Brian Page, 3 Secrets From The Fastest 2 Comma Club Winner

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Brian Page, 3 Secrets From The Fastest 2 Comma Club Winner – Funnel Hacker Radio Podcast

Brian Page is one of the fastest 2 comma club winners we have had yet. He created a funnel that did over a million dollars in sales in less than 60 days. He reveals his 3 secrets and talks about his actual funnel and how he was able to achieve “2 Comma Club” Status so quickly.

Show Notes:

-In less than 60 days Brian Page made $1,000,000 dollars through a site on ClickFunnels™

-How do you generate a million dollars through a funnel?

-Brian didn’t know how to do a webinar so, like all of us, he had to choose to learn

-Brian Page uses affiliates lists to expand his own

-Affiliates, they can be our connections to moving up in the world

-Your network is your net worth, wise words from Brian Page

-Funnel hack what others are doing that works so you can get your message out there


“I didn’t know how to do a webinar, I had never done one before. So I literally had to go home and figure out how to build a webinar presentation and I locked myself in a room until I could figure out how to do that first webinar.”

“It’s been exciting, it’s all happened really really quickly. But keep in mind I did work on this for quite a while before I made any real money with it.”

“I learned things at that event from successful people that were just like one or two “Aha!” moments where I’m like if I do that then I’ll break through. And that’s exactly what happened for me.”

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward welcome back to funnel hacker radio you guys are gonna freak out today this is gonna be one of the funnest interviews I’ve done in a long long time I want to introduce you guys to Brian Page Brian welcome to the show Wow Dave thank you it’s awesome to be here man I’m really excited I am so excited though we connected the genius network just the earlier part of November here and Brian was tell I’d heard about Brian’s story but I hadn’t put a name to face Brian is the creator of the B & B formula he is a two comma Club winner which is totally impressive and awesome as it is but the part that’s probably the coolest part is I think he’s the fastest to comma Club winner we’ve had yet and I believe Brian it was a less than 60 days is that right yes it was less than two months from the time I launched my my actual site on ClickFunnels™ do that is just crazy man it always cracks me up when people say oh you can’t be done it can’t be done I’m like any time you’re telling me that it’s because someone else is already doing it and you’re just sitting on the sidelines so congratulations and again that was started in July at less than five months or what do you out like 2.7 million is that right yeah we’re approaching three million in sales since the end of July yeah oh my gosh that is so crazy well tell people what is B and B formula well BB formula is an eight-week online video course training course that teaches people how to build a six to seven figure Airbnb business which is something that I did myself before I got introduced to click funnels and and so basically it walks them through in two months how to get up and running and how to do it without owning any properties whatsoever you can do it using other people’s properties which is you know something no one else teaches I just I’m not kidding you the part that’s so exciting to me every time I talk to you is like you are like the poster child for expert secrets total new opportunity no exact or teaches kind of stuff there’s a million different real estate get-rich-quick quazy type of things yeah but no one’s doing this and the the funnest part to me is the fact that you don’t own any the property’s no no I don’t and that’s the crazy thing I I have gotten I mean I remember okay let me go back because I remember I was at funnel hacking live and that was what beginning of the year I don’t know what when was the last one I didn’t remember the month February it was all a blur so February I went to follow hacking live and I remember Russell saying you’re just one funnel away and I thought well that’s a really neat marketing slogan but you know I but I honestly didn’t know if I believed it at the time and holy crap I mean it’s so true it’s like you know I had created this course I took six months I’m out of my life to create this course I did a big like a launch style you know Jeff Walker style launch and promptly sold about three courses so I was like at the point where I was like okay this is this I’m gonna I don’t know if I should keep doing this or I should quit and I said you know what I know I’m gonna meet some quality people I have a feeling I I made some quality people at this this you know funnel hacking live and I went there and I just could not believe all the people everybody i sat next to was just like making you know obscene amounts of money online because I would just ask people straight up how much he making how much you making how much I was just you know I was just really rude about it and everybody was doing well and I was like I can’t believe this and then the people got on stage that were the two comic club winners and they were like I don’t know fifty of them or something it took forever I mean all these people that were like there and I thought wow this really works so maybe I’m missing something and I got the pieces I figure out what I was missing I loved it I was actually checking miles here in our office I think you were number 161 or 62 so congratulations yeah we’ve got over 175 people have now made over million dollars using ClickFunnels™ and again I am so excited about your story because the part I love again it kind of goes back first of all a huge plug for funnel hacking live thank you if you if you have much your ticket for 2018 funnel hacking live get them because they’re going out fast you have to go I’m just telling you you have to go if you’re listening it’s it’s like ridiculous value I’m not getting paid anything to say this I’m just it changed my frickin life just the people that I met in that room it’s so worth I’m just telling you I got to go thank you and they did not tell me to say that by the way we don’t even have an affiliate program for fun of hacking life tickets no I the part I really was so impressed is you like many our other winners are just so willing to share and give and I think it’s part of the culture that we really strive to build a lot of click falls but if you don’t tell people kind of obvious you mentioned it you know it’s an eight-week online video training course but tell people about the funnel how how is your funnel set up what are you doing how you drive in traffic how do you do a million dollars in less than 60 days I mean that’s just crazy crazy numbers okay absolutely well Mike my product is a thousand dollars that’s what it costs to buy for the for the training course and when I went to the funnel hacking live I didn’t know what I was missing but I started going around asking people for their opinions and I was actually what I was doing is trying to approach only people that had the placard on that said you know they have a little ribbon around their neck that says to comic club member so I was like literally going around the room and just approaching these people hey let me tell you about what I’m doing let me get your input and I met some really really interesting people there one of them was Akbar Sheikh he was amazing and he told me he said you know dude you’ve got the coolest idea I’ve ever heard for a product of anybody here there’s no reason you shouldn’t go like immediately go make millions of dollars with this idea and but he said you’re missing one thing I said what he said you need to do a webinar and everybody kept saying webinar webinar webinar in in for higher ticket items and I heard that from the stage as well and I didn’t know what a webinar was I don’t know how to do I didn’t know how to do a webinar I’ve never done one before so I literally had to go home and figure out how to create a webinar presentation and I just literally you know I pretty much locked myself in my house and I didn’t do anything but figure out how to create that first webinar and and I had somebody reach out to me that wanted to JV with me to his list and he said I love your product this is right before I went to ClickFunnels™ and when I came back I created the whole webinar presentation the slide it’s about an hour and a half presentation and and then I came back and this guy you know I worked with him and we did our my very first webinar ever we sold about 67 thousand dollars worth that first night and I knew right then I was like okay this is this has changed and everything now I’m off to the races and that’s exactly what that’s exactly what happened and then the floodgates opened because everybody in the real estate world all the gurus reached out to me because they’re like this is new this is something we had never seen before and I mean big names like you know I’m working with Dean Graciosa now on a regular basis and I got to I got to work with Ron Legrand who was that kind of a big you know if you guys were in real estate you know who these people are he was a big you know guy on TV and did a lot of courses back in the day and and it just everything just changed and and so my funnel to go back to what my funnel is my funnel is simply a registration for webinar they come on that webinar in its hour and a half and then it goes straight into the sales page and that’s it that’s that’s the whole thing there’s nothing else to it now I do I do include coaching calls along with the course which nobody ever does so I do a monthly live coaching call with all my students and that is included for an entire year worth of coaching calls with my course so I give a tremendous amount of value for a thousand bucks I mean it’s it’s just ridiculous because I know people can make money doing what I teach okay you know that’s one of the secrets people always forget is the fact you actually have to have a good product I think as awesome as ClickFunnels™ is nothing is better than just having a great product an amazing hook and offer obviously and yeah the timing is just perfect I think it’s just fantastic to see and again I think the part I love as you take a look at your funnel is it’s simple it’s just there it’s simple it’s super simple people go no no no you need to have all these ups and down sales and all these cross sales and all these different ways of coming in now to plan I’m like if you take a little Brian it literally is it’s what like four pages total I mean it’s just I think it’s I think it’s three okay so they they go there there’s a short little video it says hey I’m Brian sign up for my free webinar they choose a time then it goes to the Thank You page and then that’s it and then later on they get an email and they click to the webinar and then they watch the webinar and that takes them directly a sales page to you right there are four steps and that’s it I don’t sell them I don’t sell them anything before I don’t have any small cheap end prop first at front end product I go straight into the the product but you know I can’t take credit I Ashley stole a lot of great ideas from people like ty Lopez and Sam ovens and you know other people that had done really good webinars and have done really well online I just you know even Frank Kern who I got to meet a wee about a week and a half ago I borrowed a lot of things from his webinar I just studied webinars and you know just kind of borrowed what I could and and then made it fit for my product and and ClickFunnels™ was the framework I think it’s fantastic so how are you driving traffic I have traffic from Facebook but honestly most of my sales have come through affiliates affiliates are very very powerful and I can’t speak highly enough about affiliates because you know you can tap into other people’s lists because I didn’t have much of a list when I started so finding people in in your niche or in your I guess in your space like real estate would be my space even though it’s technically not just real estate I was able to get a few of those people on board and then they referred me to other people and then it just grew from there that’s great did you do one with Joe McCall I did do all the Jill McCall he did very well that is sofa because he actually reached out to me I remember that so he started saying you went through all these webinars only I remember Joe Joe reach out to me he’s like Dave you’ve got to connect with Brian I’m like okay actually I actually Joe sent me the replay and I had my son Parker who actually does the all my show notes from my podcast go through it and he’s like dad I want to do this so if he hasn’t purchased it he will be purchasing it shortly here he’s got some other things he’s trying to finish up first but he goes dad that’s exactly what I want to do I don’t have to own any real estate and I used to do a ton of real estate years ago a lot of flipping houses and everything else but man you have to you spent a lot of money owning these assets and you’re dealing with basically the time value of money and it’s ticking on you all the time so no I thought it was just fastening it goes dad yeah I don’t have to own any real estate and I can make six to seven figures dad do you think this is is real I’m like well first of all it came from Joe McCall so I checked I would trust Joe with my life greatest guy in the world and so I’m like it I can guarantee you if Joe would not have vouched for it if it wasn’t and I think that’s the part that’s so cool about joint ventures especially when you start working with some of the big names that you’re mentioning these are people are well known and trusted so I questions is how did you connect with these guys well you know it just started with we have you know affiliates I got a couple good affiliates on board that did well and and sold well to their to their people and to their lists and then they introduced me to more people but it was just honestly this whole funnel and click funnels and this whole a product was just the tip of the iceberg for what’s happening now because all these people started reaching out to me that just out of the blue like a company approached me and said that they were doing a TV show for Netflix and they were considering me as the host of the TV show I had I had a company reached out to me that does live event so the largest live event company around the world and they do that they do live events for people like Tony Robbins and Dean gracio see and even kevin O’Leary from shark tank is one of their biggest brands and they said we want to build a brand around you we want to do live events around the world so right now we’re doing events across the US and about to go international and and next week I’ll be filming my infomercial which will be on MSNBC ecn CNBC Fox News so I’ll have a 30-minute infomercial on TV soon I mean it’s just it’s just gone crazy and I think it’s six months I mean it’s six months like Dean Graciosa is if you guys don’t know who that is he’s a very well-known real-estate teacher and just teaches on on success and you know business and he’s partners with Tony Robbins and a lot of big people and he’s been very very generous to helping me because he’s part of that whole organization and so he’s he’s been on TV longer than anybody except Tony Robbins doing infomercials so he’s producing my infomercial and that’s gonna lead in a whole nother funnel which will be live event funnel so so now the product is going into live events and that’s gonna be called be and be wealth so you can see how I’m just I’m owning the B&B name being B term and I’ve just kind of planted my flag I’m the guy if you’re into short-term rentals short term vacation properties Airbnb I’m the guy and it’s it’s been a whirlwind and and I think it’s just it’s been exciting and it’s all happened very very quickly but keep mine I did work on this quite a while before I ever made any real money with it so lest anybody think that they can do this in 60 days without having put in the work in the time it doesn’t work that way you do have to actually go create a quality product and do all those things ahead of time but I’m telling you the funnel is the answer the funnel is where it’s at you know I absolutely gosh everybody said there I’d be totally echo I it’s fun I I’ve known Dean for quite a few years now we’ve become really dear friends and we actually are working with Dean probably in 2018 okay the first ClickFunnels™ infomercial so we’re looking at Bill yeah that’s infomercials is interesting because very few people are doing them anymore they’re not there’s not as it’s not as crowded as a space as it used to be and so in and yes a lot of people are not watching TV anymore but still it still works there are still plenty of people that are on TV and you can do these infomercials for less than you ever could in the past and they work they just absolutely work that is so cool we actually are working with him actually his team when you’re referring to does the live events on creating a live event funnel you utilize some click funnels so being able to write so you might be one of the guinea pigs I don’t we’ll have it done in time for yours rolling out but no we’ve actually been toying around with that utilizing funnels basically from the infomercial or from radio or TV ads going directly into the funnel either through text or phone call or email or else or message or a whole bunch different things we’re looking at playing around with so it’s wow fascinating fascinating space live events are it’s kind of one of us again I’ve seen the cycle of live I was talking to Dean about this event at genius Network and just to see how everything comes and goes and live events were just dead for like gosh like from 2009-10 to like 2014-15 and now they’re starting to really come up and I mean we’re seeing the same thing in just in the Abed space it’s just it’s fascinating to see how people are trying to do different you know some unique things in in the live event space and also from radio and TV and it’s we were working with Brendon Bouchard on some other things that he’s doing so it’s it’s again it’s fascinating love seeing the funnel especially when you start looking in at the live event space obviously it always comes – you know what’s your cost require customer and what’s your average cart value – the main metrics we always pay a ton of attention to and so I’ll be very very interested in continuing to talk to you more about what your cost is to acquire customer and what your average cart value is on that as well for the B&B wealth that’s gonna be really a a new product we hopefully will have a you could be one of our first eight figure comic eight figure members here so I think you’ll you’ll crush it with that it’s gonna be a really fun have fun space well that’s interesting that you say that because we were actually just talking about that recently because I’m gonna be doing a launch so next year my product won’t be available all the time it’ll actually be a launch like or like what I tried the first time that didn’t work and so we’ll get everybody on board and we’ll pick one date and that’ll be the date that we promote you know a huge huge huge event and I think it will be I think it will be pretty big I mean we’re we got some of the people on board that that helped with amazing selling machine and that that did like I heard they did hundreds of millions of dollars and sales I don’t know if that’s true but they did a ridiculous amount in sales yeah it will actually wrap it crush yeah yeah yeah absolutely and some other some other big people as well Jason I got to see at at the event that genius Network so yeah so we’re we’re hoping that this is kind of like you know what amazing selling machine was for Amazon this could be for Airbnb and for Home Sharing and that’s kind of the direction we’re trying to go in so it’s very very exciting it’s it’s something that people want it’s something that people you know they know they can make money but they don’t really know how to build a big business doing this and so that’s that’s kind of where I step in I love it well as we get close to wrapping things up here what advice would you have for those people who are listening ok the advice I would tell you is that your network is your net worth I’ve heard that that’s not a quote I made up that’s what I’ve heard but it’s so true and everything changed for me when I changed my network and by that I mean the people that I know the people that I can personally call on the phone and these are the people that I met at the funnel hacking live event and I never would be able to meet those people get them on the phone have them help me give those breakthroughs that I needed unless I went there and actually met them and so you first of all need to get in front of a bunch of people a bunch of – comma Club members people that are successfully making money online you can do that at the at that event that we’re talking about which is coming up here in a few months and you’ll get to meet them and then you can get distinctions I mean I learned things at that event from successful people that were just like one or two aha moments where I’m like oh if I do that then I’ll breakthrough and that’s exactly what happened for me so I would say your network is very very very important and in getting those people getting to know those people and and there’s a great way to do that is live and then of course you know using a click funnel so you know using something to build everything on don’t try to get complicated and model other people look at exactly other people what they’re doing that works look at what I’m doing I mean I don’t carry funnel funnel hack me look at what I’m doing with my webinar and use the same thing in fact somebody just sent me an email and said somebody just copied your your webinar Brian that looks exactly like your your format and they’re selling a different product that’s okay I copy it’s a healthy that’s just the way it works right I mean I’ve seen people now that have used several people that have used the same verbage in the same style that I use and that’s fine I don’t care it’s it’s you know like Steve Jobs says you know good artists copy great artists steal Steve Jobs can say that that I’m sure we can all borrow heavily and and so that’s what I would say model people and build your network start meeting people personally and getting to know them and and invest in yourself I mean I spent a good chunk of money with some experts to learn from them and not only with ClickFunnels™ and going to the events but also just individuals that could teach me things quickly I wanted to buy speed I was the brother have somebody give me download all their information years of knowledge into my head in a matter of a few days and get that speed then to figure it out on my own and so I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars in myself and I think that’s very important as well man those are like awesome three secrets there first of all obviously number one network is your net worth number to attend live events and number three invest in yourself buy speed love that great takeaways well if people wanna get ahold of you Brian what’s the best way of reaching out to you yeah you can go to meet Brian paid com if you want to you know fight go to my direct site or you can go to B&B formula that’s B n is a Nancy B formula B&B if you want to see my webinar see my fun I’ll see how it all it’s all set up just register and you’ll be able to go through and see the see the entire presentation and those are the two main websites they can there’s contact information on both of those there’s also an 800 number you can call on the B&B formula site so you can reach out to me either direction either place and then I’m also I’m on Facebook and Instagram at B page ster B page s ter and I do a live vlog every week it’s just a you know business wisdom life wisdom talking about the books that I’m reading all that kind of stuff I do that every Tuesday in fact I just did one an hour ago so if you want to follow me there and get some free content there’s no opt-in there’s no sales it’s none of that it’s just I just give out wisdom and things that I’m learning and it’s a great way to learn from somebody who’s done it I love it gosh Brian thank you so much appreciate getting loved here and all your success thank you so much for all that you continue to share and give and I wish you all the all the continued success and look forward to seeing you real soon yes Dave and I will see you at funnel hiking live and thank you so much for the opportunity to be on here it’s an absolute privilege and I encourage everybody out there do not quit keep going you will get there and I wish you the best of success with what you do sounds great dad we’ll talk soon all right bye thanks for listening to puddle hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified anytime we release a new episode just subscribe over at Auto hacker radio com in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at funnel hacker forward slash free trial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car all you have to do is go to funnel hacker radio com forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening

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Brian Page, 3 Secrets From The Fastest 2 Comma Club Winner

Brian Page, 3 Secrets From The Fastest 2 Comma Club Winner