ClickFunnels™ Free Traffic – Get More Traffic To Your Website

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How To Get More Traffic To Your Website For Free

ClickFunnels™ Free Traffic – Get Massive Visitor To Your Website

ClickFunnels™ Free Traffic: As an entrepreneur, everyone wants to be able to generate free traffic to their website or sell their products. In this video, Russell Brunson of ClickFunnels™ provides you with the best way to produce free traffic for your business.

ClickFunnels™ Free Traffic – Two Ways To Get Traffic

– For those who are just tuning in my name is Russell Brunson and the question for today is how do you get free traffic to the website ’cause I don’t have money to spend on ads which I totally understand. Now this is kind of the caveat for all you guys. There’s two ways to get traffic. There’s paid ads and then there’s free ads. Typically most of us in business we have either more time or more money. So if you have more time than money you should do free ads. Time. If you have more money than time you should do paid ads. And so if you’re getting started I recommend starting with the time but always try to move into money ’cause money gives you more leverage.

Eventually you run out of hours of the day and if you’re like me you got five amazing kids at home that you don’t want to miss them growing up. That’s number one. How do you get the free ads to come? So really, the way you get free ads? A couple things you have to understand about how the internet works and how life in general works. So if you go pre-internet, it used to be really, really hard for people like us who had an idea who wanted to sell something. Let’s say I wrote my book Expert Secrets. I’m like this book’s amazing, I’m gonna go sell it, I’m gonna go knock on door after door after door and my guess is one out of 500 doors will be like what are you talking about. I don’t want to be an expert. It makes no logical sense. So I go to the next door and this is really, really hard. But what’s interesting, I remember this in high school. So when I grew up in high school, I went to Hillcrest High School and I was a wrestler.

What’s interesting is I was the click guy in wrestling. Here’s all of the wrestlers and we’d hang out at lunch together, we’d talk together, we’d hang out in the hallway, in classes, we were our own little circle. And then there was the gymnasts and then there’s the volleyball players and there was people who played Magic the Gathering and there’s all these different groups that group together based on similar beliefs and values and likes and interests. And so back then, though, that’s how it worked so if I wanted to sell something to wrestlers back in the day I’d have to go to every single high school, where are the wrestlers at and I could go find that group and like, hey guys, you want to buy it? And then go to the next school, hey do you guys wanna buy it? And keep going to school to school to school.

ClickFunnels™ Free Traffic – Power of Fan Pages

But what’s cool about the internet, the internet changed everything for entrepreneurs like us who want to sell stuff online. So what happened is it connected all of these, I’m talking about high schools right now but this is true everywhere so there’s Hillcrest High School, there’s Brighton High School, there’s Jordan High School, whatever, right? But the group of wrestlers in every single high school was now able to congregate together and it’s not just every wrestler in Boise or Utah or wherever you live but it’s every single wrestler from all around the world can all congregate together based on similar beliefs and values. So think about this. If you go to Facebook, you go to the big fan pages, for me it’s wrestling, or it’s this business or cooking or whatever it is you’re interested in, there’s already all the people from around the world who are interested in entrepreneurship or in selling or in cooking or in Jane Austen for crying out loud.

Whatever your thing is they’ve already self-congregrated together online and they’re hanging out in Facebook groups, they’re hanging out in YouTube channels or on different people’s email lists and things like that and so it’s the power of congregations. Now that’s, when you hear the word congregation I’m curious, what’s the word most of you guys think of when you hear the word congregation? So for me, the word I always hear, when I hear congregation I think of church and so this is the wrestling congregation, this is the gymnast congregation, there’s all these different congregations.

Think about how many, what congregations you’re in, which groups you’re already part of ’cause I can guarantee in your life you’re already in these groups of things you’re passionate about. And so you start thinking about that and I think about church. Let’s just say there’s like the Mormon congregation, it’s all the Mormon’s are here and then there’s the Seventh Day Adventists there, they’re all here, then there’s the Catholics and there’s the Buddhists and the Muslims. Everyone’s congregated together based on similar beliefs and values. Let’s just say I was, I found out that every Wednesday or every Sunday at two all the Mormons are congregated together and I’m selling a product to Mormons.

I would come right here, I would find out exactly when the congregation’s happening and I would go and I would fish in there, I would set my hooks trying to grab people from that congregation. Same thing is true with wrestling. If I was selling a wrestling product I’d find where are all the places that all the wrestlers are congregating today and I’m gonna go and try to figure out how do I set up my business where I can go set a hook to try to grab people from that congregation, from those groups. And so view is the same thing. Say, okay, what is it I’m selling? That’s step number one. What am I selling? And then where’s the group of all the people who are gonna buy this?

ClickFunnels™ Free Traffic

They have already self-congregated together, they’re somewhere. They’re either on Facebook, YouTube, they’re reading different blog posts, podcasts, all those kind of things and then you gotta figure out how do I get in front of those people? Now there’s like an ethical awesome way and then there’s an unethical scammy way. So here’s the scammy way. I’ll do a little frowny face. Scammy way means you come here and you start spamming these things. How many of you guys know about the spammers. They’re the worst. We all hate ’em and guess what we don’t do? We don’t give them money. So don’t do that. And then there’s like the happy way. The happy way’s coming to these groups and guess what, be a servant.

ClickFunnels™ Free Traffic – Expert Secrets book

Figure out how you can help people. If you’re in the wrestling market and all these people are talking about asking wrestling questions go and answer questions, become helpful, be in the community, talk about stuff, try to help as much as you can and become an actual expert in that community and guess what’s gonna happen? The more they keep seeing you in there the more they’re like who is that person? And then they can come back to your profile, they can come back to your pages, they’re gonna see your products, your services, and you’ll start mining people out of these communities and they’ll start coming after you but only if you treat them amazing.

So I’m going into a new market. I have to figure out where’s the congregation, how do I serve these people at the highest level and give as much value as I can and when I do that people start getting to know my name they start coming, they start following me. If you come in there as spam you’re in there for five minutes, nobody sees your link, they delete you, they ban your account and if anyone does actually click on your link they’ll think that person’s a spammer and they’re never gonna be with you long term. If you want to grow a company and build relationships with people it’s about finding your communities, going and serving, answering questions, that’s how you get free traffic out.

If I was gonna go and launch my Expert Secrets book today I would go and find out where are all of the groups of experts, of entrepreneurs, of sales people, of whoever I think this message might happen I would go in those groups. I would never talk about this book but on my Facebook profile I’d probably have a picture of me holding the book, I might have a link to Russell’s business, click here to get a free book. I’d have things around there if I was at Instagram I’d have a link in my bio.

Then I’d go and I’d just serve. I’d find all the questions people are asking that I’m an expert in, I’d respond to those questions, I would answer them, I’d be helpful without trying to get something in return. I would just go and help and serve and by doing that people will come to you. It’s just how the world works and that’s how I start getting free traffic. There’s the long-winded version of that answer. Thank you so much for watching. Every single week we publish new secrets just like this so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss any of them and I will see you on the next video.


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