Clickfunnels™ Drew Secret – Manning’s 10 Million Dollar Sales Funnel

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The Secret To Drew Manning’s 10 Million Dollar Sales Funnel

Clickfunnels™ Drew Secret

Clickfunnels™ Drew Secret: Are you finding that people aren’t opting into your sales funnel? At ClickFunnels, what we have found is that the problem probably lies with either your hook, story, and offer. In this video, Russell Brunson will give you a good example of what this looks like.

Clickfunnels™ Drew Secret – Fit to Fat to Fit

– What I want to talk about is what’s the hook and the story of what it is you’re selling. If you don’t have one yet, you need to create that. You guys know Drew Manning. He’s one of our Two Comma Club winners and he’s an awesome dude. He’s got a program called Fit to Fat to Fit.

And his story is he was a trainer his whole life and helped a lot of people get skinny but he never actually knew what it was like so he was like, “you know what, I’m gonna get fat, “and then I’m gonna try to get fit again.” So he went and gained 100 pounds and told the whole world, “this is what I’m doing, I’m gaining a bunch of weight. “Doing a big huge thing and I’m gonna get fat “and then I’m gonna lose it again.”

Clickfunnels™ Drew Secret

And because of this story, the hook of this story, he got tons of PR, he was on Jay Leno, all sorts of stuff. And now, whatever he sells, he’s just like, “hey I’m Drew, I’m the Fit to Fat to Fit guy.” And then anything he says after that, people give him money.

You want to know why? Cause the hook of the story is so good. What’s the story? You gotta find those stories that are out there. They don’t have to be super grandiose at first, but you need to have a story behind things, right? Okay, so there’s your assignment.

Whatever you’re launching, if it’s a podcast, and offer, an ad, a product, a service, whatever, what’s the story? That’s what you gotta figure out. See you guys later, bye. (rhythmic energetic music)

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