How to Create A Bridge Page Will Increase Your Sales | Funnel Fridays Ep 61

ClickFunnels™ Bridge Page – Secrets How To Increase Your Sales

ClickFunnels™ Bridge Page

ClickFunnels™ Bridge Page: We are back for another episode of Funnel Fridays! In the episode, Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards are using ClickFunnels and Funnel Scripts to show you how to build the perfect bridge page. Plus, we are celebrating Funnel Scripts surpassing 8 figures!

ClickFunnels™ Bridge Page: Why we celebrate something Amazing!

We’re live are we live actually is in face yeah yeah relax dude yeah it’s just us sending up to go live but it says on the thing we’re live please say it’s working all right I think we’re live what’s up Jim what’s up hey you make yourself into something today what just happened why are we celebrating something amazing well I mean normally I don’t need a reason to celebrate with a bottle of bubbly and a blow-up unicorn but we did have something exciting happen yesterday at 4:12 a.m. in the morning.

No dirty minded people it wasn’t that it was awakened 4:12 I got a message on boxer at 4:12 a.m. which is kind of creepy which is 2 a.m. your time so you were just going to bed so we yesterday Russell and I hit the 10 million dollar mark for funnel scripts what dude you’re not going to open that near your computer are you a lot of drinks I don’t know how this works oh my fake water champagne do not hold that near the computer there’s not a cork on this so does the same impact to try it busy a can of pop whatever shake it up rogue and open these things together close there’s only about a hundred grand worth of electronic equipment in that office go ahead all right ok nervous

So how many guards camp ok so we’re also pretty focused past 10 million dollars this weekend sales yay all right I’m ready exploded hey I don’t like fizzy water if I’m gonna drink anyway alright this is hell this is like mine oh my god is the worst yeah congratulations everybody congratulations and thank you to everybody it was a team effort absolutely a team effort every supportive photo scripture last few years it’s good now I want to talk about something that I’m mocking didn’t know but yes may notice how clean shaven and beautiful gym looks today so when did this whole bet sir I can’t write what always like 14 months ago on a funnel Friday jig hey dude.

I know you’re trying to get the 10 million dollar award and I was like yeah he said well hey you gonna not shaving that beard till you get there huh and I was like yeah yeah that’s great yeah we can do it and in the spirit of funnel Friday’s yeah and then and then I’m like I’m gonna have to grow a cat on my face which he did yeah I’ll see ya I looked over to the Facebook live yesterday are you cutting it yep all right.

Here it is you guys to see what happened yesterday after after we passed the 10 million dollar more about to witness the trimming of the 10 million dollar beer so here’s the story about a year ago Russell Brunson said to me hey man you’re gonna not cut that beard until you hit the 10 million dollar mark with funnel scripts and in the moment he asked me this on funnel foam Fridays I was like yeah man I sure will do it and then after I said it I was like dang I’m not going to be able to shave this Muskrat first a while.

ClickFunnels™ Bridge Page: How to get over the 10 million dollar mark?

So I’ve been busting butt to get it over the 10 million dollar mark we got it over the 10 million dollar mark so are you going to trim this thing because I’m tired of having this big hobo beard on my face and so here we go [Music] [Music] I could get a second job shearing sheep my wife’s laughing at me to turn it you know you missed the spot huh oh man so glad we captured this before ever there you go there you go so there you go so I was listening there’s a couple lessons that help everybody learn from this experiment so number one is lucky wise.

Then let themselves off the hook Jim was like all right I’m gonna set something that’s gonna annoy me every single baby itchy and long curly until I hit the goal and then he went out there it’s like I got it this cool so that’s number one like if you guys are all comfortable cuz you’re hitting your goals like make something uncomfortable like to finish up in pain so you have to go and do it number two and he’s noticed we didn’t like launch fun little strips and

Just like sit back last four years waiting for people to buy it it has been an intense labor of love Jim’s consistently been increase in the value adding more scripts adding more things doing more things do more training always increasing the value so the price of final script seems cheaper and cheaper and cheaper cheaper and then we consistently talk about it right how many final Friday’s is this episode like would we outright a lot dear like we can consistently talking about it week in and week out.

Week in and week out I think a lot of people they put the thing up with oh I’m gonna be rich and then I just sit in there wait and then it never happens so they’re like you like learn can I add one more thing to the lesson yes you you got to have a vision for what you’re doing and that vision is gonna help to sustain you when other people either don’t have the vision or other people can’t catch the vision or you’re the only one that believes that it’s going to work.

I’m not saying that’s what the situation was but you got to have a vision and the stronger the vision the bigger the vision the the more you can do and without a vision and there’s somewhere in the Bible it says without a vision the people perish and there you go so so thank you Russell and team because it it would not have happened without you I’m grateful V man this has been your vision from day one we first nested like this is gonna be huge.

ClickFunnels™ Bridge Page: Put in all your effort to make it work

Then you’re the one that put in the effort the work you need to do is so beautiful P may have an amazing partner and it’s just fun to celebrate with yet we’ve got some bubbly water whoo there you go and my fake so on top of the top of celebrate and say with you guys we also wanted to have some fun because today we are we are in the process admission a recording this all right there we go we’re gonna do a fun photo Friday stay and we’ve got a new script we’re demoing I believe got some other cool stuff.

I’m pumped for so you want to kind of talk about what the plan is for today sure so one of the things that we’ve been talking about and it’s really resonating with people are bridge pages and we did a training over in the Avengers group where if you’re not in the Avengers group you should be in the Avengers group because there’s some amazing stuff going on over there and if you youtube search click levels avengers it should pop up their affiliate stranger absolutely and so talking about bridge pages there are all kinds of different ways you can use bridge pages and we were showing how to use funnel scripts to create bridge pages.

One of the things we told people was you can do a demo and I’ve always kind of taken things for granted about doing a demo because I’ve done thousands of demos over the years and then something interesting happened this is like gonna be a combination epiphany Bridge story so if anything happened was in the in the help desk we got a question somebody had joined funnel scripts and had bought Russell’s network marketing secrets book and they asked me will she do by the way everybody she had this book.

I’ll tell you why so they were asking you know which funnel scripts should they use for which the funnels that Russell talks about in there and I was able to answer it pretty quickly but then I said Russell’s got a network marketing secrets book I haven’t read this book can I get a copy of the book sure Jim you can have a copy of the book they sent me copy of the book and on page 39 I read something that changed my life forever it’s actually on page 40 but it starts on page 39 and it’s Russell talking about the demo doing a demonstration in this case of whatever product the network marketing companies sell.

ClickFunnels™ Bridge Page: How I double the response.

I was like yeah that makes sense oh my god what’s this one thing in here that he teaches the formula and this one thing right here eliminate the alternatives I might my forehead was literally getting flat and I think my beard got three inches longer cuz I was pulling on going oh my gosh oh my god oh my god this is it this was the missing thing and so I tried it out with with a couple different demos and you know I’ve always gotten really good results but then when I did this was like boom through the roof people were responding I would you know the the it was like doubling the response I was getting.

I said there’s something here and I need to do this consistently and the best way to do this is to create a script so that’s what we did we created a script we unveiled it this week on the funnel scripts training for everybody and I sensed on Tuesday when we unveiled it I have overhauled the script again to make it even cooler and so what I thought we’d do is Russell real quick explained everybody what a bridge pages and what the purpose is of a bridge page why you would use it.

Then we’ll explain why this is so important and so helpful because these are one of the coolest tools and most misunderstood tools in the internet world so there are times and places when you want to sell something over here and maybe you don’t own this website so you aren’t affiliate for this thing or it’s a network marketing opportunities to the company corporate website or something in like you have no control over this this page and so the only thing you have controlling is the pretty frame that somebody enters into this page width to go back back here is something that we call a bridge page a bridge page and so bridge makes you drive traffic because like a lot of times if you drive traffic directly to this page the hits and

This bounces off because the patient convert well there’s a thousand fillies offering the same page or there can be a million different different reasons why just driving traffic directly here doesn’t work something hammer has never wanting to let you do that directly if your affiliate like and so the bridge page is basically it’s it’s the thing in between between your traffic and the thing you’re trying to sell so for example this and walking up on the street and

I see somebody I could just let’s say Sam you know that put network marking see curses from network marking book right so let’s say I’m a network marketing company I am selling this fancy-pants bubbly water right I can walk up to like somebody on the street like here’s the order for him to buy the water and right wait what is that it’s the order for my son you want bubbly water is really good like the lighter than buying is not very good right that’s the equivalent of sending somebody directly bridge pays me kind of like

ClickFunnels™ Bridge Page: The Billy Mays demo.

Hey I got to tell you story this is why as far as May this is what I like about it slice off like you tell your own story you’re doing a product demo he’s got citation I’ll just see how good and this is amazing you do your product demo is that you like the stuff cool go over here to go buy it and then you push somebody from there what to do the thing over here so bridge page traditionally is me or whoever doing some kind of demo we call it in the network marketing secrets book I call the Billy Mays demo because he has never Billy Mays

He was like the OxiClean dude he was probably the greatest pitchman of all time passed away a couple years ago and I keep down after he died I write him and his pictures I watched like literally every infomercial I can find of his and like Billy Mays scripts based on like here’s all the things Billy didn’t every single it was infomercial mini it is all they’re always like a little micro infomercial Ike that the 30 seconds two-minute infomercials and so that’s what the script space sounds like demoing the product bridge the gap between where that and then the thing you’re actually going to sell that makes sense yeah that’s awesome as far as the structure for a bridge page typically though with

the the bridge page is as simple as a headline a video and a link that’s it that and the more you add actually the the less it will convert and the cool thing with bridge pages is you can use them for affiliate offers you can use them for your own offers when you’re literally just bridging page with people from from one mindset over to where you ultimately want to make make them go it’s the thing that pre frames them and explains what’s going on so they understand what’s happening so one of the most effective things you can do for a bridge page is a demonstration a demonstration of a product the demonstration of a physical product of a piece of software some of the most profitable things I have ever done in my life online have been simple bridge page demonstrations of other people’s software hey guys Jim Owens here found this really cool tool for you that’s going to help you do X Y & Z let me show you how it works hey you just do this this this and this and it’s gonna it does this all you gotta do is just exactly

what I showed you and hey if you buy through my link I’ll give you this in this so click the link down below and then send me an email with your receipt and I’ll give you the bonus yes so simple so the thing is that people think Oh events you know I’m not selling a piece of software Jim that’s right so what I want to do is show you guys the

ClickFunnels™ Bridge Page: Guide on how to setup Bridge Page.

I’m going to show you the script and then we’re going to make a bridge page demonstrating Russell’s book and we’re gonna make the bridge page inside of funnel scripts and what we’re gonna make the script we’re going to use the script inside of home scripts and Russell’s going to make the actual bridge page inside of clickfunnels and it’s going to take like less than 10 minutes so like we did on YouTube before we go back and forth our screen zooms right so what what I would suggest we do on zoom is let me demo want you you set up set up a basic bridge page show them yeah just get it ready with a headline where we’ll put in the video and

then a call to action the call to action is going to be get your free book guess real quick I’ll do bridge page but all Fridays [Applause] right 60-something episodes and no one else does it I did it after you did it I keep taking it tied to building the software so everybody does that mm-hmm so that’s okay so I’m just gonna pick just use a blank page where we have a button page do you have a blank page template blank page templates I hate using templates but that’s just me all right okay like the bridge pages this is like literally a 30 second project if you spend more than that you fell down so simple do you have mine for me at all you know me just a um I will have a headline for you in just a minute but I want to show them how the script works real quick and won’t take long video it’s a video and call to action that’s it so I’m basically ready

I’m just gonna delete everything else okay I make this bug bigger cuz I like big buttons big like big buttons and I will not lie we are wrapping when a button walks in with a big button in your with big text in your face you get clicked okay the longest part of this template is deleting all the other stuff boom all right cool so now when I what I need you to do is to stop sharing your screen so I can share my screen back to you okay cool so what I’m going to show you guys here real quick is the new I call it the demo script and this follows the the format that Russell teaches that he got from the Billy Mays thing and it basically demo the product you show them how it’s faster.

easier you eliminate the alternatives intro the price get urgency and scarcity do the risk reversal all the time and they’re using your call to action so what I did was I took me like 10 minutes to type this up and so what’s that and and we have a couple of cool examples in here we have one for funnel scripts which is software we have one that we did on Tuesday and the live training for a camera bag really was cool so this one that I want to show you could do it with just a book so what’s the name of the product service you’re demonstrating network marketing secrets

what is it what’s the biggest benefit the biggest pain this eliminates what’s the big payoff what’s the alternative most people think of when they try to do this then what are all the things that you want to show about the product so step by step what do you want to show in this case I listed off each page where it had something cool and then what’s all the stuff they don’t need to do anymore so this is eliminating the alternatives then what’s the price what’s an alternative way to express the price how fast can they see results why should they grab it now what’s your risk reversal and what’s call to action so now it actually puts it all the pieces together with your hook intro faster and easier demo eliminate the alternatives intro price urgency scarcity risk reversal and

ClickFunnels™ Bridge Page: No time is wasted.

I downloaded the script as a word document and I got all high tech and printed it off okay and then I printed it off and I literally as you’re gonna see here in a minute okay rather me I held my phone I held my phone in my right hand quite clumsily as though I had some sort of a palsy and then I held the I held this printed off in my other hand and I read it as you will see I tried to do it with the least amount of panache as possible and so I actually recorded it.

I’m gonna send you Russell in the face book I’m gonna send you the link to the video so you can pop it in there and people can watch it but I mean the sound sucks it’s done like you know somebody would do it if they were just giving it a half an effort you can see that this thing takes it can take anything and create a really really really cool demo and the cool thing is is that you don’t have to sit around and wait you don’t have to struggle to not get all the right pieces in there you don’t have to pay somebody hundreds or thousands of dollars to write you a script and you don’t and

The biggest thing is you don’t have to waste two three four or five hours trying to figure it out and you don’t have to wait a couple weeks for some lady to get it back to you you just do this on your phone I did this on my phone like literally right before we got um you were in st. Ursula five seconds ago yeah and the only reason I didn’t do it live was because I it was I couldn’t transfer it from my phone fast enough all right is live swatches when I get the audio to work cuz you got a when you share your screen make he run share your screen real quick yeah and then when you go to share your screen before you do it there will be a little box that you can click that says share computer.

Audio look at that zoom do that and that should play all right you refresh the page to share your audio please it’s all the Zoom audio device are you kidding me oh sorry no that me works okay me refresh this page sorry French for our technical difficulties get them using you want me to you want me to play it from my side back to you Jim let me say I’m seeing links of the the page then you can okay alright it’s back to you I’m gonna unshare off’ i this so you can start be sheriff eyeing it on sheriff alright and I know hey one one thing before.

I’ll show you this one thing if you’re looking for the perfect headline in the in this where it has the hook what if you could easily find the right people to join your MLM team without suffering rejection from family and friends your headline is how to easily find the right people to join your MLM team without suffering rejection from family and friends that’s your headline for the for the page okay meet I’ll put it plug into the page okay you know I mean okay you’ll have to fix the stuff and put a how-to on it but yeah there you go do you want me to wait till you do that give you 15 seconds no hat okay okay.

ClickFunnels™ Bridge Page: No time is wasted.

I mean the the thing is while I was doing this guys I mean I wanted to do this not as not perfectly so you could see even not doing it perfectly it’s passable it’s doable especially if you were to I mean here’s the other thing a bridge page the more it looks like it’s a real person teaching something the better you’ll do in the past when I’ve done stuff where it’s like you know the phones ring and then the kid opens the door and in other stuff those typically will do better than the ones that look super polished and they’re they’re best lit and other things like that there’s a time and

A place for that for a bridge page like this where you’re just demoing something and showing people how to get a result you know just make keeping it real keeps it real and you’ll get better results so that’s one thing I did want to show you guys and that that just just taken that hook right there and turn them into your headline that’s like cheating okay thank you refresh that is ready to rock and roll okay the bridge page didn’t do sweet how to easily find the right

People to join your MLM team without suffering injection from family and friends dude that’s that’s mint whoo we can okay see we see your dental scripts will on screen oh you’re not seeing it okay let me stop sharing that’s weird because I was seeing it but oh okay that’s all right I’m not buying stalking zoom anytime soon okay so are you seeing it now okay play wise not playing maybe it’s go directly for YouTube page and just watch okay well here it is on the YouTube page ready hey guys Jim Evans here with a brand new book I want to tell you all about what if you could easily find the right people to join your MLM team without suffering from rejection from family and friends well

Now you can introducing network marketing secrets and network marketing secrets is a revolutionary new book that makes it easy and fast to find the right people who are super interested in what you’re selling and they’re actually going to raise their hands and ask you to sign them up and this is so much faster and easier than having to badger your friends and family until you’ve alienated basically everybody you know and everybody they know as well so let

ClickFunnels™ Bridge Page: Network Marketing Secrets is so Amazing.

Me show you why network marketing secrets is so amazing first of all on page 18 Russel explains to you the lost funnel and the lost funnel is basically the way that you can leverage somebody else’s expertise in order to get people to sign up even if you don’t know that much about the MLM that you are with right now so the cool thing is you don’t need to worry about basically talking to people that aren’t interested in what you’re selling and you don’t

Have to be a total expert yet to be able to do it the second thing that this does for you over on page 20 is it shows you how you can be a big-time recruiter even if you barely understand what your company is selling so the cool thing that means it does not going to take you months and weeks and years to build up to this you can leverage this to get results super super fast the other thing that teaches you over on page 26 is how you can differentiate between the people who are interested in buying your product versus the people who are interested in your opportunity and how you can automatically recruit both which means you don’t have to struggle with either recruiting or product sales you can do both and do really really well with it also over here on page 60 they’re gonna

Show you how to take the proven home part on them so excited I can barely hang on to my phone they’re going to show you how to take the proven home party formula and apply it online so that you can use the power of group sales but you don’t have to go anywhere that means no more heading over to hotels it means no more trying to get people to agree to meet with you in your homes you don’t have to worry about traveling anywhere you just make sales and then also on page 66 this must this may be the greatest thing ever they’re gonna show you how to duplicate this entire process in your own MLM business so that you not only can do it but then you can take these proven things that they’re gonna teach you to do in this book and you’re going to be able to help your team do those as well so it creates a giant organization of sales which means you never have to worry about how your people are going to be able to duplicate your success

Now the great thing about this if that wasn’t the only thing that was amazing is this book is absolutely free all you have to do is just cover a small shipping charge and the shipping charge is less than the cost of a trip to Starbucks so you want to grab this now because this book holds the key to you joining the elite ranks of your company’s top leadership and being a rising star in whatever organization you’re in because it doesn’t matter what your selling physical products services doesn’t matter this book is going to help you do it .

ClickFunnels™ Bridge Page - Secrets How To Increase Your Sales 1

ClickFunnels™ Bridge Page: Get your FREE copy while supplies last.

By the way I think they’re crazy for this but if you don’t like the book you don’t even have to send it back and they’ll refund the shipping so go ahead act now claim your FREE copy while supplies last I’ll see you guys soon okay demo2 book right and it’s I mean I just down and it wasn’t the it wasn’t the greatest demo in the world but but that was without even practicing it that was without practicing that’s what withholding the thing imagine if I’d have put the phone on a tripod or had somebody else with steady hands hold it if I had to practice the script two or three times

which would have taken a total of 12 minutes to practice it three times and then just delivered it amped up my my excitement level and all of a sudden you’re doing demo after demo after demo and you’re hitting all the right buttons and it’s I mean you guys can tell us in the comments down below whether you thought that was any good or not for a first try with absolutely no rehearsal whatsoever but I’m telling you this script can change your life and using bridge pages is a way for you to use clickfunnels to build a business so freaking fast and without even doing it with your own products I mean if I was gonna do this I would I would I would do this that’s exactly what I would do I would take and I would do demos of Russell’s books then I would do demos of all the different cool features inside of clickfunnels and after every single one of those videos

I would direct everybody to sign up for the 14-day trial for clickfunnels and then I would go out onto social media and I would look for where people were asking questions that clickfunnels could be the solution for them and I would start answering questions by either answering him right there or I would I would direct them to the videos that you had showing people how to you know how to use click phones to solve their problems it’s it’s just it’s the simplest way to be able to use clickfunnels and to use final scripts to be able to create things that will turn into money quickly so tell a little secret that mr. Steven Larson did because he did this process right after he stopped working clickfunnels he went home and then he’s like okay he booked like a squeeze page in people’s email addresses was like get access to all the tools I used to build my business and he had like 90 different tools like click funnels and Google dog and all the stuff right and and like half me at affiliate links for he made a demo video for each one like here’s how I use this.

Here’s how I use Trello your site and just a get all these things and some rocks in you could make an email every day of like here’s next week next to a next to and he makes Commission’s off of myself other people’s stuff and just that’s what he did literally just demo all the stuff he uses friends business and made ton of money so for any of you guys in any market you’re in like let’s say you’re in the stock trading market like what are the tools you use to trade stocks going like most probably I set up in Philly program go.

ClickFunnels™ Bridge Page: Create them all the demos, it really helps.

Crate them all demos on all of them boom that can be your whole your hope is anyway yep this is like if T keeps on giving the strategy the script and this bridge base concepts so simple so easy exactly and think about it will all the different things that you’ve ever bought that were from a demonstration everything from a Ginsu knife – I bought a $1500 shrink wrapper off of a 45 second video that showed lift the thing up throw it in slam it down it comes out shrink wrap person yep I’ll take it I mean it’s think about that and I think it’s it’s one of those simple things that absolutely can change your life and think about your own products how if you did demos for different different groups and different solutions that just doing demos for your own stuff and

Creating bridge pages to your own stuff people arise that all 60 whatever episodes of funnel Friday’s is literally you know moving demoing photo scripts and me demoing click funnels and we just passed a $10,000,000 yesterday so does it work I don’t I don’t know I don’t know my so that’s that’s that’s amazing if you guys don’t have click funnels yet you need to go to click funnels comm and sign up for how can they get click funnels Russell you always ask me how to get funnel scripts

Oh yeah first I’ve just be living under a rock it’s the thing ever talk about every single day for literally almost five years fact our five year birthday is next month with a huge birthday announcements gonna be happening craziness is ensuing they’re all gonna freak out but for last five years talk about every single a because it is the tool that has freed more entrepreneurs abl on this planet I think today we are at 90 3806 active entrepreneurs who are built-in funnels live our platform so far you guys have built 5.4 million funnels you have processed 3.8 nine billion dollars and you have generated 925 million contacts inside a platform there’s our live stat board so yeah there’s Counting who’s like so it’s not matter if you’re gonna use click phones this when so you can do it in the future or you do it today.

There’s no like honestly if you think about it there’s this old ancient Chinese proverb that said the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago but the second best time is right now so the best time you Cleveland was actually about five years ago the second best time there’s right now so go to click balls like op get your count right now now Jim if they have a click photos hand already but they’re copy sucks and other phones converting what do you need to do well you know you really need to get funnel scripts because funnel scripts is going to help you to create all the copy you need for your bridge pages for your headlines for your emails for your webinars for your master classes for your follow-up sequences for promoting your webinars for anything you want to do with a funnel we’ve got a script for that.

ClickFunnels™ Bridge Page: Three Key Secrets To Copywriting.

If we don’t have a script for that there’s one on my board but I guarantee you now with over 60 online scripts and six or seven downloadable Wizards and all the recipes and the blueprints and the and the we just did our 40th straight month of live coaching in in funnel scripts this past Tuesday 40 straight months of new training every single month teaching people about copywriting and how to use them to build their funnels you need to head over to funnel scripts calm you have a couple options one you can watch an amazing training that Russell and I just did a couple months ago and they will teach you three secrets three key secrets to copywriting as well as give you cool demos of funnel scripts and if you’ve been on the fence.

About funnel scripts you need to head on over to funnel scripts calm /go and you can just sign up awesome Congrats on everything I I have to go right now and go fish right my book which is not fun but I’ve really enjoyed the last 45 minutes saying now if you look up the new haircut on the beard and so excited just you guys know Jim for the last like two weeks every day I’m getting a message just like the screenshot how closer to get closer closer closer and it’s super exciting Patti may have tried all the work you put into this product this program and hopefully it inspires people to keep reaching for the same goals as well beauty being on stage actually getting one of the big ol fat diamond rings.

A big all huge just like this big the 10x award is the same so gonna go right there I have a spot for it already that’s amazing excited so we’ve an amazing partner and just a great friend especially you know last fire for five years and just grateful for you and all you do for our community thank you and I’m right back at you so I appreciate you very much and it was definitely it’s been a team effort definitely and and I will tell everybody you are the best partner I’ve ever had so thank you that’s awesome all right well everybody appreciate you saying thank you Jim make Karen for watching and if you have any questions comments plumb postman links down below I’m sure will answer them and we’re go back and get wasted on my bubbly watering on alcohol we just you so fix everybody we’ll talk to you again soon bye bye everybody.


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How To Write A Hook, Story, and Offer To Sell Any Product| Funnel Friday's Ep 57
How To Write A Hook, Story, and Offer To Sell Any Product| Funnel Friday's Ep 57 2

Welcome to another episode of Funnel Fridays. In today's episode, Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards are showing you sales funnel strategy by going over the importance of your hook, story, and offer for a high priced art piece. WANT YOUR FUNNEL FEATURED ON FUNNEL FRIDAYS? SUBSCRIBE HERE AND YOU COULD WIN: Using the ClickFunnels™…

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Funnel Friday's Episode #56

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business – How to build a Sales Funnel

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business: We are back for another episode of Funnels Fridays where Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards show you how to build a sales funnel using ClickFunnels™. This week, we are helping a local business optimize her sales funnel. ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business

A lot of Facebook and Instagram and also YouTube what’s up, Jim? I do man. Yay. What’s up brother? How are we doing? I love you, too.

I know if the left one does by itself. I’m super excited and that the right one goes by itself. I’m even more excited. If both of them go off. I have to excuse myself from the room for a minute. So do we just wish you’d like create a unicorn funnel that has all of your best of all the stuff that you you can set by people and even by or perhaps merchandize.

Oh, oh, oh look merchandise. Wait, sorry. Are you have plastic? I left that hat in the other room. Oh, man. What’s that? My other pants? That’s just what is this how you purchased or is this one that you were gifted?

This was one that came from my good friend Gordon watt in, Las Vegas, Nevada.

So he sent this to me to as he knew it would brighten my day and it did and I’ve been walking around annoying annoying my wife and scaring my dog because I walk up to the dog and go like this and she heard it’s pretty funny. Actually. She’s a Chihuahua to so it’s even more terrifying those pretty amazing.

Funnels Optimize Sales

Oh man. Well, it’s good to be back with you for Friday’s bend over while I didn’t have doing stuff traveling and meeting people and all sorts of fanciness. So living that Russell Brunson lifestyle brother the Westie lifestyle.

No, it was what was important that we were important. We was in you were in Puerto Rico last week meeting with a whole bunch of people.

It’s interesting. They’re like all these personal development Geniuses and then there’s like me and two other like direct response Geniuses and it’s funny because like all of them are a little bit scared to sell the way we do and we’re like so obsessed with selling like they just like serve so much wear. Anyway, she’s it was this really cool dynamic? Like of like selling people versus serving people and is trying to blend the Two Worlds into one super thing. So it was fun maybe time. There you go. Awesome.

Well, I always believed that if you’re serving people you have a responsibility to sell them. That’s true.

Especially most in their vaults Lisa it like you feel guilty selling stuff and it is just think so one thing about this show you love we love some stuff. In fact, we’re he has some more stuff and so the best way to serve more people is some more people because people who pay attention and that’s kind of what I believe.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business

I agree with that people who pay attention that’s absurd very good Russell. Would you rather have 10,000 free subscribers on a list or a thousand paid customers on a list Russell that wasn’t paid ones any day of the week. That’s right.

Absolutely, man. Your energy seems a little low perhaps do you need a rhino energy drink I’ll give you some so I okay. So this is a kind of bummed out. So in a week and a half now is a wrestling tournament. I’m so excited about my very first dressing turned 17 years. Oh you’re going to wrestle. I thought you were coaching now. No. Oh, yeah, but I was going to write rustles my first are so excited. So George ivanoff was a Fantasy Life. He’s a he was the Bulgarian Olympian for a wrestling he flew to Boise last week.

We’re going to trade all week as an amazing first practice at did it was super fun. Second practice jacked my neck. I’m not gonna move for five days. I’ve had chiropractors acupuncturists. I literally brought my magic lasers. This is a magic laser that reduces inflammation. You push the button. I’ve been lasering the crap out of my neck for the last like week straight my it’s about to come on what whoa laser apparently goes into your ripped out neck and it destroys the inflammation and pulls it back out. Yes.

Funnels Optimize Sales

There’s there’s magic later. This is actually legal in America if people find out I have is I think I can get arrested. I ordered it will please share it over the internet and ship it to Canada. I haven’t had a meal go to Canada and bring it down.

I just told it publicly on TV. Anyway, this is something that the Russian astronauts invented because in the when you’re in the space station, you can’t like there’s a doctor that This magic thing has these like Tracy put on it shocks you but apparently it wait till after your immune system and shoots all of your immune system all the one spot to heal everything overnight.

It’s like you can lose an arm this thing will grow back by the next day, but you’re the lead on America. So anyway, so this is this is why I put that on my forehead and grow a unicorn horn only one way to find. Yeah. I’ma put my head up to the thing put you put it up there and let’s see if it works.

It’s wrong. Anyway, so find energy is lost as I live you might for my neck all the way like my spine is just like inflamed and sore.

Ooh, sorry, man, but I still think we can have to wrestling so I’m hoping that by then I’ll be able to wrestle even though I haven’t been able to practice. So that’s like I was planning on doing two practices a week for two and a half weeks to get to remember on Russell, but now it’s gonna walk out against like real people who wrestle without any practice.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business

So are you starting to do like that International Masters stuff? Is that what this is Yes, actually, yeah. That it’s actually really cold Masters. Yeah, it’s 35 45 year olds. And so okay.

It’s people like me who just going to show up and try to do something. There’s like people who are coaching who were actually really good. So I’m hoping I get some drawers of Chumps like me because I literally got Russell almost 18 years so I could see you though and another couple years win a World Masters title.

I could honestly you got enough time on your hands. You got a nice gym that if you really put your head to that I bet you could do it. I really do are you challenging me to do that? Well, you challenged me to grow my beard until I hit the TCC X club and I’m going to do it this year. So I’m just counting down to when I get to trim this thing. So yeah, I am challenging you to go become a world Masters champion because I know you can do it and I’m old. Yeah about six years. Okay. I’m in my neck Hills. I’m in otherwise that’s get surgery or something. Well, it’s called you need to like Warm up, you know just saying, yeah.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business

Alright, so let’s listen bottles today. I have another photo here a long time. All right.

Well, that’s what you told me about a little bit. I’m really excited for this. We should I show it or you want to show it you can show it. Okay. This is something that you know as guys do we want to learn about things like eyelash extension. So I mean I’m wearing this hat and so nothing’s off-limits.

This is actually a funnel scripts in a ClickFunnels™ user and this is this is cool. And the reason I picked this was because She is a local business and she’s selling the certification class locally, but I bet if she starts filling it up enough she could probably figure out a way to do it, you know online but she’s actually selling people into an all-day training locally where people pay 775 bucks to have her teach them how to put on lashes.

Funnels Optimize Sales

You know, putting lashes on people not like beating them with a whip that’s a different kind of funnel but this is putting lashes on on people’s eyes and you know stuff, you know, like when you you know, well, so when you go get a wax and the pedicure mani-pedi and you’re like, yeah, I want my extensions put on my lashes, you know how it is as men he made you I think so in Boise, so um is notice so this your eyelashes are beautiful anyway Russell.

Um, so what she’s got Is a pretty simple opt-in page that I see something glaring that we might be able to do to help but again, they’re telling me right now they’re getting a 60 to 80% opt-in rate. So I don’t know what the traffic source is. I mean, it could be just like her friends. I don’t know and then this is the page where they end up when where she makes the actual offer where again the headline is email sent watch video to learn more.

I mean that’s that’s pretty straightforward and then she’s got a minute and a half long sales video here that again it’s it’s working but there might be some things that we could do to help her with that and then it kind of lifts off what they’re doing and then she’s got to testimonials and and that’s it. I mean that’s this pretty straightforward.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business

So what you tell me your initial reaction to this and then you know, I’ll tell you what mine is I think my initial reaction is first off good for her for crushing it like the fact that this is working is awesome.

But it is there’s definitely Is a Polish that I think would be a little things would have huge impacts, right?

Yeah, because it’s very as she as she gets sure.

You know, I’m guessing a lot of people are coming to you right now are probably people she knows that she met I’m assuming because she’s also a wider and wider the copies got to be tweaked on the page and stuff like that to be able to like really grab people who have no idea. What’s happening. Right? Like my wife came here sheep. I wouldn’t know what to do. Right, but if she met her like met her at a bar class or something, she’s like, oh no learning style. Actually. She came here. They should be all in.

All right, it’s something so that when you start getting warmer traffic colder traffic that that you can catch those people really help them to have a good experience. So that’s my that’s my gut right top and stuff.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business

So I mean immediately without even using final scripts which by the way is your complete and total solution for creating any type of sales cap you need for your funnel.

Um, initially my thought is just even some I mean a headline like how to start your own.

Career as an eyelash extension as a certified eyelash extension expert without spending six months in cosmetology school to me that as a headline that just that just that just came out of the top of my head. And the reason for it is this cool thing. My ears are moving. You can’t hear me but um your screen right now, but I can okay, but basically I probably can’t even remember what now, you’re sharing the screen your show on the screen. Okay, so sorry I need the sinus infection funnel right now. Um, but oh, yeah cough syrup.

Now you want to talk about some fun with something. You can’t sell in the United States across state lines that good cough syrup, um, but, you know something along the lines of how to how to start your own exciting career as an eyelash extension expert.

Without spending or how to launch how to start your own exciting and profitable career as an eyelash extension expert without spending six months in cosmetology school, you know, it’s this just the most basic, you know how to benefit without black real quick how to launch an exciting and profitable career as an eyelash extension as a certified eyelash extension expert.

Funnels Optimize Sales

Lash by lash one were to use one word. Eyelash one word switch. She’s got it extension. Professional how about professional professional without going to cosmetology school for six months? Cosmo Cosmetics he has meant it don’t matter the school didn’t have a name I think for six months or six months. I’m Cosmo calling its mezz. It’s not the magazine. It’s an e so I mean that right there.

Boom, I mean II that right? I wouldn’t change anything else on that page. If I were her except maybe that now from a sales copy perspective. I’m thinking I my brain is in A/B split test mode right now because I just did a big thing on it, but that I wouldn’t really alter much anything else as far as the copy goes, but I might make that that million lashes thing. I mean that looks cool but it’s not. Yeah, I’d make it. Yeah you made it smaller. It was kind of big I like I pull down here because logos only like typically feed our ego doesn’t usually all the conversions right?

I spent so much money on it. So it was amazing. I went to 99 designs and they made 99 of them. Then I picked one and it was amazed.  Showed all my friends and and I had this Facebook contest and everybody’s ears were wiggling when they did it and it was just it was so empowering.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business

Well these out as like I’d like to make better coffee inside the opt-in box. I the enter your best email and then submit I would change to like There’s a billion extra dry. Send me get started the video now or something like that. Okay get started. Now if something like this was a benefit in the button. Yeah, I agree on said button bigger buttons, especially buttons bigger buttons.

Okay that page I think looks insanely cool. Now. Yes couple of tweaks move the logo add some copy in the opt-in Box change that and update the headline. Now the only other thing again just and maybe that’s for the next page.

And so maybe I’ll shut my mouth. Let’s go let’s lead I would leave that one alone. I’d have a just try that and actually that cool that picture of her teaching the class is cool. I like that picture.

I love it too. Um, So on one thing I would first this is this is if you want Total geek out on split testing. I would split test inverting this picture so that all the heads are looking towards the button. It seems stupid but crap like that typically allow and dramatic impact we do this dog funnel like 12 years ago and we like as like a 40 some percent increase in conversion by having the dog is like looking away from button.

Funnels Optimize Sales

We just like inverted the image with towards the button and was like 40 something to increase in conversion just by like the flipping of the heads the way the heads are all looking away from the button. They’re looking towards the button. I bet you’d see a big jump from just inversion of the picture. So wow kind of nerdy geeky, but I know that’s really cool and I’ll tell you something else that I did I did recently. Well, I was sitting with my dad.

I know you probably want to hear this we’re gonna do I don’t know what to do with it. Um, This book right here.

Did y’all need if y’all don’t have this you’re wrong.  You need to get this book and you need to read this book. You need to go through it. In fact, I created a whole new. In fact, I want to I want to demo this real quick on the next page. We got to figure out a way but on page 105 you talked about dirty little secrets.

Yes and our maybe it wasn’t 105. I marked it. Anyway, um, you talked about the Dirty Little Secret and in my one of my first products was the 10 dirty little secrets of mortgage financing always and it’s page 115. And anyway, I made I didn’t even show you this I made an entire new funnel script the Dirty Little Secret script inside a funnel scripts just because I read this thing and I was like, oh my God, I just it sits right here, man.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business

It’s page 115. I made this thing. So we got to figure out how to at least use it so I can demo it for this. Purpose if nothing else. Please indulge an old man. Okay indulge the internet grandpa, but seriously, if y’all don’t have this you’re wrong this is amazing and need to do another one.

Well, actually our this is excited to have trouble right now and whole team split testing stuff. We’re dropping them all in there. It’s my goal is like in a year from now build a new version 2 of like a hundred eight more split tests. And so we’re building up the the database of test right now. So the opposite of people want to get it Russell. Where can they go?

I actually think it’s not for something that we’re making an e-book versus we don’t like something. I don’t think you can buy anywhere right now. If you sign up for the funnel Labs thing, if you go you can still get it there. At least you’re still selling it. Yes, it might be anyway.

Funnels Optimize Sales

All right. Anyway, all right for somebody, okay, so somebody comes here boom. They’re like, yes, I want to launch an exciting and professional career always have a proper career as a professional in six months.

Well, then they often they go taken to this page right here sister looks like right now, let me just get like a little pitch video here. She’s selling Yeah, the video is the video is a minute twenty something super short. Yeah exact rate is it’s a minute and a half video to sell a $700 $800 core 77535.

So my biggest feedback on this page is like the more expensive something gets typically the more time give me time or copy you need to spend sell it. In fact, so some 75 with like like a bolus of what it is is pretty insane. But again, it’s just moving to from hot traffic to warm to cold I think anymore copy and more step just like to really be able to show the perceived value people. So thoughts.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business

I agree and I think there’s also some stuff just geeky and I’m not the design expert but getting rid of that space above the top and you’re losing some real estate, especially you know with all yeah, there you go.

So I want to show you guys this this new script that I made just because I want Russell to geek out on it. And if he doesn’t like it, then we’ll cut this out later.

But um if we were going to if we were going to use that thing of the Dirty Little Secret, well, of course, you could come over into funnel scripts and I thought it was going to show my screen.

There we go. All right, and you could use the dirty little secrets script which allows you to create dirty little secrets for email products hooks headlines and more and I did a cool. I did a cool demo actually took my buddy who’s a Navy SEAL. I walked him through this using the script and he was like he was going nuts. We used him as an example.

So our main keyword phrase for this is eyelash extensions, if I could spell it would be great. And who would you say is our target audience with this in a home moms want an extra income? That’s why I think Mom’s who earn extra income.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business

Okay, mom who wants extra income like that. Thank you. I’ll be by end to eyelashes are moms who for the house?

Okay. So target audience really wants to make a little extra money. Oh cool. um target audience really wants to avoid spending months learning how to do lashes.  When schools have horrible If I could type this it go faster to do lashes and who’s the enemy in this situation do you think is it the cosmetology school? Yeah.

Okay, the Dirty Little Secret The Cosmetology School the way, you know about school owners. Yeah license to get do. I don’t know. My dirty little so we got all of them programmed in here. You can just keep whacking the button my dirty little secret every mom who wants extra income needs. That’s not bad

Funnels Optimize Sales.

The Dirty Little Secret. Let’s see. Oh my dirty little secret for eyelash extensions success. I like that one in my dirty little secret Cosmetology School owners don’t want you to know you like that one. Well here let me click the copy button and then I’ll come right over here and I will just send that to you through the power of Mark Zuckerberg is portal of identity theft and you can use it is totally worth it. I love Zuckerberg.

So I know that you’re you know, you’re doing your thing over there. But but I mean, this is pretty cool man. I got it the Dirty Little Secret ones. I got my secret weapon the eyelash extension secret weapon. Nobody wants to talk about my secret weapon to make a little extra money and then I got down here. I got the eyelash extension checklist.

So, you know my eyelid here we go my eyelashes. Engine personal checklist and then I got all kinds of just grab step grab bag stuff down here that the Insiders guide to eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extension hacks Cosmetology School owners. Don’t want you to know that’s not bad, right? There’s so many good ones here. I think like all these points. You know me, right.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business

So an unspoken truth Cosmetology School owners don’t want you to know so and there’s tons of I mean, there’s there’s like there’s got to be close to a hundred and fifty of them and I took all of that from that one page where you just said. Hey, we did better when I whipped out the old dirty little secret thing and I just kicked out on this for like five days figuring out every single way you could do this.

So it’s kind of cool. It’s super cool. That’s what I do. Besides sit here and play with the Unicorn attire, which I do quite professionally. Thank you. You do a great job.

The only that another thing I was thinking is that As far as and we don’t have time to demo this, but if I were her I would test three things on this page as far as the video is concerned. I would I would use my existing video as the control I would also go into funnel scripts and I would use the five-minute perfect webinar script that’s based on the million-dollar script that Jamie cross came up with and then I would also use the vsl Wizard and I would come up with just a straight gangster old school video sales letter version and I would test those three to see which one had the better conversion rate forgetting these ladies to sign up because again, you’re trying to get somebody to spend 775 bucks.

Funnels Optimize Sales

You need to have a better value stack then I’m going to include lunch and snacks. I’m just I’m not saying that to be flippant. I’m just saying that and as kind of also being flippant to but I think she needs to work on her value stack our offer stack.

Magnum PI, would you choose just this whole section here is I would write like you’re writing a letter to a friend like yeah. I was like dear future eyelash professional. There you go. It’s like from the desk of what’s her name again Molly or from Millie, right? Millie Millie Millie. Sorry. Sorry milk. Well, what’s it in regarding? How you regarding your new career? Yeah your new career.

But here’s the coffee starts going through right? Like hey, if you ever Allah and he plug into the cells that are the generate here, correct? And and by the way, just as an aside the long-form sales letter script inside of funnel scripts walks you through doing exactly what Russell’s doing.

It’s called long form. Tell them. Yeah, long-form sales letter script. You got that and then yeah, then you’re like this space is the offer stack by having like the stack like version of the kid told value this and you get the mannequin that total value this you know, and just like we do a typical offer stack like right he’s in there.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business

It’s amazing. They feel like it go to one from by the way, next challenge trying to make sure you sign up look at this and same thing for a restaurants and we’re Boise, Idaho and then I have a letter telling thing and then boom I have like an offer sacrifice are getting in there right there. Yeah, like show all the stuff inside of it against me. Awesome. See why you want it.

Yep. And you stack again. Same thing. I’m just copying my layout cocking this kind of thing because it’s funny. I’m afraid everyone who owns a couple gyms and I taught him the concept just just a sec slide, you know, he’s like my his conversion rate in signing up clients or email like 3x and only need two different steps. They like hey, I can get personal training started in his email having an actual legal status like this.

Where you going to get me? We train number one. You need a nail set worth two hundred forty seven dollars a month. Number two, you’re in this they still second. They actually email like yeah, that’s this quote right on people just by having that little thing there. So it’s like it it had it does a lot by having that people actually see like, oh wow, that’s the value what I’m getting right?

Funnels Optimize Sales

It’s only until because let’s face it. That’s what most people are going to do is go scan that yeah, there’s going to scan that make the gut level decision.

Yeah, and then once they sign up they’re going to go back and read that entire sales letter to justify the emotional click that they just made. Yeah and that we get some image like, you know, I’m a big fan of e covers and stuff we get images to make this look like boom.

There’s our thing here. How do we do that with? Like this is just so cool like more stuff. Like this is a number one. You can get the the mannequin face you can practice at home. So your giant cat doesn’t get mad at you. And here’s Gary your to scare your children.

Yeah, I would also if she could I would get as many more testimonials as she could get ya person, you know, if those are the only two you got than those the only two you got but then you could also add other proof like statistics about how it’s a growing industry statistics about how much money gets spent on lashes as compared to whatever you could talk about how you could go set up part-time shop as an independent contractor inside of a nail salon.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business

You know, just all the other things that once you’re certified the sky is really the limit because if you think about it, what are the things that people are going to be says the guy it’s hard to be taken. Seriously when I’m doing this. It’s like, you know what I really must be confident in what the heck I’m talking about because it to do this and to talk about serious business stuff. When that takes cojones, you know what I’m saying?

So but if you think about the biggest obstacle that they probably face the elephant in the room is, you know, could I really do this? That’d be the number one thing then the second one would be is it how am I going to make my money back or is this going to be it was this a really expensive thing to get involved with and then the third biggest thing is, how am I going to get customers? How am I going to get people to? Let me put lashes on them once I’ve run through my friends.

How am I actually going to do this and make the income so I would want to have all three of those addressed in this and that’s why I’d suggested doing a test of the five-minute perfect webinar because those would be the three things I would hit if it were me I think about like get the classic the center city five bucks. I think it costs.

Funnels Optimize Sales

I think my wife pays like 50 bucks from per session, right? So it’s basically 10 like what’s that 20 to 12 people 12 or 15 people in your in man? Yes. What do you break break even so it’s like all usually 12 clients in your free but it was cool about it is I’m gonna show you the first of all clients, but they This is every two weeks those lashes you put in they fall back out who’s people come back. So based on this 35 bucks. I hope you get your first 12 clients, which now your Breakeven those 12 clients now pay 775 whatever 50 bucks two times a month and for the rest of Life Rupert perpetuity.

This is how I’m going to teach my wife. Will this how bad is like Bert she got out. She was allergic to the glue Sore Eyes would swell shut for like the first day after getting it and she still kept going back what?

Yeah and they finally switch to glue – she’s doesn’t have the allergic reaction But like after women have is the first time they look in the mirror and I’m like, oh my gosh, I look more beautiful. They could never not have it moving forward for the rest of their life. Like it’s it’s that big of a deal. It was like you hook them. Once I do free class do other eyelashes you 12 people. Boom two weeks later. You got your money for the re-ups boom breaking that that heyguys income stream of seven or seven five bucks twice a month which for most people like that that would radically shift their life. Sure.  Absolutely. That’s a that’s a car payment. It’s a lot of stuff. That’s your child’s future.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business

Yeah, I mean you owe it to yourself to sign up for this class right now. You’re cheating your children. If you don’t you hate kids communication under my class, if you love your kids should definitely try my certification.

So it really comes down to do you love children or do you hate children?

So the call to action button is I love kids.

I love my kids honest. I love my kids. I’m having to save their roles. That’s right. And that’s the selling stuff like we’re kind of riffing on this but like that’s the stuff inside of final scripts and you start learning copy that those are things looking for is just help me understand those things because like inversion i7 or 35 bucks learning like Lou things at people’s eyes.

He’s like a lot of money until you shift that around and also it’s like, oh my gosh, this is literally like it’s basically free my going to try selling things. Like, how do I make this free right free by like how you position it how you show and like all kind of things. This is I want to make free as soon as free people pay tons of money for free and the way you make it feel free is by having An effective offer stack speaking of offer Stacks if I can show you one other thing real quick.

Funnels Optimize Sales

Remember I should we haven’t showed anybody on one of these shows but we came out we’re working on building up the OFA scripts. So we have the hook story offer script which basically you sit down and fill that puppy out and it creates it creates amazing amazing amazing stuff for you. It creates different different vsl zittel it does I’ll just click the button. I’ll just shut my piehole and click the button.

It takes about an hour to fill it out. But dig this man mean it creates your entire sales letter for you, including your offer stack and your offer summary.

And so what I’m doing is I’m splitting out just this part that does the offer stack in the offer summary and I’m going to make that a standalone script inside of final scripts as well because people are like I’m in I need that part.

How can I do just that without filling out the other partner so I can Turn that into one but it’s so important that we’re making a script to make it easy for you and it should be within their within the next two weeks.

So anyway, that’s cool. Right super cool. I love it. We did it. Our time is up timer beeps. We made a mad. I just looks awesome.

Funnels Optimize Sales

Yeah, I think it if she just follows what what you were saying in there and maybe again having a little bit of problem agitate solve in there and that sales letter, you know, here’s the problem. You’ve got kids. You don’t have a lot of extra time you need something highly profitable instead of making three bucks an hour. How’d you like to make 50 bucks an hour?

I mean just problem agitates all boom knock that bad boy out.

What was that for? I think is cool business and it’s already killed it with where she’s at like somebody could get really big things are Universal classes and then like it keep it can become really big deal for so absolutely cool.

Nice job Russell you did an amazing. Thank you for all your work making to making potions better every single day Adam e scripts and new features and Makes me watch TV we evolving all the time. So thanks.

I appreciate you made my ears wiggle. It was like wiggle my ears. feel the same way about you. Awesome. Thanks, man. Brain doesn’t function area. Where should they go?

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business

Well, you need to go to phone You can watch an amazing webinar presentation by Russell myself or explain all the three secrets. You need to know about sales copy and then we give a demonstration of a funnel scripts in the opportunity to sign up little scripts makes it easy for you to create all the sales copy you need for your funnels no matter what type of funnel you’re doing including the new hook story offer hook story offer script which literally creates everything you need to launch a specific product with the copy you need as well as creating your video sales letter and if you’ve been thinking about funnel scripts, but have been on the fence and don’t want to watch the hour-long webinar go to final /go and sign up today.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business: Awesome. They say I appreciate you taking me out this on YouTube or Facebook on Instagram. Love you guys, and I will see you guys all that you next week for Friday’s. Do you want to see any past episodes we’ve done like how me absolutely the now 53 or 54 55 lunch archived if you go back and watch them and see if we go to leave you guys to share photos. There’s tons of share phone links the cool stuff and have a lot of training like this over from’s absolutely awesome. Thank you everybody. Bye everybody.
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ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business - How to build a Sales Funnel
ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business - How to build a Sales Funnel 3

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Funnel Friday's Episode #55

A High Ticket Sales Funnel Fit For A King – Funnel Friday’s Episode #55

A High Ticket Sales Funnel Fit For A King

So Jim, how you doing? Hey, what’s going on? Happy Birthday Russell why thank you very much. I appreciate it in honor of your birthday. I set up a special happy birthday Russell Shrine, and it wouldn’t be happy birthday Russell without me singing Happy Birthday. Are you ready? Oh, man. I’m ready.

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday CEO and founder of ClickFunnels™.

High Ticket Sales Funnel to you.


You cut my Mike.

What are we kind of got?

Oh man.

High Ticket Sales FunnelHow To Close High-End Clients With My High Ticket Sales Funnel

Well, they expand for that appreciate that thanks forever. We’re starting photo Friday is like eight hours late because it is my birthday today. I slept in putting my kids and a bunch of other fun things got these cool Thug Life glasses from Dana Derek. So that was another awesome.

Oh, yeah.

This is the closest thing. I had to a party hat.

It’s pretty cool. And my wife said we had one of those crazy musical candle things candle topper. She said you want to fire that up. I said, I usually don’t do flame and fireworks around my computer dear, but thanks for thanks for thinking of us. It’s a great idea. I left the beard hangs out over the it’s amazing.

Very cool.

All right, what’s been a while since we’ve done this a lot of things been happening? We’ve been busy and traveling.

12 cruises: High Ticket Sales Funnel

You’ve been like 12 cruises since last time I saw you anyway, but I can live which was insane for everyone who’s there Jim?

Out dressed like a huge blow-up unicorn which I heard there was a picture float on the you and I hugging.

Oh, yes seen that picture. I love this game is like my leg floated up in the back. It’s pretty awesome man.

Well if I could see that picture, that’d be awesome.

We’ll get it for you. I’m sure I’m sure I’ll see you soon enough cool. Yeah, and I just want to say that I thought that this year’s final hacking live and I said it this is that was the best marketing event. I have ever been to in my life a real. I mean it was awesome. It was really awesome. If you weren’t there you were wrong and if you haven’t signed up for next year already you are wrong and you need to just get squared away and get your priorities, right? So, it’s your tickets.

That’s right. Get your tickets at funnel hacking High Ticket Sales Funnel.

For sure. I know we are sold out like more than thousand like letters tickets are sold out. So like yeah will be sold out this year were even earlier than last year because they’re in the same venue. It’s like it’s not getting bigger.

It’s just a supply and demand so this demand has gone up and supplies gone down. So my only regret is I didn’t get to take one of those cruises get on that little boat and sit next to your picture as it rolled around. I didn’t even I totally missed out of that kind of bummed out. I would be really funny that looks like a gear little boats and they hooked like signs of my face on it still get selfies. Next year’s kind of embarrassing but there you go. No, it was cool.

The whole thing was cool.

Everybody did a great job. I mean that was that was first class from just every angle. It was awesome.

Thanks, man. It was fun.

Well today. High Ticket Sales Funnel

I’m actually finding my kids here in like three hours were flying out and have some fun with them. But before they went out we jump on and build some funnels and do some cool stuff. So what I what the game plan is for today, So today we have cold email Kings, which is actually pretty interesting.

And what they do is they help people Prospect with basically selling cold emails.

And so they’re having some issues just with Just having some issues so they wondered what we could do to help them.

So this is the page those who want to see what what we’re looking at. Yeah right here.

I’m a sort of twenty minute countdown timer.


So the problem is the probably that guy is is not selling or something. Well or just it’s not selling as well as they would like and so yes, it is selling but it’s not selling as well as they would like for it to do.

Okay. So look at that. I recognize them usually the vsl wizard from Phone scripts on that. Is that what this is very cool part of it. Yeah.


So the prospect teach entrepreneurs kind of speed read this real quick to see exactly if I understand what this whole thing is cold you looking and he’s get leads for as little as zero dollars.

Ooh. Yeah.

So I think I mean there’s some there’s a few formatting things I thought.

You’re more of an expert on that than I am a geek out on formatting part my I think my biggest in jumping off.

Looks like it’s a $697 program. Is that right? Yeah.

High Ticket Sales Funnel – A part of it is just it’s like to be completely honest is like and I look at like price points of the big thing like of how long the copies to be like, I mean if I’m selling like a free plus shipping book and you my food with shipping sales letters like 10 times longer than this one is free book, right? Like I’m selling it more. This is a almost $1,000 offer and there’s a four minute video. So I think I was switching the vsl wizard to like the perfect webinar wizard because you’re going to need more to sell something to higher ticket price typically for most cases. That’s kind of one thing. I would probably look as a shifting even even the scripts was you kind of agree with that Jim. I will kill you need to give them more information the big thing that stuck out at me to on this was and the pricing on there’s a little weird because it’s like hey one-time price 697 but a to pay of six 47 a month, which I thought was kind of weird.

Yeah a little confusing there, but I thought that thing was the offer was kind of Muddy for a High Ticket Sales Funnel.

Yeah, I agree 21 you’re going down to you know, how people do you look at the thing you look at the headline you look at the vsl. You scan just like you’re doing right there. And then you’re looking for the what do you get and the one you get second there is kind of nanak. It’s like half pregnant with bonuses and other stuff. Yeah. It’s like I see the bonuses but what’s the actual offer? Like I don’t see the rest of it, right?

Leads For Zero: High Ticket Sales Funnel

I also like to like, I mean the big thing that you heard me I was reading through the thing that popped out to me the most was get leads for little zero dollars. I also the only because like, you’re right people come up here and they read the headline and then like am I going to make it look at this they scroll down to look at the offer and like sexy and then come back up and they’ll actually watch your not watch it. Right? I have something like a might be something like, you know how to get leads for little $0, the unlimited leads below zero dollars both something like that.

Well, and then yeah the upper section make this pop a lot.

When I wrote one thing that nigger that popped out at me that he has an email sequence that he shared a pan out. He gets a people directly contact.

Jeff has an actual cool and so it sounded like kind of a cool hook with I mean as far as you know, if you were going to do a hook at the top get the exact email sequence I use to cold cold email Jeff Bezos and ultimately partner with him.

I didn’t see that part. Yeah, that would I would lead with that for sure the hook the hook and a good story that I really interested in actually hearing now. Yeah, that’s and it’s buried I mean it is buried at Liberty to see it. Even after you’ve said I still haven’t seen it. Yeah.

So that me, I meet him and actually partner with that sexy because I know you’ve been working in your secret laboratory. I just heard today on something to help out with offers.

That’s right. What do we have Jim? I have a new script that I had finished today for a High Ticket Sales Funnel.

We’ll roll it out here in the next week or two because we’re working on some other cool stuff, but I actually have a script to help you to create your offer stack and to make it it is super compelling even if you have no experience creating offers.

So would you like to see it? Yeah, I want to see it. Okay so green.

I’m not sure that was the best Preamble that I could have ever done, but you know Not bad.

It’s another day. It’s tough play for you.

It actually is I’ve been up since 3:30.

If you want to the absolute truth. I’ve been up since 3:30 working on what I’m about to show you. Are you serious?

I worked like 12 hours yesterday and got up at 3:30 today so I could have it done.

You’re right the east coast East Coast. Yeah, that’s like right I was going to bed last night. So we were up at the same time just doing different Saiga the Yannick and I used to do that.

He’d be like he’d be going to bed when I was getting up.

Yeah, like two states away filthy minded people take it easy.

OFA Challenge: High Ticket Sales Funnel

So basically what I did was I went through and what this is going to do and I’ll show you I’ll show you how we do it for one because we’re going to build the we’re going to build the offer in six parts because typically especially like in the OFA Challenge and I noticed with a lot of stuff you do. Basically your offer has three parts and then three bonuses you can have more you can have last but that seems to be a good mix for High Ticket Sales Funnel

So there’s three parts. She offered in three bonuses to sweeten the pot so we create each one of these the same way. So I’ll talk about each one and then I’ll just show you the split the baby out. You don’t have to hear about the labor pains. It’s more if it’s fun making the baby and get the baby laying in between stuff.

So basically you can Implement into your overall.

This is a cold email King offer and the cool thing is that in the script and that’s one a lot of people.

Put my mic off like they just say, oh, here’s what you get and each part of your offer.

And you talk about this partier optimally has to have a hook and a story to go with it and the hook as far as Parts your offer.

Listen to them that would come down to the title of that particular part of the offer way that software that you know, whatever it is. So the first High Ticket Sales Funnel that I didn’t hear was the cold email Kings foundation training out, he doesn’t even call it that but that’s a lot sexier.

What is it? It’s basically an in-depth training.

What’s the monetary value as 5,000 997 and then this is where we’re going to tell a story using basically a bullet formula.

So, what’s the first what is this first offer peace actually do for them. So this makes it easy for you to get started fast with cold email marketing.

What’s the benefit of this feature above? So what’s the benefit of that? This makes it so you can experience success in your first cold email campaign and then what are the feature and benefit above mean to them in their life or business? So this means you’ll finally be able to stop wasting money on traffic schemes that don’t work and develop lead lead sales or results.

So you’re going to go through and do that for each part of your offer. But this is a lot easier just to come through and answer these questions. So what I’d like to do and I will tell you it took me exactly 22 minutes to go through knowing nothing about his business and just reading his sales letter to be able to come up with what I’m about to read you now, hopefully you’ll like it because if you don’t like it And magically going to lose my internet connection and I’ll talk to you next time.

There’s a cool thing. I’m just going to magically just visualize this on his page, but I’m going to read it to you guys. Okay, so cold email Kings offer cold email Kings foundation training 599 750 997 value. This in-depth training course is a shortcut and wherever this was a reminder where we have the blue stuff.

You can blink you can click that and it will rewrite it for you until it.

However, you want a High Ticket Sales Funnel to that’s cool.

However, you still a reads the way you want it. So this in-depth training course gives you the keys to get started fast with cold email marketing. So you’re able to experience success on your first cold email marketing campaign and stop wasting money on traffic scheme to the don’t work to develop leads sales or results. In fact, let me do this. I’m going to download this as We can download this as a word doc. So you can kind of see it’ll be easier for me to read to.

High Ticket Sales Funnel: All right, so the next one is Okay, one-on-one coaching calls 997 value this one on one coaching helps you to shortcut your way to success with cold email prospecting which lets you get immediate feedback and support from an expert and stop wasting time sending emails into a black hole cold email marketing secret blueprint file this proven Temple connection is the secret to launch cold email sequences and virtually any Niche so you can get in front of the right people who can buy from you or partner with you and start Landing the big fish clients. You’ve always dreamt of bonus number one. How do you use cold email to break into any Fortune 500 company 1997 value this masterclass makes it simple for you to get in the door as many Fortune 500 companies. You can reach the right people with your message and have a huge impact on your business and your income bonus. Number two the Jeff Bezos sequence 1497 value. I think that actually has a higher value this equal which makes it a snap to get in front of The Gatekeepers and get the ball rolling with the right people and partner with top business owners. Like I did with Jeff Bezos on Amazon, but it’s Three insiders guide to quick and easy cold email marketing this collection of top secret email sequences is the shortcut for you to get discounts find mentors contact any publication and get interviewed by virtually anyone persuade anyone to let you interview them and more which lets you get your foot in the door with anyone anywhere anytime for virtually any purpose and get exposure impact and influence and money you deserve in your business total value 27 238. But today you’re getting all of this from a 697 so it could use a little bit of a massage but based on what he’s got.

Going on here. And when we’re coming down here where we’re going to be seeing the summation of the offer.

I think that he could see an immediate bump just by using that output maybe with a little bit of a a little bit of tweaking.

What do you think? Oh, I think it’s so good even like in the word version like the designs, right? Like if I was to build that a page that would look almost identical to that. You know, I mean with the headline the way you structured in the word doc as well.

That’s like insanely cool dude, and the cool thing is again, you know couple of the connector types were a little bit Awkward but I got to do is just from here to here and you’ll find out that the flow is really this is actually the offer section the offer part that’s going to be in the hook story offer.

We’re going to be going out next week. So this is this is one little thing. I thought we should have it separate so that if people wanted to be able to use this could this is all coming apart on another state that we’re alone is huge because most people I mean, it’s interesting. I’ve watched our community in the last four or five years.

Building: High Ticket Sales Funnel

Everyone’s involving like first people sucks building funnels now, it’s like people get a building finals, but then they bad cop and if you get better copy and I always kind of things I think one of the biggest holes in our Marketplace for sure people are not going to making offers. I think what you just showed like first off it explains the awful but probably helps you think through the offers. Well as you’re creating of like how do you actually make something that is amazing and they explain it because that sounds like you have an awesome. Offer like this right here. It sounds like you guys got amazing offer. But like it’s like hidden behind like a whole bunch of languages. It’s not sex Kristen. Yeah.


Yeah, that’s exactly what I had to do this. I would actually move that just Jeff Bennett has sequins up to the top like the second I would take it out of being a journalist and I would make it the second primary offer.


Yeah, the Jeff Bezos and I will substitute I change that one out for the one-on-one coaching calls, which is more of a bonus type thing pleased to meet ya.

I think the other thing for his whole campaign if you switch the offer like that and he bumped he Sue shit from you the vsl wizard The Perfect webinar wizard, which gives you more chance to sell more. I bet those two things would be where knock it over and now I keep the the offer script uses did gives him the right language in for how to explain all the stuff to write and then what he could not we could also do the 5 minute per webinar.

To create ads and social media and other places that he could use to drive traffic to the full perfect webinar on the page.

Yes. Yes.

Well with the 20 minutes of us this out.

This looks good keeps on giving my it’s amazing ding.

That’s awesome.

Crap, I didn’t know what to do. So I drive put all those offers and just page here for him.

I don’t know if he’s I mean, I don’t know who’s going to be on it.

If you want to you can put that in to a page.

Okay, just shoot me over the copy.

Text them.

All right, I’m jumping in there. I’m going to build out.

See, it’s really less funnel building and more like CEO in for last little while to remember how this whole thing works.

Do you like it? High Ticket Sales Funnel

Not as much as funnel building? It was funny to be for FICA. I’ve had like three days to work on a project and just being ClickFunnels™ and it was amazing.

I was like, this is like so much fun.

truth be told I’ve been doing a lot of that myself a lot of Team stuff and managing and everything and yesterday when I decided I was going to work on this I literally spent 18 hours and at least At least 20 for the last 36 hours just working on these funnels scripts and it’s the time just goes by. Yeah, it’s fun. I love it.

It’s like I got back from for fun. I can live my goal of my plan was to watch all the Marvel movies before Captain Marvel last night and only watch to and I start thinking about offers and I built I don’t decide the training for the to call Uncle Baxter’s on lead fun with him $160 examples. I was just like that’s all I did for like three days was so much fun.

And people think we’re weird, but that’s okay.


Hey Josh under your watch while I’m loading up this this this page.

Look what time it is.

Is that a click funnels huge watch?

That’s a click. It’s the men’s version 2 in case you were wondering. Oh my big manly wrist.

How does someone get one of those huge manly wristwatches?

You have to spend a year in the to CCX coaching program as I did as a founding member of the to CCX coaching program and we were just talking about what will be the reward for second year and I think it’s going to be some light up platform shoes, which I’m really excited about we can only hope unicorn power stenciled on the side in whatever the can’t remember the font that ClickFunnels™ logos in but that font I will wear those shoes with a speedo on the to CCX crews in January.

A High Ticket Sales Funnel Fit For A King - Funnel Friday's Episode #55 4

So book your tickets. Now lining across on the deck of the ship heat is unsold everybody.

That’ll be awesome to be wearing my unicorn thing so, it’ll be all right. I did you Facebook me the my birthday is like 8 million messages in Facebook is blowing up at school everyone for saying happy birthday. If I don’t responding back directly just can’t keep up with you know.

Day two minutes Casey almost like you’ve done two minutes here.

Does it go to what offer box you know, like where you summarize everything?

I am gonna make it sexy because had two minutes we’re using click frog like I’m using inferior product that makes that difficult like a low-key Pages.

Hey keep making jokes like that has no for serious get it keep key. Yeah.

Alright nevermind show my grandson’s that the comic book fun hiking lot and they were like Grandpa.

How come you’re not in there is no unicorn man in the Marvel Universe my darlings dude, I whisk it was amazing.

I told him I disappeared and then and then in the movie and they thought that was cool.

Did you that was really cool actually, so C&C it do you watch Captain Marvel? Yeah, by the way.

Um, we’re going this weekend.

High Ticket Sales Funnel – It was really good.

You look good. I’m kind of biased though because like, you know, but it was amazing. I thought it was cool that they may become.


I think that’s true the comic book though.

I’m pretty sure I’m pretty sure he has true to comic book.

I think we got it. Maybe I’m thinking of he’s the guy that says she’s man she’s an Yeah, his name is not anything it.

He says she’s a need to turn him doing that was coming out has come.

Yeah, that would look funny.

I know my other son ate my little 8 year olds like yeah, you gotta watch that. That’s in the previous like we will buddy. Don’t worry.

21 seconds copy and paste is over. I got the the framework now just copy and paste my computer is slow.

Copy and paste faster. High Ticket Sales Funnel

What are your thoughts about the summary of the offer inside of a box or even when you see people doing it with a box that’s like dotted red wine or something like that or you mean kind of like where Oh, my teammate is build funnels all day long line of work.

I’ll give this like that you mean yes.

Johnson Boxes: High Ticket Sales Funnel

Oh, yeah. I actually love it. You like that. I’m old school though. I like Johnson boxes. We call these Johnson boxes back in the day more that Jim nobody else remembers that I say in my office or like what are you talking about? I’m like what?

I’m going to start putting the pictures we got away from that.

That’s interesting.

I remember the last time I did that was in funnel University offering three years ago. I did captions on all the images. I haven’t done since that. I don’t know why because But it works great. So we stopped as we do some class something that I’m testing with that again. Well, yeah that looks good the first part of it down there. I keep at it keep copying clone and copying quarantine at all these different things in there. Then very bottom have total value up.

If you format just can you do that real quick to show us how you would format like total value and then your price today or whatever.

value 700 and make that like red or something because it’s not going to be that’s going to be a big green dress.

Like I don’t want to pay that.

oops puppies around we will give you that one email that you were able to use tool and that client. It was worth $50,000.

If all I did was because you’re not in today only if you act now if you buy your class will include a scam that’s how you met the ShamWow did one time for real. I was at this party it was it was a Richard Branson thing to want to meet Dean gracias got a bidding war over the plane on what I was trying to show off to his I want to meet him.

And anyway, I’m walking around like before the dinner meeting everybody. And also I walk up this dude. He’s like six six.

I look at him. I like your the ShamWow dude. He’s Yeah, and then he walks away like he was like so annoyed that I was like come on dude. That’s just take it easy bits and everything went.

Yes. It was and I met somebody he met his old girlfriend at the second tedx event.

She was like, yeah, that was my old boyfriend and he got arrested what happened somewhat a lady of the night bit his nose or something crazy like that and he got arrested or something crazy.

Wait, they get the idea. High Ticket Sales Funnel

120 no 150 Bono keep eating and then you have a big old.

I did inside his me.

Big old button.

It’s not blue and make it match.

I like the bigger the button the better.

Yes, you make small balls away from us or click on a button make it big. So don’t miss it. If you want to double your profits use cause we’re building out a whole like split testing team here ClickFunnels™. Now, I know a lot of these things like the big buttons the theory I have but we’re going to start split testing every single thing and start publishing lot more of the results like we did back. We did the hunter a split test book even publish stuff like that and like three or four years to come back and we’re going to start hardcore publishing for everybody in our community all of our split testing stuff and then next year’s thought. I could live Todd wants the whole presentation showing off all the split tests and what he found out it’s gonna be amazing. So, You know, it’s funny how we can actually look back on things. No. No, I was looking at a script where I had filled something out about ClickFunnels™ and it said we have it’s always changing.

All right. High Ticket Sales Funnel

Well, thanks for playing today. I was fun. We get back into the rhythm of this and he started doing every Friday. So those are the first time every Friday. We will set for lofty Fridays. When you follow Friday’s they’re all are kind of funnel You can see February episode number 52 or five.

Wow, five minutes, 55 weeks over a year worth of fun wacky my videos.

We always felt like we build out a from Friday. So we build out a funnel and then we give the sheriff only because like 55 share share funneling the photo bust the back episodes getting back and watch a movie cover all sorts of topics from selling physical products info products webinars other things and there’s a soul stealer.


So very cool man. I appreciate you. Thanks so much and I’m gonna go head out for my the rest of my birthday party for the rest of today.

Thank you very much, Dave.

Takes me setting up the slide for your house.

It’s amazing.

Hey, the offers good looked amazing for those who want to get it when it’s ready and they don’t have fun description. What should they do Jim?

Well, the first thing you need to do is go to conscript a calm and watch the amazing presentation by Russell Brunson and yours truly where not only do we explain three secrets about copper and it most people don’t realize but we give an in-depth demonstration of total scripts for what you mean time is Pete is the demo you see they’re only is a fraction of the number of scripts. We have a couple trips. Now we are able to help you create an entire master classes entire perfect webinar five minutes perfectly spaced on Jamie crosses million-dollar example, we can help you write emails sequences female subject lines headlines for hot warm and cold traffic all your Facebook ads and much much more and more stuff coming up including in the hook story offer wizard as well as excuse me. Hook story after script as well as the offer script that you just saw will be releasing in the next week.

It’s amazing. It’s the best deal in sales copy and we need to raise the price Russell and I’m gonna start leaning on you to do that actually the true thing. So I not told you any chance to meet Julie had a meeting this week about Jim not final scripts and I’m about to make a proposal to Jim which it does actually dramatically increase the price. So it will be happening sooner than you all believe. So if you’ve been like sitting on the fence, it’s time to stop sitting it’s time to go to file Get your account today. High Ticket Sales Funnel

Yeah, when Russell says it happens like almost immediately.

Something’s going to happen quick as he doesn’t work. He makes a decision he takes action. So go sign up if you’ve been waiting an amazing. All right, make sure they say appreciate you guys all see you guys all next Friday.

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Bold, Loud, and Disruptive! ClickFunnels™ 2018 Year in Review | FHTV Ep 116


A High Ticket Sales Funnel Fit For A King - Funnel Friday's Episode #55
A High Ticket Sales Funnel Fit For A King - Funnel Friday's Episode #55 5

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Membership Marketing Funnel Makeover – Episode #54

Funnels Membership Marketing – Membership Marketing Funnel Makeover

Funnels Membership Marketing

Funnels Membership Marketing: This funnel needs help turning up the conversions of real estate agents who want to make the jump from residential real estate to the commercial world. This membership site provides “MBA Level” training, but needs help turning on the tap for more signups. Funnels Membership Marketing

Funnels Membership Marketing

Oh, ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho that is amazing chair gym. It is amazing in it. What do you think of my hat that beer Eclipse? It’s pretty epic. I’m going to be going down a Hardee’s later and having lunch with my orange hunting cap on. I wonder if anyone will notice they still have yeah out here in the Hinterlands.

Yes. They have Hardee’s it’s like the only fast food restaurant in town because all the other ones were like towns too small. So that’s amazing what you get. That’s awesome. You ready for Christmas? No, I’m not. I am not ready. I mean, I have the outfit nailed but none of my shoppings done.

Nothing’s done. Nothing. My wife’s already everything’s done. I feel terrible. You sent me a Christmas card which by the way was a really beautiful Christmas card. I sent you nothing. I just I’m yeah, that’s right Stan. Well, let’s check out so we came out on Monday my wife and I and we did the Amazon. Thanks for always gets these kind of messed accurate way back. There is all my kids Christmas boxes appearing magically.

Wow, ISO gift wrap them all so I’m pretty close to being ready for this whole Christmas thing other than the fact that I’m ready to be done with Christmas already. So for those who don’t know and you have achieved a cruise next week, it’s going to be insane. Yes, so excited with no. Yeah. I hope no kids are coming with me because that would be a whole lot of splainin to do Lucy, you know what I’m saying? This is awesome.

So she ran away because coaching program comma 2 comma Club X and this is the first year we did it but there’s the crews at the end of the year. So we’re all thinking of any other Crews and so for all you guys were going to hang out a cruise if you’re not into complex next. You should join you going to cruise with me Jen because it’s going to be laser tag go-karts the midnight Buffet dude. They have a two-story go-kart track on this ship.

Yes, and they have yeah, it’s awesome. And then they have they have this giant laser tag arena that I’ve already been outside training on my range for you know, you want to be on my team. I tell you that and yeah, it’s going to be a maid. I did all the research on this shit. I’m a big Cruiser man. This this is going to be an amazing experience.

Funnels Membership Marketing

I’m telling you my favorite our cruises. This is why I like cruises. So my wife and I have different ideas of vacation. My vacation dream is like go to a spa massage for 12 hours a day and then read books during the off time or watch movies. I don’t want to move. I told Mike sit there with Arjun.

My wife likes to do stuff is just like always wants to go and do and like most of our cases they fight over that like, I don’t want anything she wants to do everything but Crews the perfect because for four days were on the boat and the only thing you can do is get massages and watch movies and then the other days make you get me a ticket off the boats used to run around and around we go back to the Bony like sit there again. So it’s like my dream Perfect Vacation all the time. I think they have like a fifty or hundred foot movie screen on the back of the boat that we can sit there and watch movies amazing.

I hope you’ll watch it’s gonna be awesome. I’m excited. Anyway, it’s gonna be super fun behind me is my new studio. We’ve been filming stuff like crazy and film like for more movies their videos today, but I got with this from Brandon Fisher. So now I can like when I’m doing something like I think all the cameras together Isn’t that cool?

Excuse me, like legit movie theater now so studio is pretty amazing. So now I’m all about the professional video myself as you can tell and yeah, so I understand all about that. I think I’m losing something off the bottom here out there not clip-ons. This is all natural. Oh, you got a beard extensions. All right. So what are we doing today? For funnel fries will be building today? Okay. So what we got is we have ClickFunnels™ and final scripts member who has an academy where they trained real estate agents to go from really front.

Basically, they go from residential real estate into commercial real estate and there are some some bigger opportunities there and, you know, your average real estate agents probably doing Maybe One two three million dollars a year in these guys are doing 20 to 30 million dollars a year. So it’s a huge difference most agents never really think about it. So they’ve got a course, excuse me.

ClickFunnels™ Membership Makeover

They’ve got mentoring they’ve got they’ve got basically a membership site, but I’m calling in an academy because that sounds more, you know legit like like everything I say should be taken totally seriously right now because of the way I’ve done this but you know, I’m just saying image is everything so they have the the cool thing that what they shared with me is that they they did kind of a soft offer and people are just finding this in signing up and when you look at this funnel, you’re just going to be like, holy crap there people are saying but I’m telling you people are signing up.

So what I wanted to do is I’m going to shoot you the machine to the page and we’re going to be something cool. Not that we don’t always do something cool, but we’re going to do something cool on this you haven’t even seen this yet.But you I mentioned to you that I created a new script in funnel scripts that we’re still beta testing because this one is going to be huge.

We created a five-minute perfect webinar script based on 10x secrets and what Jamie cross has done and I well it gets even more amazing because I had Jamie as a guest on funnel scripts in action this week and we went through it. I’ve done already to other case studies. So we have three case studies in there.

We actually help Jamey Wright her next five minute perfect webinar for a 14 day challenge that she’s doing starting January 1 and she was blown away by it. So what I did was I took 30 minutes before we did funnel Fridays and I went through and use the script and I created a five-minute perfect webinar script for this guy and I actually recorded it and I’m going to show you guys how we came up with it, and then I’ve recorded uploaded to About be able to send you the link.

So when we get done doing the other elements of the funnel, you’ll be able to throw that bad boy in there. But I’m hoping your mind will be just totally blown when you see this because you haven’t seen any of this yet. I haven’t I’ll and usually when you saw Jamie see a movie said about 10x is best thing was Jamie’s finding webinar and that’s why I heard it’s like now I know why you got so excited. That’s amazing. Yeah. I’ve been working on this for two basically since the day you release 10x secrets and I saw that I’ve been working on this thing like non-stop.

Funnels Membership Marketing

It’s still context of so basically webinar everything’s okay only if I’m selling the course or only thing some coaching and Jake Ross who says so so she was like, hey Russell said this works for everything I’m going to do it. She did a webinar and for like like an hour and who did works and she’s trying to like 30 minutes into working these programs like a five minute webinar and it crushed the first six weeks did a hundred function hundred forty thousand dollars in sales and they don’t next like four and a half months ago over a million dollars in sales hit U comma Club all with a five-minute perfect. Same process same same structure but like most refined into five minutes, which is so cool. Anyway, yeah. Yeah when you see this, I hope that you’re just like Blown Away.

The reality is you can’t let say you have a 90-minute perform webinar you’re doing you still see this vibrant one as a Facebook live to drive people into your into your webinar whether I guess just like it’s anyway, I am excited. All right, I digress geez. Let me I’m gonna switch over to screen shares people see my screen and we start building this puppy out. Okay, so I’m gonna be on this screen over here. This is the the link that Jim just sent me to the existing page. So they might drive people to right now. Funnels Membership Marketing

Yes, so I mean there I mean it shows there is some demand out there because this is actually getting people to sign up and say training classes live cut commercial agent support monthly membership $10 test drive. Yeah.

This is the textually what it is and a link to buy something. You know. Now I will say that that is one of the coolest uses of background video I’ve ever seen I thought for a second that I liked was like zoom zoom into their office because it seemed like I was like, you know, I mean like that is pretty cool. Yeah. All right. Okay. So are we rebuildable funneling? What’s the I think what we ought to do because we’ve been you know, Mary christmasing and stuff. I think what we need to do is come up with a cool head line for them.

And then let’s go over this five-minute perfect webinar thing and get the video in there and then anything else you think we should do but what what is what are your thoughts? It was good. I’m gonna rebuild just this page. Okay, and then we’ll plug your headline and your video and okay. Yeah, right. Yep. All right. Okay. I’m going to come right here then so I’m going to start with a timer.

ClickFunnels™ Membership Makeover

I moved to 15 minutes times as we would have so much fun. And I think I think we’ve been 15 minutes that we don’t need the whole the whole time. Okay. Yep. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to come over here. I’ve got the 5-minute perfect webinar script which will be it’s in beta right now for everybody who’s going to ask him freak. Oh, I gotta have it. It will be available right after funnel hacking live.

So that’s when it will be available to everybody and their brother. She’s also good for like a lot and we’re also that by the way, Jim has been flying this whole week’s been really good. Awesome. It should be so what I’m doing here is I’m at the killer headline scripts and I’m just going to make a cool headline for the start of that thing. So my target audience are my target audience is a real estate agent. Funnels Membership Marketing

I keep any time to build that into the button you click it, but he’s like no my noise. Some people are my cow could annoy someone so amazing. They would will get it. Okay, once it happened here. So right now if I go to page and I type in So I had my old email address. This is all you know, just he know that you’re not gonna come I can get it. Are you people all sounded like rest was watching a video you and Jim did like two and a half years ago. They reveal the absolutely real email address and you know the hope you don’t mind. I’m like that is the creepiest thing ever. I do mind. Please don’t so there’s a big email address.

All right. There you go. Another reason to have sanebox.  Oh, sorry. I didn’t get it. It’s appeared. All right, this page actually kind of cool on a Model that for the actual page we’re doing so I’m killed sales page. I’m gonna do a straight order form.

Boom boom down my audience really want in this case the to fold my audience really wants to be a real estate professional. commercial real estate professional and they really want to Somebody order forms now I’m having looked at least one time. We said like 5 in here now. There’s like a hundred so many good designs to pick from Let’s see. Funnels Membership Marketing

Funnels Membership Marketing

We go. I’m going to go to scare here. We are just out of there still filled it out. I’m still filling out. I’m filling out the headline thing. I spent my prep time this morning working on the 5-minute perfect webinar thing. Usually I have this filled out but still in less than five minutes. I’m going to have an amazing assortment of outrageously potentially successful headlines.

So there you go agency. Potentially, it’s me as the good rustling typically pictures for a gym. I don’t have a gym or some commercial real estate Soul use you go Delia. Haven’t you Motors gone. Nice what you do have gym equipment the bag.

Yeah. I can take care of that backgrounds for those who didn’t know once I click funnels. I think my brains already on the cruise. Like all I want to do is get a massage right now. And I year you’re talking my language after we’re done with this today. I’m taking my grandson’s Christmas shopping and next week is going to be coasting. I’m not going to be worth a dang a week from Sunday. And by the time Wednesday rolls around, you know, what the best part of a cruise though is dude. I’m telling you at least for me the absolute best part of the cruise is when you’re walking up the gangway to get on the boat.

It’s nothing but total unlimited possibilities for the next week. It’s a possibilities before you what did ya think about that when you’re getting on the boat think about what I said when you get on the boat man is the best part of the cruise I can do anything. The whole week is open to me.

I remember getting on a Disney cruise because Disney hey, I think I’ve literally found the background image that they’re actually using. There you go aggressive. Is that the same one that they’re using? Yeah it is. How did I Literally, just let’s see wait, okay. Yeah, I think I just I click on background office.  Obviously split testing page I see different page now.

Funnels Membership Marketing

It’s different page now. It was a second ago. Anyway, I think that is something I’m at how to earn a great living as a commercial real estate Professional without hauling it so you can avoid hauling families around in your car for weeks that we’re going to go with that.

Okay. I’m just gonna I’m gonna adapt it a little bit and just get it get it done. It’s kind of long, but that’s okay. Settings background he knew background God damn video. Yes. cut that looks amazing. – and I’m really dizzy cruise. I remember we got on and like Mickey Mouse to give me high fives. Everything’s amazing. Like this is a great experience and then the crew sends you walk off and feels like you’re right walking you to jail or something like oh, yeah and get out.

Hey, we love you. We love you get off by 8:00. Hey, you guys Mickey’s dressed up as a security professional in spraying mace go your cruise is officially done. You’re done. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here. I would admit been run Disney Cruise. I would have liked to exits and one is like recent connections and crusader go this way. You see Mickey like smiling and waving and it’s like I’m not going to sign up right now and go the other way which is like into the horribleness that way it’s likely she can like we wanted another Cruise right man. It ended so weird. We’re done.

Goodbye Santa Cruz take my kids into the Disney cruise in March. This crews are so much fun. And you go. I think we’re just going to go with this with how to earn a great living as a commercial real estate professional.  I’m just going to go with that simple because I want to get to the other one tried to send you that to you can copy and paste. Can I can I start showing everybody the five-minute perfect webinar thing? Oh, yeah, please do. Okay.

So in here, I’m going to send you the link to the video, too. It’s going for existing real estate agents. All right. Yeah, that’s that’s what I that’s what I decided he was doing how about that? So anyway, I This is the five-minute perfect webinar wizard, excuse me, five-minute, perfect webinar script and this is designed to help you create a five-minute perfect webinar based on the Russell’s 10x secrets and what in the perfect webinar and then what Jamie did to adapt it down and so as with any final script we have examples in here. You can load them. I recommend that you load these in and you read the what people are what other examples we have so you can see how we filled this out others have filled it out successfully.

Funnels Membership Marketing

So in this case is just going to ask you a ton of stuff and the best thing I can tell you is this is going to take you probably 30 to 45 minutes to fill out but I will tell you it will be 32 the the some of the most profitable 30 to 45 minutes you will ever spend in your entire life.

And so the other thing I would tell you is just to make sure that you are consistently saving this as you’re going through because you don’t want to you know, I would hate for you to get to the end and be like, oh my God, I forgot to save it and then my you know, whatever.

So what I’m going to do now with no further Ado. I’m going to read you what this thing spit out and what I’m going to tell you is that literally I filled this thing out for about it took me 30 minutes to fill this out this morning right before we got on here and this is not my product and I did not talk to Dusty about this. So what we have is you actually have the ability to Output this as a word doc as text as a word doc and two different types of PowerPoint. So if you want to do this as a PowerPoint presentation, you can and it will spit the slide. Out for you, but I’m just going to Output the word. You know what I’m gonna do.

Yeah, man, I’ll put the word doc. So sorry. I’m just I’m just intrigued I’m excited to see Russell’s reaction to this. So this is the script and I’m just going to read it and then I did send you the video but I’m just going to send I’m going to read you this. Okay? You ready? Ready? Okay.

Hey, did you know that there’s a whole other world of real estate out there most agents never even consider. I know it sounds crazy because we’re so used to hearing about Big Marketing budgets cold calling or family connections.

And while those can be important. I’m going to share three secrets with you today that’s going to revolutionize the way you look at your future in the real estate business.

I’m Dusty Bates and I’m a commercial. I’m a commercial real estate trainer who has helped countless agents just like you transition out of the depressing world of residential real estate. So what is this new world of real estate its commercial real estate sales.

Funnels Membership Marketing

It’s actually easier to lease apartments and sell commercial property than it ever was before and it’s much more fun and profitable. Chasing after houses with Buyers who can’t make up their minds after you showing them 20 different houses. So I’m going to share with you three secrets about commercial real estate sales and how you can finally have a real career in real estate as a professional.

I know what you’re probably thinking. It’s really difficult to break into commercial real estate and apartment rentals and it probably costs a fortune. But again, I’m going to show you a great way. You can get started really fast making money renting apartments and selling commercial properties and get amazing results. So the first secret is there’s a lot less competition.

The big idea here is you probably compete every day against hundreds if not thousands of residential agents in your local market. This is important because you don’t have that problem in commercial real estate. You don’t have hundreds of part-timers who are out there chasing just one or two deals a year and muddying up the waters for the true professionals like you of course, there are other agents out there, but there’s a lot less competition in the way of you rising to the top and Commercial Real Estate.

The second secret is you get treated like a professional in commercial real estate. The main thing to understand here is that commercial real estate is a business not a babysitting service this means Real estate is a business and the vast majority of the time you are dealing with business owners during business hours. You’re not loading a family into your car for days on end hoping they buy something from you only to lose the commission because they buy from assigned call on a Saturday when you’re trying to spend time with your family.

The Third Secret is the commission’s are significantly higher you make a lot more money. When you sell commercial real estate the key. This is key because you’ll work just as hard to sell a hundred thousand dollar house. If not harder as you will to sell a ten million dollar property, but the payoff at the end is 10 times or more what you make from the house now, I know what you’re thinking it’s tough to break into the commercial real estate World. Well, the tricky thing is that most agents don’t even realize there are specific things you can do to get started in commercial real estate and build your book of business quickly unlike begging for people to buy a house from you instead of their aunt or a friend at the PTA who happens to be an agent. There’s a clear path to success in the commercial real estate world. Funnels Membership Marketing

So I’ve created this training academy to help you break into the World of commercial real estate very quickly all this training and tools are based in the real world of commercial real estate success. We teach you what the pros do to get the business find the clients take the listings and More. In fact, it’s been recognized by academic experts as MBA Level Training for commercial real estate professionals.

Funnels Membership Marketing

And so what this is going to do is walk you step-by-step through the process of building your business as a commercial real estate professional who can handle everything from high-end apartment rentals, $200,000,000 high-rise Office Buildings, and I as a commercial real estate trainer who has discovered the secrets to commercial real estate success.

What I do is I train and Mentor agents just like you to take your skills and escape the Denon world of residential real estate and rise to the top with the unlimited potential offered by commercial real estate. And so what I’ve done is I’ve created this amazing Academy for you. If you click the link, you can register today. Honestly don’t know how much longer will keep this training academy available at these prices and they will certainly go up because we can only Mentor a limited number of Agents once it’s full up. We have to close the doors. So click the link and get in. Day while it’s still available. We’re always here to help you and I can’t tell you all the amazing results. We’ve gotten for residential agents just like you who are struggling with residential real estate sales.

We also have one on one coaching available. But today I’m talking about the training academy, which is amazing. Can’t wait to see you on the inside. Have a great day. Boom, dude. That is That is not good. That is great. That is amazing. And all of that came from the from this script Jiffy much customization on that. Oh dude, I have spent I cannot even tell you how much work goes into that. That was like that was I have spent on this.

Holy crap. It’s I mean, I spent my whole birthday cruise literally getting inside of Jamie’s mind. I had both of her five-minute webinars transcribed and just I was sitting in the thermal Spa just just line-by-line thought by thought turning this what she figured out and then what I know about, you know, because I’ve created the perfect webinar wizard not once but twice dissected your books to really so I took everything that I knew about creating that software two different times based on two different books and having done the perfect webinar having watched you do the perfect webinar having seen what she It and then all this other stuff and then put it in here.

And this is one of the reasons why I’m keeping it in beta for a couple of months because what I’m doing is I’m going through it with people and and and literally we’re going through it. I’m seeing where it needs to be tweaked and changing little words here and there to make it. I’m I want this to be the most awesome funnel script ever because personally I think this is the one that can change people’s lives for real. I think I feel like there’s something I would use almost on a daily basis.

I also have some icing fill it out. Like you’re trying to Facebook live like that. These the story like it was so good.  Yeah, and I did it on something. I knew nothing about imagine if you knew what the heck you were talking about right as amazing.  Oh, yeah. Oh and just just in time to be plugged your video and the check this out you guys so I’m going to say this is our new version of the page. So I’m very proud of dude. That looks amazing.

Thank you and check it out. We got Jim. You already in there? There’s a whole other world of real estate out there most agents never even consider. I know it sounds crazy because we’re so used to hearing about Big Marketing budgets cold calling or family connections. And while that there it is. Yeah. Holy cow.

That was pretty awesome. That is that is literally true. I would be curious to you know, what do you those are you watching on Facebook or you know, just in the comments somewhere let us know guys. What what do you think of that that script that I just read there? Yeah or on YouTube reviews read download comments down below and I’m going to give you my opinion. So I honestly I think that At least once a week, I’m gonna have some of my team because we have this whole content team. That’s like Rusty got to talk to this this and it’ll give me direction. I’m like Greek or my hey, this is Russell and I’m off top my head all the time. I want to be at least once a week. Where would they know think I’m promoting right pushing towards something.

In fact, we should do this week. I might do this week for um for fun. I can live and just fill out and then go live and just do it and see what happens without breaking the script just filling it out whacking the button and then doing it and see how many cells come on that versus me freestyling. Hoping to open to convert people. Let me cool.  Well if I can help you in anyway Russell, you know, I’m here bailable gonna fill it out for me. No, whack the button. I told that for that we can fill it out together. Funnels Membership Marketing

Funnels Membership Marketing

Funnels Membership Marketing

It would be cool. If you want are we doing a promo for fun? Like and I mean, you know, we did it didn’t we we did the 12 Days of Christmas Myron and I were day one, so she another one we fill it out and whack maybe maybe next photo. As we do that for like because now it takes a little longer than 20 minutes to fill the thing out true healthy throughout things of that but it’d be kind of fun because Robert it be amazing to do a case study with you to fill the thing out and us doing it together and be walking you through it like we did with Jamie because Jamie I mean Jamie came up with the idea of doing it in five minutes and she was blown away when we were done.

What’s funny. He says they 45 minutes till after some people like genuine interview yesterday the 12 Days of Christmas and took her three months to figure that out that’s iterating iterates like Jiffy from three months. If and hopefully figure this out too like 45 minutes fill it out hit the button do the thing and within an hour total time, you have sales coming in. Whatever it is. You’re selling this is insane.

So cool. Thank you for putting in the effort to actually create that because I know I don’t even know if I can imagine that the reverse engineering thought process is to go through your mind. To be able to like take something. Read backwards engineer figure out the questions to ask then make it go forward and actually turn out amazing the end. It stresses me out anything about West go into each one of these things. So it’s I’m grateful for you for doing it. So on that’s my superpower dude.

This is super power. Well, that’s fun. And I hope I this is like a Christmas present for all you guys so it’s getting released everybody after fun like the lives of that the game plan. Yeah. It’s for getting released. I have a bunch of beta testers and it’s getting released after phone hacking lime. So like right after phone hacking lat he’s fine in this presentation and then you guys have the context of the content and plug it into the system and start doing all the time. So, I don’t know what else we could do. I mean I could come to your house and you could make my favorite lunch for me, but it’s not going to happen. So yeah, and I’m super stoked about it funnel hacking line me. I’m like, I’m telling everybody you got to be there you got to be or this is the event it is the event.

If you are not at this event you hate money, you’re not serious about your online business you your neglectful of your family. I mean, there’s also I could say all Court kinds of stuff. I mean you don’t care about your kids. If you don’t come to funnel hacking live, that’s just the way it is. If you’ve got to come to this event. It is an amazing experience that will change your life. It will motivate you and will educate you it will get you on the right track to be successful and you look at Jamie.

I mean I didn’t I didn’t know her story, but when she was at funnel hacking live two years ago. When I spoke two years ago, she was just like barely hanging on find understand the story. Right? I mean she was she was going from less than 0 and then a year later.  She’s in the 2 comma club and then a year later.

Funnels Membership Marketing

She speaking on stage at funnel hacking live. I mean if that doesn’t speak to the power of the event and click funnels and funnel scripts and the culture that you have created. I don’t know what could speak to that. You know, I think if I sell the fence I would say, okay. My goal is be speaking on stage into your smells like to go this year at experience it then I got a year to just Implement everything and hit the golf club and then the next year if your story is amazing like James, right? What do you know? Then you have a good shot to be on stage telling your story.

They fought the cool thing. I thought I can live is like it’s not a bunch of professional speakers who come to speak at its people our community who a year ago two years ago in the audience listen to something. They have the big aha, the implemented it executes on another coming back and they take guys. This is how I did it. This is how I did it and it’s like 90% this business is just belief like you believe it is actually possible is one thing you believing that you can actually do as a second thing and like that’s the whole message bike rides.

You need you to believe it’s possible then you can you believe it’s possible for you because I can have a professional speaker. There’s like that. I’m still works Bubba blah and you back I believe it works for them. But this is like I want you to believe it’ll work for you and best way to guys like and that first and last year sitting right here in this spot. And now that are where can I be to your for now, that’s the magic formula and the third thing I would add to that is believe it works believe it’ll work for you and then plug into the community and the tools and the training and the resources and all of the things that Russell puts in front of you to be able to bring it to reality.

I think that’s an important third part. That’s key the whole all of that working together. It’s this is the event. This is the event. I would never miss another one. That’s we tries to fight this process. Like I always tell people like in any Market you’re in the person who makes the most money is the person whose figure out simplify the process for the customer the most and for me. It’s been 15 years of my life simplifying this in fines and over Jim you insane even do this long as I have simplify some find a point where it’s like the others 10 15 years ago.

If you wanted to do copywriting you never pay someone $25,000 for coffee or you sit there and study it and master. It’s been 5 years left trying to figure this out to do it now jump through Phi so much like just fill in the blanks whack the button edit a little bit and blueberry to go to the throne saying what you and I are program or we could become a programmer. Our designers become a designer or now. So just log in and just drag and drop and it’s he liked it.

Funnels Membership Marketing

There’s no better time than today to start a stuff. Like I wish everyone who is that this is really hard could rewind 15 years ago to an I got started pretty face book pre Myspace pretty Friendster as I have you by ass. Like I don’t know. There’s no platforms actually buy ads on people go figure it out, and we did I think It can’t be any easier than it is today. But you got to still come in understanding be inspired and get the right tools to be able to do it. But we just keep making it simpler and simpler and simpler because I believe in you I believe in your message and now you got to take that leap of faith and just come and are some people this yesterday.

I keep telling people on the Facebook lives might get we spend a million dollars apart house party Millie came yesterday. She’s like you should have stopped telling people that my Y is not paid a million dollars and she’s like no look at the budget. She showed me the budget as of two days ago. We’re 2.6 million dollars being spent on my pocket gonna call I can live so far. So I’m two and a half million dollars into putting this party with you guys. Cuz that’s how much I believe in you and your product.

I did your service what you have and so all you gotta do is cover thousand bucks to come and experience what I paid two and a half million dollars to throw for you. So like it’s worth the effort people always like this costs a lot of money that it cost me way more made to cost you because I want you guys to be there I believe in it I believe in you and if you get there we were Not an event that will change your life. I promise you that so you just got to make that little commitment that little step and then show up.

Funnels Membership Marketing: So there you go. Awesome three fun. Anyway, they’re at least it’ll be the two of us medium would be to have a good time. Are you guys gonna take Jake out for like and I thank you Jim for today. I cannot wait to see you on the cruise and like a week or two weeks and raised two weeks now me awesome. So if you lot of fun, I thanks everybody. Thank you. Jim will see you guys all again soon. Bye guys. I can find stuff, right? Funnels Membership Marketing


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2-Step Marketing Funnel Makeover For Beauty Products Distributor – Episode #53

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products – 2-Step Funnel Makeover for Distributor

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products: Jennifer sells beauty supplies as a distributor, but she has some special restrictions by her company as to how she can sell online. She’s come up with a super-smart 2-step funnel for doing Free+Shipping offers and then closing new customers over the phone. ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

There are only two to go. It is a bald eagle today. Can you hear me? I can hear you you look at through the nose holes of the other nose holes. It’s magic don’t question. It don’t question. How work you seem very chipper is this because you went on a cruise now, you’re all just hanging out and relax it is I was on a cruise over Thanksgiving and it was it was awesome.

Then I had to come home to reality and it wasn’t as awesome. Pretty great though yet admit. What’s that? Your reality is? Pretty great, though. You gotta admit. I reality is freaking amazing. I mean, I’m surrounded by these cool little characters that keep me company all day and we talked and you know, I’m just surrounded by this magical Wonderland of ideas and wonderful things. I mean, how could my life be anything but completely amazing and if I ever don’t feel amazing, I just hit myself with the money gun and you know, just pump myself up.

What’s that? What more could you need my money got? Yeah, somebody else filling up my money gun for me.I didn’t system money than filler. That’s all right, 12 kills it with their own money and not mine my wife coming in. Hey, give me a shot of that money gun, honey. I give me the one that’s got the hundreds in it, huh? You got one of like one five hundred thousands that you got the ones for the kids and then the hundreds are for me and I’m like, oh, this is amazing.

Just kidding. I remember one time. I went to like Wells Fargo or something that was stacks of cash with who really cool video by tall ones because it’s like expensive you Stacks just said exactly and so it does videos and pictures and stuff and almost everyone who saw those like, let’s just ones as you know, I should have been like a hundred on the top of each one, but I think about it. It was super anti-climatic.

It was the opposite effect what I hope for yeah. Well, that’s cause you’re Russell. Listen, I want any of us have been on minutes like ones and fives. I’m ready. Did they ask you if the bank what it was for? It’s hardly cash later. They think you’re a guitarist or something. It’s in a okay. Here’s the warning right right. Now before I tell you what I tell them when they ask me when I go in to get cash what it’s for.

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

Okay, you ready? Everyone’s been warned. You know what? I tell him Russell you say it. What do I tell them? I don’t know beer and hookers what I tell him beard.  I don’t know. The second one is the first ones that was horrible. Anyway, I don’t drink beer and that you know, but it’s just it’s the look on their face is worth the aggravation.

But like for me, I want to draw attention to the fact that I have a brick wall behind me. Now. It’s a green screen. It’s baloney. It’s a green screen. This is this is real brick. There’s nobody anywhere. I got pictures of my amazing kids about to come on the walls. Well, it’s like legit studio. So I’m not just like Russell behind.  So we got a brick wall. So excited. It’s very cool. So you put a green screen up there to make it look like an office.

We have the entire crew feels like world’s dream box to hide in front of them. I tell him I’m in San Francisco right now. Tell mine do in Dubai anybody. That’s how it works. That’s as romantic as a real secret behind everything, you know, I had an idea for a thing that I’ve never done that I really should but I guess I’ll just throw it out there. So somebody else will do it. But I always thought it would be cool to have a thing that was like a window shade that you could are, you know, like the pulldown window shade not like blinds and it would hook on the back of your chair and you could pull it down behind you and have these different scenes that would be behind you on your chair. So it was like a portable green screen thing or have like a portable green thing that you pull down. That would be awesome.

And I know exactly what I mean. Most people don’t have a brick wall in their office, at least they’re trying to get away from having exposed brick because they’re like, you know, we need to get a real office instead of this garage. And I mean, I think it looks cool. Don’t get me wrong. But why do we have brick behind us?

All the Swanky that cool start understand just what I like this cool startups and they’re like glass everything or they like Old Brick like awesome. They divided the Old Brick Brewery for like eighteen hundreds and rip it all out. We build cool offices looks like super cool. So we have like glass walls on this side. I was Goin for broke everyone and you’ve got brick walls. It just feels like you’re right. I mean the subway teaching some cool and it’s cool. I didn’t say it wasn’t cool. I said I thought it was awesome. I just wondered why do you like me now?

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

This is wall behind. Me and Melanie. Okay, I can rotate you. That’s there’s brick wall. Oh, that’s cool. So, what does she think of it? And then it also sounds from classics. Like yell people know don’t disrupt the life. We think the brick wall. I’d love it. Like I’m not gonna put myself up because I don’t want to cover it. Just want to hide the break at school. It’s neat. All right. Well, that’s the pleasantries are over today.

Yay. All right. So we’re gonna funnel today. Do you wanna tell us what’s going down and we can start having some fun? Okay. So what we have is Jennifer who is a ClickFunnels™ customer as well as a funnel scripts customer way to go Jennifer that’s setting yourself up for success.

And so basically she is a distributor for a company that does beauty products and the way that their distribution agreement works is that she cannot take she can’t take payment through her website for the for the products that are sold by the company, but she can there’s she can’t do it on the front end on the back. Can she can do whatever she wants if she’s talking to him on the phone or talking to them in person and stuff.

So what she wants to do is create a two-part funnel where the first part is. She’s allowed to offer them a free sample a free product and she can collect shipping and handling. So she wants to set up a shipping and handling offer on the front end and then have it go into what sounds like an application funnel a simple application funnel where people can tell her what their issues are and stuff and set up an appointment with her.

So that’s and she’s not sure how to set it all up. And then she started using I mean in in my opinion my initial reaction was definitely she should do a who what why you know, the who what why script and she did start doing that and then it just kind of I think it got away from her a little bit and she lost confidence when what to do. And so that’s why we’re here to the rescue to the rescue.

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

Awesome, I decided okay. Well, let me do this. I’m going to cube our I’m going to slip over to the Y screen on the Queue up box. You should wipe. Okay, I’m gonna start a timer so that 20 minutes builds fun. Like you guys. I think we’re starting to Whitewater. I should show that show the model sure. Yeah, 20 minute timer has officially begun.

Okay, we got to wipe or sliding into the side. Oh, no. All right. Well, she’s woman enough to use that purplish-pinkish marker on whiteboard, right? I got bread and black ice. So, you know, we got to know her company she dinners this top-secret. I don’t know hide she didn’t say, okay so over here is some the never part with nobody, you know, yeah. It’s an MLM.

Okay. So here is where I am LM multi-level marketing so some company she is the distributor for us over here on the company website. We also like to call us at times the anti cells of Come in there, but we don’t do anything because they have the same and horrible order forms 8,000 feels as if you want to buy this part because of our social security number. Maybe I have your blood type O blood type.

So anyone who’s ever done that you drive traffic to the anti sales department and cells just fall out the back door, right? So G is why isnt understanding I want to have a funnel. So I made a customer’s I can cuddle them before I slam them into a brick wall. Right what happened?

So she’s doing very intelligently. She’s building a funnel. Okay. So what she’s taking those one of the network marketing products do you think is sampled right? I believe so. Yeah, it’s some sort of a sample or small item weapons when they were mortgages the like you can go to your corporate site and buy through your only to get discounted by a whole bunch of stuff in the head. You come sample pulls the sample over here and then we build out an amazing. free plus shipping funnel Probably with a V over talk about why the sample is a great things excite sliced bread.

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

Will you choose the order form and then you said afterwards then she wants them to like basically call on course, you must call my phone and then and then selling more stuff tell him into this right so this and then you shimmy for upsell we go straight like application form in this Feud Goin straight to the an application straight to trying to get them into I she says I’m selling products for my direct sales company and as such I’m not allowed to let clients enter credit card info directly into any funnel or fixed retail establishment.

So I’m having to come on the two-step tripwire fun on the application funnel is I’m offering a free plus shipping physical product free sample order bump travel-size retail kit OTL upsell full-size ultimate retail kit and free travel bag and bonuses Oto downsize full retail, but I think the biggest thing is she’s not gonna be able to make those one-time offers until she’s got him on the phone.

Is the is the gist of what I got? Yeah, it’s very confusing. I think I’d go find somebody in China that could make this stuff for me and I’ll sell it under my own brand but that’s just me Big Jim’s moisturizer. All right. So what the goal that is, we got to make enough money here to cover acquisition cost you guys. So the trials not going to like make any money, but they had a synthetic award from Buccaneer to last week’s episode of the hold on order four months.

Last week right week before yeah, maybe I’ll be the last episode that’s left is a gallivanting around the Caribbean while we all right well over $30 something hopefully information. So it will cost to her that in theory could cover all that cost. They said she could free customers coming in and then boom the applications are just like the gravy and it should bring introduces them into her program.

Yep. That sound good like what we should build. Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah, so she’s got some stuff already started. So we’re gonna skip swear like you use foam strips right here right to be a headline here. Yep you for Masters for this video here.

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

Yep, you can use photo shoots for the order form bump copy here. Yep, probably photo shoots for the video right here as well. Right? Yep. So there’s one two three four spots. You can punish. It’s just on a two page. Final which is insanely cool. That’s right, but I probably can’t do it in the next 16 minutes 40 seconds, but who’s counting? All right. No, I agree. It’s not aware of those a lot.

One thing. I like she has it all seemed to click on dashboard is kind of cool, but couple things the a very fun like a t-shirt you click here you watch like a 12 minute demo video your free t-shirt, but Secrets first four modules of this course in there for free for all Cliff House members great. I think that any of these funnels go watch the course first more modular mm our course and for free for you guys, and it’s tons of depth and complexity so and complexity in terms of my stuff like all the questions are in there. So my point that case what else is in there Russell on the dashboard page your argument. Sorry, I was bad weed is good.

Cool. I’m gonna come and I’m gonna start building out a funnel. Now you got the link I sent you for her. That’s what she already has. Oh, let me I think so. You post on Facebook, right? Yes. Faces any login, I’ve not had a log into Facebook for years. What is happening two-factor authentication? I don’t even know seriously. We’re gonna try your Zuckerberg.

Okay, apparently getting are texting me how to get into my account. There you go. I didn’t even Facebook winning love me. All right, let me check. Hold on. Hold on. Oh man joining Google Chat. Yeah, he drop it Google cheddar Google Chat. How do you know that is? All right. I don’t either I’m typing it out of here.

Can I chat? Oh. There’s a little chat thing here. Let me know if you see this if you that one or two seconds of Boom. Alright, we’re back in business, but I’m going to copy and paste from From Facebook. So I said so you are in Facebook now or no know if you oh I just you know feel do that the easiest for today.

Okay? Okay. This is resisting funnel. Is it live? It’s up there. But I mean she you can see she got started at the top and then she’s used the who what why how script and then she started working on the stuff and subheading then just kind of stopped. Well, that’s why I thought because I understand that if you don’t have a real clear picture of what you’re trying to get done like what Russell Drew there behind him.

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

I can see how you can get stalled. I mean that’s that’s what happens. So that’s I thought this was a good one to show people how to get unstuck. Yeah. I’m going to I’m going to clone this funnel into my account. So I don’t jack up anything. She is doing exactly super not cool with me. to my other screen you guys can’t see I’m just getting getting a higher share from a link.

Bam, all right, so I’m adding this into my account. Mass copy slowly this is like anyone goes down to the buzzer. I think we’re gonna get this far as we as we can.  Okay. It’s now my account. So exciting. All right, I’m ready for some coffee Jim. Okay, so I’ve got a few I guess I should show you my screen. So I’ll see how she found out you see the script right there.

Exactly. Yeah, that’s all that’s cool. So right here I’m using the I’m using the million dollar sales headline scripts and I filled it out for her. So I wouldn’t I mean I honestly I don’t know that much about beauty secrets as you can tell since I have a face made for radio, but I do what I can but I just filled it in knowing what I know. I mean this is you know, beauty secrets ladies younger looking skin rejuvenate your skin look younger in age is the enemy. So let’s see what we can see here real quick as far as some cool stuff breakthrough rejuvenate your skin and look younger. I mean, that’s that’s that’s that’s not bad.

Um, I’ll grab that one of the world’s best Beauty secret advice. Let’s see Shocking Beauty secret Discovery look younger with this. I like that as good a dad. Um Russell sounds to IP look the reason why they call height is because it works because it works. It’s not called. It’s called hi P not sleepy do a picture of a product anywhere.

I do not that is gonna throw a fake skincare thing because we need to see some images for free plus shipping. You want to see like, what is that thing? I’m going to get my hands on a bit about a fake picture. Okay. how to rejuvenate your skin for Less Yeah, how do you find the ones that are that are you can use was a trick? Yeah. Yeah go up there under Tools and then usage rights and then labeled for reuse.

So that we use we use with just the dirty to use these right the Google says you can but they’re getting sued over in Europe. So who knows whether their stuff is whether or not her stockings by the images, but for today’s Today isn’t fun. We’re just going to tell Mike.

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

Try this instant younger looking skin test now.  That’s kind of cool this backdrop school. Yeah, I think those bricks are awesome, dude. No, no, we’re due back drop the word to use. Ooh. How about here’s our super smart plan to rejuvenate your skin. And look younger. Okay, so I just might I click on the thing and I mean I was adware spyware freaking out so I’m not ignoring you Jim. I just don’t know what to do right now. My computer’s getting hijacked by the people that do that thing where they yeah.

Hijack your stuff.  I’m just gonna go back to googly but it did sound amazing. How about special beauty secrets trick helps you rejuvenate your skin for Less. Not bad. Yeah, I mean this coming from the guy who does a facial cleanse with Comet cleanser. I mean this isn’t really, you know, I’m not your best, you know actually bought some stuff from Jamie cross. I’m waiting for it to come in the mail try the man the man soap yet.

I it hasn’t come yet. You are going to love it. It will change your life forever because you can wash your mat your body with it. And then you wash your hair with it once to play so you have to like have shampoo and I’ll leave knowing stuff. You just rub it in your hair boo.

Here’s one how to rejuvenate your skin for free. That’s the thing because she’s doing it free plus free pill shipping, right? Whoo. Yeah, dude. That’s the one that’s the hook. Am I emailing you this? Yeah, you know gossip me take it off of my please. Don’t take it out. Hey, are you there? Like Russell it? I saw your email. And can I contact you I will not email you back because that is creepy all use sanebox.

By the way, that was like one of the best things you ever told me about ever same box. Yeah change my life. All right, so we got a cool thing. Now, let’s talk about this thing about Jennifer white Beauty be your best self. Dude that’s eating up like a whole bunch of the above the fold.

I don’t know if I’d have that in there. Yeah, you know what, you know what I mean? Okay, so she has that thing underneath there that says get the proven customized skin care system that quickly helps you have youthful radiant skin guaranteed? um those that actually isn’t bad.

The the something out here, but I would say instead of that quickly helps you have I would just say that gives you youthful radiant skin guaranteed.

Listen here to see her subhead down there get the proven customized skin care system that gives you youthful radiant skin guaranteed. Some of this love to hear their say no. I was just saying that that sub-headline where it is is pretty good. It just just that one change was all I was saying but you know what that at last discovered how to get younger looking skin without and get I would replace that sub-headline.

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

That’s up there now with the sub headline that’s underneath the video with that one change that I said was changing. It was get the proven customized skin care system that gives you youthful radiant skin guaranteed. I was talking to Graham you guys are out.

You like that? Yeah. And that thing that she had in there that was partially written wasn’t bad. We could just rewrite that. I do like that question ready for your beauty Revolution. cool flat hair that could actually be the subhead for underneath the the video.

Yeah. Old and I’m going to move this up a little bit and it sort of image in there. So once you have is fine, if they Gammage that that looks awesome find a big pill or something you can take this do that was good, but I find a lot of sneaky my skin at business.

It’s like every night every device because I was like 12 – was on I am I just making sense, but I think they put it on thick to brother. They run through it. I probably eat thousand self inside body days. Like I can’t like teaser because she’d be like, you know, you probably saw the inside it on the outside of my God. You’re right.

Do what you need to do. She just tell you she does it so she stays beautiful for you Russell and don’t you appreciate all she does to raise the family keep herself in shape and to maintain the household and you know, I hope you do appreciate that. I do appreciate that. I’m super good soups grateful as the kids would say the teenager to say nowadays soups soups grateful.

Right. Yeah, you didn’t know that one. Did you I did not we call it a little kids. You actually think you’re the coolest as you send them gifts and stuff. There you go. um Now this is the part the part that I didn’t understand what exactly.

They were getting and that was the part. It would have been better. If I could have known who the company was. But the thing down below that the skin cream thing and I don’t know if it’s cream or not.

But with this one-of-a-kind system, you can have your own personal image consultant in your pocket. It’s the world’s Innovative try before you buy technology and now it’s available to you. If you’re ready this reading this congratulations, you can be one of the first to access. ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

This is where I got a little confused as to whether this was some kind of a thing that you would like take a picture of yourself and then you could see what the stuff was going to look like that that’s where I kind of lost it but I got to tell you just what we did right here.

2-Step Funnels Marketing Makeover

If she were to take the the who what why how script that she already filled out and Actually record it but the video right there and put it in the video right there. She would be 95 yards down the field as far as this page is concerned.

I would just delete all the stuff at the bottom. If you don’t unless you have testimonials that the company will let you use all that other stuff would just you know through the power of ClickFunnels™ can be deleted quickly and easily never to be recovered. So be careful, um, but If you had testimonials then I’d have some down there.

You know, what are your thoughts about how else you would finish this off?

You know bullets or demo for you like cells most of it this little like if you go to expert secrets to say right?

It’s a little Fancy Pants things we do that look seem stupid and obviously but actually matter a lot like the shipping speed above. The thing is a big deal text like shipping worship at you upgrade a pronounce a like those little copy things have he like shockingly important like consequences, right? It’s like I look at those things and model that so I’d be Driving us in Atlanta and I say to get free sample like extra stitches get your free copy, excuse ship in less than seven days. Get your free sample.

Get your free product. I mean, I wouldn’t even call it a sample get your free product. Do you in seven days? And I look at it. So I hear you’re chipping work samples info about you. So hopefully we have an order for bump. I would talk about their maybe don’t come up with one. ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

Yeah, you just like an info product. Like here’s 36 cool ways also soften your skin without if you actually read expert secrets and follow what Russell says about creating a master class, then you could create your upsell product by doing an Ask campaign and creating a Master Class by the way, everything all the scripts you need to do expert secrets are part of funnel scripts along with not only doing the as campaign, but we have a complete downloadable wizard will help you to create a master class people use it all the time doing today.

I mean, that’s how you come up with an order bump. Dude. Just do a master class. Yourself in your bathroom with the camera and talk about it and how it’s okay. They were cutting you off on with soon as you got to the video of yourself in the bathroom. It was like the spirit said it’s time to stop it was kind of product. Yeah, but it’s good. It’s simple it’s not super distracting just like boom.

Here’s the offer. Here’s the thing. Yeah, try to make this white the Russell Newton wants to fight two days just like playing font sizes and like colors and well looks sharp, but it needs to be up a little bit. So it’s even with the top of the get your free product.

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

Um, look at you kerning and whatever it’s called. Um, Yeah, I mean that’s that’s pretty sharp. Actually. I mean that that it that’s cool. I mean that would be a great a great page to start with. Yeah. Yeah, throw it in there and then have your tests on Facebook over Facebook ad with the we have a final script Facebook ads to we really do it’s like hey guys, it’s amazing photography using the last three years of my life is so awesome who here wants a free copy of it. We got it. We’re here what the three-step I got 12 experience the same Beauty Revolution and I am experiencing and then they click you but that’s a that’s kind of it super easy.

But you know something you just said there and I just want to get across everybody and I’ve been looking a lot of funnels lately and I know you look at him all the time and just really, you know going through and An attention-getting headline or opening statement combined with an amazing story and an offer that is just totally making sense on every level every intellectual level. It doesn’t need to be complicated and your enthusiasm level and it just it looks good, and it works. ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

Get that done. If you can get that done you’re going to get so much further down the field than if you just get all caught up in all this technical stuff and the overanalyzing and everything else. It’s like make the grab the attention and make the offer the way you would respond to as a member of the audience do your best from that standpoint and then get it out there and see what works and then and get on the field, you know, instead of a lot of people just stay on the sidelines and they can tell you 99 things that don’t work on a funnel and you know, I don’t I didn’t learn to write copy that way and you know, all this other stuff is like, okay, show me what you got what’s work? Well, I’m still working on it.

Okay, let’s say I was selling so this is never parking parking right? So I’m like, okay. Here’s the arrest of eight. Hey guys, this is Russell who I have right? Who am i – Russell Brunson and I was crazy or and we’re at I have this really cool thing. It’s called keto OS Max sweetheart. It tastes like literal. ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

Literally you went to Valentine’s Day. Your kids got all the hard candies dick hard candies and you smash them up in the thing and he dumped it in some water and stirred it up and you don’t Worship in you drink it. That’s what this crap taste like it is insanely good. In fact kids. I’m open up an app. It’s right here. I’m drinking this one right in this video is that I’m so excited. But after take this one check it out.

This box has got like I don’t 1314 more Hayes will try with me. It’s so insanely good. You should try to all you have to do on the form of side. Let me know where to ship it. It cost me is a couple bucks to buy Lacey’s like I should so if you cover shipping handling all this shit, but you do with close to me come on over. I’ll give you free copy or free a free sample. You can try to drink it but it’s like making candy which is amazing in and of itself but the second thing is actually helps you lose weight, which is even cooler and get energy is like a drink Kool-Aid ethically crash Mike gruhin way.

2-Step Funnels Marketing Makeover

They’re my kids are jumping all over me. I drink it gives me energy and lose weight. I feel good is amazing. So if you want one fill in the form on the right and I will send you one of the ones that left over the box. I don’t have that many when they’re gone. They’re gone. It’s gonna be amazing. All right, because it’s so fun. So easy you see proactive commercials with like Cindy Crawford and like fancy models everything’s like perfectly shot.

But that’s not what works on the internet. No one’s on their phone pooping scroll through the thing and seem like Cindy Crawford make their seem like you’d like doing this and like why is that person so excited about smashed handy drink and they watch it and I’m like, okay.

Okay pause it. Hopefully they flush wash your hands. They find their wall they come back and they buy it. That’s how it works that were if they when they flushed at least they muted while they were on FaceTime with somebody. This is my own head. Yeah.

Sighs no promoters your customers to shop and poop at the same time. This is my phone in nice. You know, you totally made me forget what I was saying. Oh, I know what I was going to say what you just showed there though, and people will say well, but I need to put some graphics in that video and I need to have some overlays and I need to have some you know, I need to have a voiceover and it needs to be perfect and you know, they throw all these obstacles up but yet and I have to relearn this sometimes too, but it’s like the videos where it’s just me on my phone and I’m You know doing basically what you did with a script but what you just did there is a script but it’s an internalized script but that is what converts the best on social media.

It’s not. Okay. Well, let me let me do this as a split screen and put the PowerPoint over here and let’s let’s worry about the formatting and all this other stuff. No, it’s getting on grabbing people’s attention having a great story making a great offer and having an enthusiastic call to action. Gee that sounds kinda like 10x secrets.

Anyway, that that was awesome. Super cool – yeah, thank you and hopefully for all you guys who never marketing you see kind of like a model if you like. So that’s a remark if I like there’s a lot of there’s a million different use cases for Farmers using multiple ways. But this is one it’s really simple. It’s really easy all we have done. We had more than 20 minutes the next page psych this video right here tonight.

Awesome. I’m going to send this out to you. You’re awesome that one thing when you drink this you make money when you share with your friends. Yes, I will make money if you drink this stuff and you get addicted to it anyway.

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products: People free samples of Candy Crush up drinks make you lose weight. And then they’re like, I’m in you so you make money lose weight. You can see I totally did enjoy your program and now you can girls and the whole thing is repeated over and over over you and by the way, since you’re already paying shipping and handling for just a little bit more I can throw in a whole box better. Anyway, great job hanging out. 65043 5353 pre-built final sitting there. Therefore you can come grab you have some free time today episodes by showing you as I do all sorts of funnels, and it’s awesome. So I’m going to drop I gotta go. Thank you Jen. Thank you for hanging out and job everybody. Bye. ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

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ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products - 2-Step Funnel Makeover for Distributor
ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products - 2-Step Funnel Makeover for Distributor 7

Jennifer sells beauty supplies as a distributor, but she has some special restrictions by her company as to how she can sell online. She’s come up with a super-smart 2-step funnel for doing Free+Shipping offers and then closing new customers over the phone. She needs Russell and Jim’s help for how to set everything up…

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ClickFunnels™ Sales Copy: In this episode we’ll go all Sigmund Freud as we analyze a psychologist who helps female entrepreneurs get their minds right so they can balance work, family, and self esteem. This UK Firecracker needs Russell and Jim to help her ignite her high-ticket funnel that, although it’s already making sales, needs a psycho sales power boost. Tune in LIVE to watch as the Funnel Fridays team does more funnel hacking magic in 20 minutes than most people do all week! ClickFunnels™ Sales Copy

ClickFunnels™ Sales Copy

And we are live. What’s up? Jim cat? What’s up? It’s not a cat. It’s a unicorn unicorn jib. Stylish. I am to even left the price tag on there. See I’m all I’m all hip-hop a tea with my thing. Yeah, very tag. It was awesome. There you go. Do those laser vision or 3D Vision or something. Like it’s just awesomeness. That’s all you need. That’s all you need to know. It’s just awesome. Pierre awesome is awesome sauce.

That is amazing. I love it. Oh actually well, I got something today if you guys are all seen the most recent vendors movie. Which one the most recent one that the one with the fist in the spirit survives only Fades away Russell survived Fades away. I think it’s very cool. I got a new patch for my hat. Say happy can read it.

That’s my new that’s my new patch for today become with the hat or did you know people send me stuff dude, but as always we give you the warning ahead of time, it’s some point we will probably offend you throughout this show not Russell, but me Jim will definitely find you. I’m gonna try my best to clean up that mess afterwards you go.

We’re gonna see Matt’s in a little while excited to be here today with you. I’m excited to we’ve got some cool stuff to go through. So we’ve also got some neat Neato Bandido stuff with a funnel Scripps has been improving lately even more or which is hard to believe but Apparently it’s happening. It’s awesome. Okay, George fight about whose funnel working with today and then we’ll talk about what we’re going to be doing.

Okay. Do you want to show it on your screen? And you want me to show it on mine? Yeah. I can show my screen here. Okay. Well the basically what we’re going to be talking about and this is pretty cool. This is one of our final scripts and ClickFunnels™ customers. And basically, it’s super cool. What she does is she actually helps female entrepreneurs to overcome stress and just the the thing specifically that are keeping them from being able to succeed as entrepreneurs.

ClickFunnels™ Sales Copy

You know that I stressed out sometimes too. Yeah, I this is aimed at she’s a psychologist and got degrees and stuff and you know, unlike me that they just let me out of college and said don’t come back. She apparently is like super smart. And so what Katie’s got is a course that she’s offering as well as she’s got a webinar that she’s using as part of her funnel. So what we wanted to talk about today was just you know, knee-jerk reaction to What you see Russell and then talk about how we could use funnel scripts to To as the Brits would say tart it up so that before yeah, that’s a British phrase man tarted up. That means make it look make it look fancy make it look better. If I told my kids that they would die hard it up. There you go. No tart tart not heart.

Okay T. Not a d that sounds better than okay. So you have one of these Patches by the you might want to get that close little did I know so this is the sales letter version for selling a product. We correct pricing down here is one select prices are going to go for 97 pounds. How much is that us? You know like twice as much. All right, so g a thousand bucks and this is the webinar version right here a g a g a g yo meat is it called?

Are you my new channel? Any? Oh, I can’t because I’m a young guy. You can’t say it though, but I’m allowed to hear. Okay, just okay. So this is the two bottles we’re going to do a couple things. I’m gonna get the timer started here so we can start this party officially, but I think the game plan is I’m going to start working on some of the stuff and then Jim’s going to show off something exciting and new in fact, we start with clocks and begin the party but so just you guys know earlier. Jim was showing me all the new Final trip.

So I guess I’ll see you in if ownership still alive the new UI looks insanely good looks amazing and Jimmy’s tell me he was like, yeah, I was going through all the scripts and it was like a little kid going through your cleaning out your closet and you find all these like toys. I I forgot I had that toy and it’s always amazing final steps. I didn’t even know about two weeks ago about today’s like them in there for a long time.

And so we want to use some of those for some cool things. So I just ruined your stories are so excited. Yeah. So anyway, As going to show you guys some cool stuff, but then Russell just did it so it’s cool. So, but anyway, let me show you real quick while he’s working on that. This is the circle not the the framework of this phone can redo tomorrow we’re going so I will show up there you guys so here’s here is the new UI for final scripts and this is final scripts version 3.0 and we actually have 51 downloadable or 51 online scripts six downloadable scripts now we started with 19 online and to to of the downloadable ones and it’s just organized. We got it really organized. Well into like this is these are all the experts secret scripts. We got it all organized into sub dashboards and whatnot and makes it a lot easier for you to use it another cool thing that we have actually is a save function.

ClickFunnels™ Sales Copy

So now you can save/load and even share your funnel scripts projects, which is pretty amazing you do it right there from Cloud so little strips. Yes share like share funnel scripts. So let’s say you’re promoting as an affiliate or you’ve got people in your Niche that you’re that are also in final scripts. You can literally fill out funnel scripts save the project and then share the link to that project so they can load it into their final scripts use it as is or modify it so you can do that with all the funnel scripts now, that’s pretty cool.

So this is actually the same page and I was working on one for for Katie and this is one of the scripts that I rediscovered was the Timeless classic headline scripts. These are these are scripts that just have stood the test of time for over like a hundred years and they’re still awesome.

So what I thought we’d do is just come up with some cool headlines for her as always with funnel scripts. If you have never used a script before we have a bunch of example projects and some of them some we only just have one or two. You just load one. Then you want to look and see how we answer them but these are super easy. This is just asking you questions.

Anybody can answer you who’s your target audience? What’s your main topic? What’s the big thing? They really want and whose their enemy. So I mean this is take it like three minutes to fill this out. That’s a not to interrupt here. But we got green card balancing that he needs a funnel in the comments who needs what Grant we’re gonna fuck you man.

He needs us to do a final form. You want to be on next on Fridays? I think I think that would be wonderful we fight. Yeah, that would be cool. So let’s just go through a couple of these and the cool thing that we can do. I’m gonna clear out my little clip in here for but the cool thing like with ever all final scripts is you can add these things to your clip bin. So like most people struggle to come up with one good headline now, I’m handing you a hundred so you can do amazing testing and whatnot. Especially with click Fung’s funnels. It’s super easy to do.

ClickFunnels™ Sales Copy

So, here’s one a little mistake that cost a female entrepreneur three thousand dollars a year. Oh. Thousands of female entrepreneurs have this Priceless gift but never Discover it now that sounds good for Katie’s thing. Don’t you think I like that? He said that’s the only size the headline right? Now. Look at this. I can do it super quick. Watch. This guy’s I can just click the copy button Kabam take it over in here and cut pow and I’ve sent it over to Russ. Did you see how fast my God Kabam?

Let’s see. Oh for female entrepreneurs who dare to be rich. That’s a good one to copy paste onto I need them both. So you look at that that see this is why you know, most people honestly here kids. We want around. I’m going to stop sharing my screen just for a second explain to you most people when they create a headline, they’re so happy that they got the one headline done there. Like I’m done it’s over. I got a headline.

Finished the thing that most people don’t understand is that testing headlines is where a huge amount of your profits going to come from me personally. I’ve made as much as a 500% increase in sales just by changing one headline. So you need to test your headlines. It’s a but most people don’t so what final scripts let you do is come up with a ton of different headlines so that you can test and in this particular case. They’re all based on proven headlines that have been like proven to work like over like the centuries man.

So anyway, I just I bring that up now back to the show back to the show. That’s good point because I’m same way like also trying to get one headline takes amazing and then like, I don’t know we should be you don’t want to write another one another one and honestly like when our trafficking son Drive traffic they want like a hundred headlines for me and Mike.

So now in fact, I literally gave him all along the final script. That’s like, how about this you guys write a hundred of them?  And tell me which one works the best. It’s really cool. And one of them goes in and uses funnel scripts ins like Russell. I worked on this for a week. I got a hundred. Can I have a raise in Russells? Like yeah, man. That’s a great. It’s a shame for you not to make good money when these female entrepreneurs do it so easily that’s another good one. It doesn’t really good headline especially for Mike and then have a kind of case studies underneath it. Yeah.

I mean it’s on this isn’t a normal hip I was which wizard is that you’re you know, this is this is the this is the this is the Timeless classic headline Scripts. This is mint before. Yeah, okay text alert. Oh nevermind are stupid. Sorry, honey, the sweetest sound these female entrepreneurs here online is the sales ding of their shopping cart. the secret to making a huge impact That’s pretty cool.

ClickFunnels™ Sales Copy

Okay. So anyway you want any more of these. Are you are you going to do about the other success stories that the He had the last week said like a minute ago. Which one was that? So now these other daydream about success like these other entrepreneurs on like that. I don’t know. And Jim while we’re in some downtown, we’ve got some questions where these headlines coming from. They sound great. Oh, well, these headlines are coming from funnel scripts and funnel scripts is the amazing online software that makes it push-button simple for you to be able to create headlines bullets entire sales letters even webinars just by filling out a form answering a few questions.

No experience required we explain because I don’t like a lot of people understand like, oh Jim’s made some headlines like we explained it like, okay. So here’s basically how funnel scripts works. I’m going to send you this headline real quick. So before I forget basically this is what funnel scripts does what I have done over the years and Russell help me but Movin doing this now for three years and to me, I think we’d agree that pretty much. This is my baby. Now, we worked on it together to begin with but basically what we do, With funnel scripts is it asks you a series of questions that you can answer that? It’s does not require a whole lot of thought but it will make you think the thoughts you should think as far as your customers.

Then I have literally in all of these synthesized in some cases tens of thousands of different examples literally and boiled them down to templates that work and work no matter whether you sell physical products Services digital products, and then we take your answers and we put them through seriously a form of artificial intelligence that merges your stuff with these templates and spits out exactly what you need.

So in some cases that simpler than others, but that’s basically what funnel scripts does we take it out of your head match it up with the Them out the ages when it comes to sales copy and then give it to you in copy and paste format that you literally can edit it and you’ve got your first you got your first draft one other cool thing that we’ve done in the new version if you see all these headlines, you’re like man, I don’t know which one or just it’s weird to see them online. Watch this.

I click get results. I come over here. Click D OC X click to get results. I can download all of these headlines in a word file right through my browser now so I can take this I can print it off. I can mark it up. I can share this with my team. I mean look at this. We you just most people are sitting there struggling to come up with one headline with the click of a mouse you filled out a form in five minutes, and I’ve given you five and a half pages of some of the best headlines ever written in the history of people buying stuff from people looking like three hours writing your headline.

ClickFunnels™ Sales Copy

Yeah yard Carlton like the less literally write your headline here using it’s correct. So that’s what funnel scripts is. And we you know, this is just one of the scripts let’s look at another one because some of the other stuff that people can do I walk you through it. So we did the Timeless classic ones. Another thing you can do the we have the sales opener question scripts which again, this is one that I told Russell. I was like dang man. I forgot I did this one.

But what this does one of the fastest ways are easiest ways to hear hang on one second. So one of the easiest things that you can do to start a to start an ad to start a post to start off a sales letter landing page or a webinar is to ask people a question and to ask them a question is going to grab their attention, but it’s also going to segment your audience and I’ve heard some people who know about sales copy whole say stuff like oh you should never ask a question because somebody could answer no well, let me tell. Something there chucklehead whoever answers no ain’t gonna buy from you anyway, so you might as well segment and right up front with the with the poster with the ads they don’t click your and it don’t cost you no money.

So, you know this prevailing wisdom Step at it, but I digress the point is the fastest fastest way. You can create a headliner to write an ad is to ask a question. And so this is where the sales opener question script comes from. So let’s look at this. So our target audience here is a female entrepreneur. We’re just going to fill this out.

Okay it mean that’s dude. What’s your who’s your target audience? Okay, what’s something they want more? They want more Sales Online. What’s something else they want? They want more impact on their auditory on your audience. Okay, what the negative thing? They want to avoid? They want to avoid making mistakes. And online business.

Okay, what something else they want to do? Okay, they want to avoid feeling foolish. Okay. Boom. How long did that take to fill out like 60 seconds? Okay, and I’m not a woman. I don’t you know, I still I still filled it out because I kind of understand what people want. But you know you ask an in your audience imagine you were talking to an audience and you said you know, you tired of making mistakes and online business. Yeah, but look at this. This is one of the things I said where we have some artificial intelligence here all these places where you have blue text.

You can literally rewrite these bullets, you know, are you worried about making mistakes and online business? Yeah. I mean it anywhere you so you can just keep whacking this until it reads the way you want. You know, let’s see. Do you want more Sales Online? Yes. Are you looking for more online sales? Do you need to Mark make more sales want to make more sales than you ever imagined want to make more sales and every other female entrepreneur that might not be happy. But um, you know want to make one line. Then your competitors. Yeah, are you a female entrepreneur who wants to make more sales?

ClickFunnels™ Sales Copy

So it’s we got all these questions here. And if you don’t like them like, you know, you tired of making mistakes. You don’t want to make mistakes or maybe they want to avoid wasting money. Okay on online ads are wasting money on ads that don’t work. Well, all we have to do is come up here. Whack this button. It’ll change everything.

All right is wasting money on ads that don’t work making you lose sleep. Yeah, you bet so so you can that’s an ad I mean that could literally be an ad. I’ve seen some of the most effective traffic generation ads I’ve ever seen on Facebook have been and question.

With black lettering on a white text background just taking up 20% of the of the graphic because of their because of their Rule and that question right there. Somebody sees that they’re like, yep. I’m tired of it. Let me click it and see what that’s all about. And if you’re not tired of it, they won’t click and it don’t cost you no money. Did you bring a lot of people tell them what you think of ideas for Facebook live and think of ideas for Instagram post ideas.

So if you look at just your again, like right there I can you Facebook live. Like are you female engineer hoping to make more Sales Online? Hey, I’m a female expert. Ooh, I like I’ve always struggled bubble. Boom Facebook live or Instagram swipe up at or whatever right? And then you show you let me show you something else. That’s pretty cool. All right, we’ll open this one and the cool thing about these now we can save these online. Can you fill out to two things real quick Russell? You know, who’s our target audience female entrepreneur?

They what are they interested in if I could spell entrepreneur? What are they interested in making more money making more money? Okay. Watch this you want unlimited ideas for Facebook live. Boom Oh, by the way, what I’m showing is the Seinfeld email topic ideas script but 11 great money-making tips for female entrepreneurs bam three questions everything and I’m here to tell you three questions.

Every female entrepreneur should ask about making more money. What are to making more money Trends? You see coming in the near future. Dude, you got ideas coming out making sure that I see coming very near future. Yeah.You make this an easier  Jim. I don’t know only if I came to your house and filled it out while you made my favorite lunch, which is Sushi.

ClickFunnels™ Sales Copy

ClickFunnels™ Sales Copy

And I don’t know too many Sushi chefs, but look at this. Here you go. Go sit in your hot tub with this and certain. Oh, that’s just what I do. I print stuff off and I head out to the hot tub with a highlighter and a pen. But look at this man six pages of freaking ideas. You could create content about and all you had to do was fill into things.

I mean come on now and here’s the other thing I save this and I’m like, whoo so I can save this. I’ll just put female ideas. Don’t take that out of context, but now I can come back over here and let’s say you know, I’m going I’m in my saved projects and stuff and I’m like man I need another idea. So oh look, there’s my female ideas think notice all the little cool little Graphics are on the side is kind of cool. So anyway, I can load that right and I say, you know what? I’m targeting female entrepreneurs, but this time I want to talk about book publishing.

Okay, I’ll whack that button and look they’re all completely different. Everything’s different. You’ve got like a hundred new ideas and stuff. So, I mean that’s really the power of funnels and we’re I’m just barely scratching the surface of what this does for you now, but with between the save feature the training that we do every month mean dude, we do a live training every single month people tell me that they I should just say the training is what you’re paying for and from those groups is free or some people say thanks for the free training don’t care come for the training come for the scripts, but come on. It’s time to get started with this people. ClickFunnels™ Sales Copy

Look at my Facebook the live page. Literally. I took headline number one just send me foam have uh, number two gyms that me boom and then down here and let him go three and those that took three highlights and final scripts. I mean this page converts it. Hi 60% I got plug-in Julie Susie’s Navy stories here. That’s this have like kind of pre setup. But that page was a template and click funnels was free. I click the button replaces final scripture words. And now I’ve got a thing that will make me insane amounts of money.

I don’t know what else we can do Jim. How do you make this easier people are asking where to get it or do you get from where do you put all scripts? If you don’t have it yet? Holy crap. You’ve got a final and you can watch an amazing training posted by Russell Brunson and yours truly that will not only teach you some really cool things about sales copy, but also do a demo of funnel scripts or if you’re ready if you’ve been on the fence if you’ve been thinking about funnel scripts over the last I don’t know three years now, you can go to funnel /go and sign up today.

ClickFunnels™ Sales Copy

I’m after Russell hardcore to raise the price of funnel scripts like every time a day. When are we going to raise prices film scripts? When are we going to raise the price of own scripts like mmmm. So Bryce was already. So that’s true. We doubled the price. So Whitey Ford it forces you to double the price again. It’s coming because I mean this is we’ve got 51 online scripts we’ve got Three years of training in there for you. We’ve got six downloadable scripts.

You can create an entire perfect webinar based on Russell’s Secrets book and then where he improved the blueprint of the perfect webinar, you can literally download a piece of software fill out a form and have it pop out your amazing perfect webinar all the slides all the promo materials all the stack everything for you.

It’s amazing. In fact, if you have expert Secrets, did you know that all the main scripts that we have an expert secrets are also in funnel scripts. You can create your curiosity hook your ass campaign your Epiphany bridge and short Epiphany Bridge the masterclass the opportunity switch headline the perfect webinar the big domino in the who-what statements gripped. It is like Russell.

I’ve it’s like I suck the book out of Russell’s head jammed it into my head and we had a baby together right there on the internet. We did have a baby is so cute. So anyway that answers the question of where do you go get punishment? So we’re thinking sorry. Sure. ClickFunnels™ Sales Copy

Did you know that least of the traffic Secrets event last week and I do about every single traffic constant known to man on these little beetles. I know dude, I gotta watch the replay of that. I should have been there but I couldn’t require strip someday to go into final scripts which would be exciting. So Dude, I’m all over that. But can I just share something with everybody? Can I share one thing Russell?

Can I can I share something? Yes. Okay. Let me tell you everybody’s got their wallet. Everybody’s got a credit card in there. Everybody has the ability to come up with a little bit of money that we’re looking for for funnel script versus what you get or you can go out this weekend and you can literally Set Fire to the money in your wallet by buying something stupid. Like I don’t know Chick-fil-A and renting movies and all the other stuff or you can literally take that same money invested in a year of final scripts and change your frickin life forever. The choice is up to you. Are you going to take that money and do something to help your children? Are you just going to set that money on fire and have nothing to show for it when Monday rolls around except tears of regret to you.

ClickFunnels™ Sales Copy

I love it. Well, that was a lot of fun. Okay, I build something posted this year. First time watching on Fridays basically build this funnel and then after it’s done we go to final We put the replay at this video and to share funneling for this and for every other episode left in the room today. This is episode 51 Nays are 51 share funnels and we’ve pre-built they’re over there for you something that is like a beautiful it Russell as like we literally like four episodes ago did a whole thing on a filly marketing we both entire funnel then we put it in there. So there’s tons of gifts you guys over funnel Friday. I make it even better Russell.

Can I make it even better please. Do I am sending you the links to the share going to share funnel scripts? Dude, I have shared them and I am sending them to you right now. So if you have a funnel scripts account, you will be able to load those projects in and use them.

There you go. Why not? Well seen you don’t deliver today. Hope you guys had fun on the show Jim amazing time. As always. Thank you for showing off all the new fun stuff for you guys who are stuck with I said landing pages of this your stuff. Like I don’t race for ads or Instagram and Facebook lives or whatever. You just saw exactly easy. Just go up by five thousand things in 5 seconds. So final scripts dot-coms where you get out stuff and photo fries are comes we can get this year funnel as well as all it has done in the past and watch back episodes of fun with Jim and I and if you want us to do one of your products on the show and also from submitted their right they have this.

ClickFunnels™ Sales Copy: Yeah, then if you’re if you’re a member of final scripts, you just go into the funnel scripts and scroll down to the bottom on the left and you can see the link and you two could possibly be featured on a future episode of fun. Fridays. Awesome. They say I appreciate you think you’re making out with us today on YouTube. Instagram Facebook Instagram and Facebook. We lost our Periscope phone, so Twitter doesn’t get to see this anymore, but find that phone will bring it back to Paris go to anyway. Appreciate you guys. Thank you Jim. It’s everybody’s hanging out and we’ll talk to you as all again soon. Bye guys. ClickFunnels™ Sales Copy


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ClickFunnels™ Sales Copy - 1 Thing Every Female Entrepreneur Must Master 8

In this episode we’ll go all Sigmund Freud as we analyze a psychologist who helps female entrepreneurs get their minds right so they can balance work, family, and self esteem. This UK Firecracker needs Russell and Jim to help her ignite her high-ticket funnel that, although it’s already making sales, needs a psycho sales power…

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How To Make $100 A Day Online With ClickFunnels™ Funnel Fridays Episode #50

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary – How To Make $100 A Day Online

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary: One of the questions I get asked all the time is How Can I make 100 Dollars Online Even If I Have Little Or No Money. Well, that is exactly what we answer in today’s Live Stream. We don’t only tell you what to do but we show you exactly what we would do if we were just starting out and needed to make at least 100$ a day in the next 30 days! ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

Hopefully we’ll have an Instagram and YouTube but on Facebook, this is broken. Hey, where’d Jim go? I can’t do final phrase that Jim wait, maybe if I get out my Batman light I shine in the sky I can get him up here the battle signals being shown. I’m here Russell. We’ve got G and we saw on Facebook yet, but we got Instagram. I’m here to save us all. Oh man Haji much. I wanted a say is a special special day.

Today’s our 50th episode of funnel Fridays. I didn’t even have a voice to this is amazing. It just came to me all of a sudden. It’s not a really good. It really did. Thank you. I love the glasses on top of it like that just adds to the everything this of it. Yeah. Well, I do what I can but I have to be able to see me on Facebook it on Facebook. So Facebook, you’ve missed it. We found the bat signal and mr. Jim came and today is our 50th Anniversary 50th Anniversary. Congratulations our 50th.

Show weakness or 50 consecutive weeks. Well, not really something I heard from my friend Meyer and golden. He said most people aren’t willing to be bad at something long enough to become good at it and Jim I think we’ve been bad at this long enough for finding getting good at it 50. I’m good at being bad. Oh, yeah. So consistency my friends. We first started the show.

I was telling all my inner circle is like it’s insane. I was like indirectly we don’t really sell stuff directly by my indirectly how much money comes from the something everyone should start a weekly show and I told everybody that you guess how many are still doing it now two years later. None of them. None of them just us. So there you go consistency for you do something long enough.

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

You become good at all, right. So if I’m Batman, does that make you Robin today? No, OK man. Ok, you can beat Thor really clean up after you buy got a Thor so I got every superhero mug in my house and my wife got tired because the entire house is full superhero mugs. And then I saw the day before mug to order it to the office because she’ll kill me if I have bring this superhero mug, but now I got a nice. All right so I can be for today then if you’re Superman, okay. I love you Robin. Okay, I’m Robin.

All right your Thor Those voices in Kuwait that I got two hands the golden locks, but you’re okay. So what are we doing today? Russell muscles get so today we are going to build some photos and kind of like, I think I’ll tell about what happens to me as you just yesterday. We launched 30 I did it’s like it’s like coveting the hard copy of that book. It’s insane. Yeah. It’s uh, we have them here to the other room. So X milky grab the the hard down the 30 days, but sorry the hard down 30 is book.

So that funnel I guess say it’s going insane the stats and numbers on it are probably one of the best funnels we’ve ever done ever, which is crazy. I’m really excited about so those who have been participating in it. It’s going to be insane 30 with 32 comecon members basically map out a third a blooping like they lose everything today. What would they do in day 1 Day 2 Day 3 and they they map out the whole thing and it is rebuild their business rebuild their business from ground up.

Do you? Joe Kumar I do is he had a jail yet? I don’t think so. Anyway, he had this Ridgeline to 15 years ago. I bought the court the book from back in the day and now 15 years later. We’re bringing it back from the dead. So this is what the book looks like. It’s not hidden the real the book. This is this was the the sample print the final one will be this fat though. It’s 550 Pages. Oh goodness and the open it up and it’s got everybody’s 30 day plan. Like here’s trade. Well, it’s like, what would I do day? Number one? I would do this.

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

He’s like day number one. I do this then day number two. I would do this the day number three and he goes through all three days what he would do to go from Zero to Hero if all he had left was a cliff own camp and then you got the next person the next person in any way hard bound to be amazing. So, So that’s 30 days right now. It’s more like went live yesterday. It’s been selling like crazy. We have tons of Affiliates.

That would be Philly contest. We’re paying out a hundred percent commission. So the upsell basically is a hundred dollars to join the one funnel a challenge where me and Steven Larson and Julie are going to be yelling at you and pushing you in forcing you to your funnel done. This could be awesome. It’s a hundred bucks and then you get the hardbound book and and we’re paying Phillips hundred percent commission. So I get paid nothing on it. We’re students who want to serve people.

So that means there’s a huge opportunity for everyone listening to be an affiliate and make a crap ton of money by saving your friends and giving them the ability to change the world. So that’s what I got. Nice. So what we’re going to do is show you how using the power of ClickFunnels™ and final scripts. You can create what is in amounts to your affiliate Bridge page that you can use to create your own unique offer to go along with this offer as an affiliate so that you can just not be another me to offer but create your own value add value to it and combine it with the value that Russell just described to you and it’s just going to be this giant value Lollapalooza and it’s going to be amazing.

So Russell one other thing that we want to tell people is by doing this one of the cool things is that they’re going to be able to cannibalize excuse me model pack some of the copy that you’ve already done. So this actually couldn’t be any simpler what we’re going to show them how they can do is awesome. And actually this is the first sales letter. I’ve ridden in a long time. I wrote most of the cells that are Karen tagged him a lot with me in the shoes of the upsells or stuff like that but homepage. Every proud of it.

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

So just just saying all right start a countdown clock. So we have 20 minutes to build this puppy out. You want to tell what then what you’re talking about cannibalization like awful page. They can see the 38 page. Okay. So what most people think about and we talked about this in final scripts, but most people think that if you have to create an email, if you have to create a sales page, if you have to create ads you have to create teasers all this different stuff that each one of those is a separate thing that has to be created individually when we talk about cannibalizing copy or hacking copy.

Basically Russell’s already done all the heavy lifting and unless he loses his mind in the next 24 hours. He doesn’t care if you hack his copy that he already wrote because you’re going to use it to sell his product. So any headlines you need any bullets you need any anything you need other than your own Spin and your own bonus are already done for you. You can just model what Russell’s already doing.

We are hard work, right? Okay, gently. Yeah, we killed ourselves on this page as converting insanely. Well, so, you know, it works to right so your job as an affiliate is to get people over to this page as fast as you can in a way that has them set up to want to sign up. That’s the whole point of doing an affiliate Bridge page. So in my mind, I don’t know if you want to draw this out to just kind of show people.

Yeah, what what you think what you think you would want to do, but if you were an affiliate promoting this page Russell, what do you envision your page your Bridge page would look like just keeping it as simple as possible cabinet open up paint brush here, and I’ll do delay here kind of get bigger the Gamma sighs haha makes big real quick and bigger fire bigger fi. That not work.

I’m wasting my time trying to be a fighting this let’s go just draw it small if I modify it. Oh crap. All right, never mind. We’re doing this for size bordering narrow and deep. So if I was going to do some of this so here over here is the 30 days page that you are promoting, right? If you don’t have an affiliate link, it’s very easy to get one. All you do is go to 30 and the very top here. There’s a button says Affiliates you click on this button right here and then you can join our Fleet program already per video here that made from the Philippines.

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

But if you’re already a ClickFunnels™ affiliate, you can go into your regular click tunnels affiliate account and grab your link there. Yes, very true. Very freely than the link is there. All right. So then we have to do basically like Jim said we’ve already done all the hard work the copy steps here. She looking this in okay now if I’m always thinking about when I’m going to fill it like what’s the offer? So we already know that I create a really good offer, but now you’re competing against any other foot you want to do so, how can you think how can you make this offer even better at what? Can you do on top of it? So you come back? And you build a bridge page.

There’s a couple ways you bridge Pages you opt in and then Bridge page or just straight Bridge page on this one. Honestly, I would just do Straight Bridge page. I know that that’s I know that you talked about you want to build the list and stuff. But it just in this one. It just feels like to me. I don’t know you can do it either way, but my thought was just to do straight up just Bridge right to it. Okay, cool. So here’s the Facebook ad over here.

Right and then you’re driving from Facebook ad over to your Bridge page. So your Bridge page is basically it’s like it’s really something I’m basically trying to figure out like or tell them what it is. I here’s the hook, right? So I’ve already told you that the hook is like what if you were suddenly lose everything so for you I’d be looking at Kate. How does this work tie back into my world in my life.

And so some of you guys are spot where Ike this is your reality. Like I just did lose everything on completely bankrupt. I’m broke, whatever and so maybe it’s you say like, I’m going to be a reporter. I’m going to go on this journey with you and say Sighs there’s this things like I would like you said you can have to stuff so they take Russell’s headline and bring it over here and beg you suddenly lose everything dot dot dot what would you do? Right. So your model my headline, I would I would model the headline.

I’d steal that headline and just put the top of the friggin page and then I have a video of here talking about like originally bad gaps the call us a bridge page because you’re Bridging the Gap, right? Right just like hey Russell grunts you may have heard of me four-year-olds big think I’ll click funnels this really cool. In fact recently was number 76 on the Inc 500. Sorry. I just happen to have a scene in my desk for click funnels.

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

He’s helping people build all these funnels. Where’s the Just camera here. Okay, so we can tell people that now I think so. Yeah. Okay. It’s the new stands for which that is six drinks 70-something. Anywho so like there’s their killed it and tons to make money when side funnels and I’ve always wanted to buy always struggled. So I went got these 30-day plans is awesome. I like to have like step by step with you for 30 days.

They give the whole thing away for free. And so what I want you to do is I want you go sign up for it to get for free through my special secret link and when you get signed up, but the cool thing is on the next page after you sign up. They have this special offer where you pay a hundred bucks. And when you do is you get to be part of this challenge called the one funnel a challenge plus you get this book and how much other things it’s amazing.

So what I’m gonna make a special offers if you join the one funnel a challenge to my link, I’m going to give you not only we get all the stuff Russell promised you so here’s need to make little stack slide. You’re also going to get boom the what value can you add? I’m gonna do Secret Facebook group for me and all people sent to me you’re gonna go together and we’re gonna hold each other accountable or do daily.

So the challenge make sure we do it number two. I’m gonna go final hack 20 calls funnels and overbought number three. I’m going to use gonna make a special offer why some should buy from you versus everybody else and then you got a link to send them over to your feeling to go sign up for the program and that’s it. That’s it in a nutshell.

Yeah. So so I would create a super simple one just lets I actually I sent you the link I used if I’ll show it here one of the one of the scripts that you can use to create your video as always is the who what why how script and so literally what I did and I made this one of the presets one of the examples now in in file scripts, I’ve worked on this this morning took me about 20 minutes to do this, but basically it’s For the 30 Summit and basically it’s you know, what are you offering to sign up there?

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

Basically, you’re getting free Summit access may I didn’t even get into the $100 thing on the back end of it. But I mean I got to tell you I was actually Sam. I Am I showing the right screen or you’re not seeing that behavior some screen? It’s not showing the right one, I guess. You see how I got my little dream building thing going of somebody else’s big fat Super Bowl ring for the 55 million dollar Club. Yeah. I already got a 2 comma Club.

I want the 10 million won. Yeah. So basically what I did was back to this we’re using the who what why how script I filled it out not for my product, but for Russell’s product and it’s actually said here is a preset for so final scripts users can just load it all in whack the button and then what I did was It’s not a physical. So I used used the digital product offer one and I went through and I kind of edited it. So this was my first draft and then I recorded it and actually just sent Russell the YouTube link of the recording than I did this morning for it.

So rather than me reading until you twice once he gets the page kind of done he can throw that in there and you can throw it in the page and you can see it but I mean everything else. Yes, we use the power of funnel scripts for this but the cool thing is that Oui. Anyway, um, I want to get back over to you. Oh the cool thing is that Russell already did all the heavy lifting. That’s the big thing. I want to get across here.

Is that the all the sales copies already done. All you got to do is just figure out what you’re going to do to sweeten the deal and then tell the people to go click over on the link. That’s one of the reasons why I was saying that we ought to do do it just as not not even doing it to make them opt-in because that’s like the simplest lowest-common-denominator thing. I mean this what we’re showing you here literally you could have done in 20 minutes 30 minutes. You could be run in traffic. I’m gonna do it in 11 minutes into seconds.

There you go. So I’ll be quiet now. That’s what we got. No, I’m good. Booms, I took took a template off the shelf. I’m throwing up here. Suddenly lose everything that may throw in this guy right here. The goofy-looking guy that who’s that dude? Make this white so I literally just basically model the headline because hey it probably already worked probably what think I want to stress. Jim said like I’m okay you guys do this because you’re probably my product you like major own product and copy my headline.

Oh I missed ya and I’ve had people do that before and it tends to make you feel badly towards that person makes you want to cancel their affiliate account forever. Yeah. All right. I’m throwing in Jim’s video we made right here. So there’s this video copy. I love where you paused it. There. He is. Yeah, I think I saw him in a really cool Batman mask. I couldn’t be any looks too nerdy sweet this and delete this block right here. Now. I’m going to talk about what my special art. Do you make a special offer in your video Jim?

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

Yeah, I did actually and what I said was that I would give them I would give them what I would do in 30 days because pretty days today for free. I’m gonna give you my 30-day blueprint. three Yeah, they’re right here bait. I give you my crap. Today’s proposal weird stuff. All right, 30 big parade. Yeah. He has calling my throne here to up the offer even more to make the thing as sexy as possible will cell phone number number, you know, I mean, depending on what what you were trying to get done you could do you could offer them a 30-minute consultation you’ll jump on a zoom call with them and talk to them about their own offer and funnel and stuff.

And if you had some sort of a back-end offer that you could make for coaching or something. I mean, I don’t know it was funny about that.  So this is back back in the day Jim. We’re back with AdSense was like the thing. Oh, yeah, so I have friend who he there’s all these people that he’s absent software would basically you’d take a hundred bucks 40 bucks in this like you were traffic equalizer and all these ones that are they go out there and they were like scrape the internet and throw a bunch of crap. The made you ton of money.

Yep, and so he would do it. Like everyone’s buying software note for how to do it. So he then went made a bunch of training videos just like this and said hey by traffic geyser through my affiliate link and I’ll give you all my training videos showing how to do it. And so people would go RI by the software getting laid by once they want all the videos. They re buy it they come back and he gave them all the videos. They like they like fill out a uniform to get the videos fill the form and then you call me on the phone.

He some coaching for like 10 grand and Coach them through how to do it. And he made this whole huge business just giving away the training videos as an affiliate for the offer and then selling coaching to teach people how to do the offer on the back end and he crushed it with it. So and you know people watching this you could do that exact same thing with funnel scripts you could do it with ClickFunnels™.

You can do it with any software. And nobody would really care as long as you weren’t confusing people about who owned what and whether you were Affiliated or not. Guys, look I think it looks cool. I mean that yeah 30 Days Bridge page at a time. Okay, so I’m going to check. Oh actually I know one thing to do. I’m gonna come here and if you click on the button here, which is cool image after image. The demo image the demo where you something one, here’s a cool little secret thing for you guys.

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

When you have if you have your heat maps on your stuff people click on images like crazy. Yeah. And so what I do a lot of times is like we have our buttons here that do something right. So the button will continue to my affiliate link. I’ll make the images do the same thing too. If it’s like a pop up on the image click a button opens a pop-up because people are like they’re clicking on all sorts of weird crap, so might as well like make it beautiful. Let’s see.

This is kind of cool. Do I need to get them how many contacts I need to tell Mike Step 1 going to the free thing? Yeah, and then step step one goes on up here Step 2, and I would have it pop in a new window and step two would be I’m send me what I said in the video was forward me your forward me your confirmation email when you sign up and I’ll and then I’ll get you my case study. So in effect, what I’m doing is I only want to get the emails of the people who actually sign up I don’t care about the people who are going to who are going to sign up with my thing and then not sign up with your thing.

Does that make sense? Yep to Jim at They early writer still no word. So you could set up you could set up an email. I mean you could set up a Gmail account with an autoresponder. If you wanted to that would just basically be like, you know, 30 Jim offer at because it’s just for that. As I look it looks good. And if you really wanted to be lazy you could. You could have your bonus Beyond an autoresponder and ninety percent of the people are just going to be totally honest and they’re just going to forward the thing to you and you don’t even have to have your team do it.

The autoresponder will do it. So on the buttons and stuff. You know, that should say continue to step 1. Shouldn’t Step 1 sign up here that continues to sign up for 30 calm right now. Yeah, don’t like a little. Emm yeah, that’s cool. All right, that’s just got to pay to watch your video. Sure. Okay. Let’s see if Jim sold you guys are not. Hey guys do my words here, and I’ve got a free training for you called 30 your 30-day marketing plan for unlimited success that’s going to help you.

Specifically with how to build or rebuild your business based on what dozens of people have done to create million dollar businesses. If you’ve been struggling with the fact that you’re starting with no less no traffic. No product. No website. Then you need to attend this free Summit because among other things it reveals how to follow what these top Achievers would do if they lost everything and they had to start over again from scratch.

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

So you can literally build a rebuild your business based on what these million-dollar 2 comma Club Award winners would do if they had to rebuild from zero just click the button below to get all the details it’s free to sign up and you’ll get your own unique access codes to watch all the different interviews where they lay everything out for you step by step day by day. There’s no catch. I’m telling you about this because I want to help my buddy Russell help as many people as possible for free succeed with your own marketing funnels, especially if you’re starting from scratch At all you need to do is just register with your email address.

There’s no credit card required. You should sign up right now because it’s a limited time offer to be able to watch these amazing step-by-step interviews for free and as a special bonus for signing up through this link. I’m going to share with you my step-by-step 30 day plan for what I would do if I had to start over again from scratch with nothing but a computer internet connection and an idea in my head. I’ll give you free access to that. ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

When you sign up using the button below. Once you sign up for free just forward me your confirmation email to the email address below listed below on the bottom of this page and my team will get you the information out on how to access the bonus. So just to recap you’re going to get access to this free son at the 30 days got calm your 30 day marketing plan for unlimited success that will help you build or rebuild your business based on what million-dollar 2 comma Club Award winners would do if they had to rebuild From zero, which means you can finally stop struggling with the fact that you’re starting with no list.

No traffic. No product. No website. So just click the button sign up and I’ll see you on the inside. Boom. There’s final scripts at its peak. You filled it out and then you read it. Yeah. I mean now why modified it some but that you know was yeah. That’s basically what I did you guys that was like the easiest funnel ever and this thing isn’t super profitable for everybody. So it’s Smokin cool. I need you to share that with me so I can just use it. I’m just gonna put my Philly at Lincoln then I’m done bro. Finished. Great job man. Good job heat.

You can do this. I’m gonna take this image here. I’m going to make it the tweaked what I got a minute left. I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna tweak it social image is now that button. Oh, yeah. I think my Batman voice is crossing over with my Clint Eastwood voice. I’m not sure. Jim Edwards save save all right check that out. So I’m gonna wish are from a so everyone who this is your first time final prize means our final Friday’ ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

Funnels Make Money Online

You get this plus all other 49 episodes. This is our 50th episode those who are who are first timers there and then also for almost every almost every finally build we give the sheriff on the link. So later today, if you go to funnel and this episode will be the sheriff on the link. So I’m going to give her a now and Nick will post in there and then you just click on this and now you’ve got your own chair funnel for this contest and you start throwing your friends your family run adds to it and change the world and switch out the video instead of promising everybody my bonus. Yes, definitely sort of video.

So and there we go. Great job buddy that I mean that that really this I know in the cool intro video that you all made. You know, sometimes we do it and sometimes we don’t but we did it today man. That thing looks good looks really good and it’s like easy like I think a lot of times we think we have to like go through pain to make money as I suppose. You don’t you just have to like make a landing page make a bridge page between this thing and thing you’re selling your we’ve got a Phillies because we’re paying a hundred percent commission.

We I mean from a lot of lights low my face. So like in the last in less than 24 hours this funnels produced over a quarter million bucks. And most of that is going back towards Affiliates. Like we’re proud were well over six figure an affiliate Commissions in the less and less than 24 hours. So it’s an opportunity for you guys. Like you you jump on this like some of the guys this will pay for your car payment your rent your house payment your mortgage like you can you can do some cool stuff with this and the cool thing about is it even if people are not in the internet marketing like have your friends have people you love people that think that what you do is weird like

Why – why are you doing is interacting like will go sign up for the single watch the things like me get I guarantee you that like listening into these 30 day blueprint to like reading them is going to get whoever you love inspired by what you do and then you can make money off them sign up for the contest to so I think this is like one of the best friends in the world to get people into people you love and give people your spouse’s get your kids get them all involved as well. It can be it can be a lot of fun even a ton of money doing it so dude, I’m in for the book. ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

I mean, I just tell you right now, I’m can’t wait till the book comes. Yeah. The books is insane. I can’t wait forever to get this stuff is it’s funny. I told a story yesterday on Facebook live, but Jim probably remembers a few people remember this by 15 years ago. There was this kid named Joe Kumar who had an idea similar as seems like he asks how much people like to get their day started? What would you do and they sold the e-book for a hundred bucks 97 bucks. I remember this. I got that when I was like broke as can be I bought it.

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary

I printed out like that. It’s right here. I’ll show you this. This is me putting it out 15 years ago. I couldn’t afford to print out the entire things like 600 pages. So I printed eight pages to a page. I literally took this with me on a family trip. I wife and I read every single page you still see my like my circles my highlights like a hundred seventy easy nads for $10. Just go to daily classified staff. Remember that. This is like the third any plans back in the day, like easy stuff like that. I was like, I read all these I read all that and get 60 of them.

And I remember the biggest thing for me is like is everybody in a different plan. But everyone’s plans were similar and member Steen thing after thing. I was like, oh my gosh, like everyone’s got their tweaks their angles. But like the model is the same for everybody right side create a really cool product figure. I sell that product get traffic to that product and then just like look everyone sings. I read all 60 of them and at the end of I was like I know what to do and I had my first idea and I want to create my first product after this which was called zip brander.

That’s Brandon. That was my very first thing and I created after that after going through all these plans and so like like six months ago. I’ve seen there one day and my thoughts I was like, how do I make this simpler for people who use the ClickFunnels™ because the software is not hard right? Click films a simple funnel scripture simple, but it’s like they have to have a foundation in a strategy of like how to actually use these things as like we should bring back from the dead the 30-day concept like that.

That’s what got me to finally see the see the pattern and see the model and so that’s that’s what it’s all idea came from. So my goal is make this make everything is doing Simple make it so you can see the vision you understand what’s happening and it should be easy for you. So that’s right. So it’s the to to the one-two punch of ClickFunnels™ final scripts. The thumbs are back. I was watching thing yesterday. I saw your wallet the caught on fire the the funnel Friday or phone talker TV had the one of your wild caught on fire.

ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary: Yeah, we’ll have that thing around I do but you don’t get to see two tricks in one show my young man, but no we need Come back next time. That’s awesome. All right, man. Well, thanks for building today I get time. Thank you everyone and hopefully this helps you guys to sell some more 30 days cover your mortgage or rent and have some fun with it. And yeah, happy 50th. Happy 50th Anniversary kid. Bye everybody. I see you guys. Bye everybody. ClickFunnels™ 50th Anniversary


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Clickfunnels™ Police Marketing: In this episode, we help a former SWAT operator get his message out! His podcast and program seek to help other police officers, sheriff’s deputies, and cops live better lives, reconnect with their families and avoid burnout. Don’t miss a minute as we pimp out this funnel and give it the makeover it deserves.

Clickfunnels™ Police Marketing: Break out all the magics

Facebook what’s up I to the G to the elemental PE and what’s up Jim how’s it go man what’s up everybody how’s it going so good I slept last night I feel amazing how about you I feel amazing too in fact I have a wonderful message I want to share with the world are you ready it’s believe in yourself okay that is a very important message and very timely for today for all you guys who aren’t believing yourself as of yet so there you go well there you go and the great thing is is that since it’s a holiday weekend I’ve decided that we’re gonna break out all the magics so are you ready Russell we’re gonna make some amazing things but I have to put the magic in my fingers ready what here we go we’ll do that again.

I said what and then it clicked off your screen I won’t you ever see that that’s too late that’s a one and done it’s a one and done I might bring the magic out when I show you what we’ve done with funnel scripts to help with today’s topic but no we don’t I mean you have to pay attention to the magic you have to sit up and pay attention I love it as a soundtrack now um anyway that’s new Russell all kinds of great things are going on here I know you didn’t weigh more than I am now I feel lazy over in the side huh anyway I’m kind of upset because you called this a holiday weekend so you guys know what the holiday is it’s Labor Day.

So in Excel abrade working everybody gets work off it makes no logical sense to me I want to say bah humbug of Ebenezer Scrooge I think we shall be laboring twice as much on Labor Day not none well it’s actually that’s a misnomer because it was originally started to celebrate the Labour Party that was the party of the workers so this is actually a holiday to celebrate the workers the people doing the hard work oh you want to see something cool though check this out okay somebody sent me this right watch the magic.

Are you ready I’m gonna pet the unicorn I didn’t push a button or anything about is Ellie we’ll see if she would love this no check this out okay she’s like here see oh good just by petting the unicorn the unicorn like those so I want everybody at home to react accordingly okay yeah oh man okay well now that Jim showed off all your his cool stuff guns Michael theme request protein chips 2.0 I actually hung out last weekend with Tom Bill Abu who owns quests or owned it before so look like a billion dollars and so he said these chips are amazing so I bought some fell again.

Clickfunnels™ Police Marketing: A big event coming

Oh all right that’s all I got not nearly schools gyms magic stuff nothing exciting that you want to let us know is there any kind of a big event coming up that people need to be reminded about to get their tickets and stuff for oh yeah there’s a huge event called funnel hacking live and I think our mp3 players and slash battle books-a-million we’ve grabbed those like you have a separate I wanna show you guys what is but the first two thousand tickets to get that.

And we’re almost that much that I’ll show you guys so like you go crazy I would say the thousand G’s just for this alone let alone the tickets and the party and the magic and everything else that happened at this year’s fhl are you gonna do a presentation in unicorn I do actually I am I am considering that there will be a special outfit worn yes so we shall see since I only get like you know I got to make every minute count amazing alright now he’s got the stuff.

So those days you don’t know the first two thousand take it soul which i think what i go hundred or so left before we pass that mark get number one this preload mp3 player with rock it fell out again mm let’s per here I’m patty years 14 15 16 715 16 17 18 all the presentations are on here except for the ones that we interaction we’re not allowed to like 20 robbins he says you can’t share stuff but everybody else’s who is on here so you listen to all the years presentations in your in your email you can immerse yourself as you were preparing for the phone hacking live the number two tim Castleman goes.

Takes notes he’s a whole team of note takers that come to all our events and they hate notes and these are all the notes from the last four years I think Tony’s notes are in here too Wow then we contraction about not having his notes in here hahaha so I know what he talked about learn so what I would recommend doing is everyone order this stuff right now put blood listen to your ears every night as you follow along in the workbook and you will have aha after aha after a hot literally four years of stuff will be smushed in front of your brain and then he showed you mine

Clickfunnels™ Police Marketing: Prepare for world domination plans

You’ll be prepared to take over the world for whatever world domination plans you have so hey I think it’s freaking amazing but I wanted it’s that’s what we made it I mean that’s awesome so alright that’s oh my gosh we searched our building some funnels sure yeah let’s do it yeah I’m queuing up the timer what is the game plan tell us about what we are building.

Today Jim okay so basically what we have is an opt-in funnel the well funnel that starts with an opt-in for Garret bake who is a ClickFunnels™ customer a funnel scripts customer a funnel hacking live customer and actually he’s good dude I met him at funnel hacking live 18 good dude working helping police officers and first responders to be able to balance home and work life and manage stress and reconnect with their families and not lose connection with their family as many of them do because they get so stressed out at work that their personal life starts falling apart.

So he is a retired police officer and his mission now is to help these individuals either active or retired to basically live a better life and to find life balance and to reconnect with their families and stuff so he’s got a really I believe important message to get out there and my son-in-law as a police officer I have a lot of friends that are police officers and first responders and so I thought that this was a very worthy thing for us to try and help him do but as with all

Things a lot of times we are too close to our own message to be able to see what’s important and after looking at his funnel he needs our help Russell he needs our help funnel nerd glasses oh excuse me blue blocker it’s the block the blue light therefore my eyes will work longer and for more time nice somebody pitched me on him I had to buy it now

I have all right so uh do we have a funnel running off of what we starting from scratch no I said I’ve got it in there you want me to send it to you in the Facebook yeah so make sure to get the wrong one [Music] she always knowing my stuff’s coming through to you boy you are you are you are you are you are you in and then so that first pay that first link I sent you is his is his opt-in page and then this second link is when you actually opt-in okay so the one thing I will say and I’ll just say to him for whatever reason I tried to opt-in a couple times to get the book and I didn’t get it so

I think he’s got a little mechanical issue going on there at least for Gmail um but we won’t worry about that right now okay maybe share my screen she has to see what we are looking at okay all right we already burned two and three minutes what I know we got a pick up the pace all right we’re getting better every single week makes easier okay so that’s his confirmation page okay so really what he’s trying to do is just get you into his funnel get you onto his podcast and get you so he can start following up so basically um if we look at that if we look at the funnel now you know it the biggest thing that I’m seeing missing here is that he’s talking all features and it’s all feature no benefit and

Clickfunnels™ Police Marketing: Proven system in South Downs

He assuming that these people know who he is and and what’s going on it’s it’s almost like he expects these people have walked in on a conversation because the you know how to leverage the tact that she learns as a police officer without burning your personal life to the ground that really isn’t saying a whole lot unless you’re already plugged into his system download your free tactical guide that’s backed by proven system in South Downs and then transform

Their lives again tactical light is he going to show me how to do dynamic entry into a house is he gonna it just it doesn’t follow so anyway and and if you watch his video it’s the same thing it’s it’s too vague that’s not benefit driven and as you know on a on an opt-in funnel especially people are opting in to get a benefit they’re getting opting in to get a payoff so Russell what are your immediate thoughts when you look at this I actually like the look in the feel of it overall yeah it’s kind of like it’s not like that’s that like actually you like the one this is the funnel we just did our community Chris calm flush black book it’s really simple but it’s like really at like 80 some percent often right on this

Thing remember 70 percent it’s like crazy high but it’s just like there’s the thing that are lusting after is this you know I mean yeah here’s a like this is like get the tactical guy like I don’t know I don’t know the tech guide even means you I mean right exactly and it’s hard to lust after and maybe the video explains more I sure watch it real quick I’m not in the video yeah it doesn’t it sort of does but it really doesn’t typically like traditional I found his video on registration pages lowers conversion rate by a lot sometimes it increases sales rate on the second page but typically traditional

Most every test we’ve ever done like having a video on the page like on a landing page you the web and registration page or whatever like it lowers conversion like I said sometimes the increased conversion on the second thing you’re selling but like look at this as simple just like ooh I want the baby and in the youth and what you just said there I want that thingy what we’re trying to go for here especially since you’re just asking for an email we’re trying to get that knee-jerk reaction of okay I’m in I want I want that I want that result what you’re really selling as a result so like that

Clickfunnels™ Police Marketing: 99 Marketing Secrets

99 marketing secrets that will change a business and change your life it’s like crap if there’s 99 of them there’s got to be one of them in there that’ll work for me yeah it’s good so I would change this too so how to leverage the tactics you learn as a police officer about burning your personal life to the ground well you know it’s funny Russell I did some pre work with this amazing tool called phone scripts would it be okay with you if I shared what I was doing I would hope that you would know beginning all right so you see this right do you see the million dollar content

Headline scripts version 2.00 yeah okay well interestingly enough all the things we’re about to share with you have already been saved as presets here in funnel scripts so that as we’re going through if you’d like to access these exact project files you’re able to access them right here in the three scripts that we’ll be using that are part of the many of the 50 scripts on follow scripts but enough about me let’s talk about this so basically what I did was I did

Since this is content I figured we’d go with the content headline scripts and with the you know we’re just going through what are our what are what’s our topic reconnect with your family who’s our target audience what’s our area of concern what’s an action they need to take big payoff an enemy they face we click build and interestingly enough when I was doing this um I realized that for this particular one I found about eight that I really really liked and I was able to save them all to the clip bin and so I can download them and we could take a look but what I ultimately did was combine a couple of them together so how to reconnect with your family successful police officers and first

Responders secrets revealed how to reconnect your family and balance personal and professional life best ways to reconnect with your family now and what I ultimately came up with was how to reconnect with your family avoid burnout and find the perfect balance of personal and professional life and then the sub-headline is successful police

Officers and first responders secrets revealed so I don’t know if you like that or not but that seemed to be better than what he had yeah docked in the spirit of Aloha okay are you cool with that your family of Woodburn I’m finding to be balance of personal fresh life yeah like that okay so I will send that to you as copies funnel to my account so I don’t jack it up I did wouldn’t you love to have Jim Edwards do your headlines for you and then send them to you.

Clickfunnels™ Police Marketing

Clickfunnels™ Police Marketing: The wonderful thing of Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger well the wonderful thing is you don’t even have to wait that long you can fill out the funnel scripts forms whack the button and presto instantly into your hands comes exactly what you need you don’t have to wait for me to connect with you on facebook isn’t that amazing Russell that is amazing you as funny what we’re launching we’re in the middle right now of launching the funnel rolodex which is like a Rolodex of service providers

And so like copywriters logo design aloha I guarantee you I will bet I will bet money right now there will be people inside the funnel rolodex who all they do for projects is I will felt the headline wizard for you for 50 bucks [Laughter] with my copy so you might not use concepts like wait have it Michael just feel that like well do you like will filled out for me and I guarantee funnel scripts you should be applying go to funnel roll likes to call me like I’ll be a funnel

Scripts expert will fill out the forms for people there you go but they have to have an account yes that’d be good yet um so anyway that was that was the thing I think that could be a headline sub-headline type situation there I copied this funnel my account and I’m trying to like log in if some reason it’s just going slow okay so then the next thing that he’s gonna need and I and I agree with you my experience with getting people to opt-in and stuff is that a lot of times you you will get a situation where your here we go you will get a situation where the video is not going to convert as

Well and if you’re just going after straight conversions you want to go after that knee-jerk reaction however I did want to I did I did want to show what I did with the who what why how script which you know in my opinion is the perfect script for this particular situation because it’s something that’s done for free you know it’s who you are what you got why they want it and how they get it and so actually filled this thing filled it out and it’s again in there as a as a preset but and I actually ended up redoing I revamp the entire who what why how script and just really cleaned it up and

Made it smoother so let me read you this script that he could use okay hi I’m Gary bake founder of warrior Guardian I’ve got a free book for you called to the tactical guide to becoming an elite performer on patrol and at home I like that one um that’s going to help you specifically with how to find the perfect balance between your professional and personal lives if you’ve been struggling with losing the bond with your family because of all the pressure you face it

Working on patrol then you need this book because among other things it reveals how to transform your life and become an elite operator at home and on the job so you can find the perfect balance between your professional and personal lives just fill out the form on side of the page let me know your email address and I’ll send the tactical guide to becoming an elite performing on patrol in at home out to you instantly be an email there’s no catch I’m doing this because I want to share this with as many police officers and first responders as I can to help as many families as I can so again all you need to do is just put in your email address and I’ll send it out instantly and you could just stop it

Clickfunnels™ Police Marketing: A lot of amazing e-cover designers.

Right there I mean that would be fine you just copy that one up for that as texts of the video I think that was really good just it’s gone yeah I can do that so I will copy that and I’ll just edit out the parts that you don’t want it real quick just so you guys know I’m over here oh I’m trying to find like an e cover I’m just ripping one off cuz this is like you have to hire somebody in the new photo role that there’s a whole bunch of amazing Ecover designers but you know

It’s like everything I do there’s always an e cover yeah the reason how people do that anymore like yeah actually cuz back in the day Jim back from any side create a first came out Jim’s mmm right that was the thing like everyone did eat covers nowadays some reason like it’s like ad in fact I literally did a training video yesterday for two comma Club X about hiring people to do he covers for because there’s something about it increases the the tangible nosov it and

Like the percent while you well it also gives people especially with a digital product you have to give them some sort of a visual representation of what the heck they’re getting otherwise they have to create a picture in their own mind of what they’re getting which is too much like work it’s a lot of work so yeah I do it all the time man yeah like got a I’ve got a picture every single thing in my stack yeah did you look cool but but you know the thing is in all seriousness we live in it’s a visual medium why would you not have a pictorial representation of what they’re getting

Oh they might think I’m shipping them something well if they’re that dumb they’re not really going to be a great customer especially when you’re telling them it’s a digital download guide so it’s their first test of whether they can be a real customer or not you’re not allowed to be my customer because yeah ok this well you know funny enough Russell thinking that I know that you really are a big fan of bullets so I didn’t know if you’d need some bullets to go with this or not but just in case I went and used the Brunson bullet script inside of funnel scripts to make grunts and

Bullets for this as well oh you think you might want some bullets or are you good with what you got as long as you got loaded up let’s do it okay so let me show you basically we just come in and use Russell’s Brunson bullet script and we’re calling do we want to call these secrets or what do you think these would be like well we should call it secret because I only know secrets how about tactical tip I like that the tactical tips yeah if I could spell it it he’d be

Clickfunnels™ Police Marketing: Tactical tips that actually helps.

Even better is this is this fought hard to read it was just me it’s cool like it’s the thing it’s cool for the headline but I think it’s hard to read for body copy honestly that’s kind of feeling similar what’s like a normal fire or no aerial my that’s not bad that one you just did there’s not bad we have reached the extent of my my design prowess though so you know font yeah I know what a font is um okay so I actually have twelve different bullets I know you’re not gonna

Use them all do you want me to read you a few and you can choose from them or you want me to just use my best judgment and send them to you let’s read them okay so tactical tip number one helps you maintain harmony with your family and loved ones number two get you more peace of mind and tranquility in your life number three makes it easy to leave the stress of the job behind when you take off the badge each night which I really like that one gives

You specific steps and tools to become truly elite in your personal and professional lives avoid the burnout that affects too many of our fellow officers the real secret for person peace and harmony on the home front how to find and maintain that balance we all want in our lives effortlessly keep the stress of your professional life from invading the peace of your family life quickly deal with stress and keep it from affecting your relationships escape the trap of bringing home or bringing work home with you and ruining your family time discover the best ways to build and

Maintain deep connections with your family and brother officers stop worrying about how to deal with the stress of work and home life now I know all of those are awesome but how many which one you want which you guys favorites we have the audience vote which one’s your favorite she’s in like one two three four huh I got 12 Rico’s again I don’t know we did a we did that headline contest here in the office this week they everyone wrote everyone

Wrote in fact used to winning it you know to I haven’t heard the stats hit today you waiting okay everyone wrote it and Josh is number one in a headline right now was just yes he Josh did he use final scripts I’ll pay him 100 bucks to say he did did anybody we should we should test rate final scripture verses everybody’s opinion that actually cool okay that’s gonna be our next test um yeah that 100 bucks just get it from Russell and I’ll catch him up you want me to

Clickfunnels™ Police Marketing: Phone Hacking Live 19th

Send you the first four yeah no all right I mean some of those are better than the first four but I’ll just send you the first four there we go here at watch and he says this is gold so watch it that’s cool that’s cool um so well Russell’s doing that I just want to let you know that all of this sales copy was brought to you courtesy of funnel scripts so easy you just fill out a form whack the button and you’re good to go whack that but whack that button if it feels good

Whack it again if you’re wearing a unicorn hat whacking until the magic happens you haven’t shown your little thing yet you can’t say that witch thing a little like thou shalt not be offended thing I was looking for that I can’t find it I think somebody took it and leave the picture of and I like that I’m gonna get a patch made that says that thou shalt not be offended that’s good I’m right that damn I’m gonna hand those out it on phone-hacking live 19th ouch ow not be offended before you before Jim starts presenting everyone you need – I hate sign this for her thou shalt not all right I

Look I’m gonna do it man I’m gonna give you one Oh check it he’s part of the warrior movement – right yeah it’s got on his tactical boots all right cool things let me talk about what I did and why I did it okay sometimes funnel clicks does this weird stuff for me there we go that’s better oh and I’m just saying I just want to point out Russell if you look over here what I just did huh right here Oh thumbs are back I tried to go afterwards didn’t want to hide this that’s the

Magic of funnel scripts cool okay next time okay sorry I’m gonna show you again so I’m tired of people initially with simple I don’t they can submit that a whole presentation like five years ago called the evolution of squeeze page and one of the key things I learned from we talked about sometimes a landing page it’s like a deer coming like creeping through trying to get to the water and they hear like a stick break they freaked out their run away and so I try to make it as simple as possible anything that could distract like videos a lot of times are distracting and it’s nice too much

Stuffs distracting so I’m kind of like you come here and you’re like ooh and then like arrows push you down so it’s like trying to be very simple be their name I would a less fields the better I love that mmm-hmm this is like something that I’m gonna delete cuz I’m one of those guys who like precious days live on video anyway I think that never mind I’m are gonna say it I wouldn’t put that in less than legal person forced me to so I took that out now it’s like simples like

Clickfunnels™ Police Marketing: How testimonials can help business.

Movie they just want my email life is super simple I know if I could really pimped out version whatever your guide is or get a kid should be holding it or something like Oh keep going it’s like that so that’s like very like oh it’s simple you got them just like everything’s there’s nothing it’s like jumping out freaking it out right and then if you want to go further then it’s like you have like the impulse person will come in just like do the thing there’s like the skeptic who’s like what is what’s the hook what like why they make me do this they have all the the skeptical stuff so then I’d have

Down below stuff that I sold and further if I needed it and some testimonials yeah you have testimonials things like that and I probably put a button here that just like pops you back up to the top and I would change that I changed that call-to-action button but I wouldn’t call it the get your free tactical that I’d now cuz tactical is not it’s not a tactical guide it’s a it’s a life-changing guide it’s something else but it’s you know claim your free guide now I think would be

Better than you know your free tactical guide because it’s not it’s not a tactical guide I know what he’s trying to do to bridge you know the tactical mindset with the leadership and and Guardian mindset and all that stuff but I personally think that’s a mistake because name for the I do what it is I’m not a hundred percent sure what the name of the guide is so that’s why I made up a cool name what do we call again it was named ADA it’s in their tactical guide to

Becoming an elite performer on patrol and at home it’s a free we performer the lead performance guide oh yeah claim your free elite performance guide now actually a benefit yeah Forman preformance that’s how they say I still run is the name of it’s the tactical guide to becoming elite but I don’t I don’t that’s too general you know what I mean it’s like yeah it’s that’s too general in my opinion the book are there but not you I’m talking to him sorry I know what

Facebook but the title of his thing is the tactical guide to becoming elite I think that that is too general elite at what is the thing so I need some work sorry I love doing this like it and you know I always go back to that and I’ll give credit where credit’s due but like corey rudl he was the one that every all of his calls to actions all said claim you remember that it’s been a long time so those are the core Corey’s like The Godfather of our world yeah that’s the way in a in a

Car accident back but he was you if you track back most of your marketing lineage it goes back to Corey yeah he’s the man and his purple binder I still think I have my I kept like is a souvenir yes scroll to the top alright the other thing I like to do it’s this is looking amazing by the way I just want to say it’s got to be those glasses oh well you know it’s blocking Bluett I can see what better it’s hard to read text typically especially long-form text on black I don’t mind like

And I I like like dark with white text but like long-form reading is hard on your eyes typically that’s why I made this part like on a white background so it’s more text if you know a source of most my sales letters but if if you happened to go to funnel hacking like we have sections where there’s like I thought let me re sighs anyway I go off sections where I’ve got like small pecs I’m popping on a headline when there’s long text I always go back to why cuz

It’s hard to read like my eyes yeah I was to default backs like the most important parts on why you background anyway just FYI but yeah I think overall looks really cool I would go hire someone who’s awesome in fact the dude I would hire all you guys been hired now but I love this guy Sean Lowry he’s awesome he cover designs gugak Sean Cal Sean Mallory cover just tell him he has to do my projects before any of you guys as much stuff for me graphics I convert calm I’m a gay man hopefully a funnel market or the funnel roll next to him yes he just he covers are so cool

Anyway there’s a there’s a hint for a stud that I hire all the time you could hire to do he covers for you anyway there you go so dude sweet cover there but yeah I think I’m pretty awesome only other thing I would I would change and went on time for but that the pre head is not doesn’t have a benefit in any that I mean I would pretty much just either take that out or change it to you know a you know I don’t like that it’s too general you know what I mean ya know like attention cops who want to change your life for the better attention cops tired of stress and anxiety tension cops that

Want a deeper family relationship [Music] like that yeah something like that is better so sweet you did a great job man Thanks so did you your headlines and bullets are fan-freakin’-tastic yeah I love it well thank you so much it’s just the unicorn magic oh all right Kenny one more thing before we bounce sure hey I’m gonna take two minutes of his time when watch this video together to get washed yet this is why I’m gonna take a check you’ve watched this you have your tickets are gone life yeah right here we go when we’re when we’re growing up we learn a lot of things.

Clickfunnels™ Police Marketing: Funnel Hacking Live

About life from life they’re just not true six days a week one day of a week one week of every six months I wish I had someone to educate me at college now I know some of you are feeling that indecision that uncertainty well today today is a day that you changed the world [Music] all the money invested for all the time oh I’m at the same place but here’s what’s interesting when you make a decision when you become something else it’s much easier the next time

Cuz we are crazy agree we do believe intelligent I know but you’re thinking through me having to do to a duty to make sure is made forget it awesome it reminds them of their journey where they’re at and they keep moving forward [Music] [Music] [Music] lately teaching them to be givers oh man [Music] dude I’m pumped and I get to speak this time again yay it’s gonna be awesome so if you’re crazy I have your ticket I go to Hawking the first two

Thousand tickets are gone this gift this option go fullscreen go fullscreen oh sorry we go back to my little pitch if you don’t I’m gonna if you go to live come and get your I said way better last time the first two thousand tickets to get this and they’re almost gone after that then you just get the tickets but this is the first four years of my 90 live on mp3 player you can listen to it is all the notes in first four years you can study along so you show up you will be immersed and ready to take over the world so anyway I’m excited for it because what Russell’s really trying to say is that he’s

Going to give you the opportunity to plug into the last four years of education that have changed thousands of lives around the world you’re gonna literally be able to plug that into your brain and absorb all of it before you come to photo hacking live next year so that you can compress what others have you can almost 5 years to do you could compress literally into six months or less and be ready to make an impact on that event with networking with

Learning and with the roundtables you can’t afford not to be there and with this amazing gift that Russell’s giving you he is actually giving you the shortcut to achieve amazing results so get yours today there’s a limited supply left that was yeah you take it anyway but watch that video and then have your spouse watch the video with them cuz lattes gonna come with my wife so then let me your husband or whatever show it to the end egg I need some of that kool-aid like whatever they just drink there I want some of that really really bad and then get your butt to Nashville

Tennessee it’s gonna be insane this year will be it keeps getting better every year but can I back up what you just said there yeah cuz I’ve been in this game now for 21 years and my wife has been to so many events with me and funnel hacking live is the old and I’ve she been to a lot she’s been to some big events some some big seminars around the world and you know some some events and other things this is the only one that she has ever sat in on

Every single session and taking notes and so we do funnel hacking live as a team I’ve only ever missed one it was the first one and I regret it for the rest of my life but luckily I’m able to get those recordings and I’m able to get those notes so I’m able to catch up on any of the ones I might have missed and you can too if you go claim your tickets now I love it thanks man I appreciate you thanks for hanging out with us today if your wallets in the back episodes go to photo Friday’s campeón the list ever you notified when the new show starts each week and that’s it except they should appreciate you bye guys everybody

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Clickfunnels™ Police Marketing - Help a former SWAT operator to market
Clickfunnels™ Police Marketing - Help a former SWAT operator to market 10

In this episode, we help a former SWAT operator get his message out! His podcast and program seek to help other police officers, sheriff's deputies, and cops live better lives, reconnect with their families and avoid burnout. Don’t miss a minute as we pimp out this funnel and give it the makeover it deserves. Subscribe…

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Funnel Fridays Episode #45

Funnel Fridays Episode #45


New To ClickFunnels™ But Want To Grow Your Business?

Want To Join ClickFunnels™?

Want To Take ClickFunnels™ To The Next Level?

Want To Promote ClickFunnels™ & Earn?

Funnel Fridays Episode #45
Funnel Fridays Episode #45 11

Editor's Rating:

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