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ClickFunnels™ Funnel Hacker Radio – Secrets to Attending LIVE Events – Internet Marketing Strategies – Funnel Hacker Radio Podcast

Fastest and best way to grow your business is by attending LIVE Events. After attending hundreds of LIVE events over the last 12 years, Dave Woodward reveals his secrets to attending live events. What you need to do before, during and after the event. He also tells you those things you must not do while at a LIVE event.

Show Notes:

-The people you will meet at live events are most often the best kind of network

-Dave has always been a huge believer in investing in yourself by attending a live event

-If you go to a live event you will be more productive even leading up to the event

-The audiences you find at live events are one of the most captive audiences

-Words of caution: prepare for the people you’ll be meeting and want to connect with

-Dave wants you to know, people can tell when you’re not being authentic


“The majority of my relationships and friendships and everything else have come from live events.”

“Typically, the content you’re going to find at a live event are things that are working today, right now. It’s not something you read in a book or something that worked years ago. It’s not hearsay.”

“When you’re at a live event, it’s live. Meaning, you need to be alive. You need to be awake, you need to be aware, you need to be giving.” online marketing how to make money online internet marketing

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward welcome back to fun hacker radio I’m your host Dave Woodward today you just get me so I was actually yesterday I did a podcast with Kevin page and he reminded me of a topic I’ve been wanting to address for a long time and that’s the idea as far as live events so I want to kind of talked about the five reasons to attend live events and then afterwards I’m gonna give you a couple of words of caution on what to do and what not to do while you’re at a live event so understand that the majority of my relationships and friendships and everything else have come from people I’ve met at live events so there’s quite a few different reasons to attend live events and here are some of my top reasons first of all is the network the people you meet at live events are typically the doers these are people who are willing to spend money not only for the price of the ticket they also are spending money as far as travel hotel and they’re spending money as far as opportunity costs away from their business so when you weigh all of that in these are people who basically said you know what it’s worth it to me to spend this kind of time away from my business and invest as kind of money to get something out of this event so I love going to the live events because typically the people you find there are people who are the doers in your industry so I highly highly recommend number one the importance of understanding the reason of networking while you’re there number two is forced agency and scarcity in your own life and this obviously it applies one of all as far as to money I’m a huge believer in the fact that you have to invest in yourself and one of the best ways of investing yourself is investing in going to a live event second part of the urgency a scarcity aspect is the time urgency in scarcity just like when you’re going on a vacation what you’re gonna find is that you’re gonna get more done before that live event just due to the fact that there’s a deadline in place of when you’re leaving and you know you’re gonna be gone for a couple of days or weeks or whatever it might be and you’ve got to make sure that you get everything done the same thing happens when you come back you’ve now mystic two three four five days and now you’re trying to catch up and so you actually will find that you get a lot more done right around a live event as far as before and afterwards just do the urgency and scarcity of time and the aspect as far as the investment you’ve made in money the third reason is the captive audience and this is another people one and what I mean by that is you’re gonna find that typically the people who are at a live event their captive they’re not doing anything else they’re there for one reason one is to network the other reason that they’re there is to get content and everything else but typically what you’re gonna find is these people blocked out time in their daily life to attend this live event and while you’re there you’re gonna have the opportunity then of meeting with them and discussing and sharing and giving and really diving in deep I look at some of my very first live event that I went to was Yannick Silver’s underground I think it was a second one and I was so impressed by it again I had no idea about internet marketing I didn’t know anything at all what was going on but I was fascinated while I was there and the people I met I met Jeff Walker he never became lifelong friends I met Jeff what I think it was like product launch formula 2 I mean he just hadn’t done much and not many people knew of me wasn’t famously as as he is now I met Jeff Johnson I met Telma Knutson at young silver I met a whole bunch of these guys the very very beginning and all those guys have become dear friends of mine and just because they were at that live event the second live event I went to was Russell Brunson and Stu MacLaren’s under affiliate boot camp and I remember going there and I was at that point a little skeptical just as far as do people really make as much money and all this other kind of stuff and I was really struggling as far as a lot of the myths associated with the internet marketing thing gosh this had to been like I don’t know 2009 2010 2008 2009 sunlight it was first time I met Russell and one of the things I can tell you is when you’re at a live event the reason I say that people are captive is they’re there and they’re willing to share I’ve never seen it mean it’s amazing to me as far as the speakers and everybody you run into they know that they’re there for a reason and they’re so willing to share and to give and you’re gonna find that you get more out of them and you’re able to connect more with them at a live event than anywhere else their business is on hold they’re not trying to do anything else but be at the event I remember Russell got up and very beginning of their seminar gosh I had been almost 10 years ago so it was not that many people knew who Russell was or anything else and I remember he and Stu basically say hey if any of you guys want to take us out to to lunch or dinner and pick our brain just you can sign up at the back well I learned a long time ago that it’s always better to buy your way in than to work your way in and so I ran to the back and signed up for all of making all the lunches and dinners that Russell had available and he and Brett and I spend a ton of time getting to know each other at that live event and that’s become a lifelong friendship and now working relationship and has been again something I heard deeply because of the fact that they were so willing to give I was so willing to give and people were captive there they weren’t doing anything else at that live event about the live event so that’s the third thing the fourth thing is the content typically the content you’re gonna have at a live event are things that are working today right now it’s not something you read in a book it’s not something that worked years ago or hearsay what you find typically whenever you’re at a live event is that’s the most pressing stuff that’s what is cutting-edge technology it’s cutting edge learning it’s cutting edge top of your game type of stuff and so you’ll find that the content that’s typically presented at a live event will be sending the very best stuff that you can implement right away in your business and see drastic results the fifth one is really the lifelong friendships that are created and rekindled by continuing to attend live events it’s been said a million times and that is your net worth is the value of your network and I’m a huge believer in networking and it really truly building deep lasting relationships I’ve been to so many different live events gosh even the last two months I’ve been to four different live events and to me the people you meet there are people you’re gonna know for a very very long time especially if you’re willing to give and you’re willing to share and you’re thinking more about them than you you’ll find that those relationships last forever a lot of people I have interviewed on this podcast are people I have known or have met at live events Kevin Paige again is classical one I just interviewed yesterday because I met him at a live event at genius Network my relationship with Dean gracio see Joel polish I mean it all started because of attending genius Network two years ago and really deepening those relationships over time so those are the top five reasons and if you notice three of those five are all about the people it’s your network it’s the lifelong friendships it’s the captive audience aspect and realize that when you’re at a live event it’s live meaning you need to be alive you need to be who wake you need to be aware you need to be know what’s going on and you need to be giving so what I want to do is give you a couple words of caution and some words of advice having been at literally dozens of live events over the last ten years the first thing I tell you is to plan ahead find out who’s going to be there and identify what you have to offer them what is the value you can provide to those people so if you just go to live event and I mean you can go without planning but trust me if you plan ahead and get an idea as far as who the speakers are who are the presenters who are the people who are gonna be there and then as you as you get close to the event start posting on Facebook hey I’m going to this live event let me know if anyone’s gonna be out there let people if you if you do that you’re gonna have a much more productive and successful event the second thing on that same note kind of flipside is do not be a stalker there is nothing more frustrating for myself or anyone else who’s been of events and to see those basically who are just stalking people and that is you basically hone in on one person and you stalk them everywhere everywhere they turn around you’re there it just gets so annoying and it’s just not real and the most important thing it alive that is you just have to be yourself you’ve got to be real do not be a stalker number three and that is the importance really oh that’s where me to say this is if you can’t if you can level up with an intro and what I mean by that is if you know someone who knows somebody that’s always the best way of making that connection obviously you can go ahead and you can introduce itself cold but if you know someone who knows the person you’re wanting to meet if you can just ask them to introduce you it goes so far and it levels up the game it breaks down a ton of walls and barriers and it’s just so much easier and faster to do the fourth thing and that is be aware when the speakers are speaking there is nothing in the world that is more frustrating than when you’re about ready to get on stage and you’ve got people who are coming up and wanting pictures and they’re wanting to talk to you and you’re going to I’ve I’m trying to get my mojo on here I’m trying to get in my state in in my zone before I go onstage do not you’re gonna see the speakers at the back of the room typically do not go back within 30 minutes to an hour prior to their speaking and speak to them about anything the only thing it’s gonna do is create negative Karma for you so I highly caution you don’t approach speakers within an hour of their speaking let them get in their zone let what they want to do is they want to be on stage and they want to give and give and give and give and give and even though they’re in the same room as you and in the back of the room do not go back and ask for pictures do not go back and stock them do not don’t speak to him let them get in their zone I remember when Tony Robbins was and her last funnel hacking live and was interested as he came in and his state I mean he was sick as a dog with mercury poisoning we had a few minutes of time just to kind of meet him beforehand but that was real brief and then right after that you saw him literally getting in the state jumping up and down getting his literally getting in the state and I was shocked to see how he literally went from being sick as a dog pee could his guts out before he came to the event and then it was he gave and gave and gave and gave and Gabe realize all professional presenters and speakers and those people who want to be there to give they want to be in the best state they want to be able to give and they don’t want a distraction so leave them alone an hour prior to number five if it’s possible make that first introduction though prior to when they’re going to speak you’re gonna find that sometimes other members the audience don’t know who the speakers are and then after they speak and they’ve get delivered all this they get swarmed so if you can if you can have an introduction prior to that person speaking so at least know who you are when you talk to them later it doesn’t have to be a long introduction just real brief enough so they can make a connection number six and that is follow up after with the people that you meet with via text and Facebook messenger or email whichever way you decide to follow up with them do that but don’t do it the day after realize these people are just as busy as you are and what’s going to happen is give them a couple of days because what typically happens is people have their assistants everyone else really just trying to clear out as much as they can without really focusing so let people give people a couple of days before you follow up but try to follow up within three days after the event and the last thing I can tell you and that is always always always remember what’s in it for them and I cannot express that enough and that is go with the attitude of giving and giving and giving and giving and you will find that the more you give the more you help more you’re out there being genuine and being yourself and thinking of others first you I cannot express to you how much that will come back to you over time realize this is a relationship business that’s the best thing about live events is you’re able to develop deep deep relationships with people but make sure that you’re authentic make sure that you’re real make sure that you’re giving and again I really encourage you guys if you’re not attending live events there is no better investment of your time now here’s gonna be a quick commercial plug for a funnel hacking live 2018 if tickets are still available I highly recommend that you’re at our funnel hacking live event in Orlando March 21st the 24th will have 3,000 and 3,500 other funnel hackers there and the agenda is crazy off the charts amazing as far as presenters and speakers and content goes so if you’ve never attended a live event that’s the first one you need to go to if you’ve attended live events then you definitely have this on your calendar but again realize wherever you go make sure that you take a look at 2018 as its coming up this is I’m recording this at the end of November so 2018 is just right around the corner you ought to take a look at your calendar in your budget and everything else and see how many live events can you realistically get to that are a value to you and at least if nothing else commit to going to at least one ideally if you can get to two obviously that’s better but get to at least one live event this next year and if you can get to more by all means do so you’re gonna find that your relationships and your business and the people you get to know is totally gonna just launch your entire business because of live events I’m a huge huge believer in live events there’s no better way of really getting things going faster and pouring fuel on that fire to really ignite your business so take a look at your calendar for next year start looking at what live events you can attend definitely a 10 funnel hacking live if tickets are still available even go to funnel hacking I really appreciate everybody listens to this podcast and this is my third one of me just contributing my own words of wisdom and the ideas and things I was I really wanted to to thank those who have reached out to me and said they appreciated the other two and if you’re finding value to this let me know you can always contact me and Dave at ClickFunnels™ comm or hit me up on Facebook so anyways have an amazing day make sure you’re attending live events and hopefully I will see you in Orlando may March 21st through 24th at funnel hackin live take care everybody

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ClickFunnels™ Funnel Hacker Radio – Secrets to Attending LIVE Events – Internet Marketing Strategies

ClickFunnels™ Funnel Hacker Radio – Secrets to Attending LIVE Events – Internet Marketing Strategies