Alison Prince, Entrepreneurial Secrets From Zero To 100K in 9 Months

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Alison Prince, Entrepreneurial Secrets From Zero To 100K in 9 Months

– Funnel Hacker Radio Podcast

Alison Prince’s story is unique because it is not only her story. She sold millions online but then taught her 2 middle school age daughters how to do the same. She continues to sell online while teaching others how to do the same. She is so confident in the success of her students that they are creating a “Because I Can” clan since so many are having phenomenal success.

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their market and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward welcome back everyone to funnel hacker ray I’m your host Dave Woodward and today you guys are in for such a treat you have a dear friend of mine who I’m so excited to introduce you to you may not know her as well some other people that’s only because you haven’t been around the block as she has so Allison Prince I’m so excited welcome to the show yay thank you so much for having me I’m so excited oh I am again I have just been looking so forward to this podcast for the longest time it’s impossible to get you on because you’re so busy but I think that’s the coolest thing about it I mean for one you’ve been a massive success online and the cool thing is you can add you’ve been able to sell millions of dollars in physical products on all sorts of different platforms and I think the coolest thing right now is you’ve got this whole program 0 to 100 K and really teaching people what your daughters have done and that is how in a hunt fishing they with the sold over a hundred thousand dollars of product in nine months I mean that’s just the coolest coolest story ever and I love it yeah it is fun and just to add a little bit more spice to that story there were 10 and 13 at the time and I’m open up their lockers they drool to get their lockers open but yet they come home and I’d be like oh you just sold five thousand dollars today and they’re like wait what how much despised $1 no my fault that was Oddie pretty fun learning experience for them well I think at that point they could hire someone to open their locker for them yeah that’s it yep we joked about that and now my 13 year old she just turned 16 she’s a regular driver’s license so she keeps telling us that she’s just going to hire uber to come to girls I’m right now you’re not you’re walking oh I just it’s again one things I’ve loved about the very first time with that it was just you’re just so down to earth you’re so caring and nurturing you’re such a family person and I just love you care so much better as we are kind of getting a whole podcast thing going one things you and I were talking that offline was this whole idea as far as this whole hater thing and how you can give again it give so much and get all said you get this one hater who’s not willing to implement anything and it just it’s like this cancer in your group and your organization that just touches your heartstrings so I feel bad yeah that’s one thing that I’ve learned I know like with in e-commerce I can easily set up customer service agents and things like that you kind of live behind your screen right and so you don’t really get the haters they don’t really affect you as much but then when you put your face out there like it’s my face all over the screen it’s my story it’s my daughter’s out there and then you get a hater and you’re like oh oh I’m taking out a little bit personal and it’s kind of hard and it does it can really suck you in and so I had to hire a mama bear making sure that she gets through to the haters because and I don’t I just I think no matter where you go in this world people are just not going to like you and if you stop and you really get yourself sucked in you’re not going to go anywhere so what are the resources how do you block that out and how to keep moving forward because I know that this Korsak I can see the results from these people in this group and it is literally changing their life and I’m not going to let this one person slow me down no way there’s so much good out there that you just gotta block out and I think you need to have people who support you to help you to block it out I am such a huge believer in that I think that’s the critical part especially when when you feel that it’s little your calling or your mission in life to get your message out to the world and again we’ve talked about this a ton as far as experts secrets you’re a member of our inner circle you spend a ton of time with us here in Boise and that thing ever been successful ever well thank you I think it’s just for me it was such an amazing thing when I saw you on stage here with Russell and he was basically giving your kind of your your webinar pitch and you went home and then actually implemented that and the partner was so touching is how passionate you are about it and the how how much you truly care about the success of those people who work with you it’s not just it’s not a money grab it’s seen one of those things where you can make the money you’ve done the money that’s not the issue I hope that people who are listening understand that when you’re out there building a business especially if you’re in a coaching type of a business or in a in a business that really touches people’s lives like yours does that you you really do you have to take it on as it is a calling look for me it says divine calling where you know that what you’re doing really is almost an inspired mission in your life because of the impact it’s going to have on families and I think we’ll all agree yes I think we had to go through these steps right I had to go through the last almost ten years of digging being in the trenches and having good things happen and having bad things happen that rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship right for me to be able to tell the stories and to be able to help people and I think they hate be careful of this because I did it and I don’t want you to go down that route like I think because of that experience because I’ve been financially blessed and that was amazing like I loved learning it but when I see other people doing it other people changing their lives making money a lot faster than I did it’s fulfilling to me and it makes me internally happy and that’s my drive that’s what keeps me going is I hear from these these families I have families doing it and I have teenagers doing it I have moms doing I have dads doing it and they’re paying off debt they’re going on vacation they’re buying their dream home I just had one family he just quit his job to do this full-time he’s paid off his cars he’s got Piazza’s house I’m never like to yourself that’s happening and it makes me so excited for them and it makes me want to do it over and over again Alice I just love that if you don’t mind because I think it’s really cool is share with people some of the types of products you’re talking about here uh so that other people are selling or that I am personally selling uh what I love is the ones your daughters were selling and don’t just give some ideas as far as what other people are selling and how literally some of these products as you made mention it it’s paying people’s paint things off they’re buying homes they’re changing their life me I love this whole idea as far as the e-commerce opportunity that exists and yet so many people still don’t believe it and I think the best thing is if you don’t mind kind of sharing with people with the types of products because to me there are things I would have never thought would have worked seriously so you want to know the secret to this yes if everyone who died now we’re going to go out other secret tell me tell me please it’s like the dumbest thing ever but it has worked for me and I train my pins how to do it I train everybody in this course on how to do it if you don’t have to have like this huge shark tank idea you only have to find the training products you sell what other people are buying which there’s sites out there that show you what the training products are so for instance my daughter’s they this is so dumb because it’s such it’s such a little thing but they sold a hundred thousand dollars on scarves you know like the cigars that are in every store all around the world and billions and billions have been sold well beiges jumped on that bandwagon and they sold a hundred thousand dollars in scarves that’s not a new invention that is not as sure I could take idea at all you don’t have to come up with this brilliant idea you just sell what other people are selling now I want to put a little like clause on that don’t like knock their stuff off right you like a scarf that that’s not patented that’s not special it’s not branded right they just found that an infinity scarf was like the circular type scarf was selling really well and so they just kept bought the commodity in China and then just started selling it and they sold one hundred thousand dollars so it’s not like it’s so easy and you just watch sites and find out what’s trending and then you just sell it you don’t it’s not a hard process that really you just have to tell me what’s trending method I love that but I think it’s we’ve tried to talk about that so many times whether it’s what you’re selling whether it’s traffic just get in front of the traffic instead of trying to create the traffic I mean it’s there’s so many practical applications to what you just said you know yeah what Allison one of the things that I’ve been so fascinated by with you and that is you’re an amazing mentor and then yet at the same time you also are very big on finding mentors and so if you don’t mind if you could kind of share with people one how do you find a mentor and then also how do you become a good mentor okay so first of all if I’m a good mentor you have to be an inner circle no I’m just kidding but seriously here’s a little plug sit in a circle and any in your inner circle people of litter listening oh my goodness it is such an amazing group to be in people are reaching out to me left and right about this opportunity this opportunity that I would have never ever been able to do because get so if you’re not an inner circle and entered the inner circles clothes get on the waiting list number one and have numbers to find another group find mentors that can help you like Liz Benny has helped me tremendously on how to set up my webinar like she has been such it she’s a pro at it right she’s so good with webinar and she sells her Kapow course and is doing so amazing with it and she has just reached out and been such an amazing person to help and then of course Russell Brunson he’s like king of mentor right there I can call him he blocks him anytime so amazing and then other stuff that’s happening I don’t want to let out any secrets yet but some other things are happening happening with that just wouldn’t be possible but I don’t have the bandwidth to do like being on this podcast is going to introduce them to so many more people that I’m so grateful for so get in groups and find people that you can trust that really have good souls good that are just good people that’s who you want to surround yourself with and this group totally habits so I count my blessing all the time about it well how do you I’d give I know I’ve your story’s kind of funny just because of how we met in Vegas at Affiliate Summit West but if if you’re if you were to find if your help I could Russ is not the first mentor you’ve ran across so what are some other tips or tricks you would have to tell people how do they find those types of good mentors you know I think you just start asking questions right and you start if you go in social media you’re going to find a lot of good and bad right but then just start listening to the group as a whole it’s a they’ve got a Facebook group or a Facebook page if it’s positive if it’s uplifting if it’s inspiring if it helps you to want to be a better person then I think that’s the person that you reach out to right if you get on and you’re just like oh I just feel like it’s money money money money or something that’s not within your standards or what you believe and it’s not going to be a good fit and then you just send them an email and if they don’t respond but that’s okay do it again and do it again kind of like the dream 100 right just get out there start pushing yourself and trying to meet these people go to conferences shake their hands a lot are going to brush you off which is fine you don’t want too many ways but there’s going to be some that reach back to you and then just figure out how you can work together and what you can do and a lot of there’s a lot of good people out there that want to help you just have to get and get around their face and you start talking to them I love it thank you so much on the flip side of the coin that is you obviously are an amazing mentor because I’ve seen the size of your group and how fast it’s growing so you’re getting excessive things but how do you become a good mentor for others excuse me I think what it is is just listening right if they’ve got problems if they’ve got questions if they’ve got concerns if they’re like Kay Allison did you see this and I’m like oh my gosh I didn’t see this and it is literally opening up your ears and taking back that feedback even that lady that is like the hater right that keeps attacking me on every Oh every single plays possible like I look at those a mighty get with a grain of salt I’m at K how can I improve how can I be better and not take it like they’re attacking me or I need to be on the defense all the time but I listen to them and then I use those words back to answer their questions and so it opens that up to not like oh my gosh allison is Stonewall she’s not there she’s actually a real person she wants to help out and once I can convey that then the group grows and then they’re like allison is amazing or Allison knows this which I’m not all I’m doing is I’m just listening to them because I truly do care about them and I think that helps with the mentoring it’s because I’m listening just like you’d want your mentor to listen to your issues right you just do the same thing to the people that you are mentoring if you just just listen I thank you so much as as the person’s got a very large movement as you’re growing this group one of the parts it’s always hard yeah and we saw the same thing with Russell was being able to manage your own time growing your business while the same time helping others how do you do that okay so we actually my husband I had this big talk last night because I’m failing at it at the moment because not only am i trying to grow my course right like I still sell online I still have my company actually has seven companies right now because that’s the bread and butter right I need to be able to be there and know the e-commerce trends and know what’s happening you know the best way to post on Facebook for the best reach to organically I don’t want to paint money to Facebook well the little least amount of money that I can as possible so I’m out there constantly trying to grow my businesses and then I bring it over into the course and I’m like hey guys look at this look at this look how if you post this way on Facebook you will triple your reach organically and then I’m trying to grow my course so I’m trying to balance everything plus I’m a mom of four beautiful children you all want to start to which have their own business and then the two other ones want to start their own business and I’m like blah how do I do this so yesterday we were just kind of gone through the 8020 rule and just about how I can get like what’s taking my time and what can I hire out what can I do how can I help her out like the mama bear she’s been with me from day one on the course I brought her in she just did a small task ended up loving her name’s Julie she’s amazing and she ends up answering about 90% of all my emails which is so grateful for her and then okay what’s the maximum eating up all my time and then I need to be able to hire that out so that I can really focus on what’s working on social media and then how to grow or what’s working in e-commerce and then how to grow my group because that’s what the people came into the group for is you know what is working with what is not working stuff like that which you want to hear something that’s ringing out Facebook right now absolutely okay so this quadrupled my organic reach when you upload a picture if you upload a picture into carousel and upload that same picture ten times you know what I’m talking about yep okay yeah so just add carousel and then add that picture of ten times in there and then set it to square not landscape and then add some of the free music from Facebook and then publish it you will get well not guaranteed but we have been mooning about four times organic reach just by adding to the carousel versus uploading one picture crazy huh so basically have the same picture they’re ten times so they’re seeing the exact same picture but it’s just looping through with music yep oh my gosh isn’t that crazy ah all the nuances scream I know awesome it is it is and it’s working and so that’s when I come back into the groove of Mike hey guys you want to see something and they’re like so it’s been really fun to be able to do that but yeah I am working through going through what can I take off my plate so I can really focus on my core and who I am and not get burnt out I don’t know how you guys don’t get burnout usually like my heroes like I see you like you’re sleeping at the ClickFunnels™ [Music] we have a lot of fun and again honestly it comes back to what you made mention of Aneta support I have the most amazing supportive wife and family in the world and without them there’s no way in the world we got your wife she’s darling I know that thank you she is have you never thought that with her you know I have it we were joking around about that the other day because she’s wanted to start a podcast like well let’s get your podcast going and I’ll bring you on and tell me what we can do so you know and on how husbands and wives and entrepreneurship like house how it works between a husband and wife nobody I’m only laughing because it is on food we had this conversation so she was I suppose you guys don’t know my wife I referred to as princess my name’s Carrie we’ve been together guys for celebrating 23 23 years 24 years there’s November as far as being married we’ve got four boys and if it wasn’t for her I absolutely could not do anything that I’ve done and I’ve done a ton of crazy entrepreneurial things over the last 23 years been married but it was so one of the things she’s passionate about right now is fitness and nutrition and health and she had a heart attack except six years ago and it’s crazy there it is because soon we’re a-z health but it was all genetics and all that crazy stuff and so she’s really passionate about helping women specifically you know moms between the old age about 32 you know 55 or so it’s really you know he was enjoy their life and all that kind of fun stuff and so she was over a small group here in town that they work out at Russell’s gym once a week with Russell’s wife Colette and so they did this today and we got done and we were sitting there talking with Russell and Colette and carry a knife and to the four of us there and one of the things we were talking about was you Russell of course you had its camera out filming someone’s going on matt is that you know what what you guys need to do is you need to create a you have Colette on she had a speaking funnel hacking life as she actually we did this big thing on Facebook as far as who should be the next keynote speaker and Colette was one of the people a lot of people wanted to hear from it so I think there’s probably a lot of truth to that because it’d be fun also hear from your husband to see because he’s been with you through all this craziness as well and I think that that silent spouse at times if they’re the ones who actually do all the real work and I couldn’t do without my wife I know seriously like Jared ever since we got into this when I started my first e-commerce business bless his heart he is a physical therapist and the kids were just super stressed but he looked at me and said Allison I think things are really happening I am going to quit my job and I’m going to let you fly and we’ll see what happens and if it doesn’t happen I can go back and get another job and for him to be able to do that to quit his job to quit his career to put everything into me meant the world like that was so amazing for him to do we’d like to stop your career and to take care of kids and laundry and dishes and all that stuff like he became the full-time mom and I’m so grateful that he was willing to do that for me it’s just a very I don’t know I I respect the spouses of yours so incredibly much because I’ve seen what my husband does I’ve seen the sacrifices that he does on a daily basis and I know it’s just a very humbling thing to know that I have such an amazing support that lives with me and just everyday you can do this Alison you can do this you’ve got this even on the hard days even on the good days he’s always there for me and yeah and whenever he comes on at Facebook live there like the highest Facebook lives ever because they all want another uterus I love it I again look forward to spending more time with him I you know I I know you guys are high school sweethearts and it’s neat to see it’s neat to see relationships last especially because being an entrepreneur is not easy I don’t care who you are and all of us have ups and downs and you know people never never will no one really ever sees all the downs as much as we try to make sure if people see the highlights and stuff but I think I agree with it completely there’s no one more important than that supportive spouse significant other whatever it might be for you as as an entrepreneur it’s really to to keep going because man it can get it can get dark at times but vasya there’s nothing more exciting than celebrating highs with those would be be love the most so that’s right so whoever’s listening to this podcast right now push pause for just a second go hug your biggest cheerleader whether it’s your husband wife whatever your boyfriend your girlfriend your mom or your dad whoever it is quahog them in town thanks so things are putting up with me totally totally agree with that you know I get chills just hearing you talk about this kind of stuff that’s one of things is most dear dear to me for sure there’s there’s nothing more important than having someone in your back that corner for you just need again I don’t care if it’s your mom your dad brother sister best friend whatever it might be whoever it might be I agree totally agree with you on that Allyson share some love and let them know how much you appreciate it for sure that’s right and say it from Alison and Dave they’ll just look at you like what I love it so tell me is your start to to take your business to this next level you got seven businesses going right now nuts I mean that’s crazy it is are you doing bid down that road before at multiple streams of income and for me actually got the point where it was easier to shut a whole bunch of them down just so I can focus on one but some people like yourself can manage that and I am so happy for you because people that they were actually in the process of selling four of them right now and truly focused I mean you guys say all the time Russell says that you say it Stephen says it you might say all the time just focus on one thing right and so that’s one of the things that we’ve been trying to do over the last few months I just started the inner circle in January so like six and a half months ago just barely and that’s when I was super scattered you didn’t quite know what to do and then an even Mandy she’s just like focus just focus on the thing that year that fulfills you the most so over these past six months I’ve been able to say okay which business makes me internally happy and it’s been this it’s been teaching others it’s been showing people how they can get out of the nine-to-five how they can pay off their cars pay off their houses and do the things that they really meant to do in this life besides go sit behind a desk I mean who wants to do that not me like I couldn’t it would drive me crazy I know I know even though we are sitting behind a desk right now doing a podcast but that’s because we chose to do it in a location we wanted to right that’s exactly right fortunately have standing desks and wireless headphones so I keep walking reacts I’ve like pace all the time crisis oh good I don’t know if I told you this but about a month ago I was able to go spend three weeks in Thailand on a volunteer trip with my family what is all that that was crazy cool it was so amazing because I was still able to run my businesses so that was just we’ve wanted to do it for sixteen years be able to take our kids over and then so we went to like a very poor place in Thailand where we got to go work at a school and help lay concrete very manual leaver and they didn’t have the tools we had to use like a little tiny kid shovel and little tiny kids buckets to move the concrete back and forth and it was such an amazing experience for my kids and of course for me but what was so cool about it is what you guys have taught and what Russell has taught that I was able to still run my business while still living my dream and being with my children and going and volunteering so you guys are onto something really good thank you so for those people may not know how to do that can you give them three or four tips on exactly how you’re able to scale a business like that and literally be able to live what we refer to obviously you know the internet type of life where you can take your family for three months to a foreign country serve at the same time not lose business yeah so it was three weeks I have not – three months yet I think I would miss my house like my bed so much I like my bed okay so I think what it is is just finding amazing people on your team right the ones that are your mama bears or your Papa bears that will do amazing things for you so one of my ecommerce businesses I have a team and they know that I would give my shirt off my back for them and in turn they would do that for me so I’ve built this team that we support each other when we want to go so one of the team member she just went to Alaska for ten days and I was able to step in for her but I mean she had such a good system already running that I didn’t really have to do a lot but if anything happened people knew they could come to me so I see what it is just building up a very strong team that believes in you believe in your vision and then you also have to believe in them and believe in their visions too and give them opportunities and give them what they need to feel fulfilled whether that like one of my gals she can work from home and she wants that she wants wheels work from home shifts three littles at home and she’s amazing and I know by letting her work the hours that she walks her and giving her the creativity that has turned her into one of my most loyal employees and I just truly appreciate her and she knows it and I think that’s with every employee like I tell them how much I do appreciate them and how much they’re part of the team and so if I do step out there right there they’re going to be there and then if they need to go they know I’m going to be there for them I think that is fantastic I know that sometimes it’s an entrepreneur the hardest part is trusting somebody else yeah especially with your little baby how have you been able to do that as you’ve hired people and been able to literally put that kind of trust in them okay but wait let’s go back how do you think entrepreneur entrepreneur I like the way you say it it’s got like an extra syllable in it I mean one last level but I think it’s pretty cool okay entrepreneur though I put I put it probably extra RNA didn’t die alternator entreprenuer so an entrepreneur that’s probably never been able to spell it right oh my gosh I think someone Albert you should trademark that no Dave I think that’s really good or I’ll do that for all the people who can but fell under preneur oh okay I totally forgot what you asked do not even touch people oh okay so little steps baby steps so for instance my VA for my course her name is Julie I brought her in and I had her do just a small task and she did amazing so then I said hey would you onto another task and she did amazing again and then the third time after she has three small tasks brought her on and she just keeps amazing me time after time after time again but if I bring someone in ask them to do a task and they stink at it then I’m like okay thanks so much I don’t have to fire them I don’t have some it’s not awkward I just bring them in and they just do a small thing for me and then if I like a more I give them more and that’s you know what I mean but you don’t offer them the whole world on day one you just test them out and have them do a couple things and then if you like and if you like to work with them if you like I mean they could be the most amazing work worker in the world right but if you don’t like them it’s not going to work out and so I think if you just testing with small things especially in the beginning when launching a business you’re not going to you know marry into them right but once you start getting some and trusting them then you bring them on and then when if there’s any one thing that I did learn I wish I would have learned faster is fire fast if some really agree oh my god totally agree with that I wish I would have known that Skinner and to really listen to your guy if you feel like something’s off something’s probably off because your gut will tell you very as I get tells you I think faster than your brain because your brain will kind of say oh no it’s given the benefit of the doubt but if your gut is telling you fire then do you need a firearm and don’t play the game just get rid of them it’s not worth it that’s awesome Allison I can’t thank you enough for your time day this has been fantastic as we kind of get close to wrapping things up what any other tips or tricks for an entrepreneur or entrepreneur that you recommend yeah I think it would be to do what Russell says to the men a hashtag that is hashtag do what Russell says but really not like the whole it seemed the whole ClickFunnels™ team and I know he talks about it too like Russell is amazing but he is just one piece right there’s all the people that are there willing to help you to help you sick speed like they’re doing all the dirty work for us so we don’t have to fail which is so nice of you guys thank you but seriously just listen to the stories and watch the movies and you can’t do it or that’s all you’ll be doing all day because they produce such amazing content but it really is there they’re setting us groundwork for us and like with me helping me just give so many steps that are just fluffy steps and get to what I really am wanting to do there’s so much good that they produce that just listen to it and do what they say and listen to the podcast they’re free these podcasts are free right you can listen to it while you’re cooking dinner running or whatever they there’s no excuse why you’re not you shouldn’t be listening to this stuff so I really think it is listen to mentors like you guys like I’ll just listen and then do what they say don’t reinvent the wheel you don’t need to well thank you well I know a lot of people don’t want to reach out to you what’s the best way for them to contact you so the course the masterclass is 0 to 1 RK comm you can get in there and see a little bit it’s actually my daughter and I talking about how she sold 100 thousand dollars which is pretty cool and then I also started a Facebook group called because I can plan so it’s Allison J prints with it because they can plan group and the reason why I started that is because I want people to feel empowered of why can they do this why can they change their lives why can they make money online and it’s because I can it’s why can we do this because I can write and to have that mentality of being able to go out and start and dream and make their million bajillion dollars and change the world whatever they want to do right and why can they do it because they can’t I actually Dave I just got shirt yesterday this way because I can plan on them I want one often join their v-necks are kind of feminine so I’ll get the male version in and I’ll send them unless you want to make sure my wife would love it I’m sure you often wonder what it is like we’re trying to build this community of thinkers and doers because one thing to think and dream about your business that’s another thing to actually do it and so to create a community of doers and action takers is what we’re it’s a community of just supportive you can do this yeah you might no matter crappy day well who cares do it in ways you’ve got this you can do it why because I can so anyway so you can check me out on Facebook there or 100/0 – ok love it Alison thank you so much for your time can’t wait to see you again here real soon and thank you so much for sharing okay thank you so much thanks for listening a puddle hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified anytime we release a new episode just subscribe over at uh no hacker radio calm in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at faunal hacker radio comm forward slash retrial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car all you have to do is go to frontal hacker radio comm forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening

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“You don’t have to have some crazy shark tank idea to sell. Just find what’s trending and sell that.”

Alison Prince, Entrepreneurial Secrets From Zero To 100K in 9 Months

Alison Prince, Entrepreneurial Secrets From Zero To 100K in 9 Months