so we used the the 5-minute perfect webinar and I filled this out again it took me about 30 minutes and then what that spits out is well I’ll show you come down here after you’ve filled it out click get results and I actually use the two to four minute one and we spit that out as a webinar to 4-minute and a one-minute perfect webinar one to two ninety minute so if I this is too long for you that’s right so what.

I would do is just use the seek use the secrets okay as the for the bullets so I’m gonna give you these the first secret is why location is only one-third of the equation and you want me to send you these so you can make it here huh yeah fine copy paste that be okay so I’m gonna stop sharing that but okay so I’m gonna send you the first one you’re. Gonna have to modify it a little bit I think really good I want to do what if we did a five minute perfect webinar workshop in Boise we hire one to bring him to hire we invite a bunch of people who are copywriters Velarde copywriters we train them and then give them all of my products.

Clickfunnels™ Leads Machine: Setup a webinar for each products.

Make them each write a perfect webinar for all my products and your karajan’s and everybody’s as the payment for the training we either they’re like 500 perfect webinars I can go record his ads yes Dave just rehab I I think that’s an amazing idea yes Jami I think that’s an amazing idea you guys had malls out there right cuz I got to figure out a way to entice my wife to want to come to Boise with me let’s fire some stuff we’ll hide it in a fake like podunk Idaho mall and I go yeah go to this one all the cool stuff there and then chill cuz they have malls do the Reich Village is nice

Please amazing yeah like I had a Freddy beard boy he says I live does the tractor pick you up the airport and actually have a drive like a thing like no my wife doesn’t unless they have a casino my wife does not travel she can gamble here yeah something about parking my wife at a gas station with a hundred bucks for scratchers just does not lead to a happy marriage I’m just telling you me give you some icons and then I’m gonna give you one last one let me share my screen do some cool stuff over here do you see what I’m doing now I just sent you the fourth one.

I don’t have time I don’t have time stamps on I’m sorry these icons are free inside of the funnel clicks look at you you think at this point I don’t know how I would do a money sign for the mortgage one yeah I’m stink oh yeah okay I go you go to search I’ve been Oh like real estate money just money I would just do money okay let’s see what real estate money there you go use the little yeah that’ll work go ahead well no this is why I’m not allowed to do design get those negotiations I’m gonna go she a ssin picture in here search nego th are usually better spelling before ooh and she real or cartoony cartoon.

Since the other ones are cartoon stick on theme or bread gyms you know today I’m gonna be finished with the first draft of traffic seekers book we completely finished today okay trans lows not even important file never say I got a sneak get much of the content so they’re as bad as I think it’s gonna be all right no it’s gonna be amazing I’m out it’s already got me thinking about scripts already got me yeah it’s already got me thinking about stuff.

There’s a couple things in that like dang I’m really excited for it it’s uh it’s been a labor of love so you see everyone who’s listening has context so the seekers book was fifty eight thousand words expert secrets was sixty thousand right now we are at 87 thousand words so it’s the third bigger than any of my other books and we’re stuck yeah probably to be about 90 thousand words which is crazy I have some reasons not throwing that picture there but okay.

Clickfunnels™ Leads Machine

Clickfunnels™ Leads Machine: Play around with testimonial testing.

Anyway search its to navigate that almost makes me think of a compass or something yeah like this compass come on is this a boating web site all right something’s messed up I’m gonna make all of our developers watched me fail alive so they know to fix this thing that’s not working apparently all right okay you know what I’m talking about though I wonder if I save it what shows up it’s just like a weird air or two minutes 41 seconds okay she’s gonna just sleep little things in there I would almost kill down here though yeah I would too I mean the only other thing.

I would have would be like I said is play around with testing testimonials and stuff but you know one of the things that I would do again just because this is all about Philadelphia would be to have like a background picture of something that really showed that this was Philadelphia learn how to buy [Music] so Tresor real quick well let me do one thing I may plug in the video so this is the video you made right it’s real demo here soon as our timer beeps.

I’m gonna save this as one of the examples inside of funnel script so when you go into funnel scripts you’ll be able to load this script in the 5-minute perfect webinar and play with it so I would encourage real estate agents you know all you got to do is change Philly to wherever you are and there you go let me show you guys a quick click films trick so right now the backgrounds Y so you put like a Philly picture back there she click on settings.

It says what do you want the background image to be you click on there and then like here’s different backgrounds ideally be something I could fill ease let me see if I can search and find a Philly I would put in Philadelphia Philly H I L you snakes you I can’t spell it yeah you it embarrassed me twice on the show no I didn’t alright if you find a background ideally define a blurred back is that a bridge wait definitely nice looks like I feel like Camden right across the street from Philly I guess.

The Philly bridge right uh-huh I would think it is throw that in there and that’s all symbolic for like that’s all symbolic for building a bridge between where you are now and where you want to be through our amazing real estate services hey look if you put background image first substance blurry it’s not a good one but you know so I get kills some stuffs there’s ninja tricks number one which change the background color from white to black that way.

Clickfunnels™ Leads Machine: How to setup webinar content.

At least it fades towards the bottom to black instead thing number two is I need something to make this text pop so I’m gonna turn this text white which is an easy way to do that oh wow sorry make it white so pops again and or the other little ninja trick thing you can do did you take this whole section of this little this row click here in the background I can change the background color and I just make this thing like a little bit darker popsicle pops like that there’s little ninja.

ClickFunnels™ trickeries for those who do it and I’m gonna move all of this I’m gonna add a new section to move all of this row move all this into the next section so let me I don’t get a build as often as I like to all the all the other guys in the office in the building I had to be a CEO they do all the fun stuff so yes yes it’s so much better than any other thing anyway you can see how it works but there you go that page looking pretty sweet gem save it I’m gonna

Preview this puppy and see what it looks like in West Philadelphia born and raised in cities last week so what so what you got to do is unshare you know stop sharing your screen okay and then when you go to share your screen again check the box before you confirm sharing it look for box that says share audio yourself yeah and then share it and then share the screen now when you play it it should play and it doesn’t refresh maybe it’s a it played earlier.

What didn’t want it to curse word well that the most important part of the home-buying process especially for first-time homebuyers here in Philly is not location location location so what is the most important part of buying your first home here in the Greater Philadelphia area it’s finding the right balance of three key factors negotiation location and financing hi I’m Steve bazooka knee and I am Philly’s local real estate expert who has helped over a hundred.

Twenty-five local families with their real estate goals so right I’m gonna share with you three secrets about finding the right balance of these three key factors location negotiation and financing and how you can often find an even more desirable area if you focus on more than just the locations you think you can afford so the first secret is location is only one third of the equation the idea here is that many if not most first-time buyers here in Philly.

Clickfunnels™ Leads Machine: Add the benefits of the products.

Only look where they think they can afford to live not where they dream about living this is important because if you only look where you think you can afford to live you’ll miss out on the hidden gems with better upside potential to increase in value over the coming years not to mention better schools shopping amenities and more the second secret is there’s more than ago she ation than just offering a lower price the main thing to understand.

Here is that you’d be surprised what an agent with intimate knowledge of the local market can do to negotiate to get you into a neighborhood you might otherwise only dream about this means if you ever great negotiator working for you opens up a lot more potential neighborhoods houses and opportunities even if you’re on a tight budget the third secret is not all mortgages are created equal the financing you choose is just as important if not more important than the home you choose now.

This is key to understand because your baby will only offer you the financing they have available and you can miss out on special programs you don’t know about they can massively increase your buying power help you a closing cost lower your down payment and more ensure the right financing can often sell the difference between getting your dream home.

Forcing you to settle for less now I know what you’re thinking it’s only the wealthy families with big down payment they get the really nice home well the tricky thing is that most people run off they find a home they fall in love with it they offer full price and then they go take any mortgage they can find because they’re scared of losing out on the house that’s a huge mistake and so I’ve created this really first-time buyer training so you can use this knowledge to quickly become extremely knowledgeable about our local market in Philly you’ll be better educated than some real estate agents.

The Philly real estate market really is different many areas claim to be different but Philly truly is different with our unique neighborhoods history culture architecture and more in this online class is specifically designed to help first-time buyers just like you here in the local filling market and so what this is gonna do is reveal to you how to navigate the world of Philly real estate so you end up with the best house in your dream neighborhood with a down payment monthly payment make sure you and your bank account smile when you click the link you can register for free today I honest I don’t know how much longer we keep this really first-time buyer training available and the price will probably go up because we want to keep our services personalized.

Clickfunnels™ Leads Machine: Add action or register button on sales funnel.

Give every family the attention they deserve so click the link get it today while it’s still available for free we’re always here to help and I can’t tell you all the amazing results we’ve gotten for first-time buyers in Philly just like you who are struggling with buying their first house here in the unique market of Philadelphia we also have customized home by representation services that don’t cost you a dime to utilize but today I’m talking about the Philly first-time buyer train which is amazing I can’t wait to see on the inside click the link register now.

Have a great day whew go in bed I know nothing about Philly but it sounds like I do so I mean all of that stuff in in 15 minutes you know you put all that stuff together imagine if we imagine if we took our time one day it took an hour but we put together that script with funnel scripts with the five minute perfect webinar came up with the headline killer headline script um you know I just.

It’s pretty amazing I’m always excited when we do this it’s all I love being under the gun to see what we can come up with he’s good oh boy I guess loving got a ton of value out of this let me save this and then jump out of screen share mode there’s a button awesome Jimmy monitors over here very cool thanks you now is what fun hope you guys all enjoyed the show today like this and by the way showing this we always share it most of the share funnel on Fridays calm so later say this funnel will be there if you want to take it and use it for your stuff as well he’s got to go to final.

Friday’s calm also on Friday if you want to look at your funnel you can register there I believe still right I think so or within there’s you can register within the within funnel scripts there’s a there’s a link yeah going from scripts and post it and if you don’t photo scripts yeah where they go I can’t remember well if you don’t have FOMO scripts right now then you’re wrong because full scripts is the premier way to get your copy down without hiring expensive copywriter.

If you head on over to funnel scripts comm you’ll be able to see an amazing training that Russell and I did not too long ago we’re gonna teach you three copy writing secrets plus do really cool demo of a whole bunch of different scripts on funnel scripts and how you can use them to instantly create content for way less than what a professional copywriter is going to charge you and you can get it way quicker so you don’t have to sit around.

Wait for a week or two for them to finally get around to do your job and if you’ve been on the fence about copy writing and getting funnel scripts but you know about phone scripts and ready to get going go to formal scripts can /go you can sign up immediately and within five minutes you’ll be in there whipping out amazing sales copy to the envy of your friends

Thanks max fun two weeks in a row we’ll see if we keep the street going or not you guys know next week awesome thanks man I appreciate you thanks and thank you today on this to Graham or Facebook or YouTube every watch this go down below and tell us let us know appreciate you guys hanging out and we’ll talk to youse all get sued by everybody.


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