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7 Things You Need to Grow Your Business Tai Lopez And Russell Brunson | Part 5

Clickfunnels™ Business Growth

Clickfunnels™ Business Growth: Welcome to our final video of our five-part series with Tai Lopez and Russell Brunson. In this final episode, the guys are talking about the variety of ways you can use sales funnels to grow your business. For those of you out there that are amazon affiliates, you won’t want to miss how you can use ClickFunnels™ with amazon to increase your profits.

Clickfunnels™ Business Growth

– Hey, this is Russell Brunson again. Welcome to part five of five of my exciting interview with Tai Lopez. If you’ve missed any of the past episodes, go back in the playlist and make sure you watch all of them, because this interview was really, really fun. it was exciting. It took place from 1:00 a.m. to like three or four in the morning. Some of the stuff we said, something I wouldn’t normally tell people in a normal audience. But because I was tired, I was with Tai,

I was showing off. We dropped some really good value and some cool things I think you would love. So, with that said, were about to start the fifth episode. If you have not yet, make sure you subscribe down below. I know this is the last video in the series, but we got a whole bunch of other cool series coming out. I wanna make sure you are not missing any of them. During this last of this series, we talked about a lot of really powerful things like proximity is power, how to build a team, how to surround yourself with amazing people that’ll help you get to where you want to get to.

So if you’re struggling at all and you’re like I just, I know that people are doing it but I haven’t figured out how to do it yet, I think this interview is gonna help you a ton. A lot of really cool things in here. So with that said, let’s check out this video and afterwards I’ll jump back on and kind of have some final words for you. I appreciate you watching this series and we’ll talk to you after the interview. – What is the one and only thing you must have in your business model to succeed? The foremost, most important technique in building the overall business model. Is it marketing? Is it having, you got a good business partner. That I think is super, in my opinion, business partner is huge. – Man, there’s too many important things. – Good book on that called Working Together by Micheal Eisner.

You’d be surprised how many, what percentage, large percentage of billionaires had business partners. Whether it’s, number one guy for 18 years straight was, not right now, but Bill Gates. He had Paul Allen and then he had Steve Ballmer. You have Warren Buffet, who’s been number two on and off. He had his Charlie Munger, and you just go through the list. And there’s been people who did it without a partner, but the majority of people have partners. So that’s my answer, what’s your answer? –

I think I want to double on down on that. I think it’s huge. You know, I had a lot of businesses prior to ClickFunnels™ that marginally did well. It wasn’t until we did ClickFunnels. And it was fun, because when we built it, Todd, who’s my co-founder, who built the software, he was working with me kind of as an employee, not really, but kind of as an employee, and we had that in for ClickFunnels, and he’s like okay I want to do this, but I want to be your partner. At first I had this fear of like, oh, but like, this is my business and my all these kind of things. – Right. And luckily I was so grateful, that I was like, you know what, I’m gonna do it.

And I opened it up and what’s so cool is that like, he then went and took that and it became his business. So it wasn’t like nine to five, it became his life. – Yes. – And then after we launch ClickFunnels, we started adding people. Instead of doing what typical people do, and they hire a bunch of employees. I think it was ’cause Avengers had just come out and I love that movie. I was like we need to build an Avenger team. We can, and I read an article, I wish I’d have kept it, because it was so cool, but it said that an A player is worth 32 hundred times more than a B player. – Oh, yeah! – That’s 32 hundred times. – [Tai] Think about a good programmer. –

Yeah so I was like, let’s just get a handful of A players and let’s put them, and that’s going to be what we do. Like your partner he asked me, he’s like, so how many developers were at ClickFunnels? And I was like, I was kind of nervous because he just told me his last company had a hundred and something developers. And I was like, we’ve got 12. – What? – There’s only 12 developers in ClickFunnels. I’m like, yeah. He’s like, how is that possible? I’m like, we only have A players. We literally, that was the whole model. Get the best in the world. And they can do, one good person can do the work of 10, 15, 20 other people.

So, that’s how we’ve done things. – With programmers, they say that one good programmer is a good 30 to 60. We have a drink game campaign coming on Indiegogo. How about people who want to use Kickstarter, Indiegogo to raise money? You worked anything, and done ClickFunnels™ help them at all on that, because that’s its own kind of funnel. – Yes, I haven’t personally done it, but I’ve seen some people do it where they use ClickFunnels™ not to sell the product, but for lead gen ahead of time. – Okay. – To try to build up tons of pressure and excitement about their things. So, they thought then to take their Indiegogo video or their Kickstarter video and put it on a ClickFunnels™ page and just get options, and like pre-sell it. –

Yes. – Build a huge list, build a big following, and then when their thing goes live then they have this huge following they can just push right there and get a lot more traction a lot faster. – So you can use it to generate free clients, free emails, just versus paid stuff. – Yeah. – Be honest, you can use Shopify. It has some similar things. ClickFunnels, each of them have their pros and cons. Some of you are selling on Amazon making a lot of money. And honestly, let’s talk about that for a second. So, to be unbiased here, do you think there’s a time when it makes sense to maybe be up on ClickFunnels™ and up on Amazon? – Our biggest growth right now on ClickFunnels™ is Amazon sellers. – Okay, so, tell us how those work. How is that going? – So, a couple reasons why. One is like some people get spooked, because they lose an account, or they know someone who lost an account, and they’re like, if Amazon shuts me down, my business is gone, right? –

Yes. – And so, some people will come, ’cause like I need to control my destiny and have two. And so that’s a big reason why a lot of people do, just to be able to have two places they can sell it. Another big thing people do is, a lot of time they’re using Amazon to generate customers. For example, we had a buddy who sells the cell phone cords, does like a hundred grand a day in cell phone cords things. – What? – He gets them in China for like a penny, and sells them for like 20, 30 bucks. It’s crazy. So the thing comes in the mail. – A penny? – The box comes in the mail. – [Tai] You open it up. There’s your cord, and there’s a big card in the thing that says, hey, if you want a second cord for free, go to It goes to that page, it’s a ClickFunnels™ page.

They put in their shipping address. Boom, now they’ve got their customer’s contact info from Amazon over here. And now they’re able to sell them all the other stuff they sell. They sell power banks. They sell all the other, that type of product. – Cause it’s only a penny. – Yeah. – And what do they get in? They tell them you get another cord if you sign up to the email list or something? – Yeah, you basically go to this page, fill out your address, they’ll ship you a second cord for free. – Let’s talk about email for a second. Huge thing.

What is ClickFunnels, and what do you see in the future of email marketing? I think in my business I probably make, you know, anywhere from 200,000 to a million dollars a month, just having a good email list in just one of my businesses. Do you see the same trend? Email is still important, it’s not completely replaced? – I love email. I don’t think it will ever be completely replaced. What I’m finding fascinating is, we’re doing a blend now of email and also like FaceBook bot messengers. – Yes. – But using them both together has been really powerful. It’s like you have a message here, and then the FaceBook thing that complements it. –

Walk us through that for people who don’t know. What are you saying? So, we all know, we’ve been to websites, you put your email in and you get on some newsletter list. What are you doing with bot? When we hear the word bot, Are we talking about auto bots? Are we talking about transformers? We’re talking about auto-inserting a message into their FaceBook Messenger? – [Russell] Yeah, so at ClickFunnels™ we’re finishing out our platform that’ll do bots. And basically, someone will fill in their email address and there’ll be a little button that’ll say, do you also want us to send you this info through Messenger, right? –

They opt into both at once? – Yes. – So, people check a box, and do most people check both? – It’s a really high percent, yeah. So, it’s interesting if you look at, so we have, I think it’s over a million person email list, and I think we have forty thousand people on our Messenger list. – Okay. – And if we broadcast both of them, we get almost the same amount of clicks from each. – [Tai] Really? From just forty thousand? – [Russell] Yes. – [Tai] So if you had a million on the other one, it would be destroying email. – So, we’re putting a lot of effort and energy into the migration of getting people from here to here, and getting them in both places.

Because I also think that it’s also scary, cause it’s all on FaceBook, all on Messenger. If Zuckerberg wakes up one day and decides he hates marketers, it’s gone. So, I’m not saying get rid of email, but I’m saying use them both together, And there’s power in that. – [Tai] The more platforms you’re on, the safer it is. What can an affiliate either to be an affiliate to ClickFunnels, or to any product, how are they–

– Let’s do it for him. How many of you guys wanna be an affiliate and make Tai Lopez more money and make you guys money in the interim? Do you guys have an affiliate program for like– – (squealing) That was from my Pee Wee Herman adventure. – Does Mentor Box have an affiliate program? – Mentor Box does, and so does – [Russell] Okay, so this is what I’d do. This goes back to what I talked about earlier. So, I would go to YouTube, and I would find all the coolest Tai Lopez videos you can find. There’s a bunch of them, right? Find the ones that meant the most to you, and probably theme them out.

So here’s all Tai’s thoughts on cryptocurrency, Or all Tai’s thoughts on whatever. Find the videos, and then make a page that says I’m gonna give you the top ten Tai Lopez videos about cryptocurrencies. Put your email address in here, and I will email you the top ten videos I found. They’re amazing. You’re gonna learn about this, this, all this stuff, right? And that’s step one. So, number two then– – So, you get their email address. – I go to FaceBook yet, and I target Tai’s audiences and my audience, and entrepreneur audience, and Mark Cuban’s audiences, and Tony Robbins’ audience, and I say, come to this page, and I’m gonna give you Tai Lopez’s 10 best videos on this topic, and you spend a little bit of money. People come, they opt in, and then you start building email lists, and as some come in you email them. Here’s the links to the 10 videos.

And then, by the way, did you know that Tai, every single month, curates, him and his partner curate the best books they find, and this really cool thing called Mentor Box. If you click on this link, you can get an account to Mentor Box, and not only are you gonna get all these videos, now you’re gonna get all their books, their best books, every single month, blah, blah, blah. And now they’re affiliates for you, and they’ve got a really unique offer that can go out there. The reason why affiliates lose, is because they’ll go, and they’re like, sign up for your affiliate program.

They’ll get their affiliate link from Mentor Box, and the same link that everybody else on earth is sending, same thing that you’re promoting, same thing everyone’s promoting, and they can’t be profitable, ’cause they’re nothing unique about what they’re doing. – [Tai] Yeah, you gotta make some content. – [Russell] So you take, and what’s nice about it I tell my people, I’m like, go to my channels. I have so much stuff I put out every single day. Find the stuff you like the most. Package it. Give away at an opt in, and then you build a list. And then sell my stuff. And we all win. – So, let’s talk about this for a second. Content.

A lot of people are scared of creating a video. They don’t wanna put their face on there. What do you say to somebody who has a false belief that they can’t create something, some cool videos, cause they’re introverted or they’re nervous, or what do you say? – Probably two things, and then we can go both directions. One is like, even if you’re introverted you can do like, I’m actually super introverted. If you ask my friends at home, every time they see a Facebook Live, they’re like you talk a lot on the camera, you don’t talk in real life. I’m super introverted. You can still do it. That’s number one, don’t be afraid.

Second thing, maybe you really are in a super huge fear. I look at my company. I got some amazing people who work with me, and partners and founders and stuff, and they’re not on video all the time. But I am, so it’s like if you can’t be that person, Find the partner who’s like they wanna do that thing. They wanna be the person in there. And make that the partnership, and that can work as well. – Partner. – Todd Dickerson that coded ClickFunnels, he wouldn’t have ever wanted to be on camera talking about ClickFunnels™ all day. And that’s like, I can’t code, but I can do that, so we found each other, and made it work.

Most cases introverts and extroverts are the best match. So, if you’re looking for a business partnership, maybe you can partner up. If you look at Warren Buffett is extroverted. He likes to crack jokes. If you go to the Berkshire Hathaway meeting, he’s funny. And then Charlie Munger, he’ll turn to Charlie Munger, who’s an introvert and be like, Charlie, what’s your opinion? And he’ll go, I have nothing to add. Your business partner is an introvert. My business partner, Alex, is visiting, and guess where he has been all day. Locked in a guest room in my house. He’s like, I’m working on something. No one bother me with humans.

But it’s a good partnership. Let’s talk about copy writing, somebody’s asking. How can people make their website the words matter, like it needs to say something awesome. – [Russell] We created a software that helps that, because the copy writing is the hardest part. All you need is to build a page, and it make look really pretty, look nice, but people come and like the words aren’t right. – Yes. – No one’s gonna buy. That’s what it all comes down to. Like the funnel doesn’t matter without the right words, the copy that converts people to buying.

I have a partner named Jim Edwards. He went through all marketing advertisements for the last hundred plus years, and he found all the best converting headlines from all the way back from the beginning of copy writing, like Gene Schwartz, and Gary Halbert, all these people, and combined all these things, put it into software, basically you could type in your product name, and it’s like, I sell this, this is what would benefit, this is what the features you talk about, you fill in some blanks, you click a button, and it pops out like 800 headlines. – Really? – Based on the best headline templates in the world.

And you just copy– – Where do you get this? – It’s called Funnel Scripts. – [Tai] – I have a bunch of friends who are high paid copy writers, who charge anywhere from 15 to $25,000 a letter. And they used to go and they’d give their client a huge client questionnaire, and they fill the whole thing, and they go and spend the next six weeks writing copy. Now, they use a take client questionnaire. They fill it in Funnel Scripts. They click the button, and it pops out the copy, and then they tweak it a little bit, and they send it to the client, and charge the same fees. It’s legitimately crazy – If you don’t know how to write, here’s the thing.

It’s a catch 22. If you don’t know how to write, most people don’t know how to write. You’re not going to make a lot of money. One of the best things they should have taught us in school is copy writing, how to be persuasive. So, what’s some copy writing simple thing? There’s my simple thing. A lot of you guys need to fix your website. If you’re physical location, put the hours. Put the buy button high. I remember one time I couldn’t buy something. It was a website. I wanted to buy something. I searched. I actually sent it to my assistant.

Can you find how to buy? I honestly think they– – I wanna give you money. – No, I think they forgot to put the buy button up. It was like long, and they had written in. And they forgot the buy. So, my technique is keep it simple, stupid. Find out what people want on your website. Hit them with power words. The most powerful word in the English language, they say, according to Frank Lutz, he’s a famous political consultant, he says the word imagine is a power word. Imagine if you lost 50 pounds in the next 50 days. Imagine, you know, people like to, especially in America. So, that’s my quick hack.

What’s a hack for you to be, simple things, besides using this website? – My favorite headline in the world, works for almost everything is how to blank without blank. So, it’s how to, and then you insert the thing they desire the most, without the thing that causes them the most pain. So, for example, I could be like, how to read all these books, without actually ever reading a book. And then I’d give you money, because I wanted to watch the videos and get the whole download, right? – Yep. – ‘Cause like, every market I always start with that.

Okay, what do people actually want? So, how to, and then insert what they desire the most, without the thing that they’re most scared of. – Alright, I have a course where I’ve taught over 20,000 people how to build a social media marketing agency. – [Tai] So, they’re offering social media to end clients. – To businesses, they go around to businesses. They charge one to $10,000 a month. How do they get customers using your techniques. – So, if I was going to a business owner, and I was like what do they desire most?

They want customers coming in their place. So how to get– – Let’s say doctors and dentists. – Okay. – Or restaurants. – Okay. Let’s use dentists then. So, how to get cash paying clients to come into your clinic. They call them clinics? – Dentist office, dentist office. – Without having to, or how to get yeah, how to get cash, whatever, whatever their thing is, right? – Paying. – Paying dental clients. I don’t think most dentists want to sit there on social media, so without spending time on Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat. –

Okay. – Cause they wanna fix people’s teeth. They don’t wanna be doing these things, right? – Yes. – If you have a social media marketing agency, you make a ClickFunnel landing page. The landing page at the top says, how to get, so if it’s a dentist, how to get 17 new dental clients this year from social media. And then you put without having to ever login to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. – [Russell] That’s a great headline actually. – You like that? – Right there. – You should use that, if you don’t use it, then you hate money.

That’s the only reason. – You hate money. I gotta use that line on people. So they build it on ClickFunnels. They get the headlines up. How would you get dentists to start going to see this page? – I would go to Facebook and target dentists. Pretty easy. That’d be the first spot. The next thing, I know a little about the dental market. If I was going after dentists, I would go to has an email list of like 80,000 dentists you can rent for like five grand. – Really. – I’d buy an ad. I’d pound it out, and I’d have a bunch of clients overnight. – So, you can basically rent email lists. They call it email drops.

You can do an email drop to 80,000 dentists. And you have– – Most industries have those kind of things. I just happen to know does it for dentists. But most of them have those type of things where people have aggregated the industry, and you can rent ads to go out in the email box. – Thanks so much for being here. This was awesome, my man. – Thanks for having me, man. – For those of you listening™ and yeah, we’re out. – Awesome, thanks everybody. Hey, this is Russell again.

Thank you so much for watching this exciting interview with Tai Lopez. Again, if you didn’t hear the story initially, this literally took place from like 1:00 a.m. to like 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. We had so much fun doing it. I wanna thank Tai for supporting me at his house, and letting me talk about ClickFunnels™ and expert secrets and a whole bunch of other really fun things. And I hope you enjoyed the series. If you missed any of the videos, make sure you go back to the beginning of the playlist, watch part one of one, one of five, two of five, three of five, four of five, five of five. The whole thing was really, really amazing, and I hope you loved it.

Now, I’ve got one last request from you. Again, we gave you this interview for free, because I want to give you guys more information that’s gonna help you to grow your companies. The biggest thing you can do right now is make sure to click on the button down below to subscribe. We have a new playlist coming out with a new training coming out very, very soon. I wanna make sure you do not miss it. If you do that, that way you’ll get notified as soon as it comes out. Again, thank you so much for being part of this channel, watching this video series. If you have any comments or questions, please post them down below. Me or some of my team will make sure we follow up with them, and again, thank you for watching this interview with me and Tai.


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