Only Those With Brass Balls Can Compete With Us, Do You? | FHTV Ep 107

ClickFunnels™ Brass Balls

ClickFunnels™ Brass Balls: Welcome back to another episode of Funnel Hacker TV Behind the Scenes! You could say that we are all a little competitive at Click Funnels HQ. And in today’s episode, you’ll get a glimpse at how much we love to incorporate competition. Do you have the brass balls to win? ClickFunnels™ Brass Balls

ClickFunnels™ Brass Balls

We may or may not have some brass balls here in the office. – This is always crazy in the office. There’s a box! (screams) With a box, there’s excitement. – You guys ready for this? This is the first proof of… – No way! (screams) (upbeat music) – [Cameraman] Oh, look who’s in the office.

Todd’s in the office. It’s his birthday. Did we sing happy birthday to Todd yet? – Not yet. I haven’t had a cake, though. – [Cameraman] You haven’t had a cake. We need a cake! Someone get a cake for Todd and then we’ll sing happy birthday. (light music) ♪ Happy Birthday ♪ (clapping) (techno music) – And now I’m at a secret meeting. Right over there, Melanie’s here. Dr. Chad Woolner, he’s doing an event tonight for chiropractors, I’m coming to teach them how to de-commoditize their business.

Are you excited for this, Melanie? – I’m super excited for this. – (laughs) Here we go. – I want people to know, as incredible of an entrepreneur as this guy is, he is that much, if not more of an incredible friend. He is such an incredible human being. (upbeat music) –

ClickFunnels™ Brass Balls

We wanna practice hooks in the office and so we had everybody here on the team write a couple hooks to sell the Dotcom Secrets book. So I’m putting up all the ads of everybody and so far like five dollars have been spent on everyone’s thing ’cause we just put it up today. Anyway, Nick is crushing it right now. (clapping) Nick has, so far, two sales, to everybody’s zero sales. – Are you seeing those through his affiliate link? – Yeah, my affiliate link. – (laughs) Congrats, that’s awesome, dude.

Nick’s going from funnels to traffic, watch out. – So we’ve got Nick and Josh tied at four sales, but Josh is winning at seven dollars and 20 cents a sale and Nick’s at seven dollars and 63 cents a sale. – Oh, real close. – We’ve got all the exact same audiences, the exact same images, the exact same headline.

All they adjusted was the hook on the top, the social hook, so… – Oh! (jazzy music) Brandon has been making me film videos all day today for the new Funnel Builder Secrets. The last video, this is the last outline, are you excited? – Heck yeah. It’s always a good day when we’re filming videos. – You guys wanna see behind the scenes of the set up? (upbeat music) – So basically, we’ve got a three-camera shoot. We’ve got two camera’s in the back, one’s wide and one is a tight, and then we’ve got the overhead camera, which is really cool, and that’s, I think, what differentiates your stuff from everyone else’s right now doing training videos. –

ClickFunnels™ Brass Balls

ClickFunnels™ Brass Balls

You have the overhead camera and what’s the overhead light for? – So the overhead light actually separates Russell, ’cause if you can see, we’re shooting on a black background and Russell kind of has dark hair and so without that light, he would kind of fall away, I guess, so this actually separates him from the background. – Very cool, and what’s this light back here for? – It’s these two lights, actually, these are the side lights and these will actually light up the whiteboard.

The idea is to have it evenly lit, so that’s why we have two, they’re both at the same height. – [Cameraman] So I write stuff right here and you see this is what’s gonna show up on the camera right there. Oh yeah. – And then we’ve got, what I absolutely love is the Keynote Flow Celeb 200, that is an expensive light only for Russell Brunson, – Just for surprise. – who is a celebrity, as you all know. – A celeb. So this one lights this direction and this one lights this direction to get rid of all the glare. – Correct. And then this one is what creates like a nice glint in the eye, which I absolutely love. And if you don’t know, pay attention to anything of Russell’s videos, he always has a glint in his eye ’cause if he doesn’t, then I haven’t done my job. –

ClickFunnels™ Brass Balls

Did somebody else record that video? – That’s right. – And then there’s the camera up top and the light up top to make my head glow, my hair glow. ♪ Just let your soul glow. ♪ So that’s what’s happening right now, we’re jumping back into the training, so there you go, Funnel Builder Secrets version 2.0 is coming soon to a funnel near you. –

Developers in town today and most of these guys have never heard the story of exactly how Click Funnels came about, so Russell and Todd are on stage, in our event room, telling the story and everything that’s been going on so check this out. (electric guitar music) – Way, way depressed Friday afternoon. I don’t know what’s gonna happen here.

These guys are just hanging their heads. – Not a good way to end the week. (laughs) – [Cameraman] John, what’s happened here? – It’s all switching up now, okay. Kevin jumped to the lead – What place was Kevin at? – in the hook contest. He was third. – This morning he was third. – Yeah. – Question is, when does the contest actually end? – 50 sales.

ClickFunnels™ Brass Balls

When accounts reach 50 sales, we’ll stop them and we’re just gonna see who has the best CPA. So Kevin’s in the lead at 14 dollars and 78 cents. Nick is behind him by 50 cents. Josh is behind him by two bucks. – (cheers) How many sales? – They all have six. They’re all tied for six sales. – Tied for six. – But it’s all about CPA in the end, ’cause everyone’s gonna reach 50 sales. (upbeat music) –

Wow. Our whole office smells just amazing right now and this is the man – Hey! How’s it going? – who’s responsible for the smell. Literally, no one can get any work done because of how amazing it smells. – I guess the mail lady came and she wondered where it was coming from and I guess it’s clear down the street now. – Look at this thing! You are so sad that you’re not here right now. Six cuts a tri-tip, Myles mixed up our seasoning today, his dad provided our big cooker and some good fruit wood, little bit of smoke in there, and some charcoal. See that nice black crisp? –

ClickFunnels™ Brass Balls

Then this is linguica. – So what is linguica for those people who aren’t familiar with it? – It is a Portuguese sausage. It’s the appetizer, so while this finishes cooking, this will cook up real fast, it’s already cooked. Cook it up, slice it up, throw in a tortilla. A little salsa, a little avocado. (jazzy music) – We’re waiting for John. John’s got the magic numbers about ready to come out here. Telling people exactly where does the bullpen sit. – Okay, alright, ready for this? – No. – Oh man. – Some AdSense has been turned off, camera. –

So why would you turn something off? – Over-perform and we can’t keep up. (laughs) This was one of those scenarios, you know, Stephen Larsey used to tell this story. He’d go in, he’d build a funnel for somebody and they’d say “Oh my gosh, this is awesome” and then the next day, they’d say “Turn it off, turn it off!” Almost bankrupt them, ’cause there’s so many sales coming through, the exact same thing happened with me with my hook, so, mine was turned off because it was doing too well. – [Dave] John, does that sound… –

Well the almost bankrupting part’s true, it just didn’t make any sales (laughter) – [Dave] Alright, JP, what do we got? – Josh is in first place. – What? – Pulling ahead even more of Nick – What? – by about a dollar and… No, 98 cents. (clapping) – Way to go! – [John] In second place is Nick. Next place comes in Karen pulled up to third place. – Oh no! – Kevin comes in fourth place. Jake is in fifth place. – [Cameraman] And this two (mumbles) stuff is getting insane.

ClickFunnels™ Brass Balls

So, as you can see here, this wall, all filled up. We’re gonna have to like move light switches and thermostats and everything else. It’s even behind the door here, it’s over the top of the door, it’s coming down the side. We’re running out of wall space because, on the other walls, we have our eight figure award, the big “X”. Ten million dollars. Due to the light, you can’t see it very well, but show you on this side here. Basically, we’ve got six of them there, we’ve got 12, so basically that’s 18, 19.

We actually have four more and they’re filling in this. We’re probably gonna have to move this painting. I don’t know what we’re gonna do. We have more awards than we have wall space right now. So, we’re actually gonna be, actually out here there’s dirt. We’re buying this lot, right back here, to build another building, just so we can have wall space.

We needed a building as well, but we all, we need more wall space. – What’s in the box? – You guys ready for this? This is the first proof of the fattest book, – [Dave] No way! (screams) Dude, that is killer legit. – This is the Upsell offer we’re about to sell the crap out of. (mumbles) I’m actually the first to film this. Really quick, so the actual book is this fat, not this fat. (laughter) This is crazy. Anyway. – Can you say value? – So here’s half of the book that we’re selling in the up-sell. (jazz music) – May or may not have some brass balls here in the office.

ClickFunnels™ Brass Balls

What are these? Alright, so they’re asking what’s the story behind it, so I’m gonna tell you my side of the story, then Dave’s got his side of the story, ’cause this is a good story. So Dan Kennedy has a course called The Brass Balls Factor.

It’s a copyrighting course teaching you that if you wanna be like a really expensive, highly paid copyrighter, the big secret is you have to be able to quote your prices with a straight face. And then, he was telling the story about how like the first time he quoted a guy like, I don’t know, like 50 thousand dollars for a sales letter, the guy’s like “whoa!” He’s like “Where’s your wheelbarrow?” And he goes “What do you mean?” He’s like “The wheelbarrow you used to wheel in those brass balls. He’s like how did you quote me 50 thousand dollars for a letter?”

Anyway, so the whole course called Brass Ball Factor and like how to actually charge what you’re worth. So that was kind of a funny thing. So then, fast forward a couple years later, after we listen to that course, we had our sales floor and we were selling everything for like 25 hundred bucks, trying to get the sales guys to sell for five grand or ten grand but they’re all scared of it ’cause they’re like (mumbles) “it’s only worth 25 hundred” I’m like “No, dude  it’s  worth way more,”

ClickFunnels™ Brass Balls

So we bought these initially and we had the brass balls award for whoever could pitchand close the highest deal of the week got the brass balls on their desk for the entire week and it was so scary to find one guy sold it for five grand and was like “Oh!” And he got brass balls and everybody else wanted them, so they started selling five grand and then started going to six and then seven and then it became the award that got put on the desk of whoever pitched the highest deal.

Then, fast forward to… – Affiliate challenge. But I was so excited. One of my very first, I had just met Russell, I was so excited to find a way of actually selling his products, and I thought, if I could sell his products, maybe he would become my friend. (laughs) – That’s the secret, by the way, just sell my products. I’m just kidding. – It’s the world, it always works that way. And so I tried as hard as I could, and I built a list and I had thought, you know what, all the prizes out there, the one I want is this, the brass balls.

Because I have four boys, and with four boys in the house, there’s a ton of testosterone going on and I thought, this would be one of the best lessons I could ever teach my kids. And I remembered Dan Kennedy’s story, ’cause when I followed Dan, I thought, I want my kids to grow up with this ability to be able to ask for anything and get it. And so I thought that would be like the best token. So I did everything I could and I forget how many I sold, but I got it, and I was so excited. So they sat up on my shelf and my kids were like “What is that?” And so they were, brass balls became the big thing in the Woodward household, anytime anyone did something really cool, it was like “dude, you got brass balls.”

ClickFunnels™ Brass Balls

The old set is very worn. – Those aren’t brass anymore. – These aren’t brass because these actually got thrown in our pool (laughs) because they’re boys, so they, they were throwing them at each other, they became shot puts, these were very well used and so I’m sitting there thinking, we have this amazing contest coming up and I want it to be something really super cool. So I was listening to Dan Derek’s course, and he reminded me, you have to have something for every tier, and I thought, we need to have a tier where people get the brass balls. So I asked Myles to order, to see if they still made them and that’s – Oh, they still got them. –

ClickFunnels™ Brass Balls: Okay, now, the other backstory is when we did that launch, it was for the top ten affiliates got brass balls and one of the top ten was Jennifer Ledbetter. So I messaged her, I was like “hey, just so you know, we’ll get you anything, like you don’t have to have brass balls,” and it’s funny, she wrote back, she was like “No, like, dude I want the brass balls,” she’s like, “this is a big deal, I wanted to be one of the men and win brass balls.” And I was like, “Okay,” so we sent her brass balls too, so there you go. – Super cool! Brass balls work! (techno music) ClickFunnels™ Brass Balls


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