Clickfunnels™ AhHa Moments – Leaked LIVE! Unlock The Secrets Event

Leaked LIVE! The AhHa moments fromUnlock The Secrets Event

Clickfunnels™ AhHa Moments

Clickfunnels™ AhHa Moments: Unlock the Secrets Event was one of the best events we’ve had all year! We went to Denver, CO and showed young funnel hackers how to build and improve on their sales funnels. You’re never too young to start building your first sales funnel.

Clickfunnels™ AhHa Moments: Learning how to build funnels

Moments here in just a minute I’m gonna share those with you but and before we get to that point I want to kind of recap what happened yesterday it was so exciting it was amazing we have so we have an audience here full of parents and full of kids people brought their families their children their teenagers.

they’re learning how to build funnels Russell had them up with these big old workbooks and they had stickers and they were building out their funnel sequences they were deciding on what their products were going to be what their offer stacks were gonna be what their order bumps were gonna be how much they were gonna charge and they were working through this all it wasn’t just like a lecture where Russell’s like you should do this right but instead it was a workshop they’re actually doing it they were building it out they’re gonna go home and they’re gonna have

exactly everything built out there offer everything that’s in that stack their order bumps what that’s gonna be and the price they’re gonna charge the upsell what those are gonna be why they relate how they’re gonna work the down sells the whole funnel is gonna be mapped out and they’re just gonna be able to like you know WYSIWYG plug-and-play drop it into the ClickFunnels™ editor and they’ll be good to go we’re gonna have families we’re gonna have kids or have teenagers all with working funnels coming right out of this event.

It’s an amazing event it’s called unlock the secrets and we wish you were here I’m gonna show you the clip the screen around here and show you the aha moments that people had in just a minute once they get started and so we’ll turn to that and so stick around for that but how do you get to this event is the big question.

Clickfunnels™ AhHa Moments: The effectiveness of the training.

I know you wish you were here if only you were here you’d be one more funnel richer in your ClickFunnels™ experience right you have that funnel build your family would have a phone on build your teenager would have a funnel belt I mean it’s just fascinating how it’s all working together and the kids are having a blast but the only way to get here is to have come to funnel hacking live a funnel hacking live is when we sell events like this right.

There’s a coaching program last year that we introduced everybody to those who joined got to come to this event as well as many other events they’ve had such an amazing amazing time in fact we’re tracking the stats the effectiveness of the trainings and some of the numbers that are coming over blow me away like those who didn’t and

Those who did like there’s a measurable significant gap in difference between those who didn’t come to final acting lab and those who did so we’re gonna share that with you I’m sure here in the future but as we get started and after get started here at the hope the unlocking secrets event we’ve opened the doors you can hear everybody’s kind of out there being loud the music’s going really excited just a second here Brent’s gonna start with the the aha moments. We’ll be great to hear so hanging out here just a second and I’m gonna flip the camera around all right uh-huh with mics if you got it aha something’s gonna break through something that somebody said maybe it’s something that another attendee remember who who’s here has said to you.

We would love to have you share that with us if you can state your name and there’s like a super quick like this is this is what my breakthrough was we got some mics who’s up who’s ready for a breakthrough got Kristin right here we’ve got someone here Kristin Dominic Wallace Birmingham Alabama so one of the common things is your framework in the principles of how you not only build out your funnel.

Clickfunnels™ AhHa Moments: Choose the right headline.

But also your business and also content so we’ve been here from from Myron Stephen Russell of course over and over so that’s my big uh-huh awesome thank you so much for sharing that nobody hurt Steve he’s got something here hey good morning everybody Terry Hansen here for my toe falls.

I have a webinar funnel in my key takeaway from from yesterday was that the headline when they’re registering for the webinar that the headline that we use needs to be to kind of state a problem or address what did I write down that so the question in the headline cannot be answered in the headline otherwise they kind of get their question answered and they don’t feel motivated to come so that little nugget was pretty insightful it makes me want to go back and just double-check well my title and my all of that so that was a key element the other one that from that particular deal was just to keep it simple the webinar funnel that excuse me yeah the webinar funnel that we went through just had four simple pages.

I think mine’s got like eight I’m like well maybe I’m working too hard here on this maybe I just need that simplify it so anyway those two nuggets were really great awesome copies huge and yes simplifying for sure don’t over we can’t over complicate this stuff model model at what works yes over here hi my name is Lisa Weber and I’m from Mount Kisco New York and the AHA is that I’ve had are consuming three notebooks right now I had an interesting experience.

This morning I had an amazing gentleman named Dave come up to me and he said that he sat at my table at lunch yesterday and because I just mentioned what I do it gave him his biggest breakthrough for the meeting so I was touched by that that he even came to seek me out and say that and I don’t think we realized that just by sitting and talking to people we can give them and help them get there ah has also we always think about who we’re serving you know our customers and clients and patients but we’re serving each other here you know so thank you for everybody who’s contributed to me while I’ve been here.

Clickfunnels™ AhHa Moments: Make things simpler

Also thank you so much that’s that’s very very nice very nice you know super here yes hi I’m Susan Jones from Australia um biggest thing for me yesterday was the whole the whole day the whole process and I’ve just had so many ideas of things I can do for my target market and going through that value letter gave me a little clarity about where they all fit and the perfect hack was having to do it so quickly because I don’t know about anyone else but I tend to overthink and overcomplicate sometimes and having to do it so quickly I just realized I could make things a lot simpler and it just all clicked into place for me so yesterday was absolutely awesome very cool I love to see that all the feedback about the stickers and the stickers playing with stickers yeah like who does that who’s the stickers out Kristen and

then we’ll come back to Dave Kristen hey good morning everyone Eric Rodriguez out of Philadelphia so I’ve had a tremendous breakthrough here I’ve been spending time with my son and my wife but they’re not here now they’re kind of beat-up and tired but you know a lot of aha moments but my biggest breakthrough I joined with ClickFunnels™ because I have a story that I want to share and I’ve been struggling with my story if people know me you know my you know you might be familiar with my backstory but by the age of 25 I had spent already five years in prison and but since then my life has been a story of success and transformation but I’ve just been struggling with that you know.

I’ve told people that I’ve always you know publishing was a hard for me you know to get on camera and I’ve always said that I was a private person that was always what I hid behind but I really I realized over this weekend too you know yesterday that I’ve really been living a life of shame and but I’ve broken that and that was my biggest breakthrough so awesome congratulations okay thank you thank you so much Dave you felt you found one of our younger attendees loved it my biggest aha like I have lots of Ahaz but my biggest was the state control because it can cause more people to buy when you change your attitude okay what’s what’s your name where you’re from [Applause] awesome

Clickfunnels™ AhHa Moments

Clickfunnels™ AhHa Moments: Focus on one thing.

Thank You Alexis I love I got goosebumps goosebumps you know it’s like the little girl yesterday who like it’s the cutest little voice and who’s like just drop the bomb and we just walked away because it was just it was beautiful like we can’t make this about Kristen so my name is Ingrid maca and I’m from Miami that’s I’m so happy to see there’s so many Latinos to step out and really come here.

Learn this my biggest I have is my husband Jeff always does all the technical stuff because I always I have a click photos account and I was never in there but yesterday through the stickers I was like wow this is so easy that I just gotta go home and take some word out of his plate and I already told him that I’m gonna launch two funnels for one to our supplement so I’m very proud myself congratulations thank you so much let’s see oh we’re back here we’re back here hi my name is Hannah beggar I’m Irish but I live in Connecticut and I’m a midwife and I have delivered two thousand babies I’ve never delivered a funnel but my god after this I’m going to deliver one of the best funnels that is going to help women get pregnant have better pregnancy and babies are more connected with 2,000 babies.

Wow we’ll do one here we have one more and then then we’ll be done hey what’s up I’m Jamie Atkinson from England Jamie Brett I feel bad cuz my big aha is Russell told me to kill my babies and after that last one it’s like super awkward the big takeaway for me was to kill the stuff that’s not giving me that’s taking away making me distracted focus on the one thing and honestly coming here it’s helped me to unlock a lot of my passion there’s so many kids here who want to do amazing things

and it’s really opened up my eyes to man I want to help these people as much as possible so I’m just super appreciative to all the people we meet it’s amazing awesome thanks Jamie appreciate that thank you so much all right last one right here hi my name is Neha Gupta I currently live in Los Angeles so there’s anyone from LA I’d love to be friends I joined ClickFunnels™ in 2017 and I also went to Africa last year with Russell and it was an incredible experience being at this event to me I run a company called teenage mastermind and to be in a room with children that are entrepreneurial or parents of kids that are entrepreneurial because that’s I’m that kid where my parents were entrepreneurs and I never felt like I fit in so to be in a room with other kids and to see it makes me more passionate

Clickfunnels™ AhHa Moments: Traffic Secret Book

About making sure that entrepreneurial kids are served thank you and thanks for saying that you know what is you guys can tell rustles rustles not some regular guy you know if you guys know his story as a kid I mean who was signed up he’s calling in for for magazines and calling you know watching the Russian TV and ordering stuff online or from infomercials he was not a regular kid and I know a lot of the kids to here are different too I mean for kids to be excited to come sit in a hotel for three days and at the end of their summer vacation like who does that right but you guys you’re raising amazing kids and and they’re following your footsteps in the example that you set like I mentioned earlier that we all set is huge this is the next generation and we have a huge responsibility so thank you for bringing them here this is the most important place they should be with you and learning from this amazing

Amazing instructor we have in Russell so you guys it is time he was ready to rehearse more Russell because he’s tired outside he is he’s been beat up like nobody’s business last night we met and he was like you know he is on overdrive right now so what I need you to do is to bring him out with a thundering thundering applause all right can you guys stand up with me can we do that right now on the count of three you guys aren’t you vocal cords ready oh I don’t see Steve Larson here we might be in trouble you guys okay on the count of three you guys one two three

Mr. Russell process [Music] I never have to do during that time it’s so fun I’m like what I need my hands anyway I’m so excited for today um we’re two days in we got one day to go and we’re just getting started there’s so much more fun stuff to share with you guys and I’m pumped for it okay so now Russell’s going into traffic today like if you’re not here you’re missing out on Russell sharing parts of this new traffic secrets book he’s teaching how to get traffic to all the funnels so yesterday it was all about how to build out your funnels the first day was all about your offer what do you

Clickfunnels™ AhHa Moments: The cool journey of all different funnel.

Know figuring out all that out and that and then yesterday was all the funnels and entities all the traffic so if you’re not here you’re missing it like anyway I know I’m talking over Russell he’s he’s there on stage right now and I’m just behind behind the scenes but here’s the thing you have to be to funnel packaging live you just have to come so buy your tickets now go to funnel Hawking on there you can see the cool journey of all the different funnel hiking lives we’ve we’ve had over the years and you know and which ones which ones how big they were where they were

You can watch the growth it’s a really cool journey to read but either way go get those tickets so you can be at events like this like Russell’s telling everything like the book he he gave the workbook is like he dumb people are out there it’s like it’s like this thing seriously it’s like a hundreds and hundreds of pages workbook that walks you through with everything from the beginning to the traffic for your sales funnel so like an event like this is just it’s unprecedented and the only way to get to an event like this is to come to Funaki life so go get your tickets on rockin comment below if you have if you have your tickets already comment below and tell us why you’re excited to come

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