ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products – 2-Step Funnel Makeover for Distributor

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2-Step Marketing Funnel Makeover For Beauty Products Distributor – Episode #53

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products: Jennifer sells beauty supplies as a distributor, but she has some special restrictions by her company as to how she can sell online. She’s come up with a super-smart 2-step funnel for doing Free+Shipping offers and then closing new customers over the phone. ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

There are only two to go. It is a bald eagle today. Can you hear me? I can hear you you look at through the nose holes of the other nose holes. It’s magic don’t question. It don’t question. How work you seem very chipper is this because you went on a cruise now, you’re all just hanging out and relax it is I was on a cruise over Thanksgiving and it was it was awesome.

Then I had to come home to reality and it wasn’t as awesome. Pretty great though yet admit. What’s that? Your reality is? Pretty great, though. You gotta admit. I reality is freaking amazing. I mean, I’m surrounded by these cool little characters that keep me company all day and we talked and you know, I’m just surrounded by this magical Wonderland of ideas and wonderful things. I mean, how could my life be anything but completely amazing and if I ever don’t feel amazing, I just hit myself with the money gun and you know, just pump myself up.

What’s that? What more could you need my money got? Yeah, somebody else filling up my money gun for me.I didn’t system money than filler. That’s all right, 12 kills it with their own money and not mine my wife coming in. Hey, give me a shot of that money gun, honey. I give me the one that’s got the hundreds in it, huh? You got one of like one five hundred thousands that you got the ones for the kids and then the hundreds are for me and I’m like, oh, this is amazing.

Just kidding. I remember one time. I went to like Wells Fargo or something that was stacks of cash with who really cool video by tall ones because it’s like expensive you Stacks just said exactly and so it does videos and pictures and stuff and almost everyone who saw those like, let’s just ones as you know, I should have been like a hundred on the top of each one, but I think about it. It was super anti-climatic.

It was the opposite effect what I hope for yeah. Well, that’s cause you’re Russell. Listen, I want any of us have been on minutes like ones and fives. I’m ready. Did they ask you if the bank what it was for? It’s hardly cash later. They think you’re a guitarist or something. It’s in a okay. Here’s the warning right right. Now before I tell you what I tell them when they ask me when I go in to get cash what it’s for.

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

Okay, you ready? Everyone’s been warned. You know what? I tell him Russell you say it. What do I tell them? I don’t know beer and hookers what I tell him beard.  I don’t know. The second one is the first ones that was horrible. Anyway, I don’t drink beer and that you know, but it’s just it’s the look on their face is worth the aggravation.

But like for me, I want to draw attention to the fact that I have a brick wall behind me. Now. It’s a green screen. It’s baloney. It’s a green screen. This is this is real brick. There’s nobody anywhere. I got pictures of my amazing kids about to come on the walls. Well, it’s like legit studio. So I’m not just like Russell behind.  So we got a brick wall. So excited. It’s very cool. So you put a green screen up there to make it look like an office.

We have the entire crew feels like world’s dream box to hide in front of them. I tell him I’m in San Francisco right now. Tell mine do in Dubai anybody. That’s how it works. That’s as romantic as a real secret behind everything, you know, I had an idea for a thing that I’ve never done that I really should but I guess I’ll just throw it out there. So somebody else will do it. But I always thought it would be cool to have a thing that was like a window shade that you could are, you know, like the pulldown window shade not like blinds and it would hook on the back of your chair and you could pull it down behind you and have these different scenes that would be behind you on your chair. So it was like a portable green screen thing or have like a portable green thing that you pull down. That would be awesome.

And I know exactly what I mean. Most people don’t have a brick wall in their office, at least they’re trying to get away from having exposed brick because they’re like, you know, we need to get a real office instead of this garage. And I mean, I think it looks cool. Don’t get me wrong. But why do we have brick behind us?

All the Swanky that cool start understand just what I like this cool startups and they’re like glass everything or they like Old Brick like awesome. They divided the Old Brick Brewery for like eighteen hundreds and rip it all out. We build cool offices looks like super cool. So we have like glass walls on this side. I was Goin for broke everyone and you’ve got brick walls. It just feels like you’re right. I mean the subway teaching some cool and it’s cool. I didn’t say it wasn’t cool. I said I thought it was awesome. I just wondered why do you like me now?

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

This is wall behind. Me and Melanie. Okay, I can rotate you. That’s there’s brick wall. Oh, that’s cool. So, what does she think of it? And then it also sounds from classics. Like yell people know don’t disrupt the life. We think the brick wall. I’d love it. Like I’m not gonna put myself up because I don’t want to cover it. Just want to hide the break at school. It’s neat. All right. Well, that’s the pleasantries are over today.

Yay. All right. So we’re gonna funnel today. Do you wanna tell us what’s going down and we can start having some fun? Okay. So what we have is Jennifer who is a ClickFunnels™ customer as well as a funnel scripts customer way to go Jennifer that’s setting yourself up for success.

And so basically she is a distributor for a company that does beauty products and the way that their distribution agreement works is that she cannot take she can’t take payment through her website for the for the products that are sold by the company, but she can there’s she can’t do it on the front end on the back. Can she can do whatever she wants if she’s talking to him on the phone or talking to them in person and stuff.

So what she wants to do is create a two-part funnel where the first part is. She’s allowed to offer them a free sample a free product and she can collect shipping and handling. So she wants to set up a shipping and handling offer on the front end and then have it go into what sounds like an application funnel a simple application funnel where people can tell her what their issues are and stuff and set up an appointment with her.

So that’s and she’s not sure how to set it all up. And then she started using I mean in in my opinion my initial reaction was definitely she should do a who what why you know, the who what why script and she did start doing that and then it just kind of I think it got away from her a little bit and she lost confidence when what to do. And so that’s why we’re here to the rescue to the rescue.

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

Awesome, I decided okay. Well, let me do this. I’m going to cube our I’m going to slip over to the Y screen on the Queue up box. You should wipe. Okay, I’m gonna start a timer so that 20 minutes builds fun. Like you guys. I think we’re starting to Whitewater. I should show that show the model sure. Yeah, 20 minute timer has officially begun.

Okay, we got to wipe or sliding into the side. Oh, no. All right. Well, she’s woman enough to use that purplish-pinkish marker on whiteboard, right? I got bread and black ice. So, you know, we got to know her company she dinners this top-secret. I don’t know hide she didn’t say, okay so over here is some the never part with nobody, you know, yeah. It’s an MLM.

Okay. So here is where I am LM multi-level marketing so some company she is the distributor for us over here on the company website. We also like to call us at times the anti cells of Come in there, but we don’t do anything because they have the same and horrible order forms 8,000 feels as if you want to buy this part because of our social security number. Maybe I have your blood type O blood type.

So anyone who’s ever done that you drive traffic to the anti sales department and cells just fall out the back door, right? So G is why isnt understanding I want to have a funnel. So I made a customer’s I can cuddle them before I slam them into a brick wall. Right what happened?

So she’s doing very intelligently. She’s building a funnel. Okay. So what she’s taking those one of the network marketing products do you think is sampled right? I believe so. Yeah, it’s some sort of a sample or small item weapons when they were mortgages the like you can go to your corporate site and buy through your only to get discounted by a whole bunch of stuff in the head. You come sample pulls the sample over here and then we build out an amazing. free plus shipping funnel Probably with a V over talk about why the sample is a great things excite sliced bread.

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

Will you choose the order form and then you said afterwards then she wants them to like basically call on course, you must call my phone and then and then selling more stuff tell him into this right so this and then you shimmy for upsell we go straight like application form in this Feud Goin straight to the an application straight to trying to get them into I she says I’m selling products for my direct sales company and as such I’m not allowed to let clients enter credit card info directly into any funnel or fixed retail establishment.

So I’m having to come on the two-step tripwire fun on the application funnel is I’m offering a free plus shipping physical product free sample order bump travel-size retail kit OTL upsell full-size ultimate retail kit and free travel bag and bonuses Oto downsize full retail, but I think the biggest thing is she’s not gonna be able to make those one-time offers until she’s got him on the phone.

Is the is the gist of what I got? Yeah, it’s very confusing. I think I’d go find somebody in China that could make this stuff for me and I’ll sell it under my own brand but that’s just me Big Jim’s moisturizer. All right. So what the goal that is, we got to make enough money here to cover acquisition cost you guys. So the trials not going to like make any money, but they had a synthetic award from Buccaneer to last week’s episode of the hold on order four months.

Last week right week before yeah, maybe I’ll be the last episode that’s left is a gallivanting around the Caribbean while we all right well over $30 something hopefully information. So it will cost to her that in theory could cover all that cost. They said she could free customers coming in and then boom the applications are just like the gravy and it should bring introduces them into her program.

Yep. That sound good like what we should build. Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah, so she’s got some stuff already started. So we’re gonna skip swear like you use foam strips right here right to be a headline here. Yep you for Masters for this video here.

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

Yep, you can use photo shoots for the order form bump copy here. Yep, probably photo shoots for the video right here as well. Right? Yep. So there’s one two three four spots. You can punish. It’s just on a two page. Final which is insanely cool. That’s right, but I probably can’t do it in the next 16 minutes 40 seconds, but who’s counting? All right. No, I agree. It’s not aware of those a lot.

One thing. I like she has it all seemed to click on dashboard is kind of cool, but couple things the a very fun like a t-shirt you click here you watch like a 12 minute demo video your free t-shirt, but Secrets first four modules of this course in there for free for all Cliff House members great. I think that any of these funnels go watch the course first more modular mm our course and for free for you guys, and it’s tons of depth and complexity so and complexity in terms of my stuff like all the questions are in there. So my point that case what else is in there Russell on the dashboard page your argument. Sorry, I was bad weed is good.

Cool. I’m gonna come and I’m gonna start building out a funnel. Now you got the link I sent you for her. That’s what she already has. Oh, let me I think so. You post on Facebook, right? Yes. Faces any login, I’ve not had a log into Facebook for years. What is happening two-factor authentication? I don’t even know seriously. We’re gonna try your Zuckerberg.

Okay, apparently getting are texting me how to get into my account. There you go. I didn’t even Facebook winning love me. All right, let me check. Hold on. Hold on. Oh man joining Google Chat. Yeah, he drop it Google cheddar Google Chat. How do you know that is? All right. I don’t either I’m typing it out of here.

Can I chat? Oh. There’s a little chat thing here. Let me know if you see this if you that one or two seconds of Boom. Alright, we’re back in business, but I’m going to copy and paste from From Facebook. So I said so you are in Facebook now or no know if you oh I just you know feel do that the easiest for today.

Okay? Okay. This is resisting funnel. Is it live? It’s up there. But I mean she you can see she got started at the top and then she’s used the who what why how script and then she started working on the stuff and subheading then just kind of stopped. Well, that’s why I thought because I understand that if you don’t have a real clear picture of what you’re trying to get done like what Russell Drew there behind him.

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

I can see how you can get stalled. I mean that’s that’s what happens. So that’s I thought this was a good one to show people how to get unstuck. Yeah. I’m going to I’m going to clone this funnel into my account. So I don’t jack up anything. She is doing exactly super not cool with me. to my other screen you guys can’t see I’m just getting getting a higher share from a link.

Bam, all right, so I’m adding this into my account. Mass copy slowly this is like anyone goes down to the buzzer. I think we’re gonna get this far as we as we can.  Okay. It’s now my account. So exciting. All right, I’m ready for some coffee Jim. Okay, so I’ve got a few I guess I should show you my screen. So I’ll see how she found out you see the script right there.

Exactly. Yeah, that’s all that’s cool. So right here I’m using the I’m using the million dollar sales headline scripts and I filled it out for her. So I wouldn’t I mean I honestly I don’t know that much about beauty secrets as you can tell since I have a face made for radio, but I do what I can but I just filled it in knowing what I know. I mean this is you know, beauty secrets ladies younger looking skin rejuvenate your skin look younger in age is the enemy. So let’s see what we can see here real quick as far as some cool stuff breakthrough rejuvenate your skin and look younger. I mean, that’s that’s that’s that’s not bad.

Um, I’ll grab that one of the world’s best Beauty secret advice. Let’s see Shocking Beauty secret Discovery look younger with this. I like that as good a dad. Um Russell sounds to IP look the reason why they call height is because it works because it works. It’s not called. It’s called hi P not sleepy do a picture of a product anywhere.

I do not that is gonna throw a fake skincare thing because we need to see some images for free plus shipping. You want to see like, what is that thing? I’m going to get my hands on a bit about a fake picture. Okay. how to rejuvenate your skin for Less Yeah, how do you find the ones that are that are you can use was a trick? Yeah. Yeah go up there under Tools and then usage rights and then labeled for reuse.

So that we use we use with just the dirty to use these right the Google says you can but they’re getting sued over in Europe. So who knows whether their stuff is whether or not her stockings by the images, but for today’s Today isn’t fun. We’re just going to tell Mike.

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

Try this instant younger looking skin test now.  That’s kind of cool this backdrop school. Yeah, I think those bricks are awesome, dude. No, no, we’re due back drop the word to use. Ooh. How about here’s our super smart plan to rejuvenate your skin. And look younger. Okay, so I just might I click on the thing and I mean I was adware spyware freaking out so I’m not ignoring you Jim. I just don’t know what to do right now. My computer’s getting hijacked by the people that do that thing where they yeah.

Hijack your stuff.  I’m just gonna go back to googly but it did sound amazing. How about special beauty secrets trick helps you rejuvenate your skin for Less. Not bad. Yeah, I mean this coming from the guy who does a facial cleanse with Comet cleanser. I mean this isn’t really, you know, I’m not your best, you know actually bought some stuff from Jamie cross. I’m waiting for it to come in the mail try the man the man soap yet.

I it hasn’t come yet. You are going to love it. It will change your life forever because you can wash your mat your body with it. And then you wash your hair with it once to play so you have to like have shampoo and I’ll leave knowing stuff. You just rub it in your hair boo.

Here’s one how to rejuvenate your skin for free. That’s the thing because she’s doing it free plus free pill shipping, right? Whoo. Yeah, dude. That’s the one that’s the hook. Am I emailing you this? Yeah, you know gossip me take it off of my please. Don’t take it out. Hey, are you there? Like Russell it? I saw your email. And can I contact you I will not email you back because that is creepy all use sanebox.

By the way, that was like one of the best things you ever told me about ever same box. Yeah change my life. All right, so we got a cool thing. Now, let’s talk about this thing about Jennifer white Beauty be your best self. Dude that’s eating up like a whole bunch of the above the fold.

I don’t know if I’d have that in there. Yeah, you know what, you know what I mean? Okay, so she has that thing underneath there that says get the proven customized skin care system that quickly helps you have youthful radiant skin guaranteed? um those that actually isn’t bad.

The the something out here, but I would say instead of that quickly helps you have I would just say that gives you youthful radiant skin guaranteed.

Listen here to see her subhead down there get the proven customized skin care system that gives you youthful radiant skin guaranteed. Some of this love to hear their say no. I was just saying that that sub-headline where it is is pretty good. It just just that one change was all I was saying but you know what that at last discovered how to get younger looking skin without and get I would replace that sub-headline.

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

That’s up there now with the sub headline that’s underneath the video with that one change that I said was changing. It was get the proven customized skin care system that gives you youthful radiant skin guaranteed. I was talking to Graham you guys are out.

You like that? Yeah. And that thing that she had in there that was partially written wasn’t bad. We could just rewrite that. I do like that question ready for your beauty Revolution. cool flat hair that could actually be the subhead for underneath the the video.

Yeah. Old and I’m going to move this up a little bit and it sort of image in there. So once you have is fine, if they Gammage that that looks awesome find a big pill or something you can take this do that was good, but I find a lot of sneaky my skin at business.

It’s like every night every device because I was like 12 – was on I am I just making sense, but I think they put it on thick to brother. They run through it. I probably eat thousand self inside body days. Like I can’t like teaser because she’d be like, you know, you probably saw the inside it on the outside of my God. You’re right.

Do what you need to do. She just tell you she does it so she stays beautiful for you Russell and don’t you appreciate all she does to raise the family keep herself in shape and to maintain the household and you know, I hope you do appreciate that. I do appreciate that. I’m super good soups grateful as the kids would say the teenager to say nowadays soups soups grateful.

Right. Yeah, you didn’t know that one. Did you I did not we call it a little kids. You actually think you’re the coolest as you send them gifts and stuff. There you go. um Now this is the part the part that I didn’t understand what exactly.

They were getting and that was the part. It would have been better. If I could have known who the company was. But the thing down below that the skin cream thing and I don’t know if it’s cream or not.

But with this one-of-a-kind system, you can have your own personal image consultant in your pocket. It’s the world’s Innovative try before you buy technology and now it’s available to you. If you’re ready this reading this congratulations, you can be one of the first to access. ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

This is where I got a little confused as to whether this was some kind of a thing that you would like take a picture of yourself and then you could see what the stuff was going to look like that that’s where I kind of lost it but I got to tell you just what we did right here.

2-Step Funnels Marketing Makeover

If she were to take the the who what why how script that she already filled out and Actually record it but the video right there and put it in the video right there. She would be 95 yards down the field as far as this page is concerned.

I would just delete all the stuff at the bottom. If you don’t unless you have testimonials that the company will let you use all that other stuff would just you know through the power of ClickFunnels™ can be deleted quickly and easily never to be recovered. So be careful, um, but If you had testimonials then I’d have some down there.

You know, what are your thoughts about how else you would finish this off?

You know bullets or demo for you like cells most of it this little like if you go to expert secrets to say right?

It’s a little Fancy Pants things we do that look seem stupid and obviously but actually matter a lot like the shipping speed above. The thing is a big deal text like shipping worship at you upgrade a pronounce a like those little copy things have he like shockingly important like consequences, right? It’s like I look at those things and model that so I’d be Driving us in Atlanta and I say to get free sample like extra stitches get your free copy, excuse ship in less than seven days. Get your free sample.

Get your free product. I mean, I wouldn’t even call it a sample get your free product. Do you in seven days? And I look at it. So I hear you’re chipping work samples info about you. So hopefully we have an order for bump. I would talk about their maybe don’t come up with one. ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

Yeah, you just like an info product. Like here’s 36 cool ways also soften your skin without if you actually read expert secrets and follow what Russell says about creating a master class, then you could create your upsell product by doing an Ask campaign and creating a Master Class by the way, everything all the scripts you need to do expert secrets are part of funnel scripts along with not only doing the as campaign, but we have a complete downloadable wizard will help you to create a master class people use it all the time doing today.

I mean, that’s how you come up with an order bump. Dude. Just do a master class. Yourself in your bathroom with the camera and talk about it and how it’s okay. They were cutting you off on with soon as you got to the video of yourself in the bathroom. It was like the spirit said it’s time to stop it was kind of product. Yeah, but it’s good. It’s simple it’s not super distracting just like boom.

Here’s the offer. Here’s the thing. Yeah, try to make this white the Russell Newton wants to fight two days just like playing font sizes and like colors and well looks sharp, but it needs to be up a little bit. So it’s even with the top of the get your free product.

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

Um, look at you kerning and whatever it’s called. Um, Yeah, I mean that’s that’s pretty sharp. Actually. I mean that that it that’s cool. I mean that would be a great a great page to start with. Yeah. Yeah, throw it in there and then have your tests on Facebook over Facebook ad with the we have a final script Facebook ads to we really do it’s like hey guys, it’s amazing photography using the last three years of my life is so awesome who here wants a free copy of it. We got it. We’re here what the three-step I got 12 experience the same Beauty Revolution and I am experiencing and then they click you but that’s a that’s kind of it super easy.

But you know something you just said there and I just want to get across everybody and I’ve been looking a lot of funnels lately and I know you look at him all the time and just really, you know going through and An attention-getting headline or opening statement combined with an amazing story and an offer that is just totally making sense on every level every intellectual level. It doesn’t need to be complicated and your enthusiasm level and it just it looks good, and it works. ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

Get that done. If you can get that done you’re going to get so much further down the field than if you just get all caught up in all this technical stuff and the overanalyzing and everything else. It’s like make the grab the attention and make the offer the way you would respond to as a member of the audience do your best from that standpoint and then get it out there and see what works and then and get on the field, you know, instead of a lot of people just stay on the sidelines and they can tell you 99 things that don’t work on a funnel and you know, I don’t I didn’t learn to write copy that way and you know, all this other stuff is like, okay, show me what you got what’s work? Well, I’m still working on it.

Okay, let’s say I was selling so this is never parking parking right? So I’m like, okay. Here’s the arrest of eight. Hey guys, this is Russell who I have right? Who am i – Russell Brunson and I was crazy or and we’re at I have this really cool thing. It’s called keto OS Max sweetheart. It tastes like literal. ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

Literally you went to Valentine’s Day. Your kids got all the hard candies dick hard candies and you smash them up in the thing and he dumped it in some water and stirred it up and you don’t Worship in you drink it. That’s what this crap taste like it is insanely good. In fact kids. I’m open up an app. It’s right here. I’m drinking this one right in this video is that I’m so excited. But after take this one check it out.

This box has got like I don’t 1314 more Hayes will try with me. It’s so insanely good. You should try to all you have to do on the form of side. Let me know where to ship it. It cost me is a couple bucks to buy Lacey’s like I should so if you cover shipping handling all this shit, but you do with close to me come on over. I’ll give you free copy or free a free sample. You can try to drink it but it’s like making candy which is amazing in and of itself but the second thing is actually helps you lose weight, which is even cooler and get energy is like a drink Kool-Aid ethically crash Mike gruhin way.

2-Step Funnels Marketing Makeover

They’re my kids are jumping all over me. I drink it gives me energy and lose weight. I feel good is amazing. So if you want one fill in the form on the right and I will send you one of the ones that left over the box. I don’t have that many when they’re gone. They’re gone. It’s gonna be amazing. All right, because it’s so fun. So easy you see proactive commercials with like Cindy Crawford and like fancy models everything’s like perfectly shot.

But that’s not what works on the internet. No one’s on their phone pooping scroll through the thing and seem like Cindy Crawford make their seem like you’d like doing this and like why is that person so excited about smashed handy drink and they watch it and I’m like, okay.

Okay pause it. Hopefully they flush wash your hands. They find their wall they come back and they buy it. That’s how it works that were if they when they flushed at least they muted while they were on FaceTime with somebody. This is my own head. Yeah.

Sighs no promoters your customers to shop and poop at the same time. This is my phone in nice. You know, you totally made me forget what I was saying. Oh, I know what I was going to say what you just showed there though, and people will say well, but I need to put some graphics in that video and I need to have some overlays and I need to have some you know, I need to have a voiceover and it needs to be perfect and you know, they throw all these obstacles up but yet and I have to relearn this sometimes too, but it’s like the videos where it’s just me on my phone and I’m You know doing basically what you did with a script but what you just did there is a script but it’s an internalized script but that is what converts the best on social media.

It’s not. Okay. Well, let me let me do this as a split screen and put the PowerPoint over here and let’s let’s worry about the formatting and all this other stuff. No, it’s getting on grabbing people’s attention having a great story making a great offer and having an enthusiastic call to action. Gee that sounds kinda like 10x secrets.

Anyway, that that was awesome. Super cool – yeah, thank you and hopefully for all you guys who never marketing you see kind of like a model if you like. So that’s a remark if I like there’s a lot of there’s a million different use cases for Farmers using multiple ways. But this is one it’s really simple. It’s really easy all we have done. We had more than 20 minutes the next page psych this video right here tonight.

Awesome. I’m going to send this out to you. You’re awesome that one thing when you drink this you make money when you share with your friends. Yes, I will make money if you drink this stuff and you get addicted to it anyway.

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products: People free samples of Candy Crush up drinks make you lose weight. And then they’re like, I’m in you so you make money lose weight. You can see I totally did enjoy your program and now you can girls and the whole thing is repeated over and over over you and by the way, since you’re already paying shipping and handling for just a little bit more I can throw in a whole box better. Anyway, great job hanging out. 65043 5353 pre-built final sitting there. Therefore you can come grab you have some free time today episodes by showing you as I do all sorts of funnels, and it’s awesome. So I’m going to drop I gotta go. Thank you Jen. Thank you for hanging out and job everybody. Bye. ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

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