Clickfunnels Viral Video Launch Party Breaks World Record 😂

Clickfunnels Viral Video Launch Party Breaks World Record 😂

Breaking a Guinness Book world record, playing bubble soccer with the Ultra Spiritual JP Sears, a speech from Gary Vee, and all inside of Boise’s State University’s Smurf turf stadium? Sounds like the launch of Click Funnels Viral Video! Welcome to the largest launch we have ever attempted at Clickfunnels. We rented out the largest venue in Boise, BSU’s Albertson’s Stadium, to break a Guinness Book World record for the largest amount of people playing bubble soccer for the longest amount of time. We were joined by the likes of the Harmon Brothers, who created our viral video, and our Ultra Spiritual Life guru, JP Sears. We also flew in Gary Vaynerchuk to speak to our team at Click Funnels as well as the other 350 people we invited to the launch to do a special question and answer session about his entrepreneurship and marketing success.

ClickFunnels Viral Video Launch!

(guitar music) – Today is like the most exciting day ever, it’s finally coming together, we actually have our viral video launch. – It’s with the Harmon brothers, and we thought since it’s streaming live and hoping it goes well we might as well throw a big party, so. We have about 350-400 top influencers of the world who all flew from around the world to be here. – We could go on and on and on about everyone that’s coming. It’s awesome! – This is not cheap, either. This is the biggest facility in Boise. And we paid for it, and got it. Show everyone how awesome Boise is. – The Harmon brothers are gonna get up there and talk about how they create these amazing videos. I’m gonna speak about what we do, and then we’re gonna launch the video together, and then after that, Gary Vaynerchuk is coming to speak about whatever he wants to talk about. (laughs) – And then we’re going down on the Blue Smurf Turf and we’re having the Guinness World Record setting of the largest game of human bubble soccer ever in the history of the world. – Normal day, normal day. – It’s kinda crazy. I had one hour of sleep last night. (upbeat music) – What was the artist thinking when he painted this nude squirrel? – I think there’s some sort of symbolism going on there, that you should never stop growing. – Yeah, I made an offer for $15.3 million on this. They said they only wanted $43 and the frame was actually valued at $39, but I’m like, this is worth way more than that. – Alright, everybody, welcome to Boise! (audience cheering) I would argue that video is the most powerful mass-communication tool on earth.

Sharing Cat Videos On YouTube

In 2009, YouTube was this site you used to share cat videos with your friends. No one had built a company using YouTube at this point. Like any other human being, we’re struggling to figure out how to make things work and to be successful. But what drives us is finding the products and services that we love and that we’re passionate about and let that passion come out in our marketing. We are Click Funnels customers. We use it on a day to day basis. So we hope when we launch this video today, that that passion comes across. (cheering) – [Male voice] Like, if you want to win, there’s no way you’re effin’ Biose, Idaho if you don’t wanna win right now. (audience laughter) Like, when I think about who’s here, I’m like, these people are hungry! – There’s an elevation of the people in the room and that, you know, I got competitive, because I’m like, okay, this is not a Z-list crowd. There are people in here winning. – I want you to come to Baynard Media for a day. I’ll pay for your flight and the hotel. We’ll play bubble hockey and we’ll see what’s up. – I don’t really know what happened after that. I kind of blacked out. (audience cheering) – So last night, 10:02 PM, while we’re all at the office, everyone started screaming, and I was like, why is everyone screaming? So we all ran in and we had just passed the 50,000 member mark. – [Man Holding Microphone] Isn’t that crazy? (audience cheering) – [Male Voice] The coolest thing that I love about Click Funnel that I’m so passionate about, is that if we can empower entrepreneurs, if we give them a tool, it helps them to get their message or their product or their service out to more people.

ClickFunnels Guinness World Record Attempt

And it doesn’t just effect them, it continues to go and effects insane amounts of people. I didn’t just want a software company. I wanted to build community, I wanted to build a movement, I wanted to build something that was bigger than what we had. – Today’s matchup, ladies and gentlemen, Nude Squirrels vs. the Golden Prospectors. – My name is Philip Robinson, I’m an adjudicator with Guinness World Records, which gives me the authority today to declare this an official Guinness World Records title, if more than 50 people take part in the bubble football for the full 30 minutes, and they play actively, a Guinness World Record title will be achieved today on the Boise Blue. (participants cheering) – I’m pretty stoked, honestly. – I feel more comfortable without the bubble, that’s for sure. (participants cheering and laughing) – Yo, what do I think of the Zorb? It’s lit, bro. Let’s go. – Russell is not normal, nor does he put on normal events. – You can say something bad about my mama, but don’t you say nothing bad about Click Funnels. – I just like to let my violent actions do the talking. (whistle blows) (upbeat music) – He’s going down. (bubbles crashing into one another) – Magnificent Guinness World Record attempt, they are. Well on target. (rock music) – It’s official! – We actually set the world record, largest game of human bubble soccer, compliments of Guinness World Records. (cheers) (participants chanting in unison) (cheering) – So if you like making money, and aren’t a blind mule, go to and start your free trial today. (banjo music)

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Beamers, Benz, and Bentleys! Welcome To Two Comma Club X | FHTV Ep. 99

Beamers, Benz, and Bentleys! Welcome To Two Comma Club X | FHTV Ep. 99

We cover A LOT of ground in episode 99 as Todd comes to Boise to dole out gifts, Russell preps for Mother Funnel, the gang hits up San Diego for 2CCX and more. As Russell preps for Mother Funnel and the Spawn of Mother Funnel we see that not only does Russell present barefoot, but sometimes he needs a little rehearsal to really nail his speeches especially without a teleprompter… In an eventful trip to San Diego, Brett hosts the 2XXC event while Myles and Dave try to get some footage for Dream 100. Dave and Myles show up to an ‘exotic car rental company’ to find no cars, however, they do eventually find some Beamer, Benz, and Bentleys at O’Gara’s in La Jolla. Dave and Myles also visit Billy Gene and his company Billy Gene Is Marketing for a quick office tour, and we get a ‘face-full’ of Billy Gene. We also get a glimpse behind the scenes at the editing magic coming from Kevin Anson. Then finally, as the crew heads home they run into Stephen and Korbin as Stephen rushes home to welcome a new member to the Funnel Hacker family.

Welcome back to Funnel Hacker TV.

C- You know what, I’m just gonna burn it! (viewers yelling) – [Russell] Oh my gosh! – Look at the cute, cuddly unicorn. – [Russell] Oh my gosh. (Jim growls, viewers laugh) (pounding music) – What’s up, this is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to Funnel Hacker TV. Today, I’m here with Todd Dickerson– – Hey! – and Dave Woodword, and we’re actually heading to the new ClickFunnel’s office. Make sure to click down below, subscribe, follow, comment, turn on your notifications, we’re gonna have some fun. (calm, anticipatory guitar music) – Alright, after eight hours in a plane, 30 minutes in an Uber, and I don’t know how much other driving time, I finally made it to Boise! (upbeat music) ♪ Drop it. ♪ – Alright, we are, what is this? – We’re gonna give the other office a present. We’re gonna give them socks and mouse pads. – [Russel] Socks and meec pads. This is Santa Clause Todd. (angelic music) – Dropping off presents. (upbeat urban music) ♪ Come on, put in the work, work, work. ♪ ♪ Come on, put in the work, work, work. ♪ (arrow dings) – Just got a secret message from one of our keynote speakers from next year Funnel Hacking Live Event. I’m not gonna tell you exactly who they are, but if you can tell from their voice, here’s a little hint. – Yeah, Russell, let’s get that Click Funnels! And make this event happen! (laughing) Yeah, Russell, let’s get that click funnel! (energetic music) ♪ Yeah. ♪ – All those good, awesome folks who signed up for the 2 Comma Club X Program will be joining us. Those who are able to make it, they’re joining us in San Diego for two full days of training for our top coaches.

One Comma Club

(bright whistle-like music) – The funnel fridays is going on, check this out. – You know what, I’m just going to burn it! (viewers yelling) – [Russell] Oh my gosh! – Look at the cute cuddly unicorn. – [Russell] Oh my gosh. He’s so happy. (Jim growls, viewers laugh) (Jim growls) – Ellie will die for that. Please let me give that to my daughter for Christmas or her birthday. – Do a search for “feisty pets.” (bright whistle-like music) – We have the opportunity of going out to San Diego, and we’re going to start our first round of 2 Comma Club X. This is going to be a fun, exciting experience. And it’s really one of my favorite programs that we’ve ever launched because it really gets people from zero to six figures, and from six figures to seven figures, and from seven figures to eight figures. We just are gonna be rolling out a new piece here and that’s gonna be our One Comma Club, and that’s just going to be just killer as well. So we’re gonna get people that first thousand dollars. Once they make that first money, then it becomes real to them and from there it’s just onward and upward. Heading to the beach! (energetic pop music) – Alright, so we’re here in San Diego. – We’ve got all of our 2 Comma Club coaches here presenting amazing content and amazing systems that they used to help coach Russell and our whole team. – If you build out your tracking, ’cause that’s always a big question, tracking. If you build out your tracking, like I’m gonna show you in the system, then you’re pretty much just turn-key. Don’t even worry about tracking ever again because this will just have it all encapsulated into one, it’ll be really cool. (staff talking) (upbeat dance music) –

The Spawn of Mother Funnel

Today, everybody is pretty much gone from the office. There’s literally nobody back here because the rest of the crew is in San Diego at the 2 Comma X Coaching Program, and I’m stuck here working, meh. So, what we’re working on here is Mother Funnel, which has been, we call it Mother Funnel. First it was Super Funnel and then it kept going and going and it got so big, we decided to one day call it Mother Funnel. So Mother Funnel is almost done and then we had this stupid idea in the middle of Mother Funnel to have Mother Funnel get pregnant and we are creating what we now call, “The Spawn of Mother Funnel.” So this is what Mother Funnel looks like, which was like a six month project. And then the Spawn of Mother Funnel is born from it. It looks kind of like this and like this, and anyway, it’s been a lot of work. So Jake and Nick were here all night last night. I don’t even know, until… How long were you actually here until? (arrow dings) – 2:00-2:30. – 2:30. – [Russell] 2:30? – We stayed up ’til 12:30, we were about to pass out, and then I kicked on The Greatest Showman and- (laughing) – [Russell] We’re back. – A lot of singing, a lot of weirdness. – So now they did all the hard work and I have to go be the dancing cheerleader on stage talking about different types of funnels. You guys want to see what’s happening? I’ll take you through here, look at how dead it is in here. Alright, so take you back here into the event room and this is what’s happening. (arrow dings) The Spawn of Mother Funnel videos, you excited for these? – Yup. – Yes I am.

Use ClickFunnels to sell your products

Alright, so what’s happening is I’m gonna be showing different types of funnels. So lead funnels, and then sales funnels, and end funnels. Here’s my mini script I kinda wrote out for each one. Blah blah blah, I’ve got to ad-lib it ’cause Brandon won’t get me a teleprompter. So this is what’s going to be happening. So you want to use click funnels to sell your products and your services? Well, the good news is you’re in the right spot. Our members have used simple lead funnels like the ones I’m about to show you to generate over half of a billion leads inside their ClickFunnels account. (bright music) So, you want to use ClickFunnels to sell… So, you want to use ClickFunnels to sell your products, your services? Well, the good news is… What is the good news? Now, there are basically three types.. Two down, one to go. We’re obviously filming and apparently, you guys may or may not know, I started to try to lose weight again ’cause I’ve gotten fat since funnel hacking live. I have my little fit pal tracking all my macro, micros, all that kind of stuff. And then somebody today dropped off donuts. What!? Well these aren’t any donuts, these are fit donuts. They actually have in macros. I gotta figure out if I can eat any of these, or how many I can eat. Here’s the official lunch for today. We’ve got a my fit donut and a huge salad. I’m down three pounds from yesterday. So maybe three pounds a day for the next three days. That’d be awesome. (happy piano music) – [Todd] Alright, so here’s registration. Registration actually started last night, and what happened was, when they moved our tables, someone stole our tablecloth.

Two Comma Club X tablecloths

We actually had these cool Two Comma Club X tablecloths and someone ripped them off. Not a good thing. (high energy music) – Yo, this has been fun. So we’ve been talking about this and dreaming about this and finally. Literally, we signed a contract for this space in December, not knowing if anybody would show up. And you did and we appreciate that. Thank you so much for coming! Let’s bring to the stage Mrs. Julie Stoian. (audience clapping) Let’s give it up for Jon Parks. (audience clapping) Let’s put our hands together for– Steven Larsen Everybody put your hands together for– James Friel (energetic music) – [Dave] So, where are we headed off to, Myles? Right now, we’re headed to Prestige. It’s a exotic car rental place. Gonna go do some filming for our Dream 100, and Dream 100 letter we’re sending out. Maybe you’ll get one, you’ll see. Then after that, we’re gonna go see Billy Gene Marketing. Billy Gene, he is marketing, or so he says. (laughs) – [Dave] So he says. (anticipatory piano music) – Alright, so Myles has one job. (laughs) Just kiddin’ ya, we’re here in downtown San Diego. I said we wanna go, ’cause we have that Dream 100 letter comin’ up. I said, “We gotta go find some cars we can take pictures of and drive and all that kinda stuff and he goes, “Alright, I’m on it.” So we’re here at Prestige Auto. – Here we go. Lemme show you, “What is Prestige,” you might be asking yourself. We’re here. – [Dave] What? Do you see a lotta cars in there? – [Myles] I don’t see a freakin’ one. – [Dave] Huh, let’s see. – [Myles] Oh my God. – [Dave] Oh, there’s a good sign. Prestige rentals, luxury cars, yachts, rentals.

Kevin Anson

How ya feel about this, Myles? – So embarrassed, I can’t wait ’til this airs. (Dave laughs) Aw, son of a gun. – So now we gotta go find some cars. (sustained orchestral chord) – So it’s back-story time, Kevin. – Sweet, I love back-story time! Let’s hear it, Dave. – For those of you guys who don’t know, Kevin Anson is the guy, basically, who’s doing a lot of our video editing. (symphonic dance-music) (arrow dings) (music stops, Kevin clicks teeth) – So Russell and I are out here and Todd are basically shooting cameras wherever we’re goin’. But we’re having lunch here with Tyler and Tyler goes, “Hey, I know Kevin!” – Kevin and I grew up together. Little elementary school, here in San Diego, all the way up to Rancho Bernardo High School. – So what dirt do you have on Kevin? – None, nothing. – Nothing? – I have no dirt. No dirt other than he’s got a cool course coming out. I know that much. – So Kevin, basically, was one of those behind the scenes guys in high school. So you can just kind of allude to whatever that might mean. He was behind the scenes. (symphonic dance-music) – [Dave] We’re here at Billy Gene is Marketing headquarters Inc.’s headquarters. – So what do we got? – [Dave] (gasps) Welcome! Dave Woodward and Myles Clifford. Oh, check out Myles. Seriously, where is that picture from? – [Myles] That was my wedding. – [Dave] You’re wedding. – Yeah, I think actually, that’s my Facebook profile picture, me and my wife. That was a lot of weight ago, I gotta get back there. A goal. – [Dave] That’s the goal? (laughs) – You guys are live here in San Diego, in our headquarters.

Full Tour Of Billy Gene Marketing

This is where the magic happens, this is where we create all of our crazy-ass videos and just all the crazy things that we do inside our office. This is it, I’ll give you guys a full tour. You see the sign. THat’s how you know you’re in the right place. Why do we have my big-ass head here on the sign? Guys, marketing number one: Be remembered. So every time someone drives and sees my big-ass head, that’s how you do it, it’s branding, it’s free branding. It’s on the sign, too, so… (Dave laughs) So this is kind of the main area. This is where we have all of our morning huddle-ups. And then also, this basketball is everything. So people will shoot for cash, like if you do something tight and you make a shot, you could win a hundred bucks. Or win nothing, or bet against me and I’ll win money. (music drowns out chatter) We have five people, full-time, who do nothing, but create content. Make videos, short videos, long videos, story-tell. (music drowns out chatter) This is the customer support/marketing team. (music drowns out chatter) Now this wheel, this is actually… I think every office should have it ’cause it just makes it exciting. So we do wheel spins and when anyone does something tight, or like that was a great a move, or they’re super supportive to one of our members. Come in here, this is the sales pit, or the sales turf, I should call it. – [Dave] I love it, the sales turf. – And my favorite, upstairs. (music drowns out talking) This is the Xbox lounge. So this room serves no purpose outside for me to play Xbox and to have fun. So I do about 90 percent of our teaching up here.

Come down to La Joya

(music drowns out talking) (arrow dings) (music drowns out talking) And then we just painted this one green. So when I do need to film something in outer space, I can do that. Yeah, so that’s the office, that’s the BGIM headquarters. (settling urban music) – [Dave] Alright, Myles, so where are we off to today? – We’re going to a sports car company in La Joya. This is actually gonna be a real car lot. I’ve made sure this time, at least. I think, I don’t know, I have no idea. (resonant urban music) Down here taking pictures for our Dream 100 letter of all these amazing cars. Look at these, look at this, look at this. What is your dream car? Ya know, we actually just met with someone yesterday and he would come down here. Like five years ago, he’d come, he’d look at the car just to get motivation to work towards, something to work towards. And I mean being around this type of stuff, yeah, totally, I totally see it. These are amazing vehicles. – So if you’re ever lacking motivation, come down to La Joya and this is just a crazy, crazy place. Unbelievable cars. Check some of these things out. (resonant urban music) A few of us flew home early, couple different reasons. One is I hate to stay the extra night. Myles came along with me and when Myles was sittin’ there, we thought, “Well, hey, Steven and Corbin might as well come too!” Steven, what’s going on in your life? Oh, you know, wife’s probably giving birth. Literally, any moment. – [Dave] Crazy! – I’m waitin’ on the kid now. – [Dave] So we went through Vegas, Corbin goes through Oakland, and is here at the exact same time, even though he left a half-hour later. Alright, this episode is ending. Good night, Kevin. – Good night, guys. (upbeat synth music)

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Sales Funnel Not Making Money?  This is Why…

Sales Funnel Not Making Money? This is Why…

So, you have a great product, but your sales funnel is not producing the revenue you expected? Luckily, in this last episode of our Marketing 101 series, we are teaching you how to write sales copy that will convert visitors into buyers. We also show you a hack to get your copy created fast! This aspect of selling online is often overlooked but it is hugely important! If you don’t have great sales copy, people are not going to engage with you and your products. If you had a physical store, you would engage with the customers and tell them why each item in it is great. The same logic applies to website copywriting. For those of you that have trouble coming up with good sales copy, you should check out Click Funnels sister software, Funnel Scripts. This software helps you create amazing sales copy in minutes. Plus, we include training so that you can learn the ins and outs of how to write sales copy.

Last step in your initial funnel education

(thuds) – All right, welcome back, now we are moving on to the last step in your initial funnel education. And this is one of the most important, yet one that people understand the least. And it makes me laugh because, if you look at traditional selling a product or a service, like people know this, it’s how do you sell the product or service, right? We call this online, inside of our phones, we call it copywriting. It’s the words on the page, the headlines, the words in the video, the words on the webinar, like all those things, it’s the words. And it’s funny because in traditional business, let’s say you are starting a vacuum company, going door-to-door selling vacuums, right? If you come to the door and you knock on the door, and you’re like, hey, I got a vacuum, it’s 800 bucks. Nobody’s gonna give you money for that, right? Yet for some reason, in our funnels, that’s what we do. We have a picture of the thing, and we have the price, and an order button, and that is not how things are sold, right? If you want to make a lot of money selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door, you hire a really good salesperson to go in and sell the product, right? And good salespeople can make a lot of money. And so, inside of our funnels, right, we have this value ladder we’re taking people through. We have the value at each step. We have the offer at each step, but the last piece is we have to sell those things. We have to actually sell them. Just because you have a picture of a vacuum cleaner with an order button, nobody’s gonna buy it, unless you actually sell that thing.

If you haven’t read the book Expert Secrets

And that’s when the disconnects for some reason, people know offline, but they forget when they come online. A couple things I recommend, number one is if you haven’t read the book Expert Secrets, the reason why I wrote this book was because a lot of people, after they read the DotCom Secrets book, they understood, like, funnel structure. Like, okay, here’s page one and page two, and here’s the right order and those kind of things. And I watched as the Click Funnels community started building amazing funnels, but so many people would drive traffic into those funnels, and they never made any money. And they come back to me like, Russell, why is this not working? You said funnels are the greatest things in the world. And I look at their pages, and literally it’s like, glanny pages, the picture of an e-Cover with an opt-in box I’m like, what’s that? They’re like, when they give me the email, they get that. I’m like, you, like, I wouldn’t know that. Like, how’d they do? Or they have, again, they’d have their product, with a picture of their product and a $300 order button. It’s like, you need to sell the products. And so, the reason why I wrote this book was to help people understand how do you sell things, how do you position your offer, how do you make an irresistible offer, like, what are the words and the phrases, and how do you tell the stories in a way to sell your product? And so, I recommend getting this book, if nothing else, to understand, like, how to put all the words on the pages the right way. Okay? Inside this Expert Secrets book, some people think this is only, it’s only for, if you wanna be selling information products, but the concepts in here are true for whatever it is your selling.

Understanding how to tell a story in a way that sells

Understanding how to tell a story in a way that sells your product or your service. The best salespeople, online and offline, are people that are really good at telling stories. And this book walks you through how we tell stories, the story structure, all those kind of things. So if you read this, it’ll help you understand how to actually present your product in the right way without having to learn all the techy, copywriting stuff that’s, honesty, it’s really hard, it’s kind of confusing, and to be completely honest, it’s kind of boring. The Expert Secrets book will make this exciting and live for you, show you how to tell your story in a way that gets people excited about buying your vacuum cleaner, or your coaching, or your consulting, or your supplements, or whatever it is that you are selling. So that’d be number one. Get this book and study the sections on how to tell your stories. Number two, Jim Edwards is one of our partners here at Click Funnels. He went through the DotCom Seekers book and took all the sales scripts in here. He went through the Expert Secrets book and took all the sales scripts and storytelling scripts inside of here, and we created a separate company and created a software program called Funnel Scripts. What Funnel Scripts is is a really cool tool, where you’re like, hey, I need a headline for my page. You may not know what to do or like what to put in, so you answer four or five questions, you click a button, and it’s going to pop out, like, 150 of the best headlines in the world, wrapped around your product, and your service.

Copywriting is the key to make these funnels tick

If you’re like, I need a video, but I don’t know what to do, you fill a couple of pieces, you click a button, and boom, it gives you an entire video script. It does all of the scripts and the copywriting for all your pages are done in there. And, it has helped so many people save so much time and have so much success. It is an external product here, you don’t have to have it to be successful, but I recommend looking through it and getting a copy ’cause it’ll make your job so much easier. I’ve seen people, who in the past, would spend four or five weeks trying to write all the copy in their funnels. Get that process done in like an hour, hour and a half sometimes. And it’s very simple, and it’s very easy. So that is a shortcut that’ll dramatically speed up your success. But the copy is probably the most important part of the funnels. And you’re selling everywhere, you start at the ad, right? Someone sees the ad, they’re like, “What’s the copy on that, what are the words, “what are things that get people to click on the ad?” Then they come to the first page of the funnel. What are the words that get them to want this offer, so you can provide value to ’em? Then they opt-in or whatever, they go to the next page, it’s like, hey, what are the words that make them want this offer, so they get value, so they want the next thing from you, and that’s the last piece. So, it’s so vitally important, I want you guys to understand, copywriting is the key to make these funnels tick. It sort of lights them on fire, it gets people to take action when they come into your process.

You’re just one funnel away

And, you know, we have a philosophy, a motto, whatever you want to call it, here inside of ClickFunnels, we talk about it with our customers all of the time, you probably here me talk about it, but it’s the concept of you’re just one funnel away, right? And, the key to making that funnel hit is this, it’s all the pieces we just went through. It’s understanding the value ladder, creating offers, having the copy. Like, all those pieces, those are the keys. And one funnel, again, you hit one funnel, and it’ll change everything for you. And so, I want you guys to understand that. With that said, I hope you enjoyed this training and congratulations, we’ll give you your badge now and now it’s time to get your funnels profitable and making you some money.


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How To Make $100 A Day Online With ClickFunnels Funnel Fridays Episode #50

How To Make $100 A Day Online With ClickFunnels Funnel Fridays Episode #50

One of the questions I get asked all the time is How Can I make 100 Dollars Online Even If I Have Little Or No Money. Well, that is exactly what we answer in today’s Live Stream. We don’t only tell you what to do but we show you exactly what we would do if we were just starting out and needed to make at least 100$ a day in the next 30 days! Today’s Funnel Friday is to celebrate 50 Episodes!! We will show people how to be an affiliate for the new using their ClickFunnels Account – how to add something to their offer to make it unique and useful. Basically, we show them how to create an affiliate “bridge page” for the 30 Days site by adding their own bonus or at least pre-framing what they are about to see. I think it’s simple but effective and a cool way to play up the new offer.

50th anniversary

Hopefully we’ll have an Instagram and YouTube but not Facebook place it’s broken hey um where Jim go I can’t do final fries without Jim wait maybe if I get out my Batman lie and I shot it in the sky I can get him up here the battle signals being shown I’m here Russell we’ve got Jim we saw a Facebook yet but we got Instagram I’m here to save us all oh man hey Jim what I wrote today it stays a special special day today’s our 50th episode of funnel Friday’s this is amazing it just came to me all of a sudden it sounded really good it really did thank you I love the glasses on top of it like that just adds to the bee everythingness of it yeah well I do what I can but I have to be able to see Facebook so Facebook use missed it we shun the bat-signal and mr. Jim came and today is our 50th anniversary our 50th anniversary congratulations our 50th show we’ve administer 50 consecutive wins well not really it’s something I heard from my friend Myron golden he said most people aren’t willing to be bad at something long enough to become good at it and Jim I think we’ve been bad at the song that we’re finding you can get at it 50 isn’t good at being bad oh yeah so consistency my friends we first started the show I was telling all my inner circles like it’s insane I was like indirectly if we don’t really sell stuff directly but I indirectly how much money comes from there something everyone should start a weekly show and I told everybody that you guess I mean you’re still doing it now two years later none of them none of them just us so there you go consistence before you do something long enough you become good at all right

so yeah Batman does that make you Robin today no okay for baby Thor well you can be thor milli clean up after he but I got a Thor so I got every superhero mug at my house and my wife got tired is the entire house is full superhero mugs and then I saw today the Thor mud to order it to the office because she’ll kill me if I haven’t bringing a superhero mug but now I got he’s alright so I can be forward today that if you’re Superman okay I’ll be Robin okay I’m Robin all right you’re Thor Thor words voice isn’t quite that way that ends the golden locks but you’re okay so what are we doing today we’re all good muscles get on so it’s day we are gonna build some funnels and kind of like I think I’ll tell you about what happens soon yeah as you guessed errday we launched 30 days calm I did it’s like it’s like coveting the hard copy of that book it is and say yeah it’s ah do we have them here uh so extra milk you got the hard down the thirty days with sorry the hard down 30 days book um so with that photo ID yesterday it’s going insane the stats the numbers on it are probably one of the best funnels we’ve ever done ever which is crazy I’m really excited about so those who’ve been participating in it it’s it’s gonna be insane it’s 30 days calm with 32 comma Club members basically map out a 30 day blueprint they lose everything today what would they do in day 1 day 2 day 3 and they and they map out the whole thing and it has rebuild their business rebuild their businessman ground up do you remember Joe Kumar I do is he out of jail yet I don’t think

The One Funnel Away Challenge

so anyway he had this urge like that 15 years ago I bought the court the book from back in the day and now 15 years later we’re bringing it back from the dead so this is what the book looks like it’s actually the real the book this is this was the the sample print the final one will be this fat though it’s 550 pages oh goodness and he open it up and it’s got everybody’s 30 a plan like here’s Trey Whelan’s like what would I do day number one I would do this he’s like day number one I do this then day number two I would do this day number three and goes through all 30 days but he would do is go from zero to hero if all he had left was a clip phones count and then you got the next person the next person in anyway hard bounds gonna be amazing so so that’s 30 days right now it’s home I would live yesterday it’s been selling like crazy we have tons of affiliates living big Philly contests we’re paying out a 100 percent commission so on the upsell basically is a hundred dollars to join the one funnel wait Challenge where me and Steven Larson and Julie are gonna be yelling at you and pushing you and force you to your funnel done this is gonna be awesome it’s a hundred bucks and then you get the hard bound book and and we’re paying Phyllis 100% of commission so I get paid nothing on it we’re just doing some want to serve people so that means there’s a huge opportunity for everyone listening to be an affiliate and make a crap ton of money by saving your friends and giving them the ability to change the world so that’s why I got nice

The power of click funnels and funnel scripts

so what we’re gonna do is show you how using the power of click funnels and funnel scripts you can create what does it amounts to your affiliate bridge page that you can use to create your own unique offer to go along with this offer as an affiliate so that you can just not be another me to offer but create your own value add value to it and combine it with the value that Russell just described to you and it’s just going to be this giant value lollapalooza and it’s gonna be amazing so Russell one other thing that we want to tell people is by doing this one of the cool things is that they’re gonna be able to cannibalize excuse me model pack some of the copy that you’ve already done so this actually couldn’t be any simpler what we’re gonna show them how they can do is awesome and actually this is the first sales letter I’ve written in a long time I wrote most of the sales letter Karen attacked him along with me and the shoes of the episodes are so by that but home page and really proud of it so just just saying alright start a countdown clock so we got 20 minutes to build this puppy out you want to tell them what you’re talking about cannibalization my golf little page they can see the 38 page okay so what most people think about and we talked about this in funnel scroge but most people think that if you have to create an email if you have to create a sales page if you have to create ads you have to create teasers all this different stuff that each one of those is a separate thing that has to be created individually

Russell’s already done all the heavy lifting

when we talk about cannibalizing copy or hacking copy basically Russell’s already done all the heavy lifting and unless he loses his mind in the next 24 hours he doesn’t care if you hack his copy that he already wrote because you’re going to use it to sell his product so any headlines you need bullets you need any anything you need other than your own spin and your own bonus are already done for you you can just model what Russell’s already doing hard work right yeah we killed ourselves on this page it’s converting insanely well so you know it works soon right so your your job as an affiliate is to get people over to this page as fast as you can in a way that has them set up to want to sign up that’s the whole point of doing an affiliate bridge page so in my mind I don’t know if you want to draw this out to just kind of show people yeah what what you think what you think you would want to do but if you were an affiliate promoting this page Russell what do you envision your page your bridge page would look like just keeping it as simple as possible okay I’m gonna open up a paintbrush here and I’ll just doodle it here kind of getting bigger the canvas size how big big we’re quick big a fire um dignify that not work I’m wasting my time trying a bigger fighting this let’s go draw its mollify small fight now crap alright nevermind we’re doing this besides boring narrow and deep so if I was going to do some of this so here over here is the 30 days page that you are promoting right you don’t have an affiliate link it’s very easy to get one

Create a really good offer

all you do is go to and the very top here there’s a button says affiliates you click on this button right here and then you can join our affiliate program I’ll we need for our video here the video the affiliates but if you’re already a clickfunnels affiliate you can go into your regular click tunnels affiliate account and grab your link there yes very true already affiliate then the link is there alright so then we have to do basically like Jim said we’ve already done all the hard work the coffee steps here so you’re looking at this thing okay now if if and I’m always thinking about when I’m an affiliate like what’s the offer so we already know like I create a really good offer but now you’re competing it’s any other flew wants to so how can you Inc big how can you make this offer even better it what can you do on top of it so you come back you build a bridge page there’s couple these new bridge pages leave you opt in and then bridge page or just straight bridge page on this one honestly I would just do straight bridge page I know that that’s I know that you talked about you want to build the list and stuff but it just in this one it just feels like to me I don’t know uh uh you could do it either way but my thought was just to do straight up just bridge right to it okay cool so here’s the Facebook ad over here right and then you’re driving from Facebook ad over to your bridge page so your bridge pages basically um it’s it’s like it’s really simply

Hey Russell Brunson you may have heard of me

I’m basically trying to figure out like or tell them what it is like here’s the hook right so I already told you the hook is like what if you were suddenly lose everything so if you I’d be like in that case how does this hook tie back into my world in my life and so some of you guys are spot where right this is your reality like I just lose everything I complete Bankrupt and broke whatever and and so maybe it’s you say like I’m gonna be a recorder I’m gonna go on this journey with you and say look guys there’s this thing’s like I would like you said you can hack this stuff so they take Russell’s headline and bring it over here and bike you suddenly lose everything dot that dot what would you do right you see you model my my headline I would I wouldn’t model that line I’d steal that headline and just reach the top frickin page and then I have a video of here talking about like bridging the back gaps to call us a bridge page cuz you’re bridging the gap right right just like hey Russell Brunson you may have heard of me for your big thing called clickfunnels it’s really cool in fact recently he was number 76 I’ll be 500 sorry I just happen to have a scene in my desk for click funnels he’s helping people build all these funnels where’s the dis camera okay so we can tell people that now I think so yeah okay this in the new stands where we’re sending 670 something anywho so like there’s they’re killing it and tons people making money with said funnels and I’ve always wanted my I always struggled so I wouldn’t got these 30-day plans as awesome not to have like step by step with you for 30 days

30 days dotcom summit

they give the whole thing way for free and so what I want you to do is I want you go sign up for it it’s get it for free through my special secret link and and when you sign up but the coolest thing is on the next page after you sign up they have this special offer where you pay a hundred bucks and and what you do is you get to be part of this challenge called the one fun away challenge plus you get this book and how much other things that’s amazing so what I’m gonna die leaving special offers if you join the one funnel way challenge to my link I’m gonna give you not only we get all the stuff Russell promised you so here’s need to make my little stack slide you’re also gonna get boom then what what value can you add I’m gonna do a secret Facebook group or me and all people signed to me are gonna go together and we’re gonna hold each other accountable or do daily calls throughout the challenge and make sure we do it and number two I’m gonna go funnel have twenty cool funnels in the Oval blah number three I’m gonna use go make a special offer why some should buy from you versus everybody else and then you got a link does that them over to your feeling to go sign up for the program and that’s it that’s in a nutshell yeah so so I would create a super simple one just let’s I actually essentially the link I used if I’ll show it here one of the one of the scripts that you can use to create your video as always is the who what why how script and so literally what I did and I made this on one of the presets one of the examples now in in funnel scripts I worked on this this morning took me about 20 minutes to do this but basically it’s for the 30 days dotcom summit and basically it’s you know what are you offering to sign up there I mean basically you’re getting free summit access

Big fat Super Bowl ring for the million dollar club

I mean I didn’t even get into the 100 dollar thing on the back end of it but I mean I got to tell you I was actually sat and I should am i showing the right screen or you not seeing that meteor some screen that’s not showing the right one hey guys you see how I got my little dream building thing going of somebody else’s big fat Super Bowl ring for the million dollar club yeah I already got it two comma Club I want the 10 million won so so basically what I did was back to this we’re using the who what why how script I filled it out not for my product but for Russell’s product and it’s actually set here as a preset four so final scripts users can can just load it all in whack the button and then what I did was it’s not a physical so I used I used the digital product offer one and I went through and I kind of edited it so this was my first draft and then I recorded it and actually just sent Russell the youtube link of the recording that I did this morning for it so rather me reading it to you twice once he gets the page kind of done he can throw that in there and he can throw it in the page and you can see it but I mean everything else yes we used the power of funnel scripts for this but the cool thing is that we anyway um I want to get back over to you oh the cool thing is that Russell old he did all the heavy lifting that’s the big thing I want to get across here is that the all the sales copies already done all you got to do is just figure out what you’re gonna do to sweeten the deal and then tell the people to go click over on the link that’s one of the reasons why I was saying that we ought to do do it just as not not even doing it to make them opt in because that’s like the simplest lowest-common-denominator thing

I literally just basically model the headline

I mean this what we’re showing you here literally you could have done in 20 minutes 30 minutes you could be running traffic I’m moving it 11 minutes in two seconds there you go so I’ll be quiet now that’s what we got no I’m good boom such a I took the template off the shelf I’m throwing it up here sudden lose everything I’m throwing this guy right here wouldn’t you looking guy who’s that who’s that dude make this white so I literally just basically model the headline cuz hey it probably already worked probably one thing I want to stress Jim said like I I’m okay you guys do this cuz you’re probably my product if you like made your own product and my headline ooh I mean you’re pissed yeah and I’ve had people do that before and it tends to make you feel badly towards that person it makes you want to cancel their affiliate account forever yeah alright I’m throwing in Jim’s video we made right here so there’s this video copy I love where you paused it there yeah I think I saw I’m in a really cool Batman mask and he looks too nerdy this block right here now I’m gonna talk about what my special art do you make a special offer in your video Jim yeah I did actually and what I said was that I would give them I I would give them what I would do in 30 days cuz I’m gonna give you my 30 day blueprint they’re baked I give you my good stuff 30 yeah he asked we want thrown here to up the offer even more make the thing as sexy as possible um cell phone number you know I mean depending on what what you were trying to get done you could do you could offer him a 30-minute consultation you’ll jump on a zoom call with them and talk to him about their own offer and fun own stuff and if you had some sort of a back-end offer that you could make for coaching or something I mean I don’t know it was funny about that so this is back back in the day

Adsense was like the thing

back with Adsense was like the thing oh yeah so I had a friend who he there’s all these people that he’s absent software basically you’d you pay 100 bucks 20 bucks it’s like you’re a traffic equalizer and all these ones I go out there and they were like scrape the internet and throw a bunch of crap websites that made you ton of money yep and so uh he would do it like everyone’s buying ass off from knowing how to do it so he then went made a bunch of training videos just like this and said hey by traffic geyser through my affiliate link and I’ll give you all my training videos showing how to do it and so people would go rebuy the software gaining they bought once they want all the videos they rebuy it then come back then he give them all the videos they like then like thought you know form to get the videos fell the form and then he call him on the phone he sell coaching for like 10 grand and coach them through how to do it and he made this whole huge business just of giving away the training videos as an affiliate for the offer and then selling coaching to teach people how to do the offer on the back end and he crushed it with it so and you know people watching this you could do that exact same thing with funnel scripts you could do it with click funnels you could do it with any software and nobody would really care as long as you weren’t confusing people about who owned what and whether you were affiliated or not gasps look I think it looks cool I mean that yeah okay so I’m gonna check

The autoresponder will do it

oh actually I don’t want I’m gonna do I’m gonna come here if you click on the button here there’s just cool image throw image to demo image demo I wonder if something one here’s a cool little secret thing for you guys when you have if you do heat maps on your stuff people click on images like crazy yeah and so what I do a lot of times is like we have our buttons here that do something right so the button will continue to my affiliate link I’ll make the images do the same thing too if that’s like a pop-up I’ll make the image click a button it opens a pop-up cuz people right there clicking on all sorts of weird crap so might as well like make it let’s see this is kind of cool do I need to get them how many the contact side you tell them like step one go and do the free theme yeah and then step step one go sign up here step two and I would have it pop in a new window and step two would be send me what I said in the video was forward me your forward me your confirmation email when you sign up and I’ll and then I’ll get you my case study so in effect what I’m doing is I only want to get the emails of the people who actually sign up I don’t care about the people who are gonna who are gonna sign up with my thing and then not sign up with your thing does that make sense to Jim at Jim’s like you could set it you could set up an email I mean you could set up a gmail account with an autoresponder if you wanted to that would just basically be like you know 30 days dot-com Jim offer at because it’s just for that as I look it looks good and if you really wanted to be lazy you could you could have your bonus be on an autoresponder and ninety percent of the people are just going to be totally honest and they’re just gonna go forward the thing to you and you don’t even have to have your team do it the autoresponder will do it so on the buttons and stuff you know that should say continue to step one shouldn’t it step 1 sign up here that continuously for 30 days calm no yeah no we’re like a little yeah you know it’s cool all right

What these million-dollar 2 comma Club Award winners would do?

you watch your video sure okay I’ll see if Jim sold you guys or not he Jim Albert’s here and I’ve got a free training for you called 30 days economy 30 day marketing planning for unlimited success that’s going to help you specifically with how to build or rebuild your business based on what dozens of people have done to create million-dollar businesses if you’ve been struggling with the fact that you’re starting with no list no traffic no product no website then you need to attend this free summit because among other things it reveals how to follow what these top achievers would do if they lost everything and they had to start over again from scratch so you can literally build a rebuild your business based on what these million-dollar – 2 comma Club Award winners would do if they had to rebuild from zero just click the button below to get all the details it’s free to sign up and you’ll get your own unique access codes to watch all the different interviews where they like everything else where you step by step day by day there’s no catch I’m telling you about this because I want to help my buddy Russell help as many people as possible for free succeed with your own marketing funnels especially if you’re starting from scratch all you need to do is just register with your email address there’s no credit card required you should sign up right now because it’s a limited time offer to be able to watch these amazing step by step interviews for free and as a special bonus for signing up through this link I’m going to share with you my step by step 30 day plan for what I would do if I had to start over again from scratch with nothing but a computer internet connection and an ID in my head

30 day marketing plan for unlimited success

I’ll give you free access to that when you sign up using the button below once you sign up for free just forward me your confirmation email to the email address listed below on the bottom of this page and my team will get you the information out on how to access the bonus so just to recap you’re going to get access to this free son at the 30 days calm your 30 day marketing plan for unlimited success that will help you build or rebuild your business based on what million dollar – comic level word learners would do if they had to rebuild from 0 which means you can finally stop struggling with the fact that you’re starting with no list no traffic no product no website so just click about it and sign up and I’ll see you on the inside boom there’s funnel scripts at its peak you filled it out and then you read it yeah I mean now well I modified it some but that you know was yeah that’s basically what I did guys that was like the easiest funnel ever and this thing using me super profitable for everybody so it’s smoking cool I need you to share that with me so I can just use it I’m just gonna put my affiliate link in I’m done bro finished great job man good job companies I’m gonna take this image here I’m gonna make it the tweak to it I got a minute left I’m gonna turn I’m gonna tweak it social images now that bun oh yeah I think my Batman voice is crossing over with my Clint Eastwood voice I’m not sure Jim Edwards hey save all right check that out so I’m gonna share from us so everyone who this is your first night photo Friday photo Friday is calm you get this plus all other 49 episodes this is our 50th episode those who are who are first-timers there and then also for almost every almost every fun we build we give them a share phone link so later today if you go to funnel Fry’s calm and this episode will be the sheriff on a link so I’m gonna give it right now and Nick will post in there and then you guys can click on this and now you’ve got your own share funnel for this contest

Over six-figures in affiliate commissions in less than 24 hours

you start fluent your friends your family run ads to it and change the world and switch out the video and instead of promising everybody my bonus yes definitely Sofia so and there we go great job buddy that I mean that that really this I know in the cool intro video that y’all made you know sometimes we do it and sometimes we don’t but we did it today man that thing looks good looks really good it’s like easy I think while times we think we have to like go through pain to make money it’s like sometimes you don’t you just have to like make a landing page make a bridge page between this thing and then you’re selling yeah we’ve gotta Philly’s because we’re paying 100 percent commission we I mean I’m modest I just throw my face um so like in the last in less than 24 hours this funnels produced over a quarter million bucks and most of that is going back towards affiliates like we’re probably war well over six-figure and affiliate commissions in the last in less than 24 hours so it’s an opportunity for you guys like you you jump on this like some of the guys this will pay for your car payment your rent your house payment your mortgage like you can you can do some cool stuff with this and the cool T bad is it even people like are not in the internet marketing like have your friends that people you love people that think that what you do is weird like hey why am i this wait why are you doing this internet thing like we’ll go go sign up for the single watch things like me get I guarantee you that like listening into these 30 day blueprints and like reading am is gonna get whoever you love inspired about what you do and and then you can make money off of them signing it for the contest too

My first product was called Zip Brander

So I think this is like one of the best front-ends in the world to get people in give you love and II people eat your spouse and eat your kids get them all involved as well it can be it can be a lot of fun and you look a ton of money doing it so dude I’m in for the book I mean I’ll just tell you right now I don’t can’t wait till the book comes yeah the book is insane ah I can’t wait forever to get that I it’s funny I told the story yesterday on Facebook live but Jim probably members a few people are members by 15 years ago there was this kid named Joe Kumar who had an idea similar it’s like yeah asked how much people like he had 30 a sort of what would you do and they sold the e-book for a hundred bucks 97 bucks and I remember this I got that when I was like broke as can be I bought it I printed out like that it’s right here I’m sure yesterday this this is me putting it out 15 years ago I couldn’t afford to print out the entire things like 600 pages so I printed eight pages to a page I literally took this with me on a family trip my wife and I read every single page you still see my like my circle as my highlights like 170 he’s in ads for ten dollars just go to a daily classifieds doc I remember back this is like the 30 plans back in the day like easy stuff like that was like I read all these I read all I think it’s 60 of them and I remember the biggest thing for me is like is everybody in a different plan but everyone’s plans were similar and member thing after thing I was like oh my gosh like everyone’s got their tweaks in their angles but like the model is the same for everybody I say create a really cool product figure I sell that product get try to that product and there’s just I look at everyone’s things I read all 60 of them and at the end of I was like I don’t to do and I had my first idea and I when I created my first product after this which was called zip Brander I remember thinking dude this kid sees mark that was that very first thing and I create after this after going through all these plans and so like like six months ago I was sitting there one day and my thoughts always like how do I make this simpler for people who usually click funnels because the software’s not hard right click throws the simple funnel scripts is simple but it’s like they have to have a foundation and a strategy of like how to actually use these things and I was like we should bring back from the dead the 30-day concept like that that’s what got me to finally see the see the pattern and see the model and so that’s that’s where that’s why he came from so my goal is make this make everything is doing simple make its use you can see the vision you understand what’s happening and it should be easy for you so that’s right so it’s the two to the one-two punch of click funnels funnel scripts the thumbs are back I was watching a thing yesterday I saw your wallet leaked on fire the the funnel Friday or fun Locker TV had the ones you walk out on fire yeah I’ll have that thing around I do but you don’t get to see two tricks in one show my young man I know we need to come back next time that’s awesome all right man well thanks for building today a good time thank you every time and hopefully this helps you guys just sell some more 30 days cover your mortgage your rent and have some fun with it and yeah happy 50th happy 50th anniversary bye everybody I see you guys bye everybody


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What would you do? Imagine this, you suddenly lose everything, your money, your…

What would you do? Imagine this, you suddenly lose everything, your money, your…

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I want to know exactly what they would do to get back on top. Day number one what would you do, day number two? Day number three, four, five, six… all the way up to day number 30 if you had to start over again today with just your marketing and your funnel building skills, what would you do to get back into the two comma club again? From the hundred emails I sent, only 30 people responded back. But each of them sent me a detailed step by step process of what they would do, starting with no product, no list, no traffic and no funnel, and then detailing exactly what they would do and why they would do it in a simple step by step process. Each of their 30 day plans was so different, yet each them lead you on a path of absolute certainty to success. I honestly don’t know how anyone on any of these 30 day plans could possibly not succeed. Everyone who’s ever tried to make money online needs to see these experiments. Anyone who’s ever had a ClickFunnels account now has execution plans to get them back on top. Just pick any of them and follow the path from where you are today, all the way to the stage where you’ll receive your two Comma Club award at Funnel Hacking Live. Finding success with ClickFunnels is no longer a matter of luck. It’s an absolute certainty.

New To ClickFunnels But Want To Grow Your Business?

Want To Join ClickFunnels?

Want To Take ClickFunnels To The Next Level?

Want To Promote ClickFunnels & Earn?

Police Marketing Misconduct – Funnel Fridays Ep 49

Police Marketing Misconduct – Funnel Fridays Ep 49

In this episode, we help a former SWAT operator get his message out! His podcast and program seek to help other police officers, sheriff’s deputies, and cops live better lives, reconnect with their families and avoid burnout. Don’t miss a minute as we pimp out this funnel and give it the makeover it deserves. Watch as Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards use both Click Funnels and Funnel Scripts to improve this squeeze page. By changing the headlines and calls to action, you can make your squeeze page irresistible.

Facebook what’s up I to the G to the elemental PE and what’s up Jim how’s it go man what’s up everybody how’s it going so good I slept last night I feel amazing how about you I feel amazing too in fact I have a wonderful message I want to share with the world are you ready it’s believe in yourself okay that is a very important message and very timely for today for all you guys who aren’t believing yourself as of yet so there you go well there you go and the great thing is is that since it’s a holiday weekend I’ve decided that we’re gonna break out all the magics so are you ready Russell we’re gonna make some amazing things but I have to put the magic in my fingers ready what here we go we’ll do that again I said what and then it clicked off your screen I won’t you ever see that that’s too late that’s a one and done it’s a one and done I might bring the magic out when I show you what we’ve done with funnel scripts to help with today’s topic but no we don’t I mean you have to pay attention to the magic you have to sit up and pay attention I love it as a soundtrack now um anyway that’s new Russell all kinds of great things are going on here I know you didn’t weigh more than I am now I feel lazy over in the side huh anyway I’m kind of upset because you called this a holiday weekend so you guys know what the holiday is it’s Labor Day and so in Excel abrade working everybody gets work off it makes no logical sense to me I want to say bah humbug of Ebenezer Scrooge I think we shall be laboring twice as much on Labor Day not none well it’s actually that’s a misnomer because it was originally started to celebrate the Labour Party that was the party of the workers so this is actually a holiday to celebrate the workers the people doing the hard work oh you want to see something cool though check this out okay somebody sent me this right watch the magic are you ready I’m gonna pet the unicorn I didn’t push a button or anything about is Ellie we’ll see if she would love this no check this out okay she’s like here see oh good just by petting the unicorn the unicorn like those so I want everybody at home to react accordingly okay yeah oh man okay well now that Jim showed off all your his cool stuff guns Michael theme request protein chips 2.0 I actually hung out last weekend with Tom Bill Abu who owns quests or owned it before so look like a billion dollars and so he said these chips are amazing so I bought some fell again oh all right that’s all I got not nearly schools gyms magic stuff nothing exciting that you want to let us know is there any kind of a big event coming up that people need to be reminded about to get their tickets and stuff for oh yeah there’s a huge event called funnel hacking live and I think our mp3 players and slash battle books-a-million we’ve grabbed those like you have a separate I wanna show you guys what is but the first two thousand tickets to get that and we’re almost that much that I’ll show you guys so like you go crazy I would say the thousand G’s just for this alone let alone the tickets and the party and the magic and everything else that happened at this year’s fhl are you gonna do a presentation in unicorn I do actually I am I am considering that there will be a special outfit worn yes so we shall see since I only get like you know I got to make every minute count amazing alright now he’s got the stuff so those days you don’t know the first two thousand take it soul which i think what i go hundred or so left before we pass that mark get number one this preload mp3 player with rock it fell out again mm let’s per here I’m patty years 14 15 16 715 16 17 18 all the presentations are on here except for the ones that we interaction we’re not allowed to like 20 robbins he says you can’t share stuff but everybody else’s who is on here so you listen to all the years presentations in your in your email you can immerse yourself as you were preparing for the phone hacking live the number two tim Castleman goes and takes notes he’s a whole team of note takers that come to all our events and they hate notes and these are all the notes from the last four years I think Tony’s notes are in here too Wow then we contraction about not having his notes in here hahaha so I know what he talked about learn so what I would recommend doing is everyone order this stuff right now put blood listen to your ears every night as you follow along in the workbook and you will have aha after aha after a hot literally four years of stuff will be smushed in front of your brain and then he showed you mine you’ll be prepared to take over the world for whatever world domination plans you have so hey I think it’s freaking amazing but I wanted it’s that’s what we made it I mean that’s awesome so alright that’s oh my gosh we searched our building some funnels sure yeah let’s do it yeah I’m queuing up the timer what is the game plan tell us about what we are building today Jim okay so basically what we have is an opt-in funnel the well funnel that starts with an opt-in for Garret bake who is a clickfunnels customer a funnel scripts customer a funnel hacking live customer and actually he’s good dude I met him at funnel hacking live 18 good dude working helping police officers and first responders to be able to balance home and work life and manage stress and reconnect with their families and not lose connection with their family as many of them do because they get so stressed out at work that their personal life starts falling apart so he is a retired police officer and his mission now is to help these individuals either active or retired to basically live a better life and to find life balance and to reconnect with their families and stuff so he’s got a really I believe important message to get out there and my son-in-law as a police officer I have a lot of friends that are police officers and first responders and so I thought that this was a very worthy thing for us to try and help him do but as with all things a lot of times we are too close to our own message to be able to see what’s important and after looking at his funnel he needs our help Russell he needs our help funnel nerd glasses oh excuse me blue blocker it’s the block the blue light therefore my eyes will work longer and for more time nice somebody pitched me on him I had to buy it now I have all right so uh do we have a funnel running off of what we starting from scratch no I said I’ve got it in there you want me to send it to you in the Facebook yeah so make sure to get the wrong one [Music] she always knowing my stuff’s coming through to you boy you are you are you are you are you are you in and then so that first pay that first link I sent you is his is his opt-in page and then this second link is when you actually opt-in okay so the one thing I will say and I’ll just say to him for whatever reason I tried to opt-in a couple times to get the book and I didn’t get it so I think he’s got a little mechanical issue going on there at least for Gmail um but we won’t worry about that right now okay maybe share my screen she has to see what we are looking at okay all right we already burned two and three minutes what I know we got a pick up the pace all right we’re getting better every single week makes easier okay so that’s his confirmation page okay so really what he’s trying to do is just get you into his funnel get you onto his podcast and get you so he can start following up so basically um if we look at that if we look at the funnel now you know it the biggest thing that I’m seeing missing here is that he’s talking all features and it’s all feature no benefit and he assuming that these people know who he is and and what’s going on it’s it’s almost like he expects these people have walked in on a conversation because the you know how to leverage the tact that she learns as a police officer without burning your personal life to the ground that really isn’t saying a whole lot unless you’re already plugged into his system download your free tactical guide that’s backed by proven system in South Downs and then transform their lives again tactical light is he going to show me how to do dynamic entry into a house is he gonna it just it doesn’t follow so anyway and and if you watch his video it’s the same thing it’s it’s too vague that’s not benefit driven and as you know on a on an opt-in funnel especially people are opting in to get a benefit they’re getting opting in to get a payoff so Russell what are your immediate thoughts when you look at this I actually like the look in the feel of it overall yeah it’s kind of like it’s not like that’s that like actually you like the one this is the funnel we just did our community Chris calm flush black book it’s really simple but it’s like really at like 80 some percent often right on this thing remember 70 percent it’s like crazy high but it’s just like there’s the thing that are lusting after is this you know I mean yeah here’s a like this is like get the tactical guy like I don’t know I don’t know the tech guide even means you I mean right exactly and it’s hard to lust after and maybe the video explains more I sure watch it real quick I’m not in the video yeah it doesn’t it sort of does but it really doesn’t typically like traditional I found his video on registration pages lowers conversion rate by a lot sometimes it increases sales rate on the second page but typically traditional most every test we’ve ever done like having a video on the page like on a landing page you the web and registration page or whatever like it lowers conversion like I said sometimes the increased conversion on the second thing you’re selling but like look at this as simple just like ooh I want the baby and in the youth and what you just said there I want that thingy what we’re trying to go for here especially since you’re just asking for an email we’re trying to get that knee-jerk reaction of okay I’m in I want I want that I want that result what you’re really selling as a result so like that 99 marketing secrets that will change a business and change your life it’s like crap if there’s 99 of them there’s got to be one of them in there that’ll work for me yeah it’s good so I would change this too so how to leverage the tactics you learn as a police officer about burning your personal life to the ground well you know it’s funny Russell I did some pre work with this amazing tool called phone scripts would it be okay with you if I shared what I was doing I would hope that you would know beginning all right so you see this right do you see the million dollar content headline scripts version 2.00 yeah okay well interestingly enough all the things we’re about to share with you have already been saved as presets here in funnel scripts so that as we’re going through if you’d like to access these exact project files you’re able to access them right here in the three scripts that we’ll be using that are part of the many of the 50 scripts on follow scripts but enough about me let’s talk about this so basically what I did was I did since this is content I figured we’d go with the content headline scripts and with the you know we’re just going through what are our what are what’s our topic reconnect with your family who’s our target audience what’s our area of concern what’s an action they need to take big payoff an enemy they face we click build and interestingly enough when I was doing this um I realized that for this particular one I found about eight that I really really liked and I was able to save them all to the clip bin and so I can download them and we could take a look but what I ultimately did was combine a couple of them together so how to reconnect with your family successful police officers and first responders secrets revealed how to reconnect your family and balance personal and professional life best ways to reconnect with your family now and what I ultimately came up with was how to reconnect with your family avoid burnout and find the perfect balance of personal and professional life and then the sub-headline is successful police officers and first responders secrets revealed so I don’t know if you like that or not but that seemed to be better than what he had yeah docked in the spirit of Aloha okay are you cool with that your family of Woodburn I’m finding to be balance of personal fresh life yeah like that okay so I will send that to you as copies funnel to my account so I don’t jack it up I did wouldn’t you love to have Jim Edwards do your headlines for you and then send them to you and facebook Messenger well the wonderful thing is you don’t even have to wait that long you can fill out the funnel scripts forms whack the button and presto instantly into your hands comes exactly what you need you don’t have to wait for me to connect with you on facebook isn’t that amazing Russell that is amazing you as funny what we’re launching we’re in the middle right now of launching the funnel rolodex which is like a Rolodex of service providers and so like copywriters logo design aloha I guarantee you I will bet I will bet money right now there will be people inside the funnel rolodex who all they do for projects is I will felt the headline wizard for you for 50 bucks [Laughter] with my copy so you might not use concepts like wait have it Michael just feel that like well do you like will filled out for me and I guarantee funnel scripts you should be applying go to funnel roll likes to call me like I’ll be a funnel scripts expert will fill out the forms for people there you go but they have to have an account yes that’d be good yet um so anyway that was that was the thing I think that could be a headline sub-headline type situation there I copied this funnel my account and I’m trying to like log in if some reason it’s just going slow okay so then the next thing that he’s gonna need and I and I agree with you my experience with getting people to opt-in and stuff is that a lot of times you you will get a situation where your here we go you will get a situation where the video is not going to convert as well and if you’re just going after straight conversions you want to go after that knee-jerk reaction however I did want to I did I did want to show what I did with the who what why how script which you know in my opinion is the perfect script for this particular situation because it’s something that’s done for free you know it’s who you are what you got why they want it and how they get it and so actually filled this thing filled it out and it’s again in there as a as a preset but and I actually ended up redoing I revamp the entire who what why how script and just really cleaned it up and made it smoother so let me read you this script that he could use okay hi I’m Gary bake founder of warrior Guardian I’ve got a free book for you called to the tactical guide to becoming an elite performer on patrol and at home I like that one um that’s going to help you specifically with how to find the perfect balance between your professional and personal lives if you’ve been struggling with losing the bond with your family because of all the pressure you face it working on patrol then you need this book because among other things it reveals how to transform your life and become an elite operator at home and on the job so you can find the perfect balance between your professional and personal lives just fill out the form on side of the page let me know your email address and I’ll send the tactical guide to becoming an elite performing on patrol in at home out to you instantly be an email there’s no catch I’m doing this because I want to share this with as many police officers and first responders as I can to help as many families as I can so again all you need to do is just put in your email address and I’ll send it out instantly and you could just stop it right there I mean that would be fine you just copy that one up for that as texts of the video I think that was really good just it’s gone yeah I can do that so I will copy that and I’ll just edit out the parts that you don’t want it real quick just so you guys know I’m over here oh I’m trying to find like an e cover I’m just ripping one off cuz this is like you have to hire somebody in the new photo role that there’s a whole bunch of amazing Ecover designers but you know it’s like everything I do there’s always an e cover yeah the reason how people do that anymore like yeah actually cuz back in the day Jim back from any side create a first came out Jim’s mmm right that was the thing like everyone did eat covers nowadays some reason like it’s like ad in fact I literally did a training video yesterday for two comma Club X about hiring people to do he covers for because there’s something about it increases the the tangible nosov it and like the percent while you well it also gives people especially with a digital product you have to give them some sort of a visual representation of what the heck they’re getting otherwise they have to create a picture in their own mind of what they’re getting which is too much like work it’s a lot of work so yeah I do it all the time man yeah like got a I’ve got a picture every single thing in my stack yeah did you look cool but but you know the thing is in all seriousness we live in it’s a visual medium why would you not have a pictorial representation of what they’re getting oh they might think I’m shipping them something well if they’re that dumb they’re not really going to be a great customer especially when you’re telling them it’s a digital download guide so it’s their first test of whether they can be a real customer or not you’re not allowed to be my customer because yeah ok this well you know funny enough Russell thinking that I know that you really are a big fan of bullets so I didn’t know if you’d need some bullets to go with this or not but just in case I went and used the Brunson bullet script inside of funnel scripts to make grunts and bullets for this as well oh you think you might want some bullets or are you good with what you got as long as you got loaded up let’s do it okay so let me show you basically we just come in and use Russell’s Brunson bullet script and we’re calling do we want to call these secrets or what do you think these would be like well we should call it secret because I only know secrets how about tactical tip I like that the tactical tips yeah if I could spell it it he’d be even better is this is this fought hard to read it was just me it’s cool like it’s the thing it’s cool for the headline but I think it’s hard to read for body copy honestly that’s kind of feeling similar what’s like a normal fire or no aerial my that’s not bad that one you just did there’s not bad we have reached the extent of my my design prowess though so you know font yeah I know what a font is um okay so I actually have twelve different bullets I know you’re not gonna use them all do you want me to read you a few and you can choose from them or you want me to just use my best judgment and send them to you let’s read them okay so tactical tip number one helps you maintain harmony with your family and loved ones number two get you more peace of mind and tranquility in your life number three makes it easy to leave the stress of the job behind when you take off the badge each night which I really like that one gives you specific steps and tools to become truly elite in your personal and professional lives avoid the burnout that affects too many of our fellow officers the real secret for person peace and harmony on the home front how to find and maintain that balance we all want in our lives effortlessly keep the stress of your professional life from invading the peace of your family life quickly deal with stress and keep it from affecting your relationships escape the trap of bringing home or bringing work home with you and ruining your family time discover the best ways to build and maintain deep connections with your family and brother officers stop worrying about how to deal with the stress of work and home life now I know all of those are awesome but how many which one you want which you guys favorites we have the audience vote which one’s your favorite she’s in like one two three four huh I got 12 Rico’s again I don’t know we did a we did that headline contest here in the office this week they everyone wrote everyone wrote in fact used to winning it you know to I haven’t heard the stats hit today you waiting okay everyone wrote it and Josh is number one in a headline right now was just yes he Josh did he use final scripts I’ll pay him 100 bucks to say he did did anybody we should we should test rate final scripture verses everybody’s opinion that actually cool okay that’s gonna be our next test um yeah that 100 bucks just get it from Russell and I’ll catch him up you want me to send you the first four yeah no all right I mean some of those are better than the first four but I’ll just send you the first four there we go here at watch and he says this is gold so watch it that’s cool that’s cool um so well Russell’s doing that I just want to let you know that all of this sales copy was brought to you courtesy of funnel scripts so easy you just fill out a form whack the button and you’re good to go whack that but whack that button if it feels good whack it again if you’re wearing a unicorn hat whacking until the magic happens you haven’t shown your little thing yet you can’t say that witch thing a little like thou shalt not be offended thing I was looking for that I can’t find it I think somebody took it and leave the picture of and I like that I’m gonna get a patch made that says that thou shalt not be offended that’s good I’m right that damn I’m gonna hand those out it on phone-hacking live 19th ouch ow not be offended before you before Jim starts presenting everyone you need – I hate sign this for her thou shalt not all right I look I’m gonna do it man I’m gonna give you one Oh check it he’s part of the warrior movement – right yeah it’s got on his tactical boots all right cool things let me talk about what I did and why I did it okay sometimes funnel clicks does this weird stuff for me there we go that’s better oh and I’m just saying I just want to point out Russell if you look over here what I just did huh right here Oh thumbs are back I tried to go afterwards didn’t want to hide this that’s the magic of funnel scripts cool okay next time okay sorry I’m gonna show you again so I’m tired of people initially with simple I don’t they can submit that a whole presentation like five years ago called the evolution of squeeze page and one of the key things I learned from we talked about sometimes a landing page it’s like a deer coming like creeping through trying to get to the water and they hear like a stick break they freaked out their run away and so I try to make it as simple as possible anything that could distract like videos a lot of times are distracting and it’s nice too much stuffs distracting so I’m kind of like you come here and you’re like ooh and then like arrows push you down so it’s like trying to be very simple be their name I would a less fields the better I love that mmm-hmm this is like something that I’m gonna delete cuz I’m one of those guys who like precious days live on video anyway I think that never mind I’m are gonna say it I wouldn’t put that in less than legal person forced me to so I took that out now it’s like simples like movie they just want my email life is super simple I know if I could really pimped out version whatever your guide is or get a kid should be holding it or something like Oh keep going it’s like that so that’s like very like oh it’s simple you got them just like everything’s there’s nothing it’s like jumping out freaking it out right and then if you want to go further then it’s like you have like the impulse person will come in just like do the thing there’s like the skeptic who’s like what is what’s the hook what like why they make me do this they have all the the skeptical stuff so then I’d have down below stuff that I sold and further if I needed it and some testimonials yeah you have testimonials things like that and I probably put a button here that just like pops you back up to the top and I would change that I changed that call-to-action button but I wouldn’t call it the get your free tactical that I’d now cuz tactical is not it’s not a tactical guide it’s a it’s a life-changing guide it’s something else but it’s you know claim your free guide now I think would be better than you know your free tactical guide because it’s not it’s not a tactical guide I know what he’s trying to do to bridge you know the tactical mindset with the leadership and and Guardian mindset and all that stuff but I personally think that’s a mistake because name for the I do what it is I’m not a hundred percent sure what the name of the guide is so that’s why I made up a cool name what do we call again it was named ADA it’s in their tactical guide to becoming an elite performer on patrol and at home it’s a free we performer the lead performance guide oh yeah claim your free elite performance guide now actually a benefit yeah Forman preformance that’s how they say I still run is the name of it’s the tactical guide to becoming elite but I don’t I don’t that’s too general you know what I mean it’s like yeah it’s that’s too general in my opinion the book are there but not you I’m talking to him sorry I know what Facebook but the title of his thing is the tactical guide to becoming elite I think that that is too general elite at what is the thing so I need some work sorry I love doing this like it and you know I always go back to that and I’ll give credit where credit’s due but like corey rudl he was the one that every all of his calls to actions all said claim you remember that it’s been a long time so those are the core Corey’s like The Godfather of our world yeah that’s the way in a in a car accident back but he was you if you track back most of your marketing lineage it goes back to Corey yeah he’s the man and his purple binder I still think I have my I kept like is a souvenir yes scroll to the top alright the other thing I like to do it’s this is looking amazing by the way I just want to say it’s got to be those glasses oh well you know it’s blocking Bluett I can see what better it’s hard to read text typically especially long-form text on black I don’t mind like and I I like like dark with white text but like long-form reading is hard on your eyes typically that’s why I made this part like on a white background so it’s more text if you know a source of most my sales letters but if if you happened to go to funnel hacking like we have sections where there’s like I thought let me re sighs anyway I go off sections where I’ve got like small pecs I’m popping on a headline when there’s long text I always go back to why cuz it’s hard to read like my eyes yeah I was to default backs like the most important parts on why you background anyway just FYI but yeah I think overall looks really cool I would go hire someone who’s awesome in fact the dude I would hire all you guys been hired now but I love this guy Sean Lowry he’s awesome he cover designs gugak Sean Cal Sean Mallory cover just tell him he has to do my projects before any of you guys as much stuff for me graphics I convert calm I’m a gay man hopefully a funnel market or the funnel roll next to him yes he just he covers are so cool anyway there’s a there’s a hint for a stud that I hire all the time you could hire to do he covers for you anyway there you go so dude sweet cover there but yeah I think I’m pretty awesome only other thing I would I would change and went on time for but that the pre head is not doesn’t have a benefit in any that I mean I would pretty much just either take that out or change it to you know a you know I don’t like that it’s too general you know what I mean ya know like attention cops who want to change your life for the better attention cops tired of stress and anxiety tension cops that want a deeper family relationship [Music] like that yeah something like that is better so sweet you did a great job man Thanks so did you your headlines and bullets are fan-freakin’-tastic yeah I love it well thank you so much it’s just the unicorn magic oh all right Kenny one more thing before we bounce sure hey I’m gonna take two minutes of his time when watch this video together to get washed yet this is why I’m gonna take a check you’ve watched this you have your tickets are gone life yeah right here we go when we’re when we’re growing up we learn a lot of things about life from life they’re just not true six days a week one day of a week one week of every six months I wish I had someone to educate me at college now I know some of you are feeling that indecision that uncertainty well today today is a day that you changed the world [Music] all the money invested for all the time oh I’m at the same place but here’s what’s interesting when you make a decision when you become something else it’s much easier the next time cuz we are crazy agree we do believe intelligent I know but you’re thinking through me having to do to a duty to make sure is made forget it awesome it reminds them of their journey where they’re at and they keep moving forward [Music] [Music] [Music] lately teaching them to be givers oh man [Music] dude I’m pumped and I get to speak this time again yay it’s gonna be awesome so if you’re crazy I have your ticket I go to Hawking the first two thousand tickets are gone this gift this option go fullscreen go fullscreen oh sorry we go back to my little pitch if you don’t I’m gonna if you go to live come and get your I said way better last time the first two thousand tickets to get this and they’re almost gone after that then you just get the tickets but this is the first four years of my 90 live on mp3 player you can listen to it is all the notes in first four years you can study along so you show up you will be immersed and ready to take over the world so anyway I’m excited for it because what Russell’s really trying to say is that he’s going to give you the opportunity to plug into the last four years of education that have changed thousands of lives around the world you’re gonna literally be able to plug that into your brain and absorb all of it before you come to photo hacking live next year so that you can compress what others have you can almost 5 years to do you could compress literally into six months or less and be ready to make an impact on that event with networking with learning and with the roundtables you can’t afford not to be there and with this amazing gift that Russell’s giving you he is actually giving you the shortcut to achieve amazing results so get yours today there’s a limited supply left that was yeah you take it anyway but watch that video and then have your spouse watch the video with them cuz lattes gonna come with my wife so then let me your husband or whatever show it to the end egg I need some of that kool-aid like whatever they just drink there I want some of that really really bad and then get your butt to Nashville Tennessee it’s gonna be insane this year will be it keeps getting better every year but can I back up what you just said there yeah cuz I’ve been in this game now for 21 years and my wife has been to so many events with me and funnel hacking live is the old and I’ve she been to a lot she’s been to some big events some some big seminars around the world and you know some some events and other things this is the only one that she has ever sat in on every single session and taking notes and so we do funnel hacking live as a team I’ve only ever missed one it was the first one and I regret it for the rest of my life but luckily I’m able to get those recordings and I’m able to get those notes so I’m able to catch up on any of the ones I might have missed and you can too if you go claim your tickets now I love it thanks man I appreciate you thanks for hanging out with us today if your wallets in the back episodes go to photo Friday’s campeón the list ever you notified when the new show starts each week and that’s it except they should appreciate you bye guys everybody

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How To Create A Squeeze Page that will get you a MONSTER Email List

How To Create A Squeeze Page that will get you a MONSTER Email List

In this Squeeze Page tutorial, Russell Brunson will show you how to build a landing page that converts visitors into buyers. He will also show you how to use these tactics to build a highly profitable email list. Have you ever used a flint stick to start a campfire? Outdated and hard to use tools are holding you back from getting your online marketing fire roaring. It’s time to stomp out your excuses and pour some jet fuel on your marketing and sales funnels. Get your personal and professional branding bonfire going today with simple to use squeeze page tools. Russell Brunson takes you through his personal squeeze page funnel secrets and shows everyone how to use these simple steps to build an email list of potential buyers. Additionally, Russell gives you his top converting squeeze pages for FREE! In this video, Russell walks you through one of the most important digital marketing techniques for growing your business. Watch as Russell provides background information on the origination of this sales method, its many online usages, and the benefits of this specific marketing tactic for your business. He details his best practices and shows you the easiest way to create squeeze pages using ClickFunnels. Make sure you stay tuned through the end for a first-hand testimonial about how amazing ClickFunnels is from Wake-Up Warrior Founder Garrett J. White. 

Squeeze Page Funnel Secrets

– [Russell] Hey this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Squeeze Page Funnel Secrets. Now I wanna quickly show you how to use simple squeeze page funnels to build an email list of potential buyers and then at the end of this video I’m actually going to give you my top converting squeeze pages for free. But before I do that, I want to explain to you what a squeeze page funnel is, how it works, how it can work for your business to grow a list of subscribers and potential buyers and help grow your company dramatically. So with that said, let’s jump right in. So, what is a squeeze page funnel? Well, a squeeze page funnel is one of the most simple funnels we have. It’s basically just two simple pages. Page number one is what we call a squeeze page. This is where we’re asking somebody for their email address in exchange for something. Might be a lead magnet, might be an ethical bribe, might be some more information. And then on the next page we thank them for their email address, and then we give them that thing that we promised them on the squeeze page. It’s very simple and very easy, and it’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to build a huge email list of subscribers. Now I’m gonna show you guys a couple of squeeze page templates so you get an idea, cause you’ve probably seen these a lot out there in the marketplace. You may not have even known what it was. So this is what a squeeze page may look like. Someone is offering you a free guide or free report in exchange for your email address. Okay, here’s another one.

You can offer a free book, a free video,anything you can think of

This is very simple and very easy. Same thing, a free report, they opt in, and then you give them the email address. You can offer a free book, a free video, a free white paper, anything you can think of you can offer it for free, they give you the email address, on the next page you thank them and then you actually give them the thing that you promised them. It’s very simple, it’s a very easy way to start building a following of people. Okay, so the question I get from a lot of people is, like, where do squeeze pages come from? What is this- who invented this? Why is this a thing? And for you to really understand that I wanna go back in time about 10 or 15 years back to when the internet first came around. Now if you are like me, been doing this for a long time, you probably remember when you would visit websites and all of a sudden something really annoying would happen. Do you remember this? You go to a website and all of a sudden you see BOOM a huge pop-up, right? And pop-ups were amazing for marketers for business owners, because what would happen that, someone would come to your website this pop-up would come up and it would say, ‘hey give me your email address in exchange for a free report’ or for a free coupon or things like that. And what happened is that marketers, business owners started growing huge email lists of 10s and then 100s of thousands of people and they’d make so much money emailing those lists of subscribers, different products, and different things they were selling.

One of the original squeeze pages

The problem was it was really annoying for the end customer, and so Google started building in ad-blockers in all of their things, same did Internet Explorer. And soon, pop-ups became a thing of the past. And people started freaking out, because they’re building these huge email lists and then all of a sudden, that went away literally overnight. And they thought, ‘what are we gonna do? How should we do this?’ And luckily for all of us, there are some very smart marketers out there who started trying to figure out new ways to do this and one of the things they invented is a concept called a ‘squeeze page’. Which is basically taking this pop-up and instead of going to websites, this thing pops up, the pop-up becomes the main page you actually drive people to. Now, this is one of the original squeeze pages. This was David DeAngelo’s Back when I first got started over a decade ago, this was like, the most famous squeeze page out there. It was very simple and very easy. If you look at it, it said ‘You’re about to learn secrets that most men will never know about women’ Inside, you’re gonna learn the kiss test. How to find out if she’s ready to be kissed. And then a bunch of different things, right? And so you’d come to this page And instead of driving to the page, having this be the pop-up, this was the actual page. I remember when he first started doing this, other people started doing it. Everyone thought they were crazy, like why would you do that? Why would you hide the thing you’re actually trying to sell from people by having this squeeze page?

Offer them an ethical bribe, a lead magnet.

But they started doing the testing what they found is that they would send people here, say they send 100 people to this page, let’s say they get 30 or 40% of people to buy, now you may think that means 60% of people never actually saw the thing that you’re trying to give them, but what happens after you get their email address, you have the ability to follow-up with them. And they say on average, it takes somebody seven times seeing what you’re trying to sell before they’re willing to buy from you. And so if you’re just driving all your people to a website, hoping they’re gonna buy, you’re gonna lose a lot of that potential revenue because you have no ability to follow-up with those people. So, instead you send them to a squeeze page. Now, here on this squeeze page, what he was promising people is that, if you give me your email address, I’m gonna tell you the Kiss Test, okay? So someone would come here and they put their name, their email address in, then they go to page right here where it’d say, ‘here’s the kiss test’ and it would explain this is how to know if a woman is ready to be kissed. And would kind of explain really quick and in the bottom it said ‘click here to go download my e-book’ and then he’d actually sell his book called ‘Double Your Dating’ And that’s what the squeeze page was. Offer them an ethical bribe, a lead magnet. For him it was the kiss test, then the next page he gives them the kiss test, thanks them for giving the email address, and then from here they will push them into whatever product or service they actually wanna sell on the backside of it.

How would you use a squeeze page funnel?

Okay, now they were able to build an email list of 100s of thousands of men and build a huge company by using simple squeeze pages like this Okay, alright, so here’s how it works. Step number one, you have to create some kind of lead magnet, something you can give somebody in exchange for their email address. And step number two, you just trade it for their email address. It’s very simple process that works super well, in fact it’s almost too simple and easy. Here’s an example of some squeeze pages that, some of my favorite ones I’ve seen in the past. This one Frank Kern did. This is one that Neil Patel did at Kiss Metrics giving away some white papers. This is one where Brendon Burchard gives away his productivity guide. This is one where someone gives away a free video, which actually ends up being the sales video for the product they’re trying to sell. So, these are basic squeeze page examples. There’s tons of different ways to do them. But that’s kind of what they traditionally look like, okay? So my question for you is how would you use a squeeze page funnel inside of your business, okay? Well, one way is to get their email address, so you can follow-up with your customers. Okay, I told you before it takes someone an average of seven times hearing your message before they’re gonna be ready to actually purchase something from you. So, by giving them something for free in exchange for the email address, now you can follow-up with them and have multiple times to try to sell them product or service you really wanna sell. Okay, number two, you can start getting new leads and start building a relationship with them, so you can sell them other products and services in the future.

Build an audience of people for an upcoming product

Another thing is you can build an audience of people for an upcoming product you’re gonna be launching in the future. Okay, now, we use squeeze pages and all sorts of aspects of our business and something you should be using as well. Now, here’s the example of one of my squeeze pages. This is a product I put together called The Funnel Hacker Cookbook. And I have a free PDF of this, it has my top 22 sales funnels. I send people here, they click on the button, it pops up, it asks for their email address, and the next page, I give them the download link to the email, to the cookbook, and then I also here offer them a physical copy they can buy if they want upgrade and get a physical copy of the cookbook. Okay, it’s a very simple squeeze page funnel that’s built me lists of 10s of thousands of people in the last few months alone. Okay, so my question for you is- what do you have that you could give away? AKA, what kind of lead magnet could you create in your company to start generating your potential dream buyers? Okay, you could create some kind of free report or whitepaper. You can make a free video, you could give away coupons, you could access something amazing and a whole bunch of other things. Just think about what is it that your dream clients would want, go and create that thing and then you put it behind a squeeze page funnel. Okay, now he’s some of the best practices of a squeeze page. This is an example, very simple, very powerful squeeze page for one of my friends, Brian Moran. And on a squeeze page, a couple things. Number one, we wanna keep it simple. I don’t wanna overwhelm them, I’m not trying to over-complicate it, just very simple, like, this is what I’m gonna give you in exchange for your email address.

The more curiosity someone has…

Number two, I like having tons of curiosity. The more curiosity someone has in that thing you’re gonna give them, the more likely they are to give you their actual email address, okay. And the next step you gotta tell them what to do, so notice it says ‘download this thing right now’ then it says, it tells them what to, enter your email address down below to get this thing. So, you’re actually telling them exactly what to do. Cause that’s page number one. Page number two best practices, you give them the thing that they ask for. For some reason, people sometimes don’t do this, they try to hide it down the road. If you do that, people aren’t going to trust you and they’re not gonna buy from you in the future, okay? So, you actually give them the thing that they ask for and if you want to, you can send them off into your next funnel. Okay, so, Brian, this funnel gives them the manifesto that they ask for and then sends them off into the next funnel, where he actually sells one of his training courses, okay? So, that’s some of the best practices behind how squeeze page funnels work. So, what do you need for this funnel? First thing you need is, you’re gonna take this funnel, you’re gonna edit it, right? You need some kind of logo if you’re gonna be doing this one, you need your headline, your copy, the words that are gonna go on the page, maybe a picture of your lead magnet, and that’s about it. That’s how simple it is to build out a actual squeeze page funnel. Okay, now back in the past, if you wanna build one of these things, this is what you’d have to do.

ClickFunnels will just give you this funnel for free

You’d have to hire a designer to design the pages you have to hire a webmaster to create them and code them and put them together. Programmer to set up the auto-responders and the programming. An analytics person to make sure it’s all working and it was expensive, took a lot of time, k? And the good news for you is that there’s a better way, the better way is you can use our simple share funnels, and down those videos knows there’s a whole bunch of amazing squeeze page funnels that I have been using over the last decade of my life to convert amazingly well, that I’m just gonna give you for free. You look down below and see ’em, here’s a whole bunch of them, you can see exactly what they look like. Pick which one you like, you click on a button and it’s gonna take you to what we call a share funnel page. Now, on this page it’s gonna show you behind the scenes where all the pages and the share funnel look like. And then if you have an account to click funnels, it’ll just give you this funnel for free. It’ll literally push the thing tied to your account and you can go and start editing the pages. Or if you don’t have a click funnels account yet, we’ll actually give you your free 14-day trial. You can sign up and I’ll push this entire squeeze page funnel into your account. You can go there, you can edit it, make it, add your lead magnet, add your logos, add your headline, and here’s your copy. And that quick, you can have your own squeeze page funnel up and ready to start generating leads inside of your company, okay?

The entire funnel’s copied into my account

So, step number one in this process is scroll down below and pick which template you like the most. There’s a ton of them down there, find the one that looks like best, that fits your brand, the thing you like the most. That’s step number one. Step number two, you just customize it. Let me make you a, let me show you really quickly how simple it is to customize this funnel inside of quick funnels. Okay, so right now I’m on the exact same page that you’re on, and so I look down here, I find all these different templates. Which one of these is my favorite, I then just pick whichever one I like the most. I click on, select this funnel button. And it’s gonna copy that entire funnel over inside my Click Funnels account. All the pages, all the everything will be copied over here and so I can start editing immediately. After it’s copied, I click on the View Funnel button. And that fast, the entire funnel’s copied into my account. Now, on the lefthand side here, you’ll notice these are all different pages I showed you inside this funnel. And so I’d go through, I’d edit each of these pages. Right now, I’m gonna edit just one, show you how easy it is. I click right here on ‘edit page’. And it’s gonna take me inside the Click Funnel’s editor. And from here, I come here, I can just go where I can start clicking on things on changing them. Hey! How are you doing? (laughs) I come right here, I can change out the logo, I can change out the images, say I want to change out the product shot from the book. Something different, I click on ‘images’, I find my ‘images’, I can upload my own if I want. I’ll click on the camera here and BOOM that fast, this entire page is edited to look exactly the way I want it to.

Click Funnels is so simple that anybody can do it

If I don’t like something, I can drag and drop. I can move things around. There’s a bunch of things I can add. But Click Funnels is so simple that anybody can do it. You don’t have to be technical. You just have to be able to drag and drop. You can make these funnels, this page look exactly the way you want. When you’re done, you click on the ‘save’ button right here. Then you click on ‘preview’ and you can see exactly what your funnel looks like. That fast, your entire funnel is up and live. If you don’t like something, you can drag it, you can move it around. And just keep on having fun until it’s exactly the way you want. And you exit, and you are done. So that’s step number two, customize it. Now again, all these templates are very simple and easy to customize. In fact, this was one template and I customize it three different ways, for three different businesses, but if you notice it’s the exact same template. I just changed the headline, changed the images, changed the color scheme, and that fast I can make this funnel match my brand. And that way, it looks exactly the way I want it to look. I can do that in just minutes here inside of Click Funnels. Now, the third step, after you’ve done it, now you go out and launch it. Now I wanna show you a really quick video for one of my friends, Garrett J White, who uses click funnels for all of his companies. I want you to hear his own words, how much Click Funnels has simplified the process for him and all four of his companies.

Garrett J White, founder of Wake Up Warrior Academy

– [Garrett] Hello, My name is Garrett J White, the master coach mentor and founder of Wake Up Warrior Academy. And I will tell you this right now, we have tested with platforms, we have tested everything. I have attempted for the past six years to use every available software tool I could find that made it simpler for me to share my message. And it started with word press and it went plugins then optimize press, and then we went to kajabi. And then we went to lead pages. And these are all wonderful, know the owners of these guys, they’re fantastic. The software tools are amazing. When Click Funnels came out, I was like ‘dude, I cannot handle another software tool, I don’t give a shit, we’re just gonna manage our stuff between Lead Pages and Kajabi.’ And then my friend said, ‘just test it. Just try it out.’ And I went to Click Funnels and no bullshit, like, every software increment of the last five years has been a, not a quantum shift in what you can do with the tool to get your message out to the marketplace. They’ve been incremental, so like, there’s been a move from Kajabi to Lead Pages or from Optimized Press to Kajabi. And they were these segmented steps that had slight improvements that made it easier. Click Funnels, though, came out of nowhere. They took the marketplace by storm. Just like Apple did when they first launched the iPhone. It was not a linear move anymore, it was a quantum move in improvement that opened up a gap to allow people just like you watching this, people just like you and me, who are not technically savvy, we weren’t born in the Matrix and we didn’t have a chip implanted in our heads.

Click Funnels online marketing is a quantum leap ahead

We’re not engineers or computer science majors. And we don’t understand that stuff inherently. Click Funnels gave you, you my friend, an opportunity to cut and decrease the time of stress, and anxiety, and suffering behind a keyboard. Trust me, the days you wanna just pound vodka and throw your Mac out the window, because you can’t figure shit out. Click Funnels has brought it to a place that it is a quantum leap, an opportunity which allows you, just like the iPhone, to not only look smarter, but to feel smarter. And ultimately to only deal with the stuff that matters, which is getting your message about your product and your program and service out to the marketplace. – How many of you guys think that Click Funnels is the most amazing customs for planet earth? – Yeah! (clapping) – [Garrett] If you’re spending all the time, that’s suicide watch and having to check yourself into a hospital. And honestly, trying to deal with everything else that’s come out before it. So, I’m not only fully endorsed Click Funnels, it’s the only software tool that we use. When it comes to our funnels online, across all four of my businesses, we’re not going anywhere else. Love Russell, love this event. This event married up to that software tool. You are a dumbass if you don’t come. And that’s okay, there’s plenty of dumbasses on the plant, just don’t let it be you.

Create your free 14-day trial

– [Russell] So, what you need to do right now is if you already have a ClickFunnels account, scroll down below, and figure out which one of these squeeze page funnels you wanna use. Click on the button, pick your template, customize it, and you launch it. That’s how simple and how easy it is. Now, if you don’t have a ClickFunnels account yet don’t worry, same step. Go down, click on the button down below, select the funnel. You’ll be taken to a share funnel page. Go and create your free 14-day trial and then that funnel will be pushed inside your ClickFunnels account and you can customize it, edit it, and launch it, and you’ll be able to rock and roll with your very first squeeze page funnel. With that said, thank you guys so much for watching this video. Scroll down below to see all of my highest converted squeeze page funnels and templates and you get a free copy of them right now.

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What is Operation Underground Railroad?

Rescue Me (Official Music Video) Kendra Lowe & Nik Day

The shocking numbers of Human Trafficking

Child Sex Slavery CBS Evening News Feature

– I never dreamed that I would work in Haiti. I didn’t know anything really about Haiti, until I learned about a little boy who was born in Utah, U.S. citizen and was kidnapped in Haiti from his church where his father was the pastor. I read about it in the local newspaper. I thought that I could make it into a U.S. case, and I couldn’t because it wasn’t. We had to leave our jobs, I had to leave my job because I just had to do something about it. We went to Haiti to look for his son. – [Officer] Yeah, it’s right here– – [Officer 2] It’s right here, right here. (intense music) – And we never found him. – People weren’t talking about human trafficking like they are now, and really it’s because of the work and efforts by organizations like Operation Underground Railroad. – It’s a subject that nobody wants to think about or talk about. It’s the worst part of humanity. – Two virgins, 13 and 14 years old. – Wow. – And yet, you’ve got to do something about it. – Police, get on the ground, right now. – Don’t move around! – Get on the ground. Get on the ground, right now! – [Suspect] No problem. – [Officer] Get on the ground, put that down right now. – [Officer 2] Get on the ground. – Every thirty seconds a child is sold, they’re sold for sex, they’re sold for labor, they’re sold for organ harvesting, which is something we’re now getting into. There’s six million children that are forced into one of those three categories right now. And the world doesn’t know. (intense music) – Not a lot of people know, but the profile for men who travel abroad to have sex with kids are American citizens. – [Tim] The U.S. creates the demand. The highest produced and consumer of child pornography is right here in the United States. – Well, if you lost one of your children to one of these evil people, you’d do anything to get even and get your child back. – I had a knock on my door one day, Tim said listen, I really feel like I can do better leaving the government. – I find a group of kids in Guatemala or Colombia and I couldn’t do anything about it, because it wasn’t a U.S. case. It’s outside of the jurisdiction, and I understood that. However, that doesn’t mean that we couldn’t be doing more. – Tim Ballard left his law enforcement career, everything that he knew, his pension, his security, to start a non-profit called Operation Underground Railroad. They’ve done jumps everywhere throughout the world, rescued kids and then helped them get to a safe place with their aftercare programs. – He had a way that we could really make an impact, but they needed a million dollars to start. And I said, I’m in. (intense music) – I like little girls. – [Offscreen] You like little girls? (officers yelling) – We had set up this operation that looked like it went flawless. – We unfortunately got some very frustrating news. – The traffickers were being released, and that all the girls were released. – They paid money to the right people, to the judges. The job’s not quite done, but it’s almost done, because now we need to go back and we need to re-arrest every single one of these traffickers. It will be a message to Haiti, to America, to the whole world that there are good people everywhere who will stand up for this. (intense music) (shouting in foreign language)

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Funnel Fridays Episode #45

Funnel Fridays Episode #45


New To ClickFunnels But Want To Grow Your Business?

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Russell Brunson: Is ClickFunnels Worth The Money?

Is ClickFunnels Worth The Money?

Most people have been wondering what ClickFunnels is and how much it’s worth. If you have been finding out about clickfunnels, you don’t have to worry. In this article, we will review ClickFunnels and you will see if it is worth the precious dollars. It becomes very difficult for you to compare between different products and finally make a choice only to realize that you have actually made the wrong choice. It is very frustrating.

What is ClickFunnels?

It is very important to know what ClickFunnels is and why you need it. This is a service that was developed 3 years ago by a person called Russell Brunson. This tool has been perfectly designed to help online companies grow and develop into this competitive business environment. This tool plays a crucial role in the company’s growth and development.
What does ClickFunnels do to help you achieve this?
ClickFunnels play as very vital role. It helps you promote your brand and also reach out to a great number of untapped customers. This tool has been perfectly made to set up for your company a highly-functioning, fully-fledged and high converting set of sales funnels.

Why it is very important to create a sales funnel

Before getting this tool, it is crucial to understand about sales funnels. It is very important to know the benefits of sales funnels and of course its role in generating maximum profit. The bottom line or the necessity of creating a sales funnel is to attract customers and get potential customer emails. Getting a potential customer’s email is the most important step in business relationship.

How ClickFunnels works

ClickFunnels builds complete sales funnels for all the users. This allows the users to drive leads and buyers. Users will also be able to process payments and also provide flexible page builders so as to create a customized build pages. This facilitates upsells and downsells, features an auto-responder and also affiliate management tool and much more.

With ClickFunnels, you will also be able to set up a funnel page easily and quickly. ClickFunnels also gives you the option for built-in email marketing tool/software. This will allow you to easily and seamlessly synchronise your sales page or pages. This kind of automation allows you to get free time and focus on other things.
ClickFunnels also allows you to easily do A/B testing for all your pages within the funnel. You will also be able to create membership sites simply by using ClickFunnels. It is Important to note that ClickFunnels features integration with stripe and PayPal. This service allows you to easily get payments.

You can actually build your entire business/company on ClickFunnels. You do not need to have a separate website or even pay for hosting. All these services are included in ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels also provides you with features that allow you to easily manage, recruit and also pay your affiliates.

How much is ClickFunnels?

As we have seen, ClickFunnels is a drag and drop based software that allows you to create sales pages and landing pages right inside the sales funnel. It has been perfectly designed to make it easier for you to create sales funnels for convenient services. ClickFunnels has 2 price models and the cost will depend on the features of each plan. The first model is called the startup which costs 97 dollars. The other one is called full suite that costs 297 dollars. The differences between these two plans are sales funnels given/allocated per month and number of landing pages.


ClickFunnels benefits

ClickFunnels has a lot of benefits. It helps you to easily build sales funnels and marketing funnels. Below are more benefits of ClickFunnels.
•ClickFunnels allows you to easily build optin or lead capture funnels. This is used to help you capture email addresses of your audiences and also grow your mailing list.
•With ClickFunnels, you will be able to create sales page funnels. This will allow you to easily sell your products and services. You will also be able to add upsells and downsells.
•ClickFunnels helps you create membership sites and webinar funnels
ClickFunnels has a user-friendly interface that allows you to integrate animations, videos, clocks and much more. This makes it possible and easier for you to perform A/B testing.

ClickFunnels features

  • •Custom domains
  • •A/B split tests
  • •Email integrations
  • •Optin funnels
  • •Clickpops and clickOptin
  • •Sales funnels, membership funnels, auto webinar funnels, webinar funnels and hangout funnels
  • •Order pages, upsell pages, and downsell pages
  • •Priority support and priority template requests

ClickFunnels is not expensive. It is worth your money. If you have been looking for the best tool to help you create a sales page or a landing page, ClickFunnels will help you do it and do much more. ClickFunnels is a good investment because it allows you to do muchmore than just creating sales and landing pages. With this tool you can do much more. There are people who make as ClickFunnels affiliate marketers. This tool has great benefits.

Some of the things you can achieve with ClickFunnels are outlined below.

  • It is inexpensive and you won’t have to spend a lot of money during the launch
  • It will increase your conversions
  • It will also help you lower your ongoing expenses
  • With this tool, you will be able to integrate dozens of popular APIs easily
  • The tool allows you to easily and quickly make the necessary changes
  • It has a very popular affiliate program in the etison suite. The affiliate program is called BackPack.
  • • With etison suite you will be able to do all that popular email marketing programs do
  • •You will be able to easily keep track and also increase your average cart value and much more.

ClickFunnels has a lot to offer. You will be able to easily create sales funnels and much more. According to the latest reviews and feedbacks, ClickFunnels is undoubtedly the best tool for you. Your business will be able to achieve much with the help of this tool. This is among the best tools you should have.

ClickFunnels Rated 5 / 5 based on 31 reviews.

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