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Chris Brewer has been a running an agency helping business owners get the greatest ROI out of their traffic. They recently changed their agency tag line to “A Full Funnel Agency” to work with businesses on every part of their funnel. Traffic has been an obsession for years and in this episode Chris reveals the #1 traffic mistake and what you can do to avoid it.

Show Notes:

-Chris Brewer was one-upped by his daughter * cue dramatic music *

-If you only use one traffic source you are then at the mercy of that one source’s conditions

-Chris lets us know the importance of slowing down

-Good funnels with the right pitch for the right audience is what will make the difference

-Chris dumbfounds Dave with the amount of useful marketing platforms

-Engagement Opportunities: Your branding is what’s keeping somebody on your product

-We’re able to customize our audiences on Google

-Optimize your email list

-Chris Brewer tells the great story of a band using Funnels to track their fanbase


“A lot of people talk about diversifying your income, the most important thing is diversifying your traffic source.”

“The internet makes it possible to not Nike level branding opportunity but to have pretty darn close, especially in your niche.”

“The question to ask your buyers is: how do they use my product? How does it benefit or improve their lives?”

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward welcome back hackers I’m your host Dave Woodward and today you guys are in for an experience I can I I’m I’ve had so much fun just taking notes on our pre-show here so if you guys are gonna love this let me introduce you guys wanted to my dear friends Chris Brewer please welcome to the show hey thanks des it’s awesome to talk to you again and connect with your awesome funnel hacking audience this is so much fun for me because Chris and I’ve known each other for gosh a long long time I mean I’ve it’s been at least five seven ten years I don’t know how long it’s been but it’s been so fun we’ve known each other and as well as his business partner Brett curry but Russell and he have done business years ago and I think the fun part is I mean if we see each other at events we’ve been talking about getting on the show your schedules crazy cuz you work with agencies and clients and met your daughter actually have your daughter on our show but I’m super super excited to have you here so again Chris welcome so much thank you very much and see that’s one of those things as you get older your kids start pre-empting you so like she got topped bill thing it’s kind of follow behind I’ll pick up the leftover that’s how it’s gonna end up I think well the part I’m most excited about is just seeing the evolution of your business we were talking just briefly here about I mean so for those you guys don’t know Chris and Brett and their agency these guys have been this is like traditional old school ad agency that’s gone totally new age and based on all the direct response marketing experience they have these guys are just crushing it with their for their clients and now used to be I believe here as we were talking earlier Chris you were kind of focus more on traffic and conversion agency and now you’ve renamed that tagline to a full funnel agencies that right yeah it’s we’ve we’ve gone on a come a long long way and it is kind of funny you talking about kind of that traditional agency because how we really got into this business I’m we owe Russell a big credit for that because we were at one of those old bill glazier Dan Kennedy events that Russell was speaking at and Brett and Russell connected and Russell saw that we had our own local kind of traditional agency and we had a little mastermind and Brett essentially became the poster child of a launch that we did and dealt with thousands of people and helping them start their own agencies and we did that for about five years and then click funnels came along and Russell went his way and it’s just boomed and we went our way and we’ve just boomed and so it’s been a whole lot of fun and yeah we we had the tagline a traffic and conversion agency and I’ll say we had that tagline Dave before it was an event we didn’t have to like forcefully change our tagline or anything so we decided to change it to a full funnel agency and and not having anything to do really with like building funnels necessarily but more of the mindset and approach that we want our clients to have when they’re trying to drive traffic and and make sales click funnels is is just a tool I think you and Russell would agree with that it’s it’s a tool and if you don’t utilize it in the right way and you don’t decide what your strategy is going to be then you’re gonna have kind of results that you’ve seen that that others have seen where it’s it’s ready fire aim brand ready fire aim usually results in oh I tried those that guys or I tried this agency it was terrible or you know we did this direct mailing and it was a complete bomb because he didn’t have the whole approach figured out so that’s what we’re doing now is taking that full funnel approach and here’s what that means Dave it means we’re not gonna just let a client or a business rely on one traffic strategy do you remember Dave back in the day when Russell had his little traffic strategies and I think he had this like silver USB black case and it was packed with all these incredible and those were great and creative but what I know is a lot of your listeners right now you tell me if I’m wrong but a lot of your listeners are making money off of one traffic source oh my gosh we literally had this conversation well so I did just the other day and we were actually talking about how many companies and businesses literally are at the mercy of Zuckerberg yeah it whether it’s Zuckerberg or its Bezos yeah or it’s you know who owns Google these days I’m Larry Page it still involves a degree but you know whether if you just put all of your stakes in one area you’re at the you’re at the mercy and I and we saw this with Amazon a couple of years ago in Amazon still dealing with some of this churn where everybody got on board and sell your products on Amazon and then all it took was a few competitors to leave bad reviews on your product and the algorithm would tank you and you’re out of business if you don’t have other strategies that’s one of the things a lot of most business owners don’t understand is the importance really of having you know everyone always talks about diversifying your income but the most important thing here is diversifying your traffic source yes a hundred percent now that that doesn’t mean that we want to take somebody away from an area that is bringing them in solid reliable revenue but it’s been very fascinating this year as we’ve exhibited at the traffic and conversion summit as we exhibited it irce the Internet Retailer conference and Expo in Chicago we exhibited at content and commerce what happened this year different from other years is people are finally getting this that I’m doing okay over here but I don’t want to have all my eggs in one basket and they understand their audiences really well on Facebook but they have no idea what Google is all about and and even worse many of them have never even looked at something that these days a lot of people just think doesn’t work anymore but there’s still incredible opportunity on SEO which can be a traffic source so that you know you’d be a may it’s amazing at times I get on calls with people that contact us and I’ll do a little bit of SEO research before the call and I’ll say to them let me guess your woman’s sheepskin jacket is your number one seller and they go how did you know that and I’ll go well you ranked number two on Google for it and it gets 65 points a month and they’ll say oh I had no idea so whether it’s SEO or it’s it’s YouTube ads it’s it’s true of you it’s shoppable true of you it’s it’s remarketing building your remarketing lists for search ads all this stuff that maybe your listeners are like holy cow what did he just say what’s all that and what do I need to know about it it’s really taking it a little bit slower and looking at how can I look at my full funnel how can I go from a place like Facebook where in many cases Dave it’s an impulse buy and it’s an all spy because of ClickFunnels™ in many cases the ability to position a product in an excellent way and guide the person through the purchase because on facebook if they see I don’t know Dave named me named me a funny product or a product that that maybe one of your people that you work with uses give me a product we’re just looking at a it’s a fat loss jellybeans oh my gosh that’s perfect so you’re on Facebook and you’re scrolling through and and and let’s say that that you’re like me you’re like you’re like me a year ago which I’m not like this today but you’ve gained like 20 pounds and you’re you’re sitting in this agency world of at the desk every single day and you can’t even walk 18 holes anymore and so you’re scrolling down and you’re looking at diet shakes and you’re looking at videos and all of a sudden fat the fat loss jellybeans are you kidding me I can eat candy and lose weight click I land on this incredible funnel with full-color and showing a video there with some guy talked about he he ate six jelly beans a day and lost 20 pounds how much is it I don’t care let me buy it it’s an it’s an impulse buy but carry that over to Google and now we’re in a whole nother universe because suddenly people are now searching they’re typing in weight loss ideas diets for losing 20 pounds how do I lose 20 pounds before a wedding you know all of these different searches and then they get presented with all kinds of results and they may see the jelly bean they may see the old South Beach Diet maybe they see another kind of diet there so they start researching and then they’re comparing prices they’re looking at reviews it’s a whole nother cycle which is brings us back to that full funnel that if you’ve got a good YouTube channel with some content about your fat loss jelly bean and what people have to say about it doesn’t mean that they’re gonna purchase it right away but if we get them to spend enough time on our YouTube video then we can put them into a YouTube remarketing audience where we can then show them other content that’s gonna take them deeper into our funnel we can present them with search ads that are going to maybe bring them a little bit further down our our funnel and and we can look at other sources like Google Shopping is is is their competition on Google Shopping which used to be called PLA s product listing ads so all of those depending on the budget you know how large your budget is we’ll determine how big our top of our funnel will be but essentially it’s like old-school branding which Brett and I both used to be kind of anti branding when it came to small businesses cuz you didn’t have Nike money right well guess what the Internet makes it possible to not have Nike level branding opportunity but to get pretty darn close within your niche pretty darn close within your market to be able to be everywhere and move people down that purchasing cycle that’s why Dave Google has been hammering us we’re a a Google premier partner which just means we’re in the top 3% of all the agencies that Google works with and they’ve been saying Chris Brett take take your clients off of last click attribution so on Facebook the last click attribution would be they saw the Facebook ad they went to the funnel they clicked purchase that’s where the traffic came from and what Google’s wanting us to do is to change that around from last click to more of what we call a time decay model which means they could have watched your YouTube video they could have clicked on the Facebook ad hit that funnel you could have pixeled them but then they didn’t buy they came back in through a Google search ad and then bought through another channel and then Google we can show our customers on the back end how we can allocate those various forms of traffic that all fall into the things that that that are making their sales so I’ll just take a breath there because I know that’s a lot to take in but that in a nutshell is kind of that having that strategy in that that mindset Chris that’s crazy that’s I mean that’s totally totally cool stuff yeah we think it we think it’s pretty cool that we think I think again so so many times people think just you know Facebook facebook facebook or you know I’m all-in on Amazon or Shopify or whatever they might be but think it’s just amazing to see how by really later excuse me layering different types of traffic you actually can really overcome a ton of the problems most people face whenever there comes to driving traffic to their site is yeah being able to get people wherever they are whether it is on YouTube it might be on Facebook it might be on Google but being there in a way that actually makes sense to the customer where you they just fall into your lap I think it’s fantastic a hundred percent and let me give your listeners maybe a little little fun test they could do just to me cuz maybe somebody’s out there today and saying hey look I’m I’m doing forty fifty sales a day I’m killing it on Facebook I don’t have the time to go into other channels hey that’s okay but at least maybe you want to start preparing and at least see what it would look like so if you take a look at like here’s here’s an idea and this and this is something that we’ve been experimenting with and I can tell you it’s showing real promise is take your click funnel and make sure you’ve got your Google Analytics installed on your click funnel which most people know that’s a pretty easy thing to do make sure you’ve got a privacy policy in terms of service on the click funnel that talked about how you’re going to use cookies and things like that so you’re compliant with Google’s remarketing policies make sure you have demographics and interest retargeting on our interest category set up on your Google Analytics and these are all things if your listeners are curious about it they can contact me we’ll give that information at the end it’s pretty basic stuff once you know where to go and do it but just set up those those things then you can run traffic from Facebook so let’s take the fat loss jellybeans we’re going to all have to be careful in talking about my audience targeting here Dave but let’s just say it’s it’s that and so let’s say that we’re gonna I won’t pick on women so let’s say we’re gonna target 55 year old guys who drink a lot of beer right and and like to go fishing and they’re NASCAR guys so that’s gonna be our our Facebook audience well we know that in facebook very straightforward how to pull that audience together or maybe we’ve uploaded a list and done a similar audience but we really don’t know what Google says about those folks so here’s what you do you set up this separate funnel that has your analytics tracking on it you run your Facebook traffic to that funnel then after enough time and you get enough data then you go into your Google Analytics and you look at what does Google say about the demographics of that Facebook audience what does Google say are the interest categories that those men are interested in and and then what also are they in the market searching for so those are all three things the end market targeting if you’re not familiar with it it’s actual the last two weeks of things that people have been searching for and you can get killer results if you if you really tuned that in but one of the things is just content so so if you find that Google tells you that out of these 55 year old sports enthusiasts beer drink and NASCAR guys that they love country music let’s say and travel those are two things that they’re interested in well if we don’t have content on our Facebook page about guess what country music and travel we’re we’re missing out on an engagement opportunity I want you to touch on engagement opportunities because I think that’s one things people just glance over and don’t realize the importance of that so define a little more what you might engagement objects I think it’s one of these you guys do amazingly well well it’s it’s taking a step back from the winds that we get every day when we’re selling products using a funnel for instance and when we when we have maybe some easy wins or we we have a really great funnel that we put together that if we if we miss the step of how are we going to really build our brand then you’re going to end up in being a lot shorter cycle business or product than you would like to be because people want to buy from brands they want to buy from things that they’re comfortable with and things that they’ve heard of and so yes you can get the impulse buy but if you’re just sending people Tennessee volunteer fans to a click funnel page that’s selling the Tennessee Volunteers Monopoly game guess what you’re gonna make a lot of sales initially but if you want to go back next year and sell those same audiences that game forget about it but if you’ve engaged with those Tennessee volunteer fans at their level on the things that they enjoy and they’d like to read about and that you’re segmenting those audiences appropriately guess what just about any other product that you come out with that suits the interests of that audience they’re gonna share they’re gonna tell their friends about it they’re gonna purchase it and and that’s where to if you missed a whole branding and engagement side of it you’re gonna have a lot tougher climb when you get to Google because the nice thing is when we take people off of Facebook that have solid brand awareness and solid search volume about their products or the things that they’re talking about it’s pretty easy to do branded campaigns on Google where you have low cost per click and you can get some some easy quick wins there so it’s really that’s where we turn down clients if they come to us and they don’t have their funnel figured out and they really don’t have much engagement with their audience you can have a great product but if we don’t have the following you’ve got some work to do before you’re really ready to jump in and run 5 10 15 20 30 thousand dollar-a-month campaigns I love that I think it’s so critical I get this connected you got kind of offline we’re talking about the this whole one-trick pony type of funnel mm-hmm and I think it’s part that’s why the engagement is so critical better you engage with your customers and your and those people who are just even interested in what you’ve got the better it is for you when you come back to remarket and retargeting and other things because they’ve already established that relationship that’s where that rapport comes from and I just again you guys do such a great job with your clients it’s just been fun to watch well I mean we see it all the time and we had this guy it was a client I won’t i won’t say their name because he he is a super nice guy and he had Facebook audiences that were just killing it for him great margins but he he didn’t have like a product that was that unique I mean you could Google this product and you could find it cheaper on other sites he had just found some audiences on Facebook and he ran he basically ran through those audiences and he did extremely well and that’s one of the scary things about audiences this way is he was up to a $30,000 spend per month and was just making all kinds of Bank and then all of a sudden those CPAs went through the roof sales went way down and he thought it was a Facebook algorithm change but really what happened was people realized one the product wasn’t that great – I can find at other places and three you haven’t connected with me through email Instagram Facebook blogs videos on YouTube – tell me who you are I was just interested in this cool zoom camera lens that would fit onto my mobile phone but I don’t have any loyalty to you because you haven’t inspired me or told me anything about your story or how you were a struggling college student that decided one day that you wanted to get a store on Amazon and how you succeeded and now you want to bring these cool innovative products to the market that’s somebody I want to come back and buy – but if it’s if it’s just something I can google and find somewhere else and you don’t have a story behind it I mean that’s what Russell’s been so great about I mean I mean gosh how many years is he Road the potato gun humor yeah you get a good story you can ride it for a long time no I think that’s all it takes is one good story as you just show it basically by the other thing it’s is people especially these taste it kind of goes back to your thing you’re talking about far as branding you know years ago all of us who are in the direct response marketing game just poo-pooed the whole concept as far as branding you know the Nike story you were talking about but these days just because people want to buy from people they need to know like and trust it’s you are your brand or how you portray your image and everything else I think it’s so critical these days that as you’re engaging with people that they again they know like and trust you that’s the whole name of the game so I think it’s pretty cool I you guys have done that and the question to ask your buyers is how do they use my product how does it benefit or improve their lives and if you can answer just those questions then you have the keys to how you can go back and extract that information from your customers and allow them to be your brand builders one great example of that is a client we have called friendship collar and if you if you want to really add to your emotional bank account with your significant other go to friendship collar check out these products there it’s really cool it’s not just a dog or a cat collar it’s matching collars so like Dave you’d have a bracelet that’s like black and gold with little diamonds on it and your boxer has a black and gold collar with diamonds on it and so these guys did something really smart they asked the people who are buying their product to post pictures on Instagram of them with their pet who doesn’t want to take a picture with them in their pet and so they got flooded on Instagram with people here’s the thing you see the picture this is hilarious yeah I mean it’s what and what a great idea but but here’s the problem if they didn’t take that step where we’re branching them out onto Google right now but if they hadn’t taken that step on Instagram you know how hard it would be to get people to get oh yeah it’s it’s like a custom dog collar and it’s you know you it’s matched and so your cat has one and you have one well that’s really hard because what people are gonna search for on Google is dog collar cat collar you know there’s gonna be very little search for custom dog collar and so now you know we’re able to take their their interest and the audience that they’ve built and we think they’re you know they’re gonna have a pretty good shot on on Google in a lot of different ways so that’s just a couple of questions you can ask and and then ask those questions and then produce content that you can easily produce and get your audience to share for you I love it well into the show there’s two things we were talking about I want to dive into this is some of the things you’re already doing with existing clients and funnels and one of this is the whole gift card sale do you mind explaining what that is and and why it’s just crushing it yeah this is just one particular client I’m not gonna share the name or the category because really quite frankly their competitors could jump on this and I wouldn’t want them to but this is a company that every year has a gift card sale you’ll right before the holidays and they’ve got a pretty substantial size email list it’s over a half a million and that right there is enough for anybody who does business with other companies or has a large email list that they’re not utilizing like this to really pay attention so they had this existing email list that they’d only used for email and they had used Facebook ads in the past and they had always done really well well this client hired me to come in and consult on this particular project and of course I got them to join up with ClickFunnels™ I introduced them to how this could be a complete game changer for them and so they built their whole gift card sale through ClickFunnels™ and I made sure and this was just funny because I know about the power of upsells but Russell had some piece oh you know what it was your video launch it was the video launch and Russell was talking about the one thing that just by adding the people that added the upsell just always did so much better than everybody else so I made sure I said you guys got to have an upsell and so $100 was their biggest discount where people get 50% off the gift card if they spend a hundred bucks in the past hardly anybody would spend $100 they’d all buy at the 25 or $50 level but we put an upsell in to allow them to get to the hundred dollar level and they did a quarter of a million dollars in sales in one week which was a 71 percent increase over last year’s sales is crazy I mean I look it’s these little tiny things so this little one-time up sale gets a 71 percent lift I mean that’s just huge right so what I help my client learn on this is just because you have this large email list that you’ve just always used to to email doesn’t mean you can’t radically shift how you’ve connected with them and so they’re radical shift was introducing a funnel into an annual sale that they’ve always done one way and of course we uploaded that entire email list to Facebook and to Google which most there’s still people that don’t know you can do that and do custom audiences in Google which helped us just make sure we were in front of that audience over that short one-week period and that’s that’s very solid information for people to really think about because I had another client just real quickly it’s kind of a fun one and I’ll give people a chance to hear these guys music for free if they want to but Branson Missouri got all these shows and entertainers and there’s there’s one show called the hey goods and it’s like this family of six or seven brothers and once and they can play all these instruments and they they’re just incredible entertainers well they wanted to chart their own course without signing with a record label and they wanted to grow their audiences outside of just that Branson Missouri show and over the years they had collected nearly a million pieces of data email addresses names and addresses which you can put into Facebook we took all that data we use Chris Lang who I know you guys work with to to scrub that list down and clean it up and we ended up sending that out well we got through the click funnel as well our offer was to download their album for free and get it on iTunes and Shopify so guess what they’ve seen bigger numbers on iTunes and they’ve ever had bigger numbers on Spotify they got 5,000 new email opt-ins in a three-week period and ended up inviting our whole company town to see their Christmas show which was pretty cool and their whole idea was they wanted to be able to mind their data and find out do we have fans in st. Louis and Dallas and other places that we can give our album to for free build that data and then run ads in a st. Louis Market when we want to go and do a one-night concert and sell out and make a lot of money and come home well we just launched their st. Louis concert with a very simple click funnel that had no opt-in just a buy ticket button and we sold out the show in a week that’s so cool and so they’ll probably do 30 40 thousand dollars in one night and now we’re gonna repeat that in other markets so just a couple of ways that you can you got people out there that are sitting on data that they’re not utilizing in the modern ways and the opportunities that they can utilize that data well because I know people listens go well how in the world I get a hold of Chris so you drop somebody value bonds throughout the call here I’m sure people are going on I realize got to figure out what I could do next so what how do they get they get in touch with you yeah if you want to explore a little strategy talk or I’m even happy you know if you’re at least $5,000 a month on campaigns if you want a little Facebook audit or AdWords audit Amazon audit more than happy to do that for you as a value add to your audience or if you just have a question I I love educating I love helping people just go to Chris Brewer dotco Chris Brewer Dot CEO and right there on the homepage there’s a talk to Chris button click that fill out the form and I’ll do my best to help you out or direct you to a resource that can help you Oh Chris your soul you’re always so giving I love it it’s so awesome connected with you again any uh parting words for audience Oh Dave I Love You Man it’s been great to to talk with you and catch up and and I’m sure we’ll see you in Orlando here pretty soon we will for sure I can’t wait all right fantastic thanks for listening to puddle hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified anytime we release a new episode just subscribe over at Auto hacker radio com in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at funnel hacker forward slash free trial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car all you have to do is go to funnel hacker forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening

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Chris Brewer, #1 Traffic Mistake And How To Avoid It

Chris Brewer, #1 Traffic Mistake And How To Avoid It