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The Who… Not The How

ClickFunnels™ 100k Group

ClickFunnels™ 100k Group: Super cool thing I learned from Dan Sullivan at Genius K (The 100K Group) last night… On this episode Russell talks about some things he learned at his 100k group. He explains the difference between the who and the how, and why he might start keeping a journal. Here are some of the interesting things you will hear in today’s episode: ClickFunnels™ 100k Group

ClickFunnels™ 100k Group

What’s up, everybody? This is Russell Brunson. Welcome to marketing Secrets podcast today. I am coming to you from my hotel bed in Arizona. And I want to share with you something amazing. I learned yesterday. So the big question is this how our entrepreneurs like us who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital for spending money from our own Pockets.

How do we Market in a way the lets us get our products and our services in the things that we believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable. That is the question and this podcast give you the answer. My name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing Secrets.

All right Ray, so I’m actually in Scottsdale Arizona at the dean gracias his office for a group then part of called The Hundred K Group meaning everybody in the group spent $100,000 to be in this room, which is kind of ridiculous, but get you a room a really amazing people and You know, the the filter of are you amazing have to be in this room is can you write a check for $100,000?

And so that’s the one cool thing is, you know, everyone in here is doing big things because they can pass that the filter of the ability to do that which is kind of cool. So anyway, I just got some morning and had a pact and shower and everything and because heading home tonight, but I had one really cool thing. I learned yesterday that I want to share with you guys before I start that process. So a lot of you guys know who Dan Sullivan is if not, Dan Sullivan is the owner of strategic coach in history teacher

ClickFunnels™ 100k Group

I’ve never actually gone through they call it coach. I’ve actually gone through coach to you to teach a coach but I bought all the ants books and got those trainings. There’s a lot of amazing stuff anyway, so he yesterday the event I did a training for about an hour on hook story offer, which I share with you guys some stuff out that I also talked about like how to reduce churn which got me re pumped up about trying to reduce churn sounds kind of fun anyway that but I spoke the dance film got up to speak.

And he’s like, I just need 10 minutes by ten minutes. He’s like I blew everyone’s minds and I’ll change every entrepreneur in this group. And so I was like, oh this is gonna be fun to see what would Dan Sullivan has to share so he gets up there on stage and he says, okay, he says us entrepreneurs. He’s like we and he’s only works on camera similar me right like so I’ll talk to Pierre has a lot of character traits.

I’ll say traits not flaws because they’re all like also our superpowers. But so what happens is an entrepreneur will have a vision for something that’s bigger better eyes. So he drew big picture star like this is the vision of this bigger better thing that you want. Right which is why we do what we do right? Like oh and I can make some better. I could I could whatever is always a thing right there were moving towards it.

So there’s bigger better thing. It says then on the other side as you and you like you’re moving towards this bigger better thing you want to go and you want to get it you want to achieve it you want to create a on whatever it is that happens though. Is that the first thing that’s entrepreneurs do is we might go through the first thing we do is we say, how can I do that?

ClickFunnels™ 100k Group

What like, how do I how can I get that that big What’s the process I need to go through? What’s the how and so the happens soon as you’re thinking through the how that was our thinking through everything and then what happens for most of us including I’m guessing all of us is we don’t know the how right like no one ever does not a book that teaches you how to accomplish that crazy thing.

And so we start trying to figure out the how the how the how and we’ll try to figure the how if we don’t know the how already then we get stuck and then we slip into this Mode called procrastination because like trying to figure out trying to figure out and we just like we’re moving towards this bigger brighter Star right but then we can’t figure out the how and so we like did I Qui detour away from it and to procrastination because we don’t know the how right it says that’s where most entrepreneurs stop like is is we lost in this in this this how to do it. How do I do? How do I do it start turns and procrastination we’re done. So think about for you guys how many projects have you started on your side?

You see the vision like you love it, but then like you procrastinate for some reason His argument is that the reason why we procrastinate because we can’t get around the Hound try to figure out the how and it’s like until we get stuck if we knew how to do it. Then we would just go do it right but we don’t know how that’s what causes of procrastination because we’re trying to figure it out. It’s just there’s there’s tension. There’s stuff keeping us moving forward, right?

ClickFunnels™ 100k Group

So is the the first thing he said, Yeah, so he said that the question we need sir asking ourselves instead of how so here’s us move towards bigger better Vision the singer create instead of saying how do I do that? Which if we don’t know how I can’t figure out the causes procrastination instead when you say who who can do that thing who already knows the how okay and it was interesting.

Who’s he because I had spoken couple people spoke in a Dan got up and he’s like, you know, I’m 274 is like I’m 74 years old right now because like Russell talk at all is amazing stuff and he’s like, I I was listening cause I was excited by didn’t try to understand any because I don’t want to know the how Russell does but now I know who so if I ever want to do that thing that Russell just talked about I know The Who and I’m going to go call him.

I’m gonna pay him because he he is the who who already knows the how and so he’s not going to cause this procrastination and says entrepreneurs have to stop trying to figure out the how how how which is like where our brains are wired to do and start thinking whoo-hoo-hoo so he has big bed. Vision you never should be thinking how do I do that should be thinking who already knows how to do this.

ClickFunnels™ 100k Group

If you are who are knows how to do it and then they’ll just go do the thing procrastination disappears instantly and they already know how to do the thing. Then they’re just going to do with me with faster way easier and so he starts talking about is that you have a vision for a company or a an idea or a whatever the first thing you think about is who who is it? Who is it? Not not how am I going to do this because how will cause procrastination which makes things never happen the who helps you open your mind? Like who’s that person knows how to do this. You find that person they know the how and then just magically happens.

It’s not that person’s can teach you the how is there? No the house will hire them pay them. Like let them do the how and that will move you towards the whole thing. So the whole concept was rewiring all of our brains to shift the question the internal question from not how but who I thought that was pretty dang cool. So I’m sitting there in the meeting and I had this idea for this change in our coaching program, right the Shiny things that too complex and how feathers by this really weird thing in my head all the time. It’s like, how can I serve out his better? How can I serve these kids better? How can I serve a medicine always thinking through that right? And so that you come Quebec’s people to join the fun talking live.

I’m like, how do I serve them better? How do I serve them better? We keep adding cool things and sometimes adding these hurts more than helps them like how how how and then I heard this this talk and it was like who and so I consciously like, okay instead we try to figure out the houses like stressing me out to think about all this the pieces to figure out the how I was like, okay who’s the person that knows how to do this and instantly my head is like, oh I know exactly who it is. And so I mess it up person while I’m sitting there and five-star get a message back in that person who then introduced me to other person who’s the who that this person went to for The Who and this morning?

ClickFunnels™ 100k Group

I just boxed that that who and who’s now running up this thing that I was trying to figure out the how on it would take me another month to two months to implement now, I’m I guess is by the time I land in Boise tonight is Friday night, but Monday by the time I get in the office, it’s going to be pretty much done. Because I got the who who knows how to do it and it shifted everything and it was interesting.

And so I’m trying to start thinking of all my projects where I’ve been procrastinating looking at my to do list. I’m looking at my Trello boards. All the stuff is like like slowly irking forward and looking at them all in like, oh my gosh. All these plants is because I’m thinking about how am I going to do that? How am I going to do that? How am I get like I’m getting so like stressed out because I don’t know the how and I’m angry cause like I should know this my breakup my stupid brain work better, right but it’s like no like my job is not to figure out the how everything is figure out.

Who are you knows how to get The Who and then let them do it. And that’s the key and so it’s this mindset shift that we only start having is not like not the how but the who I think we’ve new project we’re going to be rolling out here in a well depending on the programmers to the programmers take forever not my programmers are Outsourcing this project because yeah, so they said it’ll be between three and six months. I’m like, ooh, we boat click funnels in less time than that.

ClickFunnels™ 100k Group

Frustrating but anyway, so the whole goal of that is to help all of us funnel Builders thinking about the who not the how right angle of the biggest problems have side of our community is I think and I’m partially to blame for this I get I’m so excited out funnels and like copy and graphics and just I saw his stuff right and so people like oh cool. I’m gonna figure out how to do this and they’re freaking out how to design funnels how to write copy how to do videos how-to and their fear all this house. There’s a lot of how’s it going to launching a successful fun? Right?

And what I want to shift it to is from house to who’s and so what we’re building is really cool directory that give you a whole bunch of whose and you’re like, oh I need I need a designer. Well, here’s all the who’s that are amazing as I know. I need a copywriter.

Oh, I need some help me strategy already some of the business like okay, here’s all of the things we’ll give you re looking for. So anyway, I’m pumped. I’m excited is like the most cool fun amazing thing ever and I’m excited to get so there’s the lesson for today figure out the who not the how everything you’re crashing on.

You’re stuck on your business realizes who prepares a how problem To do who promises from how primed who problem it’ll make your life a bajillion times simpler and easier couple other things. He said he said if you want to attract the right whose That know how to do the house yet to sell them on the what and the why whoa now are you in deep? Right?

ClickFunnels™ 100k Group

So the people who have a big who already know the house if they’re really good at it. They don’t necessarily just want to you know, like do you want to track the right who’s you need to give them share with them the the why they’re doing it and then what? What they’re doing, right? So they understand the why then those whose will do the house for you. I got that right.

Anyway, it’s why you gotta share the vision right? You you’re the entrepreneur gets bigger better Vision that you’re excited by if you want to track amazing talent, it’s not so much that you can pay them that helps sometimes but the better job you get at at really helping them to understand like why do you go after bigger vision? And what’s like, what’s the reasoning behind it? Things like that? Then it inspires them then the right who’s will move forward what I found in my business is the most amazing people aren’t technically typically Might Like Money Motivated their why motivated their the motivated like, oh my gosh, that would be amazing.

Like let’s move that direction. Let’s do this thing. Right anyway, and then the last thing I want to share because this is the last piece of he kind of threw out. So I think dance is writing a book on this or I don’t know something but he said the title of his presentation of the book or ever was how many whose to Freedom Ever so slightly what he said how many whose to free and right like not not like what all things I need to learn how to do to get freedoms. Like how many whose do I need to have to your freedom? Okay.

So for you’re launching a funnel Union to comma Club it’s not like how do I do all this stuff? It’s like who are the who how many whose do I need to do it? Okay, like okay. I need someone who understands final strategy. Who’s that? I need somebody who understands really good video stuff. Who’s that? I need somebody who understands traffic.

ClickFunnels™ 100k Group

ClickFunnels™ 100k Group

Who’s that? Right? And it’s figuring out. Who’s how many whose are you from freedom to who’s three? Who’s five who’s like who the who’s instead of stressing about trying to learn it? All figure out who already knows how to do is already learned it find those whose and then get them sold on the the what and the why and then they’ll help you out and that’s the that’s the magic. So how many whose to your freedom all that’s a magic?

So that’s question my head right now is how many who’s my freedom and so I’m gonna start going through my most important projects and lining them out and figure out Who’s not the how to summon it sucks. I love how to stuff like any books is how to blank I bicycle of learn how to salsa for fun, but not for actual business. I’m going to figure out the who’s from now on. So there you go.

You guys thank you Dan Sullivan for sharing that I think is amazing and hopefully it’ll help a lot of you guys. Oh and then one other thing I want to share almost wanna do a separate podcast on this, but I’m not going to because it’s kind of a shorter thing the other one of my other friends the spokes and Ethan Willis.

He he runs the back in sales and coaching apartment for for Brandon and Dean and he did a really great training on on coaching and selling coaching stuff like that in the end of it. Somebody asked him. Like what’s the most important thing that the he’s learned or what books he read everything and he said two things that was just like so good so good. The first thing said in wakes up every morning.

He says that his goal is to create the day physics are spiritually before he creates a physically so the morning wakes up and he like mentally thinks you’re here. What am I to do today? And what’s the process of what are all the stuff and he Actually in his mind creates they Cloud today is going to happen setting his intention setting out all the kind of stuff. He says when you create spiritually first, then you go out. You can create it physically after he says when we wake up we try to we start trying to create the day.

ClickFunnels™ 100k Group

The problem is like we don’t have a plan. We have a things like that. So he said he creates a spiritually before he like goes actually executes on it physically which was fascinating from a spiritual standpoint that’s is really interesting as well.

God creative and spiritual before created physically. So it’s like we should say things are day, like creating things spiritually before create physically and the second thing and I share this one because I am not a journal or I’ve never like journaling. I’ve never and I’m a Mormon. So the Mormon church like they teach Journal I keep a journal all the time.

Like I am the worst journal or ever on my missions like they want you to write in a journal every single day. I think over my journal like three times like I struggle a journaling. I think it’s cause I don’t understand like the the ROI on like let’s return on investment because I’m a big high Roi type person. But anyway what he said is that every night he gets when he gets Because the bed at night he pulled out his journal and he writes he says I write in my journal how God touched my life that day.

So thinking back that I did like what are all the things where did God helped me throughout the day like, oh man, like in this situation here you help me in this situation. He tries to identify the things in that day that God affect his life and he writes those down in the journal and that’s something I could grasp because like that’s like syndrome or a Solutions like more aware of like here’s all the things that happened today. They help me or God help me. Then you start open your eyes for more.

ClickFunnels™ 100k Group

You see the more I think that then you’re more grateful for it. We were grateful for like more blessings come and it’s just like this amazing thing. And so there’s the ROI right people like me who obsesses Roi but I think that’s something I could actually get behind in and stick with is like the end of the day just pulling our Journal I thinking through the attic where all the things were God touched my life today and the writing those down and I think as you start doing that more and more will appear so I’m going to try to keep a journal not a real journalist Federal Highway my podcast my blogs.

My books my real Journal, but I want to keep it Journal of just the the little things where God touched my life. He takes I think as I become more aware of it more of it will happen that pumps me up. So all right guys longer podcast. I just want to share some of the amazing things with you with that said I’m gonna shower shave pack my bags and I’m heading into the last day of hundred k group. I get home to my wife and kids. I cannot wait they are the coolest I hate being away from him. It’s horrible.

ClickFunnels™ 100k Group: Um, all right guys, appreciate you all. I will talk soon. Would you like to see behind the scenes of what we’re actually doing each day to grow our company. If so, then go subscribe to our free behind the scenes reality TV show at dot TV. ClickFunnels™ 100k Group


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