5 Best Productivity Apps that Changed ClickFunnels forever…download these now!!

5 Best Productivity Apps that Changed ClickFunnels forever…download these now!!

Ever wonder how ClickFunnels runs? Well, today I am sharing with you the 5 apps that we use that have helped our teams and grow ClickFunnels. Having teams and growing a business can be frustrating. So trust me when I say that without these apps ClickFunnels would have exploded a LONG time ago.

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if i didn’t have these five apps click funnels might literally explode russell paid to sell your product i love this guy honestly the entrepreneurs are the only people that can actually change this planet hey my name is russell brunson and today i want to show you guys five apps that we use here inside of click funnels to make sure that we’re able to communicate and keep our teams moving forward and because we have over 450 employees right now without these apps literally our life would be chaos now our company was actually remote before the craziness of 2020 hit so we kind of had an advantage because of that the reason why we were remote prior to uh kobet even hitting clear back when we got started five years ago is because about that time there was a book that came out called remote by jason fried and dhh showing how basecamp built their entire company remote and because of that we modeled that with our company here at click funnels when we first got started but now because of 2020 so many people are getting forced to go remote we want to jump in and show you guys the tools we’re actually using to do that and how we’ve been successfully doing now for over six years so you can have success as well unless you like doing all that stuff through email then if so that’s totally cool i guess okay so these five apps i’m gonna share with you these are my personal favorite some people i think i might be the only one besides me and my teams who actually use these apps but it doesn’t matter they are the best and i think you should be using them as well all right app number one is a tool we call voxer now voxer i started using back before we launched click funnels and it’s kind of like a walkie-talkie through an app i’m not a huge fan of meetings most companies have meetings after meetings after meetings and so because of that instead of doing meetings i can create a group inside a voxer i can bring all the core people that need to be part of that meeting i send them one message in two to three minutes it gets my idea out of my head so my entire team knows what it is how to execute on it and they can ask questions and follow up right there inside the chat and that way we turn long 30 to hour long meetings into five or six minutes best part is people can listen when they have time they don’t have to listen to the exact second we’re doing the meeting if they’re working overseas or two in the morning they can listen to that get exactly the information they need and the download and make sure they’re moving forward and my favorite feature is you can go up to 4x speed so i can take i’ve been a conversation in fact i was so excited to meet the founders of voxer twice when we’re in san francisco went to their offices we found the place we got in first time no one was there and the second time they had moved so i’m not sure where the founders actually are but if i can refine you i want you to know that i love boxer tom caddus is the co-founder of voxer he explained that during an ambush in afghanistan he attempted to coordinate reinforcements and rescue a medical team in the middle of the fight he sought a way to talk to all the parties at the same time but the government-issued walkie-talkies didn’t have that functionality therefore he created boxer and as of today there’s one super fan who lives in boise idaho the second app i want to talk about is called slack now the reason why i like slack is when we first started click funnels with people who are messaging each other on email facebook messenger voxer yahoo chat msn messenger aol messenger irq every single person in a different way that i communicate we were trying to communicate all these different places and it became chaos and so luckily about that time is when this amazing app started becoming popular called slack and at first i i was resistant to slack because i really love skype that was my personal favorite but as skype started getting worse and worse i don’t know why slack started getting better and better so we started plugging in our entire to slack and it’s been amazing the nice thing about slack is i can have individual communications with people every single person here inside click funnels is built into that so i can talk to anybody in the company at any given time by clicking a button sending a message and that fast my entire team or some single person can know the information we need to let them know about from the top the way we do this we create channels for every project that way everyone working the project can jump in the channel and inside there we can do all the communication for that certain project until it’s done then we can close the channel out pretty much every new idea we have we create a new channel to brainstorm and really flush out the ideas because in any company especially ours now with over 450 employees there’s so much communication and chat and file sharing happening black gives us a spot to be able to have it all in one spot so we can find it easily we can document it we can get our questions answered quickly one of my favorite channels we use is called cop being awesome this is where everyone on the team has a chance to start watching what all their co-workers are doing when they catch them do something amazing they can share it as a team and get recognition from their peers and the people on their teams the fun fact about slack is the fact that integrates over 2 200 other software apps pretty much any app that you can dream up integrates into slack so you can pull in your sales details and a whole bunch of other things and have it all there inside of slack as well all right for number three if you know anything about the stock market you can probably guess what this one is third app we use all the time is called zoom now real quick before you say oh russell’s jumping on the zoom bandwagon we were part of the zoom way before they were cool before your mom and your grandma never knew who zoom was we were using them here inside click funnels so i just want you to know we’re zoom fans way before they were zoomed so i want to make sure you understand that i want to make sure everyone knows like how much work is going into this our favorite things about zoom number one it has the gives us the ability to communicate in groups in real time and be able to see each other’s faces it also gives you the ability to like have the energy of the room the same you would have if you were in an office over here you have that thing virtually as well which makes communication team building so much more easy and so much more powerful in most offices people have stand-up meetings whenever they need to get together brainstorm an idea figure out how to get through a sticking point and so with the remote team we do the same thing we have zoom rooms that are open all the time 24 hours a day for our employees they can jump in and have conversations get things moving and uh and brainstorm now on top of that every single morning we have what we call our pulse meeting that’s where all 450 employees from all around the globe all log in the exact same time for a short seven minute meeting we go through all of the big wins that are happening inside the company good job everybody one of my favorite things is at the end of every one of those daily pulse meetings we have a session called what we do matters this is where we find somebody from our community who’s using our products using our tools and having success and we case study that story so every single day our entire team sees why what we do matters the developers see why programming the software why it matters they see the lives is changing the marketing team sees why it matters why they’re getting more customers like every single person on the team has a chance every single day to see why the work that they’re doing why it actually matters and how it’s changing people’s lives in a hot tip these meetings are short and they’re powerful one of the most energetic person on the planet who starts these meetings every single morning good morning family how is everybody recently we did an event and typically we do live events so people come into a room because of the lockdowns we decided to do a virtual event through zoom we had almost 5 000 people register for this event for three full days we had a chance to teach our users in a user conference that was happening all virtually and if i’m completely honest well all the other stuff is pretty cool you gotta admit the best thing about zoom is the virtual background fun fact zoom gained more new customers in march of 2020 during the lockdown and they did the entire year of 2019 combined they have over 2 500 employees working on their offices which doesn’t why don’t they just work from home i don’t know number five four number four is my new favorite tool called workflowy now what is workflowy workflowy is a virtual endless outline that keeps going forever before the cope with lockdown i had pads of paper a lot of pads of paper and every single time i go to any meeting i had notes when i was trying to write a book i had notes and soon i had all these notepads everywhere and then i went to lockdown and all my notepads were left at the office and i didn’t know what to do and so i found out about this thing called workflow you can sit down you start creating an endless outline and each outline you can go deeper and deeper and deeper and i was able to take all of these things that were right around my head put them all in one spot that’s super organized and then each bullet point or each project i can share with my team and that way people can know exactly what’s in my head into their hands now we can start moving forward with the next step in the process now i understand that workflowy is not revolutionary pretty sure todd co-founder clickfunnels could have built this in like i don’t know 30 minutes but it’s very simple it’s very powerful and that’s something you got to think about when you’re trying to figure out what kind of note taking app or paper or whatever you want to use what’s something that’s simple that you’re actually going to use if you’re not going to use it and it’s going to be stacks of piles of paper it’s not going to help you this is how it works when it’s fully open there’s enormous amount of lists but once it’s collapsed it looks very simple and easy and looks like you can only see what actually matters but then you can dive deeper and deeper to see everything you want inside your outlines the nice thing about this is it hides the complex parts and gives you the ability to focus on just what you need to do today fun fact one of my favorite authors nick bilton who wrote american kingpin one of the greatest books of all time when he wrote his other book called uh hatching twitter he actually used workflowy to outline the entire book and so as i’m working on my next book i uh wanted to be like nick bilton and i’m literally outlining the entire thing here inside of workflow and the last one is my personal favorite project management system now the truth about it different departments inside clickfunnels have different tools they like to use some people like monday some people like click up some people have other processes but for my team the tool that i still use and my favorite is called trello trello describes it as the kanban version of organization now kanban is a japanese word break that down into simple english for someone like me it’s basically a visual scheduling system it’s basically like a big huge white board with sticky notes on it you can write on and you can move from thing to thing to think trello is really simple because it gives you the ability to create a card and sign some of that card and unless you move from step to step to step inside the task until it’s actually completed inside of each of the trello cards you can add images you can put videos you can see checklist of all things need to get done and you can sign them to people on your team set deadlines and a whole bunch more trello is my personal secret to getting projects done and out the door i’ve used project to create tasks as small as like i need to get my car cleaned all the way up to i’m trying to rewrite three books in one year as well as the workbook to be able to launch as part of the secrets trilogy so that’s it those are my top apps we use to manage our ideas our teams our projects and everything running a virtual company with over 450 employees my question for you is what other apps are using what things do i not know about that i should know about and maybe it’ll make it one of my upcoming videos and number two if you got value from this at all please please please gently smash the like button turn your notifications and that way i’ll know you like the video and then that way you can get other videos from me like this in the future thank you guys so much i appreciate you listening this video and if you got any value please share with others as well thanks so much my name is russell brunson and i’ll see you on the next video you

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