ClickFunnels™ Inner Circle – How Bort Shook up the Inner Circle

???? How Bort Shook up the Inner Circle ???? | FHTV Ep 97

ClickFunnels™ Inner Circle

ClickFunnels™ Inner Circle: In today’s episode watch as the Russell Brunson and the Click Funnels team hilariously introduce the newest member of the inner circle: BORT. Who is Bort you ask? Well, he’s the only doll you’ll meet to ever demand excellence from you! Watch as the hijinks ensue! Join our community. ClickFunnels™ Inner Circle

ClickFunnels™ Inner Circle

(bright strumming music) – Well, Bart unfortunately drove his Vette into the office today without it being powered correctly. So Bort has decided — – He’s going to take matters into his own hands and he’s going to add the appropriate license plate holder. – There we go. Way to go Bort. (rattling, laughing) Bort for the win. (pounding music) – Well good morning, guess what today is? – Uhh. – Today, we’re headin’ down to Burley, Idaho and you have to say Burley with an accent or else it’s not worth saying. – [Man] Burley, Idaho. – To go speak at a government thingermado about entrepreneurs. So we’re gonna show the government here in Idaho how crazy all of us entrepreneurs are. It’s gonna be a lot of fun. (bold music strum) Guess who gets to be my special guest today? – Yay. – Oww, oww. – Yay, so where we going? –

To Burley, my hometown. – It’s like government officials from all over Idaho I think that are going to be there. So I gotta come tell then about entrepreneurship. – My goal’s – [Mrs. Brunson] Could be fun. to get all of them to quit their job and become entrepreneurs. – [Mrs. Brunson] Could be fun. – Think I can do it? – (laughs) No. – So Collette’s driving because we got a two, three hour drive and I gotta work on my slides. Always procrastinating till the last possible second. (upbeat happy music) – [Russell] We’re in Burley. You so excited? – I have food in my mouth people. (laughing) We’re in Burley. – [Man] Burley, Idaho. – I’m in the hallway and I’m trying to get my slides done.

And my wife and mother-in-law, what’s up? – My Mom. – Oh hey. – It’s the mom. (laughing) Alright, so we’re racing. We’ve got 13 percent battery life and we’ve got four minutes copying presentation to hard drive. Is it gonna make it? (upbeat music) – [Introducer] Russell Brunson. (clapping) – Thank you Doug. (crowd laughing) Well I’m excited to be here with you guys today. This is a little different audience than I normally speak to, but I’m really excited about it. (upbeat music) Alright, so we spoke to, how many people do you think were there? Seventy? – Ohh you know. –

ClickFunnels™ Inner Circle

They were all like government, they were mostly government, right? – [Mrs. Brunson] Yes. – So we blew their minds with some entrepreneurial rain and fire. You think it was alright? – Yeah. (laughs) – It was a quiet crowd. (laughs) – And we’re like “What do you guys think about this?” And they’re like, “Yeah.” (laughs) – [Mrs. Brunson] Maybe a hand raised. – They liked it though, I think. They liked the ener– – They were scared to show their emotions, but they clapped a little bit. It was fun. – It’s crazy cause entrepreneurs are scared of being vulnerable but real people are even more scared of it. You know what I mean? I can see it in their eyes when I’m saying that they’re like “huh”. Anyway, now we’re gonna go eat some authentic Burley– – Stevo’s. – [Russell] What is Stevo’s? – It’s a good space. (upbeat music) – [Russell] We arrived at Stevo’s. Oh, famous fries.

Are they really famous? Are they like Burley famous or like Idaho famous or like America famous? – I think it’s Burley famous. (laughs) – [Russell] Looks awesome. – Ohh. – [Russell] What’d you guys get? – It’s got some spice. Don’t tell Carrie. (laughs) I’m just kidding. I’ve worked for this burger. – [Russell] Looks good. Oh, yeah. – Stevo’s. So they’re known for their french fries. I guess the owner is a potato farmer. – Yeah. – This is my mom. – Oh, hello. (laughs) (upbeat music) (record scratching) – [Russell] Big Bart, I wanna introduce you to Little Bart. – Hey! About time I get to see this guy. Handsome fella, isn’t he? (laughs) Wow. He’s even bigger than I thought.

This guy’s grown. (laughs) That is so freakin’ cool. Oh my gosh. – [Russell] It’s the best. Mini Bart is about to do his first workout with the pink weight. (laughs) – Come on. Those biceps are (music drowns out speaker). (grunts) Keep the tension. – Alright, we are also bringing the mini Bart doll to inner circle today. So we actually call him Bort cause Bart created a workout program called “The Big and Ripped Transformation”. B.A.R.T., big and ripped.

ClickFunnels™ Inner Circle

ClickFunnels™ Inner Circle

And I was like, “I don’t really wanna get big, “I just wanna get ripped.” And James Friel, James P. Friel was like, “Well we should call it Big or Ripped then, “or B.O.R.T.” And then it became a thing and now this is actually Bort and he’s Bart, so this is Bort, the big or ripped transformation. Oh yeah. (relaxed music) Alright, we’re hiding mini Bart back here until his official introduction to the inner circle. We’re bringing him out here in a second (laughs). This is gonna be so awesome. Alright, I wanted to record this intro because we have a new member of the inner circle here that (laughs) I thought I could do it with a straight face. (sharp inhale) I’m really excited to introduce all of you guys to this person. (laughs) So a lot of you guys know my friend Bart Miller here –

Oh, great. – [Russell] I’m not sure if you guys have seen this picture of Bart before on Facebook, but this is Bart when he’s all classed out. Doesn’t that look good? (audience cheers and applause) So James wanted to get me a present for my birthday so he got me my own mini Bart doll. (audience laughs and claps) – [Man] That’s so classic. – [Russell] Look at how well he matched the shirt, the tie, (laughs loudly) (audience laughs) So throughout the next two days if you guys could all Instagram with mini Bart and hang out with him and make him feel at home that would make (laughs loudly) So I’m gonna have him sit back here by Melanie. (heavy bass music) (laughs) – [Man]

Our first Two Comma Club winner, Grant Cardone, as a ClickFunnels™ Million Dollar Affiliate. Lights are just glaring off this thing like crazy. Million Dollar Affiliate. He’s been paid out over a million bucks inside of ClickFunnels™ Affiliate Program. We have another, 14 other, Two Comma Club Winners. This office is getting jam, jam packed full. The craziness here, let me just show you, if you haven’t already seen this, we try to let you guys know about this all the time, this wall, this whole hallway, Two Comma Club Winners. Maxed out. Totally filled. So what’d we have to do? We had to go find another place to start putting these things. So now we actually have them in the kitchen.

This wall here is filling up, we got 14 more coming in here. Oh, what’s that over there you say? Let me just show you. Here’s one of our first ones. And yes, that’s Brandon and Kaelin, Lady Boss. That means they’ve done over 10 million. Ten. I’ll drop the camera but ten, ten million, inside of a funnel. That’s the kind of stuff we’re talking about. Results actually happen. No one’s building millionaires faster than Russell Brunson and ClickFunnels™ so make sure you get your funnel up and running as soon as you possible can. – I don’t remember the exact numbers but it was nearly 11 hundred affiliates and it was a batch of 350 thousand dollars. For one week of commissions. So that’s a chunk. –

ClickFunnels™ Inner Circle

You mean we actually do pay out affiliate commissions every single Tuesday. Commissions, they just start flying out of this office. 350K, 1,100 affiliates. Are you one of them? Go get one. Go get yourself some money. (bright strumming music) Bart unfortunately drove his Vette into the office today without it being powered correctly. So Bort has decided– – He’s going to take matters into his own hands and he’s going to add the appropriate license plate holder to Bart’s Corvette. – Absolutely. – Bort for the win. (tape fast forwarding) – So, let’s check this out. What’s he got on the back of this thing? He’s got some lame, plastic, plastic-y little Look at this thing. I mean, really?

We’re just gonna have to see if I can break this off. Okay Bort, help me unscrew these things Bort. (sighs) You got it. Flex those arms, flex those arms. Yeah! (grunts) (bright instrumental music) – Strava, powered by ClickFunnels™. Ready to go Bort? – Here we go. – Perfect. Let’s get the other one on first. – Can I see that screwdriver for a second? (grunts) – Nice job Bort. – Thank you. – So I think, Bort, we should literally throw this in the garbage can. What do you think? – I agree. – There’s no reason to keep this plastic– – This is a piece of trash compared to what we just put on this car. (upbeat music) (laughs) – That was the best. – I demand excellence from you. (laughs) –

A job well done. – So as you guys know, Russell is a wrestler, right? A lot of wrestling going on in this room. And every now and then, because people know that he’s a wrestler, they want to challenge him. So some people in our inner circle, pan to Jaime and Nathan Cross. So Nathan was a wrestler in college? – Mm-hmm. – College wrestler. Like Russell.

ClickFunnels™ Inner Circle: Jaime has been like the Don King of — (laughs) Totally, like promoting this match. She’s like, “You gotta come out here.” She’s like, “Nathan’s gonna totally take you down. “Nathan’s gonna beat you.” Alexa play “Eye of the Tiger”. – I’m sorry, I won’t be able to play “Eye of the Tiger” because YouTube will be all up in my business for copyright reasons. Let me play you this fake Rocky song instead. (upbeat music) – [Man] Bort hurry, hurry, you’re gonna be late. – We gotta go. (upbeat music) ClickFunnels™ Inner Circle


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