What is ClickFunnels Platinum and FunnelFlix?

Clickfunnels™ Platinum FunnelFlix – The Future of ClickFunnels!

Clickfunnels™ Platinum FunnelFlix

Clickfunnels™ Platinum FunnelFlix: So many of you have been asking, just what is Funnel Flix? And what is ClickFunnels Platinum? I’m here today to explain just what that is so you as funnel hackers can get excited because I am excited for the future of ClickFunnels!

Clickfunnels™ Platinum FunnelFlix: What is Funnel Flix?

So, what is FunnelFlix? This is a new feature we’ve added to ClickFunnels to help change your business and I hope it’ll change your life as well. So let me explain exactly what it is. In the past, we’ve found that the people who have the most success in ClickFunnels, they’re not the people who just sign up for an account and start using this, people who sign up for an account, but they understand the strategy behind funnel building. They understand, like

what does a funnel look like? What does a funnel look like for my specific business? What are the videos and the copy I need to put on the pages? Like how do I actually drive traffic. And then, how do I get out of my own head? Some people get stuck with like, you know, the mind games that happen as an entrepreneur. And so, what I’ve found is people have the most success are the ones who are going and looking for more answers. They were going to coaching programs.

They’re buying courses and all sorts of things. And those are the people who have the most success. And I thought man, there’s so many of our members who would have success but they don’t have access to all those other resources. And so, a little while ago we sat down and said what if we could brainstorm a way to get access to all these amazing training and programs and courses and give them to our ClickFunnels members for free. And at first it didn’t seem like it was gonna be possible.

In fact, some of the people you’ll see, their courses down below, people like Tony Robbins and Jay Abraham and other people, I was like, I wanna license these courses from you and those things obviously aren’t cheap when it’s the products and services they sell every single day on their own websites. And so we sat back and we figured out a way to do it and if you look down below you’ll see the courses you’ll get immediate access to, as soon as you become a ClickFunnels Platinum member. So what is the ClickFunnels Platinum member.

Well as you know there’s two different tiers inside of ClickFunnels right now. People pay $97 a month to get access to ClickFunnels and we have a $297 which gives you access to a whole bunch more things. You get unlimited Funnels to your account. You get user accounts. You get a whole bunch of amazing things on the ClickFunnels side and we thought how about this, anybody who’s a ClickFunnels Platinum member, who’s upgraded their account, what if we gave them access to almost all these trainings down below for free.

Clickfunnels™ Platinum FunnelFlix

Clickfunnels™ Platinum FunnelFlix: What is ClickFunnels™ Platinum?

And at first it like didn’t make sense, but we figured out a way in the numbers to make it work and so, because of that, we’ve been able to create this amazing upgrade for you. Now what’s interesting is you look down below you’ll see a whole bunch of different training courses down below. Courses that I have sold in the past for anywhere from $500 to $1,000. You’ll see live events I did that people paid $10,000 to be in the room. They’re down below. Special trainings that only happen for inner circle members who pay $25,000 to $50,000 or more in this members area, as well. So inside of FunnelFlix, you’re literally gaining access to things other people have had to paid tens of thousands of dollars for, you get for free when you’re a ClickFunnels Platinum member.

There’s a whole bunch of other amazing things as well. So I don’t have time to go into all of it. All you gotta do now is go click on the videos down below and go watch some of the trailers for the courses and as you’re watching them, think about like what’s the course that you’re looking for. What’s the missing piece in your business. I promise you that every business question you have, is answered inside of FunnelFlix. Okay, if you’re stuck like I can’t get motivated. How do I get more motivation so I can actually succeed. Okay, I guarantee you, inside Tony Robbins course he’s gonna teach you exactly how to get the motivation, the mindset you need to be successful.

Like, I got the mindset but my Funnels are horrible. Go through the Funnel building trainings. There’s multiple different trainings on Funnel building inside of there. Maybe you have a funnel but it’s not converting. Okay, go through the trainings teaching you how to sell, how to speak, how to do videos. Those trainings will help you there. If you have funnels that work but you can’t get traffic, go through all the traffic trainings. Okay, there’s courses in there that will help you to get your business to next level and we’re always adding new stuff in there as well.

But the only way to get access to all of this stuff, You can’t pay for it, in fact, if you gave me money right now I wouldn’t even take it. There’s most of these courses are not for sale anywhere, unless you license them from somebody else, but if you want access to all of them for free, all you gotta do is upgrade to our ClickFunnels Platinum level right now. Not only is there training courses, there’s also documentaries to help inspire you, get you excited about your role as an entrepreneur. There’s, again, courses on everything you need, every question you have on your businesses, the answer’s here inside FunnelFlix.

All you gotta do is take that leap of faith. The one last thing I have to say is, you know, maybe you’re looking at this like, well Russell, I don’t need that course or that course. That’s okay, but there’s probably someone on your team who does. Maybe there’s someone on your team who you want to learn how to drive traffic. Let them log into your ClickFunnels account. Come into the FunnelFlix and watch the training on traffic. Maybe you have a copyrighter who’s trying to learn how to write better copy. Send them to the copy creating training, okay. You have access to all these things inside your ClickFunnels account, right now when you go to upgrade now and upgrade your account.


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Clickfunnels™ Funnelis Hackaformis – Special Breed of Entrepreneurs

Huge Changes To ClickFunnels – Introducing FunnelFlix And ClickFunnels Platinum

Clickfunnels™ Huge Changes – FunnelFlix And ClickFunnels Platinum

Clickfunnels™ Huge Changes

Clickfunnels™ Huge Changes: Earlier this week, I alluded to some major shifts that are happening here at ClickFunnels… and I promised to address all the questions and rumors that have been floating around. On this LIVE, I put the rumors to rest and making some official announcements about the FUTURE of #ClickFunnels that you shouldn’t miss….

Clickfunnels™ Huge Changes: 5 Year Birthday Party

Welcome you to the clickfunnels 5 year birthday party we’re so excited have you guys here while we get live on all the different channels on Facebook Instagram or even periscoping on Twitter right now we are all over the place right now because this is our fifth birthday and as everyone knows there’s a big announcement coming today actually a couple of big announcements and a birthday president gonna give you guys towards the end so there’s a little bit of a hint but I just want to jump on real quick if you guys are watching please comment down below and tell me hello tell me where you’re from tell me I don’t want to see I’m gonna be going back tonight and reading all these because I’m obviously there’s a lot of stuff happening to lead to this moment.

I want to read all your thoughts so as you guys are hearing me talk about stuff that you get excited or you get angry or you get upset or you get Jubilate is that a word I don’t even know if you’re I think how whatever you’re feeling like tell me down below I’m gonna be reading them all I wanna hear everyone’s feedback feedback and I’m obviously I probably you can tell a little anxious little nervous for a couple reasons number one is this is a big big deal we’ve been in business now five years which is which is crazy I’m gonna talk about a little bit here in the future.

It’s interesting looking back five years ago when this whole thing launched and like what we we dreamt it be coming and it’s become so much better and so much cooler than we ever thought was possible so we’re sad about that number to make updates coming and it’s not just today we’re actually have three updates coming up over the next couple months and some announced all those and give us some details but with that said am I gonna start jumping in we are we good everyone all right well I’m excited hang out the yes so I’m gonna jump into the slide so the first thing I want to address some of the rumors we’ve got a lot of rumors people have been kind of speculating about

what’s happening why it’s happening all sorts of stuff like that and so I’m gonna go through some of my favorite rumors that have been popping up so far so the first one is that I’m gonna be actually running for president of the United States I’m gonna be using a funnel to win which is pretty exciting I wish that was true I just don’t party I would run through I would have to start our own party the funnel hacker party and we’re gonna be on a platform of funnel building and and changing people’s lives it’s gonna be awesome know she can that’s not happening I’m not running for president so next one is they click funnels bought leadpages no that’s not true next ones that click funnels bought confusion soft oh wait they changed their name to key app I mean keep I mean it’s not confusing.

Clickfunnels™ Huge Changes: Russell stepping down as CEO

I don’t even know all right make sure the cameras flipping back and forth to me the slides on make sure those aren’t missing anything okay next one here is clickfunnels getting acquired and a lots been a rumor that a lot of people been asking about in fact I’ve got some of you guys who my friends would have been boxing me this morning saying congratulation acquired we are not getting acquired so there’s good news for anyone who’s stressing out Russell stepping down as CEO or Russell got fired so I’m hoping fired yet we’ll find out hearing about

you know next 45 minutes or so but hopefully might give me a fired and last last big one going through is that clickfunnels going public and we’re not going public either so I’m sorry actually one person did guess they nailed on the head what we are actually doing she has want to see what that what that is this was the the best one it said Disneyland will open a new land called funnel land with attractions like order form bumper cars value-added rock climbing OTO topia racing cars the Swiss family Brunson treehouse potato gun shooting arcade and the always popular mr. Todd’s wild ride funnel cakes of course will be the most popular food item and sold in 31 flavors that was Cathy’s guests so congratulations Kathy you guessed it that’s exactly what’s happening roping up and funnel cakes are gonna be changed look like this now instead of like the other kind of funnel cakes these are healthier

anyway this is a nice cake one of our clickfunnels members made this which is uh which is awesome so um that’s that’s what’s happening on now I will get into kind of the different things that are happening but whatever you guys right now before I get too deep into this is I want you to in the comments down below to tag all of your friends other funnel hackers people on your team people in your marketing team your friends anybody know should be users not right now go.

tag them in the comments down below that way they know what’s happening we can we can we hang out and talk about this obviously the big announcement as many people here as possible he has kind of a quick brief history of clickfunnels again were five-years-old and which is funny I had people all times like you’ve been around like I thought this is you’ve been here for 10 years or 20 like a long time it’s like no we’re we’re a relatively new company yet the growth is a massive I’ll kind of go through these so September 23rd 2014 was the day that changed my future and your future forever and this right here is a picture of us in the old office as we were building clickfunnels

so there’s Todd right there Todd was Todd still is my co-founder and he he’s one who did all original coding there’s Chris and Brent in the background this is us pulling us pulling late nights trying to get the software done this is the picture right here on the left hand that’s Dylan Jones who’s one of our original co-founders and Todd is we were literally mapping out you can see like there’s the funnel builder like on the whiteboard and then Dave processers posted this yesterday this was my facebook live I did exactly five years ago

Clickfunnels™ Huge Changes: We are going to be live tomorrow!

talking about how click funnels is going live tomorrow yeah whenever Tuesday 23rd at 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time and talked about so like it’s crazy that was that was five years ago like with the funny things when I saw that picture I looked at it I was worrying this American fighter shirt I looked down I was literally wearing the exact same shirt so not everything’s changed in five years something I still wear the same t-shirt every day which is kind of embarrassing but it’s crazy because when we’re sitting there like those are days like I will never forget like sitting there with a dream and a vision of like what what’s possible.

how we’re gonna help people and like sitting from a whiteboard mapping out like what if we did this and this and like how cool if we did this part in this part and you know pulling all nighters like not just one all-nighter but all matter after an all-nighter like like multiple weeks in a row where like we couldn’t like we’re so tired like it’s funny I was super anti caffeine my entire life until he launched clickfunnels and it’d be like 4:00 in the morning and Todd still be going and I’m like how are you still awake he’s like oh it’s called caffeine

I was like what so I drink some caffeine like a Red Bull or something I was like oh my gosh this is amazing and caffeine’s got us to this point definitely as a team all right starting give us a quick State of the Union address to to kind of show you guys where clickfunnels where we’ve kind of grown from so here’s our state official state of usually usually I do this a funnel hacking lab with hobby fun to share that as well

so if you look at over the last few years so our first year laughing launched click phones you’re number one with at the end of the first year we had 10,000 43 members which was pretty pretty exciting year number two we had 20,000 195 members you remember three we hit 50,000 737 with a big jump between year two and year three year four is a little slower we got sixty thousand one hundred ninety three and as of this morning he’s raped the drum roll drum roll please as of this morning I’ve got in-house studio audience boom as this morning we currently have over ninety five thousand eight hundred eight active members in sided clickfunnels which is which is insane so thank you so much to all of you guys for being part of this movement thank you for all the affiliates to promote thank you for

Clickfunnels™ Huge Changes: My team is working hard for this software to work.

my team who’s killing themselves literally to support everyone and make sure that this software and this movement that it lasts and that it matters and it keeps on changing everybody’s lives so a couple of cool things as this morning clicks onto this process over three point nine billion dollars in sales which is crazy that means all you guys collectively have made almost four billion dollars in sales that’s just the sales we can track like through sky or through stripe doesn’t count all the other sales we don’t even you know we had access to I’m gonna give us kind of a glimpse of what our team looks like so I was right now again this is me this is Todd and Todd would be here today

but his wife just had a baby so down the comments tell Todd and his wife congratulations on their baby so they’ve had a baby and so they were watching this from home hopefully or hopefully are taking a nap they should be but this kind of looks like so right now as of this morning we have 342 amazing people here at clickfunnels that work for you all day long to try you guys the best experience possible and there’s a lot of people a lot of apartments but the ones that are most applicable you guys they’re 7075 full-time developers now who are coding the software making

it better improving it and 162 support agents that are supporting you guys around the clock 24 hours a day seven days a week keeping keeping your edge as funnels up and live and working and so there’s a lot of people this is not just me you know I think a lot of times people see me cuz I’m like the one that’s always like talking and excited I have no actual technical abilities at all other than just to come to you and be like this is amazing do it and walk us through the strategy but those guys are the ones that guys and gals are ones that the code to software the develop it that support it that are they’re amazing so now our mission that clickfunnels as you guys hopefully know our click

our mission is to all entrepreneurs they can focus on changing the lives of their customers and so whenever were were making decisions and making plans that’s the lens we look through like Kate are we are we helping to free entrepreneurs to change lives our customers we strongly believe that that the only people that can affect your customers lives are you so if we can give you tools and make it simpler training the products the services all things you need to make it simpler then we fulfilled our mission so that’s what our goal is and we’re always trying to do so

Clickfunnels™ Huge Changes: Russell stepping down as CEO

I’m gonna come back this a couple times during this presentation so you guys kind of see why some of these choices some of these decisions are being made because all comes back to this like what can we do to make sure that that you guys can focus all your energy on serving your audience and after we’re about the technical side of things all right so I got three really important dates want to share with you guys so the first one is today September 23rd click close five your birthday yeah so that’s the first day that’s important to know the second day and we guys

Write this down the second announcement is happening on January 31st at funnel hacking live is the second important date and the third important date right now and this is my birthday is March 8th I’m turning and we can aim and guess if chef which have a comment down in the comment sake how old you think I’m turning March dates my birthday it’s a big birthday the big three easy just kidding I’m turning 40 so so my birthday I’m turning 40 so these three dates right now we have three big announcements um I wish I could tell you guys everything right now unfortunately I can’t I can tell you the first part of it though and you’ll see like as I as I open up each piece of it like something some things may seem smaller something bigger but they’re all threes you see all three things

strategically working together by my birthday you know you’ll be like oh my gosh this all makes perfect sense so I’m gonna tell you everything I’m able to tell you today and then the things I can’t tell you those are the next two days so first off make sure if I’m like life is January 31st that’s what for liking live I think that’s the third day for liking live we’re making the the second big announcement which is gonna freak you guys out you’re gonna you’re gonna melt down

I want to tell a little bit right now but I can’t so that’s the next big announcement that’s that’s gonna be awesome so you to make sure if phone I can live because that upgraded and update and all the stuff that’s there is only for people who are actually a fun rocky life’s got to make sure you’re there so you don’t ever check it go to fun hockey live calm this is not a pitch for that but seriously taking yeah like what are you waiting for I don’t know anyway and the third ones on my on my birthday March late BB the last big announcement and that point the whole the whole picture will be completely clear so I apologize for all of my friends out there who are loop closers I’m a loop opener I opened up a big loop this week I’m gonna partially close it but the last two closes don’t get close until my birthday so

I apologize in advance but I promise it’s more fun for me and hopefully for you and and you’ll understand why we have to kind of talk about things in different sections as we as what kind of go on okay so I’m gonna go into today’s September 23rd announcement there’s a couple pieces of this and I kind of walk us through it and I’m gonna walk you through it from two different standpoints one is I’m an educator as you guys know I love teaching and coaching entrepreneurs so I’m walking you through my mindset because I want I want all of you guys to understand why I’m doing this because hopefully it’ll help you’re making decisions in your business as well and so that’s why I could

make well here’s the thing but I want to walk through the process and the thinking so that again it hopefully serve as a teaching moment for a lot of you guys who have your own businesses which is all of you so okay so septum to right there announcement so this whole conversation start with this book right here called play Biggers my question how many guys have actually in the audience of read play bigger so far I’ve talked about it a lot I talking on podcast talk everywhere if you’ve read it in the comments bag I’ve read play bigger if you haven’t be like I haven’t yeah what am I thinking I’m gonna listen you Russell and finally go read play bigger so playing bigger is a really good book

Clickfunnels™ Big Changes

Clickfunnels™ Huge Changes: What is category King

I found out about it probably a year and a half ago and I chance to read it and the concept in the book it talks about a concept called the category King and you want to become a category keen in your business and your industry you want to be the category king one thing I thought was kind of fascinating from the from the from the book he talked about if you look at every industry there’s always one category King and the category king in the industry will suck up like 90% the business will be sucked up by the category King and there’s like 10% left and all the competitors come and they always like fight over the last 10% the last scraps okay and so that’s kind of how it works.

what’s interesting is throughout time it’s almost impossible to be throw in a category King it rarely if ever happens and so that’s interesting and so what happens if someone comes in and it’s not always the first person but whoever comes in makes the most noise and builds up becomes the category King and everyone else comes kind of fights over the the scraps and since click of those has got my ideas probably noticed and we I didn’t know this concept of being a category king at the time some of the things we did looking back after reading this book I’m like oh my gosh

we made some really cool decisions I’ll talk about those in a second but uh but that’s the goal in any of your businesses you want to figure like how do I become the category king how do I design my own category and so if you actually go inside the book and you read it talked about there’s three parts of becoming a category king first is like your company design so what is your internal team your organization like what does that look like second is the products I’m when you want your product your technology how does it how does that work and then the third is your

categories that how does the market work how do you design that so it’s kind of premise of the book and as I read it one of the big thoughts that I started having as I started looking back to like the experts secrets but have you guys read the expert seekers book like I read the edge for seekers book it was amazing or I got to understand it Russell the doodles really complicated let me know in the comments I want to read them.

Anyway in the book in in in the expert seekers book I talked about this concept of the the three core markets the three core desires right so from Pope slides here we’ve got there’s health and there’s wealth in these relationships right and then book I talked about those are the first three core markets and then it broke down to the sub markets okay so the sub market fit they click funnels as in is like the marketing sub market and inside the sub market is a bunch of different niches so there’s email autoresponder companies CRM companies marketing automation companies a whole bunch of other things like that okay so if I would have if we launched click funnels five years ago

Clickfunnels™ Huge Changes: Category king of email Autoresponders

I would come out and be like we are the best landing page software in the world are they competing against all the other landing page software companies right a lot of work category kings now what it came in there and I would have like okay how am I gonna throw in this this category king of landing page software but we didn’t write work I said we’re the best marketing automation software in the world but there were people who or the category king of a market animation software people category king of email autoresponders and so if I would have came in and tried to be like the best email autoresponder the best marketing automation software best landing page software in the world

We would have struggled I would always been fighting over the fighting over the 10 percent the scraps that were left over so instead what we did is we designed our own category to come back to the slides here we did is we created our own category and click funnels became the category king of sales funnels okay there are couple talking ourselves phones things are happening but nobody stepped up and said we are the category King it’s when we launch click funnels we we didn’t say were the best market automation when best landing page software said were

The best sales funnel builder in the world and from there we grew and over the last five years we have become the category King it’s been interesting watching what’s happened over the last five years because there are so many um people that have come and they see what we’ve done and tried to knocks off I think the last count is like 37 or 38 I might be more on that now but people who have tried to launch the next sales funnel click funnels killer and I know because every time they launch I was get all the emails like hey Russell’s another click funnels killer and it’s always like oh here’s a wordpress plugin for 27 bucks and I look at that Mike okay you can’t support your customers like

How are you anyway but basically all the rest of this have been 10% of the scraps that people kind of been fighting over but for the most part we’ve become the category King and so I’m looking this clickfunnels is the category king of sales funnels I think you guys all agree with that now what’s interesting is you know we’re getting five years in this journey about two years ago I made it I made a mistake and it’s it’s a it’s awkward it’s awkward to UM I think to admit your mistakes a lot of times most people don’t want to I don’t ever want to so I almost didn’t make this slide I almost like wrote it so it made me sound cool or but I thought you know I’m it’s gonna be clearly vulnerable.

Honestly everybody two years ago we made a mistake I’ll take 100 cent credit for this mistake but we sat down and we’re planning clickfunnels and I figured like like like what do we do how do we how do we how do we do this and so the the first thing is you know we we built a platform and I was the clickfunnels platform we became the category king of our of our market and then two years ago we sat down and we said look we have this funnel builder it’s amazing and I start looking at some of these other companies are popping up.

Someone became keep their own little category Kings companies like let’s say many chatting and other ones like that they’re popping up all around us and and my thoughts years ago is like what you know we should do we should go and we should like clone all their features and put him aside click phones and start plugging all those things in and so I was connecting is we decided to compete against other category kings and for the last two years we’ve spent a lot of time energy and money doing that and during that process we’ve been we’ve become good at at these features right but we never became great at any of them and we never became the category king at any of them

Clickfunnels™ Huge Changes: Avoid mistake I did 2 years ago

Obvious well he makes it on the slides when I’m talking directly camera you’re making sure my face is up sorry we got someone running the slides it’s not me I wanna make sure that I’m talking directly to you guys like it I can talk to you face to face so if we can make sure that’s happened that’d be awesome um so we could decide to compete against these other category kings and this is a mistake I made two years ago so we went and we spent tons like literally millions and millions of dollars building out different features like building out something to compete with

many chat with other things and plugging them into to our software and like said the problem is that these people like their entire focus was on becoming the best in the world that thing and they became the category king and they were amazing and we were trying to become the catted working of sales phones and the kind of working here and here and here trying to do all these things and and it was it was the the wrong decision and so I take complete credit for that now these are some of the problems that this caused for us.

for the community number one is our developers became spread very thin we had people you know some people working on the editor and then switching from the editor over to to the sales phone a builder and then to backpack and then to action etics and then to that and like everyone’s kind of going up and it was tough because we never got a lot of traction anywhere at one time like we spent time over here and over here and over here and and that was a problem number two is our support had to literally learn how to support dozens and dozens of different products

which is which is hard right cuz it’s like they can’t get higher support person die here support click phones like support clickfunnels and this and this and this and this and this and this and so it’s really really hard to hire support people because they have to learn if it goes who’s such a huge learning curve before they’re able to to support our customers it’s our stuff and then the last thing obviously is because that our our end user suffered and because I really want to just tell everybody sorry like that’s it was a mistake I made two years ago.

Clickfunnels™ Huge Changes: Dreamforce this is Salesforce’s big event

I wish I could go back two years ago and they crustle know don’t do that that’s the wrong like focus on being the category king but we didn’t and it was funny last year we went to we went to Dreamforce this is Salesforce’s big event and how many guys actually had a chance to watch the I mean I had a chance to watch the vlog I posted last on my personal Facebook page much other places I’m gonna have Melanie post the link in the comments down below but three time watches this is the trip that me and Todd and Ryan took we flew to and dave was there and we flew to dream force the dream

force is the event that Salesforce puts on and to put this in perspective like clickfunnels our event 1/5 thousand people this year at Salesforce they have a hundred seventy thousand businesses like they are the biggest the biggest company in in our world they didn’t like thirteen billion dollars in sales last year and I remember right going there and looking around be like oh my gosh like what do they do like like strategically what were the rule that moves

they made or the moves that didn’t make I need make sure I’m making the the like the right decisions for our company like how you know how great would it be if we can get this thing to grow that big and they’ll support all the people all those things and so we spent a lot of time really thinking through that and one of the interesting things is I started studying really deep sales force and how they grew that way and what they did and why they did it in fact Marc Benioff wrote a really good book called behind the clouds if any of you guys want to read like it’s it’s awesome so their playbook for how they grew Salesforce it was interesting is that Salesforce if you look at how they structure

their company Salesforce is a platform right it’s a CRM it is kind of sound like it is like that’s what it is it’s a platform CRM right and it’s got its features and its functionality and they have a team that’s always developing making it better making it you know making it a better CRM but it’s kind of it just a standalone and then what Salesforce doesn’t do is go out there and try to build all the other features and functionality right instead of yours they find other businesses who are the category kings of each and every single thing that their customers need and then they either partner with those category kings and bring them into the software or they just acquire them and bring them in in fact

Clickfunnels™ Huge Changes: Mule Saath a company that acquired four six billion dollars

We were walking around and we saw like here’s a company called mule saath they acquired four six billion dollars here’s this company over here and this company here and they and we looked at MIT and their mindset was like click like salesforce is a platform right the runs your business on and then we we integrate with all of the different companies that you want and that’s how they’ve been able to grow so big and so large and so fast how they can support the customers are such a high level and and just watch now just fascinating Mike okay and that’s you’re

looking closer what we were doing it and we start looking like oh my gosh we’re doing the opposite thing we’re trying to support our thing here while we build this thing we build this thing we build this thing we’re getting spread thinner and thinner and thinner and it’s getting harder to handle it all and so we thought yeah we’ve got to make a change but what does that change and how is it gonna work and so the first thing came back just having the realization of this that sales click funnels is the sales funnel platform or ecosystem like that’s what we do that’s what were the best in the world that like that’s what we need focus 100 Center efforts on is how to make this software this platform the best sales funnel builder in the world it is right now but how we make it better how to make it how do we keep

increasing it and Todd and I sat down for a long time talking about this and then I think was like two or three months ago we had the meeting with our entire team and this is a screenshot from that something Asami’s instagramming this and talking about I got a million messages me a snake what’s the big update but we announced this a couple months ago to our entire team and said look this is this is what we’re missing is we’re trying to do all these things and so we’re gonna do is were going to double down and be in the category king and I said we are the best now but let’s blow their minds let’s make it even better right what do we got to do and and so because of that we had to make some tough decisions and Todd night we had literally had this call and we said there’s no sacred cows in this

College we can like like we were start clicking click phones over from day one likes rewind five years ago what would we do differently how would I structure things differently and I recommend for all of you guys in your businesses to stop from it and think about that sometimes and at first we were scared like we can’t do those things like ah if we do it’ll it’ll you know people gonna be angry they’re gonna be upset or there’s things are gonna happen and we had a lot of fear behind that but then we thought but what’s best for our customers like like for the whole for

the entire ninety five thousand plus people who use this what’s the best choice that we can make what’s the things gonna support them the best and really fulfill our goals of freeing all entrepreneurs so they can get back to serving the lives of their customers and and so those meetings we decided to cut some things and to change some things and move some things around and get rid of some things and and again some of these updates will be coming out over the next few months I wanted to give us kind of a head up heads up right now of what we’re doing and why we’re doing it Ken and so that’s that’s half of the big announcement is that we’re focusing all of our efforts on being

Clickfunnels™ Huge Changes: The best sales from the build in the world

the best sales from the build in the world so the question is like what does that mean for you guys first up what it means is that 100% of our developers time is gonna be focused on making the core clickfunnels product better every single day okay so what does that mean that means no longer our developers working on on this thing over here and then dripping action etics and this thing over here and then this thing right and going thing to thing to thing to thing to thing to thing okay we got 75 developers there’s a lot of people there they’re amazing but they’re working on so many different projects that we could never get a ton of traction in any in any one area sounds kind of first

thing so since that meeting just to kind of put in perspective last like two months since that meeting happened I went in today to look and just in the email or not just in the editor alone and the page editor that we all love since that meeting two months ago they’ve already squash over 130 bugs just in the editor alone okay is that crazy because I they don’t say look all you guys do just focus on the other nothing else this is your full-time job make it better every single make it better and better and better and better and better you’re not gonna play off from their project and their

ideas like just focus on making this better every single day and so 130 bugs have been squashed the editor loan which is which is awesome okay so what else does that mean there’s some of these things again I’m nervous so many things you have to be excited for like that one joke yes we got all understand focus on just the core click photos is amazing we’re gonna clean up things would improve things were making is better run faster all those

things which is which is awesome there’s some things I think somebody has gonna be nervous about maybe maybe even be upset about a little bit and so I’m gonna kind of go into some of those things as well so the next piece that means that some of the features inside of clickfunnels are gonna be what we call sunsetted and so we’re we’re modeling if you guys watched it was 37signals that changed her name to base camp base camp comm base camp did this a few years ago base camp use have 10 software products and they realized that that they were the best in

Clickfunnels™ Huge Changes: Project Manger Software

the world at at their project manager software that’s what they were the category king yet and they literally shut down every other software company they had and all the features and sunsetted them and and again they had some customers who really said it first but then because they’ve put all the focus on the one thing that probably cover a thousand times better and their company’s grown dramatically and and we we really we modeled 37signals now base camp we modeled them in so many aspects in fact the the code that click phones was built on was Ruby on Rails which is the coding language they developed their book rework and remote we’re like the Bible’s for us as we’re getting started with clickfunnels so we modeled them so many things and we looked at they did the same thing

I think six years ago they said look we’re gonna focus on what we’re best at in the world and then put blinders on and focus there so we kind of said the same thing so some of our features that aren’t part of the core clickfunnels feature set are gonna be sunsets what does that mean sunset it means they’re basically be turned off so new users coming in they’ll never even know they exist so that’s that’s easy if you guys might be thinking like do i have this feature like i love this feature what happens if it disappears so existing users will have them but they may put into a

call maintenance mode so maintenance mode means we’ll do security patches but we don’t do bug fixes or feature requests on there and so we we put those in sunset and then and then our goal is to either fine or acquire a category keen for that that feature then bring them into the click phone’s ecosystem I want to find people who are the bed in the world each of the core features so that we can partner with them we can attend to acquire them but that’s kind of that’s more so the goal set that makes sense okay so an example so action etics action etics is is changing the word action etics is going away you know again there’s clickfunnels and actually I speak like those two different software

programs what’s what’s what and it’s it’s been confusing now what we’re kind of doing is we’re renaming action X rename ik follow-up funnels and we’re no longer gonna be try to become our own ESP which is something we’ve been doing over the last two years and a lot of you guys have used this we are again comes back this we are a platform so we integrate with sangra and and mandrel and these other smtp mailers but but that’s not our job that’s not our business we can’t be the best in the world with that and so we’ll leave that to those companies.

Clickfunnels™ Huge Changes: Action X

So accidents will be going back or change the name to follow up funnels so actually I so you won’t see that word inside the app moving forward you’ll see follow up funnels instead and the core fault funnels functionality will be there but um but it again we’re not gonna be doing the email setting for people if you’re already using us as an ESP we’ll continue to do that but I would recommend for most you guys to look at integrating with some of the likes ingrid’s and things like that and we’ll do follow-up videos and stuff to kind of walk everyone through that if any if they

have questions okay so for example this is the back end of action X so these are some of the the features and the tools we built inside of action X was action X than others email messenger desktop messenger mobile messenger funnel messenger social messages retargeting messaging we’re all of our team’s building all these cool features we thought were gonna be awesome it’s funny because we didn’t awed it after spending millions of dollars on these and Todd he’s very analytical unlike me I’m very emotional I call this looks awesome let’s build it he did some analytics

he found some of these features we spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to build tons of time maintaining maintaining when you ran through all like 96 thousand members only like 11 we’re actually using some of these features which is crazy so we’re in your son say the son settings if you’re using them s fine but new new users won’t see them and we’re gonna start focusing more on again finding the category kings like who is the best in the world at at the Facebook social messengers companies like many chattin things like that like let’s partner close with them

require they’re things like that to bring them into our ecosystem as opposed to us trying to to code one that’s it’s good but not as not that’s not great okay and so this is kind of again the the transition that will be fall upon so phones been focusing on sales funnels which is like the typical click phones editor page 1 page 2 page 3 page 4 and then follow up funnels which Reich message want a message to message 3 message for and then we’re focusing deeper on our integrations to make those things work okay so that’s kind of that’s kind of how about how that works right

there alright alright so again that means the word me I’ll focus on deeper partnerships and acquisitions with existing category Kings to make this platform the most powerful possible for you guys so my question for you then is this is which companies would you like us to partner with or acquire and get closer with so let me know in the comments down below bag oh my gosh also you should work with this company that’s coming like just let us know we’re definitely looking at that very very closely now in the past we’ve never done that but now we we are and there’s

definitely a whole bunch of conversations with companies that are going in right now that I can’t disclose all the details that’s one remind you of but with three big launch day so again this is September 23rd birthday launch January 31st the funnel acting live will be the next big set of announcements you do not want to miss it especially you’ll get access to all the stuff if you’re a Funaki live usually delay that about six months before you open the whole community so make sure you had a funnel hacking live a come to the event go to funnel aki for your tickets

Clickfunnels™ Huge Changes: March 8th is one will do the last big announcement

and then my birthday March 8th is one will do the last big announcement so again official official information about any of those partnerships or acquisitions will be will be delayed until I’m able to make those things so there you go next time talk about is some of the big support upgrades I know that for the most part almost everyone has an amazing experience with support there’s always some people who don’t and there always happen to be the loudest inside of the the members or the Facebook group and so I want to talk to you is about what we’re doing to up

upgrade support I think this is gonna make you guys feel more comfortable and I hope you understand the process how it works and and then something you guys may even give you a chance to make some extra money how many as one make some extra money on the side oh it’s only for amazing funnel hackers alright so check this out so when you go right now were to click Thrones and click on the support it looks like this right it pops up now just see us know but this thing right here with ninety six thousand members we have this hit by tens of thousands of people a day so

there’s a lot of tickets going in there so we’ve been trying everything possible to like shrink down the number of support tickets that are happening and be able to handle and make sure get answers batches as fast as humanly possible so we’re always having a thing after thing after thing we’ve been testing a lot stuff recently and what gets through the flow of how things work right now and and just kind of based on the new flow and how things are working it’s been insane we have the the customer shippers to come back like it’s like 90 I think today was like 94 95

percent happiness rate from from people across the board so said it’s been really really good so in the walk that works so he come this thing right now and you start feeling out the very first thing is hits the first the first tier which is like artificial intelligence the reason why is because literally every question you could possibly ask her how to use click phones has been answered by eight bajillion times the only questions we can’t answer is like if there’s an actual bug or you tried to hack something weird that it’s not you know so to do inside of a funnel but from us where ever seen Quentin has been been asked documented with videos and texts showing exactly how to do it so artificial intelligence takes your question looks at all and says okay what what’s the what’s the question that they have and do

we have an answer and so I just give you the answers that’s the first path right and I’m again for most people this just gets their question answered the the best that’s the first path then the second thing after if it doesn’t find something right there then it goes to the second level which is our community experts and funnel hackers this is people like you who are obsessed with clickfunnels who work part-time on the side answering questions okay.

Clickfunnels™ Huge Changes: Clickfunnels Official Support Team

when questions come in first step is first phase like can we find artificial support and okay cool handed off to a live person and it comes to a slide to this live group of community support where whole bunch of people in the clip phones community who love click phones use every single day are answering questions and then if they can’t answer and get stuck then it gets passed to the third the third tier which is our clickfunnels official support team that’s

where’s people here in our offices or answering the questions but the majority questions to get answered before it ever actually gets here to internal click phone support so that’s that’s what’s happening behind the scenes it’s just you know ok tier one is artificial intelligence tier two is a community expert funnel hackers and tier 3 is official click phone support now my question for all of you guys who are listening today and I know a lot of you guys love clickfunnels and you like love to be part of it how many guys like while you’re building your funnels would love to

make some extra cash on the side ok if that’s you that’s what the community expert funnel hacker program is and so I’ll give you his link right here if you want you can apply it you just go to click funnels directly comm / apply when you apply there if you get accepted it means you they take and test the stuff makes you actually I use click for those things like that but if you do basically you can you can work part-time so while you’re working on your funnels and building out your next thing you can also be answering tickets in here and if you actually take you to make about

three a little over three bucks for every single taking you answer she answer you know three or four tickets an hour do that in while you’re while your funnel building I can’t literally pay for your click funnels can’t pay for your funnel building pay for your traffic in fact a lot of people have built and bootstrap their their companies their funnels by doing this by serving as an expert as a funnel hacker first and so if that’s you and you’re like man I can make some extra money I can help the community like I love this community part of it more that is like the best way to do it and you

can make money on the side helping everybody else I know for a lot of you guys you’re already in the Facebook group answering questions all day long every sing like anyway this is the way if you actually paid for that paid for that so hope that that’s beneficial some you guys hope you guys loved it and now you understand kind this how the support process is working and it’s been getting better and better and better every single day and we spend a ton of time and energy money to to always make the support experience better okay and so we appreciate you guys when

there are issues or whatever that you’re patient with us because you know again it’s it’s a big software app with a lot of things to do and we’re always developing and try to make it better and better and better but when questions come to us we hear them we’re trying to repair them trying to fix them and get them out the door she hasn’t people and funnels as quick as possible okay so so far we cover a couple cool things we talked about the future click phones were doubling down on being the category king we talked about getting rid of anything that’s not tied to fall to funnels

and follow-up funnel so that is what we are the category team the best of all that is funnels and follow-up funnel so it’s focusing on that okay now I wanna before I move to the next phase this I want to I want to come back to what our mission is okay so again our mission is to free all entrepreneur so they can focus on changing the lives of their customers this is the the lens we look at everything through as we’re as we’re coming up with Asaf raters and product it is and all the different things is like well this actually helps free more entrepreneurs this gonna make it

Clickfunnels™ Huge Changes: Two Comma Club C Award

easier for them simpler for them and and so that’s always the the lens and so man over the last probably year so I’m spending a lot of time trying to figure out because we get we get over a thousand people day you join click funnels right and you see that and then there’s all sorts of varying levels of success inside of aside software right we got people who in fact we got somebody who is begging me they think by funnel hacking live they’re gonna hit the two comma Club C award so two comma clubs million bucks two comma Club X X’s Roman numeral four ten is a 10

million and to comic of cc’s Roman numeral for a hundred 100 million there about I can’t tell them that your name their name but they’re about 200 million by fun hiking lives look they’re gunning for that it’s like how do they get that in fact when this these guys came into my world the very first time I’m n they joined the coaching programs and I remember he told me is like if I can make 20 grand a month that would change my life okay and now they’re on track to do a hundred million dollars which is which is insane so I look at them like how do they hit it and look at like all

let’s do combo Cup X winners you know we just today passed like six hundred two people then 1/2 comma Club and two comical vexing like and the people of all varying degrees of success people make it a hundred grand making five hundred I like like what what similar to me the people that are killing it and people that are are struggling because I tell you what this the support the customer support they’re using exactly the same software be using

exactly the same like like the the software doesn’t change that whatsoever see someone has success and family struggles if you look at it closely the difference between success and struggling all has to do with them understanding the strategy that’s it okay those who understand the strategy but how to use funnels make money with funnels those who don’t don’t and so when we have these thousand people they coming in those who figure out who tightened the one funnel a challenge and what read the books and the training they figured things out and they

have success okay and so that was the biggest difference between success and struggling and so as I was looking at Mike man like the people that are buying our courses about our coaching programs they’re the ones that are making the most money right like like we see it and so I’m like well how do we how do we better make it simpler for those who can’t afford a coaching program or or can’t do the the courses and things like that like how do we do it

and so we went to act the drawing board we decide you something nobody else can do because most people rely like their business is selling information where our company our business is selling software and so we’re able to do something that nobody else can do and I’m gonna walk you through straight out and this sometime so excited for I think you guys are going to love this by the way is not for everybody this is just for my diehard funnel hackers so who might diehard photo hackers that’s you go in comments back I’m a die-hard like I want to see I want to see in fact when we got this image done I made this image because Steven Larson said I am a die-hard funnel hacker if you were to rip my chests open you would see my heart inside there be gears and be bleeding red and blue blood and I was like that is amazing let’s get a logo design so there’s for our die-hard for lockers so if you’re a die-hard funnel

hacker this is for you this is someone who’s like I don’t want to be successful those guys are like I must be successful I’ve got to figure this out this is the the step the path in the process and so what we’ve done inside clickfunnels as you know we’ve got clickfunnels which is $97 a month and we’re opening up a new tier a new program it’s called clickfunnels platinum and it’s six hundred ninety seven dollars a month so i’m walking like what’s inside it click phones platinum and why you guys would want to be part of this so click phones platinum you get a whole bunch of amazing things you’re able to see this is kind of a screenshot of it all but let me walk you through

kind of a higher level because I want to go on to some of the bigger things as well inside of the click phones platen you get an unlimited counters you get unlimited funnels I’m gonna pages and a whole bunch more you also get unlimited follow up funnel so you get unlimited contacts and the unlimited follow up funnels and a whole bunch more so you both those software platforms and the next thing that’s something that in the past we’ve only done for inside of the two comma Club X training program but we found people who were doing this to having so much success it was crazy cuz we would do a lot with inside the to combo Club X coaching program there’s a live event that happens about once a quarter and we’re doing all this live training and coaching and motivation and all these things with a group as they’re going and for some reason people still have their funnels done like a lot of new Bell on we just don’t

ever get the funnel done and so one of our coaches Jorge had this idea he said he said it was it was like the weekend before an event he said hey it’s Saturday anyone who doesn’t have the funnily done yet jump on this call we’re gonna sit here together we’re gonna do everything again to build the funnels and we’re not getting off till the funnel is done and so he said that and so there was probably I know 30 or 40 people who were coming to the Sligh event who didn’t have a funnel done yet so they all jumped on on a Saturday they started early Saturday morning and it said okay this is a virtual hackathon we’re gonna go to everyone’s done so the first step is like does ever have.

Clickfunnels™ Huge Changes: One Intense Virtual Hackathon

their domain name we check around and half people did have to it’s like hey go buy your domain name really quick everyone bought a domain name cool here’s all we point out here’s how we point our dns to cloud but every got pointed never did that okay so next step we gotta go pick our template ever pick a tip and went through the entire thing step by step if someone got stuck there were other coaches would grab and pull them off help him get fit get unstuck and push him back into the training and all day long they focus on getting the funnel created designed

launched and live and by the time that Saturday was over everybody’s funnels were done they served the event and it was amazing there was a whole group people who are all like my funnels done and it was insane because up to that point they’ve been in the coaching program someone for six to nine months or more so they’re funnelin and in one day one intense virtual hackathon they got it done so without man what if we take that piece out what if we move it down to the Platinum level and give all you guys the access the access and the ability to do that so what that mean is we have these these daily virtual hackathons these are gonna be starting I think in about two weeks for now

I think October never that Monday is October twelfth I believe it is we’re do use these virtual daily hackathons what’s cool about it is that they’ll be happening on different file types like one-day Doble Kay we’re all building lead funnels so if you want to lead funnel jump in or hey we’re doing a summit funnel look so anyone do summit funnels jump in here we’re doing a challenge funnel we’re in a survey funnel we’re in a book final car funnel webinar for a product launch funnel high ticket funnel so you figure out like what kind of funnel do you need okay I know I need a high ticket funnel cake the high ticket phones what happened in next Wednesday next Friday and then you know two

weeks from now and you go and you schedule that thing you block out the day you jump on with our entire team and then you go and you build that funnel and you sit there and tell us done okay and there’s no excuses and it’s better than customer support you’re sitting there right with our coaches right it’s not working like oh you gotta click that button there we go oh crap boom and you able to get the things done okay so these can be happening every single

day every single day different funnel hackathons are gonna be happening for those who have this Platinum level okay and so again there’s there’s 11 core funnel types that we teach those 11 core funnels will be rotated through throughout the month and so it doesn’t matter what like when you come in you’ve got a chance you know the next two weeks or so to always hit one of those those funnels and get your funnels done and launch and live and so that’s a huge thing we want to give you guys because man I like I said our coaching program this has been so big we wanted to move this down into the Platinum level and give all you guys access that as well okay the next thing is

we’ve just created a new official funnel hacker form and I’m gonna say about the form because we obviously we have an amazing face for group site two hundred and something thousand people now in this Facebook group and it’s it’s great in fact there’s tons of you know I’m sure you guys are all in there there’s tons of I come and some people talking this also is kind of a scary spot right you know we got 96 thousand members there’s two hundred fifteen thousand members in there so you know half of the people aren’t click funnels members yet and sometimes

you’re coming in as someone who’s new or just trying to figure these things out and you like hey I have a question about a funnel or he has review my funnel and a lot of times unfortunately like it’s been you know we’ve been doing our best to kind of try to moderate things keep things clean and stuff but it can be hard and sometimes it’s hard to be vulnerable and this huge open area like that and so this is just for clickfunnels members you have to be logged in to

click phones even get access to it so this is people who are actually in the field who were playing who are acts and so you’re not getting feedback from someone who’s like oh I don’t I click funnels or oh I don’t understand click for weather like these people who are in it with you ok it’s the community people it’s all in my informed we have things broken down based on all the core funnel building topics like I need help a funnel building or I need copywriting help her story selling or design like all the different things you can go in there and get questions answered and on top of

that everyone in our company who I’m so everyone our company who does any of these things or in those forms as well so you have my team and they’re answering questions helping you all in the spot that’s protected works just click funnels members are allowed to be in there so that’s the official final hacker form which is really very cool and then the next thing and this is the one I’m most excited for this is one we’ve been killing ourselves and I’m so excited show us with you guys this is one that’s gonna make it simple for I think everybody to really master and understand

all these strategies so we created a new platform inside of clickfunnels and it is called funnel flicks kind of like netflix only way cooler now inside of funnel flicks what we decided to do is in the past I’ve sold a whole bunch of different courses right in different places so of courses for 500 X here a thousand bucks here two thousand dollars over here they’re all different places and some people buying this one or that one and they’re missing parts of the strategy and

Clickfunnels™ Huge Changes: Funnel Flicks Board

I thought what if we went and just took all of our training all of our courses all our products whatever we’ve ever sold and put them all in this level so when you’re here you get access to all of the training courses that way if you’re a guy need build the webinar crap I go by Russell’s webinar trains like no like it’s just there you just have it and also you have access to that or I need to drive traffic I don’t know how I gotta buy a traffic course know like the traffic training is in there where I need this or that whatever your the thing is you need help with it’s all sitting there inside of funnel

flights for you so that’s kind of what is like literally every question every business question you have to be solving stuff the side of funnel flakes so I wanna show you guys kind of a glimpse of what’s inside here cuz it’s not it’s not just my stuff I got so my friends and put their courses in their clothing including Tony Robbins and other people you guys want to see what it is all right I’ve got Vanna White three men and whites for Vanna White’s who are gonna help we’re gonna pretend like we are sitting at our in our couch watching funnel flicks and chillin and these guys are going

to play the funnel flicks board and we’re gonna go through these things Ken so how we started up okay so this right here we’re start here hopefully this works we’re figure this out okay so you’re inside Netflix funnel flakes we’re inside of funnel flakes and you’re oh my gosh this course looks awesome what is this right here the getting started this is the 30-day program Kay a lot of you guys got the 30-day book but this is all the training from all the people who had to karma Club there’s 30 of them who basically walk you through a step-by-step like here’s the funnel that I built.

here’s what it looks like it shows you step by step by step so you had a chance to see the funnels of 30 of our two karma Cup winners plus their training what they would do if they lost everything and they just start over so that is in there so that’s the first one let’s swipe it over the next one is all the trainings we look just like a funnel it’s are just like Netflix okay next one is the affiliate bootcamp those who’ve gone through this training there’s the live online version but if you’re in here you access all the trainings all the time so you wanna become an affiliate figure how to promote click funnels other products other services you access to fill a boot camp as well let’s wipe that one this is what I’m

so excited about so when we were in Fiji I was like Tony we launch this new thing called funnel flicks and everybody is gonna have like we’re gonna have tens of thousands people in here learning funnels but what I’ve noticed the biggest problem with building funnels is not to necessarily like I don’t know the technical ability I can’t drag and drop Russell I click funnels makes it so simple typically the problem is something that’s happening between your ears somewhere between here and here is where you have the the problems and the issues and so I talked Tony I was

like is there any way do you give him some of your best stuff the personal dough themselves going to like just shift people’s minds and help them to have breakthroughs they need to be successful and he said he said yes so this is turning off his private collection a whole bunch of trainings that he doesn’t post any other places he gave access to us to put inside of the members area funnel flicks so if you’re like I want to watch some Tony Robbins and geek out in fact his presentation front like he live three years ago was in there so you watch Tony for like four or five hours going through it all his mindset stuff watch but other ones like it’s insane like you pay five or six under bucks for this

Clickfunnels™ Huge Changes: Traffic Training Program that run Social Media

one alone you guys get it for free as well inside of funnel flicks what’s next this is right here this is a Justin Brooke he was actually one of my very first interns back in the day like how many years ago is that 15 years ago 12 years ago anyway he came and flew out here work for free for me for a month and went home became a master of driving traffic and he built this whole traffic training program to Train somebody on your team like how to run traffic how to

run Facebook ads YouTube ads Twitter ads GDI make all the different networks all did it for everything and it’s amazing course he sells I suggested this is amazing I want to license it from you and he was like well it’s not gonna be cheap I said how much and so I paid him a ton of money licensed ad skills from him what’s cool about this get some on your team like I’m the creative guy buy you someone run Facebook Ads for me or Google YouTube or

whatever it is have them log into here watch Justin’s trading and east platform and they can become a master driving traffic for you again something you buy for a whole ton of money somewhere else or eating it for free here inside of funnel flakes Shh okay next one this is helping you guys understand money mindset John Racz was the first person in our industry to make over a million dollars in a day he created a course called in fact I think there’s two courses of him I paid John a lot of money I licensed all this stuff because I loved it he doesn’t market this too heavily

so no one’s really seen some these courses this one called money mindset to help you to get in the right mindset to how to actually make money most of the reason why you guys aren’t making money if you’re struggling again it’s something between your ears that you’re struggling with some money mindset is John Reese’s course the dude who’s a pioneer and an industry in our industry first gotta make a million dollars are they helping you fix your money your that the problems you have around money just shift your mindset so you can be more just when you fix your mindset makes it easier for these things to come to you so money mindset is insanely good let’s pop that one next

we also have a whole bunch of really cool documentaries that are going into funnel flicks as well sometimes you want to learn something you want to hang out with your kids and chill and watch marketing as training and documentaries and apps for fun alacrity we have a horn some really cool special episodes for knock your TV that are in there that you can go and start watching with your family in fact that’s us in San Francisco when we have this whole Pitney is start this whole thing this is the 10x 10x secrets or 10x who the 10x documentary has watched that a little while ago you can watch this to your kids inside of there it’s like 90 minutes long story about the 10x event but I

Clickfunnels™ Huge Changes: Selling Funnel Builder Secrets

completely failed so if you guys want to see me fail on stage you should go watch that was a lot of fun we got training education fun this is fun rebuilder secrets we’ve been selling funnel builder secrets for over three thousand dollars for the last five years and now for all the geyser in there it’s it’s inside here so this gives you everything you possibly ever want about funnel building and at a very high level and in a very granular detail level so you try and figure out how to change the CSS how do I do this like all those things are covered here inside the funnel builder secrets we sells for $30,000 use it for free inside of funnel flicks which is exciting so that’s another course you get

seminary team you’ll become a funnel builder you have a kid you want to make them a fun a builder plug them in the front a builder secrets never become a rockstar so there you go you’re so good at this you should be hired anyway product I mean I was like this is awesome about have a product to sell yet para prokta sell yet product secrets will teach you how to create a product in a weekend that’s where my favorite trainings a little over an hour long it’ll show exactly to create your own products information products things like that this is something we’ve only done for a high in coaching clients and I pulled it out of our training area and give it to you guys as well so it’s product secrets this

one I’m excited for how many guys heard about my did three point two million dollars on stage a grant Carlin’s event after that I did a whole training for all the people who signed up it’s called 10x secrets we launched this is the course last year for five hundred dollars and now it is for free for everyone who here is here inside of funnel flicks so if you want to write create a webinar all the webinar scripts the training my PowerPoint slides are in here all the all the stories the closes like everything you want see in fact I can go through my presentation slide by slide by slide like I’m

on stage and you see the presentation we were doing 3.2 million and I start playing I paused I’m like okay this is why I did that which plan I go through deposit that’s why I did this I’m like everything is in there as well so if you wanted to create a webinar and learn speaking sage Tennessee criticism in funnel folks as well for you for free next this is outsourced force this is John Reese once again the guy who made a million dollars in a day the first guy in our industry and this is the course of how to outsource this you can live your life she’s not stuck behind a desk you can

get people in place to do it so if any of you guys want to be able to to live like the lifestyle of an entrepreneur and like you know travel and those kind of things not be stressed about an office in building do like John John’s putting this for Ike out of 20 years thirty years for forever and he out sources the entire thing and this course is amazingly good teaching has had outsourced that’s for free inside of funnel folks as well next is funnel university for the past three years we publishing a print newsletter so he has I’ve seen it before some you guys are subscribers we’re basically I

final hi to people every single month and we make whole print newsletter and then we also have videos me walk you through their funnels all three here’s what the content now is inside a funnel flick so you going you can watch the stuff you can download the PDFs printing out and you have me literally funnel hacking thousand nine thousand it’s probably probably hundreds of people for you all inside of funnel University as well a bunch of other cool trained there too all for free inside of funnel flakes who lot of stuff next this was Garrett J white the master coach and mentor

Clickfunnels™ Huge Changes: Free inside of Photoflex platinum

I talked to Gary garrison only person who spoken to all four funnel hacking lives and I’m not sure exactly he said but I’m smiling so Garrett came in here and donated most of the trains behind warrior to be here inside of the the platinum inside the Platinum level as well and so the final level of funnel flakes and so that’s here as well and it’s it’s it’s pretty awesome so it’s the director’s cut this one is rated pg-13 ish or a little higher so it makes you don’t watch Garrett’s with you kids but frame you guys need to wake up and change your life garish stuff is second to none so that’s all for free as well inside of final flicks next at the Platinum level off thing that has access to all the back

recordings one fun away challenge I hope all of you has to go through challenges live a lot of times after you’re done you like I’m gonna go back through all the trainings so inside the funnel flicks we have at the Platinum level you’ve access to all of the one funnel my challenge trainings and videos and courses as well so that’s all there – this right here is the funnel hackathon this was an event we ran for a year and a half there was $10,000 to be in this room doing this event the very first one I did by myself after that Steven Larson help me with it but this is the training that videos from the very first funnel hackathon event that happened here and and so again don’t people have seen this

pay $10,000 to see it and this is for free inside of inside of funnel builder excuse me inside of this is called fun of wigs but iPhone flicks platinum as well and so you guys wanna get access to that as well you will I’m excited for this because this is after the expert seekers book came out we sat down for three days I was like okay we’re going through this thing we built out the entire thing so if you want to figure out how to find your voice build your tribe and change the world this is me doing it in a three-day period time like step by step like we talked about the first cons of the book we stopped workshop it second step workshop it people in this room were like Brandon and Kalyn Paul and

Alex hermos they all the people you’ve seen a funnel acting live were basically in this room and they all became who they have you know in a big part because of this event was a huge turning point in many of their career so this is nullus for free inside of Photoflex platinum and some water this last one is or more but wait there’s more and then last time i show you guys is traffic seeker so for the two comma clerics platinum members we did a live event a year ago before i wrote traffic secrets book and this was the first event and so that’s in there plus John Racz when we

purchased traffic seekers from and we took all of his court trading and plugged all that in here so this is the traffic secrets members area with tons of ways to get traffic into your funnels that’ll help you as well again this is also free inside the platen level of funnel flicks so that’s last one all right well thank you guys I’ll keep swiping it off so um alright so that’s what’s fun that’s what’s not a funnel play so I’m excited because at this point like again the people that haven’t successful people have actually has to go through these courses and if you buy one course that’s next

after next pretty quick you’re looking you know $2,000 here $10,000 here $25,000 here’s $1,000 here 502 to him for free and so that was the goal inside of click phones platinum is to do that so that’s kind of the last component here side click phones platinum is funnel flicks literally every business question do you have is answer inside of the courses inside a funnel folks that promise you that okay so here’s a recap everything you’re gonna get when you

Clickfunnels™ Huge Changes: Clickfunnels™ access just 297 dollars a month

guys do become a platinum member today first thing you get is click phones unlimited which is $207 month value you’ve the follow up funnels a limit or $287 month value your the daily virtual hackathon so if you’re like I need to build a funnel I don’t know how to do it you just jump on the hackathon with folks in your funnel type and we’ll build it together with you which is insane so that’s happening every single day I’m gonna get the funnel hacker form which is priceless the funnel flix which is priceless insane involves whole thing or the total value everything we talk about

here inside of click funds platinum is literally insane now one more thing we’ll talk about I told you guys before that click frozen ice $10 month click for the platinum is gonna be six hundred ninety seven dollars month but um because this our birthday I wanted to give you guys a gift as well and so instead of charging guys the six hundred eighty seven dollars per month if we throw back to the slides really quick seven charged six nine ten dollars a month we’re gonna do instead is we’re gonna give as access to this level at just 297 dollars a month okay now really quick I want to say is if you were already a clickfunnels members paying $200 a month this is not a new upgrade okay if you are already doing it than this upgrade for you is completely free so if you already paid you to click phones to $97 a month and I think we have sixteen thousand of you guys who are already there so that’s like a huge percentage you guys then everybody’s talking about it’s completely free you gonna pay anything that’s like you already have it okay it’ll be in your click farms account very very soon it’s almost like the birthday present it’ll be popping into your account

here in the very near future probably the next hour to two hours when you later on tonight you’ll log and click froze also you be like oh my gosh there’s funnel flicks and the forum and all the things and everything’s gonna be right there for you’ll be like Christmas just pops in there and they’ll be there okay so again if you’re already the tuner nice ten dollar month level instead of click funnels this is free you don’t pay anything is there for you which is awesome so go through kind of everything talked about number one click phones we’re focusing and doubling down and

becoming and focusing on being the category king of funnels we’ll be focusing primarily on funnels and follow up funnels Nathan not tied to those things we are kind of getting rid of and we have a official announcement as we go throughout the the weeks in the months ahead click funnels Platinum is the new programs coming out the $287 month level and inside of there is funnel flicks which is this training platform that is amazing is it they just told me it’s live is that for sure alright so that means for all of you guys so this for everyone who’s already in if you I paint United seven a month like if you log in to click phones count out its there it’ll go to the dashboard on the right hand side you

see funnel flexing you start freaking out with me right now cuz it’s so awesome so it’s they’re ready for you and if you are not a member yet you’re like how do I upgrade I want to go now wanna upgrade right down this domain upgrade that’s what you can upgrade to get to this level so if you pay nice and dollars month you upgrade and unlock all the training all the resources everything else we talked about today okay so we can click phones platinum yet click phones platinum you can get follow up funnels you’re getting in the daily hackathons you hear the click

Clickfunnels™ Huge Changes: Traffic Secrets Course

funnels forum you’re gonna get funnel flicks including Garrett’s course and Tony’s course and my product secrets course and the traffic secrets course in the ads skill course and the 10x secrets course in the funnel university course and the funnel builder secrets course all of this and a whole bunch more for this 297 dollars a month and one thing I went out on top of that is just like Netflix is always adding new things funnel folks was not meant to be stick to be stagnant we’re gonna be adding new courses all the time every single month will be new courses coming out

different areas and then we have an internal coaching program that holds a bunch of amazing things happening with it but right now I wanted to launch this initially with some of my favorite programs the same programs I went through is I was trying to figure things out in my life like Tony Robbins had such a profound impact on my on my life on my marriage on my business I wanted to get you guys access to him Garrett why it’s the same thing I’m all these different traffic courses and funnel billing like all the stuff of the things I wanted you have access to the best courses

I’ve ever done from how do our webinars and how we build our movements like the the the trainings I did for my ten thousand dollar month level my ten thousand dollar level clients in my twenty five thousand dollar like I’m putting all that stuff in there so I want to make sure you guys are successful okay and so you can get all that for the $210 a month and they get started all you gotta do is go to upgrade now calm and they’ll take you the page upgrade or if you want a little more info on you I see all the courses again if you want to funnel flexkom you actually see all the courses okay so on the left-hand side here that’s upgrade you go there you can read about click the

Upgrade button and if you’re already logged in click phones let’s say you wanna upgrade you click yes and just change you to building from 97 dollars a month to 297 okay it’s not an additional charge it just shifts you see you shifts in the night seminar month plan to 287 all month plan just make it a little shift right there and then unlocks all this stuff for you okay and and if you’re not click phones remember you can go up here now I’ll calm you can create your click phone’s account and upgrade everything right there on the spot ok and then if if you want to do the on the

right hence to the right hand side Brian sighs final flicks we’re gonna go look at the courses each course that’s live or now is a trailer you click on it watch the trailer and just see how magical and exciting and cool all the different things and funnel folks are and the future go to final flicks call me will see all the new courses they come out all the different documentaries all of the things were plugging in there but I wanted this to be like Netflix for entrepreneurs I know so

many friends who sit back and they literally sit and they watch your Netflix with their kids and they spend hours and hours and hours and just develop them or their mind or their like anything about themselves they’re not becoming better people they’re not improving their life I was like now if we can create an experience for entrepreneurs we can sit down and you can learn personal development traffic generation funnel building it all those things em all in one spot would that be worth you so again for all of us to our day 287 dollars a month it’s completely free doesn’t cost you a penny those who aren’t yet all you do now is go to upgrade now calm click on the button and upgrade your

account or if you more information go to funnel flicks calm and you kind of see all the courses there again kind of recap everything you can get inside here you’re here the click funnels unlimited account that’s the unlimited County of unlimited funnels on them bandwidth all that stuff if you go to upgrade now talk honestly kind of a recap of everything’s inside the Platinum unlimited account you get follow up funnels unlimited your the daily virtual hackathons those start I think October 12th is that the 14th October 14th is when the virtual hackathons will begin so

Clickfunnels™ Huge Changes: How to get access to all these courses

start October 14th right all right I want to build a book funnel and build oh this felt like like the whole calendar will be there you know exactly when to plug into them and you start jumping in with our coaches to start building your funnels the funnel hacker form is ready right now so I want to guys all go in there and make this a really special place I’m gonna be spend a lot of time there posting good stuff if you guys wanna come in their community network post good things share stuff in a private group that’s not public on Facebook it works just for for the actual click

funnels members and then funnel flicks Platinum which is insane value gain you get access to all these courses and as new courses come in y’all paying more okay I’m going to be we have a bunch of courses I’m creating it’s called core secrets that’ll be for free you know by 4,000 bucks bringing it for free when you’re inside of funnel flicks okay all those things are gonna be happening total value of all it’s obviously insane to get started now all you do is go to

upgrade now calm and then and if you get any more info about what the courses then you go to funnel flexkom to kind of to kind of go and see it so that’s that’s kind of it you guys those are the things I want talk about obviously I’ve been nervous because I mean there’s a lot of reasons were we’re shifting our focus to focus on funnels we’re cutting some of the features that we spent years on and and this is just the first part again I’ve opened a loop this is the first phase of it the next phase will be happy in front of locking live will be announcing the second the second big change then my birthday March 8th will be the last and third big change each one of them will increase in how big of a

change it is so this was the smallest of the three changes but hopefully you see kind of what we’re doing and why we’re doing it and these can help all of you guys a ton so I’m grateful to be here I’m in a really quick because it’s our birthday I’m gonna lie our birthday candles that’s okay the clickfunnels five your birthday hold it and set off any smoke alarms do keen have smoke alarms in here okay we’re good we could burn this place down and nobody would ever know if so please somebody send help I think we’re streaming in every platform so hopefully somebody

can if I catch this thing on fire you guys ever tried to light a balloon on fire you want to find out I’m on air okay here we go happy birthday Ken alright to recap really quick you guys I just want to thank you guys so much for being part of our fun rocker community last five years have been insane and so our goal over the next five years is not to go and sell the company or to or to go public or things like that I may that may come in the future I have no idea right now our focus is you is how to make the best user experience possible for you how do we make it so that we’re the best funnel builder in the world that you guys don’t have issues no customer support problems because everything’s solid and stable yeah forward bouncing how to make a split there’s never a bug inside the editor who’s never a bug

inside of the the funnel builder that your page loads superfast like all those things we’re going to be doubling down tripling down all of our effort our energy our money into to make a better experience for you so that’s number one okay and and that obviously I guess that means but it’s a start we’re to kill some of our of our babies and they say Creek house and the features and things that are just been and are taking people’s time and attention off so we can focus everybody our best development team on the most important features that you guys need to run your

businesses that’s number one number two again we found that the people who are the most successful cyclic flows or want to understand the strategy because software is amazing but it’s not it’s not hard to use the software right that’s not difficult we made it simple the problem why people have success they don’t send the strategy so I thought what if we just take the strategy and give it to everybody for free now because licensing a bunch of people’s courses I can’t just give it to everybody for free and so the way the licenses work with all the people who are publishing content from is that there’s a couple there’s a couple courses were able to get people with a 97 or month level but

the the majority of the courses are at the 200 I know $7 month level the click phones Platinum level and so again if you’re already paid 297 a month you get all the courses all the training for free you get the the live federal Hocking funnel builds that are happening you get all that for free as well which is amazing and and then you access all the funnel flights and so for most you guys this is just a birthday present to you you’re in tons of cool stuff to celebrate equip phones birthday you’re gonna be getting literally like if we were doing the math on I would say conservative they probably take sixty thousand dollars and courses so far and this is the gift though it’s gonna keep on giving you guys never Garfield’s Christmas this is like when my favorite shows of all time so at the very beginning Garfield’s

Christmas he is the drink as nobody waited but Jon wakes him up he’s like Garfield it’s Christmas c’mere so he takes him over he’s like I got you a gift he’s like what is it he pulls off this thing is this big Santa Claus chair he sits and he puts his hat on he’s like it’s the gift that keeps on giving just think of something you want and I’ll give it to you so like thinks about something it pops out he’s like the thing I think something else it pops out it’s like this is the greatest gift ever it’s the gift that keeps on giving and every time I think about like this like that picture pops in my head like this is like the gift that keeps on giving you’re in front of flix right now you get all the courses for free and then as we add

new courses you get it for free it was okay and of course is you get for free and you guys are struggling I can’t figure out it to this piece we create a course it gives you for free okay like hey I want this thing over here we go we buy the license from somebody else to bring that course in and you get for free like I want this to be where all of your education all of your training all everything can happen here inside of clickfunnels we have to go a million different places for that stuff but like all the training can happen here and we can serve you guys at our highest level okay

and so again it’s two part now summit today power number one is we’re focusing more and more on development of the click funnels and fall funnels software and focusing just on that to make click funnels the best most stable amazing product for you possible and number two to give you the strategy so you guys want to be stuck so you can figure out exactly how to have success how to move forward how to make collection next webinar your book fun like

whatever the thing is you’re stuck with and you know giving you guys live coaching calling every single day you can plug into for any other funnels you’re trying to build and a whole bunch more so that was announcement number one just like that was at a good announcement for number one okay I’ve been nervous and excited that’s the very first one but again like it said it’s not over that was the first it’s the smallest of the three announcements the next two we’ll

each get progressively bigger but hopefully you can see where our heart is you can see where we’re trying to go our goal is figure out again how can make this process better and simpler and easy for you so you be more successful to click those if you’re successful we’re success like that’s when it all comes down to it that’s it and so instead of us trying to sell you another course it’s not another product like what if we just took these things plug them in and gave

them to you for free so you could be successful so that’s kind of the game plan oh really so okay it should be okay okay well if it’s not working go to upgrade now to come click in anyway and you’re already upgraded so anyway so there might be a little bug where you’ve got to go to upgrade now calm and click on so go to upgrade now calm even if you already tuned I seven click on that and it should unlock and put on your dashboard if not we’ll figure it out so we’re here on going in we’re for five years we’re just getting started you guys this is the beginning of the next chapter.

Clickfunnels™ Huge Changes: Daily Virtual Hackathons

and it’s crazy if this the last five years have gone so fast I can’t imagine we’re gonna be in five years from now but I do know that we’re gonna be doing it as a team when we do has a community where we focusing on serving you guys at our highest level because I know so many of you I always say it’s all the time and some people think it’s cliche but I’m a big believer that every single one of you has one funnel way and it might not be the first funnel or the second or the third or the fifth or the twentieth or whatever but doesn’t matter as long as you’re in here you in the

community are consuming the content you’re understanding you’re learning the strategy better you learn how to tell your stories about you’re learning how to sell better like as you develop yourself as an entrepreneur you will become better and then funnels become easy okay funnels are difficult but if you don’t know how to sell and the phones can’t get a good offer like you’re gonna struggle so funnel folks will give you the training you need to master it and then click phones as a software that makes it simple and easy so that is kind of the game plan so I think you guys so much for being here I’m gonna go back to the slides one last time here’s a recap everything to get when you become

a click phones platinum member okay first off you get click phones unlimited account that means if you upgrade you’ll see everything is unlimited be unlimited count you follow funnels limited account you can get the daily virtual hackathons because every single day we’re building funnels with you you can have the funnel hacker form which is private community just for all of us funnel hackers hang out off of Facebook and then you get funnel flicks which is the gift that keeps on giving which is going to be accessed every training every course everything you need so you view the training the motivation we do documentaries coming up got a whole into other stuff just as many things as we can possibly give you this help support you and to serve you so you don’t get confused.

so the strategy is crystal-clear and you can become better and better and better and we get your funnels to work and so all you getting right now is to get started go to upgrade now calm or if you need more information go to funnel flicks calm and go watch all the videos and then go to upgrade now calm upgrade your account to the 297 or month level and unlock everything for you and once again if you’re already 297 you already have everything apparently you gotta go upgrade now comment click on the button to unlock it but it’s all there for you this is a free birthday gift for all of you guys who are daeso all sixteen thousand days.

you guys who already there happy birthday I hope you loved it and for the rest of you guys happy birthday upgrade right now come join us in the Platinum level and you get access to all these amazing things I’ll even send you some birthday cake I can’t do that huh that’d be physically impossible but I’ll leave some cake for you if if you guys do so that’s what you guys thank you so much for hanging out today on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and I don’t know we’re up for elsewhere at YouTube probably and grateful for all you guys thanks hanging out and please post your comments down below I’m gonna be read them all tonight

thank you guys for being part of this community it has been the joy of my life to be able to serve you guys and I’m in continue do it for long as I can and I just grateful for this opportunity I would not want to be anywhere else besides right here in front of you guys doing this work so it’s meaningful it means the world to me and I’m just grateful grateful to be here so thanks you guys and I’ll see you inside the funnel flicks I’ll see you inside the Platinum members there we go to upgrade now calm and we’ll see you soon everybody

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Clickfunnels™ Affiliate Marketing

Clickfunnels™ Affiliate Marketing: If you trying to making money in affiliate marketing or trying to sell anything online, we have the best marketing tool for you: The perfect webinar. In this video, Russell Brunson shares how he hacked a last-minute affiliate marketing contest with the perfect webinar script on a Facebook live to win a big contest. You’ll love this secret hack and how this literally works for any market.

Clickfunnels™ Affiliate Marketing:  I got better at webinars

So I learned this whole process from being a stage seller. Getting on stage, traveling around the country, and doing that. And then after like three years of it, I was actually in the Boise Airport, it was like one o’clock in the morning, I was flying out somewhere and I’m sitting there in the airport, all by myself, and I was sitting there on my phone depressed. And I was like, “This sucks really bad.” I mean my wife, I just had twins at the time, like my wife, my kids are at home, I’m flying out again to go someplace with a bunch of people I don’t wanna hang out with, to go do a thing, which is fun, and then go back to the hotel room and sit there for another, you know, 18 hours before I get to fly back home.

I was like, I don’t, like I don’t want this for my life anymore. So, I texted my wife at one in the morning. I said, “I’m quitting speaking. “This is my last time.” And she wrote back, “Yeah right. “Love you, see you in a couple days.” (laughing) And so then my mind, the whole rest of that trip, was like, how do I stop speaking and traveling? I don’t wanna keep doing that. So then I start transitioning to like well how can I do this more and more online. And so, the time, teleseminars is a big thing, so they’re gonna do teleseminars, and then webinars came, and it got better and better at doing it on webinars.

But, for me, like that was only way it kind of worked was just webinars, right? And the pitch and everything went through yesterday was something that’s been evolving for the last 10 years for me, and it’s to the point where now it’s, like there’s always little things were changing, but it pretty much works. That’s why we call it The Perfect Webinar. Like, it’s perfect. In fact I’ve had probably four or five of you guys who were like, “I did The Perfect Webinar, it didn’t work.” I’m like, “Oh, why not?” And then they show me, like, “Well, I changed this and I tweaked this.”

And I’m like, “Are you telling me, I give you something “called ‘The Perfect Webinar’, it’s perfect, “and then you changed it.” Like, duh. Anyway, so it’s just perfect. It works in every market that we’ve ever tried it in. But recently over the last probably year and a half to two years or so, the first time it happened out of kind of a fluke. One of my friends, Mike Phil Sims as you guys know him, he was launching a new product, and he wanted us to promote it and I wasn’t going to, but he’s like, when I first got started, he’s like my first friend, we got started at the same time and for the last 12 years, he’s been my closest friend in this whole business, and so, he’s like, “I really need your help man.

Clickfunnels™ Affiliate Marketing: We’re doing a Philly contest

“We’re trying to do this thing.” He said, “We’re doing a Philly contest “and the winner gets a BMW,” and this whole thing, right. And I’m like, “Mike I don’t wanna promote, I don’t have time, we’re doing all this other stuff.” And anyway, so kind of left it at that. And then, he did the launch and people were coming and there’s leaderboards and everyone’s fighting and all this stuff’s happening. And he’s like, “Man, you gotta help, you gotta help.” And I’m like, “Everyone else has already promoted. “It’s kind of too late.” And then, I think it was like three or four days left in the launch before it ended, and he’s like, “Dude, what’s it gonna take? “Like, is there something?”

And finally, I’m like, “All right, I’ll do that, “but there’s only one condition.” I was like, “I don’t really want a BMW,” but BMW costs, I think about $50,000, the one he had, I’m like, “I do want a cryosauna, which is $50,000. “If I win, will you buy me a cryosauna instead of a BMW?” He’s like, “Dude, you are so weird.” And I’m like, (laughing) He’ like, “What is it?” I’m like showing him pictures. He’s like, “So, what do you do?” I’m like, “You get in it and you freeze yourself “for like three minutes. “It’s really cool.” Anyway, he’s like, “Whatever. “If you win, I’ll give you that, fine.” I’m like, “Cool.” So then I was like, well I gotta promote this, but everyone and their dog’s been promoting this thing for the last three or four weeks.

Clickfunnels™ Affiliate Marketing

Like, everyone I know’s already bought. Like, how am I gonna come and compete in this short period of time? I was like, “Oh, I’m gonna do a webinar.” So I had this thought, I’m write a webinar, but then I got to the office and the day went on, there’s so much stuff happening and it takes, for me, a couple of days to really do a good webinar. And finally I was like, “I don’t have time to do it.” And he kept messaging me, “You gotta help me.” Finally got down to 48 hours left. He’s like, “Come on man, help me.” Finally, I was like, (grunting).

And then I had this like pop in my head. I was like, “What if instead of doing all these slides, what if I just opened up Facebook Live and just did a webinar off the top of my head and just see what happens.” I was like, that’s the only shot I had left. So, I’m like, “Okay.” So I sat down, in front of a whiteboard, here’s a picture of it, and I was like, “Okay, what’s my one thing?” And so he was selling automated webinar software. So this is not perfect, this is with like three minutes of prep time, so it’s pretty dang good. So I’m like what’s the one thing I gotta get ’em to believe? I gotta get ’em to believe that webinars are the future. So, how to make that sexy? How to make at least eight figures a year with this new webinar model? So I’m like, “Okay.” So I wrote that on the whiteboard. “All right, that’s my one thing.”

Clickfunnels™ Affiliate Marketing: What is my secret to success?

Okay, what are my three secrets?” “Okay, what’s their fear about that?” And I wrote down secret number one and I wrote down that. “Okay, what’s their internal fears and secret number two.” I wrote that down and wrote that down. And I was like, “Okay, if they buy from me versus everyone else, what should I give ’em?” I’m like, “Okay, here’s my offer.” I wrote down this and wrote down all the things there and then I took a little piece of white paper and I covered up each of those little things. Milton’s like cutting paper and taping them in the back and we’re like taping ’em up.

And then, within like five, 10 minutes, we’re like, “Okay, we got the webinar.” And I was like, I can’t remember if it was Bret, whoever had it, we had one phone on Facebook live and one was on Periscope, and they stood there and they went click and they started it. And I was like, “Hey everybody, welcome “to this Facebook live!” And I just did the whole thing. I’m like, “I’m gonna talk about nanananana.” And I talked about that. And I’m like, “Secret number one,” and I talked about it. “Secret number two,” and I talked about it. “Secret number three, and if you sign up right now “you’re gonna get,” and I pulled off the thing, “You’re gonna get this and you’re gonna get this.” And I did the whole stack and whole everything. I think it ended up being 26 minutes and 32 seconds was my entire time.

And it ended and I was like, “Whoo.” I’m like, “Dang.” I was like, “Did anybody buy yet?” And then they’re all, “I don’t know, let’s log in.” So log in to Philly account and sales are like, “Doon, doon, doon, doon, doon, doon.” And so then John jumps on and he’s like, “Man, sales are coming like crazy.” So he started boosting it. And over the next 48 hours they had over 150, 160 thousand people watch this. We did over $250,000 in commissions, and I won a cryosauna. Which was awesome. (clapping) Yeah!


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ClickFunnels Agency Strategy: You’ll Have to Turn Clients Away

ClickFunnels™ Agency Strategy – You’ll Have to Turn Clients Away

ClickFunnels™ Agency Strategy

ClickFunnels™ Agency Strategy: Julie Stoian understands the struggle of service-based entrepreneurs when it comes to finding clients, and working with troublesome clients. But, when she was introduced to ClickFunnels, she was able to transform her company and stop the struggle.

ClickFunnels™ Agency Strategy: How this software help me

– I had a client who came to me and said, “I want to work with you as a marketer,” “but there’s one condition.” And I was like, “Okay, what is it?” And she said, “You have to build in ClickFunnels.” I was like, “What’s ClickFunnels?” And so I went and I looked at the software and she was so adamant about this and so I think her confidence level that she wasn’t willing to look at any other software and it had to be in ClickFunnels, caused me to like scrape.

And I’m like, “What, what’s the deal?” So I started working in ClickFunnels you know and then I discovered Russell Brunson and I realized why she was so loyal to this software because it is the best in the world! There is no other program that does what ClickFunnels does and I was like, “Oh no kidding! Okay.” And so I quickly got my own account realizing and I started building funnels. And I think one of the things that the software does that no other software does quiet as well is it brings you the marketing training and mindset along with the software to implement it.

No other software does that. When I started absorbing sales funnels for myself and then started pushing it out to my customers, they were so happy because they started making money. The stress of like some cool website was gone. Like, they could maintain it. And so ClickFunnels like built my business and then it helped me build all these other people’s businesses as well. And I realized how much agency owners and service providers if they just got after the result of what the client wants, like there is so much work out there waiting for you, it’s crazy! My agency went from like small like web design where I was pulling my hair out, to a full like marketing agency with funnels and ads and I was making $20 – $25,000 a month.

ClickFunnels™ Agency Strategy

ClickFunnels™ Agency Strategy: How I become successful and change my life.

As a small little agency owner, and in the house we’re standing in today is because of that switch that happened in my business. Eventually I had so many clients on ClickFunnels that my affiliate revenue started to almost equal my service based revenue right? So I was making like five figures a month, just passively on y’know the ClickFunnels affiliate program. I was also the first woman to win their dream car. What happened in that was that it relieved a lot of the pressure in my agency.

Because I was a very small, I was knockin the scale I just wanted to stay little. This passive revenue started to create this undercurrent foundation so that I didn’t have to take every client. And if you are a service provider and you need money, you know the battle that happens when you’re like, “This is not my ideal client” “but I need the money!” And so I was able to say, “No” to those people, because I had that money coming in every month regularly. It allowed me to find the clients that I really wanted to work with.

And y’know the funny thing happened, is that because I got less desperate and I got more sure of who I wanted to serve, it actually attracted more people because now they were like waiting in line to work with me. If you’re an agency or a freelancer or just you have the entrepreneurial bug but you feel like you don’t fit the normal stereotype. I didn’t either. But my life has changed. I get to work from home.

I get to have a beautiful farm house for all my kids. And I get to enjoy financial security. And that is all because of that one moment in time when I decided to say, “All right, I’m gonna dig into this and see what” “ClickFunnels is all about.” So, I would encourage anybody who’s thinking about being in their own business or they already are a freelancer or an agency, to give ClickFunnels a chance because it may just change your whole life. (soft music)


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ClickFunnels™ Affiliate Manager – Affiliate Vs. Relationship Manager

How Garrett J White’s Coaching Business Blew Up By Using ClickFunnels

Clickfunnels™ Garrett J White – Coaching Business Blew Up using funnels

Clickfunnels™ Garrett J White

Clickfunnels™ Garrett J White: Are you like Garrett J White selling coaching/consulting services? If you’re in the coaching business you may have spent upwards of $10,000-$150K in your training over the years but if you can’t get clients, it can feel defeating. See what Garrett J White did to stop the client struggle.

Clickfunnels™ Garrett J White: Tried different landing page software

I literally at the time had Infusionsoft. I had Leadpages. I had WordPress married up with OptimizePress. And I had Kajabi. And I had figured out how to duct tape it all together. I’m literally every day hoping that the duct tape I have used to hold the shit together wouldn’t fall apart between membership sites and sales pages and sales funnels and integrated funnels and stacking funnels.

And I get a message from one of my clients, and he says dude, I’ve been checking out this thing called ClickFunnels™. (tense music) How can I do this? I had built a bunch of businesses. I had lost all those businesses. I was in the hole. My wife was leaving me. – [Woman] I’m leaving, and I’m taking the kids. – Wake Up Warrior is the number one training company in the world for married businessmen.

We assist and guide businessmen to accessing deeper levels of power through a gamified system known as the Warrior’s Way that they play on their phones and compete with, a way of living and operating with men all over the globe. The man you will have become day by day, step by step, laying the foundation for the king and the kingdom and the throne that awaits you.

They take that power and then link that up to what we call Warrior Wealth, which is the ability for man to actually increase his production two, three X while at the same time, bringing his marriage, his spirituality, his children, his fitness, and his body along for the ride. So at the end of the day, we are comprehensive consultants. We deal with businessmen, only we deal with the part of life as well as the business side that actually affects production. (dramatic music) And so went all in, and we were the first ones to switch over and put all of our emails.

Clickfunnels™ Garrett J White

Clickfunnels™ Garrett J White: How ClickFunnels™ help my business

We dropped Infusionsoft, and I went directly, We were one of the first companies to integrate 100% of all of our contacts into the email provider and email service inside of ClickFunnels™. I’ve told Russell. I said I am all in on you. And this is what it did for us. And we started with Wake Up Warrior, and then I built it out of my financial services companies. And we took it out into our real estate space, and we took it into our salons. And now I have hundreds of stylists that use ClickFunnels™ who help get applications into their chair for clients now applying to be part of their experience as hair stylists. My wife uses it. I use it. ClickFunnels™ is more than a software.

It’s a psychology. It’s a way for operating. It’s a way to influence, to persuade. (whooping) It was like Apple had done to cellphones, ClickFunnels™ did to sales funnels and online digital assets for consultants and coaches. You get to have access to something that guys like me never got in the beginning, and that means your results are going to happen even faster if you’re committed. (upbeat music) Thousands and thousands and thousands of families in 27 countries participate and live and experience the Warrior’s Way to having it all.

Hundreds of emails every single week poured into our offices with families, divorces that were shut down and changed and marriages that were unified, estranged children who now speak to their fathers, men who have increased profitability and at the same time have found connection inside of their marriages and inside of their families in ways that they never dreamed possible.

But the greatest emails that I get come from the women, the wives of these men who say thank you. Thank you for returning my man. Thank you for returning my man. Thank you for letting my king come home. And none of this would have been possible without ClickFunnels™. It is the marketing arm. It is the software tool that supports our ability to reach into the globe and to find our targets and to bring them home. (flicking)

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10X A Click Funnels Story – The Untold Story of 10X Growth Con 2019

Clickfunnels™ Untold Story – 10X Growth Con 2019

Clickfunnels™ Untold Story

Clickfunnels™ Untold Story: Russell Brunson reveals what really happened at Grant Cardone’s 2019 10x Growth Conference. JOIN US FOR THE FACEBOOK AFTER PARTY! We will be answering all your burning questions.

Clickfunnels™ Untold Story: 2 comma Club

Okay let’s do this one more time 10x growth Kon it’s quickly becoming one the biggest marking conventions in the world some call transformational some call the pitch fest some say it’s life-changing the one thing you can’t argue with is that it’s growing first was your wine at 2018 they said hey Russell weird event next we’re talking at 9,000 people in the arena do you want to come I was like I don’t think that’s possible but somehow they pulled it off and

Every seat was filled every stop was pulled lights sound rooftop entrances parties and an engaged audience so my team match the effort we spent weeks coordinating new speech new slides stories videos and a few theatrics the result was one of the worst standing ovations of all time because no one was there the table rush was massive photoshoots were endless and within a few hours we ran out of order the next day went up again for a reap itch the result was a 3.2 million dollar presentation in 90 minutes all three million dollars put it down on black.

Keep it double it which got us some attention but what followed was thousands of people asking how we did it how is it even possible so we launched a course teaching people with the art of selling from stage eight days open the course hit the 2 comma Club so naturally grant called us back for round 3 now I thought it was crazy before but this time I knew it he said we’re gonna have 35,000 people more people than the city that I live in he’d rent the Marlins stadium Miami and put on a show so ambitious so over-the-top that’ll go down in history first section of seats then we’re in the entire Mandalay Bay.

The gold we can hit 10 million dollars in sales no pressure right we’ve been a part of there’s 35,000 people coming to this event in Miami so comfortable shoes will be on our feet a lot we’ll be running around a lot we have a lot of stuff to do 3,000 yes buy your packets in 2010 ex-secret once to the hotel we will have temporary employees handing out order forms as people run up to the sales tables that’s 18 months record-breaking type of stuff so crazy crazy laughing all our focus on right now is TEDx and making sure that everything goes as it’s supposed to go.

Clickfunnels™ Untold Story: Using Power Point Presentation

I fell asleep fight last night but then I forgot this morning we had dentist appointments for the kids so I’m laying there at 6:30 klett like she’s miss her slept through the first alarm to shakes me she’s think what’s a little something well what did you think come on a 10x I’m like what like that’s today I’m like oh my gosh sounds like I said I’m like wait 10x it like we would pact you in and she’s a member of the dentist the dent Oh anyway so thank heavens it was in 10x was the dentist so I thought I lost a whole day so I’m so grateful that I have today to finish all this stuff very grateful I’m plugging in hopefully the most embarrassing video Balter my very first stage presentation ever I show

How bad I am on stage it’s kind of a broad overview better to hopefully help you to better to get better information out of the whole internet marketing business this little nerd right here is gonna be doing this on stage oh give me 20 extra minutes my second pitch hmm [Music] just crushing them just by lack of sleep everything else we’ve got first presentation almost we’d nothing I need to export it from Google slides into PowerPoint and hope that all the fonts will get jacked up we’re about to export from Google slides to PowerPoint and pray that all the fonts don’t get destroyed and ruined course you’re never going we’re done everything’s just over new downloads awesome

What if it’s more options yes thing than the might word hopefully did this right Oh glory what Jack fonts look amazing the good thing is this is only first 35,000 people so that’s six story monitors they’re all see every pixelated image like the vibe of the office in the last couple of couple days leading up to attend X like yesterday there was a ton of don’t know if this is gonna work today I was like man we got this we totally owned this thing this is ours this office is like the most amazing now it’s all all hands on deck to make sure whatever it has to happen happens you

Know there’s no uneasiness in the office right now for TEDx you know a lot of the big decisions and stuff have already been made like they’re done there we can’t change you know it’s either it’s just too late like we can’t print more things like it’s done and I need with half you know half a team already on the way to Miami it’s just kind of a it’s kind of surreal it’s it kind of it feels weird Todd tell me where we’re going go to the 10x a bit or drive it right out of the airport line to Miami and watch it rustle speak in front of 35,000 people pretty many let’s do it all right so just land in Miami the team is just about to arrive these are the guys we’re gonna be setting up everything early we have

A bunch of supplies bunch of t-shirts bunch of stuff all of us are sweaty and soupy might be a good word to say but we have someone that thinks we’re a band here see what kind of he was the guitarist you’re the guitarist the basics are always heavier just kind of like mustard I think the plan because we know we’ll go to the hotel like 8:00 in the morning that’s head straight over to the stadium and then we can get the order forms out to every single lemonade stand you know I haven’t seen Russell very often but you know what’s funny is I got access to our security system

I’ve got the eye in the sky if you will and I have seen Russell here at night so he’s like coming in after hours where he can’t get distracted and he’s getting stuff done now the countdown is it’s literally like we’re hours away from taking off yeah I have a lot of concerns first off Mike I have new shoes they’re really slippery like what if I slip Plus like we bought into 10x secrets course earlier this year kind of like Babe Ruth in collar shot you know and said hey me too 3.8 million last year look I agree we are the best public speaker in the world if I don’t do good everyone’s

Clickfunnels™ Untold Story: Interwebs

Gonna like they will mock me publicly online it’ll be hugely embarrassing cuz not only with 35,000 people see alive then it’ll go to the interwebs and once hits the internet ever be Oh Russell sake those days he studied said he was like that’s nerve-racking then this time like the first 10 X have been it was just me and Dave Dave showed up with the box of word formants impending it was a sales table we did almost a million your Chewie that coordinated us whole thing we really had probably a dozen people from our team and this year I think we’re flying out like 50 or 60 people plus it’s like 100 plus 10 just like 150 people there just like process orders looks like if I don’t give everybody orders it’s gonna be really embarrassing and a huge waste of money that I hundred thousand plus dollars worth

Waste of money so there’s a lot more on the line this time than the first time we walked in there at the Box order form with some pens how many order forms we have this year Jess I think we have like Vic leave those 30,000 order pharmacy so hopefully we sell every single person trying to save a life with some fresh breath what else we got energy drinks lots of energy drinks I think they’re coming I think we got a pallet if you need copious amounts of caffeine you need gum so your breath doesn’t stink Neil Peart people’s faces you have terrible rep to replace bets

Yeah let’s do it 14 million eight point one sixty I’m gonna guess just eleven he’s gonna do 18.9 I think the numbers of 15 so that’s the vets were taken over under that’s pretty funny if this isn’t a bigger event for Russell something’s horribly wrong 14 cuz I reckon it will do that easy so I don’t actually see myself speaking again I set up my own events like funnel hockey live like I can I can’t even imagine myself doing another event like this this may be the last hurrah from that standpoint I’ve been kind of the all-star being out there doing all the things getting in the limelight but to go from the zero to 100 million I needed to be the all-star but to go from a hundred million to a billion like I

Can’t get ten times better you know what I mean like that’s probably not gonna happen for us to get to a billion it has to be that I stopped being the all-star and become the coach so to do that like we have an entire speaker team we’re flying out we’ve been training a team of 20 on my pitch on my presentation and they’re coming here to learn it to watch a new master and the next year we’re sitting out on the road to do this presentation so in the future it’s not gonna be me doing a bigger stage there’s gonna be 20 of me doing a thousand person stages all around the country every single week of the year so I kind of look at this as my final run and then my retirement is shifting from

All-star to coach oh I don’t even want to see that if I don’t they should let you watch this anymore it will probably [Music] when is that a clue – seriously [Music] this is happening right now yeah this is freaking insane that’s crazy in an audience that large from a strategy perspective if you have a smaller audience a lot of times you’re conversing you’d be a lot higher why but there’s more intimacy there’s more reporter so what are you doing you do anything to bridge the gap or are you doing anything that you think can up the ratio at that level of people hopefully I almost

Things to be easier Celestine because the one in Vegas was tough because it’s like it’s Mandalay Bay lots of them make a few and this actually I go to next section 138 up there and over here it’s like so confusing to try to get people to run to move and everything but this is like Casey sit over there seventeen tables go and they get everyone moving and you know I will see it’ll be fun the 30 minutes or 45 minutes yeah 30 minutes the plane leaves

When you get there the good news is it’s not gonna leave without ya okay [Music] I’m sorry Facebook all right so we are about to jump on so this is Bryan Underwood so Bryan decided that he wanted to come hang out with us and go to TEDx so he flew his private plane here and literally just picked this up by who does that you guys order parts right I went to a couple like when they all were trying to sell from stage did most of them so much don’t do this right

Clickfunnels™ Untold Story: Interwebs

This will happen so okay so when rewind like I got started game 15 years ago like it was it was a science right and people were awesome at it and then the recession hit events guide for like four years and then all people were doing like Wilson retired John Childers couple guys who’ve teaching public training they all retired and ended recession happens I can do it through webinars for four or five years and then events came back and literate it’s like it’s just a dead art to know knows I’ve been trying to reach in people people are learning but it’s like it’s I’m not special I just learned it from the old do them other words still doing it so it’s like it’s really fun try to get a adjudicator here for a world record tomorrow last minute yeah well most order forms collected in 24 hours no trying to get a

Guinness world record for you basically the most order forms collected within a 24 hour sitting the presence of Guinness Book of World Records bubble soccer players did you now he knows we just landed in Miami Russell is working on slides because we’re afraid that he doesn’t have time to get them finished up by 6:45 his soundcheck tonight so we’re gonna head over to Neiman Marcus cuz we need to get him I sure didn’t have it ready for him by tomorrow morning [Music] desert are better enjoyed okay so let’s start shirts tailor wise we can do this one as a backup they don’t have any other buttons I don’t know if the camera will like that it off so that hoodie right there you

Know I’ve got some other stuff but I think that we are t-shirt rustles head right now well I heard that he’s gotta go shopping white I’m think he’s trying to distract himself from being so worried about to next and yeah shopping yeah [Music] we just got through the speaker entrance and we are walking around about to walk in [Music] it’s not even real seams fakes like we’re at a Metallica concert or something you know I mean [Music] so crazy bizzy’s insane can’t talk to the person next to you there’s a bit of a bounce on the sound so I think that once we get people in the in

The seats out of the way it won’t be bouncing off the bouncing back so grant what’s your response to people she’s the greatest salesman in the world let me just say this cuz everyone I didn’t say it I just heard it Russell Russell Lisa remember the biggest sale he ever made check your channel press into the seat here goes your weapon was crazy it’s like I started this journey 14 years ago when the internet was just getting started pretty face book pretty myspace back when Google is getting started and we’re learning all these techniques about marketing and driving traffic it funnels but a lot of people’s I was dishonest or scamming or weird most of the world just brushed it off like

The big brands could be on the internet but there’s no room for little guys like us that’s just fascinating how 40 years later this little thing but it’s so passionate about talking about every single day now it’s the chance to go mainstream like weird a baseball stayed for crying out loud talking about funnels and sure it’s me tomorrow I get a walk out on stage but really I feel like it’s a reflection of our entire community a whole bunch of entrepreneurship people didn’t

Believe it people thought they were lazy or they weren’t smarter they struggled in school or whatever it was they were just different they were excited they were trying to create things and they’ve been pushed down for so long and fine that we’re getting this chance for all of us collected we could go into the mainstream and what we’re doing may no longer be seen as weird so in 90 minutes if I can prove that on behalf of our community I feel like I’ve done my job [Music] all right decadent this will direct that something they have a different song no conspiracy I go [Music]

Like when I go to a baseball stadium it’s now batting there old Kyle number hundreds oh my gosh I got that go stressing up so bad right now that’ll throw me off so bad oh my gosh today it is I don’t want to call sweeps I was like I don’t want this marcom are ready for this I woke up at 4 o’clock and I could not get back to sleep I seriously I Finally I took a snapshot at like 4:40 it’s for 47 in the morning I’ve been laying here for 45 minutes I’m so worried wait needs to go so here we go this is the clickfunnels staff is gonna take you orders if I don’t screw up today today wrestle with the sound of one hand clapping so like how do you feel about the experience right now great I got all

My slides then filmmakers on video it’s fun all right it is 7:00 a.m. it’s a big day big day for everybody not to build up to this it seems like since last time we were at this event like as soon as as soon as Russell crust did on stage last year like within moments of him stepping off stage grants like you’re coming back next year and so from that moment we’re like okay this year it’s just gonna be bigger three times that whole thing they’re like like we’re gonna stay 35,000 like what and then I can give you ten million a week yes but you always say yes if I screw up anyway it’s not good I think this is over ten million dollars just in cost to run the event so far Brunson the are you in s Tobin’s

Clickfunnels™ Untold Story

Clickfunnels™ Untold Story: How they get 35,000 people sign up.

Best spoken Bronston yep what’s the first Russell Russell yeah all right oh my gosh heat it up oh yeah never more ketones my body than any human should ever have it you didn’t give it time I’m feeling freaking out no I’m not ready I guess I am ready I guess I’m ready technically we’re a software company this is good I’m at power so fill the energetic billowing out like seriously kam is waiting for me we got in all right I need my own security Gardner alive

I’ve been so cool holy cats just like so many nerves it’s the saying I just wanted to go away I bet you do honestly I was going to slightly taste it first intro is new and I’m psyched and this is they pass the intro that’s like goodness it’s like everything I know you know what I mean just how you feel and you get nerves are you just excited oh I said what I wanted secret has to be security guys kind of afraid that they crush me people are starting to file in which is crazy I don’t know how they get 35,000 people in the next site powered but I’m just so grateful that that’s not our

Logistical nightmare to figure out somebody else’s we just have to show up and do our thing which is really nice [Music] [Music] [Music] grant just jumped out of a plane we’re gonna bring catch him inside the stadium coming in I bet they’re stressing out right now I was granny so stressed I mean right now you think my name is philip robertson i’m an adjudicator with guinness world records we are here at Marlins Park we’re here to measure a Guinness

World Records attempt at the most paper order forms collected in 24 hours now Russell Brunson and the team have got 40 people here distributing these order forms for software that’s really gonna change it with businesses so the excitement and the appetite is here to buy the forms we just got to verify to make sure that at least 2000 have these forwards processed later on this afternoon and then we will have a new Guinness World Records title so we shall see still yeah time to go grants almost finished and they gave me the call tapped me on the shoulder and said

Let’s go so and if we get out but walking down the hallway now we’ll get miked up [Music] ladies and gentlemen to the state [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you know the hardest thing about being an introvert [Music] this sometimes I get nervous I tend to talk pretty fast [Music] this is [Music] [Music] [Music] our record-breaking 2,000 workforce I don’t know what we do yet but in the process of looking to get into booths and getting us back on stage and do it some other things to make that happen regardless it’s been a massive successful event and it wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for all of you your positive attitudes and your will is to work around the clock and just want to

Clickfunnels™ Untold Story: Guinness World Record Award

Thank you again what’s one more time I think for right now we’ll probably dismiss you guys and let you guys go get some brass to shower or whatever else you guys may want and just pay attention to Vox jam and we’ll kind of figure things out as we go thank you again guys [Applause] okay okay okay yeah we’re good game plan right now and I make it up Jerry boots have the boots there the whole weekend this we just pick up one T to the orders mystics can

You saw and we had two bills that nobody [Music] they’re gonna there as soon as we are because they were depending on their see if we can get that one to drop down from the third level down to the mezzanine the higher up you go the worse you can hear yeah for sure do next day’s worth um method plans there’s always always opportunity there’s lots of good stuff happened today that’s a good stuff because our expectations was like so like

Because we know what we did last year but there’s so much opportunity out there I think there’s we reach out and see how we can know right now until tomorrow I’m trying to get to booths they’re working on right now getting us tables the idea was to have Philip and grant and Russell get on the stage before he spoke for the last pitch to award the Guinness World Record because that’ll set the stage for for what we’re selling tomorrow but it’ll work it’s just a matter of how am I that’s a rest all right due to fire marshal restrictions we cannot add any more tables which

People can certainly go into the next offer tables in conjunction with ours I don’t know why it’s an issue except it was pretty crazy when they went for lunch like the better man thanks bar bought yesterday two dollars like when you get done I’m just walking I’m just I’m sat in the section and grabbed nine towels swinging which is kind of fun then I’m like looking at just the wat just the chaos yeah the other thing like last 10x with dark it’s like your rhythm you don’t

See much you know I mean here’s so actually everyone’s face looking anything oh my god I was like yes it was way different like so weird all right so I go for the 20 yeah I think we go for the 25 grand thank you yeah we’re ready for that thanks man we appreciate it we will will make them we want to return the favor used to okay alright guys thank

You all right CJ that’s what that was grant who’s nervous is dangling cells were kind of like not as good as normal and he was giving us an out if we wanted to just sell the same thing again but we said no we’re gonna play 5k oh he was totally okay there’s no Snoop Dogg joke so I show you I told you what’s watering these jokes I’m not good at jokes all right so uh crap why does Snoop Dogg get nervous to go out when it’s cloudy no I said it something about

Clickfunnels™ Untold Story: We are going to strategiz.

To do I suck of this on the Bob I been a long day a very interesting day but we’re gonna strategize and because the audio so bad gotta talk slower could you hear those speakers better as it went on definitely better when they open up the windows cracks and the mic helped a lot oh yeah so they said it was software and then we opened up and they were like but now I’m singing to all this stuff but see then we started to talk about all the stuff every single person that came to our table is just like we could not hear anything this was the zoo once there were some people

Who honestly I was watching the crowd and I feel like the demo video people started getting up to go back like that like because they couldn’t hear that they were watching like what was happening on the screen and I think that was like these huge together this is really important because it gets that off his bike and he’s relaxed about it so I this is

Actually good for him right now because his thing [Applause] [Music] for confidence for the speech tomorrow I just really wanted them to do that thank you for sacrificing your body you’re welcome day three grant his team tackles the sound head on microphones are switched out sound blankets were hung around the road they opened up the route for the stadium to let some of the echo out now sound wasn’t perfect it was drastically better baby pick you

Push we need hit a sound of the Trump they’ll be saying those audio they come yeah here we come today’s gonna be a bead day we learned it or he came back came back playing all night now we’re here to attack again we’re going to change lives hey buddy go downstairs set up all the 10x order forms that’s a rocket Hall we’re back for day number two well I just ended and I’m on in like two hours I think so right now we’re watching Bethenny Frankel and

Kept telling my wife that she looks like her so this is collect stunt-double it’s kind of cool Dave rented bought bribed one of the TEDx employees and now we got a Jersey weird a lot up on stage and you know a lot of people going up on stage and this is an art this is our time so I’m going undercover going up I’m gonna get the shots it’s not gonna smile try to have to look lazy try to look like I blend in you know people to see me [Music] five of the dog so we’re up in like 15-20 minutes so it’s about to begin [Music] you’re gonna do amazing [Music] or breathe I need you to talk

About slower so you say a sentence and then you say something when you get going and your I end up your word word word Lord welcome to the most important meeting of our entire lives Russell do you know why I’m here I’m here because I believe in you I’m here cause here you’re called to do what you do I was not called to do what you do without you I can’t do what I was called to do I’m here because I’m in your military force I’m on your team I’m in.

Clickfunnels™ Untold Story: Its Game Over

Your unit you’re the general today I’ll go to war with you but for something that you have seemed long before I could see it it’s not flowery speech for me to talk about how clickfunnels did something for me hey what can I get from this people follow you because of who you are and what comes through you the software is the weapon the frame.

The Game but you’re the reason and I love the reluctant hero I knew I loved it but there’s a piece in you too that’s ready to click this is the piece that you got in an army just waiting for that little clique of fire and it’s game over there’s no one that will stand on this stage that can harness the power that you have access to right now because you built an army and you weaponize them and I know that all of us here are doing something bigger than we actually

Understand and so out there was a circus yesterday and it happened on purpose and it set up what’s about to happen not from the beginning when you walk on to the begin when Marlon you finish it up every single one of us have an important role to play which is get into the state that’s required that when you start speaking the thing that comes through him comes through you so that this is seen not as a Russell show it is not even a clickfunnels show

It is a movement of people been called to lead movements all centralized on one thing which is waking people up so I’m here because I follow you to support you and your calling and I needed what you had to be able to take this that I feel and take it to literally hundreds of thousands and millions thank you [Applause] individual entrepreneur business owner engineer policeman fireman nurse and teacher you have something you need to get out to the

World and you need a funnel that sits on the internet and works for you automatically I want to bring back to the stage of genius okay my friend well so Brunson Russell come out here and tell him I am so excited back with you guys tonight how are y’all fill in the grand I were on the plane a couple months ago building his funnel he said I would love to have you come speak at 10x growth con about two things number one I want you to explain to

Clickfunnels™ Untold Story: 3.2 million dollars in sales and 90 minutes.

Everybody how funnels work and he said some of the people will know no the record you say that you did 3.2 million dollars in sales and 90 minutes how many hands were there for that experience all right he said would you be willing to break down and show everybody in this room what you do and how you do it so they can sell like that from stage as well okay so the title my presentation is actually 10x secrets and I’m gonna show you guys every

Single person here how you can instantly 10x your sales and also your time off by mastering the lost art of platform selling and how to do that without actually becoming famous but what I learned in this journey was something very interesting I learned that there’s two ways to make money as a speaker number one is you become famous and you get paid to speak the second way to make money is to speak for free and you get paid to sell your products or

Your services at the end of your presentation now yesterday despite the fact that nobody can hear me very well because the echo we still did well over a million dollars in sales I understand that this is a lot easier to mean famous okay when you master this skill it will dramatically increase everything you do from this point for every business we’ve tried this and we attempted with this worked and that starts sharing this process of people close to me people I love people who are creating products and businesses and movements and try to change the lives of their

Customers in fact I brought a few of them here today cuz I want you to meet them so my name is Gary J like founder of wake up warrior the number one training company in the for married businessman with children we believe that we could empower people for the first time in the conversation of money and we’re at a mission to save marriages and to help people with good marriages divorce proof that I thought this work for me he hurt my soap

Business I was broken at that time in my life and I knew I had to do something different I had to make a change and we were stuck in a world that was built for one-on-one sales but we had zero marketing skills and couldn’t really let anybody know about our solution and that it exists everybody everybody in this room has been touched by the pain of addiction everybody knows somebody and I had a master’s in marketing that I paid a hundred and fifty thousand

Clickfunnels™ Untold Story: How I sell $37 ebooks?

Dollars for but I could not figure out how to get my message to the people who needed it the most and in 2017 my husband and I scraped together the money we had and we went to funnel hacking live and I met Russell Brunson we have a joke inside inner circle we say hashtag do what Russell says and so that’s what I did I did what Russell said and it worked I sell $37 ebooks I made five hundred and thirty-five thousand dollars selling ebooks I guess what in four months I sold over a million dollars we went from doing low you know eighty thousand dollars a year

With farmers markets to doing one hundred and thirty thousand and our first six weeks and over two million dollars in our first year so rather than quitting we made the decision to do everything that Russell says in two years we did a million in sales and Russell doesn’t even know this yet we were adding up the numbers in our hotel room last night and since that launched less than a year ago we just hit 10 million in and on the very first webinar 10% of the

People on a room I filled with 1200 people one point seven to five million dollars in 90 minutes in 2012 went from a hundred men to forty five hundred men clapping if you have a message and you want to change the world and you live in a world built for one-on-one his process is the only framework that will break that and allow you to do it I know so many of you have started you became an entrepreneur because you had dreams and goals and vision and

Get it out there because if you don’t the difference you’re meant to make in this world will die inside of you Brent said it best it doesn’t matter if you have the cure for cancer or the cure for alcohol addiction if you don’t have the attention of the people who need the cure so the question is not does a funnel work question after you got fire and know do you have the courage with that fire to go after the thing that you desire you can always make up and

Leverage what you lack in ability and the framework that Russell has created can help you 10x the speed at which you get paid found the woman that I am here right now today is not the woman that I was two years ago like funnels changed my life I know it can change yours get out thank you guys for coming I don’t care what business you’re in this process will work it shifts everything from selling one on one to one on many I can’t you’ll get access to everything talked out here the live home study course had come to Boise I don’t work with me and my team to build out all the entire slide presentation you’re working to get your funnel built out so it’s alive you can start running it

Clickfunnels™ Untold Story: Meeting with Grandage Team

We’re good mired here to learn how to run many events as well then we’re gonna come back to my a meeting with grandage team to show us how to fill events on the phones it’s gonna be amazing total value 97 thousand dollars you guys get this offer just one payment twenty five thousand dollars today or just three payments of ten thousand dollars thank you so much for having us here we appreciate you and we’ll see you guys all tomorrow [Music] I thought he wasn’t gonna counteroffer double-stack yesterday but it’s clearly different million from that surprise I

Mean just thank you guys I know that everybody has put in so much for this weekend I think we’ve put in more effort in this than our own events I know how much time and energy and effort Evers put in prior to this whole experience and then late nights early mornings insanity and you know a lot of times I get all the credits I’m the dude on stage

But I am fully aware that without all of you guys supporting and serving but that what we do isn’t is it possible I think that what we’re doing every single day it gives everybody in our community permission to kind of do the same thing and I think that’s the biggest reason I think that’s one of the biggest parts of our calling is like we have to be doing these things are pushing the boundaries and showing people with what’s possible because then they believe it’s possible you know we had a really cool opportunity to show 35,000 people over this weekend what we do and why

We do it and it’s just special and I’m scraping to share that with all of you guys it’s just so grateful for our team it’s it’s insane it’s funny when I first started this whole journey as amazing as that vision was what the reality is stays that million times that are never dreamed of you know my biggest concern about all this was not hitting our goals and then the team wouldn’t have a story that they’d fill that down where I completely underestimated was that they’re entrepreneurs they’re funnel hackers and they don’t dwell on challenges or adversity they celebrate them we love.

The uphill battles the problem-solving and the surprises because we get to face them together and 10x growth con as challenging as it was it was still the most epic and ambitious event that that I’ve ever seen so many things were outside of their control that even with all their challenges granted the team were still able to impact countless people’s lives I really don’t know how they do it [Music] and as far as my retirement from speaking well I’m not sure the wrestler supposed to leave his shoes on the mat after his last match but I really like these shoes I do know one thing though as much as I love speaking I love these people even more so we’ll just see what they have to say you.


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Clickfunnels™ Russell Vacation – FINALLY set up our Batman Suit

“10X” A Click Funnels Story | Official Trailer -The Untold Story of  10x Growth Con 2019

Clickfunnels™ Growth Con 2019 – A Click Funnels Story Official Trailer

Clickfunnels™ Growth Con 2019

Clickfunnels™ Growth Con 2019: The untold story of 10x Growth Con 2019 – We are excited to finally tell our 10X story through our full-length documentary that comes out in a couple days!

Clickfunnels™ Growth Con 2019:  The Untold Story of 10x Growth Con 2019

Clickfunnels™ Growth Con 2019 - A Click Funnels Story Official Trailer 1

Hello everyone so excited to have you all here with us we’re gonna talk about 10x today this event is the biggest event we’ve ever been a part of it’s kind of a broad overview better hopefully to help you to better out to get better the countdown is literally like we’re hours away from take it off.

The good thing is this is only front of 35,000 people so that’s so we placed bets 14 million 18.1 16 just 11 if this is an eight-figure event for Russell something’s gone horribly wrong [Music] I think that’s one of the biggest parts of our calling is like we have to be doing these things and pushing the boundaries and showing people what what’s possible because then they believe is possible so out there was a circus yesterday and it happened on purpose and it set up what’s about to happen bring to the stage.

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Clickfunnels™ Harmon Brothers – New Viral Video Coming!

Russell Brunson Reveals What Went Horribly Wrong At 10x Growth Con 2019

Clickfunnels™ Breaking Silence – Whats Wrong At 10x Growth Con 2019

Clickfunnels™ Breaking Silence

Clickfunnels™ Breaking Silence: My stomach was in knots. My palms were sweating. My heart was racing. The pressure was tangible. As much as I didn’t want the world to see me fail, I knew I had to share it… So I’m breaking the silence about what went horribly wrong at 10X this year.

Clickfunnels™ Breaking Silence: What went horribly wrong at 10X this year

Here inside of this room that won’t invite you to before I kind of tell you all the details I want to tell you guys the backstory so you probably heard about two years ago I spoke at Grant cardones TEDx event and we broke a world record we had 3.2 million dollars in sales in 90 minutes and everyone’s excited like and we talked a lot about that right but then a lot of you guys know that a year later I spoke in the next 10x and in front of 35,000 people it was insane out of he’s seeing pictures or the b-roll or the videos or anything but it was crazy and going to that event we had a big goal and you know we thought we did 3.2 million dollars with I think we had 9,000 people coming 35,000.

what’s possible and so we started setting these crazy goals of 10 millions people thought 12-minute like everyone everyone different goals and things and you know you’ve probably noticed afterwards we didn’t talk a lot about it and people keep asking like what did you do did you do good you do bad did you bomb did it like what happened in everyone’s been freaking out wanting to know the story behind the story and up to this point we’ve been pretty quiet about it and my question for you is a mirror has ever worked on a project or something that you were really excited.

About your passion I think this is gonna be the greatest thing in the world and so you put your your your blood sweat and tears into it and and then it doesn’t go as you expected it right but I definitely think that’s what happened here is you know we put in a lot of effort in fact I’ve spoken now at and all of the TEDx is the very first TEDx event grand you know who I was somehow I got in the speaking lineup we showed up was me and Dave Woodward and we were trying to get people to help us with back of themselves and they didn’t know what that meant and and so there was Dave on the side of a room with the box that order forms a handful of pens as we did like I think that 850 800 almost 900 thousand dollars in sales and him handing out order forms and boxes like this whole table rush.

Clickfunnels™ Breaking Silence: The pressure was tangible.

I wish you could see it was Dave just by himself handing things out the second year we coordinated really well which is why we did 3.2 million and this year was a big deal we had like 60 people we fool out there for this thing but we hired like over a hundred temps we’re like anyway works for this huge thing and and and it didn’t go as planned and I could tell you just the details but instead what’s kind of cool is that we actually had an entire film crew fall with students to the whole experience they were here in Boise as we were planning it they were there as we were flying they were there for the ups and the downs and everything and they captured in in a really raw.

Emotional way I spoke twice of the event and as you’ll see from this documentary the very first time the echo was so bad no one in the entire stadium a 35,000 people could hear me and we did the sales we had all sorts of problems and like there’s a lot that went into I don’t want to spoil it for you but we do have a document it’s about an hour long and we’re gonna be doing a live premiere of that documentary here in the very near future.

I want to invite you to us the list of what’s gonna be happening it’s gonna be so much fun number one is down below there’s gonna be a link for you to go register for this live thing and so that’s gonna be happening and it’s gonna be streaming here from this room or me here with my team we’re gonna talk about it we’re gonna be a whole pre-show kind of talking about what happened and behind the scenes that you guys excited about the thing.

We’re gonna release this documentary live and want all of our photo hackers all of you guys watching it live with us we’re gonna make this a huge fun viewing party last time we do this when I was on the TV show the profits and you remember we did a huge live viewing party with people all around the world doing viewing parties from the houses I want you to set up a viewing party at your house invite the other final hackers you know the other businesses other entrepreneurs anyone who wants to see me fail on stage invite them over people hate Russell.

Clickfunnels™ Breaking Silence

Clickfunnels™ Breaking Silence: My heart was racing.

Like I hate Russell Brunson you want to see him fail come on over to watch this this documentaries I had a chance to watch it I was like I don’t know if I want everyone to see that and every said no we need to show because because it helps for a couple reasons one one makes people rise a Russell you’re just a human you screw up all the time too but number two it gives it gives hope to people who have been trying to do something and have struggled or they again they put their heart and their dreams and their vision everything into this project and it fails or just knew what they expected it to it helps them to helps people understand that stuff happens to us all the time.

As well and so against my better you know against my my my feelings we’re gonna show this live to everybody and so you’re gonna see you can see the raw truth of what happened at the event and it’s it’s emotional so well I guess throwing need these viewing parties so that’s what’s gonna happen so we’re gonna do the pre-show then we do the viewing party will release live we’re all gonna watch it together and afterwards gonna do a postgame show right here we’re gonna open live Q&A where you guys can call in you can ask me questions about what happened afterwards you can get your burning questions it answered after documentaries can be kind of fun so what you do right now is go register for the pre-show and the post show go and get those things register so you can make sure you’re there for it .

I would block out that night like be there make sure that you drop everything have a part you get a bunch of people around you for any funnel hackers you know invite them to the party do little viewing parties at your house around the around the world and just like we did when the Prophet was on we had viewing parties happening all around the world want the same thing happening for you guys and so do that so after you’ve registered tagged in omments down below tag anybody that you want to invite tag your friend your family members people who hate me people who love me whatever it is tag them down below have them come

Clickfunnels™ Breaking Silence: The worst case scenario

And the worst case scenario it’ll give you the chance to be able have a conversation with these guys about what is clickfunnels what is funnel hacking what in the world is this thing you’re so obsessed with and it’ll just make it a really fun night for all of us so get some popcorn get some candy get some treats and this has some viewing parties all around the country so that’s kind of it you guys this could be a lot of fun pregame shows happening.

Then we’ll watch the documentary to get an hour-long go to a postgame wrap-up you’ve asked me questions live we’re gonna livestream the whole thing it’s gonna be a lot of fun and so that’s it I want to by even par this party we’re gonna have a lot of fun while you’d be part of they have a lot of fun as well and like I said you have a chance to see behind the scenes of you know obviously the biggest thing we had ever done you can see logistically what we tried to do and you’ll have a chance to feel the raw emotion of what happens when things don’t always go exactly as planned

So that’s the game plan I appreciate you guys register down below and I will see you during this event it’s getting a lot of fun and hopefully I’ll have a chance to answer your questions live during the postgame show that’s it you guys appreciate you and get tagged down below all the people you want to come watch this with you makes everybody thought you soon.


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ClickFunnels™ Wizard Ads – Our Adventure to Meet the Wizard of Ads

Don’t Quit, Don’t Give Up – Motivational Video Sean Stephenson

Clickfunnels™ Motivational Video – Don’t Quit, Don’t Give Up

Clickfunnels™ Motivational Video

Clickfunnels™ Motivational Video:  As entrepreneurs, sometimes we just need some motivation. At ClickFunnels, one of our favorite resources for inspiration is Sean Stephenson. We were fortunate enough to have him at Funnel Hacking Live and he blew us away with his speech. We thought it was so great that we had to share some highlights with our fellow funnel hackers!

Clickfunnels™ Motivational Video: How to have more likes

How many people have ever made a video on YouTube or Facebook? And it only had like 10 to 30, or 100 views. And you kinda were pissed, (groans) I wish I had more visibility! What if these 15 souls needed what you just sent. When the Coastguard goes out on a stormy night to rescue a boat that has capsized they bring their helicopter and they hover over top of the boat and they realize there’s more people in the water then there is space in the helicopter. Who do they save? You know what their motto is?

We can only save the people who swim toward us. I can only help those that swim toward me. You’ll go nuts if you try to help people that do not want your help. But claim that they do. The moment you try to help somebody and they push you back, and push you back, you have to say, you know what, I love you I’m gonna be over there. hopefully you’ll swim toward me at some point.

If you don’t this helicopter is leaving. The quickest way for you to drown is to try to help somebody that’s flailing around in the water. Or they’re swimming away from you, when there’s all these people that are actually wanting to swim toward you. You know those 15 likes on that YouTube video of yours? They’re the ones swimming toward you. (water splashes) (gentle drum roll)


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ClickFunnels™ Business Success – 10x Your Business Success (Part 2)

How To Make Money Online As A Beginner Tai Lopez And Russell Brunson | Part 3

Clickfunnels™ Beginner Entrepreneur – How To Make Money Online As A Beginner

Clickfunnels™ Beginner Entrepreneur

Clickfunnels™ Beginner Entrepreneur: If you are a beginner entrepreneur trying to learn how to make money online in 2019, this video is for you! In part 3 of our five-part series with Tai Lopez and Russell Brunson, we are talking about a key strategy that you can use if you’re a startup or taking your online business to the next level.

Clickfunnels™ Beginner Entrepreneur: Part three of exciting interview with Tai Lopez

– Hey. This is Russell again. Welcome back to part three of five of this exciting interview with Tai Lopez, who’s doing some karate chops on me right here. This is part three of the Interview Series. Now during part three, we talked about how does a brand new beginner, a newbie, someone who’s never done this before, how do they actually get started. And I’m going to share some really cool startup stories of people who are just like you, who found out what we were doing, and because of that, they changed everything.

You’ll hear their stories. And you’re also going to hear Tai’s startup story, which is really exciting as well. So, with that said, make sure you watch this video. Make sure to also subscribe down below if you haven’t yet because part four of the video series is coming out very, very soon and I want to make sure you don’t miss it. So click subscribe and let’s get started with the next section of the interview. (loud explosion) – What would you say is the most, for biggest beginner. I mean they are a neophyte, they got one dollar in their bank account, they’ve never built a website. How do they get started? You’ve got the book that teaches it.

Sell flashlights? He got a customer sell 20 million in flashlights in two months. – Insane. The best way, and what’s fun, is you guys are all watching this process. You practice this every single day. I practice this every single day. The biggest thing is to get your phone out, and start documenting your process. What ever it is you want to do. Every single day. In this book, there’s a quote form Garrett White, I was speaking at his event today. In the book, he talked about most people are scared, because when they get started, they’re like they start this thing, I’m not going to be good at it, I’m going to suck.

Clickfunnels™ Beginner Entrepreneur

And the reality is when you first start you’re going to suck. But, the whole key is that if you keep doing it, you’ll suck less and less, and eventually you’ll actually become good. And so my guess, if you went back to the Snapchat’s of yours, five years, four, when did you start this whole game? – I mean I dabbled in 2012-13- – You were pretty good in the very beginning- – 2015 – You’re very first video in the garage was amazing, so- – That wasn’t my first one though. – See that’s great to know for everybody. –

My first one didn’t do as well. – How many did you have to do before one hit? – I mean I really started in 2013, and the big hit was in 2015. – Okay. Two years. This is amazing. This is important because you guys are like this is Tai Lopez, the big mansion, and everything’s happening. A million people are listening. But it didn’t start initially, right? – No. – So one of the guys in here, that I’ve worked really close with, his name is Anthony DiClementi he’s got a site called the And he wrote this book. And he wanted to get this message out. And he was trying to buy ads and stuff, and nothing’s working. It’s like what should I do? Get your phone out, and every single day I want you to make one video showing some weird biohack, and at the end of it, tell people to go buy your book.

Clickfunnels™ Beginner Entrepreneur: Biohack every single day

And he was like, okay. And he was like, what should I do? Just do any weird thing you want. So he starts picking a biohack every single day. One day it was, he put on these lasers on his nose and his ears, and he talked about the biohack- – Sharks with lasers on their heads. – Laser beams. And nobody watched the video. And he posted on his fan page, and like two people, his mom and me were it. Nobody listened to it, and he was like this isn’t working And I was like, it doesn’t matter you’re learning your voice.

Do it again. So next thing he did another one. And he did another one. and he did it every day for probably 11 or 12 days, and that day, that eleventh, twelfth day, he was kind of bored, he was like, I’m going to make a video called how to biohack your vegetables. And I remember watching it go live, and I was like dude you wasted a day. There’s no lasers, no weird things. There’s no freezing tanks. Your biohack, he was like, put butter in your vegetables and that’s how you biohack it. He does this little video, and we put like $10 of ads behind it, and for some reason, that one hit. In a week, it has 1.5 million views, sells 2000 copies of his book, and he’s off to the races. And after he kept making more videos, and more videos.

He didn’t know that was the message that the market wanted. We had no idea. He just kept doing it, and doing it, until it worked. So if you guys are just getting started, get your phone out, every single day do a Facebook Live, or whatever your thing is you’re going to do. Pick a product you want to sell. It could be yours. It could be Tai’s. It could be mine. You don’t even have to have your own product nowadays. – You could be an affiliate. There are so many things you can be passionate about. Become an affiliate of MentorBox. Every time you get your box, do a video talking about it. Showing what’s inside of it.

Why you’re so excited. And just keep doing that consistently. Put $5 or $10 in ads behind it, and most of the time your messages aren’t going to hit, but every once in a while, if you do it right, the message will hit with your audience, and all of a sudden, you become an overnight success. And that’s the key. Like you were two years and all of a sudden. That was the first video that just blew up. – Yup. And went crazy. I tell people. People forget. There are very few things in this world that you do more than once that you get worse at.

So you just gotta start. You get better with progress. Meaning, put one foot in front, you shoot one target. You build one website. People are always like Tai, how can I be sure my first business is my best business? I’m like, what’s wrong with you? Why would you want your first business to be your best one? That means you have the inability to learn and get better. That means you’re basically some Benjamin Button idiot that you get stupider. You don’t get stupider, you get more experience. – All right.

Thank you so much for watching part 3 of our exciting interview. I hope you guys are loving this. If you do love it, make sure you subscribe down below because I do not want you to mix part four or five, they’re coming very, very soon. And again, if you’re learning anything amazing from us, please comment down below. I love reading the comments. And let others know as well. With that said, appreciate you guys and I will see you on the next episode, (swishing sound) where I will be actually fighting Tai. Nah, that’s not going to happen, but something really cool does happen. I promise.


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