Adam Witty, How To Manufacture ‘Authority’

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Adam Witty, How To Manufacture ‘Authority’

– Funnel Hacker Radio Podcast

Adam Witty the founder and CEO of Advantage Media Group and has become an authority on helping others ‘manufacture their own authority’. He reveals how to ‘talk your book’ and why anthology books never create real authority. What does it take to become an authority that others trust and will buy from.

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward well welcome back everybody welcome to fun hacker radio I’m your host Dave Woodward today you guys are in for an amazing opportunity hear from Adam witty Adam welcome to the show Dave thanks for being well thanks for letting me be with you you guys may not know who Adam is she’s actually the founder and CEO of advantage media group and also Forbes book Forbes books and is an author of seven books and really one of the main things we want to talk to you guys about today is the importance of becoming an authority and the great thing Adam has actually worked with a ton of entrepreneurs to really help them become authorities in whatever industry they might be in through the use of books you’ve seen a lot of the things that we’ve done inside of ClickFunnels™ with obviously obviously with Russell’s expert secrets with dot-com secrets and we really want to kind of dive right into this whole Authority marketing type of conversation again Adams an expert in this and you guys are in for an amazing ride so get ready take some notes and we’re just kind of dive right in so with that Adam what exactly do you classify as authority marketing what is that topic yeah so I hate to bring up politics so early in the podcast but I’m gonna use an example that is live and in the flesh and that is the President of the United States is Donald Trump full handedly systematically used Authority parking to become the leader of the free world and if you don’t believe me look at every other successful businessperson that has tried to be president before Trump and none of them ever had any success but Trump really started running for president in 1987 when he wrote his book the art of the deal and if you’ve ever gone back to read that book he more or less lays out his campaign plan some 30 year years ago and over those last 30 years very strategically very systematically Donald Trump has done things to make him appear larger than life to build a name and to build a brand where people would literally want to put his name on top of skyscrapers and I think it’s such a great example of authority marketing and certainly a very relevant one this day and age but to answer your question Dave Authority marketing is the strategic and systematic process of positioning an individual or a company as the leader and expert in their community in their industry in their marketplace and and it’s all about this idea that when you’re the authority it gives you or it gives your company an unfair advantage over all your competition you become the logical choice that people would prefer to work with over all of the alternatives and the best news about all of this is that authority can be manufactured it can be systematically and strategically created if you’re intentional about it I love it I love the idea as far as that unfair advantage and I also appreciate to understand the fact that it actually be manufactured and I think these days it’s kind of mentioning I’m in the process right now we have a huge event coming up here September 15th the day after this podcast is gonna go live and we’ve got a ton of influencers that we’re bringing it to Boise we’ve got this viral video launch and the amazing thing to me is this whole idea of authority it when I take a look at these YouTube influencers and I’m just absolutely amazed at people who have Lily manufactured their authority you have millions of views millions of subscribers who are asking astronomical sums of money to fly into Boise and I’m like absolutely I’ve struggled so much X I’m like you guys don’t even do anything and get it the same time this amazing authority and they command so many eyeballs so I really kind of like to address the idea that you just brought up and that is how do you manufacturer this kind of authority yes so the first thing we should all remember as marketers is people buy on perception oftentimes not on reality and and and if you are the real deal then someone will buy on perception but you will back up those perceptions with reality and so that’s a fundamental thing that we as marketers have to remember is we are very much in the perception business now when I say Authority can be manufactured what I mean by that is look you have to know something about your thing whether it’s the industry that your company’s in whether it’s the community that your business operates in or the marketplace you have to know your stuff but the bottom line is that there’s a lot of people that know a lot of stuff about a lot of things but they don’t tell anybody that they know a lot of stuff about something they don’t do a very good job at getting the word out and so when it when it when I say Authority can be manufactured it’s this idea that there is a strategic and systematic way that you can promote your expertise so people will realize and recognize that you are a thought leader you are an expert at your thing which makes them of course want to hire you it makes them want to work with you or work with your company I love that I think that’s the main thing I want to really kind of dive in I don’t free a lot of the stuff you do it’s primarily through books is that correct yeah so no doubt that when you become the author of a book when you’re the guy or gal that wrote the book on the topic that in and of itself a lot of situations where people automatically say well you wrote the book on it yeah we broke up the audio there a little bit so if you don’t mind for some reason tell us a little more as far as when you’re the authority when you write that book let’s go from there if you don’t mind yeah so when you write the book on the topic no pun intended it really is seen as many as being the trump card because it demonstrates it demonstrates to the audience that you know what you’re talking about otherwise how in the world could you have written a hundred and fifty or 200 pages on the topic and so what book authorship does is it communicates to you your prospect that without a shadow of and without a shadow of a doubt you know a lot about this topic and they should trust you as the service provider as the expert to help them with whatever it is they need helping on on that topic so let’s talk a little bit about how long does it we see a lot of books these days being written a lot of people trying to you know manufacture that authority whether it’s they they become part of an anthology type of book where it’s some major face and they put a whole bunch of other chapters behind them they try to use that as a story what type of book you’re really talking about that creates real Authority you’re talking I mean 100 plus 150 plus pages that’s that’s a real content so help me if she and exactly what type of book and how do they actually create these things real Authority comes from real books you can’t fake it and you can’t mail it in so you were just mentioning you’re just mentioning Dave these anthology books where you write one chapter thirty other people write one chapter and they get a really famous celebrity on the front cover and now you can say and I say that in air quotes you co-authored a book with Richard Branson well no you did you wrote a chapter and that chapter was submitted to someone who then paid money to Richard Branson to agree to let them put his name on the cover so really to build Authority you do need a real Parkin so that’s a hundred and fifty page that’s a 200 page book I mean that’s significant that’s 30,000 words maybe 35,000 words in the publishing industry we say what’s a real book well you can tell a real book by the thump factor the thumb factor is the noise the book makes that thump sound when you put it down when you kind of throw it down on a table if it’s a real book it makes a real thump if it’s a pamphlet you can barely hear it at all and so to build authority that real book it creates and without a shadow of a doubt it just creates this immense amount of credibility and if you write a good book that’s engaging that’s informative that really helps teach and lead your prospects down the right path what you’ll find is that people will read your book and they’ll be calling you an email england saying how do i talk to you how do I hire you how do I hire your company to help implement this or help make this happen in in my business so let’s talk real mechanics on this kind of things I know that you know I’m sitting here I’ve got experts secrets in one hand dot-com secrets in the other to the books that Russell wrote both over 20 50 pages I mean that’s the type of factor that you get when you’d say he’s hit the ground at the table and I understand that I saw Russell go through this the pain and it was like a birthing process and I know a lot of authors are really afraid to actually go through that but it’s one of things that you’ve done to kind of simplify that process so what have you done to actually make it easier for authors to get these books out yeah so you make a really good point and that is that each entrepreneur and each CEO that decides to write a book they become their worst enemy reason they become their worst enemy is the standard that you have for yourself is typically much much much higher than the standard others have for you and so what is really helpful useful content to a novice to you is chicken scratch it have to work hard with our authors them realize that they don’t have to give a doctoral dissertation in a book in fact the simpler the book can be the more effective it typically is as a marketing tool you know it’s really true that a book should be written to meet a reader that’s reading it roughly a fifth or sixth grade level when you try to get really fancy and really technical that’s when you can lose a lot of people the second thing that I can tell you Dave is that most ad D entrepreneurs and I say that term affectionately because I’m one of them we could talk until the cows come home about our thing right I could talk about books Russell could talk about conversion you could talk about ClickFunnels™ like we could talk about it for days but if you then ask us to sit down at a keyboard and start writing we look at a blank screen for an hour and the reason is that most entrepreneurs they’re very good off-the-cuff they’re very good verbally they’ve got lots of ideas that are just coming out of their head at a mile a minute but they can’t communicate that in a written word nearly as well so about a decade ago we saw this trend and we said you know what if we could just interview the author and ultimately turn those interviews into the book so they didn’t have to sit down and write the book themselves and we pioneered a program called talk your book and so it’s just what it says instead of sitting down and writing a book we’re gonna interview you and it’s a very structured very intentional interview so it’s not off the cuff by any means but by getting the entrepreneur to talk about something that they’re passionate about that they have lots of knowledge about and in many cases they have a lot of great stories to support by getting them to talk about it our ghost writers can take all of that content and all that information and turn it into what could be a really great manuscript for a book and and so literally we were able to help people get a book done in about 10% of the time that it would otherwise take them if they were to sit down and try to write the book on their own that is fantastic I know that is one of the main things most entrepreneurs struggle with is time so the ability to create that kind of content within a tenth of the time so what what do they get out of that I mean I know the hard part for a lot of people is literally trusting that the process is going to generate the type of quality that they really want so how do you actually do that well so so a big disclaimer is that if you do a book right it can literally stand the test of time and it can generate leads and generate customers for you and your business for the next ten years in some cases the next 20 or 30 years you know there’s some great books that you and I have read that we pay a lot attention to that were in the 80s 90s early 2000s and those business books are still effective at generating customers for those authors so it’s important for you to see your book as not something that is going to be used for the next 12 or 24 months but really to see the book is a can asset for your company for ten years and beyond and I’m sure if we looked at Russell’s two books which have been out for a while now they’re just as effective if not more effective today than maybe they were three four or five years ago and that’s why I believe it’s important to invest the time the energy and in some cases yeah the money to make sure that this book is done really really well the other thing that I’ll remind all of your listeners is don’t listen to your mom because she was wrong books are judged by their cover every single day and if your book doesn’t look as good and read as good as any you any book you’d find on the front table of Barnes & Noble people quickly discredit and discard it your book can build your authority but if your book looks self-published it looks cheap if it’s not well written your book can just as quickly plummet your thought to do it right you want that book to truly stand the test of time and if you want that book to really generate phenomenal leads and phenomenal new customers into your organization well obviously I mean that’s what you guys do as a business so tell me what are the some of the things you’ve learned from this that would help people either decide to work with you or decide to go and create your own book which what should they be thinking about at this point well a couple of big things are number one most entrepreneurs make the same mistake and that is they create a book that they want they don’t necessarily create a book that solves a burning issue or problem that their target customer is having analogy I like to use dave is bait the hook to suit the fish not the fisherman you know a lot of people when they write books their ego begins to get involved and so they write the book that they want to write but the question is is the book that you want to write the book that your target customer actually wants to read and usually there’s a disconnect there so the first thing that I would share with all your listeners that is so important is that if you want a book that will make you money now if you don’t care about the book making you any money then you can disregard everything I’m saying but if you want a book to help you grow your business then you’ve got to be strategic about it from the get-go so the book is solving a problem that your target customers have the book is well titled to literally speak directly to the art to that target customer I talk to people all the time entrepreneurs that you and I would know and I say who is your book for who’d you write the book for and the common answers will everybody everybody would benefit by reading my book and as soon as I hear that I’m done because as as really smart marketers know the more niched the more specific you and your company become the easier it is to not only reach those people but the more clearly you speak and the more attracted they become to you Dan Kennedy a mentor of mine he taught me many many years ago that the riches are in the niches and so the more intentional you can be about your who the more specific the more narrow you can be about your who the easier it is to reach those people and the same is true with a book is you need to create a book that is written to a very narrow target audience and that book has to speak to them as if you were their best friend for years and if you can do that you can really see a book pull a significant amount of weight when it comes to marketing and and lead generation and customer development I think it’s fantastic so as you kind of get close to wrapping things up here and tell me what are some what are the main takeaways you want our listeners to take away at this point what’s what are some of the main things they need to know so the first takeaway is this not every single person should write a book you should write a book if one there’s a passion and a desire to share your stories your passion your knowledge with others number two you should write a book if you can in your mind understand the plan of how a book can help you market and grow your business that’s of course assuming that there’s an ROI goal that you might have with the book and number three you should write a book if you have a bigger idea as to how that book can help drive your authority right we started the podcast by talking about Trump and specifically how he had used Authority mark and what I want all of you to realize is I don’t want any of you to go become Trump I want you to become the authority and the celebrity and the expert in your micro niche because when you are the go-to guy or the go-to gal in whatever industry it is that you’re in you’ll literally have a line of customers beating down the door to get into your business and and that’s a great position to be in so you’ve got to have passion and desire to do it you got to see the big picture of how a book can build Authority and how you can monetize that authority to grow a business and the last thing that I would say is you’ve got to be willing to put in the time the effort and the money to do it right if you think that this is something that you can simply delegate to your marketing and a marketing assistant and in a couple of months and in a couple of thousand dollars you’re gonna have a great book I can assure you that you’re wrong the authors that we work with the book becomes a significant piece of their overall marketing strategy Authority marketing becomes a significant investment because they are making the bet and it’s a very calculated bet but they are making the bet that if they can position themselves and their company as an authority it gives them an unfair competitive advantage in their market for a very very long time I love that well I know one of these we talked about the beginning was a free book you ready to give all the listeners where do they find that out yeah so what is it great I’ve got a great new book Dave it’s titled lead the field and the subtitle is how to become the authority to dominate your competition and we’ve got a free copy of that book available to all of your listeners and that book can be found at forbes forward slash funnel hacker again that’s forbes forward slash funnel hacker awesome and we’ll make sure we have that in the show notes for sure so Adam what are some of the things they’re gonna find in that book yeah so in that book we’re gonna talk about the seven different pillars of authority marketing now we didn’t have any time to go into that but there’s some really great meat for what are the seven different levers that you can pull to build Authority I’m gonna talk in the book about the reasons why Authority marketing becomes so important especially this day and age we’re gonna talk about case studies and examples of other people that have systematically and strategically used authority to build their business and we’re gonna tie it all all together to provide you the reader with ideas on how you can get started in your authority journey awesome well I greatly greatly appreciate that again everybody that’s at Forbes forward slash funnel hacker again that’ll also be in the show notes please make sure you guys get a copy that I think it is something you guys will really enjoy especially as we’ve talked so much about the importance of becoming that authority I know obviously it’s one of the things worry we’re using a ton with in our business here at ClickFunnels™ Russell’s got two books that we use all the time free plus shipping funnels that we’ve used to market those and again I can tell you it’s been a huge huge opportunity for us especially going out to a new niche or a new audience and really bringing as as Adams mentioning really bringing in the right people into your business so I highly recommend you guys go check that out again it’s for forward slash funnel Hecker adam again thank you so much for your time today I greatly appreciate it it’s been a lot of fun my pleasure thanks for listen to funnel hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified anytime we release a new episode just subscribe over at Bono hacker radio com in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at funnel hacker forward slash free trial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car all you have to do is go to funnel hacker radio com forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening

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“Authority Marketing is the strategic and systematic process of positioning and individual or company as the leader in their community, in their industry, and in their marketplace.”

“The greatest part about this is authority can be manufactured. It can be systematically and strategically created if you’re intentional about it.”

“If you do a book right, it can literally stand the test of time. It can generate leads and it can generate customers for you and your business for the next 10 years, maybe even the next 20 years.”

“Most Entrepreneurs make the same mistake of writing a book that they want. They don’t necessarily solve a burning issue or problem that their target customer is having.”

Adam Witty, How To Manufacture ‘Authority’

Adam Witty, How To Manufacture ‘Authority’