ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary – How To Make $100 A Day Online

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How To Make $100 A Day Online With ClickFunnels™ Funnel Fridays Episode #50

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary: One of the questions I get asked all the time is How Can I make 100 Dollars Online Even If I Have Little Or No Money. Well, that is exactly what we answer in today’s Live Stream. We don’t only tell you what to do but we show you exactly what we would do if we were just starting out and needed to make at least 100$ a day in the next 30 days! ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

Hopefully we’ll have an Instagram and YouTube but on Facebook, this is broken. Hey, where’d Jim go? I can’t do final phrase that Jim wait, maybe if I get out my Batman light I shine in the sky I can get him up here the battle signals being shown. I’m here Russell. We’ve got G and we saw on Facebook yet, but we got Instagram. I’m here to save us all. Oh man Haji much. I wanted a say is a special special day.

Today’s our 50th episode of funnel Fridays. I didn’t even have a voice to this is amazing. It just came to me all of a sudden. It’s not a really good. It really did. Thank you. I love the glasses on top of it like that just adds to the everything this of it. Yeah. Well, I do what I can but I have to be able to see me on Facebook it on Facebook. So Facebook, you’ve missed it. We found the bat signal and mr. Jim came and today is our 50th Anniversary 50th Anniversary. Congratulations our 50th.

Show weakness or 50 consecutive weeks. Well, not really something I heard from my friend Meyer and golden. He said most people aren’t willing to be bad at something long enough to become good at it and Jim I think we’ve been bad at this long enough for finding getting good at it 50. I’m good at being bad. Oh, yeah. So consistency my friends. We first started the show.

I was telling all my inner circle is like it’s insane. I was like indirectly we don’t really sell stuff directly by my indirectly how much money comes from the something everyone should start a weekly show and I told everybody that you guess how many are still doing it now two years later. None of them. None of them just us. So there you go consistency for you do something long enough.

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

You become good at all, right. So if I’m Batman, does that make you Robin today? No, OK man. Ok, you can beat Thor really clean up after you buy got a Thor so I got every superhero mug in my house and my wife got tired because the entire house is full superhero mugs. And then I saw the day before mug to order it to the office because she’ll kill me if I have bring this superhero mug, but now I got a nice. All right so I can be for today then if you’re Superman, okay. I love you Robin. Okay, I’m Robin.

All right your Thor Those voices in Kuwait that I got two hands the golden locks, but you’re okay. So what are we doing today? Russell muscles get so today we are going to build some photos and kind of like, I think I’ll tell about what happens to me as you just yesterday. We launched 30 I did it’s like it’s like coveting the hard copy of that book. It’s insane. Yeah. It’s uh, we have them here to the other room. So X milky grab the the hard down the 30 days, but sorry the hard down 30 is book.

So that funnel I guess say it’s going insane the stats and numbers on it are probably one of the best funnels we’ve ever done ever, which is crazy. I’m really excited about so those who have been participating in it. It’s going to be insane 30 with 32 comecon members basically map out a third a blooping like they lose everything today. What would they do in day 1 Day 2 Day 3 and they they map out the whole thing and it is rebuild their business rebuild their business from ground up.

Do you? Joe Kumar I do is he had a jail yet? I don’t think so. Anyway, he had this Ridgeline to 15 years ago. I bought the court the book from back in the day and now 15 years later. We’re bringing it back from the dead. So this is what the book looks like. It’s not hidden the real the book. This is this was the the sample print the final one will be this fat though. It’s 550 Pages. Oh goodness and the open it up and it’s got everybody’s 30 day plan. Like here’s trade. Well, it’s like, what would I do day? Number one? I would do this.

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

He’s like day number one. I do this then day number two. I would do this the day number three and he goes through all three days what he would do to go from Zero to Hero if all he had left was a cliff own camp and then you got the next person the next person in any way hard bound to be amazing. So, So that’s 30 days right now. It’s more like went live yesterday. It’s been selling like crazy. We have tons of Affiliates.

That would be Philly contest. We’re paying out a hundred percent commission. So the upsell basically is a hundred dollars to join the one funnel a challenge where me and Steven Larson and Julie are going to be yelling at you and pushing you in forcing you to your funnel done. This could be awesome. It’s a hundred bucks and then you get the hardbound book and and we’re paying Phillips hundred percent commission. So I get paid nothing on it. We’re students who want to serve people.

So that means there’s a huge opportunity for everyone listening to be an affiliate and make a crap ton of money by saving your friends and giving them the ability to change the world. So that’s what I got. Nice. So what we’re going to do is show you how using the power of ClickFunnels™ and final scripts. You can create what is in amounts to your affiliate Bridge page that you can use to create your own unique offer to go along with this offer as an affiliate so that you can just not be another me to offer but create your own value add value to it and combine it with the value that Russell just described to you and it’s just going to be this giant value Lollapalooza and it’s going to be amazing.

So Russell one other thing that we want to tell people is by doing this one of the cool things is that they’re going to be able to cannibalize excuse me model pack some of the copy that you’ve already done. So this actually couldn’t be any simpler what we’re going to show them how they can do is awesome. And actually this is the first sales letter. I’ve ridden in a long time. I wrote most of the cells that are Karen tagged him a lot with me in the shoes of the upsells or stuff like that but homepage. Every proud of it.

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

So just just saying all right start a countdown clock. So we have 20 minutes to build this puppy out. You want to tell what then what you’re talking about cannibalization like awful page. They can see the 38 page. Okay. So what most people think about and we talked about this in final scripts, but most people think that if you have to create an email, if you have to create a sales page, if you have to create ads you have to create teasers all this different stuff that each one of those is a separate thing that has to be created individually when we talk about cannibalizing copy or hacking copy.

Basically Russell’s already done all the heavy lifting and unless he loses his mind in the next 24 hours. He doesn’t care if you hack his copy that he already wrote because you’re going to use it to sell his product. So any headlines you need any bullets you need any anything you need other than your own Spin and your own bonus are already done for you. You can just model what Russell’s already doing.

We are hard work, right? Okay, gently. Yeah, we killed ourselves on this page as converting insanely. Well, so, you know, it works to right so your job as an affiliate is to get people over to this page as fast as you can in a way that has them set up to want to sign up. That’s the whole point of doing an affiliate Bridge page. So in my mind, I don’t know if you want to draw this out to just kind of show people.

Yeah, what what you think what you think you would want to do, but if you were an affiliate promoting this page Russell, what do you envision your page your Bridge page would look like just keeping it as simple as possible cabinet open up paint brush here, and I’ll do delay here kind of get bigger the Gamma sighs haha makes big real quick and bigger fire bigger fi. That not work.

I’m wasting my time trying to be a fighting this let’s go just draw it small if I modify it. Oh crap. All right, never mind. We’re doing this for size bordering narrow and deep. So if I was going to do some of this so here over here is the 30 days page that you are promoting, right? If you don’t have an affiliate link, it’s very easy to get one. All you do is go to 30 and the very top here. There’s a button says Affiliates you click on this button right here and then you can join our Fleet program already per video here that made from the Philippines.

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

But if you’re already a ClickFunnels™ affiliate, you can go into your regular click tunnels affiliate account and grab your link there. Yes, very true. Very freely than the link is there. All right. So then we have to do basically like Jim said we’ve already done all the hard work the copy steps here. She looking this in okay now if I’m always thinking about when I’m going to fill it like what’s the offer? So we already know that I create a really good offer, but now you’re competing against any other foot you want to do so, how can you think how can you make this offer even better at what? Can you do on top of it? So you come back? And you build a bridge page.

There’s a couple ways you bridge Pages you opt in and then Bridge page or just straight Bridge page on this one. Honestly, I would just do Straight Bridge page. I know that that’s I know that you talked about you want to build the list and stuff. But it just in this one. It just feels like to me. I don’t know you can do it either way, but my thought was just to do straight up just Bridge right to it. Okay, cool. So here’s the Facebook ad over here.

Right and then you’re driving from Facebook ad over to your Bridge page. So your Bridge page is basically it’s like it’s really something I’m basically trying to figure out like or tell them what it is. I here’s the hook, right? So I’ve already told you that the hook is like what if you were suddenly lose everything so for you I’d be looking at Kate. How does this work tie back into my world in my life.

And so some of you guys are spot where Ike this is your reality. Like I just did lose everything on completely bankrupt. I’m broke, whatever and so maybe it’s you say like, I’m going to be a reporter. I’m going to go on this journey with you and say Sighs there’s this things like I would like you said you can have to stuff so they take Russell’s headline and bring it over here and beg you suddenly lose everything dot dot dot what would you do? Right. So your model my headline, I would I would model the headline.

I’d steal that headline and just put the top of the friggin page and then I have a video of here talking about like originally bad gaps the call us a bridge page because you’re Bridging the Gap, right? Right just like hey Russell grunts you may have heard of me four-year-olds big think I’ll click funnels this really cool. In fact recently was number 76 on the Inc 500. Sorry. I just happen to have a scene in my desk for click funnels.

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

He’s helping people build all these funnels. Where’s the Just camera here. Okay, so we can tell people that now I think so. Yeah. Okay. It’s the new stands for which that is six drinks 70-something. Anywho so like there’s their killed it and tons to make money when side funnels and I’ve always wanted to buy always struggled. So I went got these 30-day plans is awesome. I like to have like step by step with you for 30 days.

They give the whole thing away for free. And so what I want you to do is I want you go sign up for it to get for free through my special secret link and when you get signed up, but the cool thing is on the next page after you sign up. They have this special offer where you pay a hundred bucks. And when you do is you get to be part of this challenge called the one funnel a challenge plus you get this book and how much other things it’s amazing.

So what I’m gonna make a special offers if you join the one funnel a challenge to my link, I’m going to give you not only we get all the stuff Russell promised you so here’s need to make little stack slide. You’re also going to get boom the what value can you add? I’m gonna do Secret Facebook group for me and all people sent to me you’re gonna go together and we’re gonna hold each other accountable or do daily.

So the challenge make sure we do it number two. I’m gonna go final hack 20 calls funnels and overbought number three. I’m going to use gonna make a special offer why some should buy from you versus everybody else and then you got a link to send them over to your feeling to go sign up for the program and that’s it. That’s it in a nutshell.

Yeah. So so I would create a super simple one just lets I actually I sent you the link I used if I’ll show it here one of the one of the scripts that you can use to create your video as always is the who what why how script and so literally what I did and I made this one of the presets one of the examples now in in file scripts, I’ve worked on this this morning took me about 20 minutes to do this, but basically it’s For the 30 Summit and basically it’s you know, what are you offering to sign up there?

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

Basically, you’re getting free Summit access may I didn’t even get into the $100 thing on the back end of it. But I mean I got to tell you I was actually Sam. I Am I showing the right screen or you’re not seeing that behavior some screen? It’s not showing the right one, I guess. You see how I got my little dream building thing going of somebody else’s big fat Super Bowl ring for the 55 million dollar Club. Yeah. I already got a 2 comma Club.

I want the 10 million won. Yeah. So basically what I did was back to this we’re using the who what why how script I filled it out not for my product, but for Russell’s product and it’s actually said here is a preset for so final scripts users can just load it all in whack the button and then what I did was It’s not a physical. So I used used the digital product offer one and I went through and I kind of edited it. So this was my first draft and then I recorded it and actually just sent Russell the YouTube link of the recording than I did this morning for it.

So rather than me reading until you twice once he gets the page kind of done he can throw that in there and you can throw it in the page and you can see it but I mean everything else. Yes, we use the power of funnel scripts for this but the cool thing is that Oui. Anyway, um, I want to get back over to you. Oh the cool thing is that Russell already did all the heavy lifting. That’s the big thing. I want to get across here.

Is that the all the sales copies already done. All you got to do is just figure out what you’re going to do to sweeten the deal and then tell the people to go click over on the link. That’s one of the reasons why I was saying that we ought to do do it just as not not even doing it to make them opt-in because that’s like the simplest lowest-common-denominator thing. I mean this what we’re showing you here literally you could have done in 20 minutes 30 minutes. You could be run in traffic. I’m gonna do it in 11 minutes into seconds.

There you go. So I’ll be quiet now. That’s what we got. No, I’m good. Booms, I took took a template off the shelf. I’m throwing up here. Suddenly lose everything that may throw in this guy right here. The goofy-looking guy that who’s that dude? Make this white so I literally just basically model the headline because hey it probably already worked probably what think I want to stress. Jim said like I’m okay you guys do this because you’re probably my product you like major own product and copy my headline.

Oh I missed ya and I’ve had people do that before and it tends to make you feel badly towards that person makes you want to cancel their affiliate account forever. Yeah. All right. I’m throwing in Jim’s video we made right here. So there’s this video copy. I love where you paused it. There. He is. Yeah, I think I saw him in a really cool Batman mask. I couldn’t be any looks too nerdy sweet this and delete this block right here. Now. I’m going to talk about what my special art. Do you make a special offer in your video Jim?

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

Yeah, I did actually and what I said was that I would give them I would give them what I would do in 30 days because pretty days today for free. I’m gonna give you my 30-day blueprint. three Yeah, they’re right here bait. I give you my crap. Today’s proposal weird stuff. All right, 30 big parade. Yeah. He has calling my throne here to up the offer even more to make the thing as sexy as possible will cell phone number number, you know, I mean, depending on what what you were trying to get done you could do you could offer them a 30-minute consultation you’ll jump on a zoom call with them and talk to them about their own offer and funnel and stuff.

And if you had some sort of a back-end offer that you could make for coaching or something. I mean, I don’t know it was funny about that.  So this is back back in the day Jim. We’re back with AdSense was like the thing. Oh, yeah, so I have friend who he there’s all these people that he’s absent software would basically you’d take a hundred bucks 40 bucks in this like you were traffic equalizer and all these ones that are they go out there and they were like scrape the internet and throw a bunch of crap. The made you ton of money.

Yep, and so he would do it. Like everyone’s buying software note for how to do it. So he then went made a bunch of training videos just like this and said hey by traffic geyser through my affiliate link and I’ll give you all my training videos showing how to do it. And so people would go RI by the software getting laid by once they want all the videos. They re buy it they come back and he gave them all the videos. They like they like fill out a uniform to get the videos fill the form and then you call me on the phone.

He some coaching for like 10 grand and Coach them through how to do it. And he made this whole huge business just giving away the training videos as an affiliate for the offer and then selling coaching to teach people how to do the offer on the back end and he crushed it with it. So and you know people watching this you could do that exact same thing with funnel scripts you could do it with ClickFunnels™.

You can do it with any software. And nobody would really care as long as you weren’t confusing people about who owned what and whether you were Affiliated or not. Guys, look I think it looks cool. I mean that yeah 30 Days Bridge page at a time. Okay, so I’m going to check. Oh actually I know one thing to do. I’m gonna come here and if you click on the button here, which is cool image after image. The demo image the demo where you something one, here’s a cool little secret thing for you guys.

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

When you have if you have your heat maps on your stuff people click on images like crazy. Yeah. And so what I do a lot of times is like we have our buttons here that do something right. So the button will continue to my affiliate link. I’ll make the images do the same thing too. If it’s like a pop up on the image click a button opens a pop-up because people are like they’re clicking on all sorts of weird crap, so might as well like make it beautiful. Let’s see.

This is kind of cool. Do I need to get them how many contacts I need to tell Mike Step 1 going to the free thing? Yeah, and then step step one goes on up here Step 2, and I would have it pop in a new window and step two would be I’m send me what I said in the video was forward me your forward me your confirmation email when you sign up and I’ll and then I’ll get you my case study. So in effect, what I’m doing is I only want to get the emails of the people who actually sign up I don’t care about the people who are going to who are going to sign up with my thing and then not sign up with your thing.

Does that make sense? Yep to Jim at They early writer still no word. So you could set up you could set up an email. I mean you could set up a Gmail account with an autoresponder. If you wanted to that would just basically be like, you know, 30 Jim offer at because it’s just for that. As I look it looks good. And if you really wanted to be lazy you could. You could have your bonus Beyond an autoresponder and ninety percent of the people are just going to be totally honest and they’re just going to forward the thing to you and you don’t even have to have your team do it.

The autoresponder will do it. So on the buttons and stuff. You know, that should say continue to step 1. Shouldn’t Step 1 sign up here that continues to sign up for 30 calm right now. Yeah, don’t like a little. Emm yeah, that’s cool. All right, that’s just got to pay to watch your video. Sure. Okay. Let’s see if Jim sold you guys are not. Hey guys do my words here, and I’ve got a free training for you called 30 your 30-day marketing plan for unlimited success that’s going to help you.

Specifically with how to build or rebuild your business based on what dozens of people have done to create million dollar businesses. If you’ve been struggling with the fact that you’re starting with no less no traffic. No product. No website. Then you need to attend this free Summit because among other things it reveals how to follow what these top Achievers would do if they lost everything and they had to start over again from scratch.

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

So you can literally build a rebuild your business based on what these million-dollar 2 comma Club Award winners would do if they had to rebuild from zero just click the button below to get all the details it’s free to sign up and you’ll get your own unique access codes to watch all the different interviews where they lay everything out for you step by step day by day. There’s no catch. I’m telling you about this because I want to help my buddy Russell help as many people as possible for free succeed with your own marketing funnels, especially if you’re starting from scratch At all you need to do is just register with your email address.

There’s no credit card required. You should sign up right now because it’s a limited time offer to be able to watch these amazing step-by-step interviews for free and as a special bonus for signing up through this link. I’m going to share with you my step-by-step 30 day plan for what I would do if I had to start over again from scratch with nothing but a computer internet connection and an idea in my head. I’ll give you free access to that. ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

When you sign up using the button below. Once you sign up for free just forward me your confirmation email to the email address below listed below on the bottom of this page and my team will get you the information out on how to access the bonus. So just to recap you’re going to get access to this free son at the 30 days got calm your 30 day marketing plan for unlimited success that will help you build or rebuild your business based on what million-dollar 2 comma Club Award winners would do if they had to rebuild From zero, which means you can finally stop struggling with the fact that you’re starting with no list.

No traffic. No product. No website. So just click the button sign up and I’ll see you on the inside. Boom. There’s final scripts at its peak. You filled it out and then you read it. Yeah. I mean now why modified it some but that you know was yeah. That’s basically what I did you guys that was like the easiest funnel ever and this thing isn’t super profitable for everybody. So it’s Smokin cool. I need you to share that with me so I can just use it. I’m just gonna put my Philly at Lincoln then I’m done bro. Finished. Great job man. Good job heat.

You can do this. I’m gonna take this image here. I’m going to make it the tweaked what I got a minute left. I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna tweak it social image is now that button. Oh, yeah. I think my Batman voice is crossing over with my Clint Eastwood voice. I’m not sure. Jim Edwards save save all right check that out. So I’m gonna wish are from a so everyone who this is your first time final prize means our final Friday’ ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

Funnels Make Money Online

You get this plus all other 49 episodes. This is our 50th episode those who are who are first timers there and then also for almost every almost every finally build we give the sheriff on the link. So later today, if you go to funnel and this episode will be the sheriff on the link. So I’m going to give her a now and Nick will post in there and then you just click on this and now you’ve got your own chair funnel for this contest and you start throwing your friends your family run adds to it and change the world and switch out the video instead of promising everybody my bonus. Yes, definitely sort of video.

So and there we go. Great job buddy that I mean that that really this I know in the cool intro video that you all made. You know, sometimes we do it and sometimes we don’t but we did it today man. That thing looks good looks really good and it’s like easy like I think a lot of times we think we have to like go through pain to make money as I suppose. You don’t you just have to like make a landing page make a bridge page between this thing and thing you’re selling your we’ve got a Phillies because we’re paying a hundred percent commission.

We I mean from a lot of lights low my face. So like in the last in less than 24 hours this funnels produced over a quarter million bucks. And most of that is going back towards Affiliates. Like we’re proud were well over six figure an affiliate Commissions in the less and less than 24 hours. So it’s an opportunity for you guys. Like you you jump on this like some of the guys this will pay for your car payment your rent your house payment your mortgage like you can you can do some cool stuff with this and the cool thing about is it even if people are not in the internet marketing like have your friends have people you love people that think that what you do is weird like

Why – why are you doing is interacting like will go sign up for the single watch the things like me get I guarantee you that like listening into these 30 day blueprint to like reading them is going to get whoever you love inspired by what you do and then you can make money off them sign up for the contest to so I think this is like one of the best friends in the world to get people into people you love and give people your spouse’s get your kids get them all involved as well. It can be it can be a lot of fun even a ton of money doing it so dude, I’m in for the book. ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

I mean, I just tell you right now, I’m can’t wait till the book comes. Yeah. The books is insane. I can’t wait forever to get this stuff is it’s funny. I told a story yesterday on Facebook live, but Jim probably remembers a few people remember this by 15 years ago. There was this kid named Joe Kumar who had an idea similar as seems like he asks how much people like to get their day started? What would you do and they sold the e-book for a hundred bucks 97 bucks. I remember this. I got that when I was like broke as can be I bought it.

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

I printed out like that. It’s right here. I’ll show you this. This is me putting it out 15 years ago. I couldn’t afford to print out the entire things like 600 pages. So I printed eight pages to a page. I literally took this with me on a family trip. I wife and I read every single page you still see my like my circles my highlights like a hundred seventy easy nads for $10. Just go to daily classified staff. Remember that. This is like the third any plans back in the day, like easy stuff like that. I was like, I read all these I read all that and get 60 of them.

And I remember the biggest thing for me is like is everybody in a different plan. But everyone’s plans were similar and member Steen thing after thing. I was like, oh my gosh, like everyone’s got their tweaks their angles. But like the model is the same for everybody right side create a really cool product figure. I sell that product get traffic to that product and then just like look everyone sings. I read all 60 of them and at the end of I was like I know what to do and I had my first idea and I want to create my first product after this which was called zip brander.

That’s Brandon. That was my very first thing and I created after that after going through all these plans and so like like six months ago. I’ve seen there one day and my thoughts I was like, how do I make this simpler for people who use the ClickFunnels™ because the software is not hard right? Click films a simple funnel scripture simple, but it’s like they have to have a foundation in a strategy of like how to actually use these things as like we should bring back from the dead the 30-day concept like that.

That’s what got me to finally see the see the pattern and see the model and so that’s that’s what it’s all idea came from. So my goal is make this make everything is doing Simple make it so you can see the vision you understand what’s happening and it should be easy for you. So that’s right. So it’s the to to the one-two punch of ClickFunnels™ final scripts. The thumbs are back. I was watching thing yesterday. I saw your wallet the caught on fire the the funnel Friday or phone talker TV had the one of your wild caught on fire.

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary: Yeah, we’ll have that thing around I do but you don’t get to see two tricks in one show my young man, but no we need Come back next time. That’s awesome. All right, man. Well, thanks for building today I get time. Thank you everyone and hopefully this helps you guys to sell some more 30 days cover your mortgage or rent and have some fun with it. And yeah, happy 50th. Happy 50th Anniversary kid. Bye everybody. I see you guys. Bye everybody. ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary


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