ClickFunnels™ Affiliate Marketing Program Just PAID For My Dream Car!

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ClickFunnels™ Affiliate Marketing Program Just PAID For My Dream Car!

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Funnel Hacker TV Episode 77 -ClickFunnels™ Affiliate Marketing Program Just PAID For My Dream Car!. (Behind The Scenes Show)

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No are you excited so excited what happened I kind of came to have a second look at this car and decided about it and what did you buy what’s up everybody Todd here and today we’re gonna go on a little bit of an expedition so you may or may not know this already there is this thing at ClickFunnels™ that we do for our affiliates called the what’s your dream car contest what’s your dream car calm through that program when you tell people about ClickFunnels™ you start to accumulate credits towards us paying for the dream car of your choice at this point we’ve done away fifty two dream cars this is everything from BMWs Porsches Lambo in there even a minivan you send a hundred people you’ll get your lease payment covered if you send two hundred people will double the amount we’re paying on your lease payment so we will actually pay for the dream car of your choice and myself I kind of bought myself a little bit of a dream car already I love this thing it’s a beast great off-road not so much on red so we’re gonna go today to search for maybe an on-road dream car for me I’m gonna take you guys along and I’m gonna also drag my wife along when she comes out in less sure she knows this yet we’re gonna check out some amazing cars today [Music] hello everybody [Applause] what’s up like funnels okay so I’m tots wife and I’m getting dragged on a date because we are going to do Todd’s favorite thing ever which is looking at cars so one thing to know about Todd is that he’s obsessed with cars and he’s always been obsessed with him and he’s probably had like I don’t know maybe 65 cars ok pond I started dating and the very first car he picked me up and to go on our first date which was over 14 years ago was a janky looking Supra but it was fast it was fast and I didn’t know any better and I was like ooh hot guy cool car let’s do this now I’ve had probably 50 of the ones that are the 93 up that everybody would actually recognize the ones with you know 400 to 700 horsepower depending on how they’re modified those are the fun ones I didn’t know any better I was like oh I’ll go on a date with that we’ll see where this goes and here we are married with children and there you go here’s we’re going next we’re gonna start the trip at Range Rover because we’re gonna see if we can cover the on-road and the off-road with one vehicle one dream car so it’s gonna be fun day or Todd and I’m gonna be a supportive wife and go with you hey enjoy it as much as I can [Music] [Music] I’m totally gonna test drive this car he was so excited here we go okay so what’s a Range Rover Range Rover supercharged v8 the sweet lady that is helping has has shown us that there’s massagers and in these chairs and so yes if you drive see all the different features that you have he wanted heated seats and the massage chair turned on and you know I think that qualifies as a dream car right if it massages you as you drive yeah especially if you’re a mom [Music] a great time what’s it like driving it it’s pretty smooth I like it’s got some power that’s for sure now it’s your turn my favorite part is the massage chairs because y’all they’re legit okay so we’re back in the Jeep and we spent a couple hours at the dealership looking at Range Rovers and the lady’s husband is a russell brunson fan has courses of ours pretty cool of course can’t go anywhere without people knowing Russell even in Alpharetta Georgia yeah okay so now we’re in a dilemma so now Todd’s like what’s what’s your problem like it’s not that big a dilemma I guess but so that car really really nice super smooth luxurious love it but it wasn’t exactly exciting to drive so next we’re gonna go try something a little more exciting to drive and hopefully with the luxury edge – alright now this this right here is what I’m talking about [Applause] yeah only 120 so that AMG GTS love it 2017 this thing is a beast [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay so those GTS are amazing that’s actually not what I’m here for to test drive for myself this is what I’m here for [Music] y’all want to know what a grown man in the candy store looks like put Todd in a what is this car and he literally like bouncing up and this is the kind of stuff that drives taught to work harder and put in those 18-hour days it’s for this bad boy I don’t even know what it is crank this one up we’re gonna see what it sounds like take a peek at it we got another appointment we got to run the test laughter this Todd rain we get out of the car so I could listen to the engine as they revved it up that’s like music to his ears so a little something you may not know but what’s your dream car contest was originally going to be a Tesla dream car contest and we decided to make it a little bit more flexible based on feedback so we’re gonna go look at the tests today though still excited to drive it well today was a blast it was awesome a lot of fun so we went to a Tesla dealership and they would not let us film I don’t know but we went on a test drive and so Todd test drove a bunch of cars what did you think yep it was awesome I’m waving towards Mercedes it’s pretty sick the one that he actually was not able to test drive the one that he won showroom floor so I can actually take it out but it was awesome so the only question now is what’s your dream car what is your dream car what do you want what do you want click phones to buy you what’s your dream car calm Todd wants to buy you your next car Todd and Russell what about your next car so what can we buy for you because Todd knows what he wants to buy yeah about you which one was yours I like my mommy car she’s sticking with a Sequoia Sequoia okay cool so we’re excited to buy you a car [Music] [Applause] okay dream car series part 2 so I decided to come back down and take another look at this Mercedes and I might have just decided so we’re gonna go in and take it off the showroom floor [Music] No are you excited so excited what happened I kind of came to have a second look at this car and decided to buy it so I’m leaving in a different car than we came in and what did you buy this is an e63 s mercedes is it fast yes rather fast so it’s 600 horsepower brand-new and ClickFunnels™ get it in the driveway super excited so I don’t know about you guys but when I was a kid I had like the whole Lamborghini Ferrari dream now I’ve got a more practical dream it’s as fast as a Lamborghini all-wheel drive six under something horsepower and it has four doors take the kids right into school and then shift it into race mode on the way home so we’re still in that break-in period can’t go too crazy yet but uh anyway got my dream car and now the only question again is what’s your dream car [Music] you [Music]

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ClickFunnels™ Affiliate Marketing Program Just PAID For My Dream Car!

ClickFunnels™ Affiliate Marketing Program Just PAID For My Dream Car!