Clickfunnels™ Kenya Safari – Surreal Experience In The Masai Mara!

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Kenya Safari – Surreal Experience In The Masai Mara! | FHTV Ep 114

ClickFunnels™ Kenya Safari

Clickfunnels™ Kenya Safari: What happened on our epic, life-changing experience on the Kenya safari tour in Masai Mara? In this week’s episode of Funnel Hacker TV, Russell Brunson and company are in the heart of Africa. We were fortunate enough to see Kenya and all its beauty as well as experience some crazy cool things! You won’t want to miss it!

Clickfunnels™ Kenya Safari: Russell Brunson Kenya Safari Experience on Masai

Good morning, good morning. Colette and I are about to go and make out with giraffes. Can you what? (woman laughs) Follow on today and you’ll find out and see. (upbeat music) All right, we are at the giraffes with Stu, are you gonna make out with the giraffes today? (man mumbling) That’s all it takes. (crowd laughing) I’m freaking out how bad that is.

Today was a crazy day, Uber ride home and I’m taking Uber (laughs) taking Uber guy. Just got done pushing the Uber driver up the hill, car’s broken, hope’n to make it. – We are in Uber. – Now the car’s working again. (laughs) I’ve got to pack up this room, we have to get all of our garbage to fit into one bag to take to the Masai Mara to the safari so tomorrow we’re heading out, so Monday another trip tomorrow and we’ll see some lions, some zebras, bye bye. – (group talking) to jump on a safari – Check it out, these are the private planes we’re taking to the safari, hopefully we survive. We’re about to go on safari.

Clickfunnels™ Kenya Safari

Oh, yeah. – Hey, guys. Yay! Finally! (plane engine roars) (rhythmic music) – There’s like all these tents, tents, tents, tents they go way back there, is our amazing camp. – Hi welcome to our tent, welcome to the Masai Mara. Let me show you the tent, glamping at it’s finest. We have these cool little African Masai Mara lamps, which are pretty cool, nice little makeup station for Sam, and here oh yeah you have a fire alarm. You know it’s real camping when there’s a fire alarm, hot water, a cute little lamp, tiles. The best part of every day is I wake up with a guy who wakes us up to go to safari. He doesn’t knock, he peeks his head in and goes hello hello good morning. It is so peaceful the way that he wakes us up.

Last year we actually asked him to do a voice recording of him waking me up, so I’d hold the cell phone up to him and then I’d say, can you just do that thing that you wake us up in the morning? And I save that on my phone and I made it my alarm clock and it really scares people. Good morning hello, good morning hello. – Good morning, so we’re in a hire balloon and we’ll go above all the animals and see them and it’s so much fun. Are you excited? – Whoa, I’m so excited I can’t wait. – Those baskets over there – Let’s see the baskets, there they are. Air Kenya, here we go. – Air Kenya! (equipment running) (thrilling music) – Ah. (haunting music) ♪ (group sings in foreign language) ♪ (lively music) Danny you look like a lizard. (music slows)

What’s up elephants? This lion he kills everything he finds, he’s just like he knows it. My friendly giraffe he is about that tall. – Man safari is the most amazing experience ever it’s all sorts of crazy stuff’ – I got that on my blog again. – Oh my gosh. (exciting music) – Have to say this has been one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. This has been so magical, so much fun. But this place is just amazing, such beauty, just you feel like you’re literally, you are you’re in the heart of Africa, the coolest thing you’ll ever experience.


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