ClickFunnels™ Comma Club – Sneak peak into the two event

Sneak Peak into the Two Comma Club Event | FHTV Ep 106

ClickFunnels™ Comma Club

ClickFunnels™ Comma Club: Alex Charfen visits the office to lead a 2CCX event about entrepreneurship, team building, and the billionaire code. While at the event, the gang becomes enamored with the Solus from Outstrip Equipment. Everyone gets involved trying out the Solus, but the real competition is between Russell and Dave. ClickFunnels™ Comma Club

ClickFunnels™ Comma Club

– We figured out a way at Grant Cardone 10X Event to do $30 million dollars in an hour. What? (upbeat music) – I am freaking out right now. Can’t even tell you what happened. – Ah, it’s a machine. (theme music) – [Dave] Who’s in the office? – Hey! – [Dave] What? Julie’s in the office! – I’m here. – [Dave] How was the flight? – As good as it can be with four children. I’ve been up since 3:30 with my three year old. (Dave laughs) (upbeat music) – I am freaking out right now. Freaking out. Can’t even tell you what’s happened so I’m gonna have Miles tell you cuz I can’t even talk. – So, I open up my email.

It was a 2 Comma Club application, you probably get like five to 20 a day. This one is different because it’s not someone who built a funnel and made a million dollars in it which there’s 340+ who have done that now but Spencer Mecham made a million dollars as a Click Funnels affiliate.

That means Spencer has made Click Funnels over two millions dollars. We’ve paid him 40% of that. So a million freaking dollars. Spencer, when you see this on Funnel Hacker TV, congratu-freaking-lations, man. That’s insane. – Backstory here: Spencer did not even start promoting for us until last year in April. So this has been done in 16 months. – You guys, all you Click Funnels affiliates out there, keep crushing it and keep building on that momentum. If you follow what we’re putting out there, if you screw this up, you’re still going to succeed. We’ll see you on the next episode of Funnel Hacker TV. Mic drop. (Dave laughs) (explosion) (upbeat music) – [Russell] Dude, check out who is in the office. – What’s up guys? – [Dave] What’s up, bud, how are you, man?

The one and only Alex Charfen, we’re always excited. – The party is about to officially start. – [Dave] Finally, what’s this event about? – It’s about team building. So many people think that team building is about how fast can you hire the right person and it really isn’t. Team building is about understanding what the strategy for your organization is so you can anticipate what’s coming next and fill the gaps before they happen because, until you have a forward looking strategy, you’re always solving the problem that just happened, you’re always putting out fires and, when you have a forward looking strategy, you can anticipate what’s coming, build that infrastructure ahead of time and that’s how you build teams. –

ClickFunnels™ Comma Club

We’re gonna fire everyone after this next meeting. (laughs) – [Russell] Sorry, guys, sorry about all that. (upbeat music) – Alright, I’m racing down to downtown Boise right now because we actually have our 2 Comma Club X special presentation today from Alex Charfen so super excited. I’m looking forward to seeing him talking about the billionaire code. (upbeat music) – [Dave] How are you guys? (inaudible) (upbeat music) – What just happened in the last few minutes here? – Russell says, “We’re gonna have a meeting.

My brain doesn’t really work.” (Russell laughs) One hour later, one rhino rush in, and he has a 30 million dollar idea and it’s all over the whiteboard. – We figured out a way at Grant Cardone 10X event to do 30 million dollars in an hour. What? (explosion) I think, well, here we are. We’re calling our shot. This is Babe Ruth. Now, we just gotta make it happen. –

Alright, a little backstory: I was sitting there, enjoying my lunch and I was like, “Can I check this thing out? You gotta go for a work out right now.” I’m like, I didn’t work out this morning so really walking the streets of Boise because she drove from Indiana with this machine. Look at this thing: No excuses. So this is the Solus? – This is the Solus. With this, you get to maximumly use your muscles so max effort all the way through your entire repetition both sides, concentrically, eccentrically and we track the whole process. – Alright, we’ll try to try this thing out here I think. – That was so hard. I said, “That absolutely sucked.” She actually was so kind. She actually said I did… – 1600 lbs of work in a minute and eight seconds. – I have no idea what that means. I moved 1600 lbs in a minute. I’m so strong. –

ClickFunnels™ Comma Club

How was it? – Dude, it was crazy, I went for like 53 seconds and resistance in both ways like insane like you’re trying to hold a robot back. It was really cool. I can still feel I’m super engaged, my abs were crunching, yeah, wild. – We want to make sure we get his face because I have a feeling that he’s a screamer. I want his face. – Oh yeah, this is gonna be good. – This is a backwards hat moment everybody. (crowd encourages Steven) – Can you get my hat off? (everyone laughs) Thank you, I can put my head back. – [Audience Member] Steve, breathe. –

You called it a normal rep, this is not normal. I took nitric oxide before this. (everyone laughs) – Look at those pecks, baby, come on. – [Dave] What did you think? – That was good. I need a nap. (everyone laughs) Holy crap. – [Audience Member] Keep going. – [Audience Member] Come on, go for five! – [Audience Member] Come on! – You care if I take my shirt off? So I can show it? (crowd offers encouragement) – Ah, it’s a machine. – My chest is on fire still. – [Dave] It must be really hot in here because your face is super red. – I don’t want to lose to you. (everyone laughs) – How many pounds did you move? – [Dave] I thought it was 1,600. – Okay, he did, he beat you. –

He started lying, he’s totally lying. (everyone laughs) Oh, no, camera, what’s the truth? What actually happened? – We are today having a Click Funnels Boise office party and so Clesman started getting everything ready and Melanie and everybody… How many people are coming to the party today? – About 120. – [Russell] 120 people. So you guys excited for this or you guys stressed out, how’s it all feeling? – Fine (both women speak at once) – [Russell] It could be worse. It’s only 120 people, not 6,500. Excited, buddy? What’s up, buddy, how ya doing? – Good. (upbeat music) –

ClickFunnels™ Comma Club

When you have a luau, you have to have a pig and it’s the most exciting part of the entire night because you got a pig on a spit! (upbeat music) We want to say a massive thank you to our whole Click Funnels family here in Boise area and all of everyone who traveled in, we are so appreciative for each one of you guys who help us in our company but most of all for your families who support you guys and support us. Huge applause for your families. We appreciate that so much. – [Russell] Thank you everyone. (upbeat music) (crowd cheers) – Today is Aiden’s birthday. We’re so excited.

His favorite TV show is the Flash so we’ve got Flash balloons, a Flash cake, pinatas. We’re starting this morning with breakfast in bed for little man. – Add a little bit of yellow for Flash feel. – Oh yeah, sticking to the theme at all costs. Here we go, time to say happy birthday.

ClickFunnels™ Comma Club: Alright, you ready? – Yeah, gonna sing happy birthday to dude, get up dude. – Surprise party. (singing Happy Birthday) Look at this, you got breakfast in bed for Aiden. – Happy birthday! – [Russell] First present of all the many presents today. What is that Flash color? Look at the red bag and yellow… – Yay, you got me the shirt. Two Flash shirts and Kit Kats. – [Russell] You like Kit Kats? – Yeah. – [Russell] Are they your favorite? – Yeah, also Twix, but Kit Kats are my first. – [Russell] How old are you today, buddy? – Eight. – [Russell] Eight years old? – [Mrs. Brunson] It’s great to be eight. (upbeat music) ClickFunnels™ Comma Club


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