How To Write A Hook, Story, and Offer To Sell Any Product| Funnel Friday’s Ep 57

Clickfunnels™ Hook Story – How To Write and Offer To Sell Any Product

Clickfunnels™ Hook Story: Welcome to another episode of Funnel Fridays. In today’s episode, Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards are showing you sales funnel strategy by going over the importance of your hook, story, and offer for a high priced art piece.

Clickfunnels™ Hook Story: Sales Funnel Strategy

oh no Chuy I’m Chuy’s like weird cousin or weird uncle you’re like the you’re like the the wookie shaman from like some movie that hasn’t come out yet either that or you’re like one of the little e walks with a growth hormone problem I think any like braid my eyebrows or some ass thing so why would she we like masks and chewy bass today well unfortunately the actor who pioneered the character of Chewbacca in the original Star Wars passed away yesterday and so we just want to honor him and say now that was horrible you see what I got you see what I’ve gone

through the last three years the second what I’ve done for fun oh Fridays that’s right end up with all kinds of stuff I mean I’ve set my money on fire too I mean it’s been it I’ve done a lot he’s always he’s always doing what he needs to do for the show so I do what I must that’s right and I almost set my beard on fire there be careful it’s Billy you’re screening to make its taste stay like that um actually I used on honest a misis Amish beard wax that’s it’s a real thing make that up you cannot make that up on the fly as an honest aim honest a mice’s Amish beard wax and it smells so

wonderful – it’s got all kinds of herbs and spices in it me and the colonel was amazing so tell everyone I don’t know this white James beards getting so long why hasn’t cut it yet my beard actually trimmed it today because it was losing its shape so I kind of press I’ll be I’ll be somewhere special next week and I didn’t want to look like some hippie from California but a gang we just lost ten percent of our customers sorry because there I live I am from California originally anyway I know my favorite thing from California avocado toast you guys introduce us this this is like the greatest food thing of all time Toto egg boom yeah oh and if you really want to go straight up California

it’s got to be sourdough bread oh crap I do you buy that yeah yeah or bread but we digress like ten degrees from Kevin Bacon back to the oh yes the beard back to this I told Russell that I was going to get the 10 million dollar award for funnel scripts and I was not going to cut my beard until we got there so luckily this year we’re getting it I mean it’s a shoo-in so I’ll be able to cut my beard but I have trimmed it so as to keep my manly profile intact but I have been mostly letting it grow so cool so that’s why but I did trim it because I will be in Boise next week going to

Clickfunnels™ Hook Story: About Sales Copyright

Reed’s dairy store and then I’ll be stopping by click funnels with ice cream for everyone it’s gonna be amazing and then we’re gonna record some videos as men do yep and then we’re raising the price of funnel scrip so this may be a warning for all you yeah that’s the time there you go the price will fish to be raised after degrees Boise that’s right so all right so I’m gonna start our 20 countdown timer up and what we choked those who knew every Friday mostly breaks 60 Fridays in a row right not in a row but 60 Fridays or something you know this episode 57 did he sell fries

we’ve done this like three years like we are consistent because we love you guys and we want to show you that we drink our own kool-aid because most people who sell products don’t drink don’t cool way they just sell acquit we ask drink it every day of our lad and that is absolutely true I’m writing some sales copy right now for what we’re doing and next week and I’m using funnel scripts and we just want to say that since neither Russell nor I drink this is our version of happy hour yeah I think so all right so there you go all right so we’re gonna queued up so we got 20

minutes to work on a funnel today’s a little different than normal but it’s gonna be really fun I’m excited so I’m starting the timer and we are officially into the zone so Jim tell us what we’re doing today and fascinating okay so basically and I’ll show you the picture of it but the gist of it is is that we are actually we have clickfunnels user who is helping an artist sell a gigantic one and a half million dollar piece of art and it’s called split infinity and it’s actually super cool and it’s it’s a bra it’s a giant like 2,000 pound total bronze sculpture of Albert Einstein and I’m a big

Albert Einstein fan and it’s it’s like he’s in the floor and his bottom half is going through the ceiling and he’s holding on to himself with a rope and it’s just really cool and they’re their target person that’s gonna buy this is either a university or some big company or a high-end art collector and what really got our attention with this is that they are going to give 10% of the proceeds of the sale to Operation Underground Railroad and so that was what that was that was that was the bit that was the big hook for me to say hey Russell let’s do this and so I’ll be honest with you

Clickfunnels™ Hook Story: How to write a sales letter

we’re not gonna write the freaking sales letter that’s because it would take longer than 20 minutes but but this is what I want this to be and what I told to Russell was that this would be a great example of hook story offer and we could come up with a hook and then we could talk about what kind of a story they would want to tell and what kind of offer they would want to make with with this and I did actually use funnel scripts I used a couple different funnel scripts one brand-new and one proven to come up with what I think are some really cool hook ideas for this as well

as the start of the story so I don’t know kind of where you want to start first or what do you want to do Russell is that sorry this is like a DB Russell is that rope also made out of bronze is the Roman actual rope I think the rope is an actual rope okay because it wasn’t yet to find someone had the exact right hue ceiling hydrogen I wanted my my ceilings not tall enough okay so we’ll see you but you’d be climbing that rope all the time getting ready for the wrastlin you do you know getting that full body strength so watch this Albert Einstein i’m russell brunson take that

that’s super cool so high-end super high in art that’s interesting I don’t know I wonder if we have any people selling art through clickfunnels like the last click the last art I bought through clickfunnels was some naked rodent some snood squirrels I’ll just load it up on that stuff and I’m waiting for the market to come back but he’s good so you know I don’t know but it really comes down to a story offer what’s the what’s the hook what would be the hook for the people that you’re good I trying to get by the way the way I would sell is hard it’s not something you run

Facebook ads to sell a 1.5 million dollar statue right I don’t think but I think it’s it’s coming back from from marketing standpoint it’s like the old school dream 100 like there’s probably only about a hundred people that would actually buy this it’s like identifying who are the people and or the the companies or the businesses or the museum collectors collectors who actually would buy it yeah early had an old-school dream 100 campaign like I would make these little the little clay ones you see Miss skill in the background like I’d make a little clay one and

Clickfunnels™ Hook Story: Create Sales Page Video

make ship that to somebody with a letter so like that’s how I lump email that’s way back to the Dan Kennedy days son am i aging myself now direct response years people like letters you would send somebody a letter to try and get them into a marketing funnel oh you know I actually I didn’t think about having a little clay thing done and and sending it to people but that’s actually and that’s a really good idea man background the pictures and make no plain ones I’m like that’s kind of cool the other thing that’s engine you could actually buy make another million in half

selling the clay versions for people like me who don’t want to spend a million half for a statue to think the concepts really cool you know I mean well yeah oh yeah like that like that this confuse me the smaller ones as well I Byron like if you had if you could get a desktop version like this I don’t know if you can see that Oh like this is this is actually good but this is a bronze statue that I got from the National Guard and so it’s I mean this is really cool and if you had some made that size you’re absolutely right don’t even think about that that can get a Apple come from that

but let’s leave the first thing I think you’re right though because regardless was gonna get packaged tomorrow or selling through the funnel whatever and of doing I’ve gotta have the right hook story offer behind it do you know the story like why this dude develop and design this it not as it’s not as not as clear from a marketing standpoint as I would have liked if that makes sense he’s got a couple of videos here in the fifty second video it looks kind of like Doc from The Back to the Future movies um not know cut I’m just saying I mean that’s definitely an artist haircut do you do you want me to show it on my screen cuz I don’t think anybody can see oh yeah I think I give you my

screen show let me also my dear okay like a member of meekness I’m he’s doing us a little bit you want me to do it or you do oh you already did it look at you me so this is the haircut right always the piece that I’m working on the one I love the most I’m telling you I love this one this one’s called split infinitive not exactly sure where it’s guarded but where I think I started when I was a child yes I played with clay people didn’t think I was very bright that’s God if he isn’t here he said it was Charlie play with clay there’s making out clay tied be really good in the letters going in the box like anyway yeah but it’s okay think different sometimes think outside the box yes Albert Einstein think

about this now okay I have a challenge my challenge to you is to think outside the box be different then it things to the next level and I’m gonna end by saying one word thank all right we have some copy there from him in there yeah you know there’s some stuff there I mean I’m I’m I’m looking at it from the standpoint of it and I’m not ripping on it but it that that intro actually felt like something from 3d ride at Busch Gardens and no I mean for real it did um that’s not the sales video and if you think about who’s gonna be buying this thing like a university purchase agent or

someone who’s looking to do an endowment basically someone who snotty and thinks that they’re more important that they are and they wanna there’s a prestige thing here um and so I’m not sure that that’s the mess right there I just I didn’t feel like that was the message that was gonna sell it yeah but the story the but okay let me rephrase that the story part if once he’s got him hooked the story is cool so I think what they need is help with the hook so let me show you kind of what I was working on and I spent actually spent about an hour on this this morning just because I thought it was cool um but the first thing I did was I used the new question books the new question hooks script

which is part of the OFA scripts collection in funnel scripts which is all in there now and available for all funnel scripts members right now so we’ve got the Epiphany bird script the hook story offer script the niche and offer detective wizard the killer headlines scripts offer stack script opt-in hook story script OTO done 40 script and the OTO next thing script what do you think Russell pretty cool huh since we’re right in the middle of the one frontal away challenge so the first thing I did was um started thinking about okay do we want to use a hook question for this so I started thinking okay who’s our target niche member and I decide we’d go after high-end art collectors so

what’s one thing they really want is prestige another big thing they want is instant impact on visitors when somebody comes to your gallery or something like that you want people to go holy cow and some things they want to avoid or spending money on forgettable art and another thing is missing out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so I just started playing around and and the cool thing about this new script is that we actually have these question hooks divided up into cold warm and hot so that’s kind of cool so the cold ones are all centered around um you know the cold ones are all centered around the problem so like are you okay with spending money on forgettable art

Clickfunnels™ Hook Story: One Funnel Away Challenge

which is okay I mean it’s not great as a high-end art collector um you know there’s just some of these are good and this is a cool script but I don’t really feel like this bless you I didn’t feel like this was going to do it so then I came over here and said okay what about the timeless classic headline scripts which is also part of funnel scripts available inside the titles headlines and subject lines and so I filled that out high-end art collector whether they want or what’s our main topic truly unique art opportunity who’s our target audience what do they want to do and I started looking down these and this one caught my attention right here the greatest reason in the world to own a prestigious

piece of art history and then I started thinking about trying to tie that in with the one or excuse me not got now I’ve got one funnel away challenge on the brain with oh you are operation Underground Railroad and so that’s when I came up I saw this and it grabbed me and I was thinking about some of the things that I saw in the in the hook script and I came up with just a few things like you know we could we could use I want to get your thoughts on it but the greatest reason in the world to own a prestigious piece of art history and people like okay what is the greatest reason and then another hook would be unique opportunity for high-end collectors who want to own a prestigious

piece of art history there’s a truly unique opportunity for high-end art collectors who want to own a prestigious piece of art history but can’t seem to find the right piece but that was kind of cool and then this is really the start of the story with the split infinity masterpiece from Jim West you can make an instant impact on every visitor to your gallery for decades to come and help save children around the world from sex trafficking and modern-day slavery I mean that’s that’s a to me that seemed like a really cool hook because anybody who’s that rich that they could afford to spend that kind of money probably is into philanthropy and and things like that so all of a sudden you’re

appealing to prestige you’re appealing to philanthropy and you’re using a whole lot of curiosity about both owning a prestigious piece of art history and helping kids so it seemed to me like that was an angle really worth pursuing but what what do you think mr. Brunson I think it’s really good it’d be fascinating to go back in in this one obviously we can’t do next seven minutes in one second but to go deeper and Einstein’s like too and see if there’s if there’s ties somehow back to I was probably direct I know you are but dude he escaped from Nazi Germany before the Nazis did

their thing he came to the u.s. to escape the tyranny and the slavery and the enslavement of the Jewish people by the Third Reich dude information I did not know I failed the history classes you now know that’s amazing yeah he he came he was he was had enough foresight to be like you know what I got to get out of here and so he left um and I believe he lived in Austria I can’t remember for sure but but he left and he came to the US and so that would be a tie-in to yeah I think Mike Chris Einstein are I want to tell you story you probably don’t know about Einstein right people unknowing until that story and then that vacuums like now here’s the cause in the peace and ye should care

and right did you know Einstein was the one who told President Roosevelt that the Germans were developing a nuclear bomb and he was the one that persuaded Roosevelt to open the Manhattan Project so that they would create we could create the nuclear bomb first and beat the Germans did you know that what book did you read galore I want to read this now you just you just learned this literate yeah this is the kind of stuff you learn when you major in history but yeah I mean there’s all kind of tie in with escaping tyranny and slavery and and all that stuff that’s a

really cool that’s a really cool angle that they should really consider as part of the story I would probably so can we go back to Dan Kennedy old school direct response for minute but one thing I learned from Kennedy 101 is like the shock and awe boxes like this would be like you know else our offer you got a lot of money see bill could read 100 you actually build out of shock and awe box which well because you could have like a clay statue in it then you have like a video or something but something to really tell the that story in a powerful way because even like the audio the sound on that YouTube videos so quite barely hear like should I close a million-dollar deal like get a good video

team to come and film the thing and tell the story you’re passionate like I feel like in a video card or something so they open the box that you like hear the story see the piece fill that you know like something say open it’s like boom it’s all it’s all there you try I agree story with Einstein and I tie back to sex slavery tie back to just exploitation and stuff yeah it’s powerful that is very powerful I don’t even think about that see this is what happens when you have people that you can brainstorm this stuff around using funnel scripts because you get together in a cool meeting like this and then you mess around funnel scripts and you have million-dollar ideas pretty amazing ourselves now I

Clickfunnels™ Hook Story: Once-in-a-lifetime Unique Opportunity

want to be a sculptor now I want fun though I would encourage you to investigate it there you go so then okay so in the four minutes we got left let’s talk let’s just kind of brainstorm what would be some kind of things that they could include with the offer I mean they are you might think okay we’re just selling the the statue but let’s let’s come up with an can you uncanny unshare your screen so I can feel like I’m talking to you instead of a postage stamp please okay much better so my thought was okay most people would think oh well they’re buying the statue that should be enough but I think the offer should be okay you’re getting the sculpture you’re gonna get a an unveiling ceremony with the artist there you’re gonna get a hundred of these or ten of these um scale model things that you can give to

your biggest donors or your best friends or your best customers what else could they what else could they do Oh a documentary they could get a documentary on DVD tell the story and everything yeah that’d be cool I don’t know what else Wilda like includes got experience the ties back to Einstein so I’m not sure what the most you know the best coolest part of Einsteins life or history or something but like make like as you’re building a documentary for Mikey we’re gonna take you to blah where something cool happened with Einstein and and I experienced that you know it’s they experience all thing that’s tied back to to this taking you on a on a taking them to Haiti or something

on a mission with you are would be really cold they’re always under stuff like that they may want to go on a mission with the oqr they keep trying to get me to go and I’m scared scared of what do you get a gun I think my own you should go for me in proxy Civil War you’re gonna send me in your stead I’m here for Russell Brunson he gets credit I brought my own gun though oh I think he might go away I’m sure they give you both for a vest but I was like what about your face they give you a the face mask cuz like they shoot in the head you’re dead right pretty sure that’s how it worked pretty much that’s how it works I see the whole kill shot thing on movies and stuff like yep open vest I’ll

help your face I’m glad we digress from Einstein to getting shot in the head good not getting shot what he thought the charity just supported by donating so there’s there yeah but that all of a sudden we’ve taken it from we’re just Hawking this piece of thing to understanding the historical significance of the character the man who’s had huge amounts of influence on on history and from now into the future you’re owning a piece of history you’re understanding history are able to share history with others it’s a once-in-a-lifetime once unique opportunity to own

art and all these other things that you could just stack on there that again like if it’s an administrator who for a university or something who who authorizes us or goes and raises them raises the money for it it’s not like they own the statue so they’re gonna get off on being able to take a cool trip or being able to get some kind of experience out of it you know I think is the biggest thing I think I don’t even grab I weird stuff the reason why I buy it is because like I know it’s something they ask me question about I went on the story right yeah yeah often that the stories like yeah we bought this thing that’s like doesn’t give them significant so they’re looking for it sounds like you create those the

experiential part behind it then it’s like what some comes like oh my gosh some sort behind this I’m and and this happened this happened you think about like a University where people complain about spending that money you’ve got to have such a powerful story that the person who wants to make the purchase decision can actually use that story to sell it to the investors to sell it to the or to governor’s to sell it to the people who are gonna authorize that money so I think that’s important too is you’re actually going to give them a sales tool to use to put do a sales

job to the people that are going to really complain if they say it’s the difference between saying you spent what oh my god – oh my gosh this is really gonna increase the prestige of the university and this is something that we’ll be able to make the centerpiece of our physics department or something like that you know yeah i miss i don’ts are selling sculptures now we got a process and a path of the plan that is true yeah we can probably get some some people on Etsy to knock off some of these really expensive no it’s not not I’m kidding okay everybody he’s though it was a joke all right I’m not gonna sell Picasso’s on Etsy for 25 bucks apiece they’re worth at least fifty okay if they’re

really good I want to support the local artisans cool man well I think that was fun it was different I hope that again everyone is watching it’s like the main reason why we were doing these is to get the Wills in your head spinning a bike oh my gosh like this is how I look at my product especially I know so statues like yeah but what do you sell you’re selling you’re selling a book or I guess what I did and I sold this book the same process I think what else okay I make the offer better what’s look what’s the story what’s it I think it doesn’t matter whatever you’re so you’re selling that you’re selling protein bars you’re selling brings the read your pulse and tell you how much you sleep in

Clickfunnels™ Hook Story: Know your desired product to sell

the hive if you’re selling so what that really does cough drops yes these are mate you know see the o-rings no these are amazing it’s like it’s like my ring to rule them all got these sensors and you put it in and it tracks your sleep patterns you’re walking you’re talking your everything it’s but you know why don’t you say you’re selling that but pull it pulled your little ring finger up again okay what what are you really selling there you’re not selling a ring we’re selling peace of mind we’re selling health we’re selling what are we selling with that that that’s the other thing is where you’re not really selling the thing you’re selling the desire the satisfaction of the desire you’re selling the saw the problem that’s why with funnel scripts we always ask you you know hey what’s what’s their number one

desire here what’s their big problem what’s the roadblock that’s what’s gonna sell them not I have this cool ring it’s okay what does the ring dunt do for them and what does that mean to them yeah I told you this is really cool plastic ring it’s like three hundred fifty bucks yeah I can get a plastic ring down at the food line for 50 cents from a little thing that I turn and you know but supposedly I don’t mystery babies the Apple watch that I heard it’s like help like ten people who write their heart rumors are happening about to die and things like something’s wrong with you then you only hug dr. Sejal eye it’s gonna save your life that’s what more than 300 50 bucks now anyway and then and what does that mean if it saves your life it means little Timmy has a daddy you know you don’t have a kid named Timmy do you I didn’t start anything did I yeah okay sorry about that little Dallin no daddy no but that’s the

biggest thing is it always coming back to it’s not we’re selling this statue of Einstein it’s it’s what does that do for them and then what does that mean ultimately with all of your sales copy you’re trying to pull it back to a meaning an emotional gut level satisfaction thing where they’re either gonna feel more loved they’re gonna feel more connection they’re gonna feel more empowered or ant or they’re gonna feel less scared less insecure and less like less bad about themselves really and that’s ultimately what everything when you’re trying to sell that’s what it does so well I’m saying you got the next week man you just come to Boise we should do a faux fries like on a Thursday while you’re here some things funnel Thursday somebody’s gonna go buy that domain right now you know oh I bet they’re gonna do funnel Thursday so I’m gonna go buy funnel Thursday’s calm ha ha poopoo on you it’s not

happening keep paying that nine dollars to GoDaddy forever and try and squat that domain go ahead you know somebody would do it to me already has again if somebody bought funnel mondays they’re like hey I’ll just pay you nine bucks to take it so I can stop paying the rebill nup got to pay us 30 no no it’s on Thursdays gay that was the bounty the first person to buy it and message me you you win the domain we don’t want it but you can you’ll have it but you can grab it you can tell that story to your kids someday what is that that is sparkle farts he is a magical his name Sparkle farts he is a magical irreverent you want you dare me to push it people send me some crazy stuff man

what is this a new weird crap I wasn’t the cool stuff you got a brand yourself with something man and then you got to the unicorn thing is taken that or Russell’s doing unicorns now unicorns do you’ll be proud of this my son today is jammie day at school so he painted his hair blue and dressed up as a unicorn in his unicorn onesie well I have to see this there’s the picture nice so he’s a good-looking kid he’s a stud I love this little man that’s a good-looking one z2i yeah he wanted to our unicorn onesie say he was so excited to wear it so you’d be proud I have a unicorn son today there you go I am proud so Russell if people want to get clickfunnels where they go you know cliff let’s count yet you must not have a pulse or you must say money those are the only two like logical things so if you wanted it ready for

your count we’d have over 86,000 active members therefore side of matter if you become a click phone’s member it’s when and there’s no better time than today when is the best time to plant a tree there’s ancient progress that 20 years ago what is the second-best time right now go get cooking right now cook folks calm but you what if they have a phone scam that are using phone scripts yet and they know that next week we’re raising the price dramatically what should they do today well what you need to do is head on over to funnel scripts calm and watch the webinar that Russell naturally on be redoing next week but if you want to get all of the goodness moving forward by while

paying last year’s price you need to jump on it now but if you want to wait it’s like opening up your wallet taking all that money out and just lighting it on fire it’s not a smart thing to do do it today final scripts calm oh and if you don’t want to watch the webinar go to funnel scripts con /go and sign up right away awesome sweet ma’am thank you for this it’s a lot of fun and I started hanging out next week yeah man so it’s fun so yeah bring it out thank you Instagram Facebook YouTube and I don’t ever string me where else but thank you wherever your watch all paths episodes of fun friends little fun friends come and if you want us to build on your funnels also in front of Rhys common form then there you can pull it out or you know yeah so do that and they do it’ll be to your funnel the next funnel Friday’s there you go thanks man it makes everybody appreciate you guys bye guys I’ll soon



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