Can The One Funnel Away Challenge teach you to sell anything?

Can The One Funnel Away Challenge by ClickFunnels™ Teach You To Sell Anything? Feat Russell Brunson

Clickfunnels™ Challenge: Sell Anything


Clickfunnels™ Challenge: Welcome to the very first episode of One Funnel Away Stories! My name is Steve J Larsen and I’m a marketing coach and master offer crafter. For more than a year, I’ve been a coach in the One Funnel Away Challenge – a place where people learn how to make funnels that work no matter what they are selling.

Clickfunnels™ Challenge: Key Takeaways

During my time with One Funnel Away, I’ve encountered thousands of people who have successfully made their transition from failure to freedom. And this podcast is where I’ll be sharing their incredible stories.

We are taking off and we’re bringing out the big guns!

Today I’m joined by my mentor and one of my dearest friends. The one and only – Russell Brunson.

Russell is the founder of ClickFunnels™ and the creator of the One Funnel Away Challenge, so there’s absolutely no better way to start this podcast.

In this episode, Russell shares his journey from selling potato gun DVDs to becoming one of the greatest entrepreneurial thought leaders of his generation.

if you keep doing it like you have customers and people that eventually like your let’s get big enough where it’s like I have some people it’s like pushing a rock up a hill right and this you get the top then it comes back down boom the other side yeah it starts it starts growing so it’s just it’s just having fun and believing that that you can actually do it and then not being so stressed out they’re like oh this is you know I’m gonna be successful it’s like not like I keep your day job it’s not sad while you’re doing it right so you’re not stressed out about money and finances and keep doing it have some fun with it and be creative and then eventually like

if you keep consistent for long enough eventually it’s going to work if you’re like us you’ve dreamt of building your own business empire and the freedom that can bring you but today there’s hidden traps on the path of entrepreneurship placed by Big Brother and the big brains so now we’re forced to answer hard questions like how do we grow a real company without taking on the debt or giving away ownership or how can we get leads and buyers for our own products when there’s so much competition

Clickfunnels™ Challenge: building your own business empire

with the deep pockets finally those questions are answered and tens of thousands of people are taking the challenge to walk the new path of entrepreneurship follow this podcast while I asked about their shocking journey from failure to freedom you can join them to at one follow a calm I’m your host Steve Jay Larson and you’re listening to one funnel away stories what’s going on everyone I’m Steve Larson here with a good friend and mentor and brother I’d say russell brunson everybody and if you don’t know who he is you’re probably new to this game so because if you’ve been an entrepreneur at all you know exactly who he is


he is the CEO and creator of ClickFunnels™ co-founder and he’s been helping millions of entrepreneurs he’s helped me personally create my own business in fact everybody that you’re actually gonna hear on the show one funnel with stories is actually someone who has come and learned from Russell Brunson himself come in and came taking the one funnel wake challenge and I’ve been having success with it so I’m very excited to have him on the show here I thought who better to go fine and figure out his own one funnel a story than Russell Brunson himself so welcome geez right now we’re on a ship with a whole bunch of ClickFunnels™ members who are all geeking out on the funnels and stuff and so this is like my favorite topic in the world yeah a kid literally laughs like decade half my life to talk about this and

Clickfunnels™ Challenge: Excited

teach about it so I’m excited to tell us some stories super fun yeah pitching homeless dude on the ship if he goes we’re right here it’s rockin pretty hard actually the camera falls back or whatever just know that it’s out of energy it’s sexually the ship under time but for all the people who are out there and want to go be an entrepreneur starting get that that twitch the bug you know to go and do them play the game it’s the road goes for a while and it can kind of be a lot of ups and downs but how did you get the what was the spark for usually so it was about 15 years ago and I was going to Boise State I was wrestling there just about my beautiful wife and decide proposed to her and then after she said yes I told my parents and

the right suite so how are you gonna actually like pay for that thing called life and I was like why don’t you support me like no like we need married year that’s me yeah the strings in you’re on your own I was like oh no and I remember that night I was sitting there watching TV I was like how mine is poor my wife like I don’t want to quit wrestling because that’s like my my life my dream yeah and I was one school and as I you know she’s gonna support me obviously for a while but I gotta figure something out right then on TV there was an infomercial for an event happening at Holiday and like the next day how to make money on the internet I was like I’m in so I called the number got my tickets next day

I’m a holiday and sitting in this room with like 100 other people and the guy’s talking about the internet and telling all these stories and I remember I was just like I mean this is gonna be amazing and it’s funny because there’s so many sub stories I could tell but you know when I was a kid I got into direct mail I remember like learning about how do you make money back and I was like 12 13 years old and I was sitting in the Holiday Inn listening to this guy talk about internet marketing I was like this is very similar to what I was learning about before like how people made money off line and anyway needless to say I was like I was in I got excited I signed up I was ready to back my credit card giving him and I didn’t have any money and but I was charged all this stuff and


I remember that started the process of me learning this whole this whole game and I ended up refunding all the money from that effects I didn’t have money anyway oh yeah I wasn’t yet married my wife would’ve probably killed me but it’s like real it this spark like okay I figured I’d make money and that’s gonna have me hammers for my wife’s like Russell and be married so I started going through and and and and learning learning this game learning how the whole thing worked in one of my very first a couple different little product ideas well the first one that had real traction and people heard the story million times is I made a potato gun teaching or she made a DVD teach people how to make potato guns and if you don’t know you take a potato you shove it down to and then you shoot it love it if Stephen actually watch this original DVD one time when I was out of town for something is amazing and so the DVD actually worked right it did it’s a

great book by the way marketing and back then there was a cycle overture and you can go to overture and type in a keyword and show you how many times each month some of searching by keyword so I was like I typed in potato gun remember there’s like 18,000 searches a month I was like this is my big idea so I went to hell Depot with my buddy and we film ourselves like behind the pipes and loot him together made this whole DVD which you see it’s a great let’s just head shade we filled in start selling it online putting my very first website start selling it and start making some money and it was just laying I was like this is amazing I remember we ever make a salad good 20 30 bucks I’d make and that for me my wife is date to go out and watch a movie or dinners like this is so great and then after a little while I got I got the Google slap and um you

know it stopped stop being profile shot making money and through that process is where I learned how to make a funnel somebody one of my friends who had a similar business he messaged me was like he had a similar business to mine and it it his it’s kind of stopped working as well and he called me I figured yeah I figured out like what you figure I was like he’s like I started adding upsells to all my products my my first product and they would I had enough so it’s like the percentage of people who bought my first probably bought the upsell and I was like okay well how would that work for me and he was like what you’re selling the potato the DVD like what what could you sell for nufs like what’s the next thing that they need I was like left it by the DVD they stuff to go to Home Depot and buy the I think you know pipes and the the barbecue can I there’s like

Clickfunnels™ Challenge: Customer

all the stuff he’s like yeah yeah he’s like we’ll sell a kid then and so I found these guys were making catering kits which I was shocked I was there somebody making tater than kids and they partial for them they started shipping the shipping the kids for me and made over basically some about DVD episode was a kit and sure enough I started making way more money from every customer I came through which made it’s like they’re certified ads again and and for me into business so that’s kind of how this whole this whole craziness started as incredible so I mean and to think through just on that one funnel how many attempts you were on that one funnel probably make it profitable as a tongue I’ve watched multiple times sitting down in here

and you’ll go through and go oh we’re back in the day I tried this Oh remember every day I tried this and you’ll just pull all these stories of all these attempts you know that either went really well for a while or for some reason he stopped them or they were like they taint our you know and and you just kept going and trying to try and just ballpark how many attempts do you think it was once you the funnel was not not all the ones before that just fine so it’s interesting because I did is you know that we did an interview of Andrew Warner mixergy to drive our comedy club and so he was preparing for he’s like he sent some the old your old funnel a sense of context of your journey so I was like huh so I sat down and I spent like

two days trying to find him Oh back to the wayback machine which is his old web site archives old web sites and went back to all my domain registrar see every domain had ever purchased and bought not just domains I bought this is not like how many amazing box that’s in the thousands it’s like that’s way more it’s how many things were you actually had the idea built a logo had a product put up a webpage and a funnel had copy written headline like how many of those it was like 120 plus of those that we had dead gone to execution I gave him a whole word doc or a Google Doc they had them all it was like eight and a half nine pages of them and most of them back which in jesusí the old pages like I had no idea he’s

I did not write that’s how many how many times she made I was like oh yeah it was it was every month marks one of two funnels and at first I was really bad it’s like first one farm during the next embalming and this is pretty quick yeah I look like I’m in front page designing page it looks really bad because I don’t know use for a beige and then I said it’s like a coder guy I’m like hey here’s like 30 bucks you turn this like get this thing online somehow and then make the images to show up and then here’s my PayPal button and then no idealist things and so it was a painful hard process but it was like the

Clickfunnels™ Challenge: Christmas time

first ones in second third it was crazy because like most him didn’t work but every once while they did it like I remember it was my junior in college I just at the mirror wife about a year and it was about Christmas time and I did like I had marginal successes and maybe total total collected in my in my you know two years during that time maybe maybe 10 grand total collected right and I had a little list of customers and it was Christmas time and I was trying to think of like how do I get something nice and why for Christmas and I didn’t know all right so I put together this little offer I call it the grid cell as like it’s the grid –

so Christmas everything and I remember um in the copy of it on the page I was like hey you know this goes well my plan is my wife a new couch because you know long as I can’t afford it out he said the endergonic copy and yeah it’s like this is the plan and and I had a little I had an affiliate program stuff luckily I didn’t know the time I had like hey aside make 30% promoting the Grinch cell and the anyone’s gonna do it but it was set up just in case what’s wrong I email my list of like I know maybe maybe a thousand subscribers max right all right go out there there’s like 37 dollar offer they went up every day like went up by 10 bucks something like by right now there’s my urgency of scarcity cool launch this thing and and I sold I don’t know a couple thousand dollars worth when I was like this is amazing and then this guy did Carl Galletti

who’s on my list had a list he’s like he bought the offers like this is awesome so he said without even telling me sends an email to his looks like hey Russel Brunson’s got this cool British offer you should go buy it and anyway in the three days of this little monster to thirty thousand dollars in sales which is that’s more than like my teachers in college made in a year and I got year yeah three years I was like oh honey what to do and freaking out and so it’s crazy he’s actually close to sell down now when I bought the couch and then it took a picture my Wi-Fi on the couch and send it out to all the customers and it was crazy because those people were buying I people message like I’m buying this just because

Clickfunnels™ Book Launch

Clickfunnels™ Challenge: First Time

I want you and your wife to get that couch and like man it was so cool and that was the first like the first time I made like actually in college like 30 grand and and it was crazy it was funny cuz we talked about my it wasn’t a business was a promotion because after they stopped there’s like no cash afterwards as my wife was making her job and so I was like we had tens like relax she quit her double job and then and and then I was like trying to go what how do i replicate that and anyway that’s what that’s part of the journey to this amazing so I mean the the shell title is one funnel way you go through hundreds I mean you okay so with over a hundred actually put together and launched but I’m sure there were

hundreds others yeah somewhere there somewhere in that you know right before launch between you know buying and actually doing them I mean what would you say to people what was it that I guess for you personally that motivated you to keep moving forward to doing this because that’s a lot of tries and most people if a really hard time doing it after one fails and you’re like what’s gonna happen I think books will get stuck with the blue fruit of like I believe what works for Russell or something but I don’t think I can do it you know and I was the other way around like I saw other people doing I was like I mean I remember names Armand Morin alex mandossian Marlon Sanders like Yannick silver these are the guys who I was watching I’m like they’re doing it right and I was like they’re really cool guys there’s no way that much smarter than me alright so I just had perfect bleep like I’m gonna figure it out and so I was like okay

I’m just gonna keep trying twittering works ok I’ve nothing else going on so I’m try this one and this one and this one and this one and and was crazy the first couple they knew well but then it says it’s um snip one has a little bit success next one you do well hasn’t liked because you’re you’re getting customers I seen some customers alright and then ever my very core my other big ones my very first software products on zip brand is my first product in like the internet yeah like the marking word zip Brander and it didn’t do awesome but like it was my first big idea and it made a couple hundred bucks and then I remember I had decided for a product called forum fortunes I’ve had a programmer

coated it and then I took my little customer list and I promoted form fortunes and every ride my first thousand dollar day I was like that’s where they made it like multiple months before thousand or day and then the next idea was actually was a horrible I’m so stupid news called article spider I was like I paid a guy a couple hundred bucks and a single article spider and then I watched that and I would had 1,700 all day I was like look and like everything it completely got better and better I think sometimes people think one funnel way means I’m a dog and I thought like nothing that happens sometimes like right yeah nothing nothing I think twenty million dollars in six weeks thing but that’s rare right it’s usually it’s like each one’s a stepping stone to the next thing and the next thing is like you just starts growing and

Clickfunnels™ Challenge: Keep Consistent

eventually like if you keep doing it like you’re gonna have customers and people that eventually like your lists get big enough where it’s like I just tell people is like pushing a rock up a hill right and if you get the top then it comes back down boom the other side yeah it starts it starts growing so it’s just it’s just having fun and believing that that you can actually do it and then not being so stressed out they’re like oh this is you know I’m gonna be successful it’s like not like they keep your day job you’re so excited while you’re doing it right so you don’t stress that about money and finances and keep doing have some fun with it and be creative and then eventually like if you keep consistent for long enough eventually it’s gonna work I think that’s awesome and I look it even you describe it as perfect belief in yourself how

does someone get that cuz I feel like that’s the thing that people struggle with like you said the most also and I’ve seen that and they’ll come in and they’ll start creating their first fun or whatever and it’s not like it thought the models you’re teaching in one phone away they’re not new I mean they’ve been around a while they’re so they’re they’re a bulletproof I mean they’ve been out there forever it’s someone’s execution of the model that they really get messed up on and having someone cultivate that perfect beliefs the biggest from people as they go out initially and they’re

like gonna start business the excitement teller everyone hey my wife I’m gonna be rich hey mom hey and they tell everybody and then I was like now I was the pressure all right Oh like that’s scary you got a safe sex like say like it’s like you like it didn’t work or didn’t work I mean I that promise I think you know the same thing we tell everyone like like when I was a kid when I was collecting junk loan way back in the day I tell my mom and my brother sisters like I’m gonna be a millionaire this one’s gonna be millionaire my I remember the Mike mocking yay or Russell you millionaire you know like I try you know India makes you scared to try because that so for me like when I am rest on my business in

college I didn’t talk about it was just kind of like my side project is my side house when people asked matters dude what you know what I did for a living you know I’m just working some side stuff kind of learn this online business I never told them like I’m gonna be a billionaire my funnel is gonna be the biggest because then you have all the stress the pressure like instead like fell quietly cuz and if you fell like nobody even knows yeah that’s the biggest thing people understood understand like if you just put something out there doesn’t work like your own in the nose there’s no stress of it right and I think that’s the biggest fear people have a white adhesive moon from from taking that step is a belief in themselves but even more so it’s the fear of like what’s gonna happen if I fail I mean that’s that’s the scary thing is and so when you just kind of do it and do it on the side it’s you know you have to fear of it it kills all the pressure it

Clickfunnels™ Challenge: Whole idea

makes it way so okay so the one fun way challenge then just for some context for people were like watching and listening where did the whole idea of one funnel way come from and then the challenge also itself there’s two separate things they’re very cool so I’ve missed last 15 years all of the marketing greats and one of the the guys I had a chance actually interview once before he passed away which was crazy was Gary Halbert he was you know a legend called the prince of print and like he’s he’s like the he’s like the Babe Ruth of our of our world yeah yeah you don’t know he’s the man he’s amazing so I said a chance to interview him once but he he had he had a quote something said we said your your

one self let awaken me and rich and I remember reading that back when I was getting started and being really inspired by like that’s cool I don’t know what sells that it is like what products I kept late you have pretty things out and as someone with the very first product I had that made a million dollars I interviewed this guy named Vince James he was a 28 year old kid he made a hundred million dollars through some supplements to dress and I interviewed him and it’s funny because I interviewed someone to learn from him and the two years later I had this interview six hour-long interview I was like I should sell the synergy I never even thought about I was I turn all these other ideas and products and I was like

the interview is really good when people buy that I sold that interview and wrote cells that are for it sold it and in my first one ever made a million bucks my first two combo Club yeah or there was a to Kabul Club and everything I was like oh my gosh Gary Howard’s right I was one sells Larry I didn’t which one it was but that was the one that made me rich hmm and I had no that was gonna be the product they often I’ve done ton between there but that was the one that made me rich initially and I remember that that was the lesson for me and then fast forward now to phone-hacking live which is our big annual event we do every year a camera cruise was it the third one you were there with me we were right in the coffee oh yeah yeah yeah and they’re going and I’m trying to think of like yeah what’s the headline for for the event and also that I remember that we’re one sells one away from me and rich that’s like ask was like he’s your one

phone away from being rich and member I wrote that as a headline I being rich is like a cool thing but like it just so you guys know like I’m gonna fast-forward like two years down your journey it’s it really doesn’t matter it’s cool for like three seconds yeah you’re like no what am i cool yeah I make well you’re one for being rich like what else like what’s more meaning for me where you’re one fun away from that’s thinking about our customers like well some people they have a boss they hate to make your one phone away from firing your boss I was like that’s cool that’s local for a segment a lot of people that are existing business owners and try to take business the next level some like okay so delete that I get one phone away for more impacting lives we won’t find we had like 10 different variations of everything and like they’re all good but they were encompassing so I’d leave it as like one phone away I’m sitting back and my

Clickfunnels™ Challenge: New Career

chair just looking at the funnel looking at it and I was like bleh me that’s it one phone away like it’s different for everyone like everyone like it’s gonna mean something different everyone to like for for you it might be the one for life from quitting your job might be one for away from from you know starting a new career from from growing your business more like everyone’s got different things I left him more open and so I was initially it was and we get our hole hole Devastator one funnel way and by the way since then every front of like eleven still has always been being one funnel if he wasn’t anything like there’s no new thing that’s the theme it’s the promise like yeah because everyone’s different phase in their life I had times in my life where I’ve lived it was on the brink of bankruptcy and the fun was the thing that turned it around for him other times where it’s like my new books coming out and it’s the thing that

got my book into the hands of a hundred thousand people playing a bigger impact like every phase your life you’re always one fun away from the next thing that you’re you’re chasing right there’s always the next tear the next thing is so it’s been the thing that right for you yeah maybe we’ll change it someday but I don’t think we will that was kind of the the thing and then it’s become such a mantra side of our community and about a year and a half ago we started geeking out on challenge funnels things like that right we should do a challenge for people because we lost challenges how people have successful weight loss right like Rio and I’m gonna lose ten pounds I’m gonna do this challenge or shout or something I was over a period of time yeah it’s hard I find a pier time something there’s a start and an end day something you know it’s hard to like I’m gonna run a business for forever it’s like fighting of you is something that there’s a

beginning and an end with it with the tens words old like then anybody can do it yeah so we’re like well what should we do and it came back to like you have to how much my dudes like what if we did the one funnel my challenge and as well as things just like the age over-singing right is amazing and there’s so many things like with people that come into our community from so need for I mean we have you know I don’t think there’s many companies on earth to publish more things you know it’s like this out of this book or this podcast isn’t really there’s so much stuff happening out there yeah did you will come in sometimes is like I heard this amazing thing I want a funnel but you don’t

Clickfunnels™ Challenge: Foundation of Knowledge

have any of the foundational knowledge so you get a funnel you get software and you’re like this is awesome but I don’t I don’t know what to do or how does it apply to me yeah and so the one funnel my challenge is really to take all if I take everybody and then take them through a process where they understand the the core strategies that hooks story offer and the fundamentals and how to create a product and like and I can offer different student product and I offer and like and he actually created funnel how do you think funnel what kind of funny like just all the core fundamentals so someone comes in they go through 30 a process my time they’re done they they’re speaking the same language is they can now communicate any menarche in our community and like be on the same page instantly and so that’s what the challenge is and we started it initially about a year and half ago for and we’re recording this and first was like once every quarter we did it there was like once every six weeks and now it happens more often

because this become such a big part of it and you know Louie structural challenges you know it was like I came in and talked strategically here’s the strategy and you need to understand and the Julie story came in was like okay here’s the tactical it’s like gross we’ll talk about this here step one two and like show you in how to actually do it and you came in with you know kind of touching on both sides of those and also the mindset and like pushing everything and make sure you go mom I know we love you guys yeah and then now we’ve even added on top that we’ve got coaches who were like full-time job is to sit in your group and make sure you are successful it’s like it’s it’s insane for like it’s like a hundred bucks and it gives you everything to be successful like I’m spending insane amounts of money every month for you guys

come in and have a coach live coaches answering your questions make sure like just pushing you long to be successful and it’s been interesting watching over the last year and a half as moving Ronnie’s challenge it’s like people who come to ClickFunnels™ who don’t do the challenge their success rate where it is versus people who do things challenging how much more mimic how much faster they make how much success like it takes that one phone away trajectory and like who like takes it from like this is my journey to like this is my journey it’s pretty cool I’m jealous frankly the

people who have been able to you know to me like I would do pioneers appreciate for almost free like seventeen failures before I knew the funnel was and there was 17 more funnels after that even though it’s sitting next to you like think about that right this is oh my gosh yeah you guys have such an amazing powerhouse right there it’s ridiculous okay so you gonna make the challenge and people I mean there’s so many people going to tens of thousands I mean I it’s gotta be getting close to 100,000 mark soon which is amazing the impact is meant all over the place if kawatche people who’ve gone through multiple times do they go through once and it’s like they’re gonna go to get for the next funnel or for you know to fine-tune when they created the first one but it’s like it’s a thing that you keep going through just like the fundamentals in anything you know they I’m gonna favorite quotes is from Vince Lombardi said every

Clickfunnels™ Challenge: We sometimes gets excited

single year you come into the locker and first day of a gentleman this is the football that’s like this is like gentlemen ladies gentlemen this is the funnel let’s get back to the foundation I think sometimes in our world we get so excited by all the the bells of the whistle the funnels we never get like when it all comes down to it it’s these core principles that make a funnel work it doesn’t matter as long as you have them that’s the key to being successful so it’s just like to end here and close it up with it and looking back what all those principles are what would you say is like one of the the things that is one of the principles just over and over and over again and all the funnels hey if I don’t have this I won’t launch a funnel if I don’t have this the funnel won’t even work well it’s that thing that people can expect to learn in the one funnel a challenge and it’s kind of makes all the difference for you I think it’s one thing about me to kind of go through it

backwards so yeah the principle of hook story offer which is wheat straw this whole thing is big and I think you know one of the big differentiation is the thing that makes there’s like a website and the funnel or between non funnel hacker businesses yeah it starts with you guys hook sorry offer search the offer for I think most businesses start like here’s my product money to sell and say no no we’re like no you like you already felt like you step was creating an offer which again that we could spend hours you have three day events you run that just to make about the offer product it’s so vitally important understand it’s not difficult but it’s like we understand that it makes funnels possible you had an offer you can’t do it fun by doing she’s having the product so it’s understanding just a psychology how do you create an offer

we understand that it’s like when I haven’t often how do you sell it we need to tell story what’s the story and how do you tell us – how do you elicit the emotion you need to be able to get some toast or – to make that offer sexy exciting something actually wants it right now you’ve got that now you have the offering about the the the story that increases the perceived value the offered and what’s the hook sheets are out there to get attention right I think all of us are so busy saying people are on their phones a thousand miles a day just area going 2,000 miles out on the phone scrolling through the in their newsfeed yeah how do you get them to stop big wait Steven you must you stop them you get Mike you have the 10 she tell them a story and then you making the offer it’s like understand about those principles and then you’re weaving that into every step of your funnel you weave into your ad you weave in chill anything you even

yourself eight like like that that theme that framework is probably the most essential things we teach in the photo this one of the core things there’s a lot of like so much good stuff but when you when you match that and see how it weaves in every single step in the funnel and then what’s cool it’s like when something doesn’t work in your funnel you always wants one of those three things yeah my hats are working well it’s either your hook your story your offer okay I was working my landing page not converting well it’s either the hook story offer I peoplewe paste 100 ran for a day for consulting and I they come in at night my father I do mic well let’s there’s the landing page what’s your offer okay you’re so smart I’m like literally you can do this by home by yourself and you can now with the one phone away hundred bucks it’s so much fun it’s like I love this game it’s like everyday it’s exciting since just looking those things I understand

Clickfunnels™ Challenge: TV commercial

the better you get at these fundamentals you’ll get anybody’s funnel back oh yeah I’m sure that you do it all the time now but all of our one foing members that currently are getting better that’s like you watch a TV commercial I’m like oh so it was horrible oh that story was like oh yeah he didn’t have any emotion this right that offer was the worst yeah and I was cruising one of the guys into comical coaching program I’m afraid to find it or uh I’m not gonna find it but he he was walking down the boardwalk and there’s decide and it was like a restaurant and they had that actual offers like you come in right now you’re getting free drinks we have Wi-Fi men women’s bathrooms like all the set it was like this stack that the slides like this is an actual offer everything rustles they come by my hamburgers guys if you buy my hamburger you also get free water freaking bathroom

I fight it was just like and they’re recognizing it now to you and it’s just fun me start when you’re aware of the patterns are recognizing it when just are recognizing and other people think it’s easier to do for yourself and and it’s it’s the game gets fun and moldable oh my gosh this is actually playing it is so fun so but and because I click falls you have to go through front page and do all this you go through this you guys have a sociable I had to bleed Donnell’s I get was like we’re typing car fingers and then like begging

people who were smarter than me and paying them to like it’s so let’s you to three months process and then you go launch and you don’t even know focus and that amount of time to go put it out like oh my gosh yeah well we were before by the the three years prior to ClickFunnels™ we were on a pace where we would launch one really good funnel every quarter our cost will be 30 50 grand per funnel and then about one out of four funnels hit one out of four so it’s like you a failure failure failure boom million-dollar winner you know and some and some times it was like it’s like fail fail fail for know fail like like if we thought was a given we’re done like we’re our business then they fifth one would hit right then not that you know but that’s not was it was it was a gamble but it was like that’s what it wasn’t like

once a year we would hope for at least one home run that would pay for the bills for us the year and so that was like four years of that it was it was painful and so we bill ClickFunnels™ I can build a funnel in a couple hours we just like oh my gosh like it’s on like Donkey Kong yeah there’s no saving long I mean think about if you don’t know if you’ve taken the challenge to go to one funnel wacom to take it it’s a hundred bucks hey it’s not to make money this is for you to go in and actually yeah you should be your box it cost me almost hundred bucks like you get it work what’s an mp3 player like all this insanely cool stuff comes yeah this is this challenge is not about us I’ll make money when you start killed it with funnels and you pay for a click photo software in the future this channel is not where I make money this is where we give everything back to you to be able to serve you and give you success again you’re getting live coaching

you have full-time coaches who just sitting there in your members area helping you you got Stephen who is insane like pushing you training you coaching you like the best of the best is in here it’s interesting you know most internet marketing courses or anywhere from on the low-end 500 bucks most of their a thousand two thousand dollars yeah and none of them give you the fraction what you’re getting here inside of work for my challenge yeah guys thanks so much for joining we got a phone reading right now but honestly though thanks probably done I mean I think about it and I won’t lie I have totally wept over this because I’ll watch what he’s done and effect I’ve asked I’ve asked you before in the past as well like what why are you continuing to go you know what makes you keep moving forward and it is pure in to

help as many people as possible and to move the pace that he does he does not need to be doing that so thank you for that and the contributions you make to the world and you’ve totally changed the world helped hundreds of thousands of people now and just it now it’s this tree and these entrepreneurs go help this is what you told me all these entrepreneurs now they have customers and those customers go up other customers it just it grows and expand this it’s amazingly cool yeah it’s very very cool thanks so much as an honor to do this with me it’s the next day and we got you know have you on the show so no worry I’m grateful to you and your contribution to our community and you know those who know Stephen work next to me for two years before he went out on his own doing this stuff and it’s really fun to see somebody who pays attention and then does it and implements it and it was one of the jokes when you were

leaving your I’m like your best student button and I need to go like to go do the stuff yeah and it was so painful for me to like let him go around the world like okay go and then they decided to watch you two go and it hasn’t been like smooth sandy you got ups and the downs yeah ups and the bruises but then like now you’re sitting astride and I’m watching the people who are coming through like your world and how the lives they’re changing and it’s just like God so it’s so cool so I’m grateful for you man and just hear your how you’re taking these these concepts and evolving and growing them for different markets industries and you’re having the same attack man I’ve opened in a few years I’ll be able to

sit back and relax you’ll be taking this message I keep changing the world oh man challenge accepted Todd is being in so guys go take the one photo a week challenge go to one phone away calm make sure you grab it subscribe go to one phone away stories calm because what the rest of the show is gonna be is I’m gonna go interview and travel around talking to other entrepreneurs who kind of had you know because we all go kind of it sucks for a little while it’s it’s hard you there’s a lot of personal development got to go through and then eventually there’s kind of this hockey stick moment right and that’s what I want to go talk to the entrepreneurs about about their journey along the rest of the way so that’s what you can expect on the rest of the show and go go for taking the one phone away challenge it’s awesome it’s finite period we’re gonna push it you’re gonna love it it’s gonna change your life absolutely thanks so much man yeah thank you you you

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