Epiphany Bridge Marketing with Tony Robbins & Russell Brunson (Part 3)

Clickfunnels™ Epiphany Bridge – Tony Robbins And Russell Brunson Part3

Clickfunnels™ Epiphany Bridge: We are back for our final episode of the Epiphany Bridge – Tony Robbins And Russell Brunson! In this interview, the guys are talking all about how to sell anything online. Knowing how to sell is pivotal for any business and Russell shares one of his biggest sales tactics that will make selling so much easier for YOU!

Clickfunnels™ Epiphany Bridge: Marketing Strategy with Tony Robbins & Russell Brunson

– Hey this is Russell again, I want to welcome you back to part three of my interview with Tony Robins. I hope you’ve watched part one and part two. If you haven’t yet, go back to the beginning of this playlist and watch those first. Help you get all the context of the interview and now we are transitioning into the third part of the interview. Which is, for me, my favorite part. It is understanding the mastery and mastering a concept called the Epiphany Bridge. What is the Epiphany Bridge? It is the way you tell stories to get customers, to get people, to get prospects to come and become leads, become costumers to buy your products and your services.

And these concepts they work in all types of businesses. In fact, during the interview, Tony asked me, well how does this work for a real business? Not a infomart, you know information business or an internet business, but a real business. And I shared a story about one of my friends whose a chiropractor. I don’t want to ruin that part of the story, you’re gonna love it. But, how he used these epiphany bridge stories to grow his practice here locally in town as well.

And so, there’s a whole bunch of cool things you can learn about storytelling, story selling, how to give people the transformations they need when their buying your products and your services. You’re gonna love this. It’s my favorite part of the whole thing, so let’s jump right in now to part three of the interview with my friend Tony Robins. – Tell us about the Epiphany Bridge and how you can use that concept to sell just about anything, without actually selling anything. –

Actually, got a little white board for you to show this. I did my homework, prepared for today, so this is funny, most people if they’re trying to sell you something, they come to you and they try to pitch you logically on the thing, like why they believe in their thing. So I drew this out one day, and this has been huge for me and for everyone that goes through my coaching stuff. Is this thing called the Epiphany Bridge. What happens is like, this is us, right here, right? And we’re living our normal life, I could use this example, before I met you, before I started going to your things, life was good, I thought everything was perfect. And then I was introduced to you and I had this epiphany where it was like life is good, but I’m seeing things in black and white, now things are colorful.

Clickfunnels™ Epiphany Bridge

Clickfunnels™ Epiphany Bridge: Emotional experience is important

For me, it was huge. So I went on this journey where I went on this big Epiphany Bridge and what happens is we come over here to this side of the bridge. What happens over here is we start studying, we start learning, we start geeking out. And so, I went to all your events, read all your books multiple times, your courses. For you, I’m in the Tony world, right? I understand your language patterns. And then I go to my wife and I’m so excited to tell her I learned all this stuff, and the first thing that we all do is we jump over here, and this says techno babble, we jump and we start trying to logically convince the people around us. Like, oh yeah, you could learn this thing, and we spew out this techno babble and they freak out. They’re like, “ugh” and they run away right?

What we have to do, if we want to sell something to somebody, we have to come back to this thing. We have to remember what was the emotional experience that we had that gave us that big epiphany. If you understand an emotional experience, then that’s how you sell someone. I come back and I tell a story, when I tell that story, my goal is to get people to have the same epiphany that I had, if they have that same epiphany then I don’t have to sell them anything. They have that epiphany, they go “wow that’s true” and they’ll go sell themselves logically all day long.

I just have to come back here, remember the experience I had, and become really good at telling it. In the book, it’s not just like telling a story, I walk through like the process and the scripts, and how to control their state, and this is a huge thing I learned from you, ’cause how many people tell a story and one person tells a story and something happened, and you’re like “okay cool”, you try to explain it three or four times and finally you say, oh man, I guess you had to be there, if you were there you would’ve experienced it.

The biggest thing I’ve always seen people struggle with they try to get into business, they try to sell their advice, and things like that, is they get into this used car salesman mode of trying to learn how to close people, and I’m like “no, it’s not closing” What was it that got you fired up, if you can remember that moment, and you get really good at telling that story then they’ll feel that and they’ll get fired up too, and that’s the key. And so we understand that and this book is all about that. – As you know leadership is all about transferring emotion because logic does not get us to take action, there’s not enough juice in the logic right? When will we have enough logic to justify an emotional decision?

Clickfunnels™ Epiphany Bridge: Whats the biggest misconception of marketing?

What do think is the biggest misconception about marketing today, and what do people, if they only did one thing to change their marketing for the better, what would it be? – I think the biggest misconception is that people and this comes down to everything I learned from you, People are so tied to their significance that when they try to sell themselves their business that they try to posture themselves all the time and posturing deflects people, even though it makes you feel, I don’t know what it is, the more vulnerable you get, the better it is. We have our high end coaching programs for less, how do you sell that Russell? I’m like “I show a ten minute video of me telling my story of my wife and we’re trying to have twins, cried three or four times in it, and I tell that story, I’m super vulnerable, and people connect with me and then they follow me.

It’s about connection and being vulnerable is that’s what get people to draw into you, it’s not significance or stature, its vulnerability, and that’s what gets people in. And that works for any business, I had a friend who’s a chiropractor, I was trying to help him, and it was funny, ’cause he was trying to sell like all the other chiropractors talked about their fees and all this stuff, and how the adjustment and alignment and all this technical stuff and I kept asking him, finally one day, I was like “why are you a chiropractor”, and he told me this amazing story about his wife got in a car wreck and he was in dental school at the time, and she got injured really really bad and took her to a medical doctor, a couple places and nothing helped.

Finally he took her to a chiropractor, and he adjusts her and literally changed her life and he loved it so much he dropped out of dental school, and then he went and became a chiropractor, now he loves it. And so we got a video of him telling that story, that emotional, I got chills just telling it again told that story, put it on Facebook, and his practice was struggling, as he was trying to be a salesperson, blew up overnight as he started sharing his story and becoming vulnerable with people.

That’s the future market, it used to be slick sales letters, good copy, all that kind of stuff, that’s what worked before today, as people are watching your video, they’re Googling your name, and Facebooking you, doing everything, if you’re not vulnerable at all times, and being yourself all the time it’s too easy to not know and it’s all about just that connection, that’s marketing today, and that’s where it’s going. –

Clickfunnels™ Epiphany Bridge: The Expert Secret Book

That’s what I love about you brother, you’re the real thing, it’s so rare unfortunately, ’cause you know the more you try to prove you’re the best and try to convince people and try to be significant, the more they want to prove they’re more significant than you.

You’ve never done that, I love that you share openly everything, your failures, successes, but the level of succession generated is second to none, I really want people to get your book, so what’s your offer for them so they can go pick that up? – I pre-bought a whole bunch of copies of this during our launch, so I’ve already paid for the book, so I ship them to Boise, and now they’re in a warehouse in Boise, and we’ve gotta ship them to you, so I think in the US it’s $7.95 international I think it’s $14.95 but we’ll ship it out to you and basically, I want people to read this, I tell everyone, I believe this book will change your life but more importantly, it’s gonna give you the tools you need to help change other people’s lives, and that’s the gift I have for everybody. I hope you guys read this book and you love it, and I want to thank you for letting me share this with your audience, I just appreciate you, you’ve changed my life, my wife’s life and half our staff, you know, everyone here, so grateful for you.

Hey this is Russell again, and thank you so much for watching the third and final segment of my interview with Tony Robbins, how cool is that? If you missed any of the other ones, go back in the playlist and watch video one, video two, video three, to get the entire picture of everything you need. Now, on top of that, I want to be able to keep giving you amazing business building advice just like this. So what you need to do right now, number one, you need to subscribe to my channel, we’re always dropping amazing videos show what to do and how to do it, and if you’re missing these things how am I supposed to help you and serve you? It doesn’t cost you any money this is all free, and we’re giving it to you to help grow your company and grow your businesses.

Number one subscribe to our channel, turn on notificaitons, that way, on your phone it gonna pop up when we drop new videos, you’ll get emails, you’ll get notifications, if you don’t turn on notifications, you’re not going to know when new stuff is coming out. I’m killing myself over here creating the best content possible to give you and to serve you. So make sure you are subscribed, turn on notifications, and then the last thing is if you want a copy of the Expert Secrets book, this is what Tony and I were talking about the whole time, there will be links somewhere on the screen, click on the link, get a copy of the book, it’s free, you just cover shipping and handling, and in here you’re going to understand how to build an expert business, okay? And so, that’s kind of it you guys, thank you so much for subscribing, that said after you’re done, after you’ve turned on notifications, you subscribe, go check out some other videos, have some fun, leave some comments, we love to hear from you, thanks again for listening, and we’ll talk to you soon.


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Clickfunnels™ Epiphany Bridge - Tony Robbins And Russell Brunson Part3
Clickfunnels™ Epiphany Bridge - Tony Robbins And Russell Brunson Part3 1

We are back for our final episode of the Tony Robbins and Russell Brunson series! In this interview, the guys are talking all about how to sell anything online. Knowing how to sell is pivotal for any business and Russell shares one of his biggest sales tactics that will make selling so much easier for…

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2-Step Marketing Funnel Makeover For Beauty Products Distributor – Episode #53

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products – 2-Step Funnel Makeover for Distributor

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products: Jennifer sells beauty supplies as a distributor, but she has some special restrictions by her company as to how she can sell online. She’s come up with a super-smart 2-step funnel for doing Free+Shipping offers and then closing new customers over the phone. ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

There are only two to go. It is a bald eagle today. Can you hear me? I can hear you you look at through the nose holes of the other nose holes. It’s magic don’t question. It don’t question. How work you seem very chipper is this because you went on a cruise now, you’re all just hanging out and relax it is I was on a cruise over Thanksgiving and it was it was awesome.

Then I had to come home to reality and it wasn’t as awesome. Pretty great though yet admit. What’s that? Your reality is? Pretty great, though. You gotta admit. I reality is freaking amazing. I mean, I’m surrounded by these cool little characters that keep me company all day and we talked and you know, I’m just surrounded by this magical Wonderland of ideas and wonderful things. I mean, how could my life be anything but completely amazing and if I ever don’t feel amazing, I just hit myself with the money gun and you know, just pump myself up.

What’s that? What more could you need my money got? Yeah, somebody else filling up my money gun for me.I didn’t system money than filler. That’s all right, 12 kills it with their own money and not mine my wife coming in. Hey, give me a shot of that money gun, honey. I give me the one that’s got the hundreds in it, huh? You got one of like one five hundred thousands that you got the ones for the kids and then the hundreds are for me and I’m like, oh, this is amazing.

Just kidding. I remember one time. I went to like Wells Fargo or something that was stacks of cash with who really cool video by tall ones because it’s like expensive you Stacks just said exactly and so it does videos and pictures and stuff and almost everyone who saw those like, let’s just ones as you know, I should have been like a hundred on the top of each one, but I think about it. It was super anti-climatic.

It was the opposite effect what I hope for yeah. Well, that’s cause you’re Russell. Listen, I want any of us have been on minutes like ones and fives. I’m ready. Did they ask you if the bank what it was for? It’s hardly cash later. They think you’re a guitarist or something. It’s in a okay. Here’s the warning right right. Now before I tell you what I tell them when they ask me when I go in to get cash what it’s for.

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

Okay, you ready? Everyone’s been warned. You know what? I tell him Russell you say it. What do I tell them? I don’t know beer and hookers what I tell him beard.  I don’t know. The second one is the first ones that was horrible. Anyway, I don’t drink beer and that you know, but it’s just it’s the look on their face is worth the aggravation.

But like for me, I want to draw attention to the fact that I have a brick wall behind me. Now. It’s a green screen. It’s baloney. It’s a green screen. This is this is real brick. There’s nobody anywhere. I got pictures of my amazing kids about to come on the walls. Well, it’s like legit studio. So I’m not just like Russell behind.  So we got a brick wall. So excited. It’s very cool. So you put a green screen up there to make it look like an office.

We have the entire crew feels like world’s dream box to hide in front of them. I tell him I’m in San Francisco right now. Tell mine do in Dubai anybody. That’s how it works. That’s as romantic as a real secret behind everything, you know, I had an idea for a thing that I’ve never done that I really should but I guess I’ll just throw it out there. So somebody else will do it. But I always thought it would be cool to have a thing that was like a window shade that you could are, you know, like the pulldown window shade not like blinds and it would hook on the back of your chair and you could pull it down behind you and have these different scenes that would be behind you on your chair. So it was like a portable green screen thing or have like a portable green thing that you pull down. That would be awesome.

And I know exactly what I mean. Most people don’t have a brick wall in their office, at least they’re trying to get away from having exposed brick because they’re like, you know, we need to get a real office instead of this garage. And I mean, I think it looks cool. Don’t get me wrong. But why do we have brick behind us?

All the Swanky that cool start understand just what I like this cool startups and they’re like glass everything or they like Old Brick like awesome. They divided the Old Brick Brewery for like eighteen hundreds and rip it all out. We build cool offices looks like super cool. So we have like glass walls on this side. I was Goin for broke everyone and you’ve got brick walls. It just feels like you’re right. I mean the subway teaching some cool and it’s cool. I didn’t say it wasn’t cool. I said I thought it was awesome. I just wondered why do you like me now?

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

This is wall behind. Me and Melanie. Okay, I can rotate you. That’s there’s brick wall. Oh, that’s cool. So, what does she think of it? And then it also sounds from classics. Like yell people know don’t disrupt the life. We think the brick wall. I’d love it. Like I’m not gonna put myself up because I don’t want to cover it. Just want to hide the break at school. It’s neat. All right. Well, that’s the pleasantries are over today.

Yay. All right. So we’re gonna funnel today. Do you wanna tell us what’s going down and we can start having some fun? Okay. So what we have is Jennifer who is a ClickFunnels™ customer as well as a funnel scripts customer way to go Jennifer that’s setting yourself up for success.

And so basically she is a distributor for a company that does beauty products and the way that their distribution agreement works is that she cannot take she can’t take payment through her website for the for the products that are sold by the company, but she can there’s she can’t do it on the front end on the back. Can she can do whatever she wants if she’s talking to him on the phone or talking to them in person and stuff.

So what she wants to do is create a two-part funnel where the first part is. She’s allowed to offer them a free sample a free product and she can collect shipping and handling. So she wants to set up a shipping and handling offer on the front end and then have it go into what sounds like an application funnel a simple application funnel where people can tell her what their issues are and stuff and set up an appointment with her.

So that’s and she’s not sure how to set it all up. And then she started using I mean in in my opinion my initial reaction was definitely she should do a who what why you know, the who what why script and she did start doing that and then it just kind of I think it got away from her a little bit and she lost confidence when what to do. And so that’s why we’re here to the rescue to the rescue.

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

Awesome, I decided okay. Well, let me do this. I’m going to cube our I’m going to slip over to the Y screen on the Queue up box. You should wipe. Okay, I’m gonna start a timer so that 20 minutes builds fun. Like you guys. I think we’re starting to Whitewater. I should show that show the model sure. Yeah, 20 minute timer has officially begun.

Okay, we got to wipe or sliding into the side. Oh, no. All right. Well, she’s woman enough to use that purplish-pinkish marker on whiteboard, right? I got bread and black ice. So, you know, we got to know her company she dinners this top-secret. I don’t know hide she didn’t say, okay so over here is some the never part with nobody, you know, yeah. It’s an MLM.

Okay. So here is where I am LM multi-level marketing so some company she is the distributor for us over here on the company website. We also like to call us at times the anti cells of Come in there, but we don’t do anything because they have the same and horrible order forms 8,000 feels as if you want to buy this part because of our social security number. Maybe I have your blood type O blood type.

So anyone who’s ever done that you drive traffic to the anti sales department and cells just fall out the back door, right? So G is why isnt understanding I want to have a funnel. So I made a customer’s I can cuddle them before I slam them into a brick wall. Right what happened?

So she’s doing very intelligently. She’s building a funnel. Okay. So what she’s taking those one of the network marketing products do you think is sampled right? I believe so. Yeah, it’s some sort of a sample or small item weapons when they were mortgages the like you can go to your corporate site and buy through your only to get discounted by a whole bunch of stuff in the head. You come sample pulls the sample over here and then we build out an amazing. free plus shipping funnel Probably with a V over talk about why the sample is a great things excite sliced bread.

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

Will you choose the order form and then you said afterwards then she wants them to like basically call on course, you must call my phone and then and then selling more stuff tell him into this right so this and then you shimmy for upsell we go straight like application form in this Feud Goin straight to the an application straight to trying to get them into I she says I’m selling products for my direct sales company and as such I’m not allowed to let clients enter credit card info directly into any funnel or fixed retail establishment.

So I’m having to come on the two-step tripwire fun on the application funnel is I’m offering a free plus shipping physical product free sample order bump travel-size retail kit OTL upsell full-size ultimate retail kit and free travel bag and bonuses Oto downsize full retail, but I think the biggest thing is she’s not gonna be able to make those one-time offers until she’s got him on the phone.

Is the is the gist of what I got? Yeah, it’s very confusing. I think I’d go find somebody in China that could make this stuff for me and I’ll sell it under my own brand but that’s just me Big Jim’s moisturizer. All right. So what the goal that is, we got to make enough money here to cover acquisition cost you guys. So the trials not going to like make any money, but they had a synthetic award from Buccaneer to last week’s episode of the hold on order four months.

Last week right week before yeah, maybe I’ll be the last episode that’s left is a gallivanting around the Caribbean while we all right well over $30 something hopefully information. So it will cost to her that in theory could cover all that cost. They said she could free customers coming in and then boom the applications are just like the gravy and it should bring introduces them into her program.

Yep. That sound good like what we should build. Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah, so she’s got some stuff already started. So we’re gonna skip swear like you use foam strips right here right to be a headline here. Yep you for Masters for this video here.

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

Yep, you can use photo shoots for the order form bump copy here. Yep, probably photo shoots for the video right here as well. Right? Yep. So there’s one two three four spots. You can punish. It’s just on a two page. Final which is insanely cool. That’s right, but I probably can’t do it in the next 16 minutes 40 seconds, but who’s counting? All right. No, I agree. It’s not aware of those a lot.

One thing. I like she has it all seemed to click on dashboard is kind of cool, but couple things the a very fun like a t-shirt you click here you watch like a 12 minute demo video your free t-shirt, but Secrets first four modules of this course in there for free for all Cliff House members great. I think that any of these funnels go watch the course first more modular mm our course and for free for you guys, and it’s tons of depth and complexity so and complexity in terms of my stuff like all the questions are in there. So my point that case what else is in there Russell on the dashboard page your argument. Sorry, I was bad weed is good.

Cool. I’m gonna come and I’m gonna start building out a funnel. Now you got the link I sent you for her. That’s what she already has. Oh, let me I think so. You post on Facebook, right? Yes. Faces any login, I’ve not had a log into Facebook for years. What is happening two-factor authentication? I don’t even know seriously. We’re gonna try your Zuckerberg.

Okay, apparently getting are texting me how to get into my account. There you go. I didn’t even Facebook winning love me. All right, let me check. Hold on. Hold on. Oh man joining Google Chat. Yeah, he drop it Google cheddar Google Chat. How do you know that is? All right. I don’t either I’m typing it out of here.

Can I chat? Oh. There’s a little chat thing here. Let me know if you see this if you that one or two seconds of Boom. Alright, we’re back in business, but I’m going to copy and paste from From Facebook. So I said so you are in Facebook now or no know if you oh I just you know feel do that the easiest for today.

Okay? Okay. This is resisting funnel. Is it live? It’s up there. But I mean she you can see she got started at the top and then she’s used the who what why how script and then she started working on the stuff and subheading then just kind of stopped. Well, that’s why I thought because I understand that if you don’t have a real clear picture of what you’re trying to get done like what Russell Drew there behind him.

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

I can see how you can get stalled. I mean that’s that’s what happens. So that’s I thought this was a good one to show people how to get unstuck. Yeah. I’m going to I’m going to clone this funnel into my account. So I don’t jack up anything. She is doing exactly super not cool with me. to my other screen you guys can’t see I’m just getting getting a higher share from a link.

Bam, all right, so I’m adding this into my account. Mass copy slowly this is like anyone goes down to the buzzer. I think we’re gonna get this far as we as we can.  Okay. It’s now my account. So exciting. All right, I’m ready for some coffee Jim. Okay, so I’ve got a few I guess I should show you my screen. So I’ll see how she found out you see the script right there.

Exactly. Yeah, that’s all that’s cool. So right here I’m using the I’m using the million dollar sales headline scripts and I filled it out for her. So I wouldn’t I mean I honestly I don’t know that much about beauty secrets as you can tell since I have a face made for radio, but I do what I can but I just filled it in knowing what I know. I mean this is you know, beauty secrets ladies younger looking skin rejuvenate your skin look younger in age is the enemy. So let’s see what we can see here real quick as far as some cool stuff breakthrough rejuvenate your skin and look younger. I mean, that’s that’s that’s that’s not bad.

Um, I’ll grab that one of the world’s best Beauty secret advice. Let’s see Shocking Beauty secret Discovery look younger with this. I like that as good a dad. Um Russell sounds to IP look the reason why they call height is because it works because it works. It’s not called. It’s called hi P not sleepy do a picture of a product anywhere.

I do not that is gonna throw a fake skincare thing because we need to see some images for free plus shipping. You want to see like, what is that thing? I’m going to get my hands on a bit about a fake picture. Okay. how to rejuvenate your skin for Less Yeah, how do you find the ones that are that are you can use was a trick? Yeah. Yeah go up there under Tools and then usage rights and then labeled for reuse.

So that we use we use with just the dirty to use these right the Google says you can but they’re getting sued over in Europe. So who knows whether their stuff is whether or not her stockings by the images, but for today’s Today isn’t fun. We’re just going to tell Mike.

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

Try this instant younger looking skin test now.  That’s kind of cool this backdrop school. Yeah, I think those bricks are awesome, dude. No, no, we’re due back drop the word to use. Ooh. How about here’s our super smart plan to rejuvenate your skin. And look younger. Okay, so I just might I click on the thing and I mean I was adware spyware freaking out so I’m not ignoring you Jim. I just don’t know what to do right now. My computer’s getting hijacked by the people that do that thing where they yeah.

Hijack your stuff.  I’m just gonna go back to googly but it did sound amazing. How about special beauty secrets trick helps you rejuvenate your skin for Less. Not bad. Yeah, I mean this coming from the guy who does a facial cleanse with Comet cleanser. I mean this isn’t really, you know, I’m not your best, you know actually bought some stuff from Jamie cross. I’m waiting for it to come in the mail try the man the man soap yet.

I it hasn’t come yet. You are going to love it. It will change your life forever because you can wash your mat your body with it. And then you wash your hair with it once to play so you have to like have shampoo and I’ll leave knowing stuff. You just rub it in your hair boo.

Here’s one how to rejuvenate your skin for free. That’s the thing because she’s doing it free plus free pill shipping, right? Whoo. Yeah, dude. That’s the one that’s the hook. Am I emailing you this? Yeah, you know gossip me take it off of my please. Don’t take it out. Hey, are you there? Like Russell it? I saw your email. And can I contact you I will not email you back because that is creepy all use sanebox.

By the way, that was like one of the best things you ever told me about ever same box. Yeah change my life. All right, so we got a cool thing. Now, let’s talk about this thing about Jennifer white Beauty be your best self. Dude that’s eating up like a whole bunch of the above the fold.

I don’t know if I’d have that in there. Yeah, you know what, you know what I mean? Okay, so she has that thing underneath there that says get the proven customized skin care system that quickly helps you have youthful radiant skin guaranteed? um those that actually isn’t bad.

The the something out here, but I would say instead of that quickly helps you have I would just say that gives you youthful radiant skin guaranteed.

Listen here to see her subhead down there get the proven customized skin care system that gives you youthful radiant skin guaranteed. Some of this love to hear their say no. I was just saying that that sub-headline where it is is pretty good. It just just that one change was all I was saying but you know what that at last discovered how to get younger looking skin without and get I would replace that sub-headline.

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

That’s up there now with the sub headline that’s underneath the video with that one change that I said was changing. It was get the proven customized skin care system that gives you youthful radiant skin guaranteed. I was talking to Graham you guys are out.

You like that? Yeah. And that thing that she had in there that was partially written wasn’t bad. We could just rewrite that. I do like that question ready for your beauty Revolution. cool flat hair that could actually be the subhead for underneath the the video.

Yeah. Old and I’m going to move this up a little bit and it sort of image in there. So once you have is fine, if they Gammage that that looks awesome find a big pill or something you can take this do that was good, but I find a lot of sneaky my skin at business.

It’s like every night every device because I was like 12 – was on I am I just making sense, but I think they put it on thick to brother. They run through it. I probably eat thousand self inside body days. Like I can’t like teaser because she’d be like, you know, you probably saw the inside it on the outside of my God. You’re right.

Do what you need to do. She just tell you she does it so she stays beautiful for you Russell and don’t you appreciate all she does to raise the family keep herself in shape and to maintain the household and you know, I hope you do appreciate that. I do appreciate that. I’m super good soups grateful as the kids would say the teenager to say nowadays soups soups grateful.

Right. Yeah, you didn’t know that one. Did you I did not we call it a little kids. You actually think you’re the coolest as you send them gifts and stuff. There you go. um Now this is the part the part that I didn’t understand what exactly.

They were getting and that was the part. It would have been better. If I could have known who the company was. But the thing down below that the skin cream thing and I don’t know if it’s cream or not.

But with this one-of-a-kind system, you can have your own personal image consultant in your pocket. It’s the world’s Innovative try before you buy technology and now it’s available to you. If you’re ready this reading this congratulations, you can be one of the first to access. ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

This is where I got a little confused as to whether this was some kind of a thing that you would like take a picture of yourself and then you could see what the stuff was going to look like that that’s where I kind of lost it but I got to tell you just what we did right here.

2-Step Funnels Marketing Makeover

If she were to take the the who what why how script that she already filled out and Actually record it but the video right there and put it in the video right there. She would be 95 yards down the field as far as this page is concerned.

I would just delete all the stuff at the bottom. If you don’t unless you have testimonials that the company will let you use all that other stuff would just you know through the power of ClickFunnels™ can be deleted quickly and easily never to be recovered. So be careful, um, but If you had testimonials then I’d have some down there.

You know, what are your thoughts about how else you would finish this off?

You know bullets or demo for you like cells most of it this little like if you go to expert secrets to say right?

It’s a little Fancy Pants things we do that look seem stupid and obviously but actually matter a lot like the shipping speed above. The thing is a big deal text like shipping worship at you upgrade a pronounce a like those little copy things have he like shockingly important like consequences, right? It’s like I look at those things and model that so I’d be Driving us in Atlanta and I say to get free sample like extra stitches get your free copy, excuse ship in less than seven days. Get your free sample.

Get your free product. I mean, I wouldn’t even call it a sample get your free product. Do you in seven days? And I look at it. So I hear you’re chipping work samples info about you. So hopefully we have an order for bump. I would talk about their maybe don’t come up with one. ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

Yeah, you just like an info product. Like here’s 36 cool ways also soften your skin without if you actually read expert secrets and follow what Russell says about creating a master class, then you could create your upsell product by doing an Ask campaign and creating a Master Class by the way, everything all the scripts you need to do expert secrets are part of funnel scripts along with not only doing the as campaign, but we have a complete downloadable wizard will help you to create a master class people use it all the time doing today.

I mean, that’s how you come up with an order bump. Dude. Just do a master class. Yourself in your bathroom with the camera and talk about it and how it’s okay. They were cutting you off on with soon as you got to the video of yourself in the bathroom. It was like the spirit said it’s time to stop it was kind of product. Yeah, but it’s good. It’s simple it’s not super distracting just like boom.

Here’s the offer. Here’s the thing. Yeah, try to make this white the Russell Newton wants to fight two days just like playing font sizes and like colors and well looks sharp, but it needs to be up a little bit. So it’s even with the top of the get your free product.

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

Um, look at you kerning and whatever it’s called. Um, Yeah, I mean that’s that’s pretty sharp. Actually. I mean that that it that’s cool. I mean that would be a great a great page to start with. Yeah. Yeah, throw it in there and then have your tests on Facebook over Facebook ad with the we have a final script Facebook ads to we really do it’s like hey guys, it’s amazing photography using the last three years of my life is so awesome who here wants a free copy of it. We got it. We’re here what the three-step I got 12 experience the same Beauty Revolution and I am experiencing and then they click you but that’s a that’s kind of it super easy.

But you know something you just said there and I just want to get across everybody and I’ve been looking a lot of funnels lately and I know you look at him all the time and just really, you know going through and An attention-getting headline or opening statement combined with an amazing story and an offer that is just totally making sense on every level every intellectual level. It doesn’t need to be complicated and your enthusiasm level and it just it looks good, and it works. ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

Get that done. If you can get that done you’re going to get so much further down the field than if you just get all caught up in all this technical stuff and the overanalyzing and everything else. It’s like make the grab the attention and make the offer the way you would respond to as a member of the audience do your best from that standpoint and then get it out there and see what works and then and get on the field, you know, instead of a lot of people just stay on the sidelines and they can tell you 99 things that don’t work on a funnel and you know, I don’t I didn’t learn to write copy that way and you know, all this other stuff is like, okay, show me what you got what’s work? Well, I’m still working on it.

Okay, let’s say I was selling so this is never parking parking right? So I’m like, okay. Here’s the arrest of eight. Hey guys, this is Russell who I have right? Who am i – Russell Brunson and I was crazy or and we’re at I have this really cool thing. It’s called keto OS Max sweetheart. It tastes like literal. ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

Literally you went to Valentine’s Day. Your kids got all the hard candies dick hard candies and you smash them up in the thing and he dumped it in some water and stirred it up and you don’t Worship in you drink it. That’s what this crap taste like it is insanely good. In fact kids. I’m open up an app. It’s right here. I’m drinking this one right in this video is that I’m so excited. But after take this one check it out.

This box has got like I don’t 1314 more Hayes will try with me. It’s so insanely good. You should try to all you have to do on the form of side. Let me know where to ship it. It cost me is a couple bucks to buy Lacey’s like I should so if you cover shipping handling all this shit, but you do with close to me come on over. I’ll give you free copy or free a free sample. You can try to drink it but it’s like making candy which is amazing in and of itself but the second thing is actually helps you lose weight, which is even cooler and get energy is like a drink Kool-Aid ethically crash Mike gruhin way.

2-Step Funnels Marketing Makeover

They’re my kids are jumping all over me. I drink it gives me energy and lose weight. I feel good is amazing. So if you want one fill in the form on the right and I will send you one of the ones that left over the box. I don’t have that many when they’re gone. They’re gone. It’s gonna be amazing. All right, because it’s so fun. So easy you see proactive commercials with like Cindy Crawford and like fancy models everything’s like perfectly shot.

But that’s not what works on the internet. No one’s on their phone pooping scroll through the thing and seem like Cindy Crawford make their seem like you’d like doing this and like why is that person so excited about smashed handy drink and they watch it and I’m like, okay.

Okay pause it. Hopefully they flush wash your hands. They find their wall they come back and they buy it. That’s how it works that were if they when they flushed at least they muted while they were on FaceTime with somebody. This is my own head. Yeah.

Sighs no promoters your customers to shop and poop at the same time. This is my phone in nice. You know, you totally made me forget what I was saying. Oh, I know what I was going to say what you just showed there though, and people will say well, but I need to put some graphics in that video and I need to have some overlays and I need to have some you know, I need to have a voiceover and it needs to be perfect and you know, they throw all these obstacles up but yet and I have to relearn this sometimes too, but it’s like the videos where it’s just me on my phone and I’m You know doing basically what you did with a script but what you just did there is a script but it’s an internalized script but that is what converts the best on social media.

It’s not. Okay. Well, let me let me do this as a split screen and put the PowerPoint over here and let’s let’s worry about the formatting and all this other stuff. No, it’s getting on grabbing people’s attention having a great story making a great offer and having an enthusiastic call to action. Gee that sounds kinda like 10x secrets.

Anyway, that that was awesome. Super cool – yeah, thank you and hopefully for all you guys who never marketing you see kind of like a model if you like. So that’s a remark if I like there’s a lot of there’s a million different use cases for Farmers using multiple ways. But this is one it’s really simple. It’s really easy all we have done. We had more than 20 minutes the next page psych this video right here tonight.

Awesome. I’m going to send this out to you. You’re awesome that one thing when you drink this you make money when you share with your friends. Yes, I will make money if you drink this stuff and you get addicted to it anyway.

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products: People free samples of Candy Crush up drinks make you lose weight. And then they’re like, I’m in you so you make money lose weight. You can see I totally did enjoy your program and now you can girls and the whole thing is repeated over and over over you and by the way, since you’re already paying shipping and handling for just a little bit more I can throw in a whole box better. Anyway, great job hanging out. 65043 5353 pre-built final sitting there. Therefore you can come grab you have some free time today episodes by showing you as I do all sorts of funnels, and it’s awesome. So I’m going to drop I gotta go. Thank you Jen. Thank you for hanging out and job everybody. Bye. ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

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ClickFunnels™ Mass Movement – Made $100 million with Tai Lopez & Russell

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products - 2-Step Funnel Makeover for Distributor
ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products - 2-Step Funnel Makeover for Distributor 2

Jennifer sells beauty supplies as a distributor, but she has some special restrictions by her company as to how she can sell online. She’s come up with a super-smart 2-step funnel for doing Free+Shipping offers and then closing new customers over the phone. She needs Russell and Jim’s help for how to set everything up…

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How To Sell A Product Online And Sell  Anything To Anyone Using This One Tactic

ClickFunnels™ Irresistible Offer – How To Sell A Product Online To Anyone

ClickFunnels™ Irresistible Offer

ClickFunnels™ Irresistible Offer: In this video I will not only teach you how to sell a product online I will show you how to sell ANYTHING to anybody by creating an irresistible offer that no one will pass up. Because if you are watching this, you want to know how you can make money online and you want to change your life and your business for the better. ClickFunnels™ Irresistible Offer

ClickFunnels™ Irresistible Offer

– [Russell] What’s up everybody, this is Russell again, and I have a little bit of a rant, and I hope you guys are okay with that because it’s something that I keep trying to get people to understand and they keep not understanding. So, no offense to anybody ’cause I probably said it, a lot of places, and maybe they need to hear it.

So I’m telling you guys right now, right here, so you will hear it and you will understand. So a lot of people come into my world, into the funnel world and they’re like I’m selling stuff on Amazon or Shopify, I’m selling physical products. And so I was grabbing some examples of physical products. Maybe you’re selling supplements, or you’re selling jars, or you’re selling buttons, or selling markers, like, whatever it is you’re selling, and they’re going through this stuff and you’re like funnels are really, really cool. So, how’s it’s gonna work? And I tell you, I’m like go read this book Expert Secrets.

For anybody who thought Expert Secrets was only about selling information products, you missed the whole point of the book. Please stop, go find your copy of the book, start at the very beginning, and this time look at it from a, through a lens of whatever it is that you are selling. If you’re selling physical products, info products, something that’s network marketing, whatever it is you’re selling, this book is the blueprint for that. If you’re saying well this doesn’t work for you because in my business I don’t do this. Instead start thinking and going, how can I use this in my business?

That should be the thing going through your mind is, how can I use this for my business?, Not, oh, I can’t use this for my business. People are saying, well Russell, my business is different. No, it’s not different, you’re just not doing it right. Start thinking how do I actually implement this into my business? For example, a lot of people are like, Russell this works for you, because you have a software company. Every other software company that I’m competing against does not do this.

ClickFunnels™ Irresistible Offer

If I were to release this four years ago and told people to read this, they’d be like, well this doesn’t work for SAAS, I’m not selling information products. It’s like, no! Like, you’re not seeing me actually do this to sell SAAS, to sell software as a service. It works for that it works for supplements this works for everything. So I wanna kind walk you through just some really quick like two minute breakdown how this concept works with physical products. So again the comment yesterday I thought was like Russell there’s no face to my company so this isn’t gonna work. My first thing would be you need to have a face to your company.

There’s a reason why there’s a face at ClickFunnels™ ’cause people can connect with a human being. If there’s not a face, not a person you become a commodity and the people are gonna go off price, go off of what feature they got, this feature versus this feature. If you have a face, a personality, people will bond with you and they will follow you to the end of the world. That’s number one. Number two. This whole book is about how to create offers.

Figure out what you’re marketing and actually creating an actual offer. In fact the same concept is how I became a great affiliate. So I’m gonna do this. So let’s say if you’re selling physical products. Let’s say for example Organifi. So Organifi, this is my buddy Drew’s supplement. It’s a really good supplement. I take it every single day. There’s a picture of Drew on the back for those who are watching the video.  Drew’s funnel, and I love these guys, their funnel is not the best funnel in the world. The copywriting is not that good. The sales are not that good but what do they have? They’ve got a personality, a brand, a person, a human that people trust, they like, they know, and they follow him through this movement which is why they’ve done so well with Organifi.

Now if I was gonna go sell Organifi as an affiliate first I look at saying okay they’re selling a product here. How can I make this an offer? So I’d say okay, if I want to be your affiliate I’m gonna take this product, I’m gonna create an offer around it. So okay, if I wanna sell to become the number one affiliate which I could very easily and all of you guys could do this. You pick any product new. Say okay, someone who’s buying this what else do they need to be successful? Oh they have Organifi.

ClickFunnels™ Irresistible Offer

What if they need to know how to eat or drink for that? So I’m gonna make a book or a video course teaching the 30 day juice reset. They got a green drink, they got a juice reset diet, what else do they need? When they’re juicing they’re trying to sleep better nights. Maybe this is like the sleeping system, like the greens sleeping system. Or maybe it like they want some more recipes, so I would go and try to make a whole bunch of recipes and ways to turn these green drinks into really healthy foods and I don’t know, whatever you do.

But I’m gonna create a whole bunch of things. I put a bunch of things together and I make an offer with a total value of blank. And then I would go back to all people buying Organifi, hey you can buy Organifi and get it for I don’t know a hundred bucks they sell it here, or you can get the same offer here, I’m gonna give you Organifi plus this, plus this, plus this, and like I make an actual offer. I’m gonna go out there and destroy every other affiliate including them selling their own product.

There have been affiliates, times I’ve gone and promoted somebody’s product and actually sold more of the product than the actual product owner. I did that by turning their product into an offer, and make it irresistible. Now take it to the next level, so I just create an offer and now it’s like now it’s creating a brand, a person, a movement behind this. Dave Asprey did it so good with Bulletproof. Where his whole, he had his story now of him, he was overweight, he lost a bunch of weight, he was hiking the, I can’t remember the whole story, hiking the Himalaya Mountains and these guys gave him some yak butter tea.

He drank yak butter tea. He felt good, his brain was lit on fire. He writes he needs to put butter in his coffee, and Dave started this movement where people are putting butter in the coffee. It’s this weird thing he did. Same thing, I’d be like, this. Here’s my product, here’s an offer I’ve created goes with it, and what’s the movement? What are people tapping into besides just that? Who am I, what’s my story? I need to share the story.

Why did I create this? What was the reason? What was the purpose? Look at Drew. Drew had a whole story about why he created Organifi. What was the reason? What was the story behind it? For you guys, if you want to transition from selling physical products, or network marketing product or eCommerce or if you’re an affiliate selling other people’s products. It doesn’t matter what it is. The system, the process is the same. It’s taking that thing and turning it from a commodity into an offer. Number two then is who am I actually selling this to? Trying to sell it to everybody’s gonna be hard. When you start creating offers, it’s really fun. This is why goes through, going through the 2 Comma Club X program right now.

ClickFunnels™ Irresistible Offer

ClickFunnels™ Irresistible Offer

We’re talking about picking your market and creating your offer to match it, ’cause this right here is a cup that anybody who drinks coffee could do, the problem is it’s a commodity that the price drives down. But in choosing the right market, the price actually goes up on this. If this is the coffee cup for biohackers, coffee cup for entrepreneurs who want to drink Bulletproof coffee on the go, suddenly this becomes super more valuable. Pick the right market to actually go after.

Now the price went up. Now that the price went up, now I know the submarket that I’m in. Now I create an offer that relates exactly to that market. Suddenly this $8 cup becomes worth $60 or $100 or more. Then you get a whole bunch of people doing that together who are all part of that, they all took the same offer, they’re all part of the same market that you have created and then I can go and tell my story.

Whey did I create this? What was the reason, what was the purpose behind it? People buy into that storyline, and then from there it creates a movement. Then I get a whole bunch of people buying this and my offer and they know my story, they know who I am and then guess what happens? In a month from now, six months from now, a year from now, when I decide, hey this is really good now I want to create my next product. Now you have the following in place.

Now you have the people in place that actually care ’cause they’re connected to you and your story and your mission and your movement. Now, when my second product line comes out I can sell exactly what it is they want and then boom, this is when you start incrementally, not incrementally, it starts growing very very rapidly, your company. That’s why I always tell people take any physical product brand, wrap the Expert Secrets model around it, and you will 100X your company overnight. It’s like giving it a shot of adrenalin. That’s it! That’s the magic.

ClickFunnels™ Irresistible Offer: That’s the big secret is shifting that thought in your head from oh this doesn’t work for my business to how can I make this work for my business? If you want more videos like this, that’re gonna show you the actual step-by-step, the how-to, please subscribe to the channel, turn on notifications, I’m gonna keep on dropping gold, dropping bombs for you guys, because it is your time. The opportunities are here. I want you guys to grab your piece of the opportunities that are here and in the backside of 2018. ClickFunnels™ Irresistible Offer


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ClickFunnels™ Optimize Sales – How to scale high ticket sales

ClickFunnels™ Irresistible Offer - How To Sell A Product Online To Anyone
ClickFunnels™ Irresistible Offer - How To Sell A Product Online To Anyone 3

In this video I will not only teach you how to sell a product online I will show you how to sell ANYTHING to anybody by creating an irresistible offer that no one will pass up. Because if you are watching this, you want to know how you can make money online and you want…

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3 Million Dollar Table Rush at Grant Cardone’s 10x Growth Conference (Part 2) | FHTV Ep 92

Funnels Grant Cardone – 3 million dollar table rush 10x Growth Conference

Funnels Grant Cardone

Funnels Grant Cardone: Mayhem Breaks out at Grant Cardone’s 2018 10x Growth Con as Russell Brunson breaks all sales records and does 3 Million Dollars in 90 Minutes. Follow behind the scenes as Russell prepares to deliver his presentation to over 9,000 Entrepreneurs and how he leverages the Mandalay Bay’s own internal System to create a buying frenzy! Funnels Grant Cardone

Funnels Grant Cardone

– Our plan once this is all done we’ll take all three million dollars and put it down on black and see if we can double it. It’s gonna be amazing. (dramatic orchestral music) Alright he’s coming down from the ceiling check this out. – [Announcer] Motivation in 10X levels countdown. 10 Nine Eight – Are you kidding? – Seven. Six Five Four Three Two – Oh man. One Zero (explosion) (dramatic music) (crowd applause) (high energy, bass thumping beat) – This is so awesome! – This is so crazy! – That was amazing. (laughs) Guess what today is? Well tomorrow’s the big day but today’s the first day of, that’s gonna start the big day and Dave just went down the elevator. – Dude I’m like totally freaked, I got like chills and goosebumps.

There’s like so much energy in this hotel, it’s like gonna explode. It’s like all of the male testosterone just (grunts) All they’re talkin’ bout sales and making money and starting businesses, it’s like crazy kinetic energy. – And we’re gonna come in and explain to them how fun its work they’re gonna be like wait what? What? What? (high energy, bass thumping beat) We’re about to get ready for the show to start, it’s filling the stage up, getting people in, this place is nuts.

But that’s where we’re at at 10X event. I just got done with the slides and we’re sneaking out to go get this shirt fitted I’m wearing tomorrow ’cause the guy fitted it wrong. And I gotta go shopping for some shoes or something. – I’ve got a ring! Actually I have Collette with the ring. – Are you gonna, is Dave gonna propose to me? This is gonna get awkward. – Mr. Brunson will you accept? – Ohh, I’m so excited! I do this last time we got really got married. Whoa. – I love you to death and I’ve supported all your crazy dreams. – (laughs) Maybe I should be giving this ring to her. (all laugh) – [Dave] Oh my gosh so this is two ounces of white gold four karats of diamonds and yellow gold, ClickFunnel’s logo in the middle. – [Russell] That looks so cool. ClickFunnel’s here.

Funnels Grant Cardone

ClickFunnel’s on that side, and the X, wonder what the X is for, that would be for 10 million dollars or eight figures – We need 10 of these for my hands. – Dude seriously. – You spelled eight wrong I think. Just kidding. – Dang it! – So you punch somebody in the face boom! – It’s like oh. Said it’s two karat. Wait how much gold is it? – It’s two ounces of gold and four karats of diamonds. – Those are real diamonds? – Those are real diamonds. Holy moly. Okay you wanna see the next cool thing? – Yeah! – Kay so Dave has been talking, there’s a way you know on TV hotels when they turn on there’s like a little thing in the beginning? You can actually pay to put your own ad on there.

So Dave just found out we can do it so. – We’ve got an ad going in front of every single person who’s on the Grant Cardone hotel block. – So we’re gonna try to see if we can get it, to have the book, the book on fire one. So turn on, they’ll be like “Why is Russell burning his book?” Russel Brunson and this book, my new book is literally on fire. So hopefully this’ll be on everyone’s hotel room here in a few minutes. (upbeat, hiphop music) And we are setting up 9,000 bags on all the seats to prep for tomorrow. It’s gonna be kinda crazy. (high energy, hiphop music) And guess what?

Today is the big day in like three or four hours I’m gonna be on stage at Grant Cardone’s event in front of maybe 9,000 people here. So I’m nervous like crazy but I need something in my stomach I don’t want to eat so I ordered two halves two sides of avocado. (laughs) So check it out this is my room service for myself today. Avocado and an avocado. ‘Cause I need some healthy fats and that kind of stuff. Two bottles of Fiji water. Guess how much room service was for 40 dollars. (laughs) I spent 20 bucks for half an avocado, amazing. Alright this is happening. I’m kinda freaking out a little bit. I’m going down to get my slides, get ready, got on my fancy pants clothes on. –

Funnels Grant Cardone

Funnels Grant Cardone

[Dave] What? Game on baby. – Check out who’s behind me. What, it’s Dan Usher! – You know I’m excited this is a lot of people. – This is so crazy. (upbeat, reggaeton music) – [Announcer] For the past 10 years, he’s made his following of entrepreneurs in the millions. He sold hundreds of thousands of his books, popularized the concept sales funnels, he’s co-founded the software company ClickFunnels™ that has gone to over a 100 and million and 55,000 customers in just three years.

He is the king of funnels, the Internet’s favorite entrepreneur, affiliate marketing genius, container of expert secrets, he is an American storyteller. Ladies and gentlemen bring to the stage with a thunderous 10x applause Mister Russell Brunson! (audience cheering) – [Audience Member] Russell you’re a badass! – Thank you very much. (laughs) This is amazing. First off I want to thank Grant and his entire team for allowing me to be here and share my message with all of you guys. This is insanely cool. (upbeat, techno rock music) Thank you guys again for having me, I appreciate you! I cannot wait 10X’s companies next 12 months.

Thank you everybody. (upbeat rock music) Alright so just got done a little while ago with the event. It was a smashing success. (laughs) 9,000 people in the room I think we signed about a thousand. For ClickFunnels™ it’s a three grand a piece, so do the math on that, it was a great day. We came back, laid down on the bed to take a quick nap, and we just woke up again.

So I’m gonna head up, they are up there, processing orders so we’re gonna go see everybody, say hi and go celebrate so yay. What is goin’ on? – How are you guys? What? – Alright so Dave just brought us something really exciting to our attention. So we made more money today than we did the entire first year of ClickFunnels™ and what else did you say? – Russell actually made more than a million dollars in one hour. A million bucks! – That’s my new going rate so if you guys need to uh, book it with Melanie just let her know. – I can’t wait to update the website. –

That’s partly why some of the people are like, “Hey you know what? “If I take you out to lunch can I just take you out to lunch “or dinner while you’re here?” I’m like are you kidding me? – And some guy’s like, “How bout 15 minutes of your time?” I was like well based on our new hourly rate It’s about a quarter million bucks. (laughs) Alright then Brent can you tell me what this is? – This is something handed to us, a cool stack of a hundred dollars bills, so it was given on the floor last night. – Did he say he won it or something? – Yeah three thousand dollars cash. – In cash. So apparently guy was gambling last night and won like, did you say he won six or something? – Yeah. – He won six grand and he’s like, “This is basically free “for me” so he just gave us the cash.

Funnels Grant Cardone

– There it is. – That’s why you do events in Vegas. Our plan when this is all done we’re gonna take all three million dollars put it down on black and see if we can double it. It’s gonna be amazing. Come on, yeah! You’re in Miles? – Dude I’m sold. Yeah I’m not putting it down though. ‘Cause if it’s on me I’m out. (men laugh) I’ve already got one of these pink slips. (Russell laughs) –

Alright so we just found out that Dave pulled a little sneak-a-roo, we got the book burning video. This copy of expert secrets is literally on fire. On all the TVs here for anyone who’s in the room blocked for 10X. It’s playing on a looping stream for the next 48 hours so we’re gonna go down right now ’cause we don’t have on this TV here, we got our room blocked, we’re going down to one of my buddy’s rooms. ’cause he says it’s on so I’m gonna go check it out.

Dave you excited? – Yes! – We’re going. You guys excited for this? – Let’s go watch your commercial. (Russell laughs) – It’s just on loop for hours. – This is probably what the 10th time? – Alright so so apparently James is the best phone prank caller in the world. So anyways we’ve got some, we’ve been practicing over here. So. Give us the what accent– – Indian first? – Indian first. – Mr. Miller this is Baldeep. (all laughing) I’m calling from Grant Cardone’s team.

We need you to dress him we demand excellence from you. So that’s our Indian. – That’s Indian, now we’re gonna do Irish. – Mr. Miller, we’d like you to go shopping for Mr. Cardone. Can you dress him with some new threads? We demand excellence from you though. – (laughs) Alright what else you got? What else you got? – I’m gonna do Scottish. Mr. Miller. (laughs) I’m calling from Grant Cardone’s team.

Funnels Grant Cardone: Can you go shopping for him? He needs a kilt, he needs some bagpipes, and most of all, we demand excellence from you. (all laugh) – Alright you got more? You got more? That’s it? – British is boring. Hello Mr. Miller. My name’s Nigel I’m calling from Grant Cardone’s team. We’re gonna need you to dress Mr. Cardone for his next presentation but most of all we’re going to demand excellence from you. – What else you got, what other ones are there? – I got Chris Walken. – Alright yes. – [Woman] Good, this is good. Mr. Miller. This is Chris Walken. It’s strange but I’m working with Grant Cardone. We’d like you to dress him. Can you do that? We demand excellence from you. (Russel laughs) – Oh bravo, bravo. Yay! Funnels Grant Cardone


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Funnel Fridays Episode 44

ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences – Convert funnel for any audiences

ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences: Today’s episode of Funnel Fridays is “Pimp My Funnel”! This ClickFunnels™ and Funnel Scripts user is helping people in severe pain from tennis elbow, but his sales are causing discomfort. Russell and Jim are gonna pimp his funnel to see if they can bring relief! ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

The Facebook and and what’s up Google? I think we live everywhere. What’s up my shizzle? Look at that. What’s happening players? Who is that? Who is the guy I don’t sleep don’t you those Brandon Fisher do member? Yeah. Oh my gosh, I gotta remember Sookie if I remember Su dong zhuo’s to the middle so dude. Why are you dressed up like a pimp with your opinion? Oh I got on my pimp hat. I got on my pimp Cape. I got my pimp stick because today is all about Pimp My funnel because we got somebody who’s got some pain and they need to get their pun on their final pimped so we can apep some copy. We gonna pimp some questions. We just going to be Big Pimpin baby.

This was kind of like a pimp and watches like I can contribute to it. It’s like the size of my head almost that looks like it should have its own steam engine in it. So these are like my favorite watches and I bought a whole bunch of them the other day and I think we’re trying to make a ClickFunnels™. Well as gears in it, can you tell the time with that? I’m not sure where’s the time?

It’s was watches. It doesn’t really matter. So it’s got like justice is 12 o’clock all the time. Just woke up. Yeah. Well, there you go. So we’re back two weeks in a row two weeks in a row. This is going hardcore. I love it two weeks in a row fo sho fo sho. All right. I was Brandon’s here. These are the best stupid childish jokes ever. Oh, he’s going to find him real quick. Oh one of them was that I might mess it up. Try. Try not. Yeah, it was like what what is new jog washed his clothes in?

leoch the other one was oh what is being invested for like what a Snoop Dogg do it or what a steep dive say when he goes out in the rain or something and it’s going to drizzle. I don’t know something like that. There you go. There’s my there’s my version of jokes. Yeah, I’d say just flying and I’m we’re good man. We’re good. We’re good. All right. So walk us through what’s happening today? I’ve been my funnel.

All right. So basically today we have somebody who is helping people with tennis elbow and the interesting thing though. Yeah tennis elbow, but the thing and and the magic was hidden at the end of his submission when he sent it in when he was like, oh by the way the people Who suffer from this aren’t just people who play tennis and so that to me was the thing that that caught my attention the most because people would call it tennis elbow if they play tennis, but if you play golf, do you call it tennis elbow? If you’re a construction worker if you’re somebody who’s like a fisherman do you call it tennis elbow know you call it elbow pain full? So why would you want to only go after elbow pain think think about it.

ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

So anyway, that was it was like the last thing you know that there’s the magic what Owen I hurt my tailbone rustling one time and the trainer called a tennis elbow and I was like what I’m a wrestler like we eat tennis players for lunch anyway, but actually yeah, you’re all roided up and stuff and got all that crazy testosterone going and Russell tennis tennis. Are you crazy? Wait, I’m a good Foreman boy. I don’t think we call it tennis elbow coach. That’s probably closer to me. Yeah, so I was reaching around this guy in practice and I hurt my elbow.  What do you think? Is it a repetitive motion injury?

All right. Let’s change the subject before you have flash your warning sign. We can’t even talk about this right now Jim.What are you talking about? We just start as a pimp. So I guess we should just assume that yes. Okay. So here’s the thing that I thought we could do instead of like we normally do where we would just redo this guy’s following and it’s cool to show is funneling everything because I had some ideas about how we could about how we could redo it. You’re not the you’re wondering this is it right?

Which I mean those pictures don’t really say a thousand words, but what I was also thinking about was time may be talking about how We could structure this so he could easily. Take the funnel and duplicate it and repurpose it and pimp it in some other niches as well. You know I’m saying, okay, so he can he can he can have his fun like they’re working for him on the High Street the low Street back alleys, you know all over town all there. That’s right. So in all seriousness though is talking about how we could do that.

And then I had a thought that one of the best ways to do that would be to start with a question because it’s one thing a lot of people don’t really ever realize is that some of the most effective headlines you can ever use our questions and so it also got me thinking. Okay. So let’s make some questions and I started writing these questions and then I I heard 5,000 funnel scripts subscribers screaming all at once I disturbing scene the force there is that Jim we’re going people going Yoda. This is amazing. You didn’t give us a script for asking questions and I said to myself. Well, my goodness is like five o’clock in the morning. Could I between now and when we do funnel Friday’s could I create an entire script to ask questions in sales copy that are designed to get yeses from the Right audience.

And I was up to the challenge Russell were able to do it. I was able to do it and I’m going to demonstrate it is all right scripts.It’s not listed in there yet, but it will be but I mean it’s done. But so my thought originally on this this thing was you know, as dorky as it might seem the question that needs to be asked at the top of this thing is do you suffer from tennis elbow? Are you tired of greasy bombs leaving you smelling like a locker room all the time. Are you afraid? The only cure is dangerous surgery. Those are all right, you know, we’re just talking, you know as guys do they’re dressed up like pimps and somebody’s wearing something about nudity on there, you know best we can Jim.

ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

I just wanted to show you my a figurine case. You’re still trying to get yours. I am still trying to get mine, but I’m not trying I’m in the active pursuit of it. Thanks Pursuit of Happiness. Sorry, I just Those are fun like you live. This is the new a figurine when you do 10 million dollars inside of a funnel. You just found it. He’s like, yeah, I just left a three thousand dollar ring laying around, you know, just somewhere.

Well, we’re told this is like it’s all gold. Those are all dying. And these are like 818. I can’t think we spent on these things. Hmm. So make it good funnel. Anyways, right? Can you imagine the pimp thing I’ll be able to do with that with this cape and that ring. Yeah. I call them across your hand. I’ll show you guys. Anyway, it’s good. I don’t actually wear it. I just got on my desk. So all right. I’m going to time or what you’re going to these questions are amazing and I time and again.

All right. So what do you want me to what do you want me to show so I mean the the biggest thing with this is that when somebody is in pain and I just want to clarify one thing real quick and you’ll hear this when people are giving copywriting advice and they’re telling you all these things and you need to be really careful when somebody tells you something about copywriting or anything in general. They’re like dealing in absolutes because I know you have heard this before people would tell you.

Oh, you never start sales copy with a question because people could say no so what people say no loans are going to buy your product you have tennis all know then they should leave well then great. You know where you should be asking that question. You should be asking that question in your ad where you’re not paying by The Click. Oh, you’re getting a whole lot of people to say no and it don’t cost you any money. So do you suffer from tennis elbow? Do you have chronic elbow pain? No, cool. Beat it get out of the way. I got somebody else. I need to tell you. Yeah, so, so anyway, that’s that’s the that’s I just want to dispel that little myth.

So the other thing about when you use questions in sales copy, the other thing when you use questions in sales copy is you need to think like yin and yang now, I know I’m wearing the wrong, you know stuff. I should be dressed up like a Kung Fu Master talking about yin and yang, you know, yeah, but the thing is when when you answer when you ask a question in copy it still okay to answer the question for you for them, you know, do you suffer from chronic elbow pain? Stop the pain now? You can it’s like a question response question response and it forces them to start thinking in their own head in these terms. So that was something else. I wanted to throw out there as well.

ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

So I don’t know if you want me to send you that stuff. Yeah, you are other questions done and everything. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah, and then I’ll show you guys the wizard, but the other thing is, excuse me the script because it’s a it’s online. It’s not a downloadable one, but the other thing is thinking in terms of do you suffer from tennis elbow versus do you suffer from chronic elbow pain?

If we’re going after tennis players, you call it tennis elbow if we call it. If we’re going after anyone else, we want to call it chronic elbow pain, right? So we do that like as a how could you have questions to ask they go through that? I’m trying to do this is serving I mean I can show you I can show you the thing that I came. I saw I can show you the script. Yeah, let’s see it. Okay inside.

So I’m going to send you these the stuff. I already told you though real quick so you can play with it and then I’ll show you guys the script. Thanks for giving us Direct Communications Mark Zuckerberg. You’re awesome, sir. Converge the man. He is the man. Have you ever met him? No W he get to talk to me see me coming and be like security that ain’t happening.

So anyway, here’s I’m calling it sails opener questions scripts create targeted questions, you can use to open any piece of sales copy no video demo yet. We’re making that now use this to create questions. You can use to open any piece of sales copy with a giant yes from your prospects. Use these questions for headlines sub headlines email subject line social media openers tweets Instagram post Pinterest the first words out of your mouth on video and much much more.

So basically I got some things load in here including the one from today on tennis elbow, but where’s asking five questions super simple, who’s your target Niche member? So in this case we say a tennis player, but we can change that. Over to like, you know wrestler or fishermen have a list. Seriously, you’d have to be like hard as nails if you did man. I mean it would be like the Mike Tyson of the NCAA.

ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

What’s the number one good thing they want more of they want more pain free movement. They also want more relief from elbow pain. And what’s the number one negative thing? They want to avoid they want to avoid chronic tennis elbow and they want to avoid crippling elbow pain. So, I mean, it’s pretty straightforward to fill that out. So in this case, so I’ve got I’ve got it set up so that it’s divided into some main groups because some of the most classic questions are, you know, you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Are you sick and tired of chronic elbow pain or chronic tennis elbow, but the cool thing is I got all the little real OD stuff in here so that you can keep clicking it. So are you finished with chronic tennis elbow you fed up with chronic telling sambar you done with chronic tennis elbow. Are you finished with crippling elbow pain? Are you done with are you sick and tired of crippling elbow pain? Let’s add that one. I like that. Are you sick and tired of crippling elbow pain if they’re not going to say yes, we got an issue. So that verse is actually meant that was a test Russell that wasn’t the actual headline package that may look awesome on the page already. I know you did. Sorry.

Um, but that was like a test that indicated test not Hey David, they found the real joke. I tell you the real joke now that I messed it up earlier. I’d love to hear it. Okay, so stupid. So why does Snoop Dogg carry an umbrella? Yes why for the drizzle jacked up last? I’m sorry Snoop if you’re listening, I just anyway. All right. Sorry, bro said yeah. Um, so the other thing is that I actually listened to our show at the greatest. That’d be pretty cool dudes in the comments. He’s like, yeah, I’m listening.

Yeah you remember what happened to to pack right? Just remind you that is the white guy from POC right? There’s an odd not a nap Tupac tax, but you POC is way different. Are you trying to create it East Coast West Coast thing or a Midwest East Coast Midwest? You don’t be bait and don’t be baiting on.  Onto packed and not too but not whatever is and I glad you can’t see me right now.

Snoop Dogg anyway the other thing so we got a whole bunch of different ones, you know is blank driving you insane is chronic tell tennis elbow making you lose sleep is chronic elbow pink causing you pain is it it’s chronic elbow pain destroying your future ruining your life making you nuts costing you sleep making you lose sleep is chronic tennis elbow killing your results as a tennis player.  Do you want more pain-free movement? You might more relief from elbow pain.

so, I mean it makes hundreds of variations of questions that you can ask any we’re ready for relief from elbow pain. Now, are you a tennis player who needs more pain free movement. Are you a tennis player searching for more relief from elbow pain or relief from elbow pain? So anyway, that’s what it does pranic problems with chronic tennis elbow problems with crippling elbow pain, and the neat thing is that these can be tested so fast and just as as an aside.

These are using these are some of the easiest Facebook ads that you can write because you just asked a question and boom people are either paying attention or they’re not it’s a question with a call to action. Hey, do you need to write a met? Here we go. I need to write amazing sales copy check out funnel scripts need to write great sales copy at the click of a button sound impossible. It’s not check out funnel scripts. So that’s the big thing is just asking a question.

ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

I love it. It’s kind of like the question that a pimp would ask. Hey buddy looking for a good time. That’s what we asked how would you know that I watch movies you don’t watch ever wished for more pain free movement.

I think we’re definitely Getting Thinner to PG territory. Yeah, we should flash that fence of sign thing paste just to let people know I totally stole this image from Google Images don’t actually do that. Like if you’re going to use it go buy it. I just don’t have time to buy right now and I’m gonna actually are the stop sign. Yeah. I totally saw it.

Hmm, you know how to search on Google Images for stuff that has usage rights, right? Oh go back to Google Images real quick, and I’ll show you if you go up under Tools. There’s these buttons before and go under. Yeah. She’s labeled for reuse. ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

What I could use these well, okay, let me let me let me answer that question. I’m not an attorney nor do I dress like one in on the web. However, I feel comfortable using them but you would need to consult the appropriate legal or other professional if you have any doubts, well, that’s cool.

So anyway, that’s more your pin. Jim told us we can use this but only you know, what that’s about as smart as Consulting Saul from speaking about season 3 of so, you see that like that. I have not seen that I’m waiting until I can power watch like four years in a weekend three years. That is so like anyway, my favorite line from that is is from breaking bad and he’s like, he’s like you need to hire me to hire criminal lawyers. Like I know I got two layers like no no, no, we need a criminal.

Anyway, here’s is one of my favorite and isn’t it time you stopped dealing with crippling elbow pain? I like that one too. Am I getting rid of this other ones that are designed beautifully gotta choose one dude. That was the point. Hey, okay. Did you send it to me? Did I send you? What? Oh, yeah. Okay. I’m so throw more questions in Here We can question the crap out of space for all I care well, and that’s the other thing you can use questions as sub headlines as well.

Make these ballpoint ballpoint element, but that I mean, I honestly got the way that he can redo this funnel and go after each of these individual markets is by just changing the question headline at the top and pretty much anywhere throughout that he is mentioning the target audience then it just be as easy as a search and replace so wherever he has tennis player, he would change that to fishermen or bowler or wrestler that a list. Yeah, or or a wrestler a wrestler wrestler. Whoo, but I mean, I hope this is making sense. I’m going to try and to give people a tool that they can use and coming up with all this big huge list of questions. ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

Funnels Convert For Any Target Audiences

I’ll be honest with you. I made this for me. I was like dang I’m going to use this so and I’m actually be clear I use questions and most of my coffee might be getting as well. She may not know that I mean component speakers book when I share my Dawkins use Excel letter start with let me ask you a question. If you ever want to work from home work or fire your boss. Yes. Yes. Yeah. I love questions. It’s a big as an interview love questions Russell because questions set up the answer and the answer is my product.

Okay, this looks like it’s labeled for reuse. I’m using it copy image address. Yeah. Mitch demo image Boom Oh, do you suffer from chronic? Elbow pain? Medical Graphics? Daddy? He’s going to show me a picture that’s labeled for usage rights. Well, there’s some serious serious credibility right there because it’s like an MD picture street cred, but I mean right there it just He’s the the question that you asked at the beginning is going to be the filter that resets the entire funnel.

As far as people that are reading it now just be copying that funnel and changing the headline switching out the switching out the target audience wherever he said, like I said, wherever it says tennis player, that’s fisherman or what have you and then you need the only other thing you’re going to need are some supporting images like before and after a tennis player that looks like he’s had his elbow. Whacked by Tonya Harding’s ex-husband or somebody and then somebody at the end of the copy playing tennis like they’re freaking John Mcenroe, you know what I mean? So, I mean that that would be the other thing would be pictures of before and after you want to show the pain.

At the beginning in a context that they can understand right that makes sense. It’s like oh there’s a tennis player and he really hurts and to take it even further you could do this with a funnel where you only talked to male tennis players and showed pictures of male tennis players and you showed and you had one that was going after female tennis players and you showed pictures of just female tennis players that make sense. All right. This is like letter to and because ClickFunnels™ is so amazing. ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

It makes it point-and-click simple to clone a funnel and make those changes mean you’re talking about 5 or 10 minutes worth of work to totally customize a funnel for a different target audience, especially with this wouldn’t you agree Russell? Oh, yeah, you like survey on the front of it’s like, hey tell me what’s in sounds almost like you you have 10 wrestlers. Are you offended by me asking you that question? Why are some be offended by that? Jit? I don’t because my pronoun is they Tell you how amazing you are. So he get this stuff. It’s amazing. I get it from we’re all good things come from Russell the internet the interwebs speaking in ranks kind of cool and creepy at the same time.

I would love to hear about that. Okay, so sometimes I get all excited and I go on eBay on my phone and I’ll spend way too many hours trying to find random weird stuff. So this week on Sunday night. I bought you go ran away. I bought some of the old mat Fury psycho cybernetics newsletters when she no longer publishes rise, like that’s kind of cool. So I bought them dude.It’s so funny. I was thinking about him on Monday. I am not even lying to you. I was thinking all about Matt fear on Monday actually went and found him on Facebook.

ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

I think he rejected me or unfriended me for something for some reason go you offended him. But yeah years ago I pissed him off. But um, that’s actually really cool dude. I mean, but that that what made you think of that because back in the day when I used to see back in the day and Always by Matt Fury and farmer Burns and Dan Kennedy and J. So all my saved searches for like 10 years ago were all like those things right?

I searched and found psycho cybernetics, so I bought it and I get this letter with it. That was like, hey Russell, I saw you bought some re based or I know who you are. And he was like, I’m gonna send you a gift. So he also sent me check this out. This is the Crossman success series tape set. What? Oh my gosh, but like in a briefcase and it’s like cassette tapes of this millionaire success dude in the mail that came with it. Okay, hold on that was pretty cool. Super cool, but it gets even crazier those eight tracks on the back on the top. You might be.

Okay, then the next thing that was crazy is so then I was like searching Napoleon Hill because like nobody talks about Napoleon Hill anymore. So I’m buying a bunch of his old stuff. Like there’s old Napoleon. He’ll like handwritten versions of thinking Grow Rich like $500,000 for sale by keep watching. They’re never going to bye. Bye Mike someday. Someone’s gonna buy that at school.

Anyway kind of book that I didn’t know he wrote called how to raise your own salary, which is crazy. I didn’t know that so I bought yeah universe so it’s like it’s like 500 bucks or something cause it’s like a really really rare one he had so I bought it and then the dude sends me a letter insides like here unless I buy my book. I also knew who you are.

And I love this episode your podcast. Anyway, I’m buying stuff on eBay now and all the people who buy stuff from Anyway, it’s crazy. Just kind of cats better than I’m saying. Hey Russell. Thanks for buying my thing. I know who you are. And now I have your home address. Oh my gosh. I need to change on eBay. That’s why you have a PO Box actually since the office I’m safe. So anyway, I just lost three minutes of my vulnerability time, but you gotta take that thing off the top you got to choose one. It can’t be versus. Oh really gotta choose to go with the just a straight tennis elbow one. All right to start. We’ll go after tennis players. ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

Yeah, and I would go I would I would even just go old school with this, you know attention tennis players. Do you suffer from tennis elbow? I mean, I’d literally have the intention tennis players in the small type up there on the left. That’s like 1994 stuff ready for this good year for direct response. People don’t even know. Did you like that? Yeah ratify it probably yeah, that’s right attention to this players. You suffer from head to toe. It’s so we can help. I mean, I know that there are people’s you mean could it really be that simple?

Yes, it could now would you want to test that? Yeah, I mean would you want to try other questions like is tennis elbow ruining your life which by the way the new script in funnel scripts writes all those questions for you. So Russell would they be able to set up automated tests through ClickFunnels™ to be able to tell which one actually was the best I’m pretty sure that you can set up a split test as I click funnels with one click of a mouse. So the neat thing you can do is just fill out this form once whack that button whack it until it feels right and then just start picking out headlines and loading them into your little clip bin here to your little hearts content and then you have all of them available to download and then you can test them inside of Click funnels and It’s pretty amazing.

ClickFunnels™ Pimp Your Funnel

So most people have the problem of not being able to figure out one headline. Is it okay and final scripts if we give you dozens and dozens of headlines and questions that you can use so you can test and find the one that makes you the most money. Is that okay if we over-deliver or are you sorry it’s not drop that in there. Sorry. Okay, that’s looking pretty good. Oh crap, I wasn’t paying attention. Oh, well, then I would have been working faster.

I actually hate this little back we had before good thing about ClickFunnels™. I can just drag and drop my way back to amazing this that’s right. Goody. All right. Well this one you get completely down but a couple things number one. I think that we pop people some amazing this about questions and you knew question script. When is your questions are going to live inside of this funnel scripts you keep talking about I would say it’ll be up in it’ll be in there by next week very cool.

But if people are excited about it, I mean are the people that are watching anybody in Social and them social medias on the line saying anything good about it or they just like me is there after think that’s a really great question Russell and if they did say that I could actually see my way clear to maybe listing and in there today, but I want to ask you guys a question again. Look in your wallet and see the money that you have in there and think to yourself what I rather take that money and spend it on an amazing tool like funnel scripts or would I rather spend that money on a copywriter and just set that money on fire?

Now think about that everybody, please don’t let your money on fire. Do you actually want to head over to funnel scripts right now and get access to now over 40 different online scripts to help you with everything from writing complete email sequences headlines, these amazing sales opener questions complete sales letters or do you want to cheat your children out of their future because you struggle to write sales copy and I think you know the choice, you know the right choice, don’t you? ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

Yes, you do head on over to funnel scripts.com Jewish China because you do the math on that. So 40 scripts times ten dollars a year. You’re basically in ten dollars per year per script. Well that doesn’t even include the amazing downloadable Wizards that will create entire perfect webinar sequences for you many people have said access to that one wizard is worth the entire subscription just for the year. Dang. Dang the Aang. Oh shit ezel.

ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

All right. Well, the funnel is begun is not finished was got some good-looking copy in here. I’m going to save it out for those who this your first time on Fridays on Final Friday.com. I’ll actually get the sheriff on the link where we build each week. So it’ll be there and we’re right by this monthly. She has a new photo Friday site intro video. All the exciting is coming up. So we have a really cool video makes Jim look like he’s an actual pimp, which is awesome. I would drink some Gin and Juice to that you’re sad as I know every word of that song.

Yes in high school. I was a Snoop Dogg. Dr. Dre fan and my old headphones. I had the CD it was spinning in the thing and my parents annoyed. I was listening to the should know there’s a big like marijuana leaf on the front that CD. It’s really embarrassing now as like the clean-cut Mormon kid to admit that but that was the best CD of the 90s you Rebel you’re such a rebel cause I don’t see any of the marijuana leaf was I was like, why is it big palm tree leaf on this team?

Okay. I got to tell you a story you will think this is really funny. This shows innocence.Okay, so when I was in college, I had my ear pierced I had three earrings in this year. That’s and so I came home with my ear pierced in. My mom said, oh, I’ve got some extra earrings that Miss shock me. I’ve got some extra earrings that I lost the other one for and I’ve got this one that I got in Mexico. ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

It’s is really pretty really pretty. It’s got like Maple Leaves its Jade in silver. She brings me out. This pot leaf of earrings like it’s telling me it’s a maple leaf, and I’m like Mom, do you know what that is? No, what is it? It’s a pot leaf. She’s so I can’t give you that to give me that. Better buys this story is not quite as good but it’s almost as good so my grandma Jensen who is amazing.

So she was the most frugal person I’ve ever met so she’d buy everything at thrift stores like Desert Industries or Savers whatever. So one day we were at the beach with Grandma Jensen and she had on these awesome sunglasses and I decided sunglasses was a big old Playboy Bunny glasses. She’s like I got like, you know, that bunny issues like yeah. It’s a cute little bunny. I like I was working like we classes. There you go.

ClickFunnels™ Pimp Your Funnel

Anyways, the coolest sound you Grandma sounds awesome viewers are going to miss out wait till next week. I think you might have a hemorrhage if you don’t so dig brother sui sisters from Billie. Jean’s is Billy Russell Brunson is marketing. Is it still pretty loaded? Yeah. So this is from Billie Jean and check this out. This is a money Cannon. You ready for this? You got to clean this mess up now. Oh my God, that is that I am so jealous.

I don’t even got a musical way. I can just do it now. I’m out of here. When when we go on the cruise in January, you have to load that up with like all ones but put one 100 in there until every and then do it from the stage and just watch the scrum Chum in the water. Dude, that would be just and do it at a karaoke party after people been drinking and say there’s a hundred in here is watching go for it. Oh my gosh, there’s the money can’t that the cash cannon.

That’s pretty cool. I should have are beginning to show you even know. So Dave brought that back from San Diego to me. So thank you. You need to get some of those made and then when somebody gets into people would be more excited about having that branded with ClickFunnels™ and getting that when they get there to Comet Club award and having it filled with like $50. They would go crazy over that.

It’s actually cheaper than the awards. Yeah. Especially the to Comic-Con extra words these things like your $3000 ring. I was like, I wish that is how much do ya um, because I’ll see you soon Instagram world and Facebook world when you make ten feet eight figures ten beers. We billion right a figures inside of an of a ClickFunnels™ account. You get the big ol Super Bowl ring. Yeah. ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

Anyway, um, or you could give away those cash cannons with 50 bucks in them at the next funnel hacking live to everybody who makes it into like the six-figure clubs. Everybody hits a hundred thousand. They get a fit they get one of those with 50 bucks in it. Can you imagine how crazy people would be going?There’s Russian Cassidy? Yeah, that would be insane. That is pretty fun. All right that’s on the idealist for next year’s photo talking which by the way is in Nashville, Tennessee. The dates are on for locking live.com.

You can’t buy tickets yet, but you can schedule in your calendars. You don’t forget nice by the way, Brandon Caitlyn, they sold out there vent in one day. It’s my goal is to cell phone. I can live in one day. So when we do open this for everyone you better get Or dollars lined up and ready because it’s going to be opening and closing fast. Anyway, very nice. All right. Well Jim, that was amazing. I appreciate you. I’m excited. We only get next week. Yeah, I guess you tell me I have it down.

It’s the Nexus last week of school for my kids. I think so anyway last day of school shooting first, June 1st, we all right. Well today was fun. Great job guys. Thank you. Everybody. Appreciate you all the watches at home. I hope you guys enjoyed to learn something now. You can cure your chronic tennis elbow. If you’re on a cliff Barnes County a go click files and scripts.com, and that’s it for the day. Okay. I just have one last thing to share.

ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences: With the point why I see everybody I can’t figure how to get my mouse to end. This one. The mouse is disappearing. I need to take off my pimp robes. Are we off yet? You’re literally still alive because the mouse is not working on my computer. Wow. Okay right here disappears Excuse me while I take this off. I don’t know how to turn this off. Now. How do we say there’s the mouse? Okay now it’s working and we’re stopping by everybody. ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences

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ClickFunnels™ Startup Story – With Jp Sears at Dry Bar Comedy Club

ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences - Convert funnel for any audiences
ClickFunnels™ Target Audiences - Convert funnel for any audiences 5

Today's episode of Funnel Fridays is "Pimp My Funnel"! This ClickFunnels™ and Funnel Scripts user is helping people in severe pain from tennis elbow, but his sales are causing discomfort. Russell and Jim are gonna pimp his funnel to see if they can bring relief! https://ClickFunnels.com https://funnelscripts.com https://funnelfridays.com

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9 Lessons From the “Poker Princess” – Dave Woodward – FHR #230

ClickFunnels™ Poker Princess – 9 Lessons From the Poker Princess

ClickFunnels™ Poker Princess

ClickFunnels™ Poker Princess: Molly Bloom is known as the “Poker Princess” Dave Woodward had the opportunity of being with her in Phoenix at Genius X. Dave details the 9 secrets he learned from Molly as she discussed her rise and fall and rise again. Molly recently had a movie produced by Aaron Sorkin portraying her story based on her book, Molly’s Game. ClickFunnels™ Poker Princess

ClickFunnels™ Poker Princess

Welcome to funnel hacker Radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results. Here’s your host Dave Woodward everybody. Welcome back last week was so much fun. I had the opportunity in with Russell down in Phoenix at Joe polish and in grazioso 600k group.

And while we were there they brought in a special guest at Molly Bloom. You’re familiar with the movie came out first year Molly’s game was basically she talked about her story and her life and she’s known as the poker princess because of all the crazy things. She was actually able to pull off if you’re not very familiar with her story getting go watch the video watch the trailer.

I’ll try to post the trailer down below and but this is one basically who started off as an Olympic hopeful skiing from Little or up from just outside of Denver and Colorado and It ended up eventually trying to go into law school and everything else things that work out exactly how she wanted and so what happened was she had getting a job down in LA and her boss the side had kind of things going on where he had his own little poker thing going. Well this became an enormous opportunity for where she ended up little becoming known as the poker princess.

And again, I won’t take away all of her her Thunder go ahead and take a look at the trailer down below but understand what happened was she got the point where the she was literally was dealing with Hollywood’s Elite as well as the you know top athletes across the country as well as a whole bunch of other gamblers and things and it was fascinating just kind of talking to her about her story.

So it was basically to earn $50,000 to to come to the her poker parties is kind of what it started at. And then what ends up happening was because of all the things that she was doing all of a sudden she ended up getting your house raided by the FBI and ended up standing front of a Judge facing 20 years in prison.

So I want to kind of tell you some of the things that she talked about what the insights I gathered from her life experiences and in probably next month or so, she’s actually on the podcast and then I’ll let her tell her her whole story.

ClickFunnels™ Poker Princess

So one of the things that you mentioned was how important is that people actually value experiences and this is the thing I can tell you I’ve seen in so many different things from a marketing side where what you said was What mattered most was the experience? It wasn’t the actual game itself. It was the lavish hotels.

It was the way that people were treated. It was the way her presentation was was given and the secrecy behind it and it was this whole crazy experience and this massive Adrenaline Rush that she created around these poker tournaments that made people just value her as the host.

And she said she basically never did anything wrong until she started taking a percentage of the pot and that’s where things went wrong for her. But the things she said was what she learned out of all of it was how important the experiences were and said when you start looking at your own Mark and you got to look at the types of things, what are the experiences that you’re giving to your clients?

It’s that culture that we talk so much about you here. It’s referred to as far as culture because we really try to make sure that it’s an experience but take a look at phone hacking live. We tried to make it a massive massive experience for people when they attend that’s not a normal type of event almost verges on that of being a rock rock concert type of deal as you take a look at your own marketing and the way in which you speak with and you communicate with your Anybody who’s following you?

What is the type of experience that they’re getting with you and try to make try to find some way of increasing that experience take for example, one of the things we added to our last offering of R2 comma Club X coaching program was to go on a cruise with Russell and and the other coaches and so that it enhances and adds to the actual product itself.

ClickFunnels™ Poker Princess

Yannick silver used to have his Maverick trips, which were these just crazy crazy experiences whether it was down in the Baja racing down there or doing 0g flights or these Halo type of events skydiving and so understand that as you take a look at the people that you’re working with what are the type of experiences that they want people go to live events for an experienced people attend webinars for an experienced people go to movies for experience. So look at your market and find out what is the type of experience that you’re giving them.

Second thing she said was you need to get comfortable taking risks again. She started off as an Olympic hopeful and ended up having to she had a real bad scoliosis her neck and had to have her vertebrae fused and because of that she wasn’t able to compete but she said she got very very good at an early age of understanding the importance of taking risks as an entrepreneur. That’s one of the main things you have to understand you have to get very very good at feeling comfortable taking those risks and that Comfort comes Louis by just taking more and more risks and understanding how far you really can go frequently.

We’ve got our mindset that stem cell you can’t do that. You can’t do this realize that there’s so much more that you really can do if you’re really willing to stretch yourself. So get uncomfortable taking risks number three. She said was that she was absolutely shocked when she realized how much could happen in a very short period of time.

He said, you know what literally anything can happen in your life. If you really focus on it and try to make things happen. She goes for years ago. She was standing in front of a judge facing prison term of over 20 years and four years later. She was on the red carpet attending the Oscars and a four-year period of time her whole life changed.

So realize no matter what your past is no matter how bad you may think things have been the future is whatever you want to make it and you got to go all out. You got to find a way of playing the game and of really realizing that life is there to be lived and get comfortable taking risks, but more importantly make sure you’re going for it and that you know what you really want long term.

Number four. She said is you have to know your numbers said especially in her highest risks poker type of game. She really had to know her numbers. She said she never wanted to have really really good poker players at the table because they would they would win all the time. She said what she really hoped is that she understood her numbers and what she wanted was a very large amount of money circulating among the same players every single month or during her frequency.

ClickFunnels™ Poker Princess

So by the end of the year people look back and say, you know what, I kind of broke even or I didn’t lose that much or that you know what I love the experience behind it and it was just the cost of admission. She said you got to get very very good at knowing your numbers, especially in business obviously from a marketing standpoint. We always talk a ton about what your average car value. What’s your cost to acquire a customer?

Those are some of the two most important metrics when because at that point if you can get your You get your cost acquire customer to be less than or equal to your average cart value. You literally can throw as much money into that as you want as long as you’ve got a big back end because back end is going to be fueled by free customers.

So realize that you’ve got to know your numbers number five was celebrity currents currency. And this is one of things I tie Russell and talk so much about celebrity currency. This goes back to the importance of you have to make you have to really make sure that you’re always relevant. And like last year when we were going out to launch Russell’s book expert Secrets. I was fascinated to see as we started going towards our Dream 100 how many people had not moved towards Facebook. Everyone was still only had email lists where we were looking at really expanding and doing a Facebook live book tour. A lot of the people we work with in the past had remained relevant or hadn’t grown into the next big thing.

Same thing years ago zechs my 10-year anniversary. My very first internet marketing product was a product called legendary marketers where I flew around the country and it was kind of like an MTV Cribs type of thing where I filmed at that time eight of the best internet marketers to see what their lifestyle was. Like, I see what the business was like and fast forward 10 years of rustling.

We’re joking. He said, you know, maybe we ought to do a 10-year special are you know, kind of a where are they now type of episode Russell was one of the eight that I filmed it was kind of where my Genesis and my business relationship with Russell starting of ten years ago doing that. But the crazy thing is I take a look at that of the a that I There’s only two maybe three that have remained relevant.

ClickFunnels™ Poker Princess

ClickFunnels™ Poker Princess

Everyone else is kind of Gone by the wayside. So understand you have to remain relevant. The way you remain relevant is you continue to publish you continue to grow you continue to learn you continue to do everything you possibly can to provide more and more content and feedback to the marketplace.

So remaining relevant is the currency that you create and that typically comes through being out there and Publishing on a regular basis. Number six kind of similar to this but ties into the value of relationships talked about this so many times that my kids. I’m sure sick and tired of hearing it but I a huge believer that in life. There’s nothing more important than the relationship that you have with others and you have to spend the time to develop those relationships.

I’m not a person who’s got really deep relationships with a whole bunch of people. There’s really only a handful that have really deep deep relationships with but the same time I value the relationships that I’ve built over the last 20 plus years of being in business because it’s through those relationships that you establish your integrity that’s through those relationships that you actually cross paths.

So many different times. I’ve been fascinated just to see over the last 10 years how many times I’ve ran into people either on the either on my way up or on my way down of my financial career or business career, whatever it might be and realizing the importance of you’ve always have to treat people the same no matter if they are the CEO or if The janitor to me, it’s always the same and understand that the value those relationships is something you need to invest in number seven. She said where the blind spots and she said no matter who you are every single one of us has blind spots and those blind spots they for her it was greed and significance.

She could never get enough it was if so-and-so is making this she wanted to make this much more and the other thing was significance where she wanted significance was as you’ll see in life people who are highly significant driven.

ClickFunnels™ Poker Princess

They do a whole bunch of things that typically they probably wouldn’t do if they if significance wasn’t that important significance is something that every single one of us craves in life, but you have to decide at what is the cost of that significance and more importantly what the significance look like to you greed. Obviously, it goes without saying as far as as what that is, but every one of us have some sort of agreed element there’s certain things we want. It’s how do you control that? And how do you I think one of the main things I’ve seen in my own personal life is being able to be excited for other people success by being able to be excited for other people success. It’s that gratitude that you get in your life.

And the weirdest thing is stuff comes back to you jealousy and greed are two of the biggest cancers in any business and I was as I was talking to Molly about his you know, what that was one of her biggest things was she just always wanted more and it was typically what someone else have. So in her case there was a business partner who had things on the East Coast on the west coast and she’s like, well if I can’t do that, I’ll take the east coast and they’ll come back and I’ll gobble him up which she did a number eight was to find joy in everyday life. This is kind of just the opposite of what she was saying as far as the blind spots.

She said once she realized what her blind spots were she had the opportunity of really focusing and finding joy in everyday life and that actually is where her true significance came from. It was a my shift. It was an emotional shift. It was a significant shift where she really started to realize that she could live in a smaller moments that it Have to be an adrenaline rush 24/7 she made mention as far as like with her grandma how she used to make her grandma was just this silly old lady who had no insights whatsoever.

And as everything was taken away from her. She found herself spending time with her grandma and how much after a while. She actually looked forward to those times of just going to sit with her grandma and just to talk and to realize how important that time was for not only for her grandma, but how much how important was for Mali as well.

ClickFunnels™ Poker Princess

So I really encourage you guys to find out what are the how do you find joy in your everyday life? I know as entrepreneurs were typically hard pushing driving to the next thing soon as we achieve whatever we’re looking for. We really never celebrated. There’s on to the next. My wife has been really good for me in this area of making sure that I take a step back and enjoy the process enjoy the game of life and have fun and celebrate the wins celebrating the winds to me has been a ton of fun.

The more important for that is actually celebrating. the process of the wind enjoying enjoying the pain of the workout at times enjoying going through just the everyday life piece of it and I can’t thank my wife enough for the way when she’s taught me that the other thing she talked about and this was one of things I see happen quite a bit is number nine here and that was the constant reaction and stimulus when we when you live in a situation or environment where you have a ton of stimulus around you and things are always being thrown at you. What it actually does is it typically decreases your creativity and your imagination and she said when she didn’t have as much going on in which she is starting her business.

She was super super creative, but then all of a sudden when there was such a massive amount of stimulus in such insane amount of just reactivity for that’s where she got sloppy is where she made a lot of mistakes and she said if she was to do it all over again on that aspect what a man thinks she would do is to take time to take a step back and to really focus and to get your own quiet time because it’s during that quiet time that you get the imagination that the creativity to come. That’s that’s really the quiet time as Most important thing for an entrepreneur which is hardest thing to find because you think I’ve got a million things I got to do.

But as you spend that time focusing on that quiet time, whether it’s in the morning or night or maybe it’s during the day where you literally shut everything off you turn off the phones to turn off the computer shut down the Wi-Fi and you literally sit and think and try to focus on being creative and being imaginative.

ClickFunnels™ Poker Princess

That’s where problems really truly get solved. That’s where you get these huge breakthroughs. The problem for most of us is we live in just a quick stimulus-response 24/7 and because of that you look back at the end of the year like, oh my gosh, I really didn’t accomplish as much as I thought or I’m not being as creative as I used to be so really encourage you guys to find that time make the time and by making that time you’ll find that you’re much more creative and that your imagination flows again.

It was a great experience this spending time with Molly. She’s gonna be on a podcast here hopefully next month or so is we get some dates together. But again if you take a look at some things I learned Her I hope that some of these will actually be a valued benefit to you and your business and most importantly I get I mention this quite a bit and that’s the importance of publishing its importance of remaining relevant, and whether that publishing is your own content or of taking someone else’s content you’ve seen on this podcast. I’ve done both ways where for the when I first started everything was someone else’s content recently.

I’ve really tried to start adding more of my own in and I appreciate the feedback. I’ve been getting from others who are saying that they’re enjoying that or liking my insights on it. So if you find that these things are value to you by all means, just let me know. Hit me up on Facebook or email me whatever it might be. I really want to make sure that I’m providing value to you. If there’s certain people you want me to interview by all means just email me who they are, and we’ll try to get on the podcast.

ClickFunnels™ Poker Princess: Once again, I thank you so much for your time and listening to this and hope this is your finding value in this have an amazing day and we’ll talk to you soon. Don’t want to things that means a ton to me is the person reviews that you guys leave on iTunes. If you wouldn’t mind going out great the show. Let me know how I’m doing. Just go to iTunes click on the episode and rate it leave a comment. I read all the comments. I appreciate all the stars and everything everyone already left for me again. I really appreciate it, and it’s my way of finding out how I’m doing. So if you don’t mind, I’d really appreciate it and I again, thank you so much for all you guys do. Have a great day. ClickFunnels™ Poker Princess


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ClickFunnels™ Poker Princess - 9 Lessons From the Poker Princess
ClickFunnels™ Poker Princess - 9 Lessons From the Poker Princess 6

Molly Bloom is known as the “Poker Princess” Dave Woodward had the opportunity of being with her in Phoenix at Genius X. Dave details the 9 secrets he learned from Molly as she discussed her rise and fall and rise again. Molly recently had a movie produced by Aaron Sorkin portraying her story based on…

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The Who… Not The How

ClickFunnels™ 100k Group – The Who and Not The How

ClickFunnels™ 100k Group

ClickFunnels™ 100k Group: Super cool thing I learned from Dan Sullivan at Genius K (The 100K Group) last night… On this episode Russell talks about some things he learned at his 100k group. He explains the difference between the who and the how, and why he might start keeping a journal. Here are some of the interesting things you will hear in today’s episode: ClickFunnels™ 100k Group

ClickFunnels™ 100k Group

What’s up, everybody? This is Russell Brunson. Welcome to marketing Secrets podcast today. I am coming to you from my hotel bed in Arizona. And I want to share with you something amazing. I learned yesterday. So the big question is this how our entrepreneurs like us who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital for spending money from our own Pockets.

How do we Market in a way the lets us get our products and our services in the things that we believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable. That is the question and this podcast give you the answer. My name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing Secrets.

All right Ray, so I’m actually in Scottsdale Arizona at the dean gracias his office for a group then part of called The Hundred K Group meaning everybody in the group spent $100,000 to be in this room, which is kind of ridiculous, but get you a room a really amazing people and You know, the the filter of are you amazing have to be in this room is can you write a check for $100,000?

And so that’s the one cool thing is, you know, everyone in here is doing big things because they can pass that the filter of the ability to do that which is kind of cool. So anyway, I just got some morning and had a pact and shower and everything and because heading home tonight, but I had one really cool thing. I learned yesterday that I want to share with you guys before I start that process. So a lot of you guys know who Dan Sullivan is if not, Dan Sullivan is the owner of strategic coach in history teacher coach.com.

ClickFunnels™ 100k Group

I’ve never actually gone through they call it coach. I’ve actually gone through coach to you to teach a coach but I bought all the ants books and got those trainings. There’s a lot of amazing stuff anyway, so he yesterday the event I did a training for about an hour on hook story offer, which I share with you guys some stuff out that I also talked about like how to reduce churn which got me re pumped up about trying to reduce churn sounds kind of fun anyway that but I spoke the dance film got up to speak.

And he’s like, I just need 10 minutes by ten minutes. He’s like I blew everyone’s minds and I’ll change every entrepreneur in this group. And so I was like, oh this is gonna be fun to see what would Dan Sullivan has to share so he gets up there on stage and he says, okay, he says us entrepreneurs. He’s like we and he’s only works on camera similar me right like so I’ll talk to Pierre has a lot of character traits.

I’ll say traits not flaws because they’re all like also our superpowers. But so what happens is an entrepreneur will have a vision for something that’s bigger better eyes. So he drew big picture star like this is the vision of this bigger better thing that you want. Right which is why we do what we do right? Like oh and I can make some better. I could I could whatever is always a thing right there were moving towards it.

So there’s bigger better thing. It says then on the other side as you and you like you’re moving towards this bigger better thing you want to go and you want to get it you want to achieve it you want to create a on whatever it is that happens though. Is that the first thing that’s entrepreneurs do is we might go through the first thing we do is we say, how can I do that?

ClickFunnels™ 100k Group

What like, how do I how can I get that that big What’s the process I need to go through? What’s the how and so the happens soon as you’re thinking through the how that was our thinking through everything and then what happens for most of us including I’m guessing all of us is we don’t know the how right like no one ever does not a book that teaches you how to accomplish that crazy thing.

And so we start trying to figure out the how the how the how and we’ll try to figure the how if we don’t know the how already then we get stuck and then we slip into this Mode called procrastination because like trying to figure out trying to figure out and we just like we’re moving towards this bigger brighter Star right but then we can’t figure out the how and so we like did I Qui detour away from it and to procrastination because we don’t know the how right it says that’s where most entrepreneurs stop like is is we lost in this in this this how to do it. How do I do? How do I do it start turns and procrastination we’re done. So think about for you guys how many projects have you started on your side?

You see the vision like you love it, but then like you procrastinate for some reason His argument is that the reason why we procrastinate because we can’t get around the Hound try to figure out the how and it’s like until we get stuck if we knew how to do it. Then we would just go do it right but we don’t know how that’s what causes of procrastination because we’re trying to figure it out. It’s just there’s there’s tension. There’s stuff keeping us moving forward, right?

ClickFunnels™ 100k Group

So is the the first thing he said, Yeah, so he said that the question we need sir asking ourselves instead of how so here’s us move towards bigger better Vision the singer create instead of saying how do I do that? Which if we don’t know how I can’t figure out the causes procrastination instead when you say who who can do that thing who already knows the how okay and it was interesting.

Who’s he because I had spoken couple people spoke in a Dan got up and he’s like, you know, I’m 274 is like I’m 74 years old right now because like Russell talk at all is amazing stuff and he’s like, I I was listening cause I was excited by didn’t try to understand any because I don’t want to know the how Russell does but now I know who so if I ever want to do that thing that Russell just talked about I know The Who and I’m going to go call him.

I’m gonna pay him because he he is the who who already knows the how and so he’s not going to cause this procrastination and says entrepreneurs have to stop trying to figure out the how how how which is like where our brains are wired to do and start thinking whoo-hoo-hoo so he has big bed. Vision you never should be thinking how do I do that should be thinking who already knows how to do this.

ClickFunnels™ 100k Group

If you are who are knows how to do it and then they’ll just go do the thing procrastination disappears instantly and they already know how to do the thing. Then they’re just going to do with me with faster way easier and so he starts talking about is that you have a vision for a company or a an idea or a whatever the first thing you think about is who who is it? Who is it? Not not how am I going to do this because how will cause procrastination which makes things never happen the who helps you open your mind? Like who’s that person knows how to do this. You find that person they know the how and then just magically happens.

It’s not that person’s can teach you the how is there? No the house will hire them pay them. Like let them do the how and that will move you towards the whole thing. So the whole concept was rewiring all of our brains to shift the question the internal question from not how but who I thought that was pretty dang cool. So I’m sitting there in the meeting and I had this idea for this change in our coaching program, right the Shiny things that too complex and how feathers by this really weird thing in my head all the time. It’s like, how can I serve out his better? How can I serve these kids better? How can I serve a medicine always thinking through that right? And so that you come Quebec’s people to join the fun talking live.

I’m like, how do I serve them better? How do I serve them better? We keep adding cool things and sometimes adding these hurts more than helps them like how how how and then I heard this this talk and it was like who and so I consciously like, okay instead we try to figure out the houses like stressing me out to think about all this the pieces to figure out the how I was like, okay who’s the person that knows how to do this and instantly my head is like, oh I know exactly who it is. And so I mess it up person while I’m sitting there and five-star get a message back in that person who then introduced me to other person who’s the who that this person went to for The Who and this morning?

ClickFunnels™ 100k Group

I just boxed that that who and who’s now running up this thing that I was trying to figure out the how on it would take me another month to two months to implement now, I’m I guess is by the time I land in Boise tonight is Friday night, but Monday by the time I get in the office, it’s going to be pretty much done. Because I got the who who knows how to do it and it shifted everything and it was interesting.

And so I’m trying to start thinking of all my projects where I’ve been procrastinating looking at my to do list. I’m looking at my Trello boards. All the stuff is like like slowly irking forward and looking at them all in like, oh my gosh. All these plants is because I’m thinking about how am I going to do that? How am I going to do that? How am I get like I’m getting so like stressed out because I don’t know the how and I’m angry cause like I should know this my breakup my stupid brain work better, right but it’s like no like my job is not to figure out the how everything is figure out.

Who are you knows how to get The Who and then let them do it. And that’s the key and so it’s this mindset shift that we only start having is not like not the how but the who I think we’ve new project we’re going to be rolling out here in a well depending on the programmers to the programmers take forever not my programmers are Outsourcing this project because yeah, so they said it’ll be between three and six months. I’m like, ooh, we boat click funnels in less time than that.

ClickFunnels™ 100k Group

Frustrating but anyway, so the whole goal of that is to help all of us funnel Builders thinking about the who not the how right angle of the biggest problems have side of our community is I think and I’m partially to blame for this I get I’m so excited out funnels and like copy and graphics and just I saw his stuff right and so people like oh cool. I’m gonna figure out how to do this and they’re freaking out how to design funnels how to write copy how to do videos how-to and their fear all this house. There’s a lot of how’s it going to launching a successful fun? Right?

And what I want to shift it to is from house to who’s and so what we’re building is really cool directory that give you a whole bunch of whose and you’re like, oh I need I need a designer. Well, here’s all the who’s that are amazing as I know. I need a copywriter.

Oh, I need some help me strategy already some of the business like okay, here’s all of the things we’ll give you re looking for. So anyway, I’m pumped. I’m excited is like the most cool fun amazing thing ever and I’m excited to get so there’s the lesson for today figure out the who not the how everything you’re crashing on.

You’re stuck on your business realizes who prepares a how problem To do who promises from how primed who problem it’ll make your life a bajillion times simpler and easier couple other things. He said he said if you want to attract the right whose That know how to do the house yet to sell them on the what and the why whoa now are you in deep? Right?

ClickFunnels™ 100k Group

So the people who have a big who already know the house if they’re really good at it. They don’t necessarily just want to you know, like do you want to track the right who’s you need to give them share with them the the why they’re doing it and then what? What they’re doing, right? So they understand the why then those whose will do the house for you. I got that right.

Anyway, it’s why you gotta share the vision right? You you’re the entrepreneur gets bigger better Vision that you’re excited by if you want to track amazing talent, it’s not so much that you can pay them that helps sometimes but the better job you get at at really helping them to understand like why do you go after bigger vision? And what’s like, what’s the reasoning behind it? Things like that? Then it inspires them then the right who’s will move forward what I found in my business is the most amazing people aren’t technically typically Might Like Money Motivated their why motivated their the motivated like, oh my gosh, that would be amazing.

Like let’s move that direction. Let’s do this thing. Right anyway, and then the last thing I want to share because this is the last piece of he kind of threw out. So I think dance is writing a book on this or I don’t know something but he said the title of his presentation of the book or ever was how many whose to Freedom Ever so slightly what he said how many whose to free and right like not not like what all things I need to learn how to do to get freedoms. Like how many whose do I need to have to your freedom? Okay.

So for you’re launching a funnel Union to comma Club it’s not like how do I do all this stuff? It’s like who are the who how many whose do I need to do it? Okay, like okay. I need someone who understands final strategy. Who’s that? I need somebody who understands really good video stuff. Who’s that? I need somebody who understands traffic.

ClickFunnels™ 100k Group

ClickFunnels™ 100k Group

Who’s that? Right? And it’s figuring out. Who’s how many whose are you from freedom to who’s three? Who’s five who’s like who the who’s instead of stressing about trying to learn it? All figure out who already knows how to do is already learned it find those whose and then get them sold on the the what and the why and then they’ll help you out and that’s the that’s the magic. So how many whose to your freedom all that’s a magic?

So that’s question my head right now is how many who’s my freedom and so I’m gonna start going through my most important projects and lining them out and figure out Who’s not the how to summon it sucks. I love how to stuff like any books is how to blank I bicycle of learn how to salsa for fun, but not for actual business. I’m going to figure out the who’s from now on. So there you go.

You guys thank you Dan Sullivan for sharing that I think is amazing and hopefully it’ll help a lot of you guys. Oh and then one other thing I want to share almost wanna do a separate podcast on this, but I’m not going to because it’s kind of a shorter thing the other one of my other friends the spokes and Ethan Willis.

He he runs the back in sales and coaching apartment for girl.com for Brandon and Dean and he did a really great training on on coaching and selling coaching stuff like that in the end of it. Somebody asked him. Like what’s the most important thing that the he’s learned or what books he read everything and he said two things that was just like so good so good. The first thing said in wakes up every morning.

He says that his goal is to create the day physics are spiritually before he creates a physically so the morning wakes up and he like mentally thinks you’re here. What am I to do today? And what’s the process of what are all the stuff and he Actually in his mind creates they Cloud today is going to happen setting his intention setting out all the kind of stuff. He says when you create spiritually first, then you go out. You can create it physically after he says when we wake up we try to we start trying to create the day.

ClickFunnels™ 100k Group

The problem is like we don’t have a plan. We have a things like that. So he said he creates a spiritually before he like goes actually executes on it physically which was fascinating from a spiritual standpoint that’s is really interesting as well.

God creative and spiritual before created physically. So it’s like we should say things are day, like creating things spiritually before create physically and the second thing and I share this one because I am not a journal or I’ve never like journaling. I’ve never and I’m a Mormon. So the Mormon church like they teach Journal I keep a journal all the time.

Like I am the worst journal or ever on my missions like they want you to write in a journal every single day. I think over my journal like three times like I struggle a journaling. I think it’s cause I don’t understand like the the ROI on like let’s return on investment because I’m a big high Roi type person. But anyway what he said is that every night he gets when he gets Because the bed at night he pulled out his journal and he writes he says I write in my journal how God touched my life that day.

So thinking back that I did like what are all the things where did God helped me throughout the day like, oh man, like in this situation here you help me in this situation. He tries to identify the things in that day that God affect his life and he writes those down in the journal and that’s something I could grasp because like that’s like syndrome or a Solutions like more aware of like here’s all the things that happened today. They help me or God help me. Then you start open your eyes for more.

ClickFunnels™ 100k Group

You see the more I think that then you’re more grateful for it. We were grateful for like more blessings come and it’s just like this amazing thing. And so there’s the ROI right people like me who obsesses Roi but I think that’s something I could actually get behind in and stick with is like the end of the day just pulling our Journal I thinking through the attic where all the things were God touched my life today and the writing those down and I think as you start doing that more and more will appear so I’m going to try to keep a journal not a real journalist Federal Highway my podcast my blogs.

My books my real Journal, but I want to keep it Journal of just the the little things where God touched my life. He takes I think as I become more aware of it more of it will happen that pumps me up. So all right guys longer podcast. I just want to share some of the amazing things with you with that said I’m gonna shower shave pack my bags and I’m heading into the last day of hundred k group. I get home to my wife and kids. I cannot wait they are the coolest I hate being away from him. It’s horrible.

ClickFunnels™ 100k Group: Um, all right guys, appreciate you all. I will talk soon. Would you like to see behind the scenes of what we’re actually doing each day to grow our company. If so, then go subscribe to our free behind the scenes reality TV show at www.hud.gov dot TV. ClickFunnels™ 100k Group


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The Who… Not The How

A High Ticket Sales Funnel Fit For A King – Funnel Friday’s Episode #55

ClickFunnels™ 100k Group - The Who and Not The How
ClickFunnels™ 100k Group - The Who and Not The How 7

Subscribe to our NEW podcast at http://www.MarketingSecrets.com Super cool thing I learned from Dan Sullivan at Genius K (The 100K Group) last night… On this episode Russell talks about some things he learned at his 100k group. He explains the difference between the who and the how, and why he might start keeping a journal.…

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What To Do When You’re Scared To Death Of Clicking “Publish”

What To Do When You’re Scared To Death Of Clicking “Publish”

ClickFunnels™ Marketing Secret

ClickFunnels™ Marketing Secret: Subscribe to our NEW podcast. Last night as I was recording my new podcast, I realized why most of us get scared when we’re about to publish something we really, really care about. ClickFunnels™ Marketing Secret

ClickFunnels™ Marketing Secret

What’s up, everybody? This is Russell Brunson. Welcome to the marketing Secrets podcast today. I want to share with you a message about the fact that I finally I think I understand how some of you guys feel.

So the big question is this how our entrepreneurs like us who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital for spending money from our own Pockets.

How do we Market in a way that lets us get our products and our services in the things that we believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable. That is the question and this podcast give you the answer.

My name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing secrets. Alright everybody. So I’m excited heading into the office today for a lot of fun. We’re gonna be working on getting mother funnel. I’ve finally too much other amazing stuff. So I’m really excited. But I had I had an epiphany this morning and I need to share with you guys because I think I finally understand how some people feel so I’ve been publishing for a long long long long long long long time, right?

ClickFunnels™ Marketing Secret

I started my internet marketing business probably 15 some odd years ago now and in that time, I have published a bajillion podcasts and videos until seminars and webinars and Summits and events and all sorts of stuff. Right? And so for me, I like I think I lost my empathy for people who struggle when it’s like publishing stuff. I might just do it just go out there just do it just push record and talk and blah blah blah, right like because that’s what I’ve been but I do and I forgot like I forgot what it’s like to go through the vulnerability and the fear and the stress and all the things that come with the putting your message out there and And fun and some you guys know recently.

I launched another podcast and it’s something different I’ve ever done before it’s not related to marketing or sales or business or anything of that. It’s related to my religion and my faith and my beliefs and it’s funny because I was like, oh this is gonna be this is gonna be really fun and really easy. I’m just gonna go and just start just click record and start talking right? They went at night. I started to do it and it was way different.

ClickFunnels™ Marketing Secret

So the podcast is those who don’t know what it would say Book of Mormon challenge.com. And so I recorded the first two episodes and probably 9 or so months ago and then they sat there because you like nervous to put them out there and I anyway and then the third one was easier that we came out fast in the fourth one, which I recorded yesterday.

I literally spent And a long time I spent two or three weeks like preparing for and getting nervous right the outline and rewriting it right in the stories on then rewriting and like and I was like man, why am I why am I so nervous about it’s like I was so nervous. It took me almost three weeks to publish it and then last night finally I was like I said Sunday, so I had to get spiritual experience all day and I was like, okay, I’m in the I’m in the zone. I’m going to do it to spend another two or three hours like working on the podcast outline an interview and getting all things put together.

ClickFunnels™ Marketing Secret

ClickFunnels™ Marketing Secret: I started recording at about 11:15 at night.

I started recording it and and Iris 47 minutes into the recording and I was just like, I don’t like this. I hate every word ever said I don’t like how I said it. I don’t like all these things and so I stopped it deleted it and I was like, oh my God, I was 47 minutes. Now Miz out after midnight. I’m like all tired and like but I need to redo it because I like I feel like now I understand the stories better I did so I clicked record again. I spend another hour over now recording the next podcast episode and then I sent my brother to go and edit and get it all. I need to go to the live and then like all morning long and second guessing like oh maybe I should again. I told that story wrong.

I really have you know, the like all these things right and like oh the ending when I did this, I don’t like I did it and like and then also this morning as like I bet you this is how other people feel like maybe the reason why I’m doing this exercise amongst other reasons was to get empathy for people in working with when you’re nervous. You’re scared about publishing and it’s just interesting.

ClickFunnels™ Marketing Secret

So I wanted to share this because first off I feel like I’ve empathy now for a lot of you guys for the first time in like a decade, so hopefully that’s good. Right? I get it now I get the fear and the nervousness that goes behind putting yourself out there, especially with something you love and you believe about you care about you want other people to to to listen and to be put into and you really honestly want to serve people write my I totally completely understand that especially especially now, so I guess my message for you guys today is is kind of twofold is number one. I have empathy for you understand the fear of Putting yourself out there and number two.

I’m publishing that episode today and I wanted my company ahead and tweak each agent. No, I’m just gonna put it out there because good enough is good enough, right a lot of us never get started because we’re so nervous about it not being good enough and on the problem with that is then we never get started and the the goal of what we do as authors and speakers as coaches as experts as whatever you want to call yourself.

Somebody’s trying to change the world in your own little way is to get things out there. And one thing I know for sure is the by not posting it not putting it out there. It’s not going to change it was like that’s the one thing I am positive of by putting it out there. It has the ability at least to affect somebody maybe it wasn’t as good or thought out or as you know, whatever whatever might be but it’s important to get out there because that’s the only way you can actually touch and affect and help conserve somebody else and that’s the whole reason behind what we do and why we do what we do right?

ClickFunnels™ Marketing Secret

And so hopefully it gives you encouragement to know that even Russell gets scared sometimes. And even Russell second-guesses himself and gets nervous, but when all comes down to it, you just kind of Click publish just put it out there. So hopefully that gives some inspiration somebody out there who’s who’s nervous today?

And hopefully it gives you permission to do it. So there you go, you know how permission to do it just go and do it just click record on the podcast or on the video or on the blog click post or whatever. The thing is that you’re doing to publish your message just go out there and just push it just push the button and we’re how imperfect it sees no matter how many flaws you see know how many things you know, you could’ve done it better no matter whatever.

That is. It’s just time to put it out there and just let the world have what you got and you have full the other full ability to re-record it in the future. I’m on podcast episode now probably I don’t know five or six hundred. I’ve no idea and I probably shared the same message multiple times over the last five or six years. I’ve done this and hopefully some gets better and it’s okay to republish the same thing later with your new lens of understanding and What you gained in the in the process of growing and learning?

ClickFunnels™ Marketing Secret

So there you go you guys today’s the day go click publish make it go live, you know, if you’re scared to death, even if you hate it, even whatever just push it live and I promise you the worst case scenarios a change. Someone’s life best-case scenario. It has a huge impact in I guess I said, worst case scenario. Nobody sees it best-case scenario changes in his life. So that’s worth. It makes it work Pub pushing publish and go. So there you go guys. Push push push go.

Alright guys. Thanks so much everything and then for the day today, it’s gonna be an amazing day appreciate you all and we’ll talk to you soon. Bye everybody one more marketing Secrets.

ClickFunnels™ Marketing Secret: If so, then go get your copies of my two best-selling books book. Number one is called expert secrets and you get a free copy and experts secrets.com and book number two is called.com secrets and you get your free copy at.com secrets.com inside these two books. You’ll find my top 35 Secrets a we views become the fastest-growing non VC backs a startup company in the world. ClickFunnels™ Marketing Secret


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What To Do When You’re Scared To Death Of Clicking “Publish”

What To Do When You’re Scared To Death Of Clicking “Publish”

What To Do When You're Scared To Death Of Clicking "Publish"
What To Do When You're Scared To Death Of Clicking "Publish" 8

Subscribe to our NEW podcast at http://www.MarketingSecrets.com Last night as I was recording my new podcast, I realized why most of us get scared when we’re about to publish something we really, really care about. On this episode Russell explains why he suddenly has empathy for people who struggle to publish their message. Here are…

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Why Didn’t They Funnel Hack Me… Ha Ha Ha

Why Didn’t They Funnel Hack Me… Ha Ha Ha

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Despite three years of me sharing every secret, they did all the things that I already explained were wrong.

On this episode Russell talks about a competing software company that didn’t follow the blueprint that Russell has already laid out and why that is so mind blowing for him. Here are some of the fun things you will hear in today’s episode:

-Why Russell is reaping the benefits of a competing software company that is no longer willing to learn.

-Why it’s so frustrating when friends of Russell want his help but refuse to read his books as a blueprint.

-And why you should never expect Russell to keep a secret.

So listen here to find out how if you pay attention you can easily follow the blueprint Russell has made and be successful with your business.

what’s up everybody’s russell brunson welcome to marketing secrets podcast i’m sorry i had to jump in while I’m driving I apologize but check it out I just went my buddy made me a bunch of homemade pizzas and some crystal root beer and heading back to go have dinner with my kids and just some time my brain a head stop and give you guys some marketing secrets so the big question is this power on Brewers like us who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital we’re spending money from our own pockets how do we mark it in a way the less husky our products and our services and the things that we believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question in this podcast we’ll give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing secrets alright everybody so this marketing secret I don’t even know I don’t you know what this is kind of a little mini rant it’s not a big rant but it’s like a I feel bad for people who stopped learning if you stop learning so if okay yeah I try to like tell you guys a story that like telling on the people who are missing everything so I don’t know okay so I’m building ClickFunnels™ right so I thought Billy ClickFunnels™ I’m looking around I’m like okay who out there is doing what I want to do right so I find those people I look what they’re doing I study them my funnel hack and I look deep a decal I buy their books and listen their podcast I like go to their events I like buy everything that they’ve got I am like hooked to every possible communication channel they have so things are going on I’m watching studying learning growing tweaking adjusting based on that right and I’m watching it over and over and over and over you right and not just like people direct competitors with me but I people that are that are selling sad like I’m a SAS software company owner right and I’m also a book selling person and I’m doing webinars and courses so anybody’s doing any variation that I’m connected to all of these things right and so I am constantly like my all thing I is watching what every single person is doing okay and I’m learning I’m learning I’m learning I’m trying tweaking to learn you know and then I’m also like as I’m learning it I’m testing it inside my inner circle and inside now – come on Club expert program I’m I’m testing it on all these are the people because I’m like okay I see how they’re doing it I’m gonna try see if it works and I’m like I want to test this stuff on other people and other businesses on the industry see if it also works there as well and then and then so that they’re all going out and doing it and then they’re finding out their tweaks to tweet and they’re coming back to me you’re like Oh Russell I made this week made this change I’m like oh and I’m learning stuff and like it’s this constant like I don’t know the circle of learning right and so I have some really close friends this isn’t one specific thing I’m thinking of two different people right now who’ve been in this game for a long time as long as me if not longer and and it’s not swampers they they’re groups of people right so first group of people like they have been they they’re amazing marketers I’ve learned so much from them so much so much so much okay but in the last like three or four years for some reason that they took their foot off the brake or something or off the gas I don’t know and then they went and they’re trying to launch like a competing software company which is totally cool I love competition more than anybody right and so I’m like freaking out so I’m like hey for the last three years I published every single thought I’ve had about how we grow ClickFunnels™ from zero to hundred million dollars how are 62,000 active customer is that how we did like like I haven’t really I’m not very good at keeping secrets somebody asked me the other day like and also you keep a secret I’m like no I’m the worst secret keeper ever every brain fart I get turns into a podcast like right now right every idea that’s a secret right into a book I’ve got like eight books they’re all something secrets like I don’t I don’t I won’t keep a secret like honestly if you tell me something it’ll be on a podcast eventually so just don’t tell me something the secret right so everything does out there so I I’m kind of nervous like oh man these guys who were amazing marketers already are gonna come out there and be like and I don’t know you would have thought over the last three years they’ve been listening to me as I laid the blueprint for everything that we did and then they would have modeled but instead of it like it’s basic stuff basic stuff that all you guys listen to podcast is like common sense you’ve like Oh duh like difference mean an improvement offer versus new opportunity like like they missed that that was the biggest thing like as soon as I came out I was like expert secrets like 30 pages in if you had read my book you would have known that the way you structured the entire offer and the company was like was wrong but they didn’t they missed it and I even commented to one of them cuz like hey like by the way like thanks for totally like doing it wrong and I could be talking about like we thought the offer was awesome like okay the offer was good but it was an improvement offer there for ClickFunnels™ beats you once again like I don’t I don’t it’s just weird and then another one my friends is the same thing like these things that are like basic common knowledge now amongst all of our people like that we’ve discovered and unearthed and then like preached about for three years that then like the reason why I’m looking at our to comic-con members that are just pounded out offers and cranking it and growing the companies I’m looking at our to come Club X people like all these people that are scaling and growing you’re like building amazing companies and it’s like because they’re just paying attention to the stuff that we’re laying down and then they’re following it whereas people that are they’re competing against me they fully are even attention to blows my mind I listen to a lot of podcasts to you right and especially ones that are deep in the software industry and cuz I’m watching him saying what are the all the software people doing and it’s not expect I started I was learning bunch stuff now it’s like this weird thing where it’s like our company has scaled so far past almost any sass I can find out their sales forces like the last one I’m really intimately studying because there’s no one else that’s kind of at the pace that we are it’s getting difficult to find the new ideas and things like that but Salesforce is one I’m geeking out now because they’re the ones that are like 10 steps ahead of me but essentially cuz I’m listening to all these and they and a couple interviews always asked like I hate who write what CEOs are you studying and they’re studying anyway just it blows my mind that nobody is paying attention so I just want to say for you guys who are paying attention congratulations you are ahead of people that I’ve been doing this game for a decade or more because they’re not paying attention there comes a time in people’s lives where they feel like they’ve learned too much or they under like I had one of my close friends who messaged me their names like hey like you’re killing can I come to your office and spend like two days just shouting you’re like I’ll just like watch it or do anything I was like have you read my books yet like no I’m I can’t read both the books first and then come back and I’ll let you do that crickets like those weren’t just like crappy little books I wrote like that literally is the blueprint for everything anyway so for those you guys who are paying attention thank you I appreciate you it gives me a reason why I share all this kind of craziness and for those who are listening thank you because it’s the reason why I’m kicking your butts that was kind of rude huh but it’s true I don’t know what else to do like this is funnel hacking 101 this is how we’ve grown I’m watching everything and then implementing and reiterating over and we’re over again and it blows my mind that people especially if you’re competing directly with me why would you not do that I don’t even understand and there’s another guy who get I might get short people some I bet I was like eight people or think oh my gosh he’s talking about me so maybe I’m talking about you baby I’m not but um what’s interesting is like I guarantee that there’s a bunch of oh there’s another guy who runs a software company so there it could be like 20 of you but nothing like it’ll don’t know where they are if I if I tell the story so I can tell a story but anyway it’s all there in plain sight or we’ve got coaching programs where I share it all and it blows my mind what people some people won’t pay for what will give them everything they need anyway appreciate you guys for listening and like go funnel hack people like me if you’re my business funnel hack me if you’re like pay attention because the pathways they’re people laid out before you you don’t like reinvent the wheel just look for it and understand it pay attention all right so I gotta go thanks for hanging out you guys we’ll talk to you soon bye one more marketing secrets if so then go get your copies of my two best-selling books book number one is called experts secrets and you get a free copy at expert seekers calm and book number two is called dot-com secrets and you get your free copy at calm secrets.com inside these two books you’ll find my top 35 secrets reviews become the fastest-growing non VC back-sass startup company in the world

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Why Didn’t They Funnel Hack Me… Ha Ha Ha

Why Didn’t They Funnel Hack Me… Ha Ha Ha

Why Didn't They Funnel Hack Me... Ha Ha Ha
Why Didn't They Funnel Hack Me... Ha Ha Ha 9

Subscribe to our NEW podcast at http://www.MarketingSecrets.com Despite three years of me sharing every secret, they did all the things that I already explained were wrong. On this episode Russell talks about a competing software company that didn’t follow the blueprint that Russell has already laid out and why that is so mind blowing for…

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Why I Throw Out So Many Hooks…

Why I Throw Out So Many Hooks…

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Something interesting I realized this weekend about how to reactivate people, get them to commit, and finally give them their big ah-ha.

On this episode Russell talks about planning a new 10x Secrets product, when he suddenly questioned why he continues to launch new products. He explains his motivation behind why he continues to do what he does. Here are some awesome things you will hear in this episode:

-Why getting so excited about a new idea made Russell suddenly question why he continues to put out new content.

-How spending money on training helps people re-commit to what they are trying to do.

-And why he loves reading which of his products gave people the aha that made them re-commit.

So listen here to find out why it’s important for Russell to continue to put out content that will hopefully inspire different people.

what’s up everybody russell brunson welcome our key seekers podcast I learned something really interesting about myself tonight and I want to share with you guys so the big question is this power ons Brewers like us you didn’t cheat and take on venture capital for spending money from our own pockets cuddly market in a way the lets us get our products and our services and the things that you believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable [Music] and welcome to secrets everyone hope everything’s one amazing for you guys today was Sunday had an awesome day at church and the kids and just it was really really neat and some of you guys know if you listen if you’re following I know every was plugged in different spots from places but Thursday did really cool to enter the day of work off and I tried to read the entire Book of Mormon in a day which was awesome a podcast about over a book of Mormon challenge calm can go listen to that podcast you can go and listen to it and then Friday I did a training and so the training was for everybody who had who’d gone to 10x growth con event grande cardones event and if you guys were there you saw the event I did a presentation that made nineteen ninety billion that’d be cool three million dollars ninety minutes setting all sorts of Records and it was really cool right and then the next day I got up on stage and we did a bonus where if anyone decided before I left that basically work and let them I was into a workshop I walk them to exactly what I did and how I did it and all that kind of stuff so that workshop actually did on Friday which was really cool I thought was good about three hours long I’m going for six and a half hours I don’t know I just get excited and I can’t stop talking and sharing and it’s just a lot of fun so hopefully I was okay if I were deliver but it was cool and then obviously Amelie after wasn’t like all excited to go and try to turn this into an offer and to sell it and I bought Tenakee curse calm and my camera put this and they offer and this and this and the training and this is like my whole brain is going crazy with this whole process and then partners like why am I doing this like why why am i why am i creating another offer [Music] another product maybe I have a problem maybe I got a funnel addiction maybe a little but a little all those things I don’t know but it was interesting actually this weekend thought a lot about I was and I just it’s fun I love reading the facebook comments of people and in our groups and just especially like just hearing people’s success stories and stuff and there’s this really interesting pattern this weekend for me as I was like to scroll through stuff if so many people told me like Oh for me Russell is when I read the dot-com seekers book that’s when I clicked it Oh for me was when I was at this event you said this nasan everything clicked well for me was in like people sharing like what it was for them that made it all click for them and when it clicked then the business took off right and maybe starting about like what was what were the the pivotal parts in my journey like where someone clicked it was like transitional shift and shift and shift you know and um twice this we guided trainings for the two comma Club X coaching program where I like I shared something they’d been shared other places I just shared differently and had different stories around and stuff like that and and same thing people were like oh that time it click like now I understand I’m going and it’s you never know like what like when like when you share your message like which which one’s gonna click with which people right like that’s why I keep telling my stories and my thing is over and over and over and over and over because you never know when it’s gonna click for that person who’s there and sometimes it’s repetitive for some people and other times it’s like the thing that makes it click I start thinking about this like I’m so excited I created offer and I was like bummed about oh my god why am I doing this like blasting the world I really need right now is more money right and I’m like what is the what’s the reason like why am I so excited about doing this and then it kind of hit me and I was like I think the reason why is I know that they got training was the news when I done and it was updated six and half hours I like my heart my soul and to excited to over-deliver is really cool I actually went through and like I taught like the foundation of like Ofra creation that’s key the webinar that I taught the perfect webinar and then I went through the actual presentation from 10x and I like push play and I watched and I pause oh my this is why I did that I play pauses so I did this and I kind of went through the whole thing and is interesting I even found out a couple new nuances the perfect webinar that I didn’t even realize until I was like pausing myself and I was like oh wow I did that thing I didn’t realize that Sharon those things talk about the price marinade like whole bunch of cool things I’ve never really talked about before but I was like I think about this like am i turning our email lists and everything there’s like over a million entrepreneurs and follow me right and when I put something out like it because not all a million are still active like excited and like engaged right if they were I have a million people using ClickFunnels™ right now which we’re working towards up we don’t have a right Egor 61,000 which is pretty awesome still but um but I think all those million plus people like my job as a marketer so like re-engage them and then recommit them and hopefully this time give him the AHA right so I really am by making a new hook right I talked in the last podcast about hook story off right so I need a new hook to get Murray engage right because if I just keep selling the exact same thing it’s gonna be hard to keep getting right but you look at this like think about this so like I have a I have perfect webinar secrets calm which is like the script and the CD and me teaching the perfect weapon alright expert secrets is me teaching the perfect webinar and win more detail secrets masterclass there’s part to come clinic to come Club X you know the old fat event was me teaching a perfect webinar this wasn’t me teaching I gets me teaching it but it’s like the concepts like the actual con con contents not saying but it’s similar right but it’s repackaged in different ways where it’s like perfect webinar though suing for webinar thousand things like that’s the hook that’ll get them expert secrets I talked about that way that’s the hook that’ll get somebody 10x seekers and talk about how you Russell made three million dollars ninety minutes like that hook he’s a lot of people because sexiest interesting it’s unique like the hook will grab a different segment or like re-engage people right then like I honestly wish like I could just like that six hour thing I wish get stream into everybody for free problems I know is that people get it for free they don’t do anything with the right and so that’s why we make an offer so I make a funnels because then I’m I’m hooking him first then I’m charging him to which then the physical act and pulling a credit card out re commits to themself if they’re gonna go down this path again right to hook’em recommit him and then hopefully this time I give him the AHA that’s the thing like that’s the one that’s the one that famine times if you can take you study somebody stuff two or three or four times we go to church see right every Sunday for 20 years of your life in Austin like boom that’s Sunday that person that whatever it was you were ready right then right so for me if like that’s that’s really part of this business right like the money and if you guys aren’t as point yet I’m gonna break it to you the money it’s not that exciting moving forward because the point when like the house is paid off everything’s taken care of like it’s not exciting the money part but the impact it’s like fires you up right and so it’s like I’m hooking I’m trying like I have this million-plus entrepreneurs plus everyone else on Facebook plus the entire world and I throw these offers out to try to hook them right I think of them to make a commitment so they come in themselves by actually paying for something and my goal is that this time is to give them the AHA the thing like were there I got this is the one and I know that 10x seekers doesn’t adoption people that I’m excited they literally charge them in finally we can get to more people right there we can pay for advertising now the hook heats out to more people which is hopefully got from people brings them in get some commits themselves and then hopefully that’ll be the one that gets them and just reengage as people recognize can people who who have been on and off and on and off on and off like hopefully that this will be the one for them right so anyway that’s that’s why it was kind of cool to me it gave me like comfort and like oh it’s okay for me to do this it’s not like like I’m doing it I’m doing it for that reason right because I want more people to be like oh 10x secrets that was the one that was gonna give me the clarity I needed and the permission to do my thing right or maybe it’s ignite your funnels come out later this year maybe it’s the next thing you know right now Julie’s story and I are working on 10 10 books 10 front end books to bridge the gap we figured we identified 10 sub markets so basically use click funnels and so we’re trying everything our power like bridge that gap bridge that gap preach that gaps are making webinars and training in success stories and like it’s just part of our big project mother funnel but work and then anyway but Julie’s writing 10 different books one for each second here your ecommerce this is how to use clip funnels how use a funnel here in if your bruises professional if your freelancer if you’re a EECOM if you’re uh you know whatever it is if you’re retail like here’s you should I use funnels like it’s bridging the gap my goals they all these offers are putting out there for you segments it’s like I want some of the segments like get that handbag oh that’s what that’s how I use a funnel okay one of my buddies literally last night and I don’t need it’s funny it’s a friend from like from not business world then I was forget people see me on Facebook but there he texted me he’s like hey man said you stuff for service businesses and I’m like my whole body work everything I’ve ever done last decade my life works for service businesses but because of the specifically say service businesses they don’t know it right and like they can’t they can’t bridge that gap so I’m gonna like I wish the book was I was like yeah get the book it’ll tell exactly to bridge the gap and go both funnels for your service business we’re gonna have it yet so that’s why I keep doing it in case you wondered like you put it offers just cuz I’m trying to hook people we get them to recommit to themselves and hopefully have that one be the one that gives them the AHA that makes a move so I’m curious for you guys when was it which was the thing the product the idea the the thing that gave you the aha that gave me like that was the thing or have you had it yet are you still looking for that was it videos youtube video is it a podcast was it a product you bought like there’s a reason why I’m preaching like crazy around the clock for you guys is because I’m hoping and waiting and wishing that each of us would get that AHA from one of these things give you the thing you need like that was the piece that was the piece I was missing so if you wonder why I published so much that’s why I love it and the feedback like I literally just scroll through Facebook feed I’m just like liking everything this makes me so happy to see all the the positive stuff so anyway that’s about it retired I’m gonna go to bed tonight cuz I’m getting up at 5:00 tomorrow cuz this week’s gonna be so much fun sleeping becomes a nuisance maybe has no set if not like you have enough fun yet it’s like I have sleeps but I’m gonna wake up early so I can like start the party I’m getting up at 5:00 tomorrow because I got my next episode of The Book of Mormon challenge calm podcast I’m recording the morning then be lifting with Dave and with James and then the party starts the week begins so a lot of fun anyway appreciate you all thanks for listening if we you are on YouTube please click on the like subscribe comment all that kind of stuff I do actually every youtube comment does come to my email so I do I do read all those which is kind of fun and if you listen to podcast please go to iTunes and like comment subscribe if you like comment subscribe the past please do it again because iTunes bumped us for a little while so we were rebuilding the channel and so we may have missed your your comments so please come comment again appreciate you all thanks so much and pod yes soon bye would you like to see behind the scenes of what we’re actually doing each day to grow our company if so then go subscribe to our free behind the scenes reality TV show at WWF unalaq ur TV

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Why I Throw Out So Many Hooks…

Why I Throw Out So Many Hooks…

Why I Throw Out So Many Hooks...
Why I Throw Out So Many Hooks... 10

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