Clickfunnels™ Dave Miz – 5 Styles To Maximize Email Conversions

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Dave Miz, 5 Styles To Maximize Email Conversions

Clickfunnels™ Dave Miz

Clickfunnels™ Dave Miz: Dave Miz has been designing websites for years. But the one thing he realized that had more impact on his bottom line was his emails. He built a million dollar business in 5 years through email marketing and reveals the 5 styles of emails to maximize engagement and conversion.

Clickfunnels™ Dave Miz: Uncover tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using.

Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their market and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward everybody welcome back to funnel hacker radio I’m your host Dave Woodward today you have the opportunity of hearing from a guy who’s been in online for years started off doing the web design for a lot of

internet marketing gurus and then most importantly has figured out anything and everything there is to do with email autoresponders so Dave MS welcome to the show thanks for having me dance I appreciate it I am so excited this is uh one of those crazy things where you were introduced to me through a mutual friend I know we’ve kind of both been in space for a long-ass time across and I’m so excited to kind of find out more about your story kind of what you’ve been doing I know that we were talking earlier offline basically here as far as getting autoresponder analytics

I know it’s your company up and running connected with quick funnels but in the mean time I know a lot of people would love to know kind of your story especially since you started off kind of as the web designer for a lot of these internet marketing gurus if you don’t mind helping a little about your backstory and how it relates to them as far as other quintals users sure sure sure sure so um you know I think my story kind of relates similar to you know pretty much everybody that’s using ClickFunnels™ or every internet marketer you know like I was in a really crappy job

and I’m gonna try to keep this PG as PG as possible just for because I know Russell so uh you know I I was in a really crappy job the year was it’s like 99 early 2000 like 1999 and I was working have you ever seen the movie wolf of Wall Street ah I haven’t seen it but I’ve heard a lot about it yeah so you know most people know the movie so I used to do that for work in my early 20s that’s like my gosh so like yeah like what you see in the movie like I actually lived it and experienced it and I was like 21 at the time 22 and I you know I didn’t know what I was doing I kind of just got swept up into it and it was amazing I got the best sales education I could ever ask for but I hated my job you

Clickfunnels™ Dave Miz: Started to learn how to build a website.

Know like some ones that make good money some months I wouldn’t you know and when if you see the movie there are certain scenes where you know like people lose all their money and you know the brokers are like hiding under the desks Hido yeah and yeah those days were not fun so I got out of that to do internet stuff you know this is like when the dot-com boom was starting like 99 2000 I was like okay I’m going to make websites and I literally like walked into the office the next day and told the bosses I’m going to quitting like a six-figure job to uh those make.

Websites and they looked at me like I was not and so yes I started doing that and I started started building websites I started learning how to do that and I ended up going to advertising school and um you know one thing led to another and I just started going down this rabbit hole of how to make money on the internet you know and you know back then I don’t know if you can relate to this but like I’m real big into sports and when I first started on the computer on. the internet I didn’t know what to do I was like where do you go what do you do you know this is like mm back then.

I would just go to like and you know one thing led to another and I started just finding out stuff about making money on the internet but I had no idea how I was going to do it you know I wasn’t an expert at anything I was just building websites so I started you know just posting on these marketing forums and stuff and I started getting clients I had no idea who they were but it turned out that some of them were really big you know internet marketers guys like Armand Morin alex mandossian Mark Victor Hansen I did some work for Mark Joyner Rick Schaffer and I started doing work for all these internet marketers and I was like I would literally bug these guys like night after night especially armand morin because he was like a night owl so I just bugged the hell out of this guy asking them a million question.

I you know I didn’t know how they were making all this money I wasn’t great at writing copy I wasn’t good at driving traffic or any of that stuff you know I was just gonna you know designing cool stuff so I said okay like I was spending a lot of time on the computer and you know like we mentioned earlier I was 28 or 29 at the time and I was spending a lot of time on the computer and I was single so I started doing online dating this is like early 2000 2001 and I did it for a few years and I ended up getting real really good at it to the point where I was never able to see my friends because I always had to dig fun and one thing led to another.

Clickfunnels™ Dave Miz: Finding the right niche.

I said you know what I’m gonna make a product about this you know and I never thought in a million years I’d make a product about dating you know I always thought I was going to be expert in the dating niche oh yeah yeah so I was doing like online dating matcom and stuff like that and you know obviously it’s all through email so I got really really good at you know figuring out how to get people to do things to email how to make women to respond through email.

How to get them curious how to get them to want to go out with me how do you know send me their phone numbers all these things that guys were usually having problems with I figured out and I started feeling a course on it so it was like 2005 early 2005 I had met a guy online in one of these marketing groups and it turns out he was working for somebody that was in the dating niche this guy that was doing 20 million dollars a year evident aegon sure knowwho Evan so he had this 20 million dollar dating business.

He said I’m going to you know I’m going to hook you up with an interview he wants the interview because I told them what you were doing so long story short we do this interview and they say okay we’ll let you know when it’s going to come out probably out in a couple of months so like two or three weeks go by it’s a Saturday morning I hop on my computer with a big hangover and there’s like 800 emails and they all say the same thing basically in one form another like we went to that we heard the interview went  to the site there’s nothing there.

I emailed these guys back I’m like what interview what web sites remember I’ve got like two more three months of you know time I could make this product so you know but it was basically they released this interview without telling me a couple weeks later so I had all these emails I had no website so I spent the whole weekend putting this website together and now I had this email list so I was getting these emails not a lot I mean maybe like a thousand or you know I think at when I launched I had seventeen hundred and eighty-eight emails so not like a ton of emails.

Clickfunnels™ Dave Miz: Try everything until it works.

But I had nothing to sell them and I had a Mac and this is like 2005 there was no Camtasia for Mac there was no ScreenFlow so I had to borrow a friend’s computer who had a PC he was out partying all weekend and I would record these you know videos I made this product but the whole time I had to stall this list I said if I don’t send many emails you know the solicitors going to get cold and then I’m going to ruin this real good opportunity so mind you I had $2,000 to my name at that point I was living upstairs for my folks trying different things you know nothing was really working.

Uh you know this was kind of like do-or-die time at that point Cory knows either like go get a job or you know this is going to work so I put the put the site up I wrote the sales letter myself because I only had two grand you know to my name at that point I couldn’t afford a copywriter so I put it up and lo and behold it went absolutely nuts the first day I did like 38 grand before stay showing one DVD is awesome and I remember going downstairs to my parents and like my parents were home that day and I remember going I’m like that I just made my 5 grand didn’t flinch and went back upstairs came back you know couple hours like I’m at what 12 grand didn’t flinch came back to when I hit like 18 grand that’s kind of like when he started like taking notice he’s like what are we doing and you know like people don’t know what we do and it you know like intermembrane.

Okay like it was like in one ear out the other ear totally didn’t get it and you know like for somebody that’s never experienced that before I’m sure some people that are watching this or listening to this have some people haven’t you know at this point you know I went from 2 grand to 38 grand in my account in like one day and I knew it that’s what my life was never going to be the same you know it’s it’s crazy it’s like a life-changing moment and you’re like.

Russell says you’re literally just one fun all the way you know it’s not like a like I will Ryan it’s really really true so for the first 5 years that business did about nine hundred and thirty thousand dollars with no ad spend that was all profit which was really really awesome I mean crazy I’m a million you know I was a millionaire within 5 years you know which is nuts now it sounds great but that was like probably about 200 maybe 200 250 grand a year which is a good.

Clickfunnels™ Dave Miz: What to do when things are out of control.

Income you know it’s a good good living so it’s not like I was sitting there making a million dollars a year you know little bit of little bit of very different context but three weeks after I launched that site my dad got sick with that Liz stage four cancer so for everybody that’s listening you want to talk about the highest of highs and the lowest of lows I mean you really don’t get yeah I mean and you know it’s just a life lesson you know sometimes things happen in life and you really can’t control them.

So I literally went from having this raging monster of a website of an offer that was making money like hand over fist to I don’t have the desire or time or energy or like mental capacity to you know to grow it or deal with it because I’ve got like you know the most important person in my life my dad you know so that was like a really stressful time and I really had to figure out ways to make money with the business while not having to be there because we were literally like fighting for my dad life it was really really serious so you know I really.

Made all my money through email I had to figure out ways to like set it and forget it or you know because I was in the hospital all day I was at you know doctors this treatment that was nuts so it did really well but you know obviously I’m you know I’m on two different extremes here three three years after my dad passed well my dad passed away two years after that in 2007 – three years after that my mom got breast cancer in 2007 gosh yeah and luckily knock on wood they prodded early and you know and she’s okay but you know within a five-year period to lose my dad to cancer it was perfectly healthy before and then having my mom get it it was you know it’s crazy crazy crazy time you.

Know probably not in a good way but you know um the whole time I really made all of my money through email I suck at paid traffic I I tried SEO and I got my site banned in 2011 so I gave up with that because it was too slow I wasn’t getting any results so out of all these years of email marketing what what’s that boil down to what I mean you’ve got I mean you’re crashing it being able to work I mean just hard tile because your take care of every else so oh my god yeah yeah so I figured out there was like five kinds of emails that I was sending out like five very specific.

Styles of emos that it was kind of sending that I didn’t really see too many people were sending and I kind of figured okay these are the five styles like I was doing QA emails so I got that from one guy that I was following and I would send out like weekly Kuna emails I would collect all the emails that my subscribers were sending me and instead of messaging them privately I would just send them like a whole like a long Q&A email this was really good because it’slike social proof you know like I’m hoping them answering their questions.

Clickfunnels™ Dave Miz: Try different styles of emails.

I’m giving them value and at the end I have a little pitch for my stuff and I would send these out every week and these would work really good and then in between there I would send out these like really short curiosity based emails so you wouldn’t have a you wouldn’t really know what they were or what it was about but you’d click through and so I started adding in all these different styles of emails because I think what happens is for most people is they get stuck doing the same style of email.

When your subscribers catch on to what you’re doing so to speak that that era of mystery is gone that mystique is gone and when you lose that you lose kind of the the mojo if you will so you always want to keep your subscribers kind of like on their toes not knowing what to expect I love that idea curiosity has always been one of the main things for us as and anything we’ve ever built curiosity is by far the the headline to get to open the most it’s going to ages people the most and I love that idea well here’s to rip off of that so if I was doing that for a while.

What I noticed is I was probably hitting a certain segment of my list and I was missing other segments in my list you see like people you know they talk about different modalities like people respond differently based on the modalities some people do they respond better when they seat on something right like a video example some people do better when they hear it and other people when they read it and experience it well kind of feel like people are like that as well as far as their emails some people respond better to curiosity based messages other people I found respond better to fact-based messages other people respond better to story based messages and other people respond better to urgency.

Scarcity based messages so you’re really hitting different like I wouldn’t even call it modalities but different segments of your market okay like maybe there’s people that are very analytical the engineers the scientists the doctors on your lists well they don’t maybe they don’t respond well to urgency they don’t respond well to curiosity but when you hit them with a fact-based email they can’t dispute it and they’re there you know they buy in droves so when you’re starting your list buy that kind of stuff or not numbers I’m actually not I’m kind of ghetto with that maybe you know I’m not as technical as I probably need to be with that but you know I’m sure most people are like that as well but I just.

Clickfunnels™ Dave Miz: Write different promotion cmpaign.

Write different styles of emails so like if I’m doing a like a promotion campaign first email I’ll do like a real curiosity based email the next email I’ll do more of a fact-based email and then from the relative scarcity or story scarcity Bergin see tip you know to end the campaign and it just kind of gives you like a framework of kind of what – how to write the email you know so it’s not like what to write it’s okay I’ve got to write an email based on you know to sell ClickFunnels™ but it’s all based on facts so you’re going to talk about oh you’re saving time you’re saving this you.

know all the specific things you know and if this works amazing amazing I can’t tell you that the difference you know that that this made and again it’s all giving your stuff any of your teeth though so those people are listening to hear one more time sighs what breakdown as far as what the different styles are again so the one of them will do is curiosity based the second email I’ll send out would be fact-based then I’ll send out one story based and then a scarcity and then urgency – to end the campaign love that I’m looking at like five emails in a campaign you know you

Can send this out Monday through Friday boom you have your week affiliate promotion or product promotion or whatnot and uh yeah I mean it works works amazingly well fantastic so tell me with all the obviously them blowing millions of emails by now or some any other conversion types of things that are tips and tricks that our listeners listening to be implementing their business so like this is going to be so basic but I mean this literally like was a game changer for me but was really mailing my list more often okay and I found so so Allison I go because that’s I.

Always say you know for years I was always doing like two or three a week because I didn’t want to like overload them I don’t want to bother them and then there was a period of time after my dad was sick and my mom was you know kind of wishy washy with everything and I didn’t email my list for a few months and it was almost like they forgot about me and like we always we always think like are they always remember us and they care and they don’t really care you know if you look at your Gmail box right now in two days the whole page is going to be completely different and you’re probably going to forget about any of those emails that were on that page today.

Clickfunnels™ Dave Miz

Clickfunnels™ Dave Miz: Rebrand your product if needed.

So your Prospects are like this too you know we think that they care as marketers but they you know they you know they’re overwhelmed or just like we are so right you have to mail frequently okay I’m a lever II day every single day sometimes I mail twice a day when I started emailing every day my revenues went up probably like 2 or 3 X just for mailing every day and it’s so stupid I have got friends of a niche I’ve got one friend who I mean this guy’s the king of sending emails I mean it blows me away I think he sent two or three a day maybe four sometimes every day they’re

Still in the dating niche yeah so it’s still in a dating niche however I needed to get some legitimacy because I’m married and still you know I just wanted to not tell people that I was imitating bitch anymore so that’s in like 12 years already so I started a golf offer like two two years ago and I’ve got an old friend of mine from high school that found me on Facebook saw me on some internet marketing DVDs and couldn’t sell this golf product so we rebranded it rebuilt it put a whole email system kind of like what I’m talking to you now and yeah I mean it’s crushing I think it’s.

Like the number one offer on Clickbank for for golf crazy so how often you email a golf list the golfing is it you know believe it or not it’s completely automated it completely at this point so it’s got like a 30-day sequence for non-buyers and and then if they don’t buy they get moved into a different sequence where they’re getting a mix of content video you know YouTube videos and offers affiliate offers and then once they buy there’s a another 30-day sequence which so the more stuff gets them to consume the product give them more bonuses etc so to that business literally.

For me is hands-free at this point it’s just all split testing the funnel and Facebook ads that’s fantastic so I know you with autoresponder analytics when did you start that well I got the idea a few years ago is that a seminar if you got you know the guys mind of course I’m sure I’m sure you know they’re like a huge like eight figure your company so I was at a marketing seminar and I the guy from mind values ition he’s the the CEO he was on stage.

Clickfunnels™ Dave Miz: How to keep track of emails.

Speaking and he was talking about how they keep track of their emails and I was like my ears perked up at this point because you know anything email so he you know they had it slide with an Excel spreadsheet like I should like a graphic and he’s like this is how we keep track of all of our emails I have like my virtual assistants they spend like two or three hours a day going between all these different systems and they put it on his spreadsheet I’m thinking like are you crazy like these guys are doing like eight figures a year there’s got to be some kind of software that does

This and I asked I asked him afterwards and he said no there’s nothing we haven’t found anything that did it and uh oh my god I was in spreadsheet hell as well I had v A’s doing the same thing they were doing I hired guys off of Elance and up work to make these like complex spreadsheets but I had no clue how to use and I tried $500 a month software you know that they would charge you to like do like an onboarding thing so it was not it was horrible so you know I had this idea I did this you know I bought this domain name and I never did anything with it kind of like

Everybody does like most people do right so I was at a mastermind I this guy at another marketing seminar again you’ll hear the constant theme marketing seminars yeah go to as many marketing seminars as possible you have to you have to if you’re serious about this business you have to that will two or three extra business by going to events so I met this guy in the hallway at one of the events turns out he was a speaker at the event I was at and he shared his story how he went from like nothing to making like 500 million dollars and this guy’s like 33 years old so we

Struck up a friendship and we kept in touch and I mean for me by far I mean like by far I come from a very blook my dad was a mechanic my mom worked in the department store so I’m very very middle-class family for me to meet somebody like that was that was like life-altering to me you know awesome like I mean that was like so amazing and I think people think people come into your life for different reasons things everything happens you know in life for different different reasons you know like my dad passed away I don’t know why it happened but it helped bring me

Clickfunnels™ Dave Miz: Make sure to track emails.

Closer to my mom and my sister so that’s the that’s the benefit that was the blessing from that right with this guy I don’t know why he was brought into my life but at this mastermind he asked me what are you working on and I told him this idea that I just told you about this you know this stem seminar that I had I saw on my frustrations with emails and stuff and he I told him out the software idea I had and he said this is a really good idea you know the market needs it you need to build it I was like really cuz you know if you have your ideas and he wants it in and you know

You just have like you’re crazy ten o’clock at night serious idea but to hear confirmation from a guy to Swartz five hundred million dollars that’s done this before and saying it gets build it so I’d never built software in my life before and uh sketched it all out on my journal and took pictures of my iPhone and I started sending them to different developers I was interviewing and I found one group of developers that really got it and understood it and that was two years ago so it it literally took two years to build yeah that’s awesome congratulations thank you thank you it’s been a long long crazy crazy rift well that’s awesome well I note where the process you guys you look at some

Different ways as far as integrating with quick files on that as we get close to wrapping things up any other conversion type of tips or tricks you want to make sure that our listeners are aware email your list you know your would I I’m in the ClickFunnels™ group I’m active in the Kukuanas group I mean I’m I’m saying this for you guys because I know who this is going out to listen to what Russell was teaching you like like seriously I mean I’ve known Medina for a decade okay what he’s teaching you is real what he’s teaching it works the software ClickFunnels™ is amazing I don’t use it because I have the curse of being able to build all this stuff myself but I’ve used it for other.

People that I know for clients and it’s amazing I mean the stuff that he’s teaching everybody is it’s amazing I see the case studies in the group I mean the people posting the results it’s I mean I’m trying not to f-bomb but that’s crazy man it’s real we appreciate it very much great well again I mean like if there’s anything I can share anything email your lists email your customers have your sequences set up and make sure you’re trapping your emails you know I’m obviously I’m saying that for a reason but you know make sure you’re tracking your emails whether it’s with my software or something else track your emails so you can improve your system you know like you wouldn’t track you wouldn’t do Facebook Ads without tracking them right why would you do email without tracking it I love it well Dave.

Thank you so much for being on the call today I really appreciate taking time and again your graduates with all your success we’re excited so much you too Dave I pre-fit it thanks for listening to puddle hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified anytime we release a new episode just subscribe over at Auto hacker radio com in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at funnel hacker radio com forward slash free trial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you like access to a free dream car all you have to do is go to frontal hacker radio com forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening.

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