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I Am So Nervous…Big Changes Ahead! | FHTV Ep 120

Clickfunnels™ Big Changes

Clickfunnels™ Big Changes: I went down to Atlanta to speak at the National Achievers Congress. Watch as I surprise Todd with a new ClickFunnels™ feature “for his birthday” but really it’s a gift for every ClickFunnels™ user. Plus, I unveil my newest platform selling speech.

Clickfunnels™ Big Changes: The Future of Sales Funnel

– So, welcome to Hotlanta. This is where we’re stayin’. We literally have six boxes, one box goes to each table as far as the buyers packets. When they buy, you hand ’em that packet. Pretty easy, I mean it’s the same thing we always do, Russell gets up on stage, he kills it, it goes crazy, we take order forms, we run payments, we go home richer. (laughing) (rock music playing) – You hear about the surprise we’re doing for Todd tonight? – Yeah. – Do you know about it? – Jake told me a little bit. –

So, this is the purpose, I know if I just asked Todd he’d say no. And I’m gonna give it to him as a gift cause you can’t like give back a gift That’s kind of the thing, this is your Christmas gift, you can’t re gift your gift, we have to make this a thing and then he’ll have to say yes. I hope it all works. – (talking on a microphone in the background) – Hi! – How are you doing? – Nice to meet you! – You too! My wife Colette. – Hi, I’m Lauren. – Hi! Nice to meet you. – Lauren is the MC and she’ll be introducing you tomorrow. – Very cool. – She’s also a ClickFunnels™ user. She’s been donating $297 a month.

Well thank you! (laughing) – Thank you for creating it though, it’s amazing, like how many cool things people have… – It’s been fun, it’s been a crazy ride. – There’s always a great woman behind it. – Every time. (laughing) – Okay, seven o’clock, should we go to Todd’s party right now? – Sweet. Let’s go surprise him. – Okay. – So are you ready for your birthday present? – Yes! What is it? – Okay, we’re goin’ back to the hotel room. – Yeah, we got dinner in an hour. – Okay, that’s plenty of time.

What was your thought, what’d you think it was? – I don’t know, I mean, I don’t know, honestly, like, but now I’m like, way thrown off, because now you’re sayin’ it reduces churn and stuff, so, I’m not sure what it could be. – Todd, you can sit there, Ashley, sit next to him, everybody else come sit on the couch, if you guys want. Alright, we gather together in a hotel room tonight, in front of all our friends, to, uh, there’s Todd and Ashley. Bunch of our other friends, and we are about to show Todd the future of ClickFunnels.

And he doesn’t even know yet. – I have no idea what’s going on. – Unless he hates it, then it’s not the future, it might end right now. Okay, – [Todd] Alright, what do we got? – so, we’ve gathered you here today, because, I knew if I asked you this initially you’d say no, so I was like alright, (laughing) so now the peer pressure will force you, just kidding. Jake sat down and designed something that’s so freakin’ amazing. – Jake just replaced all the designers (laughing) the entire company. –

Clickfunnels™ Big Changes: Funnel Hacking Live

[Russel] They’re all gone. So we’re not, it’s not, it’s not like a whole new design other than, obviously, the onboarding, the homepage, the onboarding process, and then like the initial dashboard. – So you’ve actually got something designed, I’m excited now. – Yeah. So behind this curtain is, hopefully the new ClickFunnels™ dashboard. Okay, you ready for this? Here we go. (sounds of awe) – Nice That looks awesome. I don’t know why you’re scared, I mean (laughing) – Okay, so now my Christmas gift that I want from you, – Can we get this live by Christmas? – By our birthday! (laughing) – This isn’t near as bad as I thought it was gonna be, “I’m gonna hate it,” I was like “I love this!” Let’s do it. Such a build up. (laughing) – Happy Birthday! –

No, I do like it. Awesome. Alright let’s get some dinner. (upbeat music playing) – Alright, so we just, uh, woke up, got ready. We were up ’til like one o’clock last night working on slides, Now, show’s about to start, so we’re headin’ down there to the event room. I’m a little nervous, this is the first time I’ve ever done this presentation. It’s only an hour, usually I speak for ninety minutes. And we’re selling a five hundred dollar product. All new things, new variables, three new variables.

But the reason why I said yes, cause I literally retired from public speaking, outside of Funnel Hacking Live after the 10x one but um, we wanted to change a presentation and test one out so that the speaker team can do one, cause most people aren’t letting them have ninety minutes on stage, and most people don’t want them to sell a three thousand dollar offer like we normally do. So, this is basically a test so I can do this presentation, to see if it works, and then I’ll have a recording that I can then give to the speaker team so they can learn the pitch and so that’s the main reason we’re doin’ this is just to create a presentation for them.

Clickfunnels™ Big Changes

You’ll notice in the slides that I don’t talk about myself at all. Gonna have my stories in there and it’s by design, because I’m gonna make this where Dave could do this presentation tomorrow, he just changes one slide, writes Dave Woodward ClickFunnels™ instead of Russell Brunson ClickFunnels. And so that’s how we’re doin’ it. – Russel, Russel, how you’re doin’? – Good, how you’re doin’? – (mumbles) Just in case I ran into you I was hoping you would sign these for me. That would be awesome. –

Clickfunnels™ Big Changes: Momentum is the Secret, This is not Hard

What are the chances of that? – I was like, people are gonna think I’m crazy, running around with these books hoping I’m gonna run into Russell Brunson. Freakin’ awesome. Thank you! – Where are you from? Are you from here? – Yes, oh! Oh! Wait, Hold on. I can’t not get this. Awesome, man, thank you, appreciate you. – Thanks man! Good meetin’ you, thank you! – Could I get a pic? Sorry, I know you’re out of here Thank you so much! – Real quick, quick, I gotta go I’m gonna get in trouble. –

Hey man! – [Russel] What’s up? – Get outta here! Good to see you man, I haven’t seen you in a bunch of years. How you been? – Amazing, how ’bout you? – Amazing, busy. Wouldn’t have expected anything less. Don’t be nervous, I know how, yeah. – I do get nervous every time. – Really? – Yeah, every time I get nervous. – I go to sleep before. I do, literally, I fall asleep before. If you see me before, I’m not now. Alright man. – Great to see you. (cheering in the background) – Ah, the anxious nerves before you go on, and it’s like, also you get tired, so like, I don’t know, it’s like the yawn, the adrenaline gets up and you get tired from it, and then you’re yawning, and you’re like “I can’t be asleep right now!” I’ve never done a five hundred dollar offer on stage ever, in the history of my career, even, like, way back in the day.

So I think it should be super easy to sell. But I’ve also never done a sixty minute presentation so hopefully the shrink in time will be okay with the shrink in the price? And hopefully I don’t go to ninety minutes, ’cause I have not timed this yet. – Okay, good luck! – You look beautiful. – Thank you. You’re gonna kill it, bring the energy. – I must have like twenty slides, (making clicking sounds) like, (clicking sounds) I must have skipped like thirty slides. – (crowd drowns out speaker) your powerpoint. – Awesome, thank you. – No problem. – So how’s the audience thing? – It got warm inside, which got great, but the backside is so disengaged. –

How’re you doin’, I’m Russell. – Francy, nice to meet you. – Yeah, she knows you, ’cause everybody knows Russell. So you knew who I was? – Yeah I actually met you at SANG event like, eight or nine years ago. – Really, I don’t even remember that. You must of – well ’cause you look different, I actually, someone posted a picture of you, and I’m like, you’re more like, round. – I was a little heavier. – Yeah a little round. – I lost a little weight since then. – I was an (squeaker noise) back then. – So people still think I’m an (chicken squawk) based on how they met me eight years ago. They’re like “he’s an (beeping)” like “when’d you meet him?” “Eight years ago!” I’m like, people do get older, and they do mature. (laughing) – So I’m gonna do a – just get their energy up, and do a couple giveaways before I… Rock it! Have a great time. (crowd cheering) –

Ah! I hate this part! It’s the worst! (dramatic music) – Oh man I’m so excited to be here with you guys today! (cheering) – Who here has never heard of funnels before? Oh, we are gonna blow your mind today, I am so excited. I had my own businesses, I was growing, I was learning things. That’s when I started teaching other people, sharing these things with other people, that’s when my growth really started happening. Okay, so it’s that shift from growth to contribution. It’s so simple and so easy, that’s why we say we’d just be free entrepreneurs, no longer have to go call a tech person to go do all these things, you can just do it, like, momentum is the secret, this is not hard.

That sound good? Okay thank you guys so much for letting me be here, and I’ll see you live next Monday when the challenge starts. Thanks everybody! (cheering) (upbeat music playing) – My tongue is tired. – Dude you were on fire! Great job. – You up right now? – Yeah. – Very cool. – Might as well sell back to back. So, if you guys are gonna go have fun, cool, if you wanna meet up for lunch, let me know. Lisa’s out in the audience. We got married on Sunday, I was just telling your wife. – Last Sunday? – It already happened? – Yeah! – We’re goin’ to Italy to do it, which is to family, but it was too much complications, so, like last Saturday, like,

“Why don’t we get married tomorrow?” “Alright let’s do it!” – So you’re doin’ a ceremony there then? – No just her parents, and (mumbles) came over (brushes hands) done. Alright, see you guys. – Good luck up there. – I unzipped my shoes so I could – – (whispering) Hey everybody. – I’ll be your director. – (laughing) okay. – You know Gene already, right? – (laughing) How’s it goin’? – So uh, you guys just wanna have a seat, and I’ll (talked over by other speaker) – …Ken Okazaki’s producer, executive director… –

Clickfunnels™ Big Changes: Gene McNaughton Success Resources

Cool. – Yep, also uh… a member of your Two Comma club. – That’s awesome. – Let’s go and have a seat here. – Russell Brunson, take one. – Hey friends, it’s Gene McNaughton, Success Resources. It is an absolute honor to have our guest here, Russel Brunson. – Great to see you. – Thank you man, thanks for being here. I notice in your marketing, you’re always giving something first, you’re giving the blueprint, in your podcast, you’re sharing the exact details of the situation, what you did and how you drove the outcome.

Now there’s a lot of people that market, market, market, and make all the big promises, but you’re giving things up first. How does that work for you? – I think it’s really the longer game, you can always trick people into giving you money, or with something with like “I’m gonna show you this secret thing, but you gotta pay me!” But then like the person doesn’t buy again, like they buy once, and its like a weird relationship. I was like, I wanna be in this business for a decade or ten decades, I would keep a longevity, and so because of that you have to give a lot, and a lot of reciprocity comes back. I’ve had people literally, we had a kid that bought my book, this was probably two years ago, went through, built a big company, won a bunch of awards from us, and then he joined my high-end coaching program, he’s like “I feel guilty, I paid $7.95 for the book, and made this whole business,

I’m giving you money, I don’t even want to be in your coaching program, but I feel like I owe you that much money back.” So he gave us $25,000 to join this program just ’cause he felt obligated ’cause we had just given so much, and I think, you know, nowadays with social media, whoever’s giving the most are the ones that people follow and they keep plugging into and keep tuning into. And so we just try to give a ton, and when you do that and you help people… At a little level, they want more, and they keep following you and keep engaging at higher levels with you. – Talk about how important goal setting is for you. –

Oh it’s so important. It’s funny ’cause like, a lot of times we set a goal and it’s like, if we don’t have the goal, I’m a failure! No, you set a goal, you miss it, okay what’s the new goal? It’s kind of more of a… It’s more flexible. I grew up, I was a wrestler, and so I always had, I wanted to be a state champion, and then national champ. But along that path, I would lose tons of matches but I’d lose a match, look at it, what do I need to tweak and change, and then come back again, and come back again, and eventually I got to those goals. I think the biggest thing is a lot of people set goals, and for some reason they get fearful, like “What if I don’t hit it? Then I’m a failure.” Set a goal and start running towards it, but be okay if it fails, like okay, what are the adjustments I need to make, reset the goal, go again. Reset the goal and go again.

Keep going, because that’s the best part of life, is the chasing of it. When you get the goal, it’s never as cool, like getting your hand raised at a wrestling match, or cashing the checks, never as cool as the journey. So it’s just like enjoying the journey, and keep resetting the goals, and don’t freak out about the failures. – I remember you saying, “I’ve got this other opportunity that I’m workin’ on, I’ve got this other thing,” and that I believe was the beginning of ClickFunnels. How did it originate? When did you say, “this is what the world needs”? –

You never know ’til, that’s the fascinating thing about the market, you never know what’s gonna hit until you put it out there. I was trying thing after thing, we had been helping entrepreneurs for a long time, like teaching them and coaching them, having fun with that. Every single entrepreneur always got stuck at the technical parts. They would conceptually understand, “Okay, that’s what I need to do.” But then they’re like, “How do I actually do that?” They didn’t know. It was harder for them to progress, and so I had my business partner, Todd, who’s the best developer I’ve ever met, he was like “I think I could build something that makes this easy.”

So he started that process of building it, and it was funny ’cause as he would get iterations of it done, he’d like “Here try it,” and I would try to do stuff, I’m like “How does it work? I don’t understand.” He’s like, “Ah, I failed.” And I’m like, “No tell me.” He’s like “No if you can’t figure it out then we failed.” And so they had people record videos of me trying to use it, and if I got stuck, he’s like “do it again.”

He kept going back until it was simple enough that I could do it. I was able to start doing, like building these webpages and funnels that I’ve always been having to hire people and when I could do it, I was like, “Oh my gosh, there’s something here. This is simple enough that any entrepreneur could do it. And then we were just like, “Okay this is the focus.” We ended up shutting down and selling off every other idea, every other business, and just went 100% in. Next month it’ll be our five year birthday since the launch of ClickFunnels™ and it’s just been all consuming and the craziest ride of my life. – It’s a wrap.

Where’s the bathroom? Just kidding, uh. Just kidding, not really. Kidding not kidding. Thanks everybody! – Hey everybody, real fast. I just wanna express a massive amount of appreciation to you guys. For us one of the main things we really wanted to get out of this, that made it as successful for us, and that was to be able to actually have a video from of Russell actually doing this presentation and we’ve never done it before. But for us it was just awesome. I’m so appreciative for you guys, each and every single one of you.

Once all this processing stuff is done I hope you guys have a fun time, go out and enjoy Atlanta. And again, thank you guys so much, I can’t say enough about how awesome you guys are. So thank you. (clapping) (inspirational music) – I just want some order, man. See listen, this is the problem, if they had a funnel, we’d be able to just get through this whole thing without being confused. But this is a website, man, this is chaos, do I want Dolphin Coast? Do I want Tropical Diver? Or I don’t know! I don’t know where to go.


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