Carissa Hill, How a “48 Hour” Facebook Funnel Made Over 500K

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Carissa Hill, How a “48 Hour” Facebook Funnel Made Over 500K

– Funnel Hacker Radio Podcast

Carissa Hill uses Facebook to build online and OFF line businesses. She reveals how in 48 hours in a Facebook Group of less than 10,000 people sold over $500,000 and what you should be doing in your Facebook groups. Her “Just trying to help” mantra has positioned her as the go to person for building Facebook groups of rabid fans who want to buy your products and services.

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their market and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward welcome to funnel Hecker radio you guys are going to be in for a massive massive treat today we have the opportunity of hearing from a lady who has just been crushing it I’m so so excited to introduce you guys to Carissa hill Carissa welcome hi thanks for having me I am so impressed by your story it’s just fascinating again bitch page 21 you end up watching is trading business for hair and lash extensions in the garage and basically in your garage of a rental property and then by the x14 you got three stores nine staff two of your old product the best part is you built this all on Facebook and this is one of the things that I just I think it’s so crazy is how people can actually use Facebook to build offline businesses so we’re going to talk a little bit about that but the other thing I’m super excited about and that is we’re gonna spend some time later talking about launches inside of your Facebook group and correct me if I’m wrong but I think she told me in January inside of a Facebook group you basically did a five hundred thousand dollar launch all right I think yeah and I just adore four hundred and eighty thousand below one last month so you guys have to wait to the end to hear that but I want to dive right in real quick and talk a little bit about how you kind of got start with this whole Facebook thing with your salons yes yep well it has really started off with MySpace because when I was shot down they didn’t exist yet it wasn’t a thing and everyone was still using my space and I actually had like I printed out my space business cards and like all sorts of stuff I loved it but I really just I did the exact same things on my face as I do on Facebook too and I do the same things doesn’t matter what platform it is that’s why I really um got stuck into teaching this because I think what I noticed over the years is that a lot of businesses doesn’t matter really if they’re offline or are they online but they’re just not doing things right on social media which is why it’s not working and I think most people are trying to be true strategic about it whereas I’ve just really always been about making it super fun and I think you’ll notice like most of the brands that get the most attention on social media and the things that go viral or things that are like a bit weird a bit silly and so I try and help people to deconstruct like take the professionalism out of their business in a way that makes sense than try and just be a bit silly and get some personality going and use emojis and you know make little videos or share like a random cat video every now and then and stuff like that that may not even apply to their business at all but that’s what people want to see so I really try and help people to come up with a theme after I did I’ve always just had fun with it my business name when I had to sell on but sold them now but it was called hot stuff beauty and it was all just about helping girls to look and feel hot so it was you know we picked profile pictures like sexy bikini models or our clients would post you know take lots of selfies of themselves because it was all that kind of industry and it was like fake hair and fake lashes and whatever so we’d make sure to also follow them on MySpace at the time and then onto Facebook and then started following them on Instagram and they tagged us in their selfies and then we give them shoutouts and so I really have always tried to use my clients in my marketing as well that’s been one of the really the biggest things that’s helped but kind of incorporate the people into the brand it’s that except yeah I think that’s fantastic so let’s talk a little bit how do you get your clients to be able to participate in your marketing like that so I know it’s always a hard thing for people to actually do so what are some of the tips and tricks you’ve used to get your clients to want to share that kind of stuff yeah I’m literally just off when I have the cell once as an example like after I’d finished doing someone’s Spray channel like I trained my girls to do this as well they’d be like oh what’s your Instagram what’s following you make sure you tag us if you take any selfies like basically that’s it or we’d also put that in an automated email that went out new clients okay are you following us on Instagram what’s yours we’ll follow you and make sure to tag us in any hot sauce yes so we just do it that way and then when we did get tagged and stuff would just be like oh hey babe that’s awesome like can we share that on our page and then they’d basically always say yes because they wanted to shout out and same thing now even like I’ve got online courses that I teach and people get results from Facebook ads and they just post in the group and say Chris oh look I just made this much money off a boosted post and I’ll be like awesome can I screenshot that and share it so that’s as simple as it has to be you know what I think it the part I appreciate you mention that because Kristin one of things received for a lot of people they try to make this thing just too tough and too hard at business all at a time we have so much fun at quick loss nothing like with our affiliate program nothing excites me more than when all of a sudden someone makes their first sale inside a quick funnels I’m like man I please post those I want to see those there’s nothing yeah it’s always great seeing these massive you know five six figure types of commissions but nothing is more exciting when I see the very first one I mean $18.80 I mean that excites me I just love doing like they see what’s possible except it oh hey I agree I love that well let’s dive right in I’m so fascinated by what you’re doing inside of your own personal Facebook group to start doing six-figure launches inside of a Facebook group so if you don’t mind let’s kind of just dive right into that topic yeah cool I know everyone’s excited about it like it was totally accidental the first time and then after I realized that work so obviously like oh let’s try that again so how does this accidentally happen yeah well I mean I said once again I started my facebook groups of fun I didn’t start it as a strategic marketing technique and I think that’s where a lot of people are using their groups now trying to do them to grow their audience and that they’re doing it really strategically so I started it for fun it was originally called Karissa’s uncomfortable coaching catch because it was when I just started out as a business coach and I wanted to help people to get out of their comfort zone so that was kind of like a theme around it and then I always thought that that was just a little bit boring and it kind of wasn’t getting me in gay that I like or that I wanted and so I changed it I’ve got a video series as well called coffee with Clarissa where I just sit down and have coffee and talk about business and then I was like well why don’t we make the group that as well and you know make it a almost like a virtual coffee shop like that’s the idea that I wanted for it I wanted it to be a place that people wanted to come and hang out and ask for advice and meet people and stuff like that so I put it to the group and everybody liked it and then as soon as I change the name it exploded because it just seems cooler okay I have a little you know a description to the group is’s you know imagine you’re walking into a coffee shop and it’s full of all these people and da-da-da-da-da and then I basically just used it for just content marketing like all the time I love creating content I love sharing my thoughts and my ideas and my client success stories and everything so I didn’t actually try to sell anything in the group for probably a year at all like it was just content and I what I did have my online course still there I was selling but at the time originally I was still doing like getting leads and making phone calls to sell it because it was a $1,500 product and then I was just like I actually got pregnant I was like well I’m not going to be able to make phone calls I had a baby so I’m going to do a live video in the group and I use a software called OBS have you heard of that of course well you can yes some people have in something haven’t so you can do your screen share with that like a webinar sell thing and I’ve actually never even done a webinar before but I did one in the group of a free presentation on Facebook marketing so basically use the webinar style thing in the group teaching people how to boost posts and how to use different interests and like how to design a nice cover photo and use a pink coast at the top of their page to generate leads and like a few little tricks like that that I’ve always used and then right at the end you’re at the back I know a lot of people you go where were we 10-4 so tell it explained or strategies real fast okay cool yeah so this is one of the things that I teach to any business as a matter of final online it’s something that I’ve always done and other people I think just don’t see it as a thing but when we’ll come to your Facebook page right they’re going to look at first of all your cover photo then your profile then they’re going to scroll down and have a little bit of a stalk of your page so if you’re running ads my theory is that your page should be set up to generate leads if you’re going to work people going to come and have a look and stalk you so you know how you can pin a post so you click on something and it makes it determinant we say at the top of the page yeah yeah so I always will have a really good offer or maybe like a testimonial of a client or like a new client voucher or something maybe like that’s something that a lot of that works for a lot of hair and beauty salon owners which is a lot of my clients are so something that’s like an irresistible offer or showing off results that you’ve gotten for someone should be pinned to the top of your page with also a link to your either opt-in or landing page or website or even just to say comment below and we’ll rescue the details because that way anytime someone comes to your page you’re just getting leads like cool if whether they click on your ad or not like sometimes they won’t click through the ad but they’ll come and stalk you and then you so yeah so a little simple strategies like that that I’ve always used that don’t actually cost that much money and it’s kind of creative they work really well so I did a whole webinar style presentation on how do all of those things and simple things like you know boosting a post if you’re promoting eyelash extensions which is something that I did in my business I would use interests eyelash extensions and but some people just don’t get that okay so I teach a lot of the basic please look like an exception anyway I did this webinar and then it went for about 40 minutes and at the end I was like also I’ve got this online course that goes for 12 weeks it’s $1,500 or you can do it at 125 dollars a week over 12 weeks and then I’m going to be raising the price after what June or July or whatever month it was that I did it and literally I did 105 thousand dollars in sales in 48 hour period in that first launch and that was kind of like what that just happened to my facebook group and I didn’t even like running the ads for it or like I just created an event in a group basically and heaps people showed up and then I also did email at the replay to everybody yeah so that was the first time I did it and then I obviously I did another little launch for cheaper products in November and the exact same way and I did 44,000 and then in January this year 2017 I did the same thing again but the program it was it’s the same course but I’d added a lot to it and I raised the price so it’s a six and a half thousand dollar program now and I still had advertised it with a payment plan because people sign up to that as well as paying it for but do the same thing indeed five hundred seventy thousand dollars in January plus what that’s great she got a sixty five hundred dollar programs you’re selling through a facebook video data yeah again you base almost got a thousand people which is ten percent of your group you got about ten thousand members in this group I’m seeing so you’re almost ten percent conversion on a Facebook live video that’s actually pre-recorded it’s ran through OBS to generate sales that correct I did it live I didn’t go pre-recorded yeah you did a live yet and then because that way I interact enough and the questions and stuff with that according fantastic l me one things that we always get is our questions regarding payment plans and how long your payment plans what Ananya plants work what kind of converted G have what kind of fall off to have at the end so how I heard you say earlier basically he did at twelve week a weekly payment plan yeah so tell me a little bit about how you’re playing paying plans work yeah I still offer them like so a drip feed the content so I don’t give everybody dings right at once if they sign up for a payment plan they only get one video a week or a month depending on how that pain which ideally keeps them in there I don’t have a very high drop-off rate I think it’s about what industry standard I’m not sure what it is maybe thirty personal something that I heard on a no mines around twenty or just under so I do have some people that drop off it but that’s ten to generally okay because they’re not the right people when they don’t do the work so I don’t mind but I do really focus on I’ve got a Facebook group for my course and inside it it’s super active and I really focus on building a sense of community and giving a lot of value to my paying clients as well so that they want to stay and I find that really helps people to join and also it helps that when anybody new inquires about the program inside my free Facebook group all my current clients jump in there and just like it’s amazing you have joined so I’m always you know created my own little sales team of clients nobody asked that I found it all you can constantly so coffee with Karissa and if you went to Facebook and go to copy with Karissa that’s your private mastermind group where you basically have to request to join so you now join that you had about 10,000 I look through here right now say it has ten thousand five hundred eighty-three members and then from that is that’s the group that you’re basically providing so much content to and then you send it you send out on a somewhat recent basis at least monthly and offer and then that gets them into another private Facebook group is that correct yes yes so I’ve got actually three courses at the moment I’ve got three private on secret Facebook groups that’s rate courses yeah so they stay in your current private one but then they also have access to whichever one they sign up for yes that’s right and it’s more intimate in there and they get to work with me one-on-one and I think because I’ve focused so much I’m building myself into a personal brand that’s what helps a lot as well so I’m not just focusing on the perks like selling a product I’m feeling like my story and people want the results that I’ve gotten so yeah I think it’s fantastic and all she’s done without driving at right well I do have ads running however it’s only one of them and I only am promoting my free ebook which people download and then there’s a link to the free group the coffee with causative inside the e-book so that’s how people find the group but I get them on my email list first obviously because I think that’s more important and when I get that question all the time they’re like yes you know kind of diet or should I just worry about getting a large you know I can get the mini chat go on and I can get all these other things do I really need to capture their email so what’d you sell me is yes you do well I just think so because you don’t own Facebook like I’ve had my page deleted before and I lost everything whereas if I had what was the ones backed up with their email address or phone number or whatever then I would have been able to contact other Lisa percentage of them like Olivia I’ve been to emails or run Facebook ads to my email list and let them know about another or another page or something like that thank you so much that reinforcing that I get that question all the time like I think you know I don’t really need my email that much it’s really no I’m excited don’t own Facebook Zuckerberg can kill your business anytime he decides to do it so no I’m free so then you’ve got these these you’re basically have to be opted in through basically ebooks they then find your page they become more age they get a ton of content in there and then on a somewhat frequent basis you’re providing authors either through a pin post or through email or other directions to then put them into one of your other three high end coaching programs decorous yeah that’s right exactly right that’s just crazy again your conversions is what’s amazing I’m so impressed about here you got you know 10% of your your group basically is paying you at this point over a million dollars in the last couple couple months so yeah that’s what he’s been that way that’s not it’s roughly a ten percent conversion even when I had the group at like a hundred people so I’m feeling really confident that the more I scaled that if I keep doing the same thing it’s just going to keep growing so yeah so how do you build that kind of community because I’ve seen a ton of Facebook groups just kind of dive by the wayside because they’re just not that involved so how do you get we always look at it from an again you’ll hear us talk with quick phone sparse it’s all about building a culture type of opportunity in fact I’m wearing our Thursday happens to be it’s a cult way of life t-shirts here quick funnel Ted kord’s so I’m wearing that shirt as we’re talking about building this kind of a culture and I’m on behind out what are you doing to build out in your group yes I do heaps of live videos I just love I’ve always loved video and I love live videos because you can actually interact with people so I make sure I’m actually creating a course on Facebook groups right now and call it squad goals it’s like going to God Squad goal love it yeah I just make sure to be really interactive and I make everything in the group more about the members than myself I think that’s one of the main things like I’ve done a lot of study on human behavior and human psychology and I’m very much aware that you know humans are generally more focused on themselves than they are on anyone else and people love talking about themselves and sharing things about themselves and so I don’t really try and make it too much about me I make it more so about them and I’m always giving a lot of value like oldest and I’m very actually genuinely curious and I genuinely want to help so I’m not doing it just from a place of trying to make money and I think that makes a big difference one of my little secrets is that every time I sell something if I’m going to do a live video and make an offer I actually have a little post-it note right next to my computer that says just trying to help and I remember that I focus on that a lot more so than actually trying to sell something in the pitch so I’m always like you know if you’re interested in this this is the opportunity to get it I’m not like get in now guys or miss out kind of thing so I just keep it and one of my slogans in my own business and be real have fun make money love life so I’m really just super real super authentic I don’t try and script anything or perfect or whatever and even when I do live videos in there like I might ask people hey what are you struggling with right now and then people will start typing up all these things and then I’ll go live and I’ll just answer them for free and give them free advice like I would charge for so I’m just giving a whole lot of really valuable content I suppose and that makes people want to work with me more that’s our crusade biggest yacek I think a lot of times let’s talk a little bit about this whole face because you can use Facebook live is this how long do they last they come on a regular time what’s the kind of give me their content how does it work yeah when I’m doing a live video yes yes so I mean sometimes I’ll just do them randomly well if I feel inspired I’ll just do it a live video and like some people will jump on and watch and then I know a lot of people do watch the replay however if I am going to be doing like a strategic like a webinar style 1 or a new offer or like a book launch or something like that that’s examples of ones that I’ve done in there before I will actually create an event inside the group for that thing and then people will click attending so they get a notification when I when the events about to start and I also do email at my list letting them know that I’m going to be doing that so kind of like you would in a women are I guess but there’s always even when I did the really massive launches there’s never been more than like I think like 60 people at a time watching um but a lot of people watch the replay so yeah I think really good fun I ever had was maybe 80 people live fantasticks or what is there anything that you’re doing specifically to help make sure they watch the replay or to get them back to replay are you training them in any way to make that happen um I don’t think so I think I’m just because all I do is email out that I did it and a link to it after I do it I don’t know kind of yeah but I do I think they just see it in the group mostly because there’s always people still commenting like you know when people think you’re still live when you’re not and it’s funny like interesting with you in the video I get a lot of that afterwards um oh yeah yeah sure looking follow-up sequence I just add a lot of content like a dot when I’m filling something like you hate the value so and I tell them that there’s a special offer coming that has to wait right to the end that’s fantastic so how long are most of your Facebook lives like that hmm if I’m selling something usually about an hour it’s very like just a free content one maybe 20 30 minutes oh great fantastic you know on your follow-up sequence so you do the Facebook live you then email them out how many times do you email them out is there scarcity and urgency set up and created with this yeah a little bit I could do that better to be honest but I would still as I said I kind of did it all accidentally and I’m learning on how to perfect it as I go but the first ever one that I did I only sent one email out afterwards okay I did a live video here you go I think the laughs of the one in January I actually sent two or three emails afterwards because I was like oh yeah I should get in and be like hey guys look there’s only two hours left to get this and that kind of thing so I’m getting a little bit better at that and actually doing like it at the planned thing but I think it did work better when it liked or not better but it works because I was really casual about it as well because that’s kind of my whole brand so I feel if I try and get too strategic or too salesy with it then it might put people off a little bit I don’t know if that’s true or not just a fear that I have but I try and just be really yeah a little batteries yeah yeah I think the key obviously it’s got to be authentic to you and not here so how long how long is that offer usually open so you do the Facebook live on let’s say you do it on a Thursday how long is that gonna be open for I found 48 hours works the best because it gives enough people time to watch the replay and and is a limited time so they’re going to actually take action whereas if I I did one once that was a week and it was kind of just like yeah you know they forgot by the time the week was over like I sent a couple of emails out and stuff and the replay again but it gave time for people to cool down they weren’t as excited about it so 48 hours is what’s work best so gosh Chris that is so funny we’ve we’ve attached a ton of things over here quick funnels recently especially long our webinars and it’s so fun yeah we’ll do a webinar on on Thursday and then we’ll spend time basically we’re getting a ton of sales on the first day and then we usually call them down on on Sunday so it’s open basically for almost four days and what we’ve seen is literally we get almost as many sales on the last day as we get on the first day and then the two days in between it just kind of drops down so you see almost and the big end spike so you big spike up and then it drops down and it just kind of hangs out there for a couple days then you get it to closing and expects right back up we have I actually was we lunch hour to comes up coaching in March or May and I handed up taken a screenshot of it because it was literally almost to $2,000 exactly the same on the first day after day it I was like so since then we’ve actually are changing all our photos to 48-hour funner so 48 48 hour photo week none of that so I look at love seeing them yes amazing yeah it’s really interesting well Chris I totally appreciate the contents are given right now I know we’ve got to get close to wrapping things up here is there anything else you wanna make sure that our audience knows or any other tips or strategies one make sure you condense oh I think if I was just to share like I honestly think that Facebook groups are just such a great way to grow your business at the moment I know there’s mixed like some people think the opposite but I think if you’re someone who genuinely likes people and really actually wants to help your clients and you can do it in a such a nice way of bringing people together and you can also do all your cut all your market research in there like so if anyone doesn’t have a group yet I would just say go and start one and start asking questions more than posting about yourself and giving content like there needs to be a little bit of a mix in there but some of my favorite questions or things like if you had a magic wand and you could change one thing in your life or business up what would it be and then you really get to understand like what people really want so if you’re someone who likes to listen to people’s actual needs and create products and services based around that then I just think it’s awesome because that’s how I find out what people want so most I love that well granted thank you so much that people wanted to connect with you what’s the best place where should we send up yeah well my group obviously coffee with Karissa CA our idealist a or my website Karissa Hilde Condor a you that has all the links to like my ebooks and courses and all of that stuff on there Chris I guess thank you so much for your time it just enjoyed getting to know you a little better and thanks so much for Adam to contribute to our audience yeah thank you so much fun thanks for listening to funnel hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified anytime we release new episode just subscribe over at Donnell hacker in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at faunal hacker radio comm forward slash free trial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car all you have to do is go to frontal hacker radio comm forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening

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“What I’ve noticed over the years is that a lot of businesses, it doesn’t matter if they’re off line or online but they’re just not doing things right on social media, which is why it’s not working. I think most people are trying to be too strategic about it where I have always been about trying to make it fun.”

“I do really focus on building a sense of community and giving a lot of my value to my clients so that they want to stay and I find that really helps people to join and also it helps when anyone new inside the program inquires about my facebook group all of my current clients jump in and say “it’s amazing you have to join.”

“I really focus a lot on making myself into a personal brand I think it’s really what helps a lot as well.”

“One of my little secrets is that everytime I sell something, if I’m going to do a live video and make an offer, I actually have a little post-it note on my computer that says ‘Just trying to help’ and I find that always helps me focus on that more than just trying to sell something.”

“I just add a lot of content when I’m selling something, like I just give heaps of value.”

Carissa Hill, How a “48 Hour” Facebook Funnel Made Over 500K

Carissa Hill, How a “48 Hour” Facebook Funnel Made Over 500K