A SNEAK PEAK on New ClickFunnels™ Features! Funnel Hacker TV Episode 86 –

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A SNEAK PEAK on New ClickFunnels™ Features!  Funnel Hacker TV Episode 86 –

New ClickFunnels™ Features are about to be launched! Who is Excited!? What features are you looking forward too? Comment Below!

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 86 – A SNEAK PEAK on New ClickFunnels™ Features! … For more info visit:

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so my stance will be so funny last night and I still Dave to go to an old website who had expired guess what today is Todd and Ryan our town plus taka came and Nick anyway it’s gonna be a huge party today and I’m excited all right so everyone that’s like a cliff bones how do you guys get so much done so often and like the answer if we told you the truth we have another fair advantage we do have are you sure yeah what would be nut for Angie one fair advantage what is a bottled unfair advantage Wow so I’m about to map out a funnel before I do it I if I want to win we need an unfair advantage nasty ever oh man anyone who can survive the taste will get a guaranteed unfair advantage Karen if you had oh you need an unfair advantage if you’re writing all this copy they taste amazing you’re gonna love her dude we’re gonna have [Laughter] [Music] okay one of the coolest things ClickFunnels™ can actually be used for is actually creating order forms that you can print about to close a billion people at once if you need an order form a finger place an order form it looks amazing the simple decide and to look at and easy and so I built it click funnels and screenshotted and copied onto a PowerPoint document then we’re going to do a word document to make it to a triplicate or reform picture well did you like your clip okay oh yes – really circle it and circle yes or no cell number so we can text them at the count setup email just your username at their card number speeches Oh month gear crazy sign it and there’s a service so one of the value bombs Russell is just dropping here was the importance of actually consuming your own content so why we actually end up doing funnel fridays is because it shows our users that we actually use our own content and how they can do it why not go ahead and send something to our click Files office that way we could actually build it all out for you and maybe who knows you may actually show up on a final Friday’s episode no that would be a really cool thing what’s up everybody todd here and i just left the house it’s about 5:00 a.m. and there is a torrential rain downpour happening at the moment but i am all the way to the airport to headed to Boise and I’m actually picking up taka on the way who’s one of our top designers on the deep just picked up taka back out what’s up man it’s good at the airport we Ryan James talk it’s gonna be a party look it’s in the office today all my friends are here okay there’s so much cool stuff going on in this side this door way cool crazy stuff happening here what the heck is going on here what is all this holy I don’t know what’s going on what this is so killer cool what these are actual laughs as opposed to yeah well so this is kind of like the current to top this kind of current this is what we have like the funnel surge this is on that bun right now but I thought we could make updates homeless how they interact how they looked and then creative consistency throughout the whole website have you just been cutting and pasting all weekend long let’s like go Matt to kindergarten check out this whole line oh my gosh yeah that’s ClickFunnels™ way down there that is insane [Music] [Music] we’re saying that if we were to start clicking falls over day 1 what would you different we said the first thing we would do is this process not now 3 years in what you go into your funnel and this is your control room for your funnel if that is killer room what’s a control room and your checklist it begins as a checklist if there’s a lot checklist and then it turns into the control room checklists when you pull down you get like a tip on top and then you still get your checklist that you kind of completed or didn’t complete all right since first night of our funnel hackathon and Russell you’ve been working on tell us basically the watch little video here I’ll just mark it there in or if they want to take what is click close actually goons like click phones back actually I can indeed have all the list of everything that happens and that’s how it starts so bad Todd all right just got back the storyboard for the action ex empties video script check this out oh here it is first 95 scenes in the world must upgrade actually Andy alright so my suspense will be so funny last night and I still Dave to go to an old web site that used to be the biggest brand in our industry the staffer Netcom the only one of the old members bought the domain who had expired Trump bought George Bush’s lion-o ex-member bought stompernet and then wrote a whole sales that are talking trash on stompernet for brand new and if you scroll down watch skal these characters they like a little things start popping up he’s using it for like anyway note to self screws a lot of people don’t let it expire just one of those people may buy it and turn everybody who’s ever coming to that site stompernet mouth that was one it came from this stumper bath come on you want to click it check out who came in the office today who’s in the office nor nor what do you have on there what are those how do you this is the programmers designers building in you I quit all of its in the same [Music] these are the things that matter most in life [Music] what you never gonna [Music]

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A SNEAK PEAK on New ClickFunnels™ Features! Funnel Hacker TV Episode 86 –

A SNEAK PEAK on New ClickFunnels™ Features! Funnel Hacker TV Episode 86 –