5 Ways to LAND your DREAM job…without using a resume

5 Ways to LAND your DREAM job…without using a resume

I have A LOT of people that ask me, “Russell, how can I come work for you at ClickFunnels?” Well, today I will be sharing with you the top ways you can land your dream job. Whether that is with me at ClickFunnels or somewhere else, these proven tactics are ways that will help you get to where you want to be.

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hey my name is russell brunson and i want to welcome you to my channel now typically i talk about entrepreneurs and how to scale companies but today i want to talk about how you can actually land your dream job or how to get the attention of somebody you want to work with or for it works for connecting with anybody so use it as you will and to explain this i’m going to actually show you examples of people who work here at clickfunnels today who did the things i’m going to be showing you so like i said my name is russell and i own a company called clickfunnels but when i got started we had just three of us six years later we have over 450 full-time employees which is kind of crazy so because of that people are always asking me how do i get a job with you we’ve dealt with tons of applications traditional resume drop-offs or mail-ins we’ve had a lot of creepy people do a lot of super creepy stuff all trying to get that coveted job now i understand there are a few that have done it right and honestly if you do it right it’s kind of an art form and the ones i want to share with you today are ones that almost any employer anyone who’s awesome would appreciate and love to have you do to actually land the dream job with them all right number one be a fan first now by fan i don’t mean stalker there is a difference don’t just show up at the front door don’t send them weird gifts in the mail well you can send cool gifts just not the weird ones it’s amazing and creepy a good example of this is stephen larson now steven was a huge clickfunnels fan he read the books he listened to podcasts he consumed all the information he watched the videos and when we did our big funnel hacking live event he knew that this was the thing he needed to do to get in front of me to get a job now unfortunately for him he didn’t have the actual money he needed to fly to san diego to get the airplanes the hotels everything and so what he did i had bootstrapped my way to that first event i had no money for it traded funnels for plane tickets funnels for hotel nights now what i didn’t know at the time i wish i would have known he didn’t have enough money for a hotel room so he actually slept in the lobby there at funnel hiking live woke up every morning got cleaned up in the bathroom and then came back for day number two and day number three now the way that i found out about stephen at the very end of the event he walked over to the other clickfunnels employees and said i love what you guys do he’s like how in the world can i work with you what does that look like so one of the other employees said well you should just apply it and so stephen went and applied two days later i got a call um from brentwood peters we saw your resume do you want to be russell brunson’s funnel builder assistant and i was like you guys are going to pay me to do this that’s ridiculous so i said absolutely that’s how it started that’s how it happened the rest is history he spent two years working right next to me as my full-time funnel builder and the reason why we hired him is because he was a fan first i didn’t have to go re-teach him all this stuff or have to go like convince them that our culture was right he came in understanding those things and knowing those things so we just had to get to work and just so you know you don’t have to go sleep in a hotel lobby to be considered a fan you can just simply like and comment subscribe share this video on your fan page that would be just as good as well and if you wanna work for somebody else do the same thing for their content as well all right number two is showing off what you can do not just saying what you can do you know the old saying that says actions speak louder than words that’s so true especially when you’re trying to land your dream job a couple years ago i was looking for a full-time copywriter to work with me at the time i was writing all my copy it was taking so much of my time i had over a hundred people apply to be my full-time copywriter now what’s crazy is from the application i got 99 resumes sent to me only one person of the entire group wrote a sales letter to sell me i’m coming here and the sales letter is shockingly good so it’s like how’d you come into your office each morning and tackle the most pressing coffee test while learning to write just like you in the process probably that you never actually get my voice like which is a huge fear i have and hey you’re probably too busy training writer holy crap that is another big fear i have this one actually pitched me knew my false beliefs knew my concerns resolved them amazing it was amazing someone who put in the effort to actually use their craft and use their skill to sell me on why i should hire them instead of just praying that their resume would do the job for them they should know at this point that copy sells if they’re not going to sell them probably not good enough to sell me whatever the thing is you’re gonna do do the thing and show them that you can actually do it that goes so much further than any resume could ever dream of doing number three create your own audition instead of creating a resume create an audition we hate resumes too they are so boring i hate them as much if not more than you do you gotta deal with one i’ve gotta deal with thousands instead of sending me a resume send me your audition if i wanna speak at a big seminar in a big stage somewhere i don’t tell them i’m a good speaker i make a speaker reel of me speaking i send those so that people can actually see me doing the thing it’ll free all entrepreneurs my initial goal is not to make you a billion dollars my initial goal is to get you to break even now you have a tool that will consistently think about what your craft is what the skills the thing that you want to do for the company you’re looking for make an audition tape that way you can show them your skill set your personality your character your enthusiasm and why you feel like you’re the best person to work for them that’ll rise to the top of all the resumes as they go when they watch your audition video one really cool example this is katherine jones now catherine never looked for a job for me but she wanted to speak at funnel hacking live she wanted to get in front of our audience so instead of just sending me an email or sending me a tweet or dm or something she went and she created an entire box with multiple presentations about why she’d be an amazing speaker an amazing presenter she then signed up for our coaching program went to all the events we did and eventually she found the time when i was speaking at stage and for a whole bunch of people where she could deliver her box we had an objective to hand deliver to the man himself and i think operation dropbox we killed it which stuck out it popped in my head i kept that with me i traveled all the way home when i got home i looked at all the things inside the box i watched all the videos within minutes i knew that she was the right speaker for funnel hacking live so matter what job you’re trying to get or what client you’re trying to land send them a video it’s so much easier for them and for you and if you want to take it to the next level put it in a box put it in a package put it on a video card something that’s gonna get their attention and stick out much more than any resume ever could number four attend the best networking event now obviously in our industry funnel hiking live is the best but in every industry there’s always events you can attend so you can network and get to know the key decision makers inside of any business inside any community there’s a huge percentage of people who work at clickfunnels today who first went to a funnel hacking live event became part of the community then they had a desire to work with us to take our message out to the world and that’s how they got here on top of the big events it’s also important to go to small networking events in fact one of my favorite stories is uh john parks who is the head of the click funnels advertising team i actually met him on uh family reunion and john saw me and thought i’m gonna get that guy to join my network marketing opportunity he spent an hour in about pitching me on his opportunity eventually i turned the corner and i pitched someone with the opportunity i was working the time and i signed him up he started working with me and now 15 years later he runs the entire advertising department here at click funnels it all started because both of us went to a small intimate networking event it was a family reunion but the concept is same is finding small networking groups with the core people that you want to work with another amazing story is dave woodward i met dave about 15 years ago at a little event that me and stu mclaren put on we told that all the attendees if they wanted to take the speakers out to lunch they could go to the back of the room we had sign up sheets to take speakers out to breakfast lunch and dinner and dave jumped up ran to the back of the room grabbed my cider sheet and signed up on every single meal breakfast lunch and dinner and i had breakfast lunch and dinner with dave every single day for four days and built a friendship and eventually a partnership so what you can learn from this is even if you’re introverted and shy like me you need to go to events find the key decision makers and figure out a way to stick out that way when they hear your name they’re gonna know who you are ahead of time it makes landing that dream job so much easier number five is just start working for the company even if you don’t have a job yet for example find out how to become an affiliate and sell their products online if you go and start selling their products it’s really simple and really easy then to say hey i’m already selling your stuff can i get a job even inside of our two common club x coaching program a lot of our coaches were people who initially were in our facebook group just answering questions telling people how to do what they were asking to do and eventually like man you are so good at helping our customers can we pay you to do what you’re doing right now for free surprisingly most of them said yes another example is noah lens who’s a teenager inside of our funnel hacking community as we launched funnels somehow he found my voxer id still not sure how he did that he was sending messages saying hey your funnel is pretty good but i think i built a better version he built an entire other funnel and then sent it to me as a gift and said hey you can keep using yours but mine’s better if you want you can use mine instead and he did that over and over and over again until eventually i got to know noah and then i actually had no speak at stage at our two comma club live unlock the secrets event so the key here is to find the people who you already want to work for and then you start working for them for free start serving them start helping them and what’s going to happen is they’re going to notice you and the law of rest process you’ll hit in and eventually they should offer you a job and if they don’t maybe it’s the wrong thing maybe you should come work for me instead as long as you’re good make sure you’re good at what you do now i completely understand that going above and beyond can be scary it’s scary to make a video scary to put yourself out there but what’s even scarier is not trying and then not getting the job but i want you just to trust the process and put yourself out there and just see what happens after you do that please let me know in the comments down below how it worked for you what you tried what was your creative idea cause i’d love to hear what you did to stick out amongst all the other resumes with that said thank you so much for watching the video again if you haven’t yet please like this video and comment let me know what you think about it and also subscribe to our channel on top there’s a bunch of other videos all around here i’m talking about business entrepreneurship building funnels and a whole bunch of other things i think can help make sure you go watch those videos as well with that said thank you so much thanks for hanging out my channel and i’ll see you guys on the next one

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