Clickfunnels™ Explode Business – Natalie Hodson $20,000 in a day!

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How ClickFunnels™ helped Natalie Hodson Explode Her Business

Clickfunnels™ Explode Business

Clickfunnels™ Explode Business: Does ClickFunnels™ work for information products? If you’re watching this video, then you’re likely figuring out how to sell information products, books, and courses. You have a mission, something that you are passionate about and you want to help people and share it. Natalie Hodson of Abs, Core and Pelvic Floor, felt the same way.

Clickfunnels™ Explode Business: How she boast her business using sales funnel. 

I have two kids and after I had my first son I gained 70 pounds when I was pregnant with him I saw you the 10-pound baby my stock was like yeah here and I had him and I still had 50 extra pounds on me but it was hard. I started trying to learn more about eating right and exercising properly and I created a little website.

I started getting some traffic from Pinterest quite a bit of traffic like 30,000 people a month if I’m getting this much traffic I might as well monetize it I got certified as a personal trainer and I decided to start writing some ebooks so I wrote just a 10-day at-home training program I wrote a 12-week gym training program what was really cool as I put out that first ebook Ana.

People bought it like people wanted something that they could purchase from me I just kept writing different ebooks on things that I had interest in during this time I also had my daughter so I had my second baby again gained 70 pounds again another 10 pound baby and after I had her sure I’m getting frustrated because I felt like man nobody talks about like the real changes that happen after pregnancy I made a video where I I stood up and I said look standing up.

I have six packs butwhen I bend over like and I just showed my skin and that video went really viral I got like 10 million views and they built this Facebook audience of about 400,000 people without spending any money on Facebook ads like in one week seven different people emailed me and said hey I want to build a funnel for you what are funnels I started googling and I kept seeing rustled Branson’s name I reached out to him and I was like hey your company is it like is this legit and I’m like no and I said I’m like I can’t believe I said that to Russell Brunson. But he ended up responding and he encouraged me to open a ClickFunnels™ account

Clickfunnels™ Explode Business

Clickfunnels™ Explode Business: What is sales funnel and how it helped business.

What’s cool about click funnels is one it has helped me monetize this you know audience my blog audience I really enjoy writing and providing free content for about 80% of my content is free I just like helping people and putting that content out there but to know I now have all these different kinds of ebooks.

So I have an at-home training program I have cookbook I have this program that helps women stop accidentally peeing their pants after they have babies I’m coming out with a pregnancy trainer right now because they were able to utilize the marketing advice that Russell teaches and I had my audience and I was willing to be vulnerable and create that deep connection with women the program just exploded in the first week we sold $20,000 worth of copies of this ebook.

I’ve logged in I’d be like what five thousand dollars today like in one day and then get super excited and I’ve liked exiting can you believe this you know and then I remember like I give idli remember where I was sitting when we had our first $20,000 day in one day so $20,000 and I was just like I remember being like this can’t be real life like how is this even happening like I’m making more money in one day then before maybe

I had made in six months you know and last year we helped over 50,000 women go through my programs using click funnels like me as a single mom who just had a blog years ago sold over a million dollars of ebooks and four months as soon as I found out about ClickFunnels™ and I started leveraging the power of Facebook and learning how to drive traffic and like to be able to provide for my kids that way but something I’m really really proud of you.


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